How I lost nearly 100 lbs: Donovan's Den Vol. 17

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Back when I was 30 years old, I was the heaviest I'd ever been in my life...312 lbs! The road back to physical fitness wasn't easy but with consistency and a plan, I was able to do it. Today I'm in damn near the best shape of my life.



There are a few key reasons I was able to drop nearly 100 lbs, and I'd like to share those with you. 

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

Sharpe and welcome to episode or volume

rather 17 of Donovan's den volume 16 was

about the way I keep up with my finances

and for those of you guys who have not

received the spreadsheet let me know in

the comments in patreon also let me know

via email that's easily the best way to

do it I do apologize for the lack of

content lately had a lot of had a lot of

things going on in February on and off

the show but things will definitely be

back to normal in March where I will be

releasing Donovan's dens once a week

every Sunday so I do apologize for the

lack of content as of late had a lot of

things going on but things have settled

down and so things will definitely get

back to normal back when I was 30 years

old I weighed the most I had ever

weighed and that was 312 pounds as you

guys can see here in the picture now a

lot of different things contributed to

this weight gain and the interesting

thing is is that before I weighed 312

pounds before I got before I was my

heaviest I was I actually had gotten

myself into fantastic shape just a

couple of years before copiers before

that I think I was 260 and then I hit

the gym and I mean I think I got all the

way down to like 205 I might even might

have even been down to 195 I mean I was

ripped and somewhere along the way I

stopped going to the gym one thing led

to another and I ballooned 312 pounds

now obviously there are many factors

there are many contributing factors

involved you know for one I was lazy I

just you know I mean listen I got lazy I

did what it took to get into shape but

after I got there I rested on my laurels

and said uh you know I've got good

genetics I don't have I don't really


work hard to to stay in good shape and

lo and behold there I am at 312 pounds

another thing that contributed to it is

that my ex-wife Darcy was a very very

good cook I can talk all the shit I want

about her being a bad wife and this and

that any other one thing that was

undeniable is that she could burn in the

kitchen and listen I've got a big

appetite and she never listen she

withheld sex all the time she never

withheld me from food and so and so as

she was always happy to oblige when I

asked for seconds or thirds or fourths

so anyway I'm fat I'm out of shape I'm

fatigued you know I'm unhealthy

I've got no blood flow to my dick I'm

terrible at sex I mean things were

things were just really really bad and

so I decided it's funny I decided to

actually get into shape when I think we

went pants shopping and I remember I was

like a size 50 or some is like 48 or 50

and the pants were fucking huge

and I remember Darcy telling me yeah

Donovan it's it's time to it's time to

start dropping the weight so that way

that was sort of my wake-up call a few

years later we separated and eventually

eventually got divorced but the fact of

the matter is is that there were a lot

of things I did in the beginning that

really really helped my weight loss and

it helped me to can it really helped

helped me to keep it off we all know

that diet and exercise is the best way

to get and to stay in shape that listen

that's conventional business wisdom we

all know that stuff but the beginning of

the beginning of one's weight loss

journey the beginning of one's lifestyle

change is absolutely critical to your

overall success so I'm not gonna sit

here and tell you yes I did

you know III ate this or or I'm not

gonna sit here and say yes I dieted like

this and I exercise like that there will

be some of that in this particular

volume but that's not what really I'm

gonna focus on I'm gonna talk about the

things I did to not only jumpstart but

but the things that gave me a decided

advantage in losing this weight so what


and it's interesting how I actually kind

of figured this out I heard somewhere

that if you do anything for 21 straight

days it becomes a habit and so when I

decided to lose weight I decided okay

I'm not just gonna start all of these

habits all at once because if I do that

I'm gonna burn out I'm gonna you know

I'm going to I'm gonna end up failing

what I decided to do was I decided to

take on one habit at a time and from

there I would stack one habit on top of

another so for 21 straight days I would

do X then after 21 days I would do X and

why another 21 days goes by now its XY

and Z and before you know it I'm living

I'm living a much better life I've got

all of these habits that help me keep

the weight off and now I mean I'm I'm

not in the best shape of my life I'm

actually probably gonna be there in

another six months or so but I'm far

from the 312 pound behemoth that you see

on your screen now so what I'm gonna do

today is I'm gonna talk about the things

that I did in the beginning that gave me

a decided advantage with regards to with

regards to dropping from 312 all the way

down I think to 215 that's that's

probably the lightest I've been as of

late I'm probably closer to 230 now

anyway so here we go the first thing I

did was a body cleanse what I did is and

I don't know what motivated me to do

