How to get your wife back in line and save your marriage: Part Two (Episode 321)

It's time to instill a sense of urgency in your wife to save your marriage. This will not be for the feint of heart...




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Red Pill saved my marriage (The red pill reddit)

The Red pill may have just saved my marriage (The red pill reddit)



you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go through the deadlift

is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


320 first edition of PSR primetime your

nightly dose of Redfield truth wisdom

and awareness let's get to it

the very first job I had when I first

moved to Las Vegas was a call center

sales position basically my job was to

sell cell phones to people calling in

inquiring about our cell phone plans

that have forced them any cell phones we

had and I was good I mean I was really

good my very first month I actually

finished with the third most sales in

terms of volume in terms of volume and

units right then the month after that I

finished first in both categories by a

landslide my bonus was a little over

$3,500 $3,500 in addition to my hourly

wage that was an unbelievable paycheck

now of course I blew nearly all of that

paycheck and my bonus on useless

nonsense alcohol and other you know

other bullshit stuff then I thought that

I needed no I didn't spend any money on

cocaine because I hadn't graduated to

that level quite yet but I digress

anyway my third month started out very

very slowly I was still more or less

basking in the glow of having thousands

of dollars in my pocket for the first

time in years I had the title of the

best salesman in the company and the

attention of all of the call center

sluts right one of which I hooked up

with my very first month at if you want

to know more about that just look up red

pill origins Volume one on

forward slash Donovan sharp that is

actually the story about the girl that I

hooked up with who was out on a date

less than a few hours after I dumped her

face-to-face which led me to Google why

do girls get breakup break get why do

girls get over breakup so easily

I found the red pill after that and the

rest is history anyway

I think I was probably maybe tenth or

eleventh place around the middle of my

third month there I was no close to

hitting this bonus in other words if I

didn't sell a certain amount of Units

then all I would make that month was my

salary this is how it went you have to

sell a certain amount of units and a

certain amount and a certain volume in

order to make bonus and to that point I

was nowhere close

well the month the month before I had

actually told my roommate that I was

moving out because of my bonus from the

previous month which would allow me to

finally get my own place after after

living with him for a couple of months

like I told you my dumb ass blew my

entire bonus on useless bullshit so now

I'm broke my roommate thinks I'm moving

out he already has someone moving in on

the date I'm scheduled to move out so at

this point I'm between a rock and a hard


obviously now I knew he wasn't gonna

kick me out if I told him hey look man

I'm not gonna be able to able to move

out until next month but by the same

token I didn't want him to have to

renege on his agreement with his new

incoming roommate who would be paying a

lot more than I did so I had to get my

ass in gear to make bonus the last week

and a half of the month of October I

sold literally ten times as many units

as I had the first two and a half weeks

of the month I finished fifth for the

month I made my bonus and I was able to

move out and get a place of my own the

situation I found myself in caused me to

have a sense of urgency and I reacted

accordingly I knew that there could be a

potentially uncomfortable situation if I

didn't make bonus and that's what

motivated me to step up my game get my

ass in gear and sell those units having

a sense of urgency brings out the best

in people and it also brings out the

worst in people depending upon the

situation and of course the person when

the pressure is on

some people fold and other people both

other people focus in either case a

sense of urgency heightens one heightens

one's awareness of their particular

situation and at some point they have a

choice to make subconsciously they can

either do what's necessary to avoid

disaster or accomplish their goals they

can decide to give up completely or they

can give it their best shot and still

fail a sense of urgency

is what lets a person know that shits

about to get real and this is in all

areas of life guys

work women finances competitive sports

you name it a sense of urgency and how

you respond to it is really what

separates the boys from the men for

example my Philadelphia Eagles won the

Super Bowl last year but do I expect I

do I expect them then when it begins win

it again this year fuck no they've

already reached the mountaintop their

world champions and everybody who plays

them this year that's gonna be their

Super Bowl you think the Atlanta Falcons

who's coming in here what next Thursday

you don't think you don't think they're

gonna come in here with a sense of


they lost Super Bowl 50 51 that was

engineered the greatest comeback in

Super Bowl history by Tom Brady the very

next year they met us in the playoffs

and we knocked them out right winning a

