Episode #240: 10 reasons men should NEVER have children

Having children is a part of the "American Dream." Having children to "pass on your legacy" is said to be one of the most fulfilling things a man can do during his life. This is 100% bullshit.

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Having children can and will royally fuck up your life...especially if you have one with the wrong female. And if you live in America, there's a 99.9% chance you'll impregnate an unworthy woman.There are many, many reasons men should never have children but I've whittled my list down to 10. 

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a man who is an a-plus if one thing will

sleep with better-looking women than a

man who's a b-minus at everything get

this through your thick skulls ladies

that girls are gross you don't want to

lift weights because you're lazy just

keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body your daily dose

of truth wisdom and awareness it is

Monday April 23rd 2018 just got back

from doing some traveling I've actually

been all up and down the eastern

seaboard it's been a few days last week

in North Carolina and actually the week

before last I was in North Carolina for

a few days then the middle of the last

week went down to DC of course to help

out a good friend of mine who was

dealing dealing with a dealing with a

tragedy and unspeakable tragedy but

everything seems to be everything seems

to be all right

down there so you know we we went ahead

and and took care of business down there

so I'm always always glad to help him

out always gotta have them out we've

been friends for for quite a while and

it was always good to see I was always

good to see him see him down there visit

him and get that going so done my good

deed for the year and so I am back in

Philadelphia which appears to be the

city of Champions

we got the Philadelphia 76ers who are up

three games to one on the Miami Heat we

got a stranglehold on that particular on

that series

unfortunately the Flyers did we took a

bad L yesterday to the Pittsburgh

Penguins we lost that game 8 to 5 a lot

of people god damn it

I swear to god dude nobody wants to call

me by the way guys this is Kevin Samuels

calling me up

ah this dude never likes this dude this

nigga never likes to call me unless I'm

on the air like niggas never ever like

to call me unless I'm on the air my girl

blowing up my phone yeah I'm on my way

home all right well I'm on the air

anyway first world problems but yes

Philadelphia is the city of Champions

Eagles won the Super Bowl Super Bowl 50

to Villanova fresh off of their second

national championship in two three years

Villanova basketball the Philadelphia

Flyers got eliminated by the Pittsburgh

Penguins yesterday but the Penguins are

the two-time defending Stanley Cup

champions and the Flyers really should

have been to the playoffs in the first

place but now we got the Sixers looking

real good we got a lot of guys jumping

on the bandwagon and they're saying

they're talking about the Sixers going

to the NBA Finals right do I buy into

that I don't know this is Philly right I

don't think that this is the Sixers year

but this is debt listen next year is

it's listen it's it's next year or bust

if we get to the NBA Finals great if we

don't I know that we need to get to at

least the Eastern Conference Finals and

in order to do that guess what we got to

go through the Cleveland Cavaliers

assuming they can put away the Indiana

Pacers so a lot of things on the horizon

big-time it like I said guys it's good

to be a Philadelphia sports fan these

days let's do a shout-out to everyone in

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yeah Ren a little bit over on my on my

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sneak meter says the sound quality is

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Miami J is convinced that the Heat are

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ultra gamer says Philly the city of

