Episode #259: Does size matter? The Red Pill perspective



I’m gonna talk about something that’s been discussed for decades by both men and women and that’s dick size. Does size really matter? Does the size of a man’s dick directly correlate with a woman’s sexual satisfaction?



When we talk about penis size, we’re asking if women prefer big dicks as opposed to regular sized or average dicks. When a man concerns himself with his dick size he never asks himself “Am I small enough?” No, he asks himself “Am I big enough” so the question “does size matter” is REALLY asking is do all girls like bigger cocks….do all girls have better sex with men who have huge dicks.

Now in Episode #256 I talked about why a man should never care about a woman’s sexual needs in bed.  And if you wanna stop giving a shit about pleasing women watch Episode #256….I guarantee you’ll stop worrying about whether or not a woman likes fucking you and when you adopt this mentality you’ll see a drastic change in the way women respond to you after sex…..Episode #256 guys...definitely need to watch that one.

Anyway, the reason I mention this is that any man who is fixated on the size of his dick, what he’s REALLY fixated on is “is my cock big enough to give women great sex” “Can i give a woman orgasms with this size dick” “Am I big enough?!?”

Back in the day this topic wasn’t often discussed by men or women. Given the sexual climate of yesteryear, when most women didn’t slut around, a man’s penis size was of little consequence if at all.

But the combination of a sex obsessed culture, unprecedented access to pornography, and the sheer abundance of sluts walking around has pushed the subject of a man’s dick size front and center. These days it’s not uncommon to overhear a conversation between women young and old about a man’s dick size and a lot of them don’t even bother to lower their voices.

The answer to the age old question “Does size matter” isn’t complicated at all. But there are many layers, and many factors involved.

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a man who is an a-plus if one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b-minus at everything get

this through your thick skulls ladies

that girls are gross you don't want to

lift weights because you're lazy just

keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's your man Donovan sharp and welcome

to the 259th edition of csr live your

daily dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Friday May 18th 2018 I

know a lot of you guys are thankful that

it is Friday my crowdcast people I

played with my mic a little bit and so I

need to know if you guys can am I too

loud am I too soft can you hear me are

you having trouble hearing me let me

know on the chat if you guys can if you

guys can hear me okay I've I've adjusted

my microphone settings so I don't have

to feel like I'm yelling and screaming

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talk fast I talk loud and a lot of times

that can give me a headache just you

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that kind of energy so let me know in

the crowdcast chat if you guys can hear

me okay am i again am I too loud am I

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eh okay well of course so we've got some

