How to become an Expatriate in Japan with Modern Life Dating (Episode 312)

Many American men have decided to move abroad to seek greener pastures for many reasons. Some do it for the adventure, so do it for money, and some do it for women. Among the most popular Expat destinations, Japan is at or near the top of the list.Jonathan from Modern Life Dating joins me to talk about the path he took to living in Tokyo Japan from start to finish.



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how's your boyfriend look at have you

you're your boss what you think

she was gonna do tell you she cheated

you cannot out train a bad diet never

believe everything a woman tells you she

will always leave something out you're

always broke because you spend your

money on dumb every month if you've

only slept with five guys and welcome to

the 312 edition of CSR primetime I do

apologize for the echo I forgot to

switch over the sound as I often do with

this with the sound board let's get

right into it

my guest tonight of course is Jonathan

from modern life dating and tonight's

topic he is going to take us from point

A to point Z in terms of how he became

an expatriate Jonathan now lives in

Tokyo Japan he's been there you've been

in Japan for three years for total three

years you've been in Tokyo for two years

and and Jonathan is going to take us

from start to finish in terms of how he

you know what made him decide to move to

Japan all the way to where he is now so

I guess let's go ahead and just just ask

the first question here why did you

decide to move to Japan what about Japan

attracted you to it well it was uh first

of all thank you so much for having me

on the show again

awesome show awesome talent glad to be

part of it

so basically they say you know you are

me you spend your time around and I was

in a circle of friends at home that they

were very comfortable with just staying

in their hometown they were comfortable

just staying where they live forever and

they were comfortable with everything in

their life I you know I just had bigger

dreams and bigger aspirations I wanted

to go out there and do something and at

the time I was 26 years old I was

managing my uncle's property okay I had

my own little side business going on I

worked for a massive multi-billion

dollar company Aon Hewitt and everything

looked good on

paper as it does in the blue pill world

forest and but you know coming from a

situation where I never I did I grew up

without a dad I grew up without meeting

my dad okay the only thing I knew about

my dad was he was a player so they had a

little bit of red pill and you know yeah

you know you can't run from it when he

was 41 years old he went down to

Trinidad Tobago and he picked up my 18

year old mom on the beach Wow Wow

he got her pregnant and brought her back

to the United States but when I was born

in true alpha male fashion he completely

just dropped you know everything and

just and bounced right so when when I

was 15 I found out he died and I never

met him and I never will meet him so as

a man that is a part of that is a big

mountain to overcome as masculinity sure

and I wanted to know like how can I

really overcome this hurdle of

masculinity so I started looking into

rites of passage in a rites passage to a

back in the day like the village they

would tell the young boy you know you

have to go into the woods kill a wolf

and bring us back its fur and then

you'll be considered a man will bring

you give you a wife will give you a

house and you'll be a warrior in the

village and you'll be considered a man

right so you know I decided I was gonna

make my own right of passage and I said

I want to go by myself to Japan and I

said me see if I can survive there on my

own with no family no support no friends

for two years is it then I'll consider

myself a man so that that's when I

decided to make the journey towards my

personal masculinity and proving to

myself that I'm a man that I can do it

because you know for guys like you and I

like the modern world it's kind of

almost a little too easy yeah you know

what I mean yeah yeah you ever feel like

that yeah yeah definitely I mean

especially when it comes to like when

comes to just basic human interactions

specifically with women like when you

learn like when you learn game when it

clicks and you figure women out it's

like you don't have to run rehearsed

lines anymore it just kind of it just

kind of happens that way you know what

motivates people you know what makes

them tick and you cut you're always

looking for that next challenge and I

think I think that's where guys like you

and me we kind of get bored with it a

lot of people ask me well Donovan why'd

you leave Vegas you're up to your

eyeballs and and this and that and

the other I got bored man I mean and I I

always say this nothing beats sticking

your dick in a vagina for the very first

time but I mean dude if you enough

girls at some point you're looking for

another challenge I'm looking for

another mountain and I think that's I

think that's the crux of our situation

it's a hundred percent like that's why

you know one thing about you Donovan I

have crazy crazy situations that I've

made up my head but you know if I had to

take a guy if death came to me he's like

Jonathan you're gonna die in one

week it should if one of these people on

the Redman group can get laid or not in

one week if I had to choose one guy to

put my life on the line oh yeah over a

rollover all those guys god bless them

they're good guys sure but like I just I

think that's why we click so well right

because once you have it you have it and

you meet other guys and you know this

guy has it this guy's full of he

doesn't have it I think that's why as

short of a friendship as we have had I

think we we hit it off right off the bat

and like what you said it becomes you

know you it becomes so easy right and

once you know it and then it becomes

boring and that's nice I agree a hundred

percent a hundred fifty percent I'm

bored with it and that's why I want to

teach guys how to date because you know

I want them to check this box off of

their life and then they just move on

and move on to other things and I I you

know put on the pedestal forever

right you know you know what I mean and

that's what part of my journey to Japan

was I wanted to permanently check that

box and you know when you decide

challenge yourself right we decide for

new challenges we just mentioned you

know a lot of people are gonna not like

it they're not gonna like you right I

know but I owe you talk about a lot of

people see when I decide to challenge

myself I I don't know it's it's it's

weird it's like it's like another

awakening like holy and what makes

it a challenge what makes it so

intriguing is that there is a better

than average probability that I might

fail at this thing so I really got to

work my ass off to make sure that I

overcome this challenge that's what's

exciting for me is that it's not

guaranteed success but again people

around you they don't embrace that they

don't embrace the they don't they I

don't it's it's hard to describe I mean

you know what I'm talking about but you

just can't describe the feeling of like

when you're in a fight with someone that

you know that you're not a honey I've

been in fights with many people I know I

could beat those fights are boring but

when you're about to fight a dude and

you're like okay I can kick this guy's

ass but I know he can kick my ass it's

like hairs on the back ear next stand up

and it's not it's almost like it gives

you like a light like like an

invigoration man it's the same thing

with challenges I totally agree yeah and

then like you know you probably know

like the crabs and the bucket thing you

Benchley did you yeah of course oh yeah

so when I said I'm gonna go to Japan I

remember people like people that I

considered friends you know I was still

I was never completely blue pill but

there was still blue pill aspects of my

life sure and people I went to high

school with family members they're like

look you're not gonna go to Japan what

do you crazy you can eat sushi

every day like those Japanese people

don't like us after the war it's

impossible you don't speak Japanese

right it's happening but you know

probably you know again like us once you

make up your mind to do something yeah

