How and when to punish and reward your woman (Episode 396)

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no matter what women say they live to be

objectified I don't want to fuck your

degree what else can you offer me

besides sex I don't want to fuck your

personality here women want all the

accolades to be at the boss without any

of the responsibilities fly from

Philadelphia your man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's room

and Donovan sharpen welcome to t 390

sixth edition of TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday January 21st 2019

and happy Martin Luther King jr. Day

guys very very important day for men

like myself who probably wouldn't have

had the opportunities I've been

fortunate enough to have had I've been

fortunate enough to have been presented

with throughout my life and I've never

taken what men like Martin Luther King

jr. Medgar Evers what those guys never

ever take what those guys have done for

granted it is never ever lost on me just

how fortunate I am to be where I am

today and Mart Luther King jr. has a lot

to do with that so happy MLK Day guys I

hope you guys are all having a very good

Monday we are multi casting live to

three YouTube channels three Facebook

pages as well as Twitter and let us hope

let's hope that the internet remains

stable had Xfinity out here twice didn't

fix the problem on Thursday came out and

tried to fix it on Saturday it appears

that everything is good to go

we'll see worst-case scenario if my feed

does start to get a little bit ratty if

things start to buffer again

I'm gonna go ahead and finish up the

show because it's I have it recording

here on OBS and when the internet

buffers when I have streaming issues it

doesn't reflect on my OBS recordings it

certainly reflects on YouTube and

Twitter and Facebook where we are

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of that is present so at the very least