got a lot of news some housekeeping some

news to take care of before we move on

with today's topic as you all know

another heart and listen another school

shooting down in down in Santa Fe Texas

seventeen-year-old kid walked into a

high school with a trench coat to hide

the weapons he killed 9 students and a

teacher so he walked in and he killed 10

people the difference is is that the

police were able to apprehend him before

he was able to turn the gun on himself

and you know the interesting thing is

here is the last two major school

shootings the the cops were able to

apprehend the suspected shooter

Nicholas Cruz of course we all know the

Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooter down in

South Florida they apprehended him

without him killing himself and this guy

can't even pronounce his name they've

got the suspect they've got him in

custody now as you can as you can see

but but but but the point is is normally

anytime there's a match most of the time

if there is a mass shooter they end up

turning the gun on themselves because

there are some things that are worse

than death and-and-and being in prison

for the rest of your life is absolutely

one of them without a doubt well guess

what the last two school shooters they

didn't kill themselves Eric Harris and

Dylan Klebold they killed themselves

some we'd show the Virginia Tech guy

killed himself elliot rodger wasn't a

school shooting but may as well have

been he ended up killing himself okay

now it would seem that the these mass

murderers aren't turning the gun on

themselves anymore they're not you know

they shoot up a bunch of people they

usually kill themselves that doesn't

seem to be the case anymore and the

interesting question is why well one of

the reasons might be that they get the

attention they plaster these kids names

and faces all over the media and listen

you guys heard about Nicholas Cruz he's

got girls and he's got girls and grown

women from all over the world sending

him love letters naked pictures see I'll

come and fuck you in your cell I want to

marry I want to have your kids if you

give if you get sent to prison we can

have conjugal visits every week okay

that's that that's just how this is

right like a lot of people a lot of

these kids a lot of these kids are now

in incentivized by are now incentivized

by by by killing a bunch of people and

not and not taking their own lives Afro

masculinity says there's something going

on with my sound I actually can hear it

just fine now so maybe it's something on

your end okay okay he says it's it's

working now you guys on crowdcast let me

know if you guys can hear me okay like I

said I played with some settings on the

mic so that I don't have to yell so in

listen I listen I don't mind getting

loud I certainly don't mind I certainly

don't mind getting loud now and

but I'd like to keep my voice at a level

to the point where it doesn't give me a

headache so another school shooting

no surprise there and this guy who was

taken into custody guy was taken into

custody didn't didn't kill himself and

listen you can look on my screen I've

got him on my screen now is a

good-looking kid he'll probably he'll

probably get those same letters so it's

a tragedy I mean it really is a tragedy

where we have these school shootings now

and we just all kind of shrug and say

huh what else is new

right we all remember I don't know for

you guys old enough to remember I

remember when Columbine High School went

down in the Littleton Colorado in 1999

this was before social media cable news

was just you know had had just burst

onto the scene we're like holy shit two

kids went in and shot up 12 kids do you

know shot killed 12 people that was

shocking now it's like yeah he only

killed 10 people big deal what's next on

the list

so another school shooting it's sad but

this is this is what we've come to is

what this is what we come to in our

culture on the sports side for those of

you guys who follow sports San Francisco

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster is in the

news today back on February 11th he was

arrested on felony domestic violence and

I think it was illegal of an assault

weapon etc etc but his Grizz his now

ex-girlfriend testified in court that

she lied about absolutely everything now

to know the details you guys can go to

espn.com it's all over ESPN you know

there you know a lot of will Kane is

talking about it on his on his radio

program but she she admitted to have

lied about everything

I remember when Rubin Foster was

arrested every expert out there up he's

at listen up suspend him throw him in

jail he should never play football again

this was all before a conviction this

this is what this is what we've come to

this is what this is this is what

happens when you incentivize lying and

you remove all due process and now yeah

and you combine both of those with the

fact that the NFL is the new it's

they've sort of appointed themselves the

how can I put this huh how can I put

this they're sort of the they're almost

like the new core

system they will convict they will

convince the NFL bases its suspensions

on the court of public opinion rather

than a court of law okay so the court of

public opinion says Rueben foster just

on a you know just just on the domestic

violence charge she spit on him through

it you know through her through their

dog at her blah blah blah blah blah well

now he should be suspended right wrong

his griz ex-girlfriend took the stand

said she lied about everything she had

said she was pissed off said she wanted

to end him women and dude I've talked

about this at I talked about this three

years ago I talked about this a year and

a half ago when Joe Mixon and Dalvin

cook and Gary on Conley were all drafted

in the first round of the NFL Draft all

of them had looming domestic violence

accusations over their head

Dallben cook we all know about Joe Mixon

he actually P actually knocked a girl

out cracked her face I think he broke

four bones in her face and he had every

fucking right to do it

fuck that bench okay but but again it's

it's one of these it's one of these

deals where how can I put this it's it's

it's one of these deals where where

domestic violence you're guilty till

proven innocent it's not you're not if

your your your this is a court of law I

said it's it's the preponderance of the

evidence it's proof beyond all

reasonable doubt

well the NFL says hey you know what if

you so much as get accused of domestic

violence if you so much as get if you so

much as if someone even points the

finger dude they're suspending guys

without even arrests right there listen

guys there are kept there there are at

there are countless cases countless

scenarios where guys are getting

railroaded not in court but by the NFL

and women around America they know and

they see this they know all they have to

do is make an accusation all they have

to do is make an accusation and they

know that they can they can effectively

end a man's career she made that call to

the cops with the specific intent of

ending Reuben Foster's career in you

want to know something she damn near

pulled it off I have no idea why she

decided to come clean and say hey you

know I did this

you know I lied I have no idea what I

don't I have no idea why she would do


okay but she did and this just goes to

show that we s women do lie about

domestic violence and it happens a lot

more than we think yes there are guys

that beat their wives and that is

absolutely wrong but we're not up dude

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend that

women don't lie about domestic violence

a lot dude I've talked about lesson I've

talked about this I wrote an article in

return to King's how I narrowly escaped

the domestic violence charge a girl

didn't want me to break up with her I'm

not saying it was a Rueben foster

situation but I told the girl over the

fuck told the girl or girl over text hey

I'm not gonna come fuck with you this

week this is kind of letter I was gonna

kind of let her down little by little

well she freaked out told me she was

pregnant I went over to a place told her

to take two pregnancy tests of course

they were both negative I get ready to

walk out the door she's on the phone

with the cops yeah he's choking and

slapping me right

had I not recorded the entire

conversation between the time she made

the call and the time the cops got there

guys I look on to jail on an accusation

that was not true her pet listen just

because Reuben Foster was exonerated in

the court of public opinion this doesn't

this does not mean that women aren't

still going to lie on on professional

athletes this is listen this is the way

women have weaponized feminism oh really

um you said something I don't like

you're gonna break up with me fine I'm

gonna call the cops and tell them that

you hit me and your career is gonna be

over and this chick I don't even know

what the hell our name is she damn near

pulled it off so Reuben Foster and

listen Reuben Foster is super talented

and I'm not gonna say Reuben Foster did

not come without his baggage okay

gotten he got in some trouble at Alabama

and of course there's the weed thing I'm

not concerned about guys who smoke weed

the only reason they're the only reason

NFL owners are concerned with guys who

smoke weed is because it comes with a

suspension now if they stopped

suspending guys for smoking weed and

they absolutely should NFL owners and

James would not give two shits about it

but they should start giving two shits

about these false domestic-violence


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4/20 paperworks credit good to see you

