Donovan Sharpe vs. Turd Flinging Monkey: Are waifu husbands the real heroes while Men with living girlfriends are the losers??

Turd Flinging Monkey is a MGTOW who is in a "relationship" with a sex doll. I don't have a problem with that. What I DO have a problem with is when men like him call Men like me "losers" for pursing relationships of varying degrees with actual living, breathing, women.


I challenged him to a debate on air and he didn't accept. Call this what you want, call it drama, call it unfair, I don't give a fuck. When a man challenges another man you either accept the challenge or you don't. You don't reply with "email my production manager."

Turd Flinging Monkey ducked me. He didn't want to debate. If he did he would have accepted. Here's my response to man who hails himself a hero for making the brave decision to opt out of the dating market in favor of a sex doll while calling men who pursue relationships with living, breathing women losers.


Turd Flinging Monkey sells child-like sex dolls

Watch out guys, Turd Flinging Monkey's gonna get himself a MGTOW army



what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this special Friday

edition of sharp shorts ts our primetime

airs Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.

Eastern 4 p.m. Pacific but today I

decided to do a sharp short because I

had a little bit of a had a little bit

of a dust-up there with turd flinging

monkey give me one second here so hmm as

you all know or as most of you guys know

turd flinging monkey is a he's what I

described as a bottom-dwelling McDowell

he is he is a guy that has decided to

check out of the sexual marketplace and

he is now in a relationship with a sex

doll and you know aside from all that

I'll give credit where credit's due turd

flaming monkey he knows his shit he's a

smart guy he's not an idiot we-we-we you

know I think I think that's I think

that's fairly obvious and I agree with

95% of what turd flinging when he talks

about listen he talks about the fact

that the sexual marketplace is fucked up

he talks about the fact that women

divorced men and that it's not worth it

to get married he talks about the fact

that women trap men with unplanned

pregnancies we are aligned on just about

everything there is no doubt about it

turd flinging monkey is absolutely red

pill aware where he loses me is when men

or when he acts like a hero for making

the brave decision to decide to fuck a

sex doll which wouldn't be a problem

except for the fact that he then comes

after guys like me makes fun of guys

like me for having success with women

now as far as I know turn fleeing monkey

has never been challenged on air I know

he's done interviews I know he's done

interviews in the past I know he's I

know he's gone on on different shows but

I don't I don't think he's ever I don't

think he's ever had any pushback on air

he's never had a debate with

one who opposes his views and so you

gotta listen you guys know that's my

move is I challenge people to come on

and debate live with me so let's go

ahead and get to the tweets I want to

make sure that I get all of this

information out there just so just so

you guys know exactly what was said you

know what wasn't said and forgive the

rendering on these on these on these on

these tweets here guys I'm not a

computer guy you know I mean you know

you try to make all you try to make all

the pictures the same size and sometimes

the letters get kind of distorted so I'm

gonna read them to you and I'm gonna go

ahead and read them to you then I'm

gonna get into what I'm talking about

here I'm not gonna be long guys I'm

gonna be 15-20 minutes I gotta take them

you know tonight tonight is date night

I'm gonna take my lady out to dinner my

lady because she has to you know eat

because she lives and breathes and needs

food to survive she cleans herself

fortunately okay yeah that's that that's

certainly a backhanded dig but but again

when guys like turd flinging monkey call

guys like me losers it just and

sometimes I don't know sometimes I

really think to myself is he really just

trying to troll me is he laughing at me

and I'm not being facetious here guys

