Can private marriage really save Men from getting divorce raped? with Anthony Dream Johnson (Episode 387)

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

Sharpe and welcome to the 380 seventh

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2018 it is the day after Christmas

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let's get to it my guest of course is he

is the founder and CEO of 21 studios he

is also the brains behind the red pill

summit we like to call the 21 convention

as well as the red man group which airs

every saturday morning at 10 a.m.

Eastern I of course I'm talking about

Anthony dream Johnson and Anthony I

think I speak for everyone watching when

I say that we greatly greatly appreciate

you making time for us today men hell

yeah man I love your show group and it's

good to be here man yeah good good stuff

let's get right into it man private

marriage this is something that a lot of

people have been kicking around as of

late what with the divorce court system

family law guide listen like TFM says

getting your your wallet ripped out of

your ass that is absolutely true having

your kids taken away paternity fraud so

let's start off I guess talk to me like

a fifth grader what exactly is private

marriage and how does

work yeah so disclaimer before you even

get it get into that I'm not an attorney

there's anything I say is not legally

buying advice not even expert legal

matters this is an ID I came to my own

and I'm kind of an amateur and

understanding how it works but I

actually did in my own life so I speak

from experience with it to a large

extent that had some complications that

you know about from the you know the BPD

stuff yeah anyway that I've done it I've

looked into it too significant amount a

lot more than I ever did and actually

you know worked out in real life

good very good bit yeah so the basics of

how it works like you talked about your

show let me talk about in red pill and

the Redman group at the 21 convention

pretty much anywhere in the manosphere

marriage in the West today is fucked and

like tender from ten thousand different

ways not ten ten thousand right you see

the on assault on men and masculinity

and fatherhood and marriage and monogamy

and found information across the West

across culture across all kinds of media

education school government everything

so private marriage was an idea I came

to in my own kind of loosely thinking

about it just literally thinking about

of my house when I was like like 23

years old 22 23 years old okay yeah I

came from two influences I let me - no -

of my video has any problems and I feel

to speed up my internet no you're anyway

you sound good everything is all in sync

so you're good men okay you present for

a second so I go should okay anyway so I

was pretty young but I had a long

history obviously in the manosphere at

that point I'd spent a lot of time in

pickup community and I had some

interaction as well with the men's

rights guys I was familiar with Paul

Elam I had been interviewed and on the

spearhead back in the day we just like a

big Men's Rights magazine for got shut

down and so I was familiar with all that

stuff and from the pickup community and

from the men's rights community I was

familiar with guys getting burned by

marriage like fucking hard I like in the

red bill do dudes crash-land in the red

pill of like bullshit I just got divorce


my life got turned upside down I was

thinking about suicide I don't see my

kids anymore you know a lawsuit I know a

guy from the Convention this guy mark he

lost like a half a million dollars in

the divorce recently what sad shit I

mean you virtually got to it's a savage

man like it's half a million though the

guy must be all the guy wasn't using now

god damn yeah I mean yeah fucking sucks

the league is an awesome guys

so dude it hurt like when I hear that

stuff like when I listen we know that

that goes on but when it's here face yes

Anthony I lost a half a million dollars

in a divorce that that hurts man dude

that's the same guy who literally got me

VIP access to me Dave Rubin George

Peterson no like okay cool like the

coolest fucking guy the coolest fucking

guy and then he gets his whole life

fucking ripped out of his asshole

where's Waltrip out of the desk you said

unbelievable dude

anyway I came up with the idea of

private marriage before I realized that

of course I was not the first one to

think of this I was just kind of coming

to my own conclusions based on

experience the pickup community seeing

older dudes arrive in the seduction

community getting divorce raped as well

they weren't as well supported in their

ideas as they're on the red pill of

course but these are the pickup

community it was it was an issue it's

like why are you here so go you got your

life ruined by family Cory okay what

else right right

anyway what I what I realized is when I

mixed those experiences and those

hearing things I would hear about the

men's rights and pick up I mixed that

with a very hardcore libertarian

philosophy that I got from Ron Paul and

I was like wait a second why the fuck to

the extent I'm not committing fraud what

is the purpose of actually getting a

legally recognized marriage what use is

I gonna do independent with legal

mumbo-jumbo what good is that gonna do

for my life to invite the government

into my home and into my relationship

and into my cast like my less so that

stuff's really where it came from

at the end of the day the private

marriage I saw some questions you had on

your patreon thing yeah basically it's

not like a prenup like a prenup is a

small step in the right direction I

don't think they're like very reliable I

don't recommend them to guys it's better

than nothing if you're gonna go through

with it I guess

but you know like there's old movies and

documentaries written about this or

produced about this prenups are not the

magic bullet that the common culture

portrays them to be not even close no no

prenups are designed to low men into a

false sense of security

oh just get a prenup and everything will

be fine yeah no they know it's not and

so does your future ex-wife yeah it's

probably I would imagine that's getting

worse day by day like 20 years ago maybe

they had more cloud to them now it's a

whole feminine imperative the entire

feminist movement pussy hides all that

shit has all these little micro

expressions you see and like I'm sure in

courtrooms and stuff where this stuff

gets argued and you know day by day so

it's really I wouldn't recommend

it's nowhere near the Magic Bullet is

portrayed as and best to prenup implicit

band-aid to a gunshot wound right yeah

right right

surpri the marriage is kind of like how

prenup is portrayed to work it covers

your ass in some very serious ways

because never well when my kids here's

what I did in the end result is we never

got a legally recognized marriage on


good I knew I demanded that first of all

there was zero discussion of anything

else ever second I made my family aware

that my friends and then her family and

her free-falling how many friends much

phlegmon a Roman numeral partner but

basically made it made it visible in a

social level that a we're gonna have a

wedding be we're gonna be together and

build a family someday see and no point

ever was a marriage license gonna be

entered into with the state of Florida

the state of Nevada where we got married

or anywhere ring and this is very firm

and I got to push back to my own family

on this immediate to an extent that

extended family in particular and it was

a very no bullshit conversation it's

okay you know what you can either take

it or fucking leave it like does not I

don't care about your religious beliefs

I don't care buddy thoughts about

government on private thoughts about

Family Court I know what I'm doing

tuning I don't need I don't need your

permission dude and by the way wait

yeah but I didn't it's hysterical that I

married a hooker in Vegas all right yeah

that is that is funny and when you got

married I was probably living there

Anthony Anthony dude I might have been

