How to decide if a woman is worth your time outside of sex (Episode 330)




you look great in that men like this

their women stay looking busted

because they don't have the balls to

tell her she does dudes are afraid not

only to dictate what their women wear

and it's not appropriate if it doesn't

represent you well they're even more

afraid to tell their women what their

expectations are both directly and

indirectly now if you make the egregious

mistake up dating a fat girl dude you're

out you can't make a fat girl your main

chick and then all of a sudden tell her

listen if you get any better I'm not

gonna fuck you anymore or if you don't

lose weight then we're not gonna be

boyfriend-girlfriend dude it's too late

she's already back and now your man

donovan sharp a woman never belongs to

you it's just your turn of course her

parents don't have a problem with me

being black she's past the wall get your

fat ass off the couch start lifting

weights and learn game you're welcome so

you got drunk at a frat party then fuck

the football team you're not a rape

victim sweetheart you're a slut what's

up guys it's your man Donovan sharp and

welcome to the 330 edition of TS are

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facial hair needs let's get right to it

we all know gentlemen that it is great

to slay sluts we all know that it's a

lot of fun to go out and fuck new girls

and so it's it's great fun to go out and

hollering girls run game fuck new pussy

add girls to our harem etc etc we hear

about this stuff all the time we hear

about guys like me that do it Kristen

McQueen etc etc we all like it this is a

great life but it would be disingenuous

of a guy like me who has had a lot of

success with women not to admit that

being with one quality woman beats the

player life 10 times out of 10 guys ask

me all the time Donovan you had it great

in Vegas you were up to your eyeballs


you had a great yet you lived in a Vegas

pretty much a Vegas penthouse I do that

a ridiculous apartment right there on

the Las Vegas Strip guys $3,500 a month

which was not very financially savvy or

prudent in that regard but dude I lived

a great life I had girls at the ready I

had it I had an in with the strip club I

had access to high-quality girls drugs

living the Vegas life they always ask me

Donovan what happened why did you decide

to settle down well having one quality

girl being in a monogamous relationship

it's just a better life listen man we

can't listen girls are fucked up we know

they're fucked up we get it that doesn't

mean that most men don't have the desire

just to sleep with one girl listen ask

any man who is good with women hey which

life is the better life the life where

you have to go out and chase pussy three

to four hours every day just to have a

harem spending endless hours at bars and

clubs and hitting on girls at

restaurants and and and coffee shops and

grocery stores and subways and you know

which is the better life and then at the

end of the night not knowing if you're

gonna get the pussy or not or is it good

to have one woman that you have built

into a quality woman which takes a lot

of time but which is the better life the

player life or the long-term

relationship life listen most guys would

tell you yeah you know what it's great

to slay sluts but by the same token

living the living the the long-term

relationship life it's just better life

it's a better existence now there are

exceptions to the rule of course listen

there's some men who just uh put it to

you this way there are some men who who

don't who have access to high-quality

girls all the time right they're tall

they're good-looking square-jawed women

to throw themselves at them constantly

they're a man of means they have money

whether it's old money new money whether

he earned it inherited it whatever the

case may be this guy's got girls

throwing themselves at him all the time

it's not like he prefers to having a

long-term relationship it's really what

he has access to why in the world what a

man who has access to high-quality pussy

all the time without really having to

work hard for it because here's the

thing guys there are men out here who

slay sluts on the regular and they don't

really have to go out and run game on

girls they don't have to put in the work

they don't have to put in the hours

listen guys like you and me regular

everyday guys listen I'm an above

average looking guy right I'm an above

average shape I've got a good working

knowledge of how females work but there

are a very special few people in this

world who can go out and fuck pretty

much any woman they want with little to

no effort just because of their station

in life right

they're tall they're good-looking they

don't really have to work for busy I use

this analogy all the time Hall of Fame

linebacker Ray Lewis once said with

regards to his salary and what he's

really working for he says look man

Sunday's you get for free what you're

paying me for is Monday through Saturday

which are paying me for is training camp

the Tewa days the film study the

classroom study the workouts being in

the weight room that's what you're

paying that's what you're paying for

football players NFL players never

retire because they're tired of lacing

them up on Sunday and walking out to

70,000 screaming fans they never get

tired that doesn't matter how old they

are what they retire from what they get

tired of is the daily grind doing what

it takes to get out on to the field

that's hard work guys it's extremely

hard it takes a toll on your body your

mind of course with the CTE thing etc

etc okay listen guys it's the same with

game if a guy has access to high-quality

girls if he's if he if he could play

every proverbial Sunday like a guy who

has a guy who is high quality in every

way high smv good-looking has money a

6-5 square-jawed has all of the markers

of attraction and arousal

has girls throwing themselves at him

everyday that guy gets to play every

Sunday without really having to put in

the work to practice guys like me I had

to put in the work to practice and and

it's at one point I just decided I

decided you know what this isn't really

what I want to do anymore don't get me

wrong I love fucking new girls I loved

it it was great there's no doubt about

it but the work that that it takes to

put yourself in position to maybe score

new pussy or regular pussy then having

to deal with everything you have to do

afterwards to keep these bitches in your

rotation it just wasn't worth it for me


I was 39 I was pushing 40 I had dude I

had an eight listen I had an eight year

run in Vegas that rivals that that is

second to none

dude I do die fuck more not dude I can

promise you I fucked more nines and tens

than then then at least the

above-average man that was a great life

but it takes a lot of work I did an

episode on this listen if you want to

hear him if you want to be fucking

pretty girls a lot of guys say Donovan I

want to know how to be fucking five

different girls at once okay but you

have to understand it's a full-time job

guys guess what I wasn't willing to work

that full-time job anymore

again five percenters even though it's

fun to fuck pretty girls it is a much

better life to have a long-term

relationship now here's the problem this

is what we're gonna talk about today


the issue is for guys like myself who

understand it's a better life

women worth committing to are few and

far between right we talk all the time

all women are like that all women are

sluts okay that's very very true but

just because all women are like that I'm

gonna do an episode on that here very uh

probably within the next week or two is

gonna be a very good episode I've

actually been working on it for a while

but just because we understand that all

women are like that doesn't mean there

aren't women out there who have

qualities that at least at the very

least put them in the running to be

considered for a long-term relationship

you don't make a girl your main chick

just because she's hot this is where a

lot of guys go wrong

you get the pussy get the ass you get

the blowjobs and everything else and all

of a sudden it's let's move in together

let's get married dude you haven't put

in the time you don't really know who or

what she is most women aren't quality

women yeah there's a lot of women are

hot out there a lot of women out there

hot they suck your dick they're nice

they giving the s but the longer you're

with them the more you realize that she

probably make a very terrible wife and

mother now there are some things that

you can ask and know at that point to

decide if she's worth spending time with

outside of sex at least initially right

let's listen before we get into the meat

of things let's go ahead and get number

one straight number one she's got to be

attractive listen man I don't care how

many degrees I don't care what your

domestic skills are I don't care how

feminine you are I don't care how

submissive you are ladies if you're not

fuckable we're not gonna commit that's


that's called natural selection it

listen it doesn't matter what qualities

a woman has if she's not sexually

attractive she'll never get a chance to

show off her domestic skills now finding

out it whether or not a woman is

attractive or that never takes long

right yeah you look at her is she

fucking bull yes or no okay great that's

just how it is but if you spend enough

time with a woman you'll know if you

have Red Hill awareness you will know if

she is worth spending time with outside

of sex and we're gonna talk about we're

gonna talk about a few of those things

for sure these aren't gonna be in any in

any sort of particular order this is

just gonna be my personal list based on

my experience and listen my experience

is good experience this isn't up this

isn't subjective this isn't well if you

know no no no no no this is this is 100%

I Arkell is the Donovan Sharpe list

these are the things that you can use to

determine whether or not a woman is

worth your time outside of sex my

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first well after playing around with

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James Martina says the video is sharper

yeah yeah the the video software is

definitely sharper I'm actually gonna

I'm actually going to be upgrading my

webcam here pretty soon I've got a $60

logitech webcam it does a good enough

job but after the Redman group on

Saturday the Richard Cooper came in

crystal fuckin clear and I'm thinking to

myself dude that like that's what I want

to look like on camera I don't have the

worst camera in the world but I want

again I want this show to be high

quality for you guys this is what I want

to do for you guys so that's that's why

I've made all these that's why I've made

all these upgrades the Eagles lost to

the Buccaneers yesterday I'm not

concerned Ryan Fitzpatrick went off four

touchdowns 400 yards you know and and

again man I mean I'm not gonna make

excuses the Buccaneers were a better

football team yesterday the Eagles are a

better football team overall that this

is I'm not worried about it we're tied

with the Cowboys atop the NFC East also

Carson Wentz is going to be he is on

schedule to play this Sunday apparently

he you know there are reports that he is

going to be cleared for contact and that

he is gonna be 100% so it looks like he

is going to play on Sunday we don't know

if he's gonna start or not but exciting

times for the Philadelphia Eagles we've

won the Super Bowl last year with backup

Nick Foles listen we have an

embarrassment of riches at quarterback

the best quarterback on our football

team okay like like we have it we have a

Super Bowl MVP on our squad and he's not

the best quarterback on our team like

that's again that's good problems to

have or one-on-one I'm not worried about

I guess what we were one-on-one last

year too so I'm not really worried about

that one my fantasy yesterday I got

drugged last week fortunately for me I

was able to

turn the favor to the poor sap triple G

versus Canelo that was this past

Saturday great fight worth every penny

of the $85 I paid for it

Canelo Alvarez ended up winning a

majority decision over Gennady golovkin

he is now the I think he's the

undisputed middleweight champion I think

he I think he now has all the belts

I had the flight 114 to 110 - it's a

triple G but this is interesting this

wasn't a very controversial decision but

there are people on both sides of the

can some people like me think triple G

clearly won then there are other guys

who say Donovan you're crazy clearly

Canelo won the fight Stephen a Smith is

on my side he thinks triple G won the

fight he's on the screen right now

talking about it

Jalen wrote I think Jalen Rose here on

ESPN's get up says that Canelo won the

fight then add Lattimore agreed with me

we did the post fight an analysis on my

channel he agreed with me that triple G

won the fight then Steve and I Smith

talked about the fact that he ran into

enter Andre Ward and arrow Spence jr.

