Did LeSean McCoy set his girlfriend up to be robbed and beaten?

LeSean McCoy finds himself in a media firestorm amid allegations of premeditated domestic abuse. The consequences, if found guilty, would essentially end his career in the NFL similar to Ray Rice. We'll also be discussing Jameis Winston, Ben Simmons, the Kellen Winslow Rape allegations and much more on this edition of TSR: Sports Talk. 


Potential legal ramifications of the disturbing accusations against LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy denies domestic violence allegations



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we're gonna talk women's tennis we're

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lesson let's go ahead and get things

started the the title of the show and

you know we're gonna discuss a few

topics but the title of the show is

obviously talking about the LeSean McCoy

situation anyone again who is a casual

sports fan or just a sort of a hardcore

sports guy like me maybe a fly-by-night

sports fan what have you you guys have

heard about the recent developments as

far as the LeSean McCoy situation so

Doctore you're listen you're a lot more

up on this situation you're a lot more

well learned go ahead and give us give

us the rundown on what's going on here

with the LTTE McCoy let's get a little

rundown and to give ourselves a little

bit more credit just basically what you

were saying if you look even before you

start the sharp reality I read I I know

we were like minded when I was reading

your stuff in the return of Kings yeah

me some of my stuff and when I was doing

boys I'm a voice for men so it was even

before you started the sharp reality but

but eventually but getting to the point


yeah LeSean McCoy former Eagles running

back so this has a Philly connection

free for a big Eagles fan like you now

the Buffalo Bills was a University of

Pittsburgh and right now it's training

camp time

Oh TA time so you're prepared for the

season and LeSean McCoy got a big

surprise probably about a week or so ago

when an Instagram post probably caught

his attention yes and caught the

attention of the NFL and caught the

attention of course of sports media and

then Instagram post had a missed Alethea

Corden and we're not breaking any rules

here but we don't care about breaking

those rules between women anyway but

they've already been she's already been

named by her attorney so that's you know

disgust yeah the rape shield laws what

is't eyes referring yeah exactly

okay all right so a picture was released

on Instagram but not by Miss Mississippi

according but by her friend whose name I

doesn't really matter but it was a

picture of I was it was a split screen

picture of her looking very thought it

out looking damn hot

and then the next picture was her

looking pretty bruised and battered a

head shot and you start and to give you

an idea if you haven't seen the

Instagram post she looked like a little

sort of like what Christie Mac look like

after or let me see now yeah and

actually got that better

yeah those of you guys watching I'm

actually I've got the picture I don't

have the split screen of her looking

good I have a split screen of LeSean

McCoy and the and the girl so yeah you

could you guys can see over my shoulder

she is she is very beaten and very badly

bruised so there you go right yeah so

the very so the post was taken down the

lawyer for Miss Corden told her told

these young lady to take the post down

but there was calling him the devil

talking about hi beating up his he

beating up his son for peeing in the bed

and you're thinking god man there's this

is not this is not an ambiguous

situation yeah you wait for things to

peel back well it turns out because you

see the domestic violence you think

first thing you think is connecting him

with what happened to that young lady

right right uh and it turns out she was

the victim of a home invasion so

somebody came in the house another

female was there I know it was a friend

or another friend but injured one of

them and beat the

the holy heck out of her and and there

was a robbery of about fifty thousand

dollars so worth of jury and other

expenses now as you peel back the onion

on this as things have unfolded and

obviously we should LeSean McCoy said

these are Scrolls allegations I had

nothing to do with this once you peel

back the onion you realize and you find

out for one thing and I'm going to go

ahead and read a quick article that just

came on you yes please do we need all

the information I'm gonna complete story

here yeah

so this I'm not gonna read all the

articles but this particular article is

pretty good from I just a couple days

ago so it's from micro docking ESPN

staff writer it goes but what we call

nylon one I could being beaten and

robbed forgery and a tooth a home

invasion hopefully she believed her

ex-boyfriend thought to be LeSean McCoy

quote-unquote set her up for the attack

so the nine one in the car says she

initially believed the the police in

Milton Joy redacted woman's name from

the audit released Thursday comes in

however attorneys for girlfriend Alicia

court believe previously identified her

as the victim of the home invasion so so

we know who she is

right so the and so here's the quote I'm

telling you I'm telling you that guy is

redacted uh I think it's an asshole or

whatever maybe right the caller said

that I wanted audio uh he must have

known they the the camera system LaShawn

must have told them the visual camera

Russell she's essentially saying that um

that that was set up by him right now

well police arrived at the scene the

caller told the dispatcher she did not

want to leave the home because she was

afraid McCord was watching on camera

like my boyfriend quote whoo I feel did

this who set me up is going to see us on

the cameras outside with quote unquote

should we're breaking up

and little issues with my refreshing but

you know essentially they've uh what's

been happening is he's been with her for

a couple years

in about a year ago he had tried to move

her out of the home by leaving her stuff

out in the driveway okay women like to

do right right of course right right so

so what happened so yeah so what is so

he tried to do the turnabout because if

a man with a little ease her leaving the

man stuff out and tell them he's gotta

go he's gotta go or she's gonna call the

house that's right she called the cops

on him right and the cops told her I

told him that he couldn't get her out of

the house until unless he went to corner

he says look I'm trying to get her out

of the house because it could be false

accusation in the future there yeah and

there you guys was a domestic violence

the climate of domestic violence in our

profession he was crushing he understood

yeah I'm in a domestic violence in our

in my profession III got a bill I gotta

be safe so the cop said the only thing

you can do is have witnesses around when

she's around but you can't leave her an

a so a year later he's still been going

through new proceedings with her so

police were again called to the cord

home we'll call back or into the home in

April when McCoy was identified as the

caller's boyfriend mm-hmm McCoy removed

furniture from the home that corn wanted

to keep but McCoy and later agreed to

leave it police also released details

Thursday from when they were called to

the home June 1st when corn remotely

reviewed security camera footage of

furniture being removed from the home

McCoy's mother Daphne told police during

the June 1st visit that she was moving

her son's item out of the home while

he's participating in OTAs with a bill

so that he did not have to deal with


so mama bear was trying to protect it

right in his stuff out of the house so

there will be no logistical interactions

because there was just when their

actions the woman's always gonna get the

benefit out and this mom knows the rest

yes of course Jones yeah police yeah so

please tell Daphne that she would see

that she can remove her son's purse well

but she would have to go to civil court

to have any other items including

furniture removed

Daphne also told police q1 that her son

told coordinate she could stay in the

home at Obus old because she had two

children we go

we're gonna get back to that right yes

of course

now just quick break here you guys can

for those of you guys following along we

can already listen we can we can see the

writing on the wall we can already see

where this is where this is kind of

headed so but but but before you move on

LeSean McCoy knows what the climate is

he knows and listen Audrey Collins on

the Facebook side says just the

accusations alone can ruin him exactly

LeSean McCoy is well aware of the

climate in in the NFL I mean listen look

at Rubin Foster his axe he almost tried

to do the exact same thing he tried to

put her out of the house all she had to

do was say that he beat her and choked

her and slapped her and he was his

career was almost over it wasn't until

she finally admitted that she had

falsified the entire story now Reuben

Foster thankfully his career is seems to

be back on track after he after he after

he serves the suspension but McCoy

recognized very early that look if I

don't get this check out of my house I'm

gonna be facing a situation that I'm

facing right now so go ahead and go

ahead and continue yeah absolutely we

saw what happened it culminated that

they got their big scalp a few months

later a few months before but foster

they got it with zigge Eliot right where

we know were a known false accuser and a

documented false accuser was still able

to get mr. Vick Eliot a 6-game suspect

yeah Tiffany Thompson's oh by the way

yeah I'm let's go ahead and say her name

yet loudly so yeah so attorneys for uh

so so so here's where it gets tick

attorneys record released a statement to

multiple media outlets Tuesday evening

Satan chordoma sleeping in the home or a

Tuesday with a mail sent into the home

to manage specific items of jewelry that

she had received from a Koi there were

no signs of forced entry now here's the

here's where capable the dead were more

sure to the kool-aid okay apparently

McCoy had received a bunch of jewelry on

ko Simon or on loan from other jurors

for her to look good probably washing

out with him okay of course so so we

were right along McCoy who has been

training in Miami in the summer 2/9

accusations made on social media by a

friend of the victim that he was

responsible for the injuries

allegations that he beat his son as a

dog and he used illegal steroids McCord

previously made comments about wanting

the jewelry back on Gordon is saying

that she could be robbed because the

jury was expensive there we go I already

knew the County show yeah exactly Fulton

County show McCoy been tempting since

last July to evict cord from the home so

here we are July 2018 okay i hearing was

scheduled for Tuesday in the case that's

just past Tuesday which which would have

been what's the ninth or duh right I

think it was I think it was the tenth

yeah I'm not mistaken yeah yeah it would

be the tip but it was rescheduled for

all this 14th because of an emergency

and corns attorneys family the NFL said

in a statement Tuesday was reviewing the

matter the bills released a statement

soon they were in contact McCoy and the

NFL continue to gather information

now the investigations by police only

come as the bill prepared to meet the

fourth of July 25th training camp okay

so here's how the NFL personal conduct

policy kind of works with this situation

they could allow the league to place

McCoy on the Commission's exempt list

which is why he's being investigated by

the lead he can simplify and plead yeah

that designation will prevent McCoy from

practicing or playing in any games the

exempt list requires other player to be

formally charged with crime of violence

or having engaged in other contexts

opposed a jingle a danger to the safety

or well-being on the person or the lead

to a suspected violation but still be

investigating right now one more thing I

want to go back to and this is gonna be

a little bit fun for us to riff on okay

because first of all we're gonna have to

get into shady a little bit yes we are

yes we are

now before no listen yeah yeah well

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McCoy situation with his with his now

