Can a Man maintain Red Pill frame in a long term relationship? (Ep. 290)

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Many men find the Red Pill and immediately take to it. They become better versions of themselves in every way. Inevitably, they attract more women which increases the probability of a long term relationship. 



But maintaining your Red Pill frame in an LTR is a task that has proved very difficult for Men. When you commit to a woman long term, the rules change, the chemistry changes, and before you know it, you're right back to where you started. Rian Stone joins me to discuss how to maintain Red Pill frame in a long term relationship.

Rian's Blog

Long-Term Relationship Game Theory: A Beginner's Guide to Managing Your Bitches

How to mantain a healthy long term relationship


a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge she lost

the traction for him it's how it works

what you think she was gonna do tell you

she cheated men cannot afford to get

complacent and relationships get your

fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

and now your man what's up guys its

remand on 'van sharp and welcome to the

290th edition up ts our primetime your

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interesting name like that

sure I'm King Minesh good to have you

guys all in tonight well before my guest

comes on I guess I'll go ahead and

preface what we're gonna talk about by

letting you guys know that obviously

when a man finds the red pill right you

know he's practicing good habits he's

learning game everything seems to be

going well well what inevitably happens

is that other women are going to find

him attractive a man who not necessarily

new to red pill game but a man who finds

the red pill he improves himself he's

lifting weights

he's eating right taking good care of

himself financially and the black he's

more confident looks better addresses

better the whole bit that man is going

to draw a lot more female attention well

and evidently as all men do we find that

we find one girl or maybe several girls

but we narrow it down okay we we

actually meet and we start fucking a

girl who you know what I think I might

want to keep around for a little while I

think I might I think I might wanna be

in a long-term relationship with her of

course she groomer you trained her

properly and before you know it you're

in a long-term relationship red pill

style but what trips most men up is

maintaining your red pill awareness

maintaining your red pill game within

the context of a sexual relationship

with a woman it is very less and I'm

here to tell you I'm in a long-term

relationship I'm in a long-term

relationship right now I live with my

girlfriend no we are not married but at

this but again it is very different it

is a very different dynamic now than it

was when we lived separately from one

another and that's we're gonna talk

about tonight

we're gonna talk about what it takes to

maintain your red pill frame while in a

relationship and again if you guys have

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Facebook side what's going on yeah buddy

