Does your girlfriend have ho tendencies? (Episode 316)

I want you to keep in mind that ho tendencies are a little different from slut tells. Slut tells are things you observe in a woman that verifies that she’s a bona fide slut…..tattoos, piercings, green hair etc. But ho tendencies are loosely defined as habits a girl has that she can’t let go of when she gets into a relationship.


In other words. She acts like she’s still single even though she’s got a boyfriend. The car’s been sold but it’s driving around town with a for sale sign on it with the phone number in case somebody calls offering a higher price than the current owner….hypergamy personified….you get the point.


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previously TSR like mother nature

dictates that women have to be more

selective than men in the sexual

marketplace and the reason why is

because women women have more at stake

when it comes to the act of sexual

intercourse sex of course leads to

pregnancy if a woman has sex she runs

the risk of becoming pregnant then she

after she becomes pregnant then she has

to carry the kid four-night lost her

body is going through physical changes

going through hormonal changes then

you've got then you actually have the

childbirth and then after that it's

months and months to recover

the woman's investment is much higher

than the man so there's a lot more at

stake for women when it comes to sex

this is why they have to be selected in

2018 women are more selective but it has

nothing to do with mother nature women

can be much more careless because of

birth control the shot the pill a patch


your man you're a fucking loser you live

in your mom's basement you probably have

a two inch cock you sound like a white

guy later for what you're probably a


so that's a no for Netflix and chill

fuck you talk about how women ate shit

what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 316 edition of

TSR primetime your nightly dose of red

pill truth wisdom and awareness let's

get right to it a lot of men reach out

to me with all kinds of questions they

ask me things like how can I close the

deal on the first date how can I tell if

a woman is worth committing to why do

women punish men who treat them well and

so forth and by the way I offer

one-on-one consultations you guys can

hit me on Donovan sharp comport slash

consults with an S on the end consult

that's plural to schedule a one-on-one


right now I'm offering 35% off of my

rate anyway one of the most common

questions that I get from men is she

cheating on me at which point I ask well

does she have Ho tendencies now I want

you guys to keep in mind that ho

tendencies are a little bit different

from slut tells select ELLs are things

that you observe in a woman that verify

she's a bonafide slut tattoos piercings

green hair etc but ho tendencies and I'm

gonna loosely define this but ho

tendencies are sort of loosely defined

as habits a girl has that she can't let

go of when she gets into a relationship

and these habits are conducive to

infidelity in other words she acts like

she's still single even though she's got

a boyfriend even though she's got a

husband the cars been sold but it's

driving around town with a for sale sign

on it with the phone number on it in

case anybody calls offering a higher

price than the current owner

hypergamy personified you guys get the

point so how do you know if your girl

has ho tendencies well I'm gonna give

you guys a few tonight my opening rant

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includes your shipping it is Thursday

