Girlfriends are better than wives (Ep. 285)

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Any man who is or has ever been married knows that wives get fat, lazy, and bitchy. The reason for this is that they know they've got you by the balls the minute you sign the marriage certificate so what motivation do they have to stay fit, feminine, and display the good behavior that won you over in the first place? 



Girlfriends, on the other hand, are very different. They know your ass can walk right out that door at any time for any reason because there are no legal repercussions to breaking up with her. Unless you put a baby in her you can walk away clean. For that reason, girlfriends are much better than wives.


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a woman never belongs to you

it's just your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

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you guys it's really interesting when

you think about the reactions from

people when a man or a woman tells

people that their boy that they're

boyfriend and girlfriend as opposed to

being engaged to be married for example

when a woman tells her friends OMG I got

a boyfriend

her friends are not impressed it's her

4th boyfriend this year and she cheated

on the last three with the guy who never

committed to her in the two years they

were fucking her friends know that her

having a boyfriend is no big deal

because she because now she still got a

work to maintain his attention and his

commitment they know that he could

bounce at any time for any reason with

zero damage zero loss now when a man

tells his friends hey guys listen I've

decided to make Ashley my main chick

they're all giving him high fives

because they know that Ashley's gonna be

on her best behavior they know she's

giving him head she's cooking a meal

she's staying in pocket now when a woman

tells her friends OMG I'm engaged now

they're impressed listen man getting

dick in relationship commitment from men

for women it's easy the trick is getting

him to put a ring on it and if she pulls

that off her friends know she's hit the

jackpot all she's got to do at that

point is drag his ass down the aisle and

have just one

and she is set for life she no longer

has to actively work for his commitment

or his attention because marriage is the

golden ticket out of having to maintain

her value as a woman divorce or not he

has stuck with her for life

financially and when a man tells his

friends yeah Ashley finally wore me down

were getting hitched guys his homeboys

know that is the beginning of the end

they know that seven years three kids

and two affairs later he's gonna be

dealing with a fat bitchy female who has

him by the balls in just about every

conceivable way men know that

girlfriends are better than wives women

know that girlfriends have to work

harder than wives and as we all know

women these days want that pyramid

scheme dynamic we've all heard of it get

paid every day for work you only do one

time this is what they pitch to you I've

been to plenty of these bullshit

meetings one blowjob one kid and one

good lawyer to take half his shit when

she decides to bounce and she can sit

around eating doughnuts and Fried

Chicken all day long so for any man out

there who was thinking about getting

married a lot of guys say well listen I

want to have kids you know I want to

start a legacy

hold your horses we all know that's a

bad idea but there's stuff though there

are still some guys out here holding out

hope that he can get married and have a

kid maybe with a snowflake who knows and

there are three main areas the three

main areas are sex behavior and control

and before we get started here I'm

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to Donovan sharp calm nonetheless let's