Eddie Vega jay w JW said Alvin wasn't

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no mixin wait was okay yeah Joe Mixon

was in the Joe Mixon was in the yeah Joe

Mixon was drafted in the second round by

the Cincinnati Bengals my bed my my bad

on that but he was drafted early in the

second round a lot of people thought

that that Joe Mixon was gonna that he

was gonna drop like a rock all the way

into the fifth round nope they took him

they took him in the second round they

took him in the second round shell yeah

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yeah that's how that works

Michael says most people didn't even

closely watch the Joe Mixon clip if you

actually look at it you can see she

assaulted a per guest just listen Joe

Joe Mixon knocked her out because she

put her hands on him okay well I mean

listen man like this is what happens

like women can't bitch and complain

about getting knocked the fuck out if

you put your hands on him first that's

just all there is to it you listen you

can't assault a woman if she hasn't done

anything to you if a woman gets you in

her face and she starts talking to you

dude that doesn't give you a reason to

hit her but if she puts hands on you all

bets are off that's how that goes q dot

jaysis Congrats on being announced for

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Richard listen Richard's a good friend

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the show does size matter

this is listen guys this is an age-old

question that people have been asking

for decades now does size matter when we

ask that it when we ask that we say what

does the size of a man's dick directly

correlate with a woman's sexual

satisfaction now also when we talk about

penis size we're asking if women prefer

big dicks as opposed to regular or

average-sized dicks when a man concerns

himself with his dick size he never asks

himself am i small enough no he asks

himself am i big enough okay

he is so the question does size matter

is really asking do all girls like

bigger cocks do all girls have better

sex with men who have bigger dicks

okay now few days ago an episode 256 I

talked about why a man should never care

about a woman's sexual needs in bed and

listen if you want to stop giving a shit

about pleasing a woman watch episode 256

I can guarantee you that you'll stop

worrying about whether or not a woman

likes fucking you and when you adopt

this mentality guys you will see a

drastic change in the way women respond

to you after sex episode 256 guys

definitely need to watch that one anyway

the reason I mentioned episode 256 is

that any man who is fixated on the size

of his dick what he is really fixated on

is is my cock big enough to give women

great sex can I give women orgasms with

this size dick mi big enough now back in

the day guys the

topic wasn't really discussed too often

by men or women really given that you

know given the you know the the the

conservative sexual climate of

yesteryear when most women by the way

didn't slut around a man's penis size

was of little was of little consequence

if any consequence at all

but you fast-forward 50 60 years the

combination of a sex obsessed culture

unprecedented access to pornography and

of course the sheer abundance of super

sluts just walk it around that those

three things alone that is pushed the

that is pushed the topic of a man's dick

size front and center these days

honestly guys it's not uncommon to

overhear a conversation between women

both young and old about a man's dick

size and you'll find that a lot of them

don't even bother to lower their voices

okay so the answer to the age-old

question does size matter

it really isn't complicated at all but

there are many many layers and many

factors involved so let's go ahead and

get started here just ask women okay now

listen it's common knowledge here guys

that taking relationship advice from

women is always a bad idea women should

never take a relationship advice from

women right that's how listen it listen

you should never ever take relationship

advice from and I don't care if they've

been married for 50 years doesn't matter

never take relationship advice from a

woman however when it comes to dick

dimensions okay the female perspective

is the most valuable because they're the

ones being fucked they're the ones the

dick is penetrating another important

reason for their point of view is that

cock profit cock preference doesn't

really leave much room for subjective

analysis they either like certain dicks

or they don't there's there's really no

in-between there they either like them

or they don't now there are other

elements that factor into good sex

versus bad sex for women but the simple

fact is guys is that no amount of game

no amount of money no amount of fame

status physical fitness etc is gonna

make a roll of quarters feel like a

cucumber so let's say I'm gonna take a

few of I'm gonna read you guys a few

excerpts from an article that I read a

while back and I'll link it I'll

actually put the link on my site so

Jennifer who is 28 years old says quote

it doesn't matter to me as long it is as

long as it isn't too big or too small

Ali who is 22 years old says I don't

want to be scared of it average is your

friend Tiffany who's 20 symphony with an

I by the way who's 27 years old says

quote I honestly can't really tell if

it's bigger or smaller than the last guy

or what's average I mean I would notice

if it if it was huge or tiny but that's

never happened to me they all look

pretty much the same and I think the

difference is that if a guy knows how to

fuck now the comments that I wrote are

from a survey asking 50 women I think

they raged ages you know 18 to 35 about

penis size of those 50 women 20 one of

those women indicated that it didn't

matter as long as it wasn't too big or

too small 23 said it didn't matter at

all and only six took a liking to the

well-endowed bigger dicks now one would

think that fifty women is hardly a large

enough sample size to draw any sort of

definitive conclusion and I'm you know I

can understand that and under normal

circumstances I would probably agree

with that assessment but given that most

girls in this part of the world are

pretty much the same it does let it does

lend a little bit more credence to most

other 50-person size sample set with a

50-person sample sizes now according to

these accounts

