Episode #238: Womanese 101 Part One: What she says is NOT what she means

In Episode 238, Donovan Sharpe, on TSR: Live, discusses what women say versus what they actually mean. For example, when she says "I want to take things slow" what she means is "I don't want to have sex with you." This episode contains over 20 examples of the things women say and the Red Pill translations. 

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Women say a lot of things but they rarely mean what they say. In Part Two of my "Womanese 101" series, I'll break down and translate even more of the most common phrases women use that have a much different meaning than what actually comes out of their mouths.

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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn of course her parents don't

have a problem with me being black she's

past the wall get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome so you got drunk at

a frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the

real csr live with Donovan sharp so I

just came back over here from from

YouTube obviously YouTube and Facebook

and you know listen man you guys know I

got to keep things I got to keep things


I gotta keep them pretty tame over there

I got to keep things I got to keep it

nice and clean got to keep things and

listen I'm not trying to water down my

content completely but I had a

conversation with a really really good

friend of mine who gave me some really

good advice about how to use YouTube to

my advantage when it comes to this stuff

and you know we decided at that point

that we are going I decided at that

point that YouTube is it's gonna be a

necessary evil it is absolutely the

quicker it is the best way to grow your

channel there is no question about it I

mean that listen that's just all there

is to it so what up that's not what I've

decided to do is I've decided to give

you guys the you know access I'm just

happy to give you guys access to the to

the good shit right and and I hate to

deprive I hate to I hate to put this

stuff behind the paywall but as I've

explained here over the last you know

week week and a half or so this is

what's necessary you know anytime

anytime you're able to broadcast live on

a platform for free and make money on a

platform for free you know you're

subjecting yourself to you're really

subjecting yourself to censorship

um I'm listen I've never complain mean I

complain about YouTube a lot but I don't

blame them for D monetizing cert

channels like I get it

I know why they do it but by the same

token you know we have to be we have to

be very smart we have to be very smart

about what we do so so what I've decided

to do is I've decided to I've decided to

bring the best content over to this side

of the internet so I'm gonna start I'm

gonna start the show off on YouTube and

Facebook keep it relatively keep it

relatively tame right keep it relatively

you know oh you know I'll get it I'll

get it I'll get into some stuff every

now and again but now I'm gonna come

over here and I'm gonna do the show that

I really want to do so it is good to

have you guys in and it's good to have

you guys in tonight my apologies my

apologies for the tardiness dude it was

crazy dude my dude my dogs are shitting

on that my dogs are shitting in the

house left town for a couple days I come

home my dogs are shitting in the house

you know I get you know I'm getting all

behind I've got the I've got the cialis

running through my system the cialis all

of a sudden I don't know what happened

man like it it makes you it it it

congest cyou a little bit but it usually

takes a good long while to do that but

for whatever reason man as soon as I

took it boom there it was so anyway I'm

here and we're ready to we're ready to

really get this show on the road here so

for those of you guys who were listening

on Facebook and and YouTube I went over

the first five what she says versus what

she means obviously this is gonna be

woman ease 101 part 2 what she says is

not what she means

okay and the thing is is it is laying

again I don't want to do a I don't want

to rehash what I talked about over there

on the Facebook and the YouTube side

yeah I mean you guys yeah I'm sure you

guys are all sub to my channel you know

just be sure to go over there and and

and watch that but it's very important

to know and understand that that what

women say a lot of times it's not even


it's not even close to what they really

really mean it's really really not

and so I've linked the description in

this particular patreon video to episode

I think it was 176 on Christmas which

was the de facto now woman these 101

part one woman YZ 101 part 2 volume a is

now on YouTube Facebook now we're gonna

get into the real shit what she says

versus what she means let's get to it

what she says

you're disrespecting me here's what she

means you're not treating me like a

princess it's so funny what today's

today's fucking females man they think

that they are entitled to princess

treatment without without being a

princess they want to be treated like

ladies without actually being a lady

bitches complain all the time why don't

men hope and open doors for me all the

time because you're a slut right like

why am I gonna why am I going to oh hold

the door open for you when you've got an

earring in your nose and earring in your

lip probably in your earring and you've

got fucking nipple rings hey an earring

in your pussy you've got a dragon tattoo

here you've got a Skrillex haircut half

your hair is green but I'm supposed to

hold the door open for you and if I

don't now you want to get indignant

right but as soon as I gained 20 pounds

then I got a potbelly oh my god I know

what fuck you any mark you're not a real

man it's always a double standard

any time you treat owwwww any time you

treat a woman the way she really

deserves to be treated which in most

cases is like shit she thinks you're not

treating her like a princess but let's

actually let's take it one step let's

take it one step back let's say a woman

exactly like a complete bitch right

she's acting like a complete bitch so

finally does he you know what dude I'm

leaving oh my god you're disrespecting


wait I'm disrespecting you because I'm

leaving your place for you acting like a

bitch you see how that works guys women

expect to be treated like princesses all

the time no matter what it doesn't

matter they want to be treated like

princesses regardless of the way they


what she says I don't like the way you

treat me here's what she means you don't

let me get away with anything when I

first got together with my girlfriend

and she it's funny she didn't complain

about this but I remember she told me

she told me about a conversation that

she had with her dad and she told her

dad that I have like this dude I've got

this eidetic fantastic memory dude my

family members ever since I was a kid I

remember everything I have this I have

this ridiculous memory anyway so my

girlfriend was telling her dad yeah he's

got this great memory that means I can't

get away with anything

right well my girlfriend likes the fact

that I don't let her get away with

everything I don't let her get away with


now listen as time goes on I don't want

to say no I don't be the beta guy pick

your battles nah man I'm ironclad she

listened she still stifles her burps

around me when we first got together if

she burped in front of me if she burped

loud dude I would stand her up

I'd pull her panties down and give her

three quick swats on the ass straight up

dude grown-ass woman I'd bend her right

over and sweater on the ass all day long

so when a woman says you I don't like

the way you treat me what she really

means is you don't let me get away with

anything so if you check her for bad

behavior whoa whoa whoa don't talk to me

like that I don't like the way you treat

me that meet what she's trying to say is

that you don't like though you don't

like she doesn't like the fact that you

called her out on her bad behavior okay

let's give a shout-out to the squad here

all right good to see the vibe is still

kickin Big Dave says family takes

forever to load this video it's been

about three minutes and still has it

yeah um it's probably on about a three

minute delay with you guys but once it

gets started you're able to see it


freelance ronan says hell yeah this is a

blessing in disguise the show will

pretty much be troll free being it's

done on patreon I'm loving it also you

guys don't listen you guys don't you

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Morales says seeing trolls get destroyed

was always hilarious too you know it's

interesting a lot of people suspect that

the reason my channel got shut down is

because of that healthy for Hillary

right she donated that $2 super chat

then she asked how do you know those

women weren't prostitutes and I fuckin

dude i wailed on her for five minutes

you know who knows I don't know so wait

senator good to see you in here okay so

I was reading I was recent it's funny I

was reading the I was actually reading

the comments before I actually went live

so my bad on that excellent excellent

excellent excellent

okay well Crispin in the house says

honestly this method will probably get

you more patreon patrons I don't know

maybe it will maybe it won't I wanted it

but but I wanted to create a platform

where it got where you guys I mean

listen man I'll put stuff out on YouTube

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but you have to throttle your stuff on