go ahead and get started here let's

start let's start with the most

important thing in relationships as far

as men is concerned that's sex we're

gonna start with wives guys the bottom

line is this wives are no longer

motivated to fuck their husbands once

they get the ring they think it's over

and guess what gentlemen it's our fault

we don't require them to keep up that

behavior that earned that ring okay and

listen even if they earned it we don't

require them to maintain it that's on us

my ex-wife Darcy she did this as soon as

we got to Florida yes it was it was

unbelievable we eloped from North

Carolina we I mean this was like a this

was a dream scenario we eloped from

North Carolina right we quit listen it

was it was unbelievable like we we we

quit our jobs I didn't even tell her

what was happening she thought was just

gonna be another day walked into the

shipping office got down on one knee

said Darcy will you marry me dude she's

all in tears everyone else was in on it

okay Jessica the HR cow came and gave us

our last paychecks and a little bit of a

bonus guys it was a it was a fun dude if

something out of a movie dream come true

we drive to Dillon South pack all our

shit we drive to Dillon South Carolina

we get married for two hundred eighty

eight dollars incidentally enough our

divorce only cost us twelve I guess I

was lucky and I'll never forget we sit

in a car and she's crying her eyes out

she's like man you know what stuff like

this doesn't happen to girls like me I

am so lucky to have found you I am the

luckiest woman in the world

it was unbelievable I'm dude I'm 24

years old I'm thinking holy shit I

cracked the code I did it as soon as we

cross the state line as soon as we cross

the state line of Florida it's almost

like her her pussy lips just completely

snapped I think I think we were down

there for a week before I fucked her for

the first time Darcy had always wanted

to live in Florida she was a Parrothead

listen to Jimmy Buffett all the time I

literally gave her a dream come true

and she still withheld the sex this is

what happens guys as far as sex is

concerned here's what to expect from

wives Duty sex starfish sex manipulative

sex darcy used to tell me hey can we

have Chinese food tonight I'll be like

no he can't afford it oh we can have sex

I used to be like all right got real

talk this is how the shit used to go

that's so pathetic I was you think

you're gonna get a blowjob from your

wife fuck no only if she wants something

like the new iPhone anal sex completely

out of the question

guys completely out of the question you

want listen you want you think your wife

is gonna wear lingerie for you fuck no

but we can afford Chinese food we can't

afford lingerie right it's always

something dude Darcy sucked my dick

maybe three times in seven years of

marriage and never did anal yet she told

me the story about how her terrible

ex-boyfriend anally raped her

unbelievable I'll tell you what happened

he fucked her in the ass didn't use it

didn't use Lube she got mad about it and

later complained of anal rape anyway

let's go to girl

friends insects your girlfriend is going

to give you sex all the time why because

she is not possessed they're not tied

your listen you're not tied to that

woman via contract by the state

girlfriends are far more motivated to

fuck because they don't have that

ironclad commitment that's what they're

working for and that's why they're

always on their best behavior

bring my ex-wife and again Darcy was the

same way I fucked her all the time when

we were dating guys she was the best

listen to that point she was the best

girl for an ever dude we were fucking

all the time she's cooking for me

everything was wonderful now the one

thing she didn't stop when we got

married is cooking she was that she was

a wonderful cook and she listened I blew

up all the way to 312 pounds and that

was because she could cook her ass off

for serious girlfriends on the other

hand they give blowjobs regularly and if

your game is extra tight he'll give you

anal sex and listen I did an episode

called anal sex 101 look for it on

Donovan sharp calm my girlfriend truth

dude I've been with my girlfriend now

official it's only been a few months

it almost been a year official but we

start dude we started fucking long

before that she still sucks my dick

before sex

Nick honestly honestly cool who among us

in here

has a girlfriend for over a year six

months does your girlfriend still suck

your dick if your girlfriend isn't still

sucking your dick after one year of a

relationship she's sucking she's sucking

somebody else's dick guys girlfriends

are better than wives between the sheets

no question about it if you are watching

on Facebook Instagram YouTube or Twitter

come on over to donovan sharp calm to

watch the remainder of the episode again

my facebook instagram youtube and

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prime time thank you guys for tuning in

and I will see you in a minute let's get

to the chat here see what's going on

mr. Minka to see you says what's up got

the all good signal there from sharp

assists good as well Tommy G says sex

before commitment every time you're

goddamn right goddamn right that's how

it works

mr. meek says her pussy

he's as mr. mink says her pussy lips

snapped closed

hashtag dead actually hashtag dead

bedroom I think that's the I think

that's the hashtag on that move this out

of the way my light over here I think I

gotta get up I think I need a better

lighting system I'm using like three

lights so you guys can actually see my

face there we go that looks a little bit


excellent break your bonds says my last

long-term relationship was two years got

my dick sucked regularly the whole time

must have done something right yeah

absolutely men listen man dude if you

listen your girlfriend should always

suck your dick wives don't suck dick

gentlemen girlfriends suck dick that's

just all there is to it nine one four

two oh five five three five six is the

number to call that's nine one four two

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number was the was the anal post isn't

have been able to search your huge your

huge archive of content on the site yeah

I'm gonna have to come up with an index

I got to get with my web guy about that

it wasn't a it wasn't a it wasn't a

numbered post I think it was called anal

sex 101 let's look it up here Enel sex

101 donovan sharp yes Oh actually I'm

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anal sex : no pun intended

angel sex : red pill edition Donovan

sharp and that's the first search

suggestion it'll take you right there

and and you'll be able to you'll be able

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you know so I'll try to make things