it would seem just according to legend

and again you know I mean women lie they

embellish but it would seem that most

women don't want to be merciless

mercilessly plowed by oversized dicks

for three straight hours like

pornography would lead you to believe

and I'll get to that a little bit later


but I want you to take a listen to what

this female porn star says when asked

about her preference in penis size now

listen she's a porn star right size

Queen been fucked by a bunch of

oversized cocks listen to what she says

her name is her name is Laura Leigh

Leigh okay she says quote if there is

anything I've learned from my job it's

that a person's physical Anatomy has

very little to do with how much fun you

can have in bed together

she continues she says first the

majority of those giant penises that you

seen in porn are not fun to have sex

with when I get on set with a

guy with a 13-inch cock I'm like oh

Jesus how is this going to work it

usually takes a lot of patience and deep

breathing second while I sometimes enjoy

the feeling of a lot of penetration a

feeling that can be achieved easily of

just as easily with toys or hands

penetration in itself is not what makes

a woman or is not what makes me orgasm

this is true I think for most women she

continues I get turned on by sex that is

creative and dynamic I like the dirty

talk the intent of touching oral sex and

finger penetration much more than simply

being pounded by a large appendage I

mean I like penises she says but I think

that I think that this myth that

heterosexual sex is supposed to begin

and end with the cock there is just so

much more to it I think the whole big

cock mythology is pretty serious is

pretty silly hold on I got it I got it I

got a handle some housecleaning here

Anderson Mickey on Instagram I'm not

bringing you on live with me I am in the

middle of my live show this is this is

why I stopped streaming the Instagram

live Anderson Mickey I'm not I'm not

gonna air you out okay but I am in the

middle of a show I am live and on me I'm

not bringing you on the air do not

request to come on the air live with me

again or I will block you now here's the

thing guys though we can't really assume

anything from that statement it's

probably a safe bet that the vast

majority of women from your average

sexually active female to porn stars who

get fuckin who get fucked by large cocks

on the you know on the regular you don't

really put too much stock in a man

sittin in a man's penis size unless that

man is in the top or bottom 1% basically

what I'm saying guys is that size

doesn't probably doesn't matter if

you're in the top or bottom 1% if you

have a 14 inch cock of course size is

gonna matter if you got a 2 inch cock

yeah that size is gonna matter but as

long as you fall somewhere in between

you're good to go yes there are female

porn stars out there who like huge dicks

such as Christina Rose she says quote I

want to feel that shit so deep in my vag

I want to feel it come out of my throat

through my asshole yes there are women

like this and then there are everyday

girls who like them big as well Megan

who's 25 years old says quote

I prefer them to be on the big side but

cervix crushing sex like we see in porn

it again I'll get into that later really

seems to be preferred by the minority

porn stars or otherwise so when it comes

to penetration it looks like most

females prefer pleasure over pain let me

get to the chat here you've got a couple

of questions from my crowd cast Captain

Crunch 4/20 says how many sluts does a

woman have how many slut tells does a

woman have to exhibit to absolutely

confirm she's a slut is it one or more

is it one or more than three only one

only one slut dull men only one the more

slut tells a woman has the bigger the

slut she is for example if a girl has a

tattoo she's a slut right listen here's

the thing oh my god you can't say that

well okay well think of it this way have

you ever met a virgin with a tattoo

right like you can safely assume that a

woman who has a tattoo is not a virgin

and if she's not a virgin she is

absolutely a slut especially in this

country where it's dude we're getting

dick is easier than breathing so the

number of slut tells a woman has to have

to confirm she's a slut is more than one

is one or more and Zach Alaka says for

me it's just once let tell all it takes

is one listen there are a lot of girls

out here running around who don't really

I mean they don't have any discernible

slut tells they understand that guys are

starting to catch on that the green

haired bull ring girl with the sleeve

tattoos has fucked 648 guys like we're

not stupid anymore so what a lot of

girls are doing is they they do their

Sluttery underground right okay well I'm

you know only gonna have one piercing in

II fear not gonna have any tattoos okay

so they meet a guy you know meet a guy

like me okay no discernible slut tells

that doesn't automatic so knob now I'm

not automatically putting you the slut

category which means are probably gonna

treat her a little bit better at least

from the onset now the more you get to

know a girl though you know the the more

her slut tales come out but all it takes

is one slut tell to confirm a girl is a

slut absolutely absolutely

paperwork's wait hold on

Bob in Sacramento is in the house

ladies and gentlemen holy fucking shit

there he is guys we got a celebrity in

the house Bob in Sacramento is TSR

towers biggest contributor honestly and

I'm not even exaggerating here guys

those of you guys who have followed my

show knows that dude every week Bob and

sakip shout out to Bob in Sacramento $40


shout out to Bob in Sacramento $50

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listen Bob in Sacramento has probably

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he's been donating since I would say

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so it is very very good to see Bob and

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it is good to sit man i'ma tell you what

dude Bob in Sacramento has almost

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with Donovan Sharpe and Bob in

Sacramento good to see you in here Bob

and Bob by the way if you didn't if you

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show crowdcast is going well I am

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Pacific for you so no no no screwy

