How to calculate a woman's notch count

Women lie. A LOT. But the one thing they lie about the most is how many men they've slept with. They are NEVER honest. But how can a man figure out what a woman's notch count is? How can we calculate a number that's, at the very least, close to being accurate? Well you're in luck, my friend. I give you the Donovan Sharpe Notch Count Formula.




NEVER ask a woman how many men she's slept with

Why women lie about their notch counts (Negromanosphere article)


what's up guys its remand on 'van sharp

and welcome to this edition of sharp

shorts it is Thursday November 2nd 2017

and like I said yesterday time has time

has definitely flown that is for sure

let's get right into it guys the number

of men that any given female has had sex

with is something that's been kicked

around for decades I mean we've all

heard of the rule of three which states

that whatever she tells you you multiply

that number by three then there's the

hardcore red pill factor where some of

us out there are you know some of us out

there multiply a number of woman's

number by like 2025 something ridiculous

like that there's all kinds of formulas

out there because of course this is this

is one of the most important things to

men when selecting a woman well today

guys I'm going to give you guys the

definitive formula that men need to use

to get some idea as to how many how many

men a woman has slept with keep in mind

obviously there's margin for error the

truth is is we will never know how many

men that any given woman has slept with

and a lot of times they don't even know

but just because this is an inexact

science doesn't mean doesn't mean that

there's no credence to this formula so

without further ado ladies and gentlemen

here is the official Donovan Sharpe not

count formula and it's actually quite

simple here it's actually quite simple

you you look at it on your screen and

you might think oh my god it's all this

math no no no no like anything else is

the more you do it the better you get at


you do need a calculator but listen we

all have a phone so we all have access

to a calculator so let me explain this

to you it's really simple you take a

woman's age you subtract her physical

attractiveness level

obviously that's on a scale of one to

ten a woman's beauty is highly

subjective we all know that but we can

all recognize a hot girl when we see one

we can say well she doesn't qualify the

ten she doesn't qualify as a nine listen

the male sex drive is pretty much the

same we know the difference between ugly

chicks we know the difference between we

know the difference between hot chicks

and ugly chicks and everywhere in

between yes the numbers do get muddled

one man six could be another man seven

but by and large we all but our cocks

all think the same way so I'm not gonna

get into a debate in terms of a woman's

physical attractive level attractiveness

level anyway you take a woman's age you

subtract her physical attractive

attractiveness level we're gonna call

that the par you're gonna divide that

number by one half of her physical

attractiveness level and then multiply

it by the number of guys she says she

slept with and that will give you a

number that is much closer than the

number she gives you let's go over this

again her age

minus her par divided by half her par

multiplied by the number she gives you

again this may seem complicated but the

more you say this out loud the more you

calculate this formula the better you're

gonna get at it now there's the there is

obviously a margin for error in terms of

plus/minus and you guys can see it there

right below the formula it says range

the range is plus or minus half her age

okay again the range is plus or minus

half a range so so for example if you

run the formula with a twenty-year old

and the answer is 70 the range is from

60 to 80 which means she slept with

between 60 and 80 guys but the average

is 70 and I'll explain that factor

momentarily so let's go over each of the

factors so I can explain the formula

here to you guys the first factor let's

go ahead and start with age the age

factor here is simple the older a woman

is the more offer she's had the more

opportunity she had she's had the more

opportunities and offers she's had the

more men she's had sex with simple math

listen the longer a woman is on a

carousel the more cock she sagen this is

common sense as far as physical

attractiveness goes the more physically

attractive a woman is the more selective

she is

the more selective she is the less

number of men she said sex with hot

girls guys the nines and the tens of the

world they don't fuck as many guys

because they don't have to ok these

girls can get more for their looks than

six is more for their looks in the way

of resources better-looking guys higher

quality guys than 6s or sevens they know

9s and 10s the hot girls of the world

the beautiful women of the world they

know that they can hold out for higher

quality men and because there aren't as

many high quality men as there are low

quality men they're not counts are

comparatively lower also sixes and

sevens fuck far more guys anyway for two

reasons number one they feel the need to

validate their sexual attractiveness to

themselves and others because they have

an inferiority complex as less

attractive females and number two they

get hit on a hell of a lot more than

ninth and tenth so they have more sent

they have more opportunities nines and

tens they don't get hit on this often

because most men are intimidated by

their beauty and the ones that aren't

are few and far between this is why we

subtract the par number which lowers