YouTube and on YouTube and also Facebook

otherwise you get shut down right and as

I said at the top of the show YouTube is

the best way to gain an audience so I'm

gonna use YouTube to pretty much

advertise what you guys see here

Jaime Morales says is it me or the

quality on the stream looking a1

probably a combination of both I mean I

have a really really good computer I'm

on a Mac I have a direct connection to

to my high-speed Internet it's it's

Ethernet enabled so uh so yeah yeah the

the the stream is gonna look good it's

gonna sound good

freelancer net says brother in the long

run it's probably better to grow from a

smaller group of elite red pill soldiers

that will stay on code anyway than a

mass of unstable purple pillars who are

still emotional and can't handle the


this will vet those who want help from

those who are just going through the

motions dude freelance I could and

freelance by the way you actually made a

very profound statement on God I think

us back in episode 100 actually tweeted

and Facebook that out it had to do with

hoes and housewives but listen truer

words were never spoken

and it's interesting that you say that

freelance minister Jap and I had a

conversation a few weeks ago and he's

like man niggas always what two hundred

thousand subscribers and Japanese like

now I don't need two hundred thousand

subscribers he says what I need is a

thousand ride-or-die niggas who are

gonna support me who are gonna support

me and watch the show and tell other

people who and and tell other people who

are like-minded don't get me wrong man

I'm not gonna complain about the ten

thousand subscribers that I had but when

you are on when you are on a when you're

on a free platform you get more exposure

the more exposure you get the more

haters you get the more haters you get

the more open you are to getting

reported and all that stuff and this is

what happened to me you know dude

honestly it's amazing that Tommy

Sotomayor even got to 300,000

subscribers to begin with like dude that

dude gets flagged all day every day so I

salute him he did the smart thing he

with the twitch and now he's making

hand-over-fist shadow to Geppetto man

who also donated five dollars on the

super jet on the YouTube side I greatly

appreciate your support brother

appreciate that he says he likes the

production on patreon yeah listen I'm

gonna give you guys the better


I'm gonna give you guys the better

content I increase the screen size you

know you guys are gonna get the quality

this is what this is gonna happen

sharpest assess soup-bone

we'd have to worry about soup-bone in

here that that's for sure japan ermine

also says anytime women get called out

on their bullshit the system will

protect them absolutely we'll Chrisman

says i've held the door open for chicks

that literally don't take their eyes off

their smartphones and don't say a word

of things that's what I'm saying it's

unbelievable and by the way will I'm

pretty sure you saw the conversation

between me and one of your female

friends I think you put out and maybe

this was bait um but you put out you

said hey do any of my female Facebook

friends do they model and this chick

this marginal chick was a freakin five

and a half maybe a six on a good night

said I model I said no no no sweetheart

unless you're published you can't call

yourself a model you don't know anything

about me I said really well how much are

you making no I said really I said so

you're a published model no better fact

I have a photoshoot so I said okay how

much are you making for this photo shoot

I put an air quotes listen to you

fucking hilarious fucking hilarious

stupid bitch moving right along what she

says yes sexist here's what she means

she means that you are vocalizing that

women act poorly any time a man and

actually for paid oh man

gentleman actually touches on this a

little bit just now with this comment

and by the way I want everybody to

listen very closely

wait a minute hold on you know what

there might be a little bit of a dole

okay all right it looks like we're on a

little bit of a delay so I'm not exactly

sure how that is going to work out


what she means is that you vocalize that

women behave badly okay

so women are sluts we know that right

women are sluts and we you know people

in the manosphere we acknowledge that

women sleep around with a lot of people

you're sexist well what she means is

that you are pointing out female bad

behavior women are having kids out of

wedlock you're sexist men are better

than women you're sexist right men

should be paid more than women you're

sexist no you just vocalize that women

behave badly or they're just not worth


any again if you don't worship and

here's the thing it's not even marginal

right if you don't lick the almighty

pussy if you don't worship women in any

and all situations even if you're

marginally even if you marginally just

believe well I don't know I guess women

could probably step up their game a

little bit in the dating Department I

mean some of them are headaches oh my

god you're a sexist if you don't worship

the ground women walk on you are

automatically deemed as a sexist

we'll set you guys were laughing your

asses off yeah that was funny oh dude

dude that dude that chick was ugly as

homemade fucking said man unbelievable

what she says

now this is gonna be sort of rapid-fire

here okay this is gonna be sort of

rapid-fire here what she says I want a

guy who makes me laugh what she means I

want a hot guy who fucks me like a porn

star when she says I want a guy who has

a great personality here's what she

means I want a hot guy who fucks me like

a porn star when she says I want a man

who knows who he is what she means I

want a hot guy who fucks me like a porn

star when she says I want a guy who

knows what a real man is what she means

is I want a hot guy who fucks me like a

porn star listen men when a woman says I

want a guy who bla bla bla or I want a

guy that bla bla bla what she really

means is she's just looking for a hot

guy to pound her pussy in

that's all there is to it girls talk

about all of these qualifications that

they want in men right but depending

upon their age they're not really

looking for that if the dude if a 22

year old I don't know eight and a half

or nine how would a guy who knows what a

real man is no you want a guy with a

six-pack and a 16-inch dick to pound

your cervix in for three hours that's

what you want so when a woman starts

describing what she wants in a man

listen it's listen it's okay to say

listen I just want a hot guy who fucks

