Bruise any woman's ego with 1 simple trick: Donovan's Den Vol. 8

Women are arrogant as fuck. They think their shit doesn't stink, they think they're always right and can do no wrong. Fortunately for men, social media has made it almost too easy to badly bruise the ego of even the most arrogant women out there and the technique is almost too simple.

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Learn how to puncture any woman's ego with one simple trick and watch the hilarity ensue. 


what's up guys it's your man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to volume 8

of Donovan's den it is Sunday November

26 2017 hope you all had a safe

Thanksgiving Day weekend hope everyone

got to and from their destination safely

if you traveled I myself just got in

from North Carolina a couple nights ago

spend some time down there at the family

and it's good to be back ready to kick

things off with another volume of

Donovan's dead now the first seven

volumes of the den have mainly dealt

with how to improve yourself as a man in

order to increase your sexual prospects

and and kick lifes as I've talked about

how to overcome your fear of approaching

beautiful women I talked about that in

volume 1 I've talked about changes that

you can make literally overnight to

increase your attractiveness to women

and more recently the habits and

behaviors that give women away as the

kinds of females who are not likely to

be faithful to you and if you haven't

heard those you should definitely check

those out so three part series on

Donovan's 10 volumes 5 6 & 7 anyway guys

tonight I'm gonna I'm gonna do something

a little bit different I'm gonna channel

my inner high school attitude and talk

about something that every man

experiences just about every day and

that is the insatiable ego of women on

social media we all see girl after girl

post selfie after selfie meme after meme

picture after picture

hour after hour day after day and they

all have the same underlying theme which

is I am hot shit and anyone who objects

is a fucking loser or something to that

effect sometimes they'll post things

like many shit women are superior men

are inferior or some witty meme or some

econ or whatever whatever picture they

edit that tries to rationalize why men

are stupid for not wanting to be with

slutty women with multiple kids by

multiple men and you guys know it you

guys know what I'm talking about we see

this shit all the time and most of the

time we just kind of chuckle and ignore

it and move on with our day because we

know the truth we know what's really

going on beneath the surface but every

once in a while guys

we come across what we see one that is

almost - it's almost too difficult to -

it's almost too ridiculous to ignore and

we feel almost we almost feel

involuntarily compelled to respond and

disagree with the assertion that she has

just put up there now when this happens

okay we are called names by the chick

who made the post and her friends

obviously that listen that's nothing new

in that regard because this happens when

a man disagrees with a woman and on any

on any issue regarding regarding issues

between men and women specifically on

social media now going back and forth

with these bitches is an exercise in

futility guys they always have to have

the last word they never stay on topic

and they respond with feels rather than

facts arguing with a woman is never a

good idea I've pointed this out in the

past now I'm not gonna sit here in front

yeah and act like I've never rolled

around in the mud with these bitches

sometimes I just can't help myself I'm

human guys it happens but like I said it

doesn't do any good to go back and forth

with these chicks because it never leads

to anything men argue to learn and gain

dimension in their perspective women

argue to be right and to not look bad so

it's pointless to try to take them on

because you're not gonna change their

minds guys and you're not gonna get your

point across because they stop listening

as soon as you disagree but I have just

discovered a great way to poke these

bitches in the ribs in a way that gets

them to either shut the fuck up or

respond with butthurt and in either case

it gives you the win and everybody knows

it including her friends on social media

again I'll admit this is sophomoric and

immature mmm and all the rest of that

but sometimes a but sometimes guys a man

has to stoop to a woman's level for no

other reason but that we just want to

see bit just squirm every once in a

while okay

women are rarely exposed to the raw

truth and that's that makes it difficult

to take them down a peg because of all

of the layers of insulation around them

that basically tells them that their

shit doesn't stink but what I'm about to

reveal to you guys is is quite literally

the ace of spades in terms of sending in

terms of sending social media bitches

into an angry

frenzy and the beautiful thing about it

is that there's not a single comeback

not a single response that can undo the

damage and or and or the embarrassment

that she'll feel and she'll try it guys

trust me if she doesn't slink away all

together and just shut her mouth and

just leave the argument or leave the

thread all together and not respond

she'll try to talk her way out of it but

but that will only make her look worse

and further solidify the nuclear bomb

you just dropped on her again guys this

is an extremely simple quick easy thing

you can do in just seconds just a few

seconds it's not something you have to

think about it's not something you have

to plan it's not involved it's not

extensive or anything like that it's

just a few quick seconds of your time

and you've nuked the bitch from orbit

and if completely embarrassed her to the

