How to get 60 matches on Tinder in a half hour with Modern Life Dating (Episode 355)




a woman never belongs to you it's just

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all right well let's get to it

my guest is another man who doesn't

really need an introduction he of course

is Jonathan from modern life dating he

is the embodiment of the American dream

which is to get the fuck out of America

if you want to be successful as women he

is with us today to talk about how to

kill it on tinder Jonathan how you do it

man listen you're looking fly you're

looking DAP

I'm sitting here in my in my hoodie you

got a three-piece suit I make me look

bad on my own show I knew I loved it I

loved it man so let's go ahead and get

off - and by the way anyone who wants to

call in if you guys have any questions

comments etc etc at nine one four - oh

five five three five six is the number

to call if you're calling from outside

the US it is zero zero one nine one four

- oh five five three five six the reason

I have you on today Jonathan is because

a lot of guys are involved in online

dating and the reason that they are

involved in online dating is because

talking to girls out in the street

approaching girls cold approaching has

become something of a lost art because

not only are women much hearts much more

difficult to approach even when you

actually are successful in striking up

conversation they're not really good at

having conversations anymore they're

used to having their noses in their

phones all the time and so that renders

them useless in terms of conversation so

guys are now turning to OkCupid tinder

what's another one out there plenty of

fish and other and various other online

dating platforms and a lot of them

unfortunately are still not having

success and that's why I have you here

today have me yeah as you know you've

got you and I guess it's it's like it's

kind of just like an autopilot so with

with what I'm gonna teach you today on

tender it can be applied to multiple

dating avenues but I have specifically

done months of research of a and B

testing all by myself

about tinder in specific and tinder you

may think you're playing on a fair

playing field but it's far from the

truth tinder is run by a bunch of let's

just be honest a bunch of ideologues out

in Silicon Valley and they don't give a

fuck about you they're just trying to X

tract money from you all right

especially men because they know how

much mail thirst is a very very fucking

valuable asset they know just like women

know because if you remember I've been

in tinder since it launched and tinder

used to be a free service oh it's not


well so now it is still technically free

okay but it's not as good as it used to

be now you got to pay to play however I

have figured out some loopholes and some

some little strategies in their

algorithm that these slimy salespeople

do as you know it takes it takes one

from a sales background to understand

what they're doing so basically what

they do okay the first things first when

you start a tinder account you are given

a boost okay like a drug dealer they

give you the purest cocaine first person

up and they sell your shit for the rest

of your fucking life

wait wait Jonathan no can check this out

Jonathan knows I don't know anything

about online dating right cuz I've never

been involved before so what is the son

of a bitch related to this motherfucker

relates it to cocaine now you get my


well well you know we all have a party

past I worked for years in nightclubs I

don't think I need to say anything more

than that nobody's perfect now chocolate

on my fucking tombstone there you go

there you go

so you know the bottom line is that if

once you start tinder they boost you

they boost you in the algorithm okay and

then you get a ton of matches however

after that initial boost wears off it

probably wears off because you have on

tinder you have a score okay you have a

score that is embedded to your account

and your account is tied to your phone

number and your Facebook account

all right wave there yeah they've

implemented a new

that you must either link your Facebook

account or a phone number and that is

your ID that's like your a tinder social

security number right and you have a

ranking system permanently attached to

your account well however when you start

a new account or if you buy their

premium service you get a boost okay so

I'll go ahead um I don't know so the

first this is an actual tinder hack the

first thing you can do to start getting

more matches on tinder is completely

delete your account wait 24 hours and

then restart it completely deleted don't

pause it delete it delete everything if

you need a screenshot your photos and

save them and save your bio whatever

completely delete them and then restart

and you'll start getting fresh batches

so what I would what I do is so I don't

pay them any money is I'll delete and

then I'll get on there I'll get one or

two three or four or five matches I'll

talk to those girls I'll get their

information I'll get it off of tinder

onto my phone or my my chat application

whatsapp kik whatever and then you

delete the app again and you get off and

they have five new leads and then you

work on closing those five leads and

then you when you're ready you just hump

you just hop right back on tinder now

you can only do this a certain amount of

time now because tinder got hip to it

because people started people if you do

a deep dive on the internet you can find

out what I found out and that there is a

way to extort the guy algorithm but the

algorithm is designed to extort you

right it's not it's not some

happy-go-lucky business they're out

there to take your money and if you do

this this will give you an unfair

advantage so let's that's rule number

one that's the first thing I would say

let me ask you this so you you complete

so you get on tinder you completely

delete your account you get all the

information out there you get your four

or five premium matches so basically

what you're doing is to relate this to

the cocaine drug

yeah basically you go to the you go to

the drug dealer hey I've heard you got

the best blow round yeah here you go

here's some of that top grade high

quality shit you go back to your room

you you you do a couple lines or high as

a fucking kite if you want that same

grade of cocaine you got to send

somebody else to that same guy this is

the equivalent of deleting your account

and basically coming back as someone

else is it safe to use your same

pictures should you use the same the

same screen name what things do you have

to change when you do come back to

tinder so okay so in the newest system

okay if you really want to bypass

everything you need a new eye I have

done it before you make a dummy Facebook

account oh you gotta make a dummy

Facebook again this is to get an unfair

advantage it may take some effort but if

you do this you will get results

it takes hurt you you got to move your

fingers I know some of you fuckers are

lazy as shit all but if you make that

account get a new email get a new

Facebook link it up you can get pussy

from your fucking bed literally just

swipe it away and the way it works in

America American girls are such sluts I

remember like you know in Japan you have

to actually kind of take some of these

girls out on dates and stuff but America

these girls come straight to your

fucking door so there's no excuse

there's no excuse so you want to use a

new dummy Facebook account and you can

use these throwaway phone numbers that

are available online if you just like

the text numbers online how do you get

throwaway phone numbers you just Google

you Google like text phone number or

like verification phone number and

there's multiple sites that allow you to

send verification texts to these things

and then from there you're able to get

in to whatever you need to do I've done

it for plenty of other stuff that makes

perfect sense one last question before

you move to step number two yeah a lot

of girls who use tinder use it to cheat

on their boyfriends or husbands

in order to keep their boyfriends or

husbands from finding out about their

tinder account they'll go off the fuck a

