How to avoid becoming emotionally attached to women (Episode 334)




you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go girl

the deadlift is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a



morning cup of red pill truth wisdom and

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all of your quality grooming your

quality Baird grooming needs it's great

to have you guys in today let's go ahead

and get this party started whether you

are a man who wants to sleep with a lot

of women for a while before settling

down or you've decided you're gonna be a

player for life we all know that one of

the main components of the player life

is staying is staying emotionally

unattached to women who do not provide

value to you outside of sex all it takes

is spending a short period of time with

a woman and it doesn't take long to

figure out whether or not whether she's

worth keeping around to train her for a

long term relationship potentially or

keeping around just for sex and if

you're using her for sex you know it's

only a matter of time before you decide

to kick her to the curb you know it's

not you know you're not gonna be with

her for long it takes substantially

longer we should probably go ahead and

get this out of the way it takes

substantially longer to figure out

whether or not she's potential long-term

relationship material but it never takes

long to rule her out okay and place her

into the friends-with-benefits category

this is very very simple to do now a lot

of women are very very good at hiding

the fact that they don't offer a man

anything that they don't offer a man of

value any value outside of sexual

intercourse but if a man is red pill

aware eventually he figures out who she

really is and what she really

offer him as a man and if it's just sex

it never takes him long to figure that

out any man who has experience with

women will tell you that this is much

easier said than done

obviously right myself included listen

guys I'm not gonna sit here and lie to

you I've gotten emotionally attached to

girls that I had no business getting

emotionally attached to look I'm just

like you I've ignored I've ignored huge

red flags and started relationships with

women I knew would make terrible

girlfriends relationships with women I

knew were eventually gonna cheat on me

no matter how tight my game was I knew

this but the fact that and again I

fallen into this trap plenty of times

but the fact of the matter is that the

longer you have sex with any particular

woman the greater the odds that you'll

eventually catch feelings for her she

doesn't even have to be an 8 a 9 or a 10

dude I've got feelings for 6s or sevens

I'm not gonna sit here lied you're not

gonna say another five I'm not gonna sit

here tell you that I fall in love

falling in love with only nines and tens

now I've fallen in love with six it's

fallen in love I'm using air quotes with

sixes and sevens I'm human but it's a

mathematical inevitability the more time

the more sex you spend with a woman the

more you're going to care for her the

greater the chances the longer you have

sex with a female you can spend time

with a female of course we can get all

under the friendzone stuff but the

longer you have sex with a female the

greater the chances you'll start to feel

something for her other than lust now

fortunately for us fortunately for men

we have there are quite a few ways for

us to keep those feelings at bay however

as a huge cautionary warning most of

these techniques are things that we

should refrain from doing the reason why

is that significant is because it's very

very tough to start I'll put it to you

this way it is challenging to start and

maintain good habits but the advantage

there is that it is a proactive behavior

it's something you must start and

cultivate lifting working out riding

your bike eat healthy eating habits it's

not easy okay

but the advantage is that it is a

proactive behavior this is something

that this is something that we as men

are very good at by nature this is just

how we're designed

but stopping behaviors stopping bad

habits that is extremely difficult this

is why alcoholics and drug addicts and

people who have substance abuse problems

have a tough time kicking the habit this

is why people who are obese have a tough

time not eating 10,000 calories a day

because it is far more difficult to drop

a bad habit than it is to pick up a good

one so just keep that in mind guys just

keep in mind that a lot of these

behaviors are things we do with women

that we don't even think about there are

normal to our brains there are normal to

our emotions which isn't wrong because

we are all hardwired to seek out

meaningful relationships with women

always have been always will be

this is our design but because feminism

has made women toxic to men we have been

forced to adjust and quite literally go

against our basic instincts in order to

in order to keep from getting gut from

committing what we like to call in the

Matis fear emotional suicide and that's

we're gonna talk about today my opening

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September 21st 2018 and listen Baker

Mayfield has officially well he's

unofficially won the job for those of

you who watched the game last night the

Browns were down by 14 Tyrod Taylor gets

a concussion Baker Mayfield came in and

made an immediate difference like the

first throw he made what was a 14 yard

dart and you could immediately tell

there was something different about

Baker Mayfield down here's the thing a

lot of people are in the camp that Baker

Mayfield should have been the starter

from week one because he's the number

one overall draft pick no Baker listen

here's the thing that and it's funny

Devin and I had this conversation last

night we went back and forth on this she

says well what about Carson Wentz what

about Joe Flacco what about Matt Ryan

who started his rookie and his first

ever path

his first pass as a rookie in the

National Football League was a 62-yard

touchdown pass I

I forget I forget who it was too but his

very first pass was a 62-yard touchdown

pass which effectively ended

unofficially ended the michael vick era

anyway so she points out all of these

quarterbacks who start their rookie year

sam donald this year started in his

rookie year right but here's the thing

if Baker Mayfield had done enough to win

the job in training camp he would have

been the starter if Baker Mayfield had

separated himself during training camp

from Tyrod Taylor if Baker Mayfield had

made it clearly obvious to Hugh Jackson

the head coach of the Cleveland Browns

that he was a better option that he was

going to give the team the best chance

to win that guess what Baker Mayfield

would have started week one Hugh

Jackson's job is to win football games

and end week one

Tyrod Taylor gave him the best chance to

win this is why Tyrod Taylor got the

start in week one and Baker Mayfield did

not case in point

2010 December 20 I remember the state

December 27 2010 Matt Flynn comes in and

he replaces the injured Aaron Rodgers he

throws for some ridiculous amount of

yards he leads this you know comeback

when I forget who they were playing

against but Matt Flynn I think started

two or three games and had three

unbelievable games well he parlayed that

into a three-year I think I think it was

a three-year fifteen or twenty million

dollar contract with the Seattle

Seahawks the Seattle Seahawks said Matt

Flynn is our guy he proved himself in

Green Bay he's the guy he is the guy

that we want to be our starter he's the

guy that we want moving forward like

he's our guy he's who he is who we want

but that same year the Seattle Seahawks

drafted a kid out of Wisconsin by the

name of Russell Wilson they drafted him

in the third or fourth round I can't

remember well guess what Russell Wilson

outplayed the the the the 15 million

dollar-a-year quarterback and Matt Flynn

and Pete Carroll made the call to give

Russell Wilson the job over the

high-priced quarterback it was

controversial and it turned heads but

the point is is that Russell Wilson

outplayed Matt Flynn enough to win that

job as a rookie now

times teams will start guys over certain

guys because they have a certain amount

invested in that guy that doesn't really

happen that often football is a

meritocracy if you are the better player

you will get the playing time Tyrod

Taylor was the better player throughout

training camp this is why Baker Mayfield

started the season on the bench so now

guys so now guys are saying well you see

Baker Mayfield should have been the

starter all along no Hugh Jackson made

the right choice and he listen not to

take anything away from Baker Mayfield

he immediately looked better but what

you guys have to understand is this the

New York Jets didn't prepare for Baker

Mayfield they don't have any film on

Baker maybe this is the first in-game

live bullet action that Baker Mayfield

has been involved in in his NFL career

they had nothing on this kid we're gonna

go back and look at his film from

Oklahoma no go back and look at his film

from Texas Tech no they spent all week

getting ready for Tyrod Taylor Tyrod

Taylor gets hurt in comes Baker Mayfield

he immediately makes a difference again

because he's talented and he appears to

be the better option but another reason

why is because the New York Jets

prepared for a different quarterback and

the quarterback that came in they don't

there's not a book on that quarterback

now Baker Mayfield will have to adjust

because teams will adjust to Baker

Mayfield they're good listen they're

gonna get film on them they're gonna be

able to they're gonna do things that are

gonna stop they're gonna do things to

stop him as a quarterback but as of

right now it would appear that Baker

Mayfield is absolutely the best choice

for the Cleveland Browns it appears that

way we'll see what happens moving

forward Conor McGregor has signed a six

fight deal with UFC and the the

financial particulars have not been

disclosed but apparently it is going to

make him the richest man in the sport

listen Conor McGregor it he's the star

he's a box-office draw and October 5th

he is scheduled to fight let me see what

this guy's name is I actually had it

written down

yes khabib Norma God oh my god

khabib nurmagomedov

Norma garment off khabib nurmagomedov

there we go got it right so he's

supposed to fight

khabib never gonna Norma got whatever

you guys know his last name on October 6

now this guy khabib in this is the guy

who was on the bus when Conor McGregor

went absolutely apeshit and he he he

told us as much during the press

conference of course Conor McGregor

listen Conor McGregor is the ultimate

showman he's ultimate salesman he's a

severe don't know if the bus I would

have ended his life it's a bad irish

accent but yeah that was the guy on the

bus he was talking about Conor

McGregor Conor told him to get off the

bus he didn't want to get off the bus so

Connor tried to encourage him to of

course get off the bus and that's when

he caught the charges and all that good

stuff so should be a good fight it's

good to see that you know listen you

know rumor has it that he made I think

something like 100 million dollars off

the Floyd Mayweather fight and when

fighters get rich fighters lose

motivation it appears that it's not the

case with Conor McGregor it looks like

at least he still has the fire but just

because listen just because he still has

the fire doesn't mean that Dana White

didn't have to come up off some ends to

sign him to this fight Conor McGregor is

the box office draw

he is the a side he is the star of UFC

and you need to compensate him as much a

couple of personal things here I was

absolutely right about my dog for those

of you guys who watched my show

yesterday my dog was in and out he was

panting he was pacing he was whinin and

I said you know what I think he needs to

poop so obviously I'm not gonna take my

I'm not gonna walk my dog during the

show so I put him in the bathroom with a

nice tile linoleum floors sure enough

right after right after I get off the

air I go in there pile of poo so I

called I certainly called that

sothank listen thank God I didn't let

him keep walking around I would have had

to smell poop all day long I wanna suck

or at least during the show Devon had a

touch of the pink eye earlier this week

and I didn't do her any favors

it's funny hurt her I was actually

starting to get a little bit better and

so the other night when I her I

gave her a facial I was like oh

she's got pink eye this is probably

gonna this was probably gonna aggravate

it was like so so I took out my so I

took out my so I took my dick and I put

it on my thigh right but it swallowed

I'm like

so she's swallowing my so she swallowed

might come but she's still got

and she's still got coming her I and I'm

like III and ever since then her eye has

been all irritated so listen does sperm

irritate pinkeye I don't know but it

certainly doesn't help certainly doesn't

help good stuff man

if you know of a technique that helps

you stay completely unattached

completely unattached to women in your

harem give me a call guys nine one four

two oh five five three five six if you

have an unrelated question about girls

game finance fitness whatever the case

may be anything that pertains to your

value as a man give me a call - if you

disagree with anything I say you guys

can call me - and black women trolls and

feminists as always are welcome to

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911 four to zero five five three five

