First date logistics: What to do before you meet up with her (Episode 371)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

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my guest today of course is Jonathan

from modern life dating we had a

kick-ass show

this past I think it was this past

Tuesday and we talked about good we

talked about body language and how to

know when a woman is turned on how to

know when it's time to make the move how

to know when to bring her back to your

place etc etc well this afternoon on

episode 371 we are going to talk about

first date logistics we're gonna talk

about the things that you need to do

before the date to increase your odds of

getting laid Jonathan how you doing man

it's at six o'clock in the morning in

Tokyo Japan am i right uh yeah daylight

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here on the East Coast Jonathan go ahead

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follow me I mean if you watched me you

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right good stuff so today jonathan we

are going to talk about first date

logistics there are a lot of guys out

there who are listen man they're they're

there they're proficient in the art of

pickup they can get an old name they can

get the girl's number they can set up

the date but a lot of times they are

unable to close the deal and what a lot

of guys don't understand is that they

could have closed the deal had they made

a few minor adjustments or actually paid

attention to first date logistics they

may have increased their odds tell my

audience talk to my audience because

they really listen they value what you

say listen man when you say you deliver


you're not kidding man like you you

deliver every you deliver every time

you're on the show that's what I'm gonna

try to have you in here that's what I'm

gonna try to have you in here every

Tuesday and Thursday how important or

you know what we know it's important why

is it important to have all of your

ducks in a row before you actually see

the girl but you know my philosophy sex

is sales and time kills all deals so you

know when the customer is hot when the

girls hot she saw that an emotional high

you don't wanna be like all right baby I

know you're ready to fuck me now but we

got to hit 30 minute cab ride to my

place there we go

all that is is 30 minutes for her to be

like maybe I shouldn't fuck this guy I

don't know he's wearing red pants the

last guy I fucked who also wore red

pants and he left me in the gutter you

then it just it just gives them time to

start analyzing and and overthink

themselves and to think themselves out

of their fucking out of your uh out of

your date out of your structure listen

guys girls are notorious for out

thinking the room and listen this is

this because they're girls girls

overanalyze everything and and just like

Jonathan said this listen this is

numeral uno I actually had a

consultation with the gentleman who was

you know asking me hey Donovan how do I

increase my odds of getting laid of

course you know the standard operating

procedure all questions and the number

one thing is to make sure that you set

up the first date close to where you

live if you're taking her to it and

again this is a first date so this

doesn't need to be a dinner date you

need to take her to the bar you know

take her to get ice cream like Steve the

Dean Williams talks about a lot of times

take her take her to feed the ducks take

her for a coffee you shouldn't be

spending more than 15 more than 15 bucks

20 bucks at the very most if she's

acting right wherever you decide to take

her make sure make sure that you are a

10 minute

uber ride or less to your to back to

your place that is all there is to it

man yeah that's golden advice I can't

tell you how many times you know cuz so

we knew it was obviously I live in Japan

right yeah and you really have to have

your logistics on point when you're here

because everything is calculated

everything like you have to calculate

when is your last train if you miss your

last train then you're stranded at a

station or a city from midnight until

5:00 a.m. you're just stuck there fuck

that and you know you take taxi but it's

gonna run about a fifty two hundred

dollars depending on where you're going

and yeah it just for me when you when

you go on a date with a girl ah as soon

as I planned the date I have penetration

in mind I'm just thinking like okay so

where I plan a straight line back to my

place I think okay

where I meet him meet him at the station

here there's a bar next to the station

between my place in the station and then

from there we can have a casual stroll

and oh look at that we're at my house

back stand they want to go outside and

see my videos of Hawaii and then next

thing you know it's uh it's the no-pants


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um let's see did okay so obviously you

