Episode #239: 7 things every man should require from his woman

In Episode 239 Donovan Sharpe talks about what every man should require from his woman in a relationship. Most men don't require much of anything from their girlfriends or wives other than regular sex. The problem is, their women think that all they have to do is put out regularly to deserve his commitment. After a while, the sex drops off, she misbehaves, and eventually cheats. These 7 requirements are designed to prevent cheating.

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Most men are afraid to make demands of their women. Then they wonder why their women misbehave on the regular. One of the simple reasons is that you're not requiring anything from her. You're not demanding her best.



how's your boyfriend lucky to have you

you're fucking your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet never

believe everything a woman tells you she

will always leave you're always broke

because you spend your money on dumb

shit every month if you've only slept

with five guys then why was it so easy

to fuck what's up guys it's our man

Donovan sharp and welcome to the real

csr live with Donovan sharp your daily

dose of rental truth wisdom and

awareness just came back over from the

taem YouTube and Facebook side obviously

the shit that I'm gonna talk about here

could absolutely get me kicked off of

youtube I think we all know and I think

we all know and understand that but we

don't give a damn over here and this is

this is exactly why I'm over here on the

patreon side guys I have a listen I have

a dynamite show in store for you guys

today I'm gonna go ahead and let you

guys know I'm gonna go ahead and let you

guys know now you guys are gonna see

you're not gonna see what my girl looks

like you're not gonna see her face but

I'm gonna show you pictures of my girl

they're going to be very suggestive

pictures of my girl as far as what I

require her to wear when I'm fucking her

right like that's gonna be part of the

requirement so you guys are finally

gonna get a chance to see what Donovan

sharps girl looks like I talked about my

big tiny blond hair tan line girlfriend

guess what you guys gonna get to see her

no it's not gonna be naked pics but it

damn near is gonna be I'm also going to

do a replay just just a short step it on

the other show you guys will see that in

a minute let me go ahead and shout out

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Hank call the bitch back see what's