dude yeah everybody I'm doing this

and if you don't do it you'll be

miserable my god dude yes oh my god

you're speaking my language yeah we

believable so so I tried you know these

people talked me into it for three

months of me not doing it so I kind of

gave up my dream I had us like you know

I had a silent death in my cubicle and I

just sat there like empty and I was just

like yeah this is my life and one day I

never forget it it was the middle of the

day and I was in my cubicle and I just

you know her all these people might mind

just telling me I can't do it but

something inside of me might my

intuition was like if you don't do this

you're gonna regret it for the rest your

life it's right that's right that's

exactly excuse me and so I remember I'll

never forget it that day I took

my protein shake my protein shaker I

picked it up I walked out on my

cubicle I went to the parking lot I

drove my truck and I never came back

again Wow dude that's a movie man

that's a goddamn movies they were

calling me frantically because I just

got a performance review that morning

I'll never forget it was a 97% laughs I

Gilbert and that goose ended up just 97

this is Aon Hewitt this is the top level

come yes of course of course and but I

just knew I had to follow my gut

I'm the kind of guy that like God will

torture me if I that's right oh my god

dude you're totally right man it's like

it's always in the back even if you try

to sort of tamp it down like if you

decide not to temporarily it's there's

always that voice in the back your mind

you know Donovan you know you made this

decision right like you know you like I

would do the same thing when I was in

Atlanta a buddy of mine kept telling me

dude you've got to move to Vegas the

jobs the women the blah blah blah blah

blah and I thought oh now you know I'm

not ready listen dude I was scared right

I just wasn't a dude I was I was I had

come out of what was quite literally the

worst point in my life but somewhere

along the way I made a decision but I

didn't know I'd made that decision so

every week I talked to my buddy Eric he

like dude when are you coming to Vegas

and he be sort of half kidding and I'll

never forget man it was on a Saturday it

was on a Saturday night I just got done

delivering mattresses just for shits and

giggles or at least I thought it was let

me go to Southwest calm and see how much

of one way flight to one way flight to

Vegas is from Atlanta it was on sale $84

and I remember sitting there looking at

the screen I said you know what it

let's do

because there was something in the pit

of my stomach that that wouldn't go away

until I click the mouse man and dude

that changed my life

that's awesome man I had a new

that oh my dude it was 80 dude

84 dollars it was on sale

limited time only at 15 seconds and I

was like and I remember right before I

click that I remember thinking of myself

I was like dude I can't believe I'm

about to do this and I did it

and I don't regret it and and again the

very first time my buddy called me and

told me hey you got to come out and dude

I hated Atlanta I just visited Italy I

hated it except for of course

the Georgia Aquarium but I knew that I

knew that I didn't want to be in Atlanta

but I'd have anywhere else to go I don't

have any plans I don't know where I was

going but I damn sure wasn't gonna stay

in Atlanta but here it was right in

front of me and one mutt do July 1st

2010 one month after I landed on it was

August 1st ahjuma couple weeks for my

birthday I found the red pill and of

course the rest is history but I

understand what you mean when you say

your gut that the the feeling in the pit

of your stomach when you know you're

supposed to do something and you keep

trying to keep you keep trying to

prevent yourself from doing it guy again

guys like you and me are not like we're

not gonna disobey that that always wins

in the end men oh yeah it's just like

you have to trust it yes yeah I mean I

remember you had that one you have a

great episode that's on your patreon

about like is there God is your

afterlife and touching into that I don't

know that that's what makes me feel like

there's something guiding me or


know I agree but if I don't follow it I

feel miserable right so what I did I had

no idea how I was gonna go to

Japan but what I do is that I was going

I was like I'm not in Japan I'm gonna go

and I quit in February and then I

started doing aggressive research

nowadays day and age if you're watching

this podcast transmission right now you

have zero excuses you can do whatever

the you want almost that's right

five percent of things you just gotta

put your head down do the work

somebody's on the internet doing it you

can find somebody to find out how right

yeah mmm 100% and so that's what I did


i aggressively started applying to jobs

in japan and i just knew my foot in the

door was English teaching and I remember

I sent out 300 applications Wow Wow is

that 300 applications I got four

interviews three of them rejected me

oh one crazy one gave me that

the one one out of 300 dude so three

tenths of 1% right yeah god damn and the

red accessory so so that was it so in

order to get to Japan Japan has some of

the strictest immigration in the entire


yes yeah that was what we're gonna get

into next is what was let you know take

us through an area code 661 I see you in

the queue we're gonna talk about this

for a little bit that I'm gonna get to

you but yeah talk about because listen

this sounds great right a lot of guys

want to be expatriates specifically to

Japan because of the women and the

opportunities but what are some of the

legal hurdles that you have to go

through in order to start the process

complete the process and then listen as

far as I know once you actually in Japan

you're not out of the woods are still

some other things to do there as far as

paperwork is concerned as well yeah

exactly your honor percent correct so in

order to make it happen you have to

apply for something called a Certificate

of Eligibility okay it's as a ce o-- e a

Certificate of Eligibility okay my

premise on eligibility um what it is

it's it's the initial approval of the

Japanese government saying okay you're

eligible to receive a visa we're not

going to give you a visa but you're

eligible to receive one okay

this takes about three months to receive

and then you receive it and then you

have to submit it to the United States

Embassy location in your state okay

right and then they'll send it to the

Japanese embassy um and then you mailed

them your passport and then you get the

visa allowing you to land and and live

your life in Japan so from A to B in

guards - starting application - touching

down in Japan it took me about nine

months Wow did you and keep in mind keep

in mind gentlemen it took him nine

months and it wasn't like Jonathan was

checking in once a week nah dude your

nose was to the grindstone each and

every day feverish research dude you

can't send out 300 applications in one

day man that takes time it takes

effort that takes patience yeah and you

know when you go when you put yourself

through this kind of thing um I know it

sounds - it sounds so cliche but it

teaches you to become the man that is a

word of coming here and having the

privilege to live in this country and

and have the privilege to achieve your

dream wait so um that's what happened MA

I got all the paperwork sorted and it

was about a month out and then November

4th 2012 you all know the babes don't we


touchdown in Japan and like you you know

I had bought a one-way ticket that's

right that's right I bought a one-way

ticket and like that story with

Alexander the Great where you know he

they sailed all their Wars yes and

that's right yeah he did get everything

off those warships and he told

captain since secret you gonna burn

those warships right goddamn right we're

not going anywhere

we're not going anywhere so they burned

the warships down and he told us army

we're gonna take this city and we're

gonna win against all impossible odds or

you're all gonna die today

he puts put myself in that situation and

so when I got off the plane in Tokyo

what was it like listen hold on what's

going to okay so you land in Tokyo right

you don't you have a one-way ticket you

get off the plane what's going through

your mind right now so the first thing

