Episode #266: Red Pill game has flaws?? I found 4


When thinking back on past relationships with women from one night stands, to fuck buddy arrangements, friends with benefits, boyfriend/girlfriend  I found that that there are a few game doctrines that are slightly flawed.  Now these flaws didn’t show themselves too often because they were the exception...the outlier. But they were there nonetheless.



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today I'm gonna talk about four flaws I

have discovered in red pill game now you

guys know that I am currently in a

relationship that appears to have the

potential to be long term okay

my listen my girlfriend is an attractive

woman who takes good care of me

she's honest she's transparent she's

accountable and she worked extremely

hard to get my commitment now before we

moved in together I thoroughly vetted

her and then I trained her to be what

she is today which is a quality female

like what listen let's not mistake

anything here she is a quality female

because I trained her to be one I

trained all of the bad habits out of her

and by bad habits I mean habits that are

conducive to infidelity like being on

social media guys she deleted all of her

social media she put a GPS tracker on

her phone and gave me complete access to

her phone by installing software that

allows me to track every keystroke what

app she's using and so forth she

installed a camera at her apartment so

that I could so that I could see what

she's doing at all times make sure she's

not fuck another make sure she's not

fucking other people having other people

over she did this

it took her almost a year and a half

gentlemen to earn my commitment we met

all the way back in April of 2016 we

moved in together last summer and make

no mistake guys we were not boyfriend

and girlfriend until we moved in

it wasn't like the typical relationship

that starts off as fuck buddies and then

your boyfriend and girlfriend because

that's the natural progression and then

a year and a half later a year and some

change later you think well we've been

together long enough we may as well move

in together no I made it crystal clear

to her that she did not have my

commitment until I decided that she had

earned it and when I decided that she

had her a bit that's when I decided we

should move in together that's how that

happened anyway before I met her I was

in the game for quite a while you guys

know that I had an eight-year run in Las

Vegas that completely changed my life

guys guys listen I fucked more girls in

that eight-year period than I had in 25

lifetimes prior to touching down in the

702 now for that reason I am fairly

confident that I have just about maxed

out on my sexual market value guys I

fucked a shitload of hot girls and

listened a lot of more nines intents I

managed to steer clear of the emotional

baggage or of the emotional damage

rather that women can inflict I managed

to get out of that situation without

without getting anyone pregnant at least

not that I know of and I didn't fall

victim to the perils of the fast life it

was a very very fast life fortunately

for me I didn't fall victim to this if I

came dangerously close a couple times

but I never succumbed to that where's

the K I'm in a note that's a word now

during that time

I learned a lot about women I was

fortunate to have found the red pill

just over a month after I moved to Vegas

and because I was a quick learner and

highly motivated to be good with women I

had a lot of success with women and the

more time you spend around women that

you are sexually involved with the more

you learn about them everything the red

pill taught me gentleman was on full

display every time the games women try

to play the hamstring the entitlement

the sluttiness the dishonesty the deceit

what makes him tick what what what makes

them aroused by you what keeps him

around what drives him away everything I

read about was front and center with

every sexual interaction I had with

women however when thinking back on past

relationships with women from one-night

stands to fuck-buddy Arrangements

friends-with-benefits boyfriend and

girlfriend etc I found that there were

that there were a few game doctrines

that were slightly flawed now I want you

guys to understand these flaws didn't

show themselves too often because they

were the exception

they were the outlier but they were

there nonetheless so today I'm gonna

point out four flaws that I discovered

in red pillow game and again I want to

make clear that these four flaws don't

prove phal ability okay listen it's cold

listen this is an entire community game

were get listen people study game

because it works

okay the strategies and techniques and

everything that we talk about we talk

about them because they work but it's

also important to understand gentlemen

that one size does not fit all with

regards to exercising certain aspects of

game and keeping your woman in line so

