Never allow her to talk about her ex in your presence: BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

Episode 153 was BANNED FROM YOUTUBE because Donovan unveiled the truth about the fact that way too many men blindly take their wives and girlfriends words for it when they start talking shit about their ex boyfriends or ex husbands. What's more is that they actually BELIEVE the nonsense that comes out of their mouths about what a horrible person he was.

Watch BANNED FROM YOUTUBE Episode 153 here

YouTube couldn't handle me keepin' it 100 about the fact that girls shouldn't be waxing poetic about their exes to their current boyfriends or husbands. They also couldn't handle me telling the truth about the fact that dudes aren't checkin' for black least not to the extent that they would "harass" them on the street. This was a classic episode. Enjoy.

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Are black women victims of street harassment?



previously on TS are like the movie get

out gentlemen is a sad example of how a

bullshit Hollywood science fiction

make-belief fantasy can be given any

measure of credence and the black

community this movie get out

okay this movie was about white people

we used a white girl to lure black men

to their house to harvest his DNA

somehow by some sort of surgical

neurological surgery for the benefit of

dying white people and subsequently

making the black people some sort of

mind control

zombie slave and you've got niggas out

here talking about bruh you see what you

see how white folks is that some real

shit brothers better watch this shit of

thing if they want to stay woke that is

the most ignorant ass shit I've ever

heard in my fucking life and now your

man Donovan sharp how is your boyfriend

lucky to have you you're fucking your

boss what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated you cannot out

train a bad diet never believe

everything a woman tells you she will

always you're always broke because you

spend your money on dumb shit every

month if you've only slept with five

guys then why was it so easy to fuck

what's up guys it's our men Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of TSR