Super Bowl is hard guys winning two in a

row is even harder and that has that

hasn't happened since I think the

Patriots won Super Bowls 38 and 39 back

in Oh three you know four but that would

but that hadn't happened had hadn't

happened then

since the Cowboys had done it a decade

earlier winning Super Bowls 27 and 28 in

the 90s the reason it's hard to go

back-to-back is because it's hard to

have that same sense of urgency after

you've won at all it's hard to stay

hungry when you've already eaten last

night I discussed the first six steps

the first six months and getting your

wife back in line and getting your

marriage back on track I talked about

the fact that you need to get yourself

into shape I talked about the fact that

you need to learn how to handle shit

tests more effectively I talked about

the fact you need to take you need to

take up more masculine productive

hobbies and activities like joining you

know martial arts joining a motorcycle

club joining a bowling league I also

discussed the fact that you need to

build a life outside of your wife so

that she learns to value your time in

your presence more of course I talked

about conditioning your wife to

understand that your attention your

presence and your affection are all

contingent upon her sexual availability

and willingness okay in other words if

you're not trying to fuck I will find

something else to do outside of the

house that does not involve you that's

really what your telling you that's

really way telling your wife by the end

of month six most wives who still loves

the host

their husbands have a modicum of love

for their husbands would fall right back

in line and start doing the things they

need to do to keep their husbands around

if a woman really does love her husband

then there's no reason for her not to do

whatever it takes to keep the new

improved higher value husband in her

life like I said last night most of the

time a woman is looking for a reason to

fall back in love with you now on the

other side of that coin she is always

looking for a reason to cheat on you but

if you do the first six steps and you

take six months to do it then she will

do the easier thing simply by staying

with the man she fell in love with it's

easy for women to cheat but it's not

easy for them to hide it keep it away

from her family you know keep up with

her family her job her kids and all the

rest of that so when and if her husband

actually becomes attractive to her again

it's just so much easier and so much

less bullshit to stick around a man she

already loves and loves more now again

this is contingent upon if she truly

loves him but I also said that there

will also be plenty of wives who won't

fall back in line even after the first

six months for whatever reason it simply

is not sinking in that her higher-value

husband is probably attracting higher

value women something inside her will

not allow her to believe that what she

is seeing is for real something else

that might be happening is that she

simply doesn't believe he's going

anywhere and why would she listen she

knows that she'll get the kids in the

event of a divorce she knows that she's

gonna get give get half of this present

and future earnings she knows that in

the event of the of a divorce she will

more than likely come out way ahead she

also knows that the reason he is

transforming himself is to regain her

attention her affection and her sexual

favors listen they're not stupid guys

they know that when you start going to

the gym they are doing it so that so

that they so that you will want to have

sex with them again as the wife right

now some guys might think well she might

think he's getting back into shape or

something else and she may very well


right she very well might after all he's

spending two three nights a week out of

the house right for all she knows he

might not really be going to the

shooting range she might be fucking

someone else when he's not

but unlike men women don't really allow

themselves to spiral out of control with

what they might think could be happening

in terms of sexual infidelity they have

their suspicions but they don't start to

go completely crazy unless they see hard

evidence or other behaviors that are

conducive to infidelity so at this point

she has her concerns but she still

hasn't come around and it's fairly clear

that she's not worried about him going

anywhere well the reason for that is

that she does not have a sense of

urgency she is way too comfortable right

now guys

just like when I had that 3500 bucks in

my pocket after getting that huge bonus

okay and when someone does not have a

sense of urgency it is human nature to

slack off it is human nature not to work

as hard it is human nature not to be as

focused wives believe that everything is

going to remain status quo regardless of

what they say or do or not say or do and

that is what we will discuss tonight the

first six months was a process we like

to call passive dread okay

passive dread is indirectly signaling to

your wife to get her acid gear more

often than not the first six months is

more than enough for a wife to get the

message but there are plenty of wives

out there who need a little more

incentive plenty of wives out there who

need a sense of urgency my opening rant

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includes your shipping it is Tuesday I'm