wanna you want to get you want to make

sure that you are as close to whatever

venue date site whatever that you are

that you want to be as close as possible

again just like Jonathan and I agree a

hundred percent you have to because if

you get in the if you get into the cab

if you get into the uber she's gonna

have a lot of time to think another tip

if it's gonna be a 15 minute ride

continue to escalate okay I listen I

listen I've made out with many girls and

the back seats of many many cars in a

taxi and an uber on my way back to my

place or her place you can't just kind

of sit there and alright well I guess no

no no no no no no man with first date

lays are contingent upon momentum if you

have momentum keep the momentum don't

let the momentum die Kevin are good now

it's gonna say hundred-percent


to keep them you know it's kind of a

ruse toxic touches on it a bit you know

you have to kind of keep them you know

cuz these are girls they're you're on

dates with that typically are you know

sluts or whatnot so you gotta like you

gotta dangle the string in front of them

a little bit you got to be like hey you

know wha what's your fuckin sign

whatever just kind of like you got to

fill the air with banter and that's

where that's where Kevin in sales comes

into the picture like Kevin and sales

can talk your fucking ear off about

anything the weather or the fucking

football team or whatever but the thing

is you're gonna run out of material if

you have a 30 minute cab driver and also

if there's alcohol involved you're both

gonna start to sober up and she's gonna

be like well fuck I gotta be up early

tomorrow and stuff and it's you know her

life is gonna start encroaching in yes

and and that is that funnel you'll start

to rationalize it yeah

and admit that she all she's doing is

just rationalizing herself back into her

panties and you don't want that no you

don't uh here's a quick game tip if you

are at the bar and you know you're

getting to the point where you can get

her back to your place what you can do

is order don't order another drink

okay order a shot hey let's do one more

shot before you get out of here yeah

sure boom you do a shot of tequila vodka

whiskey bourbon whatever that way you

keep the alcohol flowing right so now

you're so now you know the the social

lubrication is still going on when you

get into the uber when you get into the

cab ride continue to escalate hands all

over her if you're making out if dude if

you are making out at the bar or

wherever you are continue to make out

with her don't ask permission as soon as

you sit down just grab dude grab her by

the head and make out with her now a lot

of Oberer and cab drivers will say no no

no no no don't touch what oh my god

right lately they tell you don't touch

her don't touch her all right fine

whatever make a game out of it right

grab her tip you look up I didn't just

grab her to it mr. Guber drove her up

I grabbed her leg don't let the uber

driver or the taxicab driver cock quad

because while they may be legitimately

enforcing the rule deep down inside

they're secretly hating on the fact that

you've got a hot redhead with bigger

with with the biggest it's he's ever

seen and you're getting busy in his car

don't let these fuckers be a cock block

fuck now dude ain't no - I'll be listen

your motherfucking Habib I'll give you

one star you motherfucker

Rafael did you dare to dare speak up

dude get your own bitch you know how

that goes one thing that we need to talk

about is ok so we want to make sure that

the venue is close to your place I think

I think we'd be we've certainly beaten

that dead horse what we need to do is we

need to talk about the condition of your

place before you have the girl over now

Ryan Sullivan asked a question he said

what about the hotel room same deal

right if you're flying into Vegas and

you've got a tinder date and you're

staying at the Bellagio or the Aria or

any of the hundred thousand hotels on

the Vegas strip everything is close to

the Vegas strip

just make sure wherever you are staying

wherever you are staying is close to

where you are going to take her or meet

her that's just all there is to it

that's first date 101 obviously the the

hotel room is going to be it's gonna be

very very clean so you do have to worry

about that but what are some steps that

you take Jonathan before getting a bat

getting a girl back to your place oh you

gotta make sure this place is immaculate

you got a trick her into thinking your

life's together that you're not banging

brought after brought this is funny man

I actually had this girl over and I dude

I feel this listen I fucked her but I

failed the shit test listen to this so

this is actually during the day right

and for whatever reason I guess I forgot

to wash my sheets I like I usually I use

a fuck the girl under the sheets but for

whatever reason things got so hot

actually fuck her on my comforter you

know fucking liquids all over the place

and she gets on my bed she's like what

is this it was all dried up she's like

is this a woman's come and I said oh no

no no that that's not a woman's come and

she kind of looked at me kind of

sideways and I was like you know what I

just feel that fucking shit that's that

she said yeah actually it is you know

what you know what that's actually your

cum I've never been here before well you

will be now bend over right what we feel

that your test but yes to echo

Jonathan's point listen guys don't be

lazy okay this is this is a long this is

a long process

okay you don't want the girl to think

you had

OCD by any stretch of the imagination

but she wants that she needs to know

that you're not a fucking slob right now

if your knob like me and you live in a

bit and you live at the Soho and Las

Vegas Vegas high-rise you have a

cleaning lady come through three four

times a week okay you don't have to do

that alright listen I don't have it like

that anymore and I'm going along I'm in

a long-term relationship but if you are

single if you are a bachelor yes

Josie to 20 make your bed dude

make your bed vacuum the floor sweep if

you have hard floors dude wipe down your

mirrors well I saw the kitchen counter

dude clean the fucking bathroom dude

clean the fucking shit stain on the back

here toilet from when you fucking back

from when you fucking you know you know

blue mud a couple days ago wipe down

your toilet see and you know you think

to yourself well she's never gonna lift

up the towel wipe all the piss off the

toilet seat man like we know what's

going on mate and look guys listen also

you also have to understand this

make sure your personal shit isn't lying

around your ID dude maybe your budget

plan your tax return you know

proprietary information don't leave this

stuff around dude again wash dude make

sure your sheets are at leak listen

after you fuck a girl change the sheets

man you don't want other you don't want

another you don't want other girls to

smell other girls on your sheet you want

pre-selection you don't want


right if you have too much fucking game

a lot of girls are like okay I really

wanted to fuck this dude but the student

really sticks his dick and everything

girls want to know your fucking other

girls but they don't want it in their

face yeah you know what uh then there's

like you know look and then going back

to what you said I I would say make sure

your house is as clean as possible

because from my frame of reference every

time I'm with the girl I'm constantly

letting her know I'm better than you oh

yeah so she comes over she's a quiet

place so clean my of course is clean you

fucking slob what are you an animal like

you know I did I just I stalk shit I'm

just like bitch you fucking live in a

cage I'm gonna trailer you know and it's

funny cuz when you go you know what it's

like when you go to a lot of these sluts

houses their fucking house is a

trainwreck of course dude there's listen

there's a common phrase you know if she

smokes she smokes if there's a mess on

the floor she's definitely a whore

I looked at I can't explain this I don't

know if this is scientific the guys that

can help me out here but Jonathan I have

never liked any and I fucked many many

girls in many many of their places dude

you would be surprised at the number of

women who just have shit everywhere they

just have and it's dude their track I

mean it's just like they've got clothes

on the floor and don't even you don't

even listen the bass the the the the the

toilet is clean of course right yeah

what do they got makeup all over the

places fucking clothes all over the

floor the bed has never made if there's

a mess on the floor she's definitely a

whore always remember guys know what's

wrong what's on that woman yes

strong and independent to the point to

where she doesn't really clean yeah

like your I like your neg there watch a

place is so clean what are you not used

to a clean place you fucking pig

yeah bitch you born in a trailer you

fucking live an eight-mile god damn ate

my oh man that's uh that's that's a

crazy shit another another thing on the

checklist you guys have to make sure

that you are locking down make sure you

have alcohol guys listen man this

happened to me earlier this is actually

before I got my Vegas high raise when I

