ALPHA MALE STRATEGIES: Handling your woman's bad behavior

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Alpha Male Strategies joins me to discuss how to handle disrespectful behavior, texting with her exes, being a Facebook/IG attention whore, talking about other dudes in front of you, sexual manipulation, and withholding sex.



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what's up guys at remand donovan sharp

and welcome to this special $10 patron

episode my special guest obviously needs

no introduction alpha male strategies

has definitely killing the game man a

lot of people would think that he's a

newcomer but the way he talks you can

tell that you can tell he's been doing

this for quite a while just because just

because you're just now finding out who

he is doesn't mean that that he's that

he's a newcomer or anything that

anything for that matter and you know

the interesting thing is is is I've been

watching your videos for a while I

followed you

you know since since you came onto the

scene but the very first time I actually

talked to you in person was on Saturdays

marathon podcast with appreciate you

appreciate my work man

you know I feel like you know I can

respect any dating code I know dating

coach is gonna be on every approach and

everything is impossible you know and

but that what makes us different if we

if we all talked about we all agreed on

everything then why do you got a hundred

different dating coaches that's exactly

right and here's here's another thing if

we all agreed on everything then one of

us would be out of a job right like that

that would be how it is one thing I was

gonna say that I didn't get a chance to

because AARC jumped off of the jumped

off the chat I'm sure there are people

watching that work on that we're on that

hangout you can say whatever you want

about alan roger curry you can agree or

disagree with this approach but that

dude has been running games on he's been

running a game on female before it was

actually called game yeah i mean he is

one of the original players I mean again

people may disagree with his approach

you may or may not think that his

approach works nowadays doesn't matter I

mean he's got people paying him

thousands of dollars to fly all the way

to LA to be their dating coach so

obviously there's tremendous value in

what he brings to the table if I'm on

vacation and say hypothetically say I'm

in Hawaii obviously I don't have time to

you know get to know you for three weeks

I'm here for a week or whatever I'm

probably gonna be mobile one I gotta get

right to it hey I'm here for three more

days I don't have time to finesse so


yeah I'm gonna be a lot more more one

than I am a girl that's ed my job was

something like that so if I believe the

mold what it's just a time in a place

and everything it's just depends on the

circumstance if I'm on vacation or

hypothetically say let's say I got a

girlfriend or something yeah I just want

to step out or whatever I don't have

time to you know date you in talk to you

I think it's the time in the place I

just think that guys need to know that

it's the time the place for more one but

I absolutely believe it works you know

guys used to believe in tricking you

know for guys who felt like I don't have

time to get to know a woman I believe

that mold one will be better in that

instance just be more wannabe tyreq let

a woman know you want to sleep with a

woman if you feel like hey I got a

girlfriend at home or hey I'm on

vacation or hey I'm on the road if I'm a

trucker hell yeah I'm using my oh of

course it's time to dig Joanne so that's

my thing that's I'll creep over I can't

work I just believed it if I'm single

and you know I think that my better

chances is coming up my way but I

definitely have them right the career

way to work yeah absolutely and it

listen it also depends on just what you

said it's circumstance right I mean I

lived in I lived in Vegas for a damn

near nine years I met a listen I met a

lot of women who were in Vegas on

business if I see an older woman with an

adage a or a laptop she's looking tired

she's got two pencil skirt on in the

pantsuit guess what that's when you use

mode one because you know she's probably

leaving tomorrow that's that's how

that's how that usually works totally

agree guys what I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna put B I'm gonna put the Hangouts

