#TagTheSponsor shows that women will do anything money and gifts

It's an open secret that today's women exchange their looks for money and gifts. But Dubai girls, who have been nick named "porta-potty girls", take it to an entirely different level. Rich oil sheiks pay them money and give them gifts in exchange for using their bodies as a human toilet...literally

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The details of what these girls go through for expensive trinkets and expensive champagne is outright nauseating. But that doesn't stop these young pretty girls from engaging in bloody anal gang bangs in order to live the good life for a little while. 

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previously on TS our live women cannot

sleep around for a decade and expect to

be mentally stable enough to have a

normal and healthy relationship women

can't claw their way up the corporate

ladder and expect to have enough

femininity left over to attract men

abelian these guys females aren't

designed they're not designed to do and

do the same thing as males and when we

start brainwashing them and to think and

they want to when their kids were

setting them up for failure

every time 15 to 20 years from now a 26

27 year old woman she's gonna be

completely burned down because she's

fucked at least 200 guys she hates her

job and feels like she has to keep it

because it's the kind of woman women are

supposed to have full power and all that

her mother keeps telling her to be

strong because women are supposed to be

strong and she keeps putting off making

an appointment with a psychiatrist so

she can figure out why the fuck she's so

miserable and now your man donovan sharp

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Thursday October 12 2017 pretty good day

today got a lot done run a little bit

behind but just about finished with

another ebook that's gonna drop on Negro

manosphere calm and this one is gonna be

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stay tuned for that obviously my

Philadelphia Eagles play tonight so I'm

excited about that but enough of the

small talk here let's go ahead and get

down to let's go ahead and get down to

business here

there we go there's a website out there

called tag the sponsor that exposes the

the depravity and idiocy of girls all

over the world the long and the short of

how this works is that this is that this

website called tag the sponsor comm what

it does and you guys can go to the

hashtag on Twitter cuz it's I mean it's

a hashtag and see all these stuff

basically what this website does is that

it sets up good-looking girls with rich

you know probably rich predominantly

Middle Eastern men oil tycoons Prince's

etcetera this the the sponsors well

these men pay these girls 30 sometimes

$40,000 even more than that then they

fly them out to Dubai and other exotic

locations they put them up in 5-star

hotels they do all this in exchange for

their company and I use that term

extremely loosely so basically these

girls are paid to be trophies in public

slutty trophies in public okay so you

would think okay well that's no big deal

right okay right we see this all the

time all over the world men have been

paying beautiful women to be their

ornaments their arm candy for ages so no

harm no foul right guys the real

debauchery happens behind closed doors

and I'm telling you what believe me when

I tell you it is sickening gentlemen

these girls are fucked by five or six

different men at once they get fucked by

foreign objects they insert them into

every hole I even heard of a store

worker where a girl got fucked by a fish

they took a fish and jammed it up in

there they get pissed on they get shit

on yes I said shit on as in these dudes

bend over and shit on these women's

bodies and a lot of times it's in the

face they get fucked in the ass till

they bleed basically anything and

everything these dudes want to do to

them that's what they do now the obvious

question here is why why would these

what are these young pretty girls put

them put themselves through these

disgusting fuckathon

alright I may be naive here but I'd like

to think that maybe you know 25 years

ago girls would never even consider

these kinds of propositions so a deeper

question is what exactly is it that's

changed their mindset understand

understand understanding why that is is

very important because this completely

I'm telling you guys women who do this

this completely wrecks this completely

wrecks women physically mentally and

emotionally women who read the cock

carousel are damaged well beyond repair

as it is we all know this but we still

fuck them anyway because they're good

for the occasional nail-and-bail we know

how to get in and out with minimal

investment and keep it moving tag the

sponsors however those kinds of thoughts

lets those guys listen those girls are

ruined for life the physical and

emotional toll that it takes on these

girls is way too much for them to handle

this kind of stuff makes them

radioactive to friends families and

especially boyfriends and husbands if

anyone out there is dumb enough to marry

these hoes so today I'm gonna talk about

how and where this behavior originates

as it relates to the sexual marketplace

I'm gonna talk about what their

motivations are I'm gonna talk about how

it truly damages them and of course what

this means to us as red pill aware men

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today and forgive me guys I'm I'm I'm