which lowers the number by physical

attractiveness then we divide half of

the par which further shrinks that

number so for the reasons I just talked

about the formula will spit out a number

much smaller for hotter girls than it

does for not so hot females as it should

now in terms of what she says but what

she says factor I've had plenty of

conversations with girls over that

mainly when I was in Vegas I've had

plenty conversations with girls about

not count and what I have found is that

if a girl really likes a guy in other

words she can see herself with him she

can see herself maybe falling in love

with him long-term relationship even

marriage etc etc she will never tell him

that she's had sex with more than 25 men

no matter how old she is now again

something listen some girls have told me

they never grow over 30 some have said

they don't go over 20 some said they

don't go over 15 some said 35 but most

girls I've had conversations about this

with say by and large that 25 is about

the number they absolutely will not go

over when telling a guy how many men

they've had sex with if they like him

now if you listen if they know they're

never gonna fuck a guy okay if they

never know they're if they never if they

know they're never gonna fuck the guy

like the guy they friends

or the guy they're using for validation

with no intention of getting romantic

with they're gonna be much more honest

and the reason is that they don't care

what these guys think they know they're

never gonna fuck that guy but when a

girl actually likes a guy and can see a

future with him 25 is the max with most

girls so let's talk about the let's talk

about the range factor this is what I

talked about earlier it says here on

your screen not all women are created

equal there are tens who fuck hordes of

men there are also sixes who are

extremely selective this of course

depends on their parents their

upbringing was she raised by a single

mom was she raised by single dad was she

raised by it was she raised in a strict

family was she raised in a very sexually

liberal family there are all sorts of

factors involved which is why we have

the range factor it's not in like I said

it's an inexact science the girl Amy I

talked about in episode 4 she was a

listen guys she was a 9 she was hot she

could have any guys she wanted but she

fucked anything and everything with a

dick she was an epic whore then you

factor in the ones twos and threes of

the world this is women we're talking

about who aren't selective at all but

they're not getting any they're not

getting many offers if any so that's

where the range comes in and we use half

the age we use half the age for that

factor because again the older one is

the wider the range is the natural

byproduct of just being around lager

just living longer so let's go through a

few examples here and put this formula

in action so example number one here you

meet a 25-year old six who tells you

that she has slept with with 15 guys so

you're going to take her age which is 25

you're gonna subtract it by her par

which is 6 you're going to divide it by

3 which is half her par you're going to

take that number and multiply it by the

number of guys she's told you that she

slept with that's gonna be 15 guys that

gives you about 95 okay you notice

that's not an equal sign that's an

approximate sign so a 25 year old six

who tells you she's left with slept with

15 guys has probably slept with

somewhere in the neighborhood of 95 guys

now the range is this depending upon the

other factors and variables her range

she has slept with anywhere between 82

to a hundred and eight guys because

again we're taking half of her age and

we're going plus/minus with it if she

was raised in a strict family maybe

she's closer to 82

she was raised by single mom she might

be at or above 108 example number two

using the same formula you've got a 21

year old eight so she's gonna be much

more attractive and she's told you that

she slept with 23 guys so she slept with

so she's told you that she slept with 23

guys this is more than the 25 year old


so you take her age which is 28 21 you

subtract 8 her attractiveness level you

divide it by half her par which is 4 you

multiply that by 23 and you get 74 okay

her range so chances are this girl again

if she had a strict upbringing if she's

a little bit more selective if she knows

her value she's probably fucked closer

to 65 guys if she is like Amy the one

that I was talking about earlier that I

mentioned episode 4 she's probably

fucked at or near 85 guys but on average

21 year old eight who tell you they've

slept with 23 guys have fucked somewhere

in the neighborhood of 74 guys let's use

an exempt let's use an older woman

example again remember she's an older

woman that she's a 33 year old who is a

six and a half who's told you she slept

with 19 guys now again keep in mind

she's 33 years old so she's been around

longer okay so she's had more

opportunities she's a 6 and a half so

she doesn't so she gets hit on more than

maybe a an 8 or a 9 or a 10 and she's

told her she slept with 19 guys so guess

what guys she's been around longer she

gets more offer so her numbers gonna be

substantially higher as you can see on

the screen let's apply the formula we

take her age - her par we divided by

half her par multiply that by 19 and I

have that in quotes because we know damn

well it's not dying not 19 you get a

hundred and fifty five guys okay so a 33

year old - six and a half who's told you

that she slept with 19 guys has slept

with somewhere between 138 to 172 guys

maybe she gained weight and hit a slump

and she wasn't fucking as many guys so