live presented by happy hippo herbals it

is Thursday November 9th 2017 two weeks

away from Thanksgiving might actually be

doing some traveling for that and as a

matter of fact it's far more likely than

not that I will definitely be leaving

town for Thanksgiving shoutout to truth

from troy two dollar super chat right

out the gate I appreciate the support my

friend thank you thank you guys very

much listen two dollars twenty dollars

five dollars whatever every little bit

definitely counts and every little bit

helps all right well let's get to it

I've been a supervisor a few times at

various jobs and I'm sure a lot of you

guys probably have too

and part of the job of course being a

supervisor is hiring new employees you

know I used to you know I looked at

applications I did interviews I did

second review submitted my

recommendation since supervisor and so

forth after a while it became it became

pretty obvious to me that all of the

candidates that I had personally

interviewed after all the resumes and

applications that I'd combed through I

very rarely III figured out that I very

rarely came across an applicant who

admitted that they had actually been

fired from a previous employer of the

dozens of people I interviewed I can

think of maybe four or five who actually

admitted that they were fired from a job

but even the people who told that even

the people who I thought were being

honest with me

they too deflected blame I heard things

like well I was laid off or my company

was downsizing I heard once my

supervisor railroaded me I was treated

unfairly laughs actually last year I was

sued by a woman I was sued by a woman

that I fired for missing too many days

because she was perpetually late she

took three hour lunches and she missed

too many days okay now she sued me for

wrongful termination now I got a summary

judgment and she lost her case because

she was late to court but do you think

she told her next potential employer the

real reason she was fired of course not

she probably didn't even put her short

employment she probably didn't even

mention her short employment with me on

her application she probably need to

mention it so the obvious question here

is why do applicants lie about being

fired why do they leave out jobs they

were fired from her make up some

bullshit story as to why they were let

go why do they never take accountability

and say hey you know what I was fired

because I was a bad employee I was late

all the time and I didn't do my job very

well and because of that I was

terminated well the obvious answer is

because they want the job they're

interviewing for they don't want to hurt

their chances of getting and

subsequently keeping the job that they

want and who can blame them guys I mean

listen there's no reason for someone to

volunteer disparaging information about

themselves when they know that it could

damage their employment prospects

there's no need to give undisclosed

there's no need to give unsolicited dirt

on yourself when you know it could

negatively affect you

Angele that's just common sense and if

they get hired they continue to avoid

that personal accountability in terms of

what led to their dismissal at their

last job guys that's human nature well

girls do exactly the same thing when it

comes to dating and relationships to put

in applications right with different men

through various dating apps see harmony

tinder match calm etcetera and she'll

get callbacks and glutes on dates and

get interviewed by a bunch of different

guys by a bunch of different dudes they

want to know what makes her tick

they want to know what her goals are

what she wants in a man and all the

boring dull shit that most men talk

about on first dates now she won't

really try to impress those guys she'll

be late to the date she'll order

expensive drinks and she'll make him

pick up the tab rinse and repeat but

then she meets the guy who makes her

vagina buzz the guy who's witty makes

fun of her keeps her on her toes takes

care of himself not afraid to call her

out on her bullshit and she wants to

start fucking him

what you'll do here is she will put her

best foot forward and she starts talking

about how she's independent on the

outside but traditional on the inside

because deep down like all women she

knows that men like traditional girls

she makes sure she's looking good all

the time

nails are always done hair looking good

every time she sees him she gives him

the pussy whatever whenever he wants she

does everything right after a while she

starts to realize the guy she's been

fucking as a keeper

he's not just a booty call to her

anymore he's the kind of guy she can see

herself with long term so she steps up

her game and gets invited to a second

interview and other words he's told her

he's thinking about becoming exclusive

with her so now they spend just about

every night together she cooks for him

when he's at when she's at hit when he

wouldn't when he is at her place she

cleans up for him when she's at his

place she represents him well in public

she doesn't disrespect him puts puts his

need before needs before her and before

long he starts to interview her right he

starts to ask her where she sees herself

in five years what she's looking for in

a relationship and what her political

views are how she feels about children

and so forth

the the the the boring questions that

she used to get asked on dates by men

she wasn't interested in now all of a

sudden she's interested in answering

those questions

and then he asks her about her last

relationship and she is ready with the

same answer that she and every other

woman out here on the dating market has

been using for decades which is I was a

wonderful girlfriend her wife I did

everything for him I was good to him and

for no reason at all for reasons known

only to him he cheated on me started

doing drugs developed a gambling problem

became an alcoholic and beat me up every

single day he was a complete asshole who

never appreciated me he talked down to

me he called me names and destroyed my

self-esteem and when I found out he got

another woman pregnant that was the last

straw I packed my shit and left after

the five worst years of my life now of

course guys that's an extreme and

example and that that's an extreme

example and that includes all of the

worst-case scenarios but if you guys pay

attention that's not too far from what

women are really telling dudes about

their past about their past

relationships all right listen nothing's

ever their fault everything was his

fault she was the world's greatest

girlfriend while he was the world's

worst husband she did everything right

while he couldn't do anything right it

