How I trained my girlfriend to be who and what she is today (Episode 344)



better-looking women than a man who's a

b-minus at everything get this through

your thick skulls ladies that girls are

gross you don't want to lift weights

because you're lazy just keep it real

you got an abortion because you didn't

want to wreck your body what's up guys

it's your man Donovan sharp and welcome

to the 344 it's edition of TSR Alive

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high value men guys high status men men

in demand call it whatever call it

whatever you want most of the time

they're always fucking more than one

woman some some men are sleeping with

two women some women are sleeping with

three women some even more than that

some men have a runnin harem of I don't

know multiple women five six seven even

more with women coming and going and

again some men have a few chicks that

they're sleeping with at one point

another your your regular harem girls

while this lifestyle is great and I say

this guys I say this all the time this

is something that I have always repeated

it is a recurring theme with me and my

show is that most players most guys who

have lived that player life in an honest

moment they would tell you that know how

no matter how many females no matter no

matter how many women they are bein no

matter how many women they happen to be

sleeping with at that time they'd all

like to have that one woman who is is

and who is his and only his a woman

who's always there for him day and night

takes care of them does what she's told

right she's loyal she's honest

etc etc well of course this is the

fantasized and fabled long-term

relationship or as I like to call it the

main chick now having a main chick

having a woman that you can count on

it elevates a man's life in ways that

most of us are unwilling to admit yes we

can all talk about how women are liars

women can't be trusted women are you

know they make terrible wives and

mothers or how we don't need them etc

etc and those assertions are accurate

but let's not kid ourselves here guys

having that one female that we can count

on or that at least we think we can

count on it elevates our lives guys yes

some of us will have side chicks of

plenty and yes a lot of times this is

necessary for many many reasons that's

another show for another time but it

would be disingenuous for any man to say

that he doesn't want a relationship of

consequence with a woman we all want

relationships and to say otherwise is

lying to ourselves and everyone else so

now begs the question that we've asked

many times and the Justin to show many

times so how do I find a woman worthy of

being my main chick how do I find a

woman worthy of investing more than

sexual intercourse with well I would

refer you to three thirty how to decide

if a woman is worth your time outside of

sex but even then even then guys you

have not found a quality woman it is on

us to turn her into a quality woman lar

movement one of the guys that I do the

brother Phil podcast with on O'Shea Duke

Jackson's vlog channel Tuesdays

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m.

Eastern 4:00 Pacific he calls these

women women of potential quality and I


because again quality women these days

are nowhere to be found and because of

this I will say it again it is on us to

build them it's on us to mold them it's

on us to train them yes I said train

them now as you all know as most of you

guys know I am any I'm currently in a

long-term relationship with a sexy woman

by the name of Devin you guys also know

that she takes great care of me in many

ways she cooks for me

she never denies me sex she's obedient

she does whatever I want

during sex she wears whatever I want all

that's well documented you guys have

seen that now every once in a while when

I post this kind of stuff I'll catch a

few haters that say oh you know Devin's

mentally ill she's not mentally stable

she's mentally ill in a poor attempt to

disqualify my success with her some guys

will say well you wouldn't get away with

that with a black woman to which I would

reply with number one there is no

getting away with molding a woman that

there's no getting away with

quote-unquote when it comes to molding a

woman into what you want and need her to

be and number two this is exactly why I

don't date black women because black

women just aren't here to be molded of

course I've talked about this ad nauseam

I'm not gonna make this a black woman

bashing thing I'm actually going to

address that later an idiot who stepped

into the Lions Den and got his ass ate

is gonna step into the Lions Den again

and I'll give you guys a little I'll

give you guys more detail on that anyway

I catch a bunch of hate from losers but

the haters that I get those guys are the

outliers right like Blissett most guys

give credit where credit is due and they

acknowledge the game now in doing so at

some point a lot of guys ask me will

dude how in the world do you get Devon

to submit to you like this how can I get

my woman to submit like this well that's

what I'm gonna talk about today guys how

I trained Devon my girlfriend to be what

and who she is today now I want you guys

to keep in mind there is a caveat to

this and this is actually something this

is actually something that I've learned

that I need to do

getting your woman to be like mine Devon

okay it really depends upon the degree

to which you in which you engage the

training and of course the degree

depends on the results and again Devon

is incredibly obedient she's incredibly

in commentating because I am incredibly

demanding I'm an extremist man like I am

out there when I lay down the law I lay

down the law now some guys might say

well Donovan you get to emotionally get

to it or you get too emotional though

that's that that's just their way of


applying the fact that I get fired up

getting fired up is not being in your

emotions I'm a fiery guy man I'm a fiery

guy didn't call that emotional all you

want to listen no tears going down my

face anyway

I've recently discovered like I go back

and I listen to my episodes all the time

I you know I go back and I try to find

my verbal tics things I can improve on I

know I say listen a lot I know I say

here's the thing a lot I'm well aware of

this stuff yeah you know you try to work

on it it is what it is

but I've made the mistake of assuming

that everyone can do what I do right now

not that I expect everyone to do what I

do right now but one of the main reasons

why Michael Jordan made a terrible coach

I think he was a player coach at one

time is because Jordan expects everyone

to have his drive to have his passion

okay well not everybody has that and I'm

not saying that you guys don't have my

Drive what I'm saying is that you're not

at the point to where you can do what I

do yet and even if you were you're still

your personality is different your woman

is gonna be a little your woman's gonna

be a listen all women are like that they

all operate the same way they responded

the same verbal and you know physical

stimulus etc etc this is this is just

how they are but men are different from

one man to the other just because I can

do certain things with some women

doesn't necessarily mean that you can to

exactly the same degree and to get

exactly the same results and here's

another thing you guys could get the

results I get without being as Extreme

as ient because you just have different

personalities that's that listen that's

just how it is sometimes

now Devin gets dressed she dresses

slutty every time we fuck if I tell her

to go listen this is what she's wearing

tonight well part of what she's wearing

tonight okay I like em again this is

well documented I like Devin to look a

certain way when I stick my dick in her

she is sexy as hell in slutty clothes

she is but if your woman doesn't do what

Devin does every single time it's it's

you tits probably because it's something

that you are or aren't doing maybe it's

her personality maybe it's the fact that

you have

had that much time in the game but again

it's usually it's usually something very

nuanced something very minor and it

lessens the impact it lessens the degree

you will get there at some point one day

but again you can't do what I do right


and this is why I'm on episode 344 and

it's not your fault it's not her fault

but again you can't expect my results

because you are not me and you don't do

things to the degree that I do them

listen there's what there there are many

more there's many more than one ways to

skin a cat now when you get to the point

to where you can be demanding to at my

degree and do what I do you're gonna get

similar results maybe even a little bit

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October 8th 2018 and gentlemen the 21

