From beta, to Alpha, back to beta: The dangers of long term relationships with Rollo Tomassi (Ep. 278)


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Why do men who take the Red Pill, reap the benefits and rewards of the red pill lifestyle, but then revert back to their blue pill ways because of a long term relationship? The reason this happens is simple….basic human nature.



Rollo Tomassi joins me to discuss the potential pit falls of long term relationships for Red Pill aware Men and how to avoid them.


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a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge she lost

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what you think she was gonna do tell you

she cheated men cannot afford to get

complacent and relationships get your

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got a question here says what is the

number one danger of long-term

relationships for red pill aware men as

far as I'm concerned it is it's actually

the relationship itself I think I think

it's pretty clear that once you get into

a long-term relationship there is a

level of comfort there's a level of

comfort that is involved and again you

know I've written an art I've written

articles about this before when you're

hungry like when when you're hungry for

success there's nothing like the drive

or the passion that you have during that


dude you're you're you're up early

everyday you're in the studio that I've

actually compared this to a rap like a

rapper or like a recording artist or

something to that effect

he works hard he's you know he's he's

he's in there right and he's grind and

all of a sudden he gets discovered by

you know maybe a label they signed him

to a record deal his first album drops

it's unbelievable he makes a shit ton of

cash well guess what now he needs to do

a second out he needs to come up with a

second act well a lot of times and this

happens with sports too once you become

successful you're not really you don't

really have the same Drive the same

passion the same hunger as you as you

once did and so you begin to slack off

well it's the same thing with long-term

relationships only in this particular

instance we're talking about red pill

aware of it so you get your heart broken

you're sexually frustrated and you you

know you find the red pill you you apply

red pill game and your success you're

having more success with women than

you've ever had in your entire life well

the next thing you know you've actually

find a woman who has done enough to lock

you down she's done enough to say okay

you know what

I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna go

ahead and commit to you I'm gonna make

you my main chick and again what

inevitably happens

is again you get a little bit complacent

you start to get a little bit

comfortable and before you know it you

slip back into your you slip back into

your blue pill ways so that listen this

is gonna be the main topic of

conversation tonight between myself and

Rollo we are actually gonna be talking

we're not gonna call him out by name but

there are quite a few purveyors of the

red pill red pill guys like myself who

who who that who have actually fallen

victim who have actually fallen victim

to this phenomenon so um so yeah that's

that's that's that's pretty much what

we're gonna be talking about again I'm

still waiting on a Rolo um I don't know

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Rollo can you hear me howdy howdy gonna

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me excellent sorry man the back I have

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dark I've got I've got to do something

about that all right well now that

you're here let's go ahead and get to it

my guest tonight is obviously a man who

needs no introduction he's written a

series of revolutionary books called the

rational male which can be which can be

found on the rational male calm he is an

alumni speaker at the 21 convention and

will be a featured speaker once again he

can be found on twitter at rational male

I'm speaking of course about none other

than Rollo Tomassi enroll I greatly

appreciate you coming on with us tonight

man I appreciate it yeah no problem hey

are we are we on air right now or are

you just from no no no we are we are on

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I had some sound issues there had to

restart come back and I had to do the

same thing but glad that you're here

glad that you're with us first off let

me ask you this how was your new book

coming along how far off is it from

being oh well let's just say I am it's

in the larval stage right now I am yes I

was talking about this a little bit on

well actually I've talked about this

quite a bit on the red band group every

time we sort of do our little round

table there yeah the book that I'm

writing right now is sort of a I wanted

it originally to be kind of a an essay

or a response for all these guys that I

was reading about on dal rocks blog if

anybody's familiar with dal rock he is

oh yeah I'll probably the best blogger I

know who I would call a Christian red

pill blogger and if there is such a

thing he's the one there was a time when

I was first starting out we both started

our blogs at about the same time and I

was thinking well do I want to hit on

religion a little bit with my my blog

and then I started reading Dale rocks

long and I go you know what I'm just

gonna leave it to dal because that

that's just he's the man now he and he

were at the Salomon 2 blog is that

correct I think so it was but man listen

that's the Salomon 2 blog is


it is unable so I have a lot of anybody

who's read me for any length of time

knows that I I go over to della Valle's

blog and he puts me up and I've credited

to him in I think pretty much all of my

books but I've never really dedicated a

book to the interaction or the history

or the interplay between the red pill

red pill awareness and religion okay and

that that takes a lot of that covers a

lot of ground and I'm beginning to

realize just how much how much brown it

is I when I first started out I wanted

to sort of target the the Christian

literature market you know for my angel

Christians because that's what I was

seeing as being the most problem because

I would have guys I still do have guys


social circle not religion it hit me up

and say hey man I love everything you're

saying but I'm a I'm a Christian guy and

how do I apply this to my life and so I

started writing some stuff about that

and then I thought well this would make

a really good book so I I've been

collaborating with a lot of the

commenters and you know just people that

I've known over the years at Del Rio on

and I've got probably four or five guys

helping me out with that Wow I mean who

knows who who did he is he's a really

sort of an I'm glad he doesn't have a

blog because he had a blog and so I got

him helping me out I got a doll helping

me out I've got Donald Graham helping me

out I got a lot of guys from a Christo

manosphere helping me out and then when

I made the announcement that the book

was going to be about the you know

really the red pill and religion then

other guys start coming out of the

woodwork they said well are you gonna

cover like Buddhism are you gonna cover

Muslim you know Islam are you gonna

cover you know today is we're gonna

cover any and this other stuff cuz they

really wanted to contribute to it so I'm

like okay well I'm not against that idea

so I started you know kind of compiling

research in chapters and just data

basically on as many of the world's

religions as people wanted to contribute

I even have you know Tanner Guzzi who's

a Mormon and I means I helped me

directly but he's certainly saying you

know here's here's some things to think

about and and it just it's just becoming

a really that's a labor of love for sure

but it's becoming it was very much

larger book than I thought so I am

working on that at the moment good man

this is actually pretty cool because I

knew that other guys were helping you

with the new book I didn't realize it

was such a collaborative effort well I

mean if I if I'm honest to the all of

the books that I've written are really a

collaborative forever joy I've always

said hey you know I'm a I'm a connector

of dots and I aggregate a lot of men's

experiences I've done so for you know 15

16 years in the manosphere you know so

swab my days it's so slow man

the humble beginnings so suave and so I

just you know I collect a lot of

experiences from guys and then I connect

those dots with what I know from

behavioral psychology and evolutionary

psychology and you know evolutionary

biology anthropology whatever else I can

you know whatever feeds the the purpose

and I'm always said that the red pill is

open-source yes that that needs to be

held above all else I think that a lot

of people get frustrated or they want to

they want to tag the red pill with sort

of an eye as an ideology and I'll say

for right now it's first of all it's

practice ology and second of all it

right he centrist is decentralized

there's no godfather of man I'm

flattered that people wanted calm I was

gonna say yeah like you're the Godfather

ah yeah you're you're three hours of the

manosphere I'm flattered but really I

think it's if it weren't for everybody

coming together sure lighting

experiences I wouldn't have anything no

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with a question or comment roll let's

