Episode #242: How to fuck the 8 most common THOTS you'll encounter

Contrary to popular belief, all THOTS are not created equal. Sure, they've all been fucked by a shitload of dicks and are posting pictures of their tits or ass on social media every hour on the hour, but each slut is unique in terms of what drives them to open their legs for random men.

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Since I took the red pill I have met, gamed, fucked, and even been in relationships with many, many types of THOTS. In this episode I'll talk about 8 kinds of sluts I come across most frequently, how to recognize them, and most of all, how to get easy pussy from them. Chances are you come across just about all of these girls on the regular.

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never ever take relationship advice from

a woman she doesn't need space she wants

out stop playing video games and hit the

gym dude if she breaks up with you she

has already found your replacement

guaranteed what's up guys it's our man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to be 240

second edition of TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Wednesday April 25th

2018 the Philadelphia 76ers beat the

Miami Heat yesterday ending that series

so the Heat are moving on to the Eastern

Conference semifinals beating the Miami

Heat four games to one we ended that

series in five games so shout out to

Miami Jake I know your heart is hurt

don't hate the player hate the game just

talking a little bit of shit there but

but it's good listen man you know I said

it the other day it is a it is a very

very good a very very good time to be a

Philadelphia sports fan certainly

certainly thankful for that the NFL

Draft of course is tomorrow so

everybody's getting getting all geeked

up people want to know who's going first

you know Josh Allen you know Sam darn

old Josh Rosen a lot of people it was it

has been reported by Adam Schefter today

that the Cleveland Browns have made

their decision and a lot of people think

that they might draft Baker Mayfield

number one overall Josh Allen certainly

measures up physically but he is

inaccurate and one thing that has been

lost about Baker Mayfield is his

accuracy yes he's undersized yes he's

cocky and brash and he lacks the athlete

well he's athletic but he doesn't have

that freakish athleticism like Lamar

Jackson and we're gonna get to him in

just a second but Baker Mayfield is

deadly accurate with the football like

Danny Wuerffel type accurate like

you know Aaron Rodgers type accurate so

well we'll see what happens that airs

tomorrow all over the place

8 o'clock it's gonna be in Dallas heard

that Dez Bryant actually turned down a

multi-year contract offer from the

Baltimore Ravens I don't know what the

details are but apparently the Baltimore

Ravens offered him a multi-year deal and

Dez Bryant turned it down he's gonna bet

on himself he's probably gonna play on a

one-year deal for whatever team he's

gonna put up ridiculous numbers so

probably have 115 catches and then he

hopes to catch then he hopes to catch it

with a big time with a big time

multi-year contract multi-year deal so

um so that that obviously who knows I

mean listen Dez Bryant at this point is

probably a possession receiver at best

and you know possession receiver in the

sports world is just a nice way of

saying slow right like Dez Bryant not

getting separation now a lot of people

you know talked about how Dez Bryant's

performance hasn't really been that good

over the last few years well keep in

mind when he was putting up his biggest

numbers he had Tony Romo and let's not

listen let's not kid ourselves Tony Romo

is a better quarterback than that

Prescott I still can't believe we're

still having this who's better dak

Prescott or Carson Wentz I think it's

obvious and listen maybe I'm listen I

can't be objective I'm a Carson Wentz

guy I live in Philadelphia a big Eagles

fan you guys stand see right here behind

me I framed our first ever Super Bowl

victory but um but yeah so so anyway

it'll be interesting to see what

happened here but before we get into

today's episode I got a roast

another fake-ass pro-black

this nigga Kuran Jay Phillips writer for

the New York Daily News wrote a column

either yesterday or today that said if

Lamar Jackson were white he'd be the

first quarterback drafted on Thursday

night or he'd be the number one overall


really so you've never heard of Cam

Newton how about Michael Vick Jameis

Winston anybody JaMarcus Russell I can't

I can't stand it when these when these

ignorant ass when these fucking ignorant

ass niggas want to make every goddamn

thing about fucking race man this is

absolute bullshit Kim

dude Kim Newton had all kinds of shit

surrounding him when he came out after

the 2010 season right we all with lives

we all remember the scandal his father

Cecil Newton allegedly asked him for 280

thousand dollars for him to go to

Mississippi State

he eventually chose all burn then he had

that shit at Florida State where he

stole a laptop and threw it out the

window and by the way the quarterback

ahead of him was Tim Tebow looks like

you who had the better career guess what

despite all of that Cam Newton still

went number one overall okay Michael

Vick was hurt all the time he's the most

probably the most electrifying college

football player we've ever seen probably

close to maybe Barry Sanders he got

picked number one overall he's black

JaMarcus Russell got picked number one

overall he's black and let's not forget

Jameis Winston we have people out here

who still think that Jameis Winston

Winston raped Erika kinsmen like we have

people out here who still think Jameis

Winston raped Erika kinsmen they think

that he is a rapist they think he got

away with rape he was never charged but

guess what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

still took him number one overall so

this niggas out here tout miss stuff

well if Lamar Jackson were white he'd be

the number one overall no he wasn't no

he wouldn't be

Lamar Jack Dibb listen Lamar Jackson is

not gonna be the number one overall pick

because the large axon is not number one

overall pick material okay they're about

four quarterbacks that are better than


Josh Allen Josh Rosen Baker Mayfield Sam

dart 'old those four in that will in in

no particular order Lamar Jackson is not

the best quarterback on the draft and a

skin tone has nothing to do with it you

want to know another you want to know a

white quarterback that played just like

Lamar Jackson his name was Eric Crouch

you guys remember him from Nebraska won

the Heisman Trophy

just like Lamar Jackson okay he got

drafted in the NFL in the seventh round

and ended a playing safety didn't even

didn't even play didn't even play

quarterback so once again these fake-ass