convention starts this Thursday October

the 11th of course I will be flying out

I'm gonna be flying from Philly to

Orlando which is the city that the 21

convention is gonna be at I'm gonna

touch down I'm gonna touch down the late

afternoon and then of course I'll be

giving my speech on Sunday October 14th

at 10 o'clock Eastern 7:00 a.m. Pacific

and you know I get a lot I'm getting a

lot of questions from guys hey is the 21

convention going to be streamed is it

gonna be parts of every speech are going

to be streamed to some degree I think if

I'm not mistaken I'm thinking Anthony

will probably update the website and get

and get everybody apprised on this but I

think he's gonna stream anywhere between

10 and 15 minutes of every one speech so

you're not gonna be able to watch the

entire speech from all of the speakers

until he releases them little by little

on his youtube channel but you will be

able to watch some of the speech in that

of course on Monday

October 15th we are going to do three

tapings three episodes of Redman group


guys this I'm gonna tell you what man

this is what I'm really looking for

there are so many things I'm excited

about in terms of the 21 convention I

get to meet all I get to Mitch I get to

meet a lot of my heroes I get to meet a

lot of my red pill heroes I get to meet

some I get to meet a lot of the guys who

have helped to shape and mold me into

what I am today I listen to a lot of

these guys advice I roll out some essays

to read him every day and now the idea

that I'm gonna be speaking at a

convention that he is also speaking at

and that I'm going to be on a live panel

with him it blows my mind then it really

really does so so meeting a lot of these

guys at Alan Rodger Korea can't wait to

meet him and Lattimore I can't wait to

meet that guy he's probably gonna be the

only guy who's my size who's gonna be

there um dude did a hunter drew ten are

good I mean like do Kristen McQueen is

supposed to be there Kristen McQueen was

my fucking hero he and I did he and I

could probably swap Vegas stories for

days so I'm very very much looking

forward to the 21 convention and of

course I get to meet a lot of you guys

there pine Frank is gonna be there Miami

J is gonna be there definitely looking

forward to meeting those guys I could

listen those guys are my friends man

those are my homeboys

but the Redman group alive to me that is

going to be the crown jewel that's gonna

be that is going to be the highlight of

the trip I absolutely cannot wait man I

am so bad I'm so excited man it's gonna

be very difficult for me to to to

maintain I'm not listed I'm not gonna

lie to you guys it's gonna be very it's

gonna be very very cool to see these

guys I'm gonna have to try to tamp down

my at my inner fanboy at least for the

time being like in front of you guys you

don't be mr. fuckin Donovan sharp the

alpha male now I'm not gonna go oh my

god you're my favorite but it's gonna be

very very cool man it's gonna be very

very cool I'm very very excited about

this man three fucking days man three or

four days for me

so the 21 con is it is it is 21

convention week and I could not be more

excited listen man I've spent this

weekend I spent a shit

load of money on Devon I spent a

shitload of money on her hair spent a

shitload of money on her nails

I want our looking her best you know and

listen Devon looks great all the time

but you know I want her to listen your

woman is a reflection of you and that's

part of the reason why I'm doing this

episode so that I can let you guys know

exactly how I got to this point with

Devon and listen I've done similar shows

did they say how to train your woman to

be your main chick but I think when guys

say hey you know what Donovan is going

to tell us what he did what he did to

get to this point with Devon I think

it's I think it's definitely going to I

think it's definitely gonna resonate a

little bit more some I'm very very very

very much looking forward to the to the

21 convention and that that's gonna be

all good man

gonna be very exciting the Eagles have

dropped to two and three we've lost to

the Minnesota Vikings yesterday it was a

close game lost by two

23:21 listen guys I called it I called

it I told you guys listen I'm an Eagles

fan I'm pulling for the Eagles and when

all said and done I said listen if I'm

Allah I want the Eagles to win but if

I'm a betting man I put my money on the

Minnesota Vikings and the Vikings pulled

it out they needed the game more than

the Eagles did they came to play the

Eagles are and again I called this I

called us at the beginning of the season

Eagles are not gonna be the same team

that reeled off what was at 10 or 11 in

a row before Carson Wentz tore his ACL

out in LA they're just not we're in a

Super Bowl hangover guys just aren't as

hungry we had the bet we we probably had

the best offensive line in football the

entire year our offensive line looks

like Swiss cheese Carson Wentz is under

duress all the time now our defense

seems to be our defense seems to be

picking up the slack a little bit but

our offensive line is like I mean listen

we don't need to cut anybody

we got listen man we got Jason Kelsey we

have Jason Peters hall-of-famer we've

got dude lame Johnson who is the wheat

listen we have lame Johnson who is the

best right tackle in football and Jason

Peters who is one of the best left

tackles in football five years ago he

was absolutely the best

going to the Hall of Fame so it's not a

lack of talent at this point it's just

the lack of Drive this is just out as

Super Bowl hangovers are a real thing

this is why it's amazing when teams win

or even go to back-to-back Super Bowls

to keep that hunger to keep that drive

it's amazing the Niners did it back in

the 80s the Cowboys did it back in the

90s the Patriots did it in Oh three and

Oh for when they want Super Bowls 38 and

39 over the page over the Panthers and

eagles respectively and and I think they

went to think they'd been to three Super

Bowls in the last four or five years

they they they they beat the they beat

the Seahawks they yeah they beat the

Seahawks then they turned around and

beat the Falcons then they lost to the

loss to the Eagles it's just it's a it's

it's very very hard to keep that up and

a lot of people have compared the Eagles

to the to the Super Bowl xlviii champion

Seahawks you know young well not young

enough to kind of you know head coach

sort of thinks outside the box you have

a really good quarterback who's on the

cheap and a stout defense and we like

the chert man the Eagles players like

the talk Wayne Johnson is on record

talking a lot of talking a lot of stuff

but um but yeah so listen man I expected

this it listened to be honest with you I

think the Eagles are probably gonna

right the ship if I'm a bettin man will

make the playoffs I think well I think

we'll go to ten and six I think we'll go

ten at 611 and five if we really really

get it together but the Eagles are far

from done no one seems to want to grab

hold of the NFC East at this point the

Giants are a lowly one in four we're

gonna put the nail in there caught we're

gonna put the nail in their coffin this

Thursday night cuz the Giants play the

Eagles on Thursday Night Football the

Cowboys of course also dropped a two and

three and the Redskins are the Redskins

speaking of the giants the giants are

done they're one in four and they made

the right move drafting say Kwan Barclay

you need that Bell cow running back it's

time to move on from Eli they don't they

don't have a very good offensive line

Eli's running for his life he is very

deer in the headlights back there like

it's almost like he has David Carr

syndrome for those of you who don't know


David Carr was the I think it was the

the Houston Texans first overall draft

Nick has an expansion team they picked

David Carr at a Fresno State who was

coached by then I think it was Urban

Meyer wasn't no that was Utah never mind

um David Carr came at a Fresno State

could run could throw yeah he had Tony

bacilli Hall of Fame left tackle who who

who made his money who made a name for

himself in Jacksonville protected Mark

Brunell and the upstart Jaguars but

David Carr I think was sacked more times

in three years than any other

quarterback ever he was never the same

well Lea why many as 37 years old he's

running for his life he's getting hit

he's getting dropped he's done so the

Giants no one's gonna throw games in the

NFL too many people involved but the

worst thing for the Giants would be to

go eight and eight and have like the

15th pick in the draft no no the Giants

need to go one in 15 two and fourteen

three and thirteen five and eleven so

they can hide so they can get a high

draft pick and draft Eli Manning's

replacement that is exactly what they

need to do the bangles are for real guys

they beat Miami Jays Miami Dolphins

yesterday they are four and one the

Atlanta Falcons are done listen they've

got a high-powered offense but they've

got way too many way too many injuries

on defense for sure so the Atlanta

Falcons are done guys it listen it's

time for a change in Dallas listen

obviously I'm not a Cowboys fan I know

Jonathan from modern life dating is is a

big-time Cowboys fan I'm glad the

Cowboys suck but it's time for a change

it's time to get Jason Garrett outta

there you probably need to start looking

at another quarterback

listen dak Prescott is a good

quarterback but his ceiling is not as

high as we thought it was there was this

hole who's better debt Prescott or

Carson Wentz its Carson Wentz and yeah

I'm probably a little bit biased but if

you ask people who don't give a shit one

way or the other if you asked Vikings

fans if you asked Cleveland Browns fans

if you asked fans outside of Dallas in

Philadelphia who is the better

quarterback dak Prescott Carson Wentz

the conversation is over

Carson Wentz was your MVP last season

before he went down and tore his ACL in

listen dak Prescott went 13 and 3 okay

yeah he was in he played an integral and

trig role an integral role in that but

he had a great offensive line he had a

zekiel Eliot he had he had a number one

receiver Dez Bryant it was all there for


deck brass dak Prescott is not a bad

quarterback but he's not really a very

good one either he is above average at

best that's just how this is Mason

Crosby kicker for the Green Bay Packers

missed four field goals and an extra

point that was unbelievable

I could not guys I could not believe

what I was seeing like I was watching it

was funny I was watching the I was

watching the red zone channel waiting

for the waiting for the Eagles game to

come on because the Eagles played the

late game yesterday

and every time they would show the

Packers and the Lions Mason Crosby was

missing he missed four field goals at an

extra point he literally cost the

Packers that game so four field goals

that's 12 points that's 12 points and so

he cost the Packers 13 points and Mason

Crosby man he's a Pro Bowl kicker

I mean he's not he's not mr. automatic

but he used to be but this dude missed

four field goals yesterday that was

unbelievable unbelievable man so those

are your around the NFL stories of

course the big story over the weekend

was what happened on Saturday night

Conor McGregor vs. khabib nurmagomedov

or an Erma gamma Norma gamma doff

however you pronounce it so could be he

won the fight he won the match as I

expected he won but you know by a fourth

round submission but after he won the

fight okay khabib jumped over he jumped

out of the Octagon okay he jumps out of

the Octagon and got and gotten a fight

with Dylan dannis who is a Bellator

welterweight who was also conor

mcgregor's jiu-jitsu coach then two

dudes from from khabib scamp allegedly

they jumped into the Octagon and started

punching at McGregor who was still who

was still recovering from the fight now

I didn't watch the fight it

isn't really worth it for me to watch

the flight because because I kind of

knew I kind of knew that kabhi was gonna

win but dude that was unbelievable now

of course people were arrested and Conor

McGregor rightful he's not gonna press

charges he's not a woman he can't listen

man he's a fighter he's not gonna do

that it just doesn't make any sense for

him you know I'm gonna prove Sturgis

blah blah blah blah blah and who gives a


but that would dude that was absolutely

crazy that was absolutely unbelievable

man I remember one boxing match I

watched I forget who it was but a dude

sucker-punched him just sucker-punched

him after the match he lost the match

had his gloves off and cracked this dude

right in the fucking jaw and of course

he was arrested for assault with a

deadly weapon so that was something man

what like when I heard about it dude

like my text machine was blown oh my god

you got to be watching the studded I was

like dude I didn't pay for the fighters

I'll just hear about it I'll just hear

about it so khabib is stripped to the

title uh he got he got the belt he got

his title belt stripped Dana white is

gonna take the appropriate measures I

don't know maybe there'll be a rematch

maybe there won't be but dude you got to

stay in pocket man

you can't like it like what are you

doing like you wouldn't match and then

they're gonna go get in a fight with one

of his get out of here come on that was

God that was ridiculous khabib screwed

the pooch they screwed the pooch on that

and finally Brett Kavanaugh appears to

have been confirmed for the Supreme

Court you know you know a hundred people

voted and he got in by a count of 52 to

48 all but one Republican voted yes all

but one Democrat voted no that was that

to me was very interesting so he had one

Republican to censor and one Democrat

dissenter so it looks like Brett

Kavanaugh is going to be the the newest

Supreme Court justice for the United

States Supreme Court so so yeah the

social justice warriors are gonna take

the loss on that one of course he had

the protesters yeah listen man

protesting never change in any men

protesting never change anything of

course Donald Trump I think was the last

week or so they caught him like outside

of the outside of the helicopter hey

it's a dangerous time for young men

all it takes as an accusation guys we've

known this for years like guys in this

sector of the sphere we have talked

about this for years years and finally

finally they bit off a lot more than

they could chew they went after they

went after uh they went after the

biggest fish they could find with the

least amount of evidence and it just

didn't stick it didn't stick nobody

believes that whatever the hell her name


was sexually assaulted by Brett

Cavanaugh nobody believes that it was

all 100% lies I don't give a shit it's

it's over and done with and again I

listen I'll admit where I'm wrong the

two people who have told me over the

last six months that hey Donovan the

tide is starting to change right like

the target the tide is starting to

change social justice wears is gonna

start losing our Donathan from modern

life dating he's told me this for months

and Devin and I didn't believe either

one of them but now we have this Brett

Kavanaugh thing now the NFL doesn't do

the breast cancer awareness month now

they are including all of the cancers

remember listen I think it was as

recently as two three years ago for the

last ten years

NFL players wore pink gear the entire

month of October breast cancer breast

cancer breast cancer it wasn't about

breast cancer was about women

well again the tide is starting to

change yes breast cancer affects women

what we just want to raise awareness

trust us trust us we are aware we know

breast cancer kills women prostate

cancer also kills men so the NFL has

wisely decided to include all that

encompasses cancer so instead of

worrying about what affects women we're

gonna talk about what affects everybody

so it's good to see that D that the tide

is starting to change

listen it's never gonna completely go

away at least not in my lifetime but it

is good to see that progress is

definitely being made if you would like

to chime in about how I trained Devin to

be who and what she is today give me a

call nine one four to a five five three

five six even if you have an unrelated

question about girls game relationships

sex or anything red pill related you

guys can hit me too

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course you guys know I am streaming this

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well as Twitter so you guys also have

the opportunity to chat in as well or

Det swabby on the Facebook side says

enjoy have a funeral funeral to go to on

October 14th hopefully everything is

okay with or dead Swati

shoutout to Winston wolf in the house

Dre the great James Martinez says what

if I don't want your results I want to

take it I want to take your advice and

knowledge to get my own results for

example I don't like lingerie I like

heels only I think the result is the

result is the same just a different path

yeah James Martinez at 100

that correct men 1000% correct

listen great comment there because

listen we all have different things that

turn us on in the bedroom and I mean

we're all different we all have

different visual stimuli I like for

Devin to look like a porn star I like

her to look like a stripper well I used

to be addicted to porn I saw a lot of

shit that I liked in porn I bang more

strippers then I am

I've been where strippers that I'm

willing to admit well guess what a lot

of them had the physical traits that I

liked so I make Devin look like

something of a cross between a stripper

and a porn star she gets the nice slinky

tan lines I make her wear heels and

hoops and you know lipstick and thongs

and you know all sorts of slinky

whatever that's what turns me on James

Martinez is more of a just straight

heels like a bitch just come in just

you're naked at meals let's do it

totally agree totally agree AIDS it's

been a while since I've done just that

hoops and heels only with Devin I might

actually actually think about doing that

I might actually do it tonight we'll see

but good comment there by James Martinez

listen if you're into the schoolgirl

look make her just like a schoolgirl if

you're into the BDSM whips chains

you know whatever do you James Martinez

also asks this is a very good question

I've actually thought about that would

you say it is her coming-out party as

people are going to take pictures and

post on line this is not Devin's

coming-out party yet listen man Devin

Devin is gonna be with me if people want

to you know you know people want to post

pictures online that's fine there's no

way anyone is ever gonna find out who

she is or where she's from or anything

like that I'm not I'm not worried about


and the guys that are gonna be at the 21

convention are gonna be very respectful

they're gonna be there they're going to

be very respectful but I'm not worried

about I'm not worried about Devin's

visit the only thing listen the only

thing that people know about Devin is

Devin really is her first name number

one in number do you know what her ass

and tits look like or at least dressed

up in slutty clothes but no I'm not I'm

not worried about that not worried about

that at all shout out to Rob Cruz with

the reggae show

ny Kia 31 says I think the Eagles will

figure this out the good thing is that

the division is terrible yeah yeah it

right now it's the NFC least it is the

NFC least Jake the great says Patriots

yeah listen the Patriots are the

Patriots you know listen I mean listen

they they they got to contend with the

Miami Dolphins but the Patriots are

better than the they're better than the

Dolphins I think that was I think that I

think that's obvious tre the great says

UFC 229 was epic absolutely Rob cruise

says the co-main event was better again

I didn't watch it I didn't watch it I

wasn't I wasn't really interested I was

definitely gonna follow and see who won

and who didn't but but yeah yeah well

we'll see what happened tre the great

says yep Tony Ferguson is a savage

favorite fighter

Harry Perez says nah we are not done the

kicked a 63-yard field goal yeah the

Giants are done dude like I get it like

you know you're a Giants fan you don't

want to say you're done but you're done


and I wasn't man maybe they can rescue

their season by beating the Eagles on

Thursday night this is a must-win game

for both teams it's a must-win game for

the Eagles it is definitely a must-win

game for the Giants even if the even if

the Giants beat the Eagles I mean listen

they'll both be two and four at that

point but the Eagles are the better team

moving forward the Giants are done

Vincent Thomas wants to know about the

Jaguars on the Twitter side yeah listen

the jet now the Jaguars lost to probably

the best team in the AFC in the Kansas

City Chiefs

but yeah the Jags are gonna be there in

the end for sure for sure our mondo

moreno says my Oakland Raiders suck yeah

yeah and area code 702 I see you in

there I'm gonna get you just a second

James Martinez says the Giants should

have drafted Donald Falcons need to be

more aggressive and shreads and free

agency they have management from the

Patriots and have in their mentality

next man up doesn't work when you have

okay that that wasn't good yeah I

understand I understand you're saying

they're very good right no you're right

no man for the next man up totally agree

totally agree there's a new Jaeger

sessio Donovan today's topic was

literally the one I hope for after last

week's episode mind reader nursing a

girl of what episode was that what

episode was that if you if you would let

me know cuz my memory is not really it's

not really serving me during the great

said Connor look Connor looks sloppy and

gassed out quick again I I likened this

particular matchup to the movie Rocky 3

at the beginning of Rocky 3 it shows all

the Rocky's start with the last fight

and so the beginning of Rocky 3 shows

the epic fifteenth round between Rocky

Balboa and Apollo Creed rocky hits

Apollo with a left they both go down and

rocky stands up one second before Apollo

and he wins the heavyweight title well

the beginning of now it's the beat now

he's the heavyweight champion in the

world and Mick is set he's making sure

that rocky stays champion for as long as

possible so he's not really fighting

guys who have that hunger that I had the

tiger because Mickey understood that

rocky was becoming civilized he told him

so well he ran up on mr. t who

absolutely destroyed him Mick of course

dies after the fight rocky starts to

question himself but Rocky was not as

hungry when he wasn't as hungry in Rocky

3 because he had everything he was a

millionaire you know I just got married

you know he had a you know a brand-new

baby like life had changed what Conor

McGregor made generational wealth off of

that Mayweather fight and good for him

but when you are already satiated you're

just not gonna be as hungry Conor

McGregor probably didn't put as much

work in into the conditioning he

probably didn't train his heart he

probably doesn't he probably doesn't

even realize that he didn't train as

hard as he normally does and this is

probably why he was gassed up listen up

probably find the fight somewhere on

YouTube and and check that out

definitely tre the great says sjw's took

the big al absolutely

there's a nigger says NFL in pink gear

the medium is them is in the message

strike two not as many guys that were in

pink gear Carson ones unfortunately were

the paint cleats but whatever whatever

Carson Wentz also wears a wedding ring

on the football field which isn't

something that I that I agree with but

whatever man keep throwing touchdown

passes s a six five four six says how to

convince a girl something

it's pre-recorded never engages with

comments see yeah whatever I need

someone to filter my text for okay all

right all right

yes sir opposite says the NFL up the

cancer thing to all cancer not just

breast cancer yeah yeah this is their

again this is them adjusting to the

market listen man ESPN and other social

justice warrior type sports networks

insulted our intelligence know the

ratings aren't down because we're

pandering to women the ratings are down

because it's an election year

there are other factors involved more

people watching in a meadow the ratings

were down because you guys kept

pandering to women that's just all there

is to it like guys and again you can't

be a successful sports network if you

continue to alienate and demonize your

base fan base every time you turn on

ESPN men are bad men are Anette men are

you know men are walking rapists bla bla

like you can't expect you can't expect

to continue with the good ratings if you

continue to berate your audience and the

NFL seems to have figured that out

Mark Gordon says good afternoon Donovan

catching your show from Dublin Ireland

all right good stuff of worldwide Jack

Napier says he likes stockings you know

I actually do have thigh highs for Devin

um but her legs are so dude Devin's legs

are so hot she has oh my god she has

sexy fucking legs I just do not I do not

like covering those up hairy Perez says

she's freaking hot yes she is

I cannot wait to fuck her later on Chase

LeBeau says the Eagles are better than

the Falcons and maybe but not by much

Ben flavahz awarenesses Donovan do you

get cursed by black chicks a lot for not

fucking with them yeah go and watch

a few of the brother pill episodes on

O'Shea Duke Jackson's vlog channel

you'll quickly get you'll quickly get

the answer to your question nurse and

Jaeger says it was the sexual market

value versus the relationship market

value question okay bear up that was the

episode that got him thinking about how

I trained Devon yes freelance Ronan says

clubber Lang was hungry in Rocky III

hell yeah he was you all saw him like

the beginning montage is like I walked

bet he's looking right at Mick he's like

I want Balboa and Mick is in the

audience is looking scared to death and

I remember Balboa what inlaying actually

goaded rock like they released the

statue and oh you know rocky you're the


and mr. t shows up and is like yo don't

give him a statue

give him guts and Rocky's like yeah

whatever I'm the champ you're not then

clubber then clubber goes after Asia he

says ladies like hey woman he's like up

you know I bet she go to bed thinking

about a real man let's come to my

apartment and I'll show you what a real

man is all about in Adrienne being

feminine looked offended she's like oh

my god I can't believe this guy is

hitting on me in front of all these

people well rocky at that point says

okay yeah that's all I needed to hear

I'll fight you anywhere anytime so Rocky

and Mick are sitting down and Rocky's

like yo why can't like why do you out

want to take this fight rocky didn't

understand like this and we've won a

bunch of fights we'll do it again and

Mickey doesn't because you can't win


he'll kill you to death inside of three

rounds and Rocky's like Wyatt why do you

think this he says because he says you

became civilized you're not hungry


you've been like you ever since you won

that belt you're a different fighter

that's what that was a very very good

lesson to learn from Rocky three and by

the way Rocky four is the best of the

Rockies and on Thanksgiving me and Devin

are going to the Poconos we're gonna

rent the cabin in the Pocono Mountains

for Thanksgiving it's gonna be wonderful

and and magical but we are gonna hit a

theater and see Creed too cuz I am Here

I am here for Ivan Drago I listen and I

don't maybe get off topic here guys but

I watch the latest trailer for Creed 2

and it looks good they've got the music

and everything but the one thing that

made my fucking hair stand up on the

back of my head is in the ring before

Adonis Creed is about to fight Victor

Drago Ivan Drago

Rocky Balboa are in the ring together

and the exchange looks like oh my god I

can't believe this dude I went and saw

this movie when I was a fourth grader

was nine years old and Ivan Drago was

the scariest thing I've ever seen in my

life was unbelievable so here we are

years later I get to see that again

that's just me being a fanboy anyway

anyway Rob Cruz says no way you can take

two years off and beat a guy like khabib

deforestation says a Donovan first time

in the live chat sweet studio happy I'm

now a patreon motivates me to get my

shit together appreciate that man thank

you I love hearing from you guys man I

love hearing from you guys and letting

me know how my work helps you guys out I

actually got called I actually got

called out on the air by a woman and I

had to concede now this was on the

brother pill podcast but she said yeah

we men need to start caring for women

and we need they need to start being

more altruistic

and I said well listen sweetheart I'm

not worried about anyone but Donovan

shard like I'm a selfish son of a bitch

I do me for me I'm not trying to help

everybody anybody she says well you help

people with what you do okay yeah you

got me checkmate so that was funny

Jack Napier wants to know how tall Devon

is she is five six five six Shawn this

varriya says how hard was the training

Don how long the training never ends

number one but it took me 18 months it

took 18 months to get Devin to the point

to where I felt like she was worth

taking a chance on so it took me a year

and a half for me to get to the point

where I can say okay you know what I am

going to commit to Devin I'm gonna push

most of my chips to the middle of the

table and so yeah the training was hard

and it was arduous and there were many

many pitfalls a lot of yelling a lot of

crying but eventually she got there she

stayed the course

she stayed the course Irish Bateman says

yet same story Connor got swallowed up

by a Hollywood Harry Perez says rocky

went soft prior to that though totally


Ronnie Brooks as Drago was the shit dude

when I go to the movie theater um listen

I'm getting an Ivan Drago t-shirt that's

him you know I must break you all I'm

here for it I'm here for it Jack Napier

says Rocky 2 is better than four come on

hmm listen man like they're all they're

all great they're all great but rocky

dude rocky rocky four was at the height

of the Cold War I don't know if listen

man I'm a I'm a I'm a product of the 80s

and in the 1980s it was the Cold War it

was Ronald Reagan versus Mikhail

Gorbachev and all of the Nintendo games

the final opponent was always Russia

super dodgeball super spike volleyball

and then rocky 4 comes along and now

it's America versus Russia east meets


rocky defeats drug it was great it was

great James Martinez says Rocky 3 is the

best one here are some nerds in tears as

opposed to break you must break you

Dolph Lundgren had he had four or I

think he spoke four words in that movie

God that was great that was a great no

that was a great great movie nine one

four two oh five five three five six let

me quit running my mouth about the about

Rocky and get to what's going on here

area code 702 thanks for holding you're

on live with donovan good yessir

oh my man in Vegas what's up brother in

the corners in the corners we're talking

tonight yes no no listen check this out

he said listen he said that listen this

is a bad Russian accent he said no suit

euro yo super

yes yeah that was awesome he's like dude

fuck dude funky Russians I fight for me

motherfuckers but then but then remember

when he beats Drago he says I cannot be

defeated I defeat all bad dude that was

great dude Drago's the greatest rock

email on ever it was wonderful bad man

you know what see it's so funny because

everybody all the Rockies are great at

keeping a file tell you what the Rocky

what rocky what Rocky five taught I

think listen rocky five was I think

that's probably the worst when a lot of

people think that the last one was the

worst one this was when he fought Mason

the line Dixon played by Antonio Tarver

the only man to really own Roy Jones jr.