battle in a mean me migraine headache

med it's been a while since I've had a

migraine but I'm a little bit I'm a

little rattled but you know took a

couple advil and hopefully that'll

that'll start to take effect

deep 1985 good to see you in here good

to see you in here saw you I saw you in

O'Shea's hangout last night that was


mister old school Raider says yeah yeah

I'm definitely late man I'm trying to

trying to nurse this migraine but yeah

you know Crimea where Crimea River right

that's the way it is did do la what's

going on Dominic Lewis shout-out to you

Edward Anderson he says what's up sharp

I am I am so not surprised by this the

thought market that market is chock-full

of this shit yeah yeah I mean this has

been this is this actually happened a

couple years ago I'm just kind of

bringing it to everyone's attention now

because a lot of guys you know are

thirsty for these Instagram models they

want to fuck these Instagram models well

a lot of these Instagram models have

been pissed on shit on gangbang like

bloody fucking violent gang bangs by

like these hordes of condomless men it's

you know you don't want any parts of

those chicks you really don't

Edward Anderson continues he says it's

funny because when frustrated came out

came out a lot of women were looking

down on Brazilians talk about how they

don't do that yes the fuck they do yes

they do

even deluxe nails it on the head they do

by oil sheiks those listen did you buy

oil sheiks man dude they use these we

use these girls like fuck dolls man

even deluxe as most these girls have

been haven't been to California much

less out of the country Goku Goku son

says the the way things are going on

economically in America in the world we

will see more poverty with women to

prostitution comes with it yeah that

makes sense

makes sense Jeremy clay said love tech

the sponsor are they still around yeah

they are absolutely still around my

friend Dominick Lewis says all I can say

about these women is that money talks

but they but they took it to another

level yes they did did man oh man Todd

Jeremy clay says Dubai porta potti yep

I'm gonna get into that in just a minute

so you guys do all about this good good

very very good South Beach Bonita says

gotta watch that blood pressure broke

could be the reason for your migraines

no I've suffered from migraine since I

was a kid since I was four years old I

just started juicing and and it's really

helped I've done man I just I think I

was juicing

I mean I've juiced on and off for the

last five or six years but I really

really started to get into it and since

I started it I think that was maybe a

month month and a half ago and I usually

get two to three migraines per month but

I hadn't I hadn't had one until until

it's a bit less I've been dude

neurologist I've been to all that stuff

nothing's wrong with my brain of a brain

tumor on a brain cancer I'm just a guy

who gets migraine headaches a lot so so

so I'm good to go

I'm gonna go blood pressure is fine I

actually did my blood pressure a couple

days ago so I'm good there but you know

pretty good lookin out though good

lookin out though okay well let's go

ahead and move right along now that we

see everybody in the house so the first

thing we need to understand is we don't

need to hate on these particular girls

because it's just survival if you guys

are on the strip in Vegas anyone who's

been to the Las Vegas Strip it's a

regular occurrence to see a hot girl or

a highly attractive woman driving an

expensive car like a Lamborghini or a

Bugatti or something like that now on

its face we might think step bitch is

living off a man and guess what we'd be

right but what we need to understand

guys is that the only two at the only

two women only have two assets they can

really monetize in the long run in the

short in the long term and that's youth

and beauty all right

yes they can get an education all that

stuff but again I've said before we

don't give a shit what's going on

upstairs if we don't like the way you

look we're not interested now we can hit

on these hot girls all we want to but

this is the way it's been forever

every single woman from your housewives

strippers sex workers to you know your

garden-variety everyday everyday hoes

walk on the street so we like to being

and all the other women in between I've

always had be used their looks to get by

as a matter of survival

now Dubai sluts as a commenter recently

pointed I just pointed out we're

properly nicknamed porta-potties because

of their willingness to be used quite

literally as human toilets and so long

as the check and so long as the checks

clear as long as that money goes through

these girls happily let men shit on them

and piss on them listen guys this is a

flat-out stomach-churning way to make a

living for a lot of these girls now some

of you might be sinking might be saying

to yourselves but Donna but you just

said not to hate on girls who use their

looks for money look being a stripper

prostitute or a trophy wife is one thing

but lying in a pool of blood and piss

and shit after getting after getting

after getting ass-fucked by a half dozen

men just to get a picture standing next

to a Lamborghini wearing designer heels

and sipping champagne that's quite

another and breaking news zekiel elet

suspension suspension is effective


so Ezekiel Elliott is going to serve his

six game suspension right now I know I'm