sorry good god it's Wednesday August

29th 2018 Aaron Rodgers has officially

broken the bank this afternoon

looks like he agreed to a four-year 134

million dollar contract with the Green

Bay Packers so his annual salary he's

gonna be thirty three and a half million

dollars per year here's where the

numbers get really silly he they're

going to pay him by the end of the year

they will they're going to pay him 67

million of those of those

dollars ok-hee by st. patrick's day of

next year in 2019 they will have paid

him eighty million there is over 100

million dollars guaranteed then there

are incentives if the packers make the


that's an extra two million dollars a

season if he finishes in the top three

in terms of quarterback rating that's

another two million dollars a season so

he could make thirty seven and a half

million dollars per season for for the

next four years so the total value of

the contract with incentives bonuses etc

is almost a hundred and eighty million

dollars so if we break this down

mathematically over the next 200 days

right Aaron Rodgers will be making four

hundred thousand dollars a day now

what's really scary about that is we're

probably gonna have to pay carson wentz

around that much we've got him cheap for

the next couple of years and if he has a

good year this year we may have to go

ahead and lock him up before his rookie

deal and so so listen congratulations to

Aaron Rodgers unfortunately for him the

Packers are never gonna win a Super Bowl

as long as they have him on that squad I

mean he's taken up 20% of the team's

salary cap you cannot win a Super Bowl

when you are paying one guy twenty

percent of your salary again it's just

not gonna happen I don't care if you're

an Rogers and a lot listen one of the

many reasons Tom Brady has five Super

Bowls and eight Super Bowl appearances

is because he takes pay cuts

Brady Brady's only make him fit I think

Brady's like them tenth or eleventh

highest paid quarterback this season he

makes fifteen million dollars a year

Kirk Cousins is making twenty eight

million a season good god what's his

name that played for the Vikings like

Case Keenum is making 18 a year out in

Denver so I mean again this is why Tom

Brady's the best he allows he he listen

listen if the team wants to pay me a

hundred and eighty million dollars over

the next four seasons I'm not gonna say

no but if winning is important to Aaron

Rodgers then he has just done the wrong

thing I'm never gonna tell another man

what he should or shouldn't agree to but

if you're a Packers fan you know listen

you guys gonna make the playoffs plenty

of times but it takes you listen you

need talent to win the Super Bowl


the the main formula to win a Super Bowl

is a good quarterback on a rookie

contract and a stout defense that's what

we did last year Teddy Bridgewater was

traded to the New Orleans Saints today -

you know from the New York Jets smart on

both ends Drew Brees has less than he's

actually got two years left on his deal

so it looks like Teddy Bridgewater could

be the heir apparent out there for the

Saints Sam Donald for the Jets he is

ready he's ready to start he's not as

good as Bridgewater

but the gap doesn't really seem to be

wide enough to keep darn 'old on the

bench there's no need to be paying

Bridgewater and darn 'old go ahead and

trade Teddy Bridgewater he's an asset

now you get rid of him you get a

third-round pick you can bolster your

offensive line but maybe you can package

that maybe you can package that

third-round pick to the Raiders to trade

to give you a Khalil Mack so they can

you know there are many many options but

good good trade for the Jets and the and

the Saints on that here's another thing

I wanted to talk about and I don't think

this was I don't think this was really

publicized too much Eli Lilly which is a

pharmaceutical company hold the

sponsorship from Conor Daly who is a

NASCAR driver and the reason why they

pulled their sponsorship from his car is

because wait for it his father allegedly

used the n-word back in the 80s it says

quote Conor Daly is paying for the sins

of his father Connors father Derek Daly

on Thursday admitted that he used a

racial slur in a live radio interview in

the early 1980s Conor Daly was born in

1991 on Friday Lily diabetes pulled its

sponsorship decals from Conor Daly's

number six NASCAR writes saying that it

didn't want the distraction from their


Lily's full statement via NASCAR

reporter Chris Knight says quote our

sponsorship in Saturday's race is

intended to raise awareness of treatment

options and resources for people living

with diabetes

unfortunately the comments that surfaced

this week by Derek Bailey distract from

his foot from this focus so we have made

the decision that Lily diabetes will no

longer run the number six at Road

America this weekend it continues we

remain committed to our mission

supporting people with diabetes

guys listen man I'm a huge race fan but

I don't know who the fuck Connor Bailey

is like dude I follow MIT listen I

followed NASCAR I follow IndyCar call I

follow for I've never heard of Conor

Daly I've never I had never heard of him

until today when I saw the article this

is what the world has come to guys

whenever you get any modicum of success

people like to dig up your past whether

it's Twitter Facebook something you said

whatever the case may be you know close

to town

Dante de Vincenzo after he after he went

off I think for 29 points in the