let's go ahead and get started number

one the number one flaw is in dread game

now if you're familiar with red pill

game you are aware of what we call dread

game now drug game gentlemen is loosely

defined as completely disappearing by

cutting off all contact from a girl who

is engaging in unacceptable behavior

such as flaking bitchiness withholding

sense etcetera etc now the purpose of

going off the grid the purpose of

instilling dread into your girl is to

make it clear to the girl that you can

and will walk away at any time

alpha-male strategies and I discussed

this two nights ago

okay we discussed dread game a couple of

nights ago the idea is that the longer

you maintain radio silence the more she

dreads that you are gone for good her

emotions her ego her insatiable need for

drama are all activated this is why

girls can't get enough of guys who don't

pay attention to them for long periods

of time now when this happens all she

can think about is you and the

possibility that you could be with

another woman which sends her into a

frenzy that manifests itself into

endless phone calls and lists text

messages begging you to just call or

text so that you would so that the two

of you can just talk and work this out

now most of the time dread game is

highly effective but here's the flaw

most girls have more options than we do

especially the good-looking ones

no matter how many girls a man has in

his phone that he could text and have

there at a moment's notice guys you can

bet your ass that each and every one of

those girls has at least twice as many

dudes she could contact who would be

more than willing to come and bang her

brains out in three words or less from

her in a text message

look dude one girl I was fucking I'll

give you an example one girl I was

fucking a while back she got stupid and

she threw but she threw a fit about

something I was or wasn't doing I can't

remember I can't remember what it was

but it was probably silly anyway she

decided to cancel our meetup I think

we're supposed to meet up on it on a

Saturday or Sunday she decided to just

cancel she said hey you know you know

hey we're you know I can't make it I

have stuff to do I knew what she was

doing because she was pissed off she was

throwing a fit so I decided to cut off

all contact with her for a few days

predictable predictably she called and

texted constantly for maybe the first

day and a half but after that she also

went radio silent now a couple of days

later after not hearing from her I

figured she had just disappeared at that

point I don't care she texted me and

said that she was sorry for being a brat

and that she'd like to meet up for a

makeup fuck or whatever I don't know how

she said it but that's basically what it

was I agreed to the meet up and

proceeded to let her drain my balls

mission accomplished right maybe but not

so fast the entire night she was with me

her phone was buzzing the whole time

from from her but her phone was buzzing

the whole time okay from messages with

messages that were from a no doubt it

was other dudes right other dudes were

hitting her now guys of course here's

the here's the thing it didn't bother me

in the least because I had really never

considered her for anything more than a

fuck doll I fucked her on our first meet

on right so that automatically dismisses

a girl from long-term commitment

material and guys you gotta understand

my territorial instinct never kicks in

for sluts like I don't kick dude if I'm

fucking a slut and I know she's a slut I

don't keep dude just like AMS says man

listen while you're in my presence you

fucked me or on my time but dude

anything anything that happens outside

my doors that's on you I don't give a

shit I'm not I'm my territory all

instinct never kicks in for sluts the

point is okay and again she use a good

girl she's probably a nine out of ten

the point is guys is that if you runs

read game for too long a woman could

assume that you are no longer interested

in what does this do this badly bruises

their fragile egos the need to have

sways their egos overwhelms them so much

what do they do they grab their phones

they jump on cinder to find a guy who

will reaffirm their attractive their

attractiveness and desirability this is

what they do now here's the thing the

opposite could be true she might have

just said hey listen I really like this

guy let me just put him on ice for a

while maybe if I text him in a couple of

days he'll text back and we can make up

and keep going which is exactly what

happened but given the state of the

sexual marketplace here in the US and

the West it's probably not at least not

most of the time now if you don't give a

shit about the girl it doesn't matter

what she does or who she does it with

during your black op here it okay

listen so long as she puts her pussy on

a platter for you when you start talking

again it's all good I think we know that

so now the question is well what's a man