driving by the chapel you the chapel you

guys got married in and I seen you in

there cuz this is post red pill I've

been like you know what that young man

looks like he's about to go make a


yep no no oh my god actually it was

actually I got to actually go pick up

this I went to a loves conference there

had a interesting time back and way back

my day anyway so the biggest thing yeah

anyway the biggest thing was just it's

hysterical looking back on it it's just

ironic though or a coincidental cuz we

both lived in Florida where I met her

but I know I had some pretty I have some

pretty bad family relationships and I

was like let me just get the fuck out of

here to get married like I don't wanna

deal with people showing up at I don't

fucking want their own fuck that's what

I came from anyway the private marriage

is something where you go through all


missions of getting married today in the

West but you purposefully design it so

that everyone's aware socially and you

never ever legally get married or a

state recognized marriage on purpose you

avoid common law marriage which is

available now like maybe nine or ten

states including DC okay

most states though of course then don't

have it they don't recognize it

they'll recognize it from other states

that do have it but they don't have been

their own state or they've recently done

away with it I think Florida got rid of

in the 1960s it's actually really

interesting with the rise of feminism

you've actually seen state governments

get away from common-law marriage yeah

that's interesting you would think that

they would be more in favor of that

because of it yeah that's just one of

the ads I guess yeah for now and they

could easily could talk about it to like

other like black people logic and a few

others have pointed out that if probably

marriage like I'm like I did it and will

probably do it again someday if that

ever takes off you did see an immediate

push or feminists or making imperative

to lock it down there's it's a big

discussion though there's some

interesting points to that anyway let me

even more specific though when I say go

through the motions of marriage I mean

that in some pretty important ways so

obviously we had a wedding with a

wedding in Las Vegas who could had it

anywhere but on Vegas is on purpose both

families came out there's probably 45

some people that are son like that

I also live streaming on my youtube

channel 21 studios I got it yeah

oh this is too funny yeah I picked a and

officiator for the wedding but of course

was not recognized by the state of

Nevada or Florida on bringing on purpose

but he was a speaker of the convention

as well it was someone who I'd like

Socrates Socrates is one of the

candidates for it I think the next time

I do this if and when I probably pick

Socrates to do it okay all right

so so and I respected my philosophic and

kind of religious beliefs I'm not

religious but in that in the way that C

is commonly I understand yeah I got Jed

obviously got a wedding which is

basically a giant party of course right

there's a good time though had about

your partying with a strip club

yeah the first time was a good time so

that was that that we had a way to

honeymoon for a week long in Hawaii and

like one of the better islands was

awesome good time probably cool why cuz

that's like the most scenic island the

one in the further northwest yeah yeah

yeah I think it's Kauai yeah so I got a

look back on it yeah that was a good

time and that's it's like very cliche

very typical but I mean why I'm from

Florida and I love Florida Hawaii

fucking beautiful help should I was

there slow years back man it is

definitely going back okay so there you

go do all the motions you go through all

the physical motions of the marriage but

you never signed the marriage sign a

marriage license or a marriage

certificate there's a few more there's

one or two more things I should mention

okay it operate so after the marriage

she she got her last name changed to

mine Johnson didn't how did she do that

how did she do that I'm about to do that

in the middle name actually from Paul to

dream I'm gonna make that switch right

married with the shadow self

understanding that if a woman were to

change her last name she would have to

go to the Social Security Administration

and present a marriage license and they

would then change your last name you can

get your name Jane no no no no that's a

myth I guess so you can't your name

champ you can get any part of your name

change to pretty much whatever you want

if a judge signs off on it and they will

they will and like virtually any case

unless you're changing it so maybe

there's something really crazy wouldn't

do it yeah like what

yeah I don't know if they would do that

honestly but they'll do like pretty much

anything else you can think of it's not

extremely I don't know the laws will may

need changing names but I know it's not

that hard

as long as reasonable then then I guess

they'll let you do it yeah any no it's a

pain in the ass it takes a few weeks it

takes about I think she's spent about

400 bucks doing it I didn't pay for it

baby should know she had the money

obviously right yeah of course of course

anyway though but even now changing my

name from middle name from Paul to dream

not a huge deal but Sinha classic for

two bucks I've begun a passport change

so security card change driver's license

change and before I do all that I could

go to the courthouse and filed paperwork

to even initiate it then I have to go

show up in front of a judge just like in

a little meeting

something short room or anything and

he's just like why you changed your name

what was the reason because it's not

enough I wasn't there when she did it

but in my case with dream I'd be like

well it's my business name I've gone by

the middle name I've know I've no tags I

couldn't care about other views for

anything there's like a million Paul's

yeah it's just Paul so I'm give a shit

about in her case I know what you told

him but who knows he was fraudulent or

not would surprise me

speaking of listen off the topic real

quick where is gonna do son by the way

have you seen her do you know what she's

up to like what you doing this

dude I have no idea I've talked to her

in like two years over two years at this

plant yeah I mean I did see briefly

about a year a little over a year ago

looked like she was trying to end up

softcore porn this was kind of a guess

we had gone at the convention it was in

2017 it was kind of like a thing but who

knows I mean I thought was her that's

what I was gonna like you know totally

to roll with it you know listen even in

Northern California or Las Vegas she'll

be you know she got married though like

a few months after we we split up did

some other news I think I don't know how

legal that was and stuff or whatever but

there's definitely good merrily the

wedding should know yeah it's what they

always do I mean she's probably gonna

get married

he knows how many more times yeah but

listen I would I put the over-under at

5:00 yeah yeah easy easy anyway probably

Mary Jo like I mentioned it's a lot of

the mechanics of marriage - the legal as

many legal entanglements as you can

avoid and minimize so we traded rings

cool we I didn't buy her a ring right

don't even ask why that should I

she had mine engraved with my favorite

saying which is like so fucking not the

belly indeed so I'm crazy anyway so

there's a wedding of course there was a

honeymoon both families were involved

they were invited they were told what

was going on it wasn't some fishy shit

it wasn't it wasn't like they they were

surprised you know Anthony or never got

legally married also we didn't just do

some sort of sort of it wasn't just like

some hidden things like three fucking

people out it was like 47 people's you

know it was a sizable crowd yeah it was

it's it's for the most part what women

should well whether or not they should

it's one we do want they want the party

and also the bullshit right legal stuff

we care so much less about the listen

the only reason why they care about the