was all completely and totally his fault

from beginning to end she was perfect

now here's the thing guys most men

believe just about anything a woman says

in the beginning of a relationship and

the reason why is that everything is new

the sex is great you guys love being

around each other all the time which is

great because the newness the newness of

a relationships stupefies the male mind

into shutting off our natural instincts

and bullshit detectors we believe her

when she says we're the first guy who's

ever fucked her in the ass even though

she suggested anal earlier that night we

believed her when she tells us she's

honest even when it's not easy for her

to be and we believe her when she talks

about how terrible her ex was and how

wonderful she was this is no accident

guys women know that the best time to

imprint what they want us to believe

about them is in the beginning of a

relationship when she's swallowing our

loads when she's wearing heels every day

when she makes you breakfast in the

morning at when she makes you breakfast

breakfast in the morning before you wake

up after fucking her all night long when

she does your laundry and then

we think to ourselves man what an idiot

that guy was why the hell did he let her

get away why the hell didn't eat what

why didn't he treat her so well she

seems wonderful to me and herein lies

the problem gentlemen never once during

any of her 14 tirades about her ex did

you ever consider that she was telling

that never once during those tirades did

you ever consider that even if she was

telling the truth that there may have

been a reason for his bad treatment of

her we never thought about the

possibility that he drank every night

because she was insufferable and it was

all he could do to drown out her

incessant nagging we never considered

the reason that he cheated on work on

her is because she cheated first right

we don't think about the fact that maybe

he was an asshole to her because she was

a bitch to him first and she had an

attitude problem we don't think of any

of this stuff because we're too busy

shooting our loads down her throat

after eating meals she cooks for us

we're enjoying this great treatment so

much that our minds quite literally

block we block out the rational concept

of cause and effect we know that for

every sequence there's a consequence we

know that for every action there's a

reaction but she is so good to us we

simply cannot think rationally when it

comes to thinking about her and in the

midst of all that if we do get an

inkling that she might be leading us on

that she might not being completely

honest with us okay that she might not

be telling us the whole story we're damn

sure not gonna quiz her on the details

or dig deeper or ask her why he did

these things and you want to know why

guys because deep down we know she's

full of shit we know men don't come home

and beat their wives we know we know men

don't come home and beat their wives

while snorting coke and drink and

alcohol while bragging about the

strippers he's fucking for no reason at

all okay we know women who are good to

men get treated well in return we know

this stuff but we don't want to open

that can of worms because we don't want

to upset the applecart she'll get

defensive she'll get upset and that

starts the beginning of the end of the

honeymoon period so we stay quiet we let

her badmouth her ex while glorifying

herself and enjoy the ride because it's

an easier and much better experience at

least in the short term but there will

come a time when you get tired of

hearing about how terrible her ex was

and the horrible things he did or didn't


you can and you can't quiz her on the

details because you signed up on her

version of the truth the very first time

she started talking about him when you

shook her your head and showed her that

you bought her story now on the other

hand you can't start baton you can't

start bad-mouthing him because then

she'll start to defend him she can talk

shit about her ex but if you do you're

the bad guy because you're indirectly

accusing her of having bad taste in men

which will piss her off

and trigger a natural reaction to defend

her judgement which means defending him

because she chose to be with him that's

a lose-lose situation

so my guys are probably thinking so what

do we do when she starts talking about

her ex Donovan this is simple

and I'd use this every single time these

exact words if she starts talking about

her ex just say whoa don't talk about

your ex I don't mean I don't want or

need to know anything about him there

are two sides to every story and I'm not

gonna pass judgment on someone I don't


and leave it at that this does a couple

of very important things gentlemen

number one she were said she respects


any man who lets a woman know in no

uncertain terms that he will not allow

her to do something let alone talk about

something that seemingly every girl lets

her do like talk about her boy talk talk

to her about her boyfriend at some point

earns her respect and it stops the

behavior immediately now every once in a

while she may slip up and accidentally

mention something during a conversation

because it's relevant to what you're

talking about which is perfectly normal

it happens but she'll catch herself and

she'll apologize and she'll never

proactively she'll never proactively

start talking about her ex in your

presence again

a second thing it does is it lets her

know that you don't believe everything

that comes out of her mouth every other

guy she's ever dated listen intently

while she talked about her asshole

drug-addicted abusive ex and believed

every word that came out of her mouth

for no other reason but that she said it

she may have been appreciative of his

agreement and gullibility at the time

but she lost respect for him the minute

he signed off on her bullshit story by

silent by being silently agreeable when

you tell her there's two sides to every

story that lets her know that you're the

kind of man who doesn't take everything

she says at face value you're the kind

of man who watches what she does instead

of believes everything she says like

every other guy she's dated and

eventually cheated on so long with the

respect she gains for you you let her

know that seeing is believing meaning

which means you know when you're being

lied to and women respect men who don't

believe everything they hear gentlemen

do not allow a woman to talk about her

ex in front of you she's never gonna own

up to her role in the demise of a

relationship just like an applicant's

never going to tell you they were ever

fired from a job

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to the show so let's check the chat here