ex-girlfriend she was battered and

beaten and of course you know

and of course listen we smell a rat so

if you guys want to watch the rest of

the episode Donovan sharp calm all right

dr. E so go ahead and go ahead and

continue with what you're talking about

before yeah so I put four paragraphs and

i'ma culminate with something - there's

a couple of things here so here's what

you said the incident report my

boyfriend this is Miss Cornyn who I feel

like did this who set me up is going to

see us on the cameras outside we're

breaking up with what he won't all his

jewelry back right attorneys for Koren

sent a statement Tuesday that she was

struck in the head with a firearm during

the home invasion and also suffered

injuries to her wrist during an attempt

by the suspect to remove her jewelry in

the call the woman sells a 911

dispatcher that she's bleeding in her

face is demolished an event report

released Tuesday by the police

department did not identify a suspect

but include a description of suspect as

a black man of unknown age he was

wearing a mask is dressed all in black

okay according to the report the event

report the car initially told the police

that her 16 year old son was missing and

that a window in his room was open and

that quote a sheet was tied like someone

went out from the second hole in a

mobile home the law later states that

the caller quote make contact with her

son he's coming home in an uber so

fucking one of the things that caught my

attention Donovan is JD McCoy just

turned 30 just last Thursday right which

is which which is the which is the

equivalent of the wall for there it's

interesting the wall for running backs

and women come at this how about that

alright anyway little little red pill

humor in there right yeah Yeah Yeah

right right about the same time yes so

nevertheless always you know she's got

consolidating he's got to be at the

point where he's got to be really

protecting his money weight because he's

done a bunch of one-year deal that's

right absolutely not getting long-term

contracts anymore so but what are you

doing in a demand in a domestic

entanglement with a woman who's old

enough to have a son that 16 years old

mmm and then knitting yours shady what

are you doing man like like we talked

about we listen we talk all the time

about the fact that single mothers are a

bad bet for men

dude LeSean McCoy is a multi-millionaire

he is a top one per is a physical top

one percenter he is mr. pencil fucking


yeah went to a Pennsylvania high school

went to the University of Pittsburgh

played for the Philadelphia Eagles

because before of course you know Chip

Kelly stupidly traded him to the bills

but the guy has the world at his feet

listen listen let's not get it twisted

the bitch she was fuckin she looks good

like dude she's a solid 9 maybe even a

10 but you could still be fuckin with

other bitches without all that baggage

and again it this is this isn't to say

that women without kids won't pull this

kind of bullshit because they do but

Tiffany Thompson you know listen ray

Rice's real wife right right exactly I

mean you know whatever the case may be

but the but the problems are magnified

tenfold when you fuck with bitches with

kids now this now this chick is old

enough to have a 16 year old kid let's

just say for the sake of argument that

she had her kid at 15 years old that

would put her at I don't know I don't

know how this woman is 30 31 years old

but shady very early yeah why are you

fucking with women in their 30s broad

you need to fuck the 19 the 20 the 21

year olds bruh dude LeSean McCoy isn't

even in his sexual prime yet this dude

just turned 30 what are you doing man

yeah and you know along those same lines

here's another thing that that you

definitely have to consider too as I'm

looking what's going on what happened

with the police and he trying to put her

out obviously they had to there was

something more to it because if he's the

only one on the lease of the deed then

she's got to go within five days right

right oh right though so what it tells

me is that he put her on you the deed or

the lease sort of agreement there right

what he had to go through the proper

channels because if she weren't on the

deed or the lease and he gonna just kick

the rest of the curb and there was

nothing she could do about it

right exactly but regardless we know how

it flips because what the police have

essentially done is made him cohabitate

with a hostile actor in his own home yes

that is that more exactly right

unbelievable they created a they create

a toxic brew that better put the other

way around

no matter what we have what I call

primary aggressor laws

but whatever you want to call it whether

it's whether it was punches thrown

mister on or whatever the woman called

and she says the man did this or I feel

scared he's got to go he has to guy knew

all yeah that's exactly right that's

exactly right

no comments in here good yeah and I'm

sure if shady if the cops per said look

put up in a motel said he'd have been

glad to spring for alcohol Morris it's

not only in them the money bitch out of

my house but she wanted to keep she

wanted to stay in the house so that she

could have control once she's in the


she has what she's in the mask she could

she she has some similar to patrolman

that even though he's the guy that

technically own you were at dude you

were at a woman's mercy when you come

with as far as the lost concern right

got a few comments modern life dating

says in modern life dating it's Jonathan

he's a big-time Cowboys fan that's that

I don't know I mean listen the guy has

it together one of the one of the one of

the biggest red pill guys out there but

he's a Cowboys fan so that might

disqualify him as a red pill guy says

Ezekiel Elliott pulling that girls tit

out and her just laughing it off if that

was some average guy he would be in jail

absolutely sir tricks a lot says the

bitch is lying moderate Jonathan also

says I was raised by single mom I do not

recommend it it is a massive uphill

battle here's something else that he

just pointed out he said McCoy has Fame

not game dude a hundred percent right

shady McCoy he has all of the red pill

attributes and we discussed this

yesterday on the red man group would you

rather have money looks or game dude you

take game every time you can have all

the money in the world if you don't have

game you are fucked my friend just ask

guys like let's play Sean McCoy Rubin

Foster Ben Simmons who are gonna get

into here in a little bit yeah now

something new just popped up in the last

day okay and here's the here's the


it's from what's from yesterday okay

LeSean McCoy ex-girlfriend Alicia this

is on bleacher report LeSean McCoy is ex

girlfriend Alicia Court an uncertain

running back was involved in attack

never said telling all the world

all that he set you up which triggered a

police investigation and NFL

investigation uh and whatever else

regarding is whatever responses may have

she's now walking it back so here's

before here's the lead I'm an attorney

for de Lucia quote and former girlfriend

of Buffalo Bills running backs LeSean

McCoy who was injured during the home

invasion early Tuesday morning right

said her client isn't sure what the NFL

player was involved in planning the

attack on Friday lawyer Tanya Mitchell

Graham told CBS News that Corden who

alleged McCoy quote set me up in the

initial 9-1-1 call is quote no longer

certain about his participation in the

assault making plans to move out of the

residence he owns

now here's another thing that's bigger

than that adds a little more sugar to

the COO and I'm thinking LaShawn was

trying to tell her look I have I got

this on consignment or loan from these

jewelers yeah if you understand the

jewelry industry and talk about the high

injury they know how to get their stuff

back Oh mom yes they do yes they do they

will get that jewelry back my friend you

better believe it right and so I think

he was trying to lay a warning to her

that look you know if this is something

that he had bought outright and given to

her well yes maybe one thing of course

of course and we see that point in time

it was a gift I'm not giving back right

right yeah I'm not giving back the stuff

we saw that with what's-her-name have a

little Donna with him I'm sorry yeah

yeah oh yeah right Larsa Pippen you know

yeah yep yeah yeah exactly so all the

lots of people put at the time for

twenty years she just got caught up with

a carry the Kardashians in and thought

she could live that lifestyle and see it

she's not living at Ellis Island

thankfully for him Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen finally wise not man yeah

yeah you listen to very absolute Lee now

Doctore your your a the reason I have

the reason why we work well together is

because you and for those of you guys

who don't who don't know

Doctore has he's got a background in

journalism he is very good at at finding

the story behind the story he has

actually taught like he's talked to the

you know you've talked to a professional

athletes he has access to professional


you know he's got he has he has access

to people that that most of the free

world do not have access to but without

without going without making any sort of

prediction where do you think this ends

up what what happens to LeSean McCoy

what happened and again we're not

lawyers we're just gonna go ahead and

and preface that but you know when the

smoke clears what happens to LeSean

McCoy what happens to the girl we're

like where does this end up does he get

suspended I mean does it go away what

happens well one thing that's working in

with Sean McCoy's favor is that he kept

a record of things and he went to the

police anonymously first but his first

interaction with him is very cordial

right and he laid the groundwork as to

what she was going to do now because

there's no accusation that he actually

put hands on her in this particular

matter it's all in citations man going

yeah yeah he doesn't have any proximate

contact with her and there's no and he'd

been making attempts to distance himself

from her for a while so I think he was

smart in that sense I think what's going

to happen is he's gonna have a problem

getting a new contract I don't know when

his contract with the Bills was up I

think yeah I think it will be a big

decision yeah you can probably I mean I

don't know me he's probably got like

maybe a year or two left but just like

you said you know at this point he said

thirty years old I mean he won't have as

many suitors again it's like running

backs or like women once they hit 30

they've got options just not quite as

many and the options are not quite as

good 91 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call 911 for 205 5 3 5 6 is the number

