Building a harem is a full time job (Episode 319)

Anybody can get lucky and fuck pretty girl once. Any dude can be in the right place at the right time with the right lines. But in order to do this on a consistent order to fuck pretty girls regularly IT IS A FULL TIME JOB.



No, you don’t have to punch a time clock and work 8 hours a day but keeping a pipeline of pretty girls who want to fuck you at a moments notice is HARD and it doesn’t take you very long to realize that it’s just not worth the effort you’re putting in.

No, I’m not saying you’re going to get tired of fucking hot girls….nobody does. But stone cold players who decide to settle down and get married or stay with just one girl don’t decide to do this because they’re tired of the sleeping with pretty girls…..they’re tired of putting in the EFFORT and time and money it takes.


Hard work pays off (The Red Pill reddit)


you start texting a girl you hangout you

chat on the phone she tells you about

her feelings she tells you about her

problems she talks about other guys

she's fucking and before you know it

you're in the friend zone and once

you're in the friend zone you are there

forever but none of it we're about guys

getting out of the friendzone all the

time yes that is also true men who have

been friendzone

they have ended up with the women who

had friendzone them 10 years 3 children

25 pounds and 374 cots later and now

your man donovan sharp how's your

boyfriend lucky to have you you're

fucking your boss what you think she was

gonna do tell you she cheated you cannot

out train a bad diet never believe

everything a woman tells you she will

always you're always broke because you

spend your money on dumb shit every

month if you've only slept with five

guys then why was it so easy to fuck

what's up guys it's her man

donovan sharp and welcome to the 319th

edition of TSR primetime your nightly

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness let's get right to it a lot of

people like to talk about the things

that they want we hear people say all

the time I want to be rich right or I

want to own my own business but when the

rubber meets the road they simply are

not willing to do what's necessary to

become wealthy or own their own

businesses we hear men and women all the

time talk about how they how they want

to be in much better shape girls say all

the time I want to be skinny and guys

always say to themselves man I want to

be ripped they sign up for the gym they

buy new workout clothes they workout for

three days then they quit why well

because getting fit is a lot easier said

than done and once again they find that

they are unwilling to do what's

necessary to accomplish their goals I've

talked a lot about the costs of being a

man with red pill awareness the price

you have to pay to be a 5% of the price

you have to pay to live a dominant

life to be attractive to attractive

women to keep your body in shape keep

your finances and check etcetera

etcetera listen nothing comes free guys

anything worth having anything that

significantly improves the quality of

your life it's gonna have a cost there's

always a price to pay

I've talked about this a lot and I'll

actually be discussing this at the 21

convention down in Orlando

October 11th through the 14th anyway I

got a lot of emails and messages asking

me or telling me Donovan I want to have

three or four girls in my rotation then

they asked me Dobbin what do I need to

be doing to be fucking five or six girls

at once or I want to build a hair where

do I start there we go get my lighting

fixed there now it's worth noting I want

I want to go ahead and let you guys know

it for and anybody can get lucky and

fuck a pretty girl once any dude can be

in the right place at the right time

with the right limes wearing exactly the

same cologne as the ex she never got

over and know by the way she's one day

away from the end of her ovulation

period which means she is hornier

tonight then at any time of the month

the stars just align and any idiot can

get lucky and fuck a 9 or 10 once maybe

twice in his lifetime but in order to do

this on a consistent basis in order to

do in order to fuck pretty girls

regularly and I'm talking eight nines

and tens the occasional seven if you're

in a slump and slumps are inevitable

guess what it's a full-time job guys no

you don't have to punch a time clock at

work eight hours a day but keeping a

pipeline of beautiful girls who want to

fuck you at a moment's notice is hard

and it never takes you long to realize

that it's just not worth the effort

you're putting in now don't get me wrong

I'm not gonna say you're gonna get tired

of fucking hot girls nobody does but

stone cold players who decide to settle

down get into a long-term relationship

or get married

or stay with just one girl they don't

decide to do this because they're tired

fucking hot girls they're tired of

putting in the effort and the time and

the money it takes Hall of Fame Hall of

Fame linebacker Ray Lewis famously said

he said Sunday's you get for free what

you're paying me for is Monday through

Saturdays the practices the film studies

the drill the training camps football

players don't retire because of the

games gentlemen that never gets old

they live for Sunday's they retire

because of what it takes to get onto the

field it is exactly the same as living

the pickup artist lifestyle the act of

sexual intercourse gentlemen believe it

or not with a hot girl that's the easy

part just stick your dick in herb surest

and repeat it's everything else that

requires the effort but like football

you don't get to play on Sunday if you

don't put in the work Monday through

Saturday you don't just get the fuck

pretty girls on the regular if you don't

put in the work

feminists and beta males they hate on

pickup artists all the time because we

make it look easy

they throw shade in our direction all

the time talking about you're exploiting

these women by getting easy sex out of

them you're you're using manipulative

tactics to easily get into bed with him

but what they don't know is that pickup

is far from easy we make it look easy

because we're good at it but what

feminists and beta males don't see are

the mornings we wake up at 4:00 a.m. to

go work out and keep in shape they don't

see the thousands of miles we ride to

stay lean they don't see us making

financial sacrifices to keep our

financial house in order which in turn

makes us more attractive to women they

don't see a studying body language

reading articles staying on the cutting

edge of female nature to keep up with

what motivates them they don't see any

of that stuff

all they see is a dude getting laid into

the lay person there's no effort

involved but tonight I'm gonna show you

clearly very clearly that nothing could

be further from the truth my opening

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shipping it is Monday August 27 2008 een