says Grum from Ronnie Coleman I'm not

really sure what that means

Ronnie Coleman I was thinking I don't

know I'm thinking Ronnie Coleman is that

the bodybuilder to whatever the case may

be all right we got our first caller on

the line let me jump him on area code 5

0 4 you were on live with Donovan what's

up brother hi how you doing doing good

you pretty good just just glad to uh

it's not the first time I'm calling in

good all right well listen thanks for

calling in man what's on your mind um I

was wondering what are your thoughts on


what are my thoughts on Intel's yeah um

I don't really have much thought for in

sales I think that in sells you know I

mean obviously in cells are getting a

lot of a lot of publicity a lot of

publicity you know as of late you know

in cells are probably responsible for

most you know the school shootings Alec

Minassian up in Canada you know run a

people over you know mass killings etc

etc I think that in cells are and it's

it's funny like there's two schools of

thought within cells you either feel

sorry for them or you you know or you

just you know you just kind of ignore

them I don't feel sorry for them I do

feel bad for them because in cells a lot

of them have made the choice to check

out of the sexual market they have made

the conscious they have made the

conscious decision to remove themselves

from the dating scene they don't want to

have anything to do with women at all

right lately big cow uh no again big

towels and in cells are two different

animals now you could have a big cow who

is also in n cell as a matter of fact I

don't know if you watch the Redman group

we had turd flinging monkey who is a

self-proclaimed mgtow but he is an in

cell he is married to a sex doll and I

think I think mgtow sort of gets thrown

into that into that in cell category a

lot of people think that MiG towels are

in cells and that listen nothing could

be further from the truth

yes are a lot of Mick tiles in cells

absolutely a lot of red-billed guys are

in cells but just because you're a mig

tout does not necessarily mean that you

are an in cell where do you follow that

are you an and cell are you McDow d what

do you come what do you consider

yourself to be well at the moment i'll

stand more in the inside okay right now

okay alright you have that sex before

though correct blah okay all right

how old are you 18

oh dude well I'll tell you what man well

here's the thing man if you're 18 years

old and you haven't had sex yet you're

on the right path number one you called

my show which means that you're aware of

my content you're aware of the you're

obviously aware of the red pill

community you are miles ahead

yeah you're miles ahead of most 18 year

olds who have never had sex in their

lives before now again an in cell is

defined as someone who wants to have sex

but can't you are an involuntary

sullivan have you ever come close to

having sex like what's what's the issue

here why do you think you haven't had

sex yet confidence okay where do you

live if you don't mind me asking I see

the area code is 504 are you in

Louisiana yeah okay talk to me about the

talk to me about the competence really

wonderful wait for my man Ryan stone to

make an appearance here hello wait it's

not working no I can hear you run yeah

if I can't see me nope I can solve

oh you haven't muted out of here man no

does it I mean I can I can I can see

your icon you know jumping back and

forth I can't when you first came on I

was able to see you but I guess for

whatever reason it is I'm not able to

not able to see you so no worries take

your time in I got somebody on the line

so I I had actually had someone in the

chat here there he is that actually had

someone in town here say that you're not

like you're a virgin you're not an in

cell and all this I mean as virgins

could be in cells in cells could be

virgin but but talk to me about the

confidence thing you said you think that

confidence is is the biggest roadblock

when it comes to you not being able to

have sex with women yet correct yes okay

well hmm I've always been I guess sort

of isolated okay and just socializing in

general I miss you what do you say that

do you not talk to people at all or do

you just stay shut up or how's this

working I do them Pearson naturally shy

okay all right well listen naturally shy

people do get late well let me ask you

this I mean this might seem like a

stupid question but do you want to get

laid like are you trying to fuck pretty


I am alright well listen man thanks for

calling in I would say listen stay stay

on Donovan sharp calm definitely

definitely listen to the rest of the

show at 1:00 listen it at some point I

guess I will have to do the show and it

sells I guess because everybody's doing

it but tonight we're actually talking

about maintaining red pill frame within

the context of a sexual relationship

which means were which which which does

not include in cells but five before I

definitely appreciate the call feel free

to call back when you can Ryan in the

house um yeah I'm so let me go ahead and

give me proper introduction guys my

guest tonight is a moderator on both the

red pill and married red pill subreddit

he is also a frequent panelist on the

red man group his blog can be found at

Ryan stone blog

I'm actually gonna put that in the I'm

gonna put that link in the blog post on

my website you can follow him on twitter

@ underscore Ryan underscore stone

so please joining me in welcoming Ryan

stone to the show how you doing man I'm

doing good I heard about Excel yeah I'm

getting there I'm getting there I've

been sitting been sitting in front of my

computer for the better part of the last

you know five or six hours trying to

trying it I've got some things on the

horizon that I'm kind of sort of working

on I had a situation that I had to deal

with a little bit earlier but other than

that probably oh yeah right exactly

probably not as tired as you are um let

me ask you something because this is

interesting I in in you and I we talk

all the time on the red man group but

were you did you find the red pill

before you got married or after you got


Oh after oh wow okay I'll do a quick

timeline oh yeah definitely

2000 2011 or 2012

I got posted to Montreal from my face

and asked why mo Victoria BC okay so the

military promised me a couple extra

grand and a stipend for the girlfriend

at the time if we had signed up for

common-law so we signed it before to

make a little bit of money like we were

already together so it didn't really

matter and that's kind of where our

marriage status was they're signed up so

we can do a cross-country trip across

America and make 50 extra bucks a day

plus a couple grams and Alicia alright

the discovery didn't happen until would

have been 2014 I don't talk about it

much but that was basically fuck

over up and down by my chain of command

in the military and everybody kind of

has those stories I remember once you're

a brand-new OD you always hear about a

guys like tells you was sad story about

what the military did to him and I'm

yours like fuck whatever no there's no

way they did that then it happens you're

like oh yeah I guess they do and it was

just the perfect timing so I like I like

brag about me being the one guy who

wasn't red pill by a woman I was red

killed by the military about that let me

ask you this have you ever read the book

and it's actually Matt Forney

recommended this book to me called the

breakfast with the dirt cold here one

second oh dude you can listen you gotta

check it out it's actually written by a

guy who sort of like the used in the

Canadian military and he was sort of he

was read pilled by the military and by a

woman yeah

it's called breakfast with the dirt cult

it's unbelievable I mean I read it and I

think I read it in two days I mean it's

it's unbelievable man like Matt and I

forget who it's by but Matt forty

actually actually recommended that

recommended that to me so your read

build by the military so I guess this is

sort of an obvious question what is your

and this is a broad question but what is

your relationship like now as opposed to

where it was before you found the red

pill oh geez yeah so ups and downs like

everyone for the most part comes good

but so when I first started I'm just

that the guy that your previous color

kind of wanted to be I just wanted to

have fun work hard and play hard you

like I was sailing 180 days out of the


in like two weeks in a month out two

weeks in a month out so I've gone a date

with a girl and I would have abundance

because if we didn't hit it off that

Saturday well I'm off to see tomorrow no

I really don't have time to fuck around

with these games a couple bipolar girls

cuz everybody gets them like one in ten

of the population of girls has like

bipolar is on their version of the

spectrum yeah right eight twenty girls

you're gonna have a few of them yeah

it's a numbers game right yeah and then

during that time was and this is where I

kind of learned the lesson that they're

really not on your team because I was

down and it's self it's a when you're

down girls tend to start looking for the

exit strategy

you can't really blame them because

there's a guy chances are you're the

most irritable fuckin guy when you're

down anyway so you make it really easy

for him but then since then yeah it's

been I essentially burned my place to

the ground started new and then during

my map the male Action Plan

I just spent that year building me up

with the with dread I guess is the best