going through my mind I get off the

plane I look around and I'm like I

up Wow of my entire life

I talk all this now I mean

you're here $2,500 in my pocket oh wow

nobody coming back oh I got no place to

go back home

I've got no no no house to go back to

home to as I've got nothing and Here I

am in Narita Japan and the lady who

booked my hotel and everything

forgot to told to tell me that the hotel

was closed on the day I was supposed to

stay there so I showed up at my hotel

stranded in Japan well nothing God cases

can't speak any Japanese I'm sitting in

front of my hotel like oh my god oh my

god mom Wow luckily I had my cell phone

with me that was still connected to

America okay that's my one like lifeline

of communication and I was able to look

up a translator and tell a Japanese taxi

driver to take me to a hotel that I paid

for in cash okay

and then I send an email to that lady

and I was a lady that's screwed up you

know I was hilarious and I

remember she was like I'm so sorry I'm

so sorry I'm so sorry

and then that's what started me with my

training and I started training and went

to my training and a went to my first

school and you know what it what it made

me realize like when I was there is that

it was really difficult I got I got

really bad um you know I knew you and I

were kind of high-strung guys oh yeah

I'm energy guys in a high energy very

high high vibration high intensity media

intensity and at night I was you know

I'm still going to culture shock cos I

have my degree in psychology and you

know they're like there are they're

reading I was reading through like

what's gonna happen to me like you're

gonna experience emotions you know I'm

stress and then I was like this gay

I'm gonna happen and you're sitting

there you're like goddamn I'm stressed

out what the I was just so I'm air

also stressed out one night I was biting

down and I wore goggles there was uh

there was blood in my mouth because I


biting down full stress she's idea might

sleep and there was a part of me that

wanted to give up and like run back home

to mommy there were there was there was

there's a little part of me but I was

just like this is why you put yourself

in the situation right okay that rite of

passage man it's not supposed to be easy

yeah and and keep in mind I don't speak

any at this point in time I don't speak

any Japanese I can't read

Japanese Japanese they have three

alphabets and one of the characters are

live one of the alphabets has I got

three thousand characters oh my god oh

Jesus don't worry it's not any cold I've

got one friend who has a wife and a

whole other life you know my other

friends married I'm in the middle of the

countryside cuz I wasn't in Tokyo at the

time I was just north of Tokyo

okay okay and so you know it really

really really forced me to follow

through with my plans all right bye it

was amazing like I wouldn't trade it for

the world

I remember one day I woke up it was

about five months in and I just woke up

and like just something clicked okay

something snapped something clicked and

I was just like I had this just this

moment of clarity and peace and

understanding with game with my

masculinity with my finances everything

it all just right there and I remember I

just felt so much peace and I was like I

did it that moment I did I just like

something irrefutably came to me and I

just had this like moment of clarity you

know it's just like holy

I achieved my dream good and

let's go to the let's go to the phone

lines here 911 for two oh five five

three five six is the number to call if

you want to get in on the conversation

area code six six one thanks for holding

you're on you are on live with Don and

John there we go hey what's up brother

how you doing man

what's up man what's up man just just

saw supports about the young man

listening to the to the live to the live

sport for some reason I couldn't get the

link so I was

listening to the horror on high when the

problem okay okay I'll tell you what I

don't usually do this but if the if the

link wasn't coming through I'll just

I'll just mute you and you can listen to

the rest of the show there okay

all right brother well yeah just you

know uh yeah just okay all right well

thanks for calling anything isn't it all

right good stuff man okay so um

obviously obviously this this this made

you this made you a better man at this

point right like you and you had

achieved your dream you had gone through

the rite of passage and I think it's

interesting that in you and I we've had

discussions about this before I think it

was on it was on the Redman group

actually where I called in about about

about the fact that American boys are no

longer required to have a rite of


yeah what are the what are the club see

here's the thing I don't know what the

cultural norms are for Japan as far as a

rite of passage but I'll tell you this

if you are an American they put you

through a rite of passage of sorts to be

able to set foot in Japan they make you

get that certificate of what is that

called the Certificate of Eligibility

that's three months then you gotta send

them your passport and then six months

later now you're in Japan so what are

what are the rights of pet and we'll get

back to your story here but I'm

interested to know if there are any

rites of passage in I mean we know there

are another country like down in Central

America think about the bullet ants

leaves I'm sure you've heard of that but

what about that pan are there still

rites of passage of Japan or are they

westernized like we are here um it's a

little bit of both but I would say they

more they do have an official uh they

have an official ceremony oh okay okay

called coming of age day so in Japan

when you're 20 is when you're considered

an adult not 18 oh when you're okay okay

they have a celebration where we're boys

where you know boys were formal wear and

the girls wear kimonos and they dress up

and they have a big ceremony and all the

family attends and they all say you know

congratulations you're now no longer a

child you are a woman you're a man and

they celebrate the transition from

childhood to adulthood

we're in America it's just kind of

blurred and just shoved in your face and

you're just next thing you know you're

just getting credit card offers

unfortunately in America the only rite

of passage in America is getting laid

like and I think that this I think this

all started with the whole American Pie

revolution do you remember that movie

American Pie with Stifler's mom and the

MILF and like it's interesting we all

think that that's a cult classic that

was not a coming-of-age movie that was

the movie that that how can I put this

that that was the movie that

encapsulated the deplorable state of

American med these guys were so

miserable and the only thing that would

make them happy was to get laid it was

all about girls and Shannon Elizabeth

and milf and this not the other hey we

got laid and our summer was all right

everything is gonna be okay no dude you

just got here's the thing a lot of

guys out there getting not real

men a lot of women out there getting

dick not real women right so I think

it's interesting that other countries

thankfully still having rite of passage

in America nothing could be further from

the truth

yeah you're a hundred percent right

that's why PUA pickup artists and all

that it's garbage

bingo just because you can get

doesn't mean you're a man right right

and that's why these pua guys they get

some they trick couple girls here

and there sir next thing you know she

puts him in the beta Buckskin he's

locked in for life miserable stuck to

her she resents him for not being a man

he suffers she suffers listen I got a

correction here from Captain Crunch 420

he says sorry but that did not start

with American Pie for me it was the

movie Porky's and I agree a hundred

percent never Porky's and pork use two

very very very very very terrible movies

how did you end up in Hawaii now me

personally my dad was in the service

this this is gonna be a good story I

haven't heard this yet by the way guys

oh my dad was in the service for nearly

30 years I've had the privilege of

living in Hawaii on two separate

occasions for a total of eight years

my girlfriend and I vacationed there in

2016 how did you end up in Hawaii from