this but this was absolutely the right

thing to do this one guys that this was

unbelievable I think I was watching some

sort of documentary or something on John

Wayne and I remember I remember it to

hell I remember the documentary saying

something and I don't really know if

it's true or not I don't really remember

it that well but I remember they said

when they exude when when they did the

autopsy on John Wayne

they found 77 pounds of impacted feces

in his colon in his large intestine and

I mean I've got the I mean I've got the

Internet up right for me I'm not gonna

look up how John Wayne died but even

whether that's true or not I mean listen

seventy seven pounds 17 pounds 20 pounds

whatever the case may be they found all

that impacted feces in his colon

um and and so what I decided to do I

said well wait a minute you know maybe I

have a bunch of impacted feces in my

colon I'd never had a call I'd never had

my call and cleaned I've never had a

colonic and so what I decided to do is I

decided to give myself a home colonic no

I didn't stick anything up my ass and I

didn't do that home colonic kit I

certainly didn't do that not even close

what I did is I took a laxative

I took liquid magnesium citrate and I

was actually gonna I've actually got the

bottle around here somewhere but it's

liquid magnesium citrate you can get

this at your local Target Walmart I get

it at the Dollar Tree because I'm a

cheapskate i Dre and you can get it in

lemon or cherry I think those are the

only two flavors it actually doesn't

taste that bad but it's very very sour

and very very strong it's got some

sweetness to it too but it's it's not

you can't chug it all down unless you're

some sort of a mutant anyway I dry and

they tell you take two teaspoons for two

tablespoons or something for you know of

effective gentle relief I down the whole

ten ounces and again I'm not a doctor

this is not this is certainly not

medical advice I would not me personally

I knew that I could get away with it

because I had done it before but it had

been I think it had been ten years since

I had done that I took a bunch of X

lakhs and clean myself out so I drank

the whole 10 ounces and in about five


I started shitting my absolute brains


it was dude it was absolutely massive it

completely cleaned me out

I drank that bottle of magnesium citrate

and it was like six or seven in the

morning because I didn't want to eat

anything and I drank make sure I drink

plenty of water I stepped on the scale

that morning at 312 pounds I stepped on

the scale the day after and I was 306

pounds I had lost six I had gone from

312 to 306 so read and listen guys even

after drinking nearly a gallon of water

which I would highly recommend doing

when you were doing this cleanse because

doing this can highly highly it can

really dehydrated ringing a gallon of

water which i think is seven pounds or

something I'm sure I pissed and shit it

out too I was I I went from 312 to 306

so I had already lost six

not only that is when you do when you do

like you know sort of like a makeshift

ghetto redneck or whatever the kind that

is body cleanse it really does clean out

your colon after that your shit is solid

providing you're eating the right foods

which I'm gonna get to here in a second

I'm not gonna get into diet plans I'm

just gonna tell you what I stayed away

from but after that like you feel better

it's almost like you can breathe deeper

because your colon is just smaller

because all of that meat that that's

really what the colon has this is why

they tell you stay away from red meat

because it collects in your colon every

I would say every six months or so since

then every six months I'll take a bottle

of magnesium citrate and I'll drink the

whole thing as a matter of fact I

actually did it last week last week was

a six month what was the was the six

month mark for yours truly I downed it

shit all day now I'm not I don't lose

six pounds I probably lost a pound or

two but but that was the first thing

that got me jump-started so already I'm

like wow look at this I'm already six

pounds down now I can build on this a

second thing I did and this one again is

very obvious I stopped eating out I I

stopped eating out completely

fast-food sit-down restaurant and I

cooked all I had my wife cook all my

meals sometimes I would cook my meals

too guys this this isn't that hard once

you start but when the real the real

challenge is when is when is when you

don't have a lot of time or you are

tired and hungry when you're tired and

hungry guys that's when that's when poor

food choices rear their ugly head I'm

driving home from work I've worked too

I've worked two hours of overtime dude

I'm starving because I'm 300 and

something pounds and I gotta get

something to eat I haven't eaten since

12:00 at 7:30 at night I'm passing by

McDonald's Burger King guys you you

absent you absolutely have to stop

eating out I did this for 21 straight


I didn't deprive myself of eating out at

least not from the onset I said okay I'm

gonna I'm gonna go and have a Big Mac at

the end of 21 days that was gonna be my

reward for having completely stayed off

a fast food and eating out for 21 states

straight days widget

here a welcome side-effect to not eating

out or going out to eat is that it is

much less expensive to cook your own

meals it's much less time consuming but

it's a lot less expensive over that

three weeks I found that I had more

money in my pocket when then then when I

was eating out every dime dude me and my