to do if the girl he actually likes gets

out of pocket if Dredd game can backfire

like this potentially how do you correct

her bad behavior well the answer is

simple you runs read game but you don't

overdo it so I'll give you an example

rather than cutting off all contact for

two or three or more days at a time cut

her off for hours at a time so if she

texts you wait a few hours before

texting back and when you do make sure

your texts are short and sweet so for

example if she texts you and says hey

what are you up to

right let's say she texts you at a

quarter to twelve okay hey what are you

up to you I don't know quarter after

seven in the after in the evening

tell her busy day you can now you can

put your own spin on it but as long as

you keep it short and vague and wait a

few hours before you respond guys you

will elicit feelings of dread within her

now the response that I just gave will

most assuredly compel her to text you

back almost instantly and ask you what

your busy day consisted of because she's

fishing around for anything that might

have to do with another chick she

doesn't really care what your which are

busy day consistent of as long as it

doesn't have to do with another woman

now this approach that I just talked

about this accomplishes almost the same

dread as a two day absence as a two day

absence would but it will also keep her

from spiraling out of your orbit on the

assumption that you may have moved on or

that your fucking other girls a few

years back Matt Forney wrote an article

on his website called all women have sex

within 24 hours of breaking up with you

and guys that is a thousand percent true

the fact is guys is that if you let too

much time go by before contacting your

girl she will break up with you in her

own mind and make her way between the

sheets with another man guys you can

count on it somebody is going to fuck

her if it's not you it's gonna be

somebody again guys if she's a slut

bucket you don't you don't give a shit

about cool man

run standards read game don't text her

for two three days and let the good

times roll but if you actually like the

girl and you want to keep around for a

while don't over game her

don't overdo it rather completely

withdraw your attention from her for a

few hours and make her earn it back

little by little guys listen this is a

huge difference there's a huge

difference between the dred game you run

on sluts and the dred game you run on

girls you want to keep around this is

the flaw in red pill this is one of the

flaws and red game and red pill game

guys say okay the red pill tells me to

not contact her for a few days well if

she really likes you and you really like

her dude she's gonna be gone she's gonna

be fucking somebody else and when you

find out about this and you will then

it's really gonna be fucked up don't


run standard red game on sluts okay run

dred game light on girls who actually

like and want to keep around the second


I discovered in red pill game has to do

with pre selection now a standard game

doctrine and I think we I think we all

know this is that is that women don't

want a man that other women don't want

okay listen you could be you guys could

be as ugly as homemade sin but if you

have an attractive female with you your

sexual market value spikes okay and

again this will send the hamsters of

women into overdrive wondering if you're

rich or if you're great in the sack or

if you have high social status or if you

have a twenty inch cock okay now I

talked about this before and a return of

kings article called nine benefits of

having female friends and in that

article I included screenshots of a text

conversation I had with a girl after a

number closing I actually talked about

her on this show and you can also go to

pod pics and check that out the girl's

name was Trini I was with I was actually

with my quasi girlfriend at the time

dude I ran standard I ran standard game

on her in the grocery store when my

girlfriend wasn't another aisle fucked

her the very next day and she gave me

all kinds of questions about all the

fake titty girl that you were with you

guys got to check it out Donovan sharp

calm go to pod pics anyway if you take a

look at that text exchange okay

you saw her initial hesitation to get

together on account of me having my on

again of an off again

quasi girlfriend which with me and again

she was with me when I approached her

okay she was in another aisle when I

approached this girl but she laid her

sauce together in the checkout line now

I passed her shit tests with flying

colors and ended up closing the deal

that night we met up okay now

pre-selection worked like a charm in

that case and it as it has as it had

many times before however here's the

flaw sometimes it can work against you

especially after you've started fucking

a girl example number one I met this

girl at a strip club I don't remember

remember the names of girls I think her

I think her name started with an M or