six is the number to call let's go to

the phone lines

area code 309 you are on live with

Donovan go ahead for a man more dominant

how are you doing good meta myself hey

I'm doing great

hey you know I think the key to it is is

this spinning plate yes you know that

way you don't get too fixated on one and

that seems to be the key for me you know

my transmit transition over to being red

pill is is spending multiple plates you

know one falls off no big deal you got a

red one right and you don't get attached

yeah I think that's the key you know I

was severely blue pill I would get so

you know severely so you all suffer from

one itust

mm-hmm and it was all because I didn't

have other options and I think that's a

key for any man is is to keep spinning

plates yeah I agree you know it's

interesting and and by the way how old

are you you don't mind me asking I'm 41

okay see you see you and I are exactly

the same age I was fortunate I was

fortunate enough to find the red pill a

little more than ten years ago at the

dawn of my sexual prime one thing that I

figured out very very quickly is that

you have to view like women you have to

look at women as a commodity you have to

look at them as how can I put this you

really have to objectify women as

commodities in other words you have to

use the concept of supply and demand you

have to have a very pragmatic economical

approach when it comes to your women you

know and I'll say it like this

supply and demand right the more

something is available to you the less

you value what that something is the

less something is available to you right

the more you value it so if you have one

woman you are going to value that woman

a lot more than if you had three or four

or five or six women and a lot of guys a

lot of guys think that especially guys

that are new to the red pill they they

foolishly believe that they can stay

away from they can keep from catching

itis by only having one girl and like

listen I'm at this point I'm a woman

woman on the one woman man I'm in a

long-term relationship with Devon of

course as you guys all know dude I've

been in the game for over a decade so

there's there's never gonna be anyone I

just with me if Devon and I were to

break up it would suck but life goes on

right but no but the donor knew what

brought my my red pill on was I was with

borderline personality she was nuts I

mean absolutely author reservation nuts

of course she still is and I you know

with my one itis I overlooked and I

blood a blood a lot of slide that I

would never dream of letting slide now

and I but the one thing I am thankful

for is that I discovered the red pill

because of her and you know and my

options improved so much you know my

current my current roster you know I'm

dating a woman who's ahead of her deport

a county department master's degree

homeboy and she's and she's

african-american OSes yeah you know

she's a great family you know you know

good relationship with her father he's

very strong alpha you know I asked you

know I've got a much stronger vetting

process now one's a doctor one's a

police officer hood the other one's a

competitive bodybuilder you know so you

know it you're each your own presence

your own attitude and how you conduct

yourself and how you carry yourself is

what's gonna you know leave you open to

more options one falls off you letter

that's right roll off your back on the

next that's exactly right

and and thanks for the call area code

309 listen feel free to call into the

show anytime the thing that he points

out that that and again we sort of

overlook a lot of the a lot of the

basics because we repeat them a lot hey

the best way to not get one itis is to

spin plates to have multiple girls we

say it so much we almost become we

almost become in effect blind to it like

it almost becomes white noise because we

hear it so much but guys I'm telling you

I'm here to tell you this is absolutely

100% true

the only way for a man who is relatively

new to the red bill I'm talking one two

three years in and under the only way to

avoid one

itis is to have multiple girls if I had

a consultation with a very very young

guy good-looking guy he's in great shape

and he he wants to be with one girl and

we all want to be with one girl it is

just a much better life but the way

women are now it doesn't allow us to be

with one girl if we want to avoid one

itis because again it's a mathematical

certainty that shit's gonna go sideways

because she is probably a there's a

99.9% chance that she's probably a

so you have to do what's necessary to

make sure that you don't get got by a

and the number one but number one

option to make sure you don't get got is

to have multiple girls if you're banging

three girls at once which is not easy

but if you're banging three girls at

once one of them is gonna act up okay if

she doesn't want if she acts up you can

completely just go stunner you can

ignore her and the reason you can do

that is because you know you've got two

other girls that you can at that

time by virtue of you acting like you

don't give a by virtue of showing

this woman hey you're not the only thing

I have going on in my life that keeps

her attracted to you if you have two

girls the same thing applies now when

you have three girls as opposed to two

if you have three girls your frame is

gonna be a little bit stronger because

you have that abundance but the less

girls are the less abundance you

have literally and figuratively the more

girls you're the more prospects

you have the more abundance you have and

that in turn helps your internal game

again I'll repeat it if you're listening

on soundcloud and you want to learn how

to stay completely and totally

emotionally unattached to women you have

no business being attached to which of

course are head on over to donovan

sharp calm or forward slash

donovan sharp to listen to this episode

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guys this isn't something I want to do