supposed to supposed to stay away from

Sports Talk but as an Eagles fan it just

came across my screen Ezekiel Elliott

Zeek Elliott running back for the Dallas

Cowboys will start serving his

suspension right now now the clear

difference between the two in terms of

misbehaves gold-diggin sex work or sex

worker and that's where this lifestyle

ruins these girls for ever so let's take

a look at let's take a look at the price

that certain girls pay for selling

varying degrees of their bodies so

strippers right as far as strippers go

both parties know the transaction is

strictly business you pay the money she

takes her clothes off she rubs her tits

in your face she grinds on your junk she

shows you a little couch and that's that

the physical and psychological price she

pays though tangible is compared as

comparatively low now we move to sex

workers that's that's that's a little

bit higher up the up the ladder now

these include your escorts and

prostitutes now escorts and prostitutes

operate in the same way in terms of

trendy the transactional exchange their

psyches however pay a much higher price

because there is actual sex involved but

unlike you know the everyday party sluts

that we like the fuck basically for free

escorts and prostitutes at least get

cash out of the deal for giving it up at

least they're making a limit they're

getting they're getting paid for it so

they've given up their pussies for free

like these party sluts out here now

trophy wives come out the best having

exchanged for most valuable assets for

long term security and a lifestyle that

is befitting a young pretty woman

a trophy wife's physical portfolio is in

the black because her lifestyle is

sustainable so long as she doesn't fuck

it up and that puts her mind at ease and

because she doesn't have to and because

because her mind is at ease because

she's relaxed she doesn't suffer the

mental hang-ups that women in the sex

trainer often subject to but when it

comes to the Dubai sluts they paid the

highest price of all and they get the

lowest return on investment babe guys

these girls these girls participate in

abominable sex act

sex acts for just a few thousand dollars

a picture on a private jet and expensive

clothes all of which are temporary and

depreciating assets whoring themselves

out in the worst possible ways for

frivolous temporary material items that

that are gonna be all but worthless in a

few months we'll use up their youth and

beauty faster than they can imagine and

guess what this means guys this means

these girls are gonna hit the wall a

hell of a lot sooner than they would

otherwise not a good thing this is what

happens when they exchange their only

valuable currencies for useless material

possessions this is how stupid these

girls are sure they might make a little

cash but they bloat within months

because they're horrible with money and

good-looking and here's the thing guys

you guys have to understand this

good-looking girls good-looking girls

are bad with money good-looking girls

are even worse I actually talked about

it I actually talked about it recently


this listen guys a couple of strippers

me my buddies you should do blow with on

the weekends she told us it was funny

when she told us this she said any young

hot girl any Hut hot nine or ten never

pays for a boob job including including

the two that we were with it's always a

man who pays for them she was very

specific now I wasn't surprised

particularly when I heard this because

again like rich guys buy shit for women

all the time but strippers make good

money so if they really wanted fake

boobs they could just save up so I asked

one of the girls I said we guys are

making like two grand at night I mean

couldn't you just saved up and she said

yeah but I'm bad with money like she

kept it real so these girls have that

same stripper mentality which is I'll

always be young and pretty so the

money's never gonna stop coming in so

they blow their money they blow their

money as soon as they get it and or as

soon as they get back home stateside in

a couple months later before they know

what they're looking for another sponsor

but you have to ask yourself how many

times can a girl physically and mentally

handle these nasty-ass fuck fests and a

better question this is why do they do

this so the answer to that question the

devil really is in the details

well the math this is quite simple on

this when you remove slut-shaming and

then glorify the acquisition of

depreciating assets like expensive

clothes trendy you know coffee drinks

and and then reward these girls with

endless praise endless attention and

validation the result is these pretty

girls willing to do anything to get all

of these clues all of these things

including letting men gangbang them and

shitting in their faces

now our entire culture the entire

Western American culture tells girls

that it's okay so whore themselves out

for designer sunglasses and shopping

sprees rather than fighting and locking

down a man who can provide them with a

solid sustainable lifestyle for years to

come this mentality is a direct result

of sluts no longer being shamed guys and

the sad part is that although the

traditional housewife is becoming

endangered in a dangerous species and

frowned upon by today's modern women

they all still know and understand that

motherhood is the pinnacle of true

womanhood and listen if you don't