Pro blacks out here trying to throw

racism into everything

I hate niggas like this man if Lamar

Jackson were white he'd be the first

quarterback drop oh my god deez it

listen listen this is another example of

black people not being objective

they take the side of black people no

matter what and honestly I don't even

think he believes that Lamar Jackson

would be takin number one overall he

were white this is just one of those

this is a clickbait piece obviously and

if it's not a clique make peace then

dude then Quran Phillips doesn't know

shit about sports the New York Daily

News should not will the new the New

York Daily News would never Jaime will

never hire me in the first place let's

just listen let's just go ahead and get

that straight they'd never hire my ass

but the point is but the point is is

this guy has no objectivity whatsoever I

don't care dude it just it's

unbelievable this guy knows this guy

knows nothing this guy either knows

nothing about football and or either

knows nothing about football or he just

wanted to clickbait peace he just wanted

people talking about him guess what he's

got people talking about it


unbelievable let's go in the chat here

before he gets started here ultra gamer

turbo good to see you in here more vital

red pill knowledge Brandon Jones says

Donovan you're still uploading past 10

episodes I'm looking for the fourth one


episode four I was not able to recover

so what I'm gonna end up doing here

Brandon is gonna upload of the 19 ball

you muffins den I managed to recover 14

of them so I'm gonna I'm gonna upload

all 14 over a period of time and then

the ones that are missing I'm gonna do

sort of remixes of those Donovan's tens

so stay tuned episode 4 episode episode

4 eventually will be that'll be a live

stream because that's one of the ones

that I was missing so so definitely stay

tuned for that

aunt James in the house

Miami J all right will Crispin since

well Crispin says I'm a fan of the gif

in the left corner

it fits yes it does just like freelance

Ronan says titties are back yeah listen

I'm not on YouTube anymore so guess what

we get to have girls with big tits

shaking their big tits I liked it so I

like fake tits I like big boobs so you

guys gonna see big boobs I'm gonna try

to get a different one up there everyday

I've got a few in the stash so I'll give

you guys a little eye candy listen we

objectify women here at the tower's

right like we objectify women they are

pieces of meat as far as we are

concerned they are here to fuck us and

suck us feed us and shut the fuck up

Miami Jay says you got to keep rubbin

salt on that wound don't ya

maybe yeah listen I don't know the the

Sixers and the and the Celtics would be

a very good series I agree I got the

Sixers and six if that's the case

we'll Chrisman says looks like he's

trying to get the support of the left

the leftist twitter mafia now you can't

say he sucks otherwise you're a racist

here's the funny thing I checked this

Twitter page he's got like he's got a

little over 3,000 followers like this

thing is stupid unbelievable

Kevin Stovall good to see you in here

jeopardy Clark says black Pro blacks

make me sick too god damn it

suede senator says Pro blacks are the

worst aunt James says Pro blacks ruins

simple shit for people I swear to God I

remember years ago where I forget what

magazine it was but it was LeBron James

dribbling a basketball in one hand and

he had I think it was Tom Brady's wife

Gisele Bundchen in the other hold on let

me let me look at this hang on a second

LeBron James Gisele Bundchen cover

well I spelled all of that right yes it

was vogue it was Vogue magazine and he

had his mouth oh yeah here we go so so

LeBron James has a basketball and he's

yelling right and then Gisele Bundchen

is in his arms smiling because she likes

that kind of savageness oh no no

everybody had a problem with that LeBron

James is being portrayed as a monkey a

savage King Kong he's got the girl in

one hand the best oh my god dude when I

saw that cover I didn't even think about

that Pro blacks take racism out of the

dumbest fucking shit it's unlike dude

you can't have a conversation with Pro

blacks about anything it's B's oh my god

these niggas they're a fucking headache

they really really are it really really

are freelance Ronan says brother I

refuse to vol any of them Pro black I

have appropriately rejoined them as pro

quack they're not about helping black

black people they're all about hustling

emotional and desperate black people for

attention and out of their money could

not agree more

dude Jesse Jackson al Sharpton those are

your race hustlers right there

Ultra gamer turbo says Kanye's

triggering Pro blacks right now dude

that's why I love me some Kanye he

doesn't give up

fuck he's got fuck you money

freelance really like in the girl with

the big tits had some long as here

keep your dicks in your pants guys we

got a show to do let's go ahead and get

to it guys

contrary to popular belief not all

thoughts sluts hoes they're not all

created equal now sure they've all been

you know they've all been fucked by a

shitload of cocks and they're posted

pictures of their tits and their ass on

social media every other hour but each

slut is it's very unique in terms of

what drives them to fuck a bunch of

dudes now since I since I've taken the

red pill guys guys I've met I've gamed I

fucked I've even been well even been in

relationships with many many different

kinds of sluts and I learned a lot about

who they are what makes them tick and

how to get easy sex out of these broads

now a lot of guys run into different

kinds of sluts right just out on the

street or at a club and they think hey

I'm actually gonna fuck this girl you

know I'm totally gonna fuck this girl

she's a slut she should be easy but

because they're not really adept at

recognizing the kind of slut she is they

fall on their face and they end up with

blue balls you guys have to understand

not every slut is a slam dunk so it's

important to understand their

differences and I'm gonna and I'm gonna

break that down today so what I'm gonna

do is I'm gonna tell you guys how to

recognize them and how to get easy sex

out of them I'm gonna call that slut

maid so let's go ahead and get to it

slut number one the ovulation slut okay

oh wait a minute what's my place here

now we all know sluts like fucking a lot

of dudes but I'm telling you guys there

are there are some girls out there there

are some sluts out there who seemed to

be in a perpetual state of ovulation and

of course we all know that when a woman

is in ovulation all she cares about is

getting all of her wholes plundered 24/7

right now their actions seem to reflect

their thoughts because they're hooking

up with dudes just about every day the