both undefeated champions and they think

clear they think Canelo clearly won the

fight so this was one of those fights

that really could have gone either way

it really depends upon what you value as

a fight fan do you like the technical

aspects of boxing guy guys that embody

this like Floyd Mayweather a quote

unquote boring fighter or do you like

action fights right Mike Tyson the the

Arturo Gatti Micky Ward trilogy the Beau

Holyfield trilogy so we'll see what


I thought looks like I saw somebody in

the chat who who who actually let me

know in the pre-show chat that looks

like Floyd Mayweather looks like Floyd

Mayweather is thinking about coming out

um let's see yeah that was James

Martinez j-mart yeah listen listen I

would love to see I actually said this

on my my post fight analysis with Ed

Lattimore I would love to see Canelo vs.

listen triple G is going to be 37 years

old by the time part three comes around

if they agree to a fight right so a

triple G decide

you know what I'm gonna hang him up I

had my time I made my money I fought on

you know I I thought on you know I

fought on HBO uh you know I thought on

HBO pay-per-view he's made millions of

dollars he decides I'm not gonna put my

body through this again again so what I

said at the top of the show triple G

lives for those Saturday nights in Vegas

doesn't necessarily live for those

training camps no fighter does right so

he might decide hey listen I would love

to fight Canelo again I don't want to

put my body through getting ready to

fight Canelo if he decides to do that I

would love to see Mayweather Canelo part

two for those of you guys who who

remember I was actually in Vegas when

this fight went down Floyd Mayweather

I think was 36 or 37 and L fought a very

young and very green Canelo Alvarez and

Canelo Alvarez he represented himself

well but Mayweather picked him apart

like the typical Mayweather fight picked

them apart for 12 rounds he won the he

won a unanimous unanimous decision

Canelo is an older fighter and he is

much better now and I would love and

listen Floyd Mayweather is now 41 years

old I think he'll be 42

I don't know when his birthday is but

but if they decide to if they decide to

fight again I'll be 42 listen man that

brings him a little closer together

brings him a little closer together I

don't know who I would take in a

Mayweather in a Mayweather Canelo

rematch but I got to tell you I would be

I would be here for it I would

definitely be here for it a lot of guys

talked about hime a munguia you know

possibly being ready for you know

someone of Canelo Alvarez's caliber

jaimé jaimé munguia fought the undercard

directly before the main event put away

Danny Cooke danuel I'm sorry some small

Canadian guy put him away in three

rounds and a lot of guys think that

maybe he can fight Canelo or a guy like

triple G no he's not ready he's only 21

he needs to wait until he's at least 24

years old then we can start then we can

sell this and again listen you don't

want to put a young champion out there

against the higher caliber boxer that

soon because if you do that you run at

that point you run the risk of sapping

his confidence a lot of young guys

decide that they want to

I want to fight the best want to fight

the best and the manager has to hold

them back but guess what if he really

wants to fight him then you know the

manager has to do he's got to do what he

says he gets in there he gets knocked

out guess what now you're not gonna get

a title fight for five years because you

got your ass kicked and by the time you

get that title fight he well past her

prime and the champion might not even be

the champion anymore right a guy who

made this egregious mistake was Fernando

Vargas he wanted to fight Oscar De La

Hoya Fernando Vargas was a young and

up-and-coming fighter he was not in De

La Hoya's class and Oscar De La Hoya

picked him apart Fernando Vargas was

never the same he could have been a

great champion but he fought a title

fight way too soon if you have an

example of what makes a woman

potentially good for a long term

relationship I wrote that completely

incorrect yep listen if you have a

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woman worth committing to what makes a

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outside of sex let's go to the chat here

before we get started see we've got

going on all right wizard praying is in

the house

ái wizard praying who likes the new time

format yeah so do i cuz right after this

I'm going to lift weights and this will

help me this will help me stay on track

actually a little bit better with my

intermittent fasting always good to see

that freelance running in the house TSR

in full effect love to see you in here

yeah the live pre-show QA for all of my

$8 patrons I post the link on patreon

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so I wanna I want to make sure I want to

make sure that only my $8 patrons can be

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we show QA every once in a while I'll