had a great red man group this past

Saturday Richard Cooper Rollo Tomassi

Anthony dream Johnson was not on the the

broadcast he was celebrating his

birthday Ryan stone and of course yours

truly the curse of the thirsty beta that

was a that was a really really good

episode the Redman group actually now

has its own channel before it was being

hosted on Anthony Johnson's Channel or

Richard Cooper's channel but we have

started our own YouTube channel the

Redman girl and of course you know

pre-show they're always telling us hey

guys you know watch your language let's

not try to you know throw too many

f-bombs what they mean by that is hey

Donovan let's let's let's keep it cool I

do shows what those say all the time and

he always has the warming nigga don't

make me put this on patreon don't put it

on page write up fuck it we're gonna put

this on patreon fuck it you've opened up

the throttle there we go I gotta be able

to see my gotta be able to see the chat

screen here excellent excellent

we're actually gonna do a live Redman

group at the 21 convention the day after

the 21 convention ends on morrow on

Monday October 15th it's gonna be a

roundtable discussion between myself

Rollo Tomassi Anthony Johnson Ryan stone

Richard Cooper among others all of us

sitting at the same table is gonna be a

fucking red pill overload so you may

want to what you may want to watch it

wearing sunglasses

fair warning fair warning john mccain

passed away i think it was yesterday

yesterday morning or either the night

before listen man rest in peace john

mccain he was you know he's the ultimate

American regardless of you know

regardless of where your politics are

you know there there weren't too many

people that didn't like John McCain of

course he famously ran against george w

bush and to

a very nasty political campaign george w

bush ended up winning the the

denomination and and ultimately the

state of florida put him in the white

house then he ran against obama and

listen man john mccain never had a

chance against obama um there are a few

reasons number one because of sarah

palin he could not have picked he could

not have picked a worse running mate and

i think he I think he wanted Sarah Palin

because he wanted to try something new

and progressive right he should have

picked a guy like Mike Pence II would

but but it wouldn't have mattered um

Obama was a meteor he was a dude he was

a rocket ship if John F Kennedy came

back to life and had Abraham Lincoln as

his running mate they still would have

lost that election Obama was an

unstoppable force I mean it was a

mathematical inevitability he was gonna

win that he was gonna win that election

by a landslide but for those of you who

aren't familiar with who John McCain and

I'm not gonna give you a history lesson

on John McCain but one story really

embodies who he was as a man he he was

shot down over Vietnam II

ejected ejected from a seat broke both

of his arms that's why he that's why you

see that he never lifts both of his arms

because you know you didn't get proper

treatment and he was a Pio W in Vietnam

well he could have been released after a

year-and-a-half the Vietnamese people

found out that he was related to a

famous officer of the navy like I think

he was the grandson or I don't know what

the exact story is and so they were

going to release him and they knew that

they were doing it as sort of like a PR

coup so to speak right they were gonna

try to make it look okay we're gonna

release John McCain this is gonna be for

public relations but he decided to stay

in order to adhere to the pow2 call

which is if you're the first man

captured then you're the last man out or

something to that effect I'm not a Navy

guy right he ended up being a POWs for

another four years

so he was a POWs for four and a half

years guys they don't make him like John

McCain anymore he will he will

absolutely he will absolutely be missed

that listen definitely one of the best

Americans there ever was switch gears

here Odell Beckham jr. is now the

highest-paid player or high Spade player

he's not the highest-paid receiver in

the NFL

earlier today he agreed to a five-year

ninety-five million dollar contract with

the New York Giants 65 million

guaranteed so so hopefully listen

hopefully that D motivates him a little

bit hopefully the Eagles can cover him a

little bit more because it doesn't

really have that fire that's kind of

what happens when I get a bigger deal

especially when you get 65 million

guaranteed there's not gonna show this

Thursday so I'm gonna do a show today

Tuesday and Wednesday no show on

Thursday I'm doing a show on Friday so

I'm still gonna have four shows this

week just not gonna be here on Thursday

I'm going to Lincoln Financial Field to

watch the fourth and final preseason

game the Eagles against the New York

Jets no listen no one's gonna play in

that game I mean all the starters are

gonna sit out so me and Devon are pretty

much just gonna explore I've listened

I've never been to the link before and

she got me the preseason she got me the

preseason game ticket for my birthday

there was no way she was ever gonna get

a regular-season game cuz there I mean

dude the waiting list it's like 10 years

long or something like that with all the

season tickets so so yeah that'll

that'll be fun so no show on Thursday

because I will be at the link JD

Martinez Slugger for the Boston Red Sox

is in a little bit of hot water today

because once again the Twitter police

are at it again so they dug they they

dug into his Instagram and five years

ago apparently I'm looking at it right

now he posts a picture it says to

conquer a nation first disarm its

citizens Adolf Hitler 1933 right in the

caption JD Martinez says this is why I

will always stay strapped hashtag the

truth now this is interesting because

this is how stupid people are this is

how this is that they're such dumb asses

if they actually read the post and read

what he wrote to the post this isn't a

pro-hitler post this is anti Hitler he's

telling Hitler hey you're not gonna take

my guns this is anti gun control right

and listen whether Adolf Hitler said

that or not is anybody's guess all they

know is that they saw Hitler and that JD

Martinez says he was gonna stay stay

strapped right

like that's what's gonna happen that

that's what he said now the media is all

over him and the Red Sox are you know

being pressured to put out a statement

this is the world we live in guys get

inside and listen JD Martinez is he's

the leader in the clubhouse for the

American League MVP I mean dude he I

mean dude he's a superstar I think he's

got 35 home runs

110 RBI um what is he he's in 337 like

he's havin an all-star here he is the

MVP this year in the American League

well what does the public like to do

anytime anybody has a modicum of success

let's try to find racist tweets let's

try to find out if he said something

years ago out in this area Dante D

Vincenzo after he had the spectacular

game in the national championship game

they found out that he said the word

nigger or nigga in a tweet that he did

when he was like 14 years old this is

what people do they got nothing better

to do so JD Martinez is now in the with

in the cross fires of the social justice

warriors one spot left and the TSR

fantasy league it is a 14 team league we

have 13 teams thus far including myself

Rollo Tomassi Zinn the league got a

couple of a couple other guys johnathan

from modern life dating is in that

league as well we've got one spot left

and listen the draft is this Sunday

evening at 6:45 Eastern that's that's

3:45 Pacific so the TSR fantasy league

we've got one spot left we've got one

opening left if you want to sign up

Miami Jay is gonna put his Miami Jays

gonna put his email in the in the chat

box and if you don't know Miami Jays

email that's fine I don't even know if

he's in the chat yet said is gonna be

running a little bit late but shoot me

an email go to my website you know you

know shoot me a you know shoot me an

email drop me a line and say hey look I

want to be in the TSR fantasy league

I'll shoot that to Miami Jay he'll shoot

you a an invite and we will have our 14

team week if you have a story about

building a harem harem fails or harem

successes give me a call 91 4 2 O 5 5 3

5 6 if you've got an unrelated question

about girls game need advice won't want

to get something off your chest

you guys can hit me too if you are a sip

a troll a feminist or a black woman and

you want to challenge me on my positions

give me a call I'm not afraid of

confrontation gentlemen in fact I think

it's an open secret that I prefer it and

of course there's nobody on the phone

line this this guy on Facebook

Adam Krauss said he was gonna call in

listen man I challenge people to call in

all the time dude 90 dude 98 percent of

the time they never call in they never

call it this guy Adam Krauss was was

white knighting for for black single

mothers and derek jackson's hero and

this and then the other well listen

let's have a discussion about it so he

gave me all the lines actually

challenged another woman to come on and

she gave me all the lines and then she

ended up blocking me so like i said

that's why i put the hashtag not holding

my breath when he said he was going to

come on and listen I don't expect him to

come on but if he does I'm gonna quiz

him we're gonna we're definitely gonna

have a nice heated discussion so if

anybody's watching on Facebook or

anything you know listen tag him Adam

Krauss Donovan is calling you out

calling you let him know Adam Krauss

it's ABAM KRA us e tag him on Facebook

put a link to the to the show here on

Donovan sharp calm and tell his punk ass

to call in so that we can have this

discussion like he said he wanted ahead

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right we're gonna go to the chat here

let us see who is in the towers at TS

our primetime shout out to sharp assist

as usual Matthew Lyon Modern Life dating

read Jedi in the house mr. mink Manish

freelance Ronin as always general 1

Yosef Israel heathen deluxe or DEP 890

Deadshot B Coast B Coast is in the house

because I'm glad you got the chat thing

figured out I know that you were I know

that you were having some issues getting

into the chat so it's good and be kosis

actually followed me for a while so I

appreciate you being in here as well

excellent excellent

all right let's see we got here senator

Blue Falcon I have no idea what that


modern life dating accurately says never

trust a woman very good modern life

dating says Obama is a good bullshitter

yeah I would agree

I would agree son okay so Deadshot talks

about John McCain's son and the grandson

of four-star generals okay there we are

I'm not gonna pretend that I'm some sort

of political aficionado I mean I saw I

mean like I knew some of you know what

John McCain ago I knew he'd being a P I

knew hid that he'd been a P o w4 some

time but yeah I mean I'm not gonna sit

here and say I didn't Google some of the

details so all right well I've got

somebody on the line now hopefully this

is Adam Krauss Deadshot says he's never

tried to spin plates Deadshot says he

hasn't had the need there you go modern

life dating says younger women have

higher standards absolutely free lance

ronan says donovan are you still getting

hate mail not listen when I lost my

youtube channel

when I lost my youtube channel I didn't

get like that's where I was getting all

the hey I'm almost had I had 12,000

subscribers between the two YouTube

channels so I was getting the hate

comments and the hate mail all the time

I don't get that anymore I don't get

that anymore unfortunately God that

would be awesome

that'd be awesome ah because says he

changed the browser excellent excellent

very good 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the show let's go to the phone lines