way to describe it which was actually

the topic of my twenty-one convention

talk last year was that than twelve

levels of dread did that have anything

to do with anything yeah yeah it was a

dread but I didn't put it in such like a

listicle form I just explained it as a

narrative because I find that's a better

way to talk unless you're on the

spectrum and then that case people love

top ten reasons why she suck your dick

yeah and then uh the whole map and the

whole thing was I I'm choosing not to be

taken for granted again

not to be taken advantage of so you know

booted out of the military move down to

Toronto give me the nice corporate life

and right now I'm basically living right

downtown like I'm staring at the CN

tower soon as I look out the window

nice nice expensive place when only ever

looked at housing bubbles so I'm used to

that you know got the nice job where the

nice suits to work and good very good

then everything went up because it was

kind of I guess it's T's I'm gonna

ramble here go this one but have you

ever done you've done martial arts right

mixed martial arts or anything like a

little bit yep okay so I used to do

Taekwondo there was this thing used to

color specular I was always charging up

to you trying to get in your space very

aggressive give a nice swift kick in the

solar plexus and it kind of forces him

to play the range game a bit to advise

you of some space this was a

relationship version of a spectator

essentially knowing that you know if

this isn't working for me I'll burn it

down and over that's always me and then

since then she got on board and we've

had like a ride-or-die bitch

relationship I mean good good very good

now let me ask you this does your wife

know that you aren't red-billed like do

you talk to her about this stuff I mean

does she know about a new table for the

park oh wow yep that's why i dried her

eyebrows for me with all my trinkets how

about that see that's the thing man is

that and again listen this second this

seamlessly segues into what tonight's

topic is how do you maintain how do you

maintain that red pill edge when you

live with a woman when you are in a

long-term relationship with a woman we

when you are cohabitating when you are

married yeah listen it's difficult I

mean I'm obviously in one and and listen

man I mean from from my perspective it

is I don't want to say flaky right well

it I don't want to say it's it's like

walking on a tightrope but you really

have to you really have to have the

mentality that listen just like you said

I can burn this motherfucker to the

ground at any time for any reason right

yeah but you don't deal with it either

that's the other thing I kind of want to

add that nuance because some guy might

just start walking in is that was

Stratos shit peacocking well see that

listen this is my weakness right because

I talk a lot of Yammer I've got a temper

and you know listen man I probably

honestly I probably tell my woman more

than I more than I should that hey

listen I'll fucking leave right goddamn

now that like I tell like I will tell

her that when I get pissed off and

listen me I'm sure that's a weakness of

mine but again this this is how this is

how I operate now is gonna come back to

bite me in the ass one of these days I

don't know maybe it is maybe it won't

but well do you follow through well no

she falls in oh yes you guys talk would

you follow through then oh yeah yeah

yeah well I'll tell you what I will tell

you this she falls in every time she is

never not thought she's never not fallen

in and if ever ever been tested well she

doesn't listen if she decides to do

Sesame then I will make an announcement

hey guys TSR live is gonna be taking two

weeks off while I relocate and again I

don't I don't just say that just to be

mister what fucking red pill tough guy

all book and get the book no like I'm

dead serious man if to me it to me it's

like this if your woman is not on your

program and listen man I'm not perfect

like I'm not right about everything but

I know I Know Who I am and I know who

I'm not and if there's something that

she's doing or not doing or something

that I'm doing or not doing that's not

making the relationship jive then I got

a go if that makes me unfair if that

makes me a tyrant and so be it but I'm

not gonna be in ER I'm not gonna be in a

long-term relationship where where

I don't drive the bus I got to be in

charge I'm a control freak you can

listen you can either you can either

ride the train or you can stay on the

platform and so if it listen when Anne

if she ever does test me and says you

know what

alright well then go ahead and go well

I'm gonna tell you what that'll be the

first and last time she tests me because

I will absolutely bounce you can count

on that I'm taking your word on it all


kick me out right now I gotta get ready

you are in all this space either because

that kind of mirrors a lot of what one

of the old like beginning of the Rollo

times you know you can iron what if you

were the name yeah I have actually yeah

yeah yeah marriage counselor he actually

was one of the first guys that started

up the married red pill go figure

I remember it was one of those things

that he said that really stuck with its

he was talking about what the red pill

generally addresses and that's you know

and in relationships so back in the old

days and your grandfather's generation

the relationship worked because your dad

worked your mom took care of the kids if

she left your dad town would shudder

because they don't like divorcees and if

your dad stopped beating them the town

shamed him for not being a good man

right and I left that she would she

would starve and he'd lose his family

like there's all these social things

that put it in a place that goes so now

women earn money and it's increasingly

becoming the case where women earn more

than men so we've lost our one main tool

we had to maintain dominance and

relationship which tends to be the most

sustainable and happy we go and so his

question was and it's a good one it's

kind of stuck with me is how do you

maintain a relationship without

provisioning as your as your dominant

factor and I'm like if you don't need

somebody then you have to want somebody

right and that's why I think I mention

it I'm probably gonna be a lot more

vocal about it the the Chad Worthington

like you basically got to be you've got

to be the prize yes I like be in shape

be HOD have options it taps into those

two things that since the 80s and 90s

and picked up that everybody is known

the two things that get women get women

wet for guys are being hot and then

having other girls want to you there you

go that's exactly right and here's the

thing it's funny that you mentioned that

because my my girlfriend she makes great

money she makes more money than I do

right so and a lot of people might say

oh my god you're you know your woman

makes more than you do trust and believe

trust and believe I run this shit man

and when it cut when it comes down to it

I am the prize and it like like women

are attracted to many things about men

fortunately fortunately for me and her I

embody a lot of those things I'm above

average looking right I mean you know

I'm in good shape

you know dominant frame I'm take charge

blah blah blah blah blah I don't

bullshit around I'm I'm a man of my word

I'm reliable etc etc and become because

of because because I embody all these

things this is what make this is what

makes me valuable to her because here's

the thing my woman doesn't need me she

dude financially no she'd be just fine

without me but she moves heaven and

earth to make sure I'm happy again

because I bring all because I bring all

of those other things to the table now I

might be one of the very few exceptions

to the rule and the exception doesn't

make the rule but this is how it's done

yeah now it's not even that plus that's

the thing I bet you I bet you I had this

thought I have a feeling you I fucking

know you think it I swear on this you're

not gonna get banned again from

something no dude dude dude I'm

streaming on my platform nobody's

banning me from shit I bet you you don't

even think about your talents as if they

were talents they kind of feel like you

know they're average they're not not

Barry Bonds level but they're not you

think that's how I think I'm sure no no

I agree man and it's funny because when

you win when you own talent when you own

a tree you don't like you don't value as

much as maybe another woman would write

it's not even value it's like you're

used to like you've had real hardship

and you kind of know that struggle but

this is kind of natural and smooth and

the point I'm getting with this which is

funny I always say that you know it's

the the Credo principle like 20% of the

guys get 80% of the girl yeah that whole

thing there that's the thing

all these guys complaining like the in

subtype this is what bothers me about

them tapping into your phone call it's

they're complaining about looks maxing

and I'll never be hot enough cuz

six-foot-two Tyrone or whatever is

hotter than me it's out of your fucking

way to compete like it you really want

to be an attractive man you don't have

to compete to get there everybody just

gets out of your way because the hot dog

surrenders across the way that's right

all you have to do is put in a little

bit of effort didn't listen most men

most men don't have the resolved

carry weight seen it again I was just

gonna say like my diet there's people

that eat cleaner my workouts I'm not