right I would like to be able to make my

content free to the masses but I have

learned I've learned painfully the hard

way multiple times that is not an option

the current again the current

environment has forced me to take

measures to make sure I can stay on the

air and those of you guys who have

watched listen and read me over the

years you understand exactly why that is

9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to

call Steve the Dean Williams is gonna

stop by a little bit later on to offer

his take on how to stay and remain

emotionally unattached to females before

we get started here let's give a shout

out to the Mod Squad all right

Mollie good to see you in here a TEF I'm

gonna call you a TA says Donovan I'm 21

says Donovan I'm 21 I feel up in

my I feel up in my life so much

yeah listen um listen congratulations I

have good news for you you you're

listening to me at 21 years old listen I

didn't find the red pill and so I was 32

you're 21 you got your whole life ahead

of you man this is gonna be this is

gonna be good stuff wizard prank offers

a word of advice he said at 21 I was

worthless it gets better

yeah at 21 I was worthless too that's a

good point

do I have more but listen I look like

physically physically I look I've got a

little bit of gray mother no I am far

more attractive now at 41 than I ever

was at 21 it gets much much better much

much better shut up to James Martinez he

likes the dog poop story yeah dude you

guys saw it you guys saw man he was

walking around back here and I'm like I

don't know I think you might have to I

think you might have to use the bathroom

and sure enough I put him in there in

the hour and a half that I was

eighty-eight lives in Tunisia no white

girls here economy is terrible yeah it's

time to get the hell out of there dude

James Martinez says jizz provides

protein should cure all pinkeye yes it

was so funny like the sex was good I'm

counting the I was like yeah I'm

gonna give her a facial as soon as that

first rope came out I was like oh

she's got pinkeye here swallow it act it

up again mr. mink in the house good to

see you in here Hashim Abdullah says

Donovan is right demonstrate don't

explicate as Rolo says this again I'm

Donovan sharp and I'm mr. red

bill alpha guy quote-unquote but guys

this is one of my red pill weak Olson I

talk about my weaknesses my shortcomings

and my frailties all the time and one of

my glaring red pill weaknesses is my

frame and my frame in terms of handling

women no that's good to go

but I lose my like Victor Lee I

lose my very easily have a very

short temper and a man who can't control

his temper has some emotionally has some

has some emotional growth that he needs

to do but I'm not gonna sit here and I'm

not gonna sit here and say well you know

I'm just fine no like I need to work on

my tip a problem another thing that I

tend to do that that sometimes can be

counterproductive as I explain things a

lot more than I should like if I need to

correct Devin on something I'll I'll say

you need to do XYZ and the reason for

this is because of ABC and something

less sometimes sometimes she'll and


sometimes she wants to know why she's a

woman right but as a man I don't need to

explain anything if you trust my

judgment if you trust that I'm going to

lead you down the right path if you

trust that what I'm telling you is going

to help and strengthen our relationship

then there's no need for me to explain

anything to you and to be honest with

you Devin Devin think she wants the

explanation but if I don't give it to

her she's not gonna be oh she might be a

little bit irritated but at the end of

the day she trusts me I've known her for

two and a half years I haven't steered

her in the wrong direction yet so I do

need to quit explicating explaining and

start demonstrating more chase Lobos as

I found the red pill at 35 it's gonna it

gets gonna get better absolutely


wizard prank says I didn't find the

right bill until I was in my 40s exactly

dude we're all like dude we're all late

bloomers here man

it's all good etai scences I didn't see

the light until I was 45 after 18 years

of marriage Wow Wow

Hashim Abdullah says I have the same

problem Donovan it's hard to change the

habit like you say discovery is better

than disclosure now I don't have a

problem with that as far as game is

concerned right discovery all exists of

discovery Trump's disclosure if you have

a if you have favorable traits that that

women are attracted to yeah I mean I'm

not gonna say by the way if you haven't

noticed I of course I'm an alpha male I

like to do this so I'm in good shape and

no I don't do all that but yeah when it

comes to reprimanding my woman I do tend

to explain a lot more than I should

that's always been a weakness of mine

I've got to work on it and I definitely

have to work on my temper I think I've

gotten a lot better at it lately nine

eleven for two oh five five three five

six is the number to call if you want to

get on the show I just got a message

from Steve the Dean Williams he's

supposed to be calling in here in about

15 minutes or so let me get an update

from him make sure he's still coming on

let's see what we got going on here

Hashim Abdullah while I'm waiting on

that says he I turned 40 and five days

I've been red pill aware but didn't

fully digest that until earlier this

year said it's very fortunate oh

Oh Steve the Dean oh she said 10:45

Easton there's not my time goddamn all

right well no problem I'll have to get

the I'll have to get the time zone I'll

have to get the time zone things

straightened out all right area code 408

I see you in the queue I'm gonna get to

you in just a minute I need to go ahead

and get this show started so if you can

hang with me on the line for just a few

minutes let's go ahead and go over

things that you can do as a man to stay

completely unattached to women you

have no business being emotionally

attached to the first thing you should

is share very little personal

information with her one of the main

things that a woman does to lock a man

down is she pretends to be what she

thinks he wants her to be

now red pill awareness forces men to

realize that women that most women

within the context of a sexual


they're just actresses very low paid

actresses a female will quite literally

mold herself into the woman she believes

that her man wants her to be in every

way and the way she accomplishes this is

she finds out what makes him tick and

the way she finds this snuff out is if

you run off but if you run off at the

mouth about yourself too much now here's

the thing it's not necessarily a bad

thing for a woman to try to mold herself

into what she believes you want she

wants you to be right and and listen

look let me let me back up here most

women know what guys want we want was if

we want thin sexy beautiful women we

want you to be in good shape we want you

to dress sexy for us we want you to suck

our dicks we want regular sex we want

you to be our we would listen just

like the guys from Jersey Shore said we

want you to be a lady in the street and

a freak in the sheets that's what we

want we want you to be us we want you we

don't want you to be a we want you

to be our we want you to be

respectful we want you to be kind we

don't want you to get out of pocket so

most women are well aware of the basics

that men want but women know that men

like women

men women know that men like women who

can cook but when it comes to but but

women will tailor their tailor certain

personality traits based on what you

tell them so when you tell them I like

the kind of woman who XYZ she is going

to try to be that kind of woman now to

steer clear of this pitfall gentlemen it

is imperative that you share as little

personal information with her as

possible if at all this doesn't mean

you're not gonna share anything with her

again it's it's natural for nuggets of

personal information about yourself to

slip out every once in a while during a

conversation but long talks about your

hopes your dreams your past

relationships think things like things

like that are absolutely not

good idea if you want to keep her from

turning from turning her personality

into something you want in order to trap

you into committing to her because when

women do this when they become oh my god

she's perfect she's exactly what I want

as soon as you commit to her the act

stops I talked about this in part in my

in a podcast I did called girlfriends

are better than wives I actually I also

wrote an article about it on on on Negro

manosphere I think that dropped uh I

think a couple of Wednesday's ago anyway

now a lot of girls out there they're

smart they're gonna pick up on this and

at some point when you're not giving

them any indication in terms of what you

want and once you know they're gonna ask

you straight up so what are you looking

for in a woman

well this is a test my go-to answer

has always been this I'm really not sure

but I'll know when I see it again this

is something you have to keep yourself

from doing as opposed to proactively

putting something into action there's a

big difference between those two so I

want you guys to keep that in mind

911 for two oh five five three five six

is a number to call let's go to the

phone line area code 408 thanks for

holding you're on live with Donovan go

ahead yeah yeah good morning Donovan my

name is Armando good morning to

everybody yeah I know what's up just

wanted to quickly Shh hey what's going

on just just wanted it quick quickly

share with you or everyone here that's

listening to to me that is in terms of

my experience and not being attached to

women I think the first caller

definitely hit it on point spinning

plates is definitely important but every

now and then I you know when I do spend

plates it's hard to not get attached to

one of them as you mentioned early on

the journal it's just we're hardwired to

do that right so I think the most

effective way at least what for me

what's helped me a lot is is really just

coming down the terms to understanding

women's nature and I know that could be

very nihilistic to some folks but I

think that's really the key is is

understanding that understand that

you know women are not gonna love you

the same way that your mom does right

conditional love and and that's helped

me a lot and I think you know we were

talking about bizarre and d-12 how he's

so cold about up been on these bitches I

think cuz he understands that yes right

and the true nature of woman so yeah you

could spend please I think that's only

going to solve the problem temporarily

because eventually you're gonna one of

those place is going to definitely hit

that spot right right coming down and

coming down your conclusion is you've

got to understand that these bitches

don't love though they love you the way

to your mom nope so you take a bullet

for your mom but you don't pick a bullet

through these bitch ass hoes I mean I

wanted to share this morning thank you


thanks for the call Armando yeah Armando

dropping that he's dropping that

knowledge and listen by the way our

mando if you're still listening there's

nothing wrong with being an idealistic

in a relationship there's nothing wrong

with being a nihilist by the way by the

way girls love guys who are nihilistic

girls love guys who are dark triad girls

love guys who are unabashedly selfish

because these men have no problem they

are unafraid being exactly who they want

to be whether it pisses them off or not

like Shana Tampa says if it pisses off

their conscious it's a Sheetz their

subconscious okay this guy's an asshole

okay this guy's a psychopath okay this

guy's a little bit nihilistic oh that

pisses me off and irritates me

but her subconscious is saying this

guy's not afraid to be who he is

oh my God he's nihilistic no no I'm not

nihilistic yeah no girls don't respect

guys like that girls do not respect guys

like okay I just got confirmation from

Steve the Dean he's gonna be calling in

at at here in about ten minutes or so

very good call there by Armando yeah

listen again you guys got listen check

out that track by d12 it's called pimp

like me and b12 those are Eminem's

homeboys if you guys have ever seen the

movie 8 mile d12 is basically the crew

he ran with

they're an eight-mile shutteth the dark

dragon 99 in bane voiced by the time I

seen the lighthouse Artyom and very good

very good very good

he Tyson says the divorce improved my

merits not to improve my life not the

marriage in that said at status man

it really is but this is how it is

wizard praying is still married but she

prefers the red pill me yeah listen

Rollo Tomassi talks a lot about men who

are awakened while married and you know

most of those guys you know end up

crashing and burning anyway but every

once in a while you guys like wizard

praying was able to write the ship Ronny

Brooks is gonna be 43 in six months

Hashim Abdullah says X did not like the

red pill me hence the reason why she's

not my ex Yeah right

Vincent Larkin just says Spencer Larkin

says just found it two months ago I'm 42

I figured I figured a lot of this stuff

out but I'm totally outnumbered by blue

pills here in California dude we're

outnumbered everywhere bro you kidding

me listen we are not the majority

we are clearly the minority each Ison

says once you see the light it's like

understanding a new language that women

have been speaking the entire time I

often describe when a man finds the red

pill it doesn't it like like it clicks

right but it but you you really how can

i how can I put this went when you find

the right though you say I knew it I

knew things were up

now you gorge on the red pill you

consume red pill related content enough

you live the life and it's it's a moment

all of a sudden everything just clicks

it's like the scene it's like the scene

in the matrix where they're all shooting

bullets at neo and you know of course he

looks at him and they you know he says

no he stops the bullets and everything

he sees is in matrix code he no longer

sees agent Smith's digital avatar or

whatever or whatever the case may be he

saw them in code this is exactly what

it's like when it clicks I often refer

to this as a superpower it's like when

it's like when you when everything

clicks it's like being able to

the subtitles so you're out on a meet up

with a woman and she says I'm strong and

independent and my last relationship

didn't work out because he was an

asshole and he was abusive and I'm just

I'm just looking for my soul mate

well the bottom subtitle says I cheated

on my last boyfriend and I'm using his

and I'm using that as that example as an

excuse to go out and other guys I'm

not really looking for mr. right I'm

looking for mr. right now I'm strong and

independent means I and when she says

I'm strong and independent that means

she wants a man who is strong and

independent you literally it happens

just like that happens just like that

very good comment there during a comment


here's another strategy to keep yourself

from becoming emotionally attached to

women limit your time with her I touched

on this briefly yesterday actually it

touched on this a minute ago and again

this is easier said than done but this

is probably the most important step when

it comes to staying unattached to these

your buddies just like

Armando just talked about again if you

even if you're three or four

girls you're you're human you want to

you want to be clear you want to be at

leat you want to feel something

emotionally with a woman you have to

fight this instinct because you're a man

we're because we're designed to seek out

relationships of emotional consequence

with women

again the more time you spend with a

woman the greater the odds of that


our mondo hit it right on the head yeah