believe me go take a look at Facebook

and Instagram

you'll see you'll see you'll see that

that all of the attention whores that

you see on Facebook and Instagram they

take as much pride trying to convince

everyone that they're good moms as they

do showing their tits in a selfie women

will always have the notion of settling

down and having a family in the back of

their minds because it's what they do

regardless of what their Facebook feeds

say okay they know the score fighting

this biology only tamps down these

desires but mother nature guys mother

nature always wins out in the end every

time but these porta-potti girls cannot

have their cake and eat it too these

girls believe they can live this this

adrenaline-fueled lifestyle and then

when it's all over settled down and

expect to live happy fulfilling normal

lives well guess what unfortunately for

them it doesn't work that way not even


girls like this are there like

recovering meth addicts who have fried

their dopamine receptors to the point

where they can't enjoy anything anymore

all right

I speak from personal experience guys

might listen my ex wife Darcy was an ex

meth head and despite having moved to

Florida and buying a house on the beach

literally on the beach taking trips down

to Key West she couldn't get excited

about any of it okay she couldn't enjoy

it because crystal meth had over text

ahead overtaxed her serotonin and

dopamine receptor so she was literally

incapable of enjoying anything good was

unbelievable as far as the Dubai girls

go the exotic trips the expensive hotels

you know all the posh surroundings and

everything else that they've grown to be

accustomed to that will make living a

normal life impossible because when they

hit the wall then getting offers anymore


those dudes those dudes by then have

moved on to fresh meat all right younger

prettier tighter girls that's what

they've moved on to listen

you think these porta potti girls are

gonna take pride if you think these you

think these porta potti girls are gonna

take pride in doing and living in a

living a regular life in a regular

beat-up apartment you know after

drinking you know drinking cheap liquor

and liquor after spending five years and

five-star hotels drinking 500 all our

bottle wine like it doesn't work that

way now another reason they do this

another reason girls do this are female

celebrities female recording artist Kim

Kardashian Miley

eres Kesha these girls like you know

they like to think they like to sing

about de poppin bottles and getting

fucked up all the time but they don't

warn these girls what happens after the

high price party is over all these girls

see when they watch this suffer the

bright lights the high-priced drinks and

the private jets and when they get the

opportunity to actually live out the

fantasies they see in these music videos

guys they jump at the chance to do it no

matter what they have to do but they

never think about the long-term

consequences ever

let's check the chat see we got going on

oh we have 30 people watching how about

that I like it okay my headache is

starting to go away a little bit I took

a I took a six hundred milligram eye

view Pro Fionn so feeling a little bit


Jeremy clay says what kind of juice we

talking yeah you know green juice and I

actually drink two juices a day I start

out drinking a actually I had to list

actually had to list right here at the

pretty don't put it on the fridge but in

the morning I drink a kale I drink kale

collards I had a cucumber a lemon and a

tomato and then Eamon and then my

mid-morning juice is broccoli spinach

broccoli spinach celery a beet and a

couple of carrots so semaj says I've

seen these hoes and international

airports like Amsterdam man I'm telling

you they're all over they're all over

jeremy clay says jose canseco juice no

you idiot not jose canseco just get the

fuck out of here man come on don't be

stupid fuck out of here

see who else we got shoutout to Cobie

Anthony good to see you in here gokusen

says most women have no self respect and

honor that is 100% that's the thing when

it comes to stuff when it comes to stuff

like this it is you know girls will do

anything for the girls to do anything

for this stuff they really really will

and they'll sacrifice their pride and

everything for it doesn't matter it

really doesn't matter

I lost my place there we go all right

good stuff aunt James good to see you in

the house

go kazan says i noticed a huge growing

of population of old women in america

plus a lot of these old ladies are broke

poor and in poverty yeah maybe

mmm i don't know but i don't know

anything about that but yeah to battle

in the house saw you in O'Shea's channel

yesterday yeah definitely get the likes

up guys we've got 30 people watching how

many likes have we got so far yeah we

got thirty people watching we got three

lakes we need to get the likes of guys

kobe Anthony says the second

wait is O'Shea in here

I saw a che in here I'll never mind

never mind it's about to say al L Allen

LT good to see you in here good to see

you in here

shoutout do you de los says every snatch

has a price tag you better believe it

back in the classroom says sharp what's

up good to see you in here mm-hmm

Coby Anthony correctly states females

run the race not the marathon yeah this

is what they do most females don't think

past tomorrow

they really don't it's it's it's

