How to establish boundaries with your woman (Episode 323)

Establishing boundaries in the beginning of a relationship is the single most important thing you can do as a Man. Failing to do so can and result in the slow painful death if a relationship. The Men who establish boundaries from the start are the men who gain the respect, love, and loyalty of their women.




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9/3/2018, 7:32:45 PMFreelanceRoninFreelance RoninVery true indeed! And sometimes you don't even have to tell them it's like they just know

9/3/2018, 7:33:56 PMSuedeSenseiSuedeSenseiDelete her number and keep it moving!

9/3/2018, 7:34:28 PMspnzspnzif you keep talking to her after that, its your own fault anything that happens

9/3/2018, 7:34:35 PMDeadshotDeadshotHow does that work with Latinas? A Colombian woman would be late to her own funeral

9/3/2018, 7:34:43 PMSuedeSenseiSuedeSenseiLOL.

9/3/2018, 7:34:52 PMSoulBrotha44SoulBrotha44Deadshot, you gotta check hard.

9/3/2018, 7:35:07 PMSoulBrotha44SoulBrotha44latinas gotta feel the loss man

9/3/2018, 7:35:18 PMredfield07redfield07in the movie the gofather fredo wife or gf was dancing with other man and acting like a ho. he didn't know how to control her. she even said hes not a man

9/3/2018, 7:35:26 PMDeadshotDeadshot60 minutes late is on time for a Colombiana

9/3/2018, 7:36:31 PMspnzspnzjust say "thats so cute" and "boop" her nose

9/3/2018, 7:38:34 PMredfield07redfield07lol @deadshot

9/3/2018, 7:39:01 PMK603Kevin603"sex isn't all i want, unless its all you got" -Patrice

9/3/2018, 7:41:13 PMDeadshotDeadshotI need to make this stuff PG so I can bring it to church

9/3/2018, 7:41:52 PMredfield07redfield07or they say i didn't see your text lol yea right

9/3/2018, 7:42:02 PMvecoastvecoastI left phone in

9/3/2018, 7:42:23 PMSuedeSenseiSuedeSenseiI fell asleep....yeah okay.

9/3/2018, 7:43:18 PMsharpeassist-Conversely, if she texts you ever 30 seconds, wait 30 minutes lol

9/3/2018, 7:43:24 PMsharpeassist-*every

9/3/2018, 7:43:53 PMK603Kevin603She didn't see it because the 6 other guys pushed yours off-screen

9/3/2018, 7:44:41 PMjohhnyjohhnydoes this text thing even appy on the firts dates?

9/3/2018, 7:45:23 PMK603Kevin603Even more. At the begin is where the peak excitement is.. she shouldn't be taking forever

9/3/2018, 7:45:56 PMjohhnyjohhnyCuz if she likes you she will play hard to get from my experience?

9/3/2018, 7:46:55 PMredfield07redfield07if shes talking to other men infront of you imagine when shes alone ?

9/3/2018, 7:47:16 PMK603Kevin603You're the prize. You're hard to get

9/3/2018, 7:47:57 PMvecoastvecoastjohnny….no, you think she will give a movie star or pro athlete a hard time?

9/3/2018, 7:50:43 PMSoulBrotha44SoulBrotha44Logging off to save something to listen to on the drive in to work. Ya'll be easy.

9/3/2018, 7:50:51 PMredfield07redfield07take care man

9/3/2018, 7:51:49 PMredfield07redfield07lmao

9/3/2018, 7:52:14 PMSuedeSenseiSuedeSenseiI did that to a chick I've been smashing a couple weeks ago. I told her, "That's pretty feminine of you," after she burped and she immediately apologized.

9/3/2018, 7:52:34 PMDeadshotDeadshotSetting boundaries=passing shit tests

9/3/2018, 7:53:21 PMFreelanceRoninFreelance RoninWomen talking about exes is definitely a real no no

9/3/2018, 7:54:15 PMredfield07redfield07man nick Jonas fucked up

9/3/2018, 7:54:17 PMK603Kevin603Iron rule of Tomassi #2 - don't talk about YOURS

9/3/2018, 7:55:09 PMsharpeassist-

9/3/2018, 7:57:04 PMspnzspnza shit test is a boundary test

9/3/2018, 8:06:54 PMredfield07redfield07texting with an ex or other guy is a no no for me

9/3/2018, 8:07:25 PMredfield07redfield07another guy"

9/3/2018, 8:09:06 PMDeadshotDeadshotShe can delete texts

9/3/2018, 8:09:09 PMK603Kevin603(exclusive) If you catch them texting an ex, and then take them back, all they'll do is get better at hiding it