Starbucks race payers oh yeah I don't do

don't get me started don't get me

started on that do not get me started on

that anyway let us get to the topic at

hand ten reasons why men should never

have children now I know a lot of you

guys who listen to me I know you a lot

of you guys have children right

so obviously I'm well aware of the fact

that what I'm not saying that hey listen

if you've had kids your life is over

what I am saying is that if you are red

pill aware mail in this day and age it

is absolutely critical and you don't

have any kids it is absolutely critical

that you not have children that the

truth is this gentleman the desire to

pass on our genes and pass on our legacy

it is encoded in our DNA this is what we

want as men this is what we are designed

to be just like women are designed to

fuck the guys with the best genes we are

designed to pass on our genes to as many

women as whom is humanly possible

well I got news for you guys it's 2018

passing on your genes passing on your

legacy it's overrated it's not as

fulfilling as you might think and and

the truth is this guys having a family

having kids especially with an American

woman or British women or Western women

Australian women that's another American

dream lie having kids will not make you

happy so today I'm gonna give you guys

10 reasons why hat 10 reasons why men

should never have children number one

kids are expensive guys once you have


listen let's not even talk about the

fact that that your life changes let let

let's not even talk about that let's

talk about them from a financial

perspective when you have children you

can't really do the things you want to

do without going into debt okay you want

to listen you want a brand you want a

nice brand new watch

guess what junior you know junior needs

diapers or junior needs new clothes

again or we got to buy school supplies

for junior okay

not only that all everything you do

everything you spend you have to keep

your children in mind kids are expensive

and and you know it's a shame that the

American economy price gouges parents

especially when it comes to new boards

like I don't have kids guys but have you

ever taken a look at how much diapers

are how much pampers are how much

strollers are how much cribs are you

have to take out a second mortgage on

your house just to give just to give

your baby a decent life for the first

six months baby clothes are expensive

baby shoes are expensive baby formula is

ridiculously expensive

now speaking of baby formula all women

who have kids need to breastfeed it's

better for the kids that's just all

there is to it any woman who doesn't

breastfeed is a selfish mother oh my god

he's gonna bite my tit uh that's your

kid Mother's Milk is Mother's Milk helps

the mother's milk is the best thing for

him for a newborn listen I'm not a baby

expert but everybody knows this any

woman who does not breastfeed her

children can give any excuse she wants

once again they're doing the selfish

thing don't get me wrong I'm glad you

had the kid because I've talked about

before is the fact that women the fact

that women get abortions the only reason

women get abortions is because they

don't want to ruin their bodies they

give all the excuses in the world well

what if it's rape or incest well what if

the mother doesn't survive no no no none

of that stuff is happening right so any

woman who carries a pregnancy to term

okay so you did okay you did the right

thing by carrying the pregnancy to term

but now that you have the kid now you

want to stick a

in his mouth no pull your tits out your

tips are lactating for reason give the

kid mother's milk if the kid bite your

fuckin tits oh well this is part of the


my mother breastfed me and I and I'm

gonna tell you what the fact that my

mother had my mother had me when I was

18 year when she was 18 years old so I

was born to a very young vibrant woman

then she breastfed me dude I listen I

grew up to be a big strong healthy guy

I am literally never sick I'm not

exaggerating now the fact that I'm never


may or may not have to do with the fact

that we were in the military when we

were in the military we got all the best

shots all the best immunizations

honestly I've got two brothers and two

sisters there were five of us I don't

think any one of us missed five days of

school from K through 12

that's how effective those drugs were

but my mother breastfed all of us and

because of that none of us have any

health problems none of us have any

vision issues we're all big strong and

healthy strong immune systems women do

the right thing and breastfeed your kid

if you breastfeed your kids you save

money because kids are fucking expensive

let me get back on track here so when

you have kids now you can't own the cool

one or two-bedroom apartment downtown

now you got to buy a house now you have

to buy now you have to go into debt

you've got to go into six-figure debt B

listen if you have a kid you have to

have a big house you have to you have to

have a house you can't raise a kid in a

one-bedroom flat or one-bedroom

apartment you got it you got to give it

a little fucker room to crawl around on

you got to buy the little kid a dog you

want you want some enrichment in his or

her life so now you got to buy a house

guess what that two-seater that Audi a5

that cool has Audi a5 used to drive up

and down the Vegas Strip with nope can't

do that anymore now you've got to get a

minivan or if you want to if you want to

keep some of your cool cred now you got

to buy an SUV that's another that's

another 40 or 50 large and your payment

is now six six hundred dollars a month

so now you've got a four figure you've

got a four figure mortgage and now

you've got a three figure car payment so

now you're going to even further in debt

now you got it and the baby grows let's

talk about clothes you

my new clothes you gotta buy new clothes

for your kids every other month for the

next 18 years now of course I'm

exaggerating a little

but newborns grow very quickly dude from

and again I don't have any kids but I

remember my sister used to tell me my

sister has three kids my brother my

brother has one kid he's got another one

on the way every time I turn around

they're talking about you know I got to

do these hand-me-downs or I got to put

these on Craigslist or sell these on

eBay him like what like this was like

dude like you bought that you bought

them you bought you but the the clothes

for the kids like seven minutes ago what

happened he or she outgrew gotta get him

some more kids clothes are expensive the

American economy price gouges new

parents guys they're fuckin expensive

then there's school supplies then

there's jiu-jitsu class then there's

swim class guys the list goes on and on

being financially prudent is extremely

extremely important I think I think we

all I think we all know this but if you

have kids it is extremely it is very

very hard how can I put this it is

extremely hard to save money to save any

sort of money of significance when you

have kids I think honestly I remember a

while back I heard that kids over the

course of 18 years cost I think like two

hundred and fifty thousand dollars I

don't know how accurate that may or may

not be that's a quarter of a million

dollars and if you have two kids now

it's a half a million dollars if of

course you want to be a good parent and

we'll get into that a little bit later

so if you want your financial freedom

and your financial independence guys do

not have kids they will wreck you


number two no more sex so now your woman