at least you know that the recording

will be good

it appears that things right now are

stable I don't take anything for granted

at this point but hopefully hopefully I

can get through today's stream and all

of my subsequent streams without any

more internet issues I pay enough for my

internet service let's hope that let's

hope that it that it holds up ok let's

get to it guys I've had a lot of sales

jobs in my life I've sold everything

from vacations I've sold cellphones

I've sold you know foreclosure listings

I've sold furniture I've sold magazine

ads I've sold cruises and so on and so

forth you name it I have sold it well

much like most lifelong salesmen I've

had a few stints selling cars


now I've worked for a few high-end car

Lots where the majority of the inventory

of course is brand-new cars and most of

the customers have the credit to buy

them good credit I sold out ease at the

tender age of 19 after the summer during

the summer after my sophomore year in

college I sold dodges for a year and my

early twenties actually sold a Viper my

third month at dodge and made an eight

thousand dollar Commission that was


anyway I've also sold I've also sold

used cars on multiple occasions now

selling used cars is an entirely

different game guys there are different

concerns when you sell used cars

customers who go to high-end car Lots

customers are they have concerns like

paying too much right customers who come

to a used-car lot those customers are

concerned with the car breaking down a

mile down the road

buying a lemon etc etc now high-end car

lock customers they worried about the

reliability of the cars it's brand new

it's not gonna give you any trouble

they're concerned with the interest rate

they're concerned with getting price

gouged they're concerned with getting

hosed used-car customers aren't worried

or used car customers rather they're

worried about the car breaking down and

credit if people had good credit they

would go to high end you see if they

would go to high end car dealerships if

they didn't have the cash to buy a car

outright but if they don't have enough

to get the title they don't have enough

to just buy a car outright and they have

bad credit they have to go to a used-car

lot where the credit standards are a

little bit more relaxed sometimes you

have car Lots the financial regardless

of credit because they put a GPS on your

car then they jack up the interest rate

these are your buy here pay here lots

anyway something that happened to me

twice when I sold used cars is I'd have

a customer come in and they would tell

me Donovan I have bad credit but I need

a car right so of course I'm giving them

all the lines they don't worry we got

you covered we're gonna find a bank to

finance you we're gonna put you in a car

today if it's the last thing I do I'm

gonna work through my lunch break I'm

gonna work through my dinner break to

put you behind the wheel of a brand new

car so they're all excited because

they're gonna get a new car right so I

run their credit and again this happened

to me twice before I actually caught on

but I'd run their credit and their FICO

score would be somewhere in the

neighborhood of 650 which isn't the best

credit score but it's not terrible more

importantly it's the kind of score that

would allow a customer to go to a

high-end car lot and finance a brand new

car so I tell the customer hey good news

your credit is actually pretty good

you're gonna be able to finance any car

you want

on the lot now the first time I told the

customer that they had better credit

than they thought they were ecstatic

they got excited he started looking at

cars and everything but I didn't make

the sale and I had no idea why and I

remember thinking myself the first time

that happened that guy had decent credit

he didn't he could get approved for

financing so why didn't he buy a car the

second time it happened to me it was the

same thing Donovan I have bad credit but

I really need a car

I run the guy's credit score and once

again he's in the mid 600's again the

kind of score that could get a customer

financed and a high-end car lot for a

brand new car so again I tell the guy

hey good news you've got pretty good

credit but this time the guys wife said

to him right in front of me well why

don't we just go to Toyota then now it's

quick on my feet and I said well because

they're gonna charge you a higher

interest rate which means a higher car

payment and the guy starts nodding right

yes like yeah we we don't want too high

a car payment but I could see in his

face he was full of shit and I was right

because they told me that they'd have to

go home and think about it and I never

saw him again

those two experiences what those two

experiences taught me was that if a

person thought they had bad credit let

them continue to think that even if they

do not now obviously you can't get away

with that these days because we can get

the credit scores on their phones in 15

seconds but back then it wasn't like

that customers had to take the word of

the salesmen that they were approved or

that they weren't but from then on if a

customer came in and told me that they

had bad credit I would continue to make

him think that they had bad credit even

if I found out their FICO score was 680

because the minute a customer knows that

they have more car buying options they

will never buy from you they couldn't

give the less of a shit if their

interest rate is 6 points higher at a

high-end car lot they couldn't give a

less of a shit if they're making a much

higher car payment as a result of that

high interest rate no no they're getting

a brand-new car when less than 24

hours ago they weren't sure they could

buy a used junk bucket women gentlemen

are exactly the same as car customers a

woman's value is dictated solely by the

way men respond to and treat them if

most men a woman interacts with treat

her favorably meaning they give her

compliments they're nice to where they

do favors for her they look at her they

give her attention they make it clear

through their actions that they would

commit to her that she knows she's got

options or good credit as it were well

the less credit or value a woman has in

the way of looks personality and overall

femininity the more she will have to

compromise when it comes to men hot

girls get the fuck date and marry the

best guys out there they get to be with

the best looking the richest the most

talented highest value men out there not

so attractive women get the leftovers or

in other words the used cars of the

dating world and they're generally okay

with this because they know that they

don't have as much value to men as the

higher value girls or the girls with

better credit yeah they'll bitch and

moan about it on social media right we

see it all the time they'll talk shit

about how men are shallow and only care

about looks at about how men should

compromise their standards to appease

fat ugly women but they know the score

they really do know how the world works

anyway to bring it back around here a

huge mistake that guys are making with

their women is the same mistake I was

making with customers who had better

credit than they thought the same

mistake that thirsty niggas make when

gassing up fat ugly bitches and that is

showering their women with compliments

and approval telling her she's beautiful

all the time telling her how much he

loves her every day constantly telling

her how smart she is how great she is

and the same thing that happened to me

on that used car lot is gonna happen to

them in their relationships and

how guys here's how at some point if the