get to it man we discussed briefly off

the air before the Redman group this

past saturday we actually discussed it a

little bit on the air and that was that

men who find the red pill and this

listen this is purveyors of the red pill

like you and me and other guys - we're

not gonna name names but they find the

red pill you know they they apply the

knowledge they have success they get

into a long-term relationship and before

long they backslide into their old blue

pill habits and before they know it

they're back to being the blue pill beta

and sometimes they end up worse off than

they were before when they found the red

pill to begin with what specifically do

you attribute this phenomenon to why is

this happening well this is kind of

I'm gonna call it a new phenomenon

because I think there's a lot of basic

human nature that's involved in it but I

would say it's new because we're just

now sort of seeing how how it's playing

out with guys on the internet because we

didn't have you know the tools that we

have right now and we kind of take for

granted that we can I mean gosh what

would you just say we're on Instagram

Twitter or wherever however yeah yeah

okay so you got I mean we've got a lot

of access we have you know we have so

much connectivity today that I think

that when we see guys doing one thing or

we wouldn't have a red pill right now if

it weren't for this connectivity of

course however I think that we're just

sort of coming into we're really sorting

out what what the red pill means to guys

and how it how it affects their lives

and what I mean by that is you've got

guys such as myself old school guys and

you got more guys that came up you know

during the mid-2000s the guys who are

after 2010 and there's constantly a new

influx of guys so for me to talk about

this I sort of need to you know preface

this with saying that the what I'm about

to get into here is it's something new

and so when I'm talking about this a you

know I'm oh I'm still open to

interpretations I'm saying what I say is

not set in stone

okay so what what I see and I wrote a

post about this I don't think I've ever

put it in any of my books but it's

called this script okay and what the

script is is it something as old as you

know ancient Greece or you know Greek

tragedies Shakespeare is another good

one okay really a I want to say it's an

archetypal story archetypical I

archetypal story and what it is is I'm

just gonna use Shakespeare because it's

easiest easiest to make an example of

but you've got these guys and I think it

was in much ado about nothing or was in

some measure familiar I can't remember

the one but it's actually been repeated

through a lot of romantic comedies and

and but since the time of Shakespeare

okay and the script goes something like



a guy who is the consummate bachelor

he's like that forever gonna be a

bachelor he's Midtown he's a big tile

guy says you know what no women for me

I'm dead I you know I live a great life

what was it my fear I think was in my

fair lady there was a there's a it's a

musical and there was this one musical

number where the guy is saying was you


gosh I really wish I had they going to

it but he was singing about how he's

never going to find a woman and and all

of these reasons why you know like she

takes up all my time she does you know

he's a consummate bachelor same thing

for the guys in much ado about nothing

or as you like it or something like that

okay so you've got these guys and the

story goes like this maybe there's three

of them maybe there's four of them and

they're all consummate bachelors and all

happy and they're all sitting around a

campfire and they're drinking brandy and

smoking cigars and life is good because

there's no women it's like a he-man

woman haters Club other life is really

good because they you know and maybe

they like girls but you know they want

to get after it but they're never going

to get married they're never going to

you know allow themselves to be saddled

with that commitment of marriage so and

they could they very rationally and very

reasonably in a very red pill fashion

come up with all these reasons why their

life is so much better without a woman

in it and how it is still it's complete

and then that they they want for nothing

and they're they're you know pretty much

self-contained and self-satisfied and

then one by one each of these characters

finds a woman and a woman comes into him

to his life and they fall in love and

they're like these slaves to their

emotions and suddenly all the stuff all

they are very very rational

you know reasons for being happy in the

way that they were goes out the window

and they find this woman in and they

they think oh my she's the love of my

life I can't believe I'm you know the

the thoughts that I'm having it's

changing me this is them again this is

the script okay right and the woman

comes in and it's because of her

feminine nature because he finds

something in her that makes him complete

because she is the only she's special

she's the one you know she is the


she's the only magical woman but that

that can save him from himself that can

you know tame the savage beasts on its

Tarzan then Jane comes in and turns him

from this wild man in the jungle and

turns him into the civilized man you

know this gentlemen of the court and and

you know works in him some magical with

you through some magical way it changes

him from from the you know savage or the

the self you know she says I yeah

and turns him into something else and so

what happens then is he's got to go on

he has to convince his friends that what

he's going through is genuine first of

all because you know one by one they

they find a woman and you know the happy

ending is they'll get married and really

you just sort of learned something about

yourself you foolish stupid little man

right because men are there to complete

you and save you from yourself and

through their you well it's understood

it's important to sort you know to see

how this works out as an archetypal

story because I see it play out right

now in the manosphere and so we have

guys who where we go be very very


they're very especially you talk to any

any mgtow who is very analytical or very

involved in the reasons why he's big

town ok I'm not I'm not picking on them

just I'm don't want to look I just want

to look at their reasons okay the

reasons for them to be Nick town and

then now think of this how a woman comes

into that that guy's life and gradually

all of those reasons that he had for

being the way he was or being red pill

analytical or being you know Brit pillow

where one by one he starts making up

rationales from he starts saying well

yeah not all women are like that or not

all you know because I've found here's

here's what wears a union suddenly it's

not about statistics anymore it's about

anecdotes right right his experience and

I mean we can talk we can talk off for a

whole nother show about how women end up

you know in their solecism sort of make

all of their anecdotes a universal truth

absolutely that's what guys start to do

when they move away from from this this

red pill analytical

you know Alan objective truth think

objectivism and then they start about

applying their own subjective ideas well

not in my case and so little by little

you know inch by inch these guys make up

rationales for themselves for why it's

okay for them to be involved with a

woman or it's okay

because they're not really pedestal

izing this woman she said oh my you know

she's still my my one and only but you

know she I'm in control the frame and

they want to you know come up with ways

to convince their old friends you know

the guy remember him we're talking about

measure ferment Leon Shakespeare an old

friends and he has to explain to those

old guys why he's doing what he's doing

and how actual and that's where the

comedy comes in and a lot of romantic

comedies are based on the same thing you

have this consummate bachelor who is

never going to be anything other than

you know what he is because he's he's

the man and it's his frame it's his way

or the highway and then suddenly the

woman comes in and he he turns into a

loaf of bread you know he turns into he

just melts because he'll do anything for

her and really what that shows is that

in the back of his head in his hind

brain there is some you know scarcity

mentality there is some I don't call it

a weakness but there's some it's not a

weakness only cookie weighs you know

natural desire to want and to covet

female companionship right like listen

no matter how red pills you are we are

all biologically designed to seek out

the companionship of the opposite sex

it's not just a sexual thing we just

like being around women sometimes and

vice versa yeah well and then what we

were to what we were just talking about

before he came on here is I I've written

a couple or actually a series of posts

called instinct emotion and reason okay

or rationale and these are the sort of

the three interpretive processes that I

see human beings not just men but human

beings using to interpret their world

okay to understand their world and by

instinct it what I mean by that I'll try

to be as quick as I can with this by

instinct I think that there is

this mental firmware that we have

evolved to have in our you know as an I

really as a survival mechanism to

understand our surroundings around us

okay so like for instance

fight-or-flight okay we see a big

saber-toothed tiger holy shit I either

fight or I run away adrenaline kicks in

and there's a bike there's a biological

element to that to see what's in the

environment your mind instinctually

reacts to it and that floods your system

with adrenaline or chemical cocktail

whatever same thing happens with women

okay guy sees a woman he sees a naked

woman who sees a half dressed woman we

there i I can show you the studies but

there's they've done fMRI studies okay

guys who when they see a naked woman or

they see a very attractive woman the

part of their brain that is stimulated

is the same part that is associated with

tool use oh and so there's a hole just

on that one fact you know we go and we

say well when women complain about guys

seeing women as sexual objects that's

true that's very very true because your

instinct sees that woman and it's it's

trying to solve a reproductive problem

back in our evolutionary past we had to

be able to hit it and quit it and get

out as questions with cosmos there might

be a rival around or there might be you

know right and if you if you put too

much investment and that's what I always

says that you know men's biological

imperative is to spread the seeds to

reproduce with as many women as possible

and then you know possibly move into a

parental investment into into some sort

of semi-permanent if temporary monogamy

to raise a child that's that's how it

works out for him so okay so that's

that's another example I think of the

environment affects the brain affects

the body okay that's one point that's

instinct emotion is another one when we

look at our emotional responses it's

very similar we are interpreting our

environment or interpreting even just

facial expressions or we understand the

emotive states of each other we

understand our automotive emotive States

to a degree and what is doing that well

I can

flood your system with oxytocin and make

you have feelings of trust and right

right so so what what I'm saying is that

there's also another biological element

that goes along with emotion because

we've already traced a much like

testosterone testosterone is associated

with absolutely you know associated with

that it's associated with libido it's

associated with a lot of things that we

would you know at least we would define

as the base emotions so there is the

emotive process that's a bit more

complex than the instinct and then

there's the reason there's reason then

there's a rational complex and then what

that is is it's us learning from our

past and learning from our instinct and

learning from our learning from our

environment and taking what we know and

then applying it to our interpretive

process and right now I think that

particularly in this day and age we are

overly focused on emotion right now

we're overly focused on how things make

make us feel and when when I talk about

how we always say in the manosphere you

know women are much more emotional and

they interpret things that process

things for their emotional process I

like yes that is that's very much what

also gets expanded into something beyond

that so the reason I'm bringing all this

up here is that when a guy moves from

his very rational understanding about

his you know red pill awareness and

intersexual dynamics and maybe the guy's

been an you know been in a red pill

community for 10 years and suddenly he

gets into you he uses that knowledge to