open it up to the general public but the

live pre-show Q&A; is specifically for my

$8 patrons brother hedges I'm sorry

brother Hodges says this is better than

the previous option via the website

absolutely absolutely good good good

good good ray from PG my man from Prince

George's County weighing in one of my

regular callers freelance says the

layout is tight yeah man yeah I like I

like the layout I like the I like the

smoothness of it James Martinez already

chiming in so spending that money

spending all that money or actually yes

I am definitely spending all of the

money yeah I spent a little over $2,000

on my upgrades so it's good to see it's

good to see it's good to see everything

come to fruition any if you guys have

watched and listened to my show you've

seen steady upgrades as time has gone on

so I'm glad that I'm glad that

everything is good to go yeah I know

that the sound in the video kind of

don't some every once in a while the old


they'll unsink that's just you know that

that's just technology

Devon likes to call it the Internet of

Things I don't know if that applies but

absolutely absolutely

brother Hodges says intermittent fasting

is good for you I did that for two years

and just started the carnivore diet try

it next it's not for the faint of heart

yeah pine pine key toshin keto Schnoor

pine whatever he wants to whatever wheat

whatever his he decides his name is yeah

he's actually in the middle of doing the

carnivore diet I actually just had an

episode with with him on as a guest

talking about the carnivore diet so yeah

yeah listen we've got the 21 convention

coming up in a month I think I'm

probably going to I'm probably gonna do

some probably gonna do the carnivore

diet after the 21 convention so I'm

certainly certainly looking forward to

that all right enough of me running my

mouth yammering on and on let's listen

let's talk about what you guys

came in here or watching listening let's

get what you came here for how to decide

a woman is worth your time outside of


now again I'll go ahead and reiterate

that you have to bet these women

thoroughly and when I say and listen

vetting these women it takes time you

can't just sit her down and say okay

answer these twin questions okay yeah

she's long-term relationship material no

then dude girls listen girls are

notorious for telling men whatever

they've won right girls are experts at

appearing to be appearing to be

long-term relationship material when in

actuality they are just as slutty as the

next girl Alan Roger Currie refers to

these women as wholesome pretenders who

really turn out to be time wasters no

you don't want to do this this takes

time this takes you paying attention

just because she looks good and gives

you head does not mean she is good to

long-term relationship material and as I

stated earlier in the show at some point

within the next two weeks I'm gonna talk

about the difference between sexual

markup between a woman's sexual market

value and a woman's relationship market

value and I'll go ahead give you a

little snippet now women the better a

woman looks in this day and age the

higher her sexual market value is in

terms of the way she looks the lower her

relationship market value is yes and sit

on that for a little while the first

thing that will help you decide if a

woman is worth your time outside is sex

she understands the value of a dollar

this is the kind of woman who just

doesn't spend frivolously she doesn't go

out and buy illicit men women aren't

good with money as a matter of their

biological hardwiring they're just not

right women are listen women are slave

to their emotions they're very impulsive

and the way advertising works that

listen we have people who go to school

to specifically

activate female impulse female emotion

female of a call to action right

we have people who go to school to get

women to buy things on a whim a woman

this is standard operating procedure for

women but you can't say well that might

this woman's not good with money so

she's out of the running for a long term

relationship material listen my

girlfriend Devon she's terrible with

money but I'm good at but I'm good

enough with money to mitigate to

mitigate the fact that she's really not

that good with money she's not terrible

with money but I will tell you this I

will tell you this Devon is the coupon

fuckin queen man she is that listen any

time we order in she always finds a

coupon or a discount code we recently

got a storage unit to clear out some

space for my studio and she found a

better deal online listen I was prepared

to pay a certain amount for my storage


she went online and in ten minutes she

found a better deal $20 less per month

this is what Devon does so while she

might not be the most while she might

not be the most financially prudent with

regards to saving money and there's not

any other listen the bitch can save

money and she knows how to get discounts

she is the queen to the coupon she gets

the discounts she always does this

Devon understands the value of a dollar

a woman who understands the value of a

dollar is always cognizant of the price

when you go to restaurants right she

asked the waiter how much the margarita

is before ordering it and if it's too


maybe she orders something a little

expensive or maybe she orders one

instead of two women who understand the

value of a dollar look at the price tag

they don't just see a pair of shoes and

say oh my god I have to have these and

then when you get to the restaurant I

can't believe these are 400 ollars shoes

no she looks at the price tag she's not

in a rush to solicit a woman who

understands the value of a dollar

doesn't want to spend all your money she

understands you work hard for your money

she's not trying to make you go broke

she doesn't quantify a man's love she

doesn't equate a man's love by how much

he spends on her a woman who value who

understands the value of a dollar

always looks for ways to save you money

she always looks for the best value she

takes pride in getting great products on

the cheap and she

bags about it right she tells her

friends she tells you hey I got this you

know I got this $200 leather jacket

online for 35 bucks

same brand I got it on you know discount

leather jackets calm she takes pride in

that these kind of women also try to

ease your financial burden she pays for

shit about as much as you do listen

Devon makes good clothes and Devon makes

more money than I do when we go out half

the time she pays half the time I do and

listen don't be the guy who always has

to pay for shit right well I'm not gonna

let my woman pay for anything I'm not

gonna like like I'd like like I'm not

listen I'm a man no no don't be meathead

fucking red pill alpha guy dude this is

2018 man women work to let her pay man

when a woman offers to pay for something

or offers to treat you something that's

not an insult she's doing it because

she's not doing it because she doesn't

think you can pay women who pay who

invest financially in a relationship

they do this - she does this to show her

appreciation for you

and she also does this to let you know

that she doesn't look at you as an ATM

or a meal ticket I talk about my I'll

talk about the vacation I took to Hawaii

a couple years back with Devin I had

been talking to her for six months she

could listen this was a six to

eight-month matter of maybe a six

thousand dollar trip

Devin paid for all of it right she paid

for because she appreciated who I was

she appreciated the value I added to her

life she had no qualms no qualms with

footing the bill for that particular

trip a woman who understands the value

of a dollar a woman who's worth your

time outside of sex she wants you to

know that she is willing to share the

financial burden with you she doesn't

view you as a dollar time or a dollar

sign or an ATM women listen innocent

film or talks about this a lot I

actually had a roundtable discussion

with him Tony Maceo and if Steve the

Dean Williams was on that we talked

about this a lot how

do you know what women do when they

really love you they invest financially

when they really like you Fillmore

strongly endorses it now Fillmore has

that pimp game he says look man when I

start fucking a bitch I let her know two

weeks in yo I got to do something I need

$1,000 and if she ain't pony in that

shit up and guess what he ain't sticking


he'll fuck her but he knows now she's

not right or died no I'm not now but

listen my pimp game isn't like that but

guess what six months after I met Devin

she paid six she paid over six thousand

dollars for a trip she covered every

goddamn thing dude plane tickets hotel

be illicit affairs ort all kinds of dude

was awesome when a woman loves you she

invests financially she understands the

value of a dollar and when she invests

financially in you she again she lets

you know that she under he wants to ease

your financial burden I'm with you

because of you not because of what you

make or not because of what I think you

can do for me don't get me wrong don't

get me wrong you can't be some broke-ass

nigga that she's just gonna invest in no

you have to show potential right listen

Devin knew that I was financially set

right she knew I drove a nice car she

know I own multiple real estate

properties she knew what was up so don't

think that you can just be some bum ass

nigga with five dollars to your name

expecting a bitch to just spend a bunch

of money those women those women don't

make good long-term relationships those

are those are I don't know elevated side

chicks a woman who's never gonna leave

you alone but will never really make a

good wife or mother because she's

probably married to someone else and

that's for another day in time let's

look let's take a look at the other side

of that girls who were only good for sex

those girls spend money without thinking

they don't look at the price dang she

wants to save her money and spend yours

and most of the time she doesn't really

have her own money she's working at

McDonald's or Starbucks she gets with a

guy like me dude

and I'll talk and I'll talk about

Chrissy a little bit later I dated so

many girls in Vegas who were cocktail

waitresses at XYZ casino hostess at

Planet Hollywood hostess at Hard Rock

Cafe in Vegas

right making 13 bucks an hour barely

making ends meet they wanted to spend my

money and save theirs oh you do you

drive a nice car I don't do that drove a

dude I drove a 2012 Audi a5 beautiful

car full - dude I paid cash for it girls

saw that then they saw the kind of

apartment I live in oh yeah yeah dollar

signs all over the place those are the

kind of girls that are only good for sex

coupons don't make me laugh you know we

know what the fuck coupons are internet

discounts no they're not here for that

they don't even know and at restaurants

the girls that are only good for sex

they ordered they just order without

thinking they don't look at they don't

look at the price they don't look at

anything like that I'll have a Cosmo and

keep him coming she has no idea that

they're 17 bucks a pop but guess what

she doesn't care because she's not she's

not worth spending time with outside of

sex this girl thinks money grows on

trees and their behavior reflects it she

Shops brands rather than value the woman

who understands the value of a dollar

says yeah I got a coach bag for 200

bucks the bitch is only good for sex

brags about the fact that she paid

$1,700 for the same bag mr. Jackson in

the house aka the jack man good stuff

red rabbit says her value in terms of

spending will change depending on how

much the man makes that's very true

that's very very and again there are so

many women who spend so much money on

ain't shit niggas those wit listen

listen as great as we think that is

these women are not long-term

relationship material there is a mental

they have mental problems any woman who

makes good money and spends that kind of

money on ain't shit niggas no mm-hmm

dude that dude there's a slew of

problems that she has that she hasn't

even addressed yet

that's dude that's for another pot

that's for another day in time they're

great to have around because you're not

having to buy shit yeah got this bitch

that pays for shit all right cool man

you're gonna follow them

but the bitch has mental problems man

mental problems freelance Ronan says

chicks that coupon save all kinds of

scratch some of them are out that some

of them out there got coupons down to a


yeah there's a show called Extreme

Couponing which is very very extreme it

yeah listen every Saturday Devon says

hey can you go downstairs to the mail

room and grab me the Flyers right like

when when when we're planning our

groceries for the week

she doesn't plant she doesn't meal plan

or anything until she has those coupons

listen that's listen this is this is a

woman who is potentially good for long

term relationship material this is a

woman who's worth spending time with

outside of sex she understands the value

of a dollar and she shows it

wizard praying who is having some

buffering issue says he switched devices

