How to get the best out of your wife or girlfriend with Rian Stone (Episode 403)

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guest this evening is none other than

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yeah listen guys I'm back on the air I

had a I had a big dude I was in the ER

all night last night had a stomach virus

everything is fine now but today we're

gonna talk about today I'm good today

guys Ryan and I we're gonna discuss some

of the necessary steps to make your

woman the best woman she can be how to

turn your wife or girlfriend into into

the wife or girlfriend you've always

wanted and needed

now I'll start off with this now get

your thoughts on this way and the

manosphere is full of guys talking to

about the negatives when it comes to

American women rightfully so I do the

same myself we don't need anyone to tell

us what to look for in a woman because

we inherently know what we want to need

as men

what we need to be told is what not to

look for and the best source for that of

course is the the manosphere anyway what

men also need to know and understand is

how to bring out the best and a woman

once you have identified her as a

potential long-term partner obviously

provided you've groomed or properly

trained her you've made it your main

chick when a man has taken all of the

necessary steps to make her his own it

is as important if not more important to

know how to cultivate the good qualities

mitigate the bad qualities and bring out

the best dinner yes women have a lot to

be desired we get that yes women cheat

they're only good for sex etc etc they

have you know habits conducive to

infidelity they can't cook and all that

stuff but part of the reason that women

have devolved into what they are today

is because of us we are part of the

reason we can listen guys we can talk

about how feminism has corrupted women

and how it's bad for them and that's all

100% true but we as men we need to take

responsibility for the deplorable state

of women here in 2019 that doesn't

absolve them for their bad decisions but

pretending that we don't shoulder some

of that blame some of the blame for the

sexual market that is being disingenuous

and dishonest that's not all woman's

fault and I'm not gonna sit here and say

well it's all on oh no we are part we

are partially to blame now if you decide

to take a woman as your possession okay

if you decide to commit to her long term

she becomes your responsibility guys


a man will complain a man who complained

that his woman got fat he'll complain

that she's not having sex with him a

complaint she can't cook I'll complain

about everything but what he leaves out

is that he's not taking the lead in the

relationship he's not demanding her best

he's not helping her to be the best

woman she can be gentlemen you can't

complain if you're that you can't

complain that your woman is getting fat

if you don't keep in shape

you can't complain that your woman's not

fucking you if you're not sexually

pursuing her you can't complain about

your woman disrespecting you if you

don't address and eliminate

disrespectful behavior that's like

saying well my kid is such a bad kid

when you've never disciplined the kid

doesn't work that way

so what we're gonna talk about guys is

we're gonna talk about how to cultivate

good habits in your woman while

eliminating the bad habits

at least mitigating them so that she can

be the best woman that she can be doing

this isn't that difficult but it's not

really easy either but if you're not

aware of what's necessary to keep your

woman in line

you're really already behind the eight

ball so what are your warrior opening

thoughts Ryan on the the steps necessary

to keep your woman in line and to make

her the best woman she can be to you of

course you know wives and girlfriends

husbands and boyfriends oh wow

so I find the way I approach this is

fairly unique in the manosphere I'm not

sure why I'm not sure how that's fine I

don't look at this as in something to

find blame yeah I always say this and

it's little harsh not to counter

everybody here is I look at these things

as mental models okay

the idea is as a man and we've been like

this since caveman days we've kind of

looked at the world through stories and

so when you think of it like that and

you build a story that's positive for

you whether or not it's true that it

allows you to make these good decisions

without having to list 10 reasons that

she'll cheat or ten things that we're

and I'll get to why in a minute here but

I'll use an example here from my life so

when I was when I joined the Navy it was

at the point where I believed in the

meritocracy the work hard play hard and

address a mental model the idea is you

can work hard to do your job if you're

the best damn sailor you're gonna get

the promotion right that's not now we

all know that's basically not how it

works I got women that were promoted

ahead of me with the boss saying yeah

well we need more women and in tech

basically so it would actually get me

very frustrated because we have a mental

model but it doesn't map to reality and

so when we talk about all these problems

with guys who's to blame in that I think

that's the wrong question to ask okay

instead of finding out who's to blame

and who's at fault

you just look about what what mental

model do I have here and why is it not

fitting and this is where I think the

red pill has to be one of the greatest

inventions of the manosphere since the

1980s when they had the BBS boards if

you guys remember back during gopher net

and that's the beauty of it and it's I'm

totally going on a tangent here so I got

nothing right if you notice most the

people who hate on the red pill they

pick some general small nuanced

statement and they go well

I can find an exception we all know that

not all women are like that argument

nawa LT but that's the wrong question

and I told this to ed Lattimore when you

and all three of us were together I feel

like to be I think and I got into team

Brown there for a little bit felt really

good I started my dancing improved and

my credit score went down whatever but I

told like if if I can tell a guy the

moon is made out of cheese and he goes

to the gym three days a week then as far

as the red pills concerned the moon's

made of cheese right so we're not really

concerned about what's true and in this

case so a lot of the questions you asked

was how to get the best out of a woman I

find that's the wrong mental model to

ask because it's it's putting it on a

pedestal so it's like I do this and then

she responds with what I want and it's

generally a covert contract because the

woman's never there when you decide on

these things and the one truism I found

is when you put a responsibility onto a

woman she will I could swear on your

channel yes of course yes she will fuck