easier for you guys in in that regard

let's talk about behavior as far as

wives and girlfriends are concerned now

let's start with the wives now as far as

behavior is concerned wives behave badly

they are bitchy they complain they're

not giving you sex if they do give you

sex they're selfish in bed if she

decides to fuck you right they make you

lick their pussy for 20 minutes before

al it before finally letting you stick

it in move this way move that way in yin

yang Ying Ying Yin selfish starfish sex

wives don't represent you well in public

and they're not interested in that after

all what are you gonna do if your woman

if your wife doesn't represent you well

what are you gonna do leave you're gonna

give it the kids you're gonna give up

half your present and future earnings

why does behave badly gentlemen because

they have leverage as soon as you marry

her that leverage then triples when you

get her pregnant dress sexy tonight baby

no what are you gonna do about it

not fuck her she doesn't wanna fuck you

anyway so you're doing her a favor make

snacks for me and my friends when

come over to watch the game no what are

you gonna do about it ignore listen she

wants you to ignore her anyway so she

can go out and spend your money and fuck

one of her coworkers I'll tell you guys

a story and this was really this was

sort of the beginning of the end of my

relationship I remember I got up really

ugly and of course I get up early now

but I got him really early in the

morning wanted to hit the gym before I

went to work and I forgot my lunch and

so when when I got done working out I

you know I go to my locker or actually I

knew that I forgot my lunch because

because because I remember halfway to

the gym was like shit I didn't get my


no problem I'll get Darcy to bring it to

work for me right so I called her up I

waited till 7 o'clock to give her a call

Mike hey Darcy I left my lunch can you

bring it to my job and she complained

she's like oh my she's like what the

fuck like I gotta bring your lunch I'm

like Darcy I left my lunch at home

you're not like I work two jobs you

can't get off your ass and bring me my

fucking lunch

she said uh-huh fine ok so I'm thinking

I'm good right now one hour later she

sends me a text message not bringing

your lunch didn't say sorry didn't give

me an explanation didn't give me any of

that stuff

she just said not bring your lunch what

the hell was I gonna do about it

fortunately for me Darcy and I didn't

have any money we didn't have any kids

so our divorce was our divorce was very

clean I was very very fortunate in that

regard if you guys listen to and read my

story like all of the missteps I've had

with women if the pendulum had swung

swung one way or the other guys my life

would be very different today

I listen I have been I have been blessed

by the red pill gods to be sure but but

again the reason why Darcy knew it

wasn't going anywhere is because she

knew I didn't have any options what

wasn't gonna do Lieber what's up you

know a fat ass black dude who sounds

like a white guy with what what what

he's gonna go out and start attracting

women now what is he gonna cheap yeah

sure go ahead

gives me reason to divorce your ass

marriage is a disadvantage for men and

women know this this is why they


let's get the girlfriends as far as

girlfriends are concerned guess what

guys they behaved much better they bring

you lunch at work unsolicited you don't

even have to call her to do it she just

brings you lunch at work they do things

to make you happy the little things I

remember when I was out of town the girl

listened my girlfriend now the girl I'm

dating right now when I was out of town

whenever we weren't together what she

would do is she would mail me food she

would make magic cookie bars for me and

send them to me she mailed me a

honey-baked ham

sheep and she'd mail me checks mix cook

I mean I mean again that kind of

treatment you can't get that from wives

guys it just doesn't work that way as

far as again obviously women girlfriends

are self less in and out of bed they

take care of you in bed they take care

of you out of bed they make an effort to

look good for you

girlfriends behave well in public they

respect you they represent you well

wives they flirt with dudes in front of

you girlfriends do not babe we're

nothing but lipstick and heels tonight

her response what color lipstick and how

high the heels babe my boys are coming

over to watch the game make snacks sure

what kind of beer do you want right what

are you know and what are you gonna do

if she doesn't withdraw your attention

and possibly leave those are real

consequences when your wife tells you no

what are you gonna do you don't have any

leverage as far as women are concerned

and this is girlfriends and wives no

commitment no leverage this is why

girlfriends act better than wives every

time let's talk about control control

over your life this is the last and

final element in terms of why

girlfriends are far better than wives

now we're gonna take this we're gonna

take this from from from two different