spinning plates only works so if the

spinning plates works but after a while

if you spin the same place you're gonna

start to favor one over the others and

the next thing you know you've got four

chicks and you've got one itis for one

your time being your most valuable

commodity is also her most valuable

commodity as far as you're concerned she

knows the more she occupies your time

the more attached you will become women

are kili kili aware of this so two rules

that I employ to keep this from

happening to me with girls I don't see

as long-term relationship material is

number one

I touch on this yesterday do not spend

consecutive nights with her and number

two don't take her out now again it's

not always gonna work out this way right

but you listen you listen you have to

abide by these rules again when the sex

is great and you just don't feel like

don't do the grind of lining up a chick

for the next night for the next night

you may decide to her again and

sometimes you may want to even it

sometimes you may want her to tag along

to grab a bite to eat every once in a

while it's not a big deal

to to bend these rules every now and

again because like I said guys game is a

grind man

I've talked I've talked about this

before dudes hit me up all the time

Donovan I want to four and five

girls at once okay it's possible but

it's a full-time job man it is a

grind you will get burned out so when

you meet a girl that you that you like

having sex with who appears to like you

and when you're experiencing the

rejuvenating properties of what feels

like genuine femininity through sexual

intercourse yeah it stands to reason

that every once in a while you're gonna

want it you're gonna want her to spend

the night every once in a while you're

gonna want to her two nights in a

row you're human I get it it's no big

deal to bend these rules every now and

again but so long as you're exercising

discipline and not making it making that

a habit you'll be able to maintain frame

and keep her scarcity mentality intact

and your abundance mentality intact and

by scarcity mentality it's just like I

told Armando or it's just like I told

the first caller

she'll value what little time she has

with you which means she'll do whatever

you want in bed because she knows her

time is limited with you the less time

you spend with her the more she values

your time supply and demand incidentally

enough this comes in handy when you are

super horny another way to keep yourself

from spending more time with her than

you should don't contact her every day

you don't have to send her a

good-morning text you don't well the

only time you need to send her a good

morning text is the day after you

her to make sure hey I had fun last

night I did too okay now it's gonna be a

lot easier to be to fall

rape accusation charge that's why you

send that morning-after text right but

don't contact her every day don't be

texting her all day every day this is

long-term relationship behavior and when

you exhibit long-term relationship

behavior guess what the girl is gonna

think that she that you want to be in a

long-term relationship your mind puts

you in a long-term relationship you know

what the contactor every day you'd have

to text her all the time

texter dude any number of girls I'm just

I wanna stay emotionally I said

dude the only time I hit it the only

time I communicate with him is maybe two

or three hours before I want to yo

my place at nine o'clock all right I'll

be there or all right you know I'm with

my boyfriend or I'm um you know flake on

me whatever but I'm dude I'm not having

cutesy little conversations I'm not

calling or asking her how her day is I'm

not sending her witty memes you're a

vagina you're an asshole you're a mouth

to me you are an object to me and it's

going to stay that way because I'm not

gonna contact you every day Hashim

Abdullah says pimped like me is one of

the best tracks on that album man brah

pimp like me oh dude I'm gonna tell you

what dude this is funny oh my god I'll

play this story this is great so when I

was grooming Devin to to be my main

chick I used to give her assignments

every night okay so what I did is I

bought her or if she actually in the

beginning she bought a bunch of

clothes stripper heels next to nothing

whatever and I listen I literally used

to make her do this stuff every night

she would go and I would email her these

instructions I would say I want ten

pictures of you here's the outfit that

you're gonna wear you're gonna wear this

color lipstick you're gonna do your hair

this way you're gonna wear this outfit

you're gonna wear these heels and you're

gonna wear these color earrings I want

you to take I want to take I want you to

take nude pictures sultry pictures sexy

pictures okay we had a Google Drive that

used to upload him to every night then I

want I want five I want five videos five

stripper dances she would do she would

do him right there she's doing right

there on her wall she had a role little

setup and everything and she would dance

to perch she would dance to certain

songs that I wanted her to dance to now

I did this for - reaiiy do this for many

reasons the first reason I did it was to

keep her busy youth listen you can this

is man this is this is hardcore red pill

game 101 and I talked about this in the

past when you're training your woman to

be your main chick you need to keep her

busy you need to give her assignments

you need to give her tasks these women

want to serve you they want to make you

happy so the first thing you do you give

her tasks give her something to do a

second purpose this herb is it kept her

busy at night and again this will take

her two and three hours to do because

she'd have to do retakes maybe she would

fall over maybe the picture wasn't right

whatever the case may be so she gets she

gets home from work I don't know five

5:30 she's doing dances all the way I'm

sold 8:00 8:30 by the time she's done

with that she's too tired to go anything

go out or do anything stupid

so I did that to keep her busy number

and here's a second sort of B reason is

it kept me on her mind she knows as soon

as I get home I got addressing these

heels I gotta look like a I

got to show my tits I got to show my

I wonder he wants all these

pictures while blah blah blah blah she's

concentrating on me she has a task

her task is to give me a boner you your

task is to make me want to you in

the worst way so those are the two those

are the two those are the two main

reasons I used to do that I used to I

used to make her do these assignments

another reason is to is to is to

suppress her honor compliance dude

I know that there are times where she

was doing videos where she is cussing me

out of this I can't believe

I'm did she says she told Joe's business

it did she laughed at me she was like I

you know used to talk I used to say I

used to be cursing oh why the am I

doing this done it up you test I

tested her compliance and she listened

she did it sometimes she did it

reluctantly but guess what she

did it let it take it took time effort

and money and that showed me that she

had potential so anyway I told you guys

all that to tell you this so I made her

ice to just make her dance to hip hop

songs listen to me there's nothing

hotter than a sexy ass white girl with

huge tits dancing like a stripper -

hip-hop tracks that debt just turns

me on

one such song I made her dance to was he

like me featuring bizarre on the d12

album bite and it's funny women are me

as a man I listen to and I don't know I

guess everyone's different I don't know

if this is a man/woman thing but I like

songs based on what they sound like

I like the to not like the melody I

don't really pay too much attention to

lyrics of course if you're listening to

rap you paint into the lyrics but I'm

not really and I've got Steve the Dean

and Nikita and the Q hang on Steve I'm

gonna I'm gonna finish this thought I'm

gonna I'm gonna bring him on here but I

don't listen to songs based on what they

sound like like some of my favorite

songs are Atlas by Coldplay I love the

way that sounds I don't know what that

what the words are I just like the way

it sounds hearts on fire by John

Cafferty it's part of the rocky 4

soundtrack when he's training for Drago

I don't you know I maybe I know the

words has been my favorite song forever

or the song flight by Hans Zimmer part

of the part of the Man of Steel and it's

it's it's basically Orchestra but I

listened to songs based on what they

sound like well Devon listens to all

lyrics of all songs and during that

dance dude by the end of the dance she

was literally crying her mascara was

coming down and she's like this is

really what you think of me I was like I

don't know but if you want to dance your

way out of that you better do that dance

she's like never make me dance to a song

like that again

so the very next day I made her dance to

a song by the Bloodhound Gang called the

lap dance is always better when the

stripper is crying real talk 9 1

4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number to call

let us go to the phone lines and bring

on the main man here Steve the Dean

Williams Steve how's it going man the

best man the greatest writer in the

Negro man is for you it was good oh man

you know I'm trying to make it here this

is this is day 5 of my two-hour and

listen I didn't know that I could carry

a show solo for two hours every day but

it appears to be a little bit easier

than I thought

I'm a motormouth and you know Nona may

as well get paid for it

so today Steve we're talking about

things that you do to to remain

emotionally unattached to women and the

first two that I have pointed out is to

share very little personal information


so that she can't really key in on what

up on so she can't really key in on what

it takes to really be with you even

though it's pretty much the same for

most guys and the second thing I talked

about was limit your time with her

listen you and I were listen we've been

in the game for a while we're stone-cold

but I don't know about you

but me I know that the more time I spend

with a woman the more I'm gonna get

attached to her so what are some of your

thoughts on how to stay emotionally

unattached to women out there well when

it comes to being emotionally attached a

lot of guys gotta understand that if

it's what you think about or how you

feel about yourself I've always said

anything that you put in front of you is

gonna work though right oh god you

already go in emotionally attached

because they have no sense of self so

when they meet a woman they think she's

the end-all be-all she's the key to his

happiness see the thing is is that my

job is to make me happy first my job is

not to make any woman happy

my job is to make her feel special but

in that same sense I get emotionally

attached to her because I'm too busy

working on me right I'm too busy seeing

if she is gonna qualify on my roster

what the is she bringing to the

table other than their and crash

training see that's where a lot of guys

go wrong they get caught up and

emotionally attached to her body her

titties or ass her thighs whatever

fetish they have of her then they get

caught up in the world win so when she

smells weakness then she knows how to

manipulate his emotions to get what she

wants man hell yeah

Wow yeah truer words never spoken here's

a strategy that I always now what at the

height of my player time I lived in Las

Vegas and I had a brother my brother

lived in Seattle he moved down to San

Diego for a time but I mean that's I

mean I can't just go right around the

corner the point is is I never

introduced her at least that I was

slaying never introduced her to my

family or friends what are your thoughts

on remaining emotionally unattached as

it applies to introducing girls to your

families and girls to your families and

friends why would you introduce a girl

to your family and friends

well she's got a show okay she rarely

okay there's there step processes to

this okay first off she got a show she's

got to get my attention

first then she's got to prove that she's

worth my time then once she proves she's

worth my time

then maybe I'll show her introduce her

to my friends then she shows her so

worthy of my friend then maybe down the

line if she becomes my girl now that now

she has to be my girl to even get a

sniff straight on my family's train so

or even be or live with me to get a snip

they're young yes I'm just not gonna go

willy-nilly and introduce you to mom and

introduce you to my boys unless I'm

using you as trade bait now I'm just

you let me give you example they

say we boys and I'm just this

chicken I know you they are man you got

a fat ass well I'm gonna bring her over

to you let you check her out because

maybe I can use her for trade the sir I

think one of your girl to get a

supplemental or something you don't mean

so they're different routes you can take

to this family yeah well it's it's so

funny you can always tell the show I did

yesterday that was some it was it was I

forgot the name of the show but

I was talking about what a man like what

a mansion it like I talked about the

difference between relationship market

value and sexual market value and a lot

of guys mistake like they see a woman

who looks great on the outside and they

think oh my god like you see it all the

time on Facebook and Twitter Steve oh my

god she's got a fat ass a big titties Oh

nigga that's wife material that's wife

immaterial guys get caught up in the way

a woman looks and they equate a woman's

sexual market value with relationship

mark about there are a lot of women out

there Steve who have very high sexual

market value as in they're good for a

fun outside of that their relationship

market value isn't really that high why

do guys make the mistake of confusing

relationship market value with sexual

market value well said they don't they

don't have a sense of self and they

worship women so much so when they see a

beautiful woman they automatically oh my

god she's beautiful our merrier

I know they thinking all these things

but when you have a sense itself pussies

are radio on the table so why am i why

am i taking over something I'm already

gonna get what the see bring it

to me but what a lot of guys on

understand about this D is that uh these

women use this as a game see women know

that these guys are thirsty right what

they'll do is they'll put out bait you

know the bait is the ass bait is the

titties the bait is her wearing

standardly clothes

so then what they'll do and then sitting

there being messages on the back end

girls or get friend requests so once

that happens then they look at your job

and see what you're making and what

you're doing to put you in her category

of another paying or bills or taken out

to dinner or buying the drinks or being

a shoulder to cry on so a lot of guys

are so busy looking at the bait they

don't look at the hook defecate oh wow

real talk here's another

thing that I in I'm Gil I don't want to

say that I'm guilty of doing this but a

lot of time eat listen I'm in a

long-term relationship and even and I'll

talk about my long-term plans that

include Devin but when I do it there's

always a twinge of wait a minute I

shouldn't have done that and again I

want people to understand that we're not

talking about your mainship we're not

talking about your girlfriend I'm

talking about your wife we're talking

about that you want to slay it's

okay to become emotionally attached to

your wife or your girlfriend because

that's your wife or girlfriend you still

have to maintain that red pill that red

pill game but one thing that I advise

guys not to do I'm going to talk about

this a little bit later is never talk

about plans past 24 hours

girls like it's and listen even if