that up on purpose he's women absolutely

hate rejection they hate failure

they hate the idea of being seen as the

cause of failure

that's a blame thing and women cannot

stand it they would rather sabotage it

than take chance and as much as I say

this guys still don't understand how

like when you think about the most

risk-averse guy who is afraid of getting

rejected never approaches he's a three a

woman's fear of rejection is an eight

and if you don't believe me

talk to any Chad that you've ever met

who turned down a girl who wanted to

fuck him oh my and he will tell you

without fail that she turns into a

raging fucking beast it is always always

an adverse reaction dude I've told I

don't know if I told this story before I

went half the time dude listen man women

do not handle rejection well on any

level rejected for jobs rejected for

parts especially rejected by men because

women are used to getting their way with

men all the time I remember I'm filling

up my I'm filling my car in Vegas it's

probably a hundred and seventy-four

degrees outside and I drove a really

nice black Audi a5 in these and he's

fucking fat this fuck these two fat

white girls you know roll up bump in

Juicy J or whatever whatever the fuck it

was and but you know they get out the


the big hoop earrings I don't know she's

probably 200 pounds you could tell she

was chunky so she came over and she

started she's like oh that's really nice

car what's your name I'm like look

sweetheart it's not that kind of party

I'm not interested you can go and she's

like well you don't have to be such a

fuckin asshole but I was like nope keep

it moving

so she goes over and she starts talking

all this shit about you know about me to

our girl like she's pointing at me I'm

like oh my god

women do not handle rejection well at

all see I go the other way I've had a

girl that was I was not interested in

her and she was a babbling mess in front

of me so I basically just made out with

her for 10 minutes just to calm her the

fuck tip that a town that leave him

better than you found him when she's

Moody listen when she's Moody smack her

booty and I'll get that and this is to

circle back to your question there about

how to get the best at your woman this

is a lot of guys in the manosphere they

talk about leadership and I'm sure

you've heard the speeches here's the

problem is that I don't think they

understand what that means and in this

case you know and this is the this is

the mental model to have you know that

women fear rejection and responsibility

to the point that they will sabotage

whatever they're in

so that's your mental model so when you

take leadership in these kind of things

with your wife you don't put

responsibility on her you essentially

take it on now that's not to say you do

things for her that she should be doing

herself right but you just make sure

that the blame squares falling on your

show on your shoulders and it's she'll

help you on this one so it's not like

it's a one-way street it's not a hard

climb and I find that tends to get the

better response because then you're

taking Nach off of her shoulders that's

you leading the engagement and that's

anybody who's worked in a military or

any organization where you have people

underneath you as a subordinate you I

think you've heard the saying your fault

my responsibility yeah right yeah it's

what we use to use in the Navy all the

time and that's exactly how it was when

you're middle management

if your guys fuck up it's still your

fault that's where you have to deal with

it that's right and listen that's the

way it should be

listen I mean it's even or not doesn't

matter it is right it is you want to

succeed just deal with it listen it

listen if you're out and about and you

see a woman that's getting out of pot

and you see a woman was who's with a man

if she's out of pocket we're not saying

damn what the fuck if she had a pocket

forward like dude like whose bitch is

this like who bitch this is right like

who do you belong to that's the way

that's the way we see your woman is a

reflection of you oh and you're gonna

love this I got

so many nuances to it like slightly

disagree with you but not really to get

some nice insight as a segue here let's

do it when you said that guys know what

they want I find an amazing amount of

guys don't have any fucking idea it's

the weirdest thing like we think we know

what we want and I'll that's the lesson

actually learn from the red pill women

if you can believe this please okay all


a lot of yeah I get the solipsistic

interest but this was one thing that

this middle-aged former slut cock or

carousel riding woman figured out really

early on guys are notoriously good at

learning to like what they can get yes

okay yeah you were that if you dated

goth girls in high school a girl

dressing like goth is hot to you and if

any girl ask you how to pick up a man

you'll say just put on black lipstick

you mean of nerd girls growing up then

you're gonna tell every girl put on put

chopsticks in your hair and wear some

turtle shell glasses if you've only

dated black women you're gonna say hey I

want you to scream and throw shit like I

am so gonna get demonetized man I swear

to God your loads on me Donovan listen

fortunately for you listen fortunately

for everybody here I always take these

videos down immediately and put them on

patreon so again we can say shit fart

all that all that all that good oh you

make me the point I've never really

thought of it that way guys are so

thirsty that they don't in I think that

if if the sexual if sexual dynamics

between men and women really were the

way they were supposed to be masculine

men feminine women I think that men

would be more at they would be more

adept at knowing what they want but

because these are limitations not right

exactly and at some point they could

really sort of pick and choose which

traits they want and which they don't

well we did you know we did that as


unfortunately the girls that had the

traits that we want were sluts and they

don't want us so at that point any girl

that pays attention to us oh okay yeah

blondes are my type brunettes are my

type no wait latina girls are my type

that's how that works so I've never

thought of it that way guys really don't

know what they want in terms of women

now they like what they can get now that

we like the visceral thing like if a

girl's got hips if a girl's thin big

tits and I think I want to say it was

Jeff Miller but I can remember which one

it was they had they were bringing out

some studies about this which was really

interesting they found that the way a

guy categorizes

girls on his you know HB 1 to 10 scale

sure it tended to correlate closely with

where he was on the scale so if a guy

was an average of 5 he would tend to

gravitate around girls that were 6 or 7