9:54 you're on live with Donovan go

ahead sorry but it's not crowd that's

Miami J what oh god damn it oh okay well

listen sorry to disappoint

no no that's cool man oh listen listen I

know this guy's not gonna call in I mean

you know as about the roast this nigga

oh yeah so what's up man how you doing I

just wanted to uh I'm good brother

hey that TRT man that shit the truth yes

sir yes sir started at last Friday I'm

loving it so far good good okay so so go

ahead no no you go ahead

I was gonna say take my audience in - so

you started it on Friday right

what have the last right what are the

last few days been like for you

what changes minor or major or maybe

it's a placebo effect what's going on

with that what are your feelings at this

point yeah maybe I mean the the way the

people have been talking to especially

you it was really supposed to start with

kicking man around Thursday but really I

ected Friday okay and then probably

yesterday morning my energy levels have

gone through the rule and not just not

just my physical energy but my personal

motivation like I'm the guy who I always

get home from work and no matter what I

always look whether I go to the gym or

not I always end up trying to find an

excuse not to go right I'm the guy that

says oh shit I need milk I better go get

milk for every word that's me gotcha I

haven't had that problem the last couple

days like I don't even think about it I

just go it's pretty cool I'm loving it

but good very good

I'm starting to get a couple pimples

though so I don't know if it's too soon

for that no listen here's the thing and

this is what we were tested about

earlier today when you have when you

have lower tea and Miami didn't have low

tea he just had low he had he didn't

have his high teas you wanted but when

all of a sudden synthetic testosterone

is introduced into the system boom like

all it's gonna work this is a bad


yeah can I go into the puberty again

yeah there yeah okay well yeah there you

go yeah that's that's actually pretty

good another one I was gonna make a

cocaine analogy but okay let's let's

just let's just go with the PR oh that's

that's a little bit more family heaven

don't go gay

oh you live in Miami and you've never

done cocaine hey don't tell nobody but I

can't get high on my supply bro Wow yeah

see I knew you were fucking drug dealer

I knew your fucking cocaine man oh my


Oh see here's the thing though I wasn't

I wasn't good no no good good yeah well

I wanted to touch on that you said the

baseball player that had the Hitler

quote I wanted to touch on that right oh

yeah Jenny Martinez that's actually why

I called him but I haven't heard the

story but just listening to you I can

guarantee you they're not attacking him

because of the Hitler quote right there

of course that's the excuse that's not

coming out of him but the reason they're

doing this because he's pro-gun oh he

doesn't have a lo Wow I like that if it

had been another Hitler quote or if he

had you know said or supported the

Hitler quote they wouldn't be attacking

him to where they are so because our

appears to be pro-gun that's why they're

attacking him absolutely I can guarantee

it you know what in the media listen did

you hear about the Tiger Woods thing

like did you hear like the reporter

asked Tiger Woods what he thought about

Donald Trump and Tiger Woods said listen

you have to respect the office and

everybody jumped on him they said he

sidestepped the question and this other

yeah right basically what it because of

the only thing that Tiger Woods could

have said that would have placated the

media is Donald Trump is the worst thing

to happen to America in American history

they have been cool with that but

because he tried to beat the left in the

let love to preach about tolerance and

tolerance and tolerance right how the

right is intolerant but if you don't

agree with them they become the most

intolerant people of you don't swear to

god dude yeah the left likes too late

they like inclusion except for when it

comes to white men and Christians and

conservatives if you follow one of those

three categories they got no time for

you and it's the same with Tiger Woods I

wanted him they wanted him to vilify

Donald Trump because he wanted to be the

listen Tiger Woods didn't want to talk

about politics he wanted to talk about

sports and so what he did is he said

listen you gotta respect the office so

because he didn't lambaste and you know

a person he has an acquaintance with oh

what's wrong with Tiger Woods you know

what maybe he likes Donald Trump it

guess what he can't say that you want to

know why because now he's gonna buy them

Oh like that oh my god jesus fucking

christ listen to me they would have

kicked them out of the PTA by now oh

yeah dude well I don't know they would

have let him back into the Augusta

National Club if you know what I mean oh

yeah I got a question here for you Miami

J Deadshot wants to know how much do

they have you on how much testosterone

do they have you on so I'm doing 250

well it happened a milliliter

we got Susteren on 500 so that's got 500

milligrams of testosterone per

milliliter so I'm on half a milliliter

once a week perfect yeah 250 a week is

more dude 250 milligrams of testosterone

in your system that's gonna change your

life that's good I mean that's gonna

change my yeah

that also has to do with the size that

you are and I'm surprised the muscle

mass I'm not a huge guy and I'm five

nine 185 so yeah so you're about to you

know you're about to do your

calculations from there yeah right now

I'm on about 650 I'm on I'm actually on

a I do a combination now I'm on

testosterone my god I'm on testosterone

even fate I do a combination of

testosterone even thate testosterone

Sippy mate and testosterone propionate

different esters testosterone propio

it's very quick acting ester right so it

stays in my system knowing maybe a day

day and a half so a good for you know

it's good for quick games you know quick

muscle strength and things of that

nature so you know I'm doing some

experimenting but but again don't do

what I do unless you've been doing this

for a few years you can't just all of a

sudden start experimenting and be

alright so I just over he's gonna fuck

yourself up so yeah listen miami-dade

mean on this for maybe a year or two it

okay moving on to other stuff so okay

very good yeah hey thanks for taking my


one last thing guys we need one more for

the fantasy league let's do it one let's

do it born I'm gonna get creative on on

the first place and that's right oh my

god yeah yeah right we got a we got to

come up with something for the winner

and the loser and the oh my god you do

not want to be the hakama loser man holy

fucking shit

oh no no no thanks for the call bro I

just got home all right man later Miami

Jay the TSR oh gee I'm actual

gonna be hanging out with him and pine

down in Orlando at the 21 convention so

I'm looking definitely looking forward

to meetin up with him before the very

first time if you are watching on

Facebook YouTube or Twitter and you want

to know why building a harem is a

full-time job come on over to donovan

sharp com to find out again my facebook

youtube and twitter audience coming over

to donovan sharp com2 watch the rest of

TS are prime time and find out why

building a harem is a full-time job my

thanks to you guys for tuning in to TSR

prime time on this platform now Hashim

says how much is it expected to elevate

your levels you know that's the

interesting thing is that's one thing

I've never really researched listen I

know that like I've been on testosterone

replacement therapy since I was 37 years

old right it's all in the year number

five and the last time I got my

testosterone levels checked I was at

nine hundred eighty five nanograms per

deciliter you know so that probably

explains why I'm such a hot head most of

the time anyway

but I don't know it has to it has to be

it's that's a variable it depends on

your genetics you race what your size is

your muscle mass how your body responds

to it that's probably I don't know

that's probably something you can Google

how much how much testosterone do I need

to take to raise my testosterone level

XYZ nanograms per deciliter um I'm not

actually look that up after the show

that's that's actually something I've

never really thought about that would be

that would be interesting to know nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call you have a story