you're in a long-term relationship with

a woman they'll say hey you know we

should go here next year or if you're in

if you're in a just a fuck-buddy

relationship hey in two weeks maybe you

should take me to this restaurant what

are your thoughts on making future plans

with make your plans of sled dogs


the only future plan we gonna make is

if I'm at the club with Donovan and I

want some i'ma call you straight

if you want some dick

you called me that's all the future

plans we're gonna make I'm not taking

you out to eat

there you go knock on cupcake bend over

backwards but to talk about a year plan

yeah you ever talk that way to a woman

you might as well call the police cuz

I'm winded I got a month with a gun I


make future plans with that age

bitch hell no we'll call them a s B's

right yeah ain't bitches here's one

listen asph a sh tag ASB we gotta start

that hash tag one last thing I wanted to

I wanted to run by you and a lot of guys

just don't and I wanted to touch on this

earlier but there so I did yesterday

were called the ten Commandments

and steet wasn't it some hardcore

real listen I told them just

like Bazaar said it's beginning a pimp

like me imma warn you guys this is some

straight G if you got any bitch in

you if you got any baby in you you're

gonna have problems with these because

you're still emotionally attaching

yourself to women but here is one thing

that you need to do in order to keep

yourself from becoming emotionally

attached you need to assume that she is

someone else what are your

thoughts on that

oh yeah absolutely never never don't

think that when she tells you she's

sugar and spice and everything that she

ain't sucking a dick or somebody

on the side especially gamma especially

if you don't have games oh god you don't

have a sense of self you don't have

standards or principles all right she is

not only Donovan she and

milking you for your money straight up

so this is me she's you

she's Allen Roger curry she's

alpha man she's

everybody this is how this isn't and

it's so funny man like it yeah and

anytime we get pushed back on the things

that that we talk about on these shows

and on these podcasts it always comes

from and what they do is they cloak they

concern troll

they say well I don't know if I should

be doing that because that's just not

the right thing to do no no what you are

telling me is that you are weak you you

care too much about feet dude don't work

listen don't worry about these

females if you decide not to make them

if you decide not to make them your main

chick trust and believe there's gonna be

somebody else out there for her you are

not special she is not special you guys

are just using each other and you need

to a lot of men need to understand that

you need to objectify these women when I

say objectify Steve this means you got

to remove emotion out of it well I don't

want to hurt her feelings yeah nigga

will guess what she ain't got no problem

with hurting yours the thing is a lot of

people understand when they give you

quote-unquote pushback see the thing

that a lot of guys don't know about they

always worry about the fear failure but

the greatest fear to these guys the fear

success because another unknown

we've never been in a situation that we

have been so what happens is is that

they've got to come up with a excuse or

a lie to themselves to then say well

even those Donavan you're successful

even though you do get and I don't

get then I'm gonna do things my

way all right and again this is why we

say Donovan if you are a beta you ask

yourself an alpha question what kind of

answer you're gonna get you ain't gonna

get an alpha one you only seek to your

level so you don't you don't see what we

do so we're telling you it's not saying

that we want you to treat every woman or

generalize they every woman's not a

or treat them bad right we're trying to

say you've got to let these bitches

qualify there it is so you can determine

where you want to put the bitch Jack BAM

Matt listen the Q listen the Q word is

the key word here's the thing man and

and and I'll let you go after this

because I know you've got other stuff to

do no okay all right a lot of guys and

this is you see this all the time they

do not a lot of guys don't understand

when I tell them hey you need to make

her qualify herself to you because

here's the thing

most women dude the vast majority of

women the only thing they have needed to

do to qualify themselves as potential

long-term relationship material is to

show up give out the ass give out the

and all of a sudden niggas are

offering rings I want you to meet my

parents I'm gonna give you commitment

but those are the guy again you talked

about this earlier there are two men

that women are gonna place categories a

place in the category a man who's gonna

satisfy her sexual needs and a man who's

gonna satisfy her non-sexual needs the

men who are gonna satisfy her non-sexual

needs those are the men that do not make

her qualify herself to you I like what

your hair smells like what kind of

shampoo do you use I like your shoes are

you the type of woman who spends $400 on

a pair of shoes or are you decent with

money are you the kind of woman are you

the kind of woman who has to go out for

expensive drinks make her qualify

herself to you in other words you want

to you want to inadvertently ask her

what about you other than the way you

look and the way you feel on the inside

and outside and ears you or entitles you

to my attention because that's what

you're after

I always my mindset is always doing like

this I'll meet a million bitches like

you right you'll never meet a

like new trainer I know

what I bring to the table I know what I

know how to make you feel I can make you

feel things that you've never felt

before because you've never been with a

life so what are you gonna

do - number one get my attention first

like I say its attention then you got to

work give my time so you're gonna have

to slay the Minotaur cut the head off

and bring it to the top of Kilimanjaro

just to get my attention

because I have so many women by for me

that why I to give you my attention then

my time if I'm getting it I'm getting

what you're giving me from every other

woman why should I spend time with you

that's this is what you're saying listen

what you're giving me I can get anywhere

so why you right right and that's gonna

piss them off woo that's what the a lot

of people think we're at

holes and jerks and misogynistic

that give us a of

course but it's because we have a

standard rank which most standard it

says I'm just not gonna put my because I

value my last name I value my sperm

right I value my legacy so we can

but what are you what can you do to my

kingdom or would you bring them up Wow

well said and by the way if you piss off

a girl it like if you're on a first

Meetup and you piss a girl off you

probably turn her on too that's just how

that goes

listen women women are so used to guys

placating and coddling them they're not

used to guys getting in their kitchen

and ribbing them and asking them quit

and we're not talking about interviewing

questions Steve like so what do you do

for a living where do you see yourself

in five years

tell me about your family and what do

you know we're not talking about

interview questions I'm talking about

hard-hitting type

you know what I'm saying like like guys

look at this stuff and here's the thing

Steve girls know this shit's coming so

they have all the right answers so when

you go to your homeboys later oh my god

I just met this girl Keisha she oh dude

she's wifey material fam like listen she

values family she wants kids she values

monogamy she says she brought listen

listen Keisha listen Keisha

she's been on that same interview 58

times in the last fifty eight weeks

nigga like she's not telling you

anything different than she told any

then she told anybody else but what

Keisha what Michele is not used to guys

asking is like like you got here five

minutes late like what's the deal right

like you got to get in these bitches

kitchen are you the type of like I mean

I mean William or here's another thing

Steve like if a woman is playing with

her phone like on a date you tell her

you take her phone not now sweetheart

you're on my time like this is what

happens and if she says well yeah

yeah check please

bitches ain't used to like that I

got one last thing Steve and I want to

get I want to get your opinion on this I

think one very important thing that men

should do and again this is something

I'll talk about later

what mentioned do to avoid becoming

emotionally attached is avoid intimate

contact like kissing cuddling

holding hands a lot of guys out here

just like you said they get with these

ain't bitches are like yeah I'm a

stone-cold player I'm just this

bitch and all of a sudden y'all are

kissing cuddling holding hands and I've

made this mistake before what are your

thoughts on intimate contact as a way or

avoiding intimate contact as a way to

avoid emotional connection see what I

always teach my clients is when I talk

to a woman or I'm on the phone with her

my thing is before we go on the date

it's a getter to submit the to me

on the phone before we even touch

ringing then once she submits the

to me I've got the high ground so

then I'm in control at that point right

now people a lot of guys they don't know

what they're doing so of course the

emotional attachments gonna come with a

hug a kiss we know when you don't know

what you're doing now let me use you as

an example real quick all right now for

Donovan she think Donovan can go if he

chooses to to kiss a woman and not be

emotionally attached to them because

Donovan like me and like all the other

middle men we don't place

emotional attachment on something that

is authors all right that's really I

don't need to be emotionally attached

but I'm gonna show you why you need to

be on this dick now I may kiss you I may

touch you but that doesn't mean I like

you that doesn't mean I love you it

doesn't mean you get to meet Donovan

that doesn't mean you get to meet the

parents that means you know what I feel

like kissing you I feel like touching

you because I can and you want me to not

because I'm emotionally attached that's

the difference Donovan between guys on

our side of the street and everybody

else a lot of these guys don't

understand the complexities of

relationship there's not real quick guys

once they did no go ahead what would be

big I'm gonna blow their mind away on

this like when I'm with a girl when I

wanna be do I want to be freaky nasty

dirty seductive romantic

mati what do what air will do I want to

pull out because y'all guys think that

y'all got one way of doing things

there's this thing is deeper than that

and that's what I'm saying

when when eight and we already intrigued

him Donovan by our attitude right we

already been reinforce it by showing her

it's not about your it's what

you're gonna do for me so then on that

at this cheese is she it's in her DNA to

want to be with the alpha male it's

right nature so I'm never putting my

emotion if I kiss you I can kiss you and

not feel emotions right I'm giving you a

real quick last I'm sorry no think about

when you go to the mall right right

right you go to the food court what do

they do they date they outside this

outside their story and they give you

samples right they're offering you

samples would you like a sample would

you like a sample orange chicken you're

gonna get in line and buy the whole

things right so that kiss that I'm

giving her that touch I'm giving her

that's just a sample of what is to come

if you get on my ride so

there's never emotion until I Dean keep

it fam I'm sorry for going no no no no

no listen you actually said something

else that a lot of guys don't really

understand and that women don't


you said and two things actually you

said just because I kiss you just

because I'm you doesn't mean I

like you women especially women they

assume that because I'm sticking my dick

in you that listen I have plenty

of girls that I do not like don't like

her personality she's a headache

I don't like dude I don't like being

around her I like sticking my dick in

you because you're bad attitude is

wrapped in a package I like just because

I'm you does not mean I like you

and it does not mean I respect you so a

lot of girls it now see here's the thing

guys also make this mistake a lot of

girls out here are unable to become

emotionally attached because I've been

by 374 they can't pair bond

to a man anymore they assume that

because a girl is them that the

girl likes them that's one that's one

semi sexual symmetry here's another


even though a woman regardless of how

many men a woman a men a woman has been

with kissing is always emotional for

women and if it's one thing that women

have shown themselves to be when it

comes to matters of the heart when it

comes to men is ignorant women foolishly

believe that the things that apply to

them must also apply to us

so they think oh he kissed me he must be

emotionally attached why because when

they kiss a man they are emotionally

attached just like you said Steve I may

kiss you I may smack your ass I may put

my tongue down your throat that does not

mean by any stretch of the imagination

that I am emotionally attached I attach

my emotions when you have earned my

emotions I'll give you the last word

yeah no no you 1,000 on that but see a

lot of guys don't again it goes back to

the beginning fam yep a lot of guys

don't know themselves a lot of guys

don't know what they want they look we

all listen I don't mind the

chickens I like sexy women just like you

sure we love beautiful women but I don't

look look your ain't enough for me

to want to bend over backwards and kiss

your ass how can I roll through that

your feet when I'm sitting on the throne

the cut down of tree to

build you a when I'm living in my

own I can't do that darlin so the best

thing I can do is offer you dick and

bubblegum and I'm out of bubblegum move

on the somebody else is your luck

and will always be your laws and not

mine and last thing I want to say

Donovan and what you guys you need to

listen to Donovan tell you this year

we're which you guys don't know this my

personal feelings out of them and what

I'm saying is it would work the views

that I'm about to say is of myself I

will put it on down all right hurt some

feelings with these guys don't know and

the reason why these women will come and

busted on them and a guy like me because

we're gonna let them know where they

stand from Joe we're not going to

pretend that you were something that

you're not

King but the best thing about this gonna

hurt their feelings is that we will we

will cap and cut the bitch off and as

soon as she goes back to the babies and

Charlie's it's like having a bologna

sandwich tasting a ribeye steak it

didn't happen to Bologna they're always

gonna come back to us because we know

what the we're doing and they will

settle to be a side chick because they

know they'd rather have half of me

that's right then no man at all Donna

become old man bro listen listen check

this out I'm co-signing on that 100%

I'll give a damn I don't give a damn

what feelings you heard I listen women

would rather share an alpha than have a

beta all to themselves

dude seven days a week and twice on

Sundays man all day long he is Steve the

Dean Williams he came in here with this

hot fire guys get a hold of this guy he

does consultation he does coaching you

guys can get ahold of him at the man

mindset dot-com it's just like it sounds

the man mindset calm you guys know he

knows his if you want to get your

mind right you want to get your money if

you want to get your life right if you

want to get your dick wet this is the