that strong compared to a lot of other

guys I'm not the tallest I am 5 foot 9

but not exactly 6 foot 2 chance you were

like six eight but that's the point is

you don't have to be like I got Raj

counts round the way around around rolos

number anyway I kind of lost count there

for a while but it's not in the triple

digits which guys are pulling now with

no effort right like I'm you up like a

modicum of effort pays huge dividends

and sure if you want to be that 10 top 5

percentile and spend all that energy

that's fine but to get to 80% just

doesn't take much yeah it doesn't take

much you don't have to put much and your

girls sending you photos of heels and

stockings on your bet they're saying I'm

ready for you tonight or whatever she

says no camera meet at the memory of a

goldfish listen you listen anyone who's

anyone who's seen my Twitter feed lately

you know you guys and listen the reason

I'm the reason I'm actually doing that a

lot more is is to show is to really show

guys that listen man like I'm about my

shit a lot of guys do what we do right

and they get on and they talk all this

shit all bitches this and bitches that

but I'm the guy or I'm one of the guys

who says listen like I listen I've been

on the air now for a year and a half two

years talking about I you know I make my

woman do this I make my woman do that

well guess what man it's it's time you

know the proof is in the pudding it's

not like anybody challenged me and so

don't even you know who you see you

weren't know that's you know I mean

you're gonna get naysayers all the time

but I do that to show authenticity

like I guess look I like all the Redman

group for that because I go you ever

when I first went to any what I said

that I'm like enroll as a fat fuck I'm

gonna jump off a bridge but like

everyone like do you remember Robert

Fisher the guy who started the TRP

subreddit no I do not

okay so the guy who started the the red

pill subreddit he his name was Robert

Fisher he was a New England I think it

was something Republican I don't know

how the law works there it's not a not a

senator or not a governor but something

like low-level

okay anyway so Daily Beast put out a

hippies on him because for some reason

they had found his account and that

should illustrate exactly why the Redman

group is a good group because the guys

we don't make things up we don't do

bravado we don't know I do all that

speak the truth right now because we're

like better than anybody else but

because that's your best defense is just

not lying and then saying thank you

can't back up which i think comes with

the territory

listen man if if we're going to put our

face out on this platform dude you

listen and eventually if you're a fraud

it's gonna come out like I mean at some

point it's gonna come out you can't I

mean listen you can you can craft your

internet image as carefully as you want

to but if you're a fraud it's gonna show

there I mean there's there's no doubt

about it but again one thing that one

thing that I've always tried to do is

I've always tried to be completely

transparent with my audience for a night

dude I tell guys this all the time for

every crazy Vegas cocaine-fueled

stripper fake titted Vegas bitch that I

fuck there are 20 are 20-something

failures with women that I could tell

you about yeah you know I fucked this

dude I'm telling you yeah I fucked this

bitch in this in that same day leh but

you know I've also talked about yeah the

the the 28 knows that I got that day be

we know one girl who said listen listen

sweetheart you're not um what did she

say you're not she said you're not

something enough move along like you

know guys get blown out so I think it's

important to let men know about your

failures as well as your successes

because a lot of guys I said yeah you

know I fucked this bitch and my closing

percentage is 90% nobody really buys

that but if if if you lay if you lay

your soul to bear you know for the world

to see and say hey look man like I used

to be where you are I bought shit for

bitches I've been used by bitches but

here's where I am now I think the

message comes across as a little more

authentic yeah maybe it's weird though

there's that there's that one group of

people that doesn't want doesn't care

they just want it is mean excuse

yes I'm really good right there you know

and it's hard to separate those two so I

tend to err on the side of go fuck

yourself so you know it's men again

you're a better man than me that way so

big softie others would would beg to

disagree if I would put I put in cells

or more bottom low level like turd fling

monkey tighten big towels I put them in

with sluts because it's easy to be a

slut a lot of girls say well I'm not a

10 I don't have big tits I don't you

know I'm not a 10 so I'm never gonna get

a high-value guy so I may as well just

be a slut because I'm not gonna get

married anyway well this is what these n

cells do they say well I'm not six foot

three I'm not a Chad

Thunder cock you know I don't bench 280

or whatever so I'm just gonna not do

anything I'm gonna check out of the

check out of the sexual marketplace

they're both very easy so to me that's

an excuse

say you lose your dancing pigeons yeah

right right that's actually I don't know

they're for background if anybody

doesn't know they had this experiment

that was done in like the 40s or 50s

where there had pigeons that pushed a

button got food and then they had

another one that it would randomly give

out food sometimes and they push the

button like 25% they were teaching

intermittent or birds and the thing is

the pigeons started developing these

elaborate dances because they thought

that influenced the pellets Wow Wow oh

yeah and even in your window I guess

then maybe the guy like I don't want to

say trick playing monkey because I want

to be specific but let's say the insel

guy can't get laid for whatever reason

but he doesn't you can't really figure

out what the reason is so he builds up

these elaborate fantasies to kind of go

for that yes

and I'm actually surprised I got some

traction I put up a post from YouTube I

found yesterday which was a movie trope

born sexy yesterday and it's hilarious

because you know how these guys are like

a MIG tau

I'm checking out what a real doll I'm

doing my own thing and then you look

it's like a movie trope that's been

around since the fucking 40s locked it's

like all of a sudden I put on a GI Joe

Cobra Commander Bela claw my own way

with a laser pistol booth you're going

to old school with that Cobra Commander

reference makeup yeah I love the 80s oh

yeah you look at it splash the neutron

oh yes just let em die Leeloo Dallas

from Fifth Element and that's kind of a

in self anta see a girl that is perfect

but she has like a childlike naivety to

her yeah but that's also sci-fi right

like dude yes I play anymore it's

fucking it's like a cyberpunk you know

they're talking about that shit no it's

pretty much here now nothing weird

grittier not quite as cool has a Google

logo but I'm like get like they get

there they get their sex dolls shaped

like cartoon characters or like like not

a real woman Estelle's say again they

have waifu sex dolls oh my god dude

white listen that dude listen that was

the first time that ever heard I was

like what is he

about wife who was like that did he say

wife I like what the oh god dude that

threw me for a fucking loop it's

interesting it's injuries

listen it's interesting that you can

actually show your like you show your

face online you're obviously in the

corporate world how are you able to pull

that off because remember turd flinging

mug he actually made a very good point

if you are in this sector of the web

you are either self employed or

unemployed so how is Ryan stone able to

walk the line

fuck you fund there we go with a decent

pension not a great one but a decent one

so okay I mean part of my map too was

there not being taken advantage of taken

for granted things so if I end up

getting outed on my job which I'm not

sure how I haven't really said anything

I won't back up like it may not be

professional to say it at work but

calling somebody a cunt but I don't say

that it word so I get fired I just take

a year off and the thing blows over

new you I kind of got an inspiration

from Gary van der check of all people

I'm sure everybody knows him he's that

entrepreneur did the wine thing and now

he's all about brands on YouTube oh yeah

yeah yeah he mentioned that do you

remember I think I talked about it

before in a red man group with you do

you remember that girl that she was

talking about getting AIDS in Africa

it's like a joke I'm white home I got it

from the hyena and then I was done fun

yeah great yeah weeks later nobody

remembers her name she's fine yep you

got a little over men watch on that 15

minutes to actually think it's more like

what really like you lose a job you'll

get another job or like you're not gonna

die in a ditch it's the state's you know

how hard it is actually in North America

you know how hard it is to die unless

you're a drug lord on the border yeah

pretty fucking hard I would imagine yeah

well isn't that the whole part of man is

having like a higher risk tolerance well

cool again right this this is the

masculine conundrum this is this is the

masculine burden besides if you lose

your job in disgrace that doesn't mean

that that whatever whatever other

company you apply to oh you're that Ryan

stone character they saw on the Redman

group we Jenna are you okay so if it

happens it's not gonna happen a third

