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This article was originally published on Return Of Kings:

Quick…what’s your response when a chick asks you: “Are you gay?”

A) “No! Of course not!”

B) “No way! I’ve slept with hundreds of women!”

C) “I’m against homosexuality!”

D) “Oh tooootally. I’m actually a gay porn star. You’ve seen my website, right?”

If D was your answer then congratulations. You’ve passed a shit test favorite of many of today’s Ameri-cunts. If you went a step further and added that the line should be delivered in an overtly sarcastic tone with a devilish grin while maintaining eye contact with your target until she answers your question, so you can tease the shit out of her for whatever silly answer comes out of her mouth and then quickly change the subject, then you, my friend, have got the makings of true player.

Shit test to be deployed in 3….2….1….

Men here know that exhibiting beta traits is demonstrating low value (DLV) which subsequently de-moistens the southern regions of the fairer sex. The earlier this occurs in the set, the more damaging this is to your chances of bedding her.

This is not exclusive to pickups, ONS’s, or FWBs. This also applies to LTRs. Granted, you get a little more wiggle room in relationships but failing a shit test administered by your woman only encourages her to dole out more that will increase in frequency, intensity, and complexity. Continued ineptitude in dealing with them will inevitably lead to the messy end of your relationship.

There is, however, a time and a place for strategically exhibiting beta traits and believe it or not, it will make your woman even hotter for you if done the right way.

“Wait a minute…why would I intentionally betafy myself and to what end?”

Fair questions. The next three sections will explain what beta game is, the conditions necessary to run it effectively, and a few examples of beta game in action which will include a couple of my own personal stories.

Keep in mind that this is next level game. This will take practice and lots of it. There will be some who are able to pick up this technique rather quickly but by and large, this will not be easy to master. But when you do, the benefits will be well worth the work. Trust me.

What is beta game?

Beta game is the act of strategically allowing a woman to discover a perceived vulnerability or weakness you do not actually have. This creates the illusion that you can be tamed—giving the rabbit a carrot to chase of sorts.

It’s no secret that girls have always loved the bad boys (as they’ve been consistently shitting out their offspring for eons). They also know these alpha cads are far from sexually loyal which doesn’t make for optimal husband or boyfriend material.

But they just can’t help themselves so they jump into love affairs with these players anyway being fully aware of the peril that will likely ensue. The vast majority of women would rather be cheated on by an alpha than worshiped by a beta anyway so as far as their hamsters are concerned it’s worth the risk.

As men, we now know and understand that we are the true romantics. At some point even the most seasoned cassanova will lock a girl down if he falls for her because that is in our nature. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been kicking around the idea of giving LTR status to a girl I’m currently seeing and I’d all but sworn off anything close to a relationship a long time ago.

….the fuck???

I know, I know but look…as cool and exciting as it is to sleep with different women, the fact remains that game is fucking hard. It takes a lot of time and resources to regularly bed girls that aren’t land whales are less than desirable. If your approach to lay closing ratio is 1 out of 10 you’re a god even though you’re failing 90% of the time.

So a little respite in the form of an LTR can do a man good and give him a bit of a break from the grind of game, provided he’s exercised good judgement in selecting his girl and has laid the groundwork properly.

Even then, things can still go horribly wrong and unfortunately a long term relationship is one of the few things in this world that can bring a man to his knees. In order to reduce the odds of being unraveled by a woman, we utilize certain strategies to keep this from happening—game.

If you’re a regular diner at the red pill buffet, you’re intimately familiar with the standard game tenets of keeping a woman chasing you. There are a few unorthodox techniques out there that work (depending on the girl) but one method that doesn’t get as much copy as it deserves and has proven to be quite effective is beta game.

Why beta game?

Though they won’t admit it, women adore men they cannot change or bend to their will. They’ll bitch and complain that “he doesn’t [insert bullshit] enough” but they stick around because a man they can’t control is a man they can respect and love.

However, when you strategically and intentionally give her the slightest glimpse of what she will characterize as a “redeeming quality” (I’ll explain this later) her attraction to you will skyrocket. When done correctly you become her drug for which there is no rehab. This is how effective calculated beta game is.

Girls want to be with men who do what they want, when they want, without apologies or explanation. But she will relentlessly chase a man to the ends of the earth if she sees even slightest chink in the seemingly impregnable armor she’s futilely tried to penetrate in the past.

Of course she doesn’t really want to change you and you don’t really possess the weakness or vulnerability you have led her to believe that you have—but she doesn’t know that. Further, she doesn’t realize that if she is successful in her endeavor to civilize you, it’s game over; for a tamed man is an unattractive man.