national championship game for Villanova

they mentioned this the other night they

pulled tweets that he had he had tweeted

the n-word or he had said the n-word and

so he was facing all the scrutiny right

you listen basically if your

grandfather's brothers aunts cousins dog

was a white dog and only barked at black

dogs looks like your career is over

which is fucking ridiculous

I see in the queue area code 707 give me

just a few minutes and I'll get right to

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oh hey Daria what

man hey what's up brother how you doing

and pretty good uh called in late man

with the topic of the show I'm sorry and

I call it a little bit late so I missed

a copy of a show oh I thought you were

calling me because you had a comment oh

I mean I do but okay yeah yeah well

tonight we're talking about this is part

two of how to get your wife back in line

okay okay it's not relevant man but I

didn't want to just put it out there

that yesterday but I had date right

cause this chick man no talk about she

started to talking about Caesar

she's now celibate she told me that she

used to be like this big time slut like

in her 20s right you are so I thought

really interested in like mmm that's

kind of crazy

it seems like now girls are trying to

like Roberta that's you know pre

virginal State yeah it's funny um there

it this is actually nothing new girls

have you know they've been trying this

whole secondary virginity thing I

remember when I was young very very

young I think I was watching it was one

of those talk shows it was either like

Ricki Lake or Sally Jessy Raphael or

Phil Donahue or one of those shows where

women were claiming this secondary

virginity and he said well I slept

around but now I'm going to you know win

back my chastity of course on my kid I

don't understand but yeah it would

appear that a lot of girls are trying to

tell people that they're celibate as if

as if that somehow increases their value

well let me let me clue you in on


girls are celibate around men they're

unattracted to okay if a girl wants to

fuck you she is going to fuck you right

like if I walk up on a girl and I start

running game I don't think I've ever had

one girl I've had plenty of girls tell

me it looked on of it this is the first

date I don't fuck on the first date dude

nine times out of 10 I am I need to

fucking them it's it's it's a shit test

and it's it's it's almost like

borderline virtue signaling so to speak

they're trying to appear more chaste

they're trying to appear more valuable

than they really are

yeah it was a big time slut in my 20s so

I'm gonna be honest about that but I'm

celibate now so you can treat me like a

virgin you in other words these women

trying that they want men to treat them

like ladies again but here's the problem

you've all you're already a slut once a

slut always a slut you listen if you

fucked 200 guys back in your 20s I don't

care if you've been celibate for five

years you're still a slut that's just

how it works right I totally agree with

you right like I kind of do one of the

game this chick just so I could like

look like that you know what I'm saying

and then see like really really like

what Robin

okay well listen run standard game on

her man the thing is is the thing is if

a woman finds you if a woman finds you

arousing enough she's going to fuck you

like that's all there is to it I bet man

they think it basically Carly no problem

brother thanks for the call yeah it's

interesting a lot of girls are trying

this whole they're trying this whole

yeah you know I'm celibate some girls

even claim virginity and some of them

some of them technically technically are

vaginal virgins like they only do oral

and anal but then they wonder why they

can't pair bond with anybody it's it's

it's actually it's actually quite

hilarious but yeah yeah I mean listen I

understand what that guy is saying he

says he wants to try to fuck her listen

man there there there's no difference in

with attraction and seduction and pickup

you don't have to change your game to

fuck a girl who's trying to be celibate

a girl and this is this this is

interesting when women try to to put

these markers of of chastity these good

girl markers on themselves what they're

trying to do is they're trying to

increase their value by mouth without

actually increasing their value by

action if you want to dudes to treat you

like a lady you should have been

ladylike back in your 20s it's too late

like you can't you can't and here's the

thing just because a woman says she's

celibate doesn't mean she's celibate you

don't know what goes on behind closed

doors right and listen most women are

out there fucking like Jackrabbits

anyway dude a woman can do it a woman

could be getting butt-fucked in the

parking lot by Kevin and sales then she

goes on a date with this guy and says

yeah I'm celibate

well okay well how long have you been

celibate about three hours all of that

is highly subjective so yeah just run

standard game on that chick she's she

she wants you to treat her like a lady

she she wants you to work harder for her

affection her affections not worth shit

once a slut always a slut I'm not I'm

not I'm certainly I'm certain

not here for that if you are watching on

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getting your wife back in line come on

over to donovan sharp calm to find out


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thank you guys for tuning in I will see