link in the chat if you guys want to

jump on live and talk to either myself

or alpha male strategies you guys can go

ahead and click that link you'll come

right in when you do that make sure you

hit the mute button we don't want to

hear people's baby mamas in the

background we don't wanna hear the cops

coming arrest because you got warrants

we don't need all we don't need any of

that stuff when when it's time to

address you will say hey look X Y Z

person you can go ahead and come on

obviously the chat is available if you

have a question to ask us in the chat

you're more than welcome to do that

let's go ahead and get to it

handling bad behavior it in my and my

experience bad behavior is inevitable

when it comes from your woman

and it's definitely coming listen you

can have it you can have a wonderful

woman you can have the world's greatest

girlfriend guess what she's gonna act up

half the time she's acting up because

it's just that time of the month because

I'm a woman is never chemically

identical from one day the next anyway

or she might be testing you either way

she's going to do things that you're not

gonna like and where a lot of men go

wrong is handling it incorrectly

handling bad behavior incorrectly

melissad man it can be the beginning of

the end what do you say about handling

and we'll just generalize it for now

we'll get into some specifics here in a

little bit but what were your thoughts

on handling bad behavior with women well

I have a stand when I deal with when the

guys first and foremost when you're

dealing with women you have to have an

abundance mindset that's what mean women

and keeping women you have to have an

abundance mindset all right so if you're

going women are definitely gonna act up

from time to time they have to know that

you're willing to walk away and

sometimes I'm a small little break is

important to show her that you listen

guys y'all I hear doing these empty

threats that's why you want me don't

ever act right right right right I'm

leaving I swear to God and the 10

minutes later still there I swear I

believing I'm doing it this time I mean

listen guys sometimes a 2 week 3 week 4

week breakup is essential to get your

warmest respect back in the day in the

old school days old school cats like my

grandparents stuff like that they didn't

notice they hit women I guess the thing

what got guys they know how to control

women who was acting bad you know just

you gonna act right you know leaving one

part of the equation well we know now

that in the way we live it now you can't

hit women all right you just can't be

done it's not even really good to argue

with women that's hypothetical say you

let's not even talk about good you

acting emotional

that's just hypothetical say your

neighbors hear you arguing with you

arguing with your woman oh yes they

think in the fight of something going on

it can they say no to police show up to

know and they want to sit you down they

want to talk today for the attorneys

into this whole big and if they hear you

getting loud they can arrest you

make assumptions absolutely you act an

emotional which is only gonna make her

get more masculine because you act a

feminine I'm just talking about on a

level of just show neighbors hearing it

and my call to police

so guys you don't hit women you don't

argue with women they have to know that

you're willing to leave and mean it

that's the only way you get your woman

to act right is she has to know that

you're wanting to walk away and mean it

the thing is most of you guys don't have

the balls to do that because you don't

have the abundance mindset right and

when when he says abundance mindset this

means you have the ability to go out and

get other women or you have other women

because and again listen I listen I used

to be a beta sup just like anybody else

I used to make the empty threats to my

ex wife who is now my ex wife I'm gonna

do this and I'm gonna do that well do

that I'm dude I was fast three hundred

and something pounds you know I didn't

have any game I wouldn't do anything

right so what that and what the hell was

I gonna do and she knew that but if you

have the abundance mentality and this is

why this is why I talk I always talk

about the power of the side chick listen

throw all the morals out the window if

you wanna if you want to get your girl

to act right you don't tell her hey I

have a side chick and I'm gonna go fuck

her no no it's you your your abundance

mentality or abundance mindset reflects

in your actions if you let a girl know

and no uncertain terms through your

actions that you can and will leave

she's gonna believe you because you're

gonna have that abundance mindset you

can't really fake that let's talk about

a specific so this is why I preaching

and I just made a video about this on my

patreon is guys what I advocate is I

want your side bitch or your main bitch

to be your purpose and you're warming to

be your side chick I had a guy actually

send me an email that he felt like

should I start dating other women to

create value and I told him this is what

you do your purpose gotta be your main

bitch your Worman gotta be your side

bitch are you made her the top priority

in your life your purpose and your

passion has to come first

alright so if you want what you want to

do is create scarcity which a woman

focus on your purpose guys all right

a lot of times when this bad behavior

comes about is when you don't get your

woman to much assured she just you know

I just got this do anyway I got you know

I got a wrap around my fingers you look

she feeling a little too good about

things guys okay you make you look a huh

she has nothing to worry about that's

right a man whose focus on his purpose

you focused on your purpose but she

wondered who you fucking that's right

but you're not fucking anybody you're

grinding but she don't know that that's

what you won't you won't were always

wondering what the fuck you doing

alright so go ahead yeah listen I

couldn't agree more today's women and it

didn't used to be like this in the 20s

30s and 40s

a man who folk obviously men worked a

lot harder back then they work 10 12 14

hour days which created a natural I

guess abundance mindset back then but

but life is easier so we don't have to

work as many hours at least not labor

wise but but men who like a man who

focuses on his passion or his podcast or

or you know restoring cars or whatever

the case may be that's attractive to a

woman because a woman doesn't a woman

doesn't want to be your sole purpose for

happiness that's too much pressure right

in her mind she's like oh my god like

I'm the reason this guy's happy guys say

this all the time you complete me I'm

nothing without you girls don't want to

hear I'm nothing without you girls want

to be with you because he can be

something without you girls don't listen

girls aren't trying to work on a project

don't get me wrong they certainly want

to build with a man but they want a man

who's going places they want a man with

a plan not a man who wants you as his

plan right they wanna be your life guys

when you get off work and you come home

and you don't want me starts to feel

like he's nothing without me like you

don't have a life outside her and I know

guys fall into this rut because I fell

into this rut in the past when you work

your 9:00 to 5:00 you come home and your

girl is your whole source of

entertainment once you get off work

she's you're all and be all and follow

your woman start meeting space and she

started to want to go out and be with

her friends because you crowd her to

look them in allow you guys get this

you know I need space well you think

that comes from all right you should she

listen I tell my guys if you if you

don't got your woman complain that y'all

don't spend enough time

together you're doing it wrong come to

spy all right all my women always

complain I don't see you enough

we don't top in the out of time my girl

came on Sunday and are you gonna answer