was listed living in my normal apartment

dude I can't tell you how many times I

missed out on the pussy simply because I

did not have alcohol did the shot

escalated in the taxi cab blah blah blah

blah blah we get out to my place and you

know we're kind of sitting around right

she's like so do you have anything to

drink and I'm like fuck fuck me what are

you gonna do run out to the liquor store

at 11:30 at night nah man she's already

sobered up make sure you have alcohol

dude fuck dude vodka is a go-to I'm a

whiskey guy somebody in the chat just

said girls love champagne champagne I

mean dude you have to make sure you have

alcohol at your place yeah it's true I

mean I at least keep a bottle of vodka

for like any time they know more about

getting she's okay

she's got something drink go look yeah

baby got vodka on the rocks for you


yeah I listen I'm gonna make you an

expensive cosmopolitan vodka and

strawberry kool-aid now open it you know

how that goes

listen here's something else here's

something else that's sort of next-level

game always have finger foods at the

ready and I don't listen man nobody's

telling you to cut up finger sandwiches

don't get your fucking place catered but

make sure you have fresh fruit available


strawberries cantaloupe maybe honeydew

melon nothing heavy dude keep maybe

shrimp cocktail because listen man after

a night of drinking and dancing or

whatever it is that you were doing she

might be a little bit hungry listen man

you don't want to give her a fucking

cheeseburgers did me fart dude she's

gonna be farting while you're fucking

her know something like something a

little bit sensual strawberries

chocolate shrimp cocktail you can feed

each other you've got the champagne

bingo what are your thoughts are you

very nice man to be feeding these hoes

the only thing they get when they come

over is a fucking big dose of American

sausage just oh if I like them getting

the next more janna what's that you said

you're meeting a dreadful guy right over

here bitch you know what's going down

you're full of shit I'm full of shit

let's do this yeah you know what I agree

you're right but any man who lives in

Vegas like fucking especially

good-looking Vegas bitches they're

fucking snobby Emma they're so fucking

needy that was now I'm not gonna take

you out but listen like I said I've

always got shrimp cocktail on the ready

yeah you know I've got some watermelon

some strawberries here let's have some

strawberries right here's some chocolate

these are all very sensual foods right

you don't want to you know filler too

much not that are gonna feed every bitch

that comes over but again she might

listen she's gonna start shitting y'all

god I'm kind of hungry let's go

somewhere and get something to eat so we

can sober up and I can have a reason not

to fuck you we can leave your place no

no no I got that taken care of

I got together yeah look at some

strawberries some cantaloupe all this is

not to feed her but this is to overcome

any shit tests I agree with you no no I

should I should specify that I do agreed

with your your methodology in regards to

having food it's that there's it's

psychologically comforting to share some

food with somebody and

you know it kind of company it kind of

makes them calm down and they you know

and you know we're not animals like

we're not just like ruthlessly fucking

these girls and just like throw them in

the street you know there is some sort

of a connection wait oh hold on hold on

yeah yes we are actually yarn into we

have to we have to give it PG at the

wine and dine her gentlemen but no yeah

yeah you gotta you gotta have some you

know to be to be a real like real pimp

you know like a link that's what we are

you know you had to have some finesse to

it yes absolutely

and and like some of these bitches that

it'll be out of their league like you

wants to you know you ask them me and do

you want some shrimp cocktail she's like

damn shrimp cocktail what fuck is this

guy you know like what like wait and

some girls will try to shit test you

what kind of dude has strawberries in

his apartment what you've never heard of

strawberries before like we're yeah like

we're like what the fuck are you from

you from the sticks what the fuck dude

then shut all that she'll try to shame

you all that's why I say see like bitch

what do you want spam out of a cam you

know right exactly

like I mean it was a man like was a man

I'm trying to class up the joint like

are you not used to being like treated

like that like I mean listen if you want

me to just throw you over my shoulder

take you to the room and fuck you and

Club you yeah um did a Winston wolf says

vodka Hemi tequila champagne wine maybe

some hypnotic or Alize crap and some

mixers that don't go bad very very good

advice what say you yeah definitely

anything gay and like fruity whatever I

get mean and those are all look okay

here's ideal here's ideal okay if you

really want to make sure that you can

streamline the whole process make sure

you have a bottle of vodka whiskey and

rum those just those three right there

and then if you mix any of those with

coca-cola like Diet Coke for the girls

that are hot and like watching the

figure or some light fruit juice or

something on some ice that's all you

need you don't need to make it crazy a

bottle of smirnoff vodka Smirnoff is

good like it's like a $20 bottle you

don't need to be having like fucking

Belvedere and in Grey Goose and all no

no no dude you say listen

save the good shit for your homeboys

right like yes yeah yeah like my

homeboys get like honestly as far as as

far as whisky is concerned my homeboys

get Knob Creek right the bitches getting

a sparker like you know I paid ninety

five dollars for a bottle of Knob Creek

I paid 15 for Hayes Parker yes I've got

some Hayes Parker whiskey here for you

yeah it's you're not getting a good shit

fuck that Lucy you're like my good China

as drew Brooks for me you get that 90

proof honey i'ma tell you what dude the

Hayes Parker that Wild Turkey 101 man

listen dude there was it's actually last


I went on like a ten or eleven day

stretch where I'd taken a few shots of

whiskey just everyday just to just to

call myself doubt it was just you know

21 convention all night you drink a

couple cocktails whatever yeah all right

man listen this is start affecting my

dick I'm starting to get whiskey dick

time to calm down

no problem went off it for like two

weeks took another shot of that Wild

Turkey 101 after two weeks man I was

like oh I swear to god there was like

hair growing from my chest to me it was


oh yeah whiskey was he'll make a fuckin

man out here they don't make sure drinks

get in you gotta make your drinks a

little gay for the girls a little you

know a little like freaking fufu

yeah you can't be like hey here's an

old-fashioned bitch drink up you know

hey you know what it's funny I talk like

I'm up I talk like I'm some sort of

alcohol connoisseur I am NOT you settle

fashion I had never heard of an old

fashioned like I took Cindy alright I'm

sorry I took I took Devin to two to Red

Lobster the other day and like she was

like hey you know there's a you know

this old-fashioned way cuz it's a drink

for fuckin old people like what the fuck

dude and oh it was it was a whiskey

drink and I'm I'm usually like a whiskey

sour guy whatever the case may be but

once again it was it was like an old fat

dude I don't know about drinks all I

know is that I'm big-time and you know

like I drink whiskey and all that other

stuff not my brother he's the man's man

he's like our you know whiskey cigars

blah blah blah but yeah like I said

you're good you're Blissett man your

your homeboys

good shit your bitches get the cheap

shit the only time listen man the only

time your you break out the good shit

for your significant other is if she's

your significant other right so you know

if I'm being in bitches in Vegas I'll

get fuckin what is it that meat eater

what is it beef eater vodka right vodka

for Devin I'll get her great news right

for sure for sure yeah you get a reward

the reward the girls and a good one you

know the other hose you get fucking the

plastic bottle what's that what's that

plastic bottle whiskey that look whipped

cream flavor I don't forget what it's

like oh yeah absolutely I know

absolutely absolute class there's a blue

bottle it's a it's a listen Winston wolf

says Beefeater is gin brah see like I

know how to drink up like dude ya get a

beef eater but no I don't man listen man

listen as long as the type roof I'm a

big guy

brick listen I appreciate the I

appreciate the correction and then I

wanted what Marcus said something in the

chat earlier he said Jonathan do to

where I live there's limited women so my

tinder radius has been expanded how do I

overcome dates taking places at least 30

to 45 minutes drive away air booyah

there begin jury air B&B; or tell those

bitches to come to you you know that

that's a filter right there cuz if

they're willing to drive to you if a

girl's willing to drive to you more than

30 minutes she's probably gonna fuck you

so that's a good way to flip the script

on her oh yeah not only that I find that

girls are and again you know it's been a

while since I've been in the game maybe

you can answer this a little bit better