or your girlfriend your wife has the kid

well now the kid becomes the priority

okay taking care of a kid is

extraordinarily tiring yes listen

especially for Mom

wait listen she just had it and again

I'm not even know listen I'm not saying

that you should you know hey I know you

had the kid yesterday but let's get it

on do it like you you know it's like

throwing a hot dog down a hallway

definitely right gotta wait birdy heal

up okay couple years down the line now

you've got a two-year-old now you've got

a toddler the kid is a priority for the

both of you as a man you still have

sexual needs you still want to fuck

when you have kids the sex drops off

when you have two kids the sex drops

completely off you have three or more

kids there is no sex life and this it's

funny it makes me wonder okay there's a

couple of three or four kids how do they

get from kid number two to kid number

three because it could have been from

fucking you got two kids you ain't got

time for shit let alone sex chances are

your woman's gonna work so let's take

this let's take this student let's let's

let's take this through what we've got

here and here's another element daycare

that's also expensive so if your woman

works now you got to put your kid in


that's another $800 per month I'm

telling you they price couches or they

price couch parents so you and your

woman get up right you got it gives your

kids ready for school that's tiring you

kiss her she goes off to work

right you take your kids to the bus stop

you go to work your wife is at work she

works eight hours a day she gets off

work she comes home she drives to the

grocery store she picks up groceries

she's got to pick up your dry cleaning

she's got to pick up Donna you know

she's gonna pick up Donovan junior from

jujitsu class then she's got it then

she's got to pick up you know my other

kid or you know whatever the name of my

other imaginary kid is from you know the

neighbor's house then she's got to come

home she's gonna cook she's got a clean

then she's got den she's got a pack then

she's got a pack the lunches for

tomorrow help the kids with the homework

get them to sleep make sure they have

clean clothes in the morning and then at

the end of the night your want to have

sex do you think that your woman after

all that wants to hit the last thing on

her mind is going to be sucking your


and here's the thing guys this is the

quagmire that catch-22 if you're a good

parent you're not gonna have a lot of

sex because you're a good parent being a

good parent takes time and it takes

energy and if you if you listen bad

parents ma'am all the sex in the world

you got niggas out here with bitches

having bitches you know eight nine kids

that's cuz they're bad parents well god

damn I think I think you're eight or

nine kids because they're bad parents

bad parents have all kinds of time to

fuck right oh my god we have five kids

and we always managed to get a nice

because your bad fucking parents you're

not taking care of shit that's why you

have time to be fucking all the time

like you and your boyfriend or your or

your or your three boyfriends and guys

you're fucking on the side you guys are

in there fucking your kids are in there

sticking you know sticking knives and

sockets right rec in the house setting

setting the color on fire over at their

friend's house outside play and run

around you don't you don't know where

your kids are bad fucking bad fucking

parents have good sex any couple who

tells you Oh our sex life is great and

we have three kids you're bad parents if

you are good parents your sex life

should drop off at least theoretically

now of course they're exceptions to the

rule right you could be very good

parents and have a healthy sex life but

not the sex life that we want as men as

men we're trying to fuck we're trying to

fuck at least once twice a day dude if

you get laid once a day and you're a

father with the woman who had your kids

dude dude you might have you a unicorn

right if she manages to find the energy

to fuck you after everything that's

involved with being a good parent you

got yourself a winner unfortunately for

us those women don't exist because even

bet because even bad parents bad parents

bad moms which I'll get to a little bit

later they use the kids as an excuse not

to fuck you oh honey I had to do this

and that and I have the kids I just

don't want to fuck tonight what are you

supposed to do so

the list number 2 on the list of reasons

never to have kids no more sex guys once

you have one kid your sex life is over

man you have 2 or 3 kids you're gonna

forget a side chick it's inevitable let

me take a look at the chat here

day says super stoked to be here good to

have you in here day appreciate that

well shimmy watching all the way from

Dublin Ireland welcome my man

welcome excellent man excellent wow man

we'll reach in Ireland man that makes me

feel good good to have you in her will

she be

I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly

random Kelly says got my vasectomy two

years ago on April 15th I celebrated

every year and call it my v-day good

shit the PK got him a vasectomy calls it

v-day oh my god you celebrate

Valentine's Day uh no I celebrate

another day

well Christmas says 60,000 a year is

good for single guys 60 K a year is a

sub poverty level if you have two young

kids and a woman who doesn't work you

know what I'll actually raise you a

woman who does work if you're making

sixty grand a year if your woman does

work you're still at or below the

poverty level because kids are that

expensive here I'll make a quick

correction out of accurate this is

you're making sixty large a year and

your woman doesn't work and you have one

kid you're probably doing okay you're

making sixty grand a year your woman

doesn't work you got two kids dude you

are barely making it you're barely

making it

Joe buddy says we're as Morpheus not

really sure what that means

Chace LeBeau says there's a book out

that addresses breastfeeding give your

Baldy your tit what to do with it now

that it's out that's interesting book if

Yeol says love to show appreciate that

Miami J says thank God my little one has

cousins and sisters both younger and


well Crispin says sadly a lot of parents

a lot of young parents end up making the

grandparents pay for a bunch of shit for

the kid and that's the only way they can

afford anything guys will Chrisman is a

young dude I think is 19 20 years old

dude one of the sharpest kids I've ever

met like will is dude will is he is 10

times smarter than I was at his age

wait he's he see listen you see how

stupid I am will is a lot smarter in his

age when I was his age

for sure great comment well yeah a lot

of young parents end up end up taxing

their parents because they just can't

afford shit not only that not only our

kids expensive young parents are bad

with money so now they gotta hit up

Grandma and Grandpa Wow Miami Jay says

daycare in DC was thirty two hundred a

month bro where did you send him

Georgetown University God yeah Brandon

Kelly says that's college tuition hell

yeah yo

god damn

tasteless single mommies are already at

my job bitching about $600 a month for

Dayton for child care in Atlanta yeah um

yeah my mother actually used to work for

a daycare center and I don't forget

whatever print she never really got into

the prices but yeah it's expensive

dude $600 a month it's a car payment


$600 a month it's two car payments and

possibly a mortgage man

well Chrisman says yeah daycares 1200

minimum anywhere not even worth it