see who we've got

JP jamaica pepper good to see you in the

house shout out to you deep 1985 good to

see you in here

good to see the good to see to my mods

in here shout out to truth from Troy

$2 super chat appreciate that he got

that at the top of the show

shout out to anti-gravity 74 good to see

you in here TNM the night man good to

see you in here Donnell I don't think

I've seen you in the chat before but

it's good to see you in here unless I

mean unless haven't been paying

attention but good to see you in here

shout-out to you

unseen extreme shout out to you as well

anti-gravity 74 says Donovan's den has

been lit appreciate you dropping a lot

of dropping a lot these days yeah yeah

um you know these communities are we we

talk about we talk a lot about what's

wrong with society what's wrong with

women what's wrong with feminism but

there isn't there isn't too much in the

way of practical application of the

knowledge that we have

you've got the PUA sites that you know

hey are you from Tennessee you're the

only too noisy you know stupid cheesy

pickup lines

see here's the thing guys we don't need

someone to tell us as men we don't need

we don't need people we don't need the

world to tell us what we want we know

what we want we want fit beautiful women

who are traditional cook clean fuck suck

etcetera etc we don't need people to

tell us what we need we need we need to

we need people to tell us what we don't

and that's what Donovan's den is for yes

I will give you tricks of the trade how

to overcome approach anxiety but then I

also want to show you guys and teach you

guys how to separate the women who will

be faithful to you from the women who

will cheat on you so that's the main

idea of Donovan's den so so appreciate

the shout out there from gravity 74

about Donovan's den just five bucks a

month on patreon guys sign up today

see March Charles merchants good to see

you in here

ooh Marius says finally live shout out

to you bloomer is I guess this is the

first time you've been in here good to

see you in here

shoutout to Eric P with the $2 super

temp reciate that he says quote came to

the chat room and instantly started

tricking you know what see I said man

everybody knows that ain't written if

you got it I'm managing

Jeremie clay good to see you in here I

don't know man like man I tell you what

dude the chats are getting I mean my

audience is getting bigger bigger I've

got through good Lord I've got 36 watch

it now I'm usually in the 20s but it's

good to see new people in here it's good

to see new fresh blood new fans of the

show new fans of the show

jamaican peppa says quote it's always

the man's fault after spending an

eternity with the bad guy really now

exactly and if he and the funny thing is

is some girls will talk they'll talk

shit about their exes oh he was this and

he beat me and he abused me and he raped

me but then in the same breath she'll

say oh god but nobody fucked me like him

or oh man we had some good times are all

things were bad but man we loved each


it's always something always something

Donnell says Donovan preach fan women do

women never do anything wrong my sisters

taught me not to trust women on any

scale listen your sisters and your

mothers will do they will hook you up

with red pill truth the women who know

and love you who who aren't afraid to

let you know yo look bitches out here

are scandalous listen you can get red

pill true from you get red pill truth

from the manosphere but I'm telling you

what man if if you are blessed with

mothers and sisters and aunts and

grandmas who will take you side and be

like yo look Donovan bitches are

scandalous out here here's how to handle

them you are a lucky you are a lucky man

so Donnell you are you are fortunate in

that regard truth from Troy give this

truth from Troy women will always play

the victim you better believe it no

matter what women always play the victim

like I say in the in in the beginning

montage women never tell you the whole

story they always leave something out

and what they leave out is their role in

the demise of a relationship it always

works always works

paul Sanabria is he is listening on the

road shout-out to PS Paul you got to hit

me in D you got it hit me on send me an

email man we got to talk about your kid

about your son man we get we we got to

get to your son man we need to stage we

need to stage an intervention Donovan a

sharp style and I'm not talking about

where he walks in in you know Paul's son

we're concerned nah nah nigga we're

gonna we're gonna tie your ass up we're

in it we're gonna staple your eyelids

open and you're gonna watch you're gonna

binge watch TSR live make a man a da

grow some hair on your chest

yeah definitely hit me Paul Donovan

sharp are okay at we'll

definitely talk aunt James shoutout to

you my friend with the $5 super chat he

says great topic you always come he says

you always come with that fire game

that's the only game I know bruh

appreciate that appreciate it

Charles merchants says my answers that's

what you get oh my god my boyfriend beat

me and he abused me in desert and he's a

drug addict that's what you get bitch

now bend over I love it love it

yes Donnell points out never shit on

another man in the presence of a woman

nothing says simply oh he was such an

asshole to you nigga you don't know what

happened in their relationship for all

you know she cheated first and that's

probably what happened nothing saps hmm

nothing drains the respect from a woman

for you by believing everything she has

told you about her ex and then you

jumping on that train like even even

like in the lake like like right then

and there she's probably thinking oh I

appreciate it and it's not any other non


nah mm-hmm she listen she has lost that

respect for you if you buy that bullshit

story that she is telling she's lost

respect for you for you trust and


spot-on Donnell couldn't have said that

better myself Paul Sanabria shout-out to

you my friend $5 super chat he says keep

informing the unwise that's what I'm

here for man that's what I'm here for I

appreciate that thank you thank you

so wait senator shoutout to you

good to see you in here ETF 42 says

shout out to ETF 42 says quote I think

bringing up an ex is a shit test it must

be handled as such yes that's exactly

right that's exactly right a lot of

girls like to talk about their they like

to talk glowing and it's funny like up

red girls do this to me before