if a guy wasn't 8 9s and 10s the guy is

a 3 he tends to like 4 and 5s and I'm

sure you see examples of that where guys

are talking about oh that chicks too

skinny but he's a fat fox sitting on a

couch eating Cheetos right talking about

a super attractive girl yeah it is

something and I don't fully understand

it but I find it's something we're

hardwired for so and the reason I bring

all this up in the sense of bringing out

the best in a woman is you learn and

instead of blame you learn what your

mental models are so you can change

those so you realize all right so I'm

she's always been this kind of woman so

I'm attracted to it but that's not what

I want now for whatever reason like

let's say you like a girl that takes

charge but then she's a raging cunt to

you all the time and maybe you don't

like that for some god-awful reason you

want a girl to be pleasant you got to

realize that you have basically trained

her to be like that through your actions

right but if you don't think that you

know what I'm attracted to is what I

could get then you don't make that

connection and so you don't change that

mental model and so you don't bring the

best out in your woman because they're

there water and you're the container or

able take the shape I think art swinger

greatest one of my favorite guys in the

married red pill he was a very prolific

author he had a really really shitty

wife which honed his game to an amazing

extent and he wrote a great thing I

think I've even transcribed it to my ex

he's gone now it's that women or as

shitty as you let them be that's right

and as a mental model totally not true

some chicks are bipolar some chicks are

insane some chicks are just whores

whatever but if you take that as your

mental model and you know if I didn't

say blame nobody's fault

there is shitty as you let them be you

know he was looming at ya if you assume

that that puts you in the state where

your decisions start to reflect that so

if she's acting like a cunt like oh well

I've let her think she can run her mouth

to me and then you just detach from the

conversation it's like all right I'll

stop I'll regroup and that ties into

probably my favorite it's not Ryan's

rule I haven't come up with a name for

it yet but I think it's the greatest

thing I've ever come up with the


it's that we only have three two

to enforce our boundaries in a

relationship okay and I talked about

this in my American omelet video you've

got your affection you've got your

attention and you got your commitment

and you don't have a stick but you can

remove the carrot and a carrot and a

stick analogy of course so if you want

your girl to be her best when she's

acting in a way that you don't like from

whatever reason it doesn't have to be

rational as your reasons if you can pick

a stupid reason if you want to if you

want to enforce it it's your business

but depending on how severe a boundary

that she steps across so if it's

something small like hey don't yell at

me in front of my family and she starts

doing that so maybe you just have to

pull your affection you just get a

little bit cold and distant girls need

affection like men need pussy it's you

pull that away it's this equivalent of

her saying no I don't want to fuck

tonight I have a headache and that's

another one one of the other moderators

metric married red pill his article

verbal intercourse is optional and I

love this story because he uh he tells

the nice haribol that people can

understand a mental model of what's a

what would happen if you went to your

wife you tried to have sex she shot you

down went to the went to the living room

and you chased her around with a

rock-hard erection fucking fuck you

Kelly be arrested yeah probably be

arrested she'd at least fucking smack

the shit idea so why is that any

different than when a girl's being a

raging cunt to you and then you leave

the room and she starts following you

around fucking saying to pay attention

to me if you don't know different yeah

it comes back to the mental models and

so you realize you start to frame it in

this way what you realize people aren't

the same girls men and women are

different and you realize she's shitty

because you let her be that way and then

you've got your tools to pull away from

it in this case it's just you know

attention you leave the house go to

Starbucks practice some day game read

your uh your books coming out soon isn't

it you say yes it is yeah perfect bring

Donovan's book it's a heavy deal so

you're probably gonna want to take it to

Starbucks anyway and then let's say

something more serious let's say she

goes out to lunch with a ex-boyfriend of

hers and for you that's maybe a more

serious boundary and she doesn't live

with you yet so just pull your

commitment all right you demote her to a

plate there you go spies into and I

always reference documents in this one

because everything we say it's been

written down this is the human sock

puppets bitch management guide and it's


the magnum opus of the red pill I swear

to God he basically lays it out and he

just pull your you pull your commitment

you demote her to a plate and this is

especially important for married guys

because they love to think that well

what can I do to save my relationship

and you can't what you can do is you

make yourself your mental point of


you only associate yourself that people

are valuable with now a girl's job is

the relationship she was gonna foster or

die it's all on her it's brittle it's

law and you can see that every time

there's a marriage if you have a

marriage with a guy who doesn't want to

be in it or a girl who doesn't want to

be in it which one do you think's gonna

last longer I guarantee you it's the one

that the guy doesn't want to be in it

important he may cheat he may treat her

like crap she may even in the worst case

scenarios he may even beat her but if a

girl loves a guy she will stick by his

not going anywhere

yes she's not going anywhere but you get

a guy who's a schlub who's kissing ass

and his wife doesn't want to be there

that shit's fucking over ruch actually

had something posted in the Roosh V

forum recently oh yeah a bunch yeah a

bunch of pictures of guys like he said I

want you guys to post a bunch of

pictures of guys who you know are gonna

get dumped and/or cheated on it was it

was unbelievable it was it was funny as

shit it was great I wish I could read it

did I tell you he's a blocked me from

Twitter I didn't listen I'm on his email

list from from way from a long time ago

back when I first started reading our

okay I'll I'll Forge you to email and

that'll that'll that'll get you in to

the end of the forum I mean I would love

to read that yeah it's fucking awesome

um big shout out to rob Cruz with the $5

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then member when i got a question in the