get into a long-term relationship with a

woman and maybe he's ready for that well

now he has to reconcile his emotional

process or his emotional self because

the rational self shit man and then on

top of that he's got to also understand

or he's also got to rationalize the

instincts okay because really when you

get together with with a woman when

you're when you see a woman and you feel

aroused or you you want to have sex with

that that woman that's your instinct

that your instinct saying I mean that's

why you get a hard-on yes of course

definitely I saw their biological

response ego right and so when that

happens what you're

things you're saying your instinct is

saying I am ready to reproduce let's go

let's get after I mean remember when you

were 13 14 you had your first kiss or

you like my getting after you here

trying to you know girls finally paying

some attention to you and wow you got it

you got a stiffy because she was just

touching you on the arm

I remember those days man can you

imagine dude listen man it's like it's

like doing cocaine for the first time

right not unlike that because you know

it's interesting is like they they say

that they read their studies that they

say that the chemical signature of being

in love and the cocktail of chemicals

and hormones that are in dopamine that's

in your body is very similar to heroin


and so why don't you like ya cutting

yourself off from that is almost like

you know going off a drug or getting

across no wonder guys taste that high

looks like they're chasing the dream yes

yes and then it's also why I think it's

also why there is what we call the

thirst yeah just a quick note on thirst

thirst is really all instinct and it's I

will find some way to get with this

chick I don't care how it is most men

are deductive problem solvers so a plus

B plus C equals I get pussy okay so that

is your brain and your instinct trying

to solve a reproductive problem so

that's that's the instinct show part of

it trying to make that into something

that your friends are going to accept as

the new you or all other Brown how

you're going to say well like you know

I'm sure you've been through this where

you have a good friend and you guys were

hanging out you you share a lot of

interests and then he gets a girlfriend

and you never sees this and he's decided

that he's gonna cut himself off from his

from his family and his friends and all

the stuff he used to do doesn't matter

he's gonna be with that chick and

usually you know we can say well that's

a beta guy yeah it is a beta guy 80% 85%

of guys are beta so they're going to do

something like that because they want to

invest everything they possibly can in

the problem in prospect that at some

point down the line they're going to be

able to reproduce so you've got that

going and you've got these guys who have

built up

built up their following builds up their

their reputation online as a real guru

as a guy who and I auditioned I

shouldn't just pick on Cougars I mean

there's a lot of guys oh yeah yeah are

you know they don't have to necessarily

be part of the community - yeah but if

it happens to those guys you happened

yeah exactly exactly and like I said

this is a new thing this is because

we're just now seeing how this process

works out because we know how the old

process works we know that like when we

were you know 19 20 years old a guy gets

a girlfriend and you never see him again

and he becomes somebody different he

becomes somebody that you never knew

that that guy could be and he probably

didn't know he could be like that even

move so so he turns into something new

and then that guy tries to come up with

you know reason after reason after

reason why he's really like that or why

he prefers a woman like that like if

your buddy goes out with a chick who's

like you know completely overweight you

know goddamn dude what you know what you

go with this you know why are you

hitting a whale like that well you know

she's got a good run but I think I

prefer it now oh you done faced the path

of least resistance is on you that's why

I don't chubby chasers so you got that

and yet do some guys prefer that yes but

I we can what was on behaviorism as to

why that's bullshit but uh so anyways

you got these guys who like said built a

relationship built you know they're guys

that you think are have a lot of

integrity and then they get a girlfriend

and then gradually prompting a bit by

bit they start to change now I know

we're not gonna name names but I will

name a couple oh here we go

mark Manson and Tucker max are people

that I have talked about in the past and

I've got a post called the purple pill

on my blog and I use Tucker max as a

good example of this so here you have a

guy who built up his online reputation

built up his you know his really his

source of revenue and his his job was to

write books about you know I hope they

serve beer in hell and all of his

exploits as being this really bad boy

the super cat and then he either got his

girlfriend pregnant by accident

I know or your core he he fell in love

and did exactly what I was talking about

as far as the script goes and so she

comes in she rearranges the furniture um

sometimes literally comes in and changes

everything about him and changes

everything about his life and he

capitulates to that because she is what

completes him and he you know in the

back you never really killed that beta

he never really killed off the idea that

there is no soulmate he just went along

with that and went along with what was

working for him at the time now she

comes in and she changes his life and

now he has to find some way to reconcile

his old self with who he's become by

allowing this person a this woman into

his life to change him into somebody

else and so I'm in them in that post

you've got yeah I I posted one picture

of him on the cover of his first book

which is I hope they serve beer in hell

he's his face and then the right chick

they'd got his arm around all remember

that says her name here

right and you know they meant people

that pissed off and then he gets in with

this with who is now his wife and I

guess he gets her pregnant they got a

kid together he goes on national

television to say hey you got me I'm

sorry I've turned over a new leaf I'm a

whole different person right now but

don't worry my new blog is going to be

teaching how guys can be more blue pill

and how guys can be more can be better

men to serve women you know other kind

of elitism that whatever fucka and then

the third the third picture is his

latest book which is called mate I think

and it's a similar position where the

woman is or his wife is with him okay

and his face is blanked out and it says

your name here and what that really is

is in three pictures you kind of see how

he he goes through the process of what I

call the script and there's a lot that

goes along with with making that

transition and so I think that there's a

middle stage before you kind of get to

that purple pill or you kind of exit out

of being red pill where you're trying to

convince guys that what

you said before wasn't necessarily the

truth it only was the truth in this

certain way and there's you know there's

kind of this back and forth we're kind

of massaging of what the guy used to say

to being what he is now

and usually what that is is it's an

effort to convince his old audience and

any new audience that there you go

there you had the guy will look to find

any angle that he can that will affirm

his new his new personality or who he

became a lot I mean by that is like they

will they will either try to find the

guy is more scientifically minded he

might try to find more research that

backs up why he's doing what he's doing

right if the guy has an inclination for

spirituality that's a that's a big one

because a lot of guys will fall back on

saying well you know I found God and so

that's the reason for me you know

becoming the new person that I am today

isn't that great and then you already

know you're gonna have a good portion of

your audience like oh that's great for

you great I can't wait to see you in

church you know and and so there's that

spiritual side of things and then

there's the I see this a lot today too

is there's an appeal to that kind of

trad con traditional conservative side

of things well I used to be very liberal

and I used to be very libertine you know

and I used to behaves and I used to I've

got a notch counter in the triple digits

but now I've seen the error of my ways

and I think that if everybody doesn't do

what I'm doing we don't all find a wife

and start having babies then it's gonna

be the decline and fall in Western

civilization there's that aspect and

you're gonna have some people that go

yeah great man good to have you on board

I'll can't wait to see you down at the

voting booth you know there's that

aspect of it too and so there's this

rationale that goes along with it now I

see a lot of guys in that stage right

now but what I'm just beginning to see

right now is there's a stage that comes

after that and that's what you were

titling this our our talk here right so

they go from red pill to going kind of

backsliding into the blue pill and then

going back to red pill because

what happens is if that long-term

relationship doesn't work out if that

monogamy that they thought was going to

be so great because you know trad cons

told them that you need to be married or

they went along with the the gynocentric

idea that you have to put everything you

can into into your wife and you have to

if you want to be considered a man then

you got to follow a woman's plan you got

a real early item plan and you got a

sign on with monogamy and sign on with

parental investments and almost other

stuff and so what happens is once that

kind of blows up in their face or

doesn't pan out into what they thought

it was and they find themselves single

again that's when they grab to take back

to be who they were in the beginning and

they're their red pill you know

analytics come out again and suddenly

they don't want to be the guy that they

were before and they want to kind of go

back and recapture their old audience

and I see that more than a few guys who

were considered gurus for a while who

went through this process so that I

think is really the the script as I see

it right now in a red pill sense in 2018

with the internet and all this

connectivity like I was saying before

where it goes from there I don't know

and I think it really is kind of

individual to the guy himself because if

the guy goes back to being a red pill

guru again after his you know his

attempt at you know getting into

long-term monogamy mm-hmm guy comes back

now what happens does he get back into

another LTR is he still gonna try that

or it's like if you look at that

experience and go you know what I was

really wrong I was right in the very

beginning I was wrong when I tried to go

you know make this work and now I'm back

to where I was and I understand the

error of my ways or is he going to

repeat the process and keep the script I

don't know yet because I don't know

where we're getting as far as that's


and one last thing before I move on is I

know that you you're probably looking at

the chat or whatever right now but

people will always tell me this let's

say Rollo you are married why you're

already in this way I think what people

don't understand is that I was married

and I started writing when I write and

that I was I was married when I started

writing it

so swap I was married when I wrote the

first second that when I started the

blog and I wrote all my books and you

know people like to use my at least my

first book is sort of the red pill Bible

the Masters Bible I think that you know

I don't I've said this a million times

as I don't want guys to use my marriage

which is a very good marriage with very

sorry but it is why your situation yeah

coming up on 22 22 years but why vidual

you know who I am my career what I've

done in my life you know what my 20s

were like or not like what your 20s are

going to be like right everybody's

another individual and I happen to be

able with red pill awareness to maintain

a frame and to be in you know being a

solid relationship where I am I don't

think anybody would say that I am purple

pill or have no no one's got misleading

or anything like that

because that's who I am and the other

thing is I've got a career outside of

the red pill too so it's like I kind of

have two different worlds that I kind of

slip in and step out not only that

you're not beholding you're not beholden

to it in other words yeah you know when

you have these red pill guys it's almost

like they switch gears more for for

profit for a profitability sake

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today and I will see you guys over at