girl hears all of these glowing remarks

about herself if she hears this stuff

long enough eventually she's gonna

subconsciously think to herself you know

I think I can do better if I can impress

Steve this much then I can easily get

with Kevin the hot sales guy at work I

mean I always knew I was a catch of

course but I mean maybe I've been

selling myself short and settling for

less than I deserve

you know what I think I'm gonna go

explore my options and see what else is

out there for me and I'm gonna start

with Kevin and sales and while I'm at it

I might even swing by Dave's band

practice to see if he's interested this

is what happens when you blow sunshine

up your woman's ask too much she starts

to believe all of your hyperbolic

narrative about her she hears and sees

it so much that she internalizes it and

ultimately she truly believes it let me

ask you this guy's ever seen a girl I

seen a five who acts like a 10 you think

to yourself why does she act like she's

hot she's got hair on her second chin

and a lazy eye who the fuck does she

think she is walking around like she's a


well she's got a boyfriend who showers

her with love and attention and

validation and compliments 24/7 like all

the Facebook memes tell him to do in

order to keep her happy and have a great

relationship but he's doing the opposite

he's filling her head so full of shit

that she really does believe that she's

hot shit who could have any guy she

wants and it won't be long until she

steps out on him now let's be clear here


nobody's suggesting that you never

compliment your woman right listen women

need validation they need approval they

need to know when they're doing it right

and if you withhold your praise when she

clearly deserves it she's only gonna

tolerate that for so long guys

especially pretty girls don't get it

twisted a girl needs to know that her

man is pleased with her and if she

deserves it you are the judge of that


her she wants your approval not her not

her own she kept all the shit she wants

about what a great catch she is right

she can see all the hundred and thirsty

150 thirsty dudes agree with her but

none of that oh all of that means dick

to her doesn't mean shit what she wants

and needs is your approval

she needs validation from you but by the

same token you have to be fair guys

don't be unreasonable if she looks good

tell her she looks good every once in a

while if you're appreciative of what she

does for you let her know every so often

but giving her residual approval for

something she does one time is counter

productive telling her woman she's hot

every day because she dressed up three

months ago that's not helping either one

of you guys telling her she's an

unbelievable an unbelievable cook

because she made you a three-course meal

a full year and a half ago it's gonna

make her lazy she will eventually she's

gonna stop trying because you're giving

her validation without her earning it

again you're giving her attention that

she doesn't deserve and at some point

human nature is gonna kick in and she's

gonna put in less and less effort for

something she knows she can get for free

which is why she doesn't make an effort

to look good for you anymore and the

last when you ask her what she's making

for dinner tonight

if your woman has a disrespectful tone

with you you look her in the eye and say

watch her fucking tone if your woman

makes you a kick-ass steak dinner say

goddamn you rock this steak tonight then

smack her in the ass you must reward the

good and punish the bad at all times

which is what we're discussing tonight

but most importantly do not shower her

with compliments for mediocre effort

guys don't do it if she does something

she's supposed to be doing anyway

every once in a while show her a little

appreciation but don't make a big

fucking production out of it you don't

need your woman expecting you to sing

her praises for remembering to stop and

grab some bottled water listen men

acknowledge it every so often just say

hey you know what thanks I appreciate

and leave it at that gentlemen do not

tell your woman that she has awesome

credit if she's giving 575 our effort

fuck that if she's acting right let her

know if she gets out of line put her ass

back in line

don't tell her she's the greatest

fucking woman who ever graced the face

of the earth all day every day because

at some point she will go to that Toyota

dealership so at this point we all know

that correcting bad behavior can be very

difficult and that complimenting your

woman too much will cause her to become

complete complacent which means she will

stop trying to earn your time attention

and affection so now that we've laid our

foundation we're going to get into the

meat and potatoes here and talk about

how to and when to reward your woman

punish and reward your woman my opening

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listen I'm not one to apologize for shit

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internet being slow was certainly not my

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hated that I was dropping a really

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tried to do another show on Friday like

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random Friday show didn't work either so

we had them come out on Saturday and

that seems to have done the trick so

let's let's hope that let's hope that

the problem has been solved from here on

out let's grow to the top hell fighter

pops the cherry big whoop a semaj in the

house after a good long while gets the

sloppy seconds Anthony Wright gets to

fuck her in the ass

Miami J Latino manosphere calm gets to

finish on her face and smart from Austin

Texas gets to get it all on film camera

smart are in one says just a man not by

the color of his skin but how much he

helps his fellow brothers not up in

Europe man I appreciate it dr. Martin

Luther King would be very disappointed

in the black community if he were alive

today straight up straight up unless it

I don't think that's any I don't think

I'm breaking any news there I'm not

making any this is not a hot take this

is a fact the kind of shit that's going

on in the black community MLK be like

dude what the fuck

San Antonio is in the house

AJ Rx asks the $64,000 question will it

work today let's hope so what's up so I

already got a hundred people watching

that number will jump substantially when

I shrink the audience here AJ Rx is yo

Donovan we got love for Martin but

sometimes we got to go straight Malcolm

on Picon he's disrespectful who is out

here yeah yeah listen be like Martin

Luther King jr. with your fellow man but

when it comes to these bitches I hear

own it all straight Malcolm X go

straight Louis Farrakhan on these

bitches straight up straight up

freelance Ronan also sold used cars very

very good mr. e 1976 Iselle Ali says

hypergamy analogy okay I don't know what

that is Miami Jason's moral of the story

never tell your woman everything she's

doing right shuttle through the book of

alpha Rana me it's actually a pretty

cool name the book of alpha Rana me I

think that's is that sort of a like a

Deuteronomy thing I think that's pretty

cool Kevin and sales gets ass as always

of course truth from Troy making an

appearance been a while since I seen you

in here a book of alpha Rana me says

leave gas atleast broads up to service

station attendants truer words never

spoken very good Stephen Buckner good to

see you in here

all right excellent stable connections

so far I've actually got the screen

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all right so I'm going to I'm gonna

