How and when to set boundaries for your woman (Episode 394)

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trust me dude hot girls are overrated

all females are slides until proven

otherwise don't get me wrong they're fun

for a little while but they are a

fucking headache money and looks can get

you in the door but gay is what keeps

you fit just never know what the fuck

they want man live from Philadelphia

pure man

Donovan show it is Wednesday January

16th 2019 it is great to have you guys

in tonight we are multi casting live to

three YouTube channels three Facebook

pages and Twitter wait a minute my

volume is low got a second there we go

so I say what's up to my extended

audience oh there we are

oh wow that's really loud okay all right

I think I think I've got the sound kind

of sort of dialed in I had it I had it

lower but I think I'm good now am I good

to go on sound guys let me know there we

go that's one of my favorite pictures of

Devin so I'm gonna leave that up there

it is long-term relationship week here

at TSR towers we are focusing on the LTR

aspect of the red bull yesterday and

Monday Monday and Tuesday we discussed

the importance of vetting a female when

it comes to gauging her potential to be

candidate for a relationship with you

long term relationship with you I

decided actually dedicated two episodes

to the vetting process because vetting

is the single most important element

when it comes to selecting your woman

your main chick a very close second is

setting boundaries and expectations of

your woman and that is what we are going

to be focusing on today so the first

question we need to ask is why it's

important to set boundaries well the

first answer that comes to mind is that

it sets the tone for the relationship

understand this guy's a woman without

boundaries is a woman who is going to

walk all over you women cannot be left

to their own devices and the reason for

that is that their default programming

is to self-destruct and take everyone

with them in the process this of course

is the trade-off for having endless

options as far as dating and

relationships go this is the price they

pay for having 10 to 12 years of

absolute power over men women are

self-destructive if you do not set

boundaries for your woman she will not

respect you period no if ands or buts

about it

now women may not like it at first when

you start to set boundaries but they do

respect them they do come to respect

your boundaries now the reason they

scoff or blanch when a guy actually puts

us foot down and says well if you want

to be with me this isn't allowed right

the reason why they scoff at that is

because boundaries make it much more

difficult for women to misbehave for

women to cheat or to set up cheating now

make no mistake gentlemen

she will object to you telling her that

she cannot text her ex she will object

to deleting her online dating profiles

she will object to not being allowed to

go out with her friends to bars and

clubs on weekends obviously women engage

in these behaviors for many reasons but

the main reason is because she wants to

be able to branch swing if she decides

she's too bored with you this is how she

found you a lot of guys probably when

they think about this

is that the woman that they get with

when they think back on when they first

met she had someone else on the hook

right there was somebody that she was

seeing her kind of seeing that may or

may not have been in the background and

once you guys got serious he disappeared

from the picture this is what women do

but if a woman wants to be with you then

this is what needs to be done if she

decides not to fine listen you're just

gonna continue to be fuck-buddies you're

gonna continue to just fuck each other

no skin off your back no harm no foul

you guys have to understand you're not

putting a gun to anyone's head here all

you are doing is informing her that her

actions have consequences both good and


which consequence she wants totally up

to her but she cannot have it both ways

by the same token if a woman is really

into you and she respects you she will

adhere to these boundaries even if she

pushes back a little bit and don't be

alarmed if she pushes back guys this is

a natural response today's women aren't

used to men setting boundaries or

showing them that they won't tolerate

certain behaviors but if she really

likes you she will get over those

initial feelings of hesitation and she

will then respect you for having the

balls to display masculinity on a level

she's not used to but also happens to

like a lot we like to say here in the

manosphere that women are overgrown

children and that is 100% true and like

children women want and need structure

they want and need discipline children

respect discipline kids may not like it

and they might throw a fit when you tell

them to do their homework or tell them

they have to eat their vegetables but

they respect it and eventually they grow

to love it it's the same with women by

the way it's actually quite amazing how

much women that children have in common

I guess that's why we always look out

for women and children first because a

lot of ways they really are one of the

same anyway it's also important to

remember that setting boundaries isn't

one-size-fits-all we get a lot of guys