legal stuff is because of what's coming

to them potentially but as far as the

wedding is concerned you I don't know

you can probably never heard of this

song it's called I don't want to get

married I just want a wedding I've heard

it again the constant makes perfect

sense which is a whole issue in itself I

mean if she cares enough about the

wedding then marrying you then you have

a big problem much bigger problem I like

out of there yeah you to apply and yeah

I mean if I was going to say - if a

woman apps

he wants to legally marry like if she'd

give me more pushback I wouldn't bolt it

out she gives him what I meant when I

brought this up over the first time if

she gave me some light push back but she

realized pretty quickly I was never

going to budge on it for like ten

different philosophic reasons and while

I was important to me it was never gonna

budge in her bid good I would say I've

talked to her woman about it since then

it's like fuck buddies and stuff and

most of them pretty receptive now that

couldn't be bullshit they tell me what I

want to hear of course but I do think

that any woman who gives you really

serious pushback on trying to force you

into a legal marriage is a really huge

red flag you need to get out of that

immediately like that's that's numero

uno she's planning the divorce rate yes

like a fool in 10 absolutely and it's

funny because girls used to make the big

deal out of their boyfriend selling them

hey maybe marriage ain't nothing but a

piece of paper and then girls come back

and say no it's not just nothing but a

piece of paper it's the sanctity no no

no it is it's much more than a piece of

paper but not for the reasons the girl

tells the boyfriend that it is doesn't

mean anything to you in that regard

that's the that's the bottom line there

some things I should mention too so

there was something as like DDJ when we

had them on the right Man Group that one

private marriage for some reason and we

will talk about it more I mean in my

opinion firmly it's the best thing you

could it's the best hope you could have

to even do anything like that at this

point of course other than just never

even had a wedding period which is in a

you could do that too

but the legal marriage is definitely a

fuckin bad idea in almost every case

imaginable if not every case at this

point west yep anyway though what he

brought up and he's right hundred

percent is private marriage so all the

functions of marriage - or most of the

functions of marriage and - illegal

stuff it doesn't protect you from false

rape accusations it doesn't protect you

from false domestic balgan domestic

violence accusations it doesn't protect

you from any other kind of Machiavellian

sketch yet shit like that and it's gonna

do almost nothing to protect your

children your fuckin family court no

matter what Bobby's right on the shitter

independent of marriage or not so

there's still some very serious elements

to having a woman in your life they're


never mind some more extreme shit like a

woman being a hooker or that's that you

know stabbing you

boiling pouring boiling water on you I

think I saw an NFL player cultural

Claire maybe your ago the guys let's go

yeah yeah Johnny Smith man he tried to

break up with his girlfriend or

something and I guess they worked out or

and then like he fell asleep on his

couch is he fucking bored boiling water

on him yeah yeah but the joke's on her

he got drafted in the third round and

he's looking yeah yeah so you know she

she fucked herself yeah exactly so yeah

but there are some things that it you

know marriage is fucked in the West and

a lot of different ways like it this is

just one this is like it's more than a

band-aid like it's a pretty good

solution it's a lot better than a prenup

but it doesn't fix all the other things

that are fucked up in the West today

with interacting with women and being in

a relationship trying to start a family

navigating any kind of you know family

court thing independent of divorce right

a woman taking the kids and running you

know is like the laws by the way change

per state with all this shit right

accept common-law marriage is pre

against pretty consistent throughout the

40 states that don't honor it or don't

do it don't offer it so it sounds to me

like what you're saying is that private

marriage pretty much protects you it

protects you from a lot of things but as

soon as you have children all bets are

off because Family Court all that that's

all gonna be oh she can't I don't think

she can get I could I've never it would

be unthinkable almost unthinkable right

I mean anything's possible but she she

could get child support out of you of

course because you have kids and it

doesn't matter if you're married or not

that has no effect on it as far as I

know and understand but alimony she can

get is you're another fucking married

you got to be careful because DDJ also

brought up that she could try taking the

kids and trying to live temporarily in a

state that does a common-law marriage so

if a woman was really motivated and

actually smart enough to look at the

legal stuff a lot of them are yeah sure

they're motivated in clever woman

I don't know how intelligent woman like

that are but they're very clever and

that's something they could try and it's

definitely foreseeable if Medusa and I

had to chew a child that's something she

could have easily looked up and likely

would have done they try to keep me

roped into the relationship and he knows

so I mean dealing with this is what

makes house think like they do like

they're not I don't agree with their

conclusions of action like what to do

but the situation is really fucking

serious and I think that's where make

town red pill or totally in the same

page like it's really bad it isn't it


man I mean mgtow guys alright checking

out of the dating market and we've had

our say about that it's almost as though

they look at every woman I mean cuz

let's listen let's let's not dance

around it here Medusa was a dark triad

woman like she was my villian I mean she

had all she had all three I mean there's

maka Bill Machiavellianism she had

narcissism in psychosis it's a copy -

yeah yeah right there's some stuff I

could tell you i affair they'd say

really so I'm sure bonus bonus material

too hot for TV you're Elizabeth esraa

live with Donovan sharp this is the 380

seventh edition of TSR live got some I

actually I've got some questions in the

chat but we are gonna get to those

patreon questions because I think those

are very straightforward and I think

they they can I think you can have some

straightforward answer sharp assist asks

was her private marriage a written

agreement you guys didn't sign anything

did you no your YouTube video right now

in a second okay there we go no it was


would that be advisable at raviga they

are I mean so let me so it's not a

written agreement is it worth writing

out I talked to an attorney I mean if I

were to do this again if and when I do

them doesn't gonna talk to an attorney

rather than I I spent a good amount of

time looking through it on my own but

it's W something you sit down and talk

with an attorney about just to navigate

some of the more complex issues like

common-law marriage right different

risks he might think of that's that's

what kind of DVD was doing on the fly

for us thinking about different avenues

of woman could use still not only use

but abused your life alright no it's not

a written agreement but there are many

things you can put into writing that

will facilitate further functions in

marriage Legal Center medical stuff

stuff like that yeah I was gonna say

somebody asked power of attorney medical

decisions things of that I guess that

would have to be shored up by a lawyer

here's an interesting question supremely

sublime supremely sublime says how did

the bridesmaids Act did they try to

convince her that they try to talk her

out of did they try to change her mind

at the bachelorette party that you know


ah nothing to know about her bride her

two bridesmaids and she had the party my

sister was either actually the part of