9/3/2018, 8:09:14 PMFreelanceRoninFreelance RoninI agree redfield07



if you take your girl to a club or a bar

you are asking for trouble if you don't

have a budget plan in place you're gonna

overspend every single time what the

hell are you spending 300 bucks on a

pair of sneakers for a great physique is

a game changer if you were drunk when he

you it's still cheating what's up

guys it's Herman Donovan Sharpe and

welcome to the 320 third edition of PS

our primetime your nightly dose of bread

filled truth wisdom and awareness I was

a little loud there on the intro my


let's get to it it is very important for

men to set boundaries in their




under control for so long but when

feminism happened I don't know 60 65

years ago it allowed women enough

freedom to completely everything up

marriage relationships the culture

everything I've got some static here

someone go ahead and cut out

BlogTalkRadio my apologies there guys go

ahead and leave the page anyway this is

why women have been kept under control

for so long but again feminism changed

all of that

okay it everything up marriage

the culture anything you can think of if

you don't set boundaries for your women

she will not respect you women respect

masculinity and they respect boundaries

they might not like them and the reason

for that is that it makes it much more

difficult or to misbehave or to cheat or

to set up cheating I'll certainly object

to you telling her not to text her ex or

deleting her tinder profile because of

course she wants a branch to swing to

when and if she decides she's too bored

with you by the same token a woman who

is really into you if she really

respects you if she really wants to be

with you she will adhere to those

boundaries even if she pushes back a

little and guys listen don't be alarmed

if she pushes back this is a natural

response women aren't used to men

setting boundaries or showing them that

they won't tolerate certain behaviors

but if she really likes you she will get

over those initial feelings of

hesitation and respect you for having

the balls to display masculinity on that

level she's not used to that but even

even if she's not used to it she likes

it a lot without a doubt we say all the

time that women are overgrown children

and that gentleman is 100% correct and

like children women want and need


they want and need discipline children

respect discipline they may not like it

they may throw a fit when he tell them

to go upstairs and do their homework you

may throw it when you tell your toddler

you can't play with that toy or you have

to share but they respect it and they

grow to even love it it is the same with

women and by the way just off topic here

it's amazing how much women and children

have in common it really is we talk all

the time about the fact that women are

overgrown children and it's it is

absolutely amazing when you think about

the similarities between women and

children it's it is absolutely

spectacular when you figure out what the

differences are like treating women like

overgrown like what like children that

makes all the difference in the world

anyway it's also important to understand

gentlemen that one size doesn't fit all

with regards to setting boundaries and

forcing boundaries enforcing the rules

setting boundaries depends on the girl

depends on the situation depends on your

value your frame your delivery the time

there are so many mitigating factors

that it's impossible to go over each and

every situation and every circumstance

one by one we'll be here all night long

it's also important that you understand

that you have to know your girl and how

to handle her listen all women are like

that we all know that women all have the

same hard drive right we all know that

we all know that they have the same

software/hardware on the other hand is a

little bit different yes women are high

Pergamus yes they all respond to the

same stimuli but not exactly they do

slightly vary from woman to woman some

women respond to assertive boundaries

some women respond to aggression most

women most women respond to both

depending upon the situation

circumstances the time of the month etc

but no woman responds to passive

boundaries no woman is gonna respond to

hey would you mind not doing that

negative she's gonna laugh your ass off

before she comes and sucks up guys

before she comes and sucks my dick a guy

who's not passive-aggressive now there

are two main ways to set boundaries with

your woman

the first way of course is verbally okay

for example if she's on her phone okay

if she's on her phone during a date and

you say put that away for me would you

that's verbal then there is the

nonverbal way to set boundaries this is

through your actions so for example if

you guys agreed to meet up at 7:00 and

she's not there by 704 705 you leave the

venue and you go dark for 24 hours

this shows her that you won't tolerate

her wasting your time without saying a

word and trust me when I tell you she'll

get the message but Donovan what if she

just says it never calls you again

well then number one she didn't like you

that much that much to begin with and

number two a woman who doesn't respect

your time does not respect you

if a woman negatively if a woman

responds negatively to you establishing

boundaries and again this is assuming

you're a high-value male if she responds

negatively you move on to the next girl

there way too many women out there who

are waiting for a man to give them

boundaries to be dealing with

hard-headed bitches out here looking to

prove that they're strong and

independent who will not be controlled

by a man next the bitch and move on she

does not deserve you with most women

you'd normally have use a variation of

both again depending upon a number of

factors now understanding the difference

the difference between boundaries and

expectations is also key okay boundaries

are behaviors you won't tolerate okay

and they have to be established early on

in the beginning of the relationship all

right these off listen these are and

these have to be established from your

first interaction boundaries are arc or

behaviors that you have to correct

they're things that don't seem like a

very big deal on its face but red pill

awareness allows you to see that they

could be a huge problem down the road

if left unchecked things like texting

with her ex being on the being on her

phone when she's on a date with you or

when she's at your place the way she

talks to you her tone of voice raising

her voice speaking to you

disrespectfully having male friends

delay texting etc now expection

expectations on the other hand are

exactly what they are expectations these

are behaviors you expect her to either

engage in or refrain from

in order to be in and stay in a

relationship with you notice I said

relationship we're not talking about

fuck-buddy arrangements we're not

talking about friends with benefits

these are established relationships

long-term girlfriends cohabitating

marriage etc but these are things you

verbalize and you never verbalize these

expectations unless she angles for in

unless she angles for an excuse and

exclusive relationship first we're gonna

get into that and how important that is

a little bit later on in the show

expectations include avoiding sex right

not giving you the going to bars

or clubs talking to other men in your

presence when she's in public with you

her physical appearance and so on and so

forth you are entitled to set boundaries

because you are a man a suit and again

you're not just any man you're not some

run-of-the-mill you know Joe Schmo

living with his parents making twenty

five thousand dollars a year working for

some gyp joint company no no you're a

high-value guy you're in good shape

you're well dressed you have your

together your finances are in order you

know how to handle women you can set

boundaries that women will take

seriously because you have your

together and as a side note like I said

if you don't have your together

you can't expect women to respect your

boundaries it's the same with

expectations but if you're a five

percenter you can set boundaries because

you are a man and demand you don't get

to set boundaries because you have a

dick gentlemen you're not entitled to

respect from women just because you're a

man we say all the time that women don't

deserve the best men out there simply

because they have vaginas we talk about

the fact that they have to work for it

they have to be a woman of value bring

something to the table besides blowjobs

and it's the same with men you

can't expect your woman to do and be

something that you can't do and be

yourself no that's not symmetrical so if

any woman is watching who okay well if

he expects this of me then I'm gonna

expect the same app in no it works very

very differently we're gonna get into

that later anyway if you don't set

boundaries from the start and you and if

you don't do it consistently or enforce

those boundaries you are asking for

trouble you can set them in the

beginning but it is equally it's

actually equally if not more important

to consistently

force them because women are gonna test

you guys they're gonna push those

boundaries they're going to test

you and if you don't enforce those

boundaries she is gonna walk all over

you another reason it's important to set

boundaries is if you don't you can't

then later on expect expect it you can't

later on set expectations when an if she

angles for exclusivity and again we're

gonna cover that a little bit later on

if you don't check a woman immediately

for texting or X or playing with her

phone during a date what makes you think

she's going to adhere to your no going

to bars or clubs expectation later on

it's like a parent allowing their

toddler to get away with acting like a

brat then trying to tighten the screws

when they're teenagers not gonna work

not gonna happen you must set boundaries

early in order to voice your

expectations later so what we're gonna

discuss tonight is we're gonna discuss

how to establish boundaries early on how

to consistently enforce them what to do

if she decides to push or bend those

boundaries and the difference between

verbal and nonverbal boundary setting

and enforcement then we're gonna talk

about setting expectations and the

conditions necessary to do so my opening

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we leave the page yeah yeah it looks

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of course let's see who else we got in