wife were eating out every day I mean

every day oh well I mean dude I mean I

get I get up my day was like this get up

drink coffee with a bunch of sugar in it

and now I use Truvia with my coffee

loaded it up with all kinds of coffee

creamers and caramel milk and this and

the other suck that down that's five six

hundred calories on the way to work I'd

stop at McDonald's get a couple of you

know Egg McMuffins or whatever sometimes

that stop at chick-fil-a get like a

chicken biscuit or whatever with some

with some tater tots and I would always

wash that down with a soda then for

lunch I go to McDonald's or Burger guys

I mean it did not take and this happened

over a long period of time this was a

lifestyle this is why I blew up to 312

pounds well by then I think I think two

weeks in my wife didn't like the fact

that she had to cook every single night


I said Darcy we are not we're not eating

out we're not doing fast food and of

course all women are like okay yeah I

want to lose weight too cuz she we were

both fat she was fat I was fat and so I

told her I said look we're gonna cook

all our meals and this and that in the

other and I told her I said listen I'm

more than happy to take turns cooking we

don't know I'll do it I'll do it I'll do

it dude at less than two weeks she's

like look I can't I'm not gonna cook

every night so she stopped cooking but I

didn't care I ended up cooking my own

meals I did it for 21 straight days as a

matter of fact when day 22 came I didn't

even go to McDonald's because I had like

had like a steak and broccoli dinner a

steak lobster broccoli dinner that I

planned that night and it's funny after

21 days of not eating junk you know I

thought it was funny because I knew that

today was McDonald's I was like okay

well today is McDonald's day remember

passing by McDonald's not like you know

what steak lobster and broccoli sounds a

lot better than a big mac fries and a

coke and so now eventually I would start

eating fast food again but not nearly as

often as I did I limited this is what I

did post 312 is I limited it I said I'm

going to go

I'm gonna eat fast food once a month

that's it I'll go to a sit-down

restaurant once a month and even then I

will try to keep it as close to clean or

ketogenic as I possibly could so that's

the second thing I did I stopped eating

out doing fast food and I cooked all of

my meals for 21 straight days after a

while it's a habit and now you know of

course me and my girl she you know she

cooks my meals and and that's just how

that is the third thing I did and this

was this was by far and away the most

difficult I cut all sugars and got all

of my carbs from vegetables guys no

cookies no candy no sweets no sodas no

diet sodas which are worse for you

no juice not even fruit don't listen

don't be the guy who says I'm gonna cut

out all sugar except for fruit and then

you gorge yourself with fruit and now

you're gaining weight guys listen it

doesn't matter what form sugar is in

sugar is sugar whether now listen

obviously you'd rather eat an orange

than a chocolate bar but at the end of

the day it's both sugar if you want to

re-listen if you want a really

supercharge your weight loss guys it's

not easy I'm not gonna sit here and tell

you that it is but you must cut all of

your sugar

it sucked guys and it was hard the first

week as a matter of fact I think was

like the first three or four days after

day three I started to get headaches

guys I was a delegate I was addicted to

sugar I was addicted to coca-cola sweet

tea from Bojangles I lived in North

Carolina but in but but here's the thing

after I cut out all sugar and took in

absolutely zero carbs except for from

green vegetables not potatoes not

anything starchy was all green

vegetables when completely ketogenic no

sugar guys I lost eight pounds just by

doing that

and after the friend after maybe I would

say maybe day six or seven and the

headaches started going away guys eight

pounds and guys I'm not even in the gym

yet I'm not even working out yet

remember I said I'm gonna stack one

habit on top of another I didn't want to

cut out sugar I didn't want to cook I

didn't want to stop eating out

completely I didn't want to start the

gym this is how people get burned out

very early when they go on a weight-loss

expedition is they say I'm gonna

completely change my life

sugar no carbs no soda I'm not eating

out I'm gonna I'm gonna live in the gym

I'm gonna work out 2 hours a day 6 days

a week do they do that for 3 days they

get burnt out next thing you know

they're fat again and they stop doing

and they've stopped the technique and

they're fat again they stay fat none at


one habit at a time guys this is not

gonna happen overnight guys I said when

I was 30 I weighed 312 pounds gentlemen

I am 40 years old today

now I ended up getting down I ended up

getting down to 215 maybe 220 I think I

was probably 32 so it took me it you

know it took it didn't take me 10 years

it took me a couple of years but the

challenge is staying that way and I've

been thankfully for me I haven't been

over 240 probably 235 pounds since but

the point is is that cutting all sugar

and getting all of my carbs only from

green vegetables that was the single

most important element in terms of

weight loss and keeping it off listen I

Institute that practice even today I cut

out listen and I have I have a sweet

tooth and now because I'm a little bit

more advanced with kit with with with

the ketogenic diet I am now looking into

stevia matter of fact I've got it up