the phone this week are you gonna call

me this week this is what I hear from

constantly custody custody all the time

all good signs well I can't come see you

next Sunday uh you know you know I got a

lot going on I never get that she's

happy for the time that she can get all

right God so you always make sure they

Britnie have you in a relationship with

your woman and she's not complaining

that y'all don't spend enough time

together you need to look at the

relationship I because you probably

gonna start having issues very soon

listen it is the basic principle of

supply and demand the more abundant a

commodity is to any group of people

and/or person for less valuable it

becomes if you spend all your time with

your girl she is not going to value your

time as much if you don't spend as much

time with your girl she's going to value

the time she spends with you so if you

don't spend every waking moment with her

the five or ten minutes that you

actually do talk to her texture oh dude

she'll drop whatever she is doing to be

with you because of that because again

you've created scarcity with her that's

a very important thing from when he was

like this she's looking at him and she

said you know about the best you can get

so you always want to constantly be

improving your social market value so

you when your woman look at you she say

this motherfuckin get a woman easy and

so much she want to do it she want to be

on her best behavior because she's

looking at you and she's like Donovan

got this going on Dunham is looking good

so I need to be on my best behavior

because looking at this motherfucker he

can replace me easy that's how you want

a woman to feel I the issue comes in the

place is most of you guys know your girl

got a vagina and you feel like that

about her but she don't feel like that

about you as we all know a woman to walk

up walk down the street Oh get dick

started her from all directions exactly

so we never gonna be a to beat them in

that aspect but if your woman can look

at you and say I know he can get all the

women easy that's where you wanna allow

this bad

come from comes your women look at you

and she look at you and she back to

herself I don't think he can do better

than me

alright guys so don't expect the woman

to act right if she don't think you can

do better and that's what it scare some

ass that comes out cuz you don't believe

in evil that's right that's right and

she knows that you don't believe it

knows that you don't believe it

so when when this kind of thing happens

let's just go right into a lot of guys

always you know they they send me they

send me messages emails all the time my

girl's doing this my girls doing that

one of the biggest things that guys are

having a problem with is their girls

texting their exes Facebook and

Instagram whoring now listen girls cheap

we all know that they do and they do it

is they keep in contact with their exes

they're texting people on Instagram and

all this other kind of stuff how do you

how would you handle let's say you walk

in and your girl is texting someone who

is that oh it's my ex what happens well

this is why I don't have a girlfriend

when I'm dealing with the chicks I'm

dealing with now I can go to the

bathroom come back and they putting up

the phone now I'm just dating them but

I'm like they don't know who the fuck I


because I'm like I already know you're

probably dealing with two three four the

do so I don't guys you kind of have to

expect this but let's hypothetically say

you will you are in a relationship just

know that this woman has probably got a

little insecurity or something she feels

like I gotta have this backup on standby

some shit like that right now

but me personally guys I take that as

disrespect alright me personally I take

that as disrespect a shit test is one

thing flat-out

disrespect is something I listen I made

a video about this recently I don't

tolerate the on flat-out disrespect

alright I can deal with the shit test

you okay fine but the flat-out

disrespect and what I mean by flat I'd

respect is some day code you say this is

testing know what this is why this this

is why I disagree with you know certain

people I you know people say when they

say insecurity he wants to say nothing

show it don't bother you shit

listen I'm a man and I ain't going for

the disrespect so if a girl is talking

about another do to you like you know

got a guy on my patreon set of girls

Tim three pictures tell me something

Ohio these guys are so cute and he took

my son he took my son

one girl tell my son oh that guy over

there looks so good and he can muscle me

Toto well how you fucked him and all

this I don't I don't get all in today

dumb shit up they don't bother me

instead I listen and you might you fuck

up but you know what you just show her

she can disrespect you

it ain't worth it to me so guys in this

aspect guys this is what the abundance

mindset come in it you let a woman the

first time I give a one I don't know

won't see no shit like that again

that's just me I don't want never seen

no shit like that again maybe you

thought out there like that little chump

you talked to before me which is why

you're here with me exactly but I'm

letting you know right now I don't

tolerate that bullshit I don't tolerate

that disrespect so I give you a pass on

this maybe you thought I was maybe you

thought like I was your ex-boyfriend or

something that that's cool that's not

cool me and I don't know on his shit

like that listen what you do outside of

me or any girl any girl whatever you do

outside of me I don't give a shit it's

not that I was you know it's secure

there like that I don't give a damn I'm

on my own thing but when you around me

you gonna respect me and I don't want to

hear that by no other dudes or you

texting your ex on Facebook I don't play

that shit alright you can do what the

hell you wanna do I don't give a fuck if

you had he fuck you before you came to

see me I don't care but once you enter

this apartment yeah you're on my time

now my time no disrespect here then by

no other due to your friend none of that

now once you leave me I don't get for

you go fucking Matthew leave me but

you're gonna respect me that's just how

I am and you know I hear guys you know

say if they if they would that girl if

another dude you know it's crazy what

people think if he's they making know us

or something like this right here you

say you you ignore it because you know

you showing that it don't bother you

watch your fucking mind

man you know and I get that some guys

say listen I don't like altercation this

that Nuttall nobody's gonna disrespect

me I'm not going for no disrespect well

if you're not a man you not willing to

stand up for something what are you

doing that just that just me now I'm

from the hood so hey that just me I'm

not advocating for nobody go get no face

I'm talk

oh no no no never fight this and never

fight somebody over a goddamn woman

that's for sure I'm gonna check it and

I'm willing to take this just me I'm not

advocating a guy's job I'm just on my

meat hey y'all can go over then say hey

how you doing sir Nalan do what I'm

gonna do I'm Stephanie I just don't play

the disrespect period from a woman or

nobody that's how I carry myself no I

agree um a lot of guys and listen it's

it's it's never ever worth it to fight

it's never worth it to fight another

dude over a woman because no matter no

matter what every everybody loses in in

that situation but a lot of guys say

well I don't want any altercations with

him okay fair enough you don't want to

cook listen you don't know the fight and

seal the other guy you don't want to

look bad fighting another dude over a

woman but here but but here's the thing

if you should and a lot of guys like to

say well I don't want to say anything to

her just like you said well I want to

show that this is bother me no it does

bother you and you do want to show that

it bothers you because that that's

that's the human condition someone's