unless both people are making ridiculous

money I agree

I agree

Jaime Morales says bad parents have have

good sex the realest shit I've ever

heard that's what it is if you're a bad

parent loose bad parents of all kinds of

time to do shit right like you could

always tell when a bit you can always

tell if a mom is a bad mom she's got her

hair did she's got her nails done she

never looks tired how'd you sleep last


oh girl I slept like it I slept like a

dream that shows you're a bad parent

right if you got five kids and you still

look like you're 23 you're a bad parent

because your kids aren't stressing about

that much because you don't give a shit

you're a bad parent

sharpest sis's what's good D not really

sure that that is the sharpest is

because the icon is different

justice for all says kids will make you

tired as hell no sleep I agree I agree I

listen I totally agree

I remember my ex-wife Darcy night we had

my we had my youngest net we had my

nephew this guy this was year so he's a

little boy cute little boy six seven

years old we had him over

we had him over to our house to spend

the night because I think his sister's

were at a camp or something and he was

you know he didn't want to go and my

sister and her then-husband wanted to

you know spend like a night somewhere I

forget where I was so he said yeah you

know we'll take him so and he was a

great kid he didn't cause any trouble he

always did what he was told but the kid

wore us out he wore us out he wanted to

play with our dogs he wanted to watch

his feed the snake he wanted to go

outside he wanted to eat eat eat and

then eat some more he wanted to watch

this he want to do that were like oh my

god it was exhausting

it was absolutely exhausting

Fortuna says Donovan jr. was snipped at

the vasectomy oh my god

listen I've thought about getting a

vasectomy but fortunately I'm in a

situation where I do not have to worry

about getting my woman pregnant that is

for sure

raw dog for life bitches moving right


reason number three why you should never

have kids as a man better health guys

better health you will be so much

healthier if you don't have kids first

of all you'll have time to get up and

work out at five or six o'clock in the

morning okay now now as you guys as you

guys know I don't know if I don't

announce when I make changes but I have

actually moved back my workout schedule

uh when I first moved to Philly I'm

getting up at 3:45 you know four o'clock

in the morning hit the gym squat and

doing this that in the other well guess

what I'm 40 years old and I can't work

out on five or six hours of sleep like I

used to when I was 35 or 30 years old I

need a full eight hours of sleep guys

I'm on testosterone replacement therapy

and I'm on HGH okay that doesn't M be

just because that doesn't negate the

fact that I need a full eight hours of

sleep so I need so I sleep from 10:00

a.m. from 10:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. I

get up I do my show stuff then I go lift

that I do Jiu Jitsu at the bottom of the

hour that's my routine on Mondays

Wednesdays Fridays Tuesdays through

Tuesdays Thursdays and Saturdays or

Tuesdays and Thursdays I get up at 6 I

do my show stuff and that I do spin

class on Tuesdays and Thursdays I can't

get up and get right to it like I used

to be that as it may if I had kids I

wouldn't be able to work out early in

the morning or late at night wouldn't be

able to do it well Donovan you don't

have a nine-to-five dude what do you

think I'm doing around here all day

I'm not sitting around twiddling my

thumbs I'm working on this shit all day

oh dude I'm working on I'm working on my

show so I can talk to you motherfuckers

every day right the point is no matter

what you do for a living you will never

have time to work out

you are a good parent again there are

exceptions to the rule there are some

parents out there who are in very good

shape but that's because they dedicate

their own life to it um I think the

girl's name is maria kang let me google

her real quick

she's like the hot fitness mom maria

maria king yeah she there is she's like

an asian broad who's um yeah she's had

like three kids and she's got like a hot

body she's a total milf i think we would

all love to put another couple of babies

in her but she has made it she has made

it her life's she's made it her life's

mission to to get in and stay in good

shape right but this is all she

concentrates on and I doubt she has a

full-time job because her husband

probably makes really good money that is

the exception to the rule but if you

have kids you don't have time to work

out so your health is probably going to

suffer here's another element to this

guys you as a parent you got to keep

kids but you have to keep um you're

gonna be tempted to to to have junk food

in the house not that you should be

feeding your kids junk food but listen

man everyone you you again you're not

gonna have time you can't you can't make

your kid home-cooked seven-course meals

every every every single time

unfortunately sometimes you gotta feed

your kid junk just to get through the

day to get through the next part of the

day so now you're gonna be tempted to

keep junk food in the house candy

cookies potato chips now even now you're

not really able to eat as clean as you

want so now your health is gonna suffer

and because you have less time you're

not gonna be cooking for yourself

there's gonna be more fast food there's

gonna be more eating out because you

just don't have time again when you have

kids when you don't have kids you live a

much healthier life simply because of

the time that you have number four this

one's easy

less stress

I don't know what happened to my there

it is number four there's there's so

much less stress when you don't have

children when you have children your

whole world becomes then especially if

again if you're a good parent now like I

said bad parents have great sex okay bad

parents are also noticeably fun and


they're completely relaxed table I love

being a parent being a parents easy wait


I'm never stressed out a parent who is

not stressed out is a bad parent

if you were a good parent you're gonna

be stressed out all the time

you have to worry about them poisoning

themselves sticking a fork in a light

socket hurting themselves the list goes

on and on then when you put him at

daycare then you got to worry about them

being around other kids our other kids

gonna hurt my kid or my kids gonna bring

home germs then when they're oh my god

then when they're at elementary school

are they behaving properly are they

developing I mean are they developing

properly do they have a learning

disability are they gonna pass the

fourth grade did I pack as much am i

feeding him he'll uh it just never ends

having a kid is constant stress to me it

is not worth it not only that when you

have a kid you are giving up all of your

prime so you're never alone you never

have time to just be isolated if you

want to you can never do that it just

doesn't happen and if you and again if

you can't find time to be isolated

you're gonna be stressed out one of the

many stress releases that we as men red

pill aware men have is being by

ourselves if you lose the ability to

just be by yourself for three or four

hours and not have to worry about anyone

or anything your stress level goes up

which means your cortisol level goes up

which means you get fatter and less

healthy you see how all of this ties in

together it all ties together guys

number five when you have kids your

relationship will likely end but Donovan