chat here I can't pronounce the name

I'll call it JK he says how to know the

difference between manageable and

impossible women to manage slump um in

the same category why are you even

making that decision that bought it dude

I used to call people faggots all the

time it drove me fucking nuts I could

tell em II like rats maze of bullshit in

order to get the pussy at the other end

I'm like what possible reason where's

your incentive like what is she doing

for you that is worth all this effort

if he's if he's still there try to

answer that question cuz I don't think

you will cuz every guy I've ever asked

it to they just kind of changed the

topic because there is no answer if it's

at the point that you're trying to find

a justification to put up with a girl's

bullshit ooh there we go

now it's hard like I get it if you're

attached to like some people are your

father's some people are married some

people have real estate there's always a

cost attached to which I'll ask this big

question well how important is it to you

because like let's say for example he

says she bought him a present she bought

you a present oh that's wonderful do you

have a job can you buy your own present

right listen if your woman can provide

you something that you can't okay then

maybe there's something there and just

because she can provide you something

that you can't doesn't necessarily mean

that you need that listen Devin cooks

for me is she she sucks my dick she

fucks me dude she's gonna be wearing

these red heels tonight like on there

like okay fine that elevates my life but

I don't need I don't need that in my

life even if she makes the occasional

slip-up she sells real remorse you move

past it that's Relations for you but

when you're actively having to fight

against your own self-interest that's

when you know something's wrong and it's

not her fault because she literally

there you go that is definitely you

problem here's another question are

women capable of feeling jealousy that

sounds like a very real quick of course

of course women are capable of Oh does

he mean like feel jealousy the same way

that a guy does uh yeah clarify the

question or unplug do you mean capable

of feeling jealousy this thing if as I

don't yeah I was gonna say if that's the

question the answer is the answer is

definitely no because as men we feel a

possessive jealousy when we feel when we

feel jealous or or if a girl we like if

we see her talking to someone else we

get jealous because when we like her in

our minds we have possessed her women

feel jealousy in a very insecure way

okay to another girl yeah well not only

one and this of course being me and keep

some keen right but they think that

women want a guy that is going to make

her work for his affection and when they

feel jealousy that you're talking to

another girl that's the insecurity

jealousy what about what does she have

that I don't have women know they can't

possess men all they can do is keep and

hold our

by doing X Y Z or ABC what's your take

on that Oh 100% I just have to go like

look how cheating's done he's a lot of

times if a guy cheats on a woman as long

as he owns it yep because the cheat the

infidelity isn't what breaks up a

marriage it's the line it's the worm a

lot yes not only it's the lying and it's

the apology if you own it on a pot

listen I cheated mistakes were made it

is what it is if you want to be with me

cool if not then let's just end this

shit now cuz you're not gonna hold this

over my head what's a good and I'm not

gonna say it's the moral standpoint I

don't see a lot of you know people

converting to Christ and then doing

these techniques but from a strictly

tactical and strategic standpoint you

are much more likely to survive a

relationship of infidelity if you just

own it but a different side of things

and this ties in to doctor doctor bus or

doctor booze camera how to pronounce it

God he told me because doctor bus used

to own the Lakers right so you know how

um he had his sexy sons theory where

girls like they get a man they get

knocked up and then they want to find a

more attractive man who and pregnant

them and have the beta

well they've since found it was a neat

little study and it just came out I

think two years ago where 80% of the

time that a girl commits adultery she

falls in love with the new partner

that's right and it was the opposite for

the guy I think it was what 25 30

percent you know why that is right

because my running theory is because

guys just want strange we want variety

but we pair bond with one person yeah we

can love our wife and we could fuck

Stacie okay yeah right right exactly I

don't do it I tell people this all the

time especially when a girl will move on

she can love one person she can only

love one person want to be fucking eight

guys they only want to be fucking one

they might fuck eight guys but they only

want to be fucking one men cheat for sex

women's sheet for sex and every other

reason this is why women who cheat the

marriage is over this is why when men

cheat the marriage a lot of time stays

together yeah there was like an Oscar

Wilde line it's pretty awesome I wish I

could quote and be one of those

pretentious fucks but where it was

something like guys love variety and

we're very complicated girls are simple

they'll perfectly settle for the best of

course and that's the thing if you're

the kind of guy who other girls don't

want it's like a kid with a ball nobody

wants to play with the ball unless other

kids want to play with it so why would

she want to keep you if Noah

girl wants you right that's no fun and

it I can see somebody getting bored on

that girls like game as much as the next

guy of course and while they may scream

to hell or high water that they don't

like the anxiety they don't like the

stepping up their game the effort in

doing their hair but girls don't

understand that that's there's a

connection between that anxiety and

sexual attraction so they're actively

sabotaging because they just don't know

guys guys know what attracts us because

we have like a very visible indicator

and yes when we're attracted to

something girls don't have that guys

seem to forget girls don't get boners it

can feel when they're turned on by

something they just like and that's how

they can say it just happened because

they honestly don't know they can't

because it's a feeling a feeling is in

the boners tangible a feeling is not we

can visually see like I have clearly

attracted to this fatty Oh pink man it's

all pink Jesus cry when the lights are

out and all that yeah and then to get to

the point to this yeah and it's if you

deny her that ability to feel and for

her like anxiety sexual desire all this

stuff kind of controls into one fall I

just call being attractive of course

she's eventually going to get the itch

elsewhere now if the opportunity

presents itself

if the social structures aren't in place

to prevent her because the only thing a

girl likes more than emotions is social