But the continuous pursuit of the impossible fuels an inextinguishable fire that will burn within her so long as you do not cave into her demands or what she thinks she desires.

The necessary conditions for beta game to work

1. You must be alpha from the start

For calculated beta game to be effective you must establish and maintain your dominance, high value, and abundance mentality from your very first interaction with her. There is no margin for error here. You have got to be 100% congruent.

Beta game will have positively zero impact if you have failed multiple shit tests or if she detects even trace amounts of anything resembling symptoms of oneitis. Women have no interest in chasing a carrot they’ve already eaten. You’re already a conquered mountain in her eyes so more of the same will give her more reasons to cheat on you if she isn’t already.

2. Show…don’t tell

This is absolutely paramount for beta game. A common phrase black women like to spew is: “Don’t talk about it…be about it”. This is one of the few things I agree with them on and it’s intrinsic to beta game. The reason for this is simple: disclosure comes off as seeking sympathy; discovery will be characterized as a redeeming quality to her. Huge difference in her mindset by just keeping your mouth shut and letting things happen naturally.

For example, instead of telling a woman “I just love children!” like most betas do (which only her beta bucks radar picks up) show her. This particular brand of beta game is straight up chick crack as you’ll see in one of my anecdotes below.

3. Don’t stage anything

This where congruence pays off. Staging phone calls, or “chance” situations (like the movie Hitch) to build attraction will blow up in your face if your target learns your meeting is orchestrated (which will probably happen as women are born with a supernatural ability to sniff out things like this). Not only will your value plummet but you may actually lose the girl.

Hitch working on staging a “chance meeting.” This only works in the movies.

My high school baseball coach used to tell us “let the game come to you.” Same concept here. Simply be ready if and when the opportunity presents itself as opposed to forcing the issue.

A couple of personal examples

Old Man Peterson

Several years ago I was washing clothes at my complex’s laundromat when I heard someone yelling. I took out my earbuds and looked around but didn’t see anything. So I put my buds back in and continued folding clothes.

I heard it again.

This time I turned off the music and walked outside to see a very elderly man on the ground surrounded by his groceries which were sprawled about.

He’d lost his grip on his walker, fell, and couldn’t get to his feet. I helped him up and walked him back to his apartment which happened to be right across the hall from mine. He thanked me and invited me to stop by later for a drink which I accepted.

Turns out the guy was a Vietnam War veteran and one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in my life. He was a great story teller as he relived his adventures while we both laughed and sipped our Cutty Sarks. He’d been married twice and was quite the rascal with the ladies. His liver was shot from a lifetime of drinking but he didn’t give a shit. He knew he was on the back nine and nothing was going to stop him from enjoying the little time he had left.

The old man’s poison of choice

His multiple back surgeries and severely arthritic knees earned him disability, but as we all know that monthly check is barely enough to make ends meet. I was as broke as a joke back then but I really wanted to help the guy out. So I decided to give him half of what I got for donating plasma every week which was roughly $30.

It wasn’t much but it was the least I could do. He was always appreciative and paid me back in liquor and wisdom. Far as I’m concerned it’s me who came out ahead in those transactions.

Anyway, one evening I was hanging out with my girlfriend when he came over to return the card the plasma money was loaded onto after donations. He usually just said “thanks” but this time he thanked me profusely for helping him out in his time of need and that he wished the world had more people like me and so forth (the sly old bastard still had a little wing man in him).

When he left, my girlfriend spewed all sorts of hyperbole about my character and my heart of gold and how that attractive quality was lost in today’s man. She was all over me that night and her behavior substantially improved over the next few weeks.

This worked out beautifully because everything was already in place and when the situation arose, it worked to my advantage without me having to push the agenda.

Granted, I got a little help from a veteran player who was cognizant of the scenario and helped me out (he later asked how that night went) but the fact that I wasn’t jumping at the chance to impress her made all the difference in the world.

Things like this had happened to me before but being unplugged and having a deeper understanding of women and their id helped me become aware of the power of beta game.

Adventures in babysitting

Two Christmases ago my sister and brother in-law came west to spend the holidays with me. Aside from their shopping and holiday preparations they wanted to do some gambling and maybe get into a bit of foolishness.

They have three young children (10, 6, and 4 at the time of their visit) so nights out on the town were a luxury rarely afforded them. I’ve never been much for holiday shenanigans so I was more than happy to watch my nephew and nieces while they headed downtown to indulge in the bright lights and casinos and enjoy a few kid free nights.