the unit oh yeah there was there were

some interesting things that happened

then I've had I heard about of course

but not you know looking back on it but

nothing nothing like those there trying

to push her out of it

I think off the bat her sister her older

sister was probably very averse to it

okay but she wasn't very like assertive

or like a type-a personality aside I

mean I know about it right yeah it's

just live in California anyways it's

like across the country you know they

didn't really they weren't super close

to that point so no there wasn't the

pushback mostly came from like I think

older extended family that didn't

understand it they're still living by

old books my uncle for example like as

it is in its 80s now he's very skeptical

this like why we were doing it and I'm

like that's because you know the world

has changed its not 1940s I'm not to 50


I don't know it is it definitely

definitely not Mon asked is private

marriage work in all world places is

living him in Malaysia listen again

you're gonna have to ask a Malaysian

lawyer there's another ah Charles Cabell

yo asks the private marriage is a way to

keep all your secrets like your system

like your social security number private

from identity theft and spammers alike

did you choose the private license to

make sure no one including your then

wife can sell your personal information

interesting so first of all there's no

such thing as a private license to


what is what I'm actually doing is

reverting is socially and personally

improver ting merit reverting marriage

to like pre marriage licenses which I

believe started in the mid-1800s in

America marriage used to be for the most

part a religious and private ceremony by

the way this is what Rand Paul and Ron

Paul and a few other senators and

congressmen had advocated for is getting

government out of marriage I'm doing

that on a per I did that on a personal

level preemptively and I think long-term

this is what should happen is government

should be the fuck out of marriage

completely straight marriage gay

marriage should fucking marry your

fucking butt sex doll Yeah right

hey none of that should be careful there

is no there is no private license to the

marriage in fact there's no license

period that's the point you're avoiding

any kind of official recognition by any

government in your own country and your

State and anywhere else that's that's

like the core function of this is doing

everything but getting the government

involved and purposely keeping them out

explicitly anyway on top of that the

other part of this question I saw in a

patreon - I thinking are you talking

about yeah did you choose that let's see

the license identity say yes yes so

unfortunately she doesn't have accessed

a lot of that stuff for me so I can buy

many ass someday but that's true

mutually like we both have each other's

why I can't say what I have currently

but I'm saying one point you know we had

each other's information who knows what

she still has the to you knows if I do

anyway what I will say is that we never

all and also surprisingly in spite of

being with a dark triad a true dark

triad crazy-ass hooker yes

we never combined financial accounts I

was always very averse to doing that I

tend to be I'm not perfect but I tend to

be very financially savvy and very

conservative the furniture business so

inviting her to join my bank account I

was I was I had no interest in her money

like she's a chick like what the fuck um

yeah but my dealer money right I don't

need money or heads got plenty yeah

exactly and then why would I give her

access to my accounts like business or

personally no no get the fuck out of

here we did a Sarah doesn't mean so when

we were dating and we were engaged when

we were you know private married there

was never any combination of accounts we

did share one credit card that liked it

under dollar limit on it was time yeah

yeah yeah that was it and so that was

various that kind of avoided a lot of

that stuff there was never a avoided

with anybody who goes through this

process or even wants to totally avoid

all the commingling should I'm you

should avoid that shit anyway with any

girlfriends any kind of commingling or

push it off or manage it as carefully as

you can even in the best of

circumstances it's pretty dangerous real

quick shout out to Wow

shout out to to towel with the $100

contribution to towel 41 with the $100

contribution given a shout out to Devin

said a little something for me and the

lady who made an appearance on my show

last night it was a fun episode was it

was a fun episode but uh see I don't

listen his name is tio TW 41 so it I

don't know to tout au 241 you

away man either way $100 contribution

that's the highest in CSR history so so

I appreciate the I appreciate the

contribution man I don't know what to


thank you thank you very much I

appreciate it Jesus Christ

yeah that was awesome anything else to

add to that last answer with the

commingling accounts and the privacy

stuff with social security stuff I mean

so I mean really let me put it this way

being private married is kind of an Ag

ulis that's the way to say it to being

perpetually engaged right it's basically

like you're getting it's actually really

powerful we could talk about that which

I think it's actually very useful

powerful in a psychological sense for

keeping her ass in line yes

listen I tell people listen check this

out I'll never forget it's actually

called up a sports radio station and

gave them this analogy the fucking

producer called me back and want to know

if I could make regular appearances they

never called me back I think they were

just lost in the in the shuffle but Jose

Reyes who is a very very very good

shortstop for the New York Mets but he

was always injured kind of a hothead

back well his last contract year he was

supposed to be one of the highest-paid

shortstops ever his contract year he was

on his best behavior

I think dude I think he hit like 350 you

know maybe 20 Jax was never really never

really a power hitter but he was on his

best behavior he was the team guy and I

called up this radio show I said beware

of Jose Reyes I said right now when he

is acting like is a woman on who's a

woman on the cusp of engagement she

knows that that wedding ring is coming

so she's gonna be on her best behavior

she's gonna do all the things that men

like to do just like Jose Reyes has been

as soon as soon as the Mets give him all

that money he's going right back to

being Jose Reyes as soon as he signed on

the dotted line this is one of the

reasons why o Maher Minaya was fired

Jose Reyes went back to acting like Jose

Reyes so this is exactly right keeping a

woman in a perpetual state of engagement

it's listen there your woman is never

there there are two reasons why a woman

would be well behaved on at all times

number one if she belongs to the Donovan

Sharpe and number two if she thinks

she's about to get engaged to you those

are the only two ways only two ways

imagine both at the same time the next

oh my god

okay Donovan Donovan Thanos man dude I

should get the fucking I've already got

a glove and like snap and like man

people or something like that that'd be

great you should have done it I'm gonna

buy you one be I'm gonna finally be

awesome dude dude I'll do it all over

pay for one get it like over-engineered

you know have like like a magnet have

the all right I don't want to get to

yeah it's like you're saying totally

keeping them low yeah women need to be

kept in line like a hundred percent you

play like you're saying but being a Med

engagement though but they know the

wedding's coming that's kind of like

it's not it's something exact same thing

that's very similar because eventually

in this case with a private marriage

they do get the wedding they get the

party to get the ceremony they get they

get social recognition the one thing

they don't get is the ability to divorce

rape you and get alimony and fuck up

your life and steal half your shit or

more so that's good but yeah those are

the things like it basically checks

