Good relationships come at a very high price (Ep. 284)

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Everybody wants something. Girls want to be hot. Guys want to be ripped. People want to be rich. The list goes on and on. But the one thing people want the most is a good relationship. The problem is that Men and women alike are unwilling to pay the price. Worse yet, they have no idea what the real costs are.




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn you lost your edge

she lost the traction for him it's how

it works what you think she was gonna do

tell you she cheated men cannot afford

to get complacent and relationships get

your fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome

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negro mattes fear calm over the last six

plus years we all hear people talk about

the shit that they want we hear women

say I wish I were hot I wish I had big

boobs I wish I had a flat stomach we all

hear guys say I wish I were ripped and

enriched and had a sixer of 6 inch cock

a 12 inch dick we hear these things all

the time

well the vast majority of people who

talk about what they want they don't

want to pay the price associated with it

the girl wants to be hot but she doesn't

want to watch her diet and she doesn't

want to work out every day the guy wants

to be rich and he wants to be ripped but

he doesn't want to exercise financial

discipline and lift weights every day

now one thing that all people want are

great relationships we all want great

relationships guys right like every one

of us watching everyone every one of us

watching in here we know regardless what

we know about the red pill and about how

fucked up relationships are in 2018 we

still want we still want good

relationships do we want to fuck a bunch

of sluts do we want to be good with

women of course but guys listen we are

biologically hardwired to - we're

biologically hardwired to desire

companionship from the opposite sex men

included even a man who's a and I

remember Wilt Chamberlain famously once

said he can look it up on his Wikipedia

page he says listen man I've had a

thousand it's great to have a thousand

different ladies he says but the but the

good life is just having that one woman

you can count on and Wilt Chamberlain I

think you know the legend says he slept

with like 20,000 women or something like


whether or not that number is accurate

he had to fuck a lot of chicks but the

point is eventually you're out of that

no matter no matter how good you are

with women you want it it's just a

better life having having a relationship

of consequence with one woman that you

can count on it's just a better life

than going out and chasing pussy every

night obviously women want great

relationships but but men and women

both men and women they are unwilling to

pay the price

needed to be paid to actually have a

good relationship right they don't know

what's really required to have a good

lasting healthy relationship usually the

first sign of trouble in a relationship

girl opens up her phone and she starts

texting her ex on Facebook right and

dudes are just lazy when his woman acts

up he's like fucking she's not worth it

she didn't fall in line she's gone he's

the meathead red pillar she's gotta come

fully assembled now man you gotta work

at it

that's how that goes and then we wonder

why relationships are in the shit these

days we always wondered we alway always

wonder these things but there's another

reason that people don't pay the price

required for good relationships and it's

because they don't know what that price


it's like walking into a grocery store

and picking up a steak and not seeing a

price on it

okay I told you guys in the first take

it happened to me yesterday I was I was

at Target I picked up a rib I didn't see

a price on it right irregardless both

men and women are grossly unaware of

what it really takes to build and

cultivate rock-solid relationships that

last well you guys are in luck because

uncle Donovan is gonna break it down for

you tonight guys I'm gonna talk about

the male cost and I'm also gonna talk

about the female cost for any ladies

watching and again this is real shit

guys this isn't something I just came up

with on the flight and say look what

what does it take for a good

relationship they just jot down some

shit that sounds good red pill nah bruh

this is from 25 years of experience with

women good bad and ugly so let's go

ahead and get started guys here we go

let's talk about the cost for men this

is obviously a male show so we need to

talk about the cost for men we as men

when we take the red pill we have to

train we have to train ourselves to

become the complete opposite of what we

have been trained to be we have to we

have we have to we have to do quite the

opposite of everything we've been

trained to do and be so you go through a

bunch of heartbreak or you go through

sexual frustration and at that point

listen if you're a guy who perpetually

gets his heart broken or a guy who just

isn't good with women eventually

come to a breaking point okay listen

some men fold other men focus if you

fold you're gonna become an in cell

you're gonna become a mig towel like

turd flinging monkey and his in his