bunch of guys and then they will delete

the app now is that the equivalent of

deleting your account or do you still

have to go through doing another dummy

Facebook account a new email getting a

throwaway phone number so if you delete

the application your account is still

active the only way to fully there's

there's three things UK you can you can

delete the app but your your profile

will still be discoverable so if you're

if you're a guy who is also cheating on

your girlfriend that you've got to make

sure to cover your tracks right you got

to delete the account you can pause the

account which means you will not show up

on GPS you will not show up on tracking

or anything like that or what I

recommend is you absolutely delete your

account you go into the settings you

click delete account and then tinder

doesn't want you to delete so they're

gonna ask you multiple times are you

sure you want to delete yes I am why do

you want to delete I always comment

girls are too ugly every time no matter

what I'm just like girls too ugly I

don't know let them know let those

fucking developers know now where are

the girls - ugly I don't want to get

hung up here on step number one but why

me again the way I see it is this and

again I've never ever had to use online

dating listen I'm sure if I did I'm sure

I'd be successful but the way I see it

is that if a girl is hot enough if she

dude if she's a seven or above like I've

heard I've heard that most tinder hoes

are sixes and Bulow's but my but but

again this is just this is just my

rental knowledge is that if you're a

seven or above you're gonna get enough

offers out in the street without having

to do online dating is that true false

is that sometimes true sometimes false

enlighten me on that well in my opinion

if a girl needs to use online dating

there's something wrong with her

mentally there you go there you go

in my dude it's the easiest thing to

have sex with a guy or at least get a

guy to like you

I mean it's so unbelievably easy

and a lot of these girls a lot of these

guys don't realize to the guys who are

learning this shit is your meeting now

just because you're a young guy 23 24 25

and you're meeting other girls that are

23 24 25

you don't realize that some of these

girls are future cat ladies like some of

these girls are future like serial

dating serial fucking I'm gonna be

single forever type spinsters oh yeah

and you and you're gonna meet them and

they're gonna be all over these dating

apps but for me I don't care I just want

to see your tits I want to fuck you I

want you to shut the fuck up and that's

all I care about

so I mean that's that's this just one

way to to source girls from online but

yeah in short in my opinion the girls

that are online they're a little bit

there's a little something wrong there

it's all right too easy because I've

heard guys tell me Donovan like I you

know I hope I matched up with this girl

on tinder and she was hot and she

actually showed up and she was exactly

like she appeared to be what do I do

my advice is always fucker and chucker

because if she's a 9 or a 10 or an even

an 8 and you're using online dating

there is listen you took the words right

out of my mouth there was something

wrong with you got a couple of actually

got a couple of guys in here who

appeared to know what they're talking

about let's see Marcus says I'm a tinder

junkie helps you practice game is a new

red pillar before you move on to real

life in person approaches you see

everything red pill related in one app

hypergamy slut tells etc Barrett Barrett

Buckelew says text Plus app he also says

go into settings a delete the account

the only thing that can get you caught

up now is that tinder requires a text

confirmation to your phone so delete the

confirmation text so then he goes on to

say text plus app is a great way to get

a fake number for yourself you can also

change it a limited amount of times

before you have to create a new account

it's all free by the way so he is

talking about the kind of apps that

you're talking about where you can just

go off and get a free verification type

phone number yeah these guys about big

of a scumbag as me hello

next gum bags guys you are listening to

episode 355 yes our live with


dating dating tinder coach tinder

douchebag the world's number one big

towel it's the product like being

talking about how to absolutely kill it

with hot girls on tinder let's move on

to the second step so the first step is

to completely delete the app and then

restart it and for those of you guys who

are late to the party what Jonathan

related it to is the first time you buy

drugs the first time you get drugs from

a drug dealer it's always free and it's

always the best and so what that drug

dealer in essence does is it it you're

always chasing the dragon you're chasing

that first eye so you pay more and more

and more for drugs that are less and

less and less effective to get the same

effect therefore extrapolating more

money and resources out of you you said

you're not there to exploit tender

tinder is there to exploit you

fortunately for me I had I had a

connection with three drug dealers who

all me who always gave me the best shit

so I never had to worry about that so

let's go on to the next step by your

Jonathan alright so the next step is you

know obviously just the let's just cover

the baseline things you want to be

making sure that you have good photos

okay that out now like this is not a

hack this is not anything but this is

just baseline okay anybody everybody

there god damn mother is a fucking

photographer these days so for $100

which you spend striking out at the bar

numerous times or you spend every month

on smoking weed or going to Chipotle 30

days $10 a pop it adds up spend a

hundred dollars you get a photographer

off of Craigslist make sure you take

this guy takes professional good photos

of you outside in at least three

different outfits okay a wide outside

because you don't want to make it look

too staged okay you want to make sure

you have a cool background you want to

make sure that you have a really really

great great outfit and a cool background

like you know with maybe like something

with a graffiti or or by the lake and

you want to make sure in your phone

you're smiling you look happy you want

to make your profile like suddenly let

these girls know I'm better than you

right right and that you're not a


this is what I advise guys in order to I

did a I did an episode recently on how

to increase your sexual market value

using social media and one of those

things is to take action photos you know

take a video of you lifting weights you

don't even have to be in the photo hey

I'm about to squat me I'm about to

attempt my first 275 squat here we go

send a picture hey I'm getting ready to

hit the trail Hey look at this I bite 32

and a half miles hey I'm flying out I'm

flying into Vegas once again ready for

shenanigans hey this is me only one

convention hey there's my woman's tits

they want to know that you are not just

a homebody and I think that this

directly relates to tinder girl listen

social me and I don't know that this is

the same but you have to almost social

proof yourself in order to have success

on tinder know for sure for sure for

sure fuck I mean you said 275 miles

taking a picture and putting it on

tinder I'd load that sucker over 500

like just another day at the gym ladies

yes right warmups

yeah yes fucking cell-cell so listen I

met a guy in in he taught me this okay

his name am I gonna say his real name

but his last name was beaver and he got

so much fucking pussy this kid opened my

eyes and he would send out he would put

post you put uh I think they were called

wall post on MySpace wow that's still


no no this was this is back then I'm

dating myself and every time he talked

to a girl he'd be like hey girl what are

you doing she's like I'm just chilling

she'll be like what are you doing he's

like I'm drinking I'm smoking AB

listening music I'm watching movie and

I'm you know doing some coke and he

would say six things and whichever thing

the girl replied back she was interested

she's like oh what are you watching or

what drug