and that is better

yeah wizard praying if you would let us

know what device you were on if you can

let us know what device you're on now

maybe you switch browsers and of course

it also depends upon your your ISP or

Internet service provider your your your

connection ah red rabbit who is also

who's red Jedi excellent good to see you

in here today excellent let's get to the

next way to decide if she is willing or

or how you can tell a woman is worth

your time outside of sex here's one she

is willing to submit for the right

reason she is submissive for the right

reasons girls only want to submit to

masculine dominance no and again this

isn't forced this isn't coerced girls do

this because they want to know dominant

man no man who displays masculine

dominance ever puts her ever puts a gun

to a woman's head

he doesn't say your your you're going to

do this no it's his attitude his aura

everything about him is conducive to her

submission you guys know listen Devin

does everything I want in bed she takes

it in the ass she swallows my loads she

literally does everything I want in bed

she wears whatever I want her to go to

my social media pages man you could

listen you can see right there on the on

the screen yes me smacking and stamping

that's Devin's ass right look at the

kind of man that she's wearing those V

Micro thongs barely there thongs

she wears stripper heels she let's me

fuck her in all kinds of slutty clothes

she submits that way but here's the

thing guys if she didn't want to she

wouldn't I remember during the training

process this is interesting she actually

told me this this was maybe I don't know

probably maybe three months before we

went to Hawaii and I forget out the

conversation when she says let's

my submission to you is my choice she

actually acknowledged that she

acknowledged the fact that yeah I'm

submitting to you but submission is when

a woman surrenders control surrenders

control if a man keeps a woman locked in

a cage she's not really submitting she

is being submitted don't submit your

woman don't put her in an armbar don't

burn her submissive hold your woman

shouldn't net listen a woman when a

woman submits to a man it should never

be because she taps out no she submits

to you because she wants to and you have

to make yourself submit a bowl don't

submit your woman make her submit to you

I didn't listen

everything Devin does for me I didn't

force her to do any of that stuff she

does so of her free will and volition a

woman who is willing to submit for the

right reasons she wants to please you

she wants to suck your cock she wants

listen she doesn't want to give you a no

but she wants to because it pleases you

she wants to let you make all the

decisions without nagging about your

judgment she wants you to be the captain

she's not about this 50/50 bullshit we

had some woman call from Jessica from

Indianapolis called the Redman group on

Saturday talk about 50/50 relationships

I told her right off the bat listen man

I'm not here for that and by the way a

woman who willfully submit see she

doesn't care about percentages is this

50/50 is this no no she doesn't care

about percentages so long as she's with

you and submitting because that's what

she wants to do a listen a woman who is

worth your time outside of sex willfully

submits to you for the right reasons now

girls who are only good for sex quite

the opposite they're nuts they're not

interested in submitting to you at least

not for the right reasons girls who are

only good for sex submit to men who are

extreme assholes who are sadistic listen

man I've dated a lot of girls in Vegas

who loved rough sex

but I'll dude but I'll never forget this

one girl named dee dee I actually wrote

about her she's the bitch that almost

got me locked up for

domestic violence claim right this girl

wanted this girl loved to be punished in

bed she liked me to bite her tits she

liked me that she liked me too she liked

me to grab her hair spit in her face and

call her a worthless slut while I

pounded her ass she couldn't get enough

of this she dude she dude she loved it

when I choked her in and when women say

they want to be choked they don't really

want to be choked to the point to where

they're gonna die of asphyxiation a

little bit of pressure there you know a

little bit of pressure on the sides

don't crush her windpipe make sure she

can breathe that's the way women that's

the way most women like to be choked

right they like they like surrendering

that control his hand is around the he

could crush me if he wanted to while

he's fucking me that's the kind of

choking most women talked about dd-na

she liked me to put pressure on her ass

and it was interesting man like dude I

used to dude we used to have such rough

sex and I'm glad I recorded all my

interactions with her like after we got

done I used to be nervous for a good 5

or 10 seconds like her both sitting

there Marini heavy and what she would do

is she would reach over and put her hand

on me to let her know it is okay like

it's okay I'm not gonna I'm not gonna

try to I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say

that you raped me which is interesting

because of course she tried to pin a

false domestic-violence accusation on me

she ended up getting a rat or she ended

up getting detained anyway before making

a false police report you guys can you

guys can go to my archives if you wanted

about about how that matriculated but

yeah she's to reach oh because she knew

I was nervous like dude like like dude

like it was it was like this woman loved

to be raped like I used to just

absolutely just oh my god dude dude

asked him I mean doing of course the

last time I fucked her I gave her ass to

mouth anytime I give a woman asked him

out that was the sign that I wanted to

break up and she fucking couldn't get

enough of it that was the last time I

fucked her then of course you know I

tried to exit out I tried to I tried to

I tried to exit out a little bit slowly

she caught on immediately she freaked

out said she was pregnant of course

again you guys can go and check that out


these kind of women women who are only

good for sex

they only submit to psycho guys at

sadistic guys guys who are extreme

assholes guys who are dark triad guys

who literally just use women as toilets

bit just can't get enough of that that's

unhealthy women define I say this all

the time

women define a healthy relationship as a

relationship where it's easy for them to

cheat if it's not so easy for them to

cheat oh my god that's unhealthy like if

a girl says hey my boyfriend has to look

at my phone I tell him where I'm at well

why do you do that well because that's

what he requires oh my god that's

unhealthy no what you're really saying

is that it's hard for you to cheat but

you're characterizing that is unhealthy

to give you to give you a reason to

create that margin anyway I don't want

to get I don't want to get off on a

tangent girls are only good for sex they

don't submit for the right reasons

they don't submit for the purposes of

long term relationship they don't submit

to the if they don't they're not

submissive to you because it's a good

male-female dynamic no no no they think

submitting to a guy who's actually a who

you know who displays masculine

dominance instead of this psychotic

sadistic mentality anything but that

they see that as a weakness those are

women who were only good for sex oh my

god wizard prank you said you were on

your work PC what are you doing

wizard prank must be self-employed

he must be self-employed oh my god hey I

wants to know does Devin and you have

kids no no we do not

wizard frank says ask Jessica she

regularly approaches guys yeah this

woman was full of shit

she acted was funny she's on her SEC

think she's been twice divorced she lost

custody of her kids according to her the

reason she lost custody is because she

worked too much she claims she worked

120 hours a week right so they're 168

hours in a week okay so let's do the

math here 168 minus 120 that's 48 hours

you divide that by seven okay so you're

getting that that leaves you seven that

leaves you almost seven hours per day on

average well you're not going to spend

all seven hours sleeping you still have

to eat you have to run errands she was

so full of shit that was she did have a

question she just wanted to call up and

try to get validation and of course I

was having none of that red pill

grasshopper says could this ruff deed

could this rough degradation sex be

healthy and a BDSM style relationship

yeah of course of course yeah

some girls are into that man some girls

like the and now girls like the BDSM

lifestyle 'he's like BDSM they like that

that extreme Dom sub-only in the bedroom

right but when it comes to everything

else right they still like that and they

like that healthy masculine dominance

they don't listen they want you to pull

their hair it ends within the confines

of the bedroom yeah they want you to

pull their hair smack on the smack them

in the face

spit in their face fuck him in the ass

till it hurts tell them they're

worthless sluts dude they want fucking

jizz all over their face throw them to

the side discard they love that shit

inside the bedroom outside the bedroom

they still want they bait they still

want to be treated like women they like

that masculine dominance they don't want

you to be a pushover but they don't need

you to be that extreme sadist like they

like in the bedroom if a woman likes the

BDSM the BDSM lifestyle inside the

bedroom she's not unhealthy women just

like to be done it in like that some

women like to be dominated a lot more

than others outside of the bedroom like

dee dee was right like she liked the

BDSM lifestyle all the time it was

unbelievable like she used to love it

when I would just tell her to shut the

fuck up in public like she would say

something like do

shut the fuck up and she would just kind

of smirk it I'm like oh my god this

fucking girl was fucking psycho so the

quick answer is yes depending upon the

girl a wizard praying is a web developer

hiiiii dude I hope you can cover your

tracks man don't listen to this stuff on

your work PC man holy shit let's go to

another trait that makes a woman worth

your time outside of sex very important

and again if you have any ideas give me

a call nine one four two oh five five

three five six I know listen I know

that's difficult at work maybe go hide

in the bathroom God's I took a cigarette

break she wants to give up behaviors

conducive to infidelity women who are

worth your time outside of sex limits

her social media exposure now I know I

told guys all the time tell your woman

if she wants to be your main chick you

have to you have to you have to delete

all your social media now listen that's

just me

I'm extreme and I'm donovan sharp right

like a lot of guys and I guess this is

interesting like I've endorsed this for

years now and I am finding that most

guys just don't listen man they just

don't have what it takes

they just don't have what it takes to

really lay down that edict just because

it works for Donovan sharp doesn't mean

it's gonna work for you by the same

token there are guys out there who could

run certain styles a game that wouldn't

work for me no I'm not retracting the

fact that I would never let Devin on

social media fuck dad you kidding me but

as far as this whole build the whole

social media ticked if you can pull it

off great if you can't it's not a

deal-breaker just understand just

understand women on social media makes

it a little bit easier for her to cheat

anyway women who are worth your time

outside of sex proactively check in

without you asking her to do so

women like Pacific cats you looking at

her on her phone she'll immediately show

you what she's doing on your phone if

she catches you glancing over and her

thumbs are doing this right

that means she's texting shortly oh no

no no no I'm literally just you know on

reddit or I'm on this or that or the

other or I'm shooting an email here it

is you can go through my phone those are

women worth your time outside a sex she

constantly women who are worth your time

outside a sex

this woman constantly lets you know

where she is who she's with and what

she's doing this woman wants to stop

talking to her exes she wants to stop

talking to her exes because she knows

it's gonna raise suspicions in your mind

she doesn't want to go to lunch with

Kevin and sales or her boss

dentist at Devin's boss recently tried

to set up this is interesting he lit he

recently tried to set up and I actually

put this on Instagram he recently tried

to he recently tried to set up he he

tried to sort of arrange a standing

lunch date between him and Devin he

characterized this as well every month I

sit down and talk about you know where

you are I do this with other supervisors

I do this with my other female cohorts

other female employees right we can go

get something to eat and we can just we

can discuss this stuff dude Devin wasn't

here for it she immediately said I'm not

comfortable at this she let him know