guy you need to contact Steve as always

thanks for making time for us brother

appreciate it no problem man Steve the

Dean Williams coming in here and

dropping knowledge as always yeah you

know it's interesting Steve and I we

have a lot in common

we're both very fiery guys we're both

very passionate guys and you know it's

funny like anytime I get into like a

foolish League get into some sort of a

Facebook's patter or whatever before I

pull my power move come and call me guys

always say why are you being so

emotional no no one's being emotional

you call it emotional I call it getting

fired on listen there's a man I

have the right to be fired up

you call me do you see tears do you see

me crying about do you see me crying

about something I'll get him to Beit

with someone Deuter clinging monkey did

this with me he says we're being in if

you're being emotional that's not very

masculine knob bitch this is not

emotional this is called being

fired up until you see me crying about

some that you said you can shut the

up with that emotional nonsense you

don't want me fired up and fry

you toe-to-toe man-to-man so miss me

with that okay let's see what

we got in the chat here gadget flakes

the conversation ganj in 88 says playing

this podcast of my sleep got a train the

subconscious to be the boss very good

Everett Overton says it's a hole once

you realize you do all this work simply

for a hole your mind begins to shift

yeah man don't get me wrong it's not

just a hole it's a hole that feels very

good but yeah once you figure out that

like the more sex you don't get me wrong

sex is always gonna be great right I'm

always gonna want to have sex Devon is

hot I love her but at the end of

the day for me it's just sex I know

that's that when Devon and I have sex I

know it's a lot more emotional for her

because she's a woman and I'm a man that

doesn't mean that I care about her

anymore or any less but you have to

detach yourself from sex and as men it

is much much easier to do that it really

really is very very good

Ashima doula says he's got a bounce it's

gonna watch the rest of show on patron

very good dark dragon says it's our bait

and our seduction to lure her in very

good comment very good comment I saw um

I saw a comment in here earlier says I

met a girl a she me a she me cats I can

tell you guys ashli kneecaps asks

Donovan I met a girl on a cruise last

year but I was blue pilled and did my

and and did my best to be her friend

which was a mistake I'll be seeing her

again on another cruise in about a month

do you think I can make some magic

happen with her this time now that I'm

red bill yeah you probably listen you

can probably get a little further but if

you were if you were blue pill the month

ago then I mean listen dude definitely

try to run read bill game on her and who

knows maybe that might be enough of a

difference to be able to her just

understand that just understand that you

are you're still a fledgling red pillar

now a fledgling red pillar a beginning

red pillar listen that beats blue pill

all day long that's just how that goes

so yeah you can definitely make some

magic a pit just make sure you keep game

keep Francky game brush up on your red

pill knowledge spencer Larkin says so

many pair-bonding is off the

can you do an episode or expand on this

I find the concept intriguing and

probably the one thing that we all miss

in the beginning of the red pill are we

capable of pair bonding after being

abused by family court etc um you know

what's interesting I don't think that

men are capable men are capable of pair

bonding but I don't think we are as

capable of sexually pair bonding

I'll put it give you an example right we

know men cheat on their wives all the

time okay you've got a guy who is you

know got a great job make up $250,000 a

year he's been married to his wife you

know for for 17 years they've got three

kids together that man loves his wife

but if his hot secretary starts flirting

with him and he her okay he's and

he her not in any any the

secretary because she looks good when

men she tweet she mainly for sex it is

it's literally nothing but sex most of

the time right well if he was

emotionally pair-bonded with his wife

you wouldn't have her well

emotionally pair-bonding is one thing

sexually pair-bonding is another as far

as men are concerned right okay so he

Ashley the hot secretary that he

hired six months ago twenty four years

old she's hot big debts big big tits

nice ass whatever she's younger and

hotter guess what that doesn't mean he

doesn't still love his wife of 17 years

and three beautiful children together so

he is emotionally pair-bonded to his

wife but he's not sexually pair-bonded

to his wife so if his wife worked now

let's say he's the secretary

okay she finds out he's the

secretary and she and and wife decides

to leave him that is going to literally

crush him it is going to crush him not

listen not not because he's pair bonded

with her sexually because he's pair

bonded with her emotionally she's his

wife just because listen just because

just because a man sticks his dick and

another chick doesn't mean he doesn't

still love his wife men there listen men

very rarely leave their wives for the

side chick that side chick has nothing

but a hole there is no way dude his dude

is why

dude his wife is his co-pilot

she is right or diet okay so a

better-looking woman came along and he

stuck his dick in her that doesn't mean

a goddamn thing except for the fact that

he wanted to somebody they look

that looks better than his wife that

doesn't mean she doesn't still love his

wife and here's the quintessential

example before I move on to number three

to the to the next thing here Peter

Sellers a lot of you guys probably have

no idea who this guy is

Peter Sellars is the actor who played

detective jacques clouseau on the on the

pink panther franchise movies on the

Pink Panther movies okay he was an

incorrigible womanizer as all movie

stars are now he was married at the time

to the same woman I think for like ten

years he cheated on her with impunity

she he had apologised kept taking her

back apologized kept taking her bat or

she kept taking him back and eventually

she says you know what I can't take the

cheating anymore I gotta go now Peter

Sellers continued to stick his dick

another chicks well at 54 years old

Peter Sellers who had been with probably

hundreds of women died of a heart attack

when they found his body they looked

through all of his personal effects in

his wallet he had one picture it was a

picture of his first wife not because he

was sexually pair-bonded with her but

because he was emotionally pair-bonded

to her it was just sex with all the

other broads he loved his wife Ricky

Ricardo and or desi or Desi Arnaz and

Lucille Ball they were married for a

time and of course listen Desi Arnaz is

a good-looking Cuban guy he's probably

cheating on her all the time

Lucy kept taking a back kept taking him

back they ended up getting divorce

because he couldn't keep his dick in his


well Lucy and I don't know what the

exact story is but Lucille Ball became

very very ill and word got back to Desi

Arnaz that she was ill at a hospital

Desi Arnaz grabbed a horse and rode by

horseback two hours to be at his

ex-wife's side desi Arnett listened Desi

Arnaz cheated on Lucy all the time he's

other she's probably a

chick that night doesn't mean he doesn't

still love Lucille Ball

so while men are capable so while men

are capable of emotionally pair bonding

to women I don't think that it's

possible for us to a to sexually pair

bond with

this is why we're able to cheat and

still love our girlfriends and wives

this is how that goes

Armando Oh Armando says miss me with

that state J Stalin J solo says

tell turd flinging monkey monkey I said

come catch this fade this is hot fire

very good very good another strategy to

keep from being emotionally attached to

side chicks buddies friends

with benefits

do not spend money on her now let me

back up here this should go without

saying but even the most experienced

players will spend money on their side

chicks and this is never a good idea

here's why guys girls are keenly aware

that a man's investment of any sort

outside of justice dick is necessary to

secure a commitment from him emotional

investment is what she's after because

she knows that financial investment goes

hand-in-hand with the emotional

investment if she's got your heart she's

also got your wallet now if she's a

low-level girl let's say she's a six or

seven if she smokes right she's just

she's just completely useless outside of

don't let her get her foot in

the door in the slightest if you happen

to take her out and you're at the movies

say you get the tickets I'll get the

popcorn if you're out getting food make

her pay her own way if you're ordering

in she pays half now this will only

increase her respect for you while

simultaneously decreasing any perceived

thirst she think you may had just like

Steve said if you spend time with these

bitches they think they're pussies the

only thing they got to bring to the

table he's me so he must want to

be with me nah bitch no no no no we're

going to have Z's we're going Dutch this

lets her know that your arrangement is

strictly sexual and nothing else now

don't mistake me here guys this doesn't

mean you shouldn't spend three bucks on

a cup of coffee the next morning if she

spends the night right this doesn't mean

you shouldn't grab a cheap cheap bottle

of vodka you know on the way over at her

place like fine but you definitely need

to avoid

her thinking of you as an ATM machine

but now here's the thing being a

cheapskate is a huge turnoff regardless

of whether you're just dating or

her so listen don't be afraid to spring

a couple of bucks for something here

there but do not give her the impression

that you are willing to spend a mount of

money that matters to you never just

remember it listen just remember that at

the end of the day this is an ironclad

rule that you must adhere to in order to

keep from getting an order to keep her

from getting a foothold on your finances

and subsequently your emotions James

Martinez says I need to do a full show

with Dean I agree I agree yes this team

esteemed the Dean and I man we and this

is the thing we're both in a steve is

married right we're both in long-term

relationships with white girls like but

that listen that doesn't mean that

listen our player muscles may not be as

you know be what they are because listen

I'm not in the game anymore but if I

have to I will and Steve the Dean and I

have a lot in common as far as game is

concerned that's very very good

very very good here's another way to

stay emotionally unattached from women

and this one this one's kind of this one

is kind of psychological as far as

you're concerned and I don't think I've

ever heard this from anyone else don't

name her contact on your phone I'm gonna

say this again don't give her a name on

your phone just keep it the phone number

now this might seem inconsequential and

unnecessary but I can assure you

speaking from personal experience this

will have a profound effect when dealing

with money's

assigning a name for any given

buddy or or one-night stand or whatever

automatically creates even a just a

small emotional commitment to her now

that commitment may be small but it is

still very significant when you replace

her number with Stacey or Breanna or

Lisa it's it very it psychologically

elevates her status in the

slightest which is not what you want to

do with side bitches not what you want

to do with buddies by not assigning

her name to a to her number you're

keeping her status exactly what it

should be a number what is a number a

number is an object we don't care about

objects we use objects objects are there

for our pleasure they're there for our

satisfaction they're there to serve us

think of her as an it not as she you

almost have to dehumanize women in order

to keep from becoming emotionally

attached her and not assigning her name

on a contact is a very powerful way of

doing this a man with airtight game

knows that a woman that they have fought

is no important than any of the others

so there's no need to give just a

buddy the privilege of being given a

name in your phone what I used to do

when I was at the height of my my day

and night game life when I was down and

when I was when I when I was out in

Vegas was I would assign verbs or sex

acts to certain girls like anal on the

first date or a blowjob addict or

swallower number one or great ass right

you guys can go to donovan sharp com go

to pod picks and you'll see where I've

assigned certain names now this strategy

did a couple of things for me number one

first it objectified the girls I was

which helps you to detach

emotionally if you get a tenth if you

get a text from huge tits or likes it

rough you know her face and personality

don't come to her head well comes to

your head her body part or the sexual

act that you did with her that pops into

your head and because sex is much less

emotional for us it helps keep our

emotion at bay the second thing this

particular technique did was it keeps

the girl's hopes from getting up as far

as a long-term relationship is concerned

okay if you get a text from anal addict

you're gonna respond if you don't

remember who is this and this is this is

actually something used to do on the

regular even if I knew who was I'd be

like who is this because you want to

give her the impression that you don't

remember her name or number right listen

you don't

it's Molly Melissa or Maria now she'll

text back and tell you who she is

or she'll play like she's giving you a

hard time but whatever her response is

it tells this girl in no uncertain terms

that she is not special

it tells her that she is not the only

girl you're right now and that

keeps her from getting any ideas that

your little buddy arrangement is

anything more than what it is which is

just buddy

nigga plug-in you can listen chase Volvo

says could I use a nickname I had one in

my phone as Holly Goodhead yeah listen

you can put your own spin on it but

whatever you do do not use her name

because if you do it won't be long

before before Molly turns into my

everything or soul mate or my love oh my

god you see dudes getting there and

getting getting phone calls from my love

mice oh my god dude dude she's

Kevin she's Kevin Kevin

and sales dick right now makes me

throw up an hour man throw up in my

throw up in my mouth

shout out to Jonathan from Modern Life

dating making an appearance in the

towers good to see you in here Andre

says modern life dating man you need to

post more videos MLD knows his

episode 3 I think it was episode 3 12 on

Donovan sharp calm features Donovan

Donovan features Johnathan from modern

life dating he talked about the steps

that a man should take to become an

expat to Japan very very good episode

very very informative you guys have

definitely check him out on modern life

dating comm drops a lot of just a lot of

jumps a lot of knowledge Oscar says

favorite music's 80s R&B; soul but they

have really betta blooper bill ears I

don't want to stop listening but the

ideology the ideology is harmful the

song seems to seem to encourage what is

your thoughts the fact that you

recognize that they are blue pill

renders them completely harmless to you

right so you at listen I listen to a lot

less I listen to a lot of beta 5 songs I

like the way they sound I like the

lyrics but I'm Donovan sharp and I and I

no wonder

I'm aware of what the message is the

fact that you have acknowledged that

you're aware of what the messages

completely harmless

listen away listen away James Martina

says men have two heads big head versus

a little head hot secretary calls the