in real life

I remember what rocky 5 taught us was

about who Don King really was because

George the Duke whatever his name was

Tommy's manager at that point in time I

mean he was supposed to be I guess the

human embodiment of who Don King really

was and we found out that there is a CD

under remember he has he has Union cane

in the car and again I have this eidetic

memory I remember all this stuff but

Union cane was talking about I need to

get a title fight well guess what Tommy

Gunn was the great white hope and I'll

never forget this I think I was the

first time I saw this I was like in the

seventh or eighth grade cuz Rocky 5 came

out in 1990 and I remembered I remember

the Duke points at Union keys like he'll

flight who I tell you how I tell you and

I was like wait what like you actually

tell fighters to Dave dives like I

didn't get it like that was the very

first time I was like oh shit well yeah

all he's act all of these accusations

against Don King maybe they're true but

yeah rocky fight was horrible it was bad

man it's the only Rocky I've ever seen

like I'm Sicilian it's the only rock

you've ever seen I don't I've probably

seen it maybe twice I've watched rocky

for probably five

my life I remember every line of that

movie Rocky 5-1 did it to say I watched

it because halfway through I was like

this isn't over yet man it was bad that

was really nice but also the one with

the one with making the line didn't know

it wasn't it wasn't it wasn't bad you

know the interesting thing was the

dichotomy of rocky wasn't really about

the fighting it was kind of about the

story so from Rocky

the first rocky to the last rocky it's

interesting he I think he actually lost

more fight on-screen to anyone because

he lost to Apollo in number one so

that's so that's Owen one he beats

Apollo in number two he loses to T in

broad three then he beats him he wins

against Ivan Drago so now he's three and

two but then he ends up losing to Mason

Dixon in part six so in the sixth you

know well of course he beats Tommy Gunn

but that's not sanctioned and neither

was the fight against Drago they didn't

sanction that fight because they thought

he would die ba ba ba ba ba

but Rocky's record in all of the Rockies

was three and three yet we all you know

again we all revere rocky good thank you

thank you you know oh yeah absolutely

you know about again guys you know doing

this you know yeah we have each like we

just set so we reach a plateau

someone's going beyond or they just you

know you get tired I think with ice has

to realize that the grind


right right some guys do not want to I'm

fairly young but what but I realized

that it's the grind never stops you have

to work with running tractors wait for

the grind not too late but not them I

think what we all need a rest lever sure

it came out Fatima I cannot to keep

grinding I have to keep grinding I have

to be more money it's pretty dismissed

to me it's like I made pieces of them

that I may be alone for the rest of my

life right right right yes you know if I

can't find the right one to syriza like

sure crying never said what that means

is in the meantime I've got acute

listening ways there is no keep reading

I got the TV you're saying I gotta keep

making more money and I keep living

better myself

I gotta keep improving myself school

stuff there's no reason to look you know

I kind of feel like you we're gonna

politically economically okay

you know know where I'm gonna find a

wife that's gone right yeah when it's

like no if you move legit if you keep

thinking like don't dream man I'm trying

to tell you my dream do not drink you're

saying every day it's a grind every day

you do get her to thank you gotta be

right but Russell I like what you say mm

where it's like it's not about the pussy

man to put the bottom there you go

that's right that's right and it takes a

while for guys to figure that out

because listen pussy is great

see is usually the main reason we find

the red pill but when you get deep into

it I would say year one - possibly even

three like the light bulb goes off in

your head you're like oh wait a minute

the reason why these guys get so much

pussy thrown at them is because they're

not chasing pussy all the time it takes

a while to figure that out

oh right right in the thing it's great

story it was uh I realized it was like

so I'm networking and nightlife and you

know I'm doing my job you know I'm

sitting there and I'll never forget to

stop walking toward because he really

gave the club

Thomas shit yeah I'm sitting here yeah

yeah yeah so it was crazy because I got

it tailored suit on


this is to be apart from my you know

talking my co-workers and say I have

been working out working out crazy for

so you know my face was like this was on

point my frequencies at one point I had

to knock or you know the recommendations

from candles they're saying I bet

everything on and it's crazy morning and

I was like what you know what though of

course there's people inside this love

you guys but I said you know what that's


there's more there's more young got to

stay hungry and the last thing I'll say

I'll jump well I'll say this

verse 22 going back to your episode I

remember my three witnesses my three

weaknesses Donovan was we video games

and cool

that was my try to hold Wow right see

how that works of smoke we play the

video games like a child agreements how

much for it's all right it could be

worse like saying you know you have a

heroine or something but don't you mind

your saying to my three vices and I grow

out of those and which I grow five years

I don't we write video games as I don't

watch porn and it's one of those things

where you have to be self-aware and

always constantly yes I it's always

looking for the alternate yep always

looking for awkward yeah she's not busy

alright orishas or CH o it never it

never marry we're going out little like

excellent excellent quality

it never stops that's right that's right

I'm totally agree thanks for the call

man and thank you very much for the

testimonial again Colin anytime man

thanks for thanks for calling in yeah he

makes he makes a very again he makes a

really really good point we all have our

vices and we have to recognize what

those vices are because if we don't and

some guys know they have vices they just

don't have any interest in letting them


my vite dude my vice the last six old

did the last three-and-a-half years my

vices were women

cocaine women and cocaine man and it was

great dude I had dude I had the greatest

three and a half year run of the hottest

looking women the highest grade cocaine

that anyone anyone could ever imagine

but toward the worked toward the end I

recognize that this could really become

a problem and there are some other

things going on in my life I was going

through a transitional period at that

point in time and I've told this story

before I would

doot-doot I would do blow every weekend

I'd get a couple of eight balls on

Friday that would last me all the way

all the way to all that with Friday

night and Saturday night we'd stay awake

do whatever girls this and that and the

other go out and holler at chicks paint

the you know you know holler girls on

the Vegas trip whatever pickup game is

net then I'd sleep it off on Sunday then

I'd get up and go back to my grind on

Monday right well there was one weekend

where I did it on Friday and Saturday I

said you know what I'm gonna get one

more eight ball for Sunday right did the

entire eight ball that day then I then I

did it again on Monday then Tuesday then

Wednesday on Thursday when I finally

woke up the first thing I thought of it

I picked up my phone and I'm getting

ready to I'm get ready to text my dealer

I'm he already text my guy and I said

yep this is gonna be a problem this is

gonna be a problem and I saw the writing

on the wall this was the beginning so I

had to recognize I had to recognize very

very quickly that hey you know what it's

time for me to get a hold of this good

testimonial there by your boy all right

let's quit running our mouth about

cocaine and rocky and talk about how I

trained Devon how I trained my girl to

be who and what she is today now there

are a few elements that have to be in

place in order for there are three

elements that had to be in place for me

to get to where I am with Devon right

now listen number one my value has to be

high okay no I'm not six I'm not six

foot four inches tall I'm not a you know

I'm not a millionaire I don't have movie

star looks I don't have three percent

body fed I don't have washboard abs I

don't have an 11 inch I don't have an 11

inch dick but you can't be an

out-of-shape slob with no game who lives

with his mother and is undisciplined

financially okay the reason why Evan

followed my lead okay is because my

value was already there okay

I wasn't listen I was enlisted on a

great shape obviously she knew that she

knew that I had exercised financial


she knew what was up right and of course

she knew that I knew how to handle women

so that was the first thing that had to

be in places that might value had to be

high she knew I'd met boots she knew I

was in in the real estate I was in the I

was into real estate she knew I wasn't

Brooke she knew she knew who I was she

knew I was donovan sharp so she already

knew I had value number two she has to

trust you Devin trusted me and when I

say a woman has to trust you this isn't

in the way you're thinking in terms of

trusting you not to cheat or trust you

not to run around no if your value is

high enough show learn show learn to

live with the fact that you may have a

side chick or two she doesn't want to

know about it don't throw it in her face

or get caught but again women who have

made that choice to be with a high-value

guy knows that that doesn't just come

for free she knows that she is not gonna

be the only woman who recognizes who and

what I am now the trust that I'm

referring to is her trusting that you're

gonna lead her down the right path okay

she has to understand Devin understands

very clearly that I know how to handle

women that I have a son listen I am a

solid handle on my life she knows I have

goals she knows I'm working on projects

and she knows that my word is final if

Devin didn't believe in what I was doing

or what I was saying or the things that

I instructed her to do that will benefit

if she didn't know that what I was

telling her was gonna benefit a

potential relationship with me okay

or to make her a better woman she would

have checked out a long time ago I had

to show her that she could trust me I

told her to do certain things and if she

didn't trust my judgment I would not be

able to train her to do what she is now

so she's got to be able to trust you

number three the third element that has

to be in place guys this cannot be

understated she's got a want to submit

to you guys she has to want to be listen

being dominant in your dealings with

women is necessary but when push comes

to shove a woman isn't gonna do anything

she doesn't want to do okay listen you

can instruct her you can give her

commands and so forth but if a female

does not

have the desire to submit to you if she

doesn't want to surrender to you she

ain't going to this is why the first two

elements are important women completely

and wholly surrender to men that are

high value that they trust if you're an


she's not gonna bend to your will Devon

knew my value was high and she knew she

could trust me she was at a point in her

life to where she was ready for

something different at that point now of

course she told me that I never believed

women women when they tell me that I'll

never forget I said no you're not like

you're not looking for change at this

point like you're not really looking for

that and I told you listen I'm gonna put

you I've told her I was like you listen

I'm gonna put you through some training

you're not gonna get through it you

can't do it she proved me she proved me

to be wrong so those are the three

things that those are the three things

that must be in place

high-value she's got to trust you and

she has to want to submit the desire to

submit so now that we have our

foundation laid shout out to freelance

Ronan with the $5 donation via the

stream ford slash donovan sharp

and the number one appreciate that man

freelance runner with a $5 donation I

appreciate that if you guys want to

donate to the show if you guys want to


I don't do super chet and I probably

will never be approved for superjet go

to WWE my labs comm ford slash donovan

sharp and the number one that's lead guys I'm going

to talk to you guys about the techniques

that I use to groom Devon into what she

is today these are the techniques that I

did myself I'm not I'm not giving you

theories I'm not telling you what

somebody else told me no no this is what

I did now this list this is heavier and

this is heavy and invasive training and

I want you to keep in mind guys before

you get your hopes up me like ooh I'm

gonna learn how

I'm gonna learn how to have my own Devon

understand most of today's women will

not bend to this level of dominance and

training guys the vast majority of women

that I've done this with with the

training they don't cut it for some

reason or another or they don't want to

do it

that's perfectly okay but the ones who

do get through they end up becoming

viable options for being my main chick

Devon happened to do it the best

listen Westra culture has ruined women

for good but but again if you stay the

course and you display an uncompromising

conviction in your demands your girl is

going to take to it so long as

everything is in place listen some

things you have to understand you can't

control your hunt you can't cut you can

only control things you can control

there gonna be other mitigating factors

that you cannot control you have to

learn to recognize those now what you

guys to understand or now that you guys

understand what's necessary as far as

what I had to do on my end okay and as

far as Devon wanting to be trained and

willing to submit I'm gonna go ahead and

get into the nuts and bolts as far as

what I did to actually train her what I

did to change her habits and it changed

her hat her change her habits and

mentality to become what she is today if

you were listening on soundcloud and you

want to know what I did to train Devon

to become who and what she is today head

on over to donovan sharp calm or forward slash donovan sharp

again if you're listening on soundcloud

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Devon to become who and what she is

today head on over to donovan sharp calm

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Facebook and Twitter audiences come on