perspectives right first we're gonna

talk about the house

and who obviously has as the wife so you

guys understand what I'm talking about

here the husband never makes decisions

unilaterally they can if they have a red

pill game but they don't they feel like

they have to make they feel like they

have to have the wife's permission guys

have been in sales at nude I've been in

sales for a long time I've sold vacuum

cleaners cars furniture mattresses every

time a guy comes in by himself I know

I'm not making that sale because what's

his backdoor excuse gonna be yeah you

got a right by the wife

some guys proudly say well it's gonna

run it by the bus gonna run it by the

warden I had no red pill game to speak

of and even I knew that was fuckin

pathetic are you kidding me you're gonna

ask a woman for permission to spend your

own money what the fuck is wrong with

you I'm still blue Bill Donovan and even

then I knew what the deal was you know

it's best gentlemen you're a man if your

woman trusts you she will trust your

judgment even if she doesn't agree with

it at the time even small purses even

small purchases gentlemen as far as

husbands are concerned all have to be

run by the wife dress shoes cologne cell

phone TV doesn't matter they all have to

be run by the wife first you cannot make

decisions unilaterally you want to go

out with your buddies have a few beers

and blow off some steam nope she's sick

you want to join a softball league nope

you don't have the time you want to join

a bowling league nope can't afford it

she comes up with excuses as to why you

can't make those purchases then when you

want to go somewhere or do something you

have to clear it with her you have to

consider how it not only affects her but

how it affects your kids we can get away

well if she wants to go you have to get

a sitter or pay extra for kids and if

they come guess what there's no

one-on-one time you're not gonna get the

fucker new wives love bringing their

kids on vacation with them because they

know that I gotta have to fuck their

husbands oh babe let's get a suite no we

can't get a suite why it's just too

expensive why pay for two rooms when we

can just pay for one what do you do


your kids know the wife's not gonna let

it please honey the kids meaning it why

it's so funny like we all know single

mothers use their kids as insulation

from their boy from their beta boy

friends wives use their children for the

same thing they use their children to

insulate themselves romantically from

their husbands and again what are you

gonna do leave she's gonna hit you for

child support anyway gentlemen husbands

have almost no control of their own

lives every decision they make they have

to consider what their wife will think

what their wives are gonna do what their

wives are gonna say how they're gonna

react and so forth and nine times out of

ten guys wives sabotage anything a

husband plans to do that will bring him

joy or satisfaction without her joining

a softball league that's joy without her

not interested don't do the bar with

your buddies that's joy without her nope

fuck that wives will sabotage anything

that a husband plans that will bring him

joy or satisfaction without her dude

fuck that noise let's move to the

bachelor who obviously has the

girlfriend guys guess what bachelors can

do whatever they want whatever they want

however they want they don't need

permission from anybody you want to go

to the mountains for a weekend yep maybe

bring your girl or your fuck buddy maybe

you don't but guess what you're going

regardless you you want to go out with

your friends for a few beers yep what's

she gonna do stop you I don't want you

to go come come on anyway like what the

fuck list looks like you left well if

you go then we're done see you later you

want to have your friends over for no

reason at all of course there's nobody

there to tell them what they can or

can't do every decision bachelors make

is unilateral they don't need permission

from his girl or anybody else bachelors

have complete control over their lives

all right

nine one four two will five five three

five six nine one four two oh five five

three five six we're coming to the end

of the show so if you want to get on to

the show hit me hit me with your

thoughts hit me with your questions

let's head to the chat see what's going

on here man it smells good in here my

girl is making my girl is making us a

couple of ribeye steaks and she's also

making a what else is she making she's

making like this this cauliflower

zucchini cheese casserole 100% keynote

tonight guys

hashtag hashtag dakedo life right yeah

those are my stretch marks yeah

you listen you'd rather have stretch

marks here then then down low that's for


oh my god don't even I'll bet you have

stretch marks yeah it's funny because

one girl actually called me out I think

was like episode I forget what JEP and

sewed it was it was after I decided to

show my face you probably have stretch

marks I said yep sure do right here all

right let's see we got going on in mr.