me like a porn star but of course women

don't want to they don't want to they

don't want to feel like sluts they think

now here's the thing and here's

something else that you have to

understand having wanting to have sex

doesn't make you a slut every woman from

Madonna's to whores every woman loves


it's yielding to tet2 that temptation is

what makes you a slut wanting to fuck is

not a slut fucking everybody makes you a

slut what she says he's creepy

what she means I don't want to fuck him

what she says he's an asshole what she

means I definitely want to fuck him what

she says he's a good guy but what she

means I don't want to fuck him what she

says he's cocky and arrogant oh my god

what she means I totally want to fuck

him it's so funny how girls can't admit

I don't know starting to come around a

little bit but girls can't admit that

that they are turned on by cocky

arrogant guys I don't know I don't know

why this is

Miami Jane wants to know if he's the

only one having iOS issues with


anybody else any of my iOS users having

issues with crowdcast

I'm gonna go into crowdcast myself and I

know this is listen they're gonna be if

things are gonna be buggy for a little

bit but I can promise you guys things

will definitely tighten up that listen

that's another great thing that's

another great thing about YouTube is is

the fact that is the fact that

everything was integrated everything

worked very smoothly YouTube took care

of all of the YouTube YouTube took care

of all that stuff well when you get off

YouTube and you come to sites like this

they're a little more production and

management that's involved here so if

anybody's having iOS issues let me know

okay there we go

okay I'm gonna see okay my events

episode 238 let's see what's going on

here know Miami J I'm actually look

there you go yeah it looks like in Miami

J you were actually having some iOS

issues last night man I'm gonna have to

call you up on the phone and and do some

tech support with you with you man it

that I don't know maybe it's the network

I don't know but we'll definitely work

that out definitely work that out

torpedo man says fracking or fucking

it's all drilling into that deep hole

that's what women want it's what I'm

saying that's what I'm saying man

every time I don't give a shit what they

say I don't like rough sex I like it's

listen I don't like rough sex means I

want you to pound me until it hurts man

Jay Jones says Donovan you're right my

neighbor told me she was looking for a

serious guy I told her that I just loved


and fooling around she gave me your

number and said to call that's what I'm

saying this is how they are man this is

how they are

we'll Crispin says being humble gives

you leverage with other men but will do

the opposite around women very good I

would agree with that will I would

totally agree with that

by the way we need to start a hashtag

hashtag we'll move to Vegas hashtag will

needs to move to Vegas

well Chrisman is that young

up-and-coming star I was telling you

guys about on my show the other day on

my bigger YouTube channel the guy's

gonna die to my personality and he dude

he lives in like this small town in

Michigan this dude this guy anyway James

Martinez wants to know a little

off-topic but have you ever taken any

Psalms before no I have not actually I

know some guys who dabble in that so hit

me hit me on my website and and we'll

talk about that all right let's see we

got here this is what now these next few

are going to be within the context of

pickup game right you've gotten the

girl's phone number you're texting back

and forth you're chatting back and forth

you're trying to set up a date right

well here we go

what's when she says maybe she means no

when she says we'll see she let me go

back to maybe so you get her phone

number you say hey I'm going to XYZ bar

or restaurant at 10 o'clock tonight come

with me maybe that means no right if the

answer is anything but yes it's know if

it's anything but affirmative it's

negative hey I'm going X Y Z bar at 10

o'clock tonight come with me

well we'll see that means no if the

answer is anything but yes it's no I

know this is repetitive but we have to

drill this into your minds gentlemen

hey I'm going to XYZ bar at 10 o'clock


well I'm super busy right now that means

no a woman will make time if she wants

to fuck you this is how this works

okay this is how this works if it dude

if she says anything but yes the answer

is no dude listen man I fucked like I

said dude I have fucked wives and

girlfriends who are busy all the time

but the interesting thing is as soon as

I text them and what in and want some

pussy all of a sudden now they're free

women are busy for men they don't want

to fuck this is just how it is

that's just how it is big dave says it

works now I see what I was doing I was

hitting the wrong button I have to hit

patreon not is okay fair enough yeah

like I said guys were you know we're all

we're all working through this when we

get this thing dialed in and by the way

crowdcast is working with apple right

now to support live-streaming on patreon

so as soon as that happens iOS users

like myself okay Miami Jay and the like

you guys won't have to go through

crowdcast you guys can just pull a

patreon and click on the live video and

I listen I do appreciate you guys

jumping through hoops for me I really

really do I know I know this isn't as

easy as just hitting YouTube I

appreciate that greatly greatly

appreciate them what she says yet but

actually they start this over hey I'm

going to XYZ bar tonight at 10 o'clock

come with me yes of course

if I can get out of work soon enough I

will totally go guys that means no that

means no dude I've had girls tell me yes

absolutely I'm totally down I just got

to make sure blah blah blah blah blah

guess what dude the condition is always

there this means she doesn't want to

fuck you if the answer is yes if the

answer is anything but yes it is No

sharp assists says yes ignore the watch

on patreon redirects yes ignore those

because if you if you click on the watch

on patreon it's gonna send you in a

circle Biko's says let's take it slow

equals I want you to trick right right I

want to take things slow here's what she

means I want to keep fucking this guy

over here while well while getting you

to take care of all of my non-sexual

needs that's what that means ah here's a

here's a here's an interesting one we're

gonna get into some good ones now what

she says now this is when she's talking

to her friends when she asks do you