Jonathan but the first time you fuck a

girl it's that's the best sex you ever

have right with I don't know about you

but when it comes down to it like

fucking a girl for the first time

sometimes can't be easy so might listen

instantly I think to myself okay make

the bitch drive to you well you got to

be a good-looking dude for her to drive

to you so how would how would the

average looking guy overcome

the you know that the distant thing like

Marcus like listen I mean is it listen

bits come to me and just let the chips

fall where they may or you know how do

you do that I just that's why that's why

I did that episode on tinder

you gotta maximize your looks and guess


here's another thing if she drives an

hour and shows up and you'll look

exactly like a profile so the girls but

oh fuck he doesn't look that good but I

drove an hour so uh welcome sorry yeah

right and dude and it may be one or done

but you're just building that player

database and the you just you're just

getting better and better and better cuz

it's all about taking in data and doing

this you know optimizing so you just

move on with your fuckin life but yeah

that's how you handle this shit you get

a handle by one day at a time

one bang at a time and every little one

helps you you know come at peace with

this part of your life not only that is

the more girls you fuck the more you

have that abundant mindset right oh yeah

let's not get it twisted man a lot of

times you talk about oh you have that

you have to have that abundance

mentality bla bla bla bla bla while that

is true it is very difficult to have the

abundance mentality if you do not have

an abundance of women that's the truth

so the only way really and I'm fixed and

Steve the Dean Williams damn he's

calling me now hang on Steve oh you know


hold on hey Steve listen I'm answering

this call I'm on the air but I'm

answering this call and everyone can

hear us so I don't know how I'm doing

this but what I want what I want to do

is I'm about to send you the the Google

Hangouts link now if you want to jump on

with us no doubt alright cool cool

alright alright that's cool as shit dude

I'm gonna tell you what man I used to

not want to be an Apple snob right like

I was one of these guys look dude if if

I have an Apple Computer now I gotta

become a fucking liberal now I gotta

roll my own cigarettes now I got a you

know now I got a smoke hemp now I got a

mean I don't want to be that guy now I

gotta wear a beanie even in the

summertime of course you know I'm I kid

because I care but when it comes down to

it man I'm not trying to be a commercial

for Apple but dude Apple products are

superior man and I have the Apple iPhone

I've got the iPad and now I have a mini

and as you guys can see I have I have

greatly updated I've upgraded my camera

my camera is a super high-definition 4k

camera so much so that I'm able to

actually do put a mate I don't think you

get a little bit of feedback from your

microphone how about now I don't know

it's weird

yet I think guys the chatter sing static

as well right hang on I'm gonna clip

it's probably okay how about now it's

probably BlogTalkRadio yeah it's good

now it was like a staticky echo anytime

there's a staticky echo a hundred

percent of time it's BlogTalkRadio but

yeah we're gonna sit here we're gonna

wait on oh there he is ladies and

gentlemen Steve the Dean Williams you

guys can find him on the internet at the

man mindset you can also find him on

Twitter at I think is I think it's man

mindset the man mindset and of course he


he makes guest appearances on the Redman

group every so often Steve how's it

going brother

yeah it's going good man how you doing

man was that bad boy right there modern

life you and I still have to we have to

switch off the fight online broadband

chase you two weeks now Steve and I play

xbox and I want to fight him in Soul

Calibur 6 do don't listen check this out

the last fighting game I played I think

was Mortal Kombat and that was at an old

school an old school arcade in Las Vegas

like to have all the they have like all

the retro games and everything so I'm

not really dude I wish dude I wish I had

time to play video games because video

games are cool as fuck I just don't have

time I don't even have time to wipe my

own ass man some believe like


so just to bring you guys up to date

this is the 370 first edition of TSR

alive I've got my special guests

Jonathan from modern life dating now I

have Steve Vivian Williams on we are

talking about first date logistics the

things that you need to do arm on or

book actually the things you need to do

before she shows up to increase your

chances of getting laid Steve anything

you want to add in terms of how to

increase probability of getting the sex

before she actually gets there well a

thing a lot of guys do to have notice is

that let's give you example they meet a

woman on Saturday or let's say they meet

her on Monday or they meet on Monday

they talk to her

Monday and they set the date up for

Saturday sometimes what they seem like

they do is they don't say or they don't

even talk to her all week long you know

they go on the date one thing I always

tell guys to do is you gotta know how to

marinate it you know what I mean and

what I mean is is that even though I set

a data with a woman on Saturday doesn't

mean we're going on a date I mean we

just we got it set for Saturday but my

goal is when I'm talking to her Monday

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday that's

where we will get it a talk on the phone

a little bit of dirty talk a little bit

of flirting where I can get some nude

photos we're gonna uh make clay with

herself making her come so then at least

by Thursday it's instead of a date at

the ice cream place or whatever we're

gonna have it back at my place but as

most guys don't know because they don't

know how to marinate it Donavan because

they don't know how to uh

necessarily talk to women like we do

they're so busy with what do you do for

a living it when was your last boyfriend

it tell me about Fred and I'll you know

what I mean so there's nothing for you

but listen you know all those interview

questions so tell me about your deepest

most inner no thoughts and hopes and

dreams no dude ain't nobody listened and

there's the thing Steve you don't care

about that and she knows you know you

don't care about that right so why are

you asking these ridiculous questions

shoot yourself in the foot man because

they don't know that they don't realize


they know you don't care but I'm always

a why do you ask a question that you

don't care about because these guys

don't know how to conversate or have

good conversations with women so they

just go boring Bob questions that the

most guys do that turn them off now guys

on this panel right here

you know we hae was a baby you know we

gonna get that you know you tone a yak

in her ear and she know and that's what

gets the pussy where it makes the

panties wet and snot off and stuff man

there you go

I got a question in here from Marcus he

says but Steve how do you do that

everyday conversation before the date

without giving her too much validation I

prefer not to talk so I was so I remain

mysterious you then if you remain

mysterious you're gonna remain

mysteriously lonely because I think that

you got understand is is that there are

so many things to you I want her to see

when we talk three important things that

I communicate with transparency I will

always send clear concise messages and

anything that I say on the telephone or

text messaging is going to be impactful

that's the first thing right well know

when she talks to me that I'm the man

that sees the big picture

I got vision I said direction I'm very

arrogant I'm conceited I'm cocky I'm all

these things when we're talking because

what a guy is a lot of guys are no

Donovan is that we don't do much work

that's the funny thing because the

majority of guys do the work for us

because what you'll do is you will

compare our conversations to the

interview questions and intriguer

is the fact that we're not doing the

interview things or trying to be

quote-unquote mysterious

what-you-see-is-what-you-get and I'm not

gonna try to be anything other than that

especially mysterious also add this to

Steve Marcus asks a very good question

sometimes you sometimes I don't want to

say sometimes it's the luck of the draw

but what you have to do you have to

understand that you can't let too much

time go by before you talk to her again

right so I'll put it to you like this a

lot of guys like myself right now I have


learn this the hard way back when I was

running a game every day three and five

hours a day I didn't hit the streets

till Wednesday or sometimes even

Thursday because if I meet a girl on on

Monday and I get her phone number she's

all hot and ready to go

well I know I don't want to schedule a

date that's not on a Friday or Saturday

night the first time so I'm thinking

shit we've got four more days right then

you use the Steve approach then you use

the Steve approach you kind of yeah you

have to touch her right and when we're

saying not to text all the time every

day no you don't get into these long

drawn-out conversations what you want to

