How sales jobs make you much better with women (Episode 346)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

your turn

of course her parents don't have a

problem with me being black she's past

the wall get your fat ass off the couch

start lifting weights and learn game

you're welcome so you got drunk at a

frat party then fuck the football team

you're not a rape victim sweetheart

you're a slut what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 340

sixth edition of TSR alive door morning

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to be back in the studio let's go ahead

and get right to it

guys ask me all the time via email text

message had a lot of guys asked me this

at the 21 convention last week and they

asked me things like Donovan how can I

get good with girls how can I get better

at talking to women more specifically

how can I build conversational skills

how can I be as charismatic as you are I

get this question all the time now I've

never really tried to answer these

questions directly because the truth of

the matter is is that nobody can ever be

exactly like anybody they can never be

exactly like one person what works for

me is that net is it gonna work for you

in exactly the same way we're all very

different people with different voices

different mannerisms different verbal

and nonverbal nuances and because of

that everything we do and say as far as

girls are concerned are going to affect

different girls in many different ways

but regardless of differences in our

personalities one thing we all know that

girls are attracted to is of course

charisma Moxie charm you don't have to

be outgoing or gregarious to be

charismatic a lot of guys think that you

have to have this big personality to be

to be Gregory to be to be charismatic to

be charming no no no charm and charisma

comes in many many different flavors

comes in many shapes

waives forms etc there's more than one

way to skin the cat in other words you

don't have to be just like Donovan to

get the same results and yes I just

referred to myself in the third person

as they often do but there is something

that a lot of guys who are really good

with women have in common and that of

course is the subject of today's episode

a sales background a lot of guys who are

great with girls are sales guys or they

spent a significant amount of time in

the sales industry this is why Kevin is

in the sales department he's not Kevin

in accounting he's not Kevin in

management he's not Kevin and purchasing

he is Kevin in sales I use myself as an

example all the time anybody who's ever

anybody who's listened to me over the

years know that I have an extensive

sales background I've seen guys listen

man I've told you this before I'll tell

you again

I've sold every I've sold anything and


guys I've sold cleaning products I've

sold home security systems I've sold

home improvement products like vinyl

siding windows real stores etc I've sold

cars if sold

I've sold magazine and I've sold cell

phones multiple times I've sold

vacations I've sold time shares guys you

you name it I have sold it now my sales

background and I can't listen I cannot

exaggerate this enough my sales

background gave me a significant Head

Start when it came to running red pill

style game even when I was blue pill I

always had the gift of gab and that gave

me a leg up on most of the guys out

there I've never had a problem with

talking to girls and getting that

initial attraction it was the

relationship part in the blue pill

tendencies that tripped me up as it does

with most guys this is why when I took

the red pill it took me a few months it

only took me a few months to get really

really good at talking to beautiful

women getting their numbers and

eventually starting to fuck him on the

regular I already had the charisma and

the charm I just needed a little bit of

guidance to keep me from getting gut and

this is what this is what the red pill

ended up doing for me so to answer the

question how can I learn to be

charismatic and develop the kind of

personality that is attractive to women

well the answer to that is to get a

sales job okay

into the sales profession get into the

sales industry getting a sales job is

the quickest and most effective way to

develop the conversational skills

necessary to get that initial spark that

girls are looking for when approached by

you and today I'm gonna talk about why

sales jobs help you become so much

better with women trust and believe the

advantage the advantages that I came in

with the advantage that I had the leg up

that I had as far as red pill gain was

concerned was my sales background my

learning curve was my learning curve was

very very flat because of my sales

background I'm gonna tell you guys why

I'm gonna tell you guys why that is

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course is because I've been doing I've

been doing a lot of traveling an area

code 95 want to see you there in the

cube and it gets you in just a second as

you guys all know the 21 convention

happened not this past weekend but the

weekend before last I was privileged to

be a guest and a speaker there so of

course I was there from I got there on

the 12th and I left

the 15 so I was there from Friday to

Monday came back here to Philly for a

couple days then I flew out to Reno to

take care of some business got back from

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my content as far as my live content has

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area code 951 thank you very much for