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internet all the time I don't care what

I have to pay I want the fastest I mean

I can afford it I don't care I will

fucking take it I will pay that shit and

I do not give a shit mr. Jackson is in

the house

very good excellent excellent not to

make this not to turn this into a sports

talk radio show but this needs to be

said listen guys win or lose and the

Superbowl brady's the greatest brady is

so the greatest listen that listen man I

know we all hate Tom Brady and we don't

really hate Tom Brady we're envious of

him he's the greatest quarterback ever

he's married to a supermodel

he lives in a castle surrounded by a

moat his supermodel wife is worth even

more than he is he's got five Super Bowl

rings maybe even six Brady is the goat

and again I want you guys to understand

this and I don't want to get off too

much on a tangent here

and it's good that I don't have anybody

on the phone lines because that's when I

that's when I tend to get off on

tangents but consider this guys Tom

Brady has been in the league now for 18

years he actually missed a year he

missed 2008 after Bernard Pollard from

the Kansas City Chiefs incidentally

enough hit Brady low tours ACL so Brady

missed the entire 2008 season so in 17

actually in 16 seasons as a starter

Brady is going to make an appearance in

his ninth Super Bowl Brady has won five

Super Bowls he is going to his ninth

Super Bowl dude they're our Hall of Fame

quarterbacks that don't have five

playoff wins I mean guys again and again

I don't want to get too I don't want to

get off too much on a tangent here but

what we are watching the Belichick Brady

thing we're never gonna see this again

like Milotic and Brady this is this is

something that will never be matched

again and listen listen it's my

assertion they're going to have to

change the name of the Vince Lombardi

Trophy at some point to the Bill

Belichick trophy they're gonna have to

do it dude Brady and Belichick are gonna

have to get their names on something

they have to right now the NFC

Championship trophy that is the George

Halas trophy the AFC trophy that's the

Lamar Hunt trophy the Super Bowl trophy

is the Vince Lombardi Trophy dude both

of those guys got to get their names on

there somewhere

I mean it's just it listen I don't have

any other explanation Brady is great

Brady's great the Kansas City Chiefs are

the dude they were so much more talented

than the Patriots the new here's how

alloted that the Chiefs are the Patriots

dominated that game from start to finish

double them in first downs dude the

statistics were lopsided in favor of New

England and it still took them overtime

to beat the Chiefs

Brady's the greatest man Brady is

absolutely the greatest Bill Belichick

has the greatest NFL head coach of all

time it's not close listen win loser

draw well he's five and four in

superbowls think about even if he loses

the Super Bowl well Brady is five and

four it's Super Bowl so that think about

what you just said five and four in

Super Bowls Brady has a winning

percentage in Super Bowls like every

other year he's in the Super Bowl debate

is over it's over with all right so at

this point getting things started here

we all know that correcting bad behavior

can be very difficult number one and we

know that complimenting your woman too

much will cause her to become complacent

which means you'll stop trying to earn

your time earn your attention and earn

your affection so now that we've laid

our foundation let's get into the meat

and potatoes and discuss how and when to

reward and punish your woman now the

first thing we need to understand here

is that a correcting bad behavior is not

easy and B rewarding your woman is

almost too easy to overdo you need to

keep these things in mind when dealing

with your woman in terms of getting the

best out of her which begins and ends

with reducing her bad behavior while

increasing her good behavior which

requires rewarding the good and

punishing the bad of course the second

thing you need to keep in mind and guys

this is probably the most important

thing you will ever hear when it comes

to dealing with women with your women

and I'm not exaggerating here okay

because knowing and abiding by this rule

will literally be the difference between

your successes and your failures with

women and I'm gonna tell you what that

is after the break we'll be right back

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