their behavior and puts a I think the

burden of performance is obviously on

men in most ways or there's some burdens

of performance that are on women like

not getting fat like staying beautiful

and healthy as long as you possibly can

like fucking all the time whenever your

man wants and that is a lot of what this

with this club with the private marriage

I think facilitates in a very healthy

way and Medusa there was actually this

is very explicit there was certain terms

in the relationship I made very clear

for better and for worse right from a

strategy standpoint if there's any

average any ever cheating I will leave

her immediately and forever permanently

zero-tolerance okay who's everybody

never any violence for me towards me in

any way I would leave her immediately

and forever permanently all I should

zero-tolerance and then also you know

keeping good shape

fucking all the time like literally

every day yep six months into the

private marriage she actually tried

shutting that off and call me by

surprise I'd actually talked about it in

the Mary Medusa's speech on YouTube and

look I mean there's a whole lot of red

plus stuff you can analyze with that

easily should press all kinds of stuff

right she's also crazy BPD is all we

should testing there's that layer whole

shirt man women should shit test because

they're women but a woman who doesn't

stop shit testing you that stood well

it's good she's fundamentally insecure

in the BPD is fear abandonment she was

more than BPD but that was one of the


her psychology and I sure thought anyway

that one caught me by surprise even

though I think private marriage helps a

lot with that okay in this case though

we've been fucking every day for like

literally three years almost everything

like 95% of the days of the week we'd be

fucking for the month so this actually

she came to me and it's kind of

surprising and I was like interesting

what should I do with this I was like I

was like I was like well I love you I

want to be here we're married but we're

gonna keep fucking every day because

that's important to me and you know that

ain't no nuts the day one so we can keep

fucking every day or I'm gonna leave in

36 hours it was it was very specific as

it was like the middle of the day and I

was like great tomorrow night at

midnight that's enough time she can this

is all kind of blue pill stuff at this

point but I was like I go there sometime

now it was give her like 30 seconds

starts yeah I'll give you 30 seconds

actually what happened at 36 hours that

was 36 seconds ago

well you can also just go bang other

women you could hop on canary go to a

bar and just tell her like hey well I'm

banging somebody tonight thank you that

with your fault right right yeah I'm

fucking someone I mean is well be you

and if you don't want it to be you like

I'm in control over that but it really I

think from a red pill standpoint a

private marriage if you want to build a

family you need to have some sort of

married marriage type relationship in

place whether it's like this or

something else too used to be think up

and this is something that's very

positive in a lot of ways that helps

offset to some degree a lot of the

negative bullshit thrown at fathers

husbands men that's going to be boys all

edges it's not a magic bullet but it's a

lot better than a prenup and it's one of

the best things you could do I think I

if not the best to agreement

structurally how to do it I agree I

don't know if you've met the guy did you

meet Jeff Duhon at the 21 convention

well going guy he actually knows he

knows a lawyer who he's actually a


client of mine his wife wasn't sucking

his dick and two months of consultations

with me and his wife couldn't wait to

suck his dick now so you know problem

problem solved but yeah he was actually

talking to me about a guy he knows who

specializes in things like private

marriage getting off the grid Bitcoin

you know he's all into the whole you

know hey get the government out of my

life out of my finances etc etc

I'm trying to get him on the show to

sort of explain the ins and outs but I

don't really think that that's necessary

now because it really just appears that

a private marriage is just going through

all the motions of the marriage sands

signing the marriage certificate signing

the marriage license yeah and one of the

great things about it I was married with

her for to be private married for two

years right almost of the date a little

bit just over two years or whatever okay

so one of the things that you'll realize

immediately when I tell you this is that

when you are married or when you meet a

married couple or a woman or a man

doesn't matter no one ever asks you if

you have a marriage license excited zero

if you're a story oh yeah exactly stay

married or they just assume they see the

ring they even not even that far if they

hear both of the same last name

something they instantly assume you're

married right now what you don't want to

do of course is present is legally

percent that you're married and some

official anything to do with a

government or like insurance policy or

anything like that you don't know why

that should or no no of course or to

single people whatever actually heard I

just question them to chat all if you

saw it do you file separately on your

taxes and my guess is that the answer is

probably yes

okay absolutely yes and the tax benefits

quote-unquote I think that's kind of

bullshit anyway from the standpoint yeah

it's not it's not anywhere near what

it's portrayed as and it's not really is

it it's not worth risking you know your

fortune and your life and your mission

as a madam No so the minimal they're

very minimal on it like if you look in

and then like the actual structure of

how that shit works the tax for a

married couple it's mostly bullshit from

what you hear it's like a fake benefit

they trying to sell men that's all good

yeah it's like a big tits but note like

one one-hundredth of is good

yeah thinks it's a great like don't get

it exactly like fake tits yeah yeah you

do like dude you don't walk up on a

woman oh god you know these are fake

tits I like I mean real tits from the

real expensive you know absolutely hey

you know a they felt real to me they

were real in my hands they're real I

miss yes yes they were and on my teeth

I'm a fighter you're doing such a good

job at explaining this you literally

answered all for Pb asked a four-part

question he said does the 10-year rule

of where you have to split 50/50 even

apply if you have a prenup already this

marriage we already know the answers no

because there's no alimony number two

can you have a prenup

you don't really need one number three

is recognized by the state to allow for

things like hospital access in case of

an accident

blah-blah-blah-blah-blah written will

this is what you get the attorney for

and number four is it considered common

law merits at some point and you have

the possibility of getting divorce rate

well if you live in a state that has

common-law marriage the answer is yes if

you do not the answer's no yeah what was

the third thing you said there was

something there I wanted to yes he says

is it recognized by the state to allow

for things like hospital access in case

of oh yeah something let me clarify on

that so not an attorney but from what I

do understand if there's 50 different

states plus DC plus other little

bullshit each one of these states and

territories has its own laws most of

them from what I understand if you work

with an attorney or even someone who can

help you navigate the forms and

contracts and should get any other to

rise in sign you can navigate most or

all the stuff without getting gay people

pregnant in this for a while what do you

do if you can't get married like gay

people couldn't do until recently you go

through all the trust bullshit the Wills

the medical stuff power of attorney

these are all separate forms you can

fill out and do and in most states and

it's gonna work

the exact same way are pretty similar so

you means may be good read but yeah well

you got to check them and checking the