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women give me nothing but static yeah


yeah let me give you a lot of things let

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oh yes by the way by the way the last

place punishment yes Thank You Miami J

for for letting me know

the last place punishment for the TSR

red pill invitational league is whoever

finishes last has to post a picture on

social media holding up a piece of paper

that says hashtag this is what a

feminist looks like

oh that's gonna be awesome that's gonna

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and of course I'm gonna blast it all

over my show we're gonna make funny

we're gonna humiliate you sharp assist

is already sending me options which is

good I'm gonna have to check those out a

little bit later that is yes that that

is very very good yes yes this is what a

feminist looks like you have to hold

that up and listen if I'm a loser I

might just get a t-shirt babe

right and say this is what a feminist

looks like so the winner of course is

gonna get a really cool trophy it's

gonna look very similar to the Lombardi

Trophy it's gonna look very similar to

the Super Bowl trophy and so I'm very

much looking forward to to taking that

home very much looking forward to to

owning that trophy yet another another

trophy for the another trophy for the

mantle excellent yes you guys seem to

like that

excellent excellent oh this is gonna be

great this is gonna be great Dallas wait

senator he's late listen he wants no

part of that he wants no part of that

that's gonna be great

all right let's get down to business

guys first we're in tonight's show the

first thing we're going to do is we're

gonna talk about setting boundaries and

the importance of setting each boundary

the consequences of not setting

particular boundaries then later on in

the show we're gonna talk about setting

expectations and why you can't have one

without the other

okay so let's go ahead and start let's

go ahead and start with setting

boundaries let's go ahead and talk about

a few behaviors that we need to nip in

the bud the first one is the first one I

mentioned though the first one is one

that I mentioned before talking on the

phone or around with her phone

while on a date with you now I'm gonna

tell you guys a quick I'm gonna tell you

guys a quick personal story when I first

started running

red pill style game I had a three month

stretch where every single chick that I

met up with was on her phone the entire

time the entire day

obviously I hated it so I

researched how to handle it I came

across the Christian McQueen post where

he said that he reached over the table

grabbed the girl's phone placed it down

placed it facedown and said not now doll

totally gangster I was like oh my

god this guy's got it bigger than


so The Berrics oh my very next date I

tried the exact same thing I reached

over and grabbed her phone and she

pulled it away from me and said what the

are you doing I said uh I don't

want you on the phone during this say

that totally froze up she said too

bad right it was a complete

embarrassment but the reason it fell

flat is because she probably didn't like

me that much to begin with my frame was

all wrong in my delivery was weak it was

the first time I've ever tried it and it

was and that was obvious so I tweaked it

a little bit and I tried it again so I

was out on another date maybe a week

later and I already knew this girl liked

me a lot more than the last one did

right we met at a restaurant at Caesar's

Palace I can't remember exactly what

restaurant it was but she would a forum

she pulls out her phone and I just

leaned over and I said put that away for

me would you she said oh I'm sorry I was

just checking if my friend called I

didn't respond I just smiled back at her

and sent my water not only did I not see

her phone the rest of the date I didn't

see her phone the rest of the night not

even when we got to her place the next

morning she literally asked me hey do

you mind if I check my phone I said yeah

no problem just don't get lost in there

kept the frame right you're on my time

you can look at your phone but you're

not gonna be sitting you're not gonna be

you're not gonna be on social media it's

long listen if you have my if you if you

have the privilege of my company you

were on my time that's just Blissett

this is just the way it goes with me

those are the rules those are my

boundaries I know I ended up dating that

girl for five months and we were I don't

know we were kind of sort of exclusive

but not really but the point is is that

she knew not to be on her phone when she

was around me and all I had to do was be

assertive about it and again guys again

if a woman responds adversely to you

attempting to establish a boundary don't

trip all this means is that you will use

her for nothing but sex the highest

status that she will ever have with

you is a buddy or a friend or

a friend with benefit maybe even a

one-night stand if you can't Center okay

listen I can't stand the bitch but she's

got great tits I'll her once and

never call her again one time I told the

date the same thing I said put that away

for me would you

I did it exactly the same way she looked

at me she looked at she didn't say

anything she looked at me then looked

back down at her phone and continued to

text whoever it is she was texting so I

took out a five dollar bill and all I

all we had was water at that point right

so I took out a five dollar bill left it

on the table got up and said enjoy the

rest of your evening and left the

restaurant again this was back when I

was actually taking girls to restaurants

on first dates this is something I did

for a while before I finally caught on

that it was probably not a good idea

again if a woman does not respect your

boundaries than she does not respect you

and that's all there is to it

and a woman that doesn't respect you

does not deserve to be around you it's

that simple guys a woman who is on her

phone when she is with you is

disrespecting you now most women

unfortunately don't understand that this

is disrespectful behavior right because

it's so it's so normal that this is just

what they do they don't they don't think

anything about it most women don't if a

woman likes you enough and if you are

assertive enough more times than not

they will do what you ask them to do

you'd actually be surprised at how many

women actually put their phones away

if you if you simply ask them to and

again don't ask them away that is

supplicating or scared or hesitant for

example uh would you mind maybe putting

away your phone No your weakness is

obvious and she will not respect your

request or your command as it were okay

don't be passive don't be aggressive and

don't be passive-aggressive simply be

assertive make eye contact and say put

that away would you that's all you have

to do listen if you are the one man who

lets her know that she is not gonna be

on her phone when she is with you then

she will respect you and you will

separate yourself from just about every

other guy she's been with in her entire


straight up the next behavior that we

need to end up nipping in the bud his

flaky behavior right being a late to a

meet up or standing you up flaking on a

date whatever the case may be

now handling flaky behavior verbally it

never works

saying to a woman don't be late and then

the little saying that to a woman

it will literally go in one ear and out

the other and the reason why is because