masturbation video he does these Matt he

does these masturbation machine reviews

it's it's it's a slight though it's a

sight to behold but you can either end

up like him and fuck a doll right or you

can man up and find the red pill the way

I found the red pill is I typed in hey

why do girls get over breakup so easily

right the rest is history so when you

find the red pill it doesn't go down

easy guys people think taking the red

pill is easy this is why most men don't

take this is why most men don't keep the

red pill down a lot of men trying to

compromise they try to be purple pill

well maybe maybe I can have some blue

pill traits here so I can make it a

little bit easier maybe you're gonna

take a little bit of weight off of the

barbell nah you gotta listen the red

pill has to be taken wholly there's no

compromise there is no purple pill you

were either red pill aware or you are

not and here's the thing guys most men

are red pill aware most men knows most

men know bitches ain't shit guys we know

women are fucked up but it's the men who

have the balls to actually who act who

have the balls to actually put that red

pill awareness in place who have the

balls to hold his woman accountable tell

her to get the fuck off of social media

etc etc anyway when the red pill goes

down guys do you go through stages the

first stage is shock you're completely

shocked that that stuff not only exists

but that it's allowed on the Internet

holy shit all women are like that women

are sluts wait a minute there's actually

material on the internet that actually

acknowledges the fact that women are

hoes that women cheat more than men the

second stage is anger you were angry at

everyone you're angry at your mom your

dad your aunt your uncle's everyone who

led you is straight now you're

definitely you're definitely pissed off

at the culture at large

because the culture at large is is is

partially it mostly responsible for

telling us that women are made of sugar

spice and everything nice

the culture tells us that the better you

treat women the better they treat you

and when you find out that it is

literally the opposite you fucking

pissed I listen I wouldn't do that stage

myself and a lot of guys say Donavan

sharp is stuck in the end your anger

phase you know what yeah right like I'm

not in the anger face but listen you

never really leave the anger phase it's

always lurking in the background

somewhere that keeps that edge it allows

you to keep that edge I wrote about it

on Negro manosphere calm why staying in

the anger phase phase is worth it for

men the third stage is euphoria right

euphoria stages is it's when you it's

when you discover it's it's it's when

you discover that that what you have

been thinking in the back of your mind

this whole time is actually true like

again we're all born with red pill

awareness as babies but we haven't all

trained completely out of us so it's

always lurking in the background so when

we see when we see we see red pill you

know you know when we watch red pill

videos you know listen to red pill

podcasts like this one red pill websites

we're like holy shit like I can actually

take control of my life and I can be

good with women the fourth stage is

gluttony this is when your this is when

you're reading 810 articles a day you're

refresh in all those pages your your

your binge-watching TS are prime time

you can't get enough of this stuff the

fifth stage is addiction okay

addiction is when you can't go more than

I don't know 30 minutes without getting

without getting a red pill fix from

somewhere this is a life you absolutely

want to live you are addicted your date

your you're addicted to the idea you

know your life might be about to change

you want more of it the sixth stage of

course is application the red pill is no

longer an idea it is who you are

you're going out your running game or

you're getting yourself in a shape your

financial outlook is better now right

now you're banging mainly five and six

is the occasional seven you're not


want to be but you know you're on the

right track and of course the seventh

and final stage is congruence you are

now red pill aware no matter what

happens around you you hold steadfast to

your red pill beliefs

after you digest it guys

this is when the shit gets hard you

thisand you think digesting the red pill

is easy oh no man oh no no no digesting

the red pill is hard but it's not all

peaches and cream after that right it's

not it it's not banging nines and tens

and just live in a light no no no man

there are unintended consequences of the

red pill number one your social circle

is gonna shrink when people listen

people don't like red pill truth men men

and women men and women alike we've all

experienced it right those people right

in all the time Donovan I'd love to tell

my friend about the red pill we always

tell them don't tell him send them a

link to Donovan sharp calm or send him

the rational male give it to them give

it to him for his birthday or Christmas

or a gift but don't force it on him cuz

one of two things is gonna happen

they're either gonna separate themselves

from you or they're gonna say oh yes I

know what you mean and then they're