even if she even if she's bad-mouthing

or or if she's badmouth on her ex or

she's she's glorifying her ex it's the

same thing whoa don't talk to me about

your ex I wasn't there so I don't know

I'm not gonna pass judgment on somebody

I don't know either way yeah I agree

with ETF 42 they'll be like okay let me

test him and talk about my ex ah my ex

had a 19-inch dick great go fuck him

then yeah

good observation ez-up 42 was actually

the I did an episode called why men

reject the red pill I forget what

episode it was it was way back but ETF

42 was the brainchild behind that

episode so shoutout CTF 42 and I'll tell

you what DTF 42 always has he always has

a very profound point of view on this

stuff he puts things very very

eloquently in terms of in terms of red

pill truths um it's it's good to have

him as a listener and a viewer and in

the chat definitely definitely

jamaican peppa says when she's talking

about her ex I say not interested in how

you feel about another to Jett focus

that's a great response man I like that

whoa whoa whoa baby girl

not interested stay focused right here

this is your focus

another response is oh and you know I

hope I hope I hope you talk so glowingly

about me when I'm your ex I don't get

her ass in line

Paul Sanabria says once those females

start that crap and talk about his

family or kids don't let her meet your

family cuz she will talk shit about

yours - dude exactly man

exactly listen you're gonna eventually

be her ex like wrap your mind around

that concept everything she's talking

all the shit she's talking about her ex

like to think the things that she did

the things that he did guess what her

next boyfriend she's gonna say the same

thing about you and you're gonna be

fucking her behind his back just like

she was fucking him behind yours

rinse and repeat this is the cycle man

this is American women this is what

we're dealing with

truth from Troy says he is watching at

work and I watch that you better watch

that titi like for spike for serious

like if some bitch rose upon you

watching and watching this shit man you

might might fuck around and be in the

unemployment line be careful this is

NSFW on the strength

do a piece acceptable have you seen or

heard the recent red pill black debate

on Ruben report no I have not and I

watched um I forget who recommen the

other one but I watched that CNN I

watched that CNN documentary or a

documentary that report on the red pill

I'm doing a show with the limited man

this Saturday I'm doing another one the

very next Saturday with him talking

talking specifically about that so so so

yeah I mean yeah be ready guys I've got

I've got some serious got some serious

content going on up in here

but no I have not read I've not seen

that let me put this in here red pill

black bait Ruben report so I'll

definitely check that out and pillow

okay there it is yeah red pill black

Blair white yeah looks like about an

eight-minute video I think that's the

right one so I'll definitely check that

out I love I love to watch and read

stuff that the mainstream media puts out

about the red pill I'm always interested

to see how we're gonna be portrayed and

it's never it's never the right thing

but I find that I find that I find that

very interesting I find that fascinating

Keio fitness and coaching shoutout to

you my friend says great show as always

good to see you in here shout out to

ruminant melon oi $2 superjet appreciate


et f42 says when women say something

that is red pill your ears will

practically ring yeah yeah you're right

you're like wait the fuck that she said

she actually acknowledged that women are

hoes like did she say that out loud

ah truth of choice says he is on the

phone with his earbuds not on the work

computer dude fuck bro you put dude if

you Google Donovan sharp at work dude

that's gonna melt your computer like as

soon as you put in Donovan sharp calm as

soon as you get the answer button you're

like god damn I already got a summons

from HR what the fuck like for real guys

I fuck around get you fired man don't

fuck around get fired

anti-gravity 74 says red pill in the

manosphere at large is on the divine the

dev line because the alt right and

racist fucks negro the negro manosphere

only stronghold left totally agree man

totally agree listen I've said this all

week long and somebody pointed this out

when I was on with when I was on with

with DB Darren brown last Friday the I

mean listen the red pill has Vil has

literally been hijacked by the alt-right

when people think right and that's what

the CNN report was about she interviewed

a black guy who wanted to remain

anonymous and he said the reason why he

spit out the red pill which we all know

you can't do but the reason why he spit

it out is because he because he saw

racist comments and shit on there you

know like listen Chateau artiste was as

instrumental as any site was in terms of

my red pill development but dude there's

some racist shit over there

he calls black people didn't do I'm not

with that man like listen the guy knows

a shit but dude like I'm not no I'm not

signing off on that like fuck that

you're not gonna call me dude you can

say whatever you want you can have your


I'll speak the truth but nah man like

I'm I'm not gonna I'm not gonna cosign

I'm not gonna cosign on someone you can

have your opinions about you know about

what you think but dude nom fuck dad do

AP says Donovan it's not our red pill

but the co-opted term what I mentioned

was a debate turned into the cat fight

the gay guy couldn't moderate okay

all right well let's move on to the

second part of the show and

a few days ago I actually told you guys

that I was gonna do I was gonna talk

about black women and their alleged

street harassment claims but let's ask

the real question here are black women

victims of street harassment

hmm okay I must have said something that

set off my not there all right so now

that LX has done oh crap I said her name

again all right never mind so now that

my echo dot has said her piece the

answer is fuck no all right now before

you black bitches I know I know you

black bitches are watching me

you guys are hate watching me oh this

nigga this man before you guys start

squawking let's keep it 100 we all know

we're not talking about the street

harassment that involves illegal

activities like stalking burglary

physical intimidation etc etc the street

harassment we're talking about and that

you know we're talking about our dudes