mink says she's still sucking you know

post all right very good Dennis from

France good to see you in here longtime

patron he said it is all about leverage

you're right and the best leverage is

money I don't a guy I don't a goal I

wouldn't say the best leverage is money

I would say the best leverage when you

are a bachelor and not married is your

options okay that listen because here's

the thing if a girl is with you and I'm

not listen don't don't get me wrong

Dennis if a girl is with you for the

money definitely helps right I remember

I was watching a stand-up I think it was

I think it was with Martin Martin

Lawrence was doing a stand-up comedy and

he ran through this scenario he's like

if you're a brave he's like if you're a

broke-ass nigga your bitch is gonna be

like fuck you nigga I need this shit

better than I you broke-ass debted

enough I'm out the door fuck you and she

walks out right but let's you be a rich

ass nigga she's like fuck you all this

money and in cars you got around here I

don't need shit fuck you nigga I'm out

of here

and then five seconds later

she says why do you act like this right

so money money absolutely does matter

but the the best leverage that you can

have as a man is options because even

listen if you have a lot of money but

your woman knows that other girls don't

want to fuck you or that you don't have

the game to or that you don't have other

women that are after you if a woman

knows that she's your only option and

guess what you don't have any leverage

so I do agree money works money works to

some degree as far as leverage but if

you can parlay that money into options

with women that's where the real

leverage begins good comment though that

that's a good comment Tommy G says

asking permission should go the other

way around

anything else equals big red flag listen

men when my girl is about to leave from

work right every once in a while we'll

drink we'll drink wine together right so

one with the in a normal relationship

right the girl the girlfriend would just

stop for wine oh hey honey you know I

just got home picked up some wine okay

thanks honey no not in a sharp household

if my girl ever comes home with some

shit that she didn't have permission to

stop and get there's a problem and she

knows there's gonna be a problem

guys listen every single time without

exception if my girl has to stop

anywhere else before she comes home she

asks my permission hey babe gotta stop

by the grocery store to get some ginger

ale do I have your permission or hey

babe can I stop by the wine store to

grab a couple of bottles of wine every

single time guys I can't remember the

last time she didn't ask

now that again that's a woman who's

trained a woman who's in line but you

guys understand what I'm saying now a

man should never have to ask his woman

permission for anything dude fuck dad

modern life dating MLD making an

appearance all the way from Tokyo Japan

modern life dating is actually gonna be

on the show tomorrow

7 o'clock p.m. Eastern 4:00 Pacific I

think I think a Tokyo I think listen at

7 o'clock p.m. Eastern tomorrow it's

gonna be like Tuesday at like 3 o'clock

in the morning in Tokyo or something

like that I know it's a huge time

difference but yeah it

all jokes aside though MLD coming on

tomorrow listen I've never

the only time I've actually ever talked

to him was when he called into the

Redman group but he and I are absolutely

like-minded individuals to be sure to be

sure nine one four two of five five

three five six give me a call guys but

the Guaymas show down here MLD does

agree with the money pardon all right

okay yeah like I said so long as it's oh

so long as you can parlay so long as you

can parlay your money into into options

with women then yes money can be a huge

money can be big-time leverage listen

you can be rich as fuck if women don't

want to fuck you then your woman know

that we rollin knows that women don't

want to fuck you guess what she's not

gonna try as hard she might stick around

but do you think she's dressing up in

slutty clothes no because she knows

women are trying to fuck you good stuff

though good stuff

sharp assists asks how long do you think

a woman can maintain being a girlfriend

when marriage is off the table

whoo that's a very good question how

long do you think a woman can maintain

being a girlfriend when marriage is off

the table in this day and age in this

day and age and 2018 knowing what we

know about marriage as long as he damn

well pleases as long as he wants her to

listen man women no matter what women

say they know that marriage is a fool's

errand for men we have everything to

lose nothing to gain it is quite

literally the opposite for women there

are no meat there are no wedding cake

decorations with you know jokey cake

decorations with the man dragging the

wife down the aisle no no it's always

the woman dragging the man down the


marriage is the golden ticket for women

it's the ball and chain for men and not

just to his wife the court system etc

etc so how long do I think a woman can

maintain being a girlfriend when

marriage is off the table

for as long as he wants because guess

what if she says you know what I really

listen I want to get married I don't so

you got a choice you can either stay

being my girlfriend or you can walk

that's how it is

nine one four two O five five three five

six is the number to call area code six

one four you were on you are on live

with Donovan sharp

what's on your mind buddy hey Donovan

hey what's going on brother are you

doing quick question real quick yeah

made a comment about the girlfriend wife

yes as far as a two-part question so how

do you know if your girlfriend works

fuck buddy values your attention and in

the second part is you explain more of

the importance of removing your

attention if they do value your

attention yeah absolutely very good

question Ryan and listen it's good it's

good to talk to you and listen by the

way Ryan's got game I spoken to Ryan

several times on the phone the guy slays

some fucking pussy like let's let's

let's not get that twisted but even the

most experienced pussy Slayers listen

Ryan's a young guy I think he's 21 22 so

so we all have these questions so let me

answer your let me ask for the answer

the first question how do you know if a

woman values your time she one way is

that she's always available to you so

for example if you want to fuck hey

could you send her a text message hey I

want to fuck she's like you know what