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it's just all it's it's it's gonna be

seamless but have nice clean chat

software in the bottom so we can all

continue to talk to each other so good

to see Bob and Sacramento here in the

towers for the first time ever that I

know of sharp assist in the house good

to see you in here Matthew Lyons has got

to wonder if they're lying though yeah

that's what I'm saying man

and listen the only the only time the

only time a woman the only time you can

really count on a woman telling the

truth is when she's talking to her

friends if they're doing it if they're

taking a survey or if they're in front

of other people women are gonna lie then

listen men do this - but women all


soft especially when it comes to sex so

if they're in a big group of people okay

do you like big dicks or small dicks

dude no girl is gonna say it like big

dicks because now she's a slut why do

you like big dicks right like all girls

know that size queens and we'll get into

those later

why size queens are sluts right so that

that's a very good question

masculine out listen I'm sure that there

was a little bit of misdirection made

sure some girls outright lied but who

knows who knows Q dot J says is

ethnicity mentioned in any of this I

don't know what that has to do with


q Jay I don't know what ethnicity I have

no idea what ethnicity has to do with

dick size I mean correct me if I'm wrong

it does anybody you know yeah I don't

really know what ethnicity has to do

with with dick size Kevin says I met a

woman who told me her ex was extremely

hung and all the women in town were

chasing him because they wanted to see

if they could handle it she would get

mean looks in public from women in

public because they wanted her hung

boyfriend yeah I don't buy that like

seriously oh my ex-boyfriend had a big

dick yeah whatever bitch she's lying

like honestly like okay here's the thing

here's the thing Kevin how did all the

women in town know he had a big dick

right like they just looked at oh he

must have a big dick let's go after him

dude your ear that woman was lying to

you she's lying to you

women women equate big dicks with status

who I have a plate for him as a big dick

let's shut the fuck up

sharpest this is making upgrades as we

get kicked out of everywhere dude I

swear to god man well alright so I guess

that begs the question I didn't I didn't

tell you guys about this why pray tell

Donovan are you going to are you going

to another platform what happened what


it's a Vimeo you were supposed to go to

Vimeo Vimeo flagged my account five

video dude four videos in four fucking

videos Vimeo got me just like that just

like that I can't again and again and I

guess I should have explained this at

length a little bit earlier I cannot put

I can't make any of my content

free to the public I can't put Mike on

the place I can put my content in a

public forum is on my website that's it

my website can't get flagged right like

my website like you can't report my

website to you know you know whatever

right like it like like I mean I'm sure

there have been a few websites that have

been taken down but I'm not doing

anything egregious I'm not doing

anything illegal dude they're throw

websites out there that there are

websites out there that sell drugs

illegal drugs

cocaine heroin steroids right there

websites out there obviously pornography

illegal activities that promote violence

kill it KKK the black did the new Black

Panther Party so if those websites don't

get taken down mine definitely will not

so the point is is that I can't put I

cannot put my content on a public forum

I can't do it I've listen I've got

everywhere I've tried dude I've tried

everything I've I mean I've tried

everything for videos in to Vimeo and

dude I was I was on the cusp of signing

on the dotted fucking line

boom videos gone or what they they

flagged it they flagged it they said

that they said I was in violation of

Terms of Service or something like that

how the fuck could I be in violation of

Terms of Service I put up four videos

that were less than five minutes

it's just listen man I'm not dealing and

here's the thing man I'm not dealing

with that nonsense anymore

okay the software that I'm gonna be

using to stream live to my website guys

it's fucking expensive man oh my god

it's expensive right but listen this is

the life we live this is the price we

have to pay for guys like me to be able

to put content out dude we can't be we

can't be on anybody else's platform we

got to do this on our website okay

we absolutely like this is this is what

we have to do we got to pay a little

more dude we don't listen we don't get

the luxury of screaming alive to YouTube

for free forever okay we don't get to we

don't get we don't get the luxury of

paying for a mainstream website that

everybody knows about the stream and put

our stuff on we can't we don't have the

week we can't do it so guess what man I

listened I told you guys that I told you

guys this train was staying on the

fucking tracks dude nobody

stopping me from doing what the fuck I'm

doing they can try but they ain't gonna

do it

masculine says I criticized women the

ultimate crime right exactly

any any person who is critical any man

who's critical of women wit son right

got kicked off Twitter lost both YouTube

channels tried to go to Vimeo for videos

and they flagged my channel all right


fine that just confirms to me that I

cannot put my content on a public forum

I can't do it the only place I can do it

is I can stream it live to my website

and there's no dude there's no company

that they can call to get flack no can't

do any of that stuff so you got listen

TSR live is not going anywhere it's it's

it's gonna be around so listen they

listen they have finally eliminated

every single medium that I can use so

guess what now donovan sharp calm is the

only place where you can get TSR alive

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and and that's why all right I am going

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long to Facebook and so long to Twitter