going on all right let's get this party

started so on the YouTube and Facebook

site for those of you who are just now

joining us here on the YouTube and

Facebook side I talked about the first

three things that every man should

require from his woman right number one

she's got she's got to be able to cook

you have to demand that she cooks number

two I'm sorry number one she guess is

they stay thin number two she's got to

learn how to cook and number three full

transparency well staying thin right I'm

not gonna show pictures I'm not gonna

show my YouTube and Facebook crowd what

I'm gonna show you guys you guys are

paying you can listen you guys are

paying for my content I'm gonna give you

far more than I give the free crowd so

I'm gonna give you guys a few examples

just to sort of expound on number one as

far as being thin

a lot of girls out there and I said this

on the YouTube side just because you

don't have a pretty face doesn't mean

you're not fuckable okay listen I fucked

a lot of girls with hot bodies who

weren't so good in the face

they weren't trolls they weren't ugly

they weren't butter faces but you know

you see girls with prettier faces but

they had incredible bodies dude my boner

still stands at attention if you have a

below average looking face but you got a

great set of tits nice legs and a nice

ass dude I'm fucking you until the cows

come home that's how this works but if

you're a pretty but if you're a fat girl

with a pretty face I'm not trying to

fuck you with somebody else's dick bitch

not doing it so here a couple of

examples here so you see this girl you

see this girl on my screen decent

looking face right she's pretty enough

right nothing spectacular but it looks

like but look at her she's fuckable

she's thin she's got a nice set of tits

and she's smiling right she's not the

prettiest girl in the world but I'm sure

that every one of us in here would fuck

her if we had the chance this is what

I'm talking about here's another one

this girl that's funny

this girl actually has pretty good

makeup on so she looks prettier than she

is but if you really take a good look at

her she's really not that pretty right

she's got a long nose kind of got a

crooked smile she's really not that

pretty but look at her body okay she's

got a pornstar qaida body we would all

fuck listen again not so easy on the

eyes on the face but she's got a great

buddy here's another girl this could now

this girl is definitely not so easy on

the eyes

but with a little bit of makeup dude

look at her body she's got huge tits

she's not fat right right freelanced

Ronan said it best that I wouldn't kick

her out of bed right listen nobody's

seen you're gonna make these girls

remain chick right but when it comes to

hooking up with girls are having a fuck

buddy or a side chick Yeah right

well Chrisman says six what happened

well I don't know the girl on my screen

now the girl in the blue bikini let's

see in the fair I'd give this this girl

is probably about a six I'd say six and

a half this one I give it I give a six

and a half maybe a seven something that

tells me that when that makeup comes off

she's probably pretty hideous this girl

is a five in the face has a really nice

body decent body five in the face

this girl now this girl has a decent

body again she's a five in the face but

again look at her she's got a great body

not so easy on the eyes but she looks

good enough right

it's like freelance says you wouldn't

kick her out of bed so just wanted to

give you guys examples of girls examples

of girls you don't have to be a pretty

girl to be fuckable you don't have to be

a ten to get a lot of dick a lot of ugly

and fat sluts out there there are no fat

early there there are no fat ugly studs

so moving right along we're gonna go

through numbers four of seven we're

gonna go through numbers four of seven

of the seven things that every man

should require from his woman

chase LaBelle says the pink bikini is a

low seven I'll go with that

I'll go with that I'll go that number

four positively zero social media

gentleman she has to get rid of all

social media Facebook Twitter Instagram

whatsapp snapchat everything's got to go

guys she has to have zero on like online


if someone Google's her name all that

should come up our advertisements for

background checks that's it a woman who

is on social media is a woman who is

still on the market let's just call it

what it is girls don't girls say oh I'm

on social media to keep up keep up with

family and friends know you're on there

for male attention and female validation

they don't need male validation they

need female validation your boyfriend is

hot you have a great job you have a

great life unlike your clothes great

shoes they need that from females what

they need for males is I want to fuck

you okay male attention

female validation social media is for

male attention period they can say

whatever they want but the likes they

want as far as their sexual allure are

concerned are from men not women when

they post pictures of their shoes or

their outfit or a destination that

they're at they're looking for likes

from women but when they post pictures

of their cleavage or posted pictures of

their ass or look at my new earrings


showing the cleavage or them at the club

they're looking for mics for men a woman

who loves you doesn't doesn't want or

need male attention guys

social media is the gateway that women

use to cheat plain and simple

again they can say whatever they want

but most Affairs start on social media

that's all there is to it my ear is

killing me I'm gonna pull this back to

the side man I'm kind of dealing with a

little bit of a dealing with a little

bit of a headache here guys so bear with

me everybody

everybody knows that most affairs start

on social media but women never

acknowledge it well how did you meet oh

I made them on Facebook okay so social

media is where most of the stuff starts

right well no not really

they always say that it's unbelievable

it's unbelievable and when it comes to

telling her not to be on social media do

not let her negotiate okay don't let her

say can I check it once a month no once

a month turns into once a week and that

turns into once a day

okay then before you know what she's

back on social media I'm gonna take

these off until I need them to actually

hear something that I'm playing okay so

then she'll ask you well how do I stay

in touch with my friends and family

sweetheart you call or text them if they

mean enough to you you're gonna have

their phone number gentlemen this is

non-negotiable if she doesn't want to

delete all of her social media cool but

she cannot be your girl she can be your

fuck buddy she can be your side chick

okay she can be your pussy pussy pal

coochi companion she cannot be your main

chick you can listen you cannot have a

girlfriend who is who has a social media

presence period not in 2018 no fucking


so now I know you got a lot of you guys

are probably thinking okay Donovan well

that all sounds well and good but how do

I know how do I make sure she stays off

of social media well that brings me to

my next requirement which is full access

to all of her devices well what do you

mean by full access donovan keyloggers

gps on all devices your woman needs to

put key loggers on her phone her tablet

her laptop or any other device that

connects to the internet again then you

need to put a GPS tracker on her phone

so you know where she is at all times

again girls will tell you yeah I'm at

work she's getting butt-fucked by kevin

in sales yeah I'm at Susie's house okay

she's over Billy the cocaine dealer suck