but I can't like the guy is smart he's

not an idiot and I can't believe that he

believes that fucking a sex doll is a

better life than what I have or that a

guy like Rollo Tomassi has I just I just

can't believe it but you listen I've

been wrong before

let's just go ahead and get to it so it

all started when turd cleaning monkey uh

Anthony Johnson founder of 21 studios

posted something with a raccoon and a

you know a raccoon doll or something

like that and you know a bunch of people

made some comments his name came out his

name came up came up he said I don't

care if you make fun of the fact that I

have a doll waifu as long as you don't

get mad at me laughing at you for when

you get your wallet ripped out of your

ass in divorce court I responded cute

but I'm not married nor will I ever be

so that's never going to happen then I

asked him any other doomsday scenarios

you want to point out to make fun of me

for having a girlfriend he responded

palimony false domestic violence and

rape accusations sperm jacking you to

trap you with a baby and put you on

child support cooking you with another


child giving you an STD she caught while

cheating on you and that's all I can

think of off the top of my head so right

off the bat he comes with the typical

rhetoric right like okay all right fine

rhetoric is great you know we all get it

we're all we're all well and good but

but again it's it's it's just the

typical it's the typical whiny crybaby

bullshit that mgtow is talked about

without any real solution except to

check out of the marketplace so my

response was listen I gave him credence

I said listen man all valid points so

it's on us as men to put safeguards in

place and to make other mental and

physical preparations to reduce the odds

of these things happening some men have

the ability to do this most don't other

men fuck dolls now in retrospect I

probably shouldn't have taken that dig

at him because of course he got he got

all feet he got all feminine and

emotional so let's just go ahead and

move on here so he responds the only

true sin he didn't take the bait okay so

he showed a little maturity there he

said the only true safeguard is to

restore male authority in the true legal

sense over women anything else anything

less is self-delusion my response female

shenanigans would still happen under

true male authority it would be less

frequent but it would still happen and

calling self and calling safeguards a

delusion is lazy which is fine but

making fun of men for fucking actual

women is just silly you're smart enough

to realize that his response have you

ever played Russian roulette why not are

there some kind are there some kind of

pussy who isn't afraid of risk

don't you know real men don't you know

real men aren't afraid of taking risks

only one of the Chamber's is loaded

sheesh what a loser of course that was a

little bit of sarcasm on his part then

he asks why do you automatically get

defensive and take things personally

when I apply your standard of quote

masculine risk to Russian roulette and

I'm gonna address that here a minute the

odds of dying are only one in six which

is far better than marriage then he adds

don't get emotional it's not very

masculine my response to that was let's

debate this on air so right so already I

can I can sense that he is he's moving

into the all right we're gonna start

flinging turds at each other I know

pun definitely intended we're gonna

start flinging mud we're gonna get into

this feet you know Twitter argument I'll

do that listen I'll do that to an extent

but as soon as guys start with the

name-calling as soon as they start with

a grandstanding the keyboard gang

stirring the e thuggin that's what I'm

like okay let's find out listen let's

find out how much of a man you really

are let's see if you can be as pithy and

and and clever and witty on the air

voiced a voice in real time I said you

can flame turds on Twitter and on solo

shows but let's see how clever and pithy

you are lime are you in or out his

response was sure email my production

manager at feeding the at feed in the

cat blah blah blah blah blah I have a

podcast this Saturday at 7:00 p.m.