trying to take what's yours during your

time well you're telling me is that

you're afraid of confrontation man if

you're afraid of confrontation with your

woman your woman will not respect you

and if she doesn't respect you she

cannot be attracted to you I don't care

what she you know you a woman around you

one thing that my girls always say with

me or whatever I feel so safe when

around you because they know I don't

tolerate no bullshit you know saying so

I'm always a man regardless but I get my

ass whooped I don't care if you're

thirty feet with my hands I you know

whatever but I'm always gonna be a man

24/7 ain't nobody gonna disrespect me


I'm not above getting my ass look I'm

not Superman but hey I should get my ass


I'm always gonna be a man right and and

again she has to know that listen I'll

tell you something else

my girlfriend and I I think it was like

a week or maybe a week and a half ago we

were I think we were at a recital or a

concert or something and there were a

couple of dudes back there who were

talking during you know dirty you know

during the event and they were they were

talking so loud now normally people

would just let it go and we're in a

grand a big group of people

it went on for five minutes before I

turned around I look this dude right in

the eye said keep it

guys would you and I mean I made and

kept eye contact week now my girlfriend

kind of shifted uncomfortably because

she's not used to dudes confronting

other men in public but again I spent a

man I'm trying to tell you I'm trying to

tell you and again he wants to feel safe

right she might have been a little

uncomfortable she's like oh it shit like

what's gonna happen it was two of them

back there I guess what afterwards they

didn't say shit they didn't say shit

it's two of them one of me your woman

has to feel safe around you and if you

can't confront her and check her on her

bad behavior then how the hell are you

supposed to protect her so guys that's

part of this too women want to see if

you go to her she know you love to

protect y'all and that's very important

women guys y'all might think that that's

you know some that just looked over and

just you need money to snow a woman has

to be safe with you that's one reason

why I got women don't like we man

because what ends up happening is can

you know is this gonna happen a lot no

it might only happen once every five

years but eventually guys some point

gonna come well you're gonna have to

stand up for yourself and you can try a

woman and somebody's gonna try to cut in

line in front of you or something like

that and you don't need to stand up for

yourself and if a woman can walk all

over you she already know but you gonna

be afraid of confrontation alright so

guys you gotta always stand up don't let

nobody prompt you another day I like the

way you have that done of it yeah and

here's the thing strong men may get

their asses kicked all the time that's

what I said no it's about getting into

the fight right you might get your ass

whooped but it's not about that it's

about you standing up for yourself as a

man I'm gonna tell you what you're gonna

feel so good going home that you stood

up for yourself

all right listen if two people fight

somebody gotta win somebody gotta lose

all right at the end of day but at the

end of day you can either die one time

or you can die a thousand times when

they say a coward thousand thousand

dollars but a man get eyes once that's

right way works now I'm not

I know some young guys right now hell

yeah they like hell y'all about to put

that nigga's ass right now just right

right and the disrespecting you you

always stand up and always try to hell

like hot daughter bejita jump up and

said listen you sons of bitches I said

you got him he said guys keep it down

you Ben he was just no in a respectful

way I always try to handle it the

politically correct way first and see if

that solves it and then go from there

don't just jump to it you know point B

the folk on the screen a first well

there was a little bit of intimidation

there I mean I am oh I'm a big I'm a big

guy and I made a the second guy was in

there made eye contact for about yeah

for about two seconds no those dudes

said not a goddamn word after that when

we got up to leave I was like where'd

they go they didn't like it how do you

handle or actually you've got a question

here okay so so Miami Jane this is

actually a really good friend of mine

I'm gonna actually gonna meet him down

in Orlando in October so he's grooming a

girl right this girl dresses lady for

him cleans his house

basically I mean he's got the scroll

under control her grandmother died

literally he says just like a couple

hours ago of course you know they

canceled a meet up for the night he

wants to know if there's anything that

he should adjust or change for the next

meetup should he wait a few days should

be way too left of after the funeral

passes I don't know if this is in your

wheelhouse but you know what can you

offer woody I don't want no like luster

head give the blowjobs so you know you

want to be like I'm you know I know you

spend the time with your family you know

you know I give you time to grieve or

whatever and actually you know I really

don't give a damn I just know I can't

get your dance right now so right right

right but you're not going to tell her

that you know she can't spend time with

you right now I will give it a week or

two there we go and listen I would also

advise like you know shooter a text

I'm sorry for your loss let me know how

it goes again you don't really care but

you know I mean girls like you kind of

care this is a rare occasion you can't

go two or three days without contacting

a girl in a situation like this you look

like a heartless prick that's right so

this is something where you want to send

a simple text you don't want to go back

and forth just make a statement hey just

let you know I'm thinking about you hope

you and your family are doing well or

something like that just reach out in

the tick's like that every day and girls

know and girls know especially a girl

like that she probably knows you don't

give a shit but but in her mind she says

you know what he probably doesn't care

but it is kind of nice that he's at

least trying girls well girls will give

you credit for that this goes back to

the whole phone number saying even if

even if you like like that's what we

were talking about before you and AARC

jumped on is that even if you give a

woman your your phone number if she if

if you if you strike up a conversation

with a woman before you ask her before

you get her phone number or before you

give her hers she already knows if she's

interested or not right right so if you

ask her for your phone number she gives

you a fake one okay she wasn't attracted

to you so if she wasn't attracting the

first place if you give it to her she

wasn't gonna contact you we'll wait but

if she decides to herself okay you know

this guy it subconsciously okay I'm I

want this conversation to end but then

you ask her he say hey look you seem

cool here's my phone put your number in

you know what she might think in a two

second in like in a two second Mayan

pattern she might think you know what

this guy had the balls to actually ask

my phone um you know what I will give

him a shot right it's not a very good

shot but at least you're in there and

again it's not it's it's not like it's

it's a bad thing for you to do that

but I think that keeping in contact

keeping in contact with her at least

show at least show sir that you might

half way care it's it's really about the

effort and the gesture just like the

girl decides okay you know what I'm not

attracted to this guy he had the balls

to you know ask for my phone number I'll

give him a shot because of the gesture

the gesture with the girl hey how are

you doing how's your family doing okay

he might not care but you know hey he's

you know I guess I guess he's tried

right why you wanna keep that first date