maybe she was maybe she's down towards

138 maybe she managed to keep her

physical attractiveness and she was

married and had a couple of kids was

cheating on her husband that puts our

closer to closer to 172 but the average

but according to the formula the average

33 year old six and a half who's told

her she slept with about 20 guys her

number is gonna average about a hundred

and fifty-five guys

let's do one more example let's take a

ten alright a twenty three-year-old ten

hot girl who tells you she slept with

sixteen guys now remember tens kit tens

will reduce their a notch account

numbers by more because they know they

should be getting more more for their

looks but that's why we have this range

so at twenty three-year-old ten who

tells you she slept with sixteen guys

let's apply the formula 23 her age minus

ten her Pierre her par you divide that

by half our par which is five you

multiply that by sixteen and you're only

ever you've only got 41 this is a load

number because she's young she hasn't

been around as long and she's attractive

she doesn't get in on as much now maybe

she is us maybe she's an epic slut like

my ex-girlfriend Amy maybe she was

raised in a strong Christian household

if she was raised in a strong Christian

household she's gonna be on the upper

end of that because we know how

Christian girls get when they get any

measure of freedom away from their

parents but if she's on the lower end

she probably will have slept anywhere

somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty

five twenty nine to thirty guys if she's

a little less selective if she goes

through a whole phase whatever the case

may be it'll be closer to fifty three

guys so a twenty three-year-old ten

who's told you that she has slept with

sixteen guys has probably slept with

somewhere north of 40 on average now for

the men out there who are saying Donovan

you're full of shit

I know girls out here are slutty but

this is extreme okay

or if you're the guy who is shocked and

simply cannot wrap your mind around the

fact that girls are having this much sex

with this many men I let me say this to

the both of you

mail thirst is that an all-time-high

guys female promiscuity female

sluttiness is always at an all-time high

youth you multi-tape those two factors

male thirst and female sluttiness and

promiscuity you take all of that and you

throw in dating apps like tinder plenty

of fish OkCupid etc etc these dating

apps are a woman has a smartphone in her

hand with these apps these women can

summon dozens of cocks to her exact

location within minutes male thirst plus

female sluttiness plus access equals

exorbitant notch accounts you can see

what you want this is how they do it

guys there are girls out here racking up

double-digit notch count in a calendar

week I've heard of girls doing this I've

had conversations with girls who do this

you guys wonder how can donovan say this

about i've experienced this firsthand

and i hear about this stuff listen guys

I've talked to strippers I've talked to

call girls I've talked to have cocktail

waitresses who are basically strippers

and training guys these girls are

truthful man they know the jig is up

they're like listen I'm a slut I'm hot

you got to deal with me how it is I'm

not gonna hide anything from me so they

they tell the truth dude they're girls

out here fucking multiple guys in one

day two three sometimes even four guys

in one day man

and listen if you guys don't believe me

go to reddit go to forums this shit

happens guys and under under the cloak

of anonymity girls talk about this stuff

really oh my god

I have a boyfriend and I fucked two guys

at work or I'm I'm having an affair with

I'm having an affair on my husband well

who's the guy well it's actually five

guys I'm fucking him what I'm fucking

them all in rotation girls any listen

girls rack up notch counts just by

living if they're if they're in heat if

they're ovulating they want to fuck if a

girl is depressed she wants to fuck if a

girl needs validation if she just got

dumped by her boyfriend or her fuck

buddy isn't texting back they want to

fuck if a girl was happy she wants to

fuck girls fuck for any and every reason

and again because it's easier than ever

to get dick and the fact that they are

praised for sluttiness

you throw in factors like birth control

and abortion which eliminates the need

for discrimination you get women who are

in their 30s who have fucked over 250

guys easy that's on the low end

now you ladies watching this and I know

that that I know that there are some

ladies watching this and pardon me

that's that's that's one of my dogs

there for you ladies watching this okay

you guys will react with clever pithy

remarks about how I have no clue what

I'm talking about

and you'll show your friends and you

guys will have a good laugh about it

you'll talk shit and that's okay all

right because I know that when you guys

watch this by yourselves in the deepest

recesses of your minds you know I'm

right you're probably listen you're

probably calculating this shit in your

head right now and thinking to yourself

holy shit he's right don't think for one

second ladies that I believe that you

believe everything you'll say out loud

and/or put in the comments because we

both know you're either in or close to

that range and you who's watching this

the twenty five-year-old six who's

watching and who's watching this and

think to herself ha I've only fucked 74

guys you are so wrong to that I say you

were absolutely right if the formula got

it wrong

but that doesn't mean you're not a ho

and you know it thanks for watching

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