see you guys on the other side all right

sharp assists says typically hosting

companies don't give a fuck unless you

are the government they aren't going to

pull customers without legal papers

right the service that I've listen I pay

for my website and I come I pay for my

website I pay for my hosting service

they don't they're not trying to lose

customers over you know over some

bullshit over some butthurt females fuck

it they're they're all about trafficking

dollars all right let's move along in

episode 259 does size matter another

element that we have to consider and the

age-old question does dick size matter

the slut factor now we all know that

most women here in America most women in

the West are raging sluts right but

there are listen even still there are a

fair share of girls who have

triple-digit notch counts guys into the

hundreds girls who have slept with

exorbitant amounts of men have no doubt

been fucked by they have been fucked by

more above-average dicks than the

average female guys it's simple


it's simple math physiologically

speaking this kind of action wears out a

vagina by stretching it to the point to

where it feels looser upon entry okay

now I remember one guy says well Donovan

the vagina always always the vagina

repairs itself after a woman's pregnant

I don't know here and here's the problem

with that theory girls who get fucked by

a lot of guys have looser pussies you

wanna know why they're you know what

their vaginas would recover and heal

here's the problem they don't stop

fucking right they don't take a year off

and let their vagina close back up nope

they got to be fucking the entire time

that god forbid they take 12 months off

of their cock carousel right to let

their vagina heal so they don't feel so

they don't so a guy doesn't feel like

he's throwing a hot dog down a hallway

by the time she's 38 years old okay so

you know those of you out there who

would say well you know the vagina

repairs in there mmm-hmm no the vagina

is resilient there's no doubt about that

but guess what if you keep fucking if

you're a fucking slut pussy's going to


that's how it goes now keegels or kegels

that may help to delay the onset of what

me and my own boys used to affectionate

affectionately refer to as Triple S

which is super slut snatch but guys

taking a hundred-plus Cox a collective

thousands of times guys physiologically

it's inevitable that it's gonna take its

toll and before she know it before she

knows it these girls need close to a top

1% err to feel anything down there now

girls like I said they they can refute

this all they want to and they do but

like I said before guys this is simple

physics the more cock listen the more

cock a girl the more cocks of girls take

a girl takes the looser she'll gets out

listen I'll give you an apex I'll give

me an apex example you have a girl who

slept with a hundred guys and a girl who

and a girl who slept with one guy who

has the looser vagina well don't even

wouldn't the girl who slept with one guy

cuz what was that now I don't know I

don't give a shit if you've been fucked

by a hundred cocks a collective

thousands of times and a woman has only

been fucked one time the girl who's been

fucked by hundred cocks is gonna have a

looser pussy that's just how that is I'm

not trying to hear that further if this

were a myth like they proclaim that

guess what vaginal rejuvenation

procedures like the love knot

they wouldn't exist right the effects on

the sexual market from a red pill point

of view are obvious guys like I said

dude don't no man wants to feel like

he's fucking an open window as it's a

pretty accurate slut tell and men with

options we don't commit to sluts guys

now as far as for girls with triple

digit notch counts it's a catch-22

she can't advertise that she needs

bigger dicks to stimulate her already

overtaxed vagina because she'll look and

sound like a slut but on the flip side

guys she can't be physically satisfied

by the average-sized men forcing her to

sort of try before she buys and given

that most men have average-sized dicks

she ends up shopping quite a bit more

which of course only further increases

her notch count now sometimes girls like

to brag about

big their boyfriends dicks are and about

how they need super large sticks to

please them like like the guy in the

chat earlier Michael I think it was my

guess when girls do that is that this is

just another projection play in that a

woman who brags about this stuff okay

they think it makes them look more

experienced and selective which is

exactly what they want in a man we all

know this there's another article with a

conversation between four women about

penis size of the four women and I'll

link all this stuff up to four women one

woman in particular unabashedly brags

about how she needs but long dongs to

please her right she even acknowledged

she even acknowledges as much by

admitting she she says listen I know

this makes me look slutty but she brags

away about his she can't she just can't

deal with a man who's less than eight

inches okay she says quote well I think

well I think she says quote well I think

size is very important a man has to have

a big package to please me it has to be

long let's say eight inches or more and

the girth should be thick as well now

Giovanna in the article goes on to brag

about our blowjob skill she called it

project deep throat no give me a fucking

break like it's some like it's some

special bitch dude every girl out there

can deep throat bitch like there's

nothing special about you she also

talked about how she dumped a guy in a

heartbeat for not being hung like a cord

what like a horse now it's a come as no

surprise that this woman is thirty years

old and never married validating her

parking at Circus Circus

Harris L the cock carousel in French now

that particular article that was also on

askmen.com and me personally guys I

listen I take an any other red pillow

our man take we take those articles with

a grain of salt anyway because most of

their most of the advice that they give

dude it's laced with blue pill excrement

there's bliss blue pill advice all over

the place but even in this article you

will once again notice that three out of

the four women don't really put much

importance in a man's penis size

now the slut factor among other things

explains why virgin brides stay with

their husbands at a much higher rate

okay they only know one dick as they


there's really nothing else to compare

it to psychologically or physically the

bottom line here guys is that if a woman

needs extra large dicks to get off she's

more than likely taken cocks of plenty

for a good long time

most penises are more than large enough

to satisfy most women even sluts

the only exception it seems to be girls