August I'm sorry is today Thursday no

good god I got the date oh I got the

date all wrong Jesus Christ oh yeah yeah

it is Tuesday August 21st 2018 and it

turns out that Kris watch the Colorado

man who stands accused of murdering his

wife his unborn child his two young

daughters it turns out that Chris Watts

did indeed have an affair listen I said

that there was no way he cheated I was


but that doesn't mean that Shannon Watts

didn't fuck around either and that

certainly doesn't rule out the

possibility that the unborn kid wasn't

his and again and Chris watts is made up

this bullshit story he told

investigators that he saw his wife

strangling one of their daughters on on

one of the baby monitors and because of

that he went up and he killed her

that's bullshit how do we know that's

bullshit well why hide the bodies right

and wouldn't all of this action have

been caught on the baby monitor wouldn't

the footage be available somewhere if

our on the baby monitor stay tuned on

this one guys this one I mean this one's

gonna be crazy

when it goes to trial definitely

definitely stay tuned on this one let me

do a quick check here to make sure I

need to make sure that every that all

systems are go and it had a few

technical issues yesterday and I spoke

with the I spoke at the company that is

that that does that handles my streaming

for me and they said it's a it's sort of

a company-wide streaming issue so they

apologize for the inconvenience however

if the feed does if if the feed does go

out if the stream stops on Donovan's

shark comm not to worry just wait for a

few seconds refresh the page and and

everything should come back up so it

looks like all systems are go on my end

again I apologize for the inconvenience

like I said every once in a while we do

have technical issues you know sometimes

things are just outside of our control

and there's just nothing you can do

about that something else I wanted to

talk about here briefly is I am sick

lately you guys know me man I'm a huge

sports fan okay and listen you guys

don't listen I live in Philly I'm a

Philly sports fan you see all my you

know Philadelphia you know where does

six are sad I love the Philadelphia

Eagles you know you see my newspaper


you know Philly special I love the sport

of football like any other red-blooded

masculine American man but lately

the coverage of the NFL and I would say

it's it's it's sort of built to a fever

pitch here in the last I don't ever

since the Ray Rice incident where he

knocked out janay rice in that elevator


and back in 14 but as time has gone on

every we take although all the way there

from all the way now it seems that every

Monday every time we hear something

about the NFL every time there's

breaking fucking news on the NFL it's

something negative the NFL fucked up the

helmet rule what are the referees doing

we bitch and complain about the catch

rule then there's domestic violence and

false rape accusations you know female

cheerleaders bitching about the wage gap

it's all bad all the time listen man

football isn't America's pastime

football is America's passion and at

some point and and the thing is this man

football is never gonna go away right

like I can sit here and say you know

people are gonna walk away and know

football is the number one show on five

different networks the NFL is king it is

the most-watched program ever does I

mean Super Bowls you know get ridiculous

ratings etc etc but the ratings are

dropping the ratings are going down now

the ratings were down in 2016 and of

course we all blame that or at least you

know the media blame that well it was an

election year okay yeah that's fair

right people paid attention to politics

so it would stand to reason that the NFL

ratings would go down but I paid

attention to politics and I didn't watch

any less football right okay listen I'll

give them the benefit of the doubt on

that I can understand how people's

attention can sometimes be diverted okay

fine but the ratings have continued to

plummet I don't want to use the word

plummet I want to stay away from using

hyperbole but the ratings are down every

time we turn around it's Colin

Kaepernick and Donald Trump and the

anthem protests and domestic violence

and player X hit hit his baby momma and

it's shady McCoy and it's it's - it's

nothing but football is bad men are bad

you want to know why the media goes

after the NFL because the NFL for better

or worse is the last bastion of male

dominance you don't find many females at

football I think the the Arizona

Cardinals have a female linebacker coach

I don't even know if she's there anymore

but women have tried to crack the NFL

they can't do it it's a man

game it's a man's commentator game okay

they made Samantha ponder the the new

host of of Sunday NFL countdown I don't

watch that anymore

right they try to put women they try to

put women in positions of power just

doesn't work because the NFL is a man's

game and wouldn't you know it now Nally

pay attention to tweets aaron rodgers

tweeted this about Tom Brady it's just

it's just one fucking gossip column and

everything is negative about the NFL

everything it's like it's like the media

every Monday gets together and they say

how can we shit on the NFL this week

it's either Roger Goodell doesn't know

what he's doing Donald Trump is a racist

it's it's it's you know you know running

back X hitters why it's always something

X Y Z player got pulled over for a DUI

it's like it's it's getting to the point

where it's mind-numbing and I'm never

gonna stop watching football but I'm

fine myself consuming much less of the

trimmings the coverage the you know the

the stories like I'm more than happy

just watching the games listen I don't

mind just watching the games I don't

need I don't need all of the I don't

mean I don't need all of the all of the

commentary that comes with it I don't

like dude just give me the steak him I

mean I don't need the I don't need the

potatoes just give me the steak that's

just how that is I gotta give a

shout-out to wizard praying he sent me

now yesterday I talked about how men can

shit test women and if you guys want to

check that out go to donovan sharp calm

its episode 315 is the one I did last

night that's one of the better shows

I've done well he he sent me what I

believe is probably one of the best shit

test you can deploy on a female ever

ever and listen guys I'm deployed a lot

of shit tests I've been shit tested a

lot I've been in the game for for a

decade I know my shit wizard prank came

with the fucking truth on this listen to

this shit so your girl says to you I

think we should be exclusive well your

response if your red pill aware is

you're not ready so her response of

course we well yes I am your response

okay unlock your phone and hand it to me


listen how many women would actually do

it how many women would actually take

their phone without hesitation unlock it

give it to you not many if any at all

most of them would probably think to

themselves holy shit like I can't really

do that because I'm fucking somebody

else or I'm talking to my ex or dude

women aren't gonna do that so the next

time a woman says to you I want to be

exclusive tell her she's not ready and

if she argues with you and she will cuz

you're never gonna tell a woman what she

is or isn't ready for he is LR okay

unlock your phone and hand it to me can

see what she says so shout-out to wizard

praying for the best dude that's the

best shit test submitted for a female I

have ever seen I am dead I am dead

fuckin serious I got Tony Maceo on the

line here Tony uh hold tight for me for

just a few minutes I'm gonna get to you

in just a second mr. mink chimed in sent

me another article regarding this Asia

Argento situation so the articles on The

Daily Beast the title is Asia Argento

denies any misconduct claims Bourdain

paid off her accusers i'ma read you this

short article it says quote Asia Argento

denied that she had a sexual

relationship with a 17 year old and

claimed that her late boyfriend

Anthony Bourdain paid off her accuser in

a statement Tuesday that's today

the actress / director says she was

linked to her accuser who claims Argento

sexually assaulted him in a California

hotel room when he was 17 quote by

friendship only and that he quote

unexpectedly made up an exorbitant

request of money from me Anthony she

says insisted the matter the matter be

handled privately and this is also what

the accuser wanted she continued she

called a report in The New York Times

about the claims quote absolutely false

and insisted that heard and insisted

that her decision to pay the man

reportedly a sum of $380,000 was of

compassion whoa

Anthony personally undertook to help him

economically upon the condition that he

would that we would no longer suffer any

further intrusions in our life the

statement says the Los Angeles County

Sheriff's Department is now

investigating the allegations against

Argento the actress was vocal in the

hashtag me too movement alleging that

Harvey Weinstein raped her when she was


this development Reba this is a this is

a quote this development reveals a

stunning level of hypocrisy by Asia

Argento one of the most vocal catalysts

who sought to destroy Harvey Weinstein a

statement from Weinstein's attorney

Benjamin barackman said ain't that some

shit and you know the funny thing is

this is what men have been doing forever

right they have sex with someone they

have consensual sex with someone the

girl knows she can exploit him rape okay

well what can I do to make this go away

well pay me three hundred eighty

thousand dollars

he pays he pays up to three hundred

eighty grand he goes away right Asia

Argento is attempting and this is funny

she's attempting to say well I didn't

pay him off Anthony paid him off right

this was an anthony bourdain is six feet

under he listened he's not alive to to

defend himself typical this is typical

fucking female behavior and Brafman

nailed it absolutely nailed it on the

head this is straight-up this is

straight-up hypocrisy okay now again

listen let's be fair these are only

allegations we don't know what happened

in that hotel room for all we know the

seventeen-year-old might have wanted to

fuck Asia Argento up listen if you're

seventeen years old and I'm in an

attractive 37 year old woman hits on you

I know I'd fuck her right but if he

didn't want to then that would be that

that would be a sexual assault

now listen can a woman rape a man I

don't know maybe with a strap-on I'm not

gonna get into that but it would seem

that Miss Argento is taking another tat

and saying I confess Anthony did it I

didn't pay him off Anthony did and I

love how they characterize this as we

wanted to help him economically upon the

condition that we would no longer suffer

any further intrusions in our life yeah

translation hush money that's all that

was helping him out economically bitch

get the fuck out of here with that uh

yeah those are the current events nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call if you want to

chime in and give a few Ho tendencies

you've learned about over the years or

have a story about a woman with Ho

tendencies give me a call if you have an

unrelated question about girls game if

you need advice you want to get

something off your chest you guys can

hit me too I'm gonna bring Tony Maceo on

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return of Kings is gonna be dropping

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so we're gonna go ahead and go to the