who want the right

lines what do I need to say to a woman

what do I do in this situation but

listen I can certainly give you

guidelines in terms of why she's doing

what she's doing what your response

needs to be I can go over conceptual

things and I can even give you a few

ideas but the correct response so to

speak that depends on the girl depends

on the situation depends on your value

your frame your delivery the timing

there's so many mitigating factors that

it is it's impossible to go over each

and every situation and circumstance one

by one

this is why it's paramount to take your

time here and really get to know your

girl so that when you do start setting

boundaries you know who and what you are

dealing with and proceed accordingly

different girls respond in different

ways to different men guys someone some

women respond to assertive boundaries

some women respond to aggression but

most respond to both depending on the

context in the situation sometimes it

could be circumstance sometimes it could

be that time of the month it just

depends but no woman responds to passive

boundaries hey um do you mind not doing

that do you mind if you suck my dick

tonight it would really would really

like really be swell negative she's

gonna laugh at you cuz you're a fuckin

beta bitch boy now there are two main

ways to set down there are many many

different ways to set boundaries but the

two main ways that you can set

boundaries with your woman the first one

of course is verbally so for example if

you're out on a first meet up with a

woman and she's on her phone you say hey

put that away for me would you

that's verbal the second way to set

boundaries is through your actions this

is non-verbally for example if you guys

agreed to meet up at 7:00 and she is

late but didn't give you a heads-up

beforehand she didn't send you a text a

Donavan running a little bit late but

I'm on my way if there's none of that

but she's late leave the venue and go

dark for 24 hours and honestly you might

even just the leader number this shows

her that you will not tolerate wasting

you will not tolerate her wasting your

time without saying a word and trust me

when I tell you she will get the message

but Donovan what she just says fuck it

never calls you again then number one

she didn't like you that much to begin

with and number two a woman who doesn't

respect your time doesn't respect you if

a woman responds negatively to you

establishing boundaries and again this

is assuming that you're a high-value

male move on to the next girl man there

dude there are way too many girls out

here who are waiting for a man to take

charge and give them boundaries to be

dealing with these hard-headed bitches

out here looking to prove that they are

strong and independent who will not be

controlled by a man dude next that hoe

and move on she does not deserve you

with most women you do have to use a

variation of both verbal and nonverbal

most of the time it's nonverbal as rollo

tomassi says demonstrate don't explicate

well there are some times where you need

to voice what the fuck is going on if

you're out on a first date and a girl is

on our phone I mean what are you gonna

do just get up and leave no you have

listen you have to warn her hey put that

away from put that away for me would you

you're on my time Sweeney give her a wig

if she gets up and walks out hey you

know what you say listen you save three

bucks on the cup of coffee that you were

going to fight that you were going to

buy her now one thing we have to do is

we need to understand the difference

between boundaries and expectations this

mr. supreme says how do you become a

high valued man mr. supreme I appreciate

you being in here and watching the show

but I am on episode 394 right like I

appreciate the question but if you

really want the answer go to donovan

sharp calm start with episode what 237

or we can go to and

there are 750 posts in there anyway

understanding the differences in

the difference between boundaries and

expectations boundaries our behaviors

you will not tolerate and have to be

established from the beginning of the

relationship oftentimes from your very

first interaction as a matter of fact

every time from your first interaction

there are things that really don't seem

like a big deal on its face but red pill

awareness allows you to see that this

could be a huge fucking problem down the

road if left unchecked behaviors like

texting with her ex or for example if

she's on her phone when she's out with

you during her date or when she's at

your place listen she can be on her

phone all she wants to at her place but

if you're on my if you're at my place

you're not gonna be texting some other

dude well you're at my place do that

somewhere else the way she talks to her

tone of voice

keeping male friends around delayed

texting etc now expectations or exactly

what they are expectations these are

behaviors that you expect her to engage

in or refrain from in order to be in and

stay in a relationship of consequence

with you now notice I said relationship

right boundaries are for every woman

that you are sexually involved with

one-night stands fuck buddies etc

boundaries and expectations are for

women that you are in a relationship

with setting expectations for fuck