Japan so like like any good story

Along Came temptation whoo here we go

and there we go

still I wasn't fully fully like you know

hardcore red pill I would say at that

point I was 80 80 % red pill right okay

all right so in the reversal on his

krupa day that I dated and slept with

was the regional sales manager at my job

and what happened with her was that I

realized that okay she told me she was

gonna move to Hawaii so I was like okay

this is the perfect the perfect play

like where she is going to leave in one

month so imma hit it I'm acquitted and

I'm just gonna keep on rolling that way

doesn't it never happens that way does

it does it hello dude oh my god this is

unbelievable man this is like the firt

listen I'll never forget and not to cut

you off here but I don't know I will

never forget the first ten I ever

I totally fell in love with oh dude oh

dude it was her name was Rachel dude

this girl was a hard ten right dude I

dude I was her for a week I was

like oh my god and this is post red bill

I'm like oh my god I've reached the

pinnacle of manhood a beautiful woman

just telling me that she loves me and

I'm like I love you too blah blah blah


two weeks later she cheated on me dude I

was crushed it was unbelievable but only

because that was the first time I had

ever it was I was completely i

dude I was completely bamboozled

unbelievable and I was over her in a

couple of weeks so you know easy come

easy go

but anyway continue sorry buddy

literally dude this is how I just I love

our stories identical thing happened to

me Oh hoo hoo God okay all right turns

out she was leaving to Hawaii to go meet

up with some dude that she met when she

was out there she was moving she was

changing her life of this guy but then

she starts dating me so she's playing

both sides of the coin here we go right

um so I go up there and I visit her um I

had a three week stay in Hawaii and

living in Hawaii and vacationing in

Hawaii are two very different things my


oh yeah so I went out there three weeks

of nothing but sex Beach she made great

tacos yeah baby

see Wow just deep hook and just was hard

reeling and you're always loved right I

was in love you know I still had all the

girls in Japan that I was seeing - but

no but not like her because she was

special right oh yeah she's a special oh

of course no play yes of course of

course this is right up my alley this is


so I signed a year contract with the

company and I told myself my rite of

passage was two years in Japan okay at

the end of the first year I sold myself

out and I we broke up and because what

happened was my instincts was telling me

something was up

sure so when I visit her in Hawaii she

asked me to help set up you know Find My

iPhone on her iPhone in her back book

okay and I would check in on her once oh

well when my intuition would go off not

because I gave a but I want to know

and I crazy right am i right

feeling like whitey senses almost Yeah

right right so I checked it what that

time oh and she said she was home but

her GPS thought she was somewhere else

and I was like listen to me where the

are you whom is she freaking out

right and turns out she calls me right

listen listen I'm sneaky this is

this is real life okay she calls me on

FaceTime but before she did she went her

hair and changed her clothes and acted

like she was drying her hair on her

towel wow I've never heard that before

holy see I said where the were you

cuz my mic this is the gut speaking my

belly looks like ran alertly the phone

confirmed it and then her not answering

confirmed it right right oh right

and then I said you are not in the

shower just now she said yeah I

was in the shower well you're being

crazy within me she was trying and I


I I knew this was part of my learning

curve and I kept drilling or drilling

her children where the were you she

was like I was with my ex the guy that I

used to be seeing here I was like he

kept on dropping by my store and we went

on a walk and it showed like there's

this path you can walk around by the

river yeah and it are like the Ala Wai

canal okay and you don't know water who

is this a Wahoo what's that is this on

Oahu yes it's on okay yes okay on the

Ala Wai canal okay gotcha hey I know

where you're right yeah I had a buddy

money lived in Kaneohe Bay

okay okay the Marine Corps Base yeah


yep yeah um so I caught her red-handed

and I was so pissed I never forget it so

I remember I was just like that's what

put me through like the anger phase of

the red zone right dude

so I remember I hung up on her

and I was so pissed off on Find My

iPhone there's an option to erase all

the data on her phone are you

Alice 28 and red hot angry you know like

horse you were a bed of course you were

you know and like you know people can

judge me and be like hey you know there

fuk beta male blah blah blah whatever so

what so I was so I did it I did it I own

it whatever sue me right um you

know I don't like being lied to and I

don't like be taken for for oh hell no

especially when a girl - now again

here's how I caught Rachael cheating on

me this was interesting so what we would

always do is we would always we would we

would face time before we before we'd go

to bed if I was if we weren't in our

place well the last three nights I would

FaceTime her she's like well no I don't

wanna I don't wanna I don't want to talk

to you because I don't have my makeup on

and I'm like okay and I had never I

don't think I've ever seen her without

makeup I was like alright so I talked to

her the conversation would be ten

minutes tops well so again it's it's

those spidey senses tingling right so so

I called her up on FaceTime and I heard

and it rang and rang

rang and I heard and I when she picked

up the phone like I saw the outside of

her balcony and it was almost like she

was out on the balcony she was a smoker

and I'm like hey I was like well what's

going on she's like yeah you know I just

came out here to smoke so basically I

knew I thought I had a feeling there was

someone there right and she had just

gone out the door - so that she's like

yeah I just came out to smoke

I said yeah um lately you haven't been

talking to me inside of your house and

she's like well I mean so what do you

want me to do but I was like go inside

your house she's like you're really

pissing me off with this line of


I said go in your house and

again see here's the thing this is where

you and I are like I'm a hothead - she's

like well I'm smoking my cigarette I

said toss that and go in

the house so she goes into her kitchen

which was right next to the balcony

right and it's all quiet right and it's

all dark and everything I said to her -

light on she turns a light on I said

tell me you love me she says I love you

and then I didn't know what to say she's

like what what like she had passed the

test I said take your phone and take a

video take up take me on a video tour of

your place she's like I don't time for

this she hangs up the phone she hangs up

the phone right so she blocks she blocks

my number and then she blocks me on

whatsapp so I dude I immediately knew

what no she blocks me on whatsapp so I

told so I texted her I said if you don't

pick up your phone right now I'm coming

over there so she called so she calls me

up and I'm like what the is going

on right she hangs up again so she texts

me she's like look there's somebody over

here bla bla bla bla bla dude dude I was

I was stark raving mad because

again I thought this girl loved me but

dude she was hot of course she was gonna

cheat on me but again this is how this

is how bitches are man they're always

very dude like wetting the hair out of

the shower

that's some next-level cheating

game right there brother for real god

damn Japanese girl yeah just a different

rap or different packaging different

culture with all women are like thats

how this goes so you know like and again

this isn't about us being like

controlling or possessive because of you

you're out there you're listening to

this this is about us confirming our

beliefs there you go that's exactly

right and you know it can be it's like

it's not about the women it's

about us becoming better that's right

because oh I'm sure I'm sharper than

ever and not only that I've moved on

from worrying about it for girls

cheating Armand you're not I don't give