she hears this from her mother she hears

this from her fridge hears this from her

boss everyone she knows consistently

tells her not to be late because she's

late all the time so when you

tell her not to be late she's just going

to ignore it as a matter of habit now

the reason why you have to handle flaky

behavior from the beginning is because

again she's disrespecting you now she's

disrespecting your your time what I said

earlier if a woman can't be bothered to

show up on time then she does not

respect you so rather than telling her

not to be late or asking her why she's

late okay give her about a five minute

window to show up give her about a five

minute window to show up and if she does

it then you leave when she calls her

texts you and asks you where you were

simply say well I was here at 7:00 I

didn't see you so I left then go dark

for 24 hours I didn't bring my water

bottle in here and now I'm hating it all

right anyway looks like the show must go


this lets her know that she needs to get

her ass ready and get her ass there on

time if she wants to keep seeing you you

didn't yell at her you didn't question

he didn't give her an ultimatum you

simply showed her that she would not

tolerate her disrespecting your time by

leaving this again tells her in no

uncertain terms what the consequences

are to her actions if you are late to a

date there is no date if a girl flakes

that listen and too many oh my god there

are too many guys out here oh my

too many guys call me they text me they

send me messages hey Donovan I set up a

first time date with this girl and she

flaked on me should I keep talking to

her no but she's really hot and

you're really thirsty

if a woman flakes on you the very first

time dude you ghost on her you

don't give that bitch another chance she

disrespected your time don't even think

about it

thirsty ass niggas should I keep talking

to her are you crazy

this is the very essence of setting

boundaries here's another area that men

need to set boundaries her tone of voice

and the way she talks to you raising her

voice these days we see many many women

disrespecting their men in public in

many ways the way they do it the most is

the way they talk to their men we see

women Rhian listen we see internet

videos all the time right we see women

raise their voices at their men we see

them being overtly condescending we see

this all out in the world we see this we

see this outward disrespect in public

and we always wonder we always wonder to

ourselves and we see this stuff how in

the world is she getting away with this

well the answer is simple he didn't

check her the first time she yelled at

him or took an aggressive or

condescending tone with him the way to

handle your woman verbally disrespecting

you in public and private this is verbal

the first time she raises her voice at

you you look her in the eye and say

lower your voice you make and you keep

eye contact until she looks away she

wants to get into a stare down

that you sit there for five

hours that you're not about to lock

horns with no bitch you're a man she's a

woman this is the way you let her know

that she is never to raise her voice at

you bitch are you crazy the very

first time she condescends to you or

speaks to you in a disrespectful tone or

gives you attitude again look her dead

in the eye and say watch your tone in

both cases you don't yell you don't get

crazy you don't get angry you simply

lower your voice and make strong eye

contact this is far more effective than

yelling at her or getting loud with her

this will have a far greater impact on

her and will let her know that you are

not around if after the first

time if after the first warning she does

it again then you turn up the heat a

little bit and know what the

consequences of her actions will be so

let's say your girl raises your voice

raises her voice at you again and if she

raises her voice at you again you might

need to look at them because you might

not respect you right

but it got a little bit of time in okay

listen this time you look her dead in

the eye and say raise your voice again

and I'm out of here or raise your voice

again and I'm taking you the home

use the sit listen use the same thing

with the tone talk to me like that again

this nights over with that let again

this lets her know that she can't talk

to you that way and if she does you

bounce that bitch you saw at the

restaurant talking down to her man she

does this now because he lets her get he

let her get away of it for so long right

the first time she got out of pocket

even have the balls to look her in the


right lower his voice and maintain eye

contact until she looks away say hey

Mitch lower your voice that is

the end result

here's another behavior that you

oftentimes have to check with a woman

make sure my lighting is is good to go

here avoiding sex avoiding sex not

giving you the this one's simple

this one is very simple and the way to

handle this is nonverbal

if she doesn't you immediately

remove yourself from the situation and

completely withdraw your attention until

she comes to your place and puts her

on a platter for you or you can

just drop her altogether right listen if

you're just around if you're

a single mom and listen never

date never marry single moms dude

them all you want to they are easy

targets the very first time a single

mother withhold sex from you drop it

like a bad habit and move on and move on

plenty of childless competition out

there that old that will suck you and

you any time you want a

single mother a single mother abstain or

holding uh withholding sex for me that's

a joke dude bitch you're a

single mom you're gonna disrespect me by

not giving me the like that's the

only reason I'm around now that nah

that don't say and again don't be

verbal with this you can't say well we

don't if we don't have sex I'm gonna

leave don't that just leave and

she'll get the message so for

example if you're at her place or she's

at her place and you tried to her

and she tells you she has a headache or

she tells you she's tired or whatever

other excuse she tells you to

keep from you

leave if she's at your place tell her

she's got to go oh my god are you really

kicking me out because we're not having


say yes I am oh my god has sex all

you're in it for no but if we are not

then I don't want you here oh my

god you know I don't have time you gotta

go if listen if we're not having sex

then there's no reason for us to be

hanging out right now I got to do

you gotta go or you just leave

if you allow a woman to withhold sex

from you even one time she will

definitely do it later and much more

frequently if you're dumb enough to

commit to her gentlemen this is a

test fail it and it's all over with a

lot of guys get put in the friendzone by

their own own girlfriends and wives this

way and start a girl the girl

withhold sex one time before he knows it

he's in the friendzone before he even

realizes it allowing your woman to get

away with not putting out sets a bad

precedent and it will come back to bite

you in the ass your very presence is

100% contingent upon her putting out if

she doesn't put out there is no reason

for you to be around this is something

that speaks volumes and you didn't have

to say a thing you don't do yell I

didn't have to argue if you don't set

this boundary now she will withhold sex

later on they always do guys this is why

is it him that this is why it is

important for you to set and strictly

enforce this particular boundary