to call if you want to get in on the

discussion let's switch gears here and

come listen we're gonna stay in the

state of Pennsylvania we're gonna talk

about my boy Ben Simmons who has Fame

who has money but no game he's caught up

in some bullshit with kendall Jenner


Doctore dude honestly man like what's

going on with Ben well it started out a

few months ago he was dating Tinashe

who's been kind of tossed around a

little bit and has been real

around with me I mean she's uh she got

she was with date she was she was

whipped and benefi Wathan she she's in

the rap world and she's a musician she's

a singer right she's a recording artist

she's not really a musician so let's do

that out of the way she's already out of

Russia want to be on ur ariana grande no

ariana grande no senator Sieben yeah so

she wants that Mar era Grande money you

know she she's kind of not getting there

so she's uh she's nowhere near the wall

good he's 25 right and she was messed

around with uh with in Simmons for a few

months and they were in they were

boyfriend and girlfriend and apparently

Ben Simmons

kicked her to the curb for doing what he

called quote unquote Kardashian shit

okay so she went she went messing around

there with Blake Griffin he tossed her

up yeah she got curved I the Donovan

Mitchell said no thanks yeah right we

talked about that last I was like nah

bitch like I'm younger than you like

luck that yeah yeah so we started so

they you know they had a little thing

going and so she went on TMZ said I'm

the miscellany baller so moving forward

it's been revealed that Ben Simmons is

been seeking security has been looking

into getting extra security because

apparently he's afraid of Tanaka and

what she could do she's been showing up

at events coincidentally that him and

Kendall Jenner haven't had that some

sponsor shit homie that wasn't I'm shit

yeah we know yeah we know the social

media age that people tend to tell

themselves particularly we saw with

xxx density on the rapper you know he he

got murdered a couple weeks ago yep

obviously it's one of those situations

where he had $15,000 in cash he was

buying or twenty thousand one hundred

thousand dollars in cash he was buying

motorbikes right right and so you know

in the social media age you could you

could be on social media and say I'm on

this road and I'm heading to this place

and you could be texting a woman that

you've been fucking with and she could


oh you go into so-and-so and she's

looking at somebody else saying he's

gotta go yep there you go and here you

go fix you up and I think that might

have might have been what happened so so

everybody knows where everybody's at in

social media because people are always

telling on themselves

with the Kardashian brand if you're

gonna be going somewhere with kendall

Jenner you're gonna say something into

where you are because probably going to

be part is probably gonna be fodder for

the show so apparently she's been DMing

Kendall telling him all sorts of drama

about Ben so let's um I'm gonna go to

this this word this radar online piece

from a couple of days Kendall bear

Jenner beefed up security team after Ben

Simmons ex sends her nasty messages Oh

model is scared of Tinashe after she

warns her dump NBA player boyfriend oh

boy it's going down to the d-ends

radar Online learned exclusively kendall

Jenner beefed up her security team after

Ben Simmons x2 nauseous and her

nastiness about her NBA player beau

Jenner 22 is scared of the

singer-songwriter a source revealed

that's after Ben Simmons saying the sort

of skier - right right ganache has been

deep it has been DMing Kendall like

crazy telling her how bad of a guy Ben

is and wanting her to dump him but she's

done with balling and you don't want

anything to do with bars right right

yeah exactly exactly

she's writing nasty things about Bennett

upsetting Kendall right the informant

tells radar Online supposed to be

Kendall's in shock Tinashe

this is 25 is behaving this way it feels

for safety may be compromised quote

she's hiring more bodyguards for herself

for these times Ben's not by her side to

protect her the source says okay

so essentially what they're doing is

they're getting Ted she feels that this

Tinashe situation is seriously a thin

line between love and hate right radar

previously reported Kris Jenner wants to

keep showcase once to showcase the 21

year old Simmons and can a love triangle

while Keeping Up with the Kardashians

hmm surprise surprise we go you're not

to mention Kendall siblings thinks Ben

Kendall siblings think Ben might be the

one exclamation point

quote my sister's think that she is

finally falling in love because they had

never seen her like this

she was always working around fucking

with girls and guy all right is that is

very much unlike her to see her her to

be so into a guy that she cooked him

before modeling and everything else so

you got a little head to the red pill

there that it was she wants to put him

on because apparently the card that the

Kardashians are pretty good girlfriends

what I understand you know it was very

you know Chloe was very loyal to Tristan

she's been loyal to Lamar Odom and we

know what Kim did with with with Taylor

Swift and oh yeah setting her up after

she came after Kanye so that was a very

rare promo to but that's not the point

is I'm saying a lot of the bigger point

with the Kardashian is that um and as we

know we talked about a couple weeks ago

um a few weeks ago

Kendall was caught cavorting with

another guy right so right um maybe

she's maybe she's for you maybe she's

there forgiving maybe she's falling in

line good for them and he's checked her

maybe not but the problem but the

problem is the bigger problem with the

Kardashians is once you dip your toe

into the Kardashian pool it could become

a vortex that you cannot control very

very very quickly and has military

effect on your career as we've seen with

Tristan Thompson ng it's hard not only

hit do not only them Lamar Odom now I'm

not now Lamar Odom did no he didn't set

them all out at that problem of course

right Lamar had demons before he got

with Khloe but you know when he got with

Khloe that only that only magnified them

but the only guy who really seemed to be

able to to handle the the Kardashian

curse is is James Harden and that's

really the the only reason why he was

able to handle is because he got in and

out he fucked Khloe a few times yeah she

ended up fucking around on her and she's

like well I can't be with somebody who

cheats on me and he do he fucking kicked

her to the curb to kicked her to the

curb he got his 15 minutes of shine off

Kardashian he fucked her and chucked her

and that was it he was out but you look

at guys like Reggie Bush

Kris Humphries you know I mean like

anytime a guy anytime a professional

athlete rap or what-have-you when they

dip their toe into that Kardashian world

they're never the same after that yeah

absolutely I mean we even James

harnesses that was the worst crew this

is that was the worst year of my career

absolutely absolutely but he but he cut

his losses and he smashed and - yeah

that's exactly what I should show some

beta tendencies obviously of course I'm

talking her back and now you shop and

the thing about it is is that Ben

Simmons unlike some guys I'm like I'm

putting Griffin or Ritchie Bush or James

Harden because they have some men in the

liquors the Indians a very veteran

League yes so if you're a guy and let's

say your freshman college you have guys

coming back to you know University of

Arizona yeah you know when you wouldn't

like Mike Bibby Mike Dickerson 20 years

ago yeah guys like Shawn Elliott and

yeah for another folks coming back and

hitting them the game now you have guys

like DeAndre eight got those guys coming

back and telling them what's going on

right those guys in contact the type of

high school players in a region they get

they get past that the hang out with NBA

players right right those interview

players will hit will hit them on game

you get a guy like Ben Simmons I grew up

in Australia yeah that's right people

forget to hide and forget that yeah yeah

so he's not tied in the Hollywood game

he's the he doesn't have so he didn't

have somebody wanted plus he went to

college at LSU right which is wait yeah

they get where yeah somehow you he was