trying to holler dudes trying to fuck

dudes walking upon dude dudes walking up

on bitches and run a game even got like

catcalling wolf-whistling Mackin

whatever we all know what we're talking

about here so so miss me with that

bullshit line-by-line definition to

prove a point

well there is street harassment because

according to the law is shut the fuck up

we all know what it is so now that

that's out of the way I'll say it again

hell no black women are not victims of a

street harassment dudes ain't out here

hollering at black women on the street

man at least not the dudes women wanna

fuck sure the average ass hood nigga

might walk up on them and start running

game and they might start talking to him

but they ain't getting offers from the

kind of men that most women that they

wouldn't get the offers that most women

would want to sleep with unless they are

a top 1% err okay I'm talking in

exquisite an exquisite specimen of the

kind of black woman that every man of

every race wants to stick a stick in

okay thank pre wall Halle Berry Stacy -

in her prime Paula Patton Megan good

Melyssa Ford etc so the question here is

why aren't they getting harassed anymore

well why do men not run game on black

women in public like they used to okay

and and here's a better question why

aren't women a lying about these

imaginary hordes of men from all races

coming all coming at them from every

direction with marriage proposals and

all this shit well the answer to that is

that dudes don't want to fuck black

chicks anymore

I've said before guys that black women

are at the very bottom of the sexual

food chain

the hard truth pisses them off

especially when someone points it out

but I can't I can't say I blame him for

being pissed off about it again I'll say

this again in terms of what men

physically prefer the average black

woman just isn't most men Stipe

they're well aware of the fact that

aesthetically speaking men of value

regardless of race would rather holler

and talk to white girls Latinas Asians

and even Indian girls both dots and

feathers before considering talking to a

black girl but I don't give a shit about

their plight and neither should you it's

their problem and theirs alone and if

they want to change their sexual

prospects if they want to increase their

fuckability options it's on them period

that said there's no need there is no

need for a man of value to talk to these

chicks because the return on investment

isn't even close to worth it what the

fuck is gonna risk who the fuck is gonna

risk anything and try to pick up a woman

who wakes up angry who's gonna do that

I'm not and I'm black the black woman

stereotype guys exists for a reason and

most men in the free world have seen

confirmations of said stereotypes up

close and personal on multiple occasions

as a result men ain't lining up around

the block to wait on these precious

beautiful innocent black women black

women who make all their dreams come

true because at the end of the day

American black women ain't shit they are

less than a dime of fucking dozen and

that's all there is to it so why do

black women lie about getting harassed

on the street

well most of us know that women lie

about everything especially who listen

especially about things having to do

with avoiding personal responsibility

who they are as people and of course

their parenting oh I'm such a good

mother really then why did you leave jr.

in the house while you went off and fuck

this nigga across the street like where

did that come from but what most females

lied the most about are their sexual

options on the dating market one of the

most things the first thing they lie

about is how many guys they fuck in the

top three are their sexual options on

the dating market so for example fat

girl fat chicks I'll tell tell their

girlfriend shit like oh my god I told

they got hit on by this idea at the club

knowing full well that dude wouldn't

fuck her with somebody else's dick

black women on the other hand they take

this one step further and lie about the

fact that white men are lining up around

the block okay to date them to cope with

the fact that in the sexual marketplace

they are almost nobody's time guys

listen I talk I dedicate an entire

episode to this in episode 118 go check

it out why do women lie about their

sexual prospects on the dating market

got a lot of fan mail on that one now in

the same vein women of all races lie

about their alleged attractiveness and

one of the most popular ways

incidentally enough incidentally enough

is making false sexual harassment rape

and sexual assault accusations one of

the reasons women falsely accuse men of

sexual harassment sexual crimes etcetera

is because it is an indirect way of

establishing sexual attractants tractive

nough says he raped me it automatically

assumes the perpetrator was sexually

attracted what was sexually aroused by

the victim so so much that he was

willing to commit a crime break the law

in order to fuck her and don't get

herself gentlemen a woman with no

romantic prospects would rather make a

false rape accusation than be invisible

to men on the dating scene this happens

every day don't kid yourselves

this is the same mindset that black

women have been telling the world that

they're victims of street harassment on

the regular width they would have us

believe they would have us believe okay

that men want them soap men of all races

want them so badly that they're

committing the crime of cat calling them

in public because black girls are just

so goddamn hot right of course they act

like they don't of course they act like

they don't want this attention which

further drives home the myth that

they're so inundated with offers that

they had the luxury of rejecting these

men but they know as well as anybody

that if men actually did come on to them

in public they'd be putting their

numbers in their phones before they

could even introduce themselves thirsty

as bitches the only thing black would

with the only thing black women are

victims of besides themselves are being

enchanted by their delusions of grandeur

they they can only wish that they had

the same problems as attractive women

did right but because they don't try to

convince us and themselves that they're

in such high demand that men can't help

themselves around them save that ship

for someone else man we ain't buying it


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all right let's jump back in the jump