I know a married couple who have four

kids and they're still married yes until

the fourth kid is 18 and out of the

house there are many situations and

listen there are many situations where

the parents just don't love each other

anymore but they decide to stick it out

for the good of the kids and good for

them man good for them kids can handle

divorce a lot better at 18 22 24 and 28

than they can at you know five six and

seven the parent said hey look we don't

love each other anymore but we're gonna

stick together for the good of the kids

because kids who come from broken homes

are far more likely to be into drugs be

sluts get into prostitution bad grades

etc so good for them for doing this

selfless thing but guess what they're

still in a loveless marriage right like

you have four kids and the last one

doesn't graduate high school for another

seven years you are sacrificing seven

years of your life for that kid your

relationship is effectively ended now

that's the best-case scenario the worst

case scenario is your relationship ends

and you separate and we'll get into more

that a little bit later but guys if you

have kids your relationship will likely

end with the person with a woman you

have kids with guys less sex more

arguments financial stress right all of

that comes into play the relationship

becomes all about the kid and less about

you then when you have kids by the way

now you become a tamed beta male now you

you're not wild and free like you used

to be okay being a good dad by the way

almost makes you a beta male guys okay

you don't have time to be who you really


you just don't eventually it becomes who

you are and she cheats on you and again

I'll get into more of that later

kids are stress on a relationship dude

my parents had five kids they got

divorced when I was 16 years old and had

been separated once already five kids

guys I'm super honestly I'm surprised it

didn't happen sooner in this day and age

if you have children you're ruling you

do as soon as you should touch your

first kid you can already hit the timer

well this relationship is gonna end him

X Y Z days kids are financially

stressful and they are emotionally

stressful it becomes it becomes all

about the kids guys that's just how it

is number six your life isn't yours

anymore before I get into that let me

get into the chat here ah so will

Crispin is almost 22 okay

ultra gamer turbo says I will probably

never have children

I'll have to find the needle in a

haystack of an a Walt I will want my kid

to have a good mom but are there good

moms in this modern at modernity

modernity no there's not and I'll get

into that later I will definitely get

into that later

Miami Jay says I was a youth soccer

coach the number one request of parents

was please make sure you tire him out

man I'm here to tell you kids have a

boundless energy boundless energy looks

like sharp assists really is sharp


speaking of which let me make sure my oh

look at this

excellent so I really am streaming alive

on Donovan sharp calm excellent so

welcome welcome those who are watching

me on Donovan sharp calm looks like

looks like everything is looks like

everything is is doing well there



tomato man says the feminists jumped all

over her jumped all over her shit for

being hot yeah

this is Maria King and I think she said

I think I forget what her covered the

cover magazine this is what a fit mom

looks like the feminists jumped all over

her because she's a hot mom and guess

what she's shining the light on what

they were unwilling to do oh my god what

are you doing

they had no I forget what the argument

was but it was a bad argument

why is she bad for moms right like it

just doesn't make any sense it was it

was it was unbelievable how they how

they did this

TripIt oh man says less stress no going

to PTA meetings no going to special

meetings for students no having to give

school boxes of I got facial tissues on

dude I'm telling you I'm telling you man

I'm telling you

sharp assist says the fucking

fundraisers oh my god

oh my god

yes yes miami jay says amen to that

should if you stay together for the kids

it's actually worse for the marriage and

the kid man I'm telling you dude I'm

telling you it just having kids is not

worth it guys it just isn't worth it

number six your life isn't yours anymore

when you have kids your life no longer

belongs to you okay everything revolves

around your children guys if you want to

get away if you want to do a weekend

getaway you got to get a babysitter you

can't just up and move if you guys

decide hey let's move to New York City

if you have three kids

you ain't doing that and if you had

three kids in New York City hey let's

move to LA Los Angeles California

you ain't doing that either now you got

to find new schools got to find new

daycares right you got to find a house

in a good neighborhood when you put them

in school you got to find it make sure

it's in a good school district

all of these factor in the plane when

you have a kid you can't just up and go

on you can't just up and go on dates hey

honey let's go to the movies got to get

a sitter hey honey let's go to Red

Lobster tonight

gotta get a sitter or worse bring the

kid to the movie who's gonna be crying

and complaining with any luck your kid

will fall asleep halfway through the

movie right but then at that point you

will have missed the movie

and if you and if you bring them to a

restaurant but listen me and my woman

right we went to Red Lobster yesterday

excellent excellent meal it was it was

unbelievable listen our spirits were

down because the Flyers had just gotten

blown out by the Pittsburgh Penguins

eight to five so we wanted to drown our

sorrows in Red Lobster so we get the Red

Lobster and the line is dude the line is

fucking long man we got people out there

waiting what did all the people out

there waiting on seats haven't come and

they all had kids what didn't me and my

woman do we walked right to the bar we

walked right to the bar had a seat in

fuck dude we walk right to the bar had a

seat had our meal in 15 minutes when we

were getting our appetizers and drinks

and our meals and all that dude people

still waiting

they all had kids if you have kids you

can't just go sit at the bar you gotta

wait like everybody else that little

that little thing that they give you

that buzzes when you're all ready to go

that ain't gonna happen that's not

happening that's that's a reality if you

have kids you're living quarters have to

be kid-friendly you can't have the cool

shit if you have tumblers you can't have

the cool you know the cool tech stuff

everything has to be kid-friendly got to

put those fucking plastic things in the

you know in the in the socket so it'll

execute themselves with a fucking fork

right you got to make all the edges

smooth so they don't fall up and crack

their head open right yeah we get the

baby poop the house that costs money

your life becomes all about the kid if

you want to be a good parent and if your

life becomes all about the kid your life

does not belong to you anymore my friend

it does not number seven you cannot

raise them correctly

cannot raise them the right way in 2018

I said this during my live Q&A; guys you

could be the best parents in the world

you could give your kid every

conceivable advantage your kid could

have the greatest genes ever right

you get send them to the best school you

could you could you could live in the

best neighborhood dude you can get it

all right and it could all still go

horribly wrong why because the world has

a bigger influence on your kid than you