you guys over here in a minute let's go

to the chat see what's up to the Mod

Squad here alright Rollo Tomassi in the

house good to see you in here

we got a John Wayne er John we're okay

very good very good

Joseph Israel says he is at work but he

is still listening Yosef Israel is right

or die man he said he's gonna he's at

work but he's listening do so at your

own risk if you're gonna listen if

you're gonna listen to TSR primetime if

you're gonna watch TSR primetime don't

say it in Warren you don't get cut all

right let's see who else we got or a DEP

eight ninety in the house yeah 1981 for

a slur do that that's unbelievable man

that's just it I could not believe that


oh the stories I talk about I'm actually

gonna put in the I'm gonna put in the

blog post after after the show after the

show ends so Jonathan from Modern Life

dating says he identifies as a black

woman wow that joke is flown right over

my head I have no idea I have no idea

what that means I would love to know

what that means all right let's see B

Coast says you shouldn't have went on a

date once she said that celibacy shit

Yeah right exactly man

it's you know like once a girl says

she's celibate man like you can try to

game her but dude dude like dude don't

waste your time on that because she's

gonna expect you to treat her better

than she's used to being treated simply

because she told you she's celibate just

because she tells you she's celibate


mean she celibate and the thing is is

her little trick worked on you because

now you're like ooh I want to I want to

fuck her because I think that's a

conquest nigga that's not a conquest

bruh like dude I can't do it I can

promise you I can promise you she's

fucking some money tonight that bitch

ain't no celibate the fuck out of here

with that boring in virginity Yeah right

dead shot born-again virginity is a

crock of shit too many been too too bad

blue pill chumps at church still fall

for it yeah dude listen

area code 707 if you're still watching

don't fall for that nonsense man the

fuck outta here

she is not celibate she is definitely

not celibate and don't let your don't

let yourself get one itís either like

don't let yourself think that she's a

higher value girl because you because

she told you she hasn't had sex in a

while nah man just dude move on move on

she's not a conquest deadshot says he's

not in the grilled cheese all right

Celebi is celibate equals hashtag walk

away John ware says celibate is friends

owned by a woman yeah I think she

friend-zoned you 7:07 I think she did

and I think she accomplished that is I

mean listen I'm not trying to be hard on

you but listen you want me to keep it

100 this is 100 she accomplished the

desired effect right she wants you to

try harder dude you called into my show

talking about how to game a woman who

said she's celibate there's nothing you

need to do but walk away from this chick

man she's gonna do nothing but waste

your time and your money straight up ah

a slow mo says okay it's a joke poking

fun at Rachel Dolezal or whatever the

fuck her name was I don't know why dude

I don't know why black people were so

mad at Rachel Dolezal or whatever yeah


dude the dude she was a white girl who

decided to forgo her white privilege

dude if she's dumb enough to do that let

her fuck about that fuck about that

bitch 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6 is the number

to call if you want to get on the show

so let's get into step 7 which is month

7 so month 7 now month 7 start to

practice pickup artistry and learn how

to approach pretty women and hold

conversations with attract

women now remember in month five you

started studying up on pickup game again

none of that cheesy are you religious

because you're the answer to all my

prayers type shit no no this is genuine

masculine sexual escalation with

attractive women and learning to

approach them and hold a conversation

that leaves no doubt in her mind as to

what your intentions are no you're not

gonna walk up and say hey I'd like to

fuck you sometime but you definitely

don't want to give her the hey I'm just

looking for a friend vibe either now on

month six you started using those

techniques on your wife you flirted with

her you escalated sexually you smacked

her ass when she walks by you made her

feel young again

so you brushed off your pickup skills

right you've learned how to talk to

girls again and he started practicing on

your wife and like I said yesterday she

should be responding at this point if

she doesn't it's time to turn up the

heat and start approaching other women

now you're not getting phone numbers or

setting up dates yet and hopefully you

won't have to but what you're doing is

sharpening and honing your skills in

case you have to use them in the

not-too-distant future and we'll get

into that a little bit later on so at

this point most married men listening to

this are thinking holy shit

I haven't approached a woman in 10 12

years this is gonna be a fucking

disaster I'm here to tell you to relax

I'm gonna listen I'm gonna tell you like

Aaron Rodgers said a few years ago are e

lax relaxed and Aaron Rodgers is

definitely relaxed with with a guarantee

103 million dollars in his pocket anyway

you have to remember guys you're in

better shape you're much more confident

because you're a better fighter you're

better looking you're looking smelling

dressing better you're just a much

better man than he used to be plus

you've been if you've been getting

rejected by your wife all month long at

this point rejection will sting a little

bit less remember it's not it it's it

you're gonna be almost numb to rejection

be that as it may I can still understand

where some guys would still have

approach anxiety after all it was your

wife in your own home which is a far cry

from approaching a hot girl in the

street or in the grocery store or coffee

shop or wherever you happen to be if you

are having serious issues with regards

to approach anxiety I'm gonna link

Donovan's Dan Volume one

how to overcome approach anxiety and

that listen that will definitely get you

over the hump

month eight we're gonna turn up the heat

a little bit more now okay that's that's

a little bit better now you are going to

show your wife that you are capable of

talking to pretty girls in public this