do is just make sure that make sure that

you are still on the radar because if

you meet her on Monday come dude come

Wednesday or Thursday she might not

remember who you are so you have to meet

you have to make sure that you keep that

particular lead warm by the same token

the only time you should go radio silent

on a bitch before the date is if you

have already fucked her right so you

fucker on a Friday or Saturday night hey

you know what we should do this next

weekend all right cool if the sex was

good guess what when you text her on

that freighter say my place at night

boom she will remember who you are right

it's a good question but you don't want

to out think the room there's nothing

listen there's nothing wrong with with

touching your lead there's nothing wrong

with making sure that your lead stays

warm possibly hot and escalating in that

regard but by the same token you don't

want to over game her by just by just

going radio silent and assuming that she

has no other prospects on Friday night

but you because because that's never the

case you know what Donna it's real quick

here's the thing that all guys need

understand this listen to this great ass

show this isn't that y'all are learning

from this man over here you all need to

understand this

within the first now write this down as

God as my because when I say it is deep

bad not you too only the right is that

he's about to laugh guys gonna chuckle I

promise you all right if she does not

recognize and what I mean by recognizing

the first four messages if she doesn't

say oh you're a player oh you're a

ladies man oh you're one of those guys

oh how many girlfriends do you have

honey I mean seeing if she doesn't say

that in the first three messages

then you got a lot of work to do oh they

smell guys who know what they're doing

guys come on holla at your boy hey

they smell it on you and if a girl texts

you you're a player you know what your

responses you have an eye for talent

do you have a girlfriend why are you

hurting an application right

like dude throw it right back in her

court man and she'll be like oh my god

like she'll have to change or oh my god

this guy actually knows what the fuck

he's talking about yeah hey just real

quick looks like Rollo Tomassi and

Redman group are in the house watching

right now 89 live viewers yeah RMG

listen team arms you need to come up

with like a gang sign for that um let's

listen we're gonna wear now we're going

to talk about so we've already discussed

this Steve we discussed the fact that

you need to make sure that the venue

that you choose to meet your potential

target at is close to your place right

you don't need to be any more than a

10-minute cab or uber ride back to your

place because girls can get in their

head before you leave the bar and make

sure you take a shot make sure you take

a shot to keep everything going right

you keep the alcohol flowing etc etc all

right you get into the cab and then you

continue to escalate you don't want to

listen girl listen a lot can happen in

ten minutes during a cab right you need

to escalate play with her make out with

her kisser and a few bird driver told

you no no no no no do not touch her be

like yo what are you trying to do you're

trying to cock-block me over here make

it a joke it should be like hahaha

you're trying to cock-block which says

to her okay yeah this dude is definitely

gonna try to fuck me when he gets me

back to his place when I take a look at

his vintage coin collection right you

have to keep all that stuff going keep

your place clean you know listen man

wipe down the counters etc etc now about

to drop some next-level game on you guys

here's what here's what else you need to

have at your place you need to Institute

what I like to call the temporary no

shoe rule right so when you get back to

your place you take off your shoes

you'll say oh do you guys so so you

can't wear shoes in the house

no don't wear shoes the house she's

taking off her shoes what is she doing

guys you have already started to undress

her before she even gets into the house

right so now she's comfortable she's

feeling the carpet below her floor yeah

it puts her it puts her in a in a state

of I might stay a while what are your

thoughts on the

very no shoe rule yeah it's money and

also it's it's a level of submission

like you're like listen bitch take your

shoes off you fucking trailer park Oh

like this is you're in the fucking

Donovan house is that this is a majestic

place I'm very meticulous about keeping

my place clean the guys on Instagram see

my little Roomba running around the

house I keep this place pretty fucking

clean so when a girl comes over I've

already let her know look I live clean

I'm not a slob take those shoes off

because we're civilized in this house

you know what man there is something I

mean y'all are on point but there's some

of these guys don't know hygiene oh my

god yes see the thing that a lot of guys

don't know get your crayons out I always

tell you guys when you take a shower you

should bring peroxide in the bathroom

scope your toothbrush and your cologne

why you need to do that because see the

peroxide see your toothbrush and

toothpaste don't get certain things but

peroxide will kill all the bacteria in

your mouth that's the first thing boom

the second thing is is your why the

Cologne see when you take a hot shower

gentlemen you open pores in your body so

if you're gonna smash that night which

you would always tell you do is take

your favorite Cologne and spray it in

your loofah or your towel and wash your

body to get so the Cologne gets in the

pores so when you sweat you're sweating

the Cologne so I mean like y'all guys

said as far as the taking the shoes off

and everything you got to do that but

hey Donovan they gotta have the music oh

yes the tomb they got a light they got a

dig remember guys you're giving her an

experience you're not something y'all

got it man listen this is exactly what

this is exactly what I talked about

yesterday when I talk about how to

dominate a woman in bed listen man

you've got a nine-inch dick but you

don't know how to fuck girls ain't

trying to fuck you if you don't want to

fuck but if you have a below Alyssa you

have a five and a half inch dick but you

are a sexual experience girls remember

that stuff you want to be in experience

this is what this about this is what

this is about

here's another tip right hygiene tip

peppermint oil okay go get peppermint

oil it's extremely potent a couple of

drops of peppermint oil obviously brush

your teeth blah blah blah blah

peppermint oil you-you-you make sure

it's all around your mouth right dude

you left fresh breath for the rest of

the night guys peppermint oil right

there under the tongue above the tongue

your thoughts oh I go a big dog wait

that's I mean I'm actually learning

myself I mean fucking I put cologne on

my skin steam is putting Cologne in his

skin right you're doing fucking

peppermint oil and shit I've never

tasted peppermint oil in my life so that

oil is this if that is next-level game

dude you brush your teeth right with a

real obviously brush your teeth really

good you want to make sure your breath

is fresh right it shoes some gum you

take a piece of gum you put peppermint

oil in it dude your breath dude your

breath will be so fresh it'll make your

eyes water dude I'm telling you right

now peppermint oil it listen if you eat

Pisa then you put in peppermint oil

that's not gonna work peppermint oil is

the key to fresh breath after you brush

after she / after you brush your teeth

here's something else right here okay

good out toy mints or didn't I wear

those green tabs when you're about to

eat the pussy oh the mentholyptus in

there will open the pores and hurt

remember Donna I think you talking about

that how many nerve endings the clitoris

has yes because I remember guys her

whole body's full of pores so the mint

ellipsis will open up the pores around a

pussy so all you I do is just a nice

little cool blow and you'll start

hitting it Oh Donna they don't know baby

listen I'm not one listen I haven't

eaten pussy in quite a while and but

listen I tell guys listen if you can

push your thing that's fine but only if

it's only if it turns you on but again

what you're talking about it again it

makes sense listen there is chemistry

when it comes to sex like this doesn't

just put your head down there they'll

just know they're there or there are

levels to this here's another bit of

next-level game guys mmm baby wipes in

the bathroom sure sure you

the bathroom listen man if a girl's

gonna use the bathroom

okay regulate she's been using regular

toilet paper but I don't know how many I

don't know how many places that you guys

have been I don't have any girl's place

you guys have been almost every girl has

baby wipes girls don't wipe their

vaginas with toilet tissue anymore and

least knock when I was fuckin girl dude

it was baby wipes it's nice and smooth

it keeps the smell away baby wipes in

the bathroom and a lot of times dude you

can actually get the ones that are in

the kit the Cottonelle the the little

disposable ones specifically for wiping

the vagina so get like you know wet

wipes whatever baby wipes right there on

the toilet sole let's say you guys yeah