think he's cute here's what she means

would you fuck him would you applaud me

if I fucked him women are hive minded

creatures gentlemen and what I mean by

this is that they need their choices

ESPA do fashion clothes boyfriend's

hookups fuck bunnies one-night stands

what they do for a living if other women

don't indirectly sign off on their

choices they think they have made the

wrong choice I remember I dated this one

girl and I forget I forget all their

names and I remember we're sitting on

our couch and we're watching I think she

was watching the Kardashians so you all

right of course dude she was hot but she

was a fucking headache like the or

anyway we're on the couch watching the

Kardashians and I think Kanye made an

appearance in the episode and she says

to me this is very interesting she says

oh my god I just love Kanye West she

looks at me like she looks at me as if

I'm gonna say something about it like

I'm gonna chastise her she's like I know

I'm not supposed to like him but I love

Kanye she thinks she's not supposed to

like Kanye West because the world

doesn't like Kanye West yet Kanye West

sells records he sells CDs right CH one

about Kanye he's talented she thinks she

she felt guilty about liking Kanye West

she had to quit hey look I like honey I

know I'm not supposed to like Kanye but

I like him right

girls need approval from other girls to

feel good about their decisions okay so

when she asks her friend do you think

he's cute

what she's saying is I want to fuck this

guy but I need to know that you think

he's attractive too if you're dating a

girl but a girl could be dating a Shamar

more lookin ass nigga 18 inch cock makes

her squirt all over the bed dude makes

her Payton makes her coat the fucking

walls with her with with with her female

cum all over the place

fine ass nigga if none of her friends

tell her oh my god your boyfriend is hot

he's fine he's isn't that in the other

she's gonna say to herself god damn like

I love fucking this nigga but nobody

really thinks he's cute is he really

attractive women don't women again this

goes back to women knowing that they

can't be trust women know that they

can't trust their own judgment this is

why their hive minded right if women

knew that they could trust their own

judgment they wouldn't give a shit what

anybody thought about their boyfriend or

about their choices or about their car

okay men for example dude I don't get it

dude if dude if a dude came up to me and

said dude your girl is ugly yeah you can

say that right I wouldn't care

I'm dude I know my girlfriend looks good

right dude your car is wack

I don't give a shit even eat and here's

the thing actually you know that was a

bad example let me rewind that when I'm

out with my girl

I don't need my friends or other men to

say damn your girl looks good for me to

know that my woman is attractive right I

do not know my dude I used to strip well

held now I'm on patreon I used to drive

a 2012 Audi a5 fucking dude the slickest

fucking cleanest car I've ever had in my

life right I had I got rid of it had to

cut my losses blah blah blah blah blah

paid for it in cash eighteen thousand

right cleanest fucking car ever had I

didn't need anybody to tell me Dan

Donovan your car looks good I didn't

need those motherfuckers to tell me that

I knew my shit was clean I don't need I

don't need other dudes I don't need

other women to tell me that my girl

looks good now granted I do catch other

niggas looking at my woman that doesn't

make me feel like I made the right

decision but I don't need that

validation from other people to know

that I've made the right decision

women do women are absolutely the

opposite when it comes to that so when

she asks you do you think he's cute or

what do you think or what do you think

of this blouse or this skirt do you like

these shoes hey I'm thinking of applying

at XYZ place what she is asking is do

you approve of my decision would you

fuck him would you applaud me if I

fucked him this is the way women are

before I get to the next one

Miami Jane wants to know are you guys on

iOS watching the apps or the browser I

know that you can watch this

I know you can watch this on the browser

and iOS browser I'm like I said my

name's Jane we're gonna have to we're

definitely gonna have to to to work this



okay we're looking good here

all right yeah well I'll get with you

I'll get with you Miami won't we'll get

this worked out for you

freelance as a buff I'm off work today

so I'm on my PC yeah you can watch it

listen and again this is this is what's

weird about this crowdcast thing and

patreon most I think most people have

iOS devices right I don't know

I don't maybe it's 52 most people have

iPhones or iPads right

okay so Big Dave says he's on iOS

crowdcast you saw that I was on iOS

crowdcast so I don't know maybe maybe

something's going on with that but most

people are on iOS are are on iOS so it

confuses me as to why I don't know maybe

even about the development wasn't there

but they are actively working on it so

at some point in the not-too-distant

future you'll be able to open a patreon

and click on it and you're good to go

well Crispin says is there a chance that

guys are getting knows by simply bad

text game abso-fucking-lutely absolutely


oh okay so it okay so again you can go

up no wait a minute I was going to say I

thought you can watch this on

it's um okay yeah you can watch this on

crowdcast or you can watch it on or you

can watch it on any browser so Geppetto

man says Donovan you talked about pre

and post selection quite often that's

what the question of what do you think

about him right that's exactly right

what do you let me go back right do you

think he's cute

that's that pre selection okay now know

if she sees other women checking him out

she doesn't have to ask her friend do

you think he's cute she sees the

verification she sees that she sees the

validation all around her

okay button let but unless she unless

she gets that pre selection from her

friends or the people around she's going

to be a little bit hesitant here's that

here's another one one does this make me

look fat that this what she says here's

what she means well guys want to fuck me

when I wear this will you want to fuck


if I wear this when girls say it again

most girls know if something that they

wear will make them look fat or not okay

if it makes them if they're a fat girl

yes it's going to make them look fat

they know it's gonna make them look fat

they know their boyfriend is not going

to tell them yes

hun it makes you look fat but she