little head and says got that now damn

it it's alright make that show between

you and Dean a patreon show only yeah

that would be good that would be good

here's another strategy to keep from

becoming emotionally attached to women

who are only good for sex I talked about

with this with Steve just a few minutes

ago never introduced her to your family

or your friends this is another obvious

one guys but I see and I hear about

dudes doing this all the time

and it always causes problems listen

once you introduce you to your family

your friends this does three things

number one number one it elevates her

status and everyone's eyes right if you

introduce her to your families and to

your family and friends your friends and

family will assume that if you bring her

around she's important enough to bring a

wrap to bring around which elevates her

status to them they don't see her as a

buddy they don't see her as someone

who's such her dick every other Thursday

night they see her as a potential

girlfriend which means you'll be getting

questions from them okay about a bitch

you're just who you have no

intention of keeping around and thats it

can get annoying Deven met my family or

she met part of my family in a gym it

but part of my family last month I've

known Devon now for two and a half years

almost two and a half years two and a

half years after I met her she met some

of my family for the very first time

number two the second thing introducing

her to your family and friends does is

it gives her a backdoor entrance to

learn more about you which she can in

turn used to mold herself into the fake

woman she thinks she want her to be your

friends our family gonna run your mouth

you got Donovan likes this and Donovan

values that well guess what she's gonna

say oh by the way I value ABC

XYZ oh my god I found the one oh my god

perfect number three and this one's very

important it allows her to infiltrate

your inner circle which makes it very

difficult to get rid of her hey listen

if you stop her for whatever

reason she might start one of

your buddies because they became

Facebook friends after you introduced

them she might become friends with your

sister or your mom which keeps the

proverbial umbilical cord attached

whether you're her or not

again all women all women are very very

cognizant of what's at stake in terms of

being introduced to the people you trust

and love which of course is why they're

always pushing to meet or hang out with

your family and friends

keep your buddies away from your

friends and family guys there's no other

option Jonathan from butters like dating

sis Billy what is Super Bowl Browns

finally one Jesus is coming back yes

I've been win by the Browns man Baker

Mayfield has officially won that job

mate listen make note listen make no

mistake make no mistake another way to

stay emotionally unattached to females

that you're that you have no

intention of committing to only text

with only text for logical reasons now

I've actually talked about this on a

show with O'Shea Duke Jackson months and

months ago this is another rule in red

pill game 101 but again

women are so good man like like they

understand where you're trying to sort

of Perry and and block her from from

letting me in okay but they're very good

at creating just a kindness of

conversation out of nothing to draw you

into long conversations in order to get

information out of you in order to

become in order for you to become more

bit more emotionally attached to her

guy's a supporting strap all the time

I'm not gonna lie the solutions

is very simple when she tries to strike

up conversations with open-ended

questions like so what are you up to or

do you have any brothers and sisters

you can either ignore them completely or

you can just respond with one-word

answers like stuff what are you up to

stuff yeah buddy brothers and sisters

yep how do you have don't answer the

only extent again you guys need to

listen to what I'm telling you the only

extended text conversations with

buddies should be setting up the time

the day and the place of your meet-up

and even then your texts should be short

and sweet I'm coming over at 10:00 be


that's it that's it Andre Silva comments

he says quote when dealing with women

it's more about respect than love women

don't love them women don't love men the

same way we love then for me it's more

important to be sure that women respect

me then so-called love me be more stoic

yeah listen man in I'll even add to that

women are incapable they are emotionally

incapable of loving a man they that they

do not respect if she doesn't respect

you she cannot love you well my girl

says she loves me all the time yeah she

loves you because you satisfy all of her

non-sexual needs Mears and younger

shout-out to you says the man should

never ask a question Armando says her

conscious mind will automatically render

you as a beta hundred percent 100%

another way to stay emotionally

unattached to bitches whores etc I

talked about this with Steve as well and

listen this is hard for some of you guys

to do because you got some beta weighs

about you but you need to do this assume

she's someone else and here's

the thing it is a lot less painful to

assume she's someone else in the

beginning because you're only

her dude I remember dude I was

when I think I might have been

no but the very first night I her

it was unbelievable sex 90 second we got

90 seconds left for phone call so that's

gonna be that but I'll never forget

after the second or third time we

she dude she was so I mean she was so

happy and this and that near there oh my

god we're gonna have such a great time

and and this and that the other she's

like but I tell you what let's lay down

some ground rules she said we're only

if we know we're other

people just don't throw it in each

other's faces like that's what she said

to me Hey fine with me

said she had already made up her mind

that she was gonna keep me and I

had already made up my mind but I didn't

voice that to her okay if you have a

buddy arrangement with even a

decent looking girl you can bet your ass

she's at least one of their dude

guys listen man as men we are

territorial by nature and other other

than extremely thirsty beta males we

don't commit to we don't do that

what we rarely do I used to do that all

the time and the beginning of my red

pill development don't do it anymore now

as a man with a good understanding of a

woman's true nature resolving your mind

to the fact that she's probably

someone else will automatically

disconnect the detacher emotions your

logic tells you that why a low

investment is good in the short

term for getting your dick wet and

keeping your abundance mentality intact

it's a bad bet for commitment as a

result assuming she's taking somebody

else's dick when she's not with you

it'll be near impossible to catch

feelings for guys I'm here to tell you

and up listen I'll tell you a quick

story I'll tell you a quick story I was

a girl when I was in Vegas for

like a month month and a half or so and

it was a clockwork arrangement she'd

come over she'd come home she'd come

over every Friday night we'd she

spent the night she'd make me a quick

little breakfast in the morning leave my

place at 7:30 8:00 in the morning it was

a perfect arrangement we always had a

great time and listen we really liked

each other it was a cool arrangement

because we never talked or texted bugs

ol Friday afternoon and we'd say my

place at 9:00 or grab me some cigarettes

on your way over this is back when I

used to smoke was awesome it was a great

well we started texting throughout the

week and eventually we started seeing

each other on Friday

Saturday so right there I just broke two

rules and it ended up and it ended up

causing me to be gone a little more

emotionally invested okay so anyway I

remember one Saturday afternoon she was


she was active bitchy for whatever for

them for whatever reason I'd left her

place a few hours before you know

spending you know spending a Friday

night with her and normally we text back

and forth making clients for Saturday

night right but she was agitated so I

finally texted her and I said something

something to this effect I said look

you're acting bitchy and I'm not one to

be asking what's wrong so let's take a

break tonight and see what happens next

week she immediately texts me back and

says no no it's not you I promise I'm

just dealing with nonsense I took that

to mean and I'm probably right in saying

this I took that to mean that she was

probably fighting with her boyfriend or

someone else she was okay or if

she had someone else she was and

they found out about us right I didn't

know but I assumed and I think I

correctly assumed that that nonsense had

something to do with another guy but I

didn't really know and I didn't really

wanted to know want to know I just

wanted to stay ignorant so she so I

texted back I said and this is this is

this is the this was the beta in me I

texted because we've been for a

while and I really liked her

so I said I broached her rule I said I'm

not trying to share you with anyone else

so let's just end things here and chalk

it up to a good time I felt myself

falling for this girl and I couldn't

handle the idea of her somebody

else and when you start to care about

whether or not she's somebody

else it's time to go so I tried to pull

the plug right she immediately texts

back she says no I don't want to end

things I really like you and I promise

you you will not have to share me with

anyone any more now part of me was happy

because she told me she liked me and was

presumably not gonna be anyone

else anymore but another part of me I

felt the twinge of pain because she had

just told me that she had been

other dudes and no one's in I mean she

didn't come right out and say it but yes

sharing me with somebody anymore right

we agreed to keep that stuff away from

each other but again the more time

spend with a woman the more you are at

risk of catching feelings so I broke two

rules and I ended up catching feelings

for a woman I for a woman who absolutely

did not deserve anything but my dick

that was all there was to it and this is

interesting I actually found out she was

we continued I found out

she was somebody else here's how

I did it

she foolishly gave me her phone's

password dude months and months ago well

she was asleep in her room and and I

decided to grab her phone because I

noticed we were driving one time she was

texting someone and when she was

finished texting she she hid her phone

for me that's not like she took the face

of her phone and she she placed it down

and you know down in her seat I was like

oh boy there's a text she doesn't want

me to see so that's what told me to

check out her phone now here's a pro

game tip if a girl is really really

really good at cheating or

around and so because we were never

boyfriend and girlfriend but you know I

guess we were quasi exclusive at least

that's what I thought foolishly never

listen okay

she might be stupid enough to leave a

text from another guy but most girls are

very good at keeping that stuff out

don't check don't check texts from her

guy friends check the texts from her

best friend that's where you're gonna

find the truth so I scrolled up and I

scrolled up and there it was she says

I'm done with him her friend says done

with who Mike or she said done with who

Donovan or Mike and she said Donovan

that told me right then and there that

she was somebody else think

we've gotten in a fight the week before

we get together but again this is how it


dude I what dude I was pissed I

said wake your ass up I showed her her

phone she tried taking her phone away

from me I him took her phone I

threw it in the living room and I was

out again

I got emotionally attached to someone

who did not deserve anything but my dick

this is what happens this is what

happens nurse and younger says what was

your favorite place in Vegas to meet

chicks downtown yes sir

dude downtown on the Vegas strip man you

better believe it Las Vegas Boulevard

which is the Vegas strip also Fremont

Street it's like a cupboard it's hard to


um Oh God Fremont Street it's like it's

like a cover it's like it's like an

outdoor quasi flea mall at night they'll

put like videos up on the ceiling

there's girls all around but yeah if you

want the highest concentration of hot

girls in Vegas yet the strip in Fremont


it's definitely where you need to be

going modern life dating Jonathan from

modern life dating says Society is

arranged to financially and or

physically enslave men via beta male

behavior and making women unhappy with


therefore chasing rainbows of the

perfect man Wow very profound

well said men well said

Hispanic Chris says for three months

I've been getting in shape get my

together ignoring my wife's lies last

night my wife gave me a blowjob wearing

but wearing a Victoria's Secret nightie

I haven't seen in five years thank you

Donovan shark it appears we are starting

to get through to Hispanic Chris good to

hear success stories like that very good

Andre Silva says when women say I love

you it's an emotional praise about how

good she feels with you in that moment

nothing more she already said it before

for other guys and will say it to other

ones in the future wow this is what I

like about my audience man I actually

said this during the live pre-show QA

listen man

yeah I'm Donovan sharp and you know I'm

changing lives and teaching people dude

I learned from you listen I learned from

you guys too I mean I really not that I

didn't know that but I've never heard it

put that way this is unbelievable when

women say they love you they're not

really talking about love they're

showing great they're showing that

emotional praise that endorphin rush

that comes that comes with the way they

make you feel they they can't describe

oh my god I feel so great with this guy

I love you know what she's really saying

is I love the way you make me feel she

doesn't love you she loves she loves the

love she loves the way you make her feel

comment of the day there why Andre Silva

very nice yes nursing younger says yes

Giants green roof yeah yeah yeah they're

on Fremont Street JW Hanes says the MGM

in Vegas on a weekend night is one of

the best spots I found hang out and play

some slots near Hakkasan and you can't

miss the action hell yeah dude there

used to be a bar a rooftop bar called

the the the the the the Diablo Cantina

right across from the MGM Grand that was

one of my go-to spots they closed it

down I couldn't believe they

closed it down then but yeah dude dude

girls used to come up to the

Diablo cantina right there on the roof

looking right there at the MGM grand

easy pickins man it's like shooting fish

in a barrel Mikey says appreciate you

Donovan and the Knology drop not a

problem I love what I do

very good

another way to stay emotionally

unattached from hoes etc ignore

what she says and Andre Silva actually

pointed one of these out ignore what she

says listen guys we've all heard we've

all heard girls say I've never felt this

way about anyone before or I feel so

safe and protected with you or I know I

just buddies but I swear you're the

only one I'm right now and of

course the big one I think I'm falling

in love with you or something to that

effect guys I've actually bought into

these statements before

dude i'ma tell you what man when a woman

is for me when a woman says she feels

safe with me that has a profound effect

on me you feel safe with me I don't know

it's probably something psychological

I'll probably ask Rollo about him

probably tell me he probably diagnosed

me on the spot but I feel so safe and

protected with you that's my buzzword

when women tell me that I'm like oh my

god she's the one but not anymore