are you doing or what are you drinking

he would just live a high lie and use

this to to filter them to get to his

house and then there they showed up

they're horny they're ready to parties

like oh sorry I did it all or it's all

gone and they're there already they're

already invested and then he would close

so the same thing with tinder you want

to kind of set a wide array of pictures

showing you doing a variety of

activities if you can that's why say

three outfits three different settings

this allows you to you know have a

variety in your marketing appeal on

tinder you said the keywords their

marketing that's what this is Jonathan

you are selling and again when people

have when girls have nothing but your

images and you know a pithy little bio

to go on that is a sales pitch that is

your portfolio fuck because of a B and C

I'm fun I have a big dick I'm in shape I

the devil may care attitude I'm black

I'm not black it is a sales job and I

did I actually did an episode and you

probably saw this and we talked a little

bit about this is why how sales jobs

will help you kill it with girls it is

the same with tinder it is a sales job

you are selling yourself 100 percent

that's all I'm doing sex is sales man

that's all doing I I'm just trying to

close when I meet them I'm sitting down

I'm like all right how long are you

gonna take right and and if I know that

they're just a TW time waster I'm out

yep I'm out oh my gosh I got better shit

they'll come home and play video games

and fucking read a book or something up

but I'm definitely not gonna sit there

entertain you know one of the guys in

the chat said uh shirtless photos if

you're in shape yea or nay I say yes but

depends on the contact a Hasim abdullah

says shirtless photos if you're in shape

absolutely however try to make it not

like you're just in a in a mirror with

like you know just taking a picture in

your dirty ass bathroom I've tried right

and make it look like you're at the

beach with a bunch of your friends or

you had a lake or like except

hire a guy and make him take pictures of

you outside and this is like if you have

sub like 10% body fat or less like at

least 15% or less and then that in that

situation hundred percent okay hundred

percent okay very good question man good

questions good answer I've got a caller

on the line but before I get to him I've

got a question in the chat Barrett

Barrett buckle he wants to know what do

you put in your description what do you

put in your profile

so did despite my douchebag exterior I'm

actually a very smart guy so I always

I'm always changing the the body

depending on what kind of girls on

targeting and also what kind of feedback

I'm getting okay your your you have to

put a bio you know stuff with emojis and

stuff is cool you don't want to write

your bio like a girl cuz I see a lot of

guys putting these you know Winky faces

and the in the wink with the heart

coming out the mouth and stuff like that

that that shit's pretty gay like that's

just like not masculine girls don't like


you want to you want to convey they

something you want to convey something

it's gonna catch the eye okay so

something that first line has to have

something witty and then usually I like

to put emojis because it catches the eye

okay right that's what you want to do

and it depends on how hot and how status

you know written you are because if

you're really good-looking shit you put

nothing there but chances are if you're

watching the show and you need help

that's not you

and that's okay that's why we're here to

help you that's worth that's why we're

fuckin you there's no shame I used to be

in your cert and your fuckin

circumstance to trying to figure this

shit out trying to nail it and figure it

out and now passing it forward and now

you're swimming and pussy very very good

alright defo lines Irie code 661 you're

on live with donovan and jonathan yoken

yessir what you got hey what's up Donna

did Dorothy nagaimo Esper little gay man

what you

I think the reason why it is because



right right yeah that's an interesting

and thanks for the call area code 661 he

brings up a really good point because

Marcus earlier in the chat says that

cinder has ruined threes fours and fives

making them think that they're eights

nines and tens men how do you heal now

number one I guess the answer to the

question how do you deal with girls who

are threes fours and fives

I guess the follow-up question is what

are you doing swiping is it left or okay

rep if you want them and right if you

don't exactly so me doing swiping left

on threes fours and fives in the first

place so if you swipe left means you

don't want them right so actually

they're there I was gonna go into this

later but we'll cover it now you in in

tinder you want to use ugly girls to

your advantage and here's why okay the

more matches you get the more your score

goes up AK that's a hack don't swipe

left on these ugly bitches swipe right

on them and fucking figure out a way to

financially extort them no I'm just

joking listen man if you can get an ugly

your phone bill without having to give

her the deed by all means cuz girls been

doing this to guys for years man like

dude I mean I ain't mad at you no no I I

have this girl I used to work in a call

center with Bunch sluts as you said and

uh watching she was a hard hard six okay

and she was chasing after me and there

are those lonely nights where you look

at your hand and you look at them six

and you're like you know what fucking

I'm gonna do it but and then and that

helps you out because a when tinder you

match to these girls and you have to

send them a message okay match to them

send them a message be cordial make it

seem like they're attractive or make it

seem like they're attractive whatever

and and engage with them and you got to

realize this too like sales these girls

can give you referrals what the girls so

work well just think about it she may be

ugly as sin but you go out to meet her

you go and you go out to meet her and

group her friends she might have a

gaggle of hot friends and she's the ugly

little duckling Wow holy mother holy

mother fucker you're absolutely right

because every hot every every Lake for

every group of hot girls like let's say

you approach I mean and I would never

recommend approaching groups of girls

that's impossible these days because the

girl is always gonna be the mother hen

and that's a whole nother episode but

every group of hot girls has that one

ugly girl what Jonathan is telling you

is that a one ugly girl she doesn't get

hit on by guys but guess where she is

she's on tinder and she has access to

these hot girls so she could be your end

with a bunch of hot girls that is

unbelievable ever thought I never

thought of it that way

yeah and so with these things yeah Roger

McMullen's talking about it it says

you're yellow that's what the score is

called it for you what it's exactly

abbreviation for but the elo is your

score on tinder it's you it's this or

that judges you on the algorithm so the

more matches you get into more

engagements the more points you get

reward you get rewarded and therefore

you get

posed to more people and your your

market your tinder marketing experience

grows and your your neck widens and

they're gonna put you in front of other

girls because the girls they all have

really high yellows because everybody

matches with them every guy swipe and

right everybody's fuckin swipe and right

um and so back to that girl who was the

six in the in the call center listen I

remember I memorize just started banging

her cuz she started bringing me xanax it

started bringing me Oh

if you brings anything urine and she was

bringing me sushi for lunch and she was

just bringing me shit and blowin me in

the parking lot oh yeah

and then Who am I to say no went up in

one mud when I'm getting a blowjob in

the parking lot I'm not looking at this

girl's face she wasn't fat or anything

she's just a six cool whatever man I'll

do it ah fucker six fuck six is all

goddamn day man let's have a headache

and when you fucking all these sixes and

even if you fuck a three or four or five

right let's just say you're beginner

right here if you're primordial ooze in