yeah yeah so he came over here for a

year or two kind of hung out in

Philadelphia for his first year because

he was heard but he doesn't have those

connections of having been with a

high-power university with a lot of that

like the Kentucky the can do yes we have

guy telling you this is what you need to

do this is what you need to pay

attention to you know if you're a

Kentucky guy you have cautionary tales

like Antoine Walker yes very very

careful with these women right and so a

lot of guys listen to a guy like James

Harden coming through the high school

ranks you know now I rizona Steve can I

pay attention and listen right yeah he's

an Arizona State guy so a lot of

groupies out there a lot of hot women

out there so he had practice there he

don't know because Arizona State's one

of the biggest party schools in the

world so so he understood hypergamy it's

a very rich area with Scottsdale Tempe

om+ you see every mile all-american yes

yes yes yeah so so he had a chance to

sow his Wild Oats

you know Messer

a lot and so he didn't get the one itis

right a lot of these guys don't get one

eyes but Ben Simmons this is his first

taste of celebrity go man his first

taste of American celebrity and again

and again you make it you make a very

very you make an excellent point because

listen we just going back to what you


Tinashe try she was checking for a

Donovan Mitchell

but because Donovan Mitchell is American

you know obviously high school

all-american first on traffic etc etc he

was already hip to the game that's why

he was like listen Louisville yeah right

exactly Louisville met that's that's

that's one of the that's one of the Blue

Bloods but he had a basketball

powerhouses yeah of course he'll if

anybody listen if anybody could tell

their players about the nefariousness

and the sluttiness of limited is

absolutely Rick Pitino for better or

worse but Donovan Mitchell has already

hit to the game

that's why wouldn't an I she shook her

ass in front him he's like nah bitch

like dude like get it out of here with

that but Ben Simmons having been just

like you said raised in Australia went

to LSU and didn't really play I don't

know I mean I think he played Dallas

he's only there for one year he didn't

really he went really exposed to the

game you didn't have the access to all

the veterans and all of the game that

these guys were trying to tell him like

look man these bitches out here a

scandalous man like these bitches will

fucking scam you if you're not careful

and listen he's gonna learn one way or

the other but it looks it looks as

though he's probably gonna learn the

hard way and if kendall Jenner manages

to have been Simmons kid you better

watch out man

I'm gonna tell you that right now yeah

yeah absolutely

and I feel bad for you guys in

Philadelphia because you were just now

getting on the map right man I'm tellin

you got obviously we were having you

didn't get LeBron James we got him on

them but you guys are going to have a

squad for the next few years we are

active two free agents that's right we

can't have that Kardashian the skins on

us men yeah and just as you guys are

just coming out of the womb just just as

just as the egg is cracking unbelievable

unbelievable 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the

number to call if you want to get in

them into the get in on the conversation

let's move to another subject that's a

little bit heavier within the same vein

as the allah sean mccoy situation and


is the Kellen Winslow jr. rape

accusation and it's interesting because

this one is not really getting as much

press as one might think and I think

part of the reason is because Kellen

Winslow jr. I think I don't think think

he plays anymore

I think he last played a couple years

ago yeah I mean he bounced around he

could have been great but of course you

know you know for whatever reason he's

not in the league anymore

but there is a there is a big-time rape

allegation against him he actually what

the jail he was released I think either

yesterday or a couple or a couple of

days ago give us the details on this

particular situation because this blew

me away men well I want to start with

the the latest accusations it happened a

couple days ago

there's there have been new accusations

and it started to become more and more

like maybe a Darren Sharper type thing

right no so former NFL tight end Kellen

Winslow jr. has been charged with raping

and unconscious teenager 15 years ago so

um now as you know just a couple week

about a month ago he was charged

formally charged with rape and sodomy

like 1/2 of the women were elderly right

and obviously when you when the women

when there's when there's DNA evidence

once once that goes into the system they

can use the crack cold case there you go

so maybe this young lady reported

something years ago and didn't know who

did it and there was you know documents

there was there was a evidence found on

her forensic evidence and that stayed in

the system into a national database yes

and listen there's no statute there's no

statute of limitations man like they can

get you on that forever right exactly so

authorities say the 17 year old girl was

assaulted in seven in 2003 so she was 17

in 2003 now okay okay so she's 32 two or

three yeah yeah exactly so in San Diego

County other details have been released

we'll has an interview yet

the charges added Thursday as window or

to stand trial on charges accusing them

kidnapping and raping two women earlier

this year in Salinas California that's

also in San Diego County this is crime

just did the attacks were part of a

three-month crime spree targeting

middle-aged and elderly women to Winslow

has completed not guilty to the charges

he could face

in prison and convicted Winslow's the

son of former hall-of-famer Kellen

Winslow from 2004 to 2013 - what you're

saying he played for Cleveland

Tampa Bay New England in the New York

Jets oh he's been al aliy for a better

roughly five seasons oh wow it had a

nice 10-year career yeah yeah nice had a

nice 10-year career and obviously had a

good college career playing for one's

greatest college football team of all

time oh yeah 2001 my you know one yeah

the Olin hurricanes man hell yeah dude

yeah who had solely NFL prospects from

from dude oh my god dude Willis McGahee

LaShawn Taylor yeah oh my god dude

Phillip you can and probably one of the

one of the blades remember probably on

that squad that team was low do Ken

Dorsey pull on the trigger was Clinton

Portis on that squad - ready back and

Willis McGahee played the next year

remember when they lost to Ohio State

that's what he blew out his name yeah I

still got drafted in the pressroom yeah

so that was two years later but the lows

of the 2001 team that was that was Clint

Portis and he had all the good defensive

players doing Frank Gore I think was on

that so odd - wasn't he yeah as well

yeah Christ yeah yeah why McKinney was

on that team offensive linemen yep yeah


so but so getting back to your point

Donovan a day after a Vista judge agreed

to set bail for kellman's Oh - who was

accused of kidnapping and rape the

former NFL player posted bond is loose

in jail Friday morning so apparently he

kept his money which is the good thing

about having a dad it was in the NFL you

had to make a bunch of bad expenditures

Winslow has been jailed without bail

since his arrest you or teens but on

Thursday following one and a half day

preliminary hearing Superior Court judge

set bail at 2 million dollars for

conditions for Winslow the younger

Winslow who was released 11 a.m. Friday

morning must wear a GPS tracking device

so they probably took his passport today

yeah exactly stay away from his accuser

yes he also turned over his passport as

you said to more officials Thursday the

prosecutor had an issue said house

arrest was condition but that was not

reflected in the court docket Wenzhou 34


- case alleging sexuality crimes he's

pleaded in - not guilty to all the

crimes so here the student charges he

found of interest for him to face trial

in the first case that includes felony

kidnapping and sexual assault as well as

explosion trespassing he is accused of

kidnapping and raping a 54 year old


oh my barged in a 50 year old 58 year

old homeless woman in May you got to be

kidding also accused of exposing himself