standing there you go and and I'm gonna

doing the rollo thing man where I just

go off on tangents you know just do it

man you got so I know let's say if

you're with a marriage of quiet

desperation and nobody in your social

circle is divorced you are much more

likely to be in a dead bedroom than to

be divorced now if you're in a dead

bedroom in a social circle that has

divorced people that shit will spread

like a virus that's right so right there

and this is a good thing for guys if

you're in a nice community that doesn't

have a lot of divorcees you're gonna get

that buffer between I'm not slinging it

anymore like I used to and let me take

the wife and kids don't put a bullet in

your brain but if you're part of like a

random sample of society that has

divorces you might not even see this

coming you might not have that space so

it's good to be aware of this stuff so

you can see it immediately and you could

tell if your woman's into you like you

don't need to hack her phone you don't

need to hack her socially

you can do that if you want to yeah but

once she stops looking at you like

you're her best option like you kind of

know there's a it's the same thing as

the girl emotions where she doesn't know

it turns her on

you kind of know when something's up you

can't articulate it but it's in your gut

and you have to really fight to convince

yourself it's not there that's a hire a

private investigator to follow her you

already know what's going like the

marriage proposal right they tell women

they tell women there's a pervasive

saying that if a man gets down on his

knee and he proposes to you and the

girls like I just don't know well if you

don't know you know right anything other

than a hell yasin oh yes that's exactly

right yeah well okay we're at a baseball

game so I'll yeah right know that that's

how that goes

um and men listen men know and this is

when you get that when you get that

feeling in your gut and it's not it's

not hard to see you can tell what she

stopped sucking your dick she stops

looking at you a certain way she stops

making an effort these I mean these are

all I mean these are all obvious

indicators but then there are some there

there are also some subtle indicators as


oh yeah that's your purview all those

little details I'm kind of like I'm more

of a cudgel guy I look for the big

picture oh yeah yeah I'm I'm all about

those micro expressions now I got

another question here most ceases

according to Richard Cooper women's

sheet as much as men if not more how do

you not let that bother you first of all

women cheat more than men I think that's

obvious and anyone who opposes that you

think of it very least there it's easier

for them and there's less ramifications

if they do well I mean that way yeah

well isn't that right there proves that

they cheat more because if we know

anything about women they are impulsive

right so they have the opportunity lack

of impulsive lack of impulse or they

have the opportunity lack of discipline

increased impulsiveness and no

ramifications of course they cheat more

yeah I think because of that thing and

here's the thing he says why doesn't it

bother you and yeah it's gonna bother

you nobody likes to have a girl that

we're fucking and then they're not

fucking anymore that's loss is a part of

it and it's it's kind of a bit Taoist

but and it's why I think I got this from

do you know how close of is no she is on

Twitter she was a former phone sex

operator she's like the one of those sex

positivity rate

personalities cocaine hilarious girl and

she admitted something we have kind of

been talking about it that a girl is

most attracted to a man when he's got

his foot half a foot out the door yep

and so really the best defense you've

got is she kind of have to be less

invested and I know it sucks to say but

this isn't part of that people really

misunderstand when Rollo talks about

things like the the Disney Fantasy it's

a naive childlike sort of love that we

think it's pair bonding together forever

as a Norman Rockwell painting we're

gonna see each other till one of us dies

then the other one dies a loneliness

that's a fiction that's a fantasy that's

a horrible mental model that's full of

nothing but pain at least 50% of the

people out there are screwed by thinking

about it so the way to not have it

bother you is except that it will bother

you somewhat but you have to understand

that what you have is temporary there

you go have to be and it's like with

anything if you're worried about losing

your money then start investing or buy

insurance if you're worried about losing

your car you get insurance if you're

worried about people you know shooting

you you get bodyguards like there's all

these risk mitigation strategies and in

this case if you don't want it to bother

you get to the point where you could

replace her get to the point where

you're kind of like a little bit it

pisses you off a little bit when she

acts like a woman does and in a good way

kind of in more of like a

I hate fuck is a fun fuck kind of thing

hahahaha and that's like as soon as you

start looking to her as your source of

happiness or validation ooh there we go

you can ride that train for a while and

I'm sure she'll like it for a while but

the problem is that sets you up for

failure down the road if and when she

decides she no longer wants to be part

of this you're basically gonna be 0 it

out I say this I see it all the time

there's lots of guys that have it well

yeah and these are the guys who end up

you know swallowing a revolver and yeah

and squeezing the trigger on a woman

never belongs to you it's job yeah it's

just your turn exactly even with my turn

it's just my turn with Devon like this

is how this is now are we gonna do are

we gonna be together for the next six

months the next the next year the next

six years I don't know I would like to

think that we could be but if we aren't

we aren't my happiness is not tied to

her by the same token she provides me

things in life that warrants investment

for me I told you before he got on air I


just dropped 586 $600 for 12 personal

training sessions for her this month and

I'm on the floor if she needs it which

is very proactive or she needs it

listen protip gentleman and this again

is if you're in a relationship with a

woman who has invested it see devon has

invested a lot in me like I can't even I

can't even get into it but she had to

work very hard for my attention and

affection and all that she loved it up

for you to how much she's into you

can I talk about her Twitter account

yeah good so she has a Twitter account I

noticed it one day when she started

following me and I recognized the face

I'm like oh that's neat her Twitter bio

is exactly what you need to hear I'm

here to follow Donovan's friends don't

follow me or I'll block you I'm right

there I think I got the wording a little

off but that's essentially I don't know

no yeah absurd that's he's got his shit