I'll be there in 30 minutes right a

woman values her time which she makes

herself available to you all the time

here's another surefire way if her text

message response time if you text a

woman and she doesn't text me for an

hour and a half two hours she doesn't

value your time okay but if she values

your time if she values you she's gonna

text back almost immediately right so so

long as a woman is always available to

you makes plans with you or listen let's

put it this way if a woman breaks plans

to be with you yeah she absolutely

values your time and your second what

was your second question if they do

value your time how do you can you

expand more on removing your self from

them so they can like Dredd game oh yeah

so okay so I think what you're asking is

if you if you are getting if you get the

idea that a woman doesn't value your

time right because if a woman values

your time and she shows that then

there's no need to run Dredd game okay

because listen you want to reward her

for valuing your time listen if she

wants to be around you then reward her

for the time because

she's texting you back immediately if

she's making herself available to you

but then you're steady removing yourself

from the situation she's gonna think

well dude I'm throwing myself at this

guy but it's not getting anywhere that

doesn't mean now here's the thing that

doesn't mean you need to be around her

all the time right but if you value if

she values your time and she is showing

you that by being available you have to

reward her do it sparingly but do it

consistently now if a woman does not

value your time the importance of

withdrawing your tension this is you can

actually relate this to the economy the

law of supply and demand right the more

something is the more of something is

available the more the less people value

it for example bottled water Bob you can

get a bottle bottle of water for 50

cents why because it's plentiful gas is

extremely expensive why because there's

really not a lot of it there's only

there's only so many places you can get

it let me think let me think of

something else I mean anything of value

the reason why Ferraris are you know 4

million dollars is because there aren't

a lot of them around ok well not a lot

of car companies are making are making

vehicles like Ferraris but if there were

Ferraris driving around all the time do

we can get them for the price of a Honda

so the more something is available to

you the less you value it now the less

something is available to you the more

she will value it so let's say a girl

doesn't value your time right and all of

a sudden now you start to withdraw your

attention she texts you you wait for 3

hours before you text her back right she

sends you a text hey I want to come over

and fuck and not now kind of busy right

now let me get back with you right

withdrawing your attention gives a woman

that's scarcity mentality you are to you

again the less available you are to her

the more she's going to value your time

the reason she doesn't value your time

is because you're spending too much time

with her she knows she can get your time

any time she wants so if she texts you 5

days in a row hey let me come over let

me come over and you want up in and

you're like all right you make time for

every time guess what when you text her

on day 6 hey you want to come over she's

like yeah I got shit to do why because

you were available to her the first five

days so I actually I remember I read an

article on Chateau heartiest it's called

a 2/3 roll for every 3 things she does

good for you you do two things for her

if she tells you she loves you three

times you reciprocate twice if she sucks

your dick gives you an island cooks you

a meal then maybe you

spend the night something to that effect

so if your girl texts you five times

let's say five days in a row she texts

you right and she says hey I want to

come over well guess what the first day

you say yeah because you want to fuck if

she texts you the second day in a row

back it off the next two days maybe say

yeah go ahead and come on over she wants

to come over day five you kind of back

off okay

so just a bit so if you want a woman to

value your time you have to meet you

have to how can I put this if you want a

woman to value your time you have to

take some of it away from her don't be

available to women all the time because

the more available you are to them the

less they value you in your time I hope

that answered your question thank you I

appreciate it

not a problem Ryan thanks for calling

into the show nine I'm sorry yet nine

one four two oh five five three five six

nine one four two oh five five three

five six that is the number that you

call to tell me what is on your mind

Dennis from France says I'm if he says

I'm not the only bastard with money true

yeah exactly

right and again like I said this and I

agree with you and MLB money absolutely

matters listen all things being equal if

there were two Donovan sharps that if

there were me and then another broke-ass

Donovan Sharpe guess what I'm getting

I'm got more leverage on my girlfriend

right but that's all things being equal

but this is why a man learns game gets

himself into shape you improve things

that you have control over so that you

can have more leverage money definitely

definitely gets you more leverage but

only if you can left only if you can

parlay that into options with women so a

lot of guys say well you have to have

good looks for advantages with women no

not necessarily if you're a guy who

looks great who looks like a fucking

underwear model if that doesn't parlay

into opportunities with women you can't

use that as leverage right you still

have to have game a lot of girls meet a

lot of guys who look great but then they

say well as soon as he starts talking oh

my god it goes out the door real talk

this is what they talk about alright

let's see what else we got here modern

life dating says money plus game club

plus looks equals in vincible 100%

agreement you look at a guy like

Leonardo DiCaprio dude up to my god

honestly Leonardo DiCaprio has probably

he's probably fucked women into the 5000

he's got money you guys look up the

stories about him he's

obviously got game he's Leonardo

DiCaprio so he's you know he's

definitely got the looks right and he's

got the celebrity he's got the fame he's

got the pre selection he has that

influence he has that celebrity yeah

Leonardo DiCaprio was in vincible he can

