EPIC RANT: I roast a hater who tried to stir up drama between me and Alpha Male Strategies

A hater tried to stir up drama between myself and Alpha Male Strategies by making a feeble attempt at pointing out what he believed to be a fundamental disagreement between us. The way he did it was so cowardly I had to address him by name.



The Drake vs Pusha T feud shines a light on a huge problem in the black community (Negromanosphere article)



I am going to address a hater and I

always thought he was a hater because

he's sort of like an undercover hater

he's sort of sort of passive-aggressive


like I said this guy first he this guy

grabbed my attention the very first time

in episode 35 35 part 2 actually an

episode 35 part 2 was entitled do black

men devalue themselves when they admit

that white men are at the top of the

sexual food chain astronomical one says

what are you gonna do with ad hominem

right okay so this guy Ralph Hayes

thinks that I put white men on a

pedestal he is right he responded very

negatively to what I said that all

things being equal white women prefer

white men all things being equal most

most women prefer white guys that

doesn't mean that I think that white

guys are better than black guys that

doesn't mean that I think white men are

the most valuable men on earth strictly

within the context of the sexual

marketplace all things being equal most

women prefer white guys white guys are

almost everybody's type okay

here is a sound bite of the very first

time I addressed him take a listen Ralph

Hayes writes in I'll bet you they don't

care if they're white daughters brought

home LeBron money and status would trump

that Mudshark shit Ralph you're a

hundred percent right but if there were

a white equivalent of LeBron that white

daughter would choose him over the black

robe the black LeBron again all things

being equal Ralph right then again on

the same episode he says boy you better

go watch get out that's a movie he says

value yourself

he says value yourself you always act

like the white man is the end-all-be-all

slave mentality man white males won't

give his daughter up but will let a

black man nail his wife because a

cuckold is alive and well you devalue

yourself and I like your content but you

put the white men on a pedestal which is

fucking stupid considering you're a

black a lot of white dudes can just be

cordial amen most white males are aren't

fucking CEOs or bosses a lot are just

average and have problems like any black

men would so on an even playing field I

see a lot of tract of white girls who

just feel Brothers are more than white

boys doesn't mean they have a fucking


good points again Ralph but your

personal biases are clouding your

judgment nothing wrong with that it's

the human condition but that doesn't

mean you're not wrong acknowledging

white men are most women's type has

nothing to do with slave mentality oh

I'm talking about as pussy man it sounds

to me like you think that like you think

pussy is the end-all be-all which is why

you're bringing everything into your

responses like slave mentality and

pedestal relax dude it's just pussy and

pussy ain't that serious and I'm not

gonna watch some movie to educate myself

on anything Hollywood isn't real life

and we both know that um I've heard that

get out is a good movie but I'm not

gonna change my mentality because of a

movie and anyone who does that is a

weak-minded individual yeah so

astronomical one says he used get out as

an example right this is why I got on

Korey Alexander Heywood's ass now he

didn't directly use get out as an

example but the cover the the the

picture that he used for the cover ten

ways that dating a white ten ways that

dating white women will show black men

how racism exists whatever the fuck that

like dude get out was a it

a mythical movie there's like some

off-the-wall science-fiction shit you

got niggas out here giving that credit

man did you see get out like that's

really how it is out here in these

streets nigga no and Ralph's Hayes's

dumbass and Rafi's if you're watching

this you're a dumb ass nigga for serious

and I ain't done with you yet so then he

drops this little nugget on me earlier

today on my episode yesterday's stop

lying to women he says quote alpha

strategies he's talking about alpha male

strategies a fellow youtuber okay

advocated lying to them meaning women so

first of all that comet tells me that he

didn't watch or listen because had he

taken the time to watch her listen he'd

have heard this last Thursday I gave you

guys five necessary lies that you need

to tell your woman right and he listened

for five minutes let's play it again he

would have heard this last Thursday I

gave you guys five necessary lies that

you need to tell your woman okay now

like most ignorant ass trolls

Ralph Hayes

formulated an opinion based upon an

incomplete based upon incomplete

information he's lazy

okay black people are not lazy

dumb ass niggas are lazy he read the

title and made up his mind not

surprising this is what ignore

but what his comment what his comment

did was make it very obvious what he was

trying to do which was stir it up drama

between myself and alpha male strategies

a fellow black youtuber this niggas

trying to start drama because he has a

female mindset as we all heard from his

comment that I just played from way back

in episode 35 part 2 now

what he's referring to his alpha male

strategy alpha male strategies he

advocates that women that men lie to

women in order to sleep with him and I

agree with that but I also but I me

