Can you really generate a six figure income trading cryptocurrencies? (Ep. 301)

***I CAN PERSONALLY ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL NEVER LEARN MORE ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCY THAN IN THIS ONE HOUR EPISODE*** Every day we hear of regular, every day people becoming millionaires seemingly overnight by simply trading cryptocurrencies. People of all walks of life are striking it rich trading bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and other forms of cryptocurrencies. At some point we think to ourselves "Why can't I do the same?"



Fellow Return Of Kings contributor Jon Anthony has created a course called Bitcoin Millionaire: How to Make a 6-figure income trading cryptocurrencies and he joins me to discuss why this course is a game changer.

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Jon Anthony's Bitcoin Millionaire course


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all right excellent

my guest this evening is a fellow

contributor at return of Kings he's

written several game and pick up books

such as night game domination the art of

tinder and you've got news he's also

written several books on weight lifting

such as body of an alpha and pumped to

pull but he's recently released an

entire course on how to generate a

six-figure income trading

cryptocurrencies called Bitcoin

millionaire and that's gonna be the

focus of tonight's discussion he can be

found on twitter at masculine John you

can check out his website at masculine just like it's spelled

so gentlemen please join me in welcoming

John Anthony to the program John how you

doing in I am doing great can you hear

me I can hear you / I can hear you loud

and clear if you guys can give me the

thumbs up if I can see the soundbar

going up and down so if I can see that

if I can hear you then they can

certainly hear you so it's been a while

since we talked I think I had you on for

like episode I think like 121 so like

179 episodes ago what have you been up

to obviously we're gonna get into the

crypto currency thing but what what have

you been doing what things have you been

working on since we last talked Wow say

it has been a while

um so Jesus thus what like a year year

and a half but then you're a change man

yeah it's been

bok-bok-bok was like right at the end of

sixteen so it's been a while Wow okay so

in the past year and a half I've gone

from basically you know writing a bunch

of different articles and um just uh you

know doing different side projects but

the main thing that I've been working on

over the past year and a half has

probably been encrypted currency trading

so I heard about cryptocurrencies back

in uh probably like 2015 I've been

trading since 2012-2013 but I never

really thought crypto was like you know

that big of a deal but then I started

looking into it and I'm around like July

of 2016 right before it it starts

alright July of 2017 ok for it got

really really freaking big ok and I've

just been trading ever since and I just

kind of you know decided that the more I

started to learn about crypto the more

that I need to share my knowledge with

the world because I think did a lot of

red pill guys who don't want to work in

like a cubicle don't want to deal with

office politics all that fucking

bullshit you know believe me on there

you know they can easily make a living

on the internet trading crypto so that's

what I've kind of been focusing on over

the past year is just coaching guys

helping them with their lifestyle

growing my business I'm 23 years old now

I am fully self-employed I haven't had a

an office job since I was I think

twenty-one years old so I'm living the

fucking dream and I'm yeah kickin life's

ass dude dude I wish I was where you

were when I was 23 dozen at 23 years old

that was a year away from marrying a

woman who had just gotten over a crystal

meth addiction had just lost her

daughter lost custody of her daughter

who wasn't the daughter who wasn't the

biological daughter of the man she

married twice and divorced twice so

dodged a bullet man yeah yeah yeah big

big big definitely big time yeah yeah so

so yeah listen

needless to say you're kickin life set

so you heard about Bitcoin back in 2017

you heard about cryptocurrencies what

was the thing that got your attention

what made you say okay I need I need to

do some research on this to possibly

make a living from this well so I've

been a trading since I think 2012

um which is when I turned 18 you know

kazaaam in order to trade the stock

market or any market for that matter

aside from crypto we'll talk about that

a little bit later but in order to trade

any sort of official you know federal

government regulated market you need to

be 18

okay so I got into the stock market when

I was 18 and you know I've made some

pretty good gains I mean like the first

trade I made was with Michael Kors which

managed to get I think thirty percent in

like a few months and compared to the

average return of Wall Street traders

which is about 8% a year 30% in a few

months is pretty good for my first trade

um you know made some money off of

brexit and you know I was just I was

just like you know this isn't like the

the fucking wolf of Wall Street

lifestyle but I was told trading is

gonna be you know like I envisioned

you know like living in a penthouse

suite and yeah doing them doing lines of

blow off a strippers ass stuff like that

yeah yeah oh shit you know waking up at

like 10:00 in the morning

fucking placing a trade and making 20

grand in five minutes I was like you

know something's missing like like

what's wrong here and so on you know

long story short I started to realize

more and more that in order to make

money in the stock market you need a lot

of fucking money to begin with okay a

lot of connections you need um you know

probably a computer to run a bunch of

different algorithms and you know stuff

that I didn't have access to okay and um

you know I think I was just looking

around and you know I was like okay what

about that Bitcoin thing you know I had

some friends that bought Bitcoin back in

like 2012 or something just on a whim

and I'm I started looking into it and

the more that I started looking into it

I just started realizing like holy shit

this thing is the future right crypto

currencies in general are just going to

change the world in ways that I couldn't

even imagine at the time and since then

I've you know started making more than

10 grand a month Trading crypto um you

know six figures so I'm pretty happy

with that and I'm you know it's just

only going up so on but I think the

thing that really got me into crypto in

general was just the allure right the

allure to making you know six figures

from home and trading and just being my

own boss and just being in control of

myself not having to deal with anyone

else or any office politics anything

like that

excellent man so you're 23 years old

you've already generated a six-figure

income now the first thing you the first

thing you said that kind of made my ears

perk up you said you made 30% on Michael

Kors now I'm gonna ask you specifically

about that here in just a minute but for

now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna say

goodbye to my Twitter my YouTube in my

Facebook audience if you're watching on

Twitter YouTube or Facebook come to

Donovan sharp comm right

now to listen to the rest of this

episode again my my my Twitter my

youtube and my Facebook audience I'm

gonna go ahead and head and end the

broadcast on your end if you guys want

to listen or watch to the rest of this

episode come to donovan sharp calm right

now so here's the thing so you said that

you made 30% on Michael Kors if you

would because I mean listen you just

said that and I have no idea what like

what's the process how did you make 30%

on Michael Kors sort of sort of sort of

take us on the inside from start to

finish how you made money with Michael

Kors yes so um the process that I used

back then so basically I turn eighteen

and I bought I think I paid like a few

hundred dollars for this this course

from TD Ameritrade which is a very

common stock trading and Chelsea yes yes

and on you know basically it came down

to looking at several key indicator

indicators like the MACD on the

stochastic RSI things that kind of

measured momentum and growth and on you

know the average movement

I started looking at you know the

fundamentals and I just kind of um I