is where you gotta have balls guys your

wife is still the bitchy neurotic woman

draining your soul and hasn't responded

to the left she hasn't responded at all

to the last seven months of your

metamorphosis so now it's time to light

a fire under her ass now keep in mind I

said talking to pretty girls in public

not flirting

listen guys don't be a fucking idiot and

try and number close a number close a

girl in front of your wife number one

you're not getting the number from the

girl and number two the girl is gonna

think you'll do the same to her which is

why number one you're not gonna get the

number as obvious as this sounds there

are actually dudes out there who will

misconstrue what this means and end up

doing dumb shit and blowing everything

up all you need to do here guys is just

strike a conversation with pretty girls

in front of your wife waitresses

cashiers flight attendants anywhere you

and your wife are together just strike

up conversation with her and be charming

now if your wife hasn't fucked you in a

while and you start a conversation with

a pretty young little thing right in

front of her one of two things is gonna

happen guys

probably both number one she's gonna

lose her shit she's gonna accuse you of

cheating she's gonna call you names

she'll break out the heavy artillery

guys it's listen it's very important not

to lose frame and argue back just let

her empty her clip and maintain frame or

you could use amuse mastery you could

chuckle about it and say something like

calm down it's not like I'm fucking or

anything and deliver this line with a

devilish grin right now before I get to

number two it's very important to note

that your wife losing her shit that's

not a bad thing guys she's finally

responding and that's a good thing it

shows that she might actually give a

shit which means there's hope your

marriage is still on life support

there's no doubt about that but it's not

to pull the plug just yet so keep in

mind that if your life does get angry

about you conversing with a younger

hotter female you might just have a

chance to save your marriage the number

two thing that could happen is that as

soon as you get home she will fuck you

like you've never been fucked before

dude she will suck the soul dude she

will suck your soul out through your

cock she'll beg you to blast your load

all over her face she'll do every vile

disgusting de Barras thing you could

ever imagine she'll fuck you with more

passion than she did on your honeymoon

guys actually had a similar situation to

this when I dated a girl in Vegas few

years back now we were nowhere near

married and I would never wife this

chick up but there is a situation that

happened that was very similar to what I

just talked about Anna's and I discussed

it back in episode 246 take a listen

well anyway we've been dating for a

while and one afternoon we were out

shopping and this was right around

Thanksgiving and this chick walks right

by us and I turn around and looked at

her ass when she Pat now I didn't turn

around look at her ass but it was clear

that I was looking at her ass as she

passed by well the girl I was with

freaked out and she said in whorl we're

out in public she says did you just look

up did you just look at her with me

standing right here and I said I kind of

just shrugged my shoulders yeah like you

know what's the big deal

and so she gets all stupid she's like

you disrespectful asshole so I say to

her calm down you're being a drama queen

so then she says okay you look at some

random girl in front of me and instead

of a call instead of apologizing you

call me a fucking drama queen at that

point I didn't want it to escalate I had

enough so I said grab your shit we're

leaving and then I added and you're

making stir-fry tonight because I knew

what would happen

well predictably she laughed and she can

sarcastically and said oh wait you

expect me to cook for you after this

fuck you I'm not making you shit I said

fine I'm taking you home she said good

she had that the last word I didn't say

a word to her the entire ride to her

place but the whole time she bitched and


she called me names she told me I wasn't

shit she told me I can't do this anymore

well I dropped her off and I went home

and proceeded to make my stir fried now

to her credit she held out a little

longer than I thought

what okay

she eventually called me came over that

night apologize for being a drama queen

and turned on the slut antics as usual

and of course I fuck our brains out

guys when a woman really loves you or

really likes you and wants to be with

you she will forgive any minor

transgressions like looking at another

woman's ass or striking up conversation

with another woman or even flirting now

again this is your wife so you don't

want to disrespect her but you do want

to send a clear message that tells her

and no uncertain terms look I'm close to

replacing your ass and the woman I'm

gonna replace her with and then one I'm

the woman I'm going to replace you with

looks a lot like her and as you can see

it won't be that difficult trust me when

I tell you guys she'll get the message

she'll lose her shit just like Chrissy

did okay and like most wives at the end

of the night she'll practically rape you

if again if again she still has feelings

for you so now we're at the end of month

8 you're a higher value male who is now

talking to women in front of her if your

wife still isn't responding if she still

acts like she doesn't give a shit it's

time to start wrapping your head around

the fact that you're gonna have to make

some hard decisions here pretty soon

it's not time to hit the panic button

quite yet but at this point guys I think

it's pretty safe to say that it is far

more likely than not that your marriage

is probably over if you want to tighten

up your beard game there's only one

place to go and that's 1821 man-made

calm the pace the clay and the pomade

will have your beard looking smelling

and feeling better than ever they're not

the cheapest out there but they are

definitely the best step up your beard

game and go to 1821 man-made calm for

all of your facial hair needs yes

Rollo Tomassi nails it on the head

Hassim dread is far more effective than

overt dread that's exactly right

he nails it again a woman's imagination