holding your on live with Donovan go

ahead Charles what's up brother how you

doing then I'm doing great right now I'm

just driving to a job

right at this moment so ya wanted to

call in yeah good stuff man yeah I

actually I got your car I know I'm not

sure if I have your consultation form

I'm pretty sure that I do of course I'm

up to my eyeballs and whatever but yeah

you and I we need to sit down for an

hour and get this stuff banged out man

by the way guys for those of you guys

who are unfamiliar with Charles Cabell

our Charles is one of the guys that I

met up with at the 21 convention Charles

was at the 21 convention he was there

the whole time met up with him good for

a good firm handshake I had a blast with

him so thanks for calling in Charles I

appreciate him in oh of course man like

one of my favorite things or like you

know uplifting moments was from that

Sunday um after that Q&A; session I was I

forgot I was talking to you but yeah he

just you know patted me on the back

saying good question I appreciate that

oh yeah yeah yeah that was well it was a

good question because a lot of guys and

you know again for those of you who

aren't familiar with it Charles asked me

specifically where do you see like is

there a trend in sports starting to is

sports starting to wake up and trend

away from the feminist narrative from

the social justice warrior narrative so

that was a very very good question a lot

of guys don't really like to ask a lot

of sports questions because they don't

realize even they don't realize or they

don't or they don't really see the

parallels between sports and the red

pill and how feminism and the red pill

does affect sports so that was

definitely a good question I listen I

appreciate I appreciate you asking it

because it it needed to be on camera

like that kind of question needed to be

addressed at the 21 convention for sure

yes indeed I want to ask you this

question so I know on Monday Oakland

traded their first-round draft pick to

down hard so my best Dallas training the

first-round draft pick the Oakland

exchange for Amari Cooper so my thing is

do you think a market we will make a

chance to dethrone your egos this season

no I don't think so no I don't think so

I think that done well listen speaking

speaking of now here's the thing I can't

really jump to conclusions we blew a 7th

at the Eagles blew a 17 point lead this


was able to watch that game in Reno we

blew 17 point lead but the Eagles are

still even though the Redskins are

forward - the Eagles are still the best

team in the division right now they're

going through a Super Bowl hangover

they're not really as hungry does Amari

Cooper put Dallas over the top good but

I doubt it I think that Derrick now

here's the thing Derek Carr is a better

quarterback than dak Prescott and so I

think if anything what AM re Cooper will

do if anything it will show us who dak

Prescott really is because Amari Cooper

is a number one receiver he gets

separation Dez Bryant never really got

separation but he was that number one

guy but I think the Amari Cooper trade

it's gonna do two things number one it's

gonna tell us who dak Prescott really is

and I think that I think dak Prescott is

probably his ceiling is probably not

quite as high as we thought it was the

second thing is the second thing that's

gonna do it's gonna load up the Oakland

Raiders do the oak Lord the next day of

the Las Vegas Raiders you have three

first-round picks next year and they

have two first-round picks in 2020 yep

so they are going to be listen I think

Jon Gruden came in there I think he had

a plan he knew was gonna be right he

knew was gonna be a little bit rough in

the beginning I think the Raiders are

one in five one in six or something like

that they got their guy Derek Carr yeah

maybe they'd listen and listen if we

only think about Jon Gruden I don't know

how old you are but Jon Gruden likes to

he's an impatient guy he shuffles he

collects quarterbacks Derek cards got

the hundred twenty-five million dollar

contract so chances are he'll probably

be there but Jon Gruden will pull the

plug on anyone and everyone

so yeah Derek Carr is he looks to be the

guy of the future but you never know

what Jon Gruden but I think it's gonna

load up the Oakland Raiders the rate or

the Las Vegas Raiders next year I think

they're gonna be good down the roads not

gonna be this year the Dallas Cowboys

I don't know giving up a first-round

pick for a number one receiver in a

Maury Cooper I think it's gonna come

back to bite him but hey listen I'm glad

about that because I'm an Eagles fan

exactly yeah because my dad well ma'am

my dad's like a Cowboys fan so he was

talking about it and of course uh also I

noticed this like Jimmie Johnson pulled

like the same thing when he started with

this five-year plan so do you think that

Jon Gruden might make probably not neck

yeah but yeah next couple years you know

be contenders for the Super Bowl rod um

it's possible not likely what Jimmy

Johnson pulled in Dallas was the and you

guys should look it watch the ESP and I

think it's a thirty thirty thirty four

thirty short it's called the great trade

robbery and what it details is it

details the the trade that the Minnesota

the Dallas Cowboys I think traded

Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings

for all of these picks and what they

didn't realize is that there was a

clause in that particular trade that

said if the player if the Dallas Cowboys

cut one of the cut a player that was

traded for Herschel Walker they then get

a first-round pick well for whatever

reason the Vikings didn't realize this

and so Jimmie Johnson was cutting all

these guys in this Herschel Walker trade

and they got first-round pick after

first-round pick who they used to draft

Troy Aikman Michael Irvin and Emmett

Smith dude Nate Newton Russell Maryland

and of course you know the rest is

history they win you know two Super

Bowls in a row three out of four years

so I think that situation is probably a

little bit different but will the

Raiders be Super Bowl contenders within

the next few years yeah I think so

because the AFC this year is weak its

Tom Brady and it's everybody else the

NFC is loaded the AFC a week so if Jon

Gruden knows what he's doing

if John Gurdon knows what he's doing if

he play if he plays his cards right then

I think they could be Super Bowl

contenders but listen you got to watch

out for the Kansas City Chiefs they've

got the real deal and Patrick mahomes

for real he is unbelievable

Charles listen I got it yeah I got it I

got to cut this short but I'm definitely

gonna get a hold of you after the show

so that weekend so we can schedule our

consult I appreciate you calling it a

show man and we will talk very soon my

friend all right brother Charles

Caballero aka CC aka the man-child

calling into calling into the show

always good to hear what i was actually

gonna try to do guys and listen

shout-out to Charles for callin and I'm

actually gonna try to save the

commentary the sports commentary for

right at the end I want to I want to

give the people what they want but I

know that there are a lot of guys out

there who do enjoy the sports commentary

said the I think what I'm gonna start

doing is I'm gonna start putting the

sports commentary tour

the end so you guys are more than

welcome to stick around for that you

guys know I'd like to talk about sports

but you know listen I want people to

tune in and hey listen if he's gonna

talk about how to how you know how sales

jobs can make you much better with women

I want B I want people to be able to

tune in and hear me talk about that so

I'll definitely get into the sports talk

a little bit later on nine one five nine

one four two oh five five three five six

is the number to call if you have a

question or comment about how sales jobs

helps you be helps you to become much

better with women before we get started

here let us check the chat all right and

by the way we are streaming live to all

three of my YouTube channels so I'm

streaming live to three YouTube channels

I'm also streaming live to Facebook as

well as Twitter so shout outs on my

Facebook and Twitter audience as well

Josiah Johnson since I'm here to watch a

brother work appreciate that and just I

actually tuned into your 20 or live

streams the other day you're actually

you're pretty good talker

they're very good talker rain although

Betancourt on the YouTube side of shit

side shout-out to you Nigel Diggs on

Facebook side shout-out to you

jeremy sears on the youtube side says

hell of an intro especially the fucking

football team after being drunk at a

party appreciate that

Mon says sales equals game opening open

plus vibing plus getting her to hook

point investment plus close yeah okay I

mean I'm not into formulas but I'll buy


Ryan Sullivan good to see you in here

Mon also says ABC always be closing

absolutely BK from the rocky says man

YouTube is on some BS I didn't get any

type of notifications once sharp went

live yeah check that Bell again check

that Bell again dude KJ Ford in the

house D wheeze in the house as a good

salesman will always have a job have

been in sales for over 20 years yes if

you are a good sales person you will

never ever be unemployed ever ever

Ryan Sullivan says at the top 100

billionaires in the United States 20 of

26 of them started off as salesmen the

best paid people in the world are in

sales absolutely Mon says sales job is

soul-crushing the target is always

increasing however the payoff is

yes sales jobs are not easy guys and

mone is right sales jobs are

soul-crushing but they I'm telling you

they Forge you into steel and if you are

a good salesperson

you will eventually become good with

women and we're gonna get into we're

gonna get into that here just a few

minutes KY mighty says that had us clean

appreciate that make women great again I

got that at the 21 convention

okay Ryan Sullivan says hey Donovan do

you still own property in Nevada if so

how do you manage real estate from afar

the answer is no I do not as of as of

what is today - with as of two days ago

I no longer own any property in the

stand and that of Nevada that's actually

what I went out to Nevada to take care

of that's a very good question I've

never managed property from afar but

when I did have my rental properties in

Las Vegas I I had two things I had a I

had an unbelievable property manager and

then I had a good maintenance guy and

those two people work together in

conjunction so dude when I was traveling

to Mexico coming out here to the East

Coast to maybe scout places going down

to Phoenix that maybe Scout places that

definitely definitely helps so I mean

listen I'm not an expert in real estate

management but based on my personal

experience I can tell you that the best

way to manage your properties from afar

is to have a good property manager and a

good maintenance guide that you can have

on the speed dial so that's that's my

that's that that's my advice to you Jace

Park says growing a beard increases or

sexual market value it depends on the

beard and depends on the guy either

Santa's either Santos says I can only

hear you know image not sure what's

going on with that

Quinn CSS Donovan sharp is the best

proceed that then Silver's week says

oblivion radio did hate speak against 21

convention yesterday and they blocked

all red man group supporters just want

to inform you Donovan okay

I've never even heard of oblivion radio

so nothing lost nothing lost I don't

know I might I might check him out I

know we're getting a lot of slings and

arrows from guys about the 21 convention

listen I'm glad because if you don't

again you

and until you start getting haters like

I'm starting to get haters I'm starting

to get trolls now a little bit more

because I have almost 2,000 subscribers

on this channel this is when you know

you're making an impact when you start

to get pushback when you start to get

the haters when you start to get trolls

this is when you know your work is

starting to impact people so bring it on

bring it on dr. sinister says what car

is trash

I don't know about that I don't know

Kevin II banya says dawn do you think

the Eagles will trade for Patrick

Peterson you know I certainly hope so I