have he can have whatever woman he wants

whenever and he can let him go whenever

a woman will stay as far dude a woman

will stay as far they'll stay with him

as long as he wants her to and he will

drop her off when he is done and they

will not have a problem with it mr. mink

says dude for the best rib eye Costco

prime you'll never eat anything else I

wonder if there's a Costco out here in

Philly I need to look that up maybe I'll

look that up huh

might have to check that out

good-looking out there brother Alma I am

Legend answering sharpest this question

says she will stick around as long as

she sees value and she believes you have

options there it is there it is that's

how it goes excellent excellent show

tonight guys thank you guys for popping

oh wait a minute we got one more phone

call all right 911 for two oh five five

three five six is the number to call

area code four zero eight you're on live

with Donovan how you doing them hey

Donovan thanks for the call man I

appreciate the time absolutely real

quick I just want to let your audience

know that I found you through Rolo so

good the Rolo I found Donovan sharp and

you guys should read the rationale now

yes being said I'm looking to pick your

brain on something real quick here

Donovan in terms of game you know to

what extent is is ignoring a girl too

much or when ignoring game just doesn't

work out or maybe you know help me out

there a little bit in terms of just the

game ignoring and if that even works how

much is too much

okay I got you Sona so in other words so

in other words no no absolutely so so in

other words you want to know how much is

too much as far as as far as withdrawing

your attention like in other words in

other words make it trying to give her

that scarcity mentality letting her know

that hey I'm not available all the time


I've got other shit to do that sounds to

me like absolutely here's the deal there

there there have to be a few factors in


number one it's just like I was talking

to it's just like I was talking to with

Ryan if a girl is showing you that she

wants to be with you if she is texting

back immediately if she is if she

actively pursues you if she checks in

with you hey and I'm here I'm doing this

I'm doing that yeah if she breaks plans

to be with you then she is showing you

that she wants to be with you but if

you're the kind of guy and I call this

meathead red pillar if you're the kind

of guy who has a girl who's all over him

and says well red pill game says you

don't pay attention to these bitches no

that's not how it works if your girl is

rewarding you with good behavior and

attention you have to reward her for

that now I'm not saying you have to

reward her all the time every time you

have to reward sparsely punished swiftly

but if you don't give if you don't give

the attention that a girl is earning

she's not gonna stooge there's only so

there's only so much she can take right

in the beginning it might work right for

the first couple weeks you might ignore

for a little while

you know put her back in the rotation

bla bla bla bla bla and because she

likes you she's feeling your game you

know listen she she's gonna stick around

you run in red pill game but after a

while and it's they don't even sit down

and think about this it's done on a

subconscious level her brain her

subconscious ISM is gonna say okay wait

a minute dude I'm fucking cooking this

guy meals I'm letting him fuck me in the

ass I'm blowing him every time I'm over

there I'm checking in I'm available to

him I'm telling him how much I like him

I make plans with him etc etc and this

guy and this guy text me I've only seen

him twice three times in the last two

weeks this isn't worth it for me right

so again not to say that you have to

give your girl the attention all the

time because if you ever too much then

she's not gonna value your time just

like I said with Ryan but where where I

guess light Dredd game ignoring a woman

too much goes awry is that she is making

herself available to if a woman shows

that she likes you dude she's doing the

right thing you have to show women that

they are doing it right you have to you

have to women are not gonna ruin people

think well if you just ignore these

bitches they'll be all over you dude

they're not they're not going to they're

not gonna deal with that for too much

longer now don't get me wrong

the guy who was all over him all the

time but if they're if they're not

getting what if they're not getting fair

market value for their attention and

we're not talking about unrealistically

we're not talking about a woman says who

says well I went over there and I set

his dick last week so he should be all

over me no women internally know the

score no matter what women say they know

what they deserve and what they don't

right like like they can tell us all

they want to but women know what the

fair market value is for their time and

attention and if they don't feel like

they're getting enough for it if if if

making an effort to pursue you isn't

paying off for her in some kind of way

and if it goes on for an extended period

of time dude they're gonna be out so

we're we're ignoring your girl goes too

far is when she is showing you that she

likes you and wants to be with you but

you're showing her that you don't really

you're not really interested right like

you don't my boy fucking girl cheated on

me well of course she did she came

already a hot chick dude she was she was

at your house all weekend long she

cooked you seven-course meals and sucked

your dick and then he ghosted on her for

the next week well the red pool stood

you ruined rude game too sure you have

options dude you're getting it wrong man

so again not to say that you have to

don't keep it 1 to 1 don't if she sucks

my dick then I do something nice for her

no again reward sparsely but

consistently punished swiftly so if

she's being a good girl to you dude you

listen you have to reward her with that

attention that validation in that

company not too much right you don't

want her to take you for granted you

what you don't want her not to value

your time but you have to do it enough

to make it worth her sticking around

kind of like what Rolo said just just

give her bread crumbs right there you go

there you go man dude girls that stick

around for bread crumbs all day long but

listen those bread crumbs have to be

consistent that is the key you don't

even have to do you don't even have to

reward a woman you don't even have to