kevin says but in a Patrice O'Neal quote

sex isn't all I want

unless it's all you got got to him be

Patrice was a legend man he

really really was miss that nigga he's

up in New York City - I would have dude

I would have loved to have had him on

the show I don't know he was too big to

be on my show but not as inside and I'll

use a big guy but women Google here's

another bad behavior that you need to

nip in the bud and set boundaries on and

let her know that there will be

consequences to her actions delayed

texting and by delayed texting I mean

texting a girl who doesn't return your

texts for hours sometimes even the next

day now this one could be a little

tricky because guys probably guys

probably think well if she's at work or

she's not allowed to have her phone or

well what if she's really busy or doing

something that can't get to her phone

and to that I would say you're looking

for an excuse not to set that boundary

that boundary of course being if you

take forever to text me I'm not gonna

give you the attention you want here's

the thing guys girls are always on their

phones they're on their phones even when

they're told not to have their phones

out they're on their phones in church

they're on their phones at school

they're on their phones at funeral

they're on their phones at work they're

even on their phones when the flight

attendant tells them to put away their

phones in airplane mode and then put

them away because soon as as soon as she

walks up the other whipping out their

phones textin it doesn't matter what the

situation is girls will always be on her

phone it doesn't matter so when a girl

says I didn't have my phone she's

bullshitting you girls always have their

phones guys the reason this is

significant is because there's no excuse

for a girl not to text you back within a

reasonable amount of time now listen

guys I'm not gonna sit here I want to

fly it my saying she should text you

back in five minutes or or less or three

minutes or less or seven minutes less

because again every listen again every

girl every situation is different but

the way to handle delayed texting this

is nonverbal you can't say out loud well

if you don't text me back in ten minutes

I'm gonna do the same to you that's

ridiculous the correct way to handle

this is to return the favor but do it at

least two fold that is if she takes an

hour to

text back wait at least two hours until

you return that text if she waits till

the next morning to text back don't

respond until the following evening if

she takes 30 minutes to text back you

wait an hour and 17 minutes to return

the text you get the idea the boundary

that you are setting here gentlemen is

if you want my attention you gotta work

for it you're gonna text me twice a day

and expect me to blow up your phone with

two dozen texts no that I'm not

here for that I'm the prize bitch all

you got listen you got the

I got everything else when you give your

when you give a woman something she

doesn't earn or something she's

obviously not interested in working for

you take it away and you make her work

harder for it and here's the thing if

she's not texting you back immediately

she probably doesn't like you as much as

you think you do as much as you think

she does the guy she texts the most is

the guy she wants to be with and she

will make it very obvious if it's you

she's gonna make it obvious

she'll be texting you non-stop all the

time that's when you know you're her

number 1 because a girl can only text so

many guys at one time however if she

real and however if she really does like

you but she isn't texting you that much

or not responding as quickly she's

likely taking advice from her

friends who were telling her to play

hard-to-get that noise if she plays

games you play games you wait at least

twice as long to text her back

and if listen if she doesn't like you

that much she'll end up fading out which

is good for you because you're not

wasting time with a girl who's just

using you for validation if she does

like you she will start to increase the

frequency of your texts and decrease her

response time either way you slice it

it's a win-win and you figure out what's

what if you don't knit delay texting in

the bud when you see it happening you

are definitely headed for the friendzone

for sure and even when even if you're

not you are allowing her to create a

margin to cheat later think about it if

you let her get away with delay texting

now Oh she'll do it later in a

relationship but during her two to three

hour text blackout she's not looking at

her phone waiting to see if you'll text

her telling her how beautiful she is

or how

she misses you oh no no no she's getting

by Kevin in sales because you let

her get away with these absences in the

beginning okay she doesn't have to

create that margin you created it for

her here's another one that you have to

that you have to nip it in the bud

something this is talking to other men

in your presence and in public okay now

this is actually a this is actually a

boundary and an expectation so I'm gonna

talk about here on the boundary side I'm

going to talk a little bit more about it

on the expectation guy on the

expectation side something women love to

do is to entertain conversations with

other men in your presence they do this

because they think it's normal and

healthy to do this they also do it to

see you squirm I wonder if he really

likes me let me fort with another guy

let me let me have a conversation with

another guy right and the reason why

they think it's healthy is because no

man or woman for that matter has ever

told her not to and of course to keep

her options open that's another reason

she does this OMG Donovan just because a

girl talks to a guy doesn't mean she

wants to him absolutely correct but

if she talks to enough guys eventually

she'll run into a few she does wanna

and then all of a sudden your girl

wants to eat at Applebee's for the third

time that week so she can say hi to the

hot waiter Randy or stop by that same

gas station after work to flirt with TJ

who flirted with her when she was there

with you last week

it is highly disrespectful for women to

talk to another man with her man

standing there this is disrespectful

behavior and if you're a man and you

allow it then you deserve to be cheated

on now not every woman talks to men in

public with the sole intention of

them obviously but this behavior

opens the door for this to happen later

on and if you do not establish this

boundary if you do not nip this behavior

in the bud gentlemen you listen man you

are in for a world of hurt later and at

that point it'll be way too late for you


anything about it but wait for the

bottom drop out of your relationship

wave her to cheat on you now this has to

be handled non-verbally as far as

setting boundaries are concerned but

when voicing expectations it is

definitely verbal and like I said we're

gonna get to that later on in the show

so if you're just dating or casually

the way you convey to her that

you will handle any and all situations

with men when you were together is to be

assertive in all situations if you guys

are at the store and you're at the

catcher and that you're at the cash


you do all the talking if she tries to

talk simply shut her she may get

irritated right she may think oh my god

that he just shush me but if she likes

you enough and your value is high enough

she'll get over it and she'll recognize

that you're in charge this relaxes her