unbelievable really I mean they start

thinking about tomorrow after they hit

the wall that's really the only time

they start thinking about the thinking

about the future mmm so let's talk about

the real damage these tag the sponsor

these Dubai sluts suffer obviously the

superficial effects of these escapades

has on these girls is substantial but

those things pale in comparison to the

real damage that has done to these girls

on a sexual and psychological level

there's an article on return of Kings

called the aftermath of my girlfriend

getting raped and I've got it I'll have

it linked in the in the description

anyway it was written a few years ago

and it gives the reader it gives readers

a front row seat to the pathological

damage that genuine rape has on a woman

and what it turns her into and among the

slew of mental hurdle she has to jump

over to feel normal regular sex just

doesn't for the most part doesn't excite

victims of rape all right a lot of times

violent abusive sex is the only thing

that can arouse true victims of rape

this kind of thing leads these kinds of

girls into relationships with dangerous

mentally unstable men and that only

fucks him up even more the bottom line

is that she's so damaged that she can

only have relationships with severely

damaged men all right girls who take

part in this porta-potty stuff will be

similarly damaged participating in sex

acts like this will render a female

utterly incapable of having a normal

sexual relationship think about it think

about if you found out you're with a

girl and you found out she went to one

of these Dubai Dubai trips think about

her getting anal gangbang by five or six

guys they're pissin on her shit not her

guys that's a mental

fuck she ain't getting over that man she

can try to fuck her way out of it but

she ends up doing worse shit and she

ends up doing even worship than that now

the reason for this is that not is that

her body is not the only thing being

defiled when she's in the middle of all

this stuff her mind and her soul are

also being violated by the Phils she's

participating in look girls with high

notch count guys they have a shitload of

mental issues as it is we know that but

subjecting themselves to this level of

depravity is psychological suicide guys

there is no coming back from this degree

of degradation no matter how much they

try to forget what they've done that's

all there is to it they've also become

sexually numb again like victims of like

genuine victims of rape the prospect of

conventional sex won't turn them on like

it used to now this isn't to say that

the prospect of getting shit in their

face or getting an old gang banger

pissed on or whatever is what's

necessary to turn them on but guys rough

sex which the men with which the vast

majority of women with a healthy sexual

appetite love that's not gonna cut it

with these device Lots anymore as time

goes on she'll have to engage in

increasingly viable vile sex acts just

to get off and that's if she's lucky the

bottom line is that these girls sell

their souls to the devil and and and no

amount of time no amount of

introspection or contrition will ever

buy it back period that's just how it is

while it's common knowledge that

good-looking women are much more

discriminatory as far as men go at the

end of the day just like DD law said

every females pussy is for sale whether

she admits it or not so is her mouth so

is her asshole and so is her Nick or her

dignity or anything else that can get

her money gifts or security listen that

includes housewives remember that

housewife her pussy was for sale too and

she found a buyer all right there is and

always will be a price on one female

sexuality now if you guys have read a

few articles or perused a few sites on

the subject matter it's easy to see that

all of these porta-potti girls are quite

beautiful which isn't surprising okay

and let's be really a rich guys aren't

gonna throw 40 grand at women who are

not they're just not gonna do it no

matter how good a girl looks men who

know about this guys you need to think

long and hard before pursuing a woman

who's known to have been on one of these

luxurious vacations to divide do your

due diligence by asking her what country

she's traveled to if Dubai is on that

list even one time and she's a 9 or a 10

that you get just about guarantee she's

a port-o-potty girl that's you can you

can guarantee it in the grand scheme of

things this trend means that more young

beautiful women are opting out of long

term out of the long term investment

strategies of old back in the day dude

pretty girls used to marry you're gonna

have a bunch of kids to make sure they

they were taken care of but the hard

truth is that the instant glitz the

instant glamour the social media

attention that the tag the sponsor and

lifestyle offers appears to be more

enticing to today's females than

marriage and motherhood think about that

guys young pretty girls who know they

could lock down a man with money and

have kids would rather sell their souls

to the devil for a pair of fucking heels

and their minds there's no need to tie

themselves down to just one man when

they can get what they what they when

they can get what they believe is

something better better without having

to commit to anyone long-term

unbelievable stupid bitches

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today let's go to the chat one last time