on these games on lock well it's it's

it's it's that plus I just don't have

time to fuck around Ryan laughs that's

like later she senses that do you like

body language it's not just your words

everything about you just oozes that out

and so she knows it's not a boundary to

cross people run across soft boundaries

and here's the thing I've actually tried

to get her I've actually tried to get in

a lot of guys say this trying to get my

girlfriend to work out she won't work

out well if you're and by the way

Devon's not on Twitter anymore she

actually she actually slashed though I

don't know I didn't follow her I didn't

want to get booked see there you go

there you go

but yeah I've tried to get her to work

out and this and that any other she's

just not as disciplined as I am I get up

at 4 o'clock in the morning to go

deadlift she's a woman she's not gonna

do that

so I decided okay before this gets

before this thing starts to get sideways

because if Devon becomes non sexually

attracted to me I'm gone like I'm not

gonna fuck her if I don't wanna fuck her

like that's just all there is to it

that's prerequisite number one so what

did I do is I win and I hired a personal

training a trainer for Devon's gone go

because I just laid out the money for

her to go there's no Donovan I don't

feel like going really well this fucking

bill that I paid says that you're gonna

you're gonna get the fuck ready and go

but again the reason why I made that

investment is because she invested in me

you gotta make sure your woman and again

just getting back so we're talking about

how to get the best out of your wife or

girlfriend you got to make sure she has

skin in the game

make her invest in you women have had

men in

investing in them their whole lives they

always get that investment the attention

the affection the commitment for doing

little to nothing but looking good dude

look at their be zero for it what value

are they gonna treat it you can every go

agree you don't give a shit of course

you don't a gift Garnett whatever it's

you know it's on the house when I

thought you were expensive I was very I

was I was very very fat you like me

you're just a pleasant person to live

with all the time I'm not easy to live


I know you're not no no I definitely

definitely am not the easiest person to

I'm not the easiest person to live with

it's funny in the ambulance in the

ambulance on the way to on the way to

the hospital last night so I'm in the

back with I'm in the back with the other

paramedic a woman and Devon is riding up

front with the men and they're just

making a cordial conversation bla bla

bla bla bla and Devon starts to get a

little bit talkative so I said to the

woman who was with me I said I said I

want you to look up there and tell Devon

that's enough and she'll know exactly

what you're talking about

and she said all right so she slides

home she says yeah Devon your boyfriend

back there says that's enough and that

you'd know what you're talking about

not up heap not a people this is and

again this is this just goes to show

Devon has made an enormous lehigh price

if you want if you want your woman to

treat you like that you gotta be an

investable commodity and you have to get

her to she has to make the decision to

it that's like the Ben Franklin ex if he

wants there you go nice to you have them

do you a favor there you go there you go

that's exact same concept there it's

awesome and it's great and here's the

nuance to it too I know a lot of guys

have that I want to be the bull in the

china shop I want to be the King dick

it's not right not Donovan's attitude

there's a nuance to it and you don't

know if you don't understand it he's not

invested in the outcome he's not worried

about looking like the man he's worried

about bringing people a value into his

life how it's presented

but how his image is if that's secondary

sure so yeah when you're focused on look

I want her to be as invested in me as I

am in her plus 40% or whatever

percentage you want to pick there yes

sure I mean what soon as she's very good

like I want to be seen as the man and

then you have that little narcissistic

fantasy then you get all kind of

crumbles and so that's why I find and I

love talking about the nuances because

is the difference between good game and

fucking amazing game and I know we talk

about it all the time and it's amazing

there's a crowd of people that just want

us to talk more about it because we talk

about it like a second nature we've been

practicing it all of our lives but if

you haven't been you miss on these like

small subtle points and I knew no wonder

why you're filling up the booths and the

eyeballs five days a week on your videos

because it's just there's a million

words to describe one single gesture

from you yes there is and I think yeah

I'm a very long I'm a very long winded

it's funny guys always ask me how do you

come up with so much content well I talk

a lot that's really kind of how this

goes but I think there's something to be

said about about goat-like like a lot of

guys listen we tell guys you have to

give less Fox and you know don't become

invested make yourself your own mental

point of origin but you have to give

them that practical anecdotal evidence

and knowledge as well and I think that's

what sets me apart from from a lot of

the guys because I've got receipts you

know like you know you guys are seeing

odd yeah yeah I mean like you know dudes

know exactly who I am

um one thing I wanted to point oh me I

want to get your thoughts on this is one

way to I guess get the best out of your

wife or girlfriend is to hold her

accountable and I put it to you like

this not only do women need to be held

accountable they want to be they need to

know they need to know that the man

they've chosen is not gonna tolerate the

bullshit she needs to know that you're

that you're gonna call her out on our

bullshit punish your bad behavior demand

her best hold her accountable here's the

thing dude handling a woman and I think

you'll-- endorses to handling a woman is

similar to handling a child and in in

this regard and the reason for this is

that women are overgrown children and

here's what this means girls right

listen they were they mature much faster

than boys but as soon as they realize

that men want to fuck them their

maturation comes to a screeching halt it

doesn't have to well it doesn't have to

read out of the girls can but you know

attractive ones we're talking about well

ones that matter right exactly my

biggest dick right listen the hot 20

pled the hot 23 year old that you saw at

the liquor store the other day she still

talks acts and thinks just like she did

when she was 16 she is on the she was on

the cheerleading squad and fucking the

high school football team that

when you're already six what's that my

20-year highschool reunion they do that

at 36 37 where we can exactly the same

as 1997 I was like what enough fuck that

listen that means that they're not to