back on the chat here

truth from choice said didn't do what

the fuck is that I immediately knew what

he was getting at man and like I said

the guy listen I think his name is James

or something the guy knows a shit but

but I'm not I'm not with that race stuff

man like like I always say that that

part of part of taking the red pill is

understanding the truths about your

sexual market value as a manic

understanding the true sexual hierarchy

without all the politics and black guys

are always like well I should be I'm

valuable and I should think the best

listen that's all well and good but

guess what most girls prefer white guys

there's no denying that okay but for the

other side for white guys to be talking

shit about us to me that's just hate

okay white guys that white guys like

that they're just mad we're fucking

their broads man that's all that is so

fuck him fuck that guy man he knows what

he's talking about but I'm not I'm not

with that man

Timoteo forces I stopped going to many

of those sites years ago because they

always devolve into that racist nonsense

the regular manosphere was largely for

white guys I agree

listen the the white manosphere as oh

she likes to call it as he as he

correctly calls it yeah um this is where

the white man has fears where I learn

game like this is where I came of age as

a red pillow where male but you see a

lot of times it does devolve into the

racist talk it really does man and I'm

not I'm not with that man I don't get

into that oh dude I'll tell the truth

about race but I'm not about I'm not

about to tolerate somebody calling me

like didn't do or some shit like that

just because you're mad that we're

fucking your women that doesn't give you

that doesn't give you the rub no no no

you have the right to say anything right

say whatever the fuck you want but don't

be mad that we're fucking your girls you

can call us whatever you want we're not

gonna stop fucking your woman so fuck

you beast into a double is seven good to

see you in here

Charles merchant says any ideology that

exposed women is instantly pigeonhole to

the alt-right or white supremacy 100%


abso-fuckin'-lutely men

biess ninja double-oh-seven says quote I

was called beautiful outside of


hashtag me to write shut up to louis key

Louie key $5 super chat appreciate the

support Louis regular listener of mine

like the video obey Jamaican Peppa like

the video guys as you come into the

video like the video got to get the

likes up right now we have 41 people

watching 41 people watching so the

audience is growing slowly but surely I

will get I will get live streaming

capabilities back on my main channel

which is up over 4700 subscribers around

Christmas I think it's gonna be a little

bit before Christmas but I'm gonna do

I'm going to do a show live on Christmas

that'll be the firt that that'll be my

comeback show on my other channel and

the the the audience there should be

substantially should be substantially

large should be substantially larger

anteye the Nightman says they live for

attention will of course yes absolutely

gravity 74 says yep it's a guy they like

it's not street harassment street

harassment it's just the ones they don't

like aka creeps this is how sexual

harassment and rape false rape claims

come into play right if a girl fuck if a

girl fucks a hot guy he never calls her

again okay

she might have buyer's remorse but at

least she was hot police he was hot

right but if he was ugly or if or if she

got drunk and some you know on some

three or four okay ends up fucking her

that night she'll accuse him of rape

because she wasn't attracted to him same

with sexual harassment claims if a guy

who looks good if a hottie

goes and hits on the girl she's not

going to say she's not going to HR she

wants to fuck that guy but if the creep

if Larry if creepy Larry from account he

goes over and talks to her hey how are

you he can just make an accusation oh my

god he's sexually harassing me well what

did he do he said hi in a creepy way

head there go back to your fucking

cubicle and get on Facebook fuck out of


Donnell says I love my sister's butt

latina but Latinas show a nigga too much

love you're goddamn right brah mexican

girls Latinas Puerto Ricans Dominicans

they love them some black people they

love niggas man

straight-up I'm telling y'all that's a

honey hole that is a honey hole listen

if you don't want to date black girls

anymore but you're not quite sure about

white girls meet them right in the

middle man do plenty of Hispanic pussy

out there for you for y'all straight up

I'm telling you

gravity 70 forces indian chicks finest

el they expose those exposed bellies are

hot as fuck straight up get up never

fucked an indian girl man never fucked

an indian girl or an asian girl

aunt James says no one approaches these

hungry hippo bitches at Bob like oh my

god they are delusional a far as they

are no one hits on fat chicks in public

if you're a chubby chaser you're on the

low like if you're a dude who likes to

fuck fat chicks you ain't trying to let

anybody catch you wait hold on was it

you just talking to a factor I like what

was that not a la man like nah we just

friends man like I knew from back in the

day man not as cool is cool

Charles Burgess does I work with this

guy who claims to be red pill he smashes

all black chicks off tinder am

oh wow truth from choice says I saw Tyra

Banks Show long ago and it was about how