him his dick right take it in the ass

but get getting loads blown in her face

she can say wherever she is well where

are you well I'm at the mall no you're

not at the mall you're over there you're

getting gangbanged by the football team

you put a GPS on her phone that makes

her accountable if she knows that you

know where she is

that makes her less likely to lot

obviously she's not gonna lie she can't

lie there are ways around this right but

if a girl wants to cheat you need to

make it as difficult as possible and at

some point women gonna say you know what

I can't go through all this nonsense

just to cheat on my boyfriend

I gotta get out of here which is what

you want you don't want to you don't

want a woman who's gonna go through that

much effort to cheat if that that's the

case then she's just not gonna she

doesn't want to be B in the first place

now when I was grooming my woman to be

my main chick I used software called

hover watch and just you know Google

hover watch follow me with two E's is

also a really good one that we used for

a while now who the hell is calling me

here somebody is calling me from

Philadelphia hang on a second let me

answer this hello


uh actually I'm kind of busy right now

I'm gonna have to call you back thank

you you too bye okay that one wasn't as

fun that was actually the American Red

Cross I donate blood once a quarter to

keep my blood count normal because of

course I'm on testosterone replacement

therapy and if you don't donate blood

your blood print your your blood count

gets too high and you could die of a

heart attack because your blood is too

thick and again let me let me go off

script here people talk about when

people are bad-mouthing testosterone

replacement therapy don't get onto your

tee people die from that stuff yes

because they do it irresponsibly they

don't donate blood they do too much of

it there they're not on AI and Hitler's

if you do it right you can be on trt for

the rest of your life and with a

dominant life you're a healthier

stronger male you live longer don't let

anybody tell you what well there's side

effects for trt yeah a harder dick

harder muscles and more and more female

attention well what about death that's

because you're being irresponsible those

people didn't know what they were doing

so that wasn't Carla unfortunately

wasn't what wasn't as much fun as

yesterday swayed senator says is it Amy

no unfortunately I don't even think any

me has my phone number I don't know how

the hell I guess I don't know I guess I

tried to reach out to Carla when I when

I first got to Vegas I don't know I

don't know

Hashim Abdullah says great body with an

okay face pretty face with an overweight

body is greater than right Herman says

light blue blue bikini looks crazy but

I'd still smash horse dude crazy put

dude crazy pussy is great pussy gray

pussy is crazy pussy will Chrisman says

girls use social media specifically for

male attention saw a girl on Twitter

bitching about how she was posting her

body almost fully nude and wasn't

getting enough likes

oh my god and maybe you weren't nude

enough bitch

freelance ronan says sluts are totally

addicted to social media it's basically

thought crack absolutely aunt james says

i guess a lot of these bitches won't be

a main chick then social media is their


listen I've said it before and I'll say

it again making a woman telling you

telling your woman to get off of social

media dude I'm telling you right now

ninety nine and a half women out of a

hundred are gonna tell you know if you

find a woman who gets off social media

dude you may very well have found a

winner because I don't know of dude I

don't know of any woman that would ever

get off of social media I've managed to

pull it off three times dude I've told

dozens of girls dozens of girls Donovan

when can we get serious well I don't

think you're ready yet gonna make make

you wait a few weeks a few weeks later

Donovan like where's this thing going

alright I'm telling you can't handle it

okay well what's it gonna take I'll do

anything well first thing got to go of

social media what and then the ones who

agree with social media okay now you got

to put a keylogger and a GPS on your

phone they're completely out ok listen

when you make these a requirement for

your woman and she complies with these

requirements dude I'm telling you the

sky is the limit the listen no girl

wants to do this oh my god you're

controlling yes oh my god you're

possessive you call a possessive I call

it protecting my investment I've got a

lot riding on this and you're not gonna

fuck this up being impulsive don't you

trust me I don't trust anybody

oh my god without trust we don't have

anything well then I guess we don't have

anything you see yourself out it's as

simple as that anyway hover watch is

me and what me and my woman used for a

long time we use other software now it's

like a combination of things but hover

watch is it this is easily the best

software that I've ever used and at this

point she's built up she's built up

enough trust where I haven't necessary

loose necessarily loosen the reins I

still know where she is I still know

what she texts on her phone but I'm not

gonna pay the money for hover watch that

I can pay for something else so I've

dialed it back a little bit because

she's built up a little bit of trust but

start now use hover watch it's got a GPS

it tracks her location and tracks her

movement you can hit the play button you

can see where she was like hour by hour

where she drove okay it's got a key

Walker a key logger it tracks the

picture she takes the text messages she

sends and receives the camera Photoshop

it shots if she takes a picture you see

it on hover watch it tracks her

activities on apps meaning you know what

apps she's using and for what it tracks

phone activities calls in and out who

she called how long she talked etcetera

best of all it is completely hidden on

her it's hidden on her phone meaning she

can't access it

she needs a pin to uninstall it so she

has no control over it and get this guys

she needs to know this she needs to know

that you are tracking knowing that

you're tracking her keeps her in check

any woman who subjects herself to this

level of transparency wants to be your

woman imagine telling you I'm gonna put

software on your phone I'm gonna know

where you are I'm gonna know what you're

doing everything from I don't know who

you're talking to who you're texting I'm

gonna know what apps are using I'm gonna

see the camera shots are taken I'm gonna

know everything and if she really loves

you and wants to be with you

Syed Ali it's for Android and iPhone if

she really loves you and wants to be

with you she will have zero issue with

doing this if she doesn't feel like it's

worth it worth it cool no problem but

you can't be my main chick on the

YouTube side you can't be making these

demands if you're some bum ass nigga

right if you're out of shape if you're

fat if you're broke if you spend if

you're not wise with your money girls

aren't going to respect you they're not

gonna respect

enough to want to make these changes you

have to be worth investing in and if you

are worth it if you have a woman's

respect she will do these things if she

is ready to commit to you a woman who

loves you wants you to know that you can

trust her guys she will jump at the

opportunity to be able to continuously

prove her loyalty to you listen with

might with listen with my woman now I

told her listen and and dude I told her

look I'm gonna install a kit I want you

to install a camera in your house no


she gave me full access to her security