to a 58 year old woman who was gardening

in front of her home which is on the

same street where he lives

the two final charges are misdemeanor

counts accusing and trespassing

different mobile homes of two elderly

women on separate days in June on

Thursday the product for us students

filed a second case which is what we

just spoke about the one alleging that

he raped and unconscious 19 year old he

was 9 17 year old he was 19 at the time

so remember he was a freshman on the on

the fur on the team of 2000 and of

course you remember after he caught a

touchdown pass I think Jeremy Shockey

was also on that team fucking hell I

remember when Kellen Winslow caught a

touchdown pass he didn't like the

miniature Heisman pose and everyone's

like okay look dude like slow down with

that like he's always been he's always

been that kind of freshness but dude

like this guy is raped like he it like

he doesn't like fucking women his own

age like allegedly he likes to fuck

teenagers and old people like what is

going on like what is the first girl was

a teenager I mean he was a teenager

19:17 this is a big deal I don't care

about that the fact that he were raped

her when she was unconscious is yes

because this is when he was 19 years old

and you look at Kellen Winslow

particular can't even now he looks good

robust but yellow brother you know and

he's from San Diego so you've been

living in Miami you know these white

chicks were throwing paint at him

lawrence wright's all day long

this guy doesn't this guy does not look

like Harvey fucking Weinstein he tells

me there's some sort of some sort of

deep dark pathology there I mean look at

all the shit the second ones what got me

the most okay fifty-eight strike

what are you doing what

I don't hold this woman I don't get it

man now that shows that there's a level

of pathology that is there there that

just if that is true that just we're

talking about something where you know

this is this is something where you know

you when you talk about your rapist hero

molesters of serial killers they all

have a profile yes right yeah absolutely

and maybe there's something about tying

up old women that this guy has a fetish

with I mean Darren Sharper history was

drugging yes same same MO as and as Bill

Cosby right although they were able to

catch a shark more a lot quicker because

of you know you have forensics that can

get what's in a woman system and test

against what's been other what's been

tested in other people's system so they

were going to catch them relatively

quickly but 54 year old woman wait wait

Jesus Christ man oh my god listen I

agree with you this is going to be this

has the potential to be as bad if not

worse than the Darren Sharper situation

man because Darren shorten was convicted

of raping what like eight or ten women

and god only knows how many more he did

and this is the thing guys listen

Doctore and i we are we are astana

against for rape accusations like we

listen we will talk shit about the

Tiffany Thompson's shady McCoy's accuser

you know we talk about that but dude and

I'm not trying to convict Kellen Winslow

but dude this all it doesn't look good

that's all I'll say it does not yeah

well it does not look good at all man

one more a little bit further I mean

here's one of those things that you know

this isn't one of those things where

right this is someone that's in your

circle of friends you met him at a party

you know you didn't call her back

you smashed and - sure and she wants to

get back at you like you know maybe

they've been robbed this burger or the

old horse what's the situation

situations that we see all the time

where there's a plausible explanation or

for the Ganges nation in your presence

right or hands we have fucked you or him

to have kissed you or to have been alone

with you you went to the same school you

live to the same dorm you were cheers he

was a cheerleader

and for the team that he was playing for

they met at the same bar their reason

same age there was no plausible

explanation for you to be in the

presence timers one of those women if

you are telling went though looking like

you do coming just often in the book

where you live in an upscale area

because I'm from Southern California

right in San Diego but I've been there

Anthony this is upscale uh-huh and

you've got a third 58 year old woman

saying you're shaking your dick at her

you know this is a pattern man and Rob

that's what this is you know but yet

here's what I'm thinking but here's you

know getting getting to my larger point

is that you know when we talk about

these false rape accusations I think

this is these these are tonics for us

here and there these killer ones of

these Darren Sharper situations because

you know the Jerry Sandusky's because

every now and then we throw around the

world predator too often of course right

right you know um you know we have these

sex offender registries where guys can

fuck their high school girlfriends on

the same registries as people who fuck

child molesters it's called it's what I

call the criminalization of male

sexuality yes so what I think this is

Karma's Way of telling us the fates

world warrior telling us that every now

and then we eat a true predator to show

us what a real predator looks like and

you know Kellen Winslow obviously he's

gonna face bail he's gonna face trial

but like you said we see the DNA's

Connect connect connect to him I think

this is one of those situations where

everybody's gonna agree with so it's not

one of those where you're not really

gonna have a amens right or a red pill

no of course not this is this state with

this because this is this is pretty

cut-and-dried the excellent comment here

by Sur tricks a lot he says quote I told

another youtuber this pro-athletes

and this is something that you've said

to me before Doctore he says pro good

pro athletes are sociopaths

unfortunately this can play out in

different ways I could not agree more

yeah they're very very focused some of

them are unemotional and you know

Michael Jordan was a sociopath terms of

his career still let it play out in

terms of sexual pickle dip picadillo

right right although you know you fuck a

lot of women hobby

and pro athletes do from a lot of women

later yeah but in terms of his singular

drive he had no emotion he had no heart

hell he was going to kill you in stature

throw it out that's right if you want

his team and you were slacking he was

going to come after you like he did with

Rodney Rodney McCray yeah like you do

with these yeah right right right

absolutely um no I've been around a lot

of go ahead no go ahead

he's going yeah now I've been around a

lot of uh around a lot of guys that

ended up being pro athletes I'm not so

sure they're there crap they're

sociopaths I think they they're more I

would say they're more psychopathic

because social tasks really don't have

any emotions right okay um Psychopaths

have extreme emotions I would say and

they have extreme amount of focus but I

don't think but you know when you are

you know it's very very complex but I

wouldn't dismiss what the gentleman said

about what the commoner said there is a

process there specimen yeah absolutely

and listen speaking of mental problems

and and the thing is this is Kellen

Winslow you know obviously obviously has

a problem whether he knows he has a

problem or not we'll see we'll see

during the trial and and I'll bring up

the war I'll bring up the word

self-awareness which which allows us to

to transition into our next topic which

is Jameis Winston you were talking to me

off the air about the fact that Jameis

Winston doesn't really seem to be

self-aware he you want to know something

I would agree with you he doesn't really

seem to understand that he is under a

microscope now listen we all know that

he did not rape Erica kinsman I think

that's obvious the evidence was


they tried every way they could Willy

Meigs couldn't didn't prosecute him back

in 2013 but then instances kept coming

up grab her at the grabber right in the

pussy situation the situation where he

was telling the little girl yes just

right the situation where he was telling

the little girls you know boys are

supposed to be strong he was absolutely

correct in saying that but again he

doesn't seem to have the self-awareness

