Episode #263: How pornography reflects modern dating and relationships


Ever hear this?: "Pornography is just a fantasy! It's not real!" Au contraire. Any Man with a basic understanding of the true nature of women knows that pornography is rife with Red Pill undertones and truth. 



The hard truth is that pornography is closer to reality than romantic comedies and most people have no idea why. 

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how pornography reflects modern dating

and relationships now we've all heard

things like pornography isn't real it's

a fantasy right we've all heard that

stuff before and listen that statement

used to be mostly true right now back in

the day the best-looking women didn't

offer themselves up on a platter to the

most alpha men out there multiple times

I mean scoot over here okay they just

didn't do that

they usually married young to a

high-value male had his children and was

given a good life befitting of a young

pretty beautiful wife this is what they

used to do now obviously things are much

different today young beautiful women

aren't encouraged to seek out a husband

they're not told to look for mr. right

they're told to look for mr. right now

sleeping around during their prime

fertile years has rendered these girls

as useless as porn stars who are only

good for sex no big shock they're not

breaking news but when you take and

digest the red pill and take a good hard

look at pornography to see it for what

it really is it is easy to see the

similarities so long as you're honest

with yourself now men are shamed for

jerking off masturbation masturbating to

porn and rightfully so it's damaging to

the male mind and body in many different

ways but that's a topic for another show

and trust and believe that's definitely

coming soon but women on the other hand

they're not shamed for loving romantic

comedies which is quite literally porn

for women like I said earlier guys we

are told that porn is a fantasy and not

real but if you compare pornography

side-by-side with the sexual marketplace

here in 2018 the similarities are

plainly obvious now pornography can be a

very polarizing topic here in the

manosphere listen some schools are

thought like my own tell you that it's

not good for you and that you shouldn't

masturbate to it others have pointed out

that it might not be as detrimental to

one's game as you might think

however since be since myself becoming

unplug from the blue pill matrix I've

noticed some pretty telling parallels

between glorified prostitution on camera

and listen let's let's keep it real here

guys pornography is literally it is

prostitution girls are getting paid to

get fuck it just happens to be on camera

just because they're listen just because

there's cameras around and they put it

up on the internet for the world to see

doesn't mean it's not prostitution when

a woman is paid to perform sexual acts

whether it's on camera not that is

prostitution so here we go I'm gonna

point out how pornography reflects

modern dating and relationships and

there are five main ways this happens

the first way

the first thing you learn

about pornography and modern dating when

you compare them side-by-side guys all

women want to be sexually dominated now

there are plenty of scenes where the

actor and actress are making sweet love

with all sorts of kissing all sorts of

you know all sorts of affectionate

touching they're looking into each

other's eyes etc etc and I think that's

probably a brand that's actually a type

of porn like passionate porn and by the

way watching that kind of passionate

porn is still bad for you just because

you're not watching a guy plow a girl's

ass hole for three and a half hours

while choking or and slapping our caller

names doesn't mean that it's not still

detrimental to your health and again we

have to understand a lot of people might

say the might say well Donovan how is

this bad I'm gonna give you a little bit

of a snippet

masturbation and sex end the same way

with ejaculation but here's the problem

masturbation and sex are two very

different activities they in the same

way but they're but they but they are

two very different activities when you

masturbate you are training your mind to

ejaculate via masturbation so there are

a lot of guys in there that are young

early 20s mid 20s late twenties

sometimes even in their early 30s guys

are getting erectile disfunction younger

and younger in life and they think they

think to themselves they go to the

doctor why do I have a rectal erectile

dysfunction because you are training

your mind to only give your penis an

erection and to ejaculate via

masturbation so when you train yourself

to ejaculate watching other people have

sex when you actually get a girl in

front of your dick is not gonna respond

because your dick only responds to

pornography that's just a little bit of

a stupid sex and masturbation are two

very different activities they affect

the mind and the body in two very

different ways and like I said I will

have a show coming up regarding this