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Donovan sharp to watch the rest of the

show let me go ahead and do this here I

come on there we go excellent a little

bit of it away there okay perfect it's

perfect all right let's get into it guys

and again if you have any questions

suggestions what-have-you 9 1 4 2 O 5 5

3 5 6 is the number to call if you

wanted clarification the first thing I

did with Devin as I made her check in

regularly okay when I first started

seeing Devin I made her check in every

half hour every half an hour every 30

minutes dude she sent me selfies

sometimes she would send me sometimes

I'd send her a designated code word that

I would give her at the top and at the

bottom of every hour now the reason I

did this simple I needed to know where

she was and what she was doing a lot of

guys wrongfully assume well if she's at

work if she says she's at work she's at

work she has a job she's got a

nine-to-five I know where she's at 95

you don't know what the fuck you're well

you don't know what the fuck let me get

up to between work hours do women go out

and get

fucked at lunch they do the one-state

fuck did I fuck many many wives and

girlfriends on their lunch break

many many many and this of course is why

I required Evan to check in every half

an hour she never flinched she was

totally happy to do it

it was so funny Devin took to this

training so willingly and so quickly I

almost thought that it was too good to

be true

listen yeah listen she stumbled every

now and again I'm not gonna say we

didn't have our issues but she took to

it man and she stayed with it and dude

this is usually where women check out

every half an hour what the fuck like I

got other shit I got to be doing ok well

I guess you don't want this bad enough

now I've done with like I said listen

I've done this with a lot of women guys

some take to it some don't but the ones

that do understand the ones that do do

this they understand why I require this

and because I've laid the groundwork

properly again those three elements that

I talked about at the top of the show

they usually don't have a problem with

this if they want to be your main chick

if they want to be your woman Devin very

badly wanted to be my woman so she never

problem it females know that a man of

value who has any doubts as to her

whereabouts and what she may or may not

be doing she knows she'll be out of the

running quickly

Devin again Devin knew very very early

on that this dude this was all about

trust if you tell me you're at work

prove it I'm not listen man I'm not here

for the well I had no no no no no no

uh-huh very little margin for error a

second thing that I did with Devin that

I would suggest that you do objectify

her yes objectify your woman this is

what this this is what they want men

today get excited and this is sad it is

so sad that men get excited at the

prospects of their wives or girlfriends

wearing a lingerie once every six months

who a get birthday sex tonight she's

gonna wear the red ones with the snaps

they thought that the mouse and they you

know they brag to their coworker

Kim might wear heels tonight ooh I saw a

pink pair I saw a pink thong in there

that she's been hanging on to no she

wears that pink thong for Kevin in sales

but tonight she's gonna wear it for you

because it happens to be your birthday

whoo it's all these men obviously have

zero game and accepting the fact that

they're women won't release their inner

sluts for them it really only makes

things worse women want to be

objectified it is what they live for

they want to see you drool at the sight

of looking at them like a piece of meat

females want to be desired far more than

they want to be loved Gemma

teller-morrow you can find her on Sons

of Anarchy played by katey sagal who

used to be Peggy Bundy on married with

children was having a conversation with

this girl and I forget how the

conversation went but she dropped red

hill knowledge she says women don't want

to be loved sweetheart they want to be

desired and she's a hundred percent

right women want to be desired far more

than they want to be loved otherwise

they wouldn't there wouldn't be

Instagram hoes there wouldn't be

Facebook sluts that's how this goes to

make her feel desired guess what make

her wear slutty clothes every night make

her wear slutty heels make her wear

slutty lingerie make her wear slutty

panties slutty thongs turn her into a

slut James Martinez again says hey

listen I just like the heels listen make

her look like make her look exactly the

way you want her to look gentleman this

needs to be a regular thing this was

part of the training she needs to

understand that if she's gonna be your

girl then she is required to make

herself as desirable as possible as

often as possible and on command if you

tell her listen you're wearing the

stripper heels the tube top and the

thongs tonight her response needs to be

yes sir go to Mike listen go to my go to

my go to my social media feeds guys go

to my social media feeds and you will

see where I give Devin's as specific

instructions I'll lay out our outfit

I'll say you're gonna wear this this and


gonna shower at this time you're gonna

wear the red lipstick you're gonna wear

the red hoops whatever the case may be

her response is yes sir as a supplement

to this technique and this again

constitutes as next level game make her

send you nudes on the regular maker

sends you pictures of her ass

make her send you pussy pictures make

her send you pictures of her tits

throughout the day hey go to the

bathroom and send me a picture of your

tits I want to see her tits right now

drill into her skull that she exists to

satisfy you visually and sexually and

that any insubordination will result in

the end of her training and subsequently

your relationship potential with her was

you can still fuck her but you listen

you you exist for my pleasure this is

what I did with Devin I made her send me

I made her send me pussy pictures

pictures of her tits ass all day every

day go to the bath I want to see your

pussy go to bathroom I want to see your

ass send me a picture of your tits she

did it every time she did it every time

and then later on in the evening I would

give her as things progressed I gave her

assignments you're gonna wear this this

and that and I want you pictures of you

posing like this this and that then a

few weeks later I said okay now you're

gonna do pictures and you're gonna send

me videos you're gonna stand up against

the wall you're gonna wear you we're

gonna wear these slutty heels listen

these heels right here or the very heels

that you performed a lot of these videos

in straight up and down them straight up

and down I'd say you're gonna do you're

gonna do three videos tonight you're

gonna dance to this song this song and

that song here's what you're gonna wear

for each song you get her used to being

objectified by you you get her used to

being an object women love to be the

object of desire they want you to what

to fuck her that's what she wants that's

what she needs

there is no doubt in Devon's mind that I

love fucking her there's no doubt part

of the reason is because I made

do these things the reason she knows

this turns me on is because I trained

her to believe that 10 pictures 10

pictures 4 videos they're due by 7


do it there are nights that she didn't

want to do it guess what she did it


objectify her number 3 this one just

goes to regular this is just regular

game here voice your expectations guys

tell her what you want most men in

relationships today are scared to death

at the prospect of telling a woman what

to do and what he expects from her guys

this approach is completely wrong

because women want to know that a man

has the balls to tell her what he

expects secondly a woman yearns for a

man who has no qualms with verbalizing

his expectations guys listen man how is

he supposed to know how to keep you

around if you don't tell her listen guys

women have razor-sharp instincts and

they are more than a depth at

anticipating a man's needs but women

ain't mind reader's guys that's just all

there is to it they're not gonna read

your mind so it is on you to let her

know what you expect and that you are

not flexible in your expectations she

may make a comment here there she may

voice her discontentment but stands her

fucking ground her complaints are a shit

test gentlemen and if you fold it is

over devonee's dude Evan could not walk

in this funny I told her do you want a

pair of heels she said yeah I do and I

don't know maybe like one inch heels is

like no no sweetheart those aren't heels

right like those aren't heels I'm

talking slutty heels stripper heels

heels that are heels that were designed

to dance and get fucked in no I don't

when she got these when she when these

came in the mail I think she ordered him

online she's like oh dude I can't walk

in these there's no way I said you

better figure it the fuck out she

figured it out and it was interesting

like you

see the progression right so she would

she would start doing dances in these

heels and if you guys know she's got all

kinds of slutty heels or whatever that

she never wears in public and remember

in the beginning she used to have to use

the wall to sort of keep her upright

otherwise she's gonna fall a break her

fucking leg break or ankle break her

face right but as time went on she got

the hang of it and now it listen I'm not

saying she can go out and run track in

these heels but now she can walk around

the house in the heels she can walk in

these heels

oh my god there's no way I'm ever gonna

be able to walk in them she told me that

I was like well you better learn and she

fucking did it she fucking learned make

your demands guys stick to your guns if

I said well okay maybe we'll get you

maybe we'll get you heels that are a

little lower no no no no no no no no no

no sweetheart you are going to learn to

walk in and get fucked in these heels

straight up straight up and she did it

make your cat again if you make your

demands crystal clear while showing an

unwavering conviction guys she will be

happy to surrender to you girls again

girls listen they might not like it

goddamn like huh these heels are gonna

be tough to learn to walk in but I like

that he's telling me what he wants so

many men are afraid to voice their

expectations because they're afraid of

the pushback Devin pushed back oh my god

there's no way I'm gonna be able to walk

in these heels and she kind of laughed

about it because she was half King but I

was not kidding when I told her

sweetheart you better learn I'm not I'm

not here for that and now she can dance

in she can get fucked in she can walk in

these heels he can serve you can serve

me yeah there's a picture there's a

picture of her serving me whatever it is

she's serving me she's wearing the heels

fucked her that night

shut up to James II jr. in the house

moderate like dating says only single

bitches come to chat rooms like this um

well hang on a second I don't see any

trolls in here yet it was far as I know

been flaw bus' awareness says Vivi is

probably a woman cuz I don't think men

say quote real lady women no I don't

think I saw the comment let me go up and

see if I can find it

see if you got a troll in here no I

don't I don't see the comment Oh Vivi

area here it is oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah so BB says if his penis isn't

big we won't listen to the shit yep yep

Vivi's a woman yeah don't ban BB she

says this shit is so stupid real ladies

won't do ass pick in the middle of the

day unless she has really low

self-esteem there you go there it is

Vivi did exactly what I said that people

try to do they try to disqualify my

success with women in other words the

only reason why I've turned Devon into

what I have turned her into has nothing

to do with the fact that I know what I'm

doing I know what I'm talking about and

I know how to handle women no no Devon's

mentally ill she has low self-esteem

cast Phoebe sweetie like I've heard this

all before

like I mean seriously I mean you have to

think of something else think of

something else we tart and if you family

if you disagree that bad if you think

I'm so full of shit give me a call 911

for two oh five five three five six I'd

love to discuss this with you voice to

voice I know you won't call because

women are cowards like that but yeah

this is and again Phoebe's never see

again Vivi is the quintessential example

of a woman who's never gonna be in a

relationship with a man got a

relationship of consequence with a man

of value right well we're not gonna

listen to this unless he has a big dick

oh this is so stupid nobody real ladies

won't do an ass picture in the in the

middle of the day all right that's cute

dude I don't want I don't want to be the

anecdotal well I have had this nah man

if you listen if your values high enough

if you know how to handle women

we'll send you a dude she'll send you a

picture of her fucking kidneys via

vagina pic if you if you ask her and

tell her to she will do that shit

straight up let's go back to the let's

go back to the chat here Winston wolf

says ladies are not real ladies about

please do not pick your ass in general

been thoughtless awareness says Vivi is

black well obviously obviously only

black litleo yeah very rarely do I get

white girls who come in here and troll

me only black women troll me because

they because again they want me to fuck

him but they know I never will so they

make fun of the fact that whatever mr.