don't remember everything exactly but

you know I just pieced together from a

multitude of different indicators that

um you know it was gonna do well over

the next probably year and I'm as soon

as it went up you know thirty percent

you know I think it was I don't remember

exactly but it was like thirty percent

in a few months was like pretty fast

okay um I was like okay like maybe

there's something to this and then that

kind of led me to you know being more

active in trading and then on the trade

that I'm most famous for and the market

is so after brexit I tripled my money

and I think three or four months Wow um

yeah so I um did a bunch of analysis I

can show you a little bit here if I want

to share my screen in a bit but um yeah

did some analysis and I just um I

started realizing like okay um you know

the world is really unstable and you

know I was just looking at these

different indicators and I managed to

buy a BX and um Silver Wheaton okay Sean

let me see if I can share my screen real

quick I'm gonna put I'm gonna put you up

there we go

right now John yep John is sharing his

screen and what I'm gonna do here give

me one second I'm actually gonna blow up

the screen here I'm gonna blow it up so

everyone can see we're talking about

here okay

so this is gonna be very oh wait a

minute hold

I need to get I need to get the

rendering correctly just bear with me

here guys and while you're pulling while

you're pulling that up I'll mess with

the scaling and aspect ratio here just

to make sure that that everybody can see

this properly because this is this is

great this is this is unbelievable

information here that we're getting um

now I got a quick question while I'm

trying to do while I'm trying to get

this figured out here I got a really

good question how does crypto and how

does crypto trading and taxes work how

does that how does the tax situation

that's a good question so it's gonna

depend on your country and your state um

so right now crypto is kind of an

interesting legal area it's sort of been

like a legal gray zone similar to like

Psalms selector of androgen receptor

modulators different like kind of

compounds and different things that are

in this gray area where they're not

fully laid out um so the IRS has started

to lay out some laws though but okay

from what I understand the way to do it

thus far is basically put money into

your trading account trade it build it

up as high as you can and then once you

withdraw it then it counts as a tax but

it's a capital gains tax I think it's

like something really low like fifteen

percent of it is taxed if you hold it

for longer than a year so that's what

I'm gonna guide my students through in

this course is you know building up

their portfolio over the next year and

then you know turning a couple thousand

bucks into maybe like a hundred thousand

dollars two hundred thousand dollars

okay and then pulling it out and then

that way you can sort of minimize the

taxes that uncle sam takes from you Wow

then I mean excuse tax write-offs - so

once you become a trader its

self-employed you know I just bought a

two thousand dollar computer with

different monitors you have multiple

monitors and stuff good and that's a tax

write-off just because you know I use it

for trading so on there's a lot of

little tips and tricks that you can use

to you know not feed the giant your

bureaucratic government yeah living off

the grid right welfare state yeah

absolutely okay so I think I've got this

I think I've got this and I'm messing

with the settings now I want to make

sure we can see the entire screen here

and I think I've got it pretty well I

think I've got it pretty well dialed in

it's gonna be a little bit off but I

think we can I think we've got this


so let me you see me scrolling let me

yeah I can see oh yeah okay good I think

I think that cool s we're gonna do here

alright so go ahead and explain to us

what's going on in the screen here

all right so an ape and uh what was it I

saw a tweet here so January 6th I think

this was right before brexit so it was

like 2016 or something like that I had

like no followers on Twitter so I got

like one like at a time but um you know

I just put this here cuz I like to like

have proof because a lot of people that

sell courses and traders and stuff they

like they don't fucking on you know

they're just approved yeah right right

yeah so um I like to just likely have

the proof so here's a screenshot I took

from my arm my portfolio it was like

really small so I can't really take it

that well but sure purchased at uh on

the 21st of December

okay 50 make that a little larger says

it's right hard to see right before

brexit Eric gold corporation okay which

is a gold mining corporation alright um

and then I sold it it basically three

times the price so the exact number is

two hundred and sixty-eight percent in

five months and um so at the time my

thinking was basically like okay you

know I was just looking at the world

events and the economy and the dead

bubble and just different things like

that and I was thinking okay you know

things aren't that stable something's

gonna happen like you could kind of

sense the tension in Europe like things

things were going on and the one thing

that always goes up during a time like

that is basically precious metals

because they're a safe haven they always

keep their value yes you know when

there's wars and conflict and global

political turmoil what happens is

basically the currencies the fiat

currency so like the euro the the dollar

the yen etc it typically go down okay um

but gold and silver got way to fuck up

because they're always valuable in the

matter what and so people sort of run to

those things and tons of uncertainty and

funny enough I actually predicted pretty

fucking well right before brexit happen

because brexit I can't remember exactly

when it happened but it was like within

a month after I bought and immediately

like people just ran towards gold and

silver stocks right and you know I ended

up basically buying it I think $7.38 and

then selling it at nineteen dollars and

32 cents okay within a five month period

so I you know

you put $10,000 in them be 2,700 $27,000

in space I got another question here I

got a couple of guys who want to they

say please define crypto training so

what exactly is crypto trading John like

you know talk to us like toddlers like

we're 5th graders

ok so there's three types of trading

there's a day trading which is what most

people know there's investing which is

also what most people know and then

there's swing trading which most people

don't know and that's what I actually

preferred so day trading is you know

basically it used to be really popular

in the 1980s 1990s looking for

high-frequency algorithms kicked in but

that's where you basically buy and sell

something within the span of a day right

so you'll buy something you know 10:00

a.m. and then sell it at 11:00 a.m. like

an hour later or something like that

investing is what Warren Buffett does

and that's where you hold something for

you know 10 15 30 50 plus years um and

so there's pros and cons to each right

so the pros of day trading is that you

can make a lot of money very quickly

right the cons of day trading are that

you can also lose a lot of money very

fucking quickly horse of course um you

know I have an uncle actually who's down

in Texas and he does day trading for a

living you know he's he's made and lost

hundreds of thousands of dollars in the

same day and just watching him you know

go through this over the past five years

day trading is extremely stressful

because you always have to be at your

computer you know I mean I tried day

trading for a while and um and did this

is all related to crypto too but okay

it's for any any market really I tried

day trading crypto for a while and it's

just very stressful because we're always

glued to you computer for ten hours at a

time you know it's just like fuck that

man like I want to go to my life you

know um and then there was investing

which is the second kind that I

mentioned and that's where you hold

something for you know 50 plus years

okay and the benefit of that is that

it's basically pretty stable but uh the

the negative side of that is that I

don't want to be rich when I'm fucking

80 I want to be rich right fucking now

so it takes a long time to accumulate

wealth you know like people you know