about a harem building a harem harem

failures hate harem management harem

successes give me a call if you've got

an unrelated question about game girls

need advice want to get something off

your chest you guys can hit me - since

trolls feminists black women who want to

challenge me on my positions give me a

piece of your mind give me a call you

guys know I'm not afraid of come of

confrontation these weak-ass niggas

never ever ever call in they never call

in this guy Adam Krauss was talking all

this shit on the Internet of course now

he's not calling he even gave me the

whole wall you know I look forward to a

healthy discussion no you are not you


fuck out of here so let's continue on

with the topic at hand I talked about

the fact that building a harem is hard

work and we're gonna get into that but

but you can't build a harem if you're

not if if you're not familiar with

pickup game guys pickup game day or

night it's hard now night game is a

little easier than day game because you

know at night girls are out looking for

dick right so it's a little bit easier

you know they they know you're coming

there they're expecting it they're acept

up to game day game is a little tougher

cuz they're not really they're not

really expecting you that can work

against that can work for you and

against you for sure so let's take a

look how hard is pickup game this is an

example that I use a lot if I go out and

I talk to ten girls right I go out I

talk to ten girls and if this is if

you're this is if you're good and I'm

good or at least I was in my heyday if I

talk to ten girls I'll get seven phone

numbers of those seven of those seven

phone numbers I get four will respond to

my initial text of the four that respond

to my initial text two will agree to

Amina of those two girls that agree to a

meet-up at least one of them is gonna

flake but even if they both show even if

one shows there's no guarantee you're

gonna fuck her or either one of them but

even if you do fuck one of them you have

fucked only 10% of the women you've

talked to and if you're closing

percentage is anywhere close to double

digits you are a fucking god you are

dude you are king fucking ding-a-ling

you are a casa fucking Noba 10% guys

that's how difficult pickup game is so

the next question is well shit Donovan

if I'm only gonna sleep with one out of

ten girls if I'm good I talked to you

know ten go to women I talk to if at all

how do I build a harem or sleep with

good-looking girls on the regular well

the solution here is simple guys talk to

as many girls as possible it's a numbers

game the more girls you talk to the more

numbers you get the more numbers you get

the more meetups you set up the more

meetups you set up the more chances you

have to

girls you talked to ten girls you'll

likely sleep with one if your game is

tight talk to 30 girls you might sleep

with two you talk to a hundred girls

maybe the number is six or seven if

you're really good maybe eight or ten

but the trade-off is time it's easy to

say oh okay

well all I got to do is talk to 200

girls like a buck twenty one bitches yes

that's possible but it takes a lot of

time and a lot of effort gentlemen

talking to pretty girls into the triple

digits is a full-time job I'm here to

tell you because I've done it and the

fact that sleeping with good-looking

girls on the regular takes so much time

and energy it's easy to figure out who

the frauds are in the PUA community if

Joe pickup artist who has a blog it's

telling dudes he fucks 15 new girls

every week and accidentally let slip

that he has a full-time job driving a

forklift he's exposed himself as a fraud

he's got to talk to at least a hundred

and fifty girls a week to even approach

those numbers and remember we're

eliminating girls who were sevens and

under which further shrinks the pool of

potential pussy guys like mystery the

rsd guys real social dynamics Tyler


they didn't punch clocks 9:00 to 5:00

these dudes did this shit all day every

day because they understood how hard

game is and how much time it takes to

build a pipeline of pretty girls were

sticking your dick in on the regular

Paul Jacob who's one of the greatest

pickup artists of all times of all time

had a closing of all time had a closing

percentage of 11% he got married a few

years back now I'm sure there were many

reasons but I could guarantee you that

one of those reasons was that he got

tired of the grind of game this closing

percentage was 11% you know many girls

who have to talk to to accomplish that

percentage listen Paul didn't get tired

of sticking his dick and fresh pussy he

finally had enough of chasing tail

she's an ass pickup game is hard guys

this is exactly why very few men are

good at it

but regardless of how good you are

you're not going to be successful if

you're not

in the field every day for at least

three hours that's what it takes guys if

you want to tighten up your beard game

there's only one place to go and that is

18:21 man-made calm the pace the clay

and the pomade will have your beard

looking smelling and feeling better than

ever I've used these products for almost

a year and as you guys can see they are

definitely as advertised now 1821

man-made products are not the cheapest

out there not by a long shot

but they are definitely the best step up

your beard game and go to 1821 man-made

calm for all of your facial hair needs

911 for 205 by three five six is the

number to call let's go to the phone

lines area code six one four you're

online with Donovan go ahead yes

area code six one four you were on live

with Donovan area code six one zero

knowing yes can hear me you're on live

at Donovan go ahead oh yeah this is ooh

handle you calling me a troll well yep

yep okay so okay gonna have to speak up

cuz my I can barely hear and if I can't

hear you my audience can so maybe move

the no come on there you go alright you

got it

so anyway man yeah I can hear you

alright so i'll give you the old i'll

give me the the opening statement here

okay no not yesterday like this we had a

little back-and-forth to fake you know

i'm saying about single mom you know i'm

taking shit in you as we took off and I

was wrong on it okay well let's start it

off this way right so the first thing I

saw you no problem the first thing that

you saw well the first thing that I saw

you said I don't see no lies only a real

man can handle a single mom so let me

ask you Adam what's your definition of a

real man okay I'm a breaking man week on

mom's I work well with basic steps

basically they're little man ISM and I

can't handle you know I'm saying a

finger mom we said in kid non tell some

different thing cause you know I'm

saying different pops know and that's

why the real me because he takes a

village cannot obtain

okay the kid right but hold on hold on

you said it takes a village but if

you're dating a single mother one man is

not a village one man does not a billet

make true I'm you like to pick you you

know I'm singing all the dudes you're

not Saints take a good a job like your

friend cousin yes you bought that shit

right right your listen you're right

friends cousins nephews but we're not

talking about friends cousins and

nephews we were taught you said that you

don't see no lines only a real man can

handle a single mom so are you talking

about people related to the single mom

because listen if my sisters let me

finish because if my sister's a single

mom right I'm gonna help her raise her

nephews and nieces right if I lived in

the same city I'm sure my mom and my dad

would but we're talking about men who

actively choose to date single mom so

you're telling me that if a man chooses

to date a woman who has multiple kids

with multiple men that is a real man

because he is willing to do this hotel

is that's the true no that's not the

truth this is where you and I this is

where you and I not well you know what

that's a very good question I'm gonna

move to your next statement you said

quote black men are too weak immature

and too broke to date single mother so

I'm gonna go first on this one here's

the thing Adam not wanting to raise

another man's kids with a woman who was

sexually irresponsible that's not

immature that's common fucking sense

Adam using your resources on another

man's offspring believe it or not that's

fiscally stupid and is literally

throwing away money because that

relationship is going to end at some

point because single mothers are sluts

Adam I don't know if you've heard this

but they're sluts

just because a single mother has a

boyfriend doesn't mean she doesn't still

engage in slutty behavior and we have as

we have all witness which is why they're

single mothers in the first place so if

she's getting good dick on the side

chill in the relationship to be with the

good day but explain to me explain to me

why you think black men are too weak or

men in general are too weak to date

single mothers why does this make a man

weak to date single because I don't

think it's a weakness I think I listen I

think that men could definitely date

single moms if they want to they're

choosing not to so what I'm hearing from

you is that

is that you're trying to shame men who

are making the obvious conscious and

smart choice not to date single mothers

but because they're making that choice

you're calling them weak now I'm calling

bullshit I disagree

what say you okay lose out though should

basically you're not saying it is a

proof of strength you know I'm saying

when you go so finger mom basically that

single mom doing I have no pain they

don't have no chopping you know how to

travel bullshit you know let me right

there you said single mothers don't have

time for games they don't have time for

bullshit yes no no hold on yet single

mothers steady involved themselves in

game and bullshit and guess what when

the single mom cheats on the guy who

decided to be strong and step up to take

care of that niggas kids and single mom


guess who chi Chi's with Adam the baby

daddies now you said this she said oh I

hurt yo dusty-ass male Coon ego dude you