mink says does Vivi have a man of course

not because if she did she wouldn't be

in this chatroom that's that's just how

it is all right

here's something else that men need to

do this is something that I do quite

often that has Devon where she needs to

be I raised my voice when necessary I

raised my voice at Devon all the goddamn

time man

no I'm not yelling at her all the time

but if something is amiss I'm like yo

what the fuck right like she just got

her hair colored this weekend I paid a

student Devon's hair looks absolutely

fucking fabulous it was not cheap oh my

god it was not cheap she had a special

ten she had a special color technique

well I spent what $30 on a can of dry

shampoo this is supposed to help the

color to stay and this and that any

other well Devon gets up this morning

and I'm like yo did you use the dry

shampoo too - maybe protect the to

protect the investment that I made in

your hair oh honey I'm gonna get - uh no

no no no no like don't give me that shit

stand your ass up and fucking Muse it

right like you gotta raise your voice

when necessary don't be it listen show

me a man gentleman who doesn't raise his

voice and his woman and I'll show you a

man will eventually get cheated on and

subsequently left behind for a man who

has no qualms with raising his voice at

his woman females want and need to know

that a man can grab

his balls and do what the fuck needs to

be done in any given situation which

includes checking her if she gets out of

pocket now women women will test men

often to make sure that he still has the

backbone that he had when he first got

with her yes they do this on purpose and


your response is is key no doubt showing

a woman that you will not tolerate bad

behavior or disrespect by by raising

your voice will keep her in line and

keep her respect again and don't be

afraid to really and again you're not

and again I I want to make this

distinction don't try to do this stuff

because you're not if you're not ready

because if you're not ready if you don't

have that frame you're not really the

shit can get fucked up I'm gonna give

you guys the perfect exact perfect

example so we had our dogs groomed a

couple weeks back okay we took him to

the pet groomers and we looked at the

bill and Devon says we'll wait a minute

we didn't pay for we I didn't want them

and we didn't want the toothbrush or the

nail grain because we had gotten this

done before and so and worked and we're

both standing in the groomer the groomer

studio and she's reading off this

receipt it was a difference of twenty

dollars right okay so it was gonna be

I don't know was supposed to like Devon

expected it to be 160 no she expected at

me 140 in FB in 160 right so she starts

to talk and I said just just calm down

I'll figure this out she's like no we

want to done it enough I said Devon I

said calm down stop talking we'll figure

out what's what I said but you really

need to just calm down I raised my voice

the girl at the counter looked at me

like I was committing some sort of abuse

of that did not give up fuck didn't give

a shit could not give a sh I don't give

a fuck where we were now again this is

me right this is me this is my frame you

might not be able to get away with that

but Devon started now it's not like she

was trying to get out of pocket but

again she's a woman okay oh my god she's

freaking out I didn't sign up for this

I'm like I'll just calm down she kept

going Hey

calm the fuck down we're gonna take care

of this I'll pay the extra $20 let's

just get the fuck out of here and so we

can get on with our day quit freaking

out over 20 fucking dollars she's a

woman she's gonna do that but I checked

her in public and I raised my voice at

her no gentlemen I'm not suggesting that

you turn into a hot head with a short

temper who's on the verge of blowing his

fuse at any given moment a man is listen

to you as a man you have to know and

understand what situations warrant a

stem you know a a stern verbal reprimand

and which situations that don't standing

again at the at the grooming salon

had I not raised my voice Devon would

have kept going and I knew this because

I've known Devon for over two and a half

years so I had to check her but this

goes back to this goes back to a woman

trusting your judgment and respecting

you as a man if she knows that you can

and will raise your voice when necessary

regardless of circumstance or

environment oh she will know that you

are not to be fucked with

Devon listen Devon knows oh my god she

knows better than to get out of pocket

with me a spoon it's so funny because it

would be easier for a woman to get out

of pocket in public because men are far

less likely to check that men are less

likely to to to check their women in

public because of because they don't

because you know because of things that

are happening around them they don't

want people to oh my god what is he

doing in people that jump in man I'll

tell you what man I wish dude I wish a

motherfucker would come up to me and

tell me hey you shouldn't be talking to

your woman that way oh my god oh my god

dude oh my god I wish I wish I wish xt

xt anot says raising your voice is a

slippery slope for me all right listen I

agree totally agree totally agree again

you you you you you have to recognize

context and all that other stuff it's

it's very it can be a slippery slope not

with me but Devon doesn't she never gets

out of pocket in public and it would be

easier for her to get out of pocket in

public but she never does why because I

have showed her on multiple occasions

that I am not afraid to raise my voice

at her in public I don't dude I could

not give two fucks about what these

fucking idiots around me think of me oh

he's abusive whatever I don't give a

fuck you ain't me and I ain't you I

couldn't give two shits about who you

are or whatever raise your voice when

necessary and I'll tell you something

else Jonathan from Modern Life Danny

actually makes a very good comment you

just got to give her that stare in the

eye and let her know yeah a lot of times

that is what I have to do sometimes I'll

just give Devon a look and she'll know

she'll know but again this is part of

the training process

I trained Devon to know and understand

early on don't test me in public man

like I am listen I am not afraid to get

loud with you in a public place and she

never does

never ever ever dude she tests me more

in private when it's when it's when it's

harder I would imagine to get area with

it then in public when it's easier to

get away with it call her I see you in

the line I'm gonna get to you in just a

second caller who's number ends and 5-2

I see you on the line I'm gonna get to

you in a minute

let's get to the next thing before I get

to thee before I get to the caller

another way another way it's better to

or another way that I trained Devon into

who and what she is today

call the route on her slutty behavior

guys this is what you need to do with

women listen man today's females today's

women are largely unaware of the fact

that most of their behavior encourages

male attention now the reason for this

is that there cultural norms right yeah

wearing low-cut shirts at work to show

cleavage boasting sexy pictures on

social media entertaining conversations

with men who are obviously hitting on

there those are all just normal

behaviors as far as the average American

female is

but if you're training a woman to be

your main chick gentlemen she needs to

understand that a lot of her habits are

slutty whether she knows it or not and

if you could if you don't correct these

habits they will come back to bite you

in the ass guys if she's headed to work

in a low-cut blouse make her change it

and I'm gonna get to those in a minute

all right

make her change it if she tells you

about the dude who chatted her up at

lunch tell her to stop attention whoring

hey listen quit attention whoring right

okay so some dude chatted you up guys

want to fuck you big fucking deal right

and again she's not your woman yet oh my

god this guy talked to me yes save it

save him for your slutty friends like I

get it he wants to fuck you and dude

that's a way of shaming her yeah save it

okay great so the guy at the coffee shop

wants to fuck you like I didn't know

that get out of here well no stop it as

men gentlemen we inherently know the

behaviors that women display that could

get into trouble there's no list we just

know your woman needs to know to and

you're going to tell her often another

thing I do is I slut shame them slut

shame her to tears listen man

girls think it's cute and attractive and

witty to brag about their sexcapades

they think it's cute to sit there and

talk about oh this guy fucked on this

guy oh you want to be my main chick

you're gonna talk about that I waste no

time in slut shaming them when I first

met Devin gentleman when I first met

gentleman Devin she gleefully told me

and this is funny this is maybe day four

or five I think I can remember she told

me a few of the stories about this guy

she thought and that guy she fucked and

I literally slut-shamed her to tears on

multiple occasions she could not get it

through her head to stop talking about

this and it was funny because she sent

me pictures look at this guy I fucked

look at that you know he's you know my

brother's friend I fucked this guy and I

fucked that guy okay all right listen

man like I get it so I would tell her

listen when you do this you were eating

boogers and she's like here though she

got a laugh but she understood that's

not attractive she kept doing it

she can't build it so finally so finally

I do

I must a slut shamed her for 10 fucking

minutes and I slut-shamed her to tears

she cried and apologized and ever since

then she hasn't mentioned anything

remotely similar to those situations

since and it's funny I'm sure that there

are stories not related to sex

about that involved guys that she has

fought before she doesn't even tell me

stories about that she let me tell me

stories about that just completely

innocuous stories if she thinks that if

she knows that she fucked a guy who

might be in that story she ain't telling

that story calling your woman out on

horse behavior correcting said behavior

and making it clear to them that you

absolutely positively will not tolerate

that you won't tolerate her proudly

regaling you with licentiousness

okay if you make it clear that you're

not going to tolerate that okay she is

going to respect that somebody banned


I don't know what she said but she's

getting on my nerves no no no ya don't

time her out just delete her whoever my

mods are or mondo just get rid of her

banned her banned her from the channel

she's just you know she's a troll she's

trying to get attention not giving her

attention anymore yeah banned her I

don't want her in here see you later see

you later if you're so bold give me a

call hey listen man this must mean that

my channel is getting some notoriety if

we're get if we're getting women in here

who are doors starting to throw listen

man that this means this means I'm

starting to get starting to get some

reach has some reach out here

you gotta call her out on slutty

behavior guys do not allow her to

proudly tell you about all the guys

listen no stop it

well it's just no uh-huh I don't want to

hear about that

well don't explain shit just fucking

slut jammer oh okay alright well listen

listen if you want to tell me your

slutty stories then you know I'm not

here for that

go tell it to somebody else that's what

her girlfriends are for number six the

sixth actually you know it I gotta I

gotta make good on my promise

I got a caller with an area code 407 for

something like that caller you're on

live with Donovan go ahead hey I'm TJ

let's go down brother I ain't do it man

hold on let me ask you hold on hold on

let me ask you first right I already

know what the answer is but I'm gonna

ask you anyway have you dumped your 19

year old hot girlfriend who is back at

home while your university right all

right no oh that's right you'll get

there you'll get there someday listen

I'm not gonna shame you cuz I know it's

not easy I know it's not easy I just I

just wanted I just wanted to rid me a

little bit there what's going on man

what's on your mind yeah actually the

weekend is just over and my girlfriend

came over it was a total fuck first yeah

we went out of the house like for one

hour but yeah I thought about it I

thought about what you said and I was

like and I should have this experience

even though in the manosphere

along with the relationship is shit I'm

like okay let me get through that let me

see what fucking happen and if you're

right you're right

right I go see what happens but I like

the topic of today's video and I wanted

to chime in with a few ideas

let's do them all when you first of all

I don't know if you touched on that but

all absolutely have to be way smarter

way way way way more upscale than her

okay when it comes to girls I've had an

my girlfriend to have scripts more

intelligence more witty more to have

more social circle than her for her you

as the dominant on the right who she

should look up to so in other words so

in other words what you're saying is

that so in other words what you're

saying and I just want to make sure that

everyone understands this this has to do

with your value being higher than theirs

this was one of the things like this is

the first thing I pointed to number one

you have to be high-value and part of

that high value is you have to have more

social value than she does you have to

be more socially dominant you have to

have a bigger social circle is that what

you're saying yeah you absolutely right

excellent and one thing that's the

biggest problem that I've had with my

current girlfriend is that her it's her

female friend I'm gonna get to that

later I'm gonna get to that later

don't touch on that yeah go ahead do it

I mean girl me and her that I'm Way too

dominant and that they would not date a

guy like you is they yeah baby I

wouldn't say a girl like you either

you're like horrible you're just gonna

there you go Oly Oly

they're like this like death stare while

my girlfriend would sit there smiley

because no I treat her better than them

because they don't know how to comply

because they're kind of effeminate

fucking bullshit nice and always fucking

works and another thing that I do with

weather is actually from time to time

well I don't know if it's gonna shit

that or I can call it that but I just

one day all other problems I just come

at her do you think she doesn't do shit


when was the fucking last time you wash

the dishes property or property right

actually wouldn't be one hours old cars

ago and to end up crying and trying to

make up for it like because it's not

reason we because the women charity

bitch I just cooked for you alright I

think for you didn't know if she really

a woman that you trained well shit

sounds like fucking rolling her eyes

that's right and just try to cook for

you and try to clean for you next

morning this actually happened on

Saturday on day I fucking take the

breakfast with everything she could come

up with in my face yes it just worked

the last thing I wanted gotcha

okay while I was still in high school

she had a desk made in her class because

actually last nine years younger than

him because I hate dating girls that are

the same age as me or older okay so

doesn't work sure and she had that mate

that was like I cannot describe him he

was like this alpha beta guy I can't

really put my finger on it's like this

guy was like fighting people on the

street and I don't know what he was

fucking another girl but actually she

was falling in love with all of them she

was she was crying over them about

everything I don't know I mean I always

treated this guy like she was such a bay

all right it was always me with respect

but one thing happens one we were out in

the front of a high school and she was

with me she was talking and she has to

ask him something about a project so she

went over to him I just talked to my

friend and I glanced over her couch was

turning and sheep I just saw him

pointing out to her like jogging swollen

okay so I snapped my fingers like you

would to a waiter it's like that's my

thanks to her for her to come here's it

I don't to come over and I say out loud

and the whole fucking although all the

people hurt me I said one time this

happened and you find yourself

oh my god

the guy was petrified I said there and I

forget got it

shit yes sir I left I got a GLAAD dude

didn't talk to her for that day never

happens again she told me she talked to

the guy she was like I don't have

anything to do with you anymore the guys

didn't do that much to her in my opinion

right right but she took it so


paper that you rained that shit in just

just like you take like train your

fucking that's right man dream Li yeah

dude listen man unbless a great great

story mt2 now before I let you go here

MT - for those of you guys who aren't

regular with this MC - is a you're a

college student and you live somewhere

in Europe and you're currently in a

long-distance relationship with your

girlfriend correct yep okay now I

advised you to actually record six one

four you were on live hey lisanna been

long-distance doing wha but the thing is

is it sounds very going to adore you but

if you must absolutely if you absolutely

must be in a long-distance relationship

what are some things that you could

advise guys who are currently thinking

about a long-distance relationship

if you and again you're never gonna get

me to endorse it but it sounds to me

like at least in the interim things are

probably going pretty well with you give

or give my guys get you know get my

audience a couple of things that you

would do to maybe keep a hold of you're

a woman in a long-distance relationship

at least in the short term Wow yeah okay

so with long-distance relationships

first of all you have to analyze before

so in my case I am putting my girlfriend

on weekend she's able to come over good

I'm able to come over so I actually told

my girlfriend that I said listen if you

want this to go on you have to help

close the distance 116 is she had to

take a four-hour train ride with me to

visit me for the weekend are you what

did she do she didn't think no no I

don't want that no she bought her father

for a week for him to let her come to me

if that wouldn't happen I would have

ended the relationship that's one thing

and she I don't think if you were

dominant in the when you are not

long-distance just prepares for you to

be I told her whenever you wherever you

go you'll send me a picture and you send

me attack saying where you are and press

the picture of your friend so that I

know that you're not alone with some

other dude but you are with friends and

I told every time you come home totally

you take and what I do and what I why

would I what I would advise guys is haha

before you and really get into a

long-distance relationship make sure it

was a long-distance relationship don't

go around trying to go on the internet I

don't know what lanta you're in Europe

right have a relationship enough

bullshit never and at the top of my head

if I were to get one I think right and

when you close the distance I mean when

she comes over when you come over make

sure you give the best ever like fuck

her brains out yeah yeah just fuck her

brains out what I did this weekend for

an example I opened all the fucking

windows in the house I said bitch this

night you're gonna fucking scream I

can't move my apartment I swear the guys

there like an hour and a half I was

fuckin exhausted but I had to do it yeah

baby I got a call today from the owner

Department and I've had complaint

of ways of supreme EQ Department is

everything okay I was like yeah

everything everything's good officer

yeah right exactly

alright well listen man mc2 listen great

call of course listen like I said man I

am NOT a proponent of long distance

relationships but it but again like I

said it would seem that you you you

certainly have control over it for the

time being so definitely keep calling in

definitely make sure that you continue

to to give us updates thanks for calling

it man you made some good points brother

thank you my man take care of ya empty

too by my guy out there in Europe I'm

thinking he's probably in Eastern it's

probably in Eastern Europe somewhere let

me get to a couple of questions here in

the chat there was I think somebody

asked how do you slut-shame I think it

was I think was extant EOCs or whatever

the fuck his name is I'll call him x2 he

says how do you slut-shame well the

thing is this man is you don't like when

when when you slut-shame a woman you

call again

you call her out on her slutty behavior

so let's just say that she tells you oh

yeah you know this guy i fucked and this

none of the other here's how you slut

here's how you slut shame a woman yo

check this out I don't want to hear

about your slutty stories okay

listen I get it you're a slut and that's

fine now at that point she's gonna see

no no I'm not a slut no no clearly you

are a slut because you seem to be proud

of the fact that you are us like no I'm

not proud than what the fuck are you

telling me about your slutty stories for

well I just thought no no no no no no no

you thought wrong okay listen I get it

you're a slut that's fine I don't need

to hear about it like I listen I know

what you get up to you're a woman and

women are sluts but don't talk about it

when you're around me talk about all

your slutty if you want to talk about

all your slutty behavior around your

slutty friends be my guest - go right

ahead but you're not gonna be a slut

when you're on the phone with me you're

not gonna be a slut around me that is

slut-shaming that is making her feel bad

making her feel like a slut

for being a slut oh so you fucked a guy

in the first date oh so you really are a

slut okay that's how you slut shame

that's why you slut shame a girl that's