look at Warren Buffett and they're like

oh follow his advice man you know he's

worth I don't know like 90 billion

dollars right now and I'm like yeah

these 80 fucking five years old like I

want to be rich when I'm twenty-five

thirty not right I'm eight five right

when you're when you're less than a

decade from kicking the bucket basically

yeah and so that's you know but you're

just gonna spend it all on medical

expenses at that point but of course so

that's where a swing trading comes in

and swing trading is basically an

intermediate period of time right and so

the reason why I love swing trading is

because there's so many benefits so the

first benefit is that you can make a lot

of money Allah you know this 268 percent

in five months right here which is

actually nothing compared to crypto I'll

give you some examples of the crypto

trades I've made okay but on you can

make a lot of money very fast you it's a

lot more stable because you rely on you

know longer periods of time as compared

to day trading and you don't have to be

at your computer 24/7 right so with

swing trading you know the way that kind

of works is you look at different

indicators you look at momentum I have

some technical analysis that I can go

through here you know you look at

different indicators and different

patterns on the charts okay and you

basically you know make a prediction

you know minimum maybe like a week most

of my trades are usually in the I'd say

like two to four weeks timeframe

some of them last longer um you know but

two to four weeks is a good time frame

for me and I usually aim for about a 2x

turnaround okay um so the reason again

the reasons why I like swing trading

which is medium-term is because it's not

stressful you know I can place a trade

and then you know go goes do something

and not check my computer for a couple

days right you come back right you're

not down yeah it's just not stressful

that's the big thing stress is what

kills most traders okay that's kind of a

long-winded answer to that no no very

very good answer listen we like we like

long-winded answers got it got another

question here what it actually I'll ask

this question first

so you said you you at first you have to

have a lot of money how much capital do

you need to make it work because I'm you

know like me personally I'm thinking I

don't know two three maybe five thousand

dollars how much and again I mean you

know be realistic here how much money

how much capital realistically does a

person need to to have to start off with

to really make this thing work well it

depends on the timeframe but um I mean

let me give you an example so and uh I

think 2011 a pizza man basically

convinced or a sorry a customer ordered

a pizza in 2011

and you know the customer was some

Bitcoin nerd and he convinced the pizza

man hey man take you know take payment

in Bitcoin it'll be like seven dollars

I'll show you how to set up an account

and do this and you know so the pizza

man was like okay like you know whatever

fine I'll take the seven dollars with a

Bitcoin now that seven dollars is worth

over eighty million dollars so yeah so

on you know with the program that I

teach um you don't really need that much

money I mean maybe a hundred bucks you

know because I mean let's do a quick

experiment here you guys don't know

right just due to the the law of you

know accelerating turns and um you know

compound interest okay say you start off

with you know a thousand dollars just

like a common answer right so okay on

average you know depending on depending

on the type of market there's a lot of

factors here and I can't guarantee

anyone success of course things but you

know on average say that you make you

know fifty percent a week right so

that's that's pretty doable right so the

first week you're gonna have fifteen

dollars the second week you're gonna

have a two thousand two hundred fifty

you know week three four five six seven

eight so by months - you're gonna have

$25,000 credit that rate so things grow

really fucking quickly when you know how

to trade properly okay and when you have

a teacher guiding you which is actually

really key yes yeah a lot of people

think and again they're like there are a

lot of regular Joe's average guys like

you and me who get rich with Bitcoin and

people think to themselves well if if

Donovan can do it if John can do it then

so can i and what they fail to do is

they fail to invest in the education

they fail they fail to invest in you

know maybe reaching out to guys like you

they think okay I'll watch a couple of

YouTube videos I'll buy a ten dollar

course you know blah blah blah blah blah

and I'll be successful and it just

doesn't work that way yeah absolutely

doesn't I mean um part of the reason why

I've been so successful with these you

know because over the last five years

I've spent thousands and thousands and

thousands of dollars on just learning

you know I started off with online

courses and with books and just I

eventually started going to seminars you

know and now I've condensed all of this

information into my own course you know

but it takes time man you know you need

to I need to really really put your nose

down to the grindstone and you might not

make a lot of money at first but you

know it's really fucking worth it once

American so this is a marathon not a


I'm sorry go ahead go ahead once you

start making a couple thousand dollars a

day it's fucking worth it and just to be

clear guys this is five years in the

making here so John didn't watch a

couple of YouTube videos study for six

months and now all of a sudden he's

successful no this guy's put in five

years of work he's only 20 plays only 23

years old he put it he's study Bitcoin

for over 20 percent of his life this is

why he's successful doing this stuff I

got another interesting question here

what if you withdraw to an offshore

account how does that factor in or does

it factor in at all that's actually a

really interesting question um so to be

honest it probably depends on the

currency that you withdraw it into okay

I'm not entirely sure because I don't

have an offshore account for shady

purposes okay but you know to avoid bank

accounts one thing you could do is um

just buy everything in Bitcoin I mean

more and more places online are starting

to take a coin yes so you could

literally just you know not pay any

taxes cuz you don't turn the Bitcoin

into US dollars and just live online

basically excellent excellent um here's

another question

so you're trading and you are you

trading in US dollars or are you trading

a Bitcoin so when you so so when you're

withdrawing the profits you're

withdrawing in dollars or I mean I would

imagine you're withdrawing in dollars

instead a Bitcoin correct okay yeah yeah

good question so basically um the way

that I like to do it is like I said

before as long as you keep it on an

exchange I don't think that you have to

report it as income because you're not

putting it into your bank account so

what I'll do is on like here's Polonia X

one of my favorite exchanges to use okay

right so say that I on recently I made a

trade with dogecoin I bought it at point

three eight Satoshi took three eight

Satoshi is basically which is uh this

this point zero zero zero zero they've

got all the through his reserves or

that's that's right there that's four

three Satoshi's if you can see that okay

right so I made a trade um in terms of

US dollars it's up about fifty five

percent in the past I think like week or

so okay um so I turn that into Bitcoin

instead of US dollars because I don't

meet in my account right and now big

ones going up so it's going up even more

right and then maybe I'll make a trade

you know a different pairing like

Bitcoin to aetherium or Bitcoin to you

know any one of these numerous crypto

currencies right here you can careful

because you know some of them are scams

but you know basically it all stays on

the exchange and the cool thing is -

there's actually a cryptocurrency called

us DT which is ust tether and so it's

basically a cryptocurrency that is

algorithmically linked to the US dollar

so you can keep all of your earnings in

crypto without having to withdraw it and

report taxes unbelievable now you said

some of those are scams how can you sell

which ones are legit and which ones are


well I'll guide you guys through

everything in my course but there's

generally a few a few kind of key signs

right so for example in uh 2017 there