reward them that much just acknowledge

them in some kind of way hey I like what

you're doing you're doing good hey you

want to come over for you know for pizza

tonight or whatever the case may be

dude they're gonna be all over you oh

you know finally something is starting

to pay off but you can't ignore a girl

who is showing real genuine interest in

in you don't put up with that for two

maybe two and a half weeks if you've got

a 12-inch dick after that she's out

doesn't matter who you are what you do

god Chuck alright cool man

I know thanks a lot and

for the red pill team on that one last

note fuck pfm alright man thanks for

calling Donovan yeah he's talking about

turd flinging monkey who made an

appearance on on the the Redman group

this past Saturday and listen man like

I'm not here's the thing I don't have a

problem with turd flinging monkey at all

um listen I listen I know that he's got

some mental stuff going on I understand

I understand why he's decided to to to

to fuck a doll but I'm not gonna but I'm

not gonna say that I admire or respect

him for that right I understand the

logic i I do not understand I cannot

endorse the solution that that's just

all there is to it what I can't stand is

all of turd flaking flinging monkeys

cronies right turn flinging monkey

totally Oh Donovan or I'm sorry turn

flinging monkey totally owned rollo

tomassi rollo lost that lost that or

give it he lost a big totally got owned

no you fat fucks Rollo Tomassi is

married to a beautiful woman it has a

kid turd flanking monk turned flinging

monkey fucks a doll Rollo wins and to be

quite honest oh my god to be quite

honest with you we were all given

marching orders from Richard Cooper to

pull back the reins he says all right

guys we need to be respectful to our

guests any of course he was he was

talking listen most of his most of his

attention was on me right he says listen

man we're not gonna ambush this guy we

don't want to make this adversarial we

don't want to make this confrontational

so if he says something you know you

don't agree with poke and prod him a

little bit but don't go in on him it is

four on one so when it comes down to it

man dude we dude we could have

eviscerated CFM for two fucking hours

and all it dude and he would have had to

sit there and take it or just leave the

broadcast but we decided to be

professional and and pull our punches

yet we still got guys tell until until

enough that TFM came in there and owned

all of us nah man no no dude we got in

that we got into the ring with one hand

tied behind our back we let turd

flinging we let TFM say whatever he

wanted we wanted to get his opinion in

his perspective listen 99.9% of what he

said I agree with the one thing that I

don't agree

is the fact that he thinks that fucking

a sex doll is-is-is is better than

actually pursuing real women he says the

juice isn't worth the squeeze it's not

worth the risk listen fortune favors the

bold men that's all there is to it

I am legend says that Rollo won that

debate hands-down absolutely modern life

dating says men

he says you men are able to get are able

to get to free information you'd be

lighting up his phone line not stop yo

MLD you're trying to keep me from dinner

man dude my girl is sending me pictures

my girl is sending me pictures of my

ribeye steak oh my god she made dude she

made blue cheese butter jesus fucking

christ oh my god oh yeah yeah I got a

rib eye steak with blue cheese butter

and some sort of cheesy zucchini

cauliflower casserole so I'm in for it

Tommy G says punishing ideal behavior

slash investment will push her towards

more receptive alpha males good modern

life dating says props to all men who

have who are brave enough to call in

absolutely absolutely and that was a

good call sharp assist absolutely sharp

assist says I need a screenshot of

Donovan's face when t FM said he was

married to a sex doll Modern Life dating

says dude if you are if you if you fuck

a doll you are a sociopath

listen modern life dating guys is a big

town right dude modern life dating is

the kind of MiG towel that I respect I'm

not talking about these low-level Meg

towels no now again I said this once and

I'll say this again and I got to make

this quick as I'm fucking hungry and I'm

I know my girl is probably getting

frustrated to listen me talk while my

dinner is getting cold here but but

listen if you want to fuck a doll okay

alright fine to me that to me that shows

your fucked up in the head but again I

understand the logic I understand the

reasoning I don't agree with the

solution but hey dude you're a grown man

you can do what you want to do I get it

right I'm never I'm never gonna shame a

man who completely checks out with women

I'm not gonna say I'm

I'm not gonna I'm not gonna disparage

you but then when those men want to turn

around and call us names tell us that

tell us that we are naive and that we're

stupid for pursuing women slaves to the


that's where you lose me that's where

you fucking lose me dude I had a patron

talk about talk some shit about my girl

and when I called him out about the shit

that he talked about he accused me a

white knight he's like I know you didn't

just threaten me and white knight for

your girlfriend nigga fuck you you talk

shit about my girl we got a fucking

problem no you want to characterize it

as white knighting and by the way this

guy talks shit about everybody he says

that Roland Donovan and TFM what they

all have in common is that they don't

have the discipline to go their own way

and ward off pussy like I have for the

last 10 years

congratulations Raymond M wood for that

unbelievable accomplishment of going

celibate for ten years fuck an idiot man

this is where these low-level MIG tiles

lose me I don't mind that you do what

you do but then to turn around and tell

me that I'm wrong for pursuing women

that you were somehow greater than me

because I pursue women and you fuck

dolls and jerk off the cartoon board

fuck out of here I am Legend said he

watched the debate twice sharpest sits

on my lap I rub her back I cleaner that

yeah that was oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah

you know that goes

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime great great show guys here

tune in tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific where I will be joined by modern

life dating follow and like me on

Twitter Facebook and Instagram I will

see you guys tomorrow thanks for


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