even wants to know what we can expect on

the next Donovan's den video yeah I'm

going to cover the most common shit

tests that women deploy when they're

with men and how to overcome them and

not only am I gonna cover how to

overcome them I'm gonna talk about I'm

gonna talk about them in different

context so when you're out on a first

date women are gonna shit test you when

you've been fucking a girl for a while

well they're gonna shit test you when

you make her your main chick women are

gonna women are gonna shit test you if

you guys get serious and even get

married yes what they are still gonna

shit test you I'm still going I'm gonna

tell you I'm gonna talk about the

different kinds of shit tests that women

deploy at different stages in your

relationship and I'm gonna I'm gonna

talk about how to overcome them there

are many many ways to overcome shit test

so and when a woman should test you all

she's doing is poking you a little bit

to make sure that you're still the man

that she's attracted to so that's

definitely gonna be a good one for sure

good question good question five bucks a

month guys five bucks a month

Allen LT says I remember reading about

an Instagram model pimping out other

Instagram hoes around the world and

another Instagram model was willing to

fuck a 13 year-old boy for a dupe for a

trip to Dubai I'm telling him they will

do anything for this stuff

they were do anything this stuff Don

John says would you guys date a chick a

cute chick that accidentally got herpes

by cheating by a cheating ex a few years

ago that you're crazy cool with where Y

all kind of like each other she takes

pills and she says and she says she has

it under control to where she gets no

outbreaks or run from her Don you need

to run man get the fuck out of there

dude listen man so you actually believe

that she got herpes from a cheating ex

dude man I swear to god every woman

every woman every woman who has ever had

an STD always got it from a cheating ex

they never tell you I cheated on my toe

but dude I knew this girl down in Vegas

she a disc - listen I know two girls in

Vegas the first girl had it all her

husband her husband's an electrician an


had his own business had a cute little

boy together lived in this Vegas

high-rise everything was good she

started fucking the guy that she was

buying pills

and she got gonorrhea twice she got

gonorrhea twice gave it to her husband

now obviously they're they're not

together anymore but it's girls like

that who say I got it from a cheating ex

Don John trust me your girl did not get

a an STD from a cheating ex she was the

cheating ex fuck that dude no girl is

worth fuckin fuckin with no way fuck


under control with no fuck dad herpes

shit dude once you get herpes bruh it

does not go away

that shit's dude that is that's like a

tattoo on your dick homie daddy ain't

going away man you better get the fuck

out of there



Jeremie clay says wonderfully one is

found out their wife or girlfriend was

once a Dubai porta potti Wow that would

be man that would be uh oh my god that

would suck oh my god

goddamn dude yeah listen whatever listen

especially nines and tens of the world

men superhot girls super attractive

women you have to ask him hey where have

you been what have you done you know do

it in a way where your query acting like

you're kind of curious really oh yeah

you've traveled wherever you travel to

oh I've been here I've been there I've

been to Dubai oh really who did you go

with oh you know it was the guy that I

was talking to online

yep she's eating shit sandwich literally

get the fuck out of there

yessum i've says wish i could be on that

flight out of Dubai fly mm cocks tears

good what I like that ant James says the

pussy stock will never drop no no no no

no no aunt James you are you're you're

incorrect about that the pussy stock is

at an all-time low because girls give it

out for free you know listen these do

bite you listen man like you don't have

to be paying these girls 40 50 thousand

dollars to be fuckin hot chicks dude

dude I fucked countless hot girls in

Vegas for nothing straight-up dude in

any dude any time I was fucking around

with strippers or or showgirls or or

cocktail waitresses which are basically

strippers and training dude I was always

getting my drugs for free men yeah do it

the pussy stock listen that's the the

the the Nasdaq P ssy note dude no no no

listen listen pussy is as plentiful as

it has ever been and it is as cheap as

it's ever been because the girls just

throw it away give it away hey I gotta

give it to these tag the sponsor girls

at least they're getting something for

at least they're getting something for

getting fucked with these bloody gang

bangs absolutely absolutely well that's

gonna end this episode of TSR I'm gonna

go and nurse this headache and got the

Eagles kicking off here in just under

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