was this one coin that came out called

bid connect coin I don't know if

anyone's heard of that no but on

basically a bit connect had all the

hallmark signs of scam and in fact I

actually predicted this in my course I

was recording it in December and I

predicted it I made this giant video I

was like guys don't buy bid connect

because I thought time all these you

know famous youtubers I'm not gonna

mention names but you guys know go on

YouTube you'll know who they are these

fucking people that are like buy big

connect coin it's it's blowing up the

money all right we're promoting it and

just you know taking advantage of people

and on it you know basically overnight

they disappeared with a billion dollars

with a bee of people's money right so

I've had all the hallmark signs of scam

um you know there's there's a probably

three or four different signs that I

look for um you know one is like not

being able to withdraw any money that's

a huge fuckin sign right there right yes

yes like I connect for example they said

on it was something like you know you

give us money and we hold on to it for

like 60 days and then we pay you back or

something and I was like there's no

fucking way that's stupid that's an exit

scam yep um another thing is looking at

the fundamental sort of aspects and

value proposition behind the coin so I

actually have six different steps that I

lay out you can use to to find whether

or not a coin is gonna be a scam or

worthwhile um you know one of them is

looking at the team behind it you know

that's really key is like you know for

example if Charlie Lee or batalik beuter

and those are the creators of

a litecoin and aetherium respectively

they're behind something it's likely not

a scam there's there's a lot of

different signs and you really have to

be careful because like I said I mean

there's a lot of fucking scammers on

YouTube that are you know saying buy

this buy that you know though I'd

recommend a new coin every week and I'm

really not like that you know I just

want to help people make money and I'm

not in it to scam people because I

already have you know such a good income

from crypto so I was trying to share the

knowledge so absolutely and by the way

his Bitcoin course his cryptocurrency

courses available on my website Donovan

sharp comm you can get at it you can get

10% off the entire course by using the

the the coupon code the coupon code

Donovan so use the coop use the coupon

code Donovan and you will get 10% off I

got another question here it says in the

long term would you trust crypto

currencies with unlimited supply or

cryptos that run by banks like ripple

fuck the banks like ripple okay okay so

this is a long rant so go ahead be the

whole the whole point of crypto the

whole reason why crypto is the red pill

currency is because banks can't fucking

create it they can't control it

governments can't regulate it they can't

print it so once crypto starts coming

into full effect all of this this

stranglehold that the government has

over you know payment processors like

for example I mean you know Donovan you

and I both know Roush you know I don't

know if you guys know this but PayPal

basically they shut him down yeah yeah

right they did that to him a year and a

half two years ago I remember what he

told me I know and it's it's things like

that are a big fuckin issue because you

know in a free society where you want to

have the free exchange of ideas you

can't just have a fuckin bank be like

yep we're not gonna support right we

don't like we don't like what you do so

we're gonna freeze all your money no

fuck that exactly like fuck that and I

mean you've had it to you with you know

Twitter and different channels and you

know I've had things like that happen to

me and the thing with crypto that makes

it so powerful is that now with Bitcoin

it doesn't matter what PayPal thinks of

ruch you can pay him and he can give you

a service in return right so right the

whole point behind fuckin crypto is that

it's not regulated it's not owned by the

bankers you know we're not gonna have a

giant fucking crash of 2008 like Wall

Street cause again

you know it's it's putting the power

back into the hands of the average Joes

and um while I might make trades with

you know ripple or different banker

coins quote-unquote for like short-term

gains I'm not gonna invest in them long

term because I don't believe in them we

got another one here says other scams

coin check you heard have you ever heard

of coin check coin check is that a

website is that a coin I think it's a

coin I think yeah sharp assist is

actually putting it yeah he's actually

yeah he's actually putting it yeah go

ahead and go ahead and google it and

yeah another scam would be coined a coin

check I think it's a you know I don't

know what he's putting in their mouth

dogs or whether yeah um so obviously you

can generate a six-figure income you

know buying and buying selling and

trading cryptocurrency what is the

obviously money is the most obviously

you have to start with somebody what's

the first thing

so somebody somebody you know you got

Joe Blow who's that who decides you know

what you know John and Donovan have

convinced me I'm gonna start trading in

cryptocurrency and hopefully I can

replace my everyday income what is the

first thing someone who has to has made

the decision to trade in crypto

currencies what's the first thing they

need to do well in all seriousness I

don't want to harp on this too much but

like honestly just check out my course

because I mean in the course I fucking

walk you guys through everything so

you're gonna get access to the

millionaire's executive suite and that's

literally a group where you will be

notified like every single time I buy

something it'll it'll say I can show you

right fucking here no every time I buy

something you will be notified it'll say

you know I bought this thing at this

price mom every time I fucking sell

something it'll say you know I sold it

at this press you can literally follow

exactly what it means right to your home

sample last Friday I said I purchased

dogecoin at 38 Satoshi's aiming for 98

Satoshi's potentially 200 because it was

recently added to Robin I think

Cobin Hood which is a new exchange okay

I'm gonna give updates like a given

market update it's like you literally

just follow what I do and that's what's

so key is because like all these other

people that are gonna try to

quote-unquote teach you you know how to

trade crypto they don't know how to do

it all these guys on YouTube they don't

know how to do it like on

actually fucking talking from five years

of experience right and from over a year

of making a six-figure income I'm

actually gonna like hold your hand and

guide you through it here is what I'm

doing right like I'm not listening again

like this is what I'm doing right if I

make money you make money if I lose

money you lose money it's like it's

almost like you're it's almost like

you're sort of it's like your take like

we can look over your shoulder while

you're doing this stuff and we'll know

okay this guy's not I mean this guy

obviously knows what the hell he's doing

exactly and that's the thing that like I

think sets my course apart it's just

that you know I've taken so many courses

before and none of them do this none of

them are transparent you know you always

ask them like okay so like you know

what's a recent trade you made and

they're like oh I know just like go into

some fucking a good thing it's like like

bitch like I want details right right


they never and they never give details

because they're they don't really know

what they're talking about they don't I

mean you know I've I was when I was

doing research to look at this course to

just you know to decide if I was gonna

make it or not I was looking at some of

the other courses offered and I was just

like these are garbage like these people

don't know the first thing about what

they're selling or what they're doing

they're just widened riding on this this

giant wave that's been created by the

mass media that's telling people by

Bitcoin you know and um I mean if you

can't afford my course that's fine by

some aetherium by some Bitcoin by some

litecoin just go to coinbase it's an app

you can download it on your iPhone or

your Android phone I just get you know

$20 $30 $50 of crypto because in a year

in two years and three years that $50