a if a girl's cheating on me or not

if I catch her I'll deal with it

accordingly but I'm not going around

looking for like oh is she cheating on

me is she doing this she doing that cuz

I got bigger fish to fry where I got

bigger things do my counter cheating

she's dumb enough to get caught and

she's done off the cheat on me and the

only thing that's gonna happen is I'm

gonna replace her with something younger

and more obedient that's right I mean

younger hard cider that's how it goes

that's just the way it is because we're

men that's what I mean guys like us when

you become red pill and become aware of

what's going on in life you know you

don't need to constantly be chasing and

banging with your women because you know

there's an abundance out there there's

tons of unbelievable unbelievabl let's

go to the phone lines here um I think

this is Mike in Tampa Mike and Tampa's

this you Mike and Sam Perry code 727

you're on live with Donovan and John


Harry code 7 to 7 going once going twice

sold okay all right um dude hell of a

story with the with the okay so so

he caught her cheating what happens next

do you go back to Japan do you stay in

Hawaii like what happens after that so I

caught her cheating digitally right she

didn't technically cheat but what she

did was she went on a walk with this guy

guys I don't give a I caught her

lying right yep so I wasn't all about

that and then so i nuked her phone i

nuked your computer and then we broke up

right right I love how you duped your

phone at her computer man that was

gangster called me cry just like

you're a monster I was like bitch you

lied right what the or it's

not gonna get angry you tell me you love

me and then you're lied to mean

deceiving me and going seeing another

lover what are you doing to my boy am I

supposed to be like oh thank you so much

for she is complete all right exactly

you know what I'm not gonna do anything

even though I'm really pissed off even

though you didn't handle it the right

way I'm gonna take I'm not taking the


bitch you me over I'm you

over that that's right baby

so but and and it like you said back in

your other story what happened with her

we broke up what's the first thing she

did she went that guy

of course she did where she did because

she was going to anyway it's only right

I mean this was inevitable yeah

and at this time so I had you know I had

my other girls in Japan and as really

hot babes at that time good and then

easier man that does make it easier yeah

it was good I was dating imagine this I

was dating this half brazilian half

Japanese girl oh my

uh-huh I was smoking holy jesus and she

pampered me on my birthday

bought me a cake Bobby presents took me

out I'm Brazilian

oh my god you said she was half Japanese

half Brazilian oh she was a stunner bro

she you know I'll never forget that girl

and but you know what happened was so my

contract was up and I remember I'm from

Florida right so I don't really do good

in cold weather and I remember I had to

do stuff I had this last contract that I

was working out with Honda when it was a

sweet contract because some of these

gigs in Japan can pay you really well

and I was teaching English to their

engineers and Honda and so that's userid

of me it was paying me $80 an hour so

whoo Wow

so you know again looking back at the

nine months of suffering that I went to

yeah it was dude but you know I

was drying my tears with $100 bills

goddamn right nothing's way the pain

line so I remember I was miserable walk

in a Honda one morning and I was

freezing my ass off I don't do good in

the cold I really don't right the first

time I saw snow is when it's in Japan

when I was 27

we also for the oh wait hold on so the

very first time you saw snow in your

life was at 27 years old in Japan

yep oh my god Jesus Christ yeah okay yep

and so I remember just like that moment

when you had I just said you know what

it I'm gonna go to Hawaii cuz she

was calling me she was begging me to

have you know we were both equally

pathetic you know she's coming back to

me I was coming back to her both young

and dumb sure so I'm

doubt Hawaii I did my plan for myself my

rite of passage and you can only run

from your destiny for so long it will

call you Batman it will so I moved out

to Hawaii I'll wrap up Hawaii real quick

and short um the good thing about Hawaii

was was the first time of my life that

I'd made $10,000 a month right and I had

done that by only driving a taxi this

was in 2014 and this is right before

Ebert came to the islands the taxis have

a stranglehold on Hawaii and the main

people who use uh taxis in Hawaii are

tourists and military people excuse me

and they both have money right so the

good thing about give me a second here

sorry no you're right little under the

weather so with with Hawaii I would say

the one thing that helped me with game

was when I was up when I was driving the


the one thing it taught me how to do was

speed pitch girls okay so it took me on

a wild adventure and I would meet a girl

and have to screen her pitch her and try

to close her within 15 minutes Wow Wow

yeah and um you know yeah it was it

really helped me refine my game and they

were so many you know that's a sales

thing though right yeah for sure in

sexist sales sexist sales listen man a

hundred percent listen listen I actually

got into this by accident about and I

forgot what this was maybe a hundred at

150 episodes ago about how salespeople

always have the most game because sales

and women there's so many parallel

that's how I came up with thee with the

pseudonym Kevin in sales of course Kevin

and sales gets the most he's in

sales this is what he does

150,000 percent there you go

absolutely I met a guy his name was

least called Krazy Timmy he's big he's

jacked up on steroids and it was a

independent NFL agent it would scout

people and get him two NFL contracts and

he has always told me he's just listen

to me kid see if you can get you

can get money get money you can get

very good I like that I mean get

buzzy you can get money I like that

crazy Timmy man I'll never forget that

guy and so anyways you know going going

to Hawaii this this had taken me you

know I opened my minds to earnings and

it taught me how to you know pitch in

screen girls and really make my

seduction skills more efficient right

now I'm sorry but uh you know that's the

that's one thing again if I have never

taken that chance initially I'd never

have gone and said to myself you know

let me try and make this happen let me

try and make this rite of passage thing

do you know let me not let me follow my

intuition right we not have helped me

develop all these ways well I got to the

point in the relationship where she was

like starting to put on the marriage

pressure this was only after nine months

Wow like the passive-aggressive dude you

know passive aggressive like drop your

plate in front of you at breakfast kind

of uh pressure cuz all her friends are

getting married play pictures on

Facebook she was recently actually you

know she she was a little she was a

little naughty Japanese girl she rode

the aerosol a little bit not as

hard as American girls but uh I think

she was at like 12 12 dudes at time and

for Japanese girls that's a 12 girl it's

a 12 guys for a Japanese girl is like

300 guys four American girls yeah is

huge yeah I mean I didn't know this at

the time so she was giving me an

ultimatum and like a real pimp I was

just like

I will see you later you know like if

you wanna you want to leave gotta go

you have to man and your you'll you'll

always be the one that got away

right anytime a woman puts that marriage

pressure on you and you hold frame

because that's a test marry me or

at God well guess what if you go she's

not going anywhere she still loves you

because you're still the one that got

away um let's see every code seventy two

sevens Turner call back in again

area code seven to seven you are on live

with Donovan and Jonathan is this Mike

in Tampa I think I think whoever's

calling just wants to listen to the show

so I'm just gonna leave it I'm just

gonna leave it there um okay so so you

you went through you went through the

crazy with the with them with the

girl in Hawaii so you talked a little

bit you mentioned your return to the

United States right you came back to the

US what made you come back to the u.s.