who have excessively high notch counts

the slut factor let's move on to the

role of pornography as far as the size

matter is concerned now

guys listen quitting porn is a message

that has been preached in the manosphere

for a number of reasons one of the most

important reasons is that watching it

enough watching porn enough will

eventually warp your mind into thinking

that you have to have a two-foot dick

so please a woman and guys this is where

most if not all penis anxiety starts

guys listen man and I'm gonna break it

down to you like this because I used to

be in this camp the simple truth guys is

that male porn stars are the top 1% in

terms of penis size what does this mean

this means they have bigger dicks than

most of the male population guys the

reason porn directors use these guys is

that it looks better on screen that's it

that's it average dicks don't cut it

when they're trying to generate click so

they err on the side of aesthetic

superiority why do you why do porn

directors use guys with big dicks for

the same reason they use porn actresses

who are hot have huge tits Black's too

flat stomachs and great asses right

using guys with small dicks and porn is

like using fat chicks yes there there's

you know there's fetish porno I'd like

to see fat chicks getting fucked and

then there's a small dick porn I mean

I've never even heard of that before

but by and large the top male porn stars

have the biggest dick the top females

porn stars they look the best they have

the best body ratios all being

exaggerated now most men we're conscious

of our dick size is a matter of biology

right like this now this isn't

necessarily a bad thing because in

ancient times a large penis represented

fertility and you know I guess it still

does I guess to a lower extent a man's

ability to impregnate women and pass on

his genes that symbolized true

masculinity so the large

dick the more children he is perceived

to be able to father now that mentality

has sustained itself through centuries

of generations but the very concept has

been twisted and perverted twisted and

perverted with more and more women

getting in line to read the cock

carousel as opposed to getting married

young and bearing children a man's

ability to maker squirt is all women

care about these days now as men we blue

pill men they want to please women

sexually they think they have to please

women sexually to keep them coming back

for more

right but they internalize that and when

weak and would we watch men with these

huge dongs banging these pretty girls

who are a moanin and groanin as if

they're having the best sex of their

lives we internalize this and that

plants the seeds of insecurity about our

own penis sizes okay now listen porn has

its place I used to use porn to do

what's called edging right you you

basically stroked your dick until you're

on the brink of the point of no return

and then you stop this increases both

size and stamina I've talked about this

I've talked about this on Donovan's

denim I actually should post that here

pretty soon but moderation is key guys

you show me a man who is overly

concerned about his dick size and I'll

show you man who watches way too much

pornography it's got a round for hit

round for third and head for home here

shut up - will Crispin sharp assist says

big dicks super tiny women Yeah right

right so you get a guy up - so you get a

guy who has an above-average dick let's

say is dick as eight and a half to eight

and a half inches dude they're not using

average-sized girls they're not worth

they're not using average-sized girls

dude they're using girls who are 5 to

105 pounds so the guy's dick looks like

it's 10 inches long it's ridiculous

we'll Chrisman says people with quote

small dicks probably have bad sex bad

sex more so due to them being so anxious

so anxious and unconfident about it

rather than it actually being small yes

I agree I agree which leads me to the

last part of the show guys it's all

about you

okay at the end of the day guys this is

more about your psyche than your size if

you are confident in the bedroom it

doesn't matter how big or small you are

confidence is the most attractive trait

a man can possess and it naturally

carries over into sex Jamie

24 years old says I think a guy with a

big dick is more confident so he's

better in bed that's all it is

guys you walk around like you have a

13-inch cock and it will reflect in all

of your actions especially sex and if a

girl mentions anything about your size

and performance treat it like a shit

test I'll give an example so I picked up

this girl right she's actually she's a

girl I met on the street whatever

whatever whatever she is a she's a big

fucking talker so when the car were

riding around looking for her you know

looking for a spot to go to bar and so

she's yammering on about her

ex-boyfriend think I'm thinking oh god

she probably just broke up with him a

problem I got gonna fuck this girl for

too long whatever so she says to me she

says you know the sex used to be great I

forget what the guys name but she says

the sex used to be great but I got tired

of him being a one-minute man with his

small thing that's what she said I

treated it like a shit test well I said

I've totally got him beat because I'm

gonna give you 90 seconds of pleasure

with my three inch destroyer just you

wait dude she laughed her ass off and we

listened and we ended up having a great

night together great set the girl's name

was Erica I forget what her ex-boyfriend

can't believe I remember what the chicks

name was but the girl's name is Erica I

don't remember what her ex-boyfriends

name was more importantly guys her

statement is proof that the size of the

boat motion the ocean thing that cliche

is true she acknowledged that her sex

had a small dick but the sex was great

anyway she only got bored when his

performance tanked now of course you'll

find articles all over the internet that

attempt to marginalize men and SAP our

confidence right like like you'll you'll

see you'll see websites on feminist wet

side sorry boy did you got a habit

swabbin schlong that please a woman

bitch we don't care about pleasing you

okay but the fact of the matter is that

most women don't place nearly nearly the

emphasis on dick size as we

because they know that that that skill

Trump's size every time here's another

quote from the article Melissa

26 years old when asked to size matters

she said quote no prime example she says

Joe used Magnum condoms which are

condoms for guys with huge dicks

Matthias didn't but Matthias was a

better lover so we'll ask the question

again does size really matter of guys

with most girls probably not probably

not masculine says this is why I never

looked at porn with men in it when I

looked at porn right yeah listen if