doesn't want to say well will you fuck

me at the end of the night if I wear

this if I look good enough no so she

asks the question does this make me look

fat hot girls Oh hot girls like to get

that get the validation does this make

me look fat and be like no baby you look

good in everything

I have glisten I'm gonna tell you what

dude I have never I haven't told an

attractive woman that she is attractive

and probably five years never tell an

attractive woman she's attract I don't

care if she's a fucking 11 out of 10

don't tell her

right I talk about dude I talk about the

fucking fake to need hot 10 Mexican girl

that I used to fuck down in Vegas


she's to ask me this question all the

time does this make me look fat and I

would just look at her so finally she

says does this make me look fat I'm like

if my dick is in your ass at the end of

the night you have your answer so that's

a yes if my dick is in your ass at the

end of the night you have your answer oh

my god she's such a I'm getting a

headache just thinking about her now

does this make me look fat all she's

asking is are you gonna want to fuck me

at the end of the night if I wear this

let me check the questions here

ah so will Crispin says if this is true

couldn't a female friend confirm you are

cute helped you get laid

absolutely absolutely will you better

believe it my friend

this is and again and I've talked about

this before hot girls oh my god oh my

god what's this all night this is one of

the many advantages and I wrote a column

a while back called nine benefits of

having hot female friends now I'm not

saying that you should have a stable of

hot female friends you have a stable of

hot female vaginas that you can fuck

anytime you want but every once in a

while it is advantageous for you to

become friends with a hot female

eventually you're going to fuck her and

then you guys can't be friends anymore

but what will is alluding to hot friends

have hot Frette hot females have hot

friends okay and if she if she thinks

you're attractive and she tells her

friends that she thinks you're

attractive guess what the pre selection

is taken care of know Miami don't don't

complain man your dude you're one of

your you're one of the oh geez man

you're one of the biggest supporters

it's no it's no more no problem at all

man and listen if anybody has any fixes

or any problems or anything like that

put them in the chat we'll work them out

war come out don't even worry about in

Miami we got you we got you we got you

but yes just like will alluded to if you

make friends with a hot female and she

introduces you to her hot friends guess

what her hot friends you're a

pre-selected with all of her hot friends

because they know her hot friend is not

going to be around you if you're not


very good question dub see freelance

run-ins has indeed the simps on social

media give them enough compliments

anyway dude hot girls get told that

they're beautiful all the time by

everybody right if you're the one guy

who doesn't say oh you're so beautiful

know your wifey material if you're the

one guy who doesn't do that you're gonna

have her attention you're gonna have her

tenshun for sure let's check another

question here oh no that was it I think

we're getting pretty close to the yet ah

what she says I think is this the last


nope what she says

I'm sorry here's what she means I'm not

sorry but I want you to dump me listen

and guys are guilty of this too when a

guy tells his girlfriend oh I'm so sorry

for cheating on you no you're not sorry

dude you're sorry you got caught right

are you are you really sorry that you

fucked your side chick

no you're sorry you got caught now net

dude now she's gonna dump you she's out

the door or she's gonna often fuck

somebody else and that's gonna be that

it's the same with girls with girls it's

always it is always it is always a means

to an end with women okay so when a girl

tells you she's sorry she's doing it at

that point because she doesn't want you

to go anywhere women are never sorry

they are never sorry about anything they

do they're sorry they get caught but

they're not dude they're not sorry about

getting the train run on them by the

football team they're not sorry for

fucking their boss they're not sorry for

fucking Kevin and sales no they're sorry

they got hot so when a girl actually

tells you and here's the thing if she

doesn't give a shit she's gonna tell you

she's sorry oh my god

you fucked Billy the cocaine dealer yeah

I guess that's it she's not sorry but if

she says I'm so sorry no she's not sorry

but she doesn't want you to dump her

that's how that works

by the way guys you guys are never gonna

believe this man

you'll never fuckin believe this shit so

I'm on YouTube and on Facebook and my

phone rings and it's somebody from

Raleigh North Carolina

and just for shayatin I swear to God I

had no idea who it was

just for shits and giggles I picked up

the phone guys my hand to the fucking my

hand to the fucking man the person on

the other phone the person who called me

was fuckin Harlem the bitch that I tried

to turn a ho into a housewife yes the

woman that I rented a two or

three-bedroom two-bathroom house for the

woman who was fuckin her ex-con baby

daddy while I paid her bills the bitch

just called me unbelievable

oh my god oh my god yeah I called her

back I was like yeah what do you need

I'm on the air chin up the phone oh yeah

yeah anyway just figured you guys will

love figures you guys could have that

have that fun little fact that was that

was fucking hilarious

anyway well Chrisman says freelance i

just did a podcast with a chick about

social media sips girls are getting

tired of it huh okay alright how about


chase LeBeau in the house good to see

you in here aunt James says they never

apologized swayed senator says oh damn

this bitch toot I swear I swear to God I

swear to God I did not do it I did not

recognize the do it up dude I fucking

erased her phone number yes she didn't

erase mine

stupid bitch bitch fucking call me like

what the fuck do you want bitch oh yeah

yeah here's another one and I think this

is the last one so you're fucking a girl

right you guys break up for whatever

reason and she says well we can still be

friends know what she means is I want to

keep you around for all of my non-sexual

means when a girl is not attracted to

you anymore when she doesn't want to

fuck you anymore she doesn't want to be

around you but when she tells you you

can still be friends she wants you there

for all of her non-sexual needs she

wants you to give her rides she wants