like why did you do that so after after

Hawaii I went back to Japan for one year

okay David

crazy bipolar chick oh yeah bipolar sex

is good sex no bipolar pussies good

Posey dude I'm done I gotta tell you

yeah that would that is the one that's

one thing that really blinded me from

the truth and well another thing was

like you know I went back and I was like

okay this time I'm gonna stay in Japan

I'm gonna do know my finish out my plan

but another problem my mom kept calling

me every day for three months straight

oh come home come home I Wow

now why was she telling you to come home

wasn't a comfort thing or did she just

want you not to be a whole world away

she just wanted to check her little box

and all that was down the road and she

said I was you know not out in the world

in the dangerous and scary world you

know right bad things happened and only

America is safe and so hide in your

little corner in America you know so she

just wanted me to come back home so she

pitched me a deal she told me to come

back home and that I can stay with them

in their place and I ultimately was good

because they helped me start a great

business when I was home

and I gotta go see I got to go see a

couple Donald Trump rallies live okay

and I was my whole election revolution

and it was really it was one of the hell

of moments my life it was good right

I'm coming back home man I you know at

that point I came home in 2016 and I was

gone for four years and boy oh boy I had

America changed yeah man so you

probably went through another culture

shock then right brother let me tell you

I came back and everybody got fatter

first of all what how could anybody get

fatter I mean dude what a fat country as

it is right I know

but coming back bro like I'm telling you

when you leave the state you come back

out when you leave and you live outside

and you come back things change you just

don't realize it like you know a frog

and a boiling pot but okay all right

that makes sense I've came back and I

was just like younger girls were fatter

I noticed girls attitudes had gotten

worse oh my god who are confrontational

with me um more quick to insult me one

thing I noticed too is that the girls

they go for your dick size now they they

say oh you must have a small dick or so

yeah right right yeah when girls tell me

you might have a small dick hey I'm

three and a half inches thank you very

much yeah I mean just I just let it roll

off my back man yeah when they say

something like that like what do you

want me to do with all my dick and catch

a charge

oh my god you're in Florida right you're

gonna around and get hit with some

Jessica's losses or some that

oh my god I I come home and I was just

like another thing you know as I came

back home and all the people that I knew

from before they were just doing the

same old thing right after four years

you know one of the same old bars

hanging out the same old hay ball people

man doing the same whole thing and

that's okay that's okay there's nothing

wrong do you

right there's nothing wrong

that that's just not what I want I

wasn't ready to hang up my gloves yet so

I've been home and I've been home for 11

months and then I just sudden you know

what it I'm going back to Tokyo

very nice

there you go there you go and I've made

up the mind that I was gonna be here

and this time coming back I did there's

two ways to get your visa now the first

way I told you is the is the the proper

way right this the second way you can

get your fees as a little reckless and

I've done it twice so that's why I did


the reckless way okay second way is you

you come here and Japan will issue you a

90 day tourist visa okay okay at the

gate as long as you don't tell my god

drug dealer I'm gonna commit me I'm a

felon or something yeah I'm a three-time

felon yeah I've been arrested for drugs

or whatever it's all bad right

are you doing drugs or something stupid

like that's Japan that you're gonna get

thrown out the airport right away

but it won't let you the country up you

can come here on a tourist visa which I

as a professional I don't advise this I

am a professional I was able to pull

this off twice I'm a I'm a natural

hustler right but you you got a land in

90 days and you got to find a job and

get a visa in 90 days

Wow that's going to turn around dude

yeah so that's how I did that when I

left Hawaii and I went to went back to

Japan at that time and then I did it

again this time okay um it's it's

totally legal for Americans and I pulled

it off but uh it's you have to really

really really know your or if you

have to really want to challenge

you got a really wanting to go to make

it happen you can make it happen

um if you've got balls enough to get on

a plane and fly out here and it's a

peanut you can do it and that's how I

did it and that's what I did you know

and what happened was I took this job at

this badass corporation

knocking things out the park I was top

of the sales you know 70 grand a month

one month and that into it she

hit me again and this was in March okay

and it carried on into April but April

got really bad and it was just telling

me you've got to get out of this

job and you've got to go full

balls-to-the-wall with modern life

dating like like that calling

okay okay I noted I had nothing to go I

had nothing you know I just was like you

know that that thing I couldn't focus at

my desk sure this is the top 10 company

in all of Japan I have full benefits

Cyril South me the whole lowing man

luxury vacation of Hawaii check my

Instagram I went on a company trip to

Hawaii this year I've all paid for

stayed in a luxury villa but my instinct

was like you need to quit that and

you need to go and you need to do modern

life dating and you need to go balls to

the wall I need you to help me spin up

because that's why you here on this


so good man you know that then

miraculously one day I click on the red

man group and ICSD is black dude hot

fire this guy talking about training

bitches and whatnot right

you had the Hat on and I was just like

this guy just looks like a

killer and I was like who the is

this black guy and they're like this is

Donovan sharp and I remember I read some

your stuff right Annie and I remember

the name he does a very catchy name and

I and I had membered that through the

past you wrote about the call of center

girls and yeah I wanted a call center

too and you know a hundred percent you

know what she wrote is is solid truth

dude they're throwing their they're

passing out like Halloween candy


I do that for all my dude of all the

play and I many coworkers

much to my regret the vast majority of

them were in call centers man it's not

like shooting fish in the barrel out

there yeah and so I mean then I found

you and we started doing the show and to

be honest with you the growth I've seen

on Modern Life dating it's been way more

than expected good I'm not even fully

I'm not even fully launched yet I still

got to touch up the blog I've got to do

all these other things but you know my

heart as a guy who came from nothing

immigrant mother never met his dad

growing up poor it's coming up landing a

top job in Tokyo Japan no speaking

Japanese you know if I can do it you can

do it and that's my message I want to

help these men out because I you know

another thing I went back home to the

States was then ramped up the

talking about men you know and what is

the talk on a man that's right like

a you feel like it's like your second

class citizen back there but I just want

to say like to these men who are

listening you're not and men are what

make this that's right that's

right dude don't let like like

seriously men and now that's one thing I

can certainly cosign on between between

2012 I suppose

and now 2018 listen people the world was

already talking about men America

had already held men in low regard but

from then until now it is dude it's

cramped up temple do you turn on ESPN

and it's all about domestic violence and

I mean it is it is literally nothing it

is an all-out war on men like if it's a

it's gonna come to a point to where it's

gonna be illegal to have a penis right

you're gonna have to come out of the

closet as a heterosexual male

it's get it's getting that bad so that I

will certainly cosign on in terms of of

the attack on man that is definitely

ramped up over the years yeah so then

that's but I see it coming to an end

because the real world is eventually

going to catch up to America and it's

gonna start falling behind America got

to where it is today the

computer you're using the it you're

using all that they're going yeah

every selfie you receive of some

girls tits

our ass on Instagram camera made by a

man in Surrey made man internet made by

a man don't get fooled don't think it's

that you have no value because

your man you are I know it

sounds like Disney World Edition but you

are special

you just got to tap into your potential

work hard follow your gut and go

for your dreams that's what you have to

do that's the burden of responses right