might be worth you know 20 thousands so

just if you can't afford my course

that's fine and just like get in just

get a little bit and just hold on to it

gentlemen you are listening to TSR

primetime with special guest John

Anthony he has just released a crypto

currency trading Queen horse called

Bitcoin millionaire which is obviously

the focus of today's of today's

discussion he can be followed on Twitter

at masculine John visit his website

masculine you can find

his crypto trading course on his website

you can also find it on my website

Donovan sharp comm you use the promo

code Donovan and you will get 10% off I

got another question here from me from

the audience please define trading

cryptocurrency so what exactly is

involved with trading cryptocurrency

okay so we talked about the three

methods of trading yes I think he wants

like specifics so for example here I'm

not signed in because once I sign in its

gonna show confidential information okay

so what you do you know as you say so

this is one of my favorite exchanges

right so Bologna ex say that I want to

buy - right so you click on - right here

and I walk you through this in the

course you go down here you know it says

okay bye - right right there okay um can

you see this on your end sana yeah oh

well yeah this is all I can I can see

this all on the screen this is all good

okay perfect so you know say you get an

update and I say you know hey I just

bought some - right whatever so you say

okay cool you go here

bye - and then this is the current price

right here these are all the different

sellers and by orders we'll talk about

those in the course okay um you know so

you want to buy I don't know - - right

so that's five hundred six dollars once

you're signed in um you'll basically

just click you know by now

it'll place the order and then it'll be

on your account okay and then once you

want to sell it you just go over here

and you know so you bought - so you know

you have to - okay and say you sell it

for I don't know five hundred okay as it

went up you know over the next month or

something sell - - you sell it for a

thousand USD T which is USD teather guy

basically the same as US dollars axel um

you know it's it's pretty simple you

know you don't need to be 18 to trade

cryptocurrencies um there's a lot of

different exchanges that you know don't

have you verify anything all you need is

a bank account basically to transfer

money over and even then I mean I used

to know people back in the day that you

know would use money grams cuz they

would use cryptocurrencies to bar like

illegal shit online right so even then I

don't think you need a bank account you

know there's so many ways to get started

like I have a kid that's 16 years old he

lives in India he has like a shitty

fucking you know probably like 1g

connection but he's like learning with

me and trading crypto with me so it's

very accessible to anyone anywhere in

the world

excellent excellent another question

here what are the what are the best apps

to use for trading cryptocurrency so the

number one app for trading crypto in my

opinion is coinbase ah listen that was

gonna be the next question what are your

thoughts on coinbase so there were your

two questions in one so coin baked goods

perfect so on coin days basically so I

don't personally when I trade I do it

all on my computer so I don't use apps

but in terms of apps coinbase is number

one so they are currently pursuing a


license with the Fed or the SEC oh I

think one of those two right so they're

literally gonna get a banking license

which is just gonna do amazing things

for the price of Bitcoin for the price

of any cryptocurrency really um they've

been around maybe if not the longest

they've been around since like the very

beginning for the most part are they're

by far the you know number one

cryptocurrency trading the only

Institute listen that's the only that's

the only account that I have is with

coinbase oh that's a good time here yeah

I mean they're they're the they're like

the most publicly available mainstream

accessible trading application and so

that's actually funny enough I've made

so much money just from you know every

time they list a new coin right so for

example back and I think it was like

December when they added Bitcoin cash I

made a 30% trade in like a day like 30%

increase in my portfolio in a day

because I saw ok they added Bitcoin cash

buy it on a different exchange it's

gonna go up in value because all these

people that I've coinbase are gonna be

buying it and then you know just flip it

in a day or something for 30% in a

single day right so on over overall I

think coin base is fucking great it's

the most secure they've never been

hacked um there have been some concerns

of insider trading so like there's been

that's any weird times there's been a

few times where I'm Dave you know like

there will be some weird price action so

like the price of Bitcoin on coin base

will be like a thousand dollars more

than on a different exchange weird

things like that but overall coin basis

is probably the safest trading

application there is okay excellent I've

got another question here is Bitcoin

profitable anymore or is it the startups

or the lower known point that's a good

question so Bitcoin will always be

profitable but I think that that guy

whoever he is nailed a really good point

so the real money is in the altcoins

right so for example you know I've made

trades with us stellar with Stratos with

you know monaro with all these different

altcoins where you know you literally

ten extra money in like a week or two

weeks a bomb and the reason why is

because you know so there's this really

great website that I like um it's called

coin market Capcom and I always go here

you know when I'm just kind of getting a

sense of the market at the beginning of

each day when I trade and it has all the

different prices the volume the

circulating supply just all this

on basically every cryptocurrency in

existence right so there's over a

thousand oh that is cool man it is yeah

so on if you look at like market cap

right here that's it that's a big

determining factor of how quickly a

cryptocurrency will grow right so by

market cap bitcoin is the largest so

that means that right now basically

there is one hundred one forty three

billion dollars worth of Bitcoin in


Jesus clom yes and then if you look at

the smaller market caps so enigma for

example only has 92 million worth of

that and I'm just by the law kind of

common sense when you have these market

caps let's see if we can go to even

smaller market caps okay so like um one

way the fuck down here right so um you

know there's people who will do pump and

dump for example so like look at this

Jesus coin there's only a million

dollars worth of where to go there's

only a million dollars worth of Jesus

coin in existence and something like

that could easily grow a thousand decks

within a matter of you know minutes

literally sure um because there's just

not that much of it in existence so once

people start catching on it catches on

so fast and the supply can't keep up so

that guy brings up a good point and

that's that the real money isn't

altcoins but I will still definitely

trade you know pretty much anything as

long as I see there's going to be profit

in terms of a Bitcoin I think it's a

great thing to hold to uh sort of

stabilize your portfolio excellent very

good question very good answer I got

another question here but I think we may

have answered it it says do you trust

any particular exchanges of so which

ones to hold your crypto or do you

prefer using a different using a digital

ledger okay good question so I am I go

over all the different exchanges and

wallets that I use in my course but um

right now I use Polonia X because

they've never been hacked before okay

have a two-factor authentication which

is where on basically it if you guys

know what it is it's on Google generates

a random algorithm and you have to punch

in a code into your account when you

trade or you know log in and the code

changes like every ten seconds so it's

really hard for hackers to hack your

account good um generally speaking I use

coinbase for like longer-term investment

because they just don't you can't flip

things really easily they don't have any

coins so I have a lot of my longer-term

investments on coin base ah but for the

most part

I use abalone ax maybe like finance

BitFenix um a lot of these different