do before your kid goes off to the

school before your kid goes off to

kindergarten you have more influence on

your kid than the world does a lot of

people say you got to get a hold of your

kids before they're teenagers now

partner you got to get a hold of your

kids before they leave the house because

starting in kindergarten that listen in

kindergarten that's when the shit gets

real that's when the world starts

influencing your kid you can be a red

pill dad all you wants you're gonna be

fighting an uphill battle and I'll give

you one example I don't know that you

guys remember this from a little while I

think it was maybe god I can't remember

month month and a half ago it actually

had to do with with Miami Jing right so

Miami jaye got a text message from his

from his ex-wife right from the woman he

had a kid with beautiful little girl

chopped her hair completely off right

Miami Jays about duties text me dude I'm

about to lose my shit my fucking baby

momma just made my daughter look like my

son dude

motherfucker was hot behind this

bullshit right so he flies down so he

and I had a conversation let me let me

not put the cart before the horse here

so he and I had a conversation in terms

of how to prevent this from happening


okay and what we decided what we decided

that what we were going to do and the

reason why here's the thing the reason

why the baby momma decided to chop her

hair off is because the little girl

wanted to have her hair chopped off but

guess what Miami Jays the mother of

Miami Jays kid

didn't have the cojones to tell the

little girl no she didn't she didn't she

couldn't tell her no don't get me wrong

that's hard to tell your kids no but

when it comes to making them look like a

little boy and set up a beautiful little

girl that's when you got to put on your

big-girl panties and say no sweetheart

like I'll give you all the candy you

want I'll let you stay up late but when

it comes to this hair thing you got to

keep your hair long nope she couldn't do

it so what Miami ji and I decided when

you go down there okay tell your ex-wife

to lean on you make me the bad guy this

is the strategy that we came up with

make me the bad guy so if she comes to

you and asks you for something and you

can't tell her no simply say you know

what let's call dad and see what he says

then he can get on FaceTime and tell her

no right that's how that works

worked brilliantly not only not only did

he accomplish that edict he now he now

is gonna have full custody of his kid

for the entire for the entire next

school year right so congratulations to

Miami Jae for for for working that shit

out because honestly the shit could have

gone sideways in a hurry right but think

about what think about what we had to do

just just just think about that

situation we had a father of a little

girl who had to call somebody up he had

to pay somebody for an hour of his time

to work out how to keep my ex-wife from

letting my daughter run off the rails

like we had to strategize about that

sharpest this has green and purple here

in primary school parents can't see no

to their kids

we had to strategize about that this is

what parents are up against guys

you cannot raise them properly in 2018

it's just not worth it men

Miami Jace's hashtag gets your consult

absolutely absolutely



des says no kids equals freedom

absolutely absolutely

chase LeBeau says I get legit heat from

ratchets that find out I'm on my mid-30s

with no kids but anyone I spoke to that

as successful has told me good job it's

so funny how bitches wet nigga you ain't

got no kids what's wrong with you bitch

the fuck is wrong with you

fuck out of here with that

TripIt oh man says financially kids are

vampires they drain you emotionally and

financially both my daughters got popped

for DUIs they're now 28 and 25 the 28

year old is a vet tech and certified

masseuse the 25 year old leaves in

January of 2018 to go to South Korea to

teach good sounds like you did a good

job swayed senator says I'm going to

Myrtle Beach next week for Cinco de Mayo

you think I'd be able to afford that if

I had a little crumb cruncher running

around fuck no of course not

right like you can't just up dude

I decided when I lived in Atlanta I

don't wanna live here anymore I want to

go to Vegas that's what I did if I had

kids that would not have happened

Oh God sharpest Issus not to mention

elementary kids want tight bones right

height will Chrisman here we go he says

quote the public school system will have

your kids thinking they are transgender

loving socialism turning your son into a

beta male and putting your kids on

fucking ritalin at five years old

because it took him some extra time to

do his work 100% agreement could not

agree more trip no man says can't raise

them properly correctly since the 90s

because we're not allowed to discipline

them but when the kid fails to follow

laws and social norms parents get blamed

for it dude you're damned if you do and

damned if you don't

what'd you spank your kids oh my god

you're a terrible parent what your kid

broke the law where did you go wrong

what are you supposed to do


Ultra gamer pro I don't know I keep

calling you ultra gamer pro ultra gamer

turbo says now that I think about it

this is a terrible time to raise kids

and of course it is man dude look at the

environment that we're in like dude oh

my god the world is in peril bringing

kids into this world Oh God

aunt James has no light Donovan my son

will be in kindergarten this upcoming

school year and I have full influence on

him since he was born

good excellent

Gepetto man says it's always been wait

until your dad comes home right remember

those days

Wilke dude will is I'm telling you will

is six for six nosy neighbors will call

CPS if you aren't practically holding

your kids hand 24 heaven I twenty

percent of telling you I'm telling you

if you mention the fact yes make my kids

guess what CPS is entering the next day

you're abusing your kids

chase LaBelle wants to know is what is

your opinion on a good yearly salary

from a single guy in his mid-30s I'm

rebuilding at the moment doesn't matter

it doesn't matter what your salary is in

your mid-30s as long as you're not

married and you don't have kids doesn't

matter it does not matter

Miami Jay says website looking good

appreciate that appreciate that yeah my

woman me and my woman man we put our

nose to the grindstone yesterday and we

worked on it for a good five or six

hours and you know like I told you guys

the other day we're I'm taking a new I'm

going in a new direction and we're gonna

I'm gonna build my audience a little

more organically I learned the hard way

and not that I didn't know this before

but listen if you if you're gonna build

your audience on YouTube you're building

on a house of cards because YouTube

could snap their fingers and take it all

the way so oh listen

O'Shea Duke Jackson caught another

community strike he's got two strikes

now okay two strikes one more strike and

he's losing his channel this is his

channel with 50,000 subscribers what did

he have to do he had to make all of his

videos private so that they couldn't

give any more community strikes dude who

the hell wants to go through all that


so O'Shea and I are in talks right now

to maybe you know at some point maybe

he'll have to employ the same strategy

that I'm that I'm employing

and again we can all sit here and talk

shit about YouTube listen this is what

happens when you don't pay for a service

when when you can make the kind of money

you can make on YouTube and not have to