Pacific Standard Time I said I'm not

emailing anybody you're not going to

duck me on this I'm asking you to debate

any time today after 3:00 I'll ask again

are you in or out his response I have a

job and I run a professional podcast if

you want to debate me you have to email

my production manager and get booked for

the show you're a nobody and I'm not

changing my schedule for you my response

was translation I don't want to then I

said if you don't want a debate just say

so but quit with the excuses already so

already right off the bat he's using his

production manager as sort of an

insulation so I mean I email this

production manager and then I'm getting

the runaround and then one week later I

finally no no no no you're not booking

me for any show I challenge you

man-to-man to a debate you know what

your schedule is don't don't and again

this is disingenuous he can't listen he

is in charge of his own podcast you're

not gonna tell me that some that that

some you know production manager is

gonna tell you know you shouldn't debate

this guy or no you don't have time for

that you know whether or not you have

time for that and the bottom line is is

he just didn't want to come on a debate

that's what it was that's what I was

trying to get at so I said you're using

the same rhetoric you've been using for

years Donovan's a loser for fucking

actual women then I said lol you're

being ridiculous and then of course you

know led into some other stuff so here's

the here's what I'm gonna do

I wanted to debate this guy on-air

obviously he's not going to do it he

didn't accept the challenge but

that doesn't mean I'm not gonna come on

here and speak my piece because I'm

honestly I'm tired I'm honestly tired of

this guy and after this stream is over

I'm blocking him on Twitter and on all

social media platforms not because I

don't want to engage in a debate with

him but because I know that he because I

don't want to hear from him unless it's

from his own mouth to me and I'm sure

he'll probably do some sort of response

video and and he'll get all sorts of

praise from his hentai porn addicted

followers that's fine but but but the

fact remains is that when the rubber

meets the road you don't want to debate

someone you don't want to talk to

someone who has an opposing view on just

a small part of your belief system you

want to be in the echo chambers you want

to beat you you want all the praise from

all your little you know from all your

little jerk off you know your your

little jerk off fans which is exactly

what they are and if you're one of turd

flinging Monkees fans fuck you guys I

don't I don't give a shit what you guys

think you got dude you get dude your

leader fucks a goddamn sex doll man like

anyway let's let's dispense with the mud

slits just go ahead and get to this

because again I'm a little bit short on

time here the juice isn't worth the

squeeze this is this is this seems to be

the battle cry of of low level make Taos

at at this point and when it comes to

the the juice isn't worth the squeeze

what what that means is pursuing women

isn't worth the trouble you're right

turd flinging monkey in most cases it's

not but did it ever occur to you that

though that women don't offer the same

juice to every man she meets for example

a man who has his shit together chats up

a girl he gets her number and starts

fucking her

he doesn't cater to her whims he texts

and calls her when he wants to he's not

up her ass all the time and it doesn't

tolerate her shenanigans guess what

she's gonna fuck him anytime anywhere he

wants all he has to do is call her or

text her with the time and the place and

she's there what's more is because he

has his shit his shit together she

treats him well she cooks for him she's

kind she's feminine the whole nine on

the flip side he doesn't buy her shit he

doesn't give her money

he doesn't pay her bills he

worship the ground she walks on and

doesn't spend much time thinking about

her outside of when he fucks her now ask

yourself this is that guy thinking the

juice isn't worth the squeeze of course


he's got pussy ray at the ready whenever

he wants plus he has a kind beautiful

feminine woman acting woman who makes

herself available to him anytime he

wants now he's not gonna make he's not

now that guy that's fucking that woman

he's not gonna he's not gonna make the

mistake of marrying her because he knows

that as soon as he does that all of his

leverage goes right out the door and

that's where Tia that's what this is

where turtling monkey and I are in

lockstep marriage is not even close to

worth it dude you're getting no argument

for me on that one but men with red pill

awareness we know that marriage is a bad

bet right

well what about Rollo Tomassi guys Rollo

Tomassi is an outlier and he knows he is

he says this all the time he says listen

I'm married but do as I say not as I do

Rollo realizes that he is fortunate to

have what he was to have what he does

yes his red pill awareness keeps his

woman in line but he'll be the first to

tell you that his situation is not the

norm he has also said on the air he is

fully aware that his woman could go

feral at any time for any reason now

would Rollo Tomassi himself tell you

that the juice isn't worth this grease

up his squeeze of course not he's been

married for 20 plus years to a beautiful

woman who loves and respects him could

it all go sideways of course it could

but again he is fully aware of this and

he makes sure that he takes certain

measures meaning living the red pill

life making himself the mental point of