Iceland jammer pit babies nuts good to

see you in here let me see here there

was a West Indian Archie good to see you

in here shoutout to you can PD says if

you were in a long-distance relationship

you don't have a relationship or mando

Moreno says MTT brought up a good point

social value is extremely important with

young girl game I'm learning the hard

way yeah absolutely

Armando is a hundred percent right

younger girls values social they you

have to have such high social currency

if you want to know how to fuck hot

young girls on the regular you gotta

have you gotta have social value you

have to be able to add social value to

her life young girls are not as

concerned with what you do for a living

as older women are if they're young and

hot they don't care they're not worried

about settling down right now they're

young and hot and there's feminism right

this is why I was this is why I was so

successful with young hot girls in Vegas

because everybody knew me in Vegas hey

Donovan what's going on everywhere we


restaurants casinos dude strip clubs I

mean was it was just it was unbelievable

and here's next level game girls that I

used to be girls that I was kind of

quasi dating I would raise my sexual

market value by taking her to the strip

club not to spend hours and hours at the

strip club watching other girls no I

would do this on purpose me that yo I

gotta go to this you know I got to go to

this I got to go somewhere to take care

of some business with my homeboy maybe

it was a bouncer maybe it was the owner

maybe I had to pick up some maybe I had

to pick up my weekend supply a dope

whatever the case may be

yeah come on to come with me oh my God

we're at a strip club holy shit yeah

just you know relax you're not a little


so you know I'd take her I'd grab her by

the hand and guess what the bouncers

knew who I was dude I've got hot girls

leaning over kissing me the hot

bartender ate out of him blah blah blah

yeah let me get it let me get a whiskey

sorry oh of course she leans over the

bar she gives me a kiss on the cheek

I've got strip news I've got strippers

the fucking hot

th's all of that is pre-selection

all of that is sexual market value all

of that no she's not gonna like seeing

hot girls putting their hands on you but

guess what guess what

now you're sexually pre-selected and now

you're socially pre-selected any woman

who is I don't even want to put an age

on it young hot girls values social

currency probably more than anything if

you can add social value to their lives

dude they're not going anywhere until

you say otherwise

exFAT boys style says there's no way I

would be in a relationship at 19 sir I'm

32 and I still and I still see no point

in a relationship pet babies nut says

sniff those panties then fathers

awareness says did you guys know about

Patrice O'Neal I think he would be a

part of the Redman group for sure he was

so red pill aware oh dude

God Blissett God rest his soul Patrice

was one of the dude he's an OG man

better oh my god dude I love Patrice

O'Neal man we lost him way too soon

God Patrice O'Neal dude he's a red pill

fucking g.x Fat Boy style says lol

there's no such thing as a long-distance

relationship ex Fat Boy style we get it

we understand let's not beat that let's

not beat a dead horse here we get it

Lorenzo Davis make of an appearance like

this ex Fat Boy style says slut-shaming

plus backhanded compliments will break

these hoes down worse than going through

more eating the Marines Corps boot camp

yeah man of course oh wow well you

really you really seem like you know a

lot of people you probably slept with

all those guys right oh no no that's


it's alright Santi ox says props to

Donovan that strip club shit is golden

yeah dude if you get it in with a strip


take the girls that you were fucking

with you to the strip club don't go

there and spend a bunch of money now

just again yet that that strip club on

lock and I'm gonna do an episode on how

it's hard and you might you

not be successful you can probably get a

clot like a nightclub strip club on luck

it's kind of the same way but if you go

to a strip club and all the dude the

bouncers know you the cocktail

waitresses know you the fucking

strippers know who you are the owners

know you the DJ knows you oh yeah dude

she's gonna suck and fuck you dude she's

gonna suck the color off your dick my

friend you better believe it

Eckstein ox says you want to be that guy

in every spot yep it's impossible to be

that guy in every spot but if you're

that guy in a lot of spots yeah yeah

yeah yeah that's gonna increase your

value for sure let's go to the next

thing that you need to do the next thing

that I do with Devin to make her what

she is today you have to reward her good

behavior guys now while it is absolutely

paramount to swiftly and severely

correct bad behavior gentlemen I'm here

to tell you it is equally important to

reward good behavior if a woman does

what she's supposed to do but isn't

compensated okay in kind for her efforts

guys she's not gonna stick around long

okay like dude you got too many meathead

red pillars out here I don't give a fuck

what she does old she ditches my fucking

dick in my nuts no man know if a girl

invests in you she wants a return on her

investment no don't keep the ratio one

to one

keep it three to two Devin took good

care of me all week long man she took

dude she fucked and sucked my fucking

dick like you wouldn't believe

so what did I do I went and I dropped a

shitload of money on her hair now of

course part of that reason is because I

want her to look good and I want her to

represent me well wherever we go but the

other part is that it makes her feel

good it makes her feel better about

herself every girl loves getting her

hair done Devin the what dude Devin

loves the new color of her hair she

feels hotter than she's ever felt in her

life and I mean this is exactly what she

told me that's a reward something else I

did is I took Devin out to a really nice

dinner on Saturday night took her to a

really nice place actually put it on

actually put it on social media when

she takes scary you take her listen man

Devin was right or died last week dude

she cooked me great meals provided me

great sex she did everything she was

supposed to do

she went above she went above and beyond

so guess what I took her to get her hair


and I took her to a nice meal it was a

dude it was a great night was a great

night you have to reward her listen guys

if your potential main chick I'm just

gonna give you example if she checks it

on time for two consecutive weeks take

her to dinner right if she gives you

great sex while wearing the slutty heels

you told her to wear it guys give her a

night off from cooking and order in

maybe take her to a movie if she's

Pleasant and she doesn't get out of

pocket for two consecutive weeks give

her a little bit more of your time and


females need to know that their hard

work will be recognized and trust me it

is heartless and that's one thing Devin

will tell people she tells me all the

time I worked hard for you I am NOT

fucking this up I work too hard

females want their hard work to be

recognized they want it to be

appreciated they wanted it to be work

they want it to be rewarded this gives

her that proverbial light at the end of

the tunnel to work towards in the way of

a long term relationship with you the

reward can't just be a long-term

relationship you have to let her know

that hey when and if we are ever in a

long-term relationship and you do right

by me I'm gonna do right by you so win

and if we happen to be in a long-term

relationship at some point or another

this is the kind of treatment you can

expect if you do what you're supposed to

do phone lines are about to be closed

here we go ahead and close up the phone

lines here you must reward good

behaviors guys if she knows that there

are rewards if she know she's gonna be

rewarded guys she's gonna continue to

put forth the effort so now we are

getting ready to get into the next level

game here this is the hard core shit

that we are about to get into gentlemen

this is the stuff this is the stuff that

separates five percenters from everybody

else and again you're not gonna be able

to do what I'm about to tell you to this


at least not yet okay but again you see

what Devon has become she does literally

whatever I want and she does it with a

fucking smile well the reason why is

what I'm about to talk about now this is


game next-level game this isn't to say

that you can't do it but you need to

consider okay am I ready for this kind

of game because you can't swing and miss

on this stuff or otherwise you'll lose

frame that's how this goes that's how

this goes

jamesy jr. says should it be a regular

thing if she makes it a regular thing

James give me a little bit more give me

a little bit more detail on that I'm not

clear I'm not clear on what what you're

referring to James he wants James Dean

Jimmy wants to know should it be a

regular thing if she makes it a regular

thing if you could clarify that a little

bit more I'll be more than happy to

answer your question Julie and Joseph

says here's the issue

I have rewarding women for good behavior

shouldn't participation in life be

enough of a reward no Julian that's

being meathead red pill guy right like I

didn't listen

like I like where your head is that like

I do hey listen my presence is enough of

a reward for you to be around and to

some degree that is true but we're now

you know what actually to some degree

that's true

okay and if you don't like rewarding

don't reward sluts or hoes with with

with rewards for the good behavior if

it's just a fuck buddy if it's just a

friend with benefit if you guys know if

you know that she is never going to be

your main chick if you know that she

doesn't want to be the if you know that

she's only interested in just getting

fucked by you then no there's no D

there's no need to reward these women

with anything but your attention at that

point yeah your very presence should be


for them but if we're talking about a

potential long-term relationship main

chick you know long-term relationship

she's gonna need a little bit more of

your presence that's just all there is

to it

III can again I like where your head is

that but if you're talking about hey my

presence should be enough within the

content within the context of a long

distant or relationship with your woman

that's being meathead redtail guy okay

listen the fact that I'm here the fact

that I'm here should be reward enough no

that's ignorant that's that doesn't make

any sense

that that's no no no your presence is

not enough she needs she needs a little

bit more than that xt annex do me a


um xt a iion X give me I need you to put

in the chat what you want me to call you

like pronunciation something cuz it's

it's just like it's getting to a point I

don't know if I want to call you 2x xx

whatever but tell me what you want me to

call you because you have a very weird

screen name you have a very very weird

screen name James E jr. clarifies this

question he said if she's regularly

doing her job should you take care of

her regularly and how often is too much

okay got you a very good question this

is what I was talking about a little bit

earlier and Julie and I see good that

you acknowledge that this is where we

talk about what is called the gold tie

no okay so I'm gonna call you tie no tie

no gotcha that's X not so tight oh all

right this is where I talked about the

golden ratio of three to two as a matter

of fact give me one second here give me

one second here and I'm gonna look this

up because I think that you guys could

really benefit from this 16 commandments

of poun very good there's an article I'm

gonna I'm gonna link there's an article

that I'm gonna link in the chat here if

you guys just bear with me and it's


it's it's it's an article by Chateau

heartiess sometimes guys call them

Roissy roll is really good for

with this guy he runs chateau hearties

listen Chateau artiste used to be one of

the go-to websites that I used to that I

used to go to I used to I used to

refresh Chateau heartiest all the time

Chateau artiste rock blue rock solid red

pill game I don't visit that site

anymore because he's got some alt right

Rachel you know racially offensive

undertones he calls black guys didn't

do's stuff like that I'm not into that I

don't like it when he does that

I'm not listen I'm not gonna get

emotional I'm not gonna take it

personally but by the same token just

because he says some shit about black

guys that I don't like does not me does

not mean that I can't that I can't

acknowledge the fact that he knows his

shit so I'm gonna go ahead and give me

one second here go ahead and link this

bad boy you go dark theme on and bear

with me I know this is bad radio dammit

get out of there all right excellent all

right perfect

all right so here it is

it is Chateau Heart East the sixteen

commandments of hoon and I'm gonna go

down and of course never say I love you

first make her jealous

you shall make her your mission not your

woman give me one second guys I'm gonna

turn down my AC all right okay here we

go okay there we go

got it got it okay so numbered ordered

ordered a commandment number where the

fuck is it I thought it was here adhere

to the ah here we go

number five is adhere to the golden

ratio Zenit Tso's clutch is in the house

zammis hos clutch could literally be my

brother from another mother because he

of course is another black guy who

sounds like a white guy so listen I

don't know much about zanatos clutch but

any black guy who sounds like a white

guy I think we know I think we're

kindred spirits in that regard so number

five is adhere to the golden ratio it's

as quote give your woman two thirds of

everything she gives you for every three

calls or texts give her two back three

declarations of love earned her two in

return three gifts two nights out give

her two displays of affection and stop

until she is answered with three or more

when she speaks you reply with fewer

words when she emotes you emot-- left

less the idea behind the golden ratio

he continues is twofold it establishes

your greater value by making her chase

you and it demonstrates that you have

the self-restraint to avoid getting

swept up in her personal dramas Rifai

refrained this is the this is a visit

the good part refraining from

reciprocating everything she does for

you in equal measure instills in her the

proper attitude of beliefs

in your higher status in her deepest

loins he says it is truly what she wants

that is solid red pill fucking gold man

solid red pill gold dude oh um you block

James hang on a second I'll all undo

that for you Armando looks like Armando

wanted looks like he accidentally team

timed out James II jr. oh wait a minute

well hold on ugly it's not letting me do

it that's weird yeah James II jr. uh

it's not really letting me go back in

here and correct this yeah Armando if

you want to undo it just rest your you

know hover hover your hover your uh your

your cursor over his name and it'll

allow you to unblock her or undo so yeah

that's what this is again it is the

golden the golden ratio so yes you can't

reward her for everything that she does


you can't reward her for everything she

does if she sucks your dick you can't

give her a reward if she dresses slutty

for you can't really you can't reward

her for every little thing the balance

the ratio that keeps women motivated is

again it's three to two okay

some girls depending and again you can't

really go anyhow any higher than that


some girls require a four to one ratio

but if she requires a four to one ratio

then she's not gonna dude she's not

gonna be a main chick right like she's

gonna be a fuck buddy at that point at

which point then you know you don't need

to be rewarding her at all but for every

three good things she does for you you

do two good things for her

sometimes you can go to three two one

just depending upon the time or day like

if she's acting bitchy or if you door or

if you just want to or if you want to

just sort of tighten the screws a little

bit to kind of get things back on track

but three to two when things are going

right stick to three to two stick go to

three to one if you're trying to

re-establish if you're trying to

reestablish yourself

okay what the hell happens to my okay

there we go

alright so now we are going to move

we're gonna move into the hardcore shit

guys this is the this is the shit that

this is the shit that has that has

helped Devin to turn the corner from

dutiful girlfriend into completely

completely shameless submissive slut

okay so we're about to get into we're

about to get into all this tyno says

real quick before you end it touch on

the vetting process yeah listen I've

done I've done entire episodes on the

vetting process I would recommend

episode 230 how to decide she is worth

your time outside of sex that is its

yeah how to decide if a woman is worth

your time outside of sex that is that is

definitely that is definitely one that

you should that you should find I've

done I've done a few episodes on the

vetting process when it comes to women

but episode not to 30 episode 330 how

does how to decide a woman is worth your

time outside of sex is the end-all

be-all as far as the vetting process is

concerned that's episode 230 all right

so let's get to the the the next level

game stuff here the shit that separates

the boys from the men mark her as your

territory gentlemen mark her as your

territory now you should also check out

the video that I did it's called mate

guarding versus being territorial okay

you can only be territorial over things

that are your territorial with that that

are your territory now there is a

difference between mate guarding and

being territorial okay

for example mate guarding is reactive

being territorial is proactive so for an

example you take your girl to a bar

and you guys are having a good time and

you go to the bathroom you get back and

some dude is chatting her up well mate

guarding would be to throw your arm

around right yeah this is my woman you

know you know we're having a good time

blah blah blah blah blah the guy's gonna

get the point he's gonna get up out of


didn't give me like kill what the fuck

like I leave to go to the bathroom for

five minutes you're getting shredded up

by some dude that is mate guarding being

territorial is not taking your woman to

the bar in the first place if your woman

wants to go out for drinks you don't sit

at the bar you get a fucking table

that's how that goes

women want to be owned they want to

surrender gentlemen but they're not

gonna surrender to just any man you have

to be a man worth surrendering to so

here are some ways to mark your woman as

your territory number one let's go

old-school you're a name on her chain

Devon wears a chain with my name on it

Donovan and listen you can get a custom

J made but go to go to any dude go to

any listen you can get anything custom

you guys have seen my Donovan's property

stamp okay go to any website custom

chain made you can get her to wear and

wear a chain with your name on it that

lets everyone know who she belongs to

yeah listen this sounds archaic and that

might might sound

it might sound high school okay but this

has a profound effect on your woman it

has a profound effect on her psyche you

now own her she likes to be owned by you

girls love this shit and believe and

listen again if your value is high and

if she wants to be with you enough dude

girls are a lot more open to this than

you might think and again when I told

Devon hey listen check this out from now

on you're wearing the name Donovan

around your change she never ever had a

problem with it and again it's not this

easy guys it's it's not they never just

agree to it like that maybe it's because

my game and my frame is airtight maybe

I'm just a forceful I'm a forceful


I'm just dominant and Devin love Devin

Devin has told me on numerous occasions

she says I love how forcefully dominate

you are I love the

you just lied see oh my god she loves it

she loves it she loves the fact that I

am so aggressive she says it's sometimes

it's a headache but I love that about

you okay now here's the thing some girls

will do it for a little while and then

not do it it's not gonna work every time

but if your value is high enough if she

wants to be with you enough she'll do it

with no problem at all and by the way

for any of you coming to the 21

convention Devin will be wearing a

choker with my name on it it will say

Donovan Devin's not gonna be hard to

spot she's gonna be with she's gonna be

the white girl with the blonde hair the

huge tits and the name Donovan around

her neck she will not be hard to spot

here's another way you can mark your


make her are what make her wear a

wedding ring this is actually Devon's

suggestion Devin suggested hey you know

what how about I wear a wedding ring now

now this is not the end-all be-all okay

and the reason I say this is guys I

fucked plenty of lives I've been on

plenty of women wearing wedding rings

so just because you make her wear a

wedding ring or as she suggests that you

were a wedding ring there are no

guarantees there are no guarantees to

this okay however it does deflect a lot

of attention and it really not only does

it deflect a lot of attention only men

with airtight game and supreme

confidence will approach her and there

aren't many guys out there like that

dude most men don't hit on married women

me on the other hand dude I don't give a


ring or no ring if you're if I catch you

looking at me for the second time out of

the corner of your eye I'm walking right

up hi I'm Donovan straight up I do not

give a shit do not give a shit no don't

make her wear a real wedding ring dude

get her to buy a cubic zirconia for 15

bucks Devin's was 20 bucks

it looks real it's not if she wants to

avoid male attention she will do it she

will absolutely do it the next thing

that I did

and this guy's again this is next level