system I can't dude I could dude I knew

when the door was open I knew when it

closed I could see everything she was

doing like right there on my phone she

had no issues zero issue with this I

told her I want some she found the

software I said you need to find

software that gives me x y&z; she had no

problem with it no problem with it

and the thing is is listen your woman

will be happy to do it because she won't

have to explain anything the proof will

be on her phone all the time guys guys

listen she wants this girl's whoo here's

the thing guys girls who really want

relationships with men of value they

love that they can prove their loyalty

like this and the reason for that is

that they know that men like us won't

believe anything they say they jump at

this okay they jump at this this is why

every time I suggested another level of

transparency dude my woman was like yep

and dude I hadn't even committed to her

I was fucking listen I was fucking other

girls inside and she knew it and she

still did it this is how much she wanted

to be with me

right like this is lit this is why we

live together dude do you think I'm

gonna live with a girl who's gonna be

all over social media and has her phone

on what the fuck she's doing of course

not I told her that dude I told her this

the other I said you know what I

wouldn't be here if I didn't think this

was worth it because you know women have

confidence problems right like you know

they wonder are you still attracted to

me like are you still in this I said

look sweetheart I wouldn't be here if

you I would not be here if you hadn't

put in the work I know 100% sure that

you are committed to this relationship

because of the paces I put you through

for 18 months there were some bumps

along the way right I understand that

but she stayed the course I can look at

my phone right now and tell her she's at

matter of fact this is this is other

software I use is called life 360 right

if you guys are looking at the screen I

can see where she checked in at that at

a at a drugstore then I can see when she

left work she has two phones right I

have access to both phones ones her work

phone ones her personal phone so I know

when both phones have left work then

wherever she went she checked in

somewhere else I know when she arrives

home I know where she is at all times

guys all times this is what it takes to

get a man like Donovan sharp to commit

to you she has absolutely zero issue

with doing this because she really wants

to be with me if your woman really wants

to be with you she will have absolutely

zero issue

with this level of transparency none

whatsoever take a look at the questions


Miami Jay asks how do we avoid the

hypocrisy argument so my guess is that

you're thinking and a lot of girls will

say well if you have access if I have

access to your phone then I if you have

access to my phone then you I need to

have access to your phone tell her no it

doesn't work that way well that's not

there life isn't fair well how do I know

you're not fucking other girls I guess

you're gonna have to trust me well you

have to trust me you know I don't trust

you well that doesn't seem fair I didn't

say this was fair but this is what's

required dude

you gotta be fucking hardcore about it

listen you're not gonna make her feel

good you're not gonna make her you're

not gonna it's a very good question by

Miami Jay you're not ever gonna make her

feel like it's fair but if a woman wants

something bad enough she is going to do

it well I don't think it's fair that he

has access to my phone but I don't have

access to his guess what dude if your

value is high enough she is eventually

gonna have to do it and get this she is

the one that asked for your commitment

right this is why you never asked for a

woman's commitment okay if you're

fucking her for long enough she's gonna

catch feelings so when she says well why

don't I have access to one boat number

one that's not the way works that's not

fair doesn't have to be fair well why do

I hold on stop the conversation you are

the one that wants commitment from me

all right I didn't come to you and ask

you to be my girlfriend I'm telling you

that if you want to be my girlfriend if

you want us to be in a committed

relationship this is what's required you

can take it or leave it I didn't say

that this was fair if you want to call

it unfair that's fine call whatever you

want but this is what's required I need

access to your phone if you want access

to my phone then you're gonna be

disappointed that's all there is to it

so yeah that's how you come back to

hypocrisy argument you don't explain

shit listen these are my rules I have my

well what are your reasons I don't have

to explain anything to you if you want

my commitment this is what's for quiet

well fuck it I don't want to fuck you

okay cool all right have a good day and

call the next girl on your roster this

is the abundance mentality guys if

you're fucking more than one girl dude

if you're fucking more than one girl you

are untouchable so when you make demands

of a girl and she says well I don't want

to do it cool bitch there's billions of

other bitches out there who want to be

on my dick you ain't the only one well

you'll never find a woman doing that

maybe not but I know it ain't gonna be


let's move to the good stuff number six

will Chrisman says basically if you

stick to your guns you will weed out the

wrong girls a lot of guys just aren't

comfortable not being in a relationship

for a bit exactly exactly

Will's a sharp dude he knows what he's

talking about the number six requirement

that every man the number that the sixth

thing that every man should require from

his woman she's got to look slutty for

sex girls want men to desire them they

want men to want to fuck them they want

men to want to do bad things to them all

the time but they'll tell people I don't

want men to objectify me yeah you do of

course that's bullshit girls love

nothing more than to be looked at as a

piece of meat that's why the girl that

will Chrisman was talking about on


basically posted a naked picture and

bitched and complain that she didn't get

enough likes but I guarantee you that

girl will say don't objectify me girls

want to be objectified they prove every

day all day every day on social media

girls love it when their men want to

fuck them all the time it is a good

problem to have oh my god Donovan fucked

me my pussy is so sore Donovan fucked me

three times yesterday right that's a

good problem to have all of our girls

are like goddamn I wish I had those

problems well guess what the way to get

us to fuck you all the time is to look

slutty not Victoria's Secret slutty

Victoria's Secret that shit is lame

that's not real lingerie

okay get bras and panties from

Victoria's Secret dude no I'm talking

listen I'm talking wearing the shit that

strippers wear onstage that's the shit

I'm talking about I'm talking about

we're in the shit that porn stars wear

when they're getting fucked on camera

that's the shit I'm talking about okay

and by the way discount stripper calm

just like it's spelled discount stripper

calm that is the best place to get the

absolute sluttiest hottest shit

or your woman back in episode 167 I

talked about my requirements for my

woman as far as sex is concerned I'm

gonna play that clip for you right now

take a look tick listen I'll use my own

woman as an example when she goes to

work she looks professional she never

ever ever shows any cleavage she never

wears high heels and all of the dresses

she wears to work are down to her ankles

she does this because I told her to she