phone lines and bring on my fellow negro

manosphere contributor tony Maceo to

chime in on these o tendencies Tony how

you doing brother

oh wow okay well PO please all right

very good I'm doing pretty good good

good ah you know it's just you know what

I wanted to say briefly man is that I

wanted to say the importance I want to

state the importance of you know the

shop the shop show as you know it

reminds me of what we formerly had at

Mack me and my partner Big Mike

right and the reason why it's important

is that see as men we get an

indoctrination on women we don't get an

education right or women oh good you

offer an education versus an


the difference and indoctrination says

as a man it's important to have your

financial game together when it is oh

yes and indoctrination says it's

important to have your hygiene together

and it is that's right and

indoctrination says it's important to

have your physical fitness game together

your grooming game together and it is

that's right all those things are very


but what is equally important is

understanding that a female knows

whether or not she felt funky within the

first 10 to 15 seconds of the time race

every time that's what an education

brings you an education will tell you

well enable you at this train going by

an education will enable you to be able

to spot when a female is camouflaging of

guilty complex will under a barrage of

compliment reach you see what I'm saying

oh yeah yeah yeah listen yeah I was

gonna say listen in women are women get

the education right and it's interesting

because they get they don't get the

formal education they get the education

by just living their lives women or

females they understand from a very

young age at some point wait a minute

men want to fuck me I would say dude

honestly it's probably as young as 13

maybe 14 years old when men start to out

going there there you go when men start

to look at her in a certain way then

then they understand it so what say you

about that that brings me to my second

wealth lemma second my third thing you

need to know when you're talking about

in education on women know that women

engage in Cocke classification well

certainly is 14 Wow

explain that is dude that listen

anything I'm excited again women engage

in the practice and process of karke

classification well as early as 14


and the reason why they can is because

they're getting sexual attention and

again and it's not it's not it's not

some Herculean effort it's not some

arduous task females know that if men

want to fuck me then I can get them to

do pretty much anything I want to do and

that's when they start classifying cocks

now what do you mean by cock

classification give me an example of

that classification is when a woman is

putting men into compatible ok the man

who she will fuck and the man who she

can talk there it is man those are two

distinct categories then one is superior

the other one is subordinate one is a

priority the other one is an option

there you go we understand I listen I

call it if you understand the

classification that classification

spells the difference between you claim

the dating game successfully and coming

up aces what you getting played in the

dating game pitifully Wow Wow I would

also add that to this we talked to a lot

of guys out there who say well when it

comes to dating I'm not into playing

games I'm not gonna play the game I'm

just gonna be myself

Dabra you are listen you don't have a

choice whether you listen whether you

like it or not you're playing the game

and those men who choose not to play are

the ones who lose the fastest because

everyone's playing the game whether you

like it or not unavoidable it's like

death or taxes you don't do that shit

whether you want to do it or not anymore

another kind of participation very nice

Tony Maceo drop in knowledge you guys

can check him out on on Negro manosphere

become where else can they find you on

the web

Tony I got another blog called parlance

strategy ok I'm a I'm a student of

history politics pop culture and

economics I write for corporate strategy

dot-com also

CEL chess supplies there cuz I'm a track

coach in chestnuts truck okay alright

and you know you can catch me there I

used to be a bail bondsman but I quit

that hustle because oh shit banjo

you know let's check this out check this

out check this out when I was in the

not-too-distant past dude I used to be

and they can I used to give me I used to

be the handcuffs all the time I have

paid dude I have paid and I'm not

ashamed admit this I have paid bail

bondsmen thousands of dollars and I

remember thinking one time when I'm you

know what I'm sitting in the handcuffs

calling my bail bonds but having to pay

him yet another three thousand dollars

to get my ass out of jail

I remember thinking of thinking of

myself dude I'm a big guy I'm in good


I could definitely fire a gun I love

physical confrontation like like I

actually thought like I was actually

going to become a bail bondsman at one

point like this is and it's interesting

I had two choices

I can either pursue the bail bondsmen I

can either pursue the bail bondsmen path

or I could get into real estate and I

chose real estate but it listen it was

very very close I almost became a bail

bondsman why did you get out of the bail

bonds game I'd be I'd be interested to

know why I got out of the bail bonds in

the game because the loss thought the

law started to change really and the

niggers and the niggas in the street

started to get more stupid Oh in other

words not showing up to court know what

not just wanna be caught he was just the

overall stupidity yeah I've always been

a person that says you can do anything

you want to do but just do it

intelligence sure you see right and you

know these dudes out here you know they

think that you know you got cell built

forever go to prison no no not gonna

have what the one that will they have

these great master plans they have these

great master plans and then the master

plan unfold because they got a suspended

drivers like so in other words they only

way to make this big ass drug deal with

the excessive amount of drugs on them

but they don't have a driver's license

and they detect the police you know to

me there you go

and when they don't have any see here's

the thing not only it's the laws it's

the technology

dude I remember cops and you listen you

can probably speak to this to Tony

if cops wanted to find out if you had a

suspended license they would have to

pull you over then they'd have to run

your tags and run your license they

don't have to do that anymore dude if

you're driving no car if you're driving

a car do they have these police scanners

boom they know who you are where you

live and what the status of your license

is back in the day it was difficult it

was more difficult to do because they

had to have probable cause to pull you

over and all you had to do was keep it

within reason as far as traffic laws

were concerned dude

cops now technology has created that

probable cause boom I scanned his I

scanned his license plate its Jeremy

Johnson uh looks at this one two three

four East Sycamore Street Oh his license

is suspended and his insurance is past

due let me let me turn on the lights

let's do a search oh you got a couple of

kilos of coke you have the right to

remain silent it all goes downhill from

there there's also the dumb shit though

Donovan for example now you ride around

with five or ten thousand dollars in

your pocket

so you're just smoking a dime bag a week

oh my god oh my honor suspended life

unbelievable man

so automatically when the cops bust you

they come up and they see the dope in

the sea between using the marijuana in

the ashtray when it landed in the

console because your license is

suspended now they can do a search

incident to a lawful arrest

get into your car so they what do they

spot the marijuana and the car that's

right so why are you walking around

driving around with ten dollars worth of

weed in the same proximity with ten

thousand dollars in potential there's

nothing else when they arrest you when

they arrest you for the weed they

automatically fetch the money

yeah they confiscate that you ain't

getting that back that belongs to the

state now what you got well I've got

money but it's in the street and I yeah

right or you hear there's a listen I'm

listen let me give you money as soon as

I hit the street like dude I'll listen

like I'll be in the I'll be in the hole

I'll be in the holding cell and you

listen you hear niggas trying and I

listen I'm very very fortunate I've been

arrested plenty of times and each and

every time I was in it I was in and out

of the holding cell within an hour cuz I

had all my shit in line and I always had

the money to get out but you would

always have niggas on the line crime to

the buzz man work with me bro like I get

paid next week and I'm getting this

check next week and my girls gonna do

this and I'm like uh-huh like these are

bondsman dude you got to show them that

green yeah they'd be like well you know

I've got it I got it I just I said well

now you still got it oh you ain't got

why are you driving down the street with

just a dime bag full of weed and $10,000

in taxes illegal then they want to send

they bitch tell you to do something

strange for some things

ha ha ha oh my god you know I have to

let them know I don't do pussy dong woo

I don't do pussy bonds I want my money

goddamn right listen cuz this is what

puts Mars ain't gonna pay the bills bruh

yeah it's not that the cable man and the

power man don't take pussy for payment

no they do not

pussy don't stop shut off notice so you

know and you get to me you're drug into

an environment where you have to deal

with people and all types of

circumstances where what you get that

education you get that education by

dealing with women because as stupid as

they are economy as stupid as they are

they're always smart enough to keep him

a square bitch that's right oh oh sweet

that's right that's right and there's

always and there's always a bitch out

there for them yep always tell these

cats all these cats always talk about

this myth of you know because when you

start you know laying out these negative

the dark side of female sexuality they

start saying well that's only we heard

that and I say surprise nigga there's no

social economic status or separation

between what is the hood rack and what

is not her business you see unbelievable

armor also Manigault is just as big of a

hood rat goddamn

goddamn rule right hell man

listen oh my listen Tony I gotta go man

but you listen you and I listen I'm

gonna shoot you a text man we need to do

a full show you and me next week because

I think you and I are like-minded we

definitely need to make that happen

power and strategy calm is Tony Maceo is

blog you can also find him on Negro

manosphere calm Tony thanks for calling

in man we are definitely gonna talk soon

brother all right brother Tony Maceo in

the house dropping that knowledge

unbelievable yes

Omarosa is every bit the hood rat is

bunk weecha and Swann Tasha you better

believe it you better fucking believe it

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phone lines area code two on six you're