you to help her move she wants to borrow

money from you okay she she wants you to

pick her up from work she wants you to

listen her drone on and on about the new

guy who's fucking her in the ass all of

her non-sexual needs you I don't know

why she wants you and here's the thing

this is funny as shit the reason why she

wants to keep the reason why she wants

to keep you around

in the end and here's how it works this

is funny right you'll date a girl right

and she'll start fucking somebody else

because this is just what girls do girl

and girls cheat so they decide this they

like they like fucking them more than

they like fucking you so now she's

planning her exit strategy she knows at

some point she's gonna get the fuck up

out of there okay no problem right

but all of a sudden she thinks oh shit

like if I break up with Donovan right

Kevin is not gonna do all the shit that

Donovan does right

Donovan listens to me drone on and on

about work Donovan bye shit for me

Donovan pays my phone bill even though I

sucked his dick once in the last six

months right

Donovan still treats me like gold even

though I don't really fuck him anymore

well Kevin doesn't do shit yeah fucking

him twice a day behind Donovan's back

but isn't shit for me how am I gonna

replace what the Ottoman used to do I


Donovan we can be friends and these

empaths niggas talk about double yeah we

can still be friends and girls will

shame guys into being friends to take

care of all of her non-sexual needs

because they don't want they make guys

think that they're not gonna be the bad

guy like well I guess I gotta be friends

with her I don't want to seem like an

asshole like okay she dumped me but you

know I don't wanna be no be that fucking

asshole we can still be friends oh no no

no no no no call to call the nigga

you're fucking for ride

so wait senator says one chick actually

told me this and I laughed in her face B

coast says bitches like backup

chase LeBeau says be friends do you keep

in contact with your kidnappers up to

the ransom speed right


Chace LeBeau says yo what the fuck is

she callin for you want to know

something man

I might this fuckin call this chick back

god I wish I had a sound mixer I would

dude I would totally I would totally

fuckin clown this bitch I wonder it dude

I wonder if I can't pull this shit off

hang on a second I'm gonna do an

experiment man hold on this is gonna be

a TSR first I'm gonna put her on

speakerphone you guys have to let me

know if you can hear her okay

I'm gonna call her up and by the way

this bit this bit just Puerto Rican she

sounds black did you guys hear that

phone ringing Shh not gonna tell him

right there hello hey what's up no not

too much just kind of doing my thing got

my own show yeah you know I talk about

women dating etc etc not to women to men

okay yeah that's how it is

you gotta what no no no you you know you

you definitely you definitely do not

want to watch my show for sure well

first time well you have to pay for it

so it's like paid guns and stuff like

that I mean it I don't give a shit

whether you watch it I'm just saying

like women don't like my show you don't

you don't you don't strike me as the

type of woman who would like the kind of

stuff I talk about whoever hold on hold

on whoever sent you the message

definitely was not me

it was a Nevada number I don't know what

it was about a lot of people live in the

bedroom yeah well I mean it wasn't I

mean you can say whatever you want

definitely wouldn't mean I was interred

in my show so you said the message was

this morning yeah I don't even I don't

even have your number in my phone so

yeah I mean so how you been with Alex

pretty much good Melissa how's she doing

now Melissa just had a fourth kid right

so her first kid was with her first kid

was with machi right and then her second

two kids were with Aaron and then her

fourth kid was with the guy from

Brooklyn yeah okay that's right that's


no medical school

Oh medical school okay what do you what

are you looking to do with that okay

there you go you know nurses make a lot

of money but we do make good money


oh good really go back of Nursing okay

much stickier off yeah I guess we all do

that's a point right you know it's funny

I was actually just thinking about the

you remember the house that I rented for

you near downtown Raleigh the

three-bedroom two-bathroom house yeah it

was funny I was actually talking to my

friend the other day about the fact that

you remember I left her house that one

day and I got pulled over and I got

locked up for a week you remember that

some crazy shit right to the store or

something no yeah you know those Raleigh

cops are man they get behind you bitch

do I have any kids fucking wrong with

you I talk about how women ain't shit


yeah I mean we listen listen no no of

course I'm not talking about you like

obviously obviously you're very very

different from most women in a lot of

ways right like you understand that


he came up with that wait a minute

okay my different Drive Foley missing

came category no no no no no no no I

mean obviously I'm very I'm very very

different from who you like like I'm

very different from who I used to be

like obviously right but like when I'm

talking like but what I talk about women

ain't shit like I'm not talking about

women like you like I want you to

understand that you are the exception to

the rule all right well look I gotta go

like I said to take care of my girl is

actually going to be taking me out to

dinner here in a little bit so for what

you're congratulating me for a

girlfriend right oh yeah yeah what's up

dude oh my god I used to be such a

fucking loser this is unbelievable I

can't believe it oh don't get me started

don't get me started

all right I'm gonna run I'll talk to you

later all right

Wow yo that was that was T s are gold

that was gold did you hear this woman oh

my dude you guys listen you guys got to

watch the replay did you I literally

told this girl I told this girl I'm not

talking about you you're different from

other girls

you had the exception to the rule what

did she say she said ha ha ha am i

bitches no I just said that I just said

that at the end of my YouTube episode

what she said is I'm not like other

girls what she means is I know I'm not

like other girls but I want you to think

that I'm not I literally told this girl

that she is a snowflake right I said I

talked about how women ain't shit she

laughed right

of course I'm not talking about you cuz

you're the exception to the rule

hehe am i this bitch knows she ain't