that's that's so the next full of game

if you got some if you got some money in

your pocket get yourself one of these

Japanese toilets man they the Japanese

so let's here shoot warmed water and

into you and have a vagina button and an

asshole button and Wow and they clean

the area where my boy came out to Japan

and me and he went back home to the

states like I could never shit in a

regular toilet again he's like I want to

get any bought one of the Japanese till

it's just like 300 bucks really dude the

days in the United States are quite a

bit more than that

Toto tio tio is a Japanese brand check

it out oh wow okay one thing these guys

need to think about is tomorrow and

that's something they always do not only

do they get to need to get to wipes

where y'all guys need to do is go to

Walley world or Walmart or whatever you

want to call it go to the airport

section and get all the little little of

the jails the the shampoos the louvers

all the lady stuff and put it in your

bathroom drawer cuz why would a woman is

gonna do what y'all do know but what a

woman's gonna do when she comes over

your house and she goes to your bathroom

the first thing she's gonna do it start

looking around stuff so when she pulls

that drawer open and she sees that you

were prepared or you've got all that

feminine hygiene in that little thing

she's gonna know that you are someone

who is sleeping with a lot of women oh

thank you that is prepared for other

women spending the night in the a night

not just wiping her ass Donovan but I

thought about

the night has her own toupees Hirsch has

a shampoo her conditioner a woman is

going o knows what he's doing but yeah

okay guys next listen that's next-level

game man listen you don't have to tell a

woman well this wasn't my first rodeo

for her to know that this ain't your

first rodeo girls will snoop in your

bathroom man and if just like Steve said

if you have feminine products right

there at the ready she's gonna know that

you are experienced with having girls

spin the night not only that it gets her

in the it gets or in the mindset oh shit

so if I do decide to spend the night

right then dude I can I can shower up

before I go or I can you know I'll be

able to wash the come out of my ear yeah

it's all about making them it's all

about making them comfortable you know

what I mean like you have to create a

comfortable atmosphere I mean me and Bob

Marley are fucking best friends dude as

soon as they come over I put on Jam and

they don't sister saying oh shit you

know freedom a drink and get them nice

and comfortable to sit on a nice couch

in a clean house yeah you gotta let them

you know create a nice atmosphere you

know if a girl likes you

she'll fuck you in a cardboard box but

you've got to have like super super

razor-sharp game which you know why make

this shit more difficult for you

scientists right

why just clean your fucking house

goddamn animal yeah listen spend an

extra 15 bucks get a female get a female

hygiene kit and call it a button they

also think about this one I get see one

thing I used to love to do is have art

pieces nude photos or nude women on my

wall because ya ain't never thought

about that that's good

she walks at that door I wanted her to

know that wow this guy is really sexual

it's what guy really knows what he's

doing because this you'd be able to

connect all the dots of the approach the

way I text the way I talk and it's you

don't realize oh shit I need to get

myself together I needed to see what I

can do to get his attention type stuff

for sure when I was in college we used

to we hast have like this mutual

bachelor pad right and we had this deer

head on the wall with antlers and after

every time we fucked a girl we would

take her bra and we throw it up on the

deer antlers and so they would come over

and there was like 20 bras on this

fucking deer head and then the girls

would start to fight to be like well

like how do we get our bras up they're

like well you got a sex one of us and I

think oh my god you guys are just a

bunch of players but yeah you want a

shot vodka like oh my god you're such a


Donovan there's nothing sexier to a

woman it would a man who knows how to

make a dessert from scratch sure Oh

because the thing is most guys are doing

stuff in the microwave but there's

nothing like you say you already have

our shoes off right right

Yeah right kitchen and y'all are making

or creating a meal together you can

throw water on her you can start feeding

her and stuff like that but these are

things see the thing guys I understand

is women are about the emotional imprint

or the aspects we all yeah we want to

smash mash but the the key to spreading

their legs is not open says me

it's ma N and in those things like this

you know I mean oh yeah listen here's

another here's another next-level game

guys and multiple phone chargers okay

multiple phone chargers okay so and you

can actually do this you can be like you

can actually tell her oh you know what

you know what my phone is dying I didn't

go back home to charge my phone she'll

know exactly what you're getting at but

you want to know something she'll be

like oh you know what I gotta go I gotta

charge my phone to you or if you have a

girl at your place and you're saying to

her well you know listen I have you know

I've got to go home and and charge my

phone I don't know what kind of phone do

you have

I've got an Android okay cool actually

no I've got an iPhone I've got one for

that - listen man what you want to do is

you if you want to make a girl

straight-up reject you don't let her

just weasel her way out and say well I

gotta charge my phone so I gotta go home

or if you're at the bar hey you know

what we gotta go by my place so I can

charge my phone you know what I've got a

phone charger back up my place what do

you even Android yeah I got that come on

let's go

you get this like five dollars

eBay I can say you just gotta streamline

the whole thing make it make it is easy

and it's comfortable for her to slide on

in for you to slide her panties off and

that's it that's it

um Keaveney banya says do women love

watching a man cook um yeah the answer

is yes and the only reason why they love

watching a man cook oh god I remember

this frickin debate with this idiot over

my shoulder this is the guy if you guys

are looking at my screen this guy you

can see this effeminate you can see this

this effeminate gentleman he was the guy

who put on my facebook he said trusting

whites will get you killed and I was

like dude like are you one of those like

fake-ass Pro black people so he actually

agreed this dude actually agreed to come

on and debate with me the problem is is

like most people who debate that don't

have shit to say all they do is talk

over and above and through you like he

just would not stop talking so I ended

up having it ended up havin to cut his

ass off anyway that's that that's who

this effeminate gentleman he's talking

about the fact that they poison

everybody in Flint Michigan as if only

black people drink the tap water and

they poisoned the people with the they

use pipes with the intent of only

poisoning black people so apparently

they had a poison that only killed black

people but no white people thanks dude

dumb ass nigga he was just yes so phone

chargers got to have the phone chargers

what I also used to like to have to do

is what I also used to like to have is a

soft blanket dude get a fight yeah like

it at the CVS put it over the couch if

she's cold right then she can cover up

with that again her shoes are off she's

on your couch oh I'm a little bit cold

there's the blanket again actually yeah

I know I'm sorry I was just I didn't cut

you off I just won I just wanted to add

something in so so my this can be behind

a paywall hope but uh

so anyways in my place some of my dude

friends come over and I have a big

stuffed animal sharp that's

about this big it's v it was got it for

15 bucks in IKEA and some of my dude

friends who don't necessarily have

gained like hohoho nice short pillow

what are you gay motherfucker that's not

for me you idiot

right for you it's so funny when you get

some meathead friends over what you have

shared for so many times they'll grab it

and they'll hold on to it and they'll

smell it and it smells like you and they

it kind of takes them back I mean you

want to talk about deep deep

psychological shit takes them back to

their childhood when they're feeling

young and safe and they're holding onto

the stuffed animal you know thanks

that's some super super next-level game

shit but get yourself like get a teddy

bear and something and how I play it off

is like oh yeah I just used it as a body

pillow it's cute isn't it yeah and also

blue to speak go to Best Buy they're

only nine dollars give Bluetooth

speakers you want one in the living room

one in the bathroom and we'll make sure

you get some candles because one thing

that I love to do with women is I love

to take showers with them with the

lights out and then you have the music

going you got the candle and that gives

them an experience because most guys

don't know man again it goes on the

mental aspects just like there are the

stuffed animal the women women see women

find guys like these - he's too