listen this means that they're not too

far removed from the wall but they're

just there they're gonna realize it so

let's do some math here the 28 year old

you're dating the 20 year olds your

fucking she's still trapped in her 18

year old might now here's the thing and

you actually touching her right as soon

as their attractiveness starts to

dwindle and by the way a woman

approaching the wall is always the last

to know just like you were talking about

but eventually she's gonna come to that

harsh realization as all women do and as

soon as that happens that's when she

starts to mature again but that doesn't

mean the 36 year old woman has all of a

sudden gonna start acting like a 36 year

old woman should not even close she's

gonna pick up right where she left off

when she lost her virginity at 15 years

old so she hit the wall at 30 she'll

think and behave like she's a 21 year

old because she's that far behind and a

cougar is born yes there it is there it

is these emotional e unstable women and

that's why they get angry because that

same reaction like you can act a damn

fool if you're hot in 21 before these

guys will placate you it actually it

makes me feel sorry for thoughts because

when you think about how hard is it to

live life without a feedback mechanism I

God dude Jesus but could you imagine

that like every crazy 45 year old woman

you see that's like OCD and all this

crap that's because there's a 21 year

old hottie behind her that everybody

wanted to fuck and nobody told her to

cut that shit that's right that's right

I will totally endorse exactly what

you're saying my sister horse girl

perfect example there you go

I saw her growing up through high school

she was tall she was thin and she's a

horse girl so she's tough she treated

men like hood yeah they let her head

partner she called him a faggot in front

of all his friends and he had to laugh

it off she probably could have beat the

shit out of him too Jesus here's the

thing though she met this nice white boy

who finally who told her to shut the

fuck up one day and they've been they've

been together now for four years they

own a house together she calmed the fuck

down she turned from a horse girl to a

good little woman Wow they still have

fights cuz she needs to still know that

he's got claws right so our support

occasionally but catfight calm the fuck

down and it's funny now my mom loves him

it's like

of all the in-laws he's my favorite

because he's the only one that put up

with her crappy listen just like you

said all it took was a man to tell her a

shut up look I'm not here for that and

women respect that the two sexiest words

for a woman or no and no ha ha ha ha you

guys are listening to the 430 edition of

TSR live with donovan sharp with special

guest Ryan stone you guys can find him

at Ryan stone calm he is of course does

for our consulting yes he does

consulting I think you're a little bit

more expensive than I am but not bite

too much there was one more thing I

wanted to mention Oh follow him on

twitter facebook instagram everywhere

I think it's underscore Ryan underscore

stone and another underscore I think

there's a bunch of underscores in there

here's another reason here here's

something else that men should always do

later coach here we go

never never leave a woman in the dark

about where she stands right this is the

thing man this is another way of saying

don't be passive-aggressive okay oh yeah

dude don't be the guy who has a problem

with this woman keeps it all inside

mentions things related to said problem

in passing and then when you can't take

it anymore you explode and go into a 30

a 30 minute site right guess what your

girl is gonna say well why didn't you

tell me now by the way you know she

would have reacted badly if she were a

slut right and she's right you can't

Aliss and you can't expect your woman to

correct bad behavior if you don't let

her know by her actions that she fucked

up you can't coerce correct if she

doesn't know that there's a problem

women aren't mind reader's guys idiot

Johnny here's the thing dude if she

doesn't know dude that you don't have

one if she doesn't know that you've got

one foot out the door because she is or

isn't doing XYZ then you can't expect

her to make changes necessary to keep

you that's how this goes Oh how's how's

she gonna how is she gonna respect your

boundaries when you haven't told her

that's you can't just assume she's gonna

know you're about to be on camera

sweetheart thank you oh that's never

bottled water was amazing jeez that had

that hand I've been on dogs air I will

be done in a minute

please that hand is gonna get done what

the fuck are you doing Jesus Christ man

oh my god she's found easy she's fine

anyway loves you she brought you bottled

water yeah she bought me a mobile water

and she's all done up she wanted to drab

eels and all that sounds like alright

well normal night yeah listen listen

listen I got better shit to do right now

woman yeah

bring her the water and leave I'm

risking interrupting his show here to

give him water cuz I love him that much

that's that's love that's a sacrifice

come on the air she's like I'm like get

the fuck out of here give me my water

and go anyway yes I just wanted to add

on to that one quick point you're right

but here's one thing I want to add is

like a don't eat paint warning for those

who don't know from my youtube channel I

always add it don't eat paint morning at

the end from like the 1950s where kid

would eat lead paint they have to put

warnings on shit now yes better just

stupid that you should know when you say

she should know your boundaries it's not

that you say like you can't give

ultimatums you can't say you're not

gonna do this girl's flower bed will

walk right over those boundaries you

just got to show it by your actions

right so I agree you have to this is

where the demonstrate not explicate

thing comes in yeah and if you have to

mention it obviously for some things

like I don't want you going to that

party you can't sit you can't say you're

not going to that party cuz you'll go to

say fuck you you can't tell me what to

do you say my girl doesn't like I I

don't date girls that go to these

parties or I don't like that and that's

kind of like the true test like if you

really got your girl on lock she'll

respect that because she wants to make

you happy but if she doesn't and she

goes off anyway then you kind of know

where you stand and I think a lot of

guys avoid that because they don't want

to have that question answer because

they're worried because they'd be you

know what the answer is and that's like

just man up and I think it's the

greatest everybody always talks about

what's the best attribute for game like

as it looks is it personality is this I

think it's resolved if you're willing to

burn your life to the ground on your on

enforcing your boundaries I think that

makes you much stronger and better able

to attract women than anything else it's

the one thing in common between that