the player game the this pussy attracts

pussy when you're getting sex other

girls gonna smell it on you okay you

gotta slay some dragons to get to the

fucking princess guys hi I'm telling you

the truth I am NOT I'm not gonna sit

here lie to you I have fucked some fat

bitches before I have and I enjoyed some

of it and the thing is it gives you

practice gives you practice like it's

like you know when you're playing an RPG

or video game you know there's no shame

in killing all the little level 2 and

level 3 characters to get experience

round in a circle and Final Fantasy and

get into battles right level up then

when it's at the end you're that you're

in the level 80s

dude I'm with and then you get to the

final boss damn that was easy and and

these level four is level threes were

way more obedient than this boss

Jonathan the man you are hitting on

something in Bruno goats I see when the

chat you've actually asked a few good

questions we're gonna get to all of

Brewed oh man he asks he asks the best

questions man um before we get to that

we joke around about walking around in

Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy 3 Final

Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy 10 when

you know it's like you go and you fight

a boss and you get your ass kicked right

so obviously I need more hitpoints I

need more magic points I need more I

need to learn more spells so you walk

outside of the cave and you walk around

you fight a bunch of battles what you

are doing there is the equivalent of

swiping R on swiping left wait I'm sorry

is it swiping right if you want them yes

what this is this this is the equivalent

of swiping right on the threes fours and

fives Jonathan you can use these threes

fours and fives as practice you can

practice your approach game you can

practice your text game you can practice

your setup game hey I'm gonna be an X Y

Z bar at 10 o'clock tonight come with me

you do this so many times then when you

start then when you start matching up

with the 6s and 7s and possibly the

eights of the world you had so much

practice with three sports and fives it

is like second nature and because you've

been getting sex girls can smell isn't

the abundance mentality gentleman

doesn't just come with fucking eights

nines and tens if you're huggin fives

and sixes okay that's not where you want

to be but guess what you're fucking

right like it's better than fucking your

hand okay so you're after seven you're

fucking nothing but fives and sixes if

she gives you the cold shoulder who

gives a fuck I'm gonna go fuck my five

because guess what

fucking that five is better than fucking

my hand fucking a three yeah okay I'll

fuck my hand before I fuck a three but

you get the point

you can use these girls gentlemen not

only to both boost your e o L or your

elo score look you can use these girls

as practice dummies just say whatever

because here's the thing these girls all

have the same mentality a five who defy

thinks she's a 9 so guess what she's

gonna act like she's gonna act like a

fucking 9 so when you have a 9 in front

of you on your text you treat her like a

fucking 9 right so you're gonna say

Donavan dealing with threes fours and

fives is not the DUS thing is dealing

with 6 or 7 & 8 yes it is on tinder it

is because threes fours and fives thinks

there are eight nines and tens so

they're gonna have that same attitude

they're gonna have that same false

abundance mentality so if you've dealt

with one you don't

the mall so if you're swiping if you're

swiping right on three sports and fives

dude dude take all the arrows all the

slings your ego your elo score is going

up you're getting all these prep you're

getting all this practice then when you

get the hotties in front of you close

them it's like a piece of cake just like

when you walk back into that cave and

kick that boss's ass yeah and another

thing you won't stink of desperation to

when you're getting pussy right okay so

uh listen all right so I'm running game

on a seven or an eight and the seven or

eight or the seven or eight a it's gonna

flake all right no big deal guess what I

got a five who wants to come to my place

and blow me and by the way Jonathan by

the way the lunch break parking lot

blowjob if I've done this several times

that call center jobs my numbers for the

rest of the day go straight down um dude

I blow my load and I'm happy and

satisfied but then I'm like thanks for

calling blah blah blah blah blah Oh

totally fucks up my game but I can't

turn down a parking lot blowjob you kind

of damned if you do damned if you don't

man oh yeah so no she would she would uh

towards the end of the month

I'm not taking parking a lot blowjobs

beginning middle of the month okay I can

still catch up listen I'm sorry Sally I

can't do it I can't do it listen hit me

on the first or the second after after I

get my baby and you know back that same

girl you know I guess she was a six but

I remember one time I was pissed off at

her I said the only way I'm gonna

forgive you is you show up at my house

with an Adidas gym bag some workout

shorts a protein shaker and a large

steak burrito from Chipotle with

guacamole and she showed up with Nick on

the fucking job there with a smile on

her face so didn't she

what's that you fucking bit that shit

bit me of course she did Alan Moore's

unbelievable Jesus photo you guys got to

think more than sex you know you got to

think long term long term a lot of you

guys are in this situation right because

your mind sets off

it's wrong Bruno goats asks a couple of

very good questions the first ones he

asks is do you have a system set up for

a straight to your house date of course


ah hold on hold on I don't want you to

give it away because you do have a

system called triple your tinder but

yeah it's just I'm not trying to take

food off your table I'm trying to take

money out your pocket but give us just a

little bit just live in Dublin oh-ho

kind of then just let me just just let

me stick the head in right okay so

basically any time you match with the

girl anytime I match with a girl anytime

I meet a girl I filter for how much of a

horse she is right off the bat right

Mike are you gonna let me hit it raw in

45 minutes

like that we at dude we are we are

kindred fucking spirit I may be I may

look like a nice guy but I'm a fucking

gorilla pimp I mean it's good you

kidding me I tell you what man and then

I make guys out there that are better

than me and I know it's like it's like

fucking counterintuitive for me to say

that as a dating coach but I've met guys

are way better than me so if I miss home

don't let the fook don't let the soup

fool you I am still a sleeve ball

sleazeball it's still a dish for you so

in regards to that I always hit them

with a kind of joking thing like hey

what are you doing I'm just chilling

watching the walking dead at my place

you should come over and we should watch

it and you can hold me when you're


all right just something like kind of

like kind of stupid and dismissive but

at the same time if she says yes you're

in boom because you got to know and

another thing you gotta find girls that

are ready for one off one thing here's

one dirty trick you can teach you you

can put in your profile I'm in town only

for four days yes yes that's a hack

why do you listen listen tell the

audience why you should say I'm only in

town for XYZ days because these hoes

want to have their fun and keep the


in tact they wanna fuck you and they

want you to disappear exactly right it

brings up another point here Jonathan

listen you and I were sales guys we prep

honestly dude we probably have a half

century of sales experience between us

yeah one of the most important elements

of sales in the sales job is to create a

sense of urgency in a sales job you are

selling yourself on this on that here's

why you should should fuck me I look

good I smell good here my action

pictures and oh by the way I'm leaving

town in a couple of nights you're either

getting on or getting off right like the

sale ends in a few days only for a

limited time I can't believe how much

this is like sales yeah oh no dude

sexist sales that's the holy operating

that's the only way I operate it very