something like that anyway met her this

strip club I think it was sapphires

because I'd gone there a lot now she

wasn't a stripper actually she wasn't a

stripper or a cocktail waitress she was

actually just there with her friends

having a good time in the strip club and

by the way guys that's a slut to make

listen don't listen don't kid yourself

if a woman is anywhere

you're a stripclub whether she's a

patron or an employee that is a major

slut all guys

any woman who frequents a strip club

even one time has taken a lot of dick

you guys can take that to the bank

anyway now the reason I approached her

she had an unbelievable body dude huge

tits nice ass nice long hair etc but

here's what I was that I was actually

disappointed because the lighting at the

strip club sort of hid her face like you

know I mean I don't know if you guys

have ever been to strip clubs or night

clubs the lighting sort of it doesn't

like you can see her face but it hides

certain facial features so you don't

really get the full pitiful picture but

but in regular lighting her face was

less than stellar now it like she wasn't

hideous but she was definitely a

butterface i'll tell you that i this is

funny I actually fucked her doggy style

almost every single time because I was

like oh my god this girl is not what I'm

used to anyway listen she had an awesome

body so don't hate anyway after a couple

weeks she complicit she just goes sucks

she completely ghosted on me well I mean

I just figured she might or maybe she

met someone else

maybe she wasn't interested anymore

maybe she had a boyfriend even didn't

matter to me I didn't sweat it it's all

part of the game you're not gonna win em

all well a few weeks later I actually

run into this girl and I get together at

a mutual friend's house now of course

when we saw each other we you know

exchanged belief brief pleasantries we

went our separate way ways again we only

hooked up a few times so neither of us

really started to develop anything other

you know any sort of feelings for one

another it was strictly just getting

together and fucking we were together 45

minutes to an hour we'd fuck we do our

separate ways that was it

well later that night I was outside

smoking a cigarette when she came out

and lit up lit one up herself now we

kind of engaged in a little more small

talk until she broached the subject of

her little fling so she says to me she

says well so I guess you're wondering

why I stopped calling I just kind of

shrugged my shoulders and said well

hadn't really thought about it figured

she lost interest

she's like no that's not what it was

okay listen I just shrugged my shoulders

took another drag I'm like I didn't

wanna have this conversation I didn't

care okay listen like I don't care why

you stopped calling I don't care like

I'm a guy and I didn't get my feelings

hurt this is this all it's all good so

she continues she says well look I saw a

picture of you and so-and-so whatever

girl I was fucking at your place on

Facebook then she says I kind of looked

at her page and I saw that she tags you

in a lot of pictures and I didn't see

any other

guy is on her page on on her page so I

thought she was your girlfriend right

now she went on to explain that she

didn't need any more drama at her life

and that she had been there and did that

and didn't want to fuck a dude with a

girlfriend with meaning meaning that she

had been a side chick before and listen

chicks don't want to be side chicks

right like I get it but you know listen

women don't want to be the number two

they want to be the number one it's

pennilyn and if this is funny when girls

find out that they're the side chick oh

my god it's it's a miserable existence

because they love you but they hate you

they want to leave you but the kid right

and this chick had been this chick had

been there before she didn't want to be

involved hey no big deal okay whatever

but so I'll give you another example

then I'll circle it back to this now a

woman who worked she actually worked in

a building that was like I worked in a

call center one of 40 that I worked in

Vegas when I was there and she worked at

a company whose building was right next

to the one that I worked in okay and she

caught my attention because listen she

was that she was a petite blonde I don't

know she's probably 110 pounds great

body huge tits and listen she was

probably a little bit older I would say

she's probably 42 typical milf dude huge

tits you know hooker blonde hair her

tits were obviously fake because I mean

they just made stuck straight out Hey

now here's the thing she was definitely

past the wall and she was probably

headed toward Cougar doom but her face

was pretty enough for me to attempt to

add her that another trophy to my mantle

even if she looked to be made me push in

45 so so I ran standard game got her

number we met up a couple times for

drinks and the conversation you know and