that she was not comfortable with it her

boss immediately immediately was like oh

shit like did I do something wrong right

and it was interesting because in in the

midst of this whole hashtag me to era

that was very eerie thing Devin's boss

is a smart guy he's brilliant like you

can tell like I've listened I've

listened to him talk before he's a smart

dude but he was not he was dude he

definitely was not smart in this

particular circumstance here it is right

here I actually have it in front of me

he says hi Devin I periodically have

one-on-one meetings with the name of the

another female supervisor outside of the

office I would like to start doing that


you and another name of a supervisor we

will focus on leadership tactics topics

along with other topics related to you

your team and her division

I would like to schedule a meeting with

you this week do you prefer that we

schedule during lunch in parentheses he

says we can go get something to eat or

later on in the day after 2:30

Thanks Devin responds immediately this

is not something I am comfortable with

could we meet in the lunchroom or sorb

or another place I don't want to give

away obviously where she works right she

doesn't she's not dude listen this is

why I know she's worth my time outside

of sex she doesn't want to always listen

she doesn't want to do this she knows


by the way I have lunch with my boss

Kevin today oh fuck that all right cool

look there's nothing wrong is that nope

nothing wrong guess what when her ass

gets home I'm out dude I don't care if

it was innocent or not she knows she

knows what the fuck it is Devin's an

extremely attractive woman her boss is

not attractive and he's married probably

to an unattractive woman this is just

what that is a woman who is worth your

time outside of sex wants to give up

those kinds of behaviors these women

know that high-value men don't commit to

women who have questions about their

trustworthiness she doesn't want to do

this now girls who were only good for

sex they would take that lunch with

Kevin and sales all day long and when

her boyfriend raises a big stink about

it well what's the big deal it's just

lunch right then she comes to us oh by

the way me and Kevin and members of the

other team we've got a work trip in San

Francisco guess what she's in San

Francisco fucking who Kevin that's where

this stuff starts men women who were

only good for sex they want to post

selfies on social media which is

literally advertising themselves that

the for sale sign is still in the art

and so funny girls these days they want

the security of a relationship without

actually wholly committing

they want that safety net girls who were

only good for sex they laugh at their

friends who are in long-term

relationships with high-volume and they

laugh at their friends when they chicken

what the fuck are you doing

and when she tells her well I'm checking

in with my man he likes to know where I

am and what I'm doing and I like letting

him know when she tells her that her

slutty friend jokes she laughs then she

gets mad when her friend tells her yeah

that's why you're still single women who

were only good for sex she keeps in

touch with her exes she gets happy

birthday texts from her exes on social

media she continues to talk to her ex to

keep the lines of communication open

listen we all know when girls cheat most

of time they do it with their exes then

when they get with a guy they actually

like and he doesn't commit she never

knows why she has no idea that he she

has no idea that he isn't committing to

her because he doesn't trust her she's

always posting shit on social media she

never posts a relationship status he

looks on her Facebook page there aren't

pictures of him and her she's always

texting your ex anytime she looks Oh

every time he looks over at her and her

thumbs are going she just she glances at

him and goes right back to what she's

doing when she puts her phone down it's

facedown there's a lock on her phone

then she wants to know oh my god I don't

know this came out of nowhere nah bitch

he doesn't trust you you're only good

for sex because you don't want to give

up behaviors conducive to infidelity

here's another here's another way to

decide that a woman is worth your time

outside of outside a sex listen

carefully she wants to cook for you she

wants to cook for you I'm not saying

well if she can cook she's long-term

relationship material there are a lot of

girls out there who can cook who were

epic sluts who cheat on their boyfriends

just because she can cook but mean she's

wife material just because she can cook

doesn't mean she's gonna make a good

girlfriend or a wife or a mother listen


most women can't cook well but even if

they can most of them don't want to at a

conversation with this like this with

Rollo Tomassi who famously says listen

women don't want to admit that they're

doing anything for a man this is why

they say not objectify us well then why

are you wearing why are you wearing

short skirts and slutty heels to the

club right I'm losing weight for me I'm

putting on makeup for me I what no no no

no women never want to admit that

they're doing anything solely for a man

this is the problem with most women I

refer to Chrissy in Vegas huge titty

Mexican girl met her when she was 19 I

think she was six months off of a

breakup she literally swindled a rich

guy into buying her breast implants as

soon as her as soon as her fake tits as

soon as they healed she was gone I think

I met her six months after smoking hot

dude long dude long dark dude long thick

black hair down to her ass she was

fucking gorgeous every dude if everybody

looked at her wherever we went she

increased my sexual market value guess

what guys she's the hottest girl I've

ever stuck my dick in never consider

well one of the hottest girls I ever

fucked definitely the hottest girl that

I was ever in a quasi relationship with

guess what I never considered her for a

long-term relationship material not once

I did for 10 seconds and I put her in

cooking classes was an epic waste of

money here's the thing Chrissy couldn't

cook she could have if she wanted to

right but because she wasn't interested

that's why I never considered her to be

long-term relationship material

I paid for cooking classes I spent three

hundred and fifty dollars I think for

four or five cooking classes

she didn't improve not even a little bit

she went to the classes and basically

sleepwalk through the classes I don't

know maybe maybe she didn't like me as

much as I thought she did who knows now

Devon she cooks and cooks well and she

loves cooking for me you guys can check

my social media but what separates her

Devon from most other girls that can

cook is her willingness

to cook Devin likes to cook for me she

likes to please me in that regard again

just because a woman can cook doesn't

mean she wants to cook for you guy again

guys say well can you cook yep well will

you marry me no all girls say they can

cook but you're gonna have to wait and

see ah

ask a follow-up question what do you

cook most girls who said most girls

think that if they can make hot dogs and

tater tots or peanut butter and jelly

they're Michelin fuckin star chef right

just because she can doesn't mean she

wants to cook girls who are only good

for sex they either can't or won't cook

they want to eat out all the time and by

the way girls who want to eat out all

the time

don't understand the value of a dollar

that's not long-term relationship

material gentlemen that's not worth your

time outside of sex not even close

girls who were only good for sex don't

want to put in they don't want to put in

the work or the time to learn to cook

for a man this was the deal with Chrissy

Chrissy spent dude Chrissy spent 24

hours a day looking and pretend listen

she looked good she was good at that she

sucked the cooking cuz she didn't wanna

be she didn't want it but she didn't

want to learn to cook most women think

that because and again feminism tells

them this they think that being in a

kitchen for a man is a weakness then

again they wonder why won't he commit to

me Donovan is great and we have great

sex and we have such chemistry but he

won't commit why not bitch because you

can't cook because you won't cook fuck

out of here with that red pill

grasshopper said did the boss agreed to

meet up with her at the office yeah they

actually meet in the lunch room which is

a very public area freelance run and

says she shut him down like he was


the jack man says they want the security

of the relationship without having to do

any work yeah this is listen this is the

case with most women this is just how it

is so it is here's another way to decide

if a woman is worth your time outside of

sex she is selfless

she is very unselfish but doesn't keep

score this is the girl who does things

to make you happy and she likes to make

you happy

this is the girl that puts your needs

before her own all the time and listen

man listen Devon does this in Spain she

does this to a fault

she puts my needs before her so much

that I literally have to stop her I'm

not being facetious here I literally

lefse Devon listen sweetheart you got to

take care of yourself like listen I'm

good I promise just go in there and take

care of yourself

women who were unselfish and don't keep

score do so to please their man this was

the girl who dresses in slutty heels and

micro thongs and lipsticks and and and

and in hoops because she loves watching

you drool when she walks out she loves

seeing that desire doing all that stuff

dressing in slutty clothes dude that's

uncommon it's uncomfortable to wear

those clothes you think Devon likes

walking around in slutty heels no they

hurt her V right now of course she

doesn't do much walking and I'm sure sex

is much more comfortable when she's

completely naked but she does this

because she's selfless she puts her

needs before mine

she puts my needs before her this is the

girl who was completely unselfish in bed

she sucks her cock she swallows your


she doesn't bitch and moan about not

getting orgasms I've done an episode

called four reasons why you shouldn't

care about a woman's needs in bed and

one of those reasons is that a woman's

satisfaction is directly tied to your


I discussed this with Alan Roger curry a

while back we had to scenario and think

this was episode 52 back before it was

taken down off a youtube I lost

a lot of I lost my first like hundred

and fifty two hundred episodes when

YouTube took my channel but I

specifically remember episode 52 me and

Alan talked about two scenarios there's

two scenarios scenario 1 girl and a guy

get together they fuck right the girl is

having all kinds of orgasms she's or I'm

sorry the guys have been all kinds of

orgasms he's shooting his load and he's

shootin loads all over her face yet

cetera et cetera but she doesn't have an

orgasm right she doesn't she doesn't how

can I put this she she doesn't get off

okay she has a little bit of fun but at

the end of it she's the one who doesn't

have the orgasm he has all the residents

in scenario number two guy and girl or

fuck him she's squirting all over all

over the place she's screaming and she's

moaning and growing orgasms but the guy

doesn't orgasm 11 women out of 10 would

take scenario a before scenario B seven

days a week because 99 percent of a

woman's satisfaction in bed is tied to

your satisfaction doesn't matter how

great the sex is if she found out a girl

I'm sure she found out the guy didn't

blow his load

dude the world stops she has issues I

remember one girl my god this poor girl

one girl I used to fuck and I guess I

just didn't like fucking her as much as

I thought I did I used to fuck her for

15-20 minutes and I think she would have

an orgasm or two but after she orgasm

she would be like alright did you go and

I'm like no I didn't go okay let's keep

going right like nope she didn't have

any issues of it and it took me a long

time to go but dude she was a fucking

trooper she took that dick she wanted to

make sure that I got off that validates

her sexually this is why women this is

why women like it when you shoot your

load full condom full condoms and full

uterus equals female validation if her

pussy is dry if you haven't blown your

load all over her face you weren't

turned on by her as far as I'm as far as

she's concerned I refer to Michelle an

extremely hot brunette that I used to


back in the day you guys can go to pod

pics and see and see and see a text

message conversation this woman dropped

me this woman ended that and we were

only fuck buddies but she ended our

arrangement because I wasn't getting up

I'll actually read you the text message

conversation she says he answered the

phone We Need to Talk I said I'm busy

what's up she says what I don't think we

should see each other anymore I like

hanging out and all but I don't feel

like you're attracted to me and so of

course I had the question mark and she

says what are you questioning I said

well my attraction I don't fuck ugly

girls she says I know but it takes so

