5 ways your girlfriend's friends will sabotage your relationship - BANNED FROM YOUTUBE

In episode 161, which was BANNED FROM YOUTUBE, Donovan discusses how your woman's girlfriends will try to sabotage your relationship. The friends of your wife and/or girlfriend will actively try to break you up.

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Girls are rarely true friends with each other. They tolerate one another enough to get something out of the other person but as soon as her purpose is served, she's onto the next "bestie."

The main reason girls "breakup" with each other is over a dude. No matter what they say, they'll fuck their "best friend's" boyfriend without a second thought if he makes her pussy wet.

In order to do this they have to sabotage that relationship so as to make her way under the man she wants between her legs. So I'm gonna give you guys 5 ways your girl's friends will sabotage your relationship with her.


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