understands the reasons I require her to

wear certain things and she's well aware

of the reasons why I don't let her wear

certain things even if she didn't

understand it guess what because I said

so that's why you can see maybe 5% of

her body her face in her hands that's it

and maybe her ankles depending on the

shoe she's wearing now when she's at

home and it's time to drain my balls

only 5% of her body is then covered up

and I talked about this at episode 85

take a listen and watch the next thing

she did is I made her my slutty clothes

guys listen no exaggeration guys my girl

owns an entire wardrobe since we met

since since I met her she's bought I

don't know something like 15 to 20 pairs

of thongs

she's got all kinds of seeds and

lingerie she's she's got a few pair of

heels listen these heels she'll never

wouldn't mean she'll never wear them

outside I mean she can barely walk on

them in the first place one of those

heels is a pair of clear stripper heels

that strippers wear on stage yes those

kinds of heels guys okay she's got all

kinds of slutty clothes cheap listen

guys she bought so much we had to make a

spreadsheet to keep track of it all to

keep them in rotation to make sure she

didn't wear the same thing twice her

were the same things more than once to

keep it fresh okay she's bought certain

kinds of jewelry you know wrist and

ankle restraints anything and everything

I told her to buy sheep on

when I fuck my girl I want her to look

like a porn star that's the look I want

guys she's got


there we go anyway discount stripper

club cum freelancer and says he

remembers that episode yeah that was a

classic episode actually got into a I

got I wanted it to a dick-measuring

contest with O'Shea did the same thing

had all the stripper heels and all the

thongs and this and that and the other

this nigga brings them but dude this

thing gets his girl come over he's got

our ass on the screen I'm like god damn

this nigga upstaged my ass I'll be


anyway now here's the thing guys you

guys know that I don't bullshit you okay

there listen there are a lot of guys out

here a lot of people who claim that

their red pill purveyors of the red pill

who who are fake ass they're fake ass

niggas well I fuck this bitch in that

bitch and this and that any other nah

uh-uh I give you guy I keep it real with

you guys the good the bad and ugly guys

I keep it real I keep it 100 okay but in

case you have even a little doubt in

your mind as to whether or not I really

require my woman to wear this kind of

stuff here are a few pictures of what

she wears when I fuck her and listen

don't any of you motherfuckers commit

this to your spank bank right I know yuh

horny motherfuckers and getting your

fucking phones ready to do this scream

grab that I don't care she's my woman

this is what these this is my woman in

the slutty clothing there you go right

you see V actually this is another pair

of heels that this is another pair of

heels that that I haven't showed you

guys on screen right I have fucked her

in this outfit before it's I mean it's

basically I don't know it's like a it's

like a it's like a one-piece skirt or

whatever it's like it's basically

see-through and he can see it listen

she's taking a picture of it she wants

me to know hey listen I know you like

fucking me in this you look good you

look good

here's another picture oh yeah this one

is awesome you guys can see my girl has

an unbelievable ass

she is wearing the stripper heels the

week the kind of bikini this is it's a

weird bikini it's like a one-piece it's

like a one-piece I forget what it's

called like a try something bikini I

don't know it dude it's it's basically

made at a thread right

literally five percent of her body is

covered up maybe covers up her nipples

covers up I don't know maybe like one

little one pussy lip or something like

that absolutely hot I love fucking her

from behind and that I basically just

pull pull to the side stick my dick

right in her ass unbelievable oh I love

this outfit she's got on the the Y back

thong which oh my god she looks

absolutely unbelievable in the white

back thong and of course she's got the

mesh miniskirt the the the see-through

mesh top um and again she look at again

she's got the she's got the she's got

the black she's got the black she's got

the black the black stripper heels on ah

this is a good picture this was the you

know this is interesting this was the

electrical tape bikini and that didn't

last long cuz I think we tore that I

think like the first couple of times but

you guys can see listen I mean she has

absolutely humongous humongous tests her

tips are unbelievable you gotta listen

I've told you guys I like tan line she

goes to the tanning booth she gets tan

lines tan line tits dude you know pink

lips hoops all that stuff she looked

unbelievable when she was sucking my

dick of that oh my god if I was gonna

put a fucking hole in her head

oh listen there's that there's that red

bikini thing I was telling you guys

about just taking slutty pictures for me

let me know hey this is what's waiting

on you you guys can see I call these the

face down ass up pictures that that that

I that I make her take for me of course

she's got on the clear stripper heels

again personal favorite of mine oh this

one's a good one

again you guys cuz she has nice huge

tits fills it out real nice most the

time listen if she's learned something

that covers up her pussy most the time I

just don't even I don't even make her

wear panties okay but like I said guys

this is what I require my woman I want

my woman to look like a porn star when I

fuck her dude my woman's got the body

for it you guys can see she's got a

great body right she's got a great ass

big huge tits I want her to look like a

more insert when I'm fucking her I want

to be turned on this is what I like

now now granted I don't fuck her in this

stuff all me and my girl we had a lot of

sex okay we don't listen she doesn't

wear this stuff all the time all right

but I'm super horny I'll tell her

straight up listen where the hoops were

the heels on by the way she is wearing

in this picture she's wearing the slut

collar you guys can't see the word slut

because her chin is covering up but

she's wearing the slut collar and that

shirt and I always liked it I like her I

like her to do a parade as well so

anyway yeah so if I'm ever super horny

and I and I absolutely just want to

pound the fucking life out of her if I

want to make her sore the next day I'll

be like look bitch where the hoops where

the heels where the slut collar and the

micro thong and be ready to be on your

knees get ready to get fucked right this

should be a requirement of your woman

gentlemen guys your woman wants this she

needs this from you she needs to know

that you are attractive that you are

attracted enough to her to put her in

these clothes oh my god you're

objectifying me

so are you objectifying me yes I am now

bend over

fuckin what's call it is calling me

again mr. Jesus Christ anyway dude the

red crust never leaves you the fuck

alone we need more blood listen I'll be

there next quarter but again when you

put your woman in these kinds of clothes

it lets you know that you desire her and

male desire is the number one female

desire that is all there is to it dude

my what dude I almost called him right

oh my god jesus fucking christ holder my

wife dude my woman well and sometimes

she'll surprise me

right I'll be sitting on I'm sitting on

the couch watching TV and she will walk

out and she'll be oh my god it's like

she bathed in pheromones I'm like Jesus

Christ fucking three over my shoulder