gonna separate themselves from you your

social circle is going to shrink when

you listen when you win when you are a

red pill aware of mail you're not gonna

have as many friends guys now the

friends that you have are gonna be much

more substantial but listen man you're

listen you were absolutely going to lose

friends and sometimes you're gonna lose

contact with family members

listen I'm fortunate enough I'm

fortunate enough to have my own brother

my own brother watches the show I had a

great conversation with him last night

I'm one of the lucky ones most guys

aren't so lucky

here's another unintended consequence of

taking the red pill this is part of the

cost for men you're not gonna like women

as much right no I'm not saying listen

I'm not saying that you're not gonna

like you're just gonna all of a sudden

stop liking pussy okay listen there's

nothing like sticking your dick in a new

vagina like we get that there's nothing

like going after hot chicks right but

when you take and digest the red pill

women just they're not as impressive as

they once were they're not as all

inspiring I remember what I thought that

women were God's greatest gift to the

world but when you find out who they are

what makes them tick how they operate


and when you can predict with damn near

100% accuracy what they're gonna what

they're gonna do say and feel before

they even know it kind of loses its they

kind of lose their luster another

unintended consequence of taking the red

pill is the thrill is gone right

like I said running game is great it's

exciting it's it's it's it's listen man

it's a rush right like dude I'll never

at all it's so funny I'll never forget

the very first time I actually ran red

pill game on a chick it was a redhead

she was in a grocery store I think she

was looking for a grapefruit or

something like that

and I went up to her hi I'm Donovan

right I forget what her name was

anyway we go back and forth I passed a

couple of shit tests decide hey you know

what I'm gonna XYZ I'm going to XYZ bar

later on tonight here you seemed pretty

cool would you remember my phone we'll

hang out she took my phone and put her

number in and as she was putting it and

I was like holy shit this shit actually

works like I could not believe it was

unbelievable I had experienced some

failure before then right but now this

was red pill game and again this is

where I was lucky and actually worked

the first time

now the redhead she ended up flaking on

me but I didn't care man I was addicted

I was hooked

living the red pill life guys is not all

peaches and cream like I said you're

gonna lose friends

you're gonna lose family okay as far as

work is concerned dude don't spit red

pill truth at work guys don't don't be

dude don't be a fucking red pill hero at

work guys you speak up or or do listen

man I got guys I got guys that used to

inbox me and told me Donovan I would

love to watch your show but I'm afraid

to go to donovan sharp calm at work like

I listen I've heard that from more than

one person this is why I'm glad I'm on

it seven for Pacific because now guys

you know have the freedom to you know do

whatever but dude you can't speak up at

work or you're fired if somebody fuck

dude it if you start talking about a

wall and the wall and the cock carousel

dude it's a rap all it takes is for all

it takes is for hefty Heather to catch

wind of your conversation you're getting

a summons from the HR office and it's a

rap from there you've lost your job your

salary your benefits it's not worth it

have but here's the thing guys having

red pill awareness is required for men

to have a good relationship with women

but it comes at a price guys red pill

truth and its application doesn't come

for free there are consequences and

there are costs but if you want the

respect and the adoration of your woman

which is required for her to love you

this is the price that has to be paid

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I don't know I wouldn't take any chances

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don't work absolutely not

Sean Anderson on the Facebook side says

man this saddened me today cuz when I

talk to women now I'm not impressed by

them the reality set in that I will have

to have sex with women I hate and that I

get bored quick dude man I'm trying to

tell you guys that dude one

do Dennis keeping it 100 by Sean

Anderson man that's what it is and it's

not like we hate women wait listen

women are neither good nor evil they

just are they take the shape of the

container that they're put in right but

when you learn about what really makes

women tick what makes them go you're

like man women are fucked up when I like

to fuck and she's got a great ass I hate

this bitch but I got a fucker now I got

a hate fucker you also have to come to

grips with the fact that that woman

you're gonna fuck even if you decide to

start a relationship with a woman you

know chances are that relationship is

probably gonna end it's a it is a

sobering reality sobering reality

sometimes never take my advice asks any

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straight up good to see you in here as

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wax poetic with your boy let's talk