you know like and I've done it tons of


dude I remember it's one of the nastiest

filthiest tinder encounters ever had was

in 2014 I was living in Hawaii at the

time and I came back home for the

holidays and I was rolling my Puerto

Rican voice shout-out to mr. Brian he

knows who he is if he's listening okay

Brian's a fucking pimp because I've

matched this Vietnamese girl I was like

listen bitch I live in fucking Hawaii

and you've got 24 hours to make this

happen right Mike I played off in five

hours in what I was in 30 minutes like

what's gonna be what's up she was hot as

fuck she wanted to get her rocks off and

wanted me to disappear my boys we went

out drinking and I've called I was like

hey I got it because what do you guys do

is you want to get her information off

of tinder as soon as possible because

tinder moderates the chat anything you

send on tinder they can read but once

you get it to your phone so that leads

me to another point which I'll cover

later but basically you want to play

nice on tinder and then get dirty

offline off of their platform okay

you've gotta you gotta like you gotta

think like a lawyer okay

got to be like look you cannot

incriminate you you cannot incriminate

me based on these evidence presented on


next your honor that's hearsay yeah and

then and then get it and get it or get

him off and then when you're offline

that's we start closing them but this

girl she knew I was leaving my Puerto

Rican gang squad bro they dropped me off

at the fucking girls house at 2:30 in

the morning I was drunk as shit I was

fucking wasted and she just like soon as

she saw me she's like Jesus Christ

you're wasted and she's just started

undressing and then we went at it we

banged all night she dropped me off in

the morning I've never seen her to this


I remember her name I barely remember

her face tears okay so yeah Scott I mean

the most important thing is I fucking

had an injection so I'm guy 1 I don't

care about anything else

mallero actually he actually puts in a

very good quote here he says how about

how about for us guys who have a

business I had a small room in the back

of my shop and you're giving me ideas

dude yeah man like dude being creative

hey listen I own a business I got a

small room back in the shop you know we

can poke and pounce very very good idea

Bruno Goats asks if you're gonna pay for

tender what premium features are

actually worth paying for

very good question well Bruno I like

this Bruno guys so here's he makes me

think he's one of the only guys on air

who actually makes me think like I have

an answer for everything but when I read

a question from Bruno I'm like you know

what I need to think about that so the

more so okay if you if you don't buy

tinder gold okay what they do is they

show you your potential matches that you

have and the more potential matches you

have your elo goes up as well okay so

they put in the upper left-hand corner

kind of a blurred icon of the woman's

face and be like hey you have three four

five six seven eight nine 80s and the

more of those you have matched the

higher your score goes up here's how you

game the system if you get tinder gold

you can use a function called passport

which lets you change your GPS location

okay you put your GPS location in an


where there is a lot of prostitutes

using tinder that'll just match you so

you go to Bangkok Thailand you go to

like the scummy districts in China you

go to like the the prostitute districts

in Korea of the Columbia has a lot of

prostitutes on there

and you just you set your passport there

make sure your shit set up nice

marketing towards foreign girls hey man

American I have electricity I'm better

than you the phone listen there are

prostitutes on tinder yes

so there are prostitutes on tinder

actually I saw this flick I saw this guy

he was like a real dork he's a real like

I can I can tell a real dating coach

from a fake dating coach guys a real

dorky looking guy like looks like a

string bean I could snap him in half and

he was putting screenshots to show his

audience like Oh guys look how many

matches I have on tinder it's because

I'm such a great dating coach but he's a

white guy in Bangkok Thailand and if

you've ever been a Bangkok Thailand do

you know that most girls in Thailand

especially in Bangkok are prostitutes or

some level of prostitution Oh a Thai

girl will fuck you know yeah right right


she might work at a fish stand but and

you got five hundred dollars and you're

good-looking she'll charge you she'll

hustle you those Thai people lost your

ass off but if you put your passport and

you go to these locations you get tons

of matches and then BOOM your score goes

up it's not how many what's that what

are features so the features are like

the best feature which they have limited

because now I used to have tinder gold

before they limited it but here's how

I'm okay I'm gonna go into now how you

get a mass amount of matches but you're

gonna burn through your account based

off of the the new system look at this

is fucking hilarious I literally just

got a match on tinder I just opened the

app and I swiped I


Impa add water i am a fucking pimp no I

just literally like that's live that is

not pre-recorded but anyways what I'm

trying to say is that the best

application you can use on tinder this

is a way you get mass massive matches it

is a it is a shotgun marketing method

okay you're going to shock on glass your

area so there is an application called

bonfire be o n F I R II on fire allows

you to click it's $10 okay you have to

pay money for this but trust me it's

worth it and it's fucking $10 you bums

so we got guys who out here we got guys

out here who will spend ten bucks on a

fucking Instagram model who've got the

fucking cash app shit's right

you'll spend ten bucks on a pack of

cigarettes if you live north of the

mason-dixon line

you'll spend ten bucks on porn but you

won't stay you won't spend ten bucks on

something that can get you laid quit be

a G yeah money alright so ten dollars

bonfire this okay so you have to have

tinder gold which allows you unlimited

swipes because tinder used to give you

unlimited swipes now they limited you

they limit you I forget the number but

once you pass the number your account is

locked down for 12 hours like true drug

dealer fashion man they're really some

digital pin premium this is why guys


how many girls out here do you think

have tinder gold here's a thought zero

they don't need sender gold the old

people who have tender gold and all

these upgraded features are dudes yep

they don't need it they don't need it

for fucking fuck all sake there's no for

you to exploit them they are there to

exploit you it by you they mean if you

pee standing up they're going to exploit

you so just so you have tender gold you

but you get the bonfire out for ten

dollars it allows you to okay so here's

the here's the thing nephew right if

you're smart guy you're taking notes so

here's it was like the gold of the

fucking here here's the fucking gold of

this entire message right now okay

so one you get tinder gold which is

about 20 bucks 4x4 one month okay - you

get bonfire bonfire allowance one click

it allows you to swipe right on nine

girls at a time okay

and three you boost yourself there's an

applet there's a feature in tinder

called boost they used to give you five

a week now they give you fuckin one a

week and you boost yourself for thirty

minutes and you have to sit there for 30

minutes however cry me a goddamn river

you sit there for 30 minutes and you

just push that shit to your fucking

fingers bleed you push bonfire and you

you're boosting yourself and you're mass

liking these girls your mass mass mass

liking these girls unbelievable man so

your mass liking these girls and you're

collecting you're just getting tons of

matches tons of matches so what you know

I would get in one boosting session

within 24 hours I would get now this was

in this was in the nightclub district

Nokia at the time okay uh why'd you get

the tinder gold yeah but I was actually

in there but you know it was a

high-traffic area and it's Tokyo there's

fucking people everywhere right no um I

got 60 matches in covered God right but