here on my screen I am going to order

pure Pyu ar e it is organic stevia it is

a sugar it is a sugar substitute no

carbs and and it's one of these

artificial sweeteners that aren't bad

for you a lot of artificial sweeteners

out there are very very very bad for you

some of them are worse than sugar it's

like they taste worse than sugar and

they're worse for you than sugar so what

the fuck would I do that for No

and I'll live and guys I'll link it in

the in the description it's called pure

organic stevia so I'm gonna start to

look up recipes for that because I don't

want my sweet tooth to get out of

control guys I love my sweets and

desserts but I don't want to be 312

pounds again so that's the happy medium

but from the onset I cut all sugar no

sodas no candies no cookies nothing

nothing like that I started that on a

Sunday gentleman the next Sunday I had

lost 8 pounds just from doing that

that's not even from the gym I remember

when I was in Atlanta I used to drive a

forklift with a guy who was real big

into fitness and the woman one of the

things that he told me that really sort

of stuck with me he said Donovan he said

you know with with regards to looking

like this and this many other yes it's

very important to you know live in the

gym etcetera etc but honestly he said

being in shape is 80% diet 20% working

out he says if you eat right you don't

have to work out as hard your diet your

diet has more to do with your physical

fitness level then your exercise regimen

that that's now of course he's not

talking about bodybuilder steroid guides

things and that nature's talking about

for everyday Joe's like us so this is

what happened again the only

carbohydrates I consumed came from green

vegetables no potatoes definitely not

any bread absolutely no carbs from

anything not tortillas tortilla chip

guys I cut out all the junk food all the

sugar the only carbohydrates I ever got

came from green vegetables and that

again that was the single most important

thing that's the thing that's the single

most important habit I enacted that

that's the single most important habit

when it came to losing that weight that

real that's what really supercharged me

number four this is the fourth thing

that I decided to do and this was very

important this was intermittent in

intermittent fasting you can Google

intermittent fasting but The Reader's

Digest version of intermittent fasting

is fasting every day so for some people

fast for 18 hours some people fast for

24 hours some people go on a juicing

cleanse some people go on the juice fast

this is the way I did it I the only time

that I would eat during the day was from

noon until 6 o'clock p.m. so I had a six

hour window to eat and then I would fast

for 18 hours

what intermittent fasting does guys it

kick-starts your metabolism guys so your

mattel guys your metabolism skyrockets

and it's interesting because when you

are in a fasted state for some reason

it's crazy you seem to have more energy

it's it's weird how that works I'm not a

scientist I can't tell you why that

works but when you're in a fasted state

man for some reason like you're you're a

little more focused or a little more


I don't know why but that's one of the

welcomed side effects intermittent

fasting also naturally cleanses you

right so if you eat for six hours your

body if you're if you don't continue to

shovel food into your piehole every six

hours your buddy has a chance to really

cleanse itself and during the 18 hours

that you are fasting drink plenty of

water and your body will naturally

cleanse itself

listen intermittent fasting makes you

feel better you don't feel like and and

again yeah when you're coming up on our

16 and 17 you feel hungry but the longer

you do it the more your body gets used

to it so yeah you're certainly hungry

when you're on our sixteen or seventeen

five weeks in but you're not starving

you don't feel like you're weak or that

you're gonna just crack and just go eat

15 cupcakes no your body will get used

to it you'll adjust to it eating a big

meal makes you tired and the reason why

it makes you tired is because absorbing

calories those that makes you that takes

energy like this is why people fall

asleep at you know for Thanksgiving you

know they say well it's the tryptophan

in the turkey well that's part of it but

the other part of is that you eat so

much your body is processing all those

calories it takes energy to process

those calories it's the same thing with

meals it's the reason why when people go

to lunch then they come back from work

everybody's sleepy because they eat

there's a this huge meal and by the way

here's a word to the wise when you go to

the ketogenic diet you can eat as much

as you want for whatever reason it does

not SAP your energy like eating a

carbohydrate rich meal it's weird how

this works man so when you come up on

our 18 when noon comes dude you can eat

a steak six eggs some bacon and an

avocado and wash that all down with a

half gallon of water guys your belly is

full but you don't feel frumpy you don't

feel like you're about to fall asleep

it's weird how this works maybe it's the

fact that carbohydrates are not present

in the body but that's how it works

guys intermittent fasting is a game

changer just listen it is probably as

it's probably as important as cutting

out the sugar and the carbs was as as

far as weight loss was was concerned

google it

there are many many different ways you

can implement intermittent fasting but I