very topic you guys will not want to

miss that anyway whether or not the

actress is actually enjoying this

passionate sex this passion porn it's

anybody's guess because at the end of

the day guys listen she's paid to sell

the scene but when she's getting her

hair pulled when she's getting her ass

smacked and in some cases choke guys she

ain't faking those noises

she ain't faking those machine faking

those modes physical domination at the

hands of a male is what women want and

it's shows even with porn stars girls in

the real world are exactly the same way


they all want to be ravaged in the worst

way and there are no exceptions I speak

from personal experience and if I'm

being honest

if I didn't listen if I wasn't whacking

it to porn during my sex might almost

sexless 20s I honestly might never know

that girls really get off on being

thrown around and manhandled in the sack

I might never have figured this out

the second way pornography is similar to

modern dating here in 2018 is that the

same few male actors fuck all that uh

girls now I can't remember the last time

I watched porn I don't listen I don't

masturbate even if I wanted to I can't

because if I do

dude I'm shot listen I'm on testosterone

replacement therapy but guys I'm nearly

41 years old dude if I the dude when I

blow my load out goes my energy out goes

my focus concentration motivation knew I

knew I could beep in in 1500 milligrams

of testosterone every week doesn't

matter masturbation really really

affects you if you were past the age of

35 doesn't do doesn't matter how high

your testosterone levels are when you

jerk off after the age of 35 it

negatively affects you in many ways and

not just sexually anyway they're

probably I don't know I would say 30 to

maybe 35 female porn stars who were

household names I guess last I checked

listen they're the most searched they're

the most viewed they're the most in

demand demand whatever metric gauges

they're their popularity right I think I

think I think that's pretty obvious

he has ever notice that all of these

chicks all these 30 to 35 female porn

stars before porn star hat the household

names they're all getting banged by the

same five or six dudes right guess

listen you can check out all the clips

of your favorite female actresses and if

you're paying attention and of course

listen when we watch porn rot paying

attention to the dude we're watching the

girl getting or get get getting the

breaks beat off of her that's what we

want to see we almost never pay

attention to the guys but if you're

paying attention you will notice that

the same few male actors are in just

about every scene with all the top girls


in the world of pornography a man's

penis size his stamina his aesthetic

fitness that is equivalent to a man's

game level on the real-life hookup scene

in the real world on the real dating

scene the man that looked the best

had the biggest dicks and last the

longest in porn flicks are the most

in-demand by the directors and

subsequently the girls right listen

listen male porn stars can't be I'm not

saying that they can be ugly I think the

only other the only hideously ugly porn

star that was out there was Ron Jeremy

and Ron Jeremy's a fucking legend girls

love fucking that guy which again goes

to show that popularity and you know

high status and pre selection bitch it's

probably another show idea but again

male porn stars can't be unattractive

and fat with small dicks doesn't work

that way well the vast majority in this

part of the world gentlemen in the

Western Hemisphere they don't have what

it takes to fuck the hottest females on

a regular basis now fortunately for us

most of what is required to fuck high

value girls hot hot females that's under

our control

if you lift you stack cash you save

money you learn game and guess what you

will have those same ratio advantages

that the male porn stars do these male

porn stars rely on dick size physical

stamina in the sack and aesthetic

Fitness guess what you can do the same

thing learn game stack your cash work

out get fit


here's another way pornography directly

correlates with today's sexual

marketplace fat girls are not attractive

speaking of the top adult film actresses

guys none of them are fat and I listen

none of them are fat

sure there may be one or two sprinkled

in that carry a little more body weight

than others but guys they are a far cry

from the land whales that the Western

feminist culture tries to shove down our

throats as gorgeous beauty comes in all

sizes bullshit because the bottom line

here guys is that attraction cannot be

negotiated or mitigated and pornography

mirrors this ironclad biological


no matter what they tell us guys men

with options aren't gonna fuck with fat

girls just like high-value females hot

girls aren't dropping their panties for

fat dudes who have neck beards who still

live with their mothers it's not gonna


now women watching this if there's any

woman watching this they'd be quick to

of course disingenuously point out the