game this ain't do this ain't shit that

just anybody can do I'm telling y'all

scrape up and down I'm telling y'all

straight up and down you guys already

know where I'm going with this those

those of you who have heard bits and

snippets of where I stand on this this

guys right here is what separates the

Dennises from the donivans make her

delete all social media mmm oh my god

Devon had zero issue doing this she had

and listen I proactively brought it up

when she told me she says all right well

listen I'm doing everything that I'm

supposed to do like I really want to

show you that I'm serious about this

what else can I do I said delete all

your social media she says really I said

yeah she said okay and she deleted it

now at that point I said well now I need

access to your phone right like you

listen you can easily just start up

another social media page and do your

dirt that way

no problems just like yeah I'll give you

the keylogger I'll let you see what I'm

doing on my phone I don't care she did

it again guys this was Devon and this is

me Donna but Devon really really liked

me she really did there was no doubt in

her mind that she wanted to be with me

and she was ready for a long-term

relationship with me I didn't believe


but she spent a year and a half proving

it and here we are she fucking did it

man now not everybody can do this not

everybody can pull off telling your

woman delete all social media the reason

I was able to pull up pull it off is

because of what I told you I'm Donovan

okay I'm not and I've listened don't

listen and listen by the way there ain't

nothing special about me you listen I'm

the same as you guys I used to beat you

nice to meet a scared fucking beta male

selects sexless beta schlub I was

exactly who you guys were a few years

back there was nothing different between

me and you only that I decided that this

is what I wanted to be and this is what

I wanted to do you can't do this but not

everybody can do this right now it takes

a while to get up to this and I met

Devon eight seven years into the red

pill so I already knew a dude I already

knew my shit anyway

this was a year and a half in the making

I've known Devin for two and a half

years guys okay I've known it for a long

time it took a very long time for me to

get to this point very few men can do

this demanding that your woman delete

all social media most men can't most

went most men don't because they're

afraid that she's gonna leave yet that

abundance mindset if Devin were to say

you know what I can't do it all right

fine I did this with several girls in


most of them laughed me up news most of

them laughed at me they're like yo like

I can't do this

ain't no way cool you can walk I had

five other bitches I was fucking anyway

good riddance again this is next-level

game and now I know a lot of men will

think to themselves oh why do you want

her to delete social media you know why

dude social media facilitates the most

cheating right like we know this any

time a girl is not new there's all kinds

of apps whatsapp there's tinder Ashley

Madison OkCupid social media is so much

more trouble than it's worth if she

really wants your trust she'll do it

sometimes they'll try to negotiate with

you well how do I keep up with my

friends and family if I'm not on

Facebook the answer will you have you

have their phone numbers okay and if you

don't get their phone numbers before you

delete it then listen don't give me this

well how do I keep up no no no the most

important people in your life have your

phone numbers like don't give me that if

she's on social media guys

she is advertising plain and simple now

there is there there are many conditions

there are many many conditions to to to

being able to demand this right and we

talked about the conditions your

high-value she wants to be with you she

has to want to see has to want to submit

etc but the one at but the one condition

that has to be in place she has to make

a play to be with you to be your girl

first she has to make a play to be your

girl first guys

again Devin told me listen I want to be

your woman what more can I do to prove

to you that I want to be yours I want to

be in a relationship with you that's

when I said delete social media you

can't you listen again you can't bring

this up first you can't say hey be my

girl and then say by the way delete your

social media she's gonna be like no you

asked me to be your girl when you asked

her for a relationship or you make the

first move to become monogamous sort of

make it official

you have signaled to her that she has

done enough to earn your commitment and

when that happens guys you sit you can't

start making demands your leverage is

out the door when you ask her to be your

girl you're telling her that you have

fulfilled all the requirements to be my


no no no no no you can't say hey be my

girl and by the way you need to do X Y &

Z doesn't work that way guys your

leverage is out the door make her ask

first make her make the first move for a

long distance run distance for a

long-term relationship when she does

when she says hey I'd like to take this

thing to the next level tell her you're

not ready well yes I am prove it well

how can I prove it unlock your phone

right now and hand it to me that comes

courtesy of wizard prank she will fail

she's going to fail okay she's not gonna

ask you to be your she's not gonna ask

to be your main chick for a while when

she does she'll be ready at that point

you say all right you're not ready yes I

am unlock your phone let me see it now

it's pointless to do it that way and to

do it then because now she knows it's

coming but if she really wants to be a

girl that's alright well listen delete

all your social media delete your

Instagram delete your Facebook delete

your snapchat delete your whatsapp

delete all Dillion

delete all that nonsense if she doesn't

want to do it no big deal guys no she's

still a side chick fine listen I'm not

gonna not stop fucking you but we can't

be boyfriend and girlfriend either we

can't be in a row I can't I'm not gonna

be in a relationship with someone who's

on social media I'm just not gonna do it

another thing don't let her negotiate

don't let her say well can I just be


it can I just check it once a week no

all social media has got to go do not

make her your girlfriend if she doesn't

delete her social media if you listen if

you tell her to leave her social media

okay and she doesn't but you make her

your girlfriend anyway guess what she

won't take future demands seriously

she's not gonna do that after you do

this and she does if she does agree hey

I'm gonna be off social media for a

while or I'm deleting all my social

media make sure she's off for at least

two months before you think about

committing to her well I deleted my

social media um she's gonna say okay

well I do they my social media do I get

the title no well this would just under

no no sweetheart just because you

deleted your social media doesn't mean

you're gonna stay off social media like

come on like we're not stupid here like

if you really wanted to be on social

media you could so I need to make sure

that I can trust that you're gonna stay

off of it if you want to be in this

relationship with me you got to do what

you got to do now yes she could have a

secret account that you know nothing

about of course but the point is to make

it as difficult as possible and at that

point she'll have a decision to make she

can either come clean and say listen I

can't do this social media thing or

she'll have to go through the trouble of

having a secret Facebook account or

Twitter account that you don't know

about you have to make her make that

difficult choice she's not gonna die if

she doesn't have social media contrary

to what she believes if she really

really wants you if she really wants to

show you that she can be trusted she'll

do with no problem ah here we go

Tino has brought in the old CIMMYT he's

brought in the ultimate how do you say

he's brought in the ultimate

a lot of guys ask me and I've heard this

before they'll say they will say okay

well if I ask her to be off social media

what happens if she asks me to do the

same thing oh no if she asked you to do

the same thing number one your value

isn't high enough and number two

this means you asked her to be your

girlfriend right so let's say your value

is high enough and she asked in you and

she asks you hey I want to be your

girlfriend all right we'll get off

social media okay she says all right

well if I do it then you have to do it

the answer to that is well wait a minute

sweetheart you want what you suggested

it right like you wanted to be my


I didn't say I wanted to be your

boyfriend you wanted to be my girlfriend

and so I'm telling you what's necessary

for me to commit to you well I don't

think that's fair life has a fair

sweetheart make a choice don't get in an

argument with her well I don't think

listen life isn't fair right

like you wanted to be my girlfriend if

you want to be my girlfriend you're

gonna be up social media that's just all

there is to it well I just think that

you should be off social media you can

think whatever you want okay but you're

gonna follow my rules so listen I mean

if you want to be on social media bad

enough fine if you're not gonna get off

social media until I get a social media

then this isn't gonna work you gotta

stand your ground you got to stand your

ground guys Julie and Joseph says I'd go

one step further plays a GPS tracker on

her phone I did this with a prospect I

got her phone sure enough she was

unresponsive in her location was at her

ex house for the night ex's house for

the night yeah um yeah um again like

I've talked about this before make her

get eight and again this is next-level

game if she wants to be your girl yeah

dude oh and again on Devin's phone dude

I know dude I know where Devin is that

right now Devin ACK

Devin is actually working from home

today she's working from home today and

she just shot me a text message because

she has to do some grocery shopping and

I'm going to pull up and by the way the

GPS tracking software that I would

suggest that you use is called life 360

and right now and right now

Oh Devon is at a grocery store that is

near the mall I know exactly where she

is I know exactly where she is she dude

she checked in 15 minutes ago she sent

me a picture of where she's at and she

checked in I also have a keylogger

on her phone I know what dude I know

what she does that dude oh my god man

hang on I'm actually gonna pull up I'm

actually gonna pull up the the went the

the the software the website of the

software that I put on her phone and

listen don't do this without her

knowledge let her know hey listen I'm

gonna put a GPS tracker on your phone I

am going to I'm going to track

everything you have to let her know this

so that she knows well Donovan if you

tell her then she'll know it's there

that's the point guys that's the point

if she knows that you can listen and

hear and see everything that she does

then that is a deterrent for her to do

things she's not supposed to be doing

give me one second I actually need them

hang on a second give me one second I

have this actually I thought I had the

shortcut I was just on it was just on

there earlier today give me two seconds

guys two seconds here what the hell did

it go huh come on there it is the

software that I use the software that I

use is called X n spy X and spy okay

X and spy allows me to track everything

I know where she is

I know I know dude I've got a key logger

I have access to her photos I have

access to her camera I can record her I

can record her surroundings at all times

any time so if I hit a button I could

record exactly what's going on right now

right X fat boy lifestyle trying to be

funny says does that tracking device

tell you what aisle

I know all details yeah that's cute

that's cute but I know dude I can dude I

can record all of her phone calls I can

record her surrett I can record her

surroundings um let's see what what

other what other options do I have I can

wipe her phone out I can lock her phone

I can take a screen grab of her phone

anytime I want

she knows this I know what videos she

has on her phone I know it installed

applications she has on her phone all

messaging software Facebook mess and

again she's not on Facebook but if she

is but if she installs Facebook I'll

know it Skype tinder

whatsapp everything guys everything I

know exactly what she's up to when she's

up to bla bla bla bla bla I can listen

to conversation she's having with her

co-workers I can listen to all of that

and she willingly dude don't do this on

the sly she let her know hey listen I

can I can listen to everything I can see

everything that you're doing I can make

her camera take a picture I mean if her

pain for Kimber's you know facing them

and for cameras facing down right but I

can actually make her camera take a

selfie of whatever is going on like I

have access to both of her cameras now

here's the thing guys Devin could still

cheat on me could you cheat on me of

course she could of course she could you

think that just because just because she

just because I have access to her phone

on this level doesn't mean she couldn't

get away with cheating of course she

could but guess what guy is gonna be

fucking hard it's dude

Devin could pull it off she absolutely

could she's a woman she could do it but

it would be really really fucking hard

and again there comes a choice right it

would be harder for her to cheat then it

would be for her to come clean and say

look Donovan I'm just not feeling it

anymore and as we all know girls always

do what's easy right so if the easy

thing for her to do would just be to

come clean be like look Donovan I'm

feeling another guy I don't want to

cheat blah blah blah blah blah right if

she says that okay fine

no problem but it would be easier it

would be easier for her to come clean it

would be very very difficult for her to

cheat yeah

Tainos says i mean they can leave their

phones in inconspicuous places but by

then it's already over for you right


like do Devon listen Devon could leave

her phone at work and go off and fuck

somebody else yes she can absolutely do

that with that without a doubt without a

doubt of course he could do that of

course she can get away with cheating

but then she would have to explain why

the phone recordings didn't do what it

was supposed to do right so all of a

sudden your phone was at your desk for

an hour and the recording didn't pick

anything up

I'd explain that and she knows I'm not

here for the bullshit hey listen it is

what it is

Eric Smith says is this your wife if not

it feels like it sounds like too much

effort I think Eric Smith is under the

impression that I'm checking my woman's

phone every day that I'm going through

the logs no man I don't do it I don't

spend that much to do the excellent spy

software does everything automatically

if if I happen to have a you know half

an hour to kill I'll go through the

files I'll listen to the surroundings

I'll see the pictures all take a look at

the keylogger I'm not on this stuff all

the time right like that's other SCO's

I'm not like I spend maybe a half an

hour on this stuff every week if that

but the fact that Devon knows that I had

that kind of access to her the fact that

she knows that I did I know what she's

doing who she's doing it with yeah

that's gonna make it less that's gonna

make it much more difficult for her to

get up to fuckery again she could she

could get away with it if she wanted to

but it would be very very hard and

that's the point

no man can prevent cheating right but if

you make it as difficult as possible if

you make it dip it a difficult as

possible for her to cheat I guess what

she's gonna have to come clean another

good question

AB to bone says do you still worry about

the possibility or do you have peace of


I got peace of mind bruh because if

Devon wanted to cheat and she did she

dude I'd be the fuck up out of here

you kidding me this is where that

abundance mindset happens listen I care

very much for Devon if she were ever to

cheat on me or things were to end I'm

not gonna I'm not gonna sit here and act

like I wouldn't be bummed for a couple

of days right it happens I've known it

for two and a half years we've been in a

relation we been in a relationship for a

year and a half but guess what guys this

train is not jumping the tracks

I don't need Devon to be happy she

elevates my life in certain ways but I

don't need her to be happy dude dude I

beat dude I'd be over that ho and 2.2

seconds straight up that's how this goes

man I never allow myself to believe that

we're gonna be together forever there's

always that possibility in the back of

my mind so peace of mind in the

relationship nah

you can never have peace of mind our

resident dude she's a woman look at her

you kidding me no but you have to have

that abundance mindset the minute the

minute you allow yourself to to be

consumed by a woman to the point to the

point where if you were actually to wear

it if she would cheat it would crush you

no no no no you're in the wrong place if

Devon were to cheat on me it would not

crush me no fuck dude I've been through

this way too much man I've conditioned

myself way too much if she were to cheat

on me if she were to say hey I'm out of


yeah okay I'd be bummed it would suck

but guess what life goes on I know what

dude I know I can go out there and fuck

a budget I'm not worried about it

Devon's not a snow flake she's not a

unicorn Eric Smith says they're all

partially crazy yet do it all women are

fucking crazy kidding me truer words

were never spoken so no Devon is not the

end-all be-all I'm glad that I have a

good relationship with her but if it

were ever to end life goes on man I'm

not gonna stop being Donovan because one

woman can't keep her you know can't

can't can't keep her super on it is what

it is man she wouldn't be that listened

she wouldn't be the first woman who

cheated on me she won't be the last but

I'm not gonna make it easy for

let me check the chat here gonna go for

about 15 minutes more guys here's

something else that I do here's

something else that I do with Oh before

I do this freelance Ronan makes a very

good comment asking her for a

relationship is passing her the

leadership baton instead let her ask and

then you set the rules and standards you

should always be the relationship leader

and she is the follower there you go

never listen make her angle for

commitment first dude make her angle for

commitment first if you angle for

commitment first your leverage is out

the door here's something else that I do

with Devin that has turned her into who

and what she is today I dictate her

wardrobe I dictate her wardrobe I don't

negotiate I tell her what to wear

now she's known me long enough she knows

what not to wear when she goes to work

but I tell her exactly what to wear for

example I took Devin to get her hair

done on Saturday and we went out for

really nice dinner I picked out her

dress I dude I picked out her dress

picked out her lipstick I picked out the

slutty panties that she was gonna wear

under her dress I picked out the heels I

picked out I picked her outfit down to

the panties man down to the panties for


it's jeans and a t-shirt that's what it


today's American listen you don't have

to be you don't have to dress in a

three-piece suit in today's office

today's offices are very informal might

listen Devin has a job that does not

require her to dress up in a suit no she

is very very effective at her job and it

doesn't matter how she's dressed

no she doesn't go in there looking like

a vagabond but she didn't go in there

with a for sale sign either make listen

I now when when I when we first moved in

to get actually before it dude this was

the man

I did this I did this for the longest I

think I've actually done this for like

the last I don't know maybe two plus

years she used to get approval before

she left for hey is this okay hey is

that okay and before long she figured

out okay basically I just need to wear

t-shirts decent lookin t-shirts and blue

jeans and and and sneakers no Devin's

not gonna be able to hide her

unbelievable ass no she can't hide her

tits she has huge perky tits she has a

great a she's a nice body right when she

can't she can't hide that it is what it

is that's what it is

I tell guys all the time listen man if

you want to date the hot girl if you

want to date the good-looking girl you

have to understand you're not the only

guy that's gonna find her attractive

that's how it is inodes listen I know

dudes are gonna holler that's perfet

that that's perfectly fine but again I'm

not gonna make it easy there's no reason

for your woman to be showing cleavage at

work there's no reason for her to be

wearing heels to work okay when woman

when a woman shows her tits and her ass

and all this other kind of stuff at work

it's because they want male attention

well that's professional no that's all

bullshit you can look professional and

put together without showing your tits

and ass I do not have to do that with

Devin ever now she will test me from

time to time not all the way she

actually wanted to buy this form-fitting

dress for a meeting for a client meeting

at work I told her oh fuck no she's like

okay all right I just wanted to you know

that was a shit test she knew I was

gonna say no but she wanted that she

wanted to find out okay is this guy

really gonna stick to his guns I looked

at her phone because it was on Amazon I

was like oh fuck no get the fuck out of

here get out of here no no you're not

buying that it's like you can buy it and

wear it for me but you're not wearing

that to work you out of your fucking

mind get out of here the fact that she

dresses down for work has not hurt her


since she has started with this company

she's gotten two raises and she's in

line for a third raise do not allow your

woman to advertise herself at work work