long for you to come it makes me think

you're not super hot for me or something

idk or I don't know I just I just want

to feel like you really want me badly I

ain't complaining because a lot of guys

are like to pump chumps you know but you

last almost too long and I'm starting to

think it's because you aren't hot for me

I don't know so I said alright no

problem have fun it's been fun take care

she says okay good

so you're not mad and of course a joker

they said I'm bawling my eyes out

she laughs out loud she continued she

says I don't wanna make you I oh I don't

want me I don't want to make you think I

don't like hanging out with you like I

love the sex but if I come three or four

times and you haven't yet after fucking

for that long it just makes me think

you're not hot for me

it's weird I know but I want to feel

less than after and you don't make me

feel that way you know I said yep that

makes sense well take care and of course

all the hyperbole thanks for

understanding I'll miss you xoxo if

you're ever in whatever restaurant she

works at come on in and I'll hook you up

with a free meal and drinks don't be a

stranger sexy never saw her again okay

women who are worth your time outside of

sex are selfless they don't care about

their orgasms they care about yours

women like this take it in the ass and

I've said this before to anal sex is

uncomfortable at best painful at worst

guys swallow income dude that sucks

man I've never done it before but dude

sperm is warm it's sticky it's gummy

it's slimy and salty and it doesn't

taste very good and depending on a man's

diet and can't it can taste bad but you

want to know why she swallows that load

she does this to please you she does

this because she is selfless now I want

you to understand guys here listen

here's the thing women don't women

aren't selfless for just anybody women

who are worth your time outside of sex

aren't just gonna be selfless for just

anybody she's not gonna do this for you

because you have a dick and you're

fucking her oh no no no no you need you

have to be what she wants and needs

right listen listen I'm sure devon has

taken it in the ass from other guys I'm

sure she swallowed other loads but I

tell you this she's never had a guy and

make her dress like I make her dress she

tells me all the time listen man I may

or may not have been with a lot of guys

but no one has ever no man has ever had

me like you had and this specifically

speaks to the episode that I did a while

back actually dropped a an article on

Negro manosphere calm you'll never be

the biggest or the best but you can be

the one she never forgets listen man I

know I'm not the biggest cock Devin's

ever taken I know I'm not her greatest

lover I know that but I know this I know

I'm not the smallest or the worst and I

know I know that no man has ever made

her do what I do consistently I'm sure a

guy's fucked her in the ass every once

in a while right I'm sure she swallowed

some loads I'm sure she may have worn

sexy clothes for a man not to the extent

that I make her do it no siree

abso-fuckin'-lutely not she does this

for me because I'm Donovan fucking sharp

and that's just all there is to it but

you have that the point is is Devin does

this because I am what she wants and

needs she has to want to be unselfish

guys and women only want to be

the unselfish two men who exhibit

masculine dominance not beta bitch boys

guys if you're the right kind of man if

you're high value if you're an if you're

in good shape if you're financially

responsible you don't have to be rich

just be financially responsible have a

plan B going places don't deal with her

emotional don't put up with her

emotional shenanigans don't fall through

the emotional manipulations just listen

basically red pill awareness right if

you do these things

she'll be unselfish and unselfish women

make the best long-term relationships

Plus women like this don't keep score

she doesn't do this to tell you well I

did this so you need to do that she

doesn't do that she doesn't bring it up

later well I did this for you now you

owe me no no no women who are unselfish

but don't keep score those are the women

who are worth your time outside a sex

now girls who are only good for sex

those bitches are selfish as fuck they

only suck your dick because they want

you to lick their pussy for an hour and

the blowjob is lackluster and if you

don't lick her pussy after she sucks

your dick like bitches like this okay I

sucked your dick it's my turn your turn

for what bitch like fuck that and if you

don't lick her pussy or do whatever the

fuck it is she wants to do now she's

gonna bitch oh you're so selfish digging

in girls who are only good for sex have

the perpetual mindset of what's in it

for me these girls keep score in her

mind if I do this then he'll do that

girls who are only good for sex or

selfish with their money selfish with

her time girls who are only good for sex

are only unselfish if she thinks she's

going to get something in return

freelance ronan says women these days

won't even cook for their kids

everything has processed or fast-food

it's white today's kids are so out of

shape and sick I agree I agree

chase LeBeau says now his sound and

video is out of sync I'm on a Windows 10

desktop PC yeah again you'll you'll

again every once in a while things are

gonna get out of sync

this is superior software it's it's not

gonna be perfect but it best works on

mobile devices and it does of course

depend upon your internet service


here's another trade that makes a woman

worth your time outside of sex a good

relationship with her father and her

family don't get it twisted guys just

because she comes from a two-parent home

does not mean she's not a slut listen

man most I would venture to say most

white girls come from two-parent homes

right but not all two-parent homes are

created equal

mom might be a slut who cheated on dad

dad might be a beta bitch boy that might

be why she's a slut but women who

generally have a good or decent

relationship with her family

those women are worth a little more of

your time outside of sex yeah and again

listen you you you these women have to

at least be on speaking terms be close

with her family Devon for example loves

her family her family's not perfect no

family is they've got their issues just

like everything they've got their issues

just like every other family nothing


was I might listen I talk about my own

family I've got my I've got my radio

show my sister is unbelievably talent

talented she has her own cake business

like a legit like cake like dude she can

make anything you want she can make my

desk into a cake like that's how good

she is

my brother after that is a is is a is a

principal and honestly he will probably

be the mayor of the city he lives in and

about a decade plus and I'm not

exaggerating my other sister who lives

in Austin Texas is on the cusp of having

her own brick-and-mortar style store

she makes bags purses jackets definitely

a fashionista definitely chant

definitely talented she's got her own

mall kiosk she's looking to get her own

brick-and-mortar store my youngest

brother is a professional chef we are

all very successful but guess what our

family's fucked up like everybody else

our mother said that our mom had

multiple abortions my dad is a weird if

my dad's a fucking weirdo bein a bitch

boy has some weird tendencies by the

same token and I want you to understand

this guys just because she's raised by a

single mother doesn't necessarily she's

gonna make a bad long-term relationship

partner let me make listen but before

you guys jump on me if she was raised by

single mother chances are she's not

gonna be a very good wife or mother

she's not gonna be worth your time

outside of sex every once in a while

you'll find a girl who who realizes you

know what my mom was fucked up I don't

want to end up like my mother my mother

is miserable she never she's always

fucking this guy or that she lives alone

she's okay I don't want to end up like

my mom how do i how do I not end up like

my mom she runs into a guy like me I

tell her listen the reason why your mom

is like this is because of X Y Z these

are the women you can train now that

woman's gonna be a little harder to

train because she still has to she has

to have those bad habits trained out of

her but if she's willing she'll do it

she will undergo the training not gonna

be easy but she'll do it women who are

worth your time outside of sex will talk

about her family on the regular it's

normal behavior

she'll get updates texts she talks to

her mom once or twice a month

she tells stories about her family devon

has a great relationship with her family

actually visited them back in what was

it God Almighty oh I think it was back

in either February or March went down

and visited her family

Devon's from Florida right and they're

good people

okay now here's the thing like most

families Devon's family it kind of an

atypical situation if you want to call

it that Devon's father her biological

father was killed when she was only

eight months old at that point her

mother her mother was a young single

mother or two of two her mom never felt

sorry for herself

she got right back on the horse worked

her ass off she stayed feminine I think

she found a man a good man

right and again this is back in the 70s

so single you know and again listen the

single mom back in the 70s is not the

same as a single mom here in 2018 right

Devon's father was killed you're not a

single mom by choice at that point but

she worked her ass off met a decent guy

and had two more sons and today there

are really cool family they've been

married for 30-some odd years or

something like that

devon has two and Devon has two great

brothers she has a stepdad stepdad and

her biological mom at two I had two boys

one of them dude one of her brothers is

a fucking genius

this guy gets paid to go to school he's

a bug and plant expert

brilliant dude and he's really quite

funny actually the other four the other

the other brother is a sixth-floor

Adonis who spends half the year on

Alaskan fishing boat so he's got a lot

of mouth he's got a lot of stories to

tell and he's listened he's a good dude

her stepdad is a world-class artiste

this guy's a fucking prodigy guys I'm

not exaggerating and her mother is a

woman who's kind financially prudent she

understands the value of a doll or she

loves her family and she can cook

Devin's got a cool family man and when

she told me about her family listen and

listen again there's some shit that's

happened in their family that is kind of

that's kind of fucked up what family

isn't fucked up on some level but she

stays in contact she stays in contact

with her family she talks to her

brothers on the regular she's

that her mom texted her dad that listen

that right there let me know that she's

probably a woman who could be worth my

time outside of sex now girls who are

only good for sex don't talk to their

families much they don't mention their

families much girls who are only good

for sex

most likely raised in a bad two-parent

home where mom was a slut and dad was a

beta bitch boy or she was raised by

single mother and had a weak or absentee


listen I'll run down the list Amy were

start break up my life

that's a red pill origins vol 2 her dad

was in and out of prison her whole life

she was pregnant at 13 years old by a 31

year old man she was only good for sex

of course I made the egregious mistake

of making her my girlfriend the rest is

history you guys can go and read and

listen listen about that Darcy my

ex-wife dad cheated on her mother okay

with a woman that he did crack with yes

Darcy's father had a crack addiction now

Darcy's father worked for a blue-collar

company and he is so good at his job

his company said listen we're not gonna

fire you were gonna send you to rehab he

got clean and all that but she came from

a fucked up she came from a fucked up

situation of course she was a slut of

course he made a bad wife Carla the the

the red-hot Puerto Rican girl who I had

a phone call with on episode 238 you

guys can go and listen to that ts our

life history I literally called her up

and had a conversation thanks to Chase

LeBeau who suggested that I do it shout

out the chase in the jet raised in a

foster home

she was emancipated by age 11 because

her because her uncle started raping her

when she was six years old sad stuff

listen girls who were only good for sex

these are the girls who moved to a new

location every year because they burn

their bridges in their old locations

yeah listen they fucked our friends

boyfriends they fucked her friends what

they fucked their friends husbands they

fuck people over over money or sex what

is it when you get with a girl and you

see that she's only got a two-year

history on Facebook and you ask her well

where were you before you moved out

to Philly yeah that's a long story that

means burn bridges which means sex

they never listen girls who were only

good for sex never go home for

Thanksgiving they never go home for