Donovan sharp calm and Rollo again you

and I were discussing off the air via

chat before we came on is that myself

and of course Ryan stone were the only

two guys that you know who are in

long-term relationships who seem to have

managed to keep our red pill edge and to

be quite honest with you were the bottom

were the only two guys that I know

myself I think the reason why it's it's

very easy for me to keep my red pill

edge is because I have there there is

way too much anecdotal evidence

anecdotal proof that that way

are that women or the way the red pill

teaches I've been dude I've been burned

so many times there's no like even with

my current girlfriend now there is no

way in hell that I think she's special

I'm not special she's not special

there's no way in hell that I think I

can just take my foot off the gas and

say yeah you know what I got a special

lunch no no no if I backslide into my

blue pill ways dude she's gone or she's

gonna cheat and it's just gonna end


this is just how it is well you know I

and I'm glad you said that too because i

seems to me that the guys who make it

work in a monogamous situation

understand a very primal fundamental

idea that i think it was Roissy who came

up with this but it's yeah he did it was

in the sixteen commandments oh you have

a six life polarity is the key to a

healthy relationship yes and I think

that that's one of the reasons why when

when we now in this day and age we like

to think that any Galit Aryan marriages

is the way to go we're all gonna play

equal and I think first of all that is

first of all it's setting you up for

failure and second of all there is no

such thing as an egalitarian

relationship between anyone whether it's

your husband and wife or it's your your

your bla yeah right there's always a

dominant there's always a submissive

there's always somebody who is holding

frame and there's always somebody who is

working within that other person's frame

and I mean you can see this in

homosexual relationship that's right

there's always a female sub there you go

that's right and so if there's if you

think you're in an equal egg a litera

and marriage I can probably point out

you know half a dozen ways in which you

are not that way right much as you would

like to think so

the other thing is so what I like I was

just saying is that polarity is a key

you need to have sort of an

understanding people always say well

doesn't woman want to feel special oh

you know she has to do special is just

be one and everything is second that's

how you make her feel special you make

her feel special by knowing that there's

polarity and there's a difference

between the two of you and there needs

to be a respect for you and then right

to be an ass about being afraid to act

on that mm-hmm and so they're really a

lock horns with a lot of red pill women

about this

name's again but yeah wait in the

holiday I'll go ahead and do it kitten

if you're watching it yeah yeah well I

even still I think she would probably

agree that complementarity I've always

said that the sexes were meant to be

complements to one another and if you

look at the by Allah if you look at the

brain scans and the the neural wiring of

men and women you can see how right

together they make probably a better

team if soup-eating

overcome the differences and get away

from kind of centers in the house I'm

sure they they're they're better

together than they are apart and but

what are we here we here we here

feminism saying oh you know you can have

it all and you can be this

self-contained self-sufficient self

gratifying autonomous thing yeah we

don't you're not a man you're not a

woman you're just a lot of escaping

until it it behooves you to be a woman

and then you can be a woman or you can

be a masculine woman or whatever but I

think that the sex has evolved to be

complements for one another to to be

symbiotic I guess to with each other to

ensure the best life together and the

best survival together the only way

about things that we just fuck things up

with you know socially right now to the

point where we've kind of forgotten

about that and so like I was saying

before when our instincts kick in and we

listen to our instincts and we say you

know you're the man I'm the woman you

know you I'll do submit to your

direction and a woman like organically

naturally defer so that man's authority

you know and assuming the guys on ass

always like to you know these have he's

healthy too right of course those those

situations and those marriages tend to

work out a whole lot better that's not

an endorsement for marriage but I'm at

least in this day and age but I can see

how marriage was a good idea so I can

see how it was complimentary I mean

monogamy for better or worse has been a

helpful part of you know human

development and societal development but

we've gotten to the point where we have

sort of fucked up all the good things

that could possibly possibly have

marriage and we've driven the sexes

further and further apart and so we get

this atomization now we're in the

now we're in the shit I've got a

question here from from one of my

patrons says question for Rollo if he

were a single man today with grown

children would he ever consider getting

married I've said this a million times -

no I wouldn't and the reason for that is

like I was just saying I don't think in

this day and age it is - first of all

it's too risky of course if you press if

you've read my latest post which is

called a big fish I think older guys

have to actually watch out for

themselves because there are a lot of I

want to say predatory females but

because most women are opportunistic and

have a opportunistic concept of what

love really is it's like how looking to

see how a man will optimize or satisfy

their there are high Pergamus nature

first right and once they pass that then

maybe they fall in love with them

because of what he is and who he is but

in this day and age there is no

advantage for a man in marriage and

there's nothing but downside risk for it

I know a lot of trad cons will say well

you know you're gonna you're gonna bring

about the downfall of Western

civilization well first of all if we're

talking about me being single at my age

with grown kids I'm probably not going

to be one to mess around with that but I

I do understand why people think that

marriage is a good idea and I was just

getting back to what I was saying is

like there's an instinctual part of us

and an emotional part that thinks that

that marriage is a good institution it's

good for a man and a woman to come

together and have a family in - to you

know put invest if they're cool if

they're all in the same right I was

going to say you have to be on the same

complementary relationship but right now

I was just just got off the up Twitter

and I saw a guy who was saying that

there's that through Bitcoin or for some

reason he had found some way to to you

know put his assets away so that no

woman could get out get a hold of his

you know his cryptocurrency is like

trying to make a case for why

cryptocurrency would be a good buffer


women getting into you know alimony from

that I've actually heard that before

actually recently had a conversation

with a guy about that particular concept

I don't know how much of that I believe

in but you know that's that's a

conversation for that way part of that

conversation was that the guy was like

well I'll be I'll marry a woman but I

won't sign a contract I won't have some

legally binding you know piece of paper

I was gonna be on the spot for you know

half my inch you know assets and

everything else I think Anthony when he

was you know we're gonna talk about this

on the dangerous woman podcast but

Anthony when he got involved with his

BPD and his crazy do some X he did do

one thing right he never had a legally

binding marriage with her good it wasn't

there was a ceremony but there's no

certificate there is never there's never

a piece of paper that said you know

Anthony is married to whoever and I kind

of see that almost in the future that if

if if it can someway get into like

religious circles where you say look

we're gonna get married but we need to

have insurances there Nisa there needs

to be some assurances there needs to be

some reward there needs to be some you

know some kind of certainty for that guy

in that relationship because as it

stands right now it is all complete

one-sided ray of course yeah and so

here's what I guess what I get married

no I would not get married okay

and so the Koreans around right exactly

I would not and here's the other thing I

would not get into probably not get into

a monogamous relationship there it is

I'm not dogging you that's that's the

real question that that I think people

should be asking no I'm not gonna get

married you know I'm certainly not going

to say that but would I get into a

monogamous relationship probably not

only not okay so I probably don't have

to spinning plates as for as long as I

could and you know people say oh you're

gonna go Midtown now I enjoy the company

of women and I I always have I mean I my

career for the last 25 years has been

around well there you go we'd like to

hear that got another question from

Brendon q he says role of us as

one for you guys he says Rollo has said

it's ideal to have at least two of looks

two of looks assets and game but at

young ages 18 to 25 when assets aren't

expected how far do you think red pill

game can stretch with below average or

average looks I've recently approved my

looks dramatically and the greater

attention is making me wonder how I got

as many good opportunities as I did with

my clumsy overconfidence game that's a

very good question yeah it's very good

and the the poster that actually it's a

chapter in my first book it's called

looks looks count looks count and then

there's another one I has it's called

have a a look and those were kind of two

different angles from the looks question

I find that in the pickup artistry

circle there is this idea that it

doesn't matter that looks no matter that

the only thing that really matters this

game and your ability to to work game

and I've heard some very good arguments

on that side where they're saying you

know all you have to do is be able to

trigger and calibrate for Attraction

cues and what I would call arousal cues

and to be able to you know hit those

those buttons and I think pickup

artistry has been built around the idea

that there are these psychological hacks

to write to get past a deficit of looks

to get past a deficit of having any

money the other thing I don't fully buy

that I think that that might be there's

definitely a case for that and the the

quote that he is referring to as I said

there it's looks affluence and gain have

to have at least two okay if you can

alright three would be best but if you

can only have one game is the game is

that would have you because because you

have to because that is how you can

interact with with with women and life

and you know remember game is not just

it's just not just applicable with women

it's applicable and things right you

know work ass life I negotiate should

it's not absolute when guys ask me this

question they're really trying to say

well do you think that game is going to

over over come a you know a guy who is

300 pounds and you know looks like Jabba

the Hutt well

no but game is going to improve you a

little bit more than if you didn't have

it I always say this too it was like

when I was when I was 21 22 23 when I

was in the Hollywood you know rock scene

back in the day late 80s early 90s I had

two nickels to rub together I think the

most my assets consisted on whatever

musical equipment that I had in my

one-room studio in North Hollywood yeah

need more in those three or four years

than I have in any other time of my life

and I mean that by like look at man

because I had a look I had a look and I

had I was playing a character that women

really liked I didn't have to be able to

you know fund a family I didn't have to

be able to you know have enough money

for a woman to go to Bed Bath & Beyond

or something like that I didn't have to

have any of that no women would come to

my door and they were happy to have sex

with me because I was the I was the

fantasy for those guys I had long blonde

hair down to my ass yeah arrow and thin

and I had a just enough social proof

from being sort of the semi-pro rock

star in Hollywood at the time that I was

able to employ that as sort of a form

game I didn't know what's them but

really that's what I was doing

did I need money no but I did I have any

kind of real affluence or status from

beyond the music scene in Hollywood know

I had looks that was that was that was

fine right there but remember that when

we're talking about those three aspects

of a guy

we're triggering different aspects of a

woman's hypergamy so when you're talking

about looks or you're playing this Kay

of a woman I got the one post I have

called have a look it's it it was based

around this YouTube video of Adam