presence of the presence of porn that

features fat or obese women right fat

porn ah watch bbws big beautiful women

or whatever big beautiful black women

but guys listen I don't have to be an

expert in website analytics to know that

the overwhelming majority of the traffic

is headed to the actresses who are hot

actresses with big tits small stomachs

pretty faces the nines and the tens the

women that pass every boner test with

flying colors

don't be disingenuous ladies you guys

know what's true

number four sex is more emotional for

women this is the fourth thing that

pornography has in common with the

dating scene in 2018 now guys listen

it's probably an understatement that

female porn stars have exorbitant notch

channels right obviously and that's not

what counting what happens off the

screen dude porns do you think you think

female porn stars are only fucking when

they're on camera new who no no no dude

they're fucking they're fucking dudes

left and right man exorbitant notch

counts add that to the fact that they

have much more sex as a matter of

occupational obligation and that most of

that sex is with the top 1% of dicks in

terms of size and it's safe to say that

sex probably isn't as exciting to these

women as it was when they first started

in the business listen when a girl first

starts in the porn business oh my god I

have all these big dicks in front of me


I get the dude I'm getting fucked by

nothing but big dicks and they can all

last as long as they want to this was

wonderful be that as it may guys they're

still women and no matter how much no

matter how much sex a woman has had in

her life it is always an emotional


now obviously the emotional level varies

from female to female we get that but

every girl and I mean every girl on both

in the ends of the spectrums from

virgins to sluts are emotionally

invested in sexual intercourse whether

they like it know it or not this is

white girls who have fucked a lot of

guys end up on antidepressants can't

pair-bond what their husbands are

perpetually unhappy because sex is

emotional for women when a woman has sex

with a man she gives him a piece of her

soul Oh

Donovan you're talking that hocus-pocus

focus really when a woman lets a man

when a woman willingly let some men

enter her body guys that is an emotional

physiologically that's a mental


it listen it it's a mine job to let

another man penetrate you that can not

be understated this is why it's

emotional for women now proof of this

and porn is constantly on display guys

the actresses almost always initiate the

kissing they almost always initiate the

affection of touching and other actions

that established some sort of connection

with the male actor female actresses

also make and keep eye contact during

the scenes which again that's a telltale

sign that they're probably feeling

something other than lust listen a lot

of porn stars a lot of poor a lot of

female porn stars are married to porn

actors yes it happens sex is emotional

for women guys listen any man with red

pill game has no doubt experienced one

or more chicks on his roster making a

play to become exclusive we all know

this happens and most friends with

benefits and in most fuck-buddy

situations guess what it is the female

who desires exclusivity first because

sex is more emotional for her she can

say that it isn't guys she can try to be

that strong non submissive woman but her

biology always wins out in the end as

females can only pair bond with one male

at a time regardless of how many men

she's fucking at one time a girl could

be fucking eight different guys there's

one man she wants to be with that's the

guy she's pair-bonded with if she can

pair bond with him

number five the last and final thing

which she probably wouldn't realize

unless you unless you were actually

paying attention

halp pornography is similar to the

dating scene here in 2018 gentlemen the

wall believe it or not the wall can be


now the vast majority of females stop

trying they stop trying to look good and

all that after they lock down a beta

provider listen we've all seen and heard

of it before they gain weight they stop

trying to look good they stop trying to

act feminine they've just let themselves

go all together until of course they

divorce rate their husbands and they're

back on the dating scene at which point

they have all the motivation in the

world to get into shape and start acting

like a lady but listen years of poor

food choices and in a lot of cases

sometimes smoking and drinking and drugs

let's push these women past the point of

no return

and no amount of diet and exercise is

gonna reverse the effects of the wall I

think that again I think that's pretty

obvious now female porn stars

particularly the ones who fall into the

milf category the cougar category guys

listen these women are living proof that

the wall can be delayed for quite a

while now while not all actresses fall

in this category in the milf cougar

category don't show signs of aging a

good number of them still have tight