certainly hope so that would be I

actually thought about that the thought

crossed my mind I'll talk about that a

little bit a little bit later Frank

Martinez in the house finds the word in

the house Robb Cruz in the house Josiah

Johnson in the house Marcus Browns this

is definitely going to be an accurate

show on the Facebook side I'm an example

of that Rob Cruz says my Puerto Rican

Panthers ate those Eagles for breakfast

no they actually had us for dinner we

had him for breakfast and lunch and the

Panthers won the fourth quarter the

quarter that mattered lone Raval or says

watching the Eagles below that 17-0 lead

was draining what are you gonna do men

what are you gonna do Yosef Israel says

good morning bro sorry I've been missing

your wisdom no I actually have not been

on as often as I was but like I said

earlier in the show I am back on the

saddle and James on the YouTube side

good to see you in here let's get this

party started how sales jobs help you to

become better with women well the first

way sales jobs help you to become better

with women is you become immune to

rejection and when you become immune to

rejection this greatly reduces your

approach anxiety when you're in sales

anybody who's been in sales long enough

we all understand you're gonna get a lot

more nose than yeses and a lot of times

those nose can be rude they can be very

bad noses listen I've had customers

curse me out I've had customers hang up

on me I've had customers call me names I

remember what I sold for a particular

home improvement company down in North

Carolina we had the slogan called paper

or porch

and what that meant is when you're

selling home improvement products of

course you're running appointments you

know they have the canvas just go out

hey looks like your roof looks like shit

I got a guy Donovan sharp who can you

know maybe reassess your roof so I get

there you know hey I'm Donovan sharp

heard you guys need a new roof

eventually they're going to let you into

the house if they if they have a reason

to that's a whole nother ballgame right

listen right off the bat that teaches

you to be good with girls because when

you're running appointments like that

for home improvement or home security

they know that once they let you in the

house that is a micro commitment okay so

if they know that they've got to replace

that roof listen they know that I'm

there to assess the roof but they know

I'm a sales guy they already know so a

lot of these customers are very very

hesitant to let you in the and listen

I've written and signed contracts right

out there in the front yard right on the

porch because they don't want you to

come in

I've had people I've had people actively

stand in front of their door to keep me

from getting in the house because once I

get in the house guys I can look around

at the pictures right I can look to see

how many kids they have what motivates

them what do you live for when you get

in the house you're getting all that

information and customers don't want you

having that kind of information because

they know the more information you have

on them the better you're gonna be at

your job and I'm actually gonna talk

about this later

every customer wants to buy that's why

they made the appointment but nobody

wants to be sold they want they want to

be able to say I bought this roof I

bought the cell phone because it was the

decision that I made

not because of some slimy manipulative

salesperson made me so a lot of times

when you run appointments windows vinyl

siding it guys have sold it all listen

getting in the house that is a challenge

in and of itself that helps you with

girls because you have to be quick on

your feet people aren't gonna let you in

their house if they don't trust you so

again building trust building rapport

we're gonna go over that later so anyway

we used to have the same called paper or

porch and when I sit when I say oh shut

out to Drew Bay in the house who's

making an appearance on the YouTube side

drew Bay was on the Redman group the

third red man group panel that I was on

I had never met drew before I'd never

spoke with him before

that was my first interaction with drew

on the red man group and bootless and

the guy knows his shit

so look him up on Facebook drew Bay I

don't know if Drew has a YouTube channel

but subscribe to all his stuff because

this guy knows his shit so shout out to

Drew Bay that is d re w ba ye

so anyway paper porch means went once

you actually get into the house paper

means the contract so you're either

gonna make this sale you're going to get

them to sign that contract or you or you

want them to kick you out right so if

you tell re mister mrs. Jones your your

your roof after assessing all the roof

and all this your soffit and facia your

roof is gonna come to $35,000 oh my god

35 $35,000 no way a buddy of mine got

his done for $16,000 well you want it

done right don't you right and again

this is just these are just sales

techniques but what you want to do is

you want to keep pressing and keep

pushing until they either sign the

contract or this hour listen Donovan I

don't want to hear the speech anymore I

want to hear the sales pitch get the

fuck out of my house now that rarely

happened but that's just a slogan paper

reports means that you stay persistent

you stay on the grind until they sign

that paper that contract or they put you

out on the porch this teaches you

persistence this teaches you this

teaches you to deal with rejections to

deal with overcoming objections that

we'll talk about we'll talk about that

here in a few minutes as well one woman

actually called me a shyster she called

me a shyster because I didn't give her

that she didn't because I didn't give

her a discount that she thought she was

entitled to I was working at a mattress

company and she brought in a coupon from

another mattress company and I said okay

well that's from a different mattress

company and that is a different mattress

than a different brand I can't give you

well don't you guys match coupons I said

yes but again you're late late this is

for a Stearns & Foster mattress right

like we sell Serta this is the Serta

beauty that this I'm sorry this is the

what was it the Serta it was the

iComfort lying by Serta I said this is

Stearns and Foster serves and foster of

course is made by Sealy right that's

their luxury brand so she got upset and

called me a shyster because it wouldn't

honor somebody else's coupon for another

mattress pad you

going to get this kind of stuff when you

are in the sales game right the more

customers you deal with the more the

more you deal with this kind of stuff

the more numb you become to rejection

well approach anxiety guys is rejection

anxiety if you got laid every time you

approach the girl if you got laid on

every approach you wouldn't be anxious

because you're getting laid on every

approach being in sales teaches you it

desensitizes you to the word no it D

senses that it desensitizes you to

rejection guys when you go out and

holler at girls whether it's on the

street or on tinder or text game most of

them are gonna tell you know being in

sales helps you to understand what this

is gonna be a lot of guys take the red

pill and they think it's the cheat code

right they think oh man I've got red

pill game every girl I talk to this is

gonna fuck me not the way it works not

the way it works and guys that don't

understand that end up checking out

early and they end up becoming

bottom-dwelling big tiles because well I

do it I did everything the red pill told

me to do but I'm still not getting my

dick wet they say these things having a

sales job drills into your skull that

most of the time most people you

interact with they're not gonna buy your

product most girls you talk to are not

gonna give you their number most girls

you talk to are not gonna sleep with you

being in being in sales teaches you that

very very very quickly let's go to the

chat here I like reading the chats as I

as I go through this because you guys

are always you guys are always very very

thoughtful drew bases in personal

training after you asked what their

goals are you asked how they think their

life will be better after they

accomplish those goals and those are the

buttons you need to push excellent very

listen very very very good comment you

have to have them visualize right after

you get down to 185 pounds and 12

percent body fat how is your life going

to be better I just do this in the sale

I used to do this in car sales all the

time right

what's it gonna be like when you drive

off the lot in this 2003 out ett what's

your life gonna be like when you drive

home in this out in this you know in

this 2004 Audi a4 you get them to

visualize that this is how you get this

is how you make I'm telling you I can go

through so many sales techniques but

that's a very very good comment there by

Jubei NY Kia 31 says you learned how to

get to the damn point

instead of wasteful talk I would

disagree with that not NY Kia actually

no I don't disagree with that I don't

disagree with that I'll put it to you

like this when you say you learn how to

get to the time get to the damn point

instead of wasteful talk that's the

difference between traditional game and

mode 1 mode 1 you're just taught you

walk up to her yo look check this out

you look good I assume you think I look

good because you made eye contact with

me listen I'm not interested in nothing

but fucking are you in or are you out

right like that that's the mode one

approach but you haven't wasted there

there's no such thing as wasteful talk

when you're selling high ticket items it

dude if you're selling 70 and $80,000

vehicles you can't just

you can't go mode one on an Audi

dealership if you're selling $5,000

mattresses you can't go mode one no you

have to learn about the customer you

have to learn what motivates them you

have to build rapport and we'll get into

that in conjunction with girls good

comment but I think I think that's

probably more of a mode that's probably

more of a mode one approach de says as a

salesman I don't sell anything I help

people quote buy stuff very good Marcus

says thanks for that episode first year

of what to do and what not to do in the

first year of the red pill thank you I

got a lot of requests for that and I'm

glad I'm glad I did that episode there's

a lot of guys a lot of guys we're

requesting that oh shit man Armando

Armando Armando Moreno says come on

Donovan the real reason they didn't let

you in the house is because you are

black listen man I'm not gonna disagree

with that listen most appointments I ran

down at and I'll say the name it's

called Dixie home crafters right that's

the name of the company that I worked

for it listen

a lot of people didn't let me in the

house because I was black hey man I was

in the American South that's not that's

just how that goes but again you're

gonna have and that's a very good

comment because you're gonna get if

you're a black guy and you approach

white girls if she feels herself

becoming attracted here comes the shit

test well I don't take black guys just

give it time sweetheart

give it time or you never dated a black

guy like me or I don't date black guys

well I don't date white girls yet here

we are right you have to learn how to

get around the shit test very very good

very good comment by Armando Moreno yeah

I'm fairly certain that a lot of white

southern families didn't let me in the

house because I was black ice is how it

goes that's part of the game and you

know and like I said dude I have dude I

have written contracts I have called in

for financial approval right there on

the porch right there on the front lawn

right there in front of the garage they

would not let me in the house but guess

what they find it they financed they

financed clearcoat painting and a roof

and you know you know five or six

windows for $95,000 it took out our

second mortgage they had no problem give

me that information they wouldn't let me

in the house I don't give a shit let me

in the house or not I don't care if I

got a standing here sweat my ass off to

get that ninety five thousand dollar

contract and at seventy five hundred

dollar commission and guess what I guess

I'm have to sweat my ass off good listen