ones I used to do for arbitrage like you

know blue trade live coin crypto pia BTC

like you know crackin like I just I just

don't trust some of those smaller ones

because they have a lot of security

issues um my number one exchange for

most part is basically pallone e^x good

very good excellent excellent here's

another question how do you know when to

quote get out or sell your Bitcoin in

other words how do you know when to sort

of get up from the table that's actually

a good question so on let me go to the

let's see if I can find it real quick I

have an example here I'm gonna show you

guys yeah yeah absolutely

good questions guys keep them coming if

you guys want to get on the show 911 for

two oh five five three five six again

that's nine one four two oh five five

three five six we're on live with John

Anthony with John Anthony's dropping

some serious knowledge I gotta tell you

this is a lot more knowledge than I had


this is definitely one of them better

and I've done a couple of cryptocurrency

episodes but this one this one is

definitely given the most valuable

information to be sure no yeah I mean

like I said you know crypto is kind of a

new and emerging space so a lot of

traders and people in general just don't

know what they're talking about you know

so here's an example of something I

tweeted out right before the major crash

you can see the date right here the 19th

of December 2017 so I actually had a

little clipping from my personal chart

but I sent out and this is one example

of how you can know when to sell right

so this is right here basically a

sideways triangle it's not really an

ascending wedge we're descending wedge

through those are different technical

analysis terms but basically what you do

is you analyze the market and you find a

certain trend line that the price action

seems to be following and when it gets

below that trendline and there's other

factors as well but you know that's one

factor you can tell that if it gets

below that trendline there's a very high

likelihood that it will crash right so

just as an example again is proof I said

get ready for some bloodshed it's

happening and I tweeted out this you

know image right before crypto crash so

it's really like you know right before

like a day before it fucking

went down like 50% so there's a lot of

different indicators you can use to look

for you know let me pull up my Bitcoin

chart right here

um another one I use is the the MACD

okay um you know if you can look at the

MACD the stochastic RSI um I won't go

too in depth here but um you know here

for example here's a one way that I knew

that crypto was gonna turn around right

so I tweeted something out recently as

well let me see if I can find it on my

account um basically I've been analyzing

crypto and I was looking at at this

point right here right so there's a

multi-month descending trendline and i

tweeted out you know it's about to test

this multi month descending trendline

here we go

said uh this is a key moment for Bitcoin

if it passes this multi month -

confirmed descending trendline it could

mean a major bull market for 2018 begins

which I still do believe I tweeted that

out and within an hour of tweeting it

out it's gone up I think like 10% look

at mom and since then it's gonna way way

more than that um but you know there's a

lot of different ways to determine when

to get out okay it's not easy though

there okay you know there's a lot of

different you have to look at that's

again that's why I recommend my course

because my rating is more of an art than

a science and I'm a fucking artist

Surigao follow what I do and I like it

um this is actually a question that that

I skipped over a little bit earlier um

have you ever heard of ondrea's

Antonopoulos yes bitcoin Jesus yeah oh

wow okay so so why is he called Bitcoin

Jesus so on he's basically been uh he's

a Bitcoin activist right so he's been

giving speeches and seminars over the

past I think like probably four or five

years Wow I'm just raising awareness

about Bitcoin I actually have multiple

books that he's written you know the

Internet of money that's actually one of

the books that I recommend in my course

just because it's like a great

introduction to Bitcoin okay um you know

look up his podcast with Joe Rogan

that's also really cool um I actually

tried as a as a an insider secret I

tried to get him to do a bonus interview

in my course but he wasn't available he

knows his shit he said he's a cool guy

to look into

he doesn't really trade Bitcoin you more

just like holds totals um you know but

if you want to look into like the

general prediction

for Bitcoin and just kind of general you

know general knowledge about Bitcoin he

is the man okay excellent excellent

here's another question um hang on what

bank account should I use to deposit my

crypto currencies it actually doesn't

matter I mean I use capital one you can

use you know Citibank I have multiple

different bank accounts so um you know

you can use any fucking bank account you

want doesn't matter you know what's

interesting what you said about PayPal

because when I went when I when I buy

Bitcoin I buy and I'll buy three four

hundred dollars worth at a time just

depending upon whatever I'm buying

but it's interesting every time I try to

buy Bitcoin using my PayPal business

card it never goes through I always have

to give them a call and they gotta talk

to their managers managers managers so

that just that that speaks to that

speaks to what you were talking about

earlier in terms of the bank literally

having control of your money it's almost

like they can they can decide let like

it's weird that they can decide what you

spend money on it's like okay I

shouldn't have to jump through fucking

hoops just to spend my own money yet I

gotta do this every single time it's

it's just this speaks to what you were

talking about no yeah I mean and you

know why that is is because PayPal right

now they charge I think I think three

point five percent for every transaction

yeah but um you know you know how much

Bitcoin charges it's virtually zero yeah

so yeah

Bitcoin is gonna put all the payment

processors out of business and so they

don't fuckin like that they're you know

because they want to have control over

your money like you said they want to

you know be the fucking top dogs and

point is threatening that and they don't

like it and listen this is just like the

banks to the banks don't like Bitcoin

either I actually had a conversation

with my man JD a while back he's

actually gonna be done at the twenty-one

convention the banks like he'd like he

has made a lot of money with bitcoin he

says banks have shut him down man like

banks like he can't get like there are

certain banks that won't let him that

won't let him have a big gun anymore

Bank of America Wells Fargo they've all

told them nope you know you you've

deposited too much blah blah blah blah

blah I can put you in contact with him

if you want to talk to if you want to

talk together him here's a here's

another question what do you think about

generating generating a cryptocurrency

by it says by a mining rig either by

rentier or building building your own

what are your thoughts on that okay good

good question so I have a I think module

eight is where I cover how to make $200

a day mining Bitcoin okay um so what I

use is cloud mining services they are on

you know things like Genesis mining for

example so there's there's basically

multiple ways that you can mine Bitcoin

when it first came out the way that it

works is you would use it so let me let

me actually backtrack so okay for anyone

who doesn't know mining Bitcoin is

basically where you dedicate you

dedicate processing power from your

computer or from you know a mining rig

and you use it to crack this algorithm

that's built into a cryptocurrency say

Bitcoin um and basically that's how you

create new Bitcoin and over time this

algorithm is programmed to get harder

and harder so that the supply doesn't

grow too fast which you know gives it an

inherent value right right you know

which you know compared to the dollar

like the Federal Reserve has been

printing money forever and and uh you

know decreasing the value of the US

dollar but um in terms of mining people

used to do it with their computers but

now that isn't profitable because your

average computer doesn't have enough

processing power because the algorithm