also cut right beginning a pity date I

so you might get a pity date with the

one who got low

but like dumb to say since you had the

balls to come up and approach her she's

decided hey I'll give it a shot

this is exactly why you want to do two

dates preferably for the first day

because you never know what women

genuine inches is because she might be

giving you a pity date so keep that shit

simple for the first date me myself on

that phone number thing I prefer to

exchange numbers and the reason I do

okay just change numbers is because

alright hypothetically I'm a wait a

while because like with me I already got

me a rotation of girls so it's no way

play right now

I already got my weekend sold up so

let's hypothetically say I got a girl's

number today okay I cannot get her in

this weekend it can't be done alright so

what I can't see her - next weekend I so

with that being said I won't be able to

call her - next week because I'm what am

I gonna say I can't set a date so it

serves me no purpose to call her right

now because I can't write hey you want

to meet up in two and a half weeks

alright but she might hit me up before

then but if I don't got her number

I might don't know who she is so that's

why I wanna make sure I put a number on

my phone got something I'm gonna play

that game or they won't get it in a

minute where they don't tell you who it

is they just want you to know who it is

I read it like you gave me your number

it's old it's an ego thing right you get

her number you don't remember me like

bitch I got 12 of you man like which one

are you


that's why I always exchange numbers

like that but I like both y'all

approaches I just came you know it's

interesting that's actually it to me I

just actually came up with something

I'll tell you what you seem cool I'll

give you my number if you give me yours

right now would put you yeah now it now

would you know now you're you're bold

you're asking for the phone number then

you guys exchange information I don't

know you know game 101 disrespect in

public as far as your room is concerned

where listen we go out we we see women

listen we see women disrespect and their

men all the goddamn time we see women

talking to men any old kind of way and a

lot of people believe that disrespect in

public is it's always verbal no

disrespect in public is not always

verbal it could be it

to be her body language it could be you

talking to her in a public place and her

just completely ignoring you how do you

handle disrespect in public the

eye-rolling the ignoring the non

attentiveness levels to this so

understand a woman ain't skipped over

shit testing went to disrespect she shit

tested - you failed old she got mo

emboldened and not it came to flat-out

disrespect - flat-out disrespect so

you've been showing weakness now she

then got Bolden let's hypothetically say

I got it I work for somebody and I go to

work fifteen minutes late don't say shit

I'm like mmm

don't say that so the next time show up

25 minutes late I'm getting Holden

because they let the first one go so now

mine I'm getting more and more I go an

hour late I ask you when I did security

guys this is a true story this is what I

was doing because the dementia bill

didn't care about me getting laid

because the club they started getting

packed to 12 so I would get that 11

posted in that 10

they was paying me for 10 to 4 I would

get my ID like 11:30 11:45 now I just

went from 10 to 10 15 he didn't say

nothing with the 10:30 get it went to 11

but he didn't care because the club will

be there those two hours so hypothetical

you see how much more emboldened I got

this is the same thing will happen to

you one which a woman so if you get

disrespected out in public just know

you've been a bitch all right


didn't all of a sudden decide to just

say you know I would disrespect this

dude today nah man snip the blood in the

water so what I want you guys to do is

don't let it get this far

all right because that means that you've

been like just acting like a little

bitch you better have a way you know

what you've been doing you can tell her

to come over your house at 7:00

and she always sure there's a Betty all

right guys see small you thinking like

well I'm at home so she just coming over

she saw a heads up at 8:15 and you

thought like well I've just had chilling

so it's no big deal is a big fucking

deal you been waiting on that bitch with

me guys started think things don't


you guys gotta know everything with a

woman's mouth a woman matters every

little shit test matters you have to

always stand up to a woman you make to

date you changed it thank you a simple

stuff like that what she want to go eat

ravioli you want to go eat spaghetti you

might think there's not a big deal you

demand you leave I write this stuff like

that is how you end up with flat-out

disrespect in public all right so guys

you got don't let it get that far

because let me tell y'all got something

right now if you get to where a woman is

flat-out disrespecting you all right

that means that she's proud of lost love

you and you know what a woman does is

when she won't to push you away because

most women won't do to break up is that

they do so Regis with a behavior they

just try to do everything so you'll

break up with them and God still won't

do it unbelievable man unbelievable

we see this all the time okay I wanna

break up this motherfucker but I almost

thought just getting my behavior gonna

get so fucking bad that he can't do that

but break up with me and guys still

tolerated to well woman past the break

over to guys

if a woman done broke up with you please

believe me

you know you know you you've been her

big so long yeah Sheila had to come to

the point what she had to do to break it

up all right Frank one minute always to

prefer a man to do the break-up that's

why they get so bitchy they try to push

you away

all right they want you to do it but

guys take their shit sold on to what

they have to do it alright so guys

understand this if you see that flare up

your spend look at that woman say this

woman fraud I don't even care that about

me no more all right I agree and here's

something else if your woman actually

breaks up if your woman gets to a point

where she has to break with you break up

with you dude she's already fucking

somebody else right that's that's how it

is and here's the thing women want to be

strong and independent they want to be

leaders no women won all of the titles

and accolades of of all of these all of

these glorious monikers and achievements

without actually doing the work but

really a leader then you would have

broke up with your last nine boyfriends

but you didn't you were fucking other

dudes on the side so that's your

boyfriend friend would break up with you

and just like you said dudes find out

there girl achievement they still won't

break up with him girls will never have

that conversation okay we need to break

up now they'll just they'll just leave

him alone

here's another thing by the time your

girl is disrespecting you

to that level guys it's already too late

like it's already too late

listen you can't check a woman you can't

check a woman and say well you need to

stop this out listen I'll tell you story

what I met my girl we went on vacation

we went on vacation to Hawaii this was

back in October of 16 and we took a it

was a really nice you know trip up Mount

mauna kea you know it was an eight-hour

tours beautiful we got to see the stars

and we're up at 14,000 feet above sea

level could barely breathe and all that

was it was great so we're on the tour

bus and you know the tour bus driver big

rugged handsome looking guy good-looking

do it you know he's a mountain man lives

in Hawaii this and that any other and so

he's telling you know everybody hey my

name's John this is the island welcome

to the island you know here's what gonna

do on the tour so then he asks then he

asked a question he says he says well

who's having fun in Hawaii and she

wasn't my girlfriend at the time but she