shit number one number two she's never

ever gonna watch my show because she's a

broke-ass bitch

this bitch has never had money she's

never going to have money this bitch has

been talking about going to nursing

school for the last ten years right what

were some other red pill connotations

what were some other red pill

connotations in this yo you guys gotta

put the word out you know what I might

actually honestly honestly I might make

this chick a regular part of the show I

might call this bitch I don't know two

three times a week just to talk shit

just so that you can see just so you can

see how fucked up women are this is the

girl Harlem that I told you guys about

and again you guys heard listen she

verified everything man I listen I tell

you guys my stories are a hundred

percent true I rented this bitch a

three-bedroom two-bathroom house in

downtown Raleigh this bitch was fucking

her baby daddy while I was locked up and

you heard how I was like yo you remember

a budget you know I got you that house


yeah member that you remember when I got

locked up she said yeah I remember

you're goddamn right you remember and

then this this is so funny because she

verified what a fucking loser I used to

be I said yep my girlfriend is gonna

take me out to dinner

she says Oh congratulations I'm like for

what well you got a girlfriend guys


she told you guys right there she

co-signed I used to be a fucking loser

this bitch just congratulated me

she just congratulated me for being a

girlfriend this is why it wants you guys

to believe when I tell you I used to be

that guy I used to be beta Donovan this

was the proof oh my god dude that could

not have gone any better

that was unbelievable what were some

other things so right her sister four

different kids by three different dudes

guess what she's got four kids by three

dudes as well and again I'm showing off

my memory right um I know that her I

know that her first baby was she was

impregnated by two Dubnyk name his name

his name is also bald Oh something

but they call them MOT machi right

they're all from Brooklyn you could tell

with her with her accent okay then she

had two other kids with a fucking

trailer trash white boy named Aaron

actually met him a couple of times small

fucking redneck ass dude with skinny

shit 110 pounds right used to beat her

up then of course she had another kid I

just wanted to take you guys down that

road these are these are the women were

dealing with man torpedo man says give

her a once-a-week 15-minute slot any

longer she'll crash the show that was so

perfect that was so perfect men maybe J

says TSR welcome to Carla Monday's dude

dude that could not have gone any better

that could not have gone in a better

hold up I'm gonna shoot her a text

message real quick I'm gonna say we

should talk more often holds up I gotta

save her a number now I got a saver



and listen and I actually called her

with my girl like my girl knows that

this chick sounds like oh my god whoa

that was fucking classic that was

classic I listened the bitch sounded

like dude the bitch sounded like a black

girl she is absolutely Puerto Rican and

she is fat now when I knew her back when

I rented her that fucking house dude the

dude she was oh my god this chick was

fly like dude she oh my god I don't and

here's the thing by the time I met her

she was 22 when I met her and I think I

was like maybe I think I was what 30 or

31 so I was a few years older

obviously I'm almost a decade older she

was 22 years old she already had four

kids didn't look like she had one didn't

look like she had one was unbelievable

unbelievable oh my god this is great

this is great

ha ha this is great

oh that was - yo yo that was to Japan oh

man said she'll call back at some point

hold up of course I can't I don't know

how to fucking use my fucking phone

we should talk more often yes I'm gonna

put on here we should talk more often

now this stupid bitch now do you see

here's the thing she tried to say yes

someone from Nevada shot me a text

message I'm like bitch that wasn't me

well it was from Nevada and you're the

only guy that I know who lives in Nevada

of course I don't live there anymore

I've got a Nevada number because I lived

in Vegas for eight years but she's like

but but she was tried it what she's

trying to do hold on hold on

so the bitch has an iphone here this

broke-ass bitch has an iPhone oh my god

this is unbelievable so so she tried to

pin it on me well the reason I'm calling

you is because you texted me I was like

now bitch I ain't text you well it was

from some wheels from somebody well it

was this morning no that wasn't me

bitch you called me because you are

between relationships and you're and

right now you are looking through your

roster of simps you've played in the

past just to see if you could play

another nigga one more motherfucking

time so I said we should talk more often

she said yeah that would be nice right

I'm gonna put most definitely oh you

know I'm gonna get her I'm gonna get her

to send me a picture I'm gonna get her

just so you guys can see how fucking fat

and ugly this bitch is now

send me a picture of yourself oh this is

gonna be classic and of course I have to

do this

so my girlfriend doesn't say who are you

texting me like listen it's for the show

look she's ugly

you heard her on the phone she's a

Puerto Rican dude she's a black woman

trapped in a Puerto Ricans body you got

nothing to worry about she lives in

fucking North Carolina don't want it I

don't have anything to do with it

down there oh this was sued this was too

funny this was too funny oh my god

Monday's with Carla I love it swayed

senator give me a standing ovation oh

that was brilliant Michael brought Bay

says congratulations Freddie

she congratulated me for having a

girlfriend unbelievable guys this is

what a loser I used to be I used to be

such a fucking loser oh you have a

girlfriend congratulations

this dude if this bitch dude if this

bitch really knows what I've been up to

since the last time I saw her dude she

wouldn't believe it but and again I told

her yeah I've got a show yeah I talk

about you know I talk about dating so

it's like wait you give dating advice

like you will will Chrisman says dub C

says bitches will call your phone like

nothing changed chicks up dude I'm

telling you right so a bitch she'll date

you for like a year and fuck eight

different niggas you'll find out about

it it's all heartbroken doesn't that in

the other six months later she'll call

you in texting so what's up what you've