buddies or plates or casual hookups

that's ridiculous the only thing that

you need to expect from them is a

blowjob and sex that's it they're gonna

let you down every time anyway

expectations are things that you

verbalize and you never verbalized by

the way you never verbalized

expectations until she angles for an

exclusive relationship and I'm gonna

have more on that later

and when she does angle for an exclusive

relationship with you

right she's not gonna withhold sex from

you she's not going to listen you can

forget about going to the bar at the

club talking to other men in your

presence when she's in public with you

her physical appearance listen these are

all expectations that you were going to

vocalize to her when and only when she

verbalizes her desire to be in an

exclusive relationship of consequence

with you now you're entitled to set

boundaries because you're a man of value

you're in good shape

you're well dressed you've got your shit

together you're going places and as a

man of value you can set boundaries that

women will take seriously because you

have your shit together if you don't

have your shit together you can't expect

women to respect your boundaries it's

the same with expectations right like

tell your girl to get into shape on your

fat ass and you don't lift this

pointless she's gonna left you say well

what about you fat ass right but you're

a five percenter and you can set

boundaries because you are a man in

demand you don't get to set boundaries

just because you have a dick you're not

entitled to respect from women just

because you're a man we say all the time

that women don't deserve the best men

out here simply because they're women

they have to work for it and be a woman

of value build their value bring

something to the table other than

blowjobs anus and vagina well the same

rule applies to men you can't set

boundaries or expectations if you ain't

shit I don't make the rules guys anyway

if you don't set boundaries from the

start and consistently enforce those

boundaries your woman is gonna walk all

over you man you can set them in the

beginning but it is equally as important

to consistently enforce them because

trust me when I tell you guys women will

test you both listen the tests are

coming they will push your boundaries

this is called shit testing Devin did

this to me all through the beginning and

I crushed every one of her shit tests

this is why she did whatever it took to

be in a relationship

consequence with me because I made it

very clear to her that my boundaries are

non-negotiable my expectations are

non-negotiable but if you don't enforce

those boundaries she's not going to

respect them if I told Devin hey quit

talking about your your fucking ex fuck

buddies around me and she continued to

do it well guess what whose fault is it

if we now live together and she

continues to talk about guys she used to

fuck well that's my fault it's not her

fault another reason why it's important

to set boundaries is because if you

don't set boundaries in the beginning

you can't set expectations later when

and if she angles for exclusivity we'll

have more on that later

if you don't check a woman for texting

her ex or playing with her phone during

a date what makes you think she's gonna

what makes you what makes you think that

she's going to adhere to your no bars or

clubs expectation later on when she

wants to be your girlfriend right it's

like a parent allowing their toddler to

get away with acting like a brat their

entire lives then they try to tighten

the screws when they're teenagers not

gonna work if you got a mouthy kid who

talks back at six eight ten years old

guess what when she's sixteen seventeen

guess what she's gonna do she's gonna

talk back that's what happens you must

set and consistently enforce boundaries

early and consistently you have to do

this in order to voice your expectations

later that's just how it is so what

we're gonna do tonight

shout out to rob Cruz with the $10

contribution says salutations not even

good stream YouTube playing games took

my wrench away again

damn dude let me find Rob Cruz hold up

man all right so Rob Cruz is now a mod I

think I think YouTube has it in for Rob

Cruz so we're gonna discuss tonight is

how to establish boundaries early on how

to consistently enforce them what to do

if she tries to push or

Bend those boundaries and the difference

between verbal and nonverbal boundary

setting and enforcement

Justin wing G and the chat says Donovan

what happens if your girlfriend withhold

sex from you that's exactly what we're

gonna talk about tonight that's what

we're gonna cover things like that very


tell fighter says damn is that alligator

blue my girl's gonna need coupons for

those yes actually it's I don't know

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the nice closed-toed like I don't know

like six seven inch stilettos it's faux

snakeskin they look good you wear them

like a pink like see-through miniskirt

and of course I'll fuck her till she

cries and then fuck her some more

yeah quote unquote snakeskin it's not

real right I paid what 40 bucks for

those after that then we are going to

talk about setting expectations and the

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and the number one that's feedback here cuz