Carolla okay and he was talking about

how women are like casting agents and

how they're looking for you know a tough

brother from the streets or they're

looking for a guy who looks like the

dude from The Cure or they're looking

like you know they want a rock star or

they want a particular character that

they see that that happens to be you

know what they're hot for and right I

have a look he's always going to do

better than just a guy guy you know just

the guy who's regular dude who doesn't

you know kind of

and really you know those are the guys

who don't get it and if you have a look

and you have sort of this kind of

character that you're playing

hopefully it's authentic hopefully it's

something that you're really about right

brightest in Hollywood music scene

that's what I was that's who Rollo

Tomassi was he was a long-haired bass

player you know a couple of different

bands right that's was authentically who

I was at the time

I'm not saying play a character but they

are looking for that that's right that's

right so they're looking for that having

a look so if you've got something that's

unique about you I think a lot of guys

kind of instinctually know about how

peacocking work well have like some

that's why that's why so many guys have

like tattoos you know it's like oh look

there's a all right no yeah exactly

because why because that's something

that makes you sets you apart from other

guys and of course then everybody does

it and now it doesn't and now I was

gonna say now it doesn't matter I've

always said this and this this is this

is more theoretical I agree with you you

have to have at least two and a three

and there other elements involved but a

man who's an A+ at one thing is gonna

fuck better-looking women than a man

who's a b-minus at everything Wow

and and the example you gave us perfect

listen does game help absolutely it's

gonna help someone who's 300 pounds you

know a little bit but again that's looks

matter not as much they don't they don't

matter as much to guy as much to girls

as they are with guys and with the low

level bottom rung make tales they use

this looks matter thing as sort of an

apex fallacy they it's what they do is

they say well and listen basically game

is boiled down have big muscles have

lots of money have good looks no that's

an excuse that you are giving to check

out in the game it's the same it's it's

along the same lines with girls saying

well I'm not a 10 so I'm never going to

find a husband worth staying with so I'm

just gonna be a slut in either case both

are taking the easy way out and using a

bad excuse to do it yes they want they

want and again this kind of goes back to

what we were talking about before they

were looking for rationales and they're

looking for after affirmations of those

right or not looking for confirmation

they're looking for information

affirmation is right yeah and the other

thing that that probably should touch on

is that they're I think guys and

certainly women understand what their

their intrinsic deficits are right I

only let go for women because in

in the age of social media and the go

girl this shit don't stink dude you to

be okay yeah you know we always talk

about how women's because are overblown

these days but I think that if you're

talking about being poor and by having

great looks like I was back in the day

I'm making up for that deficit I had if

I had money if I was actually honest to

goodness you know recording star and I

had some sort of you know really Fame

and social proof I had all that going

for me at a hundred percent I'm golden

right yeah but worse if I don't have one

and I got a lot of the other on my other

attributes are going to cover for

deficits that I I have so the other

thing that I really think is about what

you were talking about is like well I'm

not good-looking and I'm overweight and

like you know what here's the thing what

is it easier to do is it easier to get

your fat ass in the gym and workout or

is it easier to try to figure out game

and try to try to learn these scripts

and to follow this you know follow this

rote memorization of what you should say

when and how to calibrate or would it be

better for you to go into the gym and be

better looking right the kind of the

paradox that I get into it with pickup

artists guys because I'm always at the

opinion that you have direct control

over you getting into the gym and it's

run your fat ass out yeah that is don't

you of all of those things of the money

of the game of all out you know status

and everything the one thing you have

the most control over is don't get a gym

membership that's right men working

that's exactly right that's it that I

always think if that's the best place to

start and then go learn some game when

you learn how to interact if you think

you that your social intelligence be as

not what it should be

I'm of the opinion that you should be

able to go and and find some way to

educate yourself about that I'm I'm an

introvert I can't do anything well go

take an improv class yeah listen you

don't have it bad enough

yeah right and listen I agree with you

um I think it all starts with your I

think it all starts with physical you

change your body you change your life

man it doesn't matter what it doesn't

matter what your personality is doesn't

matter how much money you make if you

are not in shape and then all of a

sudden you get into shape everything

else just everything else just seems to

fall into place

because not only are you getting your

body right now you're disciplined right

because listen in order to get into

shape you have to be disciplined which

spills into other aspects of your life

and people men and women I'll likely

pick up on this stuff and the end that

makes you intern you know more

attractive I've got another question

here Jaime Morales asks how do I cope

with the world ostracizing you for your

red pill way sometimes it feels like the

world is against me for winning um yeah

you're gonna run into that you got it

haters gonna hate

I haters gonna hate and they're going to

give you a lot of grief I tell the guys

that I do consults with I said look

you're going to change and your friends

are going to not like you to change

because who you are right now is

predictable right they know they know

who you are and they know which

responses are going to be and the thing

is is that human beings have this

insatiable need to find predictability

in people's analyzed why because the

world is a dangerous chaotic place and

when what we like to have an idea that

there's some sense of security even

though there is no such thing as real

security but we like to try to find

security in people's actions and that's

why we lean on like we lean on

psychology that wants to categorize

people into certain put them into a

certain little box right okay

same thing with astrology we want say oh

you're an Aries so you're just like this

bah bah bah and it appeals to your ego

and you go yeah and what that is well

purse wants bullshit and then second of

all number one it is it is an attempt to

categorize that person and put him into

some you know some understandable way so

that if they meet you and they say Oh

urinary is your Pisces moon 70 so it's

your sign man

you should just still do that man well

and then the same thing gets done in

Psychological circles right now I'm an

introvert I'm an extrovert and I'm the

reason I'm saying this because I I study

the focus of my my behavioral

psychologist personality studies and my

first thing I noticed was like there's

no such thing as a static personality

you're going to change yourself but when

you do people are going to react to that

and they're not going to like it because

you have now become unpredictable right

and that's it's actually even a law

power is

be unpredictable because once people can

predict your actions then they can

predict your moves and they can play

chess better than you you know that

right they know you three three moves

ahead because they know what your your

habits are and they know who you are and

girls don't like that baby and they want

in my dues allergies yes they don't like

that but they are accept excited and

aroused by that and that's one of the

things that I always tell guys when they

are in when they are in a they're

they're awakened well married or they're

maybe they're in a monogamous

relationship and their wife's holding

out on a more girlfriend's holding out

on them I say you know what go to the

gym I'll go do something right go do

something that is unlike you and when

they ask you why you I don't know I just

kind of felt like it just seemed like

the right thing to do yeah I want to be

a fat ass or I want to do this or I want

you I don't think necessarily to do but

if you break up that continuity people

go whoa

yeah because human beings find patterns

patterns are comforting to us so if we

can say AAA be a a you know we can look

at we we can we can define a pattern

recognition I think is a big thing and

yeah of course humanity but when you're

in a social circle and they're expecting

you to be to one way what's the first

thing we're going to say like say you're

not being yourself right or are stopped

you never want to be or you're a poser

or or anything that doesn't you know I

had I had control of you why is why is

predictability such a thing such a thing

for guys is because it represents

controls all right so you're right

if I could predict you I can control you

and I can figure out what it is that's

going to push your buttons well if you

are unpredictable then yeah it's going

to piss you off and then the other thing

is that these guys from what this guy's

probably encountering is that he has a

group of friends or has a social circle

whatever maybe it's his family and

they're all very much blue pill and now

his red pill and they think he's an

asshole or they think they're he goes on

penis or they think he's and there's

something wrong with this guy and he's

not being like himself for a year you

know you're not trying or you're being

somebody who you're right this was all

just an act so what do they do they try

to disqualify you

they say you're inauthentic that's a big

problem I have with the blue pill and

and feminists is that they want to have

control and control and responsibility

over masculinity they want to say that

whatever you do that's a

ask that you were that masculinity or

much of stuff right right you down and

everything and they're gonna say that's

not you that's not authentic what I what

I know about masculinity that is as soon

as you comply with what I think

masculinity is then you'll be real then

you'll be authentic yeah we all know you

can take you're wearing a mask you know

you're you're putting on an act right

and that's that's the first thing that

they will say why because they want

control of you they want to know that

your actions are going to be predictable

so they can move on and do whatever it's

interesting girls want control but they

don't need it man like that and again

this that's what feminism is girls want

feminism but they don't need it they

want control they don't need it they

want all of the accolades of being a

leader they don't need it they want to

be in control of a relationship they

don't need to be and here's another

thing this is another one of the

asymmetries between men and women in

terms of their attraction to one another

guys we don't like unproduced we don't

like unpredictable girls girls think

that we like unpredictable girls because

they are attracted to guys that are

unpredictable so they try to be

unpredictable and no no no I don't want

spontaneity right

I don't want unpredictability I need you

to be static because if you are static

than I know what again it's it's the

opposite with it's the opposite with one

or the other and it's almost like it's

almost like a veritable shit test of

sorts oh let me be unpredictable to see

what his reaction oh wait a minute he

likes her doesn't like this okay well

let me go ahead and change so I think

it's I think it's very interesting that

that that women always assume that

what's attractive to them is also

attractive to us right because they

think that and really since since the

sexual revolution

you know last 60 or 70 years right femen

that we have feminized men and we have

made whatever the female experiences is

is the correct experience right though

to emot-- that's why I was saying before

you know what men are more emotional

right now because for 70 years we've

been telling them to get in touch with

their emotions and to get in touch with

their femininity and everything what

does that gotten us it's gotten us you

know school shooters is what right right

you know it's got our we it's to the

point where masculinity has been so

blurred that men don't even know what it

is anymore and women are they know what

they want but they can't really ask it

from from a guy because they think that


they act like women then they are there

correct there they're identifying with