way these girls cannot stop fucking high

sex drive men D ovulation slut here's

how to recognize him guys

the ovulation slut is not hard to spot

this is gonna be the girl that will

openly joke about sex this is the girl

that's going to she's gonna broach the

subject of sex first during a date or

pickup set and guys she's not she's so

make very little effort to lower her

voice when she's talking about him now

ovulation sluts also make themselves

known by occasionally flipping the

script and approaching men at bars

approaching men at clubs approaching men

at grocery stores okay guys this has

happened to me on quite a few occasions

women have actually approached me in

places especially when I was down in

Vegas hey what's your name I'm like wow

is this like a pick-up set like is she

picking me up this has happened to me on

quite a few occasions and I rarely fail

to convert now here's the slut beat

here's what's required to fuck the

ovulation slut standard game guys it's

usually all that's required because

she's ready to get on her knees after

just a few minutes of conversation she's

ready to fuck you after talking to her

for five minutes cuz she's horny now

again confidence guys strong eye contact

combined combine that with a heavy dose

of sort of push-pull game a little bit

of chemo a little bit of keno that'll

have her dropping her panties if she's

wearing any in no time

number two the still got it

slut now this particular breed of slut

thought ho this particular breed has an

insatiable desire to prove to herself

and everyone around her that's that men

still want to fuck her

it could be because of a recent breakup

the lack of high-value men like like

she's not fucking high-value guys

anymore it could be her age and that's

what it is most of the time whatever the

case may be she will do anything and

everything to increase her notch count

in an attempt to validate her sexual

sexual allure to herself and other

people here's how to recognize them guys

like the ovulation slut guys like these

chicks they stick out like a fucking nun

in a brothel post wall females are are

still got it girls sluts recent

divorcees single moms who have finally

dropped the baby weight guys those are

all prime candidates for easy pussy easy

Lay's she will also she will also

shamelessly flirt with you and make it

very obvious that as long as you stay

awake you are getting that pussy like

shit listen she will let you know dude I

remember I dude it was funny I remember

this one girl I was dating I think her

name was Alison or something like that

and we were like on our first day or

whatever and this god this was probably

I don't know maybe three or four months

after I discovered the red pill

good-looking girl maybe a seven or an

eight and I remember saying and I was so

self-conscious at the point because she

was like she was like an enigma like

like she kept dancing around stuff she

kept shit testing me I was feeling shit

test and I was like and and and she was

probably in her late 30s at that point

in time right she had she had brown hair

like like deep brown eyes almost black

and I remember saying just joking like

you know what fuck it I was like dude

I'm totally blowing this I can't really

say the right thing she slays she said

she put her hand on my and she says

relaxed hunch she said relax hon as long

as you stay awake it's gonna be a good

night and I ended up fucking her that


like I said shrubby 37 38 years old post

wall she told me she had two kids

recently divorced

she's a still got a girl slut I

completely fucked up the entire night

and even told her I'm blowing it she

reached over relaxed honey and that you


when women call you honey they're

usually older women relax on as long as

you stay awake it's gonna be a good

night dude some of the best sex of my

life that night was great now here's the

slut mate here's what here's what's

required to fuck the still got it girl

slut all you have to do with these

chicks is make them feel it is make them

feel attractive and you're in there and

not the bait away where you tell her how

good she looks and for the record never

ever ever tell a good-looking girl that

she is beautiful she hears this all the

time from everybody never ever do that

rather show her you want to fuck her

bike and speak and listen stare at her

tits and let her catch you like stare at

her tits she'll be like hello I'm up

here yeah I know and just kind of you

know kind of make fun of it dude tell

her to do a 360 hey stand up and do 360

so I can see her ass what stop right


bonus points if you smack her on this

guy's I've listened and I'm telling you

you guys may think that's outlandish no

I do this all the time do what a woman

is attracted to you when you show that

competence stupid you go to pick her up

Wow look at you here turn around do it

360 so I can see your ass do chill turn

around smack around the ass oh my god

and they look surprised and shocked and

turned on all at the same time these

sluts all they need to feel is desired

and if you're and if you're the man who

makes her feel the way she used to

she'll be happy to use you for sex

because listen they're not looking for

relationships but a lot of them

sometimes I've been hey listen the other

night I just kind of used you for sex oh

my god I'm so hurt whatever but she'll

be more than happy to use you to show

her friends that she's still got it this

is how this works

number three the ugly duckling now most

of us in here know girls who were who

were ugly or fat or ugly and fat in high

school before they you know before they

eventually turn decent-looking later on

sometimes they get hot just kind of


well what these newfound looks guys

comes newfound male attention this is

something that girls like this are not

used to now lately like a kid with a

brand new toy that they've never had


she pulled listen she plunges herself

onto countless cocks because being less

than after by men was something she

thought she would never experience and

now that she is you don't know how to

act now

how to recognize ugly ducklings you have

to look for the average to below average

looking girl with an with an amazing at

least an above-average body who is

unhealthily obsessed with working out

and then not see about her diet and by

the way she'll make this obvious on

social media

look at her social media okay like if

she's a half-decent looking girl but

goddamn she's got great tits and an

unbelievable ass and look at those legs

but she's kind of a butterface she's

probably an ugly duckling check her

Facebook beat hey you know got to go

with the keto diet or hey running

another 12 miles on the treadmill or hey

going to spin class or hey you know

doing CrossFit today guys listen the

ugly duckling is listen she's never

going back to being invisible to male