would highly recommend that anyone who

is serious about losing weight you need

an intermittent fasting also teaches you

discipline it also teaches you to not

eat when you're hungry all the time

because when listen when you when you

get as fat when I was fat I was eating

even when I wasn't hungry intermittent

fasting lets the body know

that I am eating to live I am not living

to eat I am eating to fuel myself I am

eating to live to the next day I'm not

eating just for the sake of eating

intermittent fasting guys game-changer

that again intermittent fasting cutting

out cutting out all the carbs and the

sugar those are the two most important


here's another this is the last thing

that I did when it came to losing weight

I started juicing okay now when I say

juicing this is green juice only here's

the but here's a big time mistake that a

lot of people make when they decide to

start juicing is they just juice nothing

but fruits right they they read about

all the health benefits of juicing and

how it can you know your your skin looks

good it's the Fountain of Youth that

makes you younger they go okay great

I'll do some strawberries and some

oranges and some peaches and some

pineapple guys when you juice fruit that

dude when you juicing fruit is more

detrimental to your health than eating

Snickers bars then eating junk food with

sugar in it that is concentrated cool

that is concentrated sugar you drink you

drink a juice like that on a regular

basis dude your insulin spikes and you

balloon you blow up go to the Internet

there are all kinds of stories where

people say well I started my juicing

practice but I've gained 10 pounds well

that's because you're juicing pineapples

and cherries and sweet fruits no when

you the standard rule of thumb is you

eat your fruit and you juice your

vegetables and during this during this

cleansing period of losing weight you're

not eating fruit anyway only green juice

and here's the thing you don't have to

drink it the five times a day once once

in the morning now here's the thing your

green juice does not count toward your

intermittent fasting okay

so what I used to do is I used to wake

up at six o'clock in the morning I'd

have a green juice or I'm yeah I wake up

at six o'clock in the morning I'd have a

green juice because by then I hadn't

eaten it twelve hours because I stopped

eating at six o'clock the next night and

then maybe at nine o'clock maybe at nine

o'clock in the morning if I were really

hungry I'd drink another green juice

followed by another you know half gallon

of water if I if I could get it down I'm

still hungry that that used to hold me

over now the reason why people leave

asking Google juicing the you know

listen the benefits are they

for themselves but listen guys the

nutrients go right to your bloodstream

right when you drink green juice dude

all of the ante but dude all the

antioxidants the vitamins the minerals

and the reason why it goes right to your

bloodstream and has a much more

pronounced effect is because the body

doesn't have to break down the fiber to

get to the nutrients this is why juicing

is so popular

juicing apps green juicing absolutely

makes you look younger

aside from this gray here a gray hair

that I haven't died yet guys I look

younger I started juicing that I was 32

years old eight years later I still look

like I'm 34 35 years old when I tell

people I'm 40 I'm gonna be 41 this

summer I don't look anywhere near my age

a lot of that has to do with listen I

have jeans and black don't crack and all

that but green juicing is absolutely it

is absolutely the Fountain of Youth that

and HGH now the the only things that you

need to be juicing are green what do

they say carnivorous vegetables kale

spinach broccoli cucumbers celery

collards asparagus

you know mustard greens it maybe throw

in a lemon or lime for taste sometimes

you throw in a little bit of ginger in

the beginning of your again guys stay

away from all fruits in the beginning

stay away from beets carrots or other

sweet vegetables again no sugar guys

carrots and beets are vegetables but

they have a lot of sugar in them people

say well I had my orange pineapple

carrot juice no you're gonna get fat

sweetheart you need to stick the green

juice shut that shit down man it listen

eventually you are going to get used to

it so those are the five things that I

did and like I said I did it in 21 day

cycles I stacked one I actually stacked

one habit on top of another I started

with the body cleanse right I you know I

I started with the body cleanse the very

next day I said okay I'm gonna stop

eating out 21 days later I cut out

almost I cut out my carbs only got my

carbs from green vegetables and cut out

all sugar then I started intermittent

fasting then I started juicing and then

of course you know you do the standard

thing that everybody knows you should do

which just diet and exercise you let you

lift weights do some cardio

that the ketogenic diet or the Paleo

diet some people like to go on the

gluten-free diet whatever diet works

best for you so long as it's low in

simple carbohydrates meaning bread you

know cheesecake cake cookies don't eat

sugar don't eat sugar don't eat carbs

and you're good to go stay with the

kindness stay with the kind of genic

diet so guys those are the things that I

did to go from fat to fit hopefully this

helps you guys out thank you guys for


Donovan's den vol 17 we've got more to

follow in the future thanks for watching


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