women they're supporting them and

they're lifting them up and they're a

part of the empowerment narrative and

everything but like I was saying what is

the key to a healthy relationship right

all arity you need to be different the

genders the sexes are different they're

different biologically they're different

psychologically they're different on

every fucking line every letting you

know people say well we're more alike

than we are we are different no we are

we are dude we're all that's excuse me

because my differences make up for her

weaknesses Hurley her strengths make up

for my wings you imagine that oh you got

an excellent comment here in the chat

Darcy Mel says I think fuck-boy is an

attempt to call men sluts which is

laughable because it proves women don't

understand men and it is projection I

listen I agree with that a hundred

percent it's so funny how women a

fuck-boy is the male version of a subtle

Rollo here's the thing the male and just

to let everyone know the male version of

a slut is a man who freely gives away

his commitment without a woman earning

it that is the male version of a slut

the female version of a slut is a woman

who gives away what is easy for her to

give away freely this is why girls who

are married or engaged or looked upon

with reverence from from other females

and men who are in and out of

relationships every other month are

looked at with contempt by other males

right so this is this whole slut versus

stud dichotomy discussion you know why

are girls sluts and guy studs and why

are why is one good one why is one bad

because a man who is a commitment-- slut

that is the male version of a slut you

listen you're the guy that said it Rollo

men were the gatekeepers to commitment

women are the gatekeepers to sex

we are the gatekeeper to what's the most

importance of the opposite sex

girls can get sex at the drop of ed they

walk right outside right outside their

door they got cocks at them in the face

all day every day they don't dude sex is

cheap for them because they can get it

any time now commitment now Baron lies

the challenge they can get any guy to

fuck them but to get a guy to commit to

get a guy I put to put a ring on it

that's the trick it's the same yet to

get the right guy there you can write to

get the right guys guys we die and I'm

actually I'm a little I don't know

kind of I I agree with that that

sentiment I agree with the idea that

that you know women old hold sex men

hold commitment the right thing is is

that women up to a certain age and as

they are have the capacity to do so they

actually hold commitment to they

actually because they're only going to

commit to that apex alpha they're you

remember that missus during their

fertile years right there is no a trap

yeah exactly there is no attraction

floor for women they there's there's or

there's a traction floor for women

they're they you know guy nobody's ugly

after 2:00 a.m. right that's what guys

say well yeah right I'll go and have sex

with whoever if it's gonna get me out of

my slump right sure women are not like

that because we're mineral remember

women are about quality and not quantity

or you know usually they're not well

this because they're maybe they have

their pick of the litter of course they

can be about course they can be more

right that quantity has a quality all

its own oh I love it I love it that the

abundance mentality right is that what

we're talking about as as as far as the

fuck-boy thing is concerned first of all

you know where that term came from

fuck-boy know we can that song came from

song called fuck boy and it's by this

group called hey violet who actually I

have seen live before cuz I was working

a gig where they were playing one time

and yeah the chick in there is probably

the girl who's the lead say actually

there's there's three girls in there and

I don't think one of them is above 24 25

years old

damn and they have this you know this

this talent I think to sort of draw out

a lot of red pill things without knowing

on their lyrics without really knowing

that that's what they're doing right

course bass interesting because she's

the girl who also has this other song

called guys my age where she is singing

about how she wants to get rid of the

guy who is just this weed smoking porn

watching video game playing guy and she

wants to date an older dude like an

adult she even says in in the lyrics she

wants to date a grown-up alright go


though and without really knowing it

she's coming out with these this red

pill these red pill lyrics without

really saying any but anyways what does

he say is I think that what women don't

understand when it comes to them being

sluts and then being sluts right or what

a man-whore your Maori right exactly

your own Oh

the difference is is again there are

differences between men and there you go


same thing as like what works for a guy

does not look for a row and when things

that make a guy attractive do not

necessarily make a girl attractive and I

get into this every friggin time I am

talking about something like if I'm

talking about hypergamy the first thing

any woman says well men are high

Pergamus too and I go I'd and then I

have to go right back into that thing

right no women have an attraction for

their look right but right now I'm just

looking for whatever the you know

whatever they can get you have to

explain that to why did they come up

with that why is it per se and I noticed

this in women and in guys who have a

very Pro female way of thinking mangina

for lack turn but they always want to

find a parallel in men yes I say yes

shitty if I say something shitty by

Minna men are pigs

yeah you're right huh you know yes I if

I say women are pigs ago well you know

men are kind of pigs to know this

happens all the time any time you call a

woman out on bad behavior women need to

quit having so many kids buy so many

different men they never address that

they say well so do men is what always

first of all we're talking about women

and then second of all of course the

genders are different and whenever I

talked to guys are wherever and whenever

I'm talking about egalitarian equal ism

and I you anybody who reads me knows

what what that means I think that that

reflex or that snap judgment to go oh

well Mendo to Oh men do it too of course

that is based in the idea that both the

sexes are functional equal you know

equivalence of one another no they are

not what is good for a woman is not

necessarily good for a man and vice

versa okay so we're talking about sluts

is a good for a woman to be a slut no

first of all because she can't pair bond

or she has much more a much more

difficult time creating you know a

strong attachments if she's had you know

ten or twenty twenty lovers before you

okay usually that's because there's one

or two or three of them the more men

she's had his partners the more chance

she's had to make a strong alpha

not one or two or three of those guys

and then you have an alpha Widow on your

hand okay the other thing is that when

women are you know fast and loose that

it's like can they be trusted can they

be trusted to with with paternity and

again that goes back on instinct and

that goes back to the evolutionary

psychology men want to know that the kid

is theirs and we're trying to push guys

away from that right now by saying you

know oh you're a father's whoever you

know raises it it's kind of crazy

yes be a real man but what they're doing

is they're trying to they're trying to

convince the the vast majority of guys

that doesn't matter who has paternity

just that you're supportive guy you know

really when you convince guys of that

you're only buying into consolidating

hypergamy for women so being a slut yes

it has it has a big impact on women and

there's a lot of I mean there's plenty

of other you know extrinsic reasons that

I could say why wouldn't sure it's okay

for guys if a guy has experience with

women if a guy knows if a guy is

attractive enough to get with many women

or he has to be even if he doesn't get

with them many women the fact that he

could yes makes him attractive fact that

he has multiple people multiple women

trying to get with him that all that

does is all it does is just prove he has

social proof he has pre selection right

and and so so the things that make him

attractive is being having at least

having the capacity I would say this

young women don't want a man to cheat

but they love a man who could yes and so

that the reason for that is because if

he has many people and many women that

are after him he has to be higher

quality he has to be something that's

that's how women sort of break down the

filter for their hypergamy if other

chicks want him she wants him to there

you go and so there is a difference

right there

between the two but because we're taught

egalitarian equal ism most people beta

men and and women they automatically go

to what's good for the goose is good

Gander know men and women are different

we have different minds we have

different psychology we have different

biologies all this shit and you know

what that comes out into behavior what

good behavior is for man

not necessarily good one and so they're

gonna say well you're just trying to

justify being a man-whore well no I'm

not trying to do that I'm just trying to

unravel all this bullshit and say look

men and women are different and here in

the again there's the polarity thing

right there again the men need to be who

they're gonna be and they need to be men

and conventionally masculine women even

credential examine different get the two

of them together

there is no sluts and there is no

man-horse there is a complement

absolutely got a caller on the line area

code four one five you're on but Donovan

and Rollo

okay Donovan and Rollo this is a now hey

what's up brother how you doing man

thanks for calling in hey I'm good yeah

I'm good I'll hey shout out to Rollo for

being on the show I read manipulated I'm

not read a rational male and it's on

like the level of manipulative man to me

is like one of the best books I can read

by SLV more nature is turbulent yeah

yeah yeah I know what you're talking


yeah yeah my question to Rollo is I

found the red pill four years ago when I

was 25 so I kind of kicked myself you

know thinking like if I knew what I knew

now the situation wouldn't have happened

so my question to you is what would you

tell your younger self about the red

pill dating a relation for you're gonna

make him think this is my younger self

would told me to go fuck off that's what

happened well when I was 18 I was very

much blue pillar when I was 25 I was

actually pretty blue pill as well I

think that if I were to go back and if I

could convince myself of any one red

pill idea I would say that there is no

one and you yeah well actually you know

what I would say make yourself your own

mental point of origin because I think

that that is the really the fundamental

truth that most guys need to understand

because from I mean I'm I'm a kid at the

80s man it says nothing about you know

men that have been you know born after

me but I know that from my own

experience men and

were acculturated to put women first and

to be a support be a supportive guy and

you have to build your entire life

around this around this idea that you're

not a man unless you are you know you

build yourself up to having all these

assets and to be a good husband in the

future and be pre whipped it's like so

good and to put women and womankind on

the pedestal they're talking about

taking women off the pedestal well I

think that in this day and age boys are

taught particularly now are taught to

put women as their mental point of

origin and so it's always mom yeah it's

always the girls that are in the class

or it's the female teacher or it's the

little princess and is in whatever

Disney and cartoon that's going on it

always this message of empowerment and

the best that a guy can do the best that

a male can do is to actually be female

but if you can't do that then you best

you can do is to be as supportive as you

possibly can to lift them up as high as

you can while putting yourself as low as

you can are putting your you know second

making yourself secondary and I think

that that is what is I think the biggest

hurdle for most guys right now

particularly a blue pill guys because

they to put themselves as their first

thought to - and what I mean by that is

whenever there's a decision whenever

there's some kind of important you know

milestone in their lives that they have

to make a choice about they always

consider a woman first they always can

said how's this gonna affect my life

how's this gonna affect my mom how's

this going that's my sister how is this

going to affect women yeah I'll just

yeah I would like that and I think that

men will find again if they put

themselves as their mental point of

origin and they say how's this gonna

affect me how am I gonna feel about this

and then they go okay well affects me

this way now what's it gonna do for

these other B I'm not saying be a