you have as a man and it's irrefutable

you must do this or you will suffer

listen to be doing no no that's just

that's my final point assess it listen I

like the word that you used as a man you

have a responsibility to yourself to be

a man and here's the thing it's not easy

to be it's not easy to how can I put

this it's not easy to do masculine

things but it is easy to be a man

because you are a man it's so funny guys

are like oh my god my eyes have been

opened and read bill not a nod dude

you've already had red pill truth right

it was in your gut it was in your

y-chromosome the red pill just gives you

permission to acknowledge it that's all

there is to it you know you like fit

beautiful women right you know that

women shouldn't be talking to their

ex-boyfriends but you now have

permission to say it out loud and I

think that's what a lot of men I think

that's what a lot of men have to do one

last question here before we take a

couple of phone calls here there's

probably a lot of guys thinking holy

I've heard ten thousand dollars a

month and seventy thousand dollars a

month and big titty Japanese bitches and

Japanese Brazilian you know hybrids and

this and that any other of all in I want

to go to Japan what is the one piece of

advice that you would give to any man

who is Syria at this point and anybody

can say well moving to Japan you know

there are a couple of guys who are

thinking to themselves you know what

dude it is August 14 2018 this is the

day of my life changes changes because

I'm moving to Japan I'm gonna do

it what's the one piece of advice that

you would give to those guys if you're

really serious about coming to Japan you

do two things

you start looking online for jobs and

for you guys that are serious enough to

make that

a joyous shoot me an email okay email

and I'll help you out for real if you're

serious if you're not gonna waste my

time and you're serious about

coming down here and change into life

shoot me an email at questions at modern

life dating calm okay Oh get online and

start applying for jobs just start going

in that direction start heading in that


start making action don't don't plan and

study and all that

no take out to do it man take action

take action 100% very good so that is

questions at modern life dating calm

I've put that in the I've actually put

that in the chat here on Donovan sharp

calm I'm also gonna put Jonathan's links

are gonna be on the website they're

gonna be in the blog post that I'm gonna

be that I'm gonna use for this

particular episode let's set the phone

lines I'm gonna try area code seven two

seven one more time I'm thinking assume

two seven might have some technical


Harry code seven twenty seven you are on

live with Donna with Donovan and


go ahead hello hello okay alright that's

it I give up okay

area code - five - you're on live with

Jonathan and Donovan it was gonna

actually pop you a little while ago

my name is Ryan I do introduce myself

man okay all right this time mmm yeah

like I was in the Carolinas and I was

left and went to the Rockies good very

good copy

very good topic one of the things that

John brought it was like the toys

disease but I actually noticed that a

lot of places in the world as long as

you got the US passport you can use

again it was a 60 to 90 date if you

travel early any John heavy ever

traveling any other places we can say

wrong turn to kind of like gauge the

location and the women and just the

environment yeah I see yeah and I did a

couple days in Thailand and I went to

Colombia as well and and and some days

in France and northern Europe as well so

the answer

question yes you know a lot of you guys

listening don't have your

passport which if you're not 18 years

old and you don't have a passport that's

the first step you need to start taking

towards your your manhood isn't even the

Great Escape

mommy America and go see the world mommy

America I like it

thanks for the caller haricots two five

two nine one four two oh five five three

five six is the number of call let's go

to area code two one zero you're on live

with Donovan and Jonathan hey Donovan

this is Philip from San Antonio I

actually just got back from Asia

actually I treated myself to a trip to

Tokyo for my third day so place I always

wanted to go good and so I went and this

is so crazy that this episode is playing

right now cuz I was just like then I got

a come first of all I got to get back

there and second how can I like stay

there and work so right this is crazy

that this episode is even on right now I

actually went to China too while I was

out there really tricky to get a visa to

go out there but I made it happen and I

went and I chilled in Shanghai for a bit

I do have a question though how

important is learning Japanese and how

hard is it to like get to the point

where you can actually succeed out there

cuz I know that's really key to like

making it out in Tokyo or Japan

particularly thank you oh so you don't

need you don't need Japanese I came out

here watching some Dragon Ball Z

thinking I knew some but again it

goes back to you your determination in

your willpower if you got the balls to

get on a plane and come out here

and change your life the language burial

will not be that that that hard

I'm a bear I would consider myself a

strong beginner in Japanese Japanese is

one of the hardest languages to learn in

them in the human planet so in

the human you know language history so

it is difficult but it's not impossible

I'm not some

genius I'm just a guy you know a

Cowboys fan for Christ's sake right yeah

there it is right there look there's

deficiency number one you know he's a

Cowboys fans you guys are killing me

it's not a it's not a it's not an

insurmountable mountain to climb you

don't need the language to get here so

to answer your question indefinitely but

okay you will keep it up if you are if

you're smart about it and if you're

really smart the more Japanese you speak

the more doors it opens good good stuff

go to answer me thank you for the poll

Gary Cooper head thank thanks for taking

the phone call I was only there for ten

days but I'm gonna get back there is a

face that but thanks for taking the call

guys no problem man take care all right

nine one four two oh five five three

five six

oh yeah and listen area code two one

zero if you're still listening I think

you were gonna tell him to shoot him an

email at questions at modern life dating

comm is that right yeah he's serious

about getting out of here you know don't

waste my time

but if you serious about it you know

shoot me an email help you out good good

stuff man good offer there one more

caller here area code six one five

you're on live with Jonathan and Donovan

hey guys uh thanks for taking a call I

personally have spent a year thanks to

our favorite Uncle Sam in South Korea

um so I've got a feel talk to some of

the English teachers in the area you

know they said Japan pays pretty well

for teaching and I'm just looking at

where you know I'm looking to be an

expat just making you know there's South

America Mexico learn Spanish you're good

there's Asia right

you know it's a 14-hour flip but it's

totally different I know a couple guys

in the Middle East

um it's not far from Europe just just

thinking a for as far as Asia would you

say South Korea is not bad I know a guy

I know some people who teach English in

China just from that route as far as

teaching English in worldwide world

would you say Japan

kind of falls in the spectrum I mean for

me personally obviously it's Japan

because I'm here but you know would you

have to ask yourself is where do you

want to go know what you where do you

want to go and one of the reasons you

want to go there I came to Japan for

this reason I looked at China I looked

at Korea and I looked at Japan you know

other countries that you were


yeah for sure Oh prettier all right okay

so I I looked at the Korea so the lawn

which is the Korean currency

the Korean Won is very weak so you're

looking to make money that you're gonna

send back home to the states and save

you're gonna be working pretty poorly

financially speaking in addition to that

in Korea the company is in possession

and ownership of your visa not you so

some of the Korean companies are pretty

dodgy and they will manipulate

you overwork you and if you don't do

what they say they'll cancer your visa

that's not always the situation but it

can't happen and then jump in threaten

you to do that too right like the sort

of sideways kind of blackmail sort of

threaten you in that way oh for sure for

sure listen don't don't think Asian

people are these lovey dovey and perfect

people there's many people all over the

planet and there's good people over the

planet but these are the risk you need

to associate yourself with so I didn't

go to Korea because the weak currency

and the visa situation China I don't

want to die get cancer from all

that crazy yeah I just don't like the

bread right yeah they're

Chinese people are animals man I love

them god bless you but it's just not for