I was I was like the guy who asked in

the chat I was just like look I just

want you straight to my house I don't

want to fuck I don't want to go on date

I don't know things you can't drink at

my place we I don't want you fucking I

don't hear about your dreams I don't

care about nothing I just want you to

come over and bang and this system here

the boost plus the bonfire plus tender

gold if you do that that's gonna allow

you to source 60 girls maybe let's say

35 let's say click let's just be real

simple let's say half of them fall off

you got 30 and you convert 30 into

chatting on tinder I don't say from that

thirty half off via 15 to your phone

from those 15 if you can't close one you

got a you got a book consultation

on board / consoles that's right you

gonna do that and out of that 15 you

should close at least five if you have a

fraction of game but at least one but

then this system allows you to extort

the whole scheme that tinder is doing

now the downside is you will burn your

account your elo will take a hit oh okay

but but here what's more important your

elo or actual tinder matches right

because the elo is a means to an end the

reason why you want your elo score to be

high is so that you can have

opportunities for more matches well if

you're gonna sacrifice a few elo points

to actually get the matches then why not

do it yeah so I mean right go ahead know

just like I said I'm just being very

transparent with your audience that's

them we're keepin it 100 percent real no

these are the rules of the game you play

it and you buy buy it or you fuck off

and do whatever you want but I'm just

giving you two straight

Roger McDowell and asks moon doesn't

your account get marked as spam if you

mass wipe hold on let me see if I get

this right if the answer is yes then

just create another account correct yeah

there you go

which directly ties to the next question

so JC says so you talk about elo and

matching uglies and fatties for the long

game but if you keep deleting your

account doesn't that negate your efforts

the answer to that is probably yes but

this is what it comes down to this takes

work guys this isn't see tinder game

from what I understand it Jonathan you

can correct me on this this isn't a mark

this isn't a pyramid scheme that the

pyramid schemes always preach residual

income you get paid for the rest of your

life for work you do only one time no

man you got to start if you really again

this comes down to if you really want to

do this right like you can learn to talk

to girls and have game and approach them

at bars and clubs and casinos and strip

clubs that takes a lot of work guys and

a lot of guys figure out you know what

this just isn't worth it I grew out of

it's not worth it for me anymore we all

want to fuck right we all want to get

laid but guess what we all want money

too but what does that take that takes

work so yeah does this negate your

efforts yeah probably but you've matched

up with sixty bitches right so

point-like listen the thing is this like

Jonathan and I can tell you how we can

put you in front of girls right you can

lead a horse to water but you can't

really teach him to drink I guess so

it's our job to get you in front of as

many girls as possible now learning to

close them that's that's another episode

for another for another day and time but

by the same token it's just like JC said

does that negate your efforts yeah maybe

but then you have to start up another

account listen this is what it takes if

you want to consider no Jonathan I'm

sure you get this - mmm Donovan how do I

get up I want to stay below five bitches

that I can fuck all the time guys it

takes work that's a full-time job guess

what even if you use tinder strictly for

your stable it still takes work

you're staying here listen whether you

approach girls out here out here on 4th

Street right out here on Center City

Philadelphia or using tinder game it's

gonna take time it's gonna take money

and it's gonna take effort no matter if

you do it in here or you do it out there

it's the same thing yeah 100% and like I

said like there's there's no such thing

as a free lunch like I don't know what

the fuck you're expecting you're

expecting Carmen Electra to knock on

your door and just like hey I'm ready to

fuck like no it's not gonna happen like

you gotta go out and put a grind but

here's the deal ask yourself this

question would you rather sit in your

bed and swipe for 30 minutes not even

swipe just push one button for 30

minutes you have to do it or would you

rather go out put on some clothes shave

get in the car drive and approach 60

different girls that's right there you

go most guys won't do that so I'm giving

you a quick way to be very efficient

with your game and King Mick said so let

me know if I get this correct step 1

install tinder gold yes

step two set GPS to Bangkok to increase

score yes get match with all the hookers

wait eh I'm like 300 then step three

repositions ups back to your local area


step 4 install bonfire run boost yes and

then 30 minutes mass light

why have you fucking press your fucking

phone until you crack your goddamn

screen yeah and make sure your pictures

are good and your profiles good too you


this can't go love man I've never heard

this anywhere dude I'm pretty I'm pretty

good at what I do I gotta say damn by

the way every once in a while I like to

leave YouTube videos up and if they're

not too offensive or not too bad

like the Kevin Samuels video I left up

because I think a lot of guys could get

a lot out of that a lot of guys can get

a lot out of this but I'm not keeping

this on YouTube guys there's no way I

like dude I'm not gonna do he's doing

this for free like this is listen I'm

not even on tinder right I've never even

heard of this kind of next-level game

these are the kind of hacks that you

guys need man

and also my girl may or may not be

watching this shit so shout out to the

Future ex-missus life dating chats let's

go to the phone lines

area code to 400 is this my man ray from

PG oh you are boom ray from PG Prince

George's County what's going on ray how

you doing then hey Colin my coach so I

had to call this represent word up

yeah so now I'm glad I'm glad talking

which I'll talk about because I didn't

even know it was such a treasure trove

of females on air and it was just crazy

because one of my man showed me and it

was just like like baskin-robbins

literally like Baskin Robbins 31 flavors

you worry of it

yeah 31 flavors but before quality

because I gotta get back on I'm at work

you guys but um coach you just said it

was funny because a friend of mine was

like he was by all y'all bout to go big

town bout to go my own way

you know I'm just doing my own thing I

said now I motherfuckers you doing it

because you can't get girls I mean one

minute you too late

get your shit together you know grew it

so become become well dressed you don't

even want to put into work where you

want this classify yourself as big-time

now but with that young straight college

he pulled his card what did he tell you

then he shut the fuck up didn't he I

mean he was founded like I still have

the text messages he was trying to say

you know becoming become into one

percent one the same man becoming you

know high level that's a social

construct and he doesn't want to perform

in society I was like for last

I have a game that's all you don't Wow

and see this is exactly what's in it

this is exactly what Jonathan was

talking about just now and now and

listen JC actually raised a good

question a lot of guys might say well

dude we're doing all this work but then

we have to turn around to delete our

accounts that's a lot of work yes it is

and that's not to say that JC is lazy

what JC is doing in his mind is what

every man is gonna have to do at some

point you do the math okay I know what I

know what effort is required but is that

worth it for me right is it worth it for

me to put in all of this effort

some guys are gonna say hell yeah it's

worth the effort some guys are gonna say

and not quite some guys are gonna say

you know what it's worth the effort for

now I don't know how long I can keep

this up negative but I'm like you know I