selfish prick I'm saying think of

yourself first and then think of other

people like I always say I've said this

on a million different podcasts I

believe in enlightened self-interest and

by that I mean I can't help anyone until

I can help myself first I can't help

anyone as well as if I

help myself first like when you're on

IRA member you may make a book it

lighten self-interest yeah and they say

that you know when you're on an airplane

and the the oxygen masks come down what

do they tell you to do they sit put your

own damn mask on first and then help

somebody oh that right I because you're

gonna suffocate and die if you don't

okay well that's the same kind of a

simplification of enlightened

self-interest is you have to be able to

help yourself before you can help anyone

else and the best part of that is it's

once you do help yourself you tend to

have a better idea of who's worth

helping and who is better who's the perp

the people that you want to invest in

rather than have to give me this default

this default idea that it should always

be a woman and I think that a lot of

guys particularly boy I mean I'm talking

to boys as older it's 10 years old 9 10

years old who first of all they're very

gender loathing they know of a boy rats

know I'd like to apologize on behalf of

my generous man is fine yeah those are

the good men project on behalf of my

gender I'd like to apologize man I don't

shut the fuck up and where did that come


that came from learning at a very early

age to take themselves off a pedestal

and put women on to that pedestal and

that would be the one thing I could

convince myself of one thing in my past

it would be to put myself as my mentor

actually I'll answer this question what

would what would 40 year old Donovan

Sharpe tell 18 year old Donovan Sharpe

moved to Vegas I know thank you for the

call thanks for calling in man I

certainly look forward to having you

listen call in anytime man I'd certainly

like your energy your your and listen

like I said your you're definitely one

of the og so thanks for calling man we

appreciate it

yeah thank you great show thanks brother

appreciate that I got one last question

hi Mike I got one last question here

from Hashim and this is actually it's a

wordy question but this is right up your

alley here he says comfort tests within

the context of an LTR are almost

designed to chip away at a man's frame

and push a man towards a blue towards a

blue pill and beta traits and behaviors

some of them can either be super direct

he says I had to ask I had a girl asked

me verbatim am I the one and am i

everything or are you sad

are you said that I'm going to be going

then he says some can have a slight

degree of complexity like how much do

you love me but what about me or the old

you don't care about me tests how do you

how do you navigate these comfort tests

without sliding back into beta blue pill

conditioning mm-hmm that's a very good

question yeah that's really good for

question I think I'm gonna I'm gonna

defer to Roy C on this he has okay we'll

called called the golden mean which is

the two-thirds rule yes yes yes yes yes

the 2/3 rule goes this way golden ratio

yeah the golden ratio yeah woman get to

you three kisses you give her tooth

that's right

okay if a woman says I love you she adds

you know she tells you I love you and

you say I love you she tells you three

times YouTube no choice yeah okay so

there's always a little bit less than

what her investment is and again this

kind of comes back to that polarity

thing again but it is always making

yourself just a little bit more more

elusive then then your wife makes

herself and so any people say well

that's you're playing games but you're

not playing games if it's already a part

of who you are how you do that so if

you've made that I always tell guys it

says that they say yo you you know I

can't be married or how come Rolo has to

gain his wife all the time saying I

don't gain my wife it is I've

internalized the red pill to the point

where it is my reflexive response

second-nature much everything that I do

yes of course so I would I would say

that if you're if you're dealing with

comfort tests I would nine times out of

ten when a woman gives you a comfort

test she is recognizing that you are

above her and an SMB

I have a post and I think I might have

put it when I put it in third book but

it's called smv and smv ratios and

attachment and I'm sure you've probably

heard of the theory about attachment

Theory like strong attachment a healthy

attachment sure trash from that Chrysler

if you are if we can just and I'm gonna

categorize people because people don't

like me to do this but they say you know

just for sake of argument here sexual

market value

got a guy who's a five you got a wife

who's a six okay

she's going to be looking for somebody

above that's right that's right maybe

you maybe you were seven when you got

married and you slid back to being six

or five that's when trouble starts

that's when yo she doesn't well she

might respect you but she doesn't admire

you and she's looking at other people

that you know in her life that she does

admire and she is idolized or idealizing

those those people now here's the other

thing when a guy is a 1/8 and his wife

is a six right that's when you get

comfort tests because what she is

insecure about

is she still although you are in a

monogamous relationship she still has

the competition anxiety that she's

feeling because she still thinks because

I think that I could guys try to deny

this it goes into the ration that if men

have a hamster this is part of the

rationale house but guys try to

rationalize that well guy started

rationalize that you know their woman

but just because they're married is all

it takes them out of the sexual

marketplace like wow we're married you

know I don't have to try anymore you

know I don't have to I don't have to be

the guy that she fell in love with

anymore I can I can relax a little bit

you know and that's really what

especially bethe guys want to do because

they're uncomfortable being in the

section like this to begin with right

they're taken out of that they go oh

that was close I'm that yeah I know yeah

I can relax Waiting to Exhale right

there waiting to it to that yeah women I

think and I have to tell guys look just

because you're in marriage does not mean

that you that you're exempt from hyper

gonna women always know that they are

not exempt from hypergamy they always

know that as some because they're

constantly testing guys they're

constantly saying if if a woman is

testing you in a relationship there is

she's testing you for security or she's

testing you to see if you are alpha

those are really within a relationship

those are what I call passive shit tests

so passive shit tests are kind of like

nagging okay the nagging you do anything

that kind of shit right what that is is

it's a test of your competencies can you

are you competent and a lot of dry clay

you still have a man that I'm attracted

to exactly are you somebody that I can

admire because I'm looking over here and

these guys you know okay so then the

other one is which is also a passive one

I would say that this is passive with

with with in a marriage or with in IL TR

when a woman is saying asking these

questions she's trying to say am I

secure in this relationship and although

I think that guys should in some ways

say look maybe I'm a comfort you know

there's there is a there is a necessity

fuckin oh there's a necessity for

comfort within a relationship I think it

is far less than what most guys believe

that it actually is I think there's more

of a necessity for dread I think there's

more of a necessity for anxiety because

like I was saying before most guys get

comfortable and they get relaxed and

that's when we because there is no

anxiety there is no urgency there is no

sexual tension and so consequently

you're having starfish sex your your if

you're having sex at all I mean when I

look at this existence I think it was

like something like you're sinking are

you are technically sex sexless

marriages right so I think that there is

more of a need to generate alpha anxiety

and competition anxiety than there is

for comfort but that doesn't mean that

there isn't a necessity for comfort so

in those cases I defer to the two-thirds

rule Wow

but don't over it man Jesus dude really

you're the I swear every time I talk to

you man I learned something new because

it's like it's weird man because in

inherently you kind of know this stuff

but you're the guy who can actually put

who can actually put words to this I'll

ask you the last part of this question

and then we can go ahead and wrap this

up he said it is even more difficult to

know it is even know it is even more

difficult when you know your sarcasm or

your agree and amplifying responses will

be interpreted as literal truth by a

woman who takes everything literally and

cannot detect sarcasm to save her life

or even if sarcasm is detected she'll

follow up with a so the answer is no

response to continue the test what do

you say to women who try to push it one

step further it's almost like they know

they're being handled

they want to cut to get your real

response first of all you're dealing

with a woman who has issues at that

point yeah actually like usually like I

said they're they're trying to get some

degree of certainty and I think that

when we talk about hypergamy and there's

alpha Lux and beta bucks the beta bucks

side of hypergamy is always interested

in security rights to know that it's

gonna be okay if the fucking tornado

comes and rips down the house we're

still gonna be okay right we're gonna go

in the cellar we'll all be alright okay

except for women always want to know

that that security is guaranteed 100%

all the time sorry reason for that is

because women and then we were evolving

in our tribalistic in our

hunter-gatherer days women would have to

be around the campfire and rely at each

other and have this sort of intro

dependency upon other women in the group

and because there was so much going on

anyone could be killed at any moment it

was a very chaotic uncertain environment

and if a woman was pregnant

and she was trying to you know just ate

a child or if she had kids and there was

no protection around she had to rely on

other people chattering I should rely on

the tribe well in this day and age we

don't have that we don't have that I

mean women have far more for a broader

social networks and social support

amongst themselves but that's not

immediate it's not right there in their

face and so what do they do they look

for security and men and I think one of

the biggest and misnomers in especially

with feminism right now is that women

don't need no man there are

self-contained we were talking about

before the beginning of the program is

there these self-contained

self-sufficient self animus things and

women when we say you know what women's

security needs their provisioning means

it's already made up for by the state or

by you know kind of centrism or whatever

else like they they don't have to worry

because they can always get a for

dependent children they have all these

programs to keep that side of it so what

are they looking for they're looking for

alpha fucks all the time but I think

what we what we miss in that equation is

that there is an emotional need for

security from a man women in the in then

we're just talking about the beta buck

sighted right I was gonna say we're not

talking about Alpha Phi I'm talking

about a Lexus that's a whole nother

another thing but in this case when a

woman is in a monogamous relationship

with that guy she wants to know one that

the guy is competent that he has this

universal competency to do anything if

the toilet breaks he knows how to pick

right if the flat tire go fix the

fucking flat tire he has to have

competency on everything and so there's

a shit test for that say are you

confident can you do this do I need to

go call a plumber you know that that

kind of thing like the other one is what

he's talking about here is is a

certainty for for her investment with

this guy so if she thinks that he's out

of ice I think that this is starting to

sound like she has a real like a real

bad insecurity like it was sort of the

other something she's really really

pushing him because she really wants to

know now and I also covered this in that

same post which was a SMB ratio as an

attachment and when you have a real big

difference in in attraction ratio so

you're talking about a woman who's a

four and she's right up with a guy who's

a seven or an eight however I don't know

maybe the guys got really really

self-esteem right thing about that but

let's just say the woman is like three

steps below that guy in SMB that's when

you get a woman like this you don't I

need to know don't go too big there for

me you know and there's nothing there

has to be this thing and you know what

even if you say even if you say baby

don't worry about it