point to where she'll either shut the

fuck up or such or or she will trip over

herself trying to undo the damage and

embarrassment you just did and it's

fucking priceless to watch so without

further ado guys I give you the number

one way to burst a woman's oversized ego

to the point where she will never fuck

with you again

gentlemen I give you the may cap now

what's the makeup you ask it is an app

that removes makeup from pictures and

you might not think it's a big deal guys

but trust me when I tell you it is a

fucking weapon it is the equivalent of

armor-piercing hollow-point bullets and

here's why girls never ever post

pictures on social media without makeup

guys ever even when they post pictures

that claim they woke up like this and

we've all seen those before

those pictures are still edited through

filters and ten times out of ten they

still have makeup on no matter what they

say girls know how to use makeup to make

it look like they're not wearing makeup

there are even apps that remove makeup

okay if they'll say well I have makeup

on but this is what not guys it still

hides the girl's real appearance because

it doesn't remove every layer of the

makeup you gotta remember guys every

picture editing app is specifically

designed to make the girl look better

than she actually does including the no

makeup filter if the app doesn't make

her look good the app isn't gonna sell

and it's as simple as that so the

developers make sure that the app makes

the girl look good make the girl look

better than she actually does as a

matter of common business sense and I

can't say I blame them well the makeup

app or the make app allows you to remove

all of the makeup and show what a girl

really looks like without the makeup not

what she wants you to believe that she

looks like without the makeup guys the

app quite literally allows you to

weaponize a woman's true looks against

her it's a beautiful thing by taking her

picture and running it through the make

app right pointing the wrong way and

pointing it through the make app right

here okay

you are showing the world what she looks

like before she slathers on a bunch of

makeup and believe me gentlemen she does

not want this all right girls are so

fucking confident and cocky on social

media because the image they craft is

what they want you guys to see they want

everybody to see this all of our

Facebook friends all right they see the

very best pictures here's how this works

guys girls will literally take dozens of

the same picture I've seen my sisters do

this before they will take dozens my

sisters and my nieces they'll take

dozens of pictures then they'll spend

ten minutes deciding on which of the 37

selfies that they took looks the best

then they'll spend another 15 minutes

running that picture through eight or

twelve filters to make her look like a

completely different person it's

borderline fraud the way these bitches

alter their photos with a few taps you

can you can undo all of their hard work

and blow in and blow a huge hole in

those fragile egos of theirs and I'm

gonna show you just how effective this

app is right now

it give me one second alright perfect

alright now we're here so

all right so you guys what you got now

you can see here in the before and after

pictures for those of you guys who are

watching or watching instead of

listening this will also be available

for this will also be available on on

audio but for those of you guys who are

in it if you're listening to this on

audio I would strongly advise that you

listen to that or that that you

definitely watch this you do not you

you've got to see this you can see that

the make app completely strips her

pictures of just listen up just about

every bit of makeup she puts on guys it

gives it gives an accurate portrayal of

what she really looks like without

makeup now keep in mind guys okay

sometimes you have to run the a picture

through the filter twice you got to

remember that all of these pictures are

enhanced with other filters and

sometimes it requires you to run them

through the make app twice to strip away

all of the fake shit that they put on

but when you do you were left to pick

your left with the picture that

accurately portrays what she looked like

before she slathered on all that makeup

and it took 15 minutes editing it with

her filters and and listen here's a

couple more you can see I mean and I

actually got these pictures off of

professional professional makeup artist

Facebook pages you can see stripped away

from the makeup what these bitches

really look like okay like you see the

girl looks beautiful on the Left not so

much on the right alright same with this

one this was supposed to be some sort of

glamour shot she looks beautiful even

with the gray hair guess what without

the makeup she ain't shit and she know

she ain't shit now as you can see here

if you're still watching people are

already starting to have fun with this

app there's Nicole Kidman there in your

screen before and after alright she used

to be a looker but she's she's actually

aged pretty well obviously she's got

millions of dollars she's on HGH she has

professional makeup artist but guess

what even the makeup app strips through

all that all right you listen you can't

beat father time there's really no way

to do this especially with makeup here's

former Fox News anchor megyn kelly all

right megyn kelly i think she's fifty

years old she she looks like she's aged

very well but there you see in the photo

on the right she looks every bit of 50

every bit of 50 years old here's Melania


okay the First Lady of the United States

of America not a bad-looking woman for

47 but as you can see after the make app