never I never played basketball and then

on on a playground saying like oh I

wanna I want to be on a finish now I

wanted to be the one that takes the

winter shot right so I applied it to see

something like like his only there's

only one way in no way at all fuck all

of that I want to get the best so in

order to do that I got to pay my dues

all right I'm gonna head out the word

man you already gone but the cyber the

Donovan a coat hey keep practicing a

Soul Calibur imma get on with him will

punish me

yeah imma go we got yeah we got people

talking shit that's a guy that's a guy

that uh that I do a little bit of

coaching with right now

oh dude right from PG is a solid guy he

told a story about how a while back he

he had a presentation to do in class and

he was looking clean and everything and

he said that his teacher noticed and was

throwing my o eyes I'm trying to get him

to admit that he fucked the teacher but

somehow something tells me that he won't

he either can't or he won't

I'm gonna give at some point in time

listen always good to hear from from

from Ray and PG um hang on there was one

more taught me big time because you

can't Oh somebody actually Roger McAllen

Roger McAllen and Bruno goats and

Charles Caballero are asking really good

questions Roger says test your pictures

on photo feeder calm guys get them rated

by females put the highest rated on


disagree a green perfect man perfect

dude this has been solid fucking gold

man yeah any because I'm gonna do a

quick review here any other cuz right

now we have close to 90 viewers and the

only time the last time I got close to

90 viewers is when I had a illimitable

man on well I'm fucking honored and I've

got more I'm not I'm just cracking the

I'm scratching the iceberg right now

dude listen man listen listen Jonathan

is starting his own podcast okay and

when he gets this thing going I'm gonna

have this dude on on Tuesdays and

Thursdays and I think he might do dude

is we might we might actually call those

shows hacking tinder vol.1 hacking

tender vol.2 because dude this shit is a

science man like girls don't have to

know how to crack tender they just have

to be on dude I bet you there are girls

out here the average girl has one tinder

account but guys who are killing the

game those are the guys that have 15

tinder accounts it takes a little bit of

time and it takes a little bit of money

but again you're gonna do that out in

the street anyway right so you have to

decide you have to decide how you're

gonna spend your resources some people

choose to do it out on the street some

people choose to do it with online

dating man listen listen I I don't want

you to give any more away man I want I

want to save I wanna save some for later

um real quick

if you have any additional questions put

them in the chat I'm gonna do this for

10 more minutes but what I'm gonna do

I'm gonna do a quick rundown of

everything that we have talked about

today so number one the number one hack

that we talked about completely delete

the app then restart it you need a dummy

Facebook account you need a new email

address and you need to throw away phone

numbers somebody in the chat I think it

was somebody in the chat I forget who it

was recommended I want to give him I

want to give him I want to give him


it wasn't brewing ago it was another guy

who is anyway the text plus app okay the

text plus app is the best way and there

are there are other apps but that's the

one that I guess we're officially

recommending and when you delete your

account you they're gonna ask you sit

they're gonna ask you 67 times why you

want to delete the account

what tell him look man the girls are too

ugly so maybe then tender we'll say hey

listen man maybe we're gonna start maybe

taking ugly girls off tinder right like

who knows anyway make sure you say that

because that's what Jonathan does number

two make sure you have great photos if

you're gonna spend a hundred bucks on

drinks and chasing girls you may as well

spend a hundred bucks hiring a

professional photographer you want to

make you want to you want all of your

photos to be outside three different

settings three different outfits three

different three different outfits they

have to be outside so you don't look

like a homebody

at the beach at the lake or the gym if

you're gonna do a shirtless photo don't

do it like every other douche bag here's

me at the gym or here's me in front of

my shitty bathroom nah do an action

photo maybe you with your shirt off on

the bike and if you're gonna do a

shirtless photo god you have to be sub

12 percent body fat

right like you can't be a listen man

girls are gonna fuck you regardless if

you're less than 10 percent body fat

that merely increases your odds taking

off your shirt isn't gonna guarantee

anything if your sub 12 sub temp 10%

body fat then yes

take off your shirt but don't take the

douchebag in the mirror with the fucking

with with the fucking turd floating

around in the toilet nobody wants to see

that nobody wants in that situation

number 3 right do not write your bio

like a girl you need something that

catches the eye something that catches

their attention think of this as a sales

presentation the first thing you say

needs to grab and keep their attention

use emojis right because emojis catch

the eye they're colorful they're

different number 4 use ugly girls to

your advantage you swipe right on these

ugly bitches this is going to increase

your elo score the more matches you get

the higher your score

here's the other utility practice your

text game practice your setup game

practice your your escalation game on

these ugly girls for all you

role-playing game geeks like like like I

am walk around outside before you go

into the button into the cave to fight

the boss walk around outside fight a few

battles and level up that way when you

go in and fight the boss you're you're

the the boss has not asked challenging

that doesn't mean that it's gonna make

it easier with hotter girls you just

want to make it so that it's second


that way when you're used to when you're


texting threes fours and fives when

you're texting sixes sevens and eight it

comes off in second as second nature but

Donovan threes fours and fives aren't

the same as 6s 7s and 8's no but they

think they are and that's the difference


Oh number five create a sense of urgency

hey my plane takes off tomorrow I'm in

town for three days I'm on a business

trip never never let them think that

you're just stagnant let him think that

listen this is a dick that's available

to you but it's not always gonna be here

number seven here's here's the goal

here's the gold part if you want to get

a bunch of matches in a half an hour

step one get cinder gold okay step two

you want to install the bonfire AB right

step three what was step three I forgot

what step three was I just I had this

written down go to set yourself as a

passport and go to a prostitute ridden

area so like Las Vegas or fucking that's

all you need a Bangkok Bangkok to if

they see you're not if just put on

American and and let it convey that you

have some sort of money you get tons of

matches or prostitutes and after that

you you you hit that bonfire app and you

fucking press your if you press your

fucking phone oh then you have to boost

yourself on tinder and yeah press that

button until your fucking finger goes

raw so those are the those are the

tinder hacks for now this is great this

has been this has been absolutely

wonderful men yeah so when you when you

do them in the matching so you want to

make sure that you're boosting in the

area that you are in I mean that's your


not not in don't don't be matching with

prostitutes in Thailand it's a waste of

time trust me says Donovan my point

wasn't that I don't want to put in the

work but in the effort modern life Danny

hadn't started talking about the hack

setup okay no no I understand yeah I

know Santa J sees a solid guy didn't

want to make it sound like he was you

know looking for you know the the easy

way out I think I think what I I think I

use JC's questions to sort of address

the guys out there who would say well

deuces worth it no JC was not saying

that it wasn't worth it