and causes her to be even more attracted

to you if you're at a restaurant you

need to do all the talking to the waiter

or waitress listen more wives have

more wives have waitresses

or waiters waitresses probably and

Busboys because they're because they're

men allowed them to talk to these

waiters and waitresses waitress listen

waiters flirt with your women because

they want a bigger tip and they want to

your girl nah man nip that in

the bud if you're at a restaurant you

need to do all the talking so when they

approach your table they say welcome to

XYZ restaurant can I start you off with

some great drinks you immediately say

very assertively yeah give us a few put

your hand up body language a yeah just

give us a few right then you ask your

girl what she wants to drink when the

waiter comes back to you order for her

say yeah she'll have the unsweetened

iced tea and I'll have the Diet Coke

this gesture sets the tone immediately

gentlemen your girl now knows and

understands that you will be doing all

the talking and she can sit back and

relax again they miss this may rub her

the wrong way at first but if she likes

you and she recognizes that she doesn't

have to be in charge all the time right

like she was her last 30 boyfriends

she'll be relieved all she has to do is

tell you what she wants and you can you

take care of it where have you been all

my life she's thinking so while the

waiter gets her drinks ask her what she

wants to eat when the waiter comes back

with your drinks and says are you ready

to order now you'll say yes

she'll have the chicken marsala and I'm

gonna do the steak and potatoes

medium rare gentlemen this sequence is

extremely powerful with women they know

they're with an alpha male who is also a

gentleman this is this is triggering

both sides of her of her hypergamy you

took charge assertively you did all the

ordering for the both of you and showed

that you are in complete control most

importantly she now knows that you're

gonna be handling all transactions when

the two of you are in public which

almost completely eliminates her need to

talk to any man and public that's the

nonverbal route and when I get to

setting expectations I'll talk about the

verbal way here's another behavior that

you absolutely have to nip in the bud

after I take a swig air acting mannish

or what I call acting like a frat girl a

lot of guys tell me their girlfriends

have behaviors they describe as turn

offs and when I asked them what kind of

behaviors they're talking about they'll

say things like well she burps loudly or

she farts in front of me she doesn't

cross her legs basically she's not

really ladylike the way to handle this

the way to set this boundary is

definitely verbal and it never takes to

her very long to get the message and for

her to correct these behaviors if she

burps farts sits like a man or does

anything that's unladylike there are

actually quite a few very effective

things that you can say to correct this

behavior very very quickly you can say

that's not feminine or you can just look

at her and say not feminine you can also

be more direct well I'll put it to you

this way okay I've never heard of a

woman or seen a woman not care when I've

said these things to her if I say not


they don't just brush it off they are oh

my god there aren't too many things that

women hate being called more than

and not feminine they hate that you

could also be more direct and say that's

gross don't do that around

me right if your girl burps or farts

that's gross man what are you a

dude Shamer

again shame the out of her man she

thinks it's funny but if you're but if

you're repulsed at her behavior right

she'll stop laughing

you can always listen you can also have

some fun with it

well go ahead and eat a booger while

you're at it what are you a frat

boy any kind of shaming technique that

you can think of that literally tells

her that she is gross not feminine not

ladylike or that you're repulsed and

don't want to be around a woman who does

these things is more than enough to

completely stop its behavior you can

even look at her and be like oh my god

that's a boner-killer like dude

we're not even oh my god we're not even

the night you just

farted in front of me I don't want to

you now what the

she'll never do it again I can promise

you that no need to no need to talk

about what happens down the line if you

don't set this boundary early on no need

to talk about that here's another

behavior you need to take exception to

it set boundaries on very very quickly

talking about ex-boyfriends or past

sexual encounters again you would think

you would think that women would try it

would try to avoid this right especially

if they like the guy they like the guy

they want they want her to like big they

want the guy to like him you would think

that she would refrain talking about her

ex boyfriends or some guys that she got

by it by by this was one of

the major issues I had with Devon when

we first met she liked most women

thought that by talking about her sexual

encounters with other men made her look

more made her more attractive to me

but I let her know very quickly that was

certainly not the case it actually took

me about a week and a half to completely

break her of that habit in the end I had

to literally shame her to tears I had to

call her names and shame her to tears

before she completely stopped but most

of the time all it takes is one maybe

two verbal reprimands and this annoying

behavior goes away rather quickly so if

the girl you're with starts talking

about our ex-boyfriend is some sort of

past sexual encounter with another guy

immediately interrupt her and say don't

talk about that stuff around me and

leave it at that she'll get the picture

right away and will almost always

completely stop she may let one slip

every once in a while

right if she's not really watching

herself but she will quickly catch

herself and change the subject

immediately now if you catch one that

asks you on gee are you jealous or

insecure of my past all you need to say

is call it what you want but I don't

want to hear that save that for

your friends and don't say another word

that should be more than enough for her

to get the message loud and clear

listen nothing is more uncomfortable

than watching a woman talk about the

great sex she had with her ex-boyfriend

in front of her boyfriend her husband


dude listen I actually had a friend me

and me and some guys in Vegas we had

this friend we actually knew this older

couple where's this happened all the

time right like the wife had to be in

her late 40s 46 47 and I think the guy

was young he's like 34 35 right so it's

almost like she snagged him she could

not stop talking about her ex boyfriends

she couldn't stop talking about ex

boyfriends all the fun she had in

college she talked about running like it

was it was almost like dude I remember

one time we were all sitting or like

dude is this staged like is he really

doing this we would all just stand there

and exchange uncomfortable glances while

she's that there a wax poetic about

about a guy's dick size or what position

she got in her dorm room it was

crazy and her husband did nothing about

it he just stood there and listened

gentlemen don't be that guy the first

time she talks about her ex or sexual

encounter with someone who isn't you let

her know very clearly that you are not

here for that

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man-made calm let's go to the Chet here