she's never going back to be invisible

to men and listen if she has to run til

she pukes or starve herself for days on

end she's never going back to that now

here's the slut bait required to fuck

the ugly duckling sluts push-pull game

works best with ugly duckling sluts you

have to understand their newfound sexual

market value has a tendency to rapidly

inflate their egos so you have to charm

them then neg them sort of bring them to

you know take them down a peg then charm

them again that should steal the deal

but you have to be careful not to neg

her too hard because you might you might

almost inadvertently sort of conjure up

you know memories of like cruel jokes

from her classmates like you might like

send her into a flashback where she is

being made fun of because she had braces

or she was fat or head zits or whatever

if that happens it's game over like ugly

ducklings no they were ugly ducklings

but if you make her feel unattractive

she's not gonna fuck you and listen if a

girl doesn't think that you're attracted

to her she's not going to have sex with

you don't make the ugly duckling slut

feel unattractive or you're gonna spoil

the entire night tell a quick story a

friend of mine down in Vegas showed me

pictures of what I don't know if he's

still with her or not but at the time he

showed me pictures of what his

girlfriend used to look like in high

school and guys she listened she was a

fucking grenade like oh my god she was

unbelievably ugly but I guess when she

hit her 20s she sort of I don't know I

guess she sort of grew out of her

ugliness even even though she looked a

lot better then like now at a high

school she was barely a six maybe if she

caked on the makeup maybe she can get to

like a six 25 maybe a six and a half

anyway she was decent looking but she

was far from hot anyway she was she had

exceed extremely low self-esteem and

because of this guy's she used to flirt

with all of us in front of him like

she's still she used to openly flirt

with all of us in front of her boyfriend

now again I'm not sure if he's still

with her but understand that if you get

into a relationship with an ugly

duckling slut okay she's gonna be in

attention whore and she will probably

think she will probably cheat on you the

minute she thinks your attraction to her

is dwindling oh my god like he's

starting to see me for who I really am

like is is he is he fucking somebody

else is is he attracted to somebody else

she'll go and chill fuck somebody else

you have to make the ugly duckling slut

feel attractive again don't tell her

she's beautiful just makes you just make

sure that your actions and your body

language say hey look I'm attracted to

you you keep doing that and you should

be in there

number four the quid-pro-quo ho say that

three times fast the quid-pro-quo ho now

I sometimes refer to these chicks as the

the barter sled

these chicks always seem to get hooked

up with a lot of free shit and free

services now these you know these girls

of course are simply exchanging sexual

favors for commodities accommodations

tattoos mechanical work you know home

improvements any other any other in any

other any brand of patronage carried out

by mostly men they're all abundant

because she's paying with a pussy in

Vegas I happen to know quite a few of

these bras and if you pay attention you

probably find that you know a few of

them too here's how to recognize these

girls and they are very very easy to

recognize most girls live above their

means we already know this so the barter

slut she might be a little bit tougher

to spot than others so you're gonna have

to be put in I actually misspoke no

barter sluts the orb or you know the

quid pro quo home not easy to recognize

not hard but you're gonna have to do

some digging you're gonna have to be

proactive and ask her questions about

her new tattoo where where she got her

brand new 70s flat-screen TV or anything

else that she's recently acquired if her

explanation is oh so-and-so hooked me up

because bla bla bla bla bla bla bla when

talking about her new trinkets or

whatever it is she's got you've got

yourself a soft prostitute guys she

fucked that oh well you know cockroach

down at the tattoo parlor owed me a

favor yeah because you fucked him that's

why he owes you a favor well I got a

discount on this flat-screen TV well how

much did you get apart oh they just

charge me for delivery the manager was

so nice yes because he fucked you in the

stockroom that's why he got that TV for

free listen this stuff really happens

like girls pay listen girls pay with

their pussy this is what they do they

are soft prostitutes they fuck dude that

girls don't just fuck for money and

lifestyle they fuck for goods and

services men oh my god my transmission

went out I don't have $4,000 I think

something's been arranged go to the back

bang her out okay she's got a new


here's the slut babe now the

quid-pro-quo hoe is a little bit tougher

to game the key here is to get the pussy

before you give up the goods too many

guys fall into this beta trap and end up

as an orbiter or in the friend zone when

they do her favors before he fucks her

never do a girl any favors before you

fuck her flip the script and tease her

with your hookup in exchange for her in

exchange for the pussy and again joke

about it in a way that gives you sort of

plausible deniability super so for

example say yeah I'll come over and

change your spark plugs but after you

show me that you can drive a stick and

kind of deliver it with a smirk on your

face that leaves no doubt as to what

you're angling at because you'll read

between the lines

now she'll know exactly what you're

getting at but if she plays stupid only

stupid ride along with her and tell her

you forgot how to work on cars and

change the subject that's how that works

well I don't know I think all right cool

whatever right if you listen if you want

your spark plugs change you're gonna

give me the pussy that's just how it


whatever you do do not give in because

guys guess what if she wasn't gonna fuck

you in the first place there's no need

getting your hands dirty for nothing

let's go to the chat here aunt James

says I got to still got a girl on my

nuts right now yeah yeah there's an

older women single moms post wall sluts

all armor still got a girl sluts all of

them they fuck a bunch of guys just to

prove that men still want to fuck him so

she posted her if she posts all of her

freelance run and says I grew up with

one of those she posts all of her

workouts on Facebook and then claims

she's dateless she was pencil skinny

with no booty back in high school yeah

she's not Danis nothing just because

she's not just because she's dateless

doesn't mean she's not fucking oh my god

I don't have a boyfriend I'm not going

on dates okay that doesn't mean you