was next me she said whoo right bring an

attention to herself I looked at her

dead in the eye I said I said oh what

did I say to her I said rain that shit

in said yes sir and uttered not a word

after that if I had let her get and a

lot of guys might think that that's not

a big deal well listen she was answering

the question jeez no she was not

answering the question she was drawing

attention to herself in the presence of

another attractive human even if he

wasn't attractive I don't want my

girlfriend drawing a trap or I don't

want the girl I'm with drawn attraction

to attraction to herself she's with me

listen if you're on here by yourself a

few other girlfriends dude make all the

attention attention you want but just

like you said if you come out your

bathroom and your girl this on your

front knob bitch you're on my time we're

not gonna disrespect me on my time if I

let her get away with that then we

probably we probably would not be where

we are today because again it starts

small and it ends up dating and my girl

knew dude listen Michaelis my girl will

shit test me as a matter of just you

know just to her feminine imperative

this is right and if your girl doesn't

shit test you anymore she's not

attracted to you because he knows that

you're a bitch at that point though I

can handle that but my girl knows not to

disrespect me in public or in private

like it's funny like she'll say certain

things and she'll say to me oh well I

mean wait hold on before you before you

lose your shit I didn't mean it like

this a minute like that and a lot of

people might think well Donovan you're

tyrant you're you're possessive you're

controlling yes I am I'm a man this is

exactly this is what I'm supposed to be

am I

respects before that so I think handling

disrespect I think it's start I think it

starts at the at the lower levels if you

let her get away with a little shit

she's gonna get it's never conscious

never thinks of themselves hmm he let me

get away with this let me push no it's

subconscious so he's comfortable with

the fact that she's misbehaving and

you're getting away with it and women

don't even know how they end up there

they're like oh my god I just cheated on

my boyfriend how did this happen you

girls will never know how this happened

it's that I'd let you get away with that

disrespectful behavior right it seems

small but what it goes to is this let's

break this down

all right so that's not it is why would

a man let a woman do all this all right

why would a man do this you lose a

little confidence I won this mindset you

don't listen guys I already know that

hey pussy is good and we get you know

you get pussy-whipped and all this that

another but women like a man that can

remain strong he could check her because

he knows he got get other pussies that's

right you started to get with these

women you start to get that scarcity

mindset you're scared of losing your

pussy you gotta always remain confident

always know that I can get other pussy

that's what it to logically you thinking

like you know if I you know just let

things go if I'm just fun to be around

if I'm not you know we're not arguing

she love me more because you know I

don't you know I let her do what you

want to do right

I shouldn't thanks you like you more

because you like hey I let him do what

you want to do I don't put a bunch of a

challenge I'll let that's what you think

logically likes you don't like me if I

just let her have a wave but Ashley she

starts to resent you because what you're

showing is you showing that you're weak

you're showing that you're losing your

swag you store that you're losing your

confidence are you showing that you're

starting to get a little pussy will

that's never gonna be attracted to women

I this is one reason why you get these

relationship why they test they want to

make sure you're not starting to get

pussy will break y'all seen that movie

boomerang no it's just

woo but y'all see how Eddie Murphy was

with our Robin one name was Robin Givens

Robin Givens just a movie guys oh yeah

but it applies though in real life when

he was had the swag and shit she was all

over then he started a little pussy with

start a relationship estoppel to see oh

boy she started losing attraction dan

you got will Halle Berry get he got its

way back - she found the tracker but

getting it to him so guys here's the

thing guys you got to keep that swag now

what you guys need to do is enough I

said this boy you know I say this but if

you make your warm in your life you are

gonna get pussy with because when he

comes she becomes your life I make your

purpose your life what happens is guys

outside of work she becomes your

everything I without her you know you

ain't got nothing to do your boss she

becomes your life make your purpose find

what you love to do and figure out how

you can make some money doing this shit

get on your purpose in your passion make

her buy and fight for your time

all right don't just give it to her free

all right this shit test become very

minimal when she are in a scarcity

mindset because you barely give her time

as it is so she's looking at two and she

see this guy grabbing like a


I barely good time well you think you

want to be bullshitting around and be

the ass when you I barely see this

motherfucker is I don't know what the


so guys this B's shit test come from

what a woman could tell you get weak all

right Trey know your fuckin purpose no

matter you've been about your

relationship guys say how can I maintain

a long-term relationship stay focused on

your friend woman always cannot never be

your top priority in life and at the end

of boomerang it's interesting and I

haven't seen that movie in forever but

I'll never forget the scene right at the

end where he's in bed with Robin Givens

again I think she said something like

we'll always have new orleans and he was

talking to her about Halle Berry and she

says well if you're so in love with her

then what are you doing with me anyway

looks at ya he said exactly and he


yes what Robin Givens characters pussy

got fuckin wet with desire this is how

it happens

another comparison here for you about

about people about your girlfriend

getting out of pocket and misbehaving

I'll point to the airline industry or

any other industry that has to do with

customer service the airline industry is


there is a reason why when you decide to

flight Delta Airlines or

American or Lathon Zara United or

whatever the case may be there is a

reason why their customer service agents

smile at you there is a reason why they

give you peanuts and ginger ale on the

flight there is a reason why they

acquiesce to your every whim there is a

reason why there is a reason for these

things because they know that you have

options right Oh Delta Airlines knows

you could have booked with United they

know that you could have booked with

spirit right what you chose them and

they want to keep you and in order to

keep you they have to be on their best

behavior because if they're not guess


next time you're booking with American

or United or Southwest that that's the

mentality that you have to have those

girls let's go to the opposite section

right Walmart has no wal-mart has

notoriously horrible customer service

the aisles are dirty there's always

there's only three checkout lines when

there's 300 people you wanted a lame

Walmart that's bad you wanna know why

the DMM he's bad customers exactly

people are gonna come to Walmart the

only place you can get what you can get

from the DMV is the DMV that's why DMV

that's why the DMV workers can cuss you

out because they know you have to come

back it's the same thing with women

listen make your woman operate like an

airline don't make her operate like

Walmart or the DMV because if you do

you're gonna get that DMV or Walmart

customer service and then you'll be out

on your ass you mentioned something

earlier and this will be the last thing

that we tackle here because a lot of