very very good comment I like that very

very good all right excellent man you

guys are coming you guys are coming with

the knowledge coming with the knowledge

today mr. Jackson says Donovan do you do

you have any side hustle sales

recommendations for a man with a full

time job already be a little bit more

specific mr. Jackson I think I know what

you're asking me but I want to make sure

I answer your question I want I want to

make sure I answer your question

thoroughly Kevin II banja says hey

mastering sales in a hostile environment

like in the south makes anti makes you

anti fragile to rejection exactly and

you know it's funny Kevin and Kevin on

Armando may make very good points I

never really thought I never really

thought of how dealing with you know

people who may or may not have been

racist that might have helped me to

become better with white girls who knows

who knows a lot of white families

wouldn't let me in the house but I'll

tell you what they sure did finance at

$35,000 roof they sure did sign off on a

$45,000 bono siding job I didn't give a

shit I got what I needed

straight-up alright let's move along

another way that sales jobs help you

with women is it helps you to open the

conversation and lead the conversation

let me explain what I mean there when

customers come into your store when you

approach a customer when you're

door-to-door whatever the case may be

when they come into your shop your store

they are they're already unsure ok now

they're unsure of whether or not they

want to buy from you they're in there

for a reason they didn't just you know

listen if you don't own a home you're

not gonna have someone come out and give

you a sales pitch on replacing your

windows you don't own the home right if

you're in a two-year contract with your

cellphone you're not gonna call up AT&T;

or Sprint or t-mobile and I've worked

for all of these companies for you know

for for another contract at least not

back in the day you know you couldn't

get out of your contract back in the day

as easy as you could get that out of

them today

the point is is that if they didn't need

your product they wouldn't be in there

in the first place people don't come on

to a car lot if they don't want or need

a new car so they're there for a reason

what the sales gig what what the sales

profession helps you to do is it helps

you to ask those open-ended questions to

lead the conversations you ask they

answer you're in control

um sales jobs helps you to master this

art a lot of guys when they're out on

dates with girls they don't know how to

lead a conversation they don't know how

to qualify their customers or qualify

their girls and we're gonna get into

that later they just don't know how to

have a conversation they don't know how

to lead the conversation they were being

led they're being led in the


well how did your date go with how did

it go with Suzy huh you know she talked

about the Kardashians and talked about

the fact that she was a foodie and

talked about her best friend cheating on

her husband

that's all you guys talk about well yeah

I mean I didn't really know what to do

dude you got to learn to lead that

conversation girls want to be led they

don't want to

with girls they're talking to you for a

reason if you approach a girl and she

doesn't give you the immediate blow-off

she's talking to you for even if she's

married even if she has a boyfriend or a

husband if she gives you if she gives

you a time of day she finds you

attractive right she wants you to give

her a reason to cheat on her boyfriend

she wants to to give her a reason to

cheat on her husband they're there for a


you the sales job teaches you to ask

open-ended questions it teaches you how

to lead the conversation you do the same

thing with girls you ask she answers you

are in control dupe listen do not allow

a woman to take control the conversation

with her asking you and you answering

now when they start asking buying

questions okay

when they start asking buying questions

than yes you're still in control but now

they're asking by questions just to

switch gears here so if customers start

asking buying questions well yes

you're more than happy to answer those

questions how much is it do you deliver

what's the warranty how many miles until

the warranty runs out does it come in X

Y Z color those are buying questions

with girls there are no verbal buying

questions what girls do is they display

what alpha male strategies calls

choosing signals IO eyes indicators of

interest so customers will give you buy

questions girls will brush their hair

back they'll laugh at all of your stupid

jokes now fiddle with their hair or

fiddle with their fingers prolonged eye

contact you have to learn to detect

these things what to say what what what

a job in sales will help you to do is

it'll help you to recognize these things

and it helps you to recognize these

things because you now you now know how

to open and lead a conversation anybody

can walk up to a girl and say hi I'm

Donovan but then they freeze like a deer

in the headlights when she's out well

I'm Katie oh shit

she actually took the bait now what no

no if you're in sales long enough you

know exactly what to do from there yeah

you know I'm just sitting here waiting

for the bus and you know I noticed the

ice cream shop you know right across the

you know right across the street I've

always been wanting to try this place

but you know I'm trying to keep up I'm

trying to keep up with my boyish figure

how about you you don't look like you're

you don't look

you don't look like someone who could

who could afford to miss a meal or

something to that effect right you have

to be quick on your feet you have to

learn to open a conversation and lead a

conversation and the best salespeople

absolutely know how to do this let me

check the chat here Marcus give me a

second here

so de says he's actually answering this

rejection he says make sure it's an

industry you really love regardless of

what you're selling okay

I hate listen I hated home improvement

sales but I mean I should let him money

doing it Marcus says doing sales also

taught me how to conversate using open

using using opening question versus

closed helps the conversation flow

better it's now so nice and easy on

dates the same way I hardly have to say

much bingo

good example Mon says I was a I was a

credit card salesman at shopping malls

and it always feels like daygame

rejection sometimes it really stinks

inside yeah dude and I've never had one

of those hey would you like to sign up

for credit card during this and the

other but dude those guys those guys

have a rock-solid friend they're getting

nose all day long if you're a mall kiosk

guy and you're getting paid on paid on

how many how many credit card

applications how many how many

appointments you can set for whatever

faucet you have set up for whatever

gutter do you guys have seen all those

you know the gutter Guardian setups at

the mall those guys get nose all day


those guys are mastered a game artists

trust me trust me Chris Hill says

absolutely I sold Chevy's in the deep

south develop thick skin you better fuck

and believe it

crystal also says minorities have an

automatic advantage in sales customers

assume dominance because I'm black hmm I

don't really know how I feel about that

um listen in your experience that might

be the case but I guess it depends on

the region how can i how can I put this

and I see you in the call queue there

area code 407 I wouldn't say that I

wouldn't say that being a minority gives

you it gives you an advantage in sales

because they assume your dominance I

think that having a my

forty gives you an advantage in the

dating market because and I talked about

this before the assumed alpha advantage

specifically with white girls white

girls don't shit test black black guys

as much because of the assumed alpha

advantage I don't know if that

translates over to sales I don't know

that because because listen people don't

like dominant sales guys they like sales

guys who are personable affable you know

they need to be able to trust you girls

don't have to trust you how can I put

this it's hard to put it it's hard to

put this and there are many different

kinds of trust but girls like dominant

men that's what arouses them customers

don't necessarily like dominant they

like confident salespeople but if they

don't like dominant salespeople they

don't like they don't like the feeling

of them getting bullied I understand

what you're going there but I have to

disagree that that that translates from

sales game to girls no girls like

dominance as far as as far as black men

are concerned being am i or being a

minority might have us advantages but

the assumed dominance I don't think is

one of them as far seals are concerned

good comment though could comment though

oh so mr. Jackson clarifies it says

Donovan sharp I have a full-time job in

the military do you have any recommended

side job I could do that but put me in

the sales mindset yeah dude sell cell


dude go to any any they're there all

sorts of cell phone companies they have

like little Sprint stores little you

know AT&T; stores right a telemarketing

job well listen dude I've done I got so

everything you can think of over the

phone you want to be you want to learn

to be quick on your feet you want to

know how to deal with rejection you want

to get into that sales mindset any

telemarketing job will quickly quickly

do that for you

door-to-door sales jobs are also victim

and it's listen it's a lot harder to be

a door-to-door sales person these days

dude I've had five or six door-to-door

sales jobs and I was great at all of

them they were not easy tightens up your

game really quick so I would say cell

phone jobs telemarketing jobs maybe

door-to-door sales jobs or maybe can get

into the big-ticket items you can be

like a part-time sales guy well not at

Mattress for him because they recently

just filed for bankruptcy but look for a

high look for high ticket retail items

those are those are my recommendations

in waikiki 31 says I also learned not to

care about rejection we used to have

contests when we went out after work

just lost the blue Arena have two works

to see who can say the most outrageous

things to women you have fun with it and

not care

listen man what NY Kea just said there

that is next level gang if you want to


I mean thick ironclad forged skin to

just become immune to rejection yeah do

stupid little contests there with your

buddies who can say the dumbest most

outrageous thing to a woman new we used

to do that all the time in Vegas and the

point was not to get laid the point was

the reaction dude sometimes we take out

our camera phones if you like check this


dude we don't we get all sorts of

rejections we get girls pouring drinks

on us we get girls call it over there

boyfriend oh shit our boyfriends gonna

kick her ass get the fuck out of here

this again this is a great game to play

very very good comment there very good

comment Gervais says I wonder if that

depends upon the industry I think he's

referring to the whole the racial

element the racial component of the

sales game if you're buying a service

related to becoming more alpha the

salesperson being alpha might be a form

of social proof okay I'll buy that he

says you know for example selling

fitness training equipment martial arts

self-defense bingo there you go

so so what whoever made that comment

Chris Hill okay now with feet now with

the caveat that that that drew just

pointed out then yes I could certainly

see why so if you are selling you know

workout equipment or if you're selling

motorcycles anything that anything that

can node sort of an alpha sort of an

alpha mindset that yeah being a dominant

guy yeah listen you don't want to walk

into a Brazilian Jujitsu studio and say

hey sell me on you know taking BJJ you

don't want some weak guy you don't want

him to be affable you want to be

dominant and to the point very good very

good comment there by drew very very

good point very good point that's

actually that's a really good point see

I learned something from you guys every

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before I continue the continue the show