skinny drug dealer that's got hot chicks

on them the supermodel that's got chicks

are hanging off of them the pickup

artist who has perfect game was chicks

on them all of those guys have resolved

and they're all willing to basically

nuke their life over what they believe


okay very good all right so guy the next

one the next one that I wanted to point

out and this

might sound kind of counterproductive so

to speak but brag about her right

women women love when you brag on them

to your friends and family it wasn't

about yes of course like this is another

thing that encourages them to be the

best women that they can be yes they

like it when they get approval from you

they like it when you validate their

attractiveness they like it when you ask

them for seconds of whatever it is that

you cook but when you tell your buddy

yeah you know Erika always looks hot

when we're out together or when you tell

your you know your family yeah you know

Devon made me the best steak dinner last

night trust me when I tell you guys that

stuff it's got your woman glowing on the

inside she may listen she may not show

it but she is giddy with excitement that

you brag on her social capital she's

ahead of her spirits tell her how great

she's look and here's the best part -

you can do that as almost a way of

training a woman yes if you get of the

older guys in the manosphere Frenchie

he's been gone since then buddy was an

awesome mentor for me and he said he

always talked to people as if they're

already doing what he what he wanted

them to do I like it so yeah and if it's

at the point that your girls like

worried about something maybe she's not

fucking you three times a week she's

only doing it twice or something like

that whatever you just talk to her as if

she's already doing this stuff as like a

pre-emptive comment a pre-emptive

compliment sorry and assuming you have

your game on tight it's good because

then it kind of it gives that subtle

subtext message of this is stuff you

should be doing exactly right but you're

not putting the pressure on her to

perform which goes back to our original

talk about you don't put responsibility

onto her because she's gonna sabotage it

right right it's just one of those

little tips we found that worked over

the years well not only that you

actually I actually noticed that when I

was a kid my mom used to do that to me

Oh Donovan you're such a great

dishwasher you know oh I want a dish I

want to do the dishes for money so I'm

gonna be because mommy called me a great

dishwasher um you do the same thing with

your girl you brag on your girl even if

I remember this one chick that I dated

her name was Allison and I remember when

she used to suck my dick she used to not

go all the way like I wanted her to put

like and I think she's the fuck's she

I'm like a gag reflex i'ma give a fuck

who gives a shit I want you to fucking

gag on my dick so I'd be like dude I'll

do it I'll never forget

fuck I told her I said one of the best

things about you is that you get like

all of my dick in your mouth like to the

fucking Hill right so the next time she

sucked my dick dude she was fucking eyes

turning red and all that stuff that's

all you do you're literally telling her

what to do but it's like the hell's

already doing she's already doing it

that's exactly right I fucking love that

shit man it's great that's awesome dude

my favorite part of the red pill is this

it's guys swapping notes the real one

saying these things it's not because

we're all seeing observers we just I

hear it from you I'll hear from 20 or 30

guys and that's how it becomes a thing

so a lot of guys mentally masturbate

you're gonna see tons of it on Twitter

but that's the thing eventually guys

start having their game together you

hear that on this thing yes I do is that

is that your dog yeah it's fine but um

yeah and then once you start hearing

like out of 100 guys 80 of them are like

yeah that happens to me too

yeah and that becomes canon I may not

work all the time with every guy with

all the situations but you know as

things go on we just start picking more

and more things that will work most of

the time what six well yeah and that's

usually the way it works and thanks to

the internet men are now able to

exchange information like we can hey

yeah this happened with this happened

with my wife too um all right look more

the grad photos yes yeah well yeah I

think yeah well I think that goes

without saying

um all right let me run through a few of

these comments here before we before we

round third and head for home

oh I didn't see any other holy cows it

has been that long already has been it

has been an hour and I'm haha I'm

telling you man dude wheat we got that

good report of course Devon coming in

here I'd have fuckin sure s off well

that was a travesty never that's yes

well I never

oh my god like she knows I'm on the air

I'm like ah get the fuck out of here I

gave her an outfit to wear she wasn't

supposed to put it on until later but

she put it on now so now I got a hat

said she's out of the will that's it

fuck it she's done she's done um it was

one other there was no where I said hi

by the way I haven't talked to her since

the convention yeah yeah

I dude I saw common in here

a comment state again yeah yes yeah I

forgot whoa oh here we are here we are

it was by our unplugged how much likely

that a girl will replace her current

boyfriend with someone who has better

genetics than him when she is in her

party oh fuck off with that genetic

bullshit see these girls are scientists

do you think they're like oh well his

DNA X ratio is 7 points they don't think

like that no they don't know and all

that is that's like if you remember back

in our parents generation where guys

look really sensible about their dicks

like all my dicks not big enough his

dicks bigger girls I don't have the the

spatial logic in their head to calculate

DNA in this stuff they do follow their

feelings they follow the question you

should be asking is like why do I care

yeah you might find somebody else who's

got a better jawline or something like

that but she won't think of it that way

and that's not gonna help you either

avoid it or get past it

why are you wasting your mental energy

on it I agree I agree well with that

that's gonna do it for the four hundred

and third episode of TSR live with his

own sharp we should we should I you're

actually you're a very good guest you

you put things very very succinctly

again follow Ryan on twitter facebook

Instagram Ryan

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underscore underscore you guys can

follow me on twitter at two gets

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any last words Ryan no I think I said

it's fun I love doing these with you we

got to do these more often mos def dude

that's gonna do it for episode 403 I

will see you guys tomorrow same bat-time

same bat-channel we are out

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