been up to or I miss you oh my god

unbelievable I'm so glad you guys were

able to hear that that was unbelievable

freelance Robert says yep she was trying

to reel the man back in but he may

weathered her ass yes she's like yeah

I'm going to nursing school oh really

oh let me just run back to your fucking

fat ass your foot dude this bitch has

four kids has custody of one oh that was

dude that was rock slut dude I do that

that's the bit that is the best segment

and TSR life history oh my god whoa dude

what a relaunch what a relaunch I got to

tell people all about this man I got to

tell them all about it


will says she thought you were still a


oh my oh em gee why did you think you

were a loser right oh wow well picked up

on that oh my god everybody's all in

everybody's all in for Carla Monday's

ain't gonna say it oh shit hold on you

guys have come with the comments rock

push Rob Cruz says Donovan you better

not try to slide in there lol one of

their drought dude fuck no hell dude

my girlfriend never denies me sex ever

get out of here oh god oh my god like

dude you have no idea this bitch oh my

god she is so fucking fat now like oh

it's unbelievable it's unbelievable

you would never know you would never

ever know Jesus you would never know

that she looked like what she used to

look like

Ruben Castillo says she sounds like she

smokes she absolutely does and she

smokes Newports so she'll be dead here I

don't know about what 15 20 minutes

chase LeBeau said I heard the Latina in

her she sounds like she has a nasty

attitude yes yes dude she is the typical

Porto Rican chick who thinks her shit

don't stink you get now Sears the thing

she's a little more humble these days

because now she's what 30 pump if I'm 40

she's 30 31 right so she's well past the

wall she dude she was well past the one

the last time I saw her unbelievable man

hashtag DSR history oh this is great

Japan oh man says check the FCC rules

about putting her on air yeah absolutely

absolutely absolutely yeah since it's

patreon it may not matter yeah it

depends it depends we'll see what


freelance says yeah then Puerto Rican

women balloon up when they hit the wall

my ex is looking like a 1985 Bears

defensive lineman nowadays

yeah that's a very good point that's a

very good point no no maybe I'll call

her every once in a while right

Jason Lobo says oh she's Bodhi what oh

man she's probably built like a rhombus

student dude oh my god dude when she was

22 she was hot

oh she was hot oh shit Miami Jay says we

need to get Amy on the line I don't even

have her fucking phone number man I

don't even have her phone number huh

shit that's my girl she's asking me

where the dogs leashes are and see I can

I can I can be a little bit more free

now because this is patreon I think I

put them on the inside of the closet

door weird all right all right I don't

know where I put them I want yeah anyway

dude we do need to get Amy on the line

dude we got to do that we have to do

that that would be awesome oh my god you

you guys will hear how fuck dude how

redneck this bitches man oh my god oh my

god that was unbelievable that was


well we have just made TSR history

Yeah right this is funny Miami J says

you know she's you know she's looking

you up on YouTube right now right well

here's the thing she's gonna look me up

by my real name she's not gonna find

anything she has no idea that my name is

Donovan sharp on air that's fucking

hilarious let's see if she sent me a

picture oh this is hilarious she said I

said send me a picture of yourself

look at this she this the bitch knows

she's ugly right so look what she said

she said just started to eat dinner so

so she doesn't want to send me a picture

I'll be like okay send one later I'm

gonna say okay send one later no you

know what I'm dude I'm going I'm going

fucking super Donovan I'll put send one

later this is great this is unbelievable



unbelievable an unbelievable dude Miami

Jay dude I'm sure let me think you know

what you know what you know who you know

actually who I could probably get on the

line I could probably get Darcy on the

line my ex-wife Darcy I could and

actually to be honest with you I really

like my relationship with Darcy that

ended pretty amicably right like I don't

really I mean yeah she was a bit so she

got fat and she didn't fucked me for a

year and a half but she wasn't evil she

taught me a lot about the red pill

inadvertently but yeah would that be

nice wouldn't that be nice to get the


the first one was Susie but Susie will

never Susie will never talk to me she's

the fucking she's the fucking Mexican

girl with the big tits who was a six

maybe a five that I fucked in Las Vegas

like my first month there at the call

center but I could probably get the Holy

Trinity on the line at some point I'd

listen I know Carla will pick up the

phone for me

I think Darcy probably would too Amy I

would have to do some searching for her

dude for all I know the bitch might be

dead like I don't even know

Ruben Castillo says would be nice to see

a before-and-after pic I will work on

that for you guys I will absolutely work

on work on that for you

dude this was unbelievable this was

unbelievable let me see if I gonna yeah

I said send me one later yes you don't

want to send me a picture I'm applying

some pictures I'm gonna find some

pictures of her dumb ass and I'm gonna

show you guys I'm gonna put it right up

in here well that's gonna do it

wait did I have any more I think that

was it yep that's gonna do it for this

groundbreaking episode of TSR live a

donovan sharp will christmas says best

show yet you're goddamn right man again

thank you guys for the support I

appreciate you guys jumping through the

hoops to be able to watch the show as

you can see the show is much better when

it's not on YouTube when I don't have to

worry about the rules and the

regulations and I can talk freely the

shit can really really get the shit can

really really get crazy like it just did

unbelievable unbelievable Japan oh man

says instead of Carla Mondays maybe I

should be bitches gone wild yeah you

know what I can actually I could

probably start calling bitches that I

used to fuck oh my god that'd be that'd

be unbelievable look dude we can Omaha

man dude unbelievable dude I could call

all kinds of fucking bitches man Jesus


like honestly honestly week I could call

oh my god you guys opened up a can of

worms man call a bitch Monday see what's

going on thanks for you thanks for

watching this show guys I will talk to

you guys tomorrow

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