on live with Donovan hello hello hey

what's up brother you're on live hey

what's up player good what's going on

brother how are you doing man oh not

much can you can you hear me good oh I

can hear you good yeah y'all this is uh

this is Fillmore oh yeah this is my man

Fillmore on the line with us yeah listen

and listen I'm a little I'm a little

know right now

listen I'm gonna let y'all know right

now before Phil gets started here is

that Phil drops that straight pimp hand

game if you're listening if you're a

soft ass nigga if you're here for that

soft that shit turn the shit off right

now cuz Fillmore is about to bring that

heat so Phil weird listen we're in here

talking about hoe tendencies right and I

got a few that I'm gonna point out but I

wanted to get you I wanted to get you

out here what did you get Tony on here

to get to get you guys a stake on hoe

tendency so go ahead let's uh let's see

what you got brother well I mean you

know what if it's so many of them I

would say yeah I would say the younger a

player is it's hard to detect them cuz

he's fresh in the game right and he

doesn't with a lot of emotions and a lot

of crazy stuff but the more women as a

person get older like the more you get

play because that's good for you again

because one thing I found out about

women is that they all use the same

washed-up game every night so I don't

care how hot they do

I don't care all across the board after

a while you start to notice they all

start doing the same thing so it gets to

the habit you can see you get to know

you know what they're gonna do before

they do it you got that right yes yes

exactly so you know this is that but

that comes with studying them and and

hearing the bullshit and after a while

it's just like free colors the more you

get played and cuz it's like you were

saying earlier you're gonna play the

game whether you like it not you know

it's just about paying attention that's

right you know I'm saying but but some

of the some of them tendencies that they

do you know on when you were saying

about the guy some he was asking you how

did you know he didn't play you know

he's just got to be observant you know

see some some some dudes when they hook

over women they show nose in the air

about this broader they not lysse with

hand attention was she doing no and what

I like to say is that these women is

sloppy magicians they like to think that

they got the gang so up but they really

they think they is a sloppy magician yo

I love it all right I thought I throw a

few things out there like certain things

that some people pay attention

- inseong may not but stuff like let's

say you hook over the broad let's say

you got your own play from they say she

got our own place right like one of the

things they do on that people don't

catch on - if she don't let you park in

a driveway that's the thing everywhere

now right thickness was happening she

don't want she don't want you in the

driveway just in case of other dudes

drive you can like seeing their co car

you got you got a lot of them playing

Lord Lord games like that

and you got some Saab laws they like to

try to put you on a on a check and to


tomlin right now you got some of them

like that they try to come off like be

respectable of my space and and this is

snack and it's like this if a woman

really until you she wanted man she

would spend time with you kicking with

you know yeah flawless so it's on this

list tonight when a chick start telling

me talk about yeah you want to check in

before it right then and there side just

let her talk you know I'm saying just

let her talk because she because one

thing about a woman she don't tell you

everything hell hell yeah she don't tell

you everything because what good is a it

like a silly sloppy llege sol yeah you

know so so and and and one thing about

it they pick up a game from a lot of

that negative female energy and they

feel like just because they mamas

aunties or whatever did that same lion

game they figured I should have worked

you know so I like what a lot of these

young brothers need to do and I don't

just say young for whoever you know we

cause anybody can learn of course yeah

we reach it to reach it to somebody cool

they've been there and done that and

just because somebody got grey hair

don't mean they got gang right I don't

see it so it's like you know me

personally I would like to you know when

I was coming up I was always talking

them off others who bidi who've been in

their names right be just some square

head motherfucker talking dumb I think

and I'm listening you know I'm trying to

listen to some of that ISM you know so

listen a lot of guys check this out

before we get to that a lot of guys take

it like it makes

it makes sense chronologically right if

you want if you want to become if you

want to become successful financially

you talk to financially successful guys

if you want to become if you want to if

you want to get into better shape talk

to guys who are a good shape it doesn't

necessarily work when it comes to

matters of women so let's say if you

want if you want relationship advice

talk to a man who's been married for 25

years no no no no no listen

theoretically that makes sense but the

guy's been married for 25 years has been

out of the game for 25 years number one

number two he's still got on

rose-colored glasses he still thinks

that girls are made at a sugar spice and

everything nice that Megas you need to

take your cues from our niggas who are

out there in the game niggas who have

gotten their nose bloodied the reason

listen the reason why people listen to

me is because they know I've tried to

turn a ho into a housewife and I'ma play

that conversation later on today they

know that I fucked around with a bitch

who had a baby daddy who was in prison

who impregnated her when she was 13 and

all that other nonsense they know I've

been played they know I've been cheated

on and they know that I've got my nose

bloody and then bitches always come at

you like well who hurt you plenty of

plenty of women so when it comes to

taking your cues from people I

understand listen I understand people

want to take their advice from married

men don't do that you need to take

advice from men who have been in the

trenches men who have had their hearts

broken men who have been played men who

have been in dangerous situations

because because of women those guys will

get you right well you know what I'm an

heir today I'm gonna add to that because

you speak about that many thing you

absolutely 100% right but also a lot of

cats need to understand and stay away

from them not all but because they're

there's two types of marry guys okay you

got the married guys out there that's

the haters they mad to see a freshman

play oh yeah you know I love holding and

he was this fat bitch she's my fan so

but then you got the other type of Mary

Mary cat who's still out there even

though he made peacenik you wouldn't

even know it he still he true to the

game and got no sup in them

no none of that you know but for the

most part a lot of these hair calves

beyond building some cock blocks shit if

you Jobs or whatever they just be on

that shit you know and I'm just putting

it out there you know because it's crazy

is Madison no man

go today great fuckin it arson of holes

out here hey upon you yeah yeah but it's

like I'm gonna throw something else out

there is and this this is like a little

here Jim a lot of people don't know

about it's like when it comes to money

the majority of the time a woman's money

is attached to her heart so in a big

spend on you she's showing that that's

really she really like the air she put

you and I ain't talking about no no no

bag of grease bullshit right I'm all

right finish real rim I'm ready bro but

but here hit but right but here go to a

magician party here go to magicians

you got you got some of these bitches

out here like to play to play the breath

day okay you know and the breath game

what I mean is you know how you could

talk like let's take a child you know a

kid ask how you know air is real because

they can't see it right right now if you

talk on a normal day you can't see it

but let's say you get in the cold

environment then you can see the breath

right right that's where some of these

holes do with the money game what

they'll do

you got some bitch to expend a whole lot

of money on you and that'll be the

Mirage that they they they keeping that

clover you know so you don't know what

time zone and they literally fucking all

kind of motherfuckers behind in the back

unbelievable man I've seen that happen

they don't happen all the time but I've

seen that shit go down you know what

nothing I'm talking about

I've seen women you know spin something

some thousands on the morrow and the do

be straight so I call man I know my

bitch ain't right Jesus vessel to me

right me this pool table teachers well

man bitch fucking like tomorrow fuck man

you know so you know you got it you knew

one thing I learned you always got to

keep one eye open that's right that's

right know now you know it's easier this

either said another tomorrow man well if

you got a new you got a lookout for a

bitch man look I don't trust myself are

like hey so right up man oh and it's not

about it's not as well it's not about

in go away - nothing like that it's just

about one once you understand what the

game it is a checkout look even I please

bitch didn't got out of pocket hey you

don't know keep it straight up you don't

think she's fuckin niggas on the side

come on man get out of here with that I

mean I'm glad they doing anything but

the whole world scene even she got out

of possums and that as an example to say

he ate hands down I see one of the best

ever do it straight all the game we were

no bitch like you know what I'm saying

so anybody this can get out of pocket I

don't give a fuck what job you got to

see a lot of cats for life if they got

this big paying job to making all this

money they got this brand-new Rhino yeah

that don't mean that doesn't mean shit

game Trump's all man if you ain't got

game - no matter what you got yeah and

as a matter of fact you know what's

crazy man I've seen women that got

that's me we're doing with six figures

then it will go if they will get guitar

strings file yet then we'll go to okay

then we'll go to the projects just fuck


Haney man you know so just because you

spend the top dollar on the blood and I

go for all the worlds it feel like they

got to do there any men that is

solidifying no no no no no yeah you

notice it is bad so hopefully you know

it's just a lot of cash to stay on top

of their game don't be believing

everything I'll say and be all our

little stress on these goofy

motherfuckers you know because they

these hoes out of Baghdad but if you if

you stay on top of shit you got to

always be one step ahead of a biscuit

they all use the same we cycle brewery

in game they are you there's no

opposition be more different than others

but you know just got to stay on top of

thing you got to stay sharp because it's

like you can't be out here with a butter

knife no PR here we go with the slop

steak night ready if you got to cut that

motherfucker loose you got to or

whatever word get cut to get them in

check I'm saying so it just depends on

you got to just deal with every bitch

according you know so

it's just that you know lay back be cool

you know and when the check and cook

come if need be put do it accordingly

you know good bit shipments a while I

hear hey listen that's listen that's

always the way it's been man listen Phil

I appreciate the call man

I listen I love them I love the

straight-up pimp game that you drop man

and when it comes to hoe tendencies you

listen you can't have any bitch in you

brah like you got it like just like you