time so just like you said let it blow

over you know that the the the ignorant

girl from Africa you know whatever the

case may be she's doing okay you guys

were watching a TSR primetime with

special guest Ryan stone at this time

I'm gonna say goodbye to my Twitter

YouTube and Facebook audience if you

guys want to watch the rest of the


come on over to donovan sharp

again Facebook YouTube and Twitter I'm

gonna say goodbye to you guys for the

rest of the show what's up Miami J for

though if you guys want to watch the

rest the show comment over to donovan

sharp dot-com and while I cut those

feeds let's um let's get to let's get to

the heart of the matter here Ryan so

your your to I have thought I'm seeing

if I'm right go go oh okay well listen

III try to do I try to do the the

seamless segues we you and I we've

talked about this before and this is

really I remember what you told me about

this is the number well the number one

thing as far as guys are concerned as

far as maintaining red pill frame

maintaining the dominant frame within

the confines of a sexual relationship is

when she withhold sex from you right if

you get married if you start living with

a woman the sex drops off you know

unenthusiastic blowjobs if any how do

you address that how is it that now

listen I can tell you how I do it

but this is Ryan stone tonight how does

Ryan stone address a sexual rut if she

doesn't feel like it if she's trying to

punish you how do you handle that well

the only three tools you have our

commitment attention and affection okay

but we don't have the stick anymore

so all we can do is remove the carrot

now those tools only matter and they

only have any teeth if you have a higher

like high sexual market though right so

the best way to address and it's like

anything you don't by the time you have

it as a problem it's already kind of too

late to address it's right be attractive

don't be unattractive the Devils in the

details but that's the simplest answer I

can give on that one

I mean being attractive is being as lean

as possible having some muscle not being

unattractive means no whining no

complaining no unattractive behaviors

have some options like and that's kind

of why we work too because either one of

us know that at any point either one of

us can walk away and we'll be fought

like sexually we'll be fine there you go

right that's exactly right yeah so then

that mean any plant sometimes the

sometimes if she's not in the mood

there's for a good reason

maybe we're just tired from work

whatever the reasons are you kind of

have to play it by ear you can really

tell if it's a real like a later or a


yeah a lot of the guys too and that's

the problem to some I'll go back to the

married red pill because it's really

good for this because there's so many

field reports and they all kind of hit

the same little architects that listen

that's where the bet listen that the red

pill subreddit has really become stupid

it's it's just I mean don't get me wrong

great articles there but if you if you

want to know about relationships married

red pills though is definitely the way

to go yeah yeah um it's funny so guys

will do they'll always do the same thing

they'll sit there and they'll do

whatever they were doing play video

games watch TV watch the watch the

sports fall or whatever you do and then

come around 10:00 10:30 they go to bed

with the girl they watch YouTube for an

hour and then celeb enact I got to go to

bed and that's when they make their move

and if she's not in the mood or she

doesn't like you and she'll shoot you

down and then you got two options you

can either cry and moan about it or you

can sulk like a bitch there quietly and

then realize you can't sleep head off

into your bathroom and jerk one off look

why when I was period minutes over with


my god joking man this this like this

kind of stuff happens it's one nice

thing there is that guys really do lay

it all out and so all this embarrassing

shit that guys are thinking about their

relationships like trust me you're not

the only one so the better thing and

this one it's like an easy slick starter

strategy I talked about I don't like can

scripts but kind of gets the point

across first thing a guy should be doing

is start working out three days a week

the idea is you got to build you got to

build a life outside burn fighting over

her so put your gym bag by the door go

hit on her when you were gonna go to the

gym you're going at seven 6:55 start

making your move on her if or when she

shoots you down pick up your gym bag go

to the gym good cuz a lot of guys are

worried about if I if I turn her down or

she turns me down and I leave I'm gonna

look but her I'm like well girls aren't

stupid if you get turned down for sex

you're gonna be you're gonna be hurt

that's just part of the human condition

but at least now you got something

better to do with your time but sit

there and sulk or pretend that you don't

want sex Wow kind of the thing is always

have something better to do and you know

what start maybe it's just I'm going to

the gym catch you later you come back in

an hour start it again maybe if you've

been like some guys have been in those

dead bedrooms for like six months to a


those guys maybe they need to go out and

start practicing daygame and that's

really the one thing that Roush was

great for is his book on day bang if you

haven't read it it's just oh yes yes

oh yeah absolutely yeah good ones there

I mean some people I've even suggested

taking an improv class if you guys have

never done that I had that in my drama

years in high school in college

I hear that suggests that a lot man

actually one of my consulting clients

asked me hey would you suggest an improv

class I was like well yeah I mean I why

do you think an improv class would would

would help dead bedroom I've never

really well it it's all kind of

connected so let's take that caller you

have great at the beginning so you hear

him right did he sound like a fun guy

you want to invite to a party

no gosh man's to the guy I'll call you

Steve's I don't remember what your name

was but okay Steve sounded very timid

very boring no energy in his voice and

he didn't really know how to have a move

of conversation like we have a back and

forth I'll say some things you'll

amplify it and I'll amplify it and so

improv is great at teaching those things

as you essentially have to make up a

social interaction on the spot so the

one thing I remember that was always

clear was um never say no always say yes

and it's like no always shuts down a

conversation right so you're talking to

me and hey what's that drink you have

over there that's not a drink Manstein

nobody's having fun it's piece of shit

Foreman that's a nice drink you have

over there you always just go with yeah

some people don't like drinking motor oh

wait a minute I think we lost him Ryan


all right so I guess we have a temporary

sure we'll get Ryan back here in a

little bit or not 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 as

Ryan remains frozen in the in the upper

left-hand corner of your screen 9 1 4 2

O 5 5 3 5 6 let's go to the chat here

alright let's see we got here

alright so Sherm cane says I hear you

Donovan I live with my girlfriend and

we've been dating for six years it's

tough for me to stay red pill in all

honesty sometimes I fluctuate between

red and fuchsia yeah this is this is the

that's the challenge of being maintained

in your red pill frame you don't want to

go blue pill but by the same token you

have a lot to lose if you decide to

bounce or she decides to bounce so you

know really the the the question is is

how do you maintain that frame listen

man you got listen one of the one of the

main red pill tropes is you have to be

ready to walk away at any time and you

gotta know you got to be ready you can't

say dude if this continues I'm fucking

gone and then when the time comes then

don't fucking leave now it doesn't work

that way man just like Ryan said dude

you're gonna get tested at some point

you're gonna get listen if you talk as

much shit as I do yeah my woman's gonna

test me at some point when she does

she's mine she is going to find out but

you gotta be ready you absolutely have

to be ready I asked Ryan just now as

he's he's back with us now

hey how can you show your face well you

know I've got a fuck you fund right well

again you have to have a contingency

plan you always have to be ready for

those for those up for those situations

so the last time what I forgot what you

were saying when you were talking oh

you're talking you're talking about the

insel guy yes and but i guarante but is

yeah little stuff like that so I mean

you get to that point and then you kind

of learn how to banter back and forth I

was called the Dean cook style game you

remember Dane Cook I do and he's like

where the hell is he what happened to

him they found out he was stealing jokes

so they Carlos Mencia at his ass what

the point is he's not fucking funny at

all you know no jokes no but he says

things animated he moves his hands and

his hairs all fucked up and all right

right I had when I was doing my pickup

thing I used to say the stupidest shit

just to see the look on the other

person's face I'd always have this big


here in and it's amazing I think I did

21 Khan we ran some like practice game

like all the married guys would ever

like here's how you have a perfect girl

I guess the guy just gave you a pick up

conference and then are all just seated

at the table at the bar stick it on like