guys this is the number one problem is

withholding sex

girls girls withhold sex because of

sexual manipulation they're trying to

manipulate you or they've just lost the

passion of the drive what are your

thoughts on a woman withholding sex

because this is huge this is where this

is where it it's like my girls not

fucking me anymore

you became a female and she's way too

much of her masculine to submit you see

some men to you right and so when like

when a woman disrespect you out in

public like that right now

how can she submit to that I wore me

can't submit to a man that she can

disrespect all right a woman got to

submit to a man that she knows this is

my cheat this is my king all right so

when a woman can't respect you the sex

will stop

right now if you are in a sexless

marriage and I'm just let's

hypothetically relationship and let's

hypothetically say you ain't gained 100

pounds or nothing like that you saying

personal whatever basically the woman

she don't respect you no more she can't

get wet - you all right - her masculine

energy and you way too much your

feminine energy and what do I mean by

feminine engine you weigh too much

trying to seek validation from her you

constantly trying to find out where you

stand with her you cuz she got to work

like a little bitch she got to she still

love me so listen guys

you got to always remain strong you

gotta pass this shit test because this

is one thing that starts happening when

a woman can't respect you the more she

can't submit to you all right woman open

her legs

I'll bending over the bench so you can

hit it from the back all these are

submissive positions the woman getting

on her knees that's the submissive

position that's right so if a woman

can't submit to you outside the bedroom

she can't submit to you inside the

bedroom that's exactly right

I think that uh I think handling sexual

manipulation I think honestly I think

this probably goes towards the

disrespect if you get to now well now

sexual manipulation is different from

withholding sex um sexual manipulation

often happens early on in the

relationship and sexual manipulation is

a shit test like you chart like I

remember this one chick I'll tell the

story again I was living in Las Vegas I

was fucking this girl down in Indian


she's a Mexican girl or whatever and I

remember I went to replace one time and

you know I walked up behind her grabbed

her tits bitter neck and she had this

girl used to never turn me down for six

as well was fucking her and so she says

wait a minute you haven't earned this I

was like okay you're playing whatever

she's like no no no seriously I like to

be wined and dined I said to her well

I'm not the wine and diamonds hype and

she says well it looks like you're not

getting laid tonight

I said that's what you think and I

literally walked right out the door and

drove home and fucked my girlfriend you

see here's what she didn't understand

was the side chick right right oh she

was the side chick the bits overplayed

her hand I said all that in now add to

put her on ice for a week but guess what

the next time when though next time when

I went over there dude this bitch was

the suckin fucking porn star like you

wouldn't believe the bitch she couldn't

cook but she like she I don't know she

ordered in but the bitch treated me like

a king because I showed her that you are

not about to withhold sex from me

because if you do I'm

Wow that goes right back to that

abundance mindset if she doesn't think

that you can get other pussy she ain't

giving you the pussy it's not gonna work

that way

now sexual manipulation like I said

happens early on and early on in the

relationship so basically what she's

trying to do she's trying to control the

frame she's trying to control you and if

you acquiesce to that frame if you let

her get away with that and that

eventually will lead to now eventually

she might fuck you if you do whatever it

is she says that she wants you to do but

eventually it's gonna lead to her

withholding sex from you

what'd you just say sexual manipulation

so what we got here right I so I would

want to get to this place well she feels

like okay I can withhold sex right the

same way she got to the disrespect

you don't get away too much validation

oh now she's got so much listen listen

guys here's the thing when my girls see

me listen they are fucking is sucking me

just to stay on my team everything they

can to keep their roster position you

don't get your woman so much assurance

that you know she can't be replaced that

now she don't win the other way that he

gotta act wish to what I want to do just

to get some ass my women are sucking and

fucking me on the weekend just to stay

in the rotation right look what happens

look what happens by me focusing on my

purpose and not giving them validation

and them not knowing where they stand

they sucking and fucking me dry because

they like if I don't he might replace my

ass opposed to this guy here I can

withhold sex he ain't going oh well so I

could withhold sex and I don't got a

ballad and these girls are stuck in the

fucking shit on me just so they can stay

in place you got the total opposite you

got a woman that you'd engage so much

assurance to she got so much confidence

that you ain't going nowhere and now she

could try to ruin the relationship with


all right so guys listen I always said

yes somebody's gonna have to be chasing

somebody's validation that's right you

can chase her validation or she can

change yours how you give her too much

validation give her too much of your

non-sexual attention all right focus on

your purpose have a constantly fighting

for your time you think of one who

barely get to see you I'll be thinking

like oh well I'm gonna withhold sex yeah

that's exactly right listen I'll tell

you I'll tell you like this it's almost

like and I'm a big sports guy it's

almost like this is this is a big reason

why and I don't know why the other I'm

gonna I don't want to get too far in the

weeds but this is one of the many

reasons NFL contracts are non guaranteed

and it's probably not gonna be like that

for too long because of current but

here's the thing we see it all the time

right Vernon Golson was probably one of

the biggest bust in NFL Draft history he

was unstoppable at Ohio State 100

hundred and something tackles soon as he

got to the New York Jets they paid him

thirty million dollars guaranteed he was

a nobody why because they already gave

him that validation they said Vernon

you're the best you're the greatest

you're the number five overall

first-round draft pick here's thirty

million dollars well what does Vernon

Golson have to work for but that wedge

buster that guy who has a seven hundred

and fifty dollar $750,000 non-guaranteed

coach I mean listen three-quarters of a

million dollars that's some that's some

money but that's not guaranteed NFL

players can be cut anytime for any


so what do they do they bring it on

Sundays they bring it in the practice

they show so just like girls are sucking

and fucking you to stay on your team the

reason why they do that is because they

know they can be caught at any time it's

the only way listen the team is not

going to chase your validation the New

England Patriots are not chasing your

validation if it's anything clear with

them they're like listen you either get

with the program or you can get with

somebody else's right don't give a shit

that's the way you have to operate you

it again this train is leaving the

station you can either be on it or off

it but the train is leaving the station

that's how it is and stop expressing

your feelings so much to these women

stop dumping them so many compliments

you want women wondering where you stand

guys when you give women compliments and

stuff like that this is where they get

to started pulling back on the cysts

because you expressing your feelings to

them so much so what this is when I get

that confidence from to what they can do

shit like that

alright when they don't know what the