lost the argument right there right like

you you started the name call you know

you screenshot him all my comments with

some own name that's beep okay go ahead

I can you know I can well yes I'm not

gonna I'm not gonna ask someone to come

on my radio show and not do the research

so if you're gonna shame me for being

ready for someone like you that again

there you go you're actually you know

what it's funny you're actually like a

female like all of the stuff you said

you said hating on now here's something

I agree with you on now I will give you

credit for this right you said hating

much on another black men you got to

learn to spell dude you now

hating much on another broad dude it's

called spell correct like don't give me

this bullshit excuses you're acting like

a woman seriously like you're gonna

misspell the word black you're gonna

bullshit you're gonna give me the

bullshit I was in a rush get out of here

here's the thing though I will agree

with you on this and if you saw the link

that I put that I posted in that

Facebook page on that Facebook on that

facebook thread I did an episode why men

shouldn't hate on Derrick Jackson here's

the thing Adam here's and here's what

niggas like you don't understand

Derrick Jackson doesn't believe what he

says bro if Derrick Jackson were so in

favor of single moms

and he married to one if he thinks women

are if it means black women are so

beautiful and big and beautiful then why

does he have two kids with two white

girls no no there's nothing wrong with

what Derrick Jackson is doing all he is

doing is telling these ignorant as black

women what they want to hear and they're

taking the bait hook line and sinker not

knowing that he doesn't give a fuck

about these bitches but then niggas like

you you actually believe that Derrick

Jackson believes what he's saying like

this this is this is where the

disconnect is happening with me here's

where you lost me okay I'm never gonna

hate on another man's hustle and I do

not hate on their checks you said

instead of fighting white male supremacy

beta male Coons cyber thug Adam that has

nothing to do with anything not dating

single mothers doesn't have anything to

do with fighting white supremacy I'll

give you the last word okay buddy helps

phrasing you're not an African family

we're canyon kings hold up Oh what do

you have to say about that but basically

you raise how does that you okay well

hold on hold on how is there a how is

Derrick Jackson helping the black

community are leading a hot how he's not

helping them how is he no I asked you

how is Derrick Jackson helping the black

community he helped with hot Queen how

with the message the positive oh my god

again this is this is dude you got to

really read between and now see here's

the thing man yet the balls to call in

so I'm gonna help you out

Derrick Jackson is not helping these

black single mothers brah like niggas

ain't listen dude both dawg hold on let

me finish my show let me finish okay

black single here's the thing man he's

telling the only niggas that check for

black single mothers are ain't shit ass

niggas right quality men high value men

don't want to date single moms

regardless of the race but Derrick

Jackson stays blowing sunshine up these

bit and listen again I'm not hating on

Derrick Jackson right he knows which

side his bread is buttered on butter

that bread nigga go get that paper I

ain't mad at you

you want to know something if I if if I

didn't have qualms of doing that either

dude I might be doing the same thing I'm

not even gonna lie I dude I actually I

actually tossed around the idea of doing

that before I became the great donovan

sharp but it's just not at me

but what Derek Jackson does is he blows

so much sunshine up these black woman's

ass he literally tells them Adam there's

nothing wrong with you you're a queen

and if you don't have the life that you

have is these ain't shit niggas aren't

trying to do nothing for you then that's

their fault you don't have to change a

thing girl

he needs to adeney to accept you for who

you are this is why this is why single

mothers and black women still ain't shit

because Derek Jackson stays telling

these bitches they don't have to do

anything all they think they have to

bring to the table is pussy tits ass and

kids and they think they're entitled to

niggas like me brah nothing could be

further from the truth

Derek Jackson's not helping the black

community Derek Jackson is helping Derek

Jackson I'll give you the last word okay

so how does well he's not related to the

copy boy hot dogs are coming from the my

old helper cosmically this is not a no

this is not about Tommy said of my yard

you you talked about Derek Jackson stay

on topic okay all right but there

Jackson he has a positive message to you

Eric Jackson okay this is where you and

I will be a freezer where you and I


Derek Jackson has what he has what he

characterizes as a positive message but

what Derek Jackson does is he tells a

group of women who are at the bottom of

the sexual totem pole that there is

nothing they need to do to become more

attractive he tells these black single

mothers you are fine just the way you

are so what if you got three kids by two

different niggas so what if you so what

if you lost your job so what up that

ain't shit nigga walked out you know

what girl you don't have to change a

goddamn thing keep that attitude girl

you're a black Queen you're fine just

the way you are but guess what Derek

Jackson ain't married to his black queen

dare Jackson ain't messing with single


Derek Jackson is steady putting babies

and white girls well he had the

opportunity to a single mangu problem

and I'm you and I listen you and I you

know damn well that's not true listen

I'm gonna listen I'll give you credit

for calling in but I definitely roasted

you man I'll go ahead and unblock you

but hard saying because Adam Krauss

ladies and gentlemen listen I didn't

think he call in but he called in I'll

be damned

unbelievable yeah he he didn't he did

do any research he was just he just he

basically was he was just basically

talking a bunch of shit and a bunch of

rhetoric he didn't really have too much

of an argument nine one four two oh five

five three five six area code 408 and

six seven eight I see you in the Kuban

I'm gonna go to first who I think is

Jonathan from Modern Life dating is that

correct the number one make care it is a

number one mix out Cowboys fans what's

going on brother how you doing man well

not too much I'm cleaning up all the

blood after cutting my wrist listen to

that poor guy god bless that thing yeah

listen all I needed was barbecue sauce

or it Jesus man all I got to say I don't

know much about the whole fucking

Derrick Jackson situation but anytime

you see a man who is famous pandering to

any type woman Matthew muscle yes to get

finding yes just to get financial

support that's more than his name his

brand and get by the and these bitches

don't realize it like it's dude Ennis

listen he wrote this book and the reason

why this thing between me and Adam

krauser krauser whatever the fuck his

name is because I put up a meme with

that had his book of our single moms are

for grown men only and then I posted a

picture of be looking at the book saying

well then call me Peter fucking pan

right and so this guy goes on yeah

waxing poetic basically using black

woman logic like you know single moms

for grown men only only strong black men

can handle single moms no anybody can

handle single moms we just choose not to

he didn't make one good argument he

actually listened this dude actually let

Derek Jackson is good for the black

community escape his lips like what are

you doing like what are you doing

Derek Jackson doesn't believe what the

fuck he says and that's okay that's okay

but this guy this guy actually believes

Derek Jackson believes and he talks

about because he said well if he had a

hip if he had an opportunity to marry

single mother he probably would you know

many single moms would jump on Derek

Jackson's dick if he actually gave a

shit about him just about all of them

right and I'm sure they've tried but

guess what

Derek Jackson states fuckin with white

girls yup man totally I wanted to talk

about your

your shows topic today about building a

harem yes you said was uh spot-on so

basically um do you remember did I send

you the flow chart I met that I made no

no you did not

no you did oh I remember hold on yeah go

ahead go ahead I'm gonna that's right

yeah I do I do

that's that's gonna be my next video on

YouTube it's just going to be fucking

it's a flow chart but if you actually

put it on paper and see how exhausting

it is the fucking get like the thing is

I think every guy should build a ham he

needs to get all this fucking out of his

system just for him to realize the

bitches ain't shit that's right

alright that's that's the reason I teach

I teach guys not like fuck plus all we

know and like get all the sluts you want

but just for you to get all the pussy

you need just to realize Jesus Christ

all these bitches are hot messes right

oh oh just aren't good that all they all

all these bitches are hot messes they

need someone to tell them what to do

they need a man to tell mozu maybe like

five twenty percent of them are like

self-sufficient whatever those who want

to get married and submit the fan

they're you doing but you know basically

to build a harem you got to start a

sourcing I think get it yeah yeah you're

leasing from like taster bumble day game

clubs okay letís see my stupidest and

listen up I'm gonna talk about this

later but my domestic at the hard way

but go ahead

hey I mean the hard way I mean I don't

feel sorry for you fucking all those hot


I got neither do I I've been at the hard

way but don't feel sorry for me man it's

just that when I look back I didn't

listen I've never been on any dating

site whatsoever

I am never like I've never done that


I literally did it though I literally

did it the hard way I could have saved

myself so much more time but here's the