ain't got eight different niggas coming

to your house eight different days and

blowing your back out like like don't

let girls fool you like do not let girls

fool you into telling you I haven't had

a boyfriend in in a year I've talked

about this before like I haven't had a

boy if

over a year Oh nobody wants to date me

okay but they're still fucking you

sweetheart like let's let let's not

parse our words here you're still

getting dick not commitment

well Chrisman says of the quid pro quo

ho these are the girls who always post

pics on yachts nice cars Knights at nice

houses but you're never sure who the

fuck she does who the fuck she does for

work or what the fuck she does for work

right what she does Fergus she fucks

these dudes okay and listen some girls

take it to the extreme I did an episode

on that a while back called tag the

sponsor right like dude like there are

men who look for these hot girls to say

look I'll fly to Dubai I'll pay you 30

40 thousand dollars me and my homeboys

get the fuck you for a week give you

some money get you know get the fly on a

private jet drink some Dom P riding a

Ferrari get ass fucked by you know four

or five Arab sheiks you go home you make

some money this is what happens

quid pro quo ho


freelance Ronan says I used to date one

of those back in my blue pill day she

was broke all the time Yeah right

speak it you know what I actually just

thought about something


I actually just thought about something

okay there we go okay there we go


okay all right I'm gonna do a little bit

of an experiment here over the next over

the next couple of days or so so you

guys are you guys are gonna bear guys

gonna have to bear with me here

um yes jeopardy Clark says the Dubai

port-a-potty yes that's exactly right

that is exactly right

number five yes what would pop right

just like freelances what would pop up

with with new kitchen table appliances

right broke as hell shut up with the new

iPhone 12 broke as fuck got a brand new

car broke as hell

brand new TV well where does a good

knight like you work at McDonald's make

him 650 an hour like what the fuck

number five the home wrecker

pun definitely intended this is the kind

of girl who she doesn't need an

introduction guys the label tells you

all you need to know guys these are the

women who only sleep with married men or

men in relationships because


a standard staple or tenant it game

works as a built-in magnet this is and

listen it's a target-rich environment

environment out there because there's no

shortage of men in committed

relationships whose wives or girlfriends

have let themselves go now recognizing

the homewrecker slut the homewrecker

it's always very difficult because they

are experts at keeping their Affairs

completely private they don't want this

one they don't want their boyfriends or

their husbands to know and they damn

sure don't want his wife to know pay

attention to her stories about past

relationships or hookups they're not

often forthright a bit even though

they're not often forthright about the

marital status of the guys they hook up

with at some point they all let it slip

she's never gonna come right she's never

gonna come right out and say well listen

I only sleep with married men are men

with girlfriends so you'll often have to

smoke them out which means you have to

use the slut bait here's how to fuck the

homewrecker what you have to do to sort

of ferret out if she's the kind of girl

who like fucks married guys or fucks

guys and relationships is sort of

casually mentioned something that you

and your girlfriend did last weekend or

that you and your wife did last weekend

or if she compliments you on your shirt

or your watch your sunglasses said yeah

thanks my girlfriend got it for me if

she is a homewrecker

she's not gonna waste any time

suggesting things like we need to hang

out or or what she'll do she'll shoot

covert indicators of interest she'll

she'll make herself more available to

you she'll make more eye contact eye

contact with you she'll start going to

lunch with you after that Buckner is

gonna be like taking abhi like taking

candy from a baby no doubt and I fuck

plenty these broads before number six

the serial girlfriend slut anybody who

has a Facebook page or an Instagram page

is privy to the girl who is in and out

of a relationship every other week right

like one day she's in love the next day

all men suck the day after that she's

excited about her first date and the

cycle repeats itself again the next the

next week this is how this goes now the

serial girlfriends sluts they engage in

Bionic rationalizes rationalization

hamstrung by proclaiming that they're

not sluts because every guy they have

fucked every guy that they've been

fucked by was her boyfriend at the time

but deep down they know they're still

sluts whether the seven dude she knows

she's still a slut whether the seven

guys she fucked last month where her

boyfriends or not and so does everyone

else who congratulate her on Facebook

for finding happiness now recognizing

the serial girlfriend slut is very easy

just just take a quick scan through a

social media page right it makes it an

easy task if you look for example if you

hooked up with a girl over the weekend

check her Facebook or Instagram page and

look for multiple posts of her with

multiple other guys that are captioned

by emojis that indicate love or a

relationship over a short period of time

another dead giveaway of the serial

girlfriend slut is when she angles for

commitment shortly after you two have

fucked right so questions so let's say

you've been fucking a girl for a week

and a half right let's say you meet up

with her on Monday you're fucking her

Monday through Friday you guys hook up

on the weekend Wednesday she tells you

so where's this headed anyway or are we

gonna make this thing of ours like

official or what

those are both typical conversation

starters of serial girlfriend sluts what

these girls will also do is they will

step up their domestic

game by doing your laundry cooking for

you and talking about how traditional

she is right again the serial girlfriend

slut always wants to act like a lady in

the beginning because she wants to

secure that that commitment early there

isn't a specific way there is no slut

bait for the serial girlfriend slut

because every woman on some level is

looking for they're looking for

commitment of some sort so standard game

is really all you need however if you

want to keep a serial girlfriend slut in

your rotation because she's made me hot

and she likes to suck your dick run a

little bit of calculated baby game and

she should stay in your orbit and quiet

you know for quite a while now and I'll

talk about what calculated beta game is

in a future episode oh you know what as