pay to use their service they have carte

blanche to do whatever they want that's

why I'm here I have much more creative

freedom here on patreon than I do on

YouTube and so again as Miami J figure

rightfully points out website is looking

solid good shit number 8

whoo-hoo the number 8 reason that you

should never have children

most women are bad fucking moms guys let

me and I'm gonna spend some time on this

because we got Mother's Day coming up

and I'm actually gonna do an episode I'm

actually I think this coming Monday next

Monday I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do an

episode called Mother's Day should be

cancelled I believe that in the United


Mother's Day should be canceled there

should be no Mother's Day until Mother's

get their shit together dude fuck these

dude fuck these terrible mothers here in

the United States fuck these bitches man

these bitches don't do shit

they fucking cheat they have a bunch of

kids with a bunch of dudes they're

fucking shitty parents and what do we do

we take one day two days a year where we

fucking celebrate them one is

Valentine's Day the other one is

Mother's Day bitch dude it should not be

called Mother's Day it should be called

mom's day let me explain something to

you guys there's a difference between a

mother and a mom a mother is simply a

female who gives birth to a baby

gentlemen a bomb is a woman who gives

birth and then puts the needs of her

child before hers and raises them

properly and to the best of her ability

now mothers generally take the easy way

out and are very selfish moms do what's

necessary no matter how difficult in any

and all situations and don't have a

selfish bone in her body when it comes

to kids

simply put mothers are bad moms and moms

are good moms now on the birth

certificate it says mother and father of

meaning the biological mother and the

biological father so when people say the

word mother what gets lost in

translation gentlemen is that the bio

it's what gets lost is the biological

connotation of the word we all

automatically assume that if a woman is

a mother

then she must be a mom now some people

might say well Donovan there's no

difference between a mother and a mom

they're the same thing and these people

would be dead fucking wrong here's the

thing guys it is easy to become a mother

just let a guy fuck you without a condom


shoot his load in you and if you happen

to be fertile and ovulating you get

pregnant the real work begins after you

have the kid and that's what separates

mothers from moms guys we when we here

in and see things involving childbirth

we attach this moniker to it called the

miracle of childbirth what that does is

it tricks us into putting mother and mom

into the same category right we see

commercials with beautiful inspirational

music in the background we see the nurse

gently handing the newborn to the mother

who's overcome with emotion as she meets

her child for the very first time and we

see the proud father looking on the

whole scene is this rosy image of what

childbirth is supposed to be like when

we see stuff like this the human mind

guys it involuntarily envisions the most

eloquent form of conception okay we see

a husband and wife slowly making sweet

love and missionary position looking

into each other's eyes as if they know

as if they know that this will be the

day that they will conceive we imagine

this rosy little scene and assume that

the wife will be a good mom and the

husband will be a good dad and that

everything is gonna be okay but most

pregnancies don't happen this way guys

most of us are conceived through rough

hard and disrespectful sex okay the

inseminate er listen the man fucking her

is fucking her doggy style he's pulling

her hair he's smacking her ass and

calling her name's wow she's moaning

like a slut telling him to powder her

harder that this is how it happens

he shoots his load in her they smoke a

cigarette or whatever it is they do in

their post coital activities and they

have no idea that they just got her

pregnant that's how most pregnancies


it is far from this rosy sweet

lovemaking session in either case guys

becoming a mother is the easy part

there is nothing heroic or difficult or

arduous about getting raw dogs and

pumped full of painkillers and popping

out a kid but childbirth has been

exalted and pedestal eyes to the masses

and as if it's some monumental feat of

valor and strife that's one of the many

reasons why most America most women most

mothers in America are terrible fucking

moms they essentially ride the

tales of 17 hours of labor and the

epidural and child the epidural inspired

childbirth throughout the kids childhood

they think women think these days that

going through nine months of pregnancy

and having the kid is all they need to

do to get the accolades of being a mom

but here's the rub giving birth doesn't

make a mother a mom it makes a mother at

that point and nothing more

it makes her a mother that's all it does

and unfortunately most American most

American children unfortunately for most

American children most American women

are not interested in being and being

moms not in the least I'll give you a

few examples let's go with discipline

okay mothers and again mothers bad moms

good mothers don't normally discipline

their children as they should right it's

easy to let him get away with shit

because then her kids like her all the


remember remember bad moms aren't

stressed out well the reason my mom's

aren't stressed out is because they're

not punishing their kids punishing their

kids is stressful no parent wants to

spank their kid no parent wants to yell

at their kid no parent wants to get loud

with their kid but if you don't want

your kid to be a mouthy fucking kid you

got to do what you got to do but they're

kids like her all the time which is the

reason why they're easy on her in the

first place

but mothers go easy on their kids for

selfish reasons guys and that guys

that's the reason it the reason is they

don't they don't want to feel like their

children hate them I've heard women see

I just don't want them to hate me let

your kid hate you your kid is going to

love you guys

mothers which are bad moms they don't

want to deal with the crying they don't

want to deal with this screaming they'd

always deal with the fits knowing

mothers don't subject themselves to the

difficulties of motherhood of mom hood a

mom on the other hand consistently does

the difficult tasks like did like

disciplining her children she will

endure the crying she will endure the

screaming she'll tolerate the fit

throwing a mom is willing to pay the

price to do the right thing for her kids

because again she is putting the needs

of her children before her

she's willing to take the arrows in the

short-term to help mold her children

into good and decent human beings in the

long term let's look at another element

attention whoring right we're talking

about the difference between mothers and

moms here a mother uses her children to

bring attention to herself and not her

children attention to herself and not

her children yes she'll post pictures of

her kids on social media but she's

checking the likes every five minutes

and if she gets a hundred she's not

saying hey look Junior your picture got

a hundred likes nope she's not even

thinking about her kid when she

refreshes that page guys she's only

thinking of herself mothers also like to

give their kids unique names spelled in

unique ways like gee I've actually seen

the name Jaden spelled J a jaeyi Dyn or