state with it and even just check on

Google first of all right and then from

there you know figure out what kind of

questions you want talk to an attorney

about and get it get it out with

somebody who's Pro yeah I'll dude all

the best and all the benefit the legal

benefits in marriage or mostly if not

completely bullshit it just nothing it

does nothing but fuck your life up this

and man OH - it's almost all the

liability and risk on you zero percent

of the authorities on you and it all

goes to hurts I mean dumbest fucking

Luther you can make legally it's there

there is no benefit to to marrying a

woman legally there's just no benefit

well what if we want to have kids dude

there are niggas out here with like

eight and nine baby daddy and their one

of them has a marriage license I

actually check this out I did friend

from childhood their parents did his

parents did this sort of probably not an

accident the death I did it on purpose

but it was never an issue they were

raised as a nuclear family together for

like I knew them their whole like the

whole childhood they're still good the

parents though together now they've

never been legally married

Wow he's my time in crime you know Craig

this guy's he's my age with same age

play football but school - got

as Ola said having his little sister

she's like 23 or some 24 I know every

fuckin old chiz

all right the parent the parents have

been together living together

cohabitating raise the two kids Craig

and his sister for you know 30 30

fucking years they've never gotten a

legally recognized marriage I don't know

if they had a wedding ceremony at some

point I don't know but I know for a fact

that the dad you know the you know the

father in this case never got one on

purpose it worked out fun Craig and his

sister Bree awesome and I'll tell you

what I'll bet you it kept mom in line of

course exactly exactly

I don't know listen I I did an episode

called girlfriends or better than wives


and the reason and to make a very long

article and podcast very short people

wonder why Anthony oh my god my wife got

fat she got bitchy and she's not fucking

me anymore she's not sucking my dick

she's not motivated to write you sign on

the dotted line you lose all of the

leverage girlfriends on the other hand

know that if she doesn't do what she

needs to do stay fin don't be a bitch

and suck my fucking dick every night she

knows you can just walk out the door

without a second thought

why doesn't know that you can't do that

she's gonna her pound of flesh and more

every month until your kids are 18 this

is like everyone's are better than wives

yeah your ability to do any of that

vastly diminished and its most a bluff

at that point you can't just walk out

you can't just get separated when I was

whenever you sitting back to her but I'm

in back to Orlando after I've been

Medusa split that was almost three years

ago now and for a while a woman asked me

like are you still married

like Nava never had legally married the

first place it's complicated but there's

a reality is it takes a while to get

divorced and it's a huge pain in the ass

even even if the chick is not a sadistic

fucking control freak trying to fuck

your wife oh my god even even if she's

like decent human being and not a

complete piece of shit it's gonna cost

you a lot of money and attorney fees

you're gonna lose money no matter what

other ways court fees hassle a headache

time stress all this bullshit wears in

my case I find out whose bitch is

cheating on me and a couple days later

find out who's a hooker I was gone

before the hooking camp I fucking left

like literally the day after the hookin

came out it was a couple days happened

very fast

so yeah I was the one thing to wake up

and realize Dwight's a prostitute

it was but then also I was like well I'm

fucking gone packed up on my shit and

moved across the state immediately which

if I was mayor

that would've been a lot more difficult

in a lot of different ways well ya done


you got a physical you done it but you

know she definitely would have she

definitely would have come after you

not even if I was out picking up other

chicks they would have asked me that

question the reality would have been

yeah I'm still married and I'm gonna be

married for they're eight fucking months

while I navigate this bullshit legal

stuff and this bitch tries to milk every

dollar out of me that she can but she

hates my guts

most yes the case in most cases a

divorce no who splits up and has a great

time like it's pretty rare you know it's

like one out of a hundred era less dude

every once in a while you hear these

stories about a man and woman getting

divorced and then remarried yeah that's

crazy I heard that story once I know I

didn't my first wife did yeah that's


oh we shouldn't believe women that's not

looks like digging through the trash

it's like eating a trash it's like oh my

god like pouring hot sauce I mean just

fucking like a salad that's pretty bad

yeah yeah listen yeah she would she

marry her is she not my first wife my

ex-wife so her first husband was also

her second husband so she married her

husband right got divorced then married

him again even though she had committed

paternity fraud and neither dad nor

neither dad nor the daughter knows just

piece of it not only is it common you

got bitches out here having divorce

parties and shit man that was someone

else Bobby was she legit hooker yeah she

was an escort not like a streetwalker

she was a she called herself a high-end

call girl and I was like oh you mean a

prostitute yeah get out of here with

that man yeah she's like no high-end

call girl make people hate you to fuck

you right yeah is a prostitute you're

not a current event you're not a current

events engineer dis distribution manager

you are a paperboy this is what you do

and then a high-end call girl you're a

hooker come on yeah Latino manosphere

who is Miami jaysis this is fantastic

need to make a workshop out of it for

the 21 condition Anthony I agree man I

think private marriage is a good

alternative for guys man

I'm working on it for the special the

secret event we're working on for the

spring that we have not announced yet in

Orlando so I'm working on that we might

even do it as well and that means

bringing in Melanie's speaker to run the

workshop maybe me maybe somebody else I

got a lot going on obviously at the

events but also bringing in an attorney

a local men's rights attorney it's going

to help navigate that workshop so we are

we're planning riding in a lot of

workshops this year I haven't announced

a too much yet but for all the events

three events this year we land in

workshops the event exactly this guy's

talking about to help guys navigate on a

more intimate level not like a speech

but like actual engaged workshop QA and

an attorney present

it's not legally binding advice I'm sure

it's gonna be like all kinds of cool how

the fucking disclaimer thing

well if dude is enthroned yeah exactly

listen I'm glad to help you you know

navigate something good yeah I remember

sitting next to you doing a bit about

this the other day I remember sitting

next to you at the Redman group live and

I remember let's just say that there was

a quote-unquote 32 convention and I've

ever seen you kind of shift in your seat

and I'm going on and on about this

mythical 32 convention come to find out

the 32 was actually the 22 so I thought

I thought that was interesting well I

was figuring there was no way you knew

that was gonna call the 22 convention or

is very likely but I was like I'm

wondering if I was actually wondering I

was nervous did he just come up is he am

i just spout out a 22 convention idea it

was like if you do I'm fuckin gonna fuck

everything up oh it's a great idea oh

that was great I remember seeing you

ship your charity I do that no idea

what's funny it was funny when it came

around um let me see did it

Oh Hashim 305 wants to ask he says how

does private marriage insure against

divorce rate especially in states that

have common-law marriage community

property palimony laws in the books