elegant like two benches man like what

are you doing so I remember I saw this

one girl she looked like the fucking kid

from Game of Thrones Wow I'm eat so I'm

like goofy comment about that brought

her over introduce her to the guys and

then this one Portuguese guy I had a

great crazy moustache she finally

started getting into the swing of things

and did that improv back and forth okay

then another one right by Ivan actually

it was an Australian girl she's tall one

and the guys are walking up and like oh

you can't talk to her gorgeous she was

pretty gorgeous and I just know it's

Australia see so coloured Contin she'll

think it's hilarious and the guys are

just stunning I just did you just yell

at the girl and call her a cunt before

you even met her I'm like yeah she's

Ozzie though she likes it that's it you

got it and this is a the other tip I've

got was where you got to kind of build

diverse skills sentence yes yes you do

yes you do you know one-trick pony man

like I learned that sailing to Australia

yeah yeah that's how I learned if you're

a one-trick pony and listen I say it all

the time a man who's an a-plus at one

thing will fuck better-looking women

that a man who's a b-minus at everything

but that doesn't that doesn't mean you

concentrate on all just one skill

because dude if you're out of your

wheelhouse you're not gonna have a

chance yeah like I have a fine arts

degree as my first college degree and so

I I can pull off on art man I love that

shit and it's it's really nice because

girls always like that feeling that

they're sophisticated and often if

you're just listening to a conversation

that's intelligent you feel intelligent

right right right

oh yeah and this little bitty place yet

and so you can make references like how

you I think Carlos was noticing that

from the Redman group they always have

big these really succinct points that

yes leftfielder like the 80s Cobra

Commander record and you kind of start

stringing these things together you kind

of see it in a Russell Brand that's kind

of how his style is you can tell that

was game work

right oh yeah dude yeah Russell Brand

has dude he's like he's like the like

British douche-baggy you know

one-liner that that's

and it works I mean it works great

because I mean he's a I mean he's a he's

a funny fuck he's referencing like

classical British schoolboy education

stuff right but because it's Russell

Brand it sounds funny right yeah but

that's all he does is say that animated

style so I mean if you get like Rolo for

example he does he does his canoeing he

knows tons about greyhounds right liquor

business used to have a band that's for

fairly attractive sets of skills that he

can bring to bear on any conversation

and it any conversation any conversation

uh I got a comment here um he says I

live with my girlfriend and we've been

dating for six years it's tough for me

to stay red pill in all honesty

sometimes I fluctuate between red and

fuchsia so what are something other than

the odd what does that even mean well I

don't think well I think he's trying to

tell us that sometimes he does go blue

pill but I can't say blue pill he has to

say fuchsia or maybe even purple what

are some things guys can do to to keep

themselves from fault because because

again falling back to blue pill ways

it's the easy way right it or it it is

in the short term it's gonna cost you in

the long term but what are some things

that guys can do to keep themselves from

cracking under pressure when your girl

is throwing a fit when she's doing

something she's not supposed to do how

do you listen I can tell you how I do it

but I'd like to hear it from you because

listen you've been in a relationship

longer than I have

oh wait a minute oh he was smiling all

right well I guess I'll tell you how I

do it

um it's to me it's it is the okay there

is I see him to me it's it's it's just

the way I am and I was always like the

red pill was so it jive with me so well

because I was I was already a hothead

and and

being a hothead a guy who gotten a lot

of fistfights

you know arguments bla bla bla bla bla

just losing my temper all the time the

red pill I don't want to say it calm me

down but it's sort of it sort of helped

me to sort it sort of help me to channel

this anger that I have in a way that

happens to be I guess alright for

certain aspects of relationship so for

example dude my dude my woman knows man

she knows she knows that if she does

something to really really piss me off

she's gonna avoid that at all cost

because she dude she knows I'm explosive

dude I'm a dude I'm a big guy I'm very

loud you know and it dude I'm a nice

dude i dude I'm dude I'm like a runaway

train man in it like once my chili gets

running a hot dude it's like dude it's

like I see red and it's it's fucking


that's how I'm able to stay that's all

I'm able to stay red pill because I'm

just not capable of being the passive

blue pill guy if there's an issue I'm

addressing it right now and I'm very

direct so how did you bunny when I get

mad I get quiet

Oh Moo not me not me I say very very

little I don't know you said like why

it's probably cuz I used to be in the

military and I taught at fleet school so

I knew him and a lot of it was like a

little technique they taught us to it's

like you start off your first day you

dress somebody up and down chew them

right out so it sets the tone right then

if you ever actually have so reason

they'd be mad at a student for some

reason real quiet calm Zen it fucks them

up cuz it's not what they were expecting

and right part of part of things as

people like it if it's consistent like

your girl probably likes it she knows

you're a hothead she knows a figure she

can deal with it yeah yeah now imagine

one day I bet you one day if she does

something that she knows pisses you off

and she maybe does it on purpose go real

quiet and don't say anything and watch

what happened but probably we gonna fuck

out yeah the back of Ducie boy there I

always hate this because I don't know

what you sure means it's what makes

somebody you should feel

I think I've listened man I think what

he was trying to say is that his red

gets a little bit light he doesn't go

fall red-bellied wants to stay red pill

maybe towards the blue maybe he picked

the wrong color but I mean I understand

what he's trying to say what he said

he's fake he doesn't really internalize

it he's kind of faking it that in there

you go

that's just that's how you listen this

is how you maintain the edge the red

pill has got to be who you are man

listen if something happens between me

and my girl that I have to address I

never think to myself okay what would

blue pill Donovan do and what would red

pill donovan do what we don't want to do

with red-billed on it no I just react

like if just it just comes out because

I've been in this for so long this is

Who I am

then it's not an identity it's just

right just shorthand so you can describe

it without having to waste three fucking

minutes there you don't there you go

that's explosive well I'm a little more

I'm a little more long-winded than three

minutes but thankfully finally my girl

can you still second place next to Rolo

and his ability where to god man I am

dude I thought I was the I thought I was

the most this is why I like having roll

along because I know I don't have to

talk 9/11 forty nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

call area code nine seven nine you were

on with Donovan and Ryan go ahead hey

guys it's Tex

hey Tex what's going on nothing I just

wanted to congratulate you you were

alluding to the fact that you were

keeping it real and that you were who

you say you are but you did not

acknowledge the fact that you slapped

your chick's ass on video yes I did yep

yep smackers I actually posted it on

Twitter and Facebook and Instagram so

yeah classy you though you didn't

mention it you keep it on the down-low

yeah you know I mean listen actions

speak louder than words because hey guys

I went to Twitter and I boosted beat

boosted my head smack white girl's ass

check it out no guys will see it guys

will see ya

I can't break with texts Oaks I mean if

I start talking about any of the

hardcore stuff I do you probably laugh

at me do tell really right in man Texas

in to clean up bitches and choking them

out yeah okay hopefully your grandma's

not on your face no dude any to listen

any time any of my family follows me on

Instagram and I cut that shit right out

I block

no way not half my grandmother was alive

she wouldn't let dice in the house and

call them the devil's tools are you

fucking crazy

loser Am I oh yeah you the man Tex

appreciated brother yeah text from the

text from the Redman group and yeah text

text he's into that dominance uh

submission stuff man like he and like he

and I will be in back-and-forth man the

guy is like the guy is he is really into

that shit you dude you got to be

hardcore red pill to pull that shit off

you cannot you can't have any

can't have you got to have you got to be

100% man to do that shit man cuz that at

least he's doing at the proper none of

that I wear a diaper shit either

oh fucking hell dude bronies or furries

the ones that dress up like animals yeah

I don't understand that like I don't

understand like Thundercats as much as

the next guy just not at my foot and if

you're gonna be a Thundercat don't be

Cheetara right and let's be Panthro or

do right or lion-o you're gonna be

Cheetara what the fuck is wrong with you

unbelievable love for Orko dollars