gets ahold of her she

he doesn't look so hot anymore and then

of course militant feminist Emma Watson

now Emma Watson fortunately fortunately

for her she's still young and so even

though the makeup has stripped away all

of her all of the makeup she still looks

halfway decent you say there were stuff

out with the little makeup she might

look alright and there you see on the

left in the before picture that's what


all of these women alright and you can

look up the make app you know make up

stories or whatever all of these people

all of these celebrities are losing

their fucking shit when they see these

pictures that when they see these

pictures posted of themselves with no

makeup scum with no makeup guys they're

losing their fucking minds because

people are now seeing what they really

look like without having to pay $10 to

see it in the Enquirer so now you're

probably you're probably asking yourself

at this point

okay Donovan obviously the app works

alright but what's that got to do with

bursting the bubble of bitchy females on

social media I'm glad you asked you see

guys when you run a picture when you run

a girl's picture through the make app

you now have possession of the very

thing she fears the most which is the

truth about what she really looks like

it's the truth about the fact that

behind all of that makeup all of the

clever filters there's a below-average

to an ugly looking chick who acts like a

10 who deep down know she's a 4 she

knows that nobody knows what she really

looks like and when you are in

possession of the very things she fears

the modes you most you have the power

and what are you gonna do with that

power what are you gonna do with the

picture she doesn't want anybody to see

you're gonna post that shit as a

response to her comment laughing at you

for being a man or being a bitchy cunt

in response to your rational reply to

her and when she sees it she's gonna

freeze like a fucking deer in the

headlights guys why because no one's

ever gone there with her before

nobody's ever nuked her like this before

and nobody's ever seen what she really

looks like ok

listen except for her of course but even

she shocked to see her true image on a

screen because it's something that that

she only sees for a few seconds right

before she starts editing her picture

for the world now at this point she can

only do a few things she can slink away

and concede she can she can concede your

victory in her imminent defeat or horror

she can continue the back-and-forth at

which point you simply respond with her

newly edited photo either way guys it

makes her look petty and stupid and in

both cases everyone in that thread knows

exactly what she looks like which only

further embarrasses her even if the

thread that you post this newly edited

picture on is on her page which means

she can block you and remove the picture

the damage has already been done guys

but because we're smart and we always

engage our enemy on neutral or home

territory that picture is gonna stay up

there forever guys there is no response

to this that can make her look good she

can say something like that's not what I

really look like but then you can

respond well why all the picture filters

at which point she'll have to shut the

fuck up because she knows you're right

this is a no-win situation for her guys

if she disappears and leaves the

argument and stops trolling you it shows

everyone you got her shows you won if

she continues to go back and forth

you're just gonna use her own tactic

against her and respond with feels

rather than reason because reason didn't

work earlier so now you're just gonna

post that ugly-ass picture of a picture

of hers again and again until she

finally shuts the fuck up and trust me

guys eventually she will I've done this

plenty of times before and I speak from

personal fuckin experience and some

women try to come back with thee that's

not what I look like without any makeup

but nobody believes her because you've

already put it out there and if that's

even even if that's not exactly what

they look like it's pretty damn close

and that's good enough for me and

everyone else who's watching so the next

time you run into that bitch who gets

out of pocket online with all that false

bravado acting like she's a 9 or a 10

with all of her witty narrative in her

smartass comments take her down a peg

you get into her profile you grab a

picture you'll run it through the make

app and let the good times roll

now she can't sue you because she made

the picture available for public

consumption as is the case with all

social media so you are well within your

legal rights to edit whatever picture

she makes available to the public and

you fight fire with fire

now the make app is available for both

iPhone and

devices and you can find them in the App

Store as well as Google Play it lets you

convert a few pictures for free but then

it charges you $0.99 to download the app

and trust me when I tell you guys it is

worth every fucking penny yes this is

some petty ass shit most of the time

listen most of the time guys we have to

be the grown-up in most situations like

this but every once in a while it pays

to take the low road and not be the

bigger man and if a woman knows that you

will troll the shit out of her just like

this if she knows you've got that

picture and you're in her in your hip

pocket she's not gonna fuck with you

she'll want to okay but she'll stay the

fuck away because she doesn't want to

risk anyone else seeing what she really

looks like and trust me when I tell you

guys the ability to truly humble a woman

on social media in this way is a

powerful powerful thing thanks for


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