about another cost of having a good

relationship as far as your woman is

concerned right keeping your woman in

line gentlemen that is a huge cost huge

cost keeping your woman in line and in

this day and age is not easy right but

here's the thing a woman in line is a

quality woman a woman in line is a good

woman here you want to know what the

benefits are of having a woman who's in

pocket no disrespect

she represents you well in public she

makes you a priority she does not engage

in behavior conducive to infidelity she

takes good care of you she takes care of

your sexual needs right a woman in line

gentlemen is less of a headache you

don't have to think about her as often

which is which is a fucking luxury any

woman any woman that you have to waste

brainpower on like where is she what is

she doing blah blah blah blah blah dude

that guy's that's a headache that's not

worth it at least not with these women

but if your woman is in line you don't

have to think about it if you don't have

to think about it's a fucking luxury

guys I'm here to tell you right you can

almost almost take her good behavior for

granted not too often but it's nice to

know that your woman is not somewhere

getting out of pocket or doing some shit

that she's not supposed to do

a woman in line as a woman who gives you

a little bit of respite she gives you a

bit a little bit of relaxation from the

world when you come home or when she

spends time with you right here's the

cost of having a woman in line here's

the cost of having that mythical woman

that I just talked about okay keeping a

woman in line guys and I'm not kidding

here it is damn near a full-time job


you can't let anything slide you can't

let anything slide okay yes you'll mess

up every now and again you're human I

talked about I talked about think we

called it alpha equity I'm gonna have to

come up with a term but listen if you're

running rock solid red pill game for six

months to a year okay if you feel one

should test that's not gonna cost you

but if you make it a habit you're fucked

okay but you can't let anything slide

guys the first element to keeping your

woman in line you have to maintain

dominance that is not easy man

you can't show weakness you can't show

your woman that anything bothers you you

can't just quote you can't open up to

her no matter how much she says she

wants to that's a common thing among

women these days I want a man who's

gonna be vulnerable Becca from the

fucking Bachelorette I want a man who's

gonna be vulnerable to me no you don't

you think you do but as soon as a man

becomes vulnerable with a woman she

instantly starts to lose attraction for

him you have to be steadfast in your

convictions right or wrong if you make a

decision you got to stick with it

because if you start to waffle if you

start to be wishy-washy not gonna

respect you that's not dominance man you

must be still that doesn't mean you

don't reserve the right to change your

mind if if you get new information but

if you make a decision fuckin stick with

it man

don't go back and forth man you have to

maintain a dominant frame that's it's

hard man guys listen maintaining frame

is difficult like don't get it twisted

even for a guy like me right

it's this guy maintaining a dominant

frame it's a headache and sometimes you

just don't feel like fucking doing it

man but if you want to maintain your

woman's respect and adoration this

is the price you pay this is the cost it

fucking sucks but it's the cost goddamn

she's getting on my fucking nerves you

know I got two articles to write I got a

show coming up my fucking woman is

bitching a bitching at me about XY and Z

I can't get emotional I can't get stupid

I gotta maintain that dominant frame

dude pop you some fucking advil and

handle your fucking business that's the

price you pay it also requires that you

demand access to her phone all the time

maintaining a dominant franc keeping

your woman in line not easy to do at

first guys because the world tells women

that what she does on her phone is her

business right well maybe but if she

wants her men to trust her and treat her

the way she wants to be treated this is

necessary and we're gonna get into we're

gonna get into this a little bit later

when I talk about the cost of women

maintaining dominant frame keeping your

woman in line you know what it also

requires it also requires that you

demand her best at all times guys listen

sometimes we can't bring our a-game

every day sometimes demanding your

woman's best is difficult especially

when neither he feels like trying right

like listen man I work my ass off Monday

through fucking Saturday and sometimes

even Sunday my girl obviously she has

weekends off Sundays I tried to take it

easy but I'm still dude I'm still in my

office fucking churning out articles and

trying to put up trying to put up

content dude my brain is tired my

fucking body's tired I did spin class

earlier that day Oh sometimes I listen

sometimes demanding your woman's best

it's just difficult when when neither of

you feels like trains you just want to

lay around but it's necessary your woman

must know that she is required to give

her best at all times

it's not easy she's gonna get upset

she's gonna yell she's gonna pout she's

gonna throw a fit she's gonna be pissed

off at you she's gonna hate you that's

the price you pay but when you see a

woman when you're out and about and you

see a woman who seems to be in line all

the time are on her boy listen we all

listen every once in a while we meet