not to say this type of shit now we've

got this latest

yesa dn't he allegedly groped an uber

driver he actually came out and admitted

that he groped in uber driver and so you

said to me and I hadn't really thought

about this before until you said and I

would agree Jameis Winston doesn't seem

to get it he doesn't seem to be


and what a lot of people probably don't

realize is that Jameis Winston is a

young guys with 20 to 23 years old he

just doesn't get it

yeah you know as I look at some of the

things that have unfolded it's getting

to the point where she's going to have

to you spoke earlier about my my my

journalistic bona fides

voice from an actually call Willy mags

and I talked him on the phone Horseman's

website okay um you could even go under

my real name and you can see how how I

chatted with him okay um Oh wrote it

down the guy you know said he was he was

very fair and very giving him his time

with me came about six or seven minutes

chat and Wow ashes and you know and I

also talked to the prosecutor that that

didn't didn't prosecute Nick Elliot in

Columbus okay okay I'm gonna talk about

that a year ago so what I'm talking

about guys you don't get this anywhere


yeah well yeah it's you know it's a

thing you know it just to digress aside

that due to the sidebar journalism to

sort of died in recent years because all

it takes is to be because the way you

get the way you get popular nowadays is

to be is just to sort of be involved in

infotainment or being involved in

stenography right right and a lot of

people are just lazy and don't go to the

source so I go to the source so but in

terms of when it comes to Jameis Winston

I'm just a little worried about the guy

because he is sort of celebrated I think

he's type of guy think everybody likes

him or should like him like he's a

happy-go-lucky guy he's threatening I

got some very strong leadership

qualities and weres qualities in terms

of all here's all the sports yeah but

when it comes to dealing with

with women and also knowing where things

that I just don't think he understands

you know like you said he just he sort

of just doesn't get it he thinks

everybody supposed to like him it

doesn't realize and look the Sharks are

coming after you yeah and you got a

target on your back

and he's like that that that little

child in the woods that doesn't realize

that if he keeps crying but bears are

gonna eat him yes right this he's gonna

be suspended for the first three games

of this season and we'll get to we'll

get to that suspension as compared to

the Ezekiel Elliott situation but is

this is this his first suspension or

because I don't think he's ever been

suspended from the NFL it seems that he

probably would or should be but but he I

think this is his first suspension no I

think this is his first suspension and

um you know obviously had what he did he

did lose quite a few endorsements

because of what happened with hunting

around that movie that came out yes

that's you sure Erica kinsman but what

Tim is was also the problem is going to

be with something like this which is a

relatively minor case for most people a

defensive lineman an offensive lineman

it's going to it could it could hurt

your career but it won't be fatal

because he's a quarterback he's going to

be able to stick with his team right but

if you failed the problem going to be

with with Tampa the conundrum you're

gonna you're gonna have it even if he

succeeds you're faced with the conundrum

of do we have this guy is the face of

our football team right because that's

what the quarterback is the quarterback

is the CEO here's a dream you you know

you know you big guys like Drew Brees

yes always good on the mic yes on brady

community yeah

even Tom Brady who isn't always good on

the mic but riedel's

yeah he has a regal stature yes you know

he has he has he is all the big-time

endorsements a local branding that's

right um the wife yes yes no Aaron

Rodgers the swagger that doesn't have

double check Phillip Rivers the man

in a family man yeah Philip Rivers the

family man you know uh you know Eli

Manning and Matt and Ryan brothers you

know the work Matt Ryan right know

there's a certain regal stature to them

there are the leadership qualities and

they tend quarterbacks are held to a

higher standard you got to stay out of

these situations you can't be runnin the

streets at night you got to have a life

and that's why I think Jameis Winston

the girlfriend that he had during in

college um that that's from Alabama yeah

you should have gone and married that

one I should have you wouldn't have a

side people yeah if you want to have a

side piece on the side make sure she's

someone that's gonna keep her mouth shut

right right and be smart about it but

you don't go messin with chicks and over

cars that's a special bet that's where

running backs

that's relying backers for linebackers

running backs offensive now you're a

quarterback man like you go from the

high class oh that's that's how that

goes speaking of running back ya know

the country club men or you find one at

the Country Club right listen a high

class and a high class oh who's fucked

with big ballers before listen man these

big ballers break her off a little

something hey listen I had some fun with

you you know I'll take care of y'all by

you you know I'll buy you a car keys

some jewelry you keep your mouth shut

everything's cool long as you don't have

my kid now speaking of running backs

yeah I'm gonna compare this and Jonathan

from modern life dating actually pointed

this out to me a while back so Jameis

Winston I guess more or less admitted

that he I don't think he admitted that

he he groped the uber driver but that's

the way it's being characterized he says

well there are some things that happened

that I could have done differently the

point is is he didn't deny groping the

uber driver and my guy fucking Ronald

Darby for the Eagles who was there you

know who was there you know vouched for

him and you know ended up having his

foot put in his mouth but Ezekiel

Elliott was accused by Tiffany Thompson

and dude he screamed from the

mountaintops didn't do this not guilty

here's all sorts of text conversations

all this proof insurmountable evidence

that he didn't do this he still got

suspended for six games well Winston

comes out and says yeah you know what I

may have done it they give him three

games why the disparity

well I think because the the level of

the of the well first of all I think

it's the level of well first of all well

I said first of all twice so that's

right children so we can jettison that

right um here's what I would say Zeke

Elliott was the one realized was the

first big case honestly what that was

the one that was sort of Boston and in

it and the gender grievance industrial

complex made all sorts of hay about it

but when the sissy NFL instituted the

new regime the Greg Hardy cases and the

and the Z kelly cases were the two big

cases where you want to go ahead and

send the message right right make an

example out yeah it was sort of it was

very very Roman you know Roman had the

quote the word decimate comes to Roman

clothes from the Romans and what they

would do when they were going to a town

is every tenth person they would

slaughter and leave him on the ground

right for an example so when you make

that when you make that example of that

one just leave him there that that sets

a precedent so with this case this

wasn't a serious in accusation okay but

I mean she didn't go to the police right

she didn't file a police report she just

went to her employer and the employer

went through the back channel T and in a

film that's hot that's hot that's hot

filtered up the NFL front offices well

Jonathan oh yeah Jonathan from Modern

Life dating says you know politics you

know probably about the politics

probably explains the whole situation of

course we had Jerry Jones versus Roger

Goodell and of course you know there

were weird yes right there were rumors

that you know Jerry Jones had had done

Goodell a solid on another on an on on I

think on a backdoor deal and Roger told

him hey look man you got nothing to

worry about your guy is good but then

Roger Goodell ended up suspending Zeek

for six games and that's when Jerry lost

his mind right that that's was you know

he was gonna you know threatened to put