One such evening, a girl I had just started dating stopped by after she got off work. My nephew and I had a blast playing Halo while my nieces watched and enjoyed the spectacle. Afterwards we ate our weight in Christmas sweets (Uncle Donovan was always the cool uncle because “you let us eat all the candy we want!”). We all laughed and had a great time while my girl looked on with a dreamy look on her face she couldn’t get rid of.

After I put them to bed my girl ranted and raved about how great I was with kids and how I’m going to make a wonderful father and how my kids are going to love me and so forth. We had crazy sex that night and it continued for quite a while.

Girls of all notch count categories eat this shit up.

Once again this little event changed our relationship for the better. She became more unselfish between the sheets, made more of an effort to look good for me, made herself available much more often and even took to cleaning my apartment when she came over. All of this was in an effort to push for an LTR, which she eventually verbalized.

Funny thing is, this girl had just turned 21 and made it very clear early in our courtship that she had no interest in having children or settling down (verifying the carousel ticket she no doubt received in her teens) which was fine by me. Yet, when she saw me interacting with my sister’s children she stepped into a phone booth and turned into Supergirlfriend.

A few other examples

One girl I had over saw a group picture I had on my bookshelf. When she asked who they were I told her they were some people I volunteered at a shelter with. “Awwwwww” she said as she picked up the picture and swooned. I could almost see her hamster working overtime painting me as some admirable philanthropist extraordinaire.

Volunteer work is great beta game (…and no, that’s not me)

Another technique that works well is carrying a picture of your mother in your wallet. Girls foolishly believe that a man who treats his mother well will treat women “well.” When they catch a glimpse of that picture they assume that you hold her (your mother) in high regard which will, in her mind, elevate her status on account of the myth they’ve been fed about men treating their significant others the way they treat their mothers.

This blog (which is solid fucking gold and should be read by any and every male in the western hemisphere) is a great example of beta game in action:

One of my friends is dating a 10. I mean a perfect, jaw-dropping, every man and woman in the club stops in amazement when she walks in 10. She’s a 5’9” half Latina half American Indian fitness instructor with a tiny waist and large natural C cups. Dear god almighty it hurts just thinking about her.

A few weeks ago we were all hanging out in a club and she was leaning in talking to me. She said “I wish Jeremy would just settle down. We’re too old to be out clubbing like this.” She’s 26 years old, by the way.

Thinking there was no way in hell I’d ever get her to leave my buddy – her 6’3” Abercrombie & Fitch model lookalike boyfriend, I decided to try a different approach on her. I tossed out the game, the negs, the framing, etc. and simply said:

“I agree. We really are too old to be partying like this. I’m really at the point in my life where I just want to settle down with a woman I love, have a family, and enjoy the next phase of my life. I know it sounds strange to hear a man say this, but I think I’m finally ready for a baby.”

Her eyes dilated. She put her hand on my elbow. With her boyfriend not ten feet away (albeit looking the other direction ordering more shots) she leaned in to me and said “You know, you’re a good man. If I wasn’t with Jeremy, I would so be with you.”

Then she kissed me half on the lips/half on my chin and smiled. She waited a few seconds to gauge my reaction. I said nothing. I just looked at her. She said “We’re always in a group. Why don’t we just ever hang out together? We can do some grownup stuff like check out a museum or see a show.”

Beta game works, gents.

In Closing

Here’s the essence of beta game summed up in one image:

Get the picture?

Showing women faux flashes of the man you “could” be and then quickly taking it away triggers a reaction in their brain similar to the dopamine rush that rom com fantasies give her. Teasing a woman with what she wants after giving her a taste drives her crazy with desire which leads to her stepping up her efforts to keep you around long term.

It’s important to remember that things like frame, congruency, and the organic presentation of your endearing quality are all key to successfully switching on your target’s acquisition mode in earnest. If you’re a beta schlub or come off as a try hard this isn’t going to work for you. Period.

Be careful though. This has the potential to turn your girl into that crazy ex if you dump her. Once a woman has it in her mind that you’re the one who will fulfill her wants and needs she’ll stop at nothing to reign you back in which could bring a lot of unwanted drama into your life.

Other than that, the upsides to CBG are well worth the effort. Any other ideas for calculated beta game out there?

This article is dedicated to my good friend,

 Sergeant First Class Theodore F. Peterson, Jr., United States Army

Rest in peace you crazy son of a bitch.