that hot girl that beautiful girl who

seems to be in line all the time right

all the time around her boyfriend her

husband you listen you can believe you

better believe he pays that price you

mean a woman that attractive and that

beautiful stays in pocket around him he

pays that price it is hard to be

demanding of your woman dude trust me

dude my woman calls me mr. de mandypants

because she knows man she knows but this

is the price you pay to keep your woman

in line another price you pay to keep

your woman in line it requires you to

correct bad behavior not easy a lot of

guys say well she fucks up I just

correct the behavior easy to say not so

easy to do sometimes guys listen it's

not easy to punish her woman when she

fucks up and I'm not gonna listen I'm

not a parent and I'll never be one but a

lot of parents say listen I don't wanna

III hate punishing my kids cuz I love my

kids right if you really do care about

your girlfriend some it's not eatin

listen sometimes it's not easy to

correct her bad behavior it's not easy

to withdraw your attention from her

especially when she's attractive and

you're horny but she was a bitch earlier

right you think it's not easy not to

fuck her that night but guys guess what

you have to otherwise you reinforce the

bad behavior not easy it's not easy to

do consistently dude I remember a man up

I think it was like maybe two or three

nights ago it might have been a week ago

and might dude my girl had a tough she

had a tough week at work um this uh this

past week she's under a lot of pressure

blah blah blah blah blah and I think

when she came home she was being a bitch

or something like that done it or not

and I was like alright okay you know

I'll you know I'll try to I'll try to be

understanding right not gonna engage her

too much I'll let her have her own space

I'll let her run off at the mouth

not disrespectfully but if she wants to

talk about work hey that's cool right

right like late listen I demand things

okay that's the price I pay gotta listen

to her Yammer on about work sometimes

right we all have to do that well I

understood that she was tired but I

wanted to fuck I was like alright go

take a shower I gotta take a shower

tonight uh yeah

so she sat there I don't know maybe 30

seconds or so right and so finally she

gets up and she stomps off to the shower

guess what guys didn't fuck her that

night I'm not about to her what dude I'm

not about to reward you for getting an

attitude with me for demanding that of

you do you think it was easy not to fuck

her laying in bed with a fucking hard-on

no it wasn't guys but this is the price

you pay man this is the price you

fucking pay guys listen it's easy to

reward good behavior okay it's easy to

take her to the beach for the weekend

when she's made you you know when she's

made you five three-course meals all

week it's easy to surprise her with a

nice gift because she's been a great

woman to you all month it's easy to

reward her but it is far from easy to

punish bad behavior the shit sucks guys

she's gonna throw fits she's gonna cry

she's gonna shit test you it sucks but

if you want to keep your woman in line

say it with me guys that's the price you

pay tolerating adverse reactions to your

decreasing availability after she gets

out of pocket not easy remaining

stone-faced when she cries in front of

you because you told her the next time

you find out that she reactivated her

Facebook page behind her back she was

out the door that shit's not easy guys

punishing bad behavior is hard but it's

necessary that's the price you pay if

you want to have a woman who's in line

got a kid get my woman in line this is

what this is this is what's required

let's go back to the chat here quickly

you guys are active in the chat here

tonight all right good stuff good stuff

freelance Ronin like the hefty Heather

very good Tommy G says I didn't know

this shit existed until I found a link

or something from the ROK manipulation

article very good yeah the three ways

the three most common ways women

manipulate you yeah good to have you in

here Tommy gee I'm glad I'm glad to know

that article um got you over here good

good excellent sharp assist says the

only one who has sharp assist beat his

freelance Ronin freelance freelance

you've been around longer than sharp

assist man like seriously

freelance says like I always say

stumbling onto your website and the red

pill relieved me knowing that I wasn't

coming crazy right mask you lyin says I

realized recently that I've been

complaining to my woman she tries to be

supportive but the truth is I can see

her disgust when I do puttin that

putting it into that shit there you go

man listen we all slip in do we all slip

into beta traits every once a while guys

we're not we're human we're not robots

oh he can't be a hundred percent alpha a

hundred percent of the time

I've got beta trades I fail shit tests

right we'll do it even where you still

with your woman because I'm Donovan

fucking sharp for one right my woman

knows who the fuck I am

she knows what's up but but again the

reason why I'm still with my woman is

because you know you course-correct just

like masculine cat damn I'm complaining

to my woman I can see the disgust on her

face I need to put that shit to an end

excellent excellent

break your bonds says just found da Matt

Donovan through the Redman group show

loving his stuff so far appreciate that

man good to have you over here good to

have you in here nine one four two oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you want to get on the show