said you got to be ready to cut a bitch

or cut a bitch off it's it's either one

or the other either there's there's no

one between whatever stuff oh yeah you

got a respectable platform I offer a lot

of cats out here say he does all this

technology one available

years ago in this damn Bank I've no

reason to be on Strucker Avenue these

guys need to step their game up and

stick they says how because back in the

day man he was lost in the sauce so now

with social media knowledge there's a

lot of brothers out here who can get

soaked up knowledgeable games from ain't

got to be out here looking like a clown

right right yeah you don't you're pretty

man hey yeah you got a nice platform

people your thing man you know fan stuff

for free is straight-up bill I

appreciate the call man calling anytime

brother take care yeah I got you all

right okay

911 for two oh five five three five six

is the number to call later on in the

show I'm going to play the conversation

that I had with Carla the hoe that I

foolishly tried to turn into a housewife

I actually called her live on air during

episode 238 and I did it on a whim and

what ensued what happened was absolutely

epic a lot of guys have requested that I

put it back up or play it on arrogance

because SoundCloud took down the

conversation and gave me yet another

warning but I have it backed up so I'm

gonna play for you guys near the end of

the show so definitely stay tuned for


if you are watching on Facebook YouTube

or Twitter come on over to donovan sharp

calm right now to watch the remainder of

the episode again my Facebook YouTube

and Twitter audience if you want to know


you want to know if your girlfriend has

ho tendencies I'm gonna lay it out for

you come to donovan sharp calm to watch

the rest of the episode thank you guys

for tuning in and I will see you guys

over here in a minute let's go to the

phone lines here quickly before we jump

into these hoe tendencies area code six

seven eight you're online with Donovan

I will tell Donovan a cynical hey what's

up brother how you doing man I'm fine

about yourself doing good doing good

doing my thing all right I got another

hoho tendency for you all right what you

got my nose for myself I don't um

they're always in some shit they're

always a damsel in distress woo tell it

so in other words she always needs a

build paid she her car is always broke

down I need a babysitter some along

those lines I got real life and fake

examples of that what's doing in video

games of these bitches ain't covered up

I got my eggs I got the bitch that was

talking me my exchange was taking a

place but I shut her up for good good

every five seconds you look up these

bitches nice and sort of save and oh my

god these people are doing me so long or

they drop it usual niggas ain't shit

many here they call them asking for

motherfucker to save at one point and

this is some all these fucking beta

males they call them selling to call

shit to you they need to take each

initiate to if they really respect these

bitches they think they were smart

enough to walk the fuck away

they keep doing that and then they turn

around a photo big man they go a lot of

somebody else's vehicle rinse and repeat

they do the same shit all the time

yeah and I said I just gave you the real

life example I give you I can give you

the video game example fucking press s

peach and Mario dude call president

peach is like if you look at the story

teaches the little most fuckin powerful

person in that universe if she cries she

can flood an area if she gets pissed off

she can burn everything to cinders if

she's happy she can float this bitch

gets kidnapped by a fuckin gorilla and a

turtle dragon change every fucking video

game and here comes Mario and Luigi

yeah she hops from Mario's that she

wanted of having a kid with Luigi Luigi

Mario Luigi Mario

the nice guy that was always safer from

a gorilla saving her from a dragon

Luigi believed in not this nigga is a

fucking engineer and a plumber he's out

making money all the reason he even

comes out there to help his brother

unbelievable a damn about her

unbelievable man

so that listen that's a good ho tendency

that's actually not on my list I'm just

gonna repeat that for my listeners for

my viewers and 973 I see you there I'm

gonna get to you in just a few minutes

here so a ho tendency is a woman who all

who is / who is a perpetual damsel in

distress always complaining about her

friends niggas ain't shit you know if I

get if I'm if I go to work late again

I'm fired my car broke down I don't have

the money to pay the rent I need my life

bill paid etc etc yeah that's how it

goes man six seven eight I appreciate

the call let's go ahead and get started

here like I said nine seven three see

you in the queue I'm gonna do a little

bit of talk in here that I'm gonna get

to you in just a second so does your

girlfriend have Ho tendencies well I've

got four Ho tendencies listen there are

many many ho tendencies it again just

just to remind you guys what a ho

tendency is okay a lot of it again it

would be very easy to sort of mix this

up with slut tells and slut tells and

hoe tendencies are very similar but hoe

tendencies are habits that a girl has

that are conducive to infidelity that

she cannot or will not let go of even

when she's in a relationship in other

words she's a woman who is in a

relationship who perpetually acts like

she isn't in one so let's go ahead and

get to hoe tendency number one if your

woman draws attention to herself when

she is out with you in public

she's got hoe tendencies if you're out

and about with your woman you guys

grocery shopping you guys are at the

store you guys are anywhere at a

restaurant wherever and all of a sudden

your girl gets animated right she starts

talking loudly she starts moving about

it she starts she starts a conversation

with you loudly loud enough so that

people around can hear it she's doing

things to draw attention to herself

she's got ho tendencies and the reason

for that is that there is there is there

is it is far more likely than not that

there is someone around that she is

attracted to I'll tell you quick

story about Devin Devin and I went on

vacation to Hawaii almost two years ago

back in 2016 so I remember one morning

we were sitting there having breakfast

and the Pacific Ocean is just to our


dude beautiful scenery we stayed at the

Royal Kona resort it was just it was a

it was the trip of a lifetime anyway

we're sitting there eating breakfast and

you know we're just kind of quiet

conversing with one another and all of a

sudden Devin starts to get loud and

animated and she starts pointing at this

and that user I'm like what the fuck in

ten seconds it dawned on me I turned

around and right behind me was the new

to basically look like Chris Hemsworth

right and so I said to her I leaned over

there I said listen if you want that

dude's phone number just go over there

and ask him that's a disrespectful

behavior that was again that is some

undercover Sluttery now this was early

on in our courtship right she had Ho

tendencies and listen she probably still

has Ho tendencies who listen who knows

maybe she does this when she's not in my

presence and if she does that that's

fine that's on her but she's not gonna

do that around me okay when women get

around attractive men they

subconsciously draw attention to

themselves they can't help it they don't

start they can't just go over and start

talking to the guy they start

conversations with people around them

they maybe talk to themselves loudly

they take out their phone and laugh at

something loudly they talk to you loudly

etc etc okay yet listen you ever seen a

single mom around an attractive guy you

ever seen that before right like any

time a single mom is around a guy she

thinks is hot or attractive all of a

sudden she beats she loudly becomes the

greatest mom in the world right she's

having these sweet little conversations

with her kid very loudly come here honey

laughing saying oh you're so cute listen

this happens to me all the time at

Target when I get done working out I'll

Drive over to Target and there are

single moms everywhere and more often

than not when I get near them

it's so funny they all of a sudden start

having these adult conversations with

their kid like like it happened to me

yesterday like this one one was like

well mommy's gotta work tonight so I'm

gonna have to drop you off at Susan's a

little early today so I can be there on

time I look in the car and the kids like

two and a half years old like bit kid

doesn't know what the fuck you're

talking about

she did that to get my attention that's

what they did it for they want to show

you that they're good moms single

mothers don't understand that's a guys

like me the fact that you have a kid

already takes you out of the running

when women are attracted to you they

start to get chatty single moms they

start to get chatty they start to get

all animated if your girl gets all

animated all of a sudden starts acting

starts talking loud starts acting out

check your surroundings chances are

there's probably someone who's

attractive around I'll tell you another

story about Devin we took the Keck tour

up Mount Mauna Kea and and I've told

this story before but this is along

those same lines so we get on the tour

bus and our tour guide big dude guy was

six for rugged guy beard you know he

wasn't overly muscular but you can tell

he was in good shape

you know rugged guy you know wasn't

mountain man or whatever so you know

he's driving along the beginning of the

tour and he's like yeah you know my name

is John welcome to the tour this is the

you know the the kick blah blah blah

blah blah so then he so then he says and

it's a bunch of old people on the bus

right except for us and he says well you

know is anybody out there having a good

time out here in Hawaii and Devin goes

whoa so I looked her dead in the eye and

I said rain that shit in and I made I

kept that I made eye contact with her

she said to me yes sir and it was never

a problem after that again the guy was

attractive and so women involuntarily

draw attention to themselves this is

just how it is

these are ho tendencies I can't remember

the last time Devin tried I mean I'm

sure they're listened maybe she did it

on the sneak tip I'm a hyper observant

person so chances are she probably

hasn't listened if she's done it and

gotten away with it I'll give her credit

cuz it is hard to get over on me but if

your girl if you're out with your wife

your girlfriend your side chick fuck

buddy and by the way never go out with

your side chick that was a Freudian slip

on my part but you get the idea

and they and all of a sudden she starts

breaking pattern she starts acting a

certain kind of way she gets loud

animated gets chatty look around

probably see an attractive guy

that's a ho tendency she still has that

for sale sign on her back looking for a

higher bidder nine one four two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call to get in on the conversation area

code 973 you're on live with Donovan go

ahead yes area code 973 you are alive

here we code nine seven three going well

yes you're on live with Donovan go ahead

um yeah we're working it okay yeah I

need you to listen on I need you to

listen on the on Donovan sharp calm I

try to keep the phone lines Claire

appreciate it

yeah listen guys I understand that you

guys want to call up and listen to the

show don't do that if you want to watch

the show if you want to listen to the

show go to donovan sharp calm or you can

go to youtube or Twitter or Facebook at

some point at some point my phone lines

are gonna be lit up like I'm Li you guys

can tell those of you guys that watch me

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don't want to have a queue of ten phone