and go fuckin rape her in the back room

for a while okay this is what gets my

motor bowling goat motor going and guess


it gets all its butter going to look at

these pictures you guys wouldn't fuck

her of course you would you make your

woman wear this kind of stuff guys this

is what she wants this is what she needs

she needs to know that you desire her

enough to require this of her this is

what she wants

number seven my headaches seems to be

leaving me I can keep thin headphones on

now the chat has noticeably gotten quiet

you guys over there

I guess you guys are jerking off here


anyway sexual requirements so number

seven encompasses quite a few quite a

few different things here okay number

seven number one as far as sexual

requirements the first thing you gotta

listen you got to give me the pussy

whenever I want if I want to fuck you

open your legs bend your ass over never

deny me sex ever if she denies you sex

she's fucking gone period

okay that's all there is to it bitches

steady asking why he cheated on me

because you're not fucking him what he

wants you're not giving him the pussy

bill and here's the thing bitches need

to understand that you don't have to be

in the mood to give your your man the

pussy I'm not in the mood I don't care I

don't care if you're tired if you have a

headache I want to fuck you reject me

enough times eventually I'm gonna go

start fucking somebody who doesn't

reject me that's how this works

at some point bitches need to ask that

bitches need to ask themselves what

would I rather have fucked me enough

well I'm sorry when I rather would I

rather him fuck me whatever would I

rather have sex with him even when I'm

not horny or what I want him to cheat on

me okay like seriously which is worse oh

my god I don't wanna fuck oh my god I

don't feel like I'm in sex with him

really okay that might be inconvenient

but which would you rather deal with

would you rather deal with having to

have sex with him even though you're not

in the mood 100% or would you rather and

go fuck his side-chick

or the barista or the girl at the bit

were or or the or the girl at the at the

pool party did you guys met the other

day what are you looking at her for well

because she looks like she wants to fuck

me and we haven't had sex in a week and

a half that's why here's another sexual

requirement they should have and by the

way these are sexual requirements that I

have of my woman all of this stuff all

of this stuff the key lock or the GPS my

this is dissing my woman adheres to this

stuff a hundred percent

hundred percent second the the next

requirement of requirement number seven

sexual requirements my woman sucks my

dick every time before sex now it's not

every time but nine times out of ten her

mouth is on my cock okay now listen

sometimes I just want to fuck her and I

happen to be hard at the point at the

time and I want to stick it in but she

knows that if I'm going to fuck her she

knows she's sucking my cock before it


require your woman to blow you before

every time you I don't want to suck dick

I don't care I don't care suck my

fucking dick man

like I require a blowjob this this keeps


submissiveness in her mind don't listen

don't let do not let your woman slack

off on don't let your woman slack off on

on giving you giving up the sex

don't let her slack off on blowjobs well

I'll be gonna give you a blowjob for

your birthday bitch you're gonna give me

a blowjob because I'm your man no I'm

not well they guess they'll get the fuck

out here I'm not your man anymore

fuck that the next one down this is this

is one that you guys and again again

this one isn't this one you might think

it's tough but if you're required of

your woman if you're high enough value

okay if your frame is rock-solid they

will fall in line take a shower before

sex everytime freelance furnace says yes

keep her dominated will Chrisman will

Crispin Lee go to the chat here

Wilkerson says I really don't know why a

girlfriend would have an issue with

dressing like this one-on-one I'll tell

you why will because she does she's not

turned on by him a woman who was aroused

by her man a woman who loves and

respects her man wants to keep him yes

she'll do whatever it takes to keep him

around if he wants me to prance around

and heels I can't walk in wearing

basically threads then that's what I got

to do women are swimming are so fucking

lazy and they're lazy already and then

then they're not aroused why is she

gonna put on a thong for you who she's

wearing the red thong tonight Shh nigga

a red thought dude a red fuck dude a red

thong is standard operating procedure in

the sharp household my woman goes

full-on porn star and dude she fucking

dude dude I wish a bitch would talk

about so I'm gonna wear the red thong

for you now you're goddamn right you are

will suspects my friend's dad cheated on

his mom when we were kids and his dad

said straight up since said straight up

said to him it was because she wasn't

having sex with him of course why did he

cheat on me dude what do you expect your

woman to do what do you expect your man

to do if you're not fucking him if your

woman's not fucking you dude fucking

cheat on her I don't give a shit dude

she absolutely had dude you absolutely

have to cheat on your woman that is all

there is to it

so the next one take a shower before sex

okay let's keep it real here guys

the reason why you want her to take a

shower before sex is because you don't

want to smell shit when you fuck her

from behind that's why you don't want to

smell the shit okay listen here's how it

normally happens with women she showers

in the morning and then she goes about

her day at some point guys she's gonna

take a shit she's a human being

she eats she's gonna shit that's how it

is even if she's totally clean right

even if she even if she completely even

if she wipes until there's no shit left

it's completely clean dude her asshole

still smells like shit sometimes that's

just how it is

I'm getting notifications about okay

looks like crowdcast is good to go yeah

okay we're looking good we're looking

good on crowdcast guys I just got a I

don't know

crowd gasps is a little bit buggy I do

apologize for that I just got a

notification hey Donovan sharp just went

live well I went live like 40 minutes

ago anyway even if she's totally clean

and you were fucking her dude her ass is

gonna smell like shit sometimes that's

just that listen I call this I call this

phenomenon shit paste right so okay so

she takes a shit right she wipes her ass

there's no shit left when she's walking

her ass is gonna sweat guess what that's

gonna turn into paste not it's not gonna

be like you know toothpaste a lot of

pace but yeah there's gonna be some

residue back there I call that shit

paste I don't want to have shit paste on

my pubes

I don't want ass dude I don't want I

don't want to smell like shit I don't

want to smell shit plus she's been

moving she's been sitting down etc so

her pussy might have a smell right

that's not it's not a bad smell but you

can smell the day on her you can smoke a

right like if you smell her pussy at the

end of the day okay doesn't smell bad

but you can tell you know she's had a

rough day right

I want that pussy to look and smell

fresh and clean right but here's the

main reason guys and and I want you to

really listen to this because this again

this again is how you cycle it is how

you make her psychologically invest in

you here's the main reason when your

woman showers in the morning she is

fresh for everyone else that day but

when you fuck her later that night she's

not at her at her freshest okay so the