California comes to mind also for those

that are into organized religion how

difficult is it to find a religious

authority of your denier desired the

nomination to marry you without a

government license that is an

interesting question I know that you can

answer all those though yeah there's a

few different questions in here's the

first one I don't as far I just checked

I don't believe California has

common-law marriage and hasn't in a

while so I don't know there's there's

only like a few that actually do and

California is not one of them correct

good stuff

Alabama does call

District Columbia bababang on Florida

did up until the 1960s and all states

will recognize column on marriage from a

state that actively recognizes or

provides it in the first place but so my

case in Nevada in Florida did not and I

was in the clear

camula proper Nellis other stuff this is

like what California is a communist shit

Oh first of all oh yes yes I mean those

that would get the fuck out of state

anyway but you know each state is gonna

have its own specific laws for this kind

of stuff I mean if you need to look into

that and and the more communist your

state is or left this the more problems

we're gonna be a I would I would assume

this is like a baseline heuristic for

understanding on the first place sure

more than well let me put it this way

the more of a communist should whole

like you're like California your state

is the more land the more potential land

mines is gonna be to navigate legally so

that's kind of what he's getting at and

it's not a bullet-proof thing but I will

say in a state with common-law marriage

private marriage might not work like it

now it depends on each state each state

has specific terms and conditions so to

speak with how common-law marriage works

okay not to do very specific things to

be common-law married it's not as

automatic as its presented and like when

people hear about it like God means

you're on tonight they marry after

looking together for three years or

seven years or some shit

usually it's more it's more specific

than that like in Texas I think you have

to cohabitate for certain amount of time

and then you have there's something with

this and then you have to also announce

publicly that you're that you're

intending that you're gonna be married

okay go like I like I did in Florida

right like our families knew it was

known on website you know with a website

for the wedding

it was live stream so there was in our

case that we lived in Texas we probably

would've been common-law married oh yeah

but but we did not so there's there's

very specific things though for each

state like the ten or whatever that

honor it to make to meet that and it's

it's possible I'm sure to fall into

those accidentally that you don't

fucking pay attention and do your

homework but if you do your homework you

could probably avoid it we could to

avoid in a moment you know almost any

state is getting legally married sure

and the cotton the problem unless states

though definitely a little more dicey

and I'm glad I didn't live in a state

that had common-law marriage how's it up

on there man

you know listen everything's legal in

Nevada do

everything yeah a Nevada - hasn't had in

a long time and neither sport and so I

was like I reliving forward ever getting

you know quote-unquote married and

probably married in Nevada neither state

honors a and we're not gonna live in

Texas any time soon dude fuck - as far

as the religious stuff that's an expert

was question yeah it was the right how

hard is it to find someone of your


that's that's a big deal I'm an atheist

and Objectivist I call the philosophy of

Objectivism for my friends so for me it

was zero difficulty well very little

difficulty finding I only had to do is

find someone philosophic he's aligned

with me and respected what I was doing

in the first place

okay Socrates was a huge fan as was Greg

Swan the guy who ended up doing it right

like fuck fuck the government keep it

out of your relationship keep it out of

your marriage keep it out of your family

keep it out of your life as much as

possible I think government is usually

the problem not the solution and with

marriage that's definitely the case it's

a huge problem part of the problem so I

found someone that was happy to do that

and with a different religion and it

might not be as easy I guess that's it

yet to cross a bridge on your own well

yeah why do you mean why do you have

their religious beliefs yeah they might

they might try to force you into getting

a legally recognized marriage it's gonna

depend on each denomination in each

religion I don't know honestly like it's

gonna vary I'm confident it's gonna vary

per religion a per denomination but I

would say is searched far and wide for

someone who have asila Tate the wedding

and the way you want and push as hard as

you can for that and don't apologize

outline if you're gonna do that with

somebody disagrees with you outline why

you want to do it why it's necessary why

the state of Western culture has made

this mandatory and ultimately any

religion I think the the Word of God and

that religions can be way above the word

of the state of Alabama or some fucking

bullshit weather how that plays out

specifically in your religion to me it's

gonna that's something different but you

got to do you got to do and I don't I

don't think you should get married

because it's what your church requires I

don't get married ahead get out of here

yeah dude the church will apply the Lube

before the court system fucks you in the

ass man

there might be some exceptions though

like maybe I think the Mormons like

require you to get legally recognized I

could be wrong than that but there might

be some really really yeah and you're

Tanner would know better than I would

but they're promising very specific

denominations where you're not gonna

find any leeway and you can make a

choice you know first of all how


sar you how much are they gonna actually

gonna guide your life and what's the

trade-off to balancing that with getting

yourself into a divorce rate fucked in

the ass position yeah by getting married

you might as well put your ass up in

there and have to take a dildo up the

ass like a man because it's going to

happen at some point

no exactly I mean it's like I saw this

judgy bitch vlogger there named lucky

bitch yes I don't party or whatever her

name is she's for Janet Bloomfield with

her name is yeah she's a funny lady

though yeah so wish years ago a couple

years ago she wrote a blog post and if

she talked about how had she known what

the consequences of legal marriage were

she would have never done it she

described it as being anted a loaded gun

legally and then it's pointed out your

husband's head and they told not to fire

right haha she she really she wrote that

out I'm like marriages it's giving a

woman a loaded gun legally with the

ability to fire out half a million

dollars of your money that's right below

and blow your life up like blowing your

head off

and then be like hey pointed out my head

and don't pull the barrels do it no but

it but if you do get a huge payout right

it's like it's a dump if you have a

really good reason really good reason

yeah it's just fucking crazy man so it's

it incentivizes world will behavior

first of all because of all the you know

the no-fault stuff and stealing all the

ship for men but it's like why do it in

the first place it's dumb if a woman

actually respects you as her alpha and

you're she's owned by you this should

not even be an issue she should do

basically whatever you say with this

regarding Rollo

Rollo gives a great example of his wife

when he years ago when you moved to

Orlando and feel that's an eighth or

whatever is a hey we need to move rename

at Orlando for work and stuff

what does wife do if you said why don't

we going wow that's that's a woman who's

like if you found a woman like that

today that's that's loosely speaking or

approximately speaking what you would

want for a woman could be married with

him build a family with otherwise your