donovan sharp I also think that there

are lies that men tell their women that

hurt their chances of sleeping with them

and maybe forging a relationship right

and that's what I explained on

yesterday's show he didn't address the

fact that I to advocate lying to you owe

me no no no no he read the title and

formulated opinion ralph knows that

alpha male strategies advocates lying to

women right and I know that Ralph also

doesn't like me so what he decided to do

was run to my channel okay and say alpha

male strategies advocated lying to women

for the sole purpose of getting a rise

in a response out of me to disagree with

alpha male strategies which would start

a back and forth which is drama okay

and listen Ralph being the female he is

he would have loved it

nice try Ralph you're as transparent as

your fucking ignorant ass comment and

let's not get it twisted guys Roth

doesn't like me because of the way I

sound okay he does it like the comments

that he left it is very obvious that he

doesn't he he automatically discredits

me because of the way I sound okay part

of the gig right there plenty niggas out

there who don't like me because of the

way I talk I've got light-skinned I talk

like a white guy name is credit me

because I sound like a white guy which

is some ignorant ass shit but that's

okay niggas Gumby niggas right can't do

nothing about that but then to turn

around and to throw out some bullshit as

bait to start some shit between me and

another black youtuber that's nigga

bullshit I'm not here for the drama guys

I'm not here to attack like-minded men

I'm not here to go back and forth and do

response videos on what this guy said

and there's no I'm not here for it okay

I'm here to help men improve their lives

okay that's it I don't get involved with

petty ass drama I'm 40 years old guys I

don't have time for that and listen by

the way if there's anyone watching who

would like for me to start some shit

with someone in the manosphere or the

black manosphere

you're gonna be disappointed because

that's not what I do now some of you

might be thinking well what about Cory

Alexandre Haywood right you called him

out yes I did

the difference is is that Cory Haywood

is not red pill he's not of the

manosphere community he and I disagree

on a fundamental level he wrote an

ignorant ass article and I wanted him on

the show so I could air him out and let

him know why he's full of shit

alpha-male strategies and I are on the

same team

so is O'Shea so is angry man so is Ellen

Roger Curry so is Kevin Samuels Steve

Devine etc I'm not stirring up drama

with my allies guys and if there are

guys out there who want me who want to

do that or if there guys out there who

want to stir up drama cool more power to

them and just because I don't engage in

that sort of thing doesn't mean I have a

problem with it and it doesn't mean I'm

gonna chastise those who do it listen do

you if that's what works for you fine

you're not gonna hear from me Ralph's

dumb ass tried to bait me into attacking

someone on my own team to start the

drama that he loves to see Ralph is a

fucking female

he's a fucking hater who tried to draw

me into some drama with a like-minded

individual guys let's not mistake

anything alpha male strategies knows his

shit there is no doubt about it I've

watched his videos okay he and I are

fundamentally aligned on what females

are what their motivations are and how

to deal with him yes

we may disagree on a few minor details

as do all men right okay but because

we're two different people who

understand that one size doesn't fit all

especially comes to people we're gonna

disagree on stuff everyone knows you

don't handle every single female the

same way so while there may be some

things that I say that he disagrees with

and vice-versa as far as I'm concerned

we're on the same page and for that

reason I'm not gonna listen a dumb ass

niggas like Ralph Hayes trying to start

some shit

nigga I ain't dumb man like you unlike

honestly Ralph if you're listening to

this this I'm talking directly to you

here you honestly thought that based on

your stupid-ass comment I was gonna go

and do want and and do some 30 minute

rant as to why men should never lie to

women under no circumstances you gotta

be a real man told her the truth and

your bitch ass was gonna run right back

to alpha male strategies channel and say

hey did you hear a done if it said about

you're not gonna let him get away with

that are you Ralphie are a fucking hater

you don't like me because of the way I

sound and because I tell uncomfortable

truth about the sexual marketplace this

is why you hate me nigga you hate me

because you wanna be me your ass wishes

you had a girl as hot as mine you wish

you had a blonde haired girl with a

fucking fat ass who can cook but you

know you can't so you do dumb shit like

this to try to take me down a peg try to

make me look bad

fuck you nigga unsubscribe from my

channel and anyone out there who wants

to see this drama between dudes in the

black manosphere fuck y'all to

unsubscribe because that shit ain't

happenin here not on TSR this channel is

for men who want to improve their lives

okay they want to improve their bodies

in mind become good with women and live

a life of dominance so if you want me to

go back and forth with this nigga and

that and with like-minded men you got

the wrong channel stay the fuck off my

channel Ralph hatin ass niggas hatin ass

niggas like you is exactly what's wrong

with the black male community acting

like a fucking female

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