thing the percentage of fuckable girls

on dating sites as opposed to fuckable

girls you actually get to choose from

out in the streets not even close

oh yeah well listen in my opinion and

I'll end up this but

I wanted I'll just I'll tell you how the

flowchart works but I want to talk this

real quick okay girls who have to go on

dating site usually are the bottom of

the pair of course right because if you

are a woman you can't get a fucking man

in real life something's wrong with you

men are easy something wrong that you're

getting dude we're all hoes man I'm a

slut does it tell people of time Yama

slut I give it up real easily

fuck yeah every time I put my dick into

some new pussy I'm like this is why I'm

alive there you go that's right that's

what time it is listen simply post it on

that on that flow chart man that mean

that'll actually be a good episode

definitely definitely I'll definitely

let you know but I just want to say you

know it is fucking a lot of work and as

always the show is fire I'll be in the

chat just here channel a little boys you

the man dude I've already um I've

already talked with the the guys at the

red mangrove something's in the works

man so be ready okay sounds good all

right man Jonathan from modern life

dating the world's number one

I can't even know Jonathan is not really

a MIG tau but that's the running joke

because I thought he was a mcdo so

anyway 91 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call area code

four zero eight you're on live at

Donovan go ahead here we go 408 you're


you're on the air hey man this is

Armando Armando what's up brother you

down with them you don't owe me I know

you are a little bit all right what you

got I'm gonna try to make it quick cuz

you know I'm pretty annoying for those

guys that just you know are there for

long but yeah so I'm 31 years old and

I'm gaining a girl running now that's 20

years old I normally don't gain most

this young but you know she's giving me

really strong juicing signal sounds like

hold on you're being a little bit quiet

is she there with you now no okay just

making sure

I know I'm in the bath mat or listen

she's in the bathroom nah just wanna

call me shit yeah no no seriously and

you know it's getting to the point man

where like I'm at the gym and I think

she's bringing

father and what when you think she's

bigger father

no no he's bringing it she's flinging

her father that kind of just checked me

out oh oh I want you to check me out

kind of thing okay and Irene I needed

your I needed your advice to kind of

understand what that means in a sense

you know well let me ask you this what

makes you think that she brought her

father to the gym to check you out

because he might have just brought him

there for a workout right yeah I know

I'm trying to kind of make the long

story short here okay you know I just

like kinda used to I I met her working

at the gym and we're from the same city

but there's two different gyms at two

different locations in the city okay and

yeah I had to quit my job or I had to

quit that location and so for some

bullshit drama and now I started working

over at a different location at this in

gym and she's been following me since

10:00 it's when I get me to like notice

sort of stuff you know but I've been

blaming my red pill game tight that

she's now escalating it to the fact

where I did pick up her number okay I

did try to get hang out with her a

couple of times but you know she's

trying to play hard-to-get I get it but

now that I ignored her for three weeks

she's escalated and now to the fact that

she's bringing her father okay and I

know I know it's her father because I

already asked a couple of colleagues of

mine I used to work at the gym of being

asked him if it was like they were

serves or her father's not and that

confirmed it was okay I caught him kinda

like observing me and like just checking

me out kind of thing okay here's here's

my advice to you this is this is really

simple it's obvious at this point based

on what you told me that she likes you

so you're trying you're trying to fuck

this girl trying to get with this girl


uh yeah whatever happens I guess okay

cool listen at this point listen the

groundwork has been laid right she's

giving you choosing signals she

apparently is sending her dad to look at

you okay she tried to play hard-to-get

here's the thing you might have over

gamed her a little bit when you went

dark on her and ignored it for three

weeks but she stayed in the set dude

what you need to do is you need to be a

little more aggressive you need and

don't text her to set up a meet-up you

need to walk up to her face and just be

like look I like you

let's hang out that's it that's all you

need to do hey listen I'm going to XYZ

bar or I'm going to do X Y Z on Saturday

night come with me don't ask her don't

ask her she's busy hey you know what I'm

going to the juice bar on Thursday night

at seven o'clock come with me

look at right in the eye awesome all

right this is what you need to do it and

I think I need to be more aggressive

there you go listen and listen

everything listen she likes you you like

her the only thing left to do is to you

got to make the first move dude she's

not gonna ask you to hang out because if

she has to ask you to hang out the

attraction is already dwindled you need

to be the aggressor hey I'm going XYZ

and XYZ day at XYZ time come with me

give her instructions girls love this

shit she's gonna say you know what

before I give you an answer I got to go

change my panties thanks for the bail

Armando posted brother all right take


Armando out there on the west side 911

for 205 five three five six is the

number call let's take one more call

area code six seven eight you're on live

at Donovan go ahead hey what'd I miss

tentacle what's up brother hey man I was

trying to get in on old dude talking to

you about the whole think of other

things it's like man he was I can tell I

got a damn story

what you got all right so I think I

mentioned to you before like this shit I

go through my ex also mentioned how

let's just face it they've got a lot of

our current stuff that comes along with

them and I don't exactly have the best

temper sure and then you add up yeah you

added up all the drama they've got you

add up like that some niggas like their

Jackson ain't take well they let's just

say he did believe it

he wouldn't be taking it into account

but he said because if you're dealing

with a business got kids with

usually with a pug ass niggas sure now

you've got to worry about what now you

got to worry about what happens if

something happens you got to fuck the

baby daddy up cuz one ugly things all

happen you gonna fuck him up

you're probably gonna kill them or

you're gonna lose and she's gonna be in

your house well cuz I'm other nigga why

you see well here's your first mistake

right ain't no bitch worth fighting over

right like if you find out the baby

daddy did something dude it's not your

job to go over there and fuck him up

you're your role in that situation is

not to be fucking with single moms in

the first place listen bro the baby

daddy is always gonna be around there's

no need to get in a fight with a fucking

baby daddy girls play this lets you and

him fight bullshit

oh they play this shit all the time I

remember when kitten holidays I mean it

I mean it's like you try to discipline

the kids or if you just piss her off she

goes and tell them something to piss him

off and get him to come to you yeah this

is why you don't fuck with single moms

listen I agree like that's a no-win

situation and and it's funny because the

kids they don't have any respect for you


well you're not my dad you know what

he's supposed to do no one is trying to

put up with that bullshit no one's

trying to put up with that nonsense dude

this is why you this is why you do not

fuck with single mothers in the first

place thanks for the call they're

cynical nitro we got to move on with the

show here I'm gonna give you guys my

personal story on no no V Coast

I'm not censoring you guys man it's the

fucking software dude I don't know

what's going on with the software it

blocks out all the cuss words I gotta

look into that I gotta look into that

man no I'm not censoring shit I promise

I promise I promise those of you who

have listened to me and read my articles

over the years know that the vast the

vast majority of success I've had with

women happened in Las Vegas Nevada right

I discovered the red pill back when I

was 32 about a month or so after I

laughter I moved to Vegas

I googled why do girls get over breakup

so easily after I dumped a girl then a

few hours later she was out anyway I

worked at various call centers for the

first two years or so and I was listen I

was very good steward with my money and

with a little luck and a connection that

I had I started dabbling and real in

rental properties and without getting

into too much detail I started making

pretty good money

and after a while I was able to quit my

job and I haven't had a nine-to-five

sense like since then now at this point

I was only writing for return of Kings

that was the only manosphere related

material I was doing at that time and I

was only writing an article a week this

was years before I started my show or I

met O'Shea so I had plenty of time to

kill and just enjoy my life now to that

point I'd been red pill aware for a

couple years right I was having more

success with women than I'd ever had in

my life but I was fucking mainly sixes

and sevens maybe the occasional eights

now this wasn't bad considering where I

came from

but anyone who's ever been to Vegas

knows that hot girls are literally

everywhere they're in casinos they're

walking down the street they're at the

laundromat they're at the coffee shops

the grocery stores they're everywhere

Vegas is one of the Highland biggest is

one of the highest density of highly

attractive women anywhere listen up

listen I put Vegas up against any other

city in the world there are more hot

girls within the Las Vegas city limits