all right Deadshot says I need to make

this stuff PG so I can bring it the

church yeah right yeah Redfield say oh

yeah yeah they'll say oh I didn't see

her text last night yeah you didn't see

it because you didn't look at it yet

here's another one I left my phone in

the car I fell asleep oh this is great

sharp assists run in that ultimate

direct game if she texts you every 30

seconds wait it's really some wait 30

minutes yeah yeah you listen you also

have to back down the crazy girl listen

I'd rather have clean girl than girl

that doesn't care clingy girl does get a

little bit here it does get a little bit

old and irritating dude at least she's

into you right Lee she's into you Kevin

says even more at the beginning is where

the peak excitement is she shouldn't be

taking forever I agree I agree

johnny is obviously a newbie no problem

saying goodbye to Chris Redfield

Deadshot says setting boundaries equals

passing your tests absolutely yet

freelance Hornet says women talking

about exit exes is definitely a no-no

read via Chris Redfield says Nick Jonas

up hell yeah Nick Jonas what is

he yeah I don't know he's like in his he

married like some 36 year old former

party and it's funny man all these

former celebrity party they never

they never marry older guys they always

go after the younger guys who don't know

any better

okay let's talk about expectations we

set of women expectations we set of

women these are different from

boundaries this is one level up from

setting boundaries now when women scoff

at the ex listen you guys know all about

my expectations right when women scoff

and expectations that we give them okay

it's because they don't have enough

information right they say things well I

would never let my boyfriend see my

phone or if I want to go to the club

I'll go on every mile go whether my

boyfriend wants me to or not that

and to be honest with you that's a

natural response why because they simply

do not have enough information

the best listen Damon Lily Damon Lindley

the best say listen guy taught me

everything I know about sales and

everything best sales trainer in the

world okay always told us that if you

give the price too soon the customers

gonna have sticker shock because they

simply do not have enough information if

you tell them that our new roof is gonna

be $30,000 right when you walk in their

house they're gonna tell you to get the

out but if you take your time if

you give them all the features and

benefits answer their questions address

their concerns and build value they'll

have no problem stroking a check for

twenty nine nine because they know what

they're buying they understand the value

they understand what's in it for them

well if you've been seeing a woman for a

week and a half and you tell her I don't

want you to go into the club or let me

see your phone she's gonna laugh in your

face and she should she knows she

doesn't know a goddamn thing about you

other than that she likes you

but guess what she likes a lot

of dudes so you ain't special or

valuable as far as she's concerned but

when you establish value over time that

you have your together you have

good habits you're going places you have

a plan

you take your physical fitness seriously

you're financially responsible you're

confident you make her feel safe she has

fun with you she loves spending time

with you she likes how you make her feel

she will have zero issue with handing

over her phone when you ask for it she's

not gonna want to go to the club

trolling for dick because she's got you

and all of the benefits that come with

you you've built your value so she has

no problem paying the price to be with

you a lot of guys hit me and say Donovan

I told my girl I don't want to go into

the club and she told me fine but I

don't want you going to the club either

or Donovan I told my girl I don't want

her on social media and she says fine

you need to get off social media too

well my next questions are well how long

have you been seeing her are you

boyfriend and girlfriend and who

suggested exclusivity you or her nine

times out of ten gentlemen and I'm not

kidding here they've been seeing her for

less than two months which isn't nearly

enough time to establish that the kind

of value that gives you the right to act

to give her the price of your

exclusivity they're not boyfriend and

girlfriend and if they are it's always

the dude who wanted exclusivity first I

just had a console

with a guy who told me just the same

thing he says listen I told I told this

girl I'm seeing two I didn't want to go

into the club she says fine I don't want

you go into the club either I said okay

well this your girlfriend will know well

that dude if she's not your girl and

here's the thing she actually tried to

angle for a relationship and he told her

no rightfully so and he told me the

reason why he didn't make her his main

chick his girlfriends because he knows

she's not long-term relationship

material that being said you can't you

can't expect a woman to act like she's

in a long-term relationship by avoiding

the bar in the club by telling you're

not going to the bar club if she's not

your girlfriend

it doesn't work that way okay again you

can't tell a girl what your expectations

are after two months of all you

are is a dick at that point you need to

establish value and consistently number

two if you haven't given her the title

of girlfriend and the privilege of

working for your commitment then how can

you expect a woman to want to pay the

price for something she doesn't have yet

that's like expecting Jiffy Lube to

change your oil for free they're not

gonna do it unless they get something

out of the deal which is the 29.99 they

charge you the payment women are the

same way we can't we can't expect women

to meet our expectations if she doesn't

have the opportunity to earn your

exclusivity and that leads me to number

three which is never ever ask a woman to

be exclusive don't do it you always wait

for her to ask this is extremely

important if you ask a woman hey I want

to take this thing to the next level or

hey let's make this exclusive then all

your leverage goes out the door why is

that because you can't say hey let's be

boyfriend and girlfriend she says okay

then you say okay good

here's what you have to do to be my girl

it doesn't work that way guys you don't

get to make demands if you're the one

asking for exclusivity

Devin and I we have this rule that we

adhere to most of the time when it comes

to going out on dates whoever comes up

with the idea pays if she says hey

Donovan let's go to dinner tonight

dinner's on Devin if I say yo let's go

to New York City for this weekend I'm

the one who ponies up if it's your idea

you pay because you suggested it this is

why you wait for her to suggest with

regards to relationships you

for her to suggest exclusivity because

if you ask her first then she is in the

one in position to make demands if you

ask her hey can we make this thing

exclusive she has every right to say

maybe but you have to eat my every

time we have sex you have to pay for

every day and you have to let me go out

with my girlfriends every Friday night

for girls night out if it's your

suggestion it's on your dime so when she

asks to be exclusive that's when you hit

her with the expectations that's when

you're in position to say ok but you're

gonna show me your phone when I ask you

to you are not to go to bars and clubs

and you are going to delete all social

media she can't flip it around on you

because she asked you for the confer the

commitment not the other way around when

a door-to-door salesman

knocks on the door of a homeowner the

homeowner has the leverage because the

salesman approached them the homeowner

is in position to make demands at the

salesperson if you want me to buy this

home security system I want 15% off the

equipment and free installation now some

guys might might ask but Donovan isn't

one of the staples of masculinity going

for what you want if we want a woman to

be my girlfriend then why should we wait

for them to ask us shouldn't we be

aggressive like we were when we tried to

her excellent question and the

answer is yes masculine does mean being

the aggressor masculine masculinity does

mean going for broke being masculine

means being proactive and so forth

except for when it comes to commitment

why because men are the gatekeepers of

commitment gentlemen every girl wants to

be in a long-term relationship with a

man of value we have something they want

so why should we try to sell them on

something they already want from us

think about it women are the gatekeepers

to sex right do they have to sell us on

them do they have to convince us

to them of course not

they know we want to anyway that's why

they don't have to put forth much of an

effort to get dick it's the same with

high value men and commitment guys we

know women want to be with us

exclusively so there's no reason for us

to try to sweeten the deal or talk women

into an exclusive and exclusive

relationship with us because we know

it's what they want anyway in any

other situation guys it's important for

men to be aggressive and going for what