calls and you know half of them well I

was just listening that's bad radio

that's bad radio so don't don't just

pull up to listen I don't want you guys

tying up the phone lines I appreciate

you listening I appreciate the support

that's what Donovan Starcom is for okay

let's check the chat here before I go to

hoe tendency number two got the Mod

Squad in the house Rollo Tomassi is in

the house the medium is the message

absolutely d gary says i'm new to the

game but this is some good shit honestly

good good rule zero dad good to see you

when hear says take advice from men with

reps absolutely absolutely

suede sense a or suede senator says had

that happen to me she needed help with

her cell phone and told me that she

would send me pics if I did I told her

to fuck off haven't spoken to her since

of course

fucking bitches bitches always trying to

monetize their vaginas man unbelievable

that's just how it is

making sure I'm not to make a drum not

too shiny here rule zero dad says or the

opposite she shoves the stroller in the

traffic mr. mink says episode 238 in the

archive has the call where he called his

ex back I'm going to play that

conversation for you guys you guys do

not want to miss this this was solid

fucking gold this is unbelievable

Rollo Tomassi says couple couples photos

where the woman is looking out at the

camera as if she's advertising while her

bata is kissing her up dude I'm telling

you these bitches out here are fucking

scandalous man I'm true man I'm trying

to tell you guys this is how these

bitches are man this is how these

fucking bitches are dude

it's unbelievable how women work dude it

is just Rollo Tomassi says chicks that

tell you this under five dollars and see

what happens all right ho tendency

number two she has condoms she keeps

condoms at her place or in her car in

other words they're readily accessible

to her a girl aims to fuck when I was in

Vegas a while back she used to keep

condoms in her car oh the time matter of

fact it was actually the chick who tried

to file a domestic abuse charge against

me I talked about I actually talked

about it here I've talked about that

incident you know on my show every once

in a while I actually did a show of

course it got taken down on YouTube I

also wrote it about it on returning King

so if you want to know the details on

that go to returnee Kings look for look

for the article I think it's called how

a narrowly avoided a false domestic

violence claim or something to that


any time anyway the very first time I

wrote in her car and the reason I was in

her car is because I had to take her I

had to take her to get her car fixed a

friend of a friend who was like a heroin

addict or something stole her car or

some bullshit like that anyway I get in

her car and she had condoms literally

sprawled all over the floor

the front and the back and she's like

oMG I don't wanted to see the condoms ha

ha ha ha funny story right she drove

away she drove this little grey Toyota

yds is basically a roller skate

and there are fucking condoms everywhere

now I I saw it I laughed I was like dude

what the fuck and she laughed and said

it is funny she tried to make it joke

she's trying to save her she she laughed

and says well I got to make sure we got

plenty because you're an animal in other

words she wanted me to think that she

went out and just bought all these

condoms strictly because of me

now now her point could be valid right

because the first night I fucked her I

fucked her seven times yes literally

seven times we ran it at condoms for

fuck number seven so I gave her a facial

the next time we slowed down to three

but ten times in 30 hours or whatever it

was is a lot of fucking and that was her

excuse as to why her car was basically a

condom vending machine

un-fuckin'-believable man that bitch was


by the way anyway some might think well

having condoms at the ready is a slut

tell isn't it

well of course it is but if you're in a

relationship with her and she still has

condoms in her car or in her house the

for sale sign is still in the yard ho

tendencies gentlemen well wait a minute

if we're using condoms doesn't it stand

to reason that she keep them at the

ready at all times fuck no having

condoms around all the time is good for

you but guess what it's also good for

other dudes she's keeping him around all

the time in case she wants to fuck

somebody else on a whim and trust me

when I tell you girls do this shit all

the time dude one girl this is funny one

girl I was fucking who kept condoms in

her car right she fucked around and

bought a different brand that week my

different brand from what we usually

used and she forgot to switch him out

right the funny thing was a couple days

before she's talking about us getting

into a long-term relationship needless

to say I said no then when she asked me

and after I figured out she was fucking

somebody else or are there dudes I kept

her in the fuck money category the

second reason why it doesn't stand the

reason that she has condoms in her car

is that your birth control is your

responsibility you should never be using

condoms your woman gives you this is

common fucking sense guys any man who

uses a condom a woman gives him is a

fucking idiot and deserves to get

trapped with a baby

and here's

thing guys if a girl likes you enough

right and she senses that you might be

on your way out or that you might be

about to bounce she'll fuck around and

get pregnant on your ass straight up

they do this all the time and again this

is how didi tried to get me hemmed up

the girl I was just talking about that

the false domestic violence charge I

told her I wasn't coming over that night

because of course I was fucking another

girl I didn't tell her that but I told

her I'm not coming over that night I

made some bullshit excuse I know I'm

busy whatever whatever

well she foresaw the future she freaked

out called me up and told me I'm

pregnant I went to CBS got our two

pregnancy tests made her take both both

of which were negative I said it's been

fun I'm about to go then she called the

cops and the rest is history again again

you guys have to check yep you

definitely have to check that out yeah

Rollo agrees condoms are a man's

responsibility I concur a thousand

percent dude these bitches will poke

holes in your condoms don't forget to

take the pill all kinds of shit I got a

oh my god I got another fuckin story

this is unbelievable you guys will never

believe this shit

I may have told the story on here before

but for those of you hadn't heard it

this is unbelievable so I was dating

this hot mexican girl right and no this

isn't Chrissy this is actually another

girl so I think we'd been dating for

like five or six months or something

like that and all of a sudden she wanted

to stop using condoms so of course you

know the red flags the alarms are going

off in my systems right now this is

halfway through my red pill Renaissance

I was probably maybe four years into red

pill game at that point even still I

wasn't stupid enough to say okay we can

just start you know having unprotected

sex and I'll just count on you to take

the pill and of course her excuse was

like oh it just feels better and I just

want the closeness bouquet well then get

on birth control

get on the pill she says well are you

gonna be there any morning when I take

the pill she fucked up I said you know

what good point

think of that so let's get you on the

shot and I want to be there when needle

goes into ass or hip or arm or ever the

fuck it was she was on demo here's the

thing guys here's what happened one time

I couldn't be there because I had to

work right so she goes and gets the shot

she picks me up from work and she's got

that listen she picks me up from work I

think my car is in the shop she's got

the band-aid on her arm and everything I

don't even ask about anything I don't

ask for a receipt or anything I usually

do this stuff for whatever reason I was

off my game that day it happens so that

week do we

fucked all weekend and we fucked a lot

more than usual she's all come inside me

I wanna feel you blah blah blah blah I'm

like yeah solid she's on the pill I'm

gonna horse ology she's on the shot on

my fucking bill her ass up Monday

morning or Monday afternoon I'm at work

and I get a phone call and I pick up the

phone I'm like Hello they're like yeah

this is such-and-such Medical Center you

were calling for but you know XYZ I said

well no I said this is her boyfriend you