of course includes Summerlin and you

know Falcon Crest maybe Indian you know

Indian Springs just the surrounding

areas right but Vegas has the highest

density of hot girls anywhere I've ever

been and I've been a lot of places so

I'm fucking above her I'm fucking above

average looking girls but I wanted to

start fucking these nines and dance I

was seeing around all the time now at

that point I had more time on my hands I

have so much time on my hands I decided

to completely throw myself into pickup

game guys let me tell you man it is one

of the hardest things I have ever done

in my life talking to pretty girls every

day when that with with only taking a

few days off just a fuck maybe three or

four a week that was exhausting now in

the beginning the exhaustion the

exhaustion wasn't nearly enough of a

deterrent of a deterrent the first time

I ever fuck was a girl named Lisa and it

was unbelievable huge perfect dudes huge

perky tits beautiful ass great legs flat

stomach she had the belly button ring

her face was gorgeous and Lisa was

awesome in bed she sucked a mean dick

she liked having her hair pulled I mean

she was unbelievable I was actually this

is the thing that's actually spoiled by


after her I expected every 10 to fuck

like Lisa but the more than I fucked the

more I realized that nines and tens

aren't nearly as good in bed as sixes

and sevens maybe the occasional eight

anyway anyway I worked hard to fuck Lisa

I approached her on the actually

approached her on the street right

outside of Bally's it's a casino right I

got her number I set up a meet-up that

same night and she actually showed up

but I didn't fuck her that night didn't

fuck her the next night either but a

couple of days later on our third meetup

I finally fucked her now looking back I

almost laugh at the amount of time and

energy and money and effort I spent our

first meetup was three hours we split

the drinks our second date we went to

the movie she bought the popcorn I

bought the tickets our third meetup she

actually covered the day because the

roommate works that worked at this

upscale pizza joint you know so we got

hooked up with free pizza so fortunately

I don't have to I didn't have to fork

over any more cash so over a six day

period I spent countless hours texting

Lisa running game etc okay

paid for paid for half of two dates and

on the three dates with the three dates

we actually went on we spent a total of

about maybe nine or ten hours before I

finally fucked her guys that's one girl

and that's not count in that that

doesn't count

having to have your thread game tight

looking your best nice shirt nice shoes

crispy jeans the Cologne which cost

money all of the other ancillary

expenses that comes with picking up

girls along the time you spend along

with the time you spent one girl guys if

I had never fucked Lisa if it had taken

me a longer period of time to chat her

up and fuck her honestly I probably

would have scaled back my efforts guys

but because I met Lisa okay a week and a

half into this into dedicating my life

to fucking pretty girls that gave me

enough resolve in motivation to stick

with it the next week I the next week I

met and fucked another girl who is an 8

maybe a 9 on a good day I can't remember

her name but all I know is that she was

a redhead and she had freckles on her

tits right you know I find that kind of

hot but she she was enough to keep me

going even though I was busting my ass

every day of the week it was exhausting

don't get me wrong but the payoffs kept

coming because I had never

ever fucked eight nine the only nine

that I had ever had ever fucked was a me

right the redneck trailer park trash

girl who was out in North Carolina

that's the only nine that ever fucked

and she was cheating on me all the time

I never fucked eight nine s or tens

before and now I was fucking them on a

weekly basis guys I was all-in I didn't

care if I had to go out and run game for

eight hours a day it was worth it at the

time when I was at the height of my

powers guys I was fucking two maybe

three hot girls and weeks these are

eight nine and ten guy and eights nines

and tens guys gentlemen that shit was a

full-time job dude I can't even begin I

can't even begin to think of all the

money and all the time I spent on

clothes drinks cologne cab fare

you know meals dude if I actually think

about it and total it up I'll be fucking

sick guys I did this non-stop for almost

three and a half years if I didn't if I

didn't decide to just dive headfirst

into pickup I honestly I probably do you

fucking millionaire today here's how my

day went every day or every day I would

lift up I wake up I'd lift weights I'd

ride between 15 maybe 20 miles I'd go

home take a shower I'd check in with my

property manager then I'd go out and

start then start talking to girls

I started 11 o'clock a.m. right so I'd

go to Starbucks I'd get a caramelized

you know latte coffee with a double

espresso shot maybe take a bump or two

and then I'd hit the street I'd go out

and chat up girls and collect phone

numbers until four o'clock in the


sometimes five if it was a slow day and

I needed it at least generate a little

bit of momentum for the next day and I'm

not gonna sit here and tell you that I

ran you know game for five six hours

straight okay listen I would take breaks

to eat right I stop and hang out with my

buddy Fred at the bike shop or drop in

and see the guys at the Sapphire

gentlemen's club to kind of shoot the

shit maybe grab a cocktail or two maybe

get another couple of bums you have to

break up the day or you're gonna get

burned out quickly but after about 20 30

minutes I was right back out on the

street running game three and a half

years guys all of these stories I tell

you guys that I told you over the years

about this hot blonde or that brunette

with fake tits with a purple haired

stripper the butterface girl I met in a

casino with a hot ass those were all

extremely hard-earned late

all of them now granted some of them

were some of them did come easier than

others plus I was cool with a couple of

strip club owners I became friends with

most of their bouncers a couple of DJs

and eventually I was hanging around

strippers who also had hot friends who

had cocaine that would lead to meeting

more girls that went on from there right

gorge you guys have all heard some of my

cocaine stories so when you guys hear me

story you guys hear me tell stories

about a crazy weekend in Santa Monica

with a good friend of mine who owned a

cleaning business in Summerlin and had

more money than he knew what to do with

I met that guy because one of the

friends of the ten I was fucking was his

girlfriend right and I listened I met

her at the OREA her name was amber or at

least that's what she told me now at the

time she was a cocktail waitress okay

and I just walked up and said this is

actually funny I walked up and said

hello listen I haven't spent any money

let yet cuz I'm kind of a cheapskate but

I really want a free drink any

suggestions she laughed her ass off and

it was on from there fucked her that

night and for a couple weeks after

before she goes tada me yes guys listen

hot girls go Sonia this happens with hot

girls it's part of the gig get used to

it don't get your feelings hurt it's not

the personals just how it is but the

point is that all of my crazy stories

didn't just happen okay I had to go out

and make it happen by busting my ass and

hitting the street and literally

dedicating my life to pickup game this

is a full-time job guys

my friends used to ask me Donovan how is

it that you're always at these parties

with these strippers and doing all these

eight balls of cocaine for free you know

what I'll tell you how I tipped the

bouncers 100 bucks so that they can get

me in front of the club owner so I can

sit down in front of him and let him

know look I got a guy with cocaine

that's so pure that if you put just a

little bit on your tongue it makes her

face go dumb and he offers a bulk

discounts for guys like you when the

club closes my guy shows up and me the

owner the bouncers the deejay the

bartender and about a dozen strippers

and cocktail waitresses are all in a

room on a magic fucking carpet right of

our lives and the next thing you know I

get VIP treatment every time I set foot

in that place I've done that twice and

each time it cost me about six hours of

my time at about 1,500 bucks yeah that's

a shitload of time and money but that's

what's necessary guys

if you're willing to pay the price then

do it if not then don't complain about

don't complain that getting in good with

a strip club is hard because you don't

want to put in the time or spend the

coin this is just how it is money talks

on average at the height of my powers I

was sleeping with between two and three

girls at one time this was all the time

consistently sometimes it was one right

sometimes it was none but it was never

it was it was it was never one for long

because I didn't want to catch one itis

sometimes it was three or four now the

most girls I have ever had in my

rotation and by the way just to clear

this up a girl is not in your rotation

until you have fucked her at least twice


right you can't fuck three girls in two

weeks one time apiece and be like dude

I'm being in three bitches

no you bang three bitches that's past

tense like I said I mean like I said

before guys anybody can get lucky a few

times but it takes real skill real game

and real consistency got listen the most

important part of get listen it's

important to have game and it's

important to have skill the most

important skill it the two most

important things you have to have when

it comes to game discipline and

consistency that's it that's it guys who

are really good with girls are really

not that good-looking the guys they have

the want to they have the discipline

that's what separates them for most guys

out there that are fucking only one

bitch anyway wait a minute I lost my

place anyway the most I've ever had in

my rotation at one time is five and I