Austin spelled OST yn or Jennifer get

this GI n + y p hu r e I shit you not

gentlemen they don't do this for the


guys they do this so other people can

pay more attention to them other than

their mothers they don't want their kids

to have the attention let's take a look

at activities a mother takes her kid to

soccer practice and his games and lets

everyone know on social media every

picture she takes of him is to show how

handsome he is in his uniform

ok but she's also in the picture with

her hair done full makeup and wearing a

blouse that shows 75% of her tits to

show everyone what a great mom she is

but if you asked her how her kid played

that day she wouldn't know why because

she spent half the time on her phone

taking selfies and texting the two dude

she's fucking hoping one is gonna be

free a little bit later on sure she may

got in a few seconds of footage of her

of her actual kid in the game but the

camera turns right back to her so she

can tell everyone on Facebook that being

a mom is the toughest job I've ever

loved then she'll turn her attention

right back to her phone to see if Kevin

in sales responded about their date


and if he liked her picture a mom on the

other hand will take her kid to practice

and games and actually pay attention to

him she'll make sure he has his postgame

snack she'll cheer him on she'll

encourage him when he screws him unlike

a mother mom could tell you everything

he did on the field from start to finish

and when she finally digs her phone out

of her purse she'll also take that

picture and post it to social media

because she too is proud of her son and

wants to show him off but she is nowhere

to be found in those pictures guys and

if she is the kid takes up most of the

screen because he is the priority let's

take another look at this men as far as

Metta concerned

simply put mother's rate again mothers

of bad mom mothers put men before their

kids a mother would drop her kids off

with whoever was available so she can go

ahead so she can go out and get fucked

by whoever she swiped right for earlier

that day guys that's the bottom line if

she can't find a sitter she will

actually let a man pardon me if she

can't find a babysitter she'll let a man

that neither she or her children know

into the home so she can get some dick I

can't get any I can't find a babysitter

fuck it hey Kevin you want to come over

tonight wait what you're gonna let a

strange man come into your house with

your kids just so you get to dick

mother's also bring random men around

her children all the time regardless of

how long she's been fucking him

regardless of whether she really knows

him or not

never mind the kid never mind the fact

that her kids can hear what's going on

never mind the kids can hear her getting

her back blown out in the back room

never mind the fact that their kids are

computer are confused as to why mom has

mom has a different man around the

memory week a mother simply says sirs up

up you don't know what sex is they'll be

all right they'll get over it a mom on

the other hand is careful with whom she

dates and is especially careful about

bringing men around her children and

again not most single moms are terrible

mothers some single moms actually get it

you know what I fucked up in order to

get a man I got to be a good woman okay

these wouldn't they understand that

being selfish and irresponsible in this

way will have a negative

effect on her kids and they which will

start which will which will cause them

to resent her later on a mom knows that

in order to be a mom she sometimes has

to sacrifice her in need for male

attention and validation god forbid so

those are the differences between a

mother and a mom and the eighth reason

why men should never have kids bottom

line is because most women are bad moms

that's all there is to it


see we got here in the in the Chet Miami

J says little does the father know

looking on no that's Kevin's baby from

sales right Ultra gamer says moms are

overrated and in modern times they are


slutty sluts with kids that's exactly


and James says women get drunk on

Mother's Day along with leisure daddy

along with leisure baby daddy dick right

you guys are coming with the comments



sharp assists against us being a mom

requires total selfishness something no

one will find today just watch moms on

their phones I'm telling you I'm telling


Ultra gamers has so many moms on

Instagram and Facebook etc attention

whoring with pics of herself looking

slutty and picks up her kids looking for

those likes from other people and

thirsty Sims



chaparro man says I had a mom tell me

today that her 21 year old son her 21

year old 6 foot 4 inch son kept having a

tantrum about something he wanted in the

store she refused to give in he then

picked her up carried her to the aisle

where at while she finally gave in to

his tantrum yes she is now in her third

divorce and single mom yes she's in the

gym getting that body and advertising

mode that's what I'm saying that's what

I'm saying

sharp assists correctly says you do not

have to censor yourself here yeah let it

fly guys let it fly

number nine if she cheats your foot

going back to number five guys less sex

more flights all of that stuff is going

to turn you into a beta male guys okay

and guess what all of all of that makes

you less attractive and the less

attractive you become the less

attractive you become the more she'll

cheat that's just how it is

think about it guys think about this

you're at home every night okay you're

not out with your friends you're not

doing it whatever it is that you need to


pardon me there's something in my eye

here you know again you don't have time

to work out you've gone from being here

to being there because of kids it's just

like I said I forget was number five or

six your relation it was number five

your relationship is likely to end and

if it ends guess what she is going to

cheat which brings me to number ten and

this is the biggest reason why you can't

you should not have kids you can't when

she cheats and she will you can't just

up and leave can't just up and leave her

number one that's child support right

you know that you know that family law

you know that that that family courts

are gonna give her the kids every single

time okay and if you abandon her you can

possibly lose your kids or you have to

explain to your kids why you or she is


if you have kids you can't just up and

leave your woman even if you move to

another state guess what she's gonna

find you and get that child to port

and you don't want to abandon your kids

you want to be in your kids lives it's a

catch-22 guys every single time


two things in this world that can ruin a

man's life are women and children guys

get a vasectomy okay get up second me


oh you didn't pass on your your legacy

your genes guys big fucking deal man a

lot of niggas out here have kids with

the wrong women and they wish they

hadn't you think they're thinking well

at least I'm passing on my legacy no

they're not thinking that stuff nah

you're passing on both of your legacies

which means your legacy and her ranch @s

legacy to do yourself a favor guys do

not have children it is not worth it

well that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live my thanks to all of you who

showed up of course episode 241 is gonna

be strictly for patrons only hope you

guys enjoyed this free version of TSR

live it will be up on soundcloud one

week from today SoundCloud iTunes

stitcher and the Google Play app thanks

for watching


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