rest of the world gets her at her

freshest she's gets her at her best

smelling fresh out of the shower

deodorant is kickin right everything

smells good her clothes or her clothes

are not wrinkled everything smells good

right but you're the guys that's got to

smell the shit paste you're the guy

that's got to smell the activity of the

day on her pussy dude fuck that my

woman's gonna be the freshest for me

here's how it goes with my woman right

here's how it goes with the future

ex Donovan with the future ex mrs. sharp

she doesn't have to shower in the

morning here's she showered the night

before so the world gets the past

Donovan version of her with my smell on

her my bodily fluids in her right she's

missing she is marked territory when she

goes out the door

yeah she's got perfume she's got makeup

but guess what she's got me all over and

all in her right at that point she is

less likely to fuck another guy if she

still got last night sex in and on her

so I require my woman to take a shower

before sex not a hundred percent of the

time as a matter of fact dude I fucked

her last night I didn't require her to

take a shower right but nine times out

of ten she absolutely knows that if I'm

fucking if I'm fucking you that I'll

even tell her be like all right go take

a shower and guys listen sometimes she's

like oh do I have to like go take a

fucking shower like if I tell you take

shower go take a picture shower

she's listen she's not gonna like it all

the time yes it is inconvenient for her

at times stand your ground I want to

well I don't want to fucked I don't care

I want to fuck go take a shower

she'll take a shower that's how this

works by objc says cabinet sales get her

to gets her top-notch condition right

your woman is going to work looking and

smelling her freshest for everybody at

work right know what her guys are

flirting with her they're getting her

they're getting her summer's eve their

summer breeze then when she gets home

she's hot she's sweaty she's got the

shit pace her pussy smells like she's

jawed for miles right she's got she's

got taste her tits are sweat no no no no

no no no you're gonna get in the shower

you're gonna wash everything you're

gonna shave your pussy nice and smooth I

like my pussy's nice and smooth and then

you're gonna suck my dick and then I'm

gonna fuck you the last requirement of

sex sexual requirements anal sex is

always on the table always on the table

your woman has to know your woman has to

know and to let her know that anal sex

is always on the table half coconut oil

fractionated liquid coconut oil by the

bed or something silicon-based so she

knows what's on the table well what do

you have fractionated coconut oil

therefore in case I want to fuck you in

the ass

what's it if I want to fuck you in the

ass I'm gonna fuck you in the ass that's

that's really all there is to it


yeah okay oh that's from my woman so I

am my woman tonight for dinner is making

me steak tips over mashes but I already

got that one she's making me steak tips

steak tips over mashed potatoes so um

yeah those are the kind of things that

make me super horny for my woman

absolutely absolutely absolutely guys at

the end of the day my the reason my

woman is still around is because she

does all of this shit guys she does it

all and I don't let up on her and she

likes that I don't let up on her she

doesn't listen sometimes she gets mad

this is the thing man

your woman wants and needs your

direction in your guidance sometimes

it's gonna piss her off man but but

again she knows this is what she needs

she knows this is what she needs she

might not always like to do it she might

not always be in the mood to do it but

she's gonna do it she knows she needs it

my woman stays thin right my woman dude

my woman is one of the best dude she's

one of the best cooks I've ever tasted

in my life right

she gives me full transparency she

checks in lets me know you guys saw the

screenshot she didn't even do that

anymore she goes on her phone and if

she's at if she's at Target or something

she'll hit the button Donovan's

girlfriend checked in at Target okay she

gives me full transparency

she is zero social media presence she

doesn't have a Facebook page no

Instagram no nothing how do I know this

I have access to her phone I have key

loggers GPS I know where she is I know

what she's doing I know what she's doing

on her phone again when I fuck her when

I want her to look like a slut she

absolutely looks like a slut I want her

to look like a slutty porn star slash

stripper yes I want to have that kind of

sex I want you to look a certain way and

she has no problem doing that dude she

invested a hundreds of dollars in this

stuff had no problem doing it she dude

she looks like an absolute porn star

love it love it and then of course

she fulfills all of my sexual

requirements she has never denied me sex

ever not dude she has never denied me

sex ever she listens she sucks my dick

every time before sex

if she doesn't suck my dick it's because

I don't put my dick in her face

it's not because I don't want to suck

your dick nah my woman sucks my dick

whether she wants to or not

and here's the thing I don't know she

wants to suck my dick or not but she

does that every time if I put my dick in

her face she knows she's got to do it

she takes a shower before sex if I tell

her to take a shower she knows okay he's

gonna fuck me tonight let me make sure I

wash off the tip paste the the the the

Butt Paste right make sure the pussy is

nice and smooth nice and clean okay so

as she knows that anal sex is always on

the table guys listen this is why she's

still around a lot of people listen a

lot of girls ask on the chat well used

to in the chat oh my god it must be

impossible to be without a bit sharp

yeah it is but for some reason this girl

has pulled it off it is not easy to be

with me and it needs to be the same with

your woman if you're if your woman can't

adhere to all of these things guys guess

what you got yourself the winner but I'm

here to tell you I'm here to tell you

don't get your hopes up man

listen Rolo to Messi's been married for

married for 21 years he still recommends

guys don't get married and this is an

outlier situation my girlfriend is an

outlier situation dude I was up to my

eyeballs in pussy hot pussy in Las Vegas

okay now of course I was always up to my

eyeballs in cocaine and I'm not gonna

sit here and say that my woman is the

reason why I gave up that life I was I

was gonna transition anyway I actually

had my eyes on another city to be quite

honest with you okay but she put in the

work and she let me know that she was

serious and she was consistent right and

again guys listen I do my best to tell

you guys the truth hey listen listen I

tell you guys the truth you guys know I

am 100% good grew it and honest with you

guys I don't bullshit you I don't

exaggerate I tell you guys straight up

the good the bad now me guys if I say it

was a sip you guys saw the proof

yesterday with Carl on the phone

congratulations you have a girlfriend

Spitz congratulated me because I had a

girlfriend that's a dude

it's a big a fucking loser I was go

listen go to my facebook page you'll see

all the hoes I fucked in Vegas guys go

to one Facebook page you'll see all that

stuff it's the same with my woman

guys I require her to do this stuff I

don't just say this shit I don't just

say well you should put a keylogger on

your phone and then somebody asked well

Donovan does your woman have a key well

no actually no no no I will never advise

you guys to do anything that I don't do

myself my woman should your woman should