fuck they stand with you when you are

working on your purpose and they paying

for your time these women ain't

withholding says guys focus on your

purpose spend more time with your

friends Paddy's women fighting for your

goddamn they life to stay in the

rotation my girls are fighting for their

life you know I got one and she won't

bear to see this oh thank god

ah my sunday girl strategically just so

she can always stay chasing I'm not

gonna say this Sunday I'm gonna see some

other girl your Unni

I knew that scoot easily guys I'm gonna

tell them I hang with my friends or

whatever the case may be or whatever

sunday is normally our date but

periodically every three or four weeks I

take a Sunday away from a jazz so I

could keep that damn rabbit and then

Millicent that next to that next

Saturday night at 11:59 p.m. her ass is

hitting you up yo so today is Sunday

right you know and I'll tell you I'll

say something else a lot of guys and

we're but we're about to wrap this up

here because I don't like to keep I

don't like to do these marathon dude I

can't be O'Shea I don't know how the

fuck he does these for our podcast like

three times three times a day no he

doesn't but a lot of times girls will

ask you well how do I look

right now here's the thing and this

might be a little complex but when a

when a beautiful woman asks you how she

looks this is a shit test this is her

this is her trying to find out how

thirsty you are if a beautiful woman

asks you how she looks she already knows

how she looks she looks good right no

she looks good but she wants to see how

thirsty you are so she is like oh you

look spectacular blah blah blah blah

blah the way you handle that and again a

lot of guys say well what am I supposed

to do I'm what am I supposed to say you

guys are telling me not to give girls

validation and attention to this and the

other no no if a girl asks you how do I


walk up to her do say do a 360 X so I

can see your ass when you get your ass

you smack her in the ass

anything that's how you look right or if

a girl says do I look good in this dress

I'll tell you what if my and I told you

this the other day we were on with a or

C and Oshea I said listen if my dick is

in your ass at the end of the night

you'll have your answer so that's a yes

right if my dick is in your ass at the

end of the night you have your answer

again you have to you have to keep her

and here's another thing never ever

deprive a woman the privilege of working

for your affection won't work for your

attention B don't it's not worth

anything women listen women value what

they are required to work for people


people value what they're required to

work for what they're required to work

for if you bust your ass all summer long

like you have two teenagers one bus is

ass all summer long you know emos

multi-male you know he's mowing lawns

he buys a brokedown 8,400 cord another

rich kid gets a BMW for a sweet 16 well

who's gonna value his car more well to

BMW guy right no of course not he didn't

work for it the guy with the broken-down

84 Honda Accord is gonna value or

because he worked for it it's the same

thing with women and your validation if

they don't value your opinion and your

attention guess what they're not there

there they're gonna seek it somewhere

else because it's not they want the most

valuable thing and if your if your

attention and validation is cheap they

want the more expensive face they want

to upgrade that's how it goes to get

with me all right oh that's a go to like

you look listen listen this out like you

looking good that gets your foot in the

door right you still got work to do baby


this is a wrap for you like help listen

I'll tell you this story me my homeboy

we're in Vegas years ago and a friend of

ours drugged us to this like singles

meet for what OkCupid or plenty fish or

something rooftop bar it was actually at

Diablos it was that Diablos its rooftop

bar right across from the MGM Grand

anyway the only good-looking girl there

she was like Filipino and Hawaiian mix

so you know me my homeboy clink our

glasses together hit me the best cock

we're just gonna sit there and compete

for so you know we hit on her you know

all throughout the night I remember I

was sitting next to her I was she was on

one side a blonde was on the other and I

personally pulled out my phone because a

girl that was fucking was sending me

naked pictures she's like oh is that

your next conquest I said yeah she plays

her cards right maybe and she was like

oh oh my dude you could see he fuck me

the fuck me coming out of her pores it

was unbelievable you've got to make

these bitches work for your attention

man I don't give it away just to get a

date with me listen my schedule like I

just told you

I get a woman's number I'm not playing a

game or nothing like this real I'm too

busy men I'm too busy you gotta be next

week for I can get you in my week there

we do them all if I meet you that week I

guarantee you my weekend is already full

cuz I already booked that last week so

I'll pencil you in my time is valued on

my purpose I'm not even fucking with

chicks Monday to Friday this is all I'm

doing writing my book Skype sessions

videos and my patrons all I'm doing so

I'm not even getting with chicks Monday

through Friday cuz I got a golden

opportunity where I can change not only

my life my whole family life around and

I'm not trying

blow it chasing over some pussy right

get a basketball scholarship for a free

scholarship to college even if it wasn't

even a division 1 division 1a or triple

and whatever the case has been a free

college education right too busy chasing

ass and so now I'm in that same position

20 years later I'm nothing they blew it

by fucking around with women I'm focused

on I wish I would've did this 20 years

ago when I was in high school hey listen

you know what they say man a man will

lose money chasing women but a man will

never lose money

a man will never lose women chasing

money money well there goes it may

Shamus go hippo I was gonna say it's

been fun man

um I definitely appreciate you coming on

with me and listen anytime I can return

the favor man I'm free listen this is

all I do I'm fortunate enough to have

been smart with my money you know my

girlfriend makes a good living so I

don't I don't have a nine-to-five this

is what I do so anytime you need me man

you just give me the word and I'll be on

oh man I can't do it man I can't let's

see the thing is this man like YouTube

has YouTube has been good to me and if

not for YouTube I wouldn't be where I am

now but what I came to discover is that

if if how can I put this when when you

put your when you put your stuff on a

platform you don't own your audience

okay the platform does and if they can

snap their fingers and take it away from

you so everything I do on patreon is

directly linked to my website so a

patron we're just to say poof it's all

gone I still have my website so it's

gonna be it's gonna be a longer road and


you're wrong I was making great money on

YouTube but you know I want my audience

to be I want my audience to be sustained

I want I want people to buy into donovan

sharp not donovan sharp on something

else so it's a little bit slower of a

grind but I'm you know I'm gonna build

my density my audience through good

old-fashioned C SEO and and content and

keywords and hopefully I can do that

here with the next six months to a year

so I don't man listen I may try to come

back but man I'm skittish man they took

down to my channel so that dude please

think that dude plays the Giza Svengali

man like the way he plays the game he

talked shit all the time he's still on

there so Ruby should take a page out of

his book

you know with everybody just come back

on like what we said sure yeah that's

true that's very true and just get back

to Dayton and grow your brand man and

just down you the man brother we'll talk

soon all right bro all right later

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