sexy bodies a good number of them still

look good in the face of course there's

makeup involved they're never gonna be

as hot as they were when they were 24

but again they are fuckable obviously

right people are paying to watch them

these women they know that if they let

themselves go guess what they're gonna

be replaced and quickly and the checks

are gonna start start a stop coming

gentlemen that's motivation enough for

them to stay looking good there listen

their bodies are their livelihood so

they're going to do what's necessary to

stay employed which means staying hot a

good friend of mine who lives down in

Southern California actually haven't

talked to him in a while I need to shoot

him a text he works as a lab assistant

in the porn industry

ok small small-time porn industry but

they are online and for those of you who

don't know where they'll at what a lab

assistants is assistant is a lab

assistant is the guy who tests all the

actors and actresses for STDs STI is

venereal diseases etc etc anyway he is

to tell us about he's for tell us the

story to tell us about the great and

sometimes extreme lengths that older

actresses go to in order to stay

attractive by industry standards right

one thing he said to us so why this is

actually maybe two or three years after

I moved to Vegas right about a year and

a half after I found the red pill one

thing he said to me a while back that

really stuck out to me was that aging

actresses who takes shortcuts to stay

attractive like plastic surgery Botox

they don't last nearly as long as the

actresses who didn't cut corners like

this is what he told us basically he

told us that female porn stars who watch

their diets they live in the gym they

avoid smoking and drinking and drugs

they tend to last a lot longer than

those who do not that's interesting

right according to him

the milf actresses - cougar actresses

who lasts the longest go even a few

steps further by juicing in other words

they juice their vegetables they have a

green juice in the morning they have a

personal chef prepare to prepare all of

their meals according to their specific

dietary needs he even knew a few

actresses that were on age g.h you look

at you look at you look at these milf

porn stars that have been on chem up for

eons her body doesn't seem to age guys

that's age G age

okay knees aren't pornstars but dude

Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Aniston

Elizabeth Hurley Christie Brinkley these

women aren't just these women aren't

just used in Botox they're not just it's

not just plastic surgery or some magic

pill these women are on HGH human growth

hormone this is why they have it this is

why they haven't seemed to age in 20


Christie fucking Brinkley 63 years old

now she's 63 she's not as hot as she was

when she was younger but she looks great

Elizabeth Hurley same thing Jennifer

Lopez Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Lopez is

pushing 50 she didn't look a day over 35


HTH anyway anyway what older female porn

stars show us is that if women outside

of this line of work

regular everyday girls if they put their

minds to it they too can delay the

effects of the wall for quite a while

but get this here's where I'm gonna tie

this together

what's the motivating factor for both


what's the motivating factor for women

who want to stay in shape delay the

onset onset of the wall female porn

stars who obviously want to stay in

shape delay the effects of the wall so

they can get paid what's what do they

have in common what are they both

looking for okay

what's the motivating factor male desire

without male desire the everyday girl

isn't gonna be able to lock down a man

without male desire that female porn

actress who's pushing 40 to 43 years old

the checks are gonna start stopped

coming she'll be she'll be replaced by

the 24 year old who's younger tighter

hotter does anal fucks black guys on

camera right male desire

with hardwork discipline and most of all

consistency guys listen any woman porn

star not can be sexually attracted into

her 40s

as far as I'm concerned any man who

denies the similarities between

pornography and the current sexual

marketplace is either not paying

attention or is stuck in his own

ignorant blue pill bliss we all know

people like this understand this

gentleman and I'm gonna say this one


so it has impact every woman's vagina

has a price female sexuality is always

for sale be it marriage relationships

prostitution or pornography every

woman's vagina without exception has a

price and x-rated movies are the

personification of this axiom on both a

physical and psychological level

so the next time and I don't recommend

it so the next time you fire up the old

laptop for some chicken choking fun for

some monkey spank in action try to pay a

little bit more attention to what's

really going on okay if your red pill

development is even in is if it is even

in its infancy the red pill truce will

be as clear as day let's go to the chat

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