a matter of fact the serial girlfriend

slut actually reminds me of Suzy the the

girl that actually the girl that

actually caused me to find the red pill

long story short moved to Vegas I had a

suitcase full of clothes and 700 bucks

in my pocket

goddess got a got out got a job at a

call center you know of course you know

a bunch of people working there and our

training class there was this there was

this and I was going to tell you guys

were neighbors name was Martha she was

originally from Guadalajara 100% Mexican

girl but I think she she had lived in

Vegas for I don't know 10 or 15 years

spoke perfect English spoke Spanish as

well huge tits like she had huge tits

but she was maybe a six six and a half

so she was mildly attractive you know

you know she wasn't she wasn't all that

but listen she was Mexican she was

Hispanic she had big tits and she liked

me like that's how that goes

anyway so the training lasted about a

month and at the end of the month we all

decided on a Friday hey let's all go to

the club and celebrate so dude we all

got fucking sloshed we get back to her

place we had wild drunken sex and that

apparently consummated the relationship

so three weeks later like like her and I

were fucking for three weeks but dude

during that three weeks it became very

apparent to me that she was a low

quality female dude her apartment was

always dirty

her son was out of control dude she

didn't like to cook

she was Duke the only thing good about

her was that the sex was unbelievable

like dude this girl could fucking drain

balls with the best of them

so that's honestly probably stuck around

two weeks longer than I should have on

account of her being able to drain my

balls that regularly like she could

handle my sex drive anyway so you know

I've you know I drove to her house and I

said look I borrowed my friends card to

have a car at the time I was like hey

look um listen this isn't gonna work

she was completely indifferent

completely and different I mean like she

could not care less she even told me she

loved me blessed okay no problem

so I go home and a mutual friend of ours

gives me a call I'm like yeah you know I

broke up with Susan she says really okay

well yeah she told me to she's getting

ready to go out on a date I'm like what

so I googled why do girls get over

breakup so easily that's what led me to

the red pill anyway

Martha was a serial girlfriend because

at the time her and I were flirting with

each other she had had a boyfriend

before and she had a boy from important

that she told me about the boyfriend

before her last boyfriend that she was

gonna move in with so Martha was the

serial girlfriend slut I was just

another in the lung and I remember one

of the girls that worked at that call

center actually fucked her too oh my god

this is funny I I don't think I've ever

told this story so there's Martha and

then there's Erica erica was much hotter

than Martha and be it again this is pre

red pill and Erica was showing me that

she kind of liked me but I didn't know

that she really liked me

they're both Mexican girls dude erica

was hot dude she was I don't know maybe

like an eight right and again this is

pre red pill Donovan so an eight

probably looked like a ten Erica was

clearly superior to Martha and they were

both kind of flirting with me I remember

we were in the lunchroom one time and

Erica said Erica said hey listen um this

is before Martha and I hooked up this is

unbelievable I can't believe remember

this so we're all in the lunchroom and

we're watching I think we're watching

The Simpsons on Erica's iPhone or

something like that and Erica was like

just like she struck up conversation

she's like yeah you know we need to go

over our our objections like you know

our training she's like you know what we

could probably just do it over the phone

and again my stupid Erica is telling me

hey give me a call so we can go over our

objections and I'm and I was confused I

didn't know that this chick was flirting

with me I had no idea because I was at

such low self-esteem I had no idea no

game so I'm like okay well how are you

do that she's like well I'll just give

it my phone number Martha's sitting

right there so Erica writes down her

phone number and gives it to me and

Martha says well if you're gonna if

she's gonna give your phone number I

guess I may as well - and so she writes

down her phone number and I'm like okay

I finally had Martha's phone number so I

had two girls give me their phone number

at the same time I had no dude had I

know if I knew then what I know now I

would never have messed with Martha I

would have messed with Ericka okay

anyway um oh my god um oh so anyway I'll

never forget me and this so we're all

and the cut we're all in this so we all

go to lunch the very next day and and

again I didn't have a car but it was

this older lady named Danielle who I

ended up fucking years later she was

driving erica was in the passenger seat

and I was in the backseat with Martha

we're back there flirtin this and that

the other well we go we get our lunch

and then we get back in the car and this

time Martha said that she wanted to sit

and this time Martha said hey Donovan

sit in the front seat what the fuck does

she not like me like what the hell so so

Mars and Erica are back there whispering

to one another I'm like whoo I wonder if

Mars that's telling Erica that she likes

me oh I can't believe it this and that

the other dude I can't tell you how how

long I can't tell you I never figured

out what the conversation was but like a

year and a half or two years later when

I finally hooked up with Erica she told

me about that conversation she said that

day we went to Del Taco and Donyell

drove us all and she told you to switch


Martin Erica told Erica told me that

Martha told her look I really need a

boyfriend I know you like him but can

you please let me have him guys my hand

to the fucking man so Martha knew that

Erica liked me but I didn't know Erica

like me and and so Martha knew that

Erica looked better than Martha did she

knew she looked better than her so she

got in the backseat and said she pleaded

for she says look please let me have

this one and the rest is fuckin history

unbelievable unbelievable unbelievable

how this shit works out III I swear to

God if it's one of the crazy things I've

ever heard in my life I was unbelievably

crazy man unbelievably crazy

anyway that's the serial that is the

serial girlfriend slide and again I'll

probably re-air episode 1 wake-up call

at some point on the channel freelancer

Onan says true the serial girlfriend

instantly thinks that any dudes that

hits the booty good is their instant

soulmate until the next guy hits the

booty listen up this is funny so a week

and a half after Martha and I had fuck

we're sitting on the couch and she's