origin as he likes to say to reduce the

odds of this happening to him it's the

same thing with my woman guys listen you

guys know Devon's as hot as they come

you guys know that you guys have seen

you guys have seen pictures I don't I

don't show her face because of course

you know trolls would come after her and

this and that and the other right and if

you want to see what she looks like come

to the 21 convention she will be there

with me but guess what aside from the

way she looks she's also kind she's

feminine she's friendly she's obedient

she's loyal

she's transparent she never denies me

sex she cooks for me and she

loves and respects me the juice she

makes available to me is because of what

I am and what I bring to the table as a

man with red pill awareness so in my

case the juice is definitely worth the


same thing with Rollo so again I agree

with the juice isn't worth the squeeze

analogy wholeheartedly because most

women most women just aren't worth

fucking with outside of just fucking

them and on and honestly a lot of cases

not even that's worth it but if you're a

high-value male if you have your shit

together you don't tolerate anybody

anybody's bullshit men or women's okay

and you have your finances in order

you're in decent shape guess what the

juice that women will make available to

you will be worth a lot more than the

juice she makes available to guys like

turd flinging monkey so instead of

saying the juices have worth the squeeze

maybe he should say the juice is it the

juice available to me isn't worth the

squeeze but he won't because then he'd

have to look at himself in the mirror

and ask himself why that is and if he's

honest with himself he's not gonna like

the answers men who use this juice isn't

worth the squeeze analogy they're lazy

they think that women should just drop

their panties if you just walk up and

say hello and that's just not the case

these low-level mag tails are pissed

because relationships with women aren't

easy and they come with risk newsflash

gentlemen anything worth having isn't

gonna be easy and it's definitely gonna

come with risk you think running a

business is easy and risk-free of course

not and the reason for that is the

benefits financial independence you

don't have any bosses well I've run a

couple of businesses and you go from

having one boss to having about 20

bosses when it comes to regulations and

inspectors and blah blah blah but that's

that's another podcast for another time

but you listen you call your own shots

you hang your own shingle you start a

legacy can be your own personal list

goes on many people fail at business as

a matter of fact most people do but the

ones who say well the juice isn't worth

the squeeze either didn't or couldn't do

what was necessary to be successful and

that's exactly like that's exactly what

men like turd flinging monkey cling to

in order to keep from holding themselves

accountable for their

own failures with women and what do

people do when they fail a business and

want to start another one they learn

from their failures they adjust they

evolve they put safeguards in place they

make better decisions and they try again

with the lessons that they've learned

it's the same with women

turd flinging monkey isn't interested in

that but he wants to make fun of men who

are you don't just get to exist and

expect beautiful women just to fall all

over you and pledge their undying

loyalty just because you have a dick it

takes work and if you're not capable or

willing to do the work fine but making

fun of the men that do that is

transparent cowardly and envious and you

know it ha ha ha ha look at Donovan and

his hot girlfriend who cooks for him and

loves him and respects him what a loser

that same thing that's the same thing as

saying ah ha ha look at Jim you know

he's failed at foreign businesses and

wants to start another one what a loser

true masculinity is not lating failure

defeat you guys listen we all fail a lot

more than we succeed there's no doubt

about it and listen I can understand why

a lot of men give up again I understand

why turd flinging monkey lives the life

he lives right but the most successful

men in the world fail more than anyone

the difference is that they didn't let

failure stop them from getting what they

wanted no women are not necessary for a

man to be truly happy I think we've all

figured that out but every man with a

cock and a pair of testicles knows damn

well that the presence of a beautiful

kind feminine woman who loves and

respects you makes life a lot more

enjoyable there aren't that many around

you saying ok fair enough

I'll give you that but there aren't that

many men who are worthy of having these

kinds of women around either and if you

want to know how to become that kind of

man come on over to donovan sharp calm

and we'll get that worked out let's

address this russian roulette' let thing


he says messing with women is like

Russian Roulette and that's just false

yes there are certainly risks and

downsides that come to cominging with

females they're all well documented we

talk about them all day every day but

there's also upside to messing with

women which is why we pursue them in the

first place

nobody's going out and playing Russian

roulette for fun why because

there's no benefit best-case scenario is

that you live if the chamber happens to

be empty we as men pursue women because

we want sex we want companionship we

want oil T we want femininity these are

all obvious benefits which again is why

we continue to pursue women but if

there's no but but there's no benefit to