flirtation it all flowed very nicely I

managed it listen now here's the thing I

managed to get this chick back to my

place twice where things physically

escalated dude my hands were all over

her her hands were on my package I'm

Robert McKee you know grabbing her Ted's

flight in her neck but on both occasions

I could not close the deal I could not

fuck this girl it was so obviously she

wanted me to fuck her but she for

whatever reason wouldn't do it again no

big deal guys nobody bets nobody bats a

thousand in my mind I knew that I was

going to definitely get a third

opportunity to to I was definitely gonna

get a third opportunity to fuck her

because I thought okay she's a little

bit older so she's probably think

date number three is the sex state she

probably went a little further than she

wanted to but this time I'm definitely

gonna fuck her date number three I'm

getting the drawers so I attempted to

set up another date and for you guys

watching I'm actually gonna put a I'm

actually gonna put the text conversation

I'm actually gonna put the text

conversation up on the screen so that

you guys can see this text conversation

so for those of you listening okay I'm

gonna read this text conversation for

you so I said to her I said drinks at

so-and-so bar this Friday at 7 o'clock

she responds I can't I want to but I'm

afraid of what might happen the next one

she says I adore you but I'm not looking

to get involved with someone who seems

to get around as much as you do my

response was haha Ben Facebook stalking

me eh she says well of course most girls

do that fYI she says seriously though I

really like you and I find you very

attractive but I'm at a point in my life

where I have decided to stop messing

around with players no offense but I'm

not looking to play games I need to know

I'm the only one you're with and I don't

think you're the type who wants to

settle down I'm sorry and she gave me

the sad face emoji okay once again guys

I was burned by post-selection this was

a pre selection this was actually this

was pre selection and I'll get to this

in a minute now here's the thing I'm

sure that the that the big tittied

blonde checked out my page right after I

got the digits as all girls do okay

listen I'll go or all girls do this to

make sure that you are who you present

yourself to be you can approach a woman

with all this game and all this swagger

but then if they go online they see

you're a beta male at they're not

interested anymore

right that's another way they should

test you so guys get your Facebook page

right anyway

it was obvious that she continued to

check my facebook page and when she saw

me and when she saw pictures of me with

other chicks she decided to end it at

that point guys these are the only two

instances that I know of were being

around attractive women negatively

affected the outcomes of my dealings

with women what both of these situations

had in common and listen to this very

closely what both of these situations

had in common is that it didn't become a

problem for either one of them until

after I got physical with him obviously

I fucked girl number one didn't fuck

girl number two but I came close so this

was after I'd gotten physical with them

now pre-selection

gentleman works wonders before you hook

up like it did with Trini right

I hadn't fucked her yet she saw was with

an attractive woman that made her

attractive close the deal the next day

okay but host selection can and will

burn you if you don't take the necessary

measures to avoid your current stable

from witnessing your exploits with other

girls now what I did is I had actually

taken to putting my phone in airplane

mode on occasion when I when I was with

girls I would deactivate my Facebook

page for days at a time and most

importantly this is this is actually the

event that taught me this lesson I set

my account to notify me when someone

tries to tag me in a bin in a picture of

post so that gave me the option whether

or not I wanted it to appear on my feet

and it's funny girls will do this that

that girls that you're fucking will try

to do this they'll tag you in a Facebook

post so that any other girls who might

be interested will see that she tagged

you just like this just like the girl I

was with okay she tagged me in all these

posts and guess what it ended up burning

me it end up burning me with both girls

now there are other things that you can

do to keep from throwing salt into your

game but these are the ones that work

for me or that worked for me rather

again guys pre-selection

certainly has its merits and it works to

a man's advantage much more often than

not but guys some girls listen they

react poorly to seeing pictures of you

with it with attractive women or getting

texts at all hours of the night sure it

may evoke feelings of dread and it may

even compel her to step up her game

and increase her word to you as is the

case most of the time but guys there are

females who don't want