is your most valuable tool in your

seduction toolbox yes sir yes sir

see when when you talk to other women in

front of her

you're not gonna say you see you see

like I'm talking to this girl you better

get no no no no no no like everything

that you need to say is done with with

your actions that's what passive threat

is passive dread is is action based

anytime you have to issue ultimatums and

I'm gonna get into this a little bit


issuing ultimatums or endless and I'm

guilty in this too because I do this

quite a bit more than I should but doing

things like that a vocal Dredd game that

no that's not effective passive Dredd

game that's where it's at

that's where it's at yeah Rolo says when

a woman dreads herself that's when

you've hit her yeah hit her in the sweet

spot you better believe it man

you better fucking believe it you done

with OPP says in the kitchen wrist

twisted like a stir-fry yeah that

stir-fry made that night was actually

pretty good it's actually pretty good

thing it was my first or second crack at


John Wyer says the concept is to

reignite pre-selection there you go

modern life dating takes a more direct

approach cheat on your wife establish

dominance ok let's move on to month

number 9 now we're again we're turning

up the heat just a little bit more now

this is step 9

not month 9 because this only this lasts

maybe a week and a half two weeks top

two weeks tops I want to make this clear

guys this is the linchpin this is the

turning point it is time to it is time

to speak plainly to your wife but you

don't want to start giving her


what you are going to do is you're going

to execute implied an incredible not

incredible credible dread game even

though you're not saying do this or else

no make no mistake about the fact that

you are about to issue some unspoken

threats just like Rolla talked about

passive dread so let's say you're horny

one night and you want to fuck your wife

you walk up behind her you kiss her neck

you grab her tits

let's say she rejects you again at this

point and again this takes some balls

you look her dead in the eye and say

something like you do understand that I

have like that I have to have sex with

you in order to have a relationship with

you right you do know that this is a

biological need for men and leave it at

that don't argue with her don't get into

a shouting match just look her in the

eye speak your piece leave the room


don't respond to her or let her drag you

into an argument grab your gym bruh

your gym bag your silver top Glock or

your sparring gear and hit the gym the

shooting range are your jujitsu gym and

you need to be gone for several hours

your goal here is to let her know again

in no uncertain terms that her sexual

denials will not be tolerated

voice your expectations and bounce doing

this without getting into an argument or

swept up in some dramatic knock-down

drag-out shouting match will make her

think long and hard about what's really

going on she and this again this is the

imagination thing that Rollo was talking

about she'll start to give serious

thought as to whether or not she wants

to be married to you anymore which is

exactly what you want she'll also think

okay he grabbed his gym bag but is is he

fucking somebody else you will only have

to do this once maybe twice before

things come to a head and one of two

things is gonna happen number one your

wife will finally respond okay

she'll air out her grievances with you

she'll talk about her concerns issues

etc listen you guys got to be patient

here and you got to eat a little bit of

crow right yes she's been a bad wife but

let's not pretend that you've been the

perfect husband either during your

seven-month transportation but

transportation transformation listen to

her concerns and work them work through

them together but do it from a red pill

perspective gentlemen do not hand her to

her do not apologize for anything use

language like I can understand why that

would upset you and yeah that's my fault

I never really thought of it that way or

maybe okay I think we can come up with a

workable solution for that if you start

sobbing and apologizing because your

wife is finally reacting you're gonna go

right back to square one guys your


need to match your outside you look like

a fucking man so now it's time to act

like one

okay give her an audience give credence

to her concerns remember she's still

your wife guys but by the same token

there needs to be a paradigm shift in

your relationship in the fact that she's

actually sitting down and talking to you

at this point means that she is possibly

ready and willing to follow your lead

which is exactly what you both wanted

and needed in the first place and now

that there's an open dialogue between

you guys now you guys are on your way to

possibly saving your marriage and it

only took eight and a half months to

however however if after disappearing

for hours at a time after she rejects

your sexual advances again and it has

become clear that your wife simply will

not meet your demands after eight plus

months of improving yourself in every

way imaginable and she still doesn't see

the writing on the wall it is time to

move to step ten now before I get to

step ten it's worth noting that step ten

in the original article on red pill

reddit the twelve levels of dread

suggest that you give her a verbal

ultimatum basically tell her fuck me or

fuck you you're supposed to tell your

wife you need to start basically you're

supposed to tell your wife you need to

start having sex with me or I'm gone

well there are a few problems with this

number one very few women respond well

to ultimatums

now you guys probably you're thinking

well Donovan you tell girls all the time

that if they don't get off social media

they can't be your main chick and you

would be absolutely right I issue

ultimatums all the time in this regard

because a I'm just me and I'm cut from a

different cloth that doesn't make me

special or unique but the fact of the

matter is is that I honestly couldn't

give less of a fuck if some if a girl

decides to walk if she doesn't want to

give me access to her phone or get our

social media

guys I have ironclad abundance mentality

and I know that I will dude I know that

I will more than likely be so much

better off without a woman in my life be