Oracle the team that was on he-man that

was he's nerve yes it dude it was yeah

it was it was Orko

God I do remember he-man man-at-arms

Teela alright alright enough enough

enough enough eighties references um bad

behavior right so let's say mrs. Ryan

stone comes in hey babe how you doing

fuck you Ryan I don't want to hear it

today how do you handle that now me if

but if my woman were ever dumb enough to

say that to me

there would mmm she wouldn't do it again

right so how would you handle that

tension affection and comfort there you

go she's not hugs not getting placating

I'm not trying to fix it for the most

part I'm like sweet I got an hour to

myself now although I kind of started to

rule early on and she's been a big fan

of it when one of us is mad to that

point we just have a cool-off period

like one of us goes the other room gives

it 10 minutes and then comes back when I

can talk I can add oh my god dude my

anger management my anger management

therapist tells me this all the time I

actually haven't talked to him in a

while but when I told about these knock


you know drag-out yelling shouting

matches or whatever he says listen what

you need to do separate yourself from

the situation go into separate rooms I'm

just not that guy man I just I don't

listen this is a glaring weakness you

meet my brother man you guys would get

along he's got a temper on him he's not

as loud about it as you but he has it

remember he came down he was telling the

story about his girlfriend he was at the

bar with her and some other girl was

hitting on him so she got super jealous

went home blocked and put the chain

across the door whoo

Oh Ida kicked down the door and he

kicked he kicked in the door and Emma

didn't yell it was a dream he just

kicked in the door and we're like what

fuck did you do that for he goes hey

this key gets into this house I'm

getting into this house but it was just

so nonchalant it was like matter-of-fact

like this is my house if I have to kick

it I will be inside whoa man dude she

fucking oh yeah do not it kick that

motherfucker down but see I wouldn't I

would have been this call about it man

it would have been and again glaring

weakness I'm not I'm not bragging about

it it's just this is just who I am I'm

an intense guy um a couple a couple of

quick questions here as we round third

and head for home here how do you keep

the spark alive right like you obviously

both have jobs you work hard you know

you know you both have your thing how do

you keep the sex going you know listen

manufactured outrage and doing it


I guess Wow manufactured outrage

elaborate please okay so sex God method

I don't have you heard of this it's one

of the books we have on our married red

pill sidebar they talked about Devi okay

I don't think acronyms escaped me at the

same time but the e part was emotion

okay so I found like you know the the

old pickup artist thing that opposite of

love isn't hated apathy yes we're in the

worst thing you do is have no emotions

okay now my theory was girls always they

get mad should he have up stay up yawns

here's the problem most guys they don't

know when it's coming they just like

things being consistent and so at some

point their girl come home make a big

deal out of nothing

and they have to always react to it so

me and one of my other the other

moderator we actually started our maps

on the same week Bowie d6 awesome guy

he's uh he was one of the Cajun Navy

down during the the floods in Texas

there's you okay but we just manufacture

out rates we pick a reason to start a

fight over something stupid and get them

riled up and and then fuck their brains


well yeah and then you bring it up bring

it down so then you're taking control so

I mean it gets it out of your system and

keeps things exciting always way more

fun than if you have to react to it when

you're not ready listen better to be the

arguments starter than the argument

reactor yeah because I mean it's about

being the dominant male and sure like a

good demand relationship part of that is

taking control or everything people are

always used to taking control of finance

yes sure the house is taking care of

getting what needs to be done being the

clean one and then the other person will

clean as well to keep up another part of

that's their emotions okay she's still a

girl she wants to have she wants those

good feelings but she does need those

ups and downs this is this is what this

is what girls thrive on if a girl ever

says she hates you dude you're doing it

right man I mean yeah that's how it goes

oh my god I fucking hate you all right

that's cool

oh yeah this one this so like I first

started dating her when I was pretty

much at the top of my my PUA game yeah

and I remember this one time we spent

the whole day together it's like our

first time ever we had done that and I

just was making at her it took about six

hours but I eventually had her in tears

absolute fear dude you didn't know why

she was crying and then it was kind of

giggling I brought her down gave her a

bunch of comfort aftercare by the way

forgot to mention that

oh boy I'm not good at always good

aftercare afterwards right you gotta add

a little bit of comfort in there at the

end for the anchor see bring them up and

you take them back down all right what

is always a little shit like that

another example I bought her flowers

once for no reason when I was at the

grocery store or solids put him in the

trunk but here's the thing so I came in

the house with all the groceries I

started giving her just shitting all

over I'm like good luck or pickle the

credit rose and she's getting mad so she

gets out of the car and she's like

probably muffler like fuckin dirt under

her breath she gets out there and just

sees there's a set of flowers waiting

for her so she comes back crying again

Wow who's always little stuff like that

I did the fuck with her but he's sweet

at the same time and like and

imagination sky's the limit on this

stuff I'm sure there's other methods

maybe there's better methods it's just

the one that I like well fortunately for

me I don't really ever have to and I'm

being serious I don't have the

manufacturer outrage because I mean you

have outrage and my man like listen dude

I'm an angry guy man you know what I

mean like it's just I don't wanna piss

I'm angry

don't know man dude I'm probably got

issues somewhere I guess this is why I

have an anger management therapist that

I should probably use a little more

often but but I've never really like

I've never been the type of person the

type of man especially with my woman to

to to let something go if something

bothers me if if my woman says or

doesn't shit that I don't like I address

it immediately like a lot of guys say

well what I have to do is you have to

pick the right time to talk to her about

the situation no the right time is now

when you're still pissed off about it

and dude like sometimes I'll have an

issue with I'll have an issue with my

girl dude I'll be hitting the right work

dude I had to call her up and air her

out today at work over some bullshit

right she's getting ready to go into a

meeting it's a big meeting I gotta grab

it I did I did not give up but I did not

care and so and so I don't meet

fortunately for me I don't have to

manufacture outrage the the the point is

is you have to have ups and downs that's

how you keep the spark you can't and

listen um one thing that and my woman

does love my consistency she loves the

fact that I'm you know that she knows

what things pissed me off but girls

girls never want to be bored a lot of

guys probably think Matt Donovan's

woman's probably sick and tired of his

temper and maybe she is but she ain't

bored you know you understand what I'm

saying and if a woman if a woman is not

bored whether she's what whether its ups

or downs you're not gonna really hit too

many sexual ruts yeah for sure I mean

there's always there's always more to it

but that's like the easiest answer you

can give over over a one-hour podcast

sure listen the guy says after hearing

some of your pre red pill stories

Donovan I'm not surprised whatsoever

that you have anger issues yeah you need

to stop yelling at fucking divorced and

single moms on the Internet bite you in

the ass again I know I know

well listen I am surprised you didn't

get a kitty strike on that she she on it

will not be named she blocked me so that

that assault that is absolutely all she

wrote okay I will admit it was a great

lesson though like when you were talking

about salep says I'm and though you

better fuck him right over there you

better fucking believe it we and some

white knight was coming after him like

I'm giving you this shit for free right

not gonna be a Buddhist where you're

arguing to some 20 year old twitch

streamer and talking about how his game

is good and then yelling at a 20 year

old believable man yeah I got better

things to do right let's get out of here

um how do you manage finances um listen

you're married you have joint accounts

separate accounts who's responsible for

water 50 oh okay so you're married you

have separate accounts oh so I'm a saver

she's a spender right exactly

I'm it success we join them money will

disappear yes and then resentment will

build and then fights welcome ah yes

they will instead we just have a joint

account anything that has to do with

paying a bill or saving for a vacation

or financing for the future what was

into that account there you go just a

number I'm like here is this number and