motherfucking guys here dangerous

because they're like this wow these guys

are giving great experiences so it goes

back to what can I do

let me get on my knees and going give me

let me let me grant you not me look what

can I do to please them because I don't

want any other woman to have what this

is man no I agree I am I think and Steve

is a you are a master at recognizing

that a woman senses need to be engaged

right and I think that's what you're

getting at like her sense of smell has

to be engaged or sense of touch and if

you can and if you can leave all of that

in with the emotion just like you said

if you're in there making a dessert you

know you throw in flower up you guys are

playfully tickling each other whatever

the case may be dude like honestly

the sex is just kind of a formality

because you know what's gonna happen at

that point Donovan Donovan jeopardise

sharp okay I love it

bedroom guys the bedroom is not for sex

I wanna have her ass on the table I

wanna have her in the open the

refrigerator rocking just stuff fruit in

her mouth put her ass on the seat yeah

you ain't what the bed is for sleeping

guys well as most guys like let's go to

the bedroom no you want to give her the

remember the romance book type

experience oh boy Donovan y'all ready

for this one check this out

I know you're doing all right why do you

all guys think when I go on a picnic I

want it I want the weather to be rainy

why do you think I look for the rain I

don't want a sunny day why do you think

I wanted to be clown give me saying you

want it to be cloudy when it's raining

so you can kiss her in the rain or the

like the notebook okay

what type of fantasy does women have

that's it right all of that should they

see on TV the kiss the rain and the sex

in the shower and the candles and all

that's good

BAM you become the guy in the middle

that's right so then they would then she

then what she's the woman in the book

that means she gets to lived it instead

of reading the fantasy she get to live

it I'm done

drop the mic Domon that is some

seriously next-level game it's I think

that's going over a lot of guy's head

but that is some fucking deep

psychological game right there

well again Steve makes an excellent

point this is why you have to make

yourself an experience for women you

listen man you go to the border let's

drink let's fuck no you gotta be an

experienced dude

women and again women go on these drink

dates all the time like they they've

they've done it a hundred thousand times

when you become when you become the

experience when you become the guy in

the book they put themselves in the book

all of a sudden now they think they're

the girl in the Fifty Shades of Grey

whatever the fuck the girl's name is

Yeah right well you know whatever the

mugger name is or the girl and pick a

Harlequin romance if you're feeding her

strawberries she thinks of herself as

being fed strawberries like all of a

sudden she thinks she's in this romantic

fantasy dude you're just honestly you're

just trying to fuck her after that

you're sending there on good morning sex

to avoid the false rape accusation and

it's on to the next mark let me ask Eve

something so hmm you talk about cooking

a nice dessert so I cook a pretty mean

french toast

and I cut the fresh strawberries on it

and shit that's why I have the fruit on

deck you know what do you do you do

something anything like that then the

morning after oh yeah just about talked

about stated these french toast baby you

never met my hand my french toast before

baby come on

look hey the French toast nicely sliced

with a little bit of zest to it squeeze

that lemon on there cut up a little bit

of fruit have the orange juice and I'm

serving and I'm feeding it to her

because I want her to know when she

cashes in that Willy Wonka golden ticket

I don't care I want her to sell me to

her friends because her friends get

around like well John didn't do this and

Mike didn't do that and stand and do

that she would like girl you ain't go

believe this

when Steve got me in that door he pushed

me up against the wall and he French

kiss suck and blow down my neck and his

right hand was spelling words on my back

and he was doing he was doing all this

sexual shit it's like girl I had to suck

his dick girl I couldn't help it I

couldn't help it didn't French toast

like he did what come on

next thing I knew his balls are hitting

much in difference he just happy just

happen so it was like what the fuck oh

my god um guys listen um let me think I

don't think I had anything else any

other because we're gonna draw this to a

close here any other pre fir and this is

first date guys we're not now and again

you guys have to understand there's a

big difference

between a first date in other words a

date before like if you fucked her

okay dates are different with women

after you fucked them then before you

fuck them we're talking date the very

first day the very first time you meet

up with a woman and you have not fucked

her because the rules change after you

fucked her okay you don't put in as much

effort at that point because you're

already gonna get the pussy right

there's no need and putting forth that

first date effort for a second date

pussy just doesn't work that way any

other first date odds and ends that guys

need to listen I got one make sure

you're manscaping is taken care of right

donĂ­t listen won't my groom look my big

because you got fucking hair on your you

got hair on your balls you can fucking

Don King between your legs man

clean that shit up oh yeah

no I was just gonna say it's so funny

like you know when I'm when I'm no I'm

gonna be going on a date that I'm gonna

fuck girl I go bald eagle I just I get

it all ready for a and it's so funny too

because the girls that are always like

you know I'm I was never gonna have sex

with you or like I'm not gonna have sex

with you

every time I take these girls panties

off vagina is freshly shaved freshly


nope she's wearing nice ass panties like

you lyin ass bitch you know hang on one

second here quickly give me one second

because I think I've got a I think I've

got a troll Gary Roberts wants to know

any dating dating any infield I have no

idea what that means is has been mucking

your podcast curious what your style

looks like then he mentions RSD so Gary

Roberts you are gone oh shit yeah and

listen check this out bro check this out

man check this out I can't stand it when

dudes coming here hey do you guys have

any infield videos this ain't our SD

right no dude listen say whatever you

want about our SD don't come in here

talking about you know somebody else's

podcast you should no no no you go you

listen if you like our SD so much go

over there and talk about them right

like this guy was in here talking way

too much like you can always tell man

when it's like a backdoor kind of a

troll they kind of compliment you

little bit like there's another guy MIG

tile something or other and like you

started out with the compliments and

then he started asking more poignant

questions like I'm not an idiot

right so it listen don't be that guy who

says we'll the proof is in the pudding

you know what go to my dude I don't need

dating infield video so I don't know why

because all the girls I've banged are

all of my fucking social media go check

out those pictures and real look the

real pimps don't do fucking infield

videos real real pimps like Steve

doesn't have any goddamn fucking infield

video Steve is too busy getting pussy

all right guys were getting pussy they

don't have time to like all right bro

stand over here over this fucking

microphone all right I'm gonna go close

this bitch bro you ready okay bro

Pia leon323 PUA Big Daddy blog so what

do you do for a living I'm a stripper

okay with those your boobs

your butt looks too big it does not work

that way

guys these infield videos that these

guys do are always stage it doesn't

realize that as a fucking idiot you want

to go over there wastefully with RSD who

by the way now employs females be my

guest but I'm not gonna have somebody in

here I'm not gonna have somebody in here

talking about well you you you need to

do it like these guys like dude get out

of here with that fuck it's funny I

posted a comment on that

female PUA shit I was like this is a

fucking joke and at the amount of white

knights that came after me is hilarious

dude that's why I'm telling you if you

guys are look and I'm not saying this

like to build an audience or wherever I

don't give a fuck but if you guys are

actually in here listening to Donovan

listening to Steve listening to me and

taking action on what we're saying we I

can tell because I'm a fucking pimp - I

know dude I would not leave Steve in a

room with my girl my fucking trusty

pretty one second

Donovan either other have little babies

around the fucking house but because I

really don't open I know these guys have

razor-sharp game I know it and the same

way I know that they have game I can see

that there is a world of just Internet

Marketing dorks fucking dorks these guys

don't know shit about girls but their

master internet marketers the real guys

like us we don't know how to fucking

like type in all that shit when you

start fucking cows not only that man I

think what I think what it really comes