gets harder over time to crack on so

there's two ways that are viable now

there is mining rigs which can cost

anywhere from 2,000 you know upwards to

uh cloud money okay and right now mining

isn't as profitable just because

bitcoins not that much um right now I

recommend trading but you know I mean I

was making five hundred six hundred

dollars a day from mining Bitcoin and

literally passive income just you know

from from hash flaring genesis mining

back in december so um you can use cloud

mining services which are my recommended

because um basically the way they work

is you rent out processing power from a

supercomputer located in like iceland or

something where it's cold so they don't

have to pay for you know temperature you

know air conditioning stuff like that to

cool the processors and they will give

you however much Bitcoin mine from you

know however much processing power you

run out on if you have the money a

mining rig can be cool okay but it's a

lot of upkeep you have to pay a lot in

electricity and there's a lot of stuff

you might not take an acceleration okay

excellent very good good answer to that

question got a couple more questions

here before you draw this to a close

this is actually a

this is actually sort of a general

question and it might seem a little bit

remedial but bear with me here what

exactly what gives Bitcoin its value

that's a good question so um you know

that's uh that's probably the number one

question or point that a lot of people

make like you know Charlie Charlie

Munger said that our rat poison or a

Bitcoin is rat poison squared or

something like that you know Warren

Buffett is talked down on Bitcoin you

know people like the the co-founder I

think Peter Thiel the co-founder of

PayPal has talked down on Bitcoin

okay and what it comes down to is that

they don't fundamentally understand what

gives Bitcoin value right so to answer

that we have to backtrack so what gives

any currency value right because the US

dollar it's literally just paper I mean

it's just a mixture of cotton and paper

you know and it does have the u.s. seal

on it but I mean you know a hundred

years ago you could actually take one US

dollar and bring it to the bank and it

would give you gold for it and that was

what gave the US dollar its value I do

the whole war though you can't now they

don't do that which is why we've had so

much inflation you know you've seen

those those memes and those reports and

charts about how you know in the 1930s

one man could work a minimum wage job

and support a family of four hi yes

exist all these fucking know different

people working to you know a mother and

father working the supported family

that's because you know the currency of

the US dollar has been inflated and so

it's losing its value and people are

gonna wake up really fuckin fast you

know it might not be in the next year in

the next 2-3 years but um it's gonna

when it happens it's gonna happen fast

you know people are gonna realize like

this isn't worth anything why the fuck

do we keep using this right and um

that's where a Bitcoin comes in right so

there's a few things that give Bitcoin

its value first off is the there's a set

limit to how many bitcoins there can be

which is built into the algorithm right

so remember I was talking before about

how you know in order to mine new

bitcoins you I'll have to crack this

algorithm then it gets harder over time

okay right well it's programmed to stop

you know once it hits a certain number

so that there's a limited supply of

Bitcoin so that you know no matter how

much demand increases it's always gonna

just increase in value basically okay um

there's the electricity costs and the

processing power that you need to pay in

order to get Bitcoin in the first place

and lastly there is faith in Bitcoin

faith is okay yes thing that causes

something I value faith in the US dollar

p.m. Swiss franc fake faith in the you

know Japanese yen faith in whatever you

know the fact that there are so many

people that believe that bitcoin is

going to be you know the next revolution

which I think it is obviously a lot of

people do yeah no I totally agree man

that was value comes from you know a few

things I mean it's you know the fact

that there is a set cap on the currency

right it's just just by the basic laws

of economics or is it you know you can't

um you can't keep printing it like the

Federal Reserve has been doing with US

dollars forever so it's always gonna be

valuable there's because there's only a

set amounts um you know people believe

in it they have faith in it and it's

just it's it's internet 3.0 it's the

next revolution excellent excellent

here's another question with regards to

banks should you use credit unions when

withdrawing Bitcoin from your from your

Bitcoin accounts can you can you ask him

to elaborate on the question a little

bit okay I will I'm gonna go to the the

last question I have here housing and

again this is this is remedial here how

did Bitcoin start like who started it

how did it start okay good question so

there was aam basically Satoshi Nakamoto

is the the name of the quote-unquote man

who first started it and the reason why

I say quote-unquote man is because and

again I covered this in my course most

people don't think that Satoshi Nakamoto

was a single person they think it was a

group of cyberpunk activists

libertarians anarchists people like that

you know who basically got tired of the

fucking bank after 2008 they got tired

of the Federal Reserve printing money

and destroying our economy and they said

fuck this let's make a self-regulating

algorithm that you know basically puts

the power of banking and back into the

hands the peopie were on so bitcoin was

basically you know created by a group of

people who was fed up with the banks and

the way that it works is actually in

order to AMA adapt to a changing world's

there is a sort of i won't go too much

into it but there's a political process

behind it where you know the number of

people that are involved in bitcoin so

that you know mine Bitcoin basically are

able to slightly tweak the rules so that

it can adapt over time right so it's

adaptable and slow right

excellent excellent 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6

is the number to call area code 9 5 4

you're on the line with Donovan and John

go ahead hey what's up brother are you

doing moment not too much not too much

John great to meet you even just by

phone great show tonight I actually

think man tritiated freaking questions

but uh but by chat for some reason I

can't connect to the chat today but I

wanted to ask you what do you know about

petrol coin that's that fake ass coin

created by the Venezuelan government did

I know Bitcoin they were mining a lot of

Bitcoin in Venezuela to escape this

hyperinflation which is out of control

and the government started cracking down

on him by tracking how much power usage

these places were using that we're

minding the Bitcoin and then they took

over all the miners and somehow

converted them and they're now doing

their own cryptocurrency which is a yeah

right to the price of a barrel of oil

yeah so first of all I wouldn't trust

anything that the Venezuelan government

says is their currency socialism cause

the Venezuelan government to collapse

and because of that you know their

currency was just skyrocketing every

single day you know so what used to be

you know the equivalent of maybe a few

dollars to buy a piece of bread and now

it's like $5,000 dollars their

currencies just been in a hyperinflation

mode and to help basically combat this a

lot of citizens in Venezuela have been

using Bitcoin because it's more stable

than the Venezuelan currency right

because again remember Bitcoin brings

the power back to the people

the Venezuelan banks didn't like that

because - like well fuck these guys are

using Bitcoin we don't have power over

them we can't track their purchases we

can't tell them what to buy and what not

to buy and so they basically you know

created petrol coin don't buy it it's a

fucking scam the best privacy coin is

probably Z cash or Manero and we can

talk about that a lot more in my course

but um you know because bitcoin has

become more traceable over time it's

still a hell of a lot harder to trace

then you know a bank account credit card

fridges but I think that the people of

Venezuela should actually start using Z

cash and Manero because due to the the