I'm gonna go ahead and say goodbye to my

Facebook and periscope audience thank

you thank you guys for for tuning in

good comment there bye drew I never I'd

never even thought of it that way

very good moan

says how to lead a conversation I think

of it in two ways give her a be options

so she picks one of those and continues

expanding your thoughts or another way

asking why or how to elicit emotions yes

yes very very good excellent game

excellent game there 91 for two oh five

five three five six is that I'm going to

call if you were calling from outside of

the US it is zero zero one nine one four

two of five five three five six let's go

to the phone lines I think area code 407

you're on live at Donovan good what I've

done it would end keep you here empty -

what's up brother

oh good man okay good good alright

listen hold on hold on before we go any

further two questions

or yes are you still with your

girlfriend mt2 is the guy in the

long-distance relationship guys I want

to keep an eye on this are you still

together with her oh yeah oh yeah okay

very good

number one number two the second

question is is is she cheating and I

know that's a loaded question um my

guess my guess would be no thanks

because I her behavior and also I have

my guy over to in my city that also tell

me what's going on girl that's great I

love it and a keylogger so yeah very

good keylogger very nice very very nice

what's the word MT - what's up what's

going on and I wanted to touch up on

something that are also related to the

topic and first of all is regarding

sales a very very important skill to

have this to acknowledge the fact that

everyone need something and not just a

product but you giving them a certain

experience somebody told me I am

studying law at the moment then a lawyer

that was teaching us a corset you should

be as liquid as ice when you when you're

dealing with your clients because you

never know what's going on in their head

I mean some men must be going for

divorce and you're like a real estate

lawyer and you need to I mean you need

to comfort them sort of they need us to

feel safe and protected with you just

like you said a building reporting all

that another thing I wanted to say in

that is unrelated is what I observe and

what I see every time in the gym and

also at the gym is almost every man I

see is focusing on their physique and

how they look versus their strength and

to me that the biggest mistake they can

do because yeah I see all the time guys

one those chiseled ABS and the small

percentage body fat and whatnot but how

much are you guys listening on how much

are you benching how much you're

squatting where is your strength I mean

I think I that are way better looking

than me that cannot pick up a girl and

give her for more than five years and

that totally I mean you look like a

prison I mean you can look good as hell

but you look like a pussy right in the

states I thought in the States this is

what we call in the states this is what

we call mirror muscles there are a lot

of guys who look strong who really

aren't that strong here's another thing

just because you're building muscle does

not necessarily mean you're building

strength okay so you do 300 curls with

30 pound dumbbells how much are you dead

lifting how much are you squatting how

much are you benching yep yep totally

and that that that's very important as a

man you have to have that strength

because when you're strong a woman sees

in you a mean something primal goes in

her head yes much more than when she eat

you being good-looking that's what my

girlfriend's oh because like my ex she

an ex-boyfriend was way more athletic

than me way more she was a kind of

manhood but I mean champion tennis or

whatever she said she was so weak he

realized she was calling him a pussy who

almost every day soli almost because of

that and she said oh my god whenever you

pick me the fuck up and you do whatever

the fuck you want with my body like so


and I'm like yeah of course it is

because I have the strength to do that

so yeah and also one more thing is just

a man shouldn't be insecure about his

body and that's kind of that kind of

self-explanatory I mean I saw that first

and I in Richard Cooper with his car

lines from his I mean from the time he

was burned as a child yeah yeah you

shouldn't you shouldn't let no one you

shouldn't be embarrassed actually about

anyone saying anything about your scars

or how your face is or whatever and the

easiest way that I went over this is

when I realized well wait what what are

the people that I care most about their

opinion on my body right women right but

actually whatever a woman tells you

about your body is a shipper whenever it

goes tells me I mean yep I have some

white spot on my face on my body not

nothing nothing really pretty girl but

you can observe it and and every time a

girl would say oh my god what's that on

your face I'm like baby doesn't matter

right like that's something stupid I

mean you should flip it around because

what what she's saying essentially is

are you confident enough with your body

and with yourself right nothing more

than that if if she sees if she sees

that she affects you like what is that

scar on your face if she sees that she

affects you with just that comment you

have failed that shit test but if you

white like like does it really matter if

you show her that listen this is no big

deal like sometimes I just forget it's

there again that that has that has a far

greater impact on women because listen

if you're not self-conscious about your

body then guess what neither is she yeah

yeah excellent comment there mc2 and

before I let you go

drew BAE who is who I believe is a

certified personal trainer he says if

you he says strength and physique are

not mutually exclusive then he goes on

to say if you train for strength and eat

properly you end up with both so if you

train for strength and you eat properly

you are going to you're going to

you're gonna be strong and you were

going to look strong again those mirror

muscles that we were talking about so he

certainly agrees with you in that regard

mt2 I appreciate the call man you drop

some serious knowledge call it off and

man we want those reports I will man

have a good time all right take care man

mt2 in the house man dropping some

serious knowledge Marcus says mc2

definitely brought up a good point he

said this is why I love powerlifting

over bodybuilding the weight and

technique requirements whilst whilst

while displaying raw strength are higher

and stricter yeah this is why when I'm

when I'm in the weight room I don't fuck

around with Nautilus machines

I don't even fuck around with dumbbells

I do compound exercises squats deadlifts


standing overhead press the barbell well

those are the only five mrs. strong

lifts pipe five by five these are these

are compound exercises and right around

the beginning of the year I'm actually

going to look into doing Crossfit that's

dude people who do they've got CrossFit

Games look at the guys who compete in

CrossFit Games on TV they do their

physiques are second to none and there

they are physically superior in terms of

strength to anyone so compound exercises

will get you to where you want now you

can eat like shit and do compound

exercises you look like the world

Strongest Man competition right they

look big and strong but they're a little

flabby because you know they eat a lot

of calories

just like juice says man if you want if

you watch what you eat you're gonna slim

down train for strength very very good

yeah your primary J spark says which is

better strength or endurance a drew

answer this question your primary goal

should be strength you are a man you are

a man you're gonna get some strength

here's the thing if you if you train for

strength they're also going to build

endurance as well like this is how this


correct me if I'm wrong there drew

correct me if I'm wrong okay let's move

on here's another way here's another way

one of the best ways that the sales

industry will make you better with women

is you learn how to deal you learn how

to overcome objections overcoming

objections from customers is literally

the same thing as overcoming shit

with women customers will throw

objections at you all day long they'll

tell you I can't afford it it's too much

I'd like to think about it Toyota's got

a better deal great salesmen know and

understand that objections mean that

they're interested okay we also know

that objections mean that they don't

have enough information so when a

customer tells you well it costs too

much well this means one of two things

number one you gave them the price too

early before building up enough value

which leads to number two it's just not

worth it well if they don't think it's

worth it that just means they don't have

enough information and by the way by the

way never reveal the prices just sales

game 101 if you're dealing with high

ticket items unless they know the price

already never reveal the price until the

customer has all of the information even

if you even if you're selling a 2000 and

you know 2019 out ea7 well how much is

this car it's $225,000 it's not dude it

doesn't matter how great he thinks the

car is he's gonna think initially it's

too much because you you haven't built

the value you have to build the value

before you drop the price so you take an

hour with them you go through all the

features and benefit to take them on the

test-drive tell them dude

what are your homeboys gonna think when

you drive up in this car when you go on

road trips how is this gonna change how

is this car gonna change your life then

in the end telling him the price it's

just gonna be a formality oh really 225

all right let's do it

I've already had my mind made up the

best salesmen overcome objections

regularly it's the same thing as

overcoming shit testing here listen I'm

gonna tell you that I'm gonna tell you

this ironclad doctrine in terms of

Redfield gameis concern okay girls don't

shit test you unless they are interested

girls don't shit test guys they don't

find attractive guys who overcome shit

tests do the best with women so for

example you approach a girl seizes I

have a boyfriend hunter with whoa slow

down I've only known you for three

minutes and if she smiles you're in

there you approach a limit you know I

don't think black guys well you're in

luck because as you can see I'm actually

Brown and you smirk at her if she smiles

her in there just being quick on your

feet overcoming those shit tests being

in the sales game for a good long time

it almost rewires your brain to look at

shit tests as objections sales teaches

you to recognize when a customer is

interested and when they're not so for

example if a customer says you know what

I'm not interested or they leave your

store guess that that means guys means

they're not interested ok another

example if the girl says well I have a

point I have a boyfriend please leave me

alone hey she's not interested right and

of course you're reading verbal let

you're reading nonverbal cues nuance

etcetera etc you can't win them all guys

again it's a numbers game but sales

teaches you to overcome objections which

directly translates to passing shit

tests again this is why I got so good

with girls so quickly because a dude I

had I had I had a decade and a half of

sales background built right in so I

don't want out and talk to girls it was

just like being out on the sales floor

being out in the field being on the

phone door-to-door it is literally the

same thing

drew Bay says strength and local

muscular endurance are directly related

but the relationship varies between

individuals depending on the fiber type

ratio okay that does it

I gotta get I gotta get drew on the show

definitely gotta get drew on the show

drew I'm definitely gonna hit you

because you obviously know what you're

talking about


Liron show him Liron show him on the

YouTube side his answer to the shit test

I have a boyfriend he says okay I have a

cat that's good I've never thought it

I've never thought of that one that's

really funny I have a boyfriend well I

have a cat right I don't think black

guys well I don't date white girls yet

here we are right you got to be quick on

your feet with this stuff and a lot of

guys ask me all the time

how can I just be hyperdrive shit test

repellent machine sales game will do

that dude being in the sales industry

will do that for you almost


dude you overcome shit test in ways you

ain't even thought of sales teaches you

this you've got to be quick on your feet

that was funny I have a boyfriend I have

a cat that's great excellent another way

another very important way that having a

sales job makes you much better with

women is it teaches you to build rapport

building rapport with customer customers

is akin to making girls feel comfortable

with you if a girl is especially if

you're going for a first day lay if that

girl does not feel comfortable with you

dude she is not coming home with you she

is not inviting you upstairs for coffee

I don't care what you do customers don't

buy your product okay when a customer

makes a purchase they are buying more

you than the product now if I'm a

Lamborghini salesman I don't really have

to do any selling if the guy is on my

Lamborghini a lot all right he's got

four and a half million dollars to buy

the you know the Lamborghini Diablo

right if he comes on to a Ferrari you

know a to a Ferrari dealership I know

he's got the three-point you know a

Koenigsegg Agera right that that's my

dream car if I'm not on a Guerra

if I'm not on a Guerra Carla I know I

don't have to do any selling that the

car sells itself but for the rest of us

for the normal ticket items customers

are buying you and because they are

buying you building rapport is

absolutely critical building rapport is

the single most important thing that you

can learn to do in the sales game guys

why because it builds comfort they have

to trust you to buy from you if

customers don't trust you they're not

gonna spend their money they're not

opening their wallet they're not

whipping out their credit cards all

products are pretty much the same

whether you sell forwards to yos ality

it will I don't know well it's if you're

selling forwards Toyota's Honda's

man yeah they might vary in terms of

style and this and that the other

certain features but by and large

they're all pretty much the same

vehicles but the difference is is you

give you another example people don't

sue bad doctors guys they don't sue bad

doctors the doctors they sue are the

doctors they don't like the doctors with

the bad bedside manner they soothe those

guys the doctor with the attitude

problem the doctor with the

holier-than-thou approach assholes they

don't sue doctors they like dude they

could they could have a doctor leave an

instrument inside they could have a

doctor leave a scalpel inside your

kidney after surgery right if they like

that doctor they're not gonna sue that

doctor guys now that's an extreme

example but you get the point

customers buy from people they like even

if the product is lackluster if you

build rapport and you get them to like

you they will hamster up some sort of

excuse to buy from you okay so the

powertrain warranty is only 50,000 miles

right but we probably won't have this

car for that long anyway we'll probably

sell it before 50,000 miles whether or

not that's true doesn't matter the

reason why they're saying that is

because they like Donovan the


that's why sales taught me rapport

building that's what it taught me that's

probably the best part of my overall

game guys I've been a lot of places I've

done a lot of things I can talk about

anything and of course I had this

eidetic memory I remember I remember

everything so that's that happens to be

an advantage of mine as far as sales

goes I talk dude I can talk about sports

I can talk about politics religion and

of course you never want to talk about

politics or religion with when you're in

sales that's just you know sales game

101 but I've traveled a lot so I have a

lot of stories to tell because of my

sports knowledge if like if I get a call

if I get a I'm doing telemarketing and

I'm working for I'm working for t-mobile

and somebody calls me up but I see that

the that the area code is from Neenah


Wisconsin I make conversation maybe

about Aaron Rodgers hey listen are they

taxing you personally for Aaron Rodgers

contract ha ha ha hee hee hee guess what

that's rapport they like you right if

somebody walks in if you're selling a

mattress and and you can see that the

customer drives an Audi right like hey

what model is that oh that's a 2004 a4

you know I used to sell the Audi a4 it

was actually my favorite car at the time

what made you go just off the topic what

made you buy that and now you're talking

about something you have in common

you're building rapport that is hyper

hyper critical guess what this directly

carries over to girls gentlemen you

can't just walk up and say hi I'm

Donovan tell her stupid joke and then

ask her for her phone number she's not

gonna give it to you she doesn't trust

you yet you didn't take time to build


now the mode what approach Skip's

rapport building maybe you're traveling

maybe you just need to get laid maybe

you're just looking for a quick fuck

buddy ok cool rapport building is not


but most guys the vast majority of guys

have to build rapport and make girls to

make girls feel comfortable gentlemen

being in sales teaches you to build

rapport if you can't build rapport

you're gonna suck as a salesperson if

you can't make girls feel comfortable

you're gonna suck as a pickup artist

you're gonna suck at talking to girls it

is literally the same thing and get

listen by the way here's something else

I didn't think about most consumers are

who women most people buying from you

most people opening up their wallets are

women women are the decision-makers dude

I've walked into I've walked into so

many homes so many homes home

improvement projects right listen they

obviously need gutters you got a trench

you've got a trench in a ravine around

you know around your house because you

don't have gutters your soffit and

fascia boards are all fucked up I know

this needs to be replaced this is the

male sphere guess what mr. Jones doesn't

make that call mrs. Jones makes that