out the secrets and this and any other

the only thing I can think

man is maybe it's because he's a

quarterback and not a running back I

don't know

I listen man if when they're talking

about domestic violence sexual assault

like I thought that the standards was

supposed to be six games

well this to me falls under the same

code and Jameis Winston didn't deny baby

did it yet he only got three games it

just doesn't again this is and a lot of

people say well the NFL doesn't know I

think it don't go back to I think it's

quarterback as well yeah the quarterback

because Roger Goodell at the end of a he

still works for the owners sorry and you

can afford to make me cross Jerry Jones

a little bit because he's sort of a

maverick yes of course and he's very

very red pill yeah yes this is this was

the guy that had the great hearty

situation he's guarding that's exactly

right that's exactly right and listen

Jerry Jones has always had a soft spot

for troubled players I mean listen let's

go down the list of course he had Greg

Hardy who was another guy who was a

linebacker for him Michael Irvin dude

Michael oh my god dude Michael Irvin

Nate Newton there was another guy

Rolando Rolando McClain Yeah right dude

Lyle Collins now the Lyle Collins

situation a friend of a friend of a

friend was found dead at his place but

Jerry still drafted it because he saw

the value Jerry has a soft spot in his

heart for trouble player so I think that

listen and not only that begin and that

speaks to his his red pill awareness

because he understands that there are

two sides to every story right um there

was another situation that we had talked

about about a kid at the University of

Alabama the girl came out and said that

it was false but he was still cut you

know Jerry doesn't really seem to he

doesn't really seem to be to be to be

fazed by that so we'll see what happens

with Jameis Winston moving toward 911

for 205 five three five six is the

number to call let us transition into a

lighter topic and this is hot tennis

players you you would like to talk about

the fact that women want to be tennis

players not basketball players explain

right well I got into thinking about

this you know Wimbledon is going on it

just ended Angelique Kerber just be

thrown away before the four

her first Wimbledon title and I was

texting you talking about Sarina playing

hot ass Camila Giorgi if you guys are

have you have your device's run you just

texted just typing Camila Giorgi

she's a journey mobile football tennis

player but there's a lot of women out

there like her on the other tennis tour

right so who are good players but also

very very hot Caroline Wozniacki Maria

Sharapova slow Stevens yes

you know we a you know a garage Watzke

we kind of go down a list up for a bunch

of them so I got to thinking about this

and there was a statement that Madison

keys who's a top five top 10 player last

year's US Open women's finalists and by

the way I like Madison key she has a

little bit of an overbite she goes up

she's got that call Amazon curly thing

going but I like right okay so you know

the the I love to just sell her up and

put my spurs on man rock that on but but

she's very very sweet very tender but

she they were asked they asked her she

was asked for an interview

why she wants to play tennis why she

chose to play tennis okay

and she says I was four years old and I

was watching television

and on television was a tennis match

involving Venus Williams and the reason

why they asked her like well hold on let

me let me for those of you guys who

aren't familiar with Madison keys she's

obviously tennis player she's 510 right

and 510 for a woman is extremely tall

and that I mean you can be a basketball

player at 510 so I just want to I don't

want to let them know so go ahead

continue yeah well you can be a

basketball player a role model but yeah

that's right or you know so they asked

her why she want to please huh so she

was watching a tennis match and the

tennis match was Venus Williams and she

said and I quote I like being is his

dress there we go

femininity better than any win down

young man yeah and so we talked about

when we were kids when you when I when I

was a kid baseball was pretty big yeah

probably when I was seven or eight years

old and then and then Maddie Johnson

Larry Bird came into the league

and then Michael Jordan came into League

and then what you have six or seven

years later we had the best era the

beginning of the best year of college

basketball goes we had that latency of

kids who were six seven eight years old

who saw Magic Bird and Jordan play yet

they became twelve fifteen eighteen year

olds they became the Fab five yeah

Kristen Leigh there Bobby Hurley yeah

dude Larry Johnson Anderson hunt Greg

Anthony all those guys absolutely yeah

yeah you know so we saw from about 88 to

about 97 we got the best era of college

basketball because all those kids grew

up watching the great 80's teams right

so here's my theory the biggest sport

for girls for a long time in America was

women's basketball right and so there

was a period of time where it was pretty

much a lot it had a pretty good

following on TV the WNBA was pretty had

some pretty good ratings in the 80s when

the 90s but with Lisa Leslie and right

Cheryl yeah there you go Rebecca oops

yeah yeah and these women were very good

athletes and very good players but they

were also very feminine had some good


Lisa les these beautiful listen yes

listen Lisa Leslie is what 610 whatever

what however tall she is Lisa Leslie

support thanks for okay let's not get it

twisted man Lisa Leslie looks good like

let's let's not make any bones about

that here yeah she was cute even the

ones that weren't weren't heterosexual

were still happy-go-lucky like Cheryl

Miller great bubbly personality brought

her and Reggie right right so and then a

couple of things happen 1999 here comes

Brandi Chastain whoo hearing all for

sure right right that's right the night

the 1999 Women's World Cup against China

brick yep absolutely then what's the

next thing that happened then we had the

Williams sisters come into and Martina

Hingis and the Anna Kournikova yes yes

right the Maxim magazine covers all the

fashion stuff that they did they were

women about town and then around the

same time Jennie Finch because this

phenomenon it was a softball oh my god

yes Jennifer yeah yes you know so so

what do you have now what's the result

now so last fall the US Open tennis

tournament we have four women Venus

Williams the Grand Am we have Sloane

Stephens 25 Coco Vandeweghe 24 25


whatever we have Madison keys 24 they

all grew up watching the Williams

sisters yeah we watched women's softball

which is actually the one sport maybe

one of the few sports amongst the women

in college that's a really big sport


and we see all these girlie girls you

know you see them off the campus you see

them off the field they're very very

girly they have long hair on the field

you know fuckin beautiful is very very

feminine yeah a lot of beautiful and so

we've had that sport grow but what has

gone down women's basketball

coordination rates have been plummeting

over the past 15 years and that is

because and this is because girls want

to be girls man they're not trying to

loot in listen we talked about this off

the air you watch the WNBA and the women

who play in the WNBA ain't feminine like

not even Columbian list of course the

poster child for the lack of femininity

and the WNBA is Brittney Griner who is

on your screen now and we'll get into

that here in a minute

what girls want to be girls wanna be

girly girls they don't want to be looked

at as men they don't want to be accused

of being lesbians even if they're not

and if in addition on top of that you

know you can have someone who's maybe a

lesbian but who's really friendly like

working an advert all over yes right of

course what you have these agretti you

you have these aggressive butch women

Brittney Griner you know beating up her

girlfriend there'd be no job you know

jamika holding her girlfriend losing

atoms and just missing we have that one

lady that played for the sparks beating

up her girlfriend being up her boyfriend

and kicking him as a dancer ah yes all

her DUIs so these are the women that

these these are the best players in your

league they're the ones out front okay