know you need to give her a call they

said well no we can't get a hold her but

she puts you on there as a secondary

contact I said all right well I'll

totally what you want to tell her yeah

if you could tell her that she missed

her appointment on Friday and that she

needs to call and reschedule guys like

dude I fucking lost my mind I lost my my

dude dude hmm like I get pissed off just

thinking about it now here's the thing

guys right obviously she tried to get

pregnant but dude listen you can't just

miss you miss one shot and then get

pregnant the next day right it listen if

you're on depo it takes a while for that

stuff to get on your system the point is

is that she tried to cheat listen if I

if I had never gotten a call from that

doctor's office dude I might be a father

today this is how bitches are man and

I've talked about this website called

fake a baby calm you guys should check

it out right now

fake and baby calm this website sells

fake ultrasound tests fake ultrasound

fake imaging fake pregnant pregnancy

tests dude this website can if a woman

know that she's do go to fake a baby

calm a woman could she could really make

a man think that she is carrying his

baby do DNA tests all of that stuff fake

of baby calm you can't make this stuff

up real zero dead rules zero dad says

thank God for dosage overlap exactly

exactly but whatever anyway she she

tried to get me to knock her up and I

dumped her ass on the spot the point is

is that birth control is your


okay if your woman is in possession of

male contraception

she's definitely got ho tendencies

because because she's letting you know

flat-out she's flat-out telling you I'm

ready for dick at all times now listen

we don't listen we already know this app

for red pill aware but condoms in her

car or in her house no excuse not to

know what's up the bitch ass ho

tendencies if you want to tighten up

your beard game there's only one place

to go that's 18 21 man-made calm the

paste the clay and the pomade will have

your beard looking smelling and feeling

better than ever I've used these

products for almost a year and as you

can see they are as advertised they're

not the cheapest out there but they're

definitely the best step up your beard

game go to 1821 man-made calm for all of

your facial hair needs nine one four -

oh five five three five six is the

number to call if you want to get in on

the conversation I'm hearing that the

stream has gotten bad the stream just

shit the bed again I'm actually looking

at my iPad I can still see it I can

still see it on my iPad umm-hmm it

lasted longer today than yesterday

alright yeah I didn't see I don't know

maybe I wasn't paying attention I didn't

see it cuz I got my iPad running it here

if you guys would let me know again like

I said I called I called the company

that that does my streaming there

they're going through some they're going

through some some screening issues or

whatever but it didn't look like it

didn't look like it was an issue on my

end but but again I'll I'll definitely

put in another ticket they're gonna

they're gonna keep me updated on that

yeah my stream didn't interrupt but if

it's interrupting on more than one then

it's it's um yeah that's that's a

problem I can't have yeah I can't I

can't be heaven I can't have I can't be

having my stream going out on certain on

on even a few people it's still I need I

need consistency so it might uh might

actually have to might actually have to

switch companies if they don't get their

shit together all right let's get to

number three number three ho

tendency she shows cleavage when she is

not around you here's the thing guys

it's okay for your girl to look good

around you in public it's okay for your

girl that looks ludie it's okay for her

to wear high heels short skirts cleavage

listen when I go out with Devin yeah

she's got great legs and huge tits guess

what she wears short skirts she wears

cleavage I even make her wear a choker

all slut tells right but she's gonna get

a French manicure she's gonna get her

nails done

that's a slut tell to pink lipstick big

hoop earrings all of them are slut tells

guess what doesn't matter cuz she's my

slut as long as she's with you but when

she if she is dressed to the nines when

she is not with you ho tendencies again

that's like having a for sale sign on a

house that's already been sold a woman

who dresses for attention when she's not

with her man is like a married woman

going out without her wedding ring and

again you guys have to understand this

and I want you guys to hear what I'm

saying if you haven't heard anything

I've said tonight you need to listen to

this just because a woman is in a

relationship does not mean she is off

the market a woman takes herself off the

market not her man if she's really happy

if she is truly happy with her guy she

eliminates any and all situations that

could lead to trouble

like dressing up and going out without

you entertaining seemingly innocuous

conversation with men so for example if

I go into a gas station and I come

outside and some dude is chatting up my

chatting up my girl that's the end I'm

not I'm not buying him well he just

wanted it out now bitch like you're

supposed to shut that conversation down

right like I can't be with a woman who

has ho tendencies so if she shows

cleavage when she's not around you if

she dresses to the nines and she's not

with you and this includes work to guys

this includes work to rule zero dead

says dress is better for GNO than dates

I don't know what GNO means you'll have

to clarify that but but I'll actually

I'll actually clarify it for you if your

woman dresses better when she goes to

work then when she goes out on dates

with you that's hoe tendencies your

woman your woman should absolutely

positively want to look her best for you

what Devin goes to work dude she's she

might wear some jeans and she

looks presentable right but she works in

the you know she works she you know she

works in the computer field you know

coding or whatever right internet

marketing is what she doesn't she's a

fucking wizard she doesn't need to be

dressed to the nine shit doesn't need to

wear pants suits shouldn't either short

tits she wears that do Chu or a happy

hippo herbals t-shirt some jeans and

some sneakers but when we go out oh yeah

yeah it's wedge heels short skirts

cleavage hair done makeup the whole nine

she wears she wears a little bit of

makeup when she goes to work just so she

can look presentable so she doesn't look

like death right she's not there to

impress listen she wants to impress her

co-workers with her work not her tits

she wants to impress me with her tits

not her work yeah girls night out

exactly exactly

number four the fourth and final hope

tendency and this one is interesting

this one's very interesting

she doesn't host pictures of you and her

on social media and when she does she

does it for a select audience now you

guys know my stance on your woman in

social media my woman is not on social

media she Duke she doesn't have a

Facebook doesn't have an Instagram

doesn't have snapped at didn't have any

of that stuff why because she doesn't

want number one because I said so I told

her listen if you want to be with me no

social media she said alright cool

number two she didn't want to put

herself in position to jeopardize our

relationship if I if I think something's

amiss I'm out I don't give a shit like

dude I'm 41 years old I don't have time

for games I don't have time for

plausible deniability if I think

something's up I'm gone that's it so

this is why you shouldn't allow her to

be on social media in the first place

but again women and it's funny women can

select the audiences right so that

she'll post a picture look for that

little sprocket if there's a little

sprocket that means only a few people

that she selected can see the picture of

you and her if she doesn't post public

pictures of you and her on Facebook that

is available to the public for everyone

to see ho tendencies if you fuck around

and see that her relationship status is

hidden there's no relationship status ho

tendencies right

gert listen guys girls who have boy

friends love telling the world that they

have been chosen by a man when a woman

is in a relationship she likes you sure

but one of the benefits of being in a

relationship for women is that the war

is that the world knows that a man has

chosen her I am chosen that's the one

thing women want the most male desire