we're going to the phone lines let us go

to see in Vegas you're on live at

Donovan man go ahead hey what's going on

how you doing today doing good man doing

good I'm back listen actually my lady is

taking me out to dinner tonight

yeah just because right like she's

taking me to a fondue restaurant yeah

it's it's gonna be it's gonna be great

so we're good excellent well here in

that oh my god two things add um one

minor and one kind of major the first

thing because you selected something

about the club you know I'm in Vegas and

I was gonna tell you guys something

oh yeah um just something I've noticed

working in the industry if you have a

girlfriend and Donald you kind of

response before but I'll just make it

crystal clear okay Donovan said you

didn't think this goes to the club

Donnelly doesn't it doesn't tickets go

to the club don't take your girlfriend

to the club okay it's not good I've seen

too many bad I've seen too much bad a


girls with their man come up to me and

start dancing and dancing around I'm in

front of them in the right there in

front of their man it's bad dates place

conduced the bad behavior though all the

exceptions are if you have a table did

you go so there you go bring your girl

even that's the one to do that you'd

have a table or if you're gonna dance

all night that's it don't don't stand

around the bar don't sit there and drink

and bub don't bring your girl to the

club to join to reason you please dance

or at the table to start that's it

that's it that's my real thug say you

think it's dropping that rock solid

knowledge man got you listen D it's

never good because if you're higher

value than girl's gonna talk to you and

she's going to get mad or if it's a

reverse guys gonna are gonna poach her

and you know put you put pressure on to

you it's just it's not an environment

conducive to good behavior on both sides

to just be honest so just delete just

don't even go there go to a nice bar

around or something right don't go to

the club and don't sit at the bar and

get a table and get her drinks at the

table absolutely facts indeed the one

day I want to talk about I don't want

you to end weeds about it but our Kelly

I just want to give you my

oh here we go with the hawk um d well

especially the guys in the black

community kill you know for the brothers

listening this is a non Traverse see

what I mean it's an entre versi it's

because everybody knows our Kelly has

problem right

okay everybody seemed to take so when

I'm just what I'm trying to say here is

that this is just a notch over so you

always like the Korean hunt thing

remember Donna Nelson on traversée yeah

- yep yes it was so anything is anything

is guys don't want you to incapacitate

any this per second this this argue you

be artfully has a fixation on sex

related man has gained any the pedophile

but he's the main ice game so he's going

to be attacked however I want you guys

to pay attention because they're not

talking about Harvey Weinstein or Les

Moonves or the all these all these other

guys I'm talking about guys or just two

degrees from being a stranger on a park

bench like a Harvey Weinstein Donovan he

doesn't work out they're not letting to

wait you know but you know that guy that

having a game tell man but it's so easy

it's so easy to trash guys like our

Tilly in Korea hunt these are these are

complete non traverses okay yep if

everybody did like you mean Dinu or

Kelly had a problem all right this is

not this is not a new so Donald like my

question is when are you gonna see the

Duffy series against like surviving the

Catholic Church Wow Wow and guys I want

to point out something to you that guys

by the way surviving the Catholic Church

that hurts men in boys way more than our

Kelly you get what I'm saying yeah okay

I have a problem on the margins Amy the

pedophile stressing that put survive in

the Catholic Church and all these guys

man I'm waiting I'm waiting for the

docu-series on that okay because this is

a complete non traversée they did this

to cream hunt they did stab Ruben class

or another doing this to our telly I

mean right - give me a break give me a

break and that's my take what do you

think Donovan yeah listen yeah yeah yeah

man um listen one thing that is clear

and I was gonna give my take on or Kelly

a little bit I was actually gonna give

it a little bit later like after the

show but Devon's taken me she's actually

taking me to dinner right after the show

and tonight's show is actually gonna be

pretty lengthy and and I want to make

sure that I give like a full the full

thing so Monday show is

going to be specifically about our Kelly

the whole surviving our Kelly but just

to give you a quick snippet on my

thoughts about this just like she said

let's not dance around the fact that our

Kelly is a pedophile

Robert Sylvester Kelly fucked kids right

like he fucked under he fucked children

this is against the law and to be honest

with you had alia been a white girl we

would never have heard of our Kelly

again if alia had been Lisa a

fifteen-year-old country singer and if

they found out that our Kelly had

married her and she forged some document

to make it look like she was 18 but

where she was really 15 our Kelly's

black ass would have been under the jail

hmm but because Ali is black and listen

let's be honest let's be honest man we

don't value black women like we do white

women and I'm as guilty of that as


I'm part of the problem I'm not gonna

sit here and lie to you right if a

little white girl goes missing the world

stops if a black girl goes missing we'll

give it some run right but when Casey

Anthony went missing nationwide search

was their name Jessica Lunsford Donna

Florida nationwide search we all knew

she's in Florida everybody's looking not

to turn this into a race thing but it is

what it is now on the other side of that

as far again are Kelly's a pedophile we

get that but here is here is what's

really happening the second half of that

series as you noticed and I don't want

to give too much away but anybody who

watched the documentary Rob Cruz said

he's still laughing at that's two bells

Jos kid that shit was crazy but as the

show went on you started to notice see

the beginning of the show X Y Z girl met

our Kelly at 13 years old

fourteen-years-old 15 14 okay alright

okay are Kelly's a pedophile should be

in jail later on in the show X Y Z men

are Kelly at 17 years old guess what 17

years old is the age of consent in the

state of Illinois that's not illegal

then there I think there were two maybe

three women who were in their 30s that

are Kelly ended up running the gambit on

so at the end of the day our Kelly is

displaying behaviors very Makaveli and

very dark triad behaviors the reason why

they tried to hang our Kelly up in the

village square is because he was quote

taking advantage of women well our Kelly

used to celebrity and fame to lure these

women in and trap him really okay so

women don't use their sexuality to lure

men in for nefarious intentions various

purposes you see for men to do what our

Kelly does on his level again the

pedophilia stuff aside that's illegal

I'm not talking about this I'm talking

about the stuff that he did was legal

the stuff that he did with girls that

were of age to be able to do what our

Kelly did on that level you have to have

that kind of celebrity all women have to

have is a set of tits and a pussy and

make and be half decent looking they can

run the gamut on gambit on 60 men one

man figured out the game

one man figured out how to get over on

women before you heat before they got

over on him one man is out here fucking

women over one man is out here taking

advantage of women we got women all over

this country all over the world do what

exactly what our Kelly did taking

advantage of the opposite sex using your

sexuality now

so watch or listen to the rest of this

episode go to donovan sharp calm thanks

for watching

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