call right and because most people

you're selling to are women you learn

how to talk to women

sales jobs are the key if you know how

to build rapport with women guess what

you're gonna know how to build rapport

with women outside of the sales gig

literally the same thing I cannot I

cannot stress this enough most guys have

to build rapport and make girls feel

comfortable sales jobs teaches you to

build rapport it teaches you how to tell

stories it teaches you how to read body

language one strategy that I used to do

when I was a sales trainer is ice to

tell guys don't talk about the product

right now they're in there hey what kind

of bet are you looking for I am looking

for something firm and then having back

problems hey just real quick

off the record right like I noticed we

have that I noticed we have the same

watch a TK I got mine in Beverly Hills

where did you get yours oh well I

actually got mine in LA oh yeah you know

again that's that rapport you find

something in common this is how you get

customers to like you to trust you ask

them about themselves where are you from

what do you do for a living where have

you been customers love talking about

themselves guess who else likes talking

about themselves girls guys do you see

the correlation you gotta see the

correlation guys guys listen I'm telling

you right now building rapport is one of

the main skills that sales teaches you

that directly translates to talking to

girls speaking of asking think speaking

of talking about themselves and asking

them questions here's another important

skill that sales jobs teach you


qualification qualifying customers and

qualifying girls gentlemen I'm here to

tell you not every customer is gonna

make a good customer just because the

customer wants to buy doesn't mean they

should buy just because a customer can

buy doesn't mean they should should buy

maybe they have bad credit maybe they're

maybe they're broke maybe don't have a

pot to piss in maybe they're not a good

fit maybe they don't need the product

some customers are bad customers guys a

customer will call you up they need a

cell phone but they live in a rural area

that's a bad cuss

eventually oh they're gonna get a refund

they gonna be like Donovan you know I

bought these I bought this friends and

family plan for you guys but none of us

have a signal well that's because they

didn't qualify them hey by the way

what's the fuck I didn't I didn't look

at my coverage map hey where do you live

what's your zip code right that's funny

dude I used to have real estate

properties used to rent out to people

all the time right qualify them hey by

the way have you ever been evicted no if

you don't do that then if you don't do

that then you're gonna get burned right

so if somebody says well listen I've got

an eviction really well or they'll tell

you yeah you know we're moving out a lot

a lot of guys in the real estate game

get this fucked up every cut every

renter potential renter will tell you

they're moving out they don't give me

the circumstances unless they tell you

my lease ran out or right now I'm on

month-to-month because my lease ran out

you have to assume that they're being

evicted right yeah we're moving out and

we're looking for a new place really why

are you moving out right why are you

moving out guy comes onto your lot he

wants a sports car

he wants the Audi TT two-seater two-door

but he has a family the fuck do you need

a listen I understand you well every guy

wants an Audi TT right but if you have a

family what good is that gonna do oh you

already have a minivan okay great

this okay what you're 51 years old going

through a midlife crisis perfect you

have to qualify them gentlemen just

because you will take every sale doesn't

mean that every sale is a good sale

sometimes you write what we call in the

sales industry would you write in wood

tickets sometimes it's bad money listen

bad money wood tickets or sales that are

eventually gonna come back to bite your

Commission oh man I just sold him a

$5,000 bed man that's gonna be a great

great Commission really what did they

want to fry you know their two-year-old

dude they're gonna want their money back

because their two-year-old doesn't need

a $5,000 bed I get extreme example that

you get the point

you have to probe to qualify customers

if you don't qualify customers you're

gonna get refunds you're gonna get

customers who are a headache you're

gonna get you're gonna get new

to get multiple service calls which

shrinks that part which shrinks that

profit margin guess what guys it is the

same with girls some girls are sluts

some girls are super sluts some girls

are only good for a one-night stand some

only girls some girls are only good for

fucking and nothing else someone to make

good side chicks some women might

actually be good for a long-term

relationship but you must qualify them

as such

just because you'll take every sale ok

just because you take every sale doesn't

mean it's a good sale you will certainly

fuck every girl out there right who

passes the boner test but not every girl

is good for you right

not every girl is worth your time

outside a sex like customers make women

qualify themselves to you what's your

family like I love your shoes they look

expensive how much did you how much did

you pay for them

do you always spend $200 on shoes you're

in good shape do you work out if she

says no guess what she's eventually

gonna get fat a guy gets with a girl is

27 years old my god she's got a body

huge tits flat stomach

two years later yeah you know you know

Stacy's kind of gaming wait well does

she go to the gym now she's never really

gone to the gym dude you missed that

qualifying question you're in great

shape you have a nice flat stomach do

you work out no ok well then guess what

you know you're gonna fuck it for six

months because she's one happy meal away

from being on my 600-pound light make

girls qualify themselves too you just

like you have to qualify customers if

you don't qualify girls they will fuck

up your life

guys if you make a girl who's only good

for a one-night stand

a long-term long-term relationship if

you get into long-term relation with her

guess what's gonna happen bitchiness and

neuroticism bad behavior she's gonna get

out of pocket she's gonna get fat she

spends your money and or or she's bad

with her money so you so you end up

paying for shit and then of course she

cheats right all because you didn't make

her qualify herself to you guys sales

jobs teaches you the importance of

qualifying customers just because of cut

listen just because

customer wants your product doesn't mean

they're gonna be a good customer just

because you want to make that sale

doesn't mean you should okay great you

sold that high ticket item two weeks

later they want a refund why because you

didn't qualify the customer it's the

same thing with girls I met this

beautiful woman this net in the other

you didn't qualify her when she pulled

out her phone you didn't take her phone

to say not on my time sweetheart right

you didn't give her that story hey you

know by the way a buddy of mine is

dumping his girlfriend because she keeps

texting your ex what do you think if she

says no no I think it's good to text

your outside you know he's being


guess what don't make that girl your

main chick it's that simple

sales game T sales teach sales teaches

you to qualify these girl to qualify

customers it's the same with women you

do and if they're not gonna qualify

themselves to you make them qualify

themselves to you look at my episode how

to tell a girl is worth your time

outside of sex that's a great way to

qualify them that's a great way to get

them to qualify themselves to you call

her I see you in the queue but it get to

you in just a minute let me hit the chat

here alright okay excellent drew says

that he would definitely come on to the

show that would be a very very good show

very very good show freelance rodent in

the house has well said Donovan I did

sales for six years it builds a good

mouthpiece and helps to kill social

anxiety dude so many guys out there are

skit or dude they have social anxiety

and they take these pills they you know

they they take medication to to to

deaden their social anxiety guys you

don't need to spend money to kill social

anxiety make money while killing social

anxiety get a sales job joob joob a says

I'd be willing to bet that there's a

strong correlation between feminism and

cat ownership later in life he also says

that Petco and Petsmart should advertise

cat products and feminist publications

I'm telling you man

they're missing a goldmine that's a good

one liron show'em says nah women liking

cat is gender stereotype and hetero norm

yeah there are crazy cat ladies without

the cats incorrect this is not a

sniffing listen man it's called a

stereotype for a reason mr. Sean right

no no you're not getting away with that

Oh me no no no no no they're called cat

ladies for a reason because most people

who own cats are women that is not

listen women liking cats that's not a


after a feminist has written the cock

carousel and she's not really good for

anything anymore in order to in order to

not be lonely they get cats that is not

a stereotype my friend nope nope nope

nope finds the word says only one happy

meal drew Bay says meet women at the gym

then you know they actually work out and

aren't light and aren't lying also the

lighting is better than the bars and the

clubs see I'm not big on on gym game I

don't really like I've never hit on a

girl at a gym because when I'm there I

am singular focused but there are a lot

of guys out there who have a lot of who

have a lot of success in the gym I'm not

one of those guys Lyrid says meet women

at the strip club you know they look

like naked yeah that makes sense

mine's the word says blunt-force trama

works great to kill anxiety absolutely

then silver-sweet says my advice is an

old pickup artist find a waiter with a

job with a lot of customers per day you

lose approach anxiety in weeks best a

bar or restaurant credit with 500 guests

or more per night that's actually

another way to kill approach anxiety get

get a job as a waiter you have to deal

with customers you have to deal with


oh I didn't get the joke he said the

second part was cynical up never mind I

guess that went over my head shoot Lyra

and show him got me he said he meant to

say that feminists are crazy cat ladies

with other cats yeah yeah all right my

bad on that one another way I'll

actually let me get to the phone here

quickly call her you are on live with

Donovan go ahead hey what's up Marcus

how you doing brother

I'm good man I just had a quick one it's

slightly unrelated but I said the next

time I get on to you I just wanted to

ask you you are on a recent Redman group

episode and there was a part of that

episode when you said the following a

guy that cannot connect emotionally with

women is going to get a lot of pussy

it's really intrigued me so I was

wondering if you were able to really

operate a bit on that yeah so so what I

said was a guy who cannot connect

emotionally with a woman will get a lot

of pussy is that what you're saying I

said yeah yeah yeah actually it's it's

it's it's twofold right if you can

connect with a woman emotionally or give

the give the impression that you're

connecting with her emotionally is a guy

who's gonna get a lot of pussy a guy who

is able to give the appearance of

connecting emotionally with a woman but

doesn't actually connect with her

emotionally is a guy who's not gonna get

got he'll get a lot of pussy but then he

won't fall in love this is this is and

this is a very good question this is

where a lot of guys get the abundance

mentality and spinning plates the guys

like I want to spend plates I want to

fuck three or four girls okay a lot of

guys are good at spinning plates but a

lot of guys are not good at separating

emotion from sex here's the thing as men

it is much easier for us to separate

feelings from fucking this is why guys

can be fucking three four or five

different girls at one time and not care

about it

girls don't wanna be fuckin three or

four five different guys at the same

time they can be but they don't want to

be doing that they want to fuck one guy

right they want to keep their options

open they're doing what it is that they

think they should be doing but girls

will sleep with a lot of guys and I'm

not a girl so I don't know but girls can

be sleeping with multiple guys but they

don't want to be doing that girls don't

sleep with multiple guys as often as

guys sleep with multiple girls because

we have the ability to separate emotion

from sex so again to go back to what I

said is yes a man who can give the

appearance of of connecting with a woman

emotionally is going to get a lot of

pussy if he can then stay disconnected

emotionally he's not going to he's not

gonna be sucked into the emotional

vacuum that happens a lot if guys aren't

really on their game I hope that

answered your question

yeah I kind of I kind of get what you're

saying and the other point you just made

that that's actually really true because

I've noticed while I was dealing with a

few women I've been quite open in the

fact that you know obviously I don't

throw it in their face but you say

obviously like I'm not looking for a

relationship you know I'm not looking

for any sort commitment and they get the

gist that I am sleeping with other

people but what I've noticed is that

after a while even if they don't tell me

directly I could subconsciously action

tell that they don't want to sleep with

anyone else I even though they get their

idea they're accepting that there's no

commitment right or anything else here

which I found as far as you find out

quite weird because I'm like you're

actually free to go and do what you want

to do um but you're not you're not

you're actually choosing not to so even

though you're saying to me you're not

going to connect emotionally with me and

you know you don't want any commitment

it is actually happening but you're just

afraid potentially afraid to tell me I

don't I don't know no no listen you know

listen this this happens all the time

and this is this is the difference

between men and women women say and the

reason why women say this they'll say to

a guy well I'm not looking for anything

emotionally I'm not looking for any

commitment they're saying this because

they think it makes them attractive to

us see when a guy when a guy can go to a

beautiful woman when he can tell a


just because they're beautiful does not

mean I'm gonna commit like we can fuck

but I'm not gonna commit to you women

are attracted to that because they know

that you're not hung up on their beauty

any man who is hung up on the beauty of

a woman is a man who is who rarely has

sexual relations with a beautiful woman

but if you show her that you are

impervious to the beauty of women and

that just because you get a piece of ass

for a beautiful woman

you're not gonna commit women are

attracted to that and the reason for

that is because okay

this guy obviously has experience with

eautiful women doesn't work that way

with women

yeah make him tell us all they wanted

listen I'm not looking for anything blah

blah blah blah they might not be at the

time okay but eventually they will and

the reason for that is because they're

women and no matter how much sex a woman

has had it always becomes emotional so

let's say that you're one of three guys

that a girl was fucking and she likes

fucking you more than most let's say she

spends more time with you than most

guess what dude she's not gonna want to

fuck those other two guys because she is

emotionally connected to you more than

them they don't want to admit that to

you because they think that they think

that makes them unattractive but what

they don't understand is that when a

woman says hey I'm emotionally connected

to you I'm only having sex with you that

makes them more attractive to us it does

the opposite for them yeah yeah yeah I


like the last point I'm gonna make is

really weird and there's not many people

well there's not many people that I've

come across that are read through the

way and I feel like a lot of the chicks

that I talk to have not actually dealt

with guys were written away and when I

won game on them hits it's hilarious to

see their reactions because they just go

into I panic and confusion like because

it's like oh Jesus what the hell is this

guys doing

yes like dating it's like they don't

know how to yet because it never

happened to them they're like hold on I

mean I'm really nice why is this guy not

not not trying to hit me up so often why

I think I not returning my phone calls

is right surely like every other guy

does this and he just seems like a

regular guy it's funny to see it but

yeah it is it works wonders

yeah it what's going on what's going on

in a woman's buying when they run into

guy that has red pill game they're

subconsciously saying to themselves holy

shit I want to fuck this guy and I want

I'm so turned on this guy but the world

tells me that I shouldn't be like this

guy's an asshole he's a douchebag he

says that he doesn't want to mostly

connect with me why do I want to fuck

this guy

like why do I want to commit to this guy

and they had this inner conflict and

they just don't know how to deal with it

yeah it's funny to see it you can just

see it in their face you can see in

their responses really funny yeah well

thanks for the call

yeah absolutely call him in the show

anytime man thanks for calling so both

callers today were from overseas had a

guy from Eastern Europe and a guy from

the UK so TSR international is in the

house to the house

here's another way that sales jobs make

you much better with women is you learn

how to detect bullshit there's a sing in

the sales game that is extremely

prevalent and that is buyers are liars

buyers lie about the credit they lie

about what they need they lie about what

they don't need they lie about what they

want what they don't want I said this

earlier the reason they lie to you is to

keep you from having all of that

information remember I told you it's all

it's hard to get they know you're coming


a canvasser or a phone or a telemarketer

call them up and say hey mister mrs.

Jones how do your windows look or hey

you know they knock oh yeah mister mrs.