let's go to the third price that men pay

that men need to pay to be in a good

relationship with a woman this is easy

guys or I'm sorry not easy but

this is obvious you gotta maintain your

high value gentlemen listen your woman

shit your woman shows you because your

high value when your value dwindles so

does her attraction for you listen I

Satan listen I say it in the intro you

lost your edge

she lost attraction for you that's how

it works and guys guess what that's a

good thing helps us keep our edge a lot

of guys a lot of guys are like will she

fucking love me brutally like bitches

are so flaky look she loved me at first

but as soon as I got fed or lost my job

she like me anymore

what the fuck did you expect guys listen

if a woman's love were really

unconditional guys we as men will be

fucking pathetic we'd all be fat we'd be

broke we'd be creatively stagnant we'd

be fucking pathetic lumps of slobs good

for nothing but eating and fucking

farting and shitting that's it

your woman chose you because you're in

great shape

she chose you because you dress well she

chose you before you're she shows you

because you are financially responsible

she chose you because your financial

house is in order okay

she chose you because you can fight and

defend yourself and her she chose you

because you have fitness goals you have

financial goals you have a plan and

women love a man with a plan guys they

love to see that you're going places

guys maintaining your value is hard

dude it's listen it's hard to wake up

it's at five o'clock every morning to go

lift weights and go spin 15 miles right

listen it's hard to do spin class guys

it's hard to do that when you're fucking

quads burn and your lungs are about to

explode it is hard to maintain your

physical edge as far as finances go it

is difficult to maintain financial

discipline guys there's so much cool

stuff out there I'm here to tell you it

is not easy to deprive yourself of

certain things to keep your financial

house in order I'm financially

responsible you guys know that you think

it's easy not for me to buy fucking

video games right you think it's easy

not to get into gaming when video games

are fucking awesome as fuck like every

once in a while I'll be walking through

the store and I'll watch a video game

for like five minutes and I'm like dude

if I started playing video games that'd

be all she wrote like video games are

unbelievable now I will never start

playing video games I'll never do

anything else in my life

it's easy for me to watch these cool ass

commercials with these awesome fucking

video games and not just buy that shit

hell no you think it's easy for me not

to replace my four year old iPad fuck no

being financially responsible is hard

guys depriving yourself of the things

you want is very difficult not buying

the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy when

it drops it's not easy

exercising financial financial

discipline is difficult guys but if you

want to maintain your value in terms of

financial stability let's say it all

together this is the price you pay your

money's not gonna save itself guys you

have to save it that's on you the

ability to take a weekend getaway

doesn't just magically appear you have

to make that happen by saving and being

financially savvy maintaining your high

value is difficult gentlemen keeping

your physical edge maintaining your

financial discipline executing your plan

and your goals each and every day

maintaining social dominance building

social currency none of that's easy but

again if you want your woman to stay

attracted to you if you want your woman

to stay in love with you if you want

your woman's consistent respect and

adoration that's the price you pay I

keep saying dude I'm gonna fucking say

it until you guys are sick of it keeping

a woman attracted to you guys doesn't

just happen guys you have to be

proactive and maintain your value and

again look at the dude who's got the hot

girlfriend they've been together for a

couple years and she's still

head-over-heels for him that's a guy

who's paid the price necessary to keep

and maintain her attraction her love and

her adoration and guys guess what he'll

be the first to tell you that it is far

from easy it's worth it

but again there is a price to be paid

that shit doesn't come for free now does

a good part

let's talk about the ladies wait a

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1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call