thoughts anything less than that

automatic response yeah yeah you gotta

you got a boat any more sharp reality

and you need to bolt out of that really

dude everybody needs more TSR

sharp assists asks is a woman willing is

a woman who is willing to do private

marriage inherently fucked up that's a

good question

I don't think she is I think you just

answered it if she's willing live if she

belongs to you but what would society

say about her the society would say

she's fucked up in my case she was


so it's odd - he agreed to the private

marriage though exactly if anything it's

very rational to do this and if anything

it would signify that the woman you're

with her while I do it means she has

some level of awareness that you know

men are getting fucked over left and

right in the West today there were like

basically gonna press class women are

privileged class right being a man is

like it's a being a second-class citizen

today you have you got a whole life

ruined by nothing but an accusation was

your evidence and you know online I'm

not in the fucking mine right so no I

mean that's how people will portray it

though the minute they hear anything

it's the same man you Bangkok rolls off

tinder you know if I do that or bumble

or in a bar any time you know some blue

pill fucking show there's some blue pill

you know aggressively blue pill trick

here is that like I lack rolled those

are just sluts those aren't good girls

you I mean your audience I think knows

is pretty well inform your podcast

that's all bullshit any really about

dude dude I've got three girls in under

ten minutes flat down my life all three

of them which in the past two years

alone from meet now we talked online a

little bit before that but literally

face to face shake hands fucking them

within ten minutes flat and they come

back for seconds like any woman will do

that given the right time of the month

the right conditions the right you know

the right kind state of mind the right

out the presence the right body language

the right

you know physicality on the bright fall

I bullshit so any both say that any

woman who does this is like crazy and

she's not normal it's bullshit did it's

it's not healthy for her listen for them

to save this is is in a way I kind of

agree with them and stay with me any

woman who doesn't agree to just pick up

the winning lottery ticket when it's

handed to them yeah I guess would be

considered a little bit crazy right like

listen because again listen as soon as

soon and not only when as soon as you

get married that that's not what really

seals the deal as soon as she gets

pregnant has that kid

you're fucked the last question was what

happens if a private marriage produces

children it's no different than if any

marriage produces a children produces

children or if you're in a regular

relationship you're screwed man once a

woman has your baby you're fucked well

let me say this I mean if anything

you're in a much better position I would

say because you don't have the added

weight and the added stress and the

added risk of getting divorce raped okay

you can have your you guide your

children stolen from you you can have

custody battles you can have a family

court so that's what's really bad

for men but you're not gonna get divorce

rate because guess what the state says

you ain't fucking married her access to

your money is limited to what child

support and little bullshit and stuff

like that wasn't bad enough but at least

it's not alimony at least it's not half

of your fucking house at least it's not

half your fucking car and all your other

assets and stuff man so you're in a much

better position and she still doesn't

have she has the ring but not the legal

up illegal integuments with the ring on

her finger right and right she has a

social recognition of being married so

he's not some it's not some single mom

you really care about Anthony like let's

say listen from the invitation total

here you go if they had to pick one or

the other hey listen you're gonna get us

loaded you're gonna get this lottery

ticket but there's not gonna be a pretty

little wedding you're on and get that

social recognition

dad it's choose between one or the other

I think you and wimp women repulsive

they never think long term all right

give me the wedding yep so yeah I would

say though if anything you're in a much

better position not being legally

married now there could be certain

complications to that per state for

fathers rights and stuff like that but

those are already in the shitter shitter

to begin with even if you do get married

you're in fucking shitter right of


so if anything I think you're in a much

better position staying no matter how

many kids you have lose chick it's never

a good idea to get married legally in

the West

whatever exceptions there are to that

mandated by your church or maybe you

want to try risking an import of a chick

from you know South America or Asia or

some shit it's like low much lower

feminist turn hey man you want to you

know play your card so you want to plan

but getting marrying a western chick in

America absent some extremely unusual

circumstance like you're Mormon or

whatever bad idea bad idea bad idea and

there's no benefits to it it's all

drawbacks no you might as well start if

you're gonna build a family Island a

boat of family what I'm probably gonna

do is get private marry again someday

when is that gonna be probably not for a

long time my values on the fucking rapid

incline dude yeah that's right and 10

different ways and plus you know that

the culture is changing shit's going on

business is booming it's I'm not I'm in

no rush at all at the same time though I

do want to build a family someday and I

don't know of another way to do it other

than some variation of a marriage type

relationship which private made just

basically private marriages is doing

that and then like I let's go to the

party let's go fucking hang out in Vegas

or whatever

probably not Vegas again I'll do some

more better than that it's more nuts at


dude I remember guys were like let's do

the 21 convention in Vegas and I was

like yeah let's do it in Vegas and he

was like nah bad word never ever even

even Alan Richard Kearney was speaking

of measly vague Orlando's at least some

level of negatives for quality of

bitches and maybe says shitty water man

I can't stand it close it Scotty do do

you ever dude never drink the tap water

dude where is the water like there is no

water in Nevada so where I'm from it's

going through all those pipes yeah don't

never ever dude don't even shower in

Vegas just take the fucking bottled

water take a shower

anthony listen dude thank you for making

the time for us tonight man this was a

great show a lot of good information

I think dude you answered all you

answered all of the questions very very

thoroughly and I think the concept is

fairly I think it's fairly simple do

your research go through all the I'll go

through all the motions give the girl

the social recognition give her the ring

just don't sign anything I think at that

point you've achieved a private marriage

that's right yeah yeah I appreciate

being on your man in a really good Sun

and I've actually got one to talk about

this for a long time on camera so I've

never had that chance till now so yeah I

appreciate him there yeah absolutely a

lot of guys have asked me about it and I

said well I don't really know anybody

who's done it except for Anthony Johnson

he's Anthony Johnson he is founder and

CEO of 2121 studios he's the founder 21

convention you guys can obviously you

guys can watch him on the Redman group I

think every other week every other week

he and rich Cooper follow him on Twitter

and Instagram at Beach muscles because

he likes the beach and he clearly has

muscles you guys can follow me on

twitter facebook instagram donovan sharp

any final thoughts Anthony before we cut

this thing off yeah don't forget to make

woman great again women absolutely

thanks Anthony and we'll talk to us on

Saturday men yeah man thanks all right


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