you're gonna watch porn to watch

lesbians right Eddie Vega says since

when a woman able to judge the dick

length without a ruler talk about life

spatial awareness oh my god yeah listen

like I said man dick sizes all dick size

has always been at the forefront of

conversate of sexual conversations right

like like listen and listen some guys

have big dicks some guys have small

dicks most of us fall in between man you

know this is just how it is I mean

listen I have an ax but like I think

that I think the average dick size I

think the average six size is like six

and a half inches I am far I am above

average okay I've never had a complaint

dude I don't have a pornstar style I

don't have a nine-inch dick I'm a

pornstar dick never got knuckle layin

for a woman not even once and if I did

whatever that fucked dozens of you

bitches yeah I could replace you in

minutes fuck outta here

splooge in your face will Crispin says

if a woman isn't satisfied satisfied and

roasts you to a bunch of other girls

wouldn't that kill a bunch of other

potential options no it absolutely would

not and in listen here's the reason why

right so and that to me that actually

sounds high school you're dealing with

your deal you're dealing with you're

dealing with young young girls and yes

women do women do talk oh my god you

know I

we'll and you know he was no good or

this is that the other that doesn't

spoil other prospects because guess what

you're not supposed to shit where you

sleep right like like I mean how many

like honey chicks does the girl know

right okay you fucker you fuck a woman

right you're not gonna fuck her and all

her friends like listen we all fantasize

talk to her and her friends no that's

never gonna happen you're gonna pick one

other group you gonna fuck you're gonna

move on to the next one and maybe if

your game is tight enough maybe well

maybe you'll fuck one of her friends but

her friend isn't gonna fuck you based on

dick size her friend is gonna fuck you

because she wants what her friends have

but no that doesn't kill that doesn't

kill other prospects and again you have

to stake your own claim like don't do

don't keep don't stay at the same

watering hole don't keep going to the

same bars the same Club sitting on the

same women etc etc sharp assists says

the average and average penis size is

5.1 inches when erect Wow god damn if

that's the average dick size and I'm a

goddamn porn star Wow 5.1 inches I don't

know about that that's a little low

shout-out to Bob in Sacramento with a

fucking foot with it with a forty dollar

donation Jesus Christ Bob what are you

doing unbelievable

Bob Sacramento with that with that with

that with the with the forty dollar

donation I hope you're still in here oh

by the way I just heard from Vimeo I

just heard from Vimeo listen to this

this is this is this is this is live

that I just heard from Vimeo because of

course I disputed it she says hi there

it looks like your account was flagged

by one of our automated systems after

reviewing your account it appears to

violate vimeos Terms of Service and

Community Guidelines Vimeo does not

allow content that promotes seduction

coaching additionally we also forbid

content that displays a demeaning

attitude towards specific groups

including women and minorities and there

you have it there you have it guys then

she says we wish you the best of luck in

finding a hosting platform better suited

means this is what we're up against guys

this this is what we have to do you see

it listen every platform we go to man

every fucking platform ego - I was on

that platform for 12 minutes they

already flagged me unbelievable man

unbelievable seduction unbelievable

you got women putting out videos they

had to get a guy mini shit fuck men blah

blah blah blah no they get to keep their

channels guys like me nope we lose our

shit fine fuck em fuck em oh and by the

way this this new platform that I'm

gonna be on I'm not putting my I'm not

there I'm just using the I am only using

them to livestream okay I'm not I'm not

I'm not using them to livestream I'm not

putting the title I'm not putting the

title or anything anywhere I'm just

gonna street listen I'll put the title

and all that on the website okay and

then after then after I get done going

live that video is gone and of course

when I stream I'm also going to be

recording so I use the OBS studio

software so I don't need dude I don't

need anyone to - as storage well we're

gonna give you X amount of storage don't

need the storage I just need the live

platform so that my listeners can watch

me live but as far as I'm concerned I'm

the one that's gonna be in charge of of

my content I'm not keeping my content

stored anywhere

I do not learn that lesson the hard way

with YouTube they took my content away

just like that

luckily for me I had most of it backed

up I got a notification from SoundCloud

a couple days ago this is this is why I

had to take everything off SoundCloud

right like this the guys this is what we

have to do the only website it is the

only website it is safe to put my

content on is my own that's it

you guys listen you got you guys heard

it straight from the horse's fuckin

mouth man straight from the horse's

mouth she says it looks like your

account was flagged by one of our

automated systems yeah whatever yep they

don't prick they don't promote seductive

code seduction coaching

forbidden content that displays a

demeaning attitude towards specific

groups of specific groups specific

groups including women and minorities

really what about men right yeah you got

a bunch of chicks out there talking

about minion shit

divorce rate men commit paternity threat

against men here's how to do it

fake baby calm here's how to do it nope

they get to keep their channels us got

to take us down and then you wonder why

kids go and shoot up a high school and a

lot of people may say well Donovan what

does one have to do with the other easy

the goal of feminism is to remove all of

the shackles all of the all of these

sexual restraints from women while

putting them on men women can talk about

how to get over on men women can talk

about how to fuck a bunch of guys women

can talk about screwer men over how to

get the best of men how to take their

pound of flesh we as men we can't talk

about that stuff right we get flagged

our content gets taken down this is life

we leave men embrace the burden of

performance that's how this is that's

gonna do it for this edition of TS are


stay tuned I've got some changes coming

up on patreon I'm gonna be introducing a

new tier it's gonna include a bunch of

it's gonna actually include quite a

quite a bit quite a bit of new stuff

here for us we got a lot of new stuff

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