fundamental difference in

way that the the underlying structure of

it is that the blockchain of it

basically debate with it with the way

that it works is that you can't track it

very cool I'm actually I'm from

Venezuela and I actually know a lot

about her I go on political show talking

about Venezuela and stuff I just want to

hear your take on the crypto side a

little tip that actually the the IMF

just said yesterday that the Venezuelan

currency the inflation by the end of the

year is projected to be at a million

percent inflation oh my fuckin


perspective right now

minimum wage in Venezuela everybody's a

millionaire's like Romney later find it

and again this goes to the concept go

ahead don't go you've you got it no I

was gonna say and you were writing

mentioning socialism to store them as

well abut then as well is very unique in

that it wasn't just socialism it was a

combination of socialism along with a

narco-state Ben as well as by a drug

cartel make no mistake about it this

goes to the no no you're okay but this

speaks to the just like you were talking

about earlier John the you know this is

the reason why Bitcoin caps you know how

much Bitcoin there is does the law of

supply and demand if you know that there

can be endless this is why the dollar

isn't really worth anything because the

government is just printing money well

this is essentially what the Venezuelan

government is doing and if everybody's

rich that nobody's rich five million

dollars per roll of toilet paper

let me exactly Allah straight how Mickey

Mouse this economy is when I lived in

Venezuela I used to get a bill of a

hundred ball bolivars

that's what they're called okay 100 I

think it was in 2004 they the inflation

had gone up so much they literally they

said you know what we're going to print

new bills we're dropping three zeros on

the currency

they just drop to zero what the value

didn't change but they draw three zero

and it was filled by high right now this


oh sorry next month they're dropping

another three zeroes Jesus so many zeros

are there and by now probably a million

so so let's say they're gonna drop three

zeros so a roll of toilet paper is gonna

be 1 million bolivars

million actually one actually I did the

math you know that 1 million is one I'm

definitely gonna be fattening up for the

court and I look forward to it thanks a

lot guys thank you max I look forward to

work with you oh my god that's bug dude

that's fucking hilarious man like listen

of course Miami Jay he's definitely

plugged into to American politics and

Venezuelan politics obviously he was

down there in Miami but yeah this is

this is one of it actually reminds me

and you're too you're way too young to

to even to even remember this but he's

the watch a cartoon called duck tails

and I remember oh yeah I know okay yeah

well there was this one episode where

Uncle Scrooge had created like bottle

caps and they went to like this little

village in shangri-la you know they were

kind of a modest people and all of a

sudden people started using bottle caps

to exchange you know to exchange for you

know goods and services and so Uncle

Scrooge - sighs all right we're gonna

make everybody rich so he brings unlike

these vats of bottle caps and every and

everybody is rich so no one's richer I

remember he sat down at a wrestler he's

like three million bottle caps per glass

of water what the fuck that again this

is what's happening in Venezuela it's a

fucking joke it is and I mean that's why

they hate crypto so much you know

because the way that the Venezuelan

government and it really any you know

dictatorship gets a stranglehold on the

people as they control the money because

if you can keep people in poverty then

they don't have any means of fighting

back and I'm you know bitcoin is capped

right now it to be you know there's

there's never gonna be more than 21

million bitcoins and right now if we

look at coin market cap there is I think

like 16 million bitcoins or something

like that good 17 million bitcoins right

so only basically

four million bitcoins are gonna be mines

and then that's it period there's no

more right so they can't it can't be

inflated you know and I'm Charlie Lee

the founder of litecoin recently tweeted

something out and he basically said that

before you get any other cryptocurrency

you should get Bitcoin because by the

time that I get to 21 million bitcoins

there won't even be enough for every

single millionaire in the world to just

have one Wow

look at that man and that's and that

right there that's that that's that

economic loss supply into mad listen

when they get to 21 million bitcoins and

they cap it off guess what the value is

going up right yeah oh yeah Oh excellent

listen John this was this was an

extremely informative episode man I

cannot thank you enough for taking time

out of your busy schedule to come on and

and dude like drop the rock solid

knowledge listen guys here's the thing


obviously this dude knows his shit right

the his cryptocurrency coin his

cryptocurrency course see that say that

three times fast called millionaire

Bitcoin millionaire it's available on

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got listen he just gave us an hour of

rock solid knowledge this isn't your hey

you know I treat you know I made a few

dollars doing Bitcoin and all I think


I've got this thing figured out not this

guy has five years invested in this

knowledge not only that you're gonna get

up to that you're gonna get up to the up

to date up to the second updates in

terms of what John is doing you're gonna

know exactly what he's doing 24 hours a

day so you can literally copy what he

does his success is your success you

guys absolutely have to get this guy's

course if you're listen if bitcoins not

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consider but you get 10% off when you

use the promo code Donovan John again

many thanks for coming on tonight I

don't think I've ever gotten as much

information about cryptocurrency trading

as I have the last

I greatly appreciate it thank you man

I'm super super excited that we got to

do this I mean you know my goal over the

next year's to just like spread this

knowledge as much as possible because I

genuinely believe that there's going to

be a major crash pretty soon next if it

doesn't happen within the next few years

it's gonna happen the next presidential

term so yeah people need to be educated

they need to know start making money and

saving and getting into crypto and you

know like I said you just go to

masculine development comm slash Donovan

and you'll get 10% off you know thank

you so much I'm super grateful to be on

and I yeah all right John listen we got

to talk soon and let's dude I'm gonna

I'm gonna dive into that I'm gonna dive

into that course to night man so look

look listen look for plenty of messages

for me man I'm gonna bug you to death

all right John take care man appreciate

it you see that John Anthony from

masculine development calm listen

suffice it to say the guy knows his shit

like you know the interesting thing is

is I knew that he and I've known him for

a while we're both longtime contributors

at returnee Kings and I've always known

that he has that he's had his ear to the

ground with regards to Bitcoin and

crypto currencies but I hadn't like dude

previous to this interview I knew he had

the course going it took actually took a

little bit longer than he thought I knew

he had the knowledge I knew he had the

course but I had no idea that he had

this level of knowledge that was a

complete that was a complete shock I had

no idea that he had this level of

knowledge so great guest thanks to John

for effort for taking time out to to

give us to drop that rock solid

knowledge on us

thank you to Miami Jay very very good

conversation about the about the joke

that is the Venezuelan government thank

you to all thank you for all of the

questions all of those were very very

good questions again masculine ford slash Donovan use

promo code Donovan to get 10% off of

John's Bitcoin or of John's

cryptocurrency a crypto currency trading

course that's gonna do it for this

edition of TSR prime time be sure to

tune in tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific 40s our prime time my thanks to

my guest

my listeners and of course the Mod Squad

thanks for tuning in tonight guys I'll

see you in 23


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