now again having a fucked-up family

situation it's not her fault man like

listen you don't choose your family by

the same token that's not your problem

guys if she came from a chaotic family

situation like Amy Darcy or Carla dude

she's not gonna make well she's not

she's not worth your time outside of sex

not gonna happen we go back to the

Chettiar wizard praying says women are

attracted to selfish men yes they are

yes they are James Martinez says a good

relationship with their father is very

important absolutely absolutely

Brendan says can you omit can you expand

on what you meant earlier when you said

don't fall for her emotional games women

try to women try to manipulate men in

many ways and when a woman knows when a

woman knows that you that you can be

controlled by her emotionally they know

they can manipulate you they how can I

put this they lose attraction for you

right now now here's the thing women

will listen women will try to manipulate

you in many many many ways

so I out listen I'll give you a few to

answer your question Brendan how could

they put this when you don't fall for

her emotional games or put up with her

emotional shenanigans you have to

understand that you you have you have to

be you have to be you have to have the

presence of mind to recognize when it's

coming okay you can't just eat you can't

play the guessing game you have to know

that it's there you have to know what

she's doing

so let me let me let me give you a few

examples right so compliments and praise

this is one way women like to one this

is one way women like to manipulate you

or at least attempt to manipulate now

compliments and praise women use this

stuff in order to get you to repeat or

to engage in a certain behavior right

like this this is what they do

oh that okay sorry about that I'm a

little choppy right now cuz I've just

been warned by crowdcast

that I only have 30 minutes left on this

particular broadcast I wasn't sure if I

was listen I've been on the air for an

hour and a half I wasn't sure that I was

gonna be able to make this an hour and a

half to two hour program without some

sort of help but it looks like it looks

like I'm gonna be able to do it so this

is exciting this is exciting

so women try to manipulate you with

things like compliments and praise and

the reason why that it's to reinforce

the behavior that she wants you to

engage it right so by telling you that

you're a great guy she's rewarding you

with praise which for most men is more

than enough so you'll continue to take

care of all of her non-sexual needs

while she basically gets pounded out by

Kevin in sales or the unemployed you

know tattooed guitar player now

sometimes a woman does pay you a genuine

compliment right but whether it's a

compliment or an attempt to control you

the intent is the same so for example it

was it here it here's here's falling for

a woman's emotional games you're such a

great dishwasher or you're such a great

cook your response to me don't get used

to it

she's a tempting listen what she's doing

she's attempting to make you do her

chores she's attempting to make you or

her towards you or towards voters listen

maybe you are good dishwasher maybe you

are good cook but these aren't things

you're gonna do on the regular and she

needs to clearly know and understand

that another way women like to try to

manipulate you is by telling you you you

I bet you give great oral sex right but

as far as emotional games are concerned

crying or other emotional outbursts I'll

answer your question directly

crying or emotional outburst emotional

games emotional shenanigans this has

been a go-to method for females for eons

right like listen they've been doing

this since the dawn and they've been

doing this since the dawn of time now

the reason why they do this they do this

for many many reasons but within the

context of a sexual relationship and

sometimes non-sexual they usually engage

in emotional shenanigans for one or two

reasons number one to lessen the blow of

you reprimanding her for her bad

behavior or number two manipulating into

doing something you don't want to do

here's something else that we that we

need to understand as far as a woman's

emotional games and Branden this is for

you understand this the only time a

woman's tears are genuine is when they

are alone if a woman has an audience she

is crying hot she's crying crocodile

tears every fucking time if anyone at

all is in her presence when the tears

start to flow every one of those salty

drops are fucking lies maybe she's

trying to sway public opinion maybe

she's trying to make you look bad maybe

she's trying to convince a crowd that

she's right and you're wrong maybe she's

trying to get something from you maybe

again she's trying to lessen the blow of

you reprimanding her whatever the case

may be when a woman has an audience

whether it's one person which is likely

you or twenty-one people there's always

an ulterior motive always those are

emotional games so how do you handle the

woman who attempts to manipulate you

with tears I'll give you a couple

example a couple of examples the one one

that I just mentioned earlier to lessen

the blow of verbal reprimand here's the

thing I give me a given example and I do

this with Devin all the time when you

tell her that she was overly talkative

to the winner in a restaurant when she

knows damn well she's not supposed to

talk to other men in public unless she

has explicit permission from you she'll

start to cry why because she wants you

to back off of your principles and lose

it and loosen those boundaries that

you've set for her she wants you to be

okay with her having innocent or

innocuous conversations with other men

in your presence so how do you show her

that you are not falling for falling for

that for that emotional manipulation or

emotional games when you see her eyes

start to well up with tears in her chin

start to tremble

simply stop talking you hand her a

tissue and say let me know when you're

finished and do so with a stone listen

do so with a stone face stoicism show

zero emotion and zero empathy that's one

way you don't fall for her emotional

games here's another way to let her know

she wants something right quick example

she asks you to do something or for

something you tell her now and she

starts crying because she wants you to

believe that it's so important she's

ruling that she's willing to let the

tears flow obviously she's also doing

this so that you can give her what she

wants the proper response you can cry

all you want the answers still no right

guys do not allow women to listen to

manipulate you with their tears okay

they do this with their siblings their

parents their bosses their boyfriends

their husbands everybody else you

Brandon you're gonna be the one man who

doesn't fall for this bullshit and when

you show her that you aren't she'll

respect you and love you for it

women want men they cannot manipulate

but they have to try to manipulate you

because that's what they do when it

happens don't respond emotionally

respond with frankness respond with

Sohus ISM dude dose is a borderline

cold-bloodedness man show her that her

tears are invisible to you show her that

you are impervious to her emotional

shenanigans or as you put it Brandon

emotional games if you give in and you

take your foot off the gas with regards

to reprimanding her bad behavior or you

give in and do whatever whatever it is

that she asked you to do because she

cried threw a fit guess what she's gonna

be doing a lot more crying and a lot

more tantrum throwing you have fallen

for her emotional games men like this

always wonder why people describe their

women as drama queens this is this

listen this this is this is just how it

is so yeah you have to let women know

that you are not falling for her

emotional games here listen here's

another thing right women and women

always tried a bit to manipulate men

sexually and just a circling back to

what Brandon's quest

was unto tighten with today today's

episode women who try to emotion women

who try to manipulate you through sex

those are what those are girls only good

for sex women who are worth your time

outside of sex don't try to manipulate

you through through sex okay now here's

the thing a lot of guys ask me well what

do you do in a woman withhold sex from

you this again Brandon this is her

trying to emotionally manipulate this is

this is sort of a quasi shit test so you

walk up behind her you grab her tits and

bite her neck that's what I do you know

or whatever it is that you you know you

want to let her know that that you want

to fuck her let her know it's time to

fuck she pulls away and then she tells

you she's not in the mood or she's got a

headache or whatever whatever fucking

excuse she gives there's only one way to

handle this effectively to ensure that

it will never happen again and to let

her know that you're not falling for

those emotional games you grab your shit

without a second you grab your shit and

you leave without a second word and

she's at your place tell her to leave

don't argue don't converse with her

don't explain her don't do anything but

remove yourself from that situation this

lets her know in no uncertain terms

gentlemen that if she doesn't uphold her

end of the bargain which is letting you

fuck her then you won't uphold yours

which is your attention your company

companionship that's what relationships

are guys you give me the pussy when I

want it I'll give you my attention my

company my companionship and if you

stick around long enough if you show me

that you're worth my time outside of sex

consistently I might even reward you

with more of my attention and dare I say

resources so let's just run through the

scenario right she denies you sex and

you're getting ready to leave where are

you going don't say a damn word she'll

try to say he'll try to shame you so

this is just about sex for you so don't

say anything oh Jesus tell over don't

say shit Vince he'll try to get you

bacon okay okay let's have sex no matter

what she says asks or does do not utter

a single word to her even if she throws

the pussy's that even if she throws the

pussy ass you leave because regardless

of what she says she knows why her


if you're kicking her out of her out of

your place use the same protocol and

make sure make sure you're leaving your

place - doesn't matter where you go just

leave she'll have to leave - she's at

your place not only will you have shown

her that sex is a requirement for your

company you've also activated Dredd she

has no idea where you're going because

she knows you're leaving the house

because she didn't put out her

imagination is gonna run wild it's gonna

get the better of her the night you

leave or kick her out don't answer her

phone calls don't answer her texts trust

me when I tell you guys

she will blow up your fucking phone

calls texts and she'll go back and forth

she'll call you an asshole then she'll

tell you she loves you then she'll tell

you she hates - hates you then she'll

shit then she'll text you a picture of

her tits it'll go back and forth she'll

be all over the map which is exactly

what you want do not respond to anything

that night make her ass sweat it out

after that run standard read game for

the next couple days or so not extreme

Dredd game where you go radio silent for

a week you want to keep her in her orbit

because if she thinks she's because if

she thinks you've really moved on she

will fuck another guy if you've let that

go on too long guarantee instead I don't

know text or maybe four times the entire

date was cold responses like okay sure

cool whatever and I'm giving you an

example of what I've done several times

that's why this seems very to-the-point

right don't answer her phone calls when

she calls deny her the ability to

physically see you or hear your voice

for at least the next 48 hours during

that time she will offer her pussy on a

platter Brandon if she texts you hey can

I come over tonight or do you want to

come over

respond with now I'm busy or something

to that effect

if you want to know how to not fall for

her emotional manipulation her sit her

her emotional games do not fuck her

during the 48 billion 48 hour dick

detention period then at the end of day

number two send her a text that says We

Need to Talk

right then you're gonna give her time

where she will come over which is gonna

send shockwaves through her mind and

body because she's listen she's assuming

that you might want to end things when

she comes over she's gonna come dressed

like a fucking porn star a porn star to

a stripper dude she's gonna be dude

she'll let you stick your cock in every

hole you want no matter what she says

when you tell her We Need to Talk

don't respond when she does come over

she's going to tentatively ask you guys

I'm telling you I've done this at least

a half a dozen times my hand to the

fucking man this works every time when

she does come over and she asks you what

this is all about

tell her never mind and you continue on

as though nothing happened