in B here's the second reason because

I'm not dealing with a wife if I give an

ultimatum to some chick up and bang him

for a few months the only downside if

she walks is that I've lost out on pussy

which can be replaced in 72 hours or

less if I really put my pedal to the

metal but there is far more at stake

when you were dealing with a woman that

you are contractually obligated to wake

up with every morning especially if you

had kids the best sales trainer I ever

had was a guy by the name of Damon

Lindley listen this dude could sell

condoms to em cells like the guy was a

fucking wizard and listen he taught me

just about everything I know in the

sales game anyway one thing he used to

say all the time is that everybody wants

to buy but nobody wants to be sold in

other words people want to make

decisions based on what they think is

their idea or their decision they don't

want the feeling of having a decision

made for them by some pushy sales guy

this is why customers who know they want

to buy they leave for a few hours to

give you the impression that they're

looking other places then they come back

to buy because they don't bid they want

guys like me to know that they made the

decision based on what they talked about

and not what I told them in the store or

on the car lot or on the phone or

wherever well it's the same with

ultimatums when it comes to your wife if

your wife really loved you and wanted a

reason to fall back in line and save the


she didn't at that and she would have

done that after the third month maybe

she waits till the fifth month to make

sure it was real

maybe she waits till the seventh month

at the very latest but if she's still

not acting right telling her something

like fuck me or fuck you isn't gonna all

of a sudden make her realize that she

loves you and that she wants to become a

better wife for you if anything it'll

piss her off more and now she'll accuse

you of blackmailing her for sex so here

is my here is my step 10

step 10 you go thermonuclear guys you

got to get a girlfriend or a side chick

and start fucking other women man it's

time to take your ring off your finger

and hit the market and at this point it

shouldn't take you very long to start

banging multiple girls you're in

fantastic shape you look great you smell

good you're a better fighter

you've got masculine hobbies your pickup

game is solid you know how to talk to

pretty girls you know how to number

clothes you know how to sexually

escalate you've got everything you need

already you've been listen you've been

prepped you you've been you've been

practicing for this very moment for

eight plus months you're going to have

little to zero fear getting back out on

the dating market because you've spent

the better part of the last eight nine

months improving yourself in every way

imaginable your wife didn't come around

and it's clear that she's not so it is

time to start satisfying your needs now

here's the thing guys you don't want to

get caught step 11 or step 12 in the

article is to tell her that you have a

girlfriend and that you won't be

bothering her for sex anymore but the

problem with that is that not only will

your wife immediately file for divorce

she'll tell the judge that you were

having an affair and it caused her and

her children emotional

in distress and the judge will award her

a much more generous child support and

alimony payments listen the court is

already gonna be the court is already

gonna punish you for being a man in a

divorce with a woman but if your wife

catches you in an affair you are asking

for a world of trouble and no pussy is

worth that I don't give a shit

sharpest is says don't get caught or you

will get raped in de Voort man I'm

trying to tell you I'm trying to tell

you so I would refer you I would refer

you guys before you hit step 10 go to

episode 251 but ten side-chick

commandments which can be found on

donovan sharp calm it covers the ins and

outs and the do's and don'ts of having a

side chick and rule number one is not to

get hot and I talked about all of the

reasons why you do not want to get

caught so be sure to check that out now

during your time out on the dating

market you're spending the night away

from home you're disappearing for hours

at a time you're not wearing your

wedding ring now your wife can accuse

you of whatever she wants but like

Alonzo Harris famously said in training

day to Officer Hoyt it's not what you

know it's what you can prove see guys

anyone can say whatever they want but if

she doesn't have proof it's not really

gonna have as much impact right you're

gonna be guilty till proven innocent

anyway but there's no need to put the

nail in your own coffin by by being

sloppy and getting caught or telling

your wife

hey I'm fuckin someone else if she

accuses you of anything just tonight if

she didn't listen she doesn't know if

she wasn't there right if she asks you

where you were last night

tell her I stayed at a friend's house or

tell her I went out of town or preempted

a I'm goin out of town for a few days

she won't believe you but that doesn't

matter so long as you don't admit that

you're fuckin around and as long as you

don't get caught you're in the clear

Rolo Gris is never tell a woman you're

getting on the side and let her figure

it out herself

there you go after two or three months

of fucking other women it is probably

safe to say that you are very close to

being over your wife completely if you

haven't completely fallen out of love

with her altogether and if you've got a

steady girlfriend or even a fuck buddy

you're not even thinking about her

anymore at least not sexually and that's

what really

hurts us as men when we think about

getting over wanted anytime anytime your

ex-girlfriend or ex-wife gets with

someone else you don't think about them

having dinner together that's not what

hurts you you don't think about them

driving around in the car together

laughing together no you think about his

cock in her mouth right you think about

him on top of her fucking her brains out

while she sings to the holy heavens

that's what stings the most if you are

regularly spending time with a woman who

is beautiful feminine gives you pussy

and treats you well it won't be long

before you've moved on and you simply do

not love