Jones I notice that your your windows

are kind of cracked in and your roof it

appears to be

here's to be a little bit old okay we

need a new roof we need new windows we

need new doors vinyl siding whatever and

so let me pull myself up here and so

what ends up happening is they schedule

they schedule the consult right now a

salesman comes to the house well guess

what and they don't want you in because

they know the more information they have

the more the more effective they're

gonna be at their job remember

every every customer wants to buy nobody

wants to be sold

you deal with enough customers you deal

with enough bullshit you learn to pick

up you learn to pick up the bullshit

very quickly again this comes with


it's the same with girls remember what I


every customer wants to buy but nobody

wants to be sold listen every girl wants

to get fucked but none of them want to

feel like they were manipulated or

gained right they want to fit they want

to feel like it organically happened

like they made the choice girls like

girls like guys we all know it right on

the first date they'll tell you

something like I haven't been in a

relationship in a while what that means

is that I've been having one-night

stands and hookups and fuck buddies

girls say that they haven't been in a

relationship for a while to give the

impression that they haven't been

fucking or that they only fuckin less

than a relationship ignore that here's

another one my ex-boyfriend was first

before was verbally abusive he drank too

much he did drugs and he cheated on me

well what she's really telling you is

that I cheated on my boyfriend with an

abusive alcoholic drug addict right

sailes teaches you to detect bullshit

and it translates to girls right so for

example you know a potential customer

say well listen we advertise with XYZ

magazine but we didn't renew our

contract translation they didn't renew

the contract because we didn't pay I

listen I had a customer I worked for

this I worked for this magazine

publication down in Tampa for a year and

a half made stupid money with these

people I had a customer who had

advertised with three different

magazines and never paid a dime this is

what they did they get free adverse

advertising customers trusted that they

would pay because of the contract

unfortunately for these companies they

didn't figure out that that company

didn't give a damn about their credit

rating they just took for granted that

they were gonna pay the contract

customers will tell you we'll be back or

we're definitely buying now listen man

you always know that they won't be back

and they won't be buying for three

reasons number one you qualified them so

you know they won't be back you know

that the product is not

number two you picked up on the BS and

number three they didn't have any

objections right they didn't challenge

you on price they didn't ask you any

questions well how much is this mattress

ten thousand dollars great that's a

great price we'll be back to buy it next

week no they're not gonna be back to buy


ten thousand dollars is a stupid amount

of money to pay for a fucking man you

kidding me

if I'm gonna lay down five figures on a

mattress I'm gonna have some goddamn

questions but because they don't ask

questions because there are no

objections they weren't really

interested you learn to pick up on that

bs customers will nice you wait most

customers don't want to tell you no most

customers don't want to break the bad

news to you having some trouble with my

nuts down here I'm getting home here we

are and to rearrange right it's the same

with girls you have to watch out for

this you walk up on a girl hi I'm

Donovan yeah you know I'm Katie

everything just seems too easy she

laughs at your jokes right she laughs at

all your jokes she lets you talk to her

too easily beautiful girl she lets you

talk to her too easily maybe she's a

prostitute here in Vegas she might be a

prostitute right

she didn't shit test you she gave you

her number the first time you asked

guess what guys you know she's not going

to respond if it was that easy with a

girl dude she's not gonna respond to you

and even if she does she's going to

flake on you my buddies used to tell me

all the time yeah dude I met this

beautiful fucking girl right there on

the strip or on Fremont Street we had

this great 30-minute conversation I got

her number and we're going out on a date

tonight I already know she's gonna flake

because it was too easy then he's

disappointed that she didn't flake or if

she shows up to the date now all of a

sudden she says yeah it's gonna be you

know it's gonna be you know 500 for the

night 750 if you don't want to use a

condom okay and for anybody who lives in

Vegas for anybody who lives in Vegas

I've actually talked about this before

and for the record no I've never I've

never you you can tell the difference

between a girl who's there to have fun

and a prostitute right like it's a bit

like if you've lived in Vegas long and

I've never had the misfortune of setting

up a date with a prostitute

only to get hit with an invoice this

happens with a lot of guys oh my god she

was beautiful is so easy why do you want

500 bucks RINO you fucking idiot did it

ever occur to you that she's walking

around the Vegas strip in skirt in a

skirt fully made up in high heels in 170

170 170 degree weather she's a

prostitute right dude this beautiful

woman I'm out there I was out there

playing slots huge tits Jesus came up

and started talking to me we're gonna be

that the Bellagio tonight no she's a

prostitute I'm getting off on I'm

getting off I'm getting off-topic either

way being in the sales game helps you to

pick up on bullshit very very quickly

the same happens with women freelance

Ronan says we call them tire kickers yes

hey how you guys doing is there anything

I can help me with no thanks we're just

looking no you're in here for a reason

you just don't want me to do my job and

that's okay I'll give you a little bit

of space but when you're ready to buy

you know where I'm gonna be see what

let's let's see we got here

freelance Ronan says women's Heather sex

of their emotions their sexuality is

pretty much led by absolutely absolutely

moan says a girl tells me she's not

pretty why I want to see her I qualify

her by saying are you always this

insecure because I because I try to have

belief onto you she was shocked sorry

can you repeat what you say on voice or

text yeah what a girl in what they're

doing there is there fishing for

compliments and shit testing I don't

know why you see him I'm not really that

pretty just ignore that just no do you

think I'm pretty do you think I look

good I'm sorry did I just fuck you five

minutes ago

well yeah but that there's your answer

I sedate this dude I used to date this

girl dude she was a whore ten I talk

about her all the time Chrissy

dude long black hair she's a Mexican

girl hottest girl I've ever dated in my


does this look good on me if my cock is

in your ass at the end of the night

there's our answer

yeah she's good girls like that fish for


not that pretty why are you with me Oh

give me a break the best way to handle

that is just look at her it's a stupid

question de says those are like the

women who give you the number and have

no intentions on fucking you yes dude

girls give their number out all the time

they do it all the time just because a

girl gives you her number does not mean

she wants to fuck you don't get me wrong

getting a girl's number is you're

getting similar but that's not the

end-all be-all just because a girl gave

you her number does not mean she is

interested in you does not mean she's

gonna fuck you a lot of guys figure that

out listen I had to learn that the hard

way I got I got fucking hundreds of

numbers you only fuck a handful of them

that's that's just how that works

another way that sales jobs helps you to

become much better with women is you

learn to build on momentum any guy who's

been in the sales game for an extended

period of time you know that the best

time to make a sale is right after you

make a sale you make a sale and you're

in a better mood you're more confident

you've got the swag your attitude is

better your voice is stronger because of

these things you make another sale

because you're just better at that point

you're building on momentum it's the

same as girls right you approach a girl

you cold approach a girl you get her

phone number

great now you're more confident your

voice is stronger you have the abundance

mindset so you take more risks and you

go for it more which is more attractive

to women

sales teaches you to seize on the

momentum you do that enough in the sales

game you're gonna do that with girls you

learn to recognize choosing signals I

talked about that earlier you learn to

recognize buying signals from customer

it directly correlates with choosing

signals from women another and these are

all rapid-fire here you learned that

it's a numbers game you learn a guys who

are in the sales game for an extended

period of time know any successful

salesperson knows that it's a number of

numbers game the more people you get in

front of the more sales pitches you make

the more customers you talk to you the

more sales you're gonna make it's the

same with girls the more girls you talk

to the more women you put yourself in

front of the more girls you're gonna

sleep with potentially that's how that

works being it's sale being in sales

builds confidence and if you know you're

selling the kick-ass product your

confidence goes way up salespeople are

confident they have to be it's their

livelihood that directly correlates with

girls girls love confidence confident

got confident guys being in the sales

enters industry also destroys your

shyness it destroys that social anxiety

and there's a commenter that pointed

this out a little bit earlier you're

forced to talk to people if you're shy

you're gonna be a very poor and hungry

salesperson if you don't want to be poor

and hungry you learn to talk to people

this helps with girls this helps at the

club this helps you to develop a

personality being a good salesman also

helps you to learn to control the

conversation we talked about better

earlier you learn how to push-pull you

learn to close the best salesmen know

how to close the deal and this is the

last and final there are many reasons

why being in sales helps you with women

but being a hard lying closer the

ability to close this definitely helps

you with girls you get a customer come

in you build rapport you go back and

forth you negotiate on price they're

asking you buying questions okay well

how do you spell your last name right

that's the that's the club that that's a

closed they know that if they spell that

last name they are committing but you

don't want to say hey do you want to

bite it off by the way how do you spell

your last name or all right so what

address are we delivering this to today


like those are those are different

closing techniques de says ABC always be

closing you're goddamn right so now

you're closing the customer knows they

want to buy but everything in them is

telling them oh my god I wasn't gonna

buy on the first day I gotta think of an

excuse listen um like this product

sounds great and all but listen we don't

we just don't want to make we don't want

to make the decision on the first day we

there are other places we want to go we

want we want to explore our options etc

etc you'll learn to deal with that let

me ask you something mr. mrs. Jones how

long did you spend in here with me today

I don't know an hour and a half Wow

we've been in here for an hour hour and

a half okay listen

do you really want to spend another hour

and a half to two hours at four or five

other different medicine they got great

products down there that's the truth

there's no doubt about that a lot of

them are comparable to ours right but

they're not gonna sit down and explain

these things to you line by line and

think of it this way if you don't like

the bed after 30 days you get a full

refund so worst worst-case scenario

right yeah let's say you get the bed at

home and it folds up like a taco right

you you make a joke right let's say you

get home and you just decide you don't

like the color you don't like the way my

nose looks now the customers are

laughing right let's just say the

worst-case scenario no big deal give us

a call tomorrow I listen I will come out

there and I will pick up your mattress

myself I'll tell you what let's go ahead

listen let's go ahead and get this

delivered to you tonight okay get this

taken care of

you can spend five or ten minutes with

the other mattress guys when you figure

out that none of them are as

good-looking or as good smelling as me

you'll know you have made the right

decision they laugh and chuckle

okay all right Donovan you got us where

do we sign right last minute resistance

when you listen when you are a sales guy

you learn to close she's not just gonna

lift up her skirt and let you fuck her

guys she's gonna have some last minute

resistance she knows she wants to fuck

you but just like the customer says oh

god we work at a

the first place we came into we weren't

gonna buy we weren't gonna make a

decision today what a listen man girls

are gonna do this to my god I like this

guy I wasn't gonna fuck this guy in the

first date I wasn't gonna I wasn't gonna

do this I don't usually do this I've

done this the last seven times I like

this guy fuck what do I do

you learned to overcome that last minute

resistance when you try to take her

panties down and she keeps those panties

up she knows that is sit listen I'm

telling you trying to do it listen again

again it's dude it's do get talked about

this for hours it's literally the same

thing right customer walks into your

store hey how you doing I'm Donovan blah

blah blah blah blah you take your girl

out on a date you're you know you're

you're you're you're going over the

features and benefits you're making

jokes you're building rapport you're

doing the same thing with the girl

you're making her walk now you're making

the RO qualify herself to you hey listen

do you always spend a lot of money on

clothes or you know what what kind of

things like you're not one of those

boring type girls already like you're

not a couch potato who are you same

thing your your qualifying customer wait

a minute

I don't want to sell you a bed that you

don't need you said you needed a firm

mattress this one is a little bit softer

so I don't know if this is a good fit no

we definitely like like we need a firm

mattress but we also want to be

comfortable okay all right I'm just

making sure your qualifying themselves

right so now you get her back to your

place you guys are making out you're

grabbing her tits your your hand is

under more your beacon your hand is on

our pussy right slide it to the side

she's letting you play with a pussy the

customer is sitting at the table you're

going over it you're going over the last

minute details etc etc all of a sudden

everything stops you try to take down

her panties the girl doesn't let you

take down her panties the customer says

you know what Donovan this sounds great

we like you but we really need to think

about it we we weren't gonna buy at the

first place we came to we still have

other places to see right the building

fucking the girl doesn't let you take

down her panties right she doesn't let

you she doesn't let you do that dealing

with that last minute resistance as far

as that customer is concerned we already

dealt with it we we just went over that

right listen you spent an hour

half with me do you really want to spend

all day long shopping for mattresses or

do you want to get this over with and

get home so you can enjoy the rest of

your Saturday listen you've got listen

worst-case scenario if you decide you

don't like me if you decide that hey man

you know what Donovan really stunk like

he didn't take a shower and if your if

your bed folds up on you like a taco

ain't no problem I'm not gonna take it

personally but let's go ahead and get

this out of the way it's go ahead and

deliver this mattress today you can

always call those guys you can do the

research online

you know wouldn't spend five or ten

minutes when you figure that when you

figure out that they don't look as good

as I do and when you figure out that I'm

your favorite natural salesperson you'll

keep the mattress you live happily ever


worst case scenario you get your money

back after 30 days all right Donovan

let's go ahead and do it so the girl

rejection she does not allow you to take

her panties off right if she sticks

around she probably she wants you to try

again if she gets up and leaves she

didn't want to fuck you but if you try

to fuck her and she doesn't let you take

those panties down because she knows as

soon as you take those panties down she

is going to fuck you you were going to

fuck her she knows this trying to take

her panties down is literally exactly

the same thing as saying alright mr.