they want that is the very essence of

masculinity one of the very few

exceptions is long-term relationships we

don't have to talk what women don't have

to talk men into them and we

don't have to talk women into exclusive

relationships with us it is stupid to

throw your leverage out the window by

asking a woman for her commitment before

she asks for yours

but Donovan what if she's waiting for

you to ask then she doesn't want to be

with you bad enough it's as simple as


gentlemen when a woman wants come when a

woman wants your commitment she will fur

belies it trust me and when she does

that is when you will let her know what

your expectations are okay then you'll

consider making her your girlfriend if

you listen here are my expectations if

you can perform these long enough then

I'll consider you to be my girlfriend

she'll get the message that she's gonna

have to work for your exclusivity and

gentlemen women love this they know

that your commitment is worth something

because you are requiring her to work

for it

Devin worked her ass off to gain my

commitment make no mistake

she worked dude she earned my commitment

there is no doubt about it

this chick earned my commitment every

minute of every day yeah there was some

bumps in the road and there were some

training moments but at the end of the

day she did above and beyond what she

needed to do to gain my commitment never

say ever say okay we can be a boyfriend

and girlfriend but first here are my

expectations no no no no you know voice

your expectations and let her know she's

got to keep it up for a while to

convince you she's serious because any

girl can fake the funk for a few weeks

but if you make but if you make her meet

your expectations consistently she'll

keep it up as a matter of habit and

desire to be with you so it's a win all

around so the number one the number one

behavior that a woman is going to have

to is gonna have to adhere to if she

wants to be your girl texting with her

ex why because texting with her ex leads

her to cheating with her ex women text

their exes

one of two reasons number one to keep

them around to take care of all of her

non-sexual needs keeping him in the

friend zone he went betta she doesn't

want him anymore she's you but

you're not giving her emotional stuff

yet so she keeps him around or number

two to keep around for sex listen guys a

lot of women cheat with their exes and

texting keeps the lines of communication

open this is simple math I'm not

breaking news here women can say

whatever they want but they know damn

well why they text their exes they text

their exes to keep that dick on Colwyn

and if she's ready to cheat now handling

this is definitely verbal when she says

hey I'd like to take this thing to the

next level I would like this to be

exclusive or whatever it is she whatever

it is she says to let you know she wants

to be your girlfriend let her know

straight-up if you want a relationship

with me you're not to be texting Kevin


listen if you're just a girl if

you're just giving her the dick you got

no right to ask for this stuff you're

just dicking her you're not giving her

anything else but the D but when she

wants your exclusivity that's when this

and this is when you put this this is

when you put the squeeze on her now if

she pushes back just shrug your

shoulders and say alright well I guess

you don't want a relationship no

problems me we'll just keep things the

way they are now if she tells you she's

gonna stop texting Kevin and you Tech

and you catch her texting him don't say


go dark for 24 to 48 hours she'll know

why and don't let her ask you why

because then because when you tell her

it's because she texted Kevin she'll

deny it and then you're in an argument

women love to ask why well why are you

acting like this right Devon does the

same thing what sweetheart you know damn

well I am pissed you want me to say it

so you can deny it and then we can argue

nope not doing it and I fall victim to

that all the goddamn time if you happen

to look over at her phone and see her

texting Kevin go radio silent but for at

least 24 hours

but Donovan what if she dumps you then

she was gonna dump you anyway and was

just waiting for an opportunity to do so

being afraid to being afraid to enforce

your expectations only leads to trouble


so when a woman wants to get with you

let me see your phone when I ask for it

here are my rules I want to be exclusive

with you okay no more texting your ex

don't want to hear about him quit

texting them if I want to see your phone

you're gonna give it to me

no male friends if you get fat or cut

your hair I'm gone no bars no clubs no

girls night out never explain why this

stuff is guys she already knows why you

have to explain to her why you don't

want her texting her ex way don't want

her to bar the club without Gigi

knows why don't let her play stupid well

why is this listen I'm listening but

listen I'm not gonna explain anything to

you like you're either in or out right

I'm not gonna get into some long

discussion with you

don't threaten don't make ultimatums

simply give her choices and it's all in

the wording right so then she'll say so

basically you're giving me a bunch of

ultimatums basically if you don't do all

these if I don't do all these things you

leave right you say well of course not

I'm giving you a choice and there is a

difference listen sweetheart you can

either do what's necessary to be my girl

or not if you want to be my girl then

this is what I require if not if this is

not something you want to do cool man I

don't believe me most girls can't handle

being with a guy like me so if this

spooks you listen man we can keep things

the way they are to be honest with you

things might be easier that way if a

woman really wants to be with you she'll

do what's necessary to be with you even

if it's hard if your value assigned up

if you make her feel safe if she has fun

and excitement with you if you've

established dominance if she knows

you're not the kind of man who can be

pushed around if she knows you're not

manipulated by her emotional shenanigans

then she'll have no problem giving up

bars and clubs she'll be happy to stay

thin and keep her hair long she'll have

zero issue with giving up girls night

out with her friends who do

nothing but bitch and moan about how

guys ain't anyway she's not gonna

miss that she'll had no problem with

giving up all autonomy and letting you

see her phone whenever you want because

she's not interested in any other guy

she wants you why because you did what

no other man was able or willing to do

and that is established and enforce your

boundaries and the only man

who actually told her exactly what you

require to keep and maintain your

commitment all right hmm I actually

thought that was gonna take a lot longer

because I had a shitload of notes for

this man I had 26 pages of notes on this

episode oh wow yeah you know I'm at an

hour in ten minutes all right

all right okay all right let's check the

chat here one last time let's see Chris

Redfield says don't ask her to put her

phone away tell her to put it away

actually like that I like that

soul brother 44 says I've done that

before five and - yeah dude if she's

listen if she's five minutes late get

the up out of there that bitch

suede suede senator says Chris McQueen

knows what's up yeah I think Chris

McQueen is actually gonna be at the 21

convention I'm actually looking forward

to meeting that guy dead Chad says 60

minutes late is on time for a Columbiana

well I guess I won't be dating Colombian

girls that I don't dude I don't do

tardiness man that get the out

of here bitches are on time for

everything else or I'll put it to you

this way bitches are late to everything

else y'all gonna be late with me

that you know what it's funny man Devon

is such a sweet girl she really is she

treats me like a God but it's

funny every once in a while I think to

myself you know what man I think before

I met her before I got my hands on her I

think she's a complete bitch

like and she has a good heart but I

think outside of me I think she's a I

think she's a bitch and do I give a

nope I dude I don't care if she's

Devil Wears Prada bitch I don't

give a just don't bring that

here I do not care

does the text thing even apply on first


absolutely it does hell yeah

okay Deadshot says she can delete texts

yeah I mean listen man if if a woman in

listen man if a woman wants to cheat

she's gonna cheat like I have complete

access to Devin's phone I've got a key

logger I know who she's texting who

she's calling I know what website she's

going to dude I've got a GPS tracking

device on all of her devices dude if she

wanted to cheat she really could but

it's not gonna be easy right well that's

not gonna stop her from cheating no it's

not but I'm not gonna make a cheat I'm

not gonna make it easy for her to cheat

if you don't want to get robbed don't

leave your doors open that's how it goes

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR primetime be sure to go to my

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thanks for watching guys I'll see you



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