like yeah you know I told my mom about

you and this and that any other I was

like oh cool what did they think she

says well they're happy that I'm you

know I finally have a good boyfriend I

said whoa I said you didn't think I was

your boyfriend did you she says well

yeah and I was like oh okay like we

never made it official I fuck her and

she thought I was her boyfriend

unbelievable good comment there

freelance very very good comment god

trip down memory lane I still do crazy

fucking times in Vegas man swear to god

dude I need to do a Vegas Chronicle

section on patreon number seven the

Mudshark thought now I wrote an article

on return of Kings called the phenomenon

of white girls who date who exclusively

date black men the phenomenon of white

girls who only date black men and I

speculated on the reasons why some white

girls only choose black men now nobody

can definitively point out what

motivates you know what motivates them

from one girl to the next one thing's

for certain is that chicks who have

exclusive tastes for black men or epic

dude and again you have to understand

this guy's girls have more options than

men right if a white girl exclusively

dates black guy she takes more dude she

takes more black cock than a fucking

interracial porn star I promise you now

here's how to recognize these types of

hoes now this Brando is almost too easy

to spot so you know listen listen listen

you know she is right she's the white

girl with the big hoop earrings you know

she's got the fake diamond stud in her

nose the tattoo out on her of a Phoenix

on our left

or butterfly or anything else that

denotes freedom or whatever profound

bullshit you guys know what she likes

right like every few seconds you know

her phone is you know ringing out like

two-second snippets of whatever hip-hop

tone alerting her from you know or

alerting her from one text or other it

whatever like we all know what we all

know what girls we all know what women

white women who exclusively flecked

black guys look like now in 2018 they're

actually not quite they're not as

obvious like there are some white girls

that you would look at you would never

ever think would be fucking with black

dudes like dude my girlfriend for

example right like you would look at her

and you would never think that she'd be

fucking with niggas like ever but then

some girls are like yep mm-hmm

yep absolutely yep yep she fucks niggas

mm-hmm yep I remember I was fucking this

girl I was actually fucking this girl in

Reno her name was Michelle and I

remember we were walking one day and she

told me she told me once she said as a

matter of fact Michelle is the last time

I did cocaine was with a chick named

Michelle and that was her so anyway

we're walking were walking down downtown

arena or whatever she's like you know

what white guys never hit on me I have

no idea why and I looked there I said

well isn't it obvious she's like no I

don't have my kids with me I was like

dude it's your hoop earrings sweetheart

like if you're a white girl and you are

hoop earrings that is a dead giveaway

that you fuck niggas and she laughed it

was like an uncomfortable laugh I said

yes here's I said walk around with studs

and you'll get more wipe away attention

I didn't give a fuck she's just a ho

fuck that

anyway um as far as the slut bait for

for for mud sharks white girls who fuck

black dudes as easy as they are to

recognize and my personal experience

there even easier to fuck dude just be

black being above average safe and have

decent game and you're gonna fucker

granted like I said at the top of the

show nothing is a slam dunk nothing is a

gimme in today's sexual marketplace but

so long as you're not a fat betta dude

white girls who fuck black dudes they're

as close to a sure thing as against

Ultra gamer turbo says I've known every

type poppy sluts absolutely and James

heads aunt James says had one too many

of the serial girlfriends dude we have

all dated the serial girlfriend she has

to have a boyfriend has to have a


Miami Jay says um someone remind me of

what I thought is yeah that hole over

there thought chot

and by the way oh there you go Muriel

sharp assistant James right and believe

it or not I had to look it up the only

reason why I'm calling them thoughts is

because you know I got a I got to be SEO

relevant right like I got to make sure

that this video gets found I got to make

sure my page gets found so I have to use

the word thought in my descriptions and

in my titles so Shepherd II Clark says

dupa he says Dubai porta potti Dubai

porta potti mud sharks are fun so I've

been sold ant James says mud sharks have

no problem choosing on choosing up on

black man dude mud sharks fuck niggas by

the truckload

cuz niggas a nude nigga is always trying

to fuck white girls your boy included a

nude met dude man I'm gonna tell you

what dude I was a white dude I was a

fucking white girl pussy plunger I was

the booty bandit the ass Avenger white

girls who fucked nothing but niggas

almost too easy to fuck straight-up

number eight the last and final thought

ho slut the I'm one of the guys slut now

touched on these kinds of girls during

my show the longer this short of what

these girls are really about is that

their circle of friends is mostly men

right so whether it's watching the game

going out for drinks or just hanging out

at you know one of their houses or

whatever being one of the guys ensures

her constant attention from the guy she

spends time with now how to recognize

the I'm one of the guys Lutz it's very

easy all I got to do is listen for the

verbal cues and you have to understand

these let's take tremendous pride that

they're one of the boys and dude they'll

Yammer on and on about it to anyone who

will listen also pay attention to what

her hobbies are right if she mentions

watching sports playing video games or

playing beer pong with the fellas at the

local you know bar guess what you've got

an ID one of the guys sluts

now the slut bait required to fuck one

of these girls now it can be rather

difficult to game these broads because

of the constant attention she's getting

from other guys in the group so rather

than being a try-hard like Everett

listen if you and your homeboys have a

girl in the group everyone's tried to

fuck her right and that that's what she

likes so rather than being a try-hard

like everyone else do just let your red

pill tendencies do the talking and

she'll gravity don't gravitate in your

direction as a matter of female nature

like chances are most of your homeboys

are blue pill so if you just act like

your red pill self you're gonna be the

guy she ends up bangin that's just how

it is another suggestion and I've

actually I've actually heard I've never

done this before Matt I've actually had

friends who do that who do this another