and social media those are the two

leading facilitators of female

infidelity oh my god you know oh my god

you are controlling a possessive and

I'll have my girl voice back yet you're

controlling a possessive you're goddamn

right I in you belong to

you are my property I am controlling a

possessive over things that belong to me

and if you want to keep that title

you'll conduct yourself as such if you

were the right man

a woman will not dude she will not have

a problem calling herself your property

and she will wear that she will wear

that label with pride lastly and there

are many other things that I have done

over the last two and a half years to to

keep Devin where she's at but the last

thing that most a lot of men are gonna

have to do and it's sometimes very

difficult you have to make yet listen

you have to make her get rid of her

slutty friends Devin just checked in

give me a second

okay oh she found a coupon excellent


all right cool all right cool

all right good I thought she was gonna

spend we're having to do some

last-minute grocery shop because we're

getting we're getting ready for the 21

convention and so we're having to you

know we're stocking our place with food

we're you know getting the you know the

lady that walks our dogs we go out of

town we're getting that all squared away

so we're making last-minute adjustments

on that but it looks like she found a

coupon make her get rid of her slutty

friends guys listen then most of your

potential girlfriends friends have ho

tendencies your girlfriend takes advice

from her slutty friends because it's

easier now I get more into depth in this

phenomenon and I forget what episode

number this one I don't think it was an

episode number I think was too short

it's called five ways your girlfriend's

friends sabotage your relationship you

guys can google that go to donovan sharp

calm five ways your girlfriend's friends

sabotage your relationship I'll sit in a

couple of videos one was ten ways women

unknowingly sabotage their relationships

and ten more ways women unknowingly

sabotage their relationships you can

also go to episode 249 that contains

both of those episodes make her get rid

of her slutty friends guys here's the

thing men girl

don't really like each other and girls

are girls can't really be happy for each

other unless they're happy themselves

right even then even if one of her

friends is happy for her relationship

with you

they still want to fuck you guys why do

they still want to fuck you because her

boyfriend's a fucking beta male her

husband's a beta male they see that you

are not they want to fuck you now behind

your back

your girlfriend's slutty friends she'll

talk shit about you she'll say oh he's

controlling he's possessive you can do

better keep your options open she'll

give you a girlfriend bad advice sign up

for tender so you can keep your options

open and Devon just got home why do I

know that because it says Devon just got

home and my door just open I know where

she is and what she's doing at all times

and I don't hate that I don't even have

to make any effort comes right to my

phone anyway hurgh her your girlfriend's

friends will encourage her to go to

girls night out they want this really

your guess and your girl's relationship

with you is the stuff of envy they want

that relationship for themselves so they

will do everything they can to sabotage

your girl make her get rid of her slutty

friends married women who cheat on their

husbands get rid of those friends her

friends who are who her slutty friends

who cheat on their boyfriends who are

weak with weak men those friends are off

limits and you know what it's funny a

lot of times you don't really have to

make her get rid of her friends because

her friends are gonna recognize oh my

god like this guy is different he's

controlling he's possessive he's abusive

not about it it up she's gonna say those

things and if you if the girl that you

are training to be her main chick if she

wants to be with you long enough if she

wants to be with you bad enough she's

gonna know in her mind you know what

these girls really aren't my friends

anyway right I just hang with them and I

don't have a min she's gonna recognize

that they're a bad influence anyway in

the event that she doesn't you need to

tell her hey look Stacey and Stephanie

you're not wrong with them anymore

their bad influence

now some girls will tell you oh my god

you're making me choose between me and

my friends your response call it

whatever you want but if you want to be

a girl you can't hang out with Stacey

and Stephanie I'm not gonna put it onto

your head I'm not gonna tell you I'm not

gonna make any demands I'm not giving

you an ultimatum I'm giving you a choice

Devin never had any trouble getting rid

of her slutty friends not ever she had a

friend who regularly cheats on her

husband she's dude she is a world-class

slut cheats on her husband all the time

and of course Devin gave me all these as

well he's this and he's that and he's on

drugs and I'm not here for it it was it

maybe she is telling the truth maybe

that maybe her friend's husband really

was that bad but she cheats and women

who cheat are a bad influence

they give bad advice matter of fact she

actually he's funny

she actually fooled around with her

friend who is the slutty friend yes and

before she used to imply it right but I

was like dude you hooked up with her

it's listen that's fine man like if you

guys liked each other's twats okay fine

fine whatever

I don't care make her get rid of her

slutty friends man I've been on the air

for two hours and 45 minutes this is

unbelievable AB - AB - one wants to know

if I'm still on CRT yes he says what

arguments what are arguments like

between you if any yeah Devin and I

don't get an arguments we don't I speak

she listens if she disagrees she'll

disagree respectfully but then I put my

foot down and let her know what's going

on now it's very important guys - as I

wrap this up it's very important to

understand that you need to stick to

your guns guys I've had women laugh at

me I've had women call me names right I

mean dude I've had dude I've had I mean

you know you get all kinds of stuff dude

I've had women try it for a little while

and then give up I have women do you


do shit on the sneak tip oh yeah i'll

get off social media and they end up

being on social media anyway right then

you got it listen here's the thing guys

I don't want it to be this way I listen

I don't want to have to I don't want to

have to be this level of asshole but

there are way too many ways for women to

burn you

women are impulsive and they lack


and there are just too many

opportunities for women to cheat I would

love to not have to do this guys I would

love to be able to tell Devin hey go

here and take care of that and not half

and and and not have her potential

fuckery in the back of my mind but it is

necessary it sucks but it's necessary

listen I said this once and I'll say it

again guys you need to remember most

women the vast majority of women will

not be up for this level of training and

that's even if you're a high-value male

guys because the bottom line is that if

a woman doesn't want to submit to you

she won't no matter how much game you

have doesn't matter what your value is

what's your game Olivia Liz she's not at

the point to where she's want to submit

she's not gonna submit there's nothing

you can do about that once it becomes

clear that you are dealing with what I

call an evergreen slut who has no

intention of settling down every every

time you know anytime soon just fuck her

for a while at dropper and evergreen

slut is a woman who you know is never

going to commit to anybody not that

you're looking for that anyway but don't

go into every rule let's see if this

this woman is potentially trainable

material no man 99.9% of women are not


99.9% of women make bad wives and

girlfriends man get that through your

thick skull don't about looking for

relationships that's how you fuck

yourself over but when you do meet a

female who makes it clear through her

actions don't let her tell you well I'm

ready for I'm ready for a I'm ready for

a relationship

no man every girl is ready for

relationship when you meet a woman who

makes it clear through her actions

it isn't it is very important to be

ready and able to train her to be what

she want and need her to be as your

companion being ready means being a

high-value male showing her that and

showing her that she can trust you she

can trust you to lead her down the right

path she has to trust you to protect her

from herself when those two elements are

firmly in place she'll surrender to you

almost involuntarily and from there you

have a solid foundation to build your

woman like I said coach Ichi before she

Chi before she could but it would be

really hard right make cheating as

difficult as possible and if Devin ever

did want to cheat now she's got a choice

she knows she can't get away with it

easily now she's got a choice she can go

through all the bullshit that she has to

in order to cheat and not get caught or

she can just come out Indian Alyssa

Donovan I want out

at which point we'll make arrangements

and that'll be that I will be on the air

I'll be back on the air tonight at 7

p.m. Eastern 4:00 Pacific where I will

be debating a man by the name of Adam

Krauss Adam krauser this guy he's a

nobody he's basically he's a black guy

on Facebook who keeps up for black woman

anytime anybody says anything negative

about black women he keeps up for them

well he kept up for a woman and we went

back and forth and he all he you know he

used all the rhetoric he used all the

same rhetoric black Queens you're not

man enough blah blah blah blah blah etc

etc so I told him all right call into my

show gave him the number nine one four

two oh five five three five six this

thing I called into the show and I

absolutely torched his ass here's what

that sounded like this is probably about

eight minutes so sit back this is well

worth it this guy's coming back on with

me tonight because he thinks he can out

debate me he thinks he can out to be

he thinks he can get the better of me

but I'm getting ready to play I'm

getting ready to play evidence of the

contrary here's what happened last time

and later on tonight it's gonna it's

gonna be much the same way take a listen


area code six one four you were on live

with Donovan area code six wondering yes

can you hear me you're on live at dawn

I've been going oh yeah this is ooh

handle you calling me a troll well yep

yep okay so okay gonna have to speak up

cuz my I can barely hear and if I can't

hear you my audience can so maybe move

the no come on there you go all right

you gotta hear so anyway man yeah I can

hear you all right so I'll give you the

only i'll give me the the opening

statement here okay

no not yesterday like once we had a

little back-and-forth to pick you know

I'm saying about single mom you know I'm

finding shit in you as we took off and I

was wrong all day okay well let's start

it off this way right so the first thing

I saw you no problem the first thing

that you saw well the first thing that I

saw you said I don't see no lies only a

real man can handle a single mom so let

me ask you Adam what's your definition

of a real man okay I'm a breaking me a

week calling mom's gonna work well no

I'm talking with basic steps basically

there will mean is am and I can't handle

you know I'm saying a finger mom we said

in kid no I'm saying some different

things you know I'm saying different

pops no I'm saying that's why the real

me because he takes the village for now

obtained okay the kid right but hold on

hold on you said it takes a village but

if you're dating a single mother one man

is not a village one man does not a

village make true on me like you think

you you know I'm singing all the tubes

you know I'm saying take a good a job

like your friend cousin yes you saw that

shit right right you're at listen you're

right friends cousins nephews but we're

not talking about friends cousins and

nephews we're taught you said that you

don't see no lies only a real

can handle a single month's are you

talking about people related to the

single mom because listen if my sister's

well let me finish because if my

sister's a single mom right I'm gonna

help her raise her nephews and nieces

right if I lived in the same city I'm

sure my mom and my dad would but we're

talking about men who actively choose to

date single mom so you're telling me

that if a man chooses to date a woman

who has multiple kids with multiple men

that is a real man because he is willing

to do this hotel is that true no that's

not the truth this is where you and I

this is where you and I not well you

know what that's a very good question

I'm gonna move to your next statement

you said quote black men are too weak

immature and too broke to date single

mother so I'm gonna go first on this one

here's the thing Adam not wanting to

raise another man's kids with a woman

who was sexually irresponsible that's

not immature that's common fucking sense

Adam using your resources on another

man's offspring believe it or not that's

physically stupid and is literally

throwing away money because that

relationship is going to end at some

point because single mothers are sluts

Adam I don't know if you've heard this

but they're sluts

just because a single mother has a

boyfriend doesn't mean she doesn't still

engage in slaty behavior and we have as

we have all witness which is why they're

single mothers in the first place so if

she's getting good dick on the side

chill in the relationship to be with the

good dick but explain to me explain to

me why you think black men are too weak

or men in general are too weak to date

single mothers why does this make a man

weak to date single because I don't

think it's a weakness I think I'm listen

I think that men could definitely date

single moms if they want to they're

choosing not to so what I'm hearing from

you is that because that you're trying

to shame men who are making the obvious

conscious and smart choice not to date

single mothers but because they're

making that choice you're calling them

weak and I'm calling bullshit I disagree

what say you

okay lose out bullshit basically you're

not saying it is a proof of strength you

know I'm saying when you go single mom

basically that single mom deal have

nothing they don't have no complicate

you know how to talk with bullshit you

know let me start let me start over

there you said single mothers don't have

time for games they don't have time for

bullshit yes not all

yet single mothers steady involved

themselves in game and bullshit and

guess what when the single mom cheats on

the guy who decided to be strong and

step up to take care of that niggas kids

and single mom cheats

guess who chi Chi's with Adam the baby

daddies oh yeah now you said this she

said oh I hurt yo dusty-ass male Coon

ego dude you lost the argument right

there right like you you started the

name call you until you screenshot him

all my comments with some own name

that's beep okay go ahead I can you know

I can you well yes I'm not gonna I'm not

gonna ask someone to come on my radio

show and not do the research so if

you're gonna shame me for being ready

for someone like you that again there

you go you're actually you know what

it's funny you're actually like a female

like all of the stuff you said you said

hating on now here's something I agree

with you on now I will give me credit

for this right

you said hating much on another black

men you got to learn to spell dude

you've now hating much on another blow

hold on dad dude it's called spell

correct like don't give me this bullshit

excuse you're acting like a woman

seriously like you're gonna misspell the

word black you're gonna bullshit you're

gonna give me the bullshit I was in a

rush get out of here here's the thing

though I will agree with you on this and

if you saw the link that I put that I

posted in that Facebook page on that

Facebook on that Facebook thread I did

an episode why men shouldn't hate on

Derek Jackson here's the thing Adam

here's and here's what niggas like you

don't understand

Derek Jackson doesn't believe what he

says bro if Derek Jackson were so in

favor of single moms and why isn't he

married to one

if he thinks women are if he thinks

black women are so beautiful and big and

beautiful then why does he have two kids

with two white girls no no there's

nothing wrong with what Derek Jackson is

doing all he is doing is telling these

ignorant ass black women what they want

to hear and they're taking the bait hook

line and sinker not knowing that he

doesn't give a fuck about these bitches

but then niggas like you you actually

believe that Derek Jackson believes what

he's saying like this this is this is

where the disconnect is happening with

me here's where you lost me okay

I'm never gonna hate on another man's

hustle and I do not hate on bear attacks

you said instead of fighting white males


see beta male Coon cyber thug Adam that

has nothing to do with anything not

dating single mothers doesn't have

anything to do with fighting white

supremacy I'll give you the last word

okay but he helps phrasing you're not an

African family

we're Kenyan King coked-up Oh what do

you have to say about that

what basically you should raise how does

that get okay well hold on hold on how

is Derrick how is Derrick Jackson

helping the black community are leading

a hot how he's not helping them how is

he no I asked you how is Derrick Jackson

helping the black community heopop queen

how with the message the positive oh my

god again this is this is dude you got a

really read between and now see here's

the thing man you have the balls to call

in so I'm gonna help you out

Derrick Jackson is not helping these

black single mothers bro like niggas

ain't listen dude both dawg hold on let

me finish might well open my show let me

finish again black single here's the

thing man he's telling the only niggas

that check for black single mothers are

ain't shit ass niggas right quality men

high value men don't want to date single

moms regardless of the race but Derrick

Jackson stays blowing sunshine up these

and listen again I'm not hating on

Derrick Jackson right he knows which

side his bread is buttered on butter

that bread nigga go get that paper I

ain't mad at you you want to know

something if if if I didn't have qualms

with doing that either dude I might be

doing the same thing I'm not even gonna

lie i dude I actually I actually tossed

around the idea of doing that before I

became the great donovan sharp but it's

just not in me but what Derrick Jackson

does is he blows so much sunshine up

these black woman's ass he literally

tells him Adam there's nothing wrong

with you you're a queen and if you don't

have the life that you haven't these

ain't shit niggas aren't tryin to do

nothin for you then that's their fault

you don't have to change a thing girl

he needs to need to accept you for who

you are this is why this is why single

mothers and black women still ain't shit

because Derrick Jackson stays telling

these bitches they don't have to do


all they think they have to bring to the

table is pussy tits ass and kids and

they think they're entitled to niggas

like me bruh nothing could be further

from the truth

there Jackson's not helping the black

community Derek Jackson is helping Derek

Jackson I'll give you the last word

okay so how does well he's not related

to the copy but how does coming from the

my old helper cosmically

this is not a this is not about Tommy

Sotomayor you you talked about Derek

Jackson stay on topic okay I was there

Jackson he has a positive message to you

Eric Jackson okay this is where you and

I will be a freezer where you and I


Derek Jackson has what he has what he

characterizes as a positive message but

what Derek Jackson does is he tells a

group of women who are at the bottom of

the sexual totem pole that there is

nothing they need to do to become more

attractive he tells these black single

mothers you are fine just the way you

are so what if you got three kids by two

different niggas so what if you so what

if you lost your job so what up that

ain't shit nigga walked out you know

what girl you don't have to change a

goddamn thing keep that attitude girl

you're a black queen you're fine just

the way you are but guess what Derek

Jackson a married to his black queen to

Eric Jackson ain't messing with single


Derek Jackson is steady putting babies

and white girls well he had the

opportunity to mom didn't do it and I'm

you and I listen you and I you know damn

well that's not true listen I'm gonna

listen I'll give you credit for calling

in but I definitely roasted you man I'll

go ahead and unblock you but rod saying

because Adam Krauss ladies and gentlemen

listen I didn't think he got win but he

called in and that is how that

particular exchange went so Adam Krauss

or Krauss or whatever the fuck he calls

himself he has agreed to call in again

he's gonna call in at 7:00 Eastern 4:00

Pacific to to discuss my facebook post

about black women thinking they have the

weight of the world on their shoulders

so he once again attempted to keep up

four black women and his dumb ass agreed

to call me and he agreed to call it

again so

we'll see what happens we'll see what

happens Adam this is probably a

15-minute conversation at the very at

the very most so should be entertaining

to be sure no TSR no TS are live for the

rest of the week this is gonna be my


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name is he's a good caller

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everything I say I think it's good to

have some dissension in your audience

listen we agree fundamentally on on on a

lot of things but there's some

fundamental disagreements that we have

and I think that's a good thing I think

that's a good thing so Julie and Joseph

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