down to is a lot of these PE ways and

you can always tell the fake PA when

they start getting in the numbers my

closing percentage is at 34 percent

one out of every 34 of every hundred

bitches I pretend a fucking hey no and

then you find out a drive a forklift

will this is just my SOI gig so let me

get this straight you're driving a

forklift for eight hours a day but you

got time to go out there and holler at

100 pitches and then fuck dude and not

only that he weighs no listen there are

a lot of PAS out there who know how to

fuck girls the first time listen man

it's not easy but anybody any man can

get lucky with the right girl at the

right time and the right circumstances

right the real players know how to fuck

pretty girls and keep and keep fucking

them anybody yet lucky man Pete listen a

lot of these pua guys they're purple

pill guys man they still the Galit air

and relationships okay what happens

after you fuck her you want to get

listen if she was hot you want to keep

bucking her right oh they don't have any

answers for you then I guarantee you

that none of these pua guys have done

what I'm gonna mention next which are

guarantee all three of us have but when

a girl starts shelling out money for you

that's how you know you got razor sharp

game that's what's up

that vacation that I talked about that

Devin and I went to in Hawaii back in


yeah that was on her dime yeah well you

think I pay a froak you know this year I

went I went once on my dime and one of

my girls

I just want to say two things real quick

and I again uh which all got understand

we all talking to these men on this

panel as this is that we want to level

that a lot of y'all guys can't see you

can't see where we're at right now

and what I want to say is is that when I

go set up a date with a woman I'm not

going after a pussy man I don't go after

something that's already mine you see

what y'all got understand is I'm gonna

set the data Witter

but what I like to do just always want

to play something real quick Donovan let

me read you got much out of here this

because y'all need to hear which way

when he's on the phone with a chick

willing in a few days listen I will play

it now I definitely definitely cannot go

on and not knowing now let me stop that

one play the last bitch point now when

you call and it's like alright there so

so what I'm saying Donovan is like like

like everybody's saying this panel man

we know what to talk about percentages

we don't have to sit around here and

show you you should know by early here

in the air against the cockiness good

seed of Donovan my dog over here

moderate that are bad motherfuckers and

y'all gotta soak up the information

we're giving you because we're trying to

get you to get where we're at that's all

I'm going to say Donovan yeah a lot of

guys also have to understand too is that

definitely take what we say literally

but you gotta put your own spin on it

actually let me see this another way

some guys are not ready for next-level

game yet listen we all have to start

somewhere but I could say some like like

I can take advice from someone go say

that to a girl and it not end up quite

right you really do have to put your own

spin on it because yeah but I do and say

it lays listen it lays right because it

comes out of my mouth just because and

again seduction starts from the

beginning I don't want to get too far

into the weeds but but you you guys have

to understand that having the confidence

to say this stuff at all dude it all

starts from the time you wake up having

the balls to go up and you know say XYZ

to a woman it's more than just saying

that to a woman

it's it's the swagger it's your posture

it's the eye contact all of that comes

from digesting the red pill again

practice drill rehearse getting your

mind right getting that real confidence

lifting weights it's not it's it's dude

game is so much more than just dealing

with women game is a way of life women

just happened to be a women just

happened to be a favorable side effect

to living that life that's what it comes

down to Donovan is this simple your road

your journey to manhood have nothing to

do with women because they're only a

perk they're not nothing in you as being

a man they are a perk that's it there's

nothing special until you decided

they're special they're just something

that bleeds once a month and that's it

this is funny this guy Rob el to15

thinks he wants to be a troll he says

his game is tight but he's married so

oh wait wait Rob Rob let me tell you

something yes I'm married but here's

your problem you're so busy worrying

about the messenger you're not listening

to the message hey Craig Mannion I

always tell you guys about Jerry Rice

one of the greatest catchers and that

wide receivers in NFL history he is

retired now in young man just like I'm

retired but if you threw a ball to Jerry

Rice you don't think he's gonna catch it

because it is his instinct my mayor's

doesn't have nothing to do with me

teaching manhood because that's all

we're talking about what men do so next

time man listen to the messengers the

messages and not the messenger man don't

worry yeah yeah I just I saw this like I

told him in the chat I said look you're

just your amateur nature is showing but

hey you know he'll learn eventually but

it's just just like the guys who say

will rule - Maurice Maurice what he told

oh he's about to get married you fucking

idiots you fucking idiots you mean to

tell me that because he told you he is

advising you not to get married the fact

that he is married invalidates all that

he has done for the manosphere right do

as I say not as I do you never heard of

that and if you listen to the Redman go

Rollo says all the time I am extremely

fortunate to be where I am today my

marriage is the outlier it is not

the norm we had a conversation on the

air dude dude Devin and mrs. Tomas II

could go feral at any time for any

reason the game never ends gentlemen so

just because Rolo's married or steam is

married well he's married oh you

shouldn't be talking about game nigga

that is the game okay oh man whoo dog

I'm talking with men this is what men do

just because I'm married doesn't mean I

can't talk to pick up a woman like that

man shit you DeWitt's motherfucker come

on dog shit on that note you guys are

both Cowboys fans yeah I am I am Indian

hey listen I like you both I like you

both I hope the Saints win but I got to

tell you I gotta tell you man I'm a

little bit worried man me and I'm being

dead serious because the fact of the the

fact of the matter is is that Dallas

Dallas is actually playing very very

well and I think they're both I think

New Orleans played on Thanksgiving if

I'm not if I'm not mistaken so they're

both on a one on a one-week rest because

Dallas also played on Thanksgiving so

we've got equal footing there the one

thing that gives me hope is that doubt

that the Cowboys were talking shit talk

much now and then the other look at you

already know shit I was like man keep

talking shit keep talking she because

here's the thing if the Cowboys lose

tonight we got the Redskins on Monday

night if we take care of business on

Monday night against the Redskins guess

who our next game is against the Dallas

Cowboys in Dallas that's right so let's

admit listen the Cowboys are better than

I thought they would and I told you this

at the beginning of the season Jonathan

I said watch out the Cowboys are gonna

be better than a lot of people think

then Donovan see me meltdown on our

private chat about the Cowboys couple

weeks ago crazy Steve just go silent I

remember I had him on when the Cowboys

are playing I wanted a I'm like what do

you think Steve yeah first and I'm sorry

yeah yeah tell the bitch you got to go

oh yeah yeah man I love my cake see my

tattoo I love my Cowboys man look y'all

gonna talk about me all you want my

marriage just leave my Cowboys alone

there you go

and I'll be honest with you the only

time I shed a tear it's back in 1982

when my favorite quarterback Danny white

got knocked out by Dexter Manley in the

NFC Championship okay I'm a huge cab I'm

a man those are my dogs man yeah it

wasn't my dogs man extra manly was a

motherfucking Beast that nigga couldn't

read no right remember he couldn't read

like he was illiterate but that didn't

matter it didn't matter I Roger Royce

key so yeah Randall Cunningham

damn man hey at least we got one right

shit we were lucky to even get that I'm

not even gonna lie in a championship a

few years ago

all right y'all leave Rob alone man

leave Rob alone quit time in his ass

mess I'll talk we this edition of TSR

live be sure to go over to O'Shea Duke

Jackson's channel at 7 o'clock we're

gonna be doing a the brother bill we're

gonna be we're gonna be talking about

the thought on it you guys can fight you

guys can find Steve on the Internet at

the man mindset calm you can find him on

Twitter at the man mindset Jonathan go

to modern life dating calm you can find

him on Instagram at modern life dating

thank you gentlemen for making the time

for me to make it in time for us tonight

now we'll see you next time

all right thank you brother appreciate

j-dog hey we will get him given Wendy's

day all right guys

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