I got you you know you'll be okay don't

worry you know I'm there for you yeah I

married you and God's gonna do wonderful

works for us and we're all gonna be okay

and they're gonna they're gonna try to

placate to that and usually if she's

asking that question she's in a

relationship with a guy who will do that

and he'll try to say hey yeah I had a I

had a I'll give you one last example

here of this before before we go my

brother used to be an amateur circuit

bodybuilder and he used to go do these

shows and so he was friends with other

bodybuilders who were dudes that you

would say this guy's probably eight and

a half to a nine maybe even a 10 on the

HB scout me that guys were good I mean

these guys are I mean some of these guys

were yeah some of these guys were like

male strippers okay these guys neither

shit but they all had girlfriends who

were beneath them at least by one maybe

by two and in some cases three and the

ones who were like two or three

you know steps below or they

they were exactly like this they were

these guys who were like diehard loyal

and they were like they were very blue

pill and they're very invested and it

was never enough old school and you

would know yeah it's but they're very

good-looking and these women know that

they walk out the door and ten women are

gonna go oh you and you know they

wouldn't want to get with them but so

what do they do is they get really

attached to those guys and they want to

have this insurance policy that that

that anxiety that competition anxiety is

never going to come to fruition it so

what do they do is they get women get

very very possessive of that and so that

possessiveness ends up becoming a

constant shit test so how do you get

around that well I could again I was

gonna say go back to the two-thirds rule

but it sounds like if you're in that

much of a disparity between SMBs I would

say that you're probably gonna be

dealing with that for a very long time

the only you know how you get down yeah

you do that you'd bust yourself down

again and again when you do that you'll

again this is another form of shit

testing it's almost like she and she

doesn't women don't realize they're

doing this but what she really wants you

to do she wants you to come down 1 or 2

points in sexual market value so that

she can feel more comfortable what well

she's gonna feel more comfortable but

guess what else is gonna happen she's

going to be less attractive the more

comfortable the more comfortable a woman

is with you the less attracted she is to

you this is just again this is just how

it is man I remember I used to have a

friend lesson back in Florida and his

wife was a three and he was probably a 5


she was so so low and she knew that she

had to keep this guy because he was

first before she can get the money he

was he was provisioning and you know

there was no way that that woman was

going to be able to find another dude if

that guy left and so the guy would be

hanging out with me I think it was like

a roadie for a bandeau and so he'd be

hanging out with me and you know we be

talking stuff and his wife would call

him up and I would listen to

conversation she'd be like aren't you

with Rollo I mean as I can but yeah I

was like fuck is this all that yeah what

the hell like she be like you're not

going to a strip club

this guy's the last

person who had ever said is putting in a

strip club because he was very blue pill

and very you know yes dear I'm coming

home dear yeah but she's still still

thought that he was like he would had

the potential to go out and find some

other chicken like you're not gonna find

some other girl but but I thought that

was funny and I'm laughing right now but

that is the degree of anxiety that women

have when they are protecting their

investment it comes down to what she's

doing is she's mate guarded yes mate

gartner situation but she's made

gardening by giving you shit all the

time she's guarding him as a mate

because she's asking for each she's

asking you the question she's really

asking this guy is are you gonna go out

on me are you going to are you gonna

cheat on me are you gonna go away from

because I need to know because if you

don't then I'll go find somebody else

are you gonna cheat me she's not saying

indirectly before that does that work

that of course so what kind of she how

does she

couch the question she says you know uh

you know I need to know that you're

gonna be there no yo and listen if if

the if the wives and girlfriends of your

friends hate you you're doing it right

well yeah that's true and then the other

thing is like if you think you are one

to two steps above your wife or your

girlfriend or whatever and she suddenly

turns into a great cook and she starts

feeding you all this how do you soon

then you know where you are that's the

person that you're with so they're gonna

bust you down to be a little bit more

you know parity between the two

unbelievable Rolo listen man thank you

very much for coming on and making the

tiny man yeah absolutely man it's always

fun I was gonna say it's always fun on

the red man group when you're on because

like I was impressed I wouldn't looked

at your patreon oh then yeah he's

building himself back up because I know

you've been well the thing is is I'm

gonna I'm in a very I'm in a very

fortunate situation I happen to and the

thing is is I don't and if this is

almost the position that you're in with

your career if the rational mate if I

were to snap my fingers in the rational

male where to disappear guess what your

lifestyle would not change well listen

if someone you know acts my

youtube-channel well I've been

financially responsible I have a

girlfriend who makes

good money I'm alright like I've been

I've been smart with my money so it's

allowed me to it's allowed me to sort of

recover but I think the reason why a lot

of guys gravitate toward me is because

is because I walk the walk man like I

live this shit and it's it this goes in

circles right back to what we were

talking about at the top of the show if

you're a quote-unquote Red Hill guy

you've got a show and you've got a

channel and you've got a blog and then

all of a sudden you get into a long-term

relationship and you start to change

your ideology then you were never that

guy in the first place and so and so

when I became red pilled

I was ready this is not something I do

this is who I am

and it's it's so funny when we had

kitten on you know kitten fucking

holiday on the show and I see this

happen all the time anytime a woman

comes on into a male group all of the

male sort of acquiesce no not me man

like I like I am the genuine fucking

article like I gave the bitch the

business like that's how that was that's

how you that's how you tell who in the

room still sticks to their butts right

they might say you know I'm aware blah

blah woman walks in right man doing fun

you know starts to come out one last day

I should have probably added this I was

like for the guys who who make a living

of this I I'm maybe I'll just leave you

guys with this the guys who get into you

know making themselves their own

personal brand I did so kind of like by

default because I'm when I set out I

just started writing stuff in people and

resonated with people and I never set

out to be Rollo Tomassi I didn't I

didn't go hey man I think I'm gonna be a

nice celebrity and how can I do this and

how can I make this work out and you

know like they have these these seminars

for you know you buy this blog template

and then you can be and make a million

dollars online right oh yeah it doesn't

matter what you're selling just that

you're doing something right right and

so you're building yourself as your own

personal brand I think this is probably

the era of online personal brand and it

doesn't really have to be read we're

talking about purple pill life coaches I

mean that's a easy gig all you gotta do

is listen to people's problems and you

know you're you know if you're only

doing it for $100 an hour you're

probably doing it for like 300 dollars

less than you know a psychologist right

right but I I know I've never worked out

I always wanted to just write what I was

gonna write I resisted putting out a

blog for a very long time because the

guys on so suave I was more into having

that back and forth and yes you know

there's something to be said about that

man because that brings out that but

brings out the thoughts and the

crack-tip II I'm glad you said that

because I'll make this announcement

right here for the first time I am going

to launch a rational male forum and I'll

tell you why I did that is because I

have a page on my blog right now which

is called field reports and so guys can

give other guys advice about what it is

from a red pill perspective you know

they'll come in and say okay here's what

I'm doing why isn't this working there

they're comparing notes kind of thing

okay and it's probably about 4,000

comments right now I'm not good so it's

way too many it's just such a heavy page

count that I'm like okay we need a forum

so I've got a guy who helped me with I

work up a forum right now I will

probably launch it within the next

couple of weeks

yes it's really for guys who just want

to to bounce ideas off each other I will

be a part of it as much as I possibly

can but I will be launching it I'm

launching it as part of the blog right

now if it doesn't work out on the blog

I'm going to separate it and make it its

own set at some point but there will be

a rational male form creaks yeah all

right breaking news on t is our prime

time Rollo Tomassi is launching a forum

that is awesome CCI listen I knew I

couldn't I know listen I knew I could

get something out here right like you

didn't contribute anything extra yeah


Rollo again listen great show you always

bring the knowledge guys check them out

the rational male calm you can follow

him on Twitter at rational male role oh

I look forward to talk are you gonna be

on the red man group with Richard

yesterday yeah and that's it I'm glad

you brought that up this Saturday we're

going to do an all big cow debate I

guess yeah

on Saturday morning 9:00 a.m. Eastern

and Pacific 6:00 a.m. yep and so we're

gonna we're working it out we've got

turkey flinging monkey on there

you know the personality and the meat

item and a lot of people give me grief

about while you're pandering to make

ties I'm not paying in big times I

actually probably agree with about 98%

with talking about what we'll talk about

the 2% I don't probably on Saturday but

it's quite simple it's or there needs to

be a real honest open debate about it

that's not just like you know slinging

shit at each other and just you know but

basically a big pep rally you know

between you know the factions you know

the red pill versus a big title I think

that needs to happen I think what Lisa

happened is sort of a common you find

common ground and figure out what's

going cuts I really have may if I'm

gonna say I think that the red pill has

more in common with mgtow than it really

does with like MRA I think you're

probably right and I think that there

are a lot of there's a lot of

miscommunication there are a lot of

misunderstandings between the red pill

in McDowell that's why I want to clear

up good that'll battle be Saturday good

good very good

Rolo thanks for coming on man I will I

will talk to you on Saturday you'll be

wiping sleep out of your eyes I've

actually got Richard Cooper on tomorrow

and I will talk to you then thanks for

coming on right right but take care

Rollo Tomassi ladies and gentlemen the

great Rollo Tomassi again thanks to him

for coming on that dude absolutely

absolutely dropped serious knowledge and

like I say guys I always learn from him

every time I talk to him one of the one

of the many regrets that I have in life

is that I lived in Reno for a for an

entire year and when I found out that

Rollo lived and rills like yo I'm living

in Rio we never got together he was

either traveling I was traveling I was

here in Philly he was down in Vegas we

never we never really got together so

I'm actually going to meet him for the

first time down in Orlando you know at

the at the 21 at the 21 convention so

I'm certainly looking forward certainly

looking forward to that that's gonna do

it for this edition of TSR prime time

again guys my apologies for the

technical snafus at the beginning of the

show we managed to recover quite nicely

and so so everything worked out tune in

tomorrow at 11:30 Eastern 40s are alive

they're still going to be at ESR

primetime at 7:00 Eastern 4:00 Pacific

but at 11:30 tomorrow morning 11:30 a.m.

let me do the math 8:30 a.m. Pacific I'm

gonna have a Richard Cooper on the show

he runs entrepreneurs with entrepreneurs

in cars he's gonna talk about the

importance of entrepreneurship for men

and of course the importance of being

completely debt free so be sure to tune

in I'm gonna be doing two great shows

tomorrow again guys thank you for tuning

in to TSR primetime we'll see you



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