if you've got a question or a comment

let's move to the female cost of a good

relationship the cost for women now

women expect things to just happen

simply because they're women they think

they deserve the best of everything

because they have a set of tits and a

pussy then when they're 37 they ask oh

my god why am I not married well the

answer is we hurt you didn't pay the

price finding and keeping a man of value

requires effort girls don't understand

this they've never been taught this they

expect high value men to just flock to

them because they're women they didn't

expect them to stick around even though

she even though she still maintains

friendships with all our ex-boyfriends

right they expect him to love her

unconditionally even though she's

gaining weight women expect high-value

men to tolerate their bad behavior and

to keep them around regardless of how

they act when they have this rude

awakening in their late 30s they get

bitter and they blame everyone but

themselves and ladies so ladies if you

are watching here's the price you need

to pay to keep a man of value around or

for a man of value to keep you around

number one you got to keep in shape

listen I'm keeping it real looks are

important to us it is the most important

thing initially right this was it

doesn't matter how accomplished you are

it doesn't matter if you have a sterling

personality doesn't matter if you're it

doesn't matter if you're as feminine as

Jun fucking cleaver

if you're fat if you're not if you're

not attractive we're not interested you

can call a shallow you can insult us all

you want to that's not going to change

our motivations guys

the boner listened the the the the the

the boner is the barometer men eval you

don't want fat girls period you want to

met you listen you want a man who can't

keep his hands off you stop eating junk

food you want a man who wants to fuck

you all the time hit the gym five days a

week you want a man who wants to show

you off make better food choices

keeping the attraction of a man of value

has a price ladies it doesn't come for

free so if you want attractive men to

find you attractive there is a cost if

you don't pay the price then attractive

men will not find you attractive that's

all there is to it that's basic math get

dressed in the gym stop eating junk food

number two this is a big one you got to

be trustworthy men of value quite put

simply met at value we don't commit to

sluts ladies men of value don't commit

to women who keep their phone under lock

and key you want a man to trust you

there's a price to be paid and that

price here we go is giving him access to

your phone at all times you want to

maintain the trust of an attractive man

tell him who you're texting and when he

asks don't give him a fucking attitude

about it if you want his commitment he

has a right to know if you want a man to

trust you tell him where you are what

you're doing and who you are doing it

with before he has to ask you men of

value don't commit to women they have to

wonder about take the mystery out of it

and tell him where you are what you're

doing and how it's gonna be done he's

not gonna ask you listen most the time

he's not gonna ask you because he's got

other options if he has to ask you all

the goddamn time where you're on what

you're doing he's gonna bounce because

you've become a fucking headache to deal

with goddamn like where's Tracy like

every time I turn around I don't know

where the fuck she's at then girls turn

around and ask well where have all the

good men gone you why don't you want to

know where all the good men are ladies

and listen very closely

wit I'm gonna go ahead and answer the

question women ask all the time where

about the good man god here's where

they've gone there what the girls who

aren't Facebook and Instagram whores

they're what the girls who have caught

off all contacts with their contact with

their exes there weren't the girls who

stay off social media all the good men

are with girls who were upfront about

what they're do

where they are and who they're doing it

with they're with the girls who have no

problem handing their phone handing over

their phones when their boyfriends asked

to see it their what the girls want at

the club every goddamn weekend there

were the girls who don't lie to them

there was women who have earned their

trust if you want to track the men too

if you want attractive men to trust you

there is a price to be paid if you're

not willing to pay that price that's

fine most girls aren't willing to pay

that price but don't come crying to me

when you're 39 and still butt in and

still single talking about what about

the good men gone don't bitch about

something don't bitch about not getting

something of value for free because at

the end of the day you didn't want it

bad enough because if you did you would

have understood the cost and paid the


the third price that needs to be paid

for women you got to put his needs

before yours don't be selfish guys

listen girls get everything they get

everything fucking handed to him since


dude life is wonderful for girls dude

listen let's keep it real talk about

white girls white women in America they

live the best lives of any class of

human on the planet for that reason

don't be selfish your life is already

great and now that and now that you've

got a man of value in your life it's

even better don't be fucking selfish

quit making everything about you what

can he do for me sweetheart you've

already got the world at your feet do

right by him and he'll take care of you

what why doesn't he take care of me

because you don't take care of him well

he should do it first nah baby girl you

should do it first because you're the

one who wants his commitment he doesn't

need yours

your commitment that's a luxury to him

his commitment to you as a necessity

that's the difference

pay the price that needs to be paid and

you'll have his commitment ladies you

can't just expect good relationships to

just happen yes we as men need to step

up our game there's no doubt about that

that's why this show exists I teach men

to hold themselves accountable and hold

themselves to a higher standard but

y'all need to do the same and understand

that being a good woman is one thing but

staying a quality female and maintaining

that that takes work that means not

going out

drinking with your friends every weekend

this means not that this means getting

up at 5:00 a.m. to squat your ass off to

keep your @ to keep your ass legs and

stomach type tight this means giving up

all autonomy yes hand him your phone

when he wants to see your phone

key logger GPS good relationships cost

ladies the problem is you're not willing

to pay the price but you still want the

good relationship doesn't work that way

you want the great body without giving

up the junk food and working out every

day you want the trust without having to

earn it you want to be treated like a

lady without required without being

required to act like one can't have it

both ways if your wit listen if you're

not willing to be the price and do

what's necessary to be in a good

relationship cool keep having fun and

let the good times roll but like I said

earlier don't act surprised that you're

still unmarried and childless at 39 all

right good show tonight let's let's hit

the chat one last time my girls actually

making me think chicken margarita

tonight which is gonna be fucking

awesome looking forward to that all

right freelance Roman says indeed

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prime time tomorrow I'm going to talk

about why girlfriends are better than

wives be sure to be sure to catch that

tune in Sunday to Thursday 7:00 Eastern

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see you guys tomorrow


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