feel like they are constantly competing

for your attention these are the quality

females of the world okay they're rare

to be sure but they are out there trust

me and actually you know what let me

resend that statement these are not the

quality these are not the quality

females of the world sometimes they're

just out there like that dude you can

have it you can have an epic slut most

girls don't most girls will not admit

that they want to feel like they're

competing with other girls and most

girls don't really want to be competing

with other girls but with most girls

competing with other girls is what

brings out their best indirectly

competing with other girls some girls

just don't react that well to it and it

happened to me twice

number three

the number three

the number three the number three flaw

that I discovered in red pill game frame

control now it used to be that we're

women more or less like the they they

like the strong and silent type and they

don't really like the strong silent type

they they like a man who who has a

rock-solid frame a man who is in control

of all of his faculties in the face of

unrest that turns women on I think we

all know that now this particular aspect

of game is what we like to call Frank

control or maintaining frame as we call

it in the red pill when the shit hits

the fan guys keeping your cool is what

separates is what separates the men from

the boys in all areas of life I'm here

to tell you but there are a few times

we're losing your shit is not only is

not only acceptable sometimes it's

necessary especially within the context

of a sexual relationship with a woman

now the reason for this is that getting

angry you know yelling its swearing at a

female shows that you're not afraid to

grab your fucking balls and let your

testosterone do what it's designed to do

and listen some women will even admit

that being physically physically scared

of a man is a turn-on they don't want to

be physically scared but they it's it's

a visceral reaction it's like a natural

impulse I'm scared but I'm somehow

turned on the fact is guys that

sometimes being cool calm and collected

just doesn't cut it in certain

situations and women know this some guy

listen some men stay out of they stay

quiet out of fear and apprehension and

guess what guys girls sniff this shit

out like blood elves they know the

difference between quiet confidence and

silent jitters

now the very first time I actually

witnessed this particular flaw and

action was with my ex-wife okay and we

had just moved to Florida I think we

have been there for a week and I will

start my new job and it was it was a

tense morning because she was being a

bitch week we have just got married all

of a sudden the sex had stopped you know

and I'll tell you guys all about it and

retinyl origins that's gonna be on my

$10 patron anyway I was in the kitchen

making my coffee when she started

bitching and complaining about something

and of course I took the name so we went

back and forth for a few minutes and

after a while I had just fucking had it

I shut my mouth I let her talk for about

30 seconds and when and when she

listened when I finally had enough I

yell I said shut the fuck up like I

screamed the center I had never spoken

I had never spoken to her like this

before and guys listen I was prepared

for her to just I was prepared for her

to go off now my back was turned so I

couldn't see her facial her facial

expression so I waited and I waited for

her to scream back but to my surprise

she actually did what I told her to do

she shut the fuck up she didn't say

another word until I stormed out the

door for work and when I did she sort of

meekly said have a good day at work

Donovan I love you

unbelievable the reason my wife became a

world-class cocksucker and a gourmet

chef for a week is because she was

turned on by my raw masculinity okay it

came out of my pores when I yelled at

her that anger and because I didn't

realize it at the time the porn star sex

and three-course meals they stopped soon

ever you know dude I'll never forget was

that it was the 2003 nationally

Championship Series between the Giants

and the Marlins I came home dude I came

home that day because I was prepared for

her just to be a complete bitch even

though she said I love you Donovan I

figured okay she's up to something dude

I came home three-course meal

dude she kept feeding me beers fucking

suck my cock that night dude I fucked

her six way for six ways from Sunday

that was the last night that she ever

gave me a beer and a blowjob in the same

night for the rest of the time we were


unbelievable unbelievable

now keep in mind guys that it is

important to recognize your woman's

attempts at emotional manipulation or to

get a rise out of you when your girl

throws a fit if she's just throwing a

tantrum don't yell at her just maintain

frame and either ignore her tease her

for acting like a fuckin toddler if she