dress like a slut well what is your well

she doesn't know

nope no no no my woman absolutely

dresses like the most degenerate slut

and lets me do all kinds of nasty things

to her doesn't matter great show today I

am a Jane talking about some truffle

butter take a look at the questions

all right will says how do you how do

you tell if she's not listening because

of your low value or just her being a

bitch well if you'll know if your value

if your value is high and she's being a


you know she's being a bitch because of

your low value right like deep down

listen deep down inside we men are

guilty of this Oh what this and I'm that

dude you know who you are

right if your woman is being a bit

listen if your woman is being a bitch it

means she's not relaxed and when she's

not relaxed she's looking for a way out

when she's looking for a way out she's

looking I should test you so that you

can feel that shit test to give her a

reason to be out of the relationship so

if a woman is being a bitch to you this

means she either is shit testing you or

she doesn't respect you Neptune listen

I'll be honest with you

every once in a while my woman will

she'll be a bitch for three seconds and

when she is I'm like yo you listen I

understand you're a little bit upset

right now but you better fucking watch

your tone like dude I say it just like

that did it uh watch your fuckin tone

she quiets right down and she says what

she has to say she doesn't continue

being a bitch because she respects me in

that regard so if your value isn't high

enough if your woman is it listen you

know if you know what your value is as a

man if she's being a bitch to you it's

because your value isn't I enough and

she doesn't respect you that's all there

is to it ultra gamer says Donovan what's

a ballpark percentage of girls that

would actually obey all of these rules

dude less than 1/2 of 1% this is why I

called my situation the outlier

situation okay I listen actually I've

had three I've actually had three girls

attempt this protocol the first two

tried it failed miserably they just

couldn't do it they couldn't keep up

with it and the reason they couldn't

keep up with it is we can dude they were

young and hot they weren't ready to be

committed to me they wanted me right

dude I'm this high value guy I'm paying

fucking $3,500 for a Vegas penthouse on

the 14th floor right I drive an Audi a5

dude I drive an Audi a5 and I have a

Jeep Wrangler right I've got all these

connections like people know me and got

pretty girls all around me girls wanna

be a part of that they want to be a part

of that but they're not they don't want

to commit they really really want it but

not bad enough to where they're gonna

give up all autonomy and be completely

transparent and submissive to me the

first girl I tried it with Chrissie she

did it to her to her credit she did it

for about three months then she started

to fall off and then she failed the

cooking classes right that's how that

goes the next girl

I don't know lasted two weeks right then

I caught her back on social media I was

like okay you're out of here no I was

just no no I don't want to hear it get

the fuck out here you fucking bitch

girl number three the girl I'm with now

she's stuck with it

18 months guys year and a half has never

had a problem with it so the percentage

less than one-half of 1% and that's

probably a liberal number you will not

find a woman who will comply with all of

these things

right but if you mean if you can find a

woman who will comply with most of this

stuff most of the time that's better

than nothing that's better than nothing

Ultra gamer says force her into a Walt

hood good show today guys my thanks to

you guys I am actually I had my relaunch

yesterday had a great second show today

I am actually going to be out guys for

the rest of the week a very good friend

of mine I'm gonna be out of town again a

very good friend of mine just suffered

suffered an impossible tragedy and he is

um he's really going through a lot so me

so myself and another really close

friend of his

we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna go

down to his City we're gonna try to make

him feel better

he's got a few things that he needs to

work out he's got you know he's got some

business affairs that he needs to take

care of so we're gonna go down there

we're gonna help him we're gonna help

him get that done so that so that he can

have a little less stress so that he and

his family can grieve but yeah we're

gonna go down there we're gonna do that

for him so I'm gonna be out for the rest

of the week but I'm still gonna keep the

content coming on patreon I'm still

listen I'm still gonna be doing the

episodes and Donovan's done I'm gonna be

doing the re airing of those okay I'm

also gonna be doing the Lost episodes of

donovan sharp I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm

gonna re air some of my most popular

episodes so those will be available on

patreon not YouTube in case YouTube

access my channel you would know you

will have access to all of that stuff

okay we'll Chrisman says but yeah that

that's what I'm gonna do

that's so Wednesday Thursday Friday I'm

gonna be out but the content will keep

on coming ts are alive we'll be back on


absolutely James L Bartlett's uh sorry

about your friend I appreciate it man I

appreciate it and the thing is he hasn't

really he hasn't really wanted to talk

about it guys this was this was an

unspeakable tragedy I've known this dude

for awhile

solid guy I mean dude he is absolutely a

red pill guy we're definitely

like-minded men but but yeah he has gone

through he's gone through an unspeakable

tragedy I talked to him yesterday and

then I talked to him today and you know

he didn't the thing is as men we don't

like to admit what we

eat each other when we need emotional

help and support this guy absolutely

needs it so I'm gonna go down there for

a couple of days and hopefully hopefully

I'll be able to help him out you know

take a you know you know take a little

bit of a load off of him so that he and

his family can grieve properly you know

help to heal him up you help help to

build him up a little bit and you know

for him to move on with with her life or

with his life so

so damn so with that logic ugly fat

bitches are with beta males he's okay so

will says so with that logic ugly fat

bitches that are with beta males think

that they are of higher value than the

dudes yes yes well we pet bitches or

with beta males they think yes right

there with them because they think

they're higher value but they will fuck

another guy they'll fuck another guy who

they perceived to have higher value than

their boyfriend Ultra gamer says Donovan

Rollo and ruse V are some of my favorite

people in existence yeah yeah absolutely

absolutely men yeah thanks for the

thoughts chase I appreciate that

appreciate that like I said man it's

it's it's an oh my god

I can't even imagine I can't even

imagine going through what he's going

through men like if what happened to if

what happened to him happened to me I'd

do it I'd be oh my god be definite I'd

be devastated oh my god I'd be

devastated I don't know what I would do

so I'm gonna go down there along with

along with another good friend of mine

we're gonna try and make him feel better

but like I said no worries guys I'm

gonna have access to my laptop you know

I've got access to I've got access to to

two to two hundred of my two hundred and

thirtysomething episodes I'm gonna

re-air those so you guys can watch those

whenever you want this has been a damn

good episode guys thanks for watching