but guys nine times out of ten it's

nine and a half times out of

ten it's every once in a while

if you're a girl senseless she

thinks she's falling in love and she

might actually think she means it

and she actually thinks she means it

when she says it but all it takes

gentlemen is the next shiny to pay

her attention and she'll forget about

you this is why what a woman says is

always fleeting a woman may very well

mean it when she says she loves she

might love you in that moment

the best defense against this beta bait

and that's what this is beta bait is

just a completely ignoring all of it

girls throw out this particular brand of

to try to rope you in and

elevate themselves out of the bargain

basement status out of buddy

status she's tired of you thinking that

she's tired of thinking of you as her

personal as your personal bowling ball

basically the three holes you stick your

dick in and she's decided she wants to

become your girlfriend or play head

games with you or whatever her fucked-up

reasons are it is also when she tells

you these things it is also a

subconscious test she doesn't think

of it as a test but it is here's

why she's doing this to see if you're as

gullible as the last dude who started

off and who started off as a buddy

who made the egregious mistake of making

her his girlfriend after she told him he

loved him and she cheated on the very

next day listen guys never forget to

ironclad immutable truths number one

what women say and what women do are two

very different things

again even if they truly believe what

they are telling you at the time and

I've talked about this in an episode

before never believe what a woman says

even if she isn't lying it's important

to keep in mind that it can and likely

will change in a heartbeat the minute

you lose frame or a better option comes

along or for no reason at all

the second ironclad immutable truth and

this is very very important you guys

need to listen up perk your ears up any

woman who allows you to use her strictly

for sex voluntarily allows you to use

her strictly for sex is a woman who is

damaged beyond repair never ever make a

buddy anything more than a fun

but he guys they'll burn you every

time and I speak from personal

experience very good yeah Molly says the

ETF 42b I don't know what happened 842

man like I see I saw him every once in a

while I think I saw one time the first

time I was on crowdcast but I haven't

seen him since I might shoot him I might

shoot him an email you see a 42 at that guy is definitely read

bill aware nerves and younger says I'm

sorry nursing Jaeger says I once

headbutt at a woman in self-defense

telling this story to other women is

like an aphrodisiac right when women

hear or learn of violence not that I'm

speaking from personal experience here

but this is why women like violent

unstable men what happened to your last

woman have I head-butted her knocked her

out oh my god that was so wrong no women

are up aren't they another

strategy technique that I like to that

nor that I used to like to employ to

keep from becoming emotionally attached

to buddies

friends with benefits etc never talk

about plans past 24 hours I'm gonna

repeat this again never talk about plans

past 24 hours from them girls love to

comfort tests in a relationship right

they do this to feel more secure now let

me let me back up here the difference

between a test and a comfort test

is that a test is to make sure she

a test is to make sure that she is

that that that she is still attracted to

you a comfort test is to make sure that

you're still attracted to her so for

example here's an example of a test

in a long-term relationship you and your

role is shopping and she says here hold

my bag for a while while I try this on

now there are two answers you can laugh


say I'll be at footlocker and then just

leave the store or you can or here's the

second answer don't go into the clothing

store with her in the first place she'll

be annoyed that you're not following her

in there but she'll respect you she'll

respect that you have the backbone to

tell her no guys I'm telling you hold my

purse that is a common test that

most men fail and listen girls use that

as it as an opening to test even

more which eventually leads to cheating

if you continue to fail sad tests

an example of a comfort test you and

your girl are watching TV and a vacation

commercial comes on and she says hey we

should go there next year now she may

want to go she may not but what she's

looking for she's looking for that quasi

confirmation that you'll be together

next year which gives her comfort and

security and by the way your answer

should be the answer to this test

is yeah that'd be fun if we're still

together again she might get annoyed she

might get upset she might throw a fit

but just tell her listen he'll have a

crystal ball you never know what might

happen that kind of keeps bitches

on their toes as far as buddies are

concerned sparse let's go never ever

ever talk about future plans keep things

at 24 hours or less don't say hey you

want to come over next Friday don't say

hey when you come over next Friday bring

whiskey no don't mention the whiskey

until that Friday afternoon less than 24

hours and don't let her do it either

right buddies are notoriously

comfort testing is he gonna keep

me hey should I bring that whiskey you

like mix Freddy your answer should be it

depends upon what I've got going on that

day I'll let you know if you give her

the impression that this may have a

chance to turn into something other than

a relationship things will change and

not for the better she'll become more

attached she'll want more of your time

and the next thing you know you're

arguing because she's frustrated that

she's confused which by the way turns

her on right you don't want her to think

that this is gonna be anything more than

a fuck-buddy arrangement guys talking

about plans more than 24 hours a day

will give

we'll give her false hope hashtag 24

hours or less

here's another bonafide strategy and I

talked about this with Steve earlier

today bonafide strategy to keep from

becoming emotionally attached to women

and I'm gonna give you guys a personal

example avoid intimate contact kissing

cuddling holding hands I'm gonna tell

you guys a personal story here maybe I

don't know maybe a year maybe a year and

some change after I found the red pill

after I found the red pill so I'm a

fledgling red pillar I met this girl at

or I started dating mistakenly I started

dating this girl I met at Five Guys

Burgers and Fries I think her name was

Victoria Veronica or something I don't

know exactly anyway she had Diaz she had

Oh decent size tits maybe a b-cup but

Janna she had a really pretty face and

then she had a great ass I mean what

dude oh my god her ass was unbelievable

right and the thing is this is the thing


just real quick it was weird to see and

eight like this girl was a hard eight it

was weird to see him eight working in a

fast-food joint but whatever anyway when

I ordered she had kind of an attitude

when she took my order like she didn't

want to be there and she kind of took

that attitude on me right so after she

took my order I kind of smirk to her

since goddamn you either hate black

people or you hate your job which is it

dude she so of course she chuckled she

laughed a little bit and listened that

gave me the opening that I need in the

run game I got her number her

that night which of course meant that I

was supposed to put her in the

bunny category so fast-forward so now

we're two maybe three times per

week which in hindsight huge mistake but

another mistake that I made was all the

intimate contact we made together week

dude we kissed a lot like I don't know I

think I like kissing her more than any

other woman dude we kissed a lot like

all the time dude we have these long

passion dude we kissed in public I just

dude I just pull her I just pull her

aside and just lay one on her in public

no matter who was around

we're where we were she loved it was

that whole it was that romantic sappy

that she liked then we started

holding hands everywhere that that

escalated to cuddling after sex and

before I knew it guess what I started to

catch feelings here's the thing guys I

knew this girl wasn't good relationship

material number one she worked at a

fast-food joint number two I her

the same day I met her

number three she had a tit tattoo of a

Phoenix which according to her

represented a new beginning which is

obviously a huge red flag for many

reasons but the fact that we were

kissing holding hands and cuddling made

me susceptible to catching feelings and

I did and she did too I mean dude this

bitch film dude we felt hard for each

other so what about my god so what if

this is embarrassing but this is the

real so what did my dumb ass do what did

I do

I asked a woman who worked in a

fast-food joint who had a tick tattoo

who I the same day that I met her

to be my girlfriend and of course she

said yes gentlemen if you want to stay

unattached avoid these behaviors guys

listen and they're not easy with it

these things give you a dopamine and

serotonin rush they give you these these

hits of they giving you these endorphin

hits which are addictive meaning you

want to do it more guys I'm telling you

right now kissing is the most intimate

thing you can do with a woman sex is not

the most intimate thing you can do with

a woman

no it's kissing your lips are loaded

with nerve endings you're close you're

holding each other you're face-to-face

kissing a lot will make you fall for a

woman you have no business falling for

holding hands signals to the world that

you are together girls love the feeling

of belonging to someone and men we like

the feeling of having a woman belong to

us not only that it keeps and maintains

physical contact and in public that's

very powerful I am in physical contact

with this person we are together that is

a profound psychological effect on you

I'm here to tell you guys cuddling is

definitely a no-no do

cuddling is like kissing combined with

holding hands you're close to each other

you smell each other you're moving

together you're close you're kissing her

neck all of these things create

closeness which you are trying to avoid

least and again here's the thing these

things feel great they feel wonderful

even with right because are

also women they like these things but

just because a woman has a notch account

and it's here's the thing just because a

woman has a notch account of 263 doesn't

mean that you as a man are impervious to

her touch her femininity her pheromones

if you want to stay unattached avoid

these behaviors at all costs guys and by

the way surprise surprise Victoria or

Veronica ended up cheating on me with

her ex-boyfriend and some dude she met

at the club and those are just the ones

I know of there were probably more and

she probably even cheating on me for

longer than I was aware of now I'm gonna

keep it real a big part of the reason is

because I caught feelings

I lost my frame I lost my edge I didn't

go out and add other girls to my roster

because I liked her a lot

I started exhibiting beta traits she got

turned off and ended up cheating and

listen yes guys cheating is wrong

that bitch Veronica right and we

can say bitches ain't and all the

rest of that but as men with red pill

awareness we know what to expect from

women which is branch swinging by wave

and fidelity it suck wouldn't happen ok

and ya was pissed but that's the game

when you exhibit beta traits beta shits

gonna happen to you this is just how it

goes nurse Ann Yeager says ass parola

the medium is the message

absolutely absolutely modern life dating

says my Japanese girl tells me now that

she feels safe and protected with me

they can smell a strong man who can

physically beat the out of other

men I think it's a primal thing they

can't erase ya I'm a I mean I'm a

physically imposing guy and a lot of

girls tell me that they feel safe with


probably because well number one is

because I'm a big guy number two because

I have a short temper I feel they feel

safe but in danger right kind of a

double-edged sword there and if a woman

feel if a woman if a woman fears if a

woman fears you physically that's sort

of a secret turn-on I wrote an article

about that actually in a companion

podcast called three reasons women stay

with violent men it's a turn-on it is

they can say whatever they want but it

is nursing Jaeger says when I travel

abroad I don't tell her we're on I don't

tell her until we're on the plane the

easiest excitement generator ever oh

yeah yeah dude girls love being said hey

pack your bags

we're going away oh my god where we

going I'll tell you when we get there

oh my god dude the vaginas wet dude

chill you on the plane or in the

car if you're driving

Spencer Larkin says this should be a

regular weekend warm-up topic Yeah right

the last and final strategy or technique

that you should use to keep from

becoming emotionally attached to women

you are just or have no business

becoming emotionally attached to do not

allow her to rely or depend on you

sexually or emotionally now this can be

hard because you have to ignore your

provider instinct right if she asks you

to don't do any favors if she asks you

to give her a ride somewhere say no if

she asks you to help her move or help

her friend move say no she asked listen

if she asks you for anything outside of

sex other than I don't know cigarettes

alcohol whatever the case may be say no

women like they feel comfort with

dependability and reliability now as far

as sex goes try to keep her on a random

schedule right don't allow her to count

on you sexually and I don't listen when

you have a fuck-buddy arrangement it's

you it usually has to be the same time

in the same day because that's when your

girlfriend is out or that's when you are

you know in a certain place at a certain

time but if you want this next level

game type keep her on a random

schedule don't her on the same day

every week if you do that's gonna turn

into a routine and she'll depend on that

and so will you all of these many

arrangements that I ended up up

and making these girls my girlfriend it

had to do with the fact that I allowed

her to depend on me sexually and

emotionally same with her you don't want

her depending on you because if she does

she'll catch feelings and if she catches

feelings she'll do the things to make

you catch feelings and they're very very

good guys are very very good at

doing this trust me as you guys all know

I have fallen victim to this many many

times now some of you guys may ask okay

Donovan this all sounds great but does

it apply to all buddies hell yes

every last one of them like I just said


any woman who agrees to be simply a hole

for you to stick your dick in and

nothing else means to be kept away from

your emotions your resources your

friends your family and anything else

important to you if she gets access to

even one of these things you are

that's it

tomorrow on the Redman group we are

going to be talking about red pill 101

you know we're gonna answer some basic

remedial questions about red pill about

the red pill and and red pill truth a

lot of guys you know a lot of guys that

watch the red man group some of them

tend to get confused because we talk you

know we kind of use red pill lingo so

we're gonna do sort of a red pill 101

sort of a glossary and of course we'll

be taking questions live on the air

thanks to yours truly

so I'm certainly looking forward to that

so be sure to tune in to the red man

group on the red man group Channel

tomorrow morning at 10:00 Eastern 7:00

a.m. Pacific that's gonna do it for this

edition of TS are alive again catch me

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