black women and Asian men are the least

desire of all red pill truth from Tyra

Banks she's absolutely right the tomb

that the male and female equivalent of

the bottom of the totem pole are black

women and Asian men and Indian men are

not too far down there they're not too

far off of that

perpetual student in the house shout out

to you perpetual student I got in


I got an unbelievable email from him

big-time testimonial from perpetual

student and I'm gonna read that live on

the air next week this guy this guy PS

quite literally did a 180 and his

journey like like he's still on his red

pill journey man but he listened many he

you know he he was living with a fat

bitch she wasn't giving him who wasn't

giving him sex and that was all he

needed man obviously there's more to the

story but yeah he he kicked the fat

bitch to the curb he got the fuck up out

of there and now he lives the red pill

life man I always like to hear about

people that I've influenced people whose

lives I've helped changed and perpetual

student sent me I mean he detailed it he

he sent me a grave email so I'm gonna

read that I'm gonna read that live on

the air so good to see you in here good

to see you in the chat

do AP says catcalling always turns into

sexual harassment then sexual assault in

a woman's story bitch felt raped when

getting hollered at by an ugly guy yes

of course that's exactly right but wait

a minute

okay there we go

PS says I can already hear Iams laughing

yeah man I call him the Joker

every day drei says a plan shoutout to

you everyday Dre I think this is the

first time I've seen you in here he says

quote a fat black chick in college was

always protesting street harassment

knowing damn well she never got it no

that's what I'm saying the bitches who

holler about sexual harassment are fat

or ugly bitches or fat ugly bitches like

you see these slut walks these ugly like

these fat ugly bitches fat ugly bitches

walking around with shirts that say slut

bitch you wish you want to make a fat

girls day call our slut

old-school writer says who's the Simba

the day Don I couldn't find one today

man I already had I already had this

show in place I didn't see anything that

yeah old-school Raider says our women

are always copping off white women right

they talk shit about white girls but

they do their best imitate them

King visas that's right Donovan - the

two most racist groups are black women

and white men yeah a dude of course dude

oh my god white men and white men are

pissed off because we're fucking their

women and black women are pissed off

because we're fucking white girls the

enemy of my enemy is my friend

gravity 74 says Donovan I don't know if

you've talked about it but social media

fucked up the game fat chicks bat chicks

getting drooled on by thousands of men

talking about drinking their bathwater

oh my god yeah I seen that seen that

shit man there's this group on Facebook

called fountain of Legends it ain't

nothing but fucking fat bitches with

tattoos and sloppy titties tonk BOTS

don't be afraid to say hi and like 500

niggas is like hi baby girl

wifey material I'm like are you serious

with this shit

unbelievable I agree I agree social

media absolutely fucked up the game

do AP says Donovan do you have any

episodes on bipolar or borderline women

I do not I was married to one but that

is a good show topic


huh the amateur artists good to see you

in here shout out to you my friend

Donnell says to be a slut dudes gonna

want to fuck you know to be a slut do to

be a slut you gotta be fucking dudes you

gotta be fucking dudes like listen every

guy wants to fuck every girl really I

mean at the end of the day if they're

fuckable like listen sexual desire

sexual sexual desire sexual needs

wanting to have wanting to fuck doesn't

make a girl a slut acting on those

sexual impulses is what makes the girl a


the amateur artist says what about

Indian men and then he says Amen don't

talk shit about people and their

ignorance and their interest with your

ugly-ass face all here we go there we go

we got a troll in the building the

amateur artist is clearly living up to

the name

what no no no racial slurs no n-words

like seriously man you're gonna tell me

I have an ugly face when I clearly do

not come on man dude if you're gonna do

it if you're I'm serious if you're gonna

troll you got to do it right I think

some dude in here yesterday was like all

niggers go back to Africa

yawn fuck out of here

Donnell says I love O'Shea but there's

mad fat bitches in there see

O'Shea see that's the difference between

me and O'Shea I do not allow women to

comment on this thread they can watch

okay but they cannot comment maybe who

knows maybe women are in here now maybe

the amateur artist is a woman I don't

know and I don't know because I can't

prove it but if I can prove that you are

a woman if you got female ways about you

like if you're in here trying to

attention whore and hijack my chat then

I'm kicking your ass out

Jamaica Peppa says the amateur artist

you assim maybe maybe

Charles merchants as men do not judge

the looks of another man maybe probably

not that's gonna do it for this edition

of TSR live my thinks goes out to all of

my super chatters truth from joy $2

Erick PD two dollars aunt James five

dollars Paul Sanabria five dollars room

an atmel annoy to Lois ki five thanks

for listening everybody I will see you



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