playing Russian roulette nobody's gonna

take a risk if there's no reward and

Russian Roulette offers no reward

pursuing women does Russian roulette

comparing women to Russian roulette it

sounds clever and cute right and it

makes sense politically but when you

really think about the comparison you're

comparing apples to light bulbs now my

response to his Russian Roulette comment

was quote I said you're using the same

rhetoric you've been using for years

Donovan's a loser for fucking actual

women you're being ridiculous dude haha

he responded with and I said this

earlier I said I said I know he said

pardon me he said why do you why do you

automatically get defensive and take

things personally when I apply your

standard of masculine risk to Russian

Roulette I just addressed that the odds

of dying are only one in six which is

far better than marriage then then he

said don't get emotional it's not very


first of all turd flinging monkey you

fuck a sex doll you're not gonna lecture

me on what masculine is or is or

masculinity is or is not dirt flinging

monkey telling me that's not masculine

is like a fat guy at a gym telling me

I'm out of shape doesn't make sense

fucking an actual living breathing woman

okay who isn't a troll right like go out

and fuck an actual living breathing

woman who isn't a troll who isn't a

fatty or an ugly and then come talk to

me until then stay in your lane secondly

getting emotional about something

doesn't mean a person isn't masculine

dude masculine men get emotional all the

time right okay listen we have emotions

like everyone else expressing them now

and again doesn't mean we're not

masculine plus my response wasn't

defensive at all turtling monkey just

brought that in so that he could say

don't get emotional it's not

very masculine which incidentally enough

is a response from the feminist playbook

which doesn't surprise me so yeah I get

emotional at times you guys know I have

an anger problem I have an anger

management counselor and no that doesn't

mean I get my masculinity card taken

away and if it does it's damn sure not

gonna be taken away from a dude who

fucks a sex doll

speaking of the feminist playbook turd

flinging monkey used another feminist

response he said in response to me

laughing at him about the fact that he's

lecturing me on masculinity

he said hahaha a guy who measures

masculinity via female validation

calling himself quote red-billed then he

says cute so not only is he now in my

frame and he proved this by using the

word cute which which is what I used

earlier he starts with the shaming of

men like myself who are actually proud

of our success with women so the

question is does success with women

prove a man's masculinity well let's

explore that women this is very simple

women are attracted to masculinity men

who exhibit masculinity have more

success with women they fuck more women

they get more commitment and better

treatment from beautiful women but

Donavan guys who aren't masculine get

laid all the time

yes yes they do by fat girls ugly girls

and sex dolls but beautiful women are

attracted to raw masculinity they don't

fuck guys who aren't direct they don't

fuck guys who have a who don't have a

commanding presence they don't fuck guys

who aren't who are afraid of women they

don't fuck guys who are afraid to

correct a woman they're not they're not

fucking guys who aren't masculine so

does consistent success with beautiful

women prove masculinity of course it

does women like masculine men so the

more success a man has with women the

more masculine he is simple man where he

goes wrong where he goes wrong okay was

that he said I measure my masculinity

via female validation and that's just

false I don't have to measure my

masculinity my lifestyle does that for

me and my lifestyle includes many

beautiful women one of which happens to

be in a relationship with me right now

dirt blinging monkey all

said that I was in nobody now here's the

thing I agree with him on this turd

flinging monkey is right I am and no bi

compared to him I have a nobody

listen all props to him he's got

something like 200,000 subscribers on

YouTube dude before my YouTube channels

got taken down I barely had 10,000 turd

flinging monkey has more fans than I do

and he has a much farther reach than I

do there's no doubt about it so compared

to turd flinging monkey I'm definitely a

dude nobody knows who the fuck I am

right maybe a few red pool guys but

nobody knows who the fuck Donovan sharp

is fuck you know listen there's no doubt

about that but you want to know why that

is you want to know why more men follow

- heard flinging monkey and why most men

have no idea who's this nobody Donovan

sharpest it's the same reason why most

people aren't in good shape it's the

same reason most people live check to

check and it's the same reason most men

reject the red pill it's hard the red

pill life is fucking hard guys you got

to stay in shape

you got to deprive yourself of useless

indulgences to save money you got to be

fearless with women you have to keep

your woman in line which is really

fucking hard these days trust me you

have to do and literally be the polar

opposite of what you were raised to

believe that you have to be and in order

to maintain that you have to do that in

the face of a culture that does

everything in its power to make sure

it's as difficult as possible to live

that life it is literally us against the

world guys turn flinging monkey has much

more of an influence than I do because

being a MIG tau is easy all you have to

do is sit around bitch about women and