Japan third largest economy in the world

um Japanese women are awesome Japanese

food is amazing

Japanese obesity rate is Lois on the

planet good I like fighting as you can

see from my Instagram I'm always

sparring and hit in the back so martial

arts is a big part of why I'm here as

well so that's how I chose Japan but I

chose Japan for me the colonies to ask

himself is you know what do you

one and go for it if you like latina

girls don't consider Asia you

know go to South America

you know enemy you've got to have the

balls to tell yourself what you like

which you already know and then go for


good stuff man good answer

thanks for the call on area code six one

five Jonathan that's gonna just about do

it man and listen man a great great show

this was absolutely packed with

information as a matter of fact man I'm

gonna leave this show up I'm not gonna

put it behind the paywall because oh

actually you've got another caller here

we'll take one more call here but I'm

not gonna put this behind the paywall

because I think that I think episodes

like this are extraordinarily helpful to

men I mean because again just like you

said you got to get away from mommy

America we talked about Lauren I like

how you put that but there are a lot of

American guys or guys all over the world

who think that it's not that they think

that they can't leave it just never

occurs to them that they can write like

American guys think oh my god girls are

up what do I do I guess I just

give up no you're in one country in the

world you can go around the world and do

whatever it is you want with whoever it

is you want to do it with and so I think

episodes like this are very very

important so I'm gonna make this I'm

gonna make this I'm gonna put it on

patreon but I'm gonna make it free to

the public

because I think I think it's very

important of course it'll help to get

your get more exposure for you last call

the night area code five seven one

you're on live with Donovan and Jonathan

hey Jonathan Jonathan um good show guys

thank you and cut Dahmer you know this

is right no I do who is this ah Zanna

totes yeah hey listen did you get the

fantasy football invite for Miami day I

did I did yeah I joined then we got we

got the all-stars Jonathan's in on it -

Rollo Tomassi is in it this is great

oh good man che the best of luck I

gotta tell you I'm pretty formidable

when it comes to fantasy listen kiss the

Rings man I'm a four-time champion I'm a

four-time champion I put the banners up

in the back

crown on draft day ah but it shut up to

you guys a great show quick question

before you guys go so I took Japanese

all throughout high school and drought a

good portion of college mostly it is an

elective so I'm a fairly good beginner

when it comes to the language grant I

have and used it a lot in years so I'm

not worried too much about picking it up

once again

EEP but as far as the culture is

concerned obviously you guys gone

probably went through the reason or why

Japan is preferable the environment just

the first world aspects of it the women

which by the way that not to exclude

Jonathan but I don't know what it is

about Japanese chicks and black dudes

but they seem to be the Asians who

cooperate the most oh I did not know

that but oh yeah yeah yeah dude compared

to like Koreans and Chinese an open

gentleman but a lot of them are like

white worshipers dude compared to like

Japanese yeah there are no problems

whatsoever or I should say less problems

than your the Chinese and Korean

equivalents but your recent question for

Jonathan yeah yes so as far as

industries that would help you get into

Japan which ones and I'm not trying to

go for the teacher route no offense

anyone who is but which industries

outside the typical teacher route would

help you get a job in Japan particularly

there are skilled industries that you

can get into or any companies for the

companies that would help you to go

overseas or are there they Maya if

you're in the public sector versus the

private sector listen what kind of

industries or specialties or skills

would help you make that transition in

order to get a job so you can go there

what happened was settle for a teaching


okay listen Wow yeah that's a very good

question so that's my former corporate

job that I had was I worked at a recruit

agency because Japan has a very unique

problem they have too much jobs too much

money and not enough people premium for

people the caveat is you need to be

fluent in Japanese for most of these

positions ok there we go

however you can use you know look if you

want to chase your dreams you're gonna

have to eat at some point in your

journey sure teaching English can be a

foot in the door to the country and

that's what I took my job as my initial

job was an English teacher and if I got

my foot in the door and I got here I

knew once I got here I'd start to figure

it out but you'd be the biggest hurdle

you ever encounter is getting from

America to Japan once you're here it's

gonna blossom so don't on English

teaching and ain't no in the sense of

like you know I don't want to do it it

can help you get here then once you hear

the jobs that I noticed that you don't

necessarily need so much Japanese are

are more related to IT and digital

marketing these types of jobs if you're

very talented and very skilled you can

get by with them I'm not sure if you're

familiar but there's a ranking system of

Japanese and one is the highest and n5

is the lowest if you're about n3 um you

can go ahead and get a job at like a

tech company as long as you have the

skills so cuz I'm a friend I'm a friend

who's escaped Venezuela and he's 34 it's

Kayla Kayla this kid is the man

he escaped in his whele and now he's

making 120 grand as a digital marketer

she's um in Tokyo and he's sending money

back home to his mom Venezuela and

keeping her alive and his Japanese is

not fluent

he's about n 3 & 2 in between there so

that that would be the biggest thing is

uh you're just guy to the eyelid dude

get to the Iowa yeah I

it's for marketing and then to use

teaching to get to the island once

you're here you'll be fine excellent

very good answer thanks for the call

sign a toast and I think our draft is

coming up here in a couple of weeks so

we'll certainly talk then yeah listen

Jonathan this was a spectacular episode

man so much so like I said I'm gonna

take this I'm gonna I'm not gonna put

this behind the paywall thank you for

making time for us tonight I know it's

what is it like nine o'clock in the

morning out there eight o'clock in the

morning out there right now over yeah

right exact reason like that but

seriously man thank you so much for

coming on man this was this was a lot of

fun man it really was very informative

yeah thank you sorry about coughing

earlier and sorry for rambled on but uh

no no no listen that's what we want we

want that we want the rambling I'm a

Rambler too that's why I have a show


yeah just thanks as always you know I I

see a part of my last job was to

identify talent and you know I can see

telling you thought of in Annecy the

show the show is only going one

direction and it's not down so I'm just

happy to be part of it early India you

know the beginning stages of it listen

you listen you're welcome to come

anytime brother thank you so much we'll

talk soon man all right man

Jonathan from Modern Life dating joining

us for an unbelievable an unbelievable

episode man that guy just dropped rock

solid knowledge man that was honestly

man that was probably one of the best

episodes that I that I've had on this

show because a lot of guys a lot of guys

want to get out of America and they

don't really know how and I think shows

like this definitely helped men on that

journey so this is going to be

absolutely free on this is gonna be

absolutely free on patreon it's gonna be

I'm gonna take it from behind the

paywall and and so we're you know so so

anybody listen I'm gonna leave this up

on YouTube I'm gonna leave this up on

Twitter it's gonna be it's definitely

gonna be all good in that regard so I'm

certainly happy to do that let me let me

actually just make sure I think I'm


dreaming on yeah I'm still streaming on

Twitter so that is a make sure

everything is good there got technology

it's great admit excellent excellent

okay so everything is everything is

still good to go on Twitter but again

thank you to Jonathan for modern life


listen hit moderate like dating calm man

this guy knows how to triple your tinder

the guys got rock solid red pill game

and yeah listen red you know red field

oh seven says it's gonna listen to it

again yeah this is this is an episode

that you're gonna definitely want a

bookmark so that you can listen to again

and again that's gonna do it for this

episode of TSR prime time my thanks to

all of my callers shout out the XANA

toast clutch for calling it a little bit

earlier thank you to the Mod Squad I

will see you guys tomorrow same bat-time

same bat-channel have a good evening



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