but just like you said Jonathan is that

a lot of guys expect to just pick up the

phone and just have insta pussy just add

water no it doesn't work that way you do

have to put in the effort you do have to

put in the time JC is not JC is not one

of those guys who's gonna complain about

having to put in the effort he was

merely pointing out the fact he was

merely trying to get straight what

effort was necessary so we definitely

wanted to clear that up let's see Marcus

go ahead good Marcus says how about

writing Noble if the pics are very good

Marcus you got to look like fucking I

don't know you gonna look like whoever

you gotta look like Justin Bieber you

got to look like amazing for no bio

right so definitely don't be lazy listen

if you look that good girls are gonna

ask the questions - okay this guy is a

hard ten what's he doing on tinder this

guy is too good to be true

let me swipe right just even if that

works there's always gonna be a little

bit of trepidation on her part because

she's thinking okay am i getting

catfished here so you have to write a

bio man yeah and then he says number two

is there any advantage to waiting for

the girl to message first

I still like in real life you why don't

you go stand in a bar and wait and see

how many girls approach you I want the

girls yeah I played the cool game I wait

for the girls to come to me well then

you'll be waiting forever not only that

girls like to be pursued there's this

brash of facebook video where there are

women who are asking men to marry them

there is nothing feminine about that not

a chance

no you pursue the girls girls love

aggression but but if she does now if

she does message you then that's always

I always say I start to smell the

weakness on your own like alright I see

a little limping gazelle in the fucking


absolutely um d gary says is the bonfire

app still on the app yeah if you go to

he says the pictures are too good and

there's no description then maybe they

think you're a tender bot yeah exactly

you know I mean listen girls our girls

have the ultimate abundance mentality

but they also know and understand you

know they've got their antennas up too

yeah Jonathan this has been listen dude

here's the thing

I'm in alman what I feel what appears to

be a solid long-term relationship it at

this point it's far more likely than not

that I will be in this relationship for

the foreseeable future but even I who

I'm I've never done online dating before

I've never I've never even been

interested in it this this kind of thing

man and the reason this is so good is

because this makes sense on so many

levels man if it makes it makes perfect

amount of sense dude you have listened

you have brought the pain today yeah I

honestly I thought III really thought

just every guy knew this shit and then I

started meet my buddies like dude I hate

tinder it doesn't work I was like really

and and I've done this all over the

world I've done in Colombia done in

Hawaii done in the States pan Korea

I made a girl think of fucking train an

hour way to come bang me in Korea thanks

to tinder so shit look at that yeah she

was oh she was ready to go she was a

super slut but it was a good time I'll

never forget her if she takes a train

you can probably run a train on her oh

yeah at all it was literally chat and

fuck with her awesome awesome very good

let me copy this link address tinder

like calm guys when I put this up on

patrons I'm not leaving that dude this

this episode is too valuable just to

leave up on YouTube and girls don't

girls are not gonna like the fact that

guys have guys are figuring out how to

hack them they don't like red pill

content as it is because the red pill

what what red pill awareness allows men

to do is it allows men to extrapolate

vagina for at a discounted cost girls

have inflated the costs of their vaginas

for decades now and now that guys like

you and me have come along we're like

listen here's how to get the same

quality pussy for less than half

price well--we're this is essentially

what you're doing with this witness

tender this is this has been a great

episode Jonathan you got a listen man

whatever you need for me man

you've got to start your show soon

because I'm telling you these Tuesday's

these Tuesday and Thursday episodes

they're gonna take off men yeah thank

you so much now I've just been um Tokyo

has a way of eating up your time and you

know the big the big thing that a lot of

these guys don't realize and this is

this is not like a jab at you or anybody

in the industry but the guys who are

getting the most pussy usually are not

online talking about it and I know

that's so contradictory to what I'm

doing right now but just put two and two

together well by then not about listen

you're a hundred percent right okay

because what when I was getting dude

when I was at the height of my pussy

powers dude I wasn't anywhere near

online listen I started talk I started

writing for Roush probably towards the

middle end of my of my reign of my pussy

reign in Vegas the only reason why I

have time to do this full-time is

because I'm not out there trying to get

pussy being a player being a slut Slayer

is a full-time job whether you do it

online or out on the street so you are a

hundred percent correct listen again

this is white this is this is white

Jonathan this is why it's kind of been

slow going because it's out there

getting pussy you just set it dude Tokyo

has it has a way of sapping your time

but if you want to keep a steady stream

of girls guys it takes fucking time

the only I'm able to do this show as

consistently as I'm able to do is

because I'm in a long I'm what I'm in

what appears to be a long term

relationship that's how this goes if

Devin and I were to ever break up a know

maybe my show isn't as frequent cuz I

gotta get lay this is how that goes yeah

I'm waiting that's just and so my next

video that I'm gonna come out it's gonna

show you how to it's gonna it will save

this for another topic but it's gonna

show you how to streamline all online

dating applications into a funnel

directly to your bet you're not are used

to wait when is this coming out uh

I've got to get around to it dude you're

my fucking golden goose man this is

wonderful material this guy out man

follow him on instagram at modern life

dating visit his website modern life

dating dot-com I'm gonna have this guy

on as much as possible but I think the

consensus is in the guys like you I'm

gonna have one as often as I can any

last words before I click this bad boy

just listen if you're alive and you have

a fucking smartphone just follow me on

Instagram and send me a DM modern life

dating one word

follow me hit me up a very active on

that social media platform I'm very good

at it and I'm gonna be coming out with

my strategies for Instagram as well for

everything that I've told you I have a

strategy for Bumble I have a strategy

for Instagram I have a strategy Twitter

for Facebook I have it all because I'm a

lazy pimp I don't want to go out and

fucking like a bitch in a bar and shit I

know I will and it's like that's just it

I don't have time for that bullshit

anymore dude I stuff all the time of the

world's to do this three four five hours

a day I don't have the time dude like I

got other shit to do than chase pussy

does you realize there's no value to it

after you lose the magic of like oh the

elusive pussy that is you're getting and

you'll realize yeah it's easy then

you're just like yeah it's not worth the

time I'd rather just just play Final

Fantasy or fucking eat some chicken or

hang out or be stuff that I don't know

that's how I see it

what want to chase girls at the bar go

on yeah I'll eat a steak tonight yeah

yeah Jonathan you are the man listen it

usually takes me about an hour to get

the episodes up on patreon because it

takes a little while for the videos to

process Jonathan the the I've got the

I've got the link for the what is that

the bonfire in that I'm going to include

that in the in the patreon thank you all

for coming

I gotta take a major piss Jonathan thank

you for coming on and I will see you

next time man you guys thanks for

watching peace out

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