mrs. Jones what what address are we

delivering this to it is the same thing

guys you overcome that last-minute

resistance okay so she doesn't let you

take off her panties all right hey no

big deal I'm gonna make us another drink

what are you having you know you're

gonna have another vodka oh yeah I'll

have another whiskey sour you get in

there and you try again and again and

again and again eventually you make the

sale eventually you will fuck her

because she stayed there she wanted you

to try again she wanted to see that

you're the kind of person who's gonna

push through she wants to see that

you're not just gonna give up after the

first try because if you give the better

at the first try as far as fucking her

what makes you think that you're not

gonna what makes her think that you're

not gonna do that in other parts of life

well if I rejected him he just went to

pieces now does he act like this on his

job does he act like this with his

friends and family yeah I don't really

know if I'm attracted to this guy


but if you keep your cool alright cool

I'm gonna make another whiskey I'm gonna

give me another vodka coke you sit down

you know you put your arm around you

start playing with her again that's how

that works men that's a that's all that

works D wheeze makes a very good comedy

sense what you're talking about takes

experience to master no cheat code guys

100% true don't go out and get a sales

job for two weeks get on the phones for

two weeks and think you could talk to

girls guys listen

I now have up dude almost 25 years of

sales experience this comes with

experience but as soon as you start in

as soon as you start with sales you are

going to find that you're gonna get

better with girls the longer you are in

sales the longer you're in sales the

better you're gonna get with girls this

is just how this goes now one last thing

on how sales Giggs correlates with girls

let's talk about bottom level big towels

right they give you a perfect example

here low level big towels are guys who

have checked out of the dating market

for whatever reason whatever reason

whatever reason they give you they check

out of the dating market because it's

not easy enough for them right they

thought that if I listen if I learn red

pill game if I learn the red pill I'm

gonna be fucking girls left and right

then when they go out and approach it

doesn't happen but you know what fuck if

the juice isn't worth the squeeze right

and they may check out they they have

relationships with sex dolls they get

addicted to hentai porn we all know the


hashtag turd flinging monkey all right

well there are a lot of guys who there

are a lot of guys who try their hand at

this at the sales gig they see all the

money back that could be made they see

all the bonuses they see the fat ass

cars I see the parties they see all this

stuff they get in and they like dude

this is fucking hard like I can't do

this dude I gotta be on the phone for

eight hours a day I gotta stand out on

that hot car lot four nine ten sometimes

twelve hours a day I'm not gonna get

weekends off I had was I gotta get

through the gatekeeper to talk to the

CEO of a fortune 500 company that we

want to advertise and our Newton in in

our publication for seventy thousand

dollars for a half page I don't want to

do this and they check out why do they

check out why do sales people check out

and why do low-level MiG towels check

out because it's not easy enough you see

bad sales

expect everything it bad salespeople

expect what are called lay down sales

okay give me one second O'Shea always

fucking sends me a goddamn text when I'm

on the goddamn air give me give me give

me give me give me give me two seconds

guys you know I'll get to this just give

me a second

actually you know what I'm gonna do this

on my phone Oh oh Sh eh

I'll be like you I'm on the air come on

the air

Oh Col when I'm done

there we go all right O'Shea goddamn

bigger Killa me

so the reason why c-note the reason why

guys check out of the sales game is

because it's too hard right yeah they

got all the techniques and they got all

the sales training but when the rubber

meets the road they expected what we

like to call a lay down sale here's a

lay down sale customer walks in to your

mattress shop yes we want they walk in

with their American Express yes mr.

sharp we want that five thousand dollar

mattress right there here's where to

deliver here's my payment right yes mr.

sharp I want that BMW roadster right

there I have perfect a1 840 credit score

I'm ready to do the financing or let me

write you a check right yes you know

thanks for calling sprinter eighteen see

how can I help you yes we want five cell

phones for my entire family we know what

plan here's my credit card

those are lay down sales now do lay down

sales happen yes they do but it is every

once in a blue moon lay downs don't

happen lay downs happen when a customer

has shopped around and they're tired of

the process and they don't layer like

look I've done listen man I've done my

homework I'm just tired of the process

listen I just need a mattress I just

want to buy a car I'm tired of shopping


there's no set listen lay down sales are

very very rare and nowadays there

customers have so many options lay down

sails don't happen anymore basically a

lay down is a sail you don't have to

work for guess what what level MIG tiles

expect lay down sails they expect you to

walk up as high my name is Tom my name

is Tom Ford Miller turd flinging monkey

for short right yeah I notice you you

know I noticed you I noticed you're

Justin I came and I came across the way

to see well I have a boyfriend okay well

thanks thanks anyway right hi my name is

Tom Francis Miller uh you know how's the

weather you know the weather seems good

I'm not really interested I don't really

date short white guys oh okay no problem

hi my name is Tom Frances Miller um so

where you headed home you oh okay all

right no problem TFM gets rejected he

experiences so much rejection that he

experiences so much rejection he checks

out because it's not easy guys fuckin

girls is not easy

sales ain't easy man you think selling a

six thousand dollar mattress is gonna be

easy you know your mind you think

getting a girl with great tits and

unbelievable ask ask where to Sturt and

heels at night is gonna be easy to get

her back to your house no no it's not

easy selling a $70,000 vehicle is not

easy even if the guy comes in with an

Audi t-shirt hashtag outie tattoo

$70,000 is not coming up off that guy's

people don't protect what they don't

have girls good-looking girls know they

have what you want they're not giving

that up

not to just anybody so low-level MIG

tiles they check out of the dating

market because they don't get the

equivalent of what's called a lay down

sale this is why the best salespeople

are good with women they've been in the

trenches they experience rejection they

know how to build rapport just like

freelance Ronan said man sales is work

you earn every single dollar you're

goddamn right you do god guys I have

I have sold millions of dollars with a

product in my life none of them came

easy none of them came easy this is what

gave me a head start in red pill game

was being a Salesman being a good listen

being a bad salesman is easy and bad

salesman eventually stop being salesman

being a good salesperson be a good

salesman that's not easy being good with

women is not easy if you want to be good

with women if you're looking for a way

to be good with women get a head start

get your sales job guys get your sales

job oh she said oh shit

my bad so of course Oh got a quick story

before I end this broadcast that was

actually sent to me I forget who it was

sent to me from I know that Devon sent

me this story that I think somebody else

did it's about a former Ohio State

running back being found not guilty of

rape the accuser lied about the entire

ordeal his name is brillante brillante

Dunn and it says I'm reading the article

here I'm gonna you know what I'm gonna

put the goes on total pro-sports

I'm gonna put the link in the chat so

you guys can go and check this out

brillante done it says quote for what

seems like the millionth time a man was

found to be not guilty on the charge of

rape and the accuser won't face any

charges for lying about the entire

ordeal former ohio state running back

brillante dun must feel like he has a

new lease on life after the jury verdict

was read friday in a columbus courtroom

and he was acquitted of rape charges she

testified one thing he denied all

accusations but it was ultimately her

voice admitting to her lies that freed

Dunn from a false accusation

it says not guilty on all counts that

was the verdict Friday for former Ohio

State he is now a free man it says quote

these are very difficult cases because

rape is a horrible cry

heinous crime it's just something that

he didn't do done and his accuser dated

briefly in the summer of 2017

she told jurors that they had broken up

August 20th when he called her at 4:00

a.m. for a ride she picked him up and

took him to her apartment where she said

he raped her so if he asked for a ride

why did you bring him to your apartment

that already tells you it's bullshit he

called to him before him and said y'all

wanna fucking he said okay

the woman admitting to contacting oh my

god the woman admitted to contacting

done up to 27 times after the alleged

rape jurors heard recordings of her

telling done she would tell everyone she

lied about it before the jury was seated

Tuesday prosecutors offered to drop

everything exchanged in exchange for a

guilty plea to misdemeanor assault are

you fucking kidding me

my client was my client has

categorically rejected that offer offer

land dusky said Tuesday my client has

told me and I even asked him if they

offer a minor misdemeanor disorderly

conduct and suspended and suspended all

fines a cost would you take the deal he

says no and for this and fourth and four

and his reason for that is that he is an

innocent man he is not he he's not just

presumed innocent but actually innocent

un-fuckin'-believable man so they know

that they know the girl was full of shit

right she contacted him 27 times they

had the recording hey I'm gonna tell

everyone you raped me and they still say

hey you know we'll drop the charges but

we want you to plead to something Oh

guys I'm trying to tell you I'm trying

to tell you man the world doesn't give a

fuck about you man they do not give a

fuck about you this is unbelievable she

lied about the whole thing and of course

now she's not going to be charged just

another in the in the many-many Jesus


exchange for a guilty plea to

misdemeanor assault man if you don't get

the fuck out of here at that nonsense


mark Gordon says Donovan is perjury not

a criminal offense in the u.s. yes it is

yes it is but here's where girls are

getting away here's here's where girls

are taking advantage of this loophole is

they're not they're not testifying on

the stand

right there - I don't know I mean can

you be apparently it's not because I

guess if you make a police report it's

not a gay mean it is against the law

it's against the law to file a false

police report but girls don't being

whether not being prosecuted for this

this is unbelievable man Lorenzo Davis

is welcome back professor Donovan

question what are your thoughts on the

passing of Dennis HOF I do not know what

you were talking about let's go to Oh

Dennis hop oh my god fucking hell man

yeah this is actually a why I heard

about this a while back

um yeah I mean you know um you know the

guy was the you know the guy had several

bunny ranches and brothels I don't know

I don't think I have too much to say

about that I feel this I feel about him

the same way I felt about about Hugh

Hefner but you know listen this is this

is a guy who let whoo-hoo-hoo who lived

on his own terms man like that's this is

just how it goes but no I don't really

have much to say about that the guy

owned you know bunny ranches and all

that other kind of stuff so so um so

stay tuned for the brother pill later

tonight that's gonna be at 7:00 Eastern

4:00 Pacific that's gonna be on O'Shea

Duke Jackson's channel just because I

just just like I said guys I am now back

in the saddle I'm now back in Philly

I've got to get

I've got to get I've got to get caught

up on all kinds of things but I got I'm

gonna be back on the air back on regular

schedule Monday through Friday 10:00

Eastern 7:00 Pacific then of course

Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7

p.m. Eastern 4 p.m. Pacific I'm doing

the brother film and of course Saturday

mornings at either 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.

Eastern Standard Time I will be on with

the Redman group let me check the chat

one last time here ok yep

drew Bay says he Bart ended that helped

a lot yeah bartender is also a very good

profession to get into if you want to

become a little more proficient at

talking to people

Burnie Blais says they want these shut

up and take my money customers yeah yeah

dude yeah yeah yeah Jubei he says

whenever a woman told me she had a

boyfriend my response was you should

trade up that's a good one yeah I agree

that sounds like perjury on her part I

don't know why I don't know why these

women are not being arrested for making

these false rape accusations

unbelievable unbelievable

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TS are alive be sure to do all of your

amazon shopping through my amazon

affiliate link at the top of my homepage

Donovan sharp comm be sure to tune in

tonight for the Brother pedal at 7:00

Eastern 4:00 Pacific on O'Shea new

Jackson's channel thanks for watching

guys see you next time




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