pulls if she pulls an adolescent stunt

okay for the sole purpose of getting a

reaction out of you which is basically

shit test guys just roll your eyes and

just take a listen try again sweetie

right she knows she can't faze you at

that point no guys I'm not suggesting

that you get angry and yell at your

woman all the time because a man with a

short temper is a man who is not in

control of his emotions and he's got

some growing up to do your boy included

it wasn't you guys all know I have a

temper problem I have a documented

temper problem it is called intermittent

explosive disorder okay I am an anger

management counseling like I'm an angry

guy I think we all know that but when a

woman but when a woman but but when you

show a woman that you were unafraid to

raise your voice or momentarily lose

control when she steps out of line guys

it lets her know that you can and will

go there if Phoebe she knows that she

better not poke the fucking she knows

she's poking the bear okay make no

mistake about the fat guys that stoicism

is absolutely paramount with dealing

with your girl she has to know that she

can't rattle you but every once in a

while it is necessary for a man to marry


number four the fourth and final flaw in

red pill game that I discovered is a


all women are like that now this

particular doctrine is easily the most

prevalent in this sector of the web now

the belief is that all women in this

part of the world are high Pergamus

sluts who will cheat on you with

impunity for any and all reasons Under

the Sun while this applies to the vast

majority of females it would be

disingenuous of me or anyone else to say

that every single woman in the u.s. is

the same okay

listen any reasonable person knows this

isn't really the case it wasn't even the

darkest even the darkest of crimson

capsule men understand that there are

exceptions to the rule however however

rare they may be like exceptions to the

rule are rare but they are out there

okay now we all know that good girls or

extraordinarily hard to find and even

when you do find them I talked about it


they're already spoken for they're

already off the market they do exist in

a culture that rewards sluttiness with

praise government is in government

assistance it stands to reason that most

females would opt for a lifestyle free

of sexual temperance and responsibility

as we see in our everyday lives but

every once in a while you will see or

hear about a female who isn't an

attention whore a female who embraces

traditional set up sex roles and dare I

say might even be a virgin again guys

these are extraordinarily rare birds but

the fact of the matter is that the

endangered species of the quality of the

fabled quality American woman not quite

extinct yet they're almost there but not


now the application of standard game

principles are successful far more often

than not okay because again most women

most Western women are alike in terms of

what attracts attracts them to men okay

yes guys that the slight differences

between them however is where a man has

to use his instincts to discern which

ones to use and which ones to put on the

Shelf right like you can't run asshole

game on certain like you sometimes you

can run asshole game heavy asshole games

on game on girls sometimes not so much

right like the standard rule is that the

younger and hotter your target is the

more asshole game is required to fucker

okay the bigger a slut you detect her to

be the more asshole game that's required

to fuck her that's how that works

now Dredd game may work on some females

but if you run it for too long

specifically on 9s and 10s guys you are

likely going to be replaced on day two

of your radio silence you can bet on


they're nines and tens they have options

a girl who likes you might back off if

she sees that you are in the company of

good-looking girls on a regular basis

because she doesn't want to compete with

other females the bottom line is that

even though game has definitely been

proven to work and work well like I said

at the top of the show one size doesn't

always fit all

in the end guys these game principles

are are they are staples in a red pill

males arsenal for a reason okay the

reason is that the overwhelming majority

of the time they work and work very very

well when applied accordingly but like I

said earlier guys there are exceptions

to the rule it is and again it is better

prepared it's better to be prepared for

what will happen most of the time but if

you really want to reach your full

potential in terms of notches it would

behoove you to keep these alternative

techniques at the ready should a

situation warrant deployment and I know

that all sounds like weird sound but

guys you gotta pick and choose you can't

run all game all the time you gotta

watch what you do you don't watch the

girl okay all girls are like that but

they're not all the same there's a big


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