undesirable my boyfriend fucks me I'm

proud of him look at me and him he is

with me girls love that shit

when a woman is proud of her boyfriend

and proud to be in a relationship trust

me she makes sure everybody knows and

they do it on social media

but if pictures of both of you are

noticeably absent she's still for sale

ho tendencies nine one four two oh five

five three five six is the number to

call I'm gonna end the show with me

conversation with Carla the ho that I

foolishly tried to turn into a housewife

you can find the entire story you can

actually find it on return of Kings

entitled how I tried to turn a ho into a

housewife I also talked about it in red

pill origins vol 3 how I tried to turn a

ho into a housewife so be sure to check

that out but this was very interesting

so the day that I was that the day the

day that I shot episode 230 I think this

is like the very first crowdcast episode

if I'm not mistaken I got a text message

from a nine one nine member the fuck is

this and she said it's me Carl I'm like

okay whatever what the fuck and so she

kept texting and I don't give a fuck

about this chick I'm like how did this

chick how did that I get me I don't know

maybe I gave her my number when I was in

Vegas or Reno I don't remember I

certainly did not reach oh my god the

bitch is fat and ugly didn't give a shit

and you guys will you guys will actually

hear her try to say well you texted me

first I'm like bitch I didn't have your

number anyway so I decided just on a

whim you know what she keeps wanting me

to call her maybe I will call her on air

and to my delight I actually did here is

that entire sequence from start to


enjoy chase Lobo says yo what the

fuck is she call it for you want to know

something man I might this fucking call

this chick back god I wish I had a sound

mixer I would dude I would totally I

would totally fucking clown this bitch I

wonder it dude I wonder if I can't pull

this shit off hang on a second I'm gonna

do an experiment man hold on this is

gonna be a TSR first I'm gonna put her

on speakerphone you guys have to let me

know if you can hear her okay I'm gonna

call her up and by the way this bit this

bit just Puerto Rican she sounds black

did you guys hear that

phone ringing Shh not gonna tell her on

air hey what's up no not too much

just kind of doing my thing got my own

show no you know I talk about women

dating etc etc not to women to men yeah

so it is you know what oh no no you you

know you you definitely you definitely

do not want to watch my show for sure

well first of all well you have to pay

for it so it's it's it's like paid

content and stuff like that I mean it I

don't give a shit whether you watch it

I'm just saying like women don't like my

show you don't you don't you don't

strike me as the type of woman who would

like the kind of stuff I talked about so

anyway how's dating probably good

message and I thought it was you miss

number I knew a message I don't know

whoever says you know what we'll hold on

hold on whoever sent you the message

definitely was not me I don't know what

it was about a lot of people I mean it

wasn't I mean you can say whatever you

want definite wasn't me I was interred

in my show was it so you said the

message was this morning yeah I don't

even I don't even have your number in my

phone so yeah I mean so how you been

how's Melissa how's destiny Alex pretty

much good Melissa how's she doing now

Melissa just had a fourth kid right so

her first kid was with her first kid was

with machi right

and then her second two kids were with

Aaron and then her fourth kid was with

the guy from Brooklyn yeah okay that's

right Oh Medical School okay what do you

what are you looking to do with that

okay there you go you know nurses make a

lot of money


go pack of Nursing okay what stick

you're off yeah I guess we all do that's

a point right you know what's funny I

was actually just thinking about the

remember the house that I rented for you

near downtown Raleigh the three-bedroom

two-bathroom house yeah it was funny I

was actually talking to my friend the

other day about the fact that you

remember I left her house that one day

and I got pulled over and I got locked

up for a week remember that so crazy

shit right yeah you know those Raleigh

cops are man they get behind you do I

have any kids to talk about how women

ain't shit yep yeah I mean we it was

listen no no of course I'm not talking

about you

like obviously obviously your

very different from most women in a lot

of ways right like you understand that

right no no no no no no no I mean

obviously I'm very I'm very very

different from who you like like I'm

very different from who I used to be

like obviously right but like when I'm

talking like but when I talk about women

ain't shit like I'm not talking about

women like you like I want you to

understand that you are the exception to

the rule all right well look I gotta go

like I said to take care of my girl is

actually going to be taking me out to

dinner here a little bit so for what

you're congratulating me for a

girlfriend right oh yeah yeah what's up

dude oh my god I used to be such a

fucking loser this is unbelievable I

can't believe it oh good god don't get

me started don't get me started

all right I'm gonna run I'll talk to you

later all right Wow


unbelievably epic like the entire

conversation man and it's funny like

it's so funny how girls are so much more

self-aware than they would have the

world to believe right

I said well obviously when I talk about

bitches ain't shit I'm not talking about

you like you're the exception to the

rule right and she did what did she say

she said I don't know am i this bitch

knows she's ain't she knows she ain't

shit you guys see how she tried how she

tried to back out of trying to make it

look like I texted her I when I quiz her

said well when was the text sent well it

was sent this morning

bitch like what the fuck well you're the

only one I know in Nevada well


I didn't have you I didn't have my

number in your phone it's so funny how

girls always try to make it look like

you called them like they'll call you

and then you'll call him Becca what do

you calling me for what are you text me

for bitch you called me no I didn't oh

my god it's always the same fucking


and then of course she she said to her

sister Nicole killed her father

right so I said wait a minute she killed

her father at well no she you know with

her words and her actions

changed her fucking story then of course

she said she's going to medical school

for nursing un-fuckin'-believable by the

way I referred to that story while I was

in jail for a week

she was fucking the baby daddy fucking

the baby daddy deadshot said you should

have told her your girl is Dominican I

know right that would have pissed her

off she calls him dumb in Egan's dumb

Anakin's it was funny also what was

interesting is she asks me are there any

kids right and she says I'm just curious

nah bitch like I'm not stupid

you want to know if I have any kids to

see if I'm paying child support to see

if I'm a linked up with another woman Oh

bitch I am not checking for you the

reason why this bitch called me out of

nowhere is the same reason why X Y X

girlfriend's past call any ex-boyfriend

cuz they're in the shit and the most

alpha fucking guy they know the guy they

know is the motherfucking shit now and

she still thought that I had those same

beta qualities right she was chicken for

me because she thought I was still a sim

she thought that I'll be like oh oh get

the fuck out of here it was just

unbelievable shout out to chase LeBeau


shut up to chase LeBeau for for making

that suggestion that that was definitely

one for the ages Deadshot says that dead

shot shot says you can hear a touch of

New York New Jersey yes she was born and

raised in Brooklyn and then she when she

was emancipated at age 11 she then moved

to North Carolina um let's see let's see

Kevin Kevin says I should have told her

I had five kids Yeah right

Yeah right rule zero dad says where's my

beta gone look a believable man figured

I'd play that little treat for you guys

to end the show that's gonna do it for

this edition of TSR primetime my thanks

to Tony Maceo for calling and also to my

man Fillmore the pit bass player for

calling in a drop in that knowledge same

time tomorrow knuckleheads I will see

you tomorrow evening at 7:00 Eastern or

Pacific thanks for watching


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