make fun of guys who admit they actually

like pussy it's easier to sit at home

and jerk off to porn or buy a sex doll

than to pursue actual living breathing

women now Mix owls are in a lockstep

with everything the red pill endorses

except for pursuing women which

incidentally enough happens to be the

most challenging element of the red pill

life make Taos have decided to eliminate

women because it's just too hard

women should love me for me I should be

able to fuck beautiful girls because I

have a

dick oh wait it's not like that you

actually have to work to get in maintain

the affections a beautiful women fuck

dead you are fuck women bitches ain't

shit living the MiG tell life is far

easier than living the red pill light

and that's why migt house will always

outnumber the red pill guys something

like ten to one you want to know here's

another thing you want to know why turd

Queenie monkey still has his YouTube

channel you want to know why he's got

hundreds of thousands of subscribers

it's because he's not a threat

guys guys like me how did guys like me

talk about how to fuck beautiful women

without having to spend exorbitant

amounts of time or emotion or money and

turd flinging monkey is just telling

guys to leave the sexual marketplace

completely of course they're gonna let

him stay they don't give a fuck about

you because you're not a threat to

feminism you're telling guys who

couldn't get laid in the first place to

check out and stop pursuing women dude

girls are like bi we fuckin y'all anyway

and you know what they're right when men

like you stop pursuing women it affects

the sexual marketplace not one bit

girls weren't fuckin y'all in the first

place so leaving doesn't make a damn bit

of difference hell if anything it clears

the way for men like us to actually date

the date and fuck these girls and we

will absolutely not marry them and

that's exactly why they'll keep pursuing

us circling in monkey you think you

matter but you don't your lifestyle is

easy and that's why I'm a nobody and

you're a God to men addicted to hentai

porn you're not a threat to feminism and

that's why your YouTube channel will

never be in danger of being taken down

and it's funny your YouTube cover art

says the following content has been

identified by the YouTube community as

inappropriate or offensive to some

audiences viewer discretion is advised

YouTube saw that and said oh how cute

bless his little heart your content

isn't inappropriate or offensive you're

a guy who fucks a sex doll who bitches

and moans about what he can't have from

women you're not offending anybody your

channel is safe trust me terr clingy

monkey also called me delusional for

suggesting that safeguards can reduce

the odds of a man getting got by a woman

again this is decision

newest and misplaced I am well aware of

the fact that my relationship could go

sideways at any time for any reason but

guess what I'm prepared for when and if

that happens if Devin decides to move

out of here trust me I'll be more than

alright okay I'm not gonna sit here and

say I wouldn't be bummed out but life

goes the fuck on dirt leaning monkey

tries to eat he keeps trying to put me

in this marriage bubble to fit his

narrative dude I'm not getting married

and I'm not getting sperm Jack that my

friend I can fully guarantee actually

had to kick out a patron of mine for

seeing the same shit in the end


I don't blame turd flinging monkey from

living the life he lives it's not

something I do but I understand why he

does but making fun of men like myself

who pursue women by calling us

delusional short-sighted ignorant is a

classic example of projecting his

insecurities you see turd flinging

monkey wants to be good with women but

he can't so he makes fun of men who are

because he wants what we had it's so

obvious it's ridiculous he's the kind of

guy that makes fun of masculine traits

because he doesn't have them I'm in a

lot better shape than he is if he hears

this his response look at Donovan's

muscles he's in such great shape because

he works out every day what a loser he

does just to get ladies abuja I'm better

with women than he is what a loser he

worships vagina vagina is not worth of

juice is worth the squeeze

turd flinging monkey has a feminist

mindset and the only person dude and he

honestly everyone seems to know it but

him females let pride and stubbornness

keep them from getting what they want a

fat girl sees a hot girl out in public

she's got a hot body and she thinks to

herself she probably spends three hours

a day at the gym and has no personality

why does she do this to cope with her

own insecurities her pride will not

allow her to have an honest conversation

with herself her pride won't allow her

to think I'm fat because I don't work

out and I eat like shit she's hot

because she works out and watches her

diet turn Fellini monkey has this same

mindset instead of admitting he's not

able to make the

change is necessary to gain the love

respect and loyalty of a beautiful woman

he acts like he doesn't want it what he

doesn't understand is that his very

stance on this screams to the world that

that's what he wants more than anything

and for those of you who disagree let me

ask you this why does he own a sex doll

turtling he monkey has more followers he

has more subscribers he has more fans

than I will ever have but deep down

inside he knows that he is little more

than the king of the in cells and he can

have that shit

I've been donovan sharp I'll come I'll

talk to you guys later


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