say oh my god Donovan your fucking guy

hold your jets that lasted two and a

half weeks and it was fucking exhausting

guys right so 16 or 17 and 16 or 17 days

I fucked all these girls at least twice

and actually fucked a couple of them

three times a lot of them in the same

day no never at the same time but you

know listen I didn't have to I didn't

have enough timing you can tangle for a

threesome unless you've got some time in

with the girl anyway after about the

16th or 17th day two girls dropped off

the very next day another one dropped

off then maybe a week week and a half


one more dropped off so in a span of

about a month I went from fucking five

girls to just one girl

so guess what I had to do guys I had to

hit the street I had to put in the time

and add more girls to my rotation

building and maintaining a harem

gentleman is a never-ending conquest any

man who is regularly sleeping with hot

girls a lot of hot girls doesn't just

get them fuck a bunch of bitches forever

and ever

right no he's got to maintain frame he's

got to be on the lookout for other girls

he's got a run solid game on each girl

he's got a fuck I'm all at least once a

week guys and I'm here to tell you

that's a bit overrated don't get me


it is cool as fuck to be fucking five

girls in a calendar week and listen two

of them I fucked twice but when you're

on girl number four that week and you

know you've got girl number five

tomorrow night it gets exhausting

fucking is great but goddamn I'm a man

can only fuck so much at some point it

kind of becomes a job guys

well Donovan if you don't want to fuck

then just don't fuck red pill fucking

outfit for life right okay you're right

but guess what if you flake on a girl

you haven't fucked in a week guess

what's gonna happen she's gonna find

another cock and guess what she's gonna

drop out of your rotation okay so so

going from five to four is no big deal

but if one girl says her boyfriend

caught her and can't see you anymore and

the other doesn't return your calls or

texts you're down to two just like that

and the smaller number of girls are

fucking the less leverage you have and

now your mindset starts to shift from

the abundance mentality to a little bit

of scarcity and that is not where you

want to be guys so anytime a guy asks me

how can I get a stable of hot girls to

have sex with anytime I want

the first thing I tell them you gotta be

you gotta be willing to put in the time

and time is money you can have all the

game you want but if you don't put in

the time you're not gonna get the

results you're just not going to fucking

pretty girls on the regular is a

full-time job guys there are no two ways

about it that's the price you pay to

attract attractive women every guy

thinks they want to be spitting if they

want to be fucking seven bitches at once

but very few of them have any idea how

much work is involved to accomplish a

harem and even fewer of them understand

the work and ball to maintain it billing

and maintaining maintain

hyrum is something that the vast

majority people are unable to do so if

you're the kind of guy who says I want

to fuck four bitches and rotation be

careful what you wish for because it's

all fun and games until you actually get

the harem and that's where the real work


all right Pico says Donovan pushing mad

wait no I've never sold never sold

cocaine before i wilton i will tell you

a quick

okhane story oh shit I can't believe my

to tell this shit so so um so a buddy of

mine got mixed up with he got kind of

sort of mixed up with the wrong people

and he fucked around he ended up owing

some money he bet I think it was like a

football game or a bet or something so

anyway he says listen I know you don't

have the money okay but I have ten kilos

coming in right we're gonna put you up

at the Bellagio and you're gonna watch

these ten kilos until I have my guy come

and drop it off he says listen he says

listen ten kilos I'm gonna give heat

dude he said I'm gonna give you aquila

this according to my buddy right so

we've got ten fucking bricks of

high-grade cocaine and one of them

belongs to us

dude we were fucking partying all dude

it was a fucking crazy night it was dude

it was it was absolutely mind-blowing

dude like we had McDonough like double

McDonald's rasa like I'm surprised

dude I'm surprised they didn't die we

dude we did cocaine from sundown till

sunup was unbelievable right so we're

all still wide awake we're all still

high on cocaine but now we're starting

to get hungry and when you if you do

cocaine for an extended period of time

and you don't eat that's when you can

overdose you need something to say too

so we all decide okay well let's go to


so we go to Denny's we eat a shitload of

pancakes whatever we get get food

when we left right the cocaine was like

we had the bricks on the bed and then

the cocaine like we actually had the

cocaine right there on the bed it was

just like one little mound little pot it

was like one pound and you know it was

it was kind of spread all around we were

all just kind of snorted wherever when

we came back to the hotel room we saw

that the cocaine was no longer just

scattered about on on the table no it

was a neat

little squares someone had commit well

obviously it was housekeeping someone

had come into the room housekeeping had

come into the room and organized the

fucking dope forest and moved the keys

by the window dude and of course we're

all fucking doped up or like dude what

the fuck she's gonna call the cops blah

blah blah dude we're looking out the

windows dude or walking down the

hallways making sure that like the ATF

isn't gonna bust in or the DEA dude were

fucking freaking out all of a sudden we

hear a knock on the door and we're like

who is it and it was this little Mexican

lady of course she's like it's you know

it's housekeeping oh you know blah blah

blah so we open up the door and we're

like were you in here before she said

yes I come to read get get in here so

she comes in we're like yo what's going

like like did you do this she says yes I

organized this for you I said you're not

gonna and we were trying to let her know

look you're not gonna tell him she's

like no no no no I no doubt that she

says I see this all the time and we said

are you sure what we're like dude we'll

baby she's like no I don't need money no

no I see this all the time it's okay I

just come to organize everything cuz

everything looks so messy and sloppy I

make the bed mama bah that was enough

for us to feel a little bit better but

dude for the first time in my life I was

like dude we're all dude we were all

like dude I'm gonna go to prison for

life we're gonna get raped in prison I

can't believe it

dude one of the craziest fucking dude

one of the craziest fucking nights and

days of my life there is another there

is another one of the cocaine chronicles

from Donovan sharp oh my god that was

fucking crazy

that was crazy that was fucking crazy

alright alright let me go back to the

chat here that was the craziest yes yes

yes yes yes

yeah freelance artist as Murray was

looking out for you hell yeah she was

like dude she organized the dope like

she had it in like - it was like two

rows of three

it wasn't like it's like she took a

ruler and like measured it and we're

like oh my god what the but like who's

been in here and one of my buddies was

like dude it had to be housekeeping

we're like dude what are we and we were

we and it was funny we're like dude

let's go down there and find out who

look what are we gonna do go ask the

hotel yeah we'd like to we'd like to

we'd like you guys to tell us you know

who organized our cocaine up in room 316

or wherever the fuck we were fuck dude

we were all crazy

it was absolutely nuts it was absolutely

nuts man no no no Maria no Maria please

we're deaf eight nine he says I'll suck

your dick I'll suck your dick for

cocaine no she was not a try she was a

short squatty fatty lady fat Mexican

she was she's she was really sweet she

smiled and we're like dude you didn't

it's like whoa no annoying no dead I see

this all the time we're like ok well

shit oh yeah yeah modern life dating

says damn I couldn't eat when I skied

the slopes you know what it's

interesting when you start when you see

the thing about cocaine is when you do

it you want to do it more but if you're

do if you do it for a long time you

don't want to eat but then you then you

kind of start to feel yourself I don't

want to say speedballing but you start

to get a little bit paranoid and start

to get a little bit shaky if you if

you're starting to come down on it so

you're doing more and more and more if

you start to get sick you have to force

yourself to eat and after you eat you

feel a lot better

like dude drink a coke do something

drink a coke sharpest it says tip the

baby yeah right Captain Crunch Forks

when he said service with a smile

dude we were opportunity was funny we

were should we were like dude up and she

fucking did a couple of lines it's why

she organized this shit because she knew

she knew we were so fucking doped up he

probably didn't measure shit she

probably came in there did like five or

six lines and decided him cover her

tracks craziest fucking night and day I

have experience in quite some time that

was fucking crazy oh my god dude we're

all like maybe we can cut a deal with

the DA maybe we can say it wasn't ours

oh my god it was nuts

it's nuts yes or depth eight ninety says

you become a Wendy Williams look-alike

with cocaine yes um dude honestly man I

am honestly dude I probably snorted my

weight in cocaine and I'm very fortunate

in listen I'm sure I'm gonna pay the

price later but for now I seem to be in

pretty good health so I certainly can't

be mad at that that's gonna do it for

this edition of TSR primetime

my thanks to cynical nitro for calling

in Jonathan from Modern Life dating

shout out to Adam Krauss for calling and

he stepped up he got his ass cooked but

at least he called in

see you guys tomorrow night have a good



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