suggestion is to introduce another girl

into the group not only does this create

competition between the two girls which

means they will shamelessly flirt with

and/or fuck you guys to get attention

but this also tips the guy the girl

ratio a little bit more in your favor

like I said a buddy of mine actually I

want to see in North Carolina or

Carolina oh god I can't remember exactly

but it might did this a North Carolina

back when I lived in High Point he

actually did this quite a bit and it

proved to be it proved me but it proved

to be beneficial to more than a few

dudes in a screw

at the end of the day guys you still

have to run solid game to sleep with any

of these sluts that I've talked about

the degree to which you have to run this

particular game it varies from slut to

slut from thought to thought from ho de

ho but regardless of how easy they are

to fuck most of today's attractive

females most of most of today's

attractive women don't just look they

don't drop their panties for just

anybody now I understand this to most

women have a little bit of all of these

sluts in them at one point another age

financial status children or lack

thereof those are a few of the

mitigating factors that determine which

slut they are at any given time

regardless use these girls for fun only

and no commitment more up and than not

and here's something else to remember

more often than not whichever brand

whichever brand of slut they decide to

channel certain that serves their best

interest at the time that's gonna be the

one that the end of channeling okay so

if being a quid pro quo hoe is gonna

benefit her then that's what she'll

channel if being a still got at girl

slut is gonna benefit her that's what's

good that that's what's going to that

that's one she's gonna channel if being

an ovulation slut is gonna benefit her

then she'll turn into that it just

depends on what the situation is a big

part a big a big part of awareness on

the hook-up scene this recognizing the

type of girl that you were dealing with

and if you're using your red pill if

you're using a red pill awareness you

pay attention you'll be able to quickly

diagnose what kind of slut she is and

that ultimately leads to more lays okay

let's see here freelance run-ins as

white women need dick to

aunt James's I can't stand the one of

the guys sluts yeah treat the bitch like

a little brother she wants to be one of

the yes since she wants to be one of the

guys dude what a girl says I'm just one

of the guys she's not just one of the

guys she's just a woman she's just a

woman who likes attention from multiple

men that's all she is that's all she is

so guys I'm gonna run a little bit of an

experiment over the next few days

unfortunately that's gonna mean that the

shake and tits are probably gonna have

to go bye-bye for a little while I'm

gonna run a little bit of an experiment

I just looked in the patreon settings

and bylaws and I have marked my I've

marked my content adult and let me go to

learn more because the reason I marked

my content adult is because of what I

talked about is because you know i

sweared this and that in the other but i

didn't realize i didn't realize that all

it took yeah III didn't realize that all

it took was just a little bit of you

know sexual you know let me see here

yeah yeah yeah yeah all it is all really

adult content means it's just sexual

stuff so it says contains sexual imagery

or nudity so I don't know if the girl on

the screen contains sexual imagery I

would like to provide you guys with

titties galore but I'm trying to build

my audience here so I'm certainly not

gonna tempt fate so I'm gonna mark my

I'm gonna mark my I'm gonna mark this as

non adult content I'm gonna save these

changes and we're gonna see we're gonna

see if we're gonna see if I get we're

gonna see if I can build my audience a

little bit quicker so I'm gonna mark

this non adult and and then again I

listened I misunderstood

I thought adult content meant like hey

we swear and we cuss and this is the

other well guess what everybody swears

everybody's everybody cousins but it

says sexual imagery or nudity I don't

know I guess listen there's definitely

not nudity like you can see most of her

tit but sexual imagery I don't know that

that I know that that counts is that I

don't know we'll see we'll see what


I was gonna do Brazilian Jujitsu tonight

but dude my body is just absolutely dude

I worked out lifted heavy hard today as

you guys know I had to take a couple of

weeks off because I went down to North

Carolina to handle a family thing then I

went to Washington DC - what to help out

a good friend of mine could not work out

I think I worked out twice the entire

time someone have to get back into the

swing of things did spin class yesterday

dominated spin class dominated my

workout today it caught up with me today

so I'll probably wait until next week to

start Brazilian jiu-jitsu again and at

that point then you know what y'all

listen it won't take me long to work my

body back up my workout regimen now is I

lift heavy three times a week I do spin

class three times a week and I do

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu three times a week

so that that's the way that I'm gonna

get into the best shape of my life my

thanks to you gentlemen for your for

your support I listen the guys again I

cannot tell you guys how much I

appreciate your support you guys

followed me from YouTube here to patreon

hopefully we can build the audience here

like we but listen the audience here is

obviously not gonna be built as quickly

as YouTube but that's a good thing

because that means I'll actually be able

to stay on patreon but I definitely

appreciate the the you know the support

freelance Ronan one of the OGS

you know retro fan jeopardy Clark aunt


i'ma dude Miami Jay sharp assist you

know decided to come over and help me

out here as well I mean all you guys man

I greatly greatly appreciate appreciate

appreciate the support and James

Martinez says builds our audience that

should be a test for your listeners to

get tates seen


so are you saying that I should show you

know what I don't know I don't want to

take any chances man cuz

I don't know maybe maybe I maybe I will

keep the Tatas maybe maybe I will and

and the thing is it's not like it's not

like a 14 year old kid gets on patreon

and he sees these titties that's not any

it's not anything he hasn't seen before

right all it is is women with big fake

tits jumping up and down that could be

construed as sexual imagery but nobody's

gonna report that I don't know we'll see

we'll see what happens anyway guys thank

you for listening today tune in tomorrow

for episode 243 same bat-time same


thanks for listening



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