off on the first the rest of your

money's yours to spend on makeup or

repitch Eno's or whatever there you go

there you go then mine on the house and

obviously I mean for emergency funds I

tend to be there but she's pulled hers

out a few times too and sure yeah we

used to have we used to have fights over

that and so all I really ask is for best

effort and guide where I can and then

there's some points where I slip up too

and she helps out but yeah at the same

time I don't I don't like setting people

up for failure right that's exactly


yeah so that's something that's gonna

like it's very your example here on your

girl yeah if there's something you know

that she does it'll piss you off and you

put her in a situation where she

probably is gonna do it you can't really

blame her right that's exactly right

you can't listen you can't leave you

can't leave a stake on the table where

your dog and get it and then be pissed

off when you come home and the stake has

gone yah he took my crate once I almost

strangled the bastard oh my god dude

grapes are not easy to make either you

look over he's got purple on his face

I'm tasting a little he's a great house

okay oh yes him right yeah he said our

he's gonna outrun you but yeah and again

this is where this is and it's funny I

catch a lot of heat from a lot of guys

who don't really know what they're

talking about about about how

territorial I am of my woman right dude

her phone is transparent to me I track

her locations I track her GPS I know

what she's typing on her phone I can

record like I can do all that stuff and

guys are in and guys sit here and they

say well that's moot Doherty but I don't

know that's that's being territorial you

are you are pre in other words you're

you don't want to put your woman in a

position where you don't want to put

your woman in situations where she could

possibly betray you if a woman wants to

cheat she is going to find a way to

cheat but here's the thing

if you don't want to get robbed don't

leave your doors unlock people look

people's homes get broken into what is

it every 25 seconds probably less than

that if you're a home security state

right well yeah exactly but but listen

it's an infant if somebody wants to

break into your house they're going to

break into your house regardless of what

security measures you have that doesn't

mean if the disarm your alarm and leave

the door open and just let him walk

right in so the same goes with your

woman you don't take her to the bar

don't take her to the club don't allow

her to have social media don't allow

don't allow her to text message people

without you knowing this to me this is

red pill 101 and as far as nuts as far

as not setting your woman up for failure

do my woman came in dude not two hours

ago and said hey I get paid tomorrow I

want to save $1,000 I said okay well

hold on there sweetheart

I like where your head is that let's

start let's start with 400 okay then put

another 200 away from margin and then

maybe use another 100 or 150 - just like

you said frappuccinos getting your hair

done nails done etc etc as far as

finances go I'm in total control I what

I did is I didn't allow her to to screw

herself into the ground but because she

makes most of the money I kind of sat

back and I guided where I could well

about a month ago she was in the shit so

guess what I had I had my I had my fuck

you fun I had to come in and save the

day and since then I'm in total control

of the finances we have dude we have a

calendar hey this gets drawn out of the

bank account at this blah blah blah we

have we have everything written down so

as far as finances are concerned we have

separate banks account we have separate

bank accounts but I have control of the

finances in terms of what bill gets paid

how much we save etcetera etcetera we

have a vacation jar and I like to save

paper cash I'm not a I'm not a guy oh

yeah yeah I am my numbers on this man

that's all I'm all where it's at yeah I

don't I see I'm not really comfortable

listen man I'm your old grandfather who

has his life savings buried out in the

backyard or between his mattress sheets

but that listen I guess that's just the

difference between you and me but yeah

as far as saving is concerned I'm the

saber and she's the spender that's just

how it is this is this is the difference

between men and women yeah but we also

have separate bank accounts so

it seems to work for us well Ryan I

appreciate you coming on with me tonight

man um wait a minute he froze again hold

on Hayato me yeah maybe maybe he knew I

was gonna kick him off right all right

hang on guys I know this is bad radio

just bear with me here okay right well

Miami J says got to keep them on that

emotional rollercoaster you know the

interesting thing is is like it's weird

like with me and my girlfriend it is an

emotional rollercoaster but it it's not

something that I have to try to do man

and I wish it was something that I had

to actively do like I wish I was the

kind of guy who could manufacture

outrage but I'm a hot-headed guy anyway

um you're the decline man that's all

that's where it's at yeah you know that

goes man like it's weird cuz think about

it you know how hard it is to die right


yeah pretty hard it's really hard

y'all hard it is to start right now well

I'll be given I guess given the obesity

rates uh like as larger you're not eat

then it is to eat yes of course so in

this point like you've got to build a

bit of like a fuck it whatever like a

bit of that in you and so a lot of times

I just do it because of my ATD to

entertain myself there you go so I

wouldn't say because I don't want the

guys coming away from this thinking you

have to dance like a monkey for quarters

so fuck you got it just kind of becomes

part of it after a while right and I do

want to yeah agree to disagree I'm sure

your system works there I'm not a big

fan of it only because it's really easy

to hide stuff on cellphones now with the

amount of like easy apps they got

there's I'm sure you got a good system

yes but I prefer the one like instead of

a push more of a pull so for example of

finances she really wants to make me

proud of her so if she runs into trouble

she comes to me and that was the rule

like I'll never get mad if you come to

me if you run into problems we'll fix it

together so she always comes to me right


so yeah it's I guess time will tell

which one works in the end or if both

work which is fine Simon either you know

I guess well I guess we'll find out

well Brian listen man um thanks for

coming on man I know I know you've

literally just got off work you're

you're probably what three bud goes in

at this point in time so you probably

wanted to get up and get up off the mana

cut now I can't I can't be drinking for

the next couple weeks huh how's that

hottie listen man you said you were

doing hot yoga and I kind of made fun of

you about it but but here's the thing

I've been listening to this ESP and

34:30 podcast about the start the rise

in the fall of Bikram yoga and it's it's

hot yoga and like the way people talk

about it it's this life-changing

revolutionary expect course now you know

he's a creep and all this other kind of

stuff so how I mean like how is that

like I mean do you like it like what's

it like

well like normal yoga I don't think the

hot yoga's as good because I don't like

artificially warming up your muscles

okay apparently a lot of people were

having problems with like joints and

that cuz I'd you're doing the stretches

if your artificially warmed up it puts

too much stress on them so I just like

it the old-fashioned way

okay and I don't yeah as far as it gets

and it's way more interesting than a

normal stretching routine just sitting

there grabbing your ankles for 20

minutes is boring a spot so at least

when you're doing it in like positions

keeps it interesting you can do it as a

couple so it's you know time for you to

spend together while you're doing it and

really helps like I'm getting older so I

need the flexibility yeah yeah you're

telling me I'm before I'll be 41 this

summer all right Ryan listen man thanks

for coming on and you're gonna be on me

yeah no problem oh man

you're gonna be on with the you want

with us on Saturday talking about no I

opted out apparently the the bipolar

thing everybody's chomping at the bit

and you guys got more interested me so

I'm like you're 36 I don't think we need

to set it all right man I'll see you

next week brother yeah have fun hi man

take care Ryan stone gentlemen of Ryan

again follow my twitter at Ryan I'm


at underscore Ryan underscore stone

check out his website Ryan stone EP what

is it Ryan stone EPT Oh Ryan stone EPT

dot blog doc blood

listen I've got his I've got his website

up there I've got his website on my on

the on the blog post so so we're good to


to go there my thanks to you gentlemen I

appreciate the phone call for my man

text let me get a text may give a

shout-out to my mod squad here Miami J

make it a late appearance good to see

you in here

Darcy Mills the jack man red pill wolf

rule zero dead rat Jedi wizard

double-oh-seven I guess that's the the

James Bond version of a wizard clever

name love it love it

excellent well that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS are alive be sure to

tune in on Monday at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific I will have political pundit

Jermaine bot CEO on the show you do not

want to miss that thanks for watching

guys I'll see you in 48


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