you will dude you will fuck her six ways

from Sunday she'll let you do every vile

disgusting debaucherous thing your nasty

little mind can think of most

importantly she will never deny you sex

again for any reason she has a headache

nope she's giving me the pussy not in

the mood nope she's giving it up long

day at work nope if you want to fuck

she's gonna let you fuck her because she

doesn't want to feel like she felt for

the last couple days in addition she's

not gonna use sex to reward you she's

not gonna use sex to punish you and

you'll be so listen you'll be surprised

at how quickly she starts offering up

those blowjobs in anal sex this is just

how that is and for good measure this is

what I like to do for the next two weeks

after you start fucking her again don't

go to her place for at least the next

two weeks she needs to be on your


so that you can dictate terms and and

re-establish that frame don't listen

don't go to her - two and a half weeks

guys listen I've used this technique

many many times they always fall in line

that Brandon is what I mean when I say

don't fall for her emotional games there

are many many more

examples but I don't I'm not I'm not

here to give you theories I'm not here

to tell you something somebody else told

me this is the sharp reality

this ain't the sharp with somebody else

told me I got about 15-20 minutes left

in that actually I've got 17 minutes

left in this episode

let's go ahead and finish it out here

here's another way to determine if a

woman is worth your time outside of sex

she didn't go to a four-year school

listen guys four-year schools turn girls

into sluts when girls go to four-year

schools they fuck a lot of guys

four-year schools literally ruins girls

for long-term relationships dude they're

going to frat parties they're fucking

the football team they're fucking the

basketball team they're getting trains

run on them they're doing threesomes

with their roommates and their best

friends there's drugs there's drinking

living on campus for four years is like

being on crystal meth

you can't go back you've lived on campus

where you where you've dined on every

sort of cock you can find and now you

think you're ready to be in a long-term

relationship with a guy and only fuck

that guy no never works that way oh my

god why do I cheat too much because you

went to four-year school it's like the

tag to sponsor chicks I forget what

episode number that was but I talked

about these girls who get paid by these

oil sheiks to get flown to Dubai they

get put up in these posh hotels they get

flown over on it on a private jet

all expenses paid they and then they get

30 to $40,000 payment for that in

exchange these guys dude they fucking

dude bloody gang bangs they fuck him in

the ass till they bleed they shit on him

they piss on him this damages girls for

life not only does that sex damage them

for life all of her posh surroundings

that's like being on meth it's both good

and very terrible girls who go to

four-year schools fuck everybody for

girl goes to a four-year school she's

gonna run her not count up into the

triple digits

Devon didn't go to a four-year school

she worked her way through a community

college by working in kitchens which is

one of the reasons she is great in the


listen Devin has a high notch count for

sure I know she's fucked a lot of guys

but imagine where that notch cannot

would be if she went to Florida State

University right imagine you'd imagine

if she went to the University of Miami

or the University of Florida up in

Gainesville another way to determine and

I'm just gonna go through these

rapid-fire does she have a clean place

right if listen if a woman listen she

doesn't have to be OCD clean but she

can't have shit all over them she can't

have shit all over the place everywhere

fellow return of Kings colonist goes by

the name of aviator look him up

wrote an article called if she if

there's shit on the floor she's probably

a whore I'm sure there's some sort of

psychological hang-up or meaning to this

but listen every listen I fucked a lot

of girls who have trashy apartments

they're all sluts if she doesn't have a

clean place she's only good for sex if

she keeps a hefty sum place she might be

worth your time outside of sex here's

another very important one a woman is

worth your time outside of sex if she

assists you in your endeavors this is

what debt this is how Devin separates

herself from any other woman I've been

to I've been with she actively helps me

with my show

dude she built my website

she gives me ideas she did she helped me

build it she helped me build my studio

she helped me - she helped me to put my

my system together

she pulled listen she has a really good

friend of hers who works for Apple she

pulled some strings and got me a huge

discount on a loaded brand-new Apple Mac

computer Devin is unless Devin knows I'm

Donovan sharp she's a hundred percent of

supportive supportive of what I do she's

coming with me to the 21 convention she

is agonizing about her wardrobe what do

I wear I want to be sexy but I don't

want to be slutty I want to represent

you well any woman who offers to assist

you in your goals your projects your


any woman who wants to be in the

trenches with you to help you build

whatever it is you want to build that's

a woman who might be worth your time

outside a sex another woman another

trait where a woman may be worth your

time outside of sex she takes care of

herself does she smoke does she drink is

she fat right

is she a gym rat now this is one of

Devin's weaknesses right Devyn isn't

that she's not a gym rat like I am she

has she has no discipline to go to the

gym fortunately for her she was blessed

by the genetic gods when I tell her all

the time

look dude in five six short years you're

gonna be 40 years old and you're not

gonna have the body that you had so you

better start developing these habits but

women who are worth their time outside

of sex take care of themselves guess

what if she can't take care herself how

do you expect her to take care of you

here's another trait she's docile docile

women make make make superior mates

you don't want aggressive chicks you

don't want these feminists out there ask

her what her mother is like and firm

listen if her mother was and I'd listen

I've talked about this before girls

raised by single mothers usually make

bad relationships the only other get the

exception to the rule and I talked about

this earlier is if a girl detests her

mother if she doesn't want to be like

her mother if she puts two and two

together okay mom was a slut she cheated

on dad or she was never married to my

dad had guys running in and out always

had a boyfriend was fucking this guy or

that was cheating on this care of that I

don't want to be like mom then you might

have a chance to come in there say look

I know what listen I know why you don't

want to be like your mom I understand

why this is how we can get you out of

that right other than that if her mom

was a slut she's gonna be a slut if her

mom is if her mom is docile if she's

kind if she's feminine she's got a


the last one is does she follow through

with what it is she says she's gonna do

this is another weakness that Devin has

and blessed Devin's heart she wants to

do whatever she can to please me but she

has a very mentally demanding job and

sometimes she's jealous and sometimes

work just gets the better of her and

listen Devin has a lot of weaknesses but

what her weaknesses are clearly made up

by the way she looks the way she takes

care of me she does it all in bed she

cooks no woman's gonna be perfect no

woman's gonna be perfect and Devin is

she's certainly no exception

Devin almost never fall is so funny

Devin will be like Donovan I'm gonna I'm

gonna workout Monday Wednesday and

Friday I'm gonna tan Tuesday and

Thursday we're gonna do the keto diet

and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do

that she almost never follows through

right luckily for her I have more than

enough discipline for the both of us

now again Devin she's not the exception

to the rule but unless you meet a woman

who makes up for it in all these areas

if she doesn't follow through with what

she says if she isn't a woman of her

word she's not gonna make and now here's

the thing let's let's move it to another

level here that was all trivial stuff

that I talked about earlier but a woman

who says yeah I'm not gonna talk to my

ex yeah I'm gonna delete my social media

if a woman tells you she's gonna do all

of these things so that you trust her

and you can build the healthy

relationship but she doesn't follow

through oh no no no no no she is not

good for anything outside a sex keep in

mind guys it's like I said at the top of

the show it's gonna take time to find

this stuff out you can't just sit her

down and and and you can't just sit her

down interview style and say okay are

you genuinely client are you docile

what's your mother like are you going to

offer to assist me in my endeavors did

you go to a four-year school tell dude

girls no these questions are coming

they're gonna tell you exactly what they

want they're gonna they're gonna tell

you exactly what you want to hear and

most and most dumb fucking guys out here

take a woman at her word oh my god she

didn't go to a four-year school she

likes to cook she likes to clean she's

submissive she has a good she's just

telling you that stuff so

she's telling you that stuff because she

doesn't want to actually have to prove

it to you

it's going to take time quiz her over

time you're gonna learn to listen

whether regardless of what she tells you

the more time you spend with her at some

point you're gonna find this shit out

don't sit hurt again don't sit her down

with a list and interview her she's

gonna lie to you you don't want to do

that but if you can see that she bet

that she might have the potential to be

worth your time outside of sex it's

gonna take time a lot of guys are lazy

they think oh man I want a girl who's

this that in a third that takes time not

only does it take time to vet her it

takes time to train her those are very

those are extremely time-consuming

I used Devin as an example I met Devin

in March I met Devin in April of 2016 I

didn't commit to her in a long-term

relationship until August of 2017 year

and a half I had to vet her and I had to

train her that was not easy and it dude

it took time you gotta be willing to put

in the work that's install there is to

it all right let's hit the chat one last

time here freelance Ronan says that

there are a lot of two-parent homes

where dad is just a mule that works and

pays the bills but has no say-so in his

own house right

there we go yeah freelance women says

two hours I'm rockin and rollin dude I'm

an hour and fifty three minutes in I

can't believe this I can't I honestly

didn't know if I was capable of doing a

two hour solo show I've had no phone

calls I've had no guests and Here I am

an hour and fifty three fuckin minutes

in and honestly I could probably go for

another hour but I need to work out

because I'm hungry I haven't eaten

anything all day so I need to go I need

to go lift I need to get this

I need to get this stuff taken care of

Miami Jay in the house good to see you

in here brother yeah Miami Jay says

crowdcast works great through patreon

but not in the standalone app Miami Jay

that's been fixed that's been fixed man

give her a second chance I know she

cheated on you the first time all that

stuff's been worked out

looks like sharp assist has to go thank

you very much sharp assist I know sharp

assist is probably assisting at work

Brandon cosign says dude I know so many

girls that went to a four-year two

four-year schools and became major sluts

have you ever been in a scenario where a

girl wouldn't get out of your house

after you told her to get out no no if

that ever happened to me

if I tell a girl to get out sometimes I

don't want to get the fuck out of my

house or I'm calling the fucking cops

they usually go if they still stick

around then you leave if she won't leave

then you leave all right well if you

won't if you won't leave my house I'm

going to leave and as soon as I and I'm

not giving you permission to stay here

so if I leave and call the cops you are

now guilty of breaking and entering spin

says is there anything worse than a

woman who lives in filth

Jesus Christ spin says have her on as a

guest interview wizard praying says

won't happen says that would be

interesting you know it's interesting I

have tossed I have actually tossed

around that idea

it would be it would be very interesting

will be very very interesting

wow what a show today what a show very

very proud of what I have accomplished

here that's gonna do it for this edition

of TS r live thank you gentlemen for

tuning in

do all your amazon shopping through my

amazon link I apologize for the screen I

got a I got to work on the screen thanks

for listening guys I will see you

tomorrow at 10 a.m. Eastern 7:00 Pacific


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