and you have aggressive masks

women getting involved in masculine

crimes and you know that that's that's

their just feel dangerous right listen I

agree Matt afraid you have you have

women fighting on the court yes

oh each other it's ridiculous these are

women who were acting like men and I

think girls a while back they watch TV

just like just like um um just like

Madison keys said she says look you know

the reason I wanted to be a tennis

players because I like Venus Williams

dress you know I mean I'm sure listen

I'm sure she admired Sheryl Swoopes but

you know she wanted to be beingness

William Williams when she grew up yep

exactly and despite the fact that these

women are athletes they still want to be

women they desired they still want to be

and when you play a sport like tennis

you could be chemical icers you can take

a year off a year-and-a-half off have a

kid when a number with another two three

majors and then retire at 34 and you got

to rest your life with your kids that's

for life percent for life you know you

could be Steffi Graf you can win twelve

majors before you're 30 and you still

got plenty of time to have in marrying

mothers that you had him marry another

tennis player and have a super tennis

player as a kid right or just or super

pitcher you know her son their son Jaden

their their oldest son is signed with

the UFC he throws he's he's about six

foot four and 205 pounds was a 94 mile

an hour fastball Jesus Christ and yeah

very good nine one four zero five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in the conversation as

we round third and head for home you you

listen you said you wanted to give me

the business on this whole lesbian thing

right so it is my assertion and if you

guys are watching there's Brittney

Griner on the screen we talked about her

earlier it was my assertion that

lesbians don't exist that was actually

the very first community strike that I

ever got on YouTube as I talked about

the fact that lesbian don't exist and of

course the case in point was Elena Delle

Donne who is fucking beautiful but she

is a quote-unquote lesbian and it was my

assertion that

reason why a lot of WNBA players are

lesbians is because dudes ain't trying

to fuck with bitches who were six-three

six-four six-five jews and art dudes

aren't trying to fucking bitches who

look like you know who look like

Brittney Griner or you know shamiqua


and apparently you said you had an axe

to grind said you're gonna take me

behind the woodshed so what's going on


well first of all these last few six

before you just safely she's fucking

beautiful if I was six ten and listen

listen there's Candice Parker - right

like Candice Parker whoa yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah like she's the hottest WNBA

player ever ever yeah yeah so you know

and it probably maybe even Becky Hammon

when she was younger

okay that's why - but okay so she was

petite she was short short and stocky

but you know here's were and I think it

arose the sexual fluidity and

professional is something that is a

concept of something that women are sort

of allowed it's more natural to them

because there are dodges we all start

off with nothing in the womb and then

you know will become boys because

testosterone kicks in and we grow units

and packages right right but girls grow

into girls because they see the way they

are from the time their inception right

so they don't get the effusion of

testosterone right for Staub so they

kind of so you know you see women all

the time that are that are that are uh

that mess around with girls but they're

truly heterosexual sexuality but they're

also I think there are you know women

who are straight-up lesbians it's not

you you you you like to say that the

sexual marketplace determines whether a

woman's a lesbian or not yes I think

that's true in some cases okay but

here's a great example my mom back in

the time when women's basketball still

pretty good in terms of you have the we

have the UConn team back in the early

2000s wing cache and obviously sue bird

right yep now I was uh I was taking a

state vacation at the time so you're

with a lot of mama Co a lot of dudes

right right

but but even outside of a penitentiary

setting there was a lot of men who like

seabirds who bird with a girl next door

she was a cute girl next door she didn't

look Dyke ish she didn't seem aggressive

she had a very light lil T voice yep you

know she's like that woman who works on

the girl you for the country girl you

find on the ranch that happens to have

soft hands

but can you know whipple horse but also

make a good in the old woman okay right

that's what she seem like right plain

didn't wear a whole lot of makeup but

like I said she wasn't rough she's going

to be rude sweet very very nice and she

got the girl next air-quality that

everybody likes there was a guy in the

penitentiary with me that said you know

I wished I was I wish Suber would send

me a pair of panes with Hershey squirts

in oh she was desiring years but you

know but but there was a lot of but

there was a lot of that there are a lot

of men that desire super you can read it

you know you can read in the comment

sections in boards or whatnot superbark

came out she's always been a lesbian

apparently she's always been with women

but she was a good woman that meant and

I was the open desired openly desires

and she was at her peak absolutely 21

but and they look along you look at some

of the other woman in sports Joanna

Larson just came out as a lesbian really

last year she's yeah she's a tennis

player she's 29 years old and hit the

wall yet pretty Swedish girl okay very

good-looking woman you go back to the

80s and the 90s Fernandez yeah oh yeah I

remember uh you know a lot of people

confuse with Mary Jo but Gigi was very

very cute as a button and so I think

there's a lot of those women out there

you know even look in the sports

nowadays the UFC women's UFC champion

Amanda knew yes very pretty young lady

you know but easy to smile friendly but

you know she used she likes chicks see

now here's the thing that's the first

I've heard of that but like when you

look at Amanda moon

again she just looks masculine to me but

if she maybe I'm looking at the wrong

picture actually got older yeah okay

okay she's definitely gotten older okay

well listen um and here's the thing is

as far as as far as lesbianism is

concerned yeah listen I mean I stand by

my point but you make a good point yes

listen the sexual market doesn't always

determine whether or not a woman is

lesbian and I will certainly concede

that point so yeah this is a great show

yeah absolutely man you again Donovan

and uh as fine as usual we're going to

touch base again probably when I'm up at

the Pacific Northwest and yeah you got

at some point we'll get the old show

back up together but always good

convening with you down event and hope

we had fun thanks to all the listeners

thanks to all the people who were

commenting and gave us feedback and

we're going to do some more soon then

you got to be hearing more from both of

us as we blow this up absolutely man

thanks for a listen man thanks for

coming on to the show today and listen

football season is coming up man so

we're doing we're gonna blow this shit

up absolutely take care of men

Doctore joining me for TSR sports talk

always always good to have him on here

as you guys can tell he is certainly he

is as knowledgeable as anyone I know

about sports but he takes it to another

level because of his journalistic

background he he knows how to get the

story behind the story I had no idea

that he had talked to Willie Meg's the

the the District Attorney in Tallahassee

that was investigating the Jameis

Winston situation the rape allegation

that Erika Erika kinsman had levied

against him when he was at Florida State

back in 2013 I had no idea to talk to

these people but obviously you know

being associated with him certainly has

its advantages that's gonna do it for

this edition of TSR sports talk again

just like Doctore said man we're you

know football season is coming up which

mean which means a lot of these Reds red

pill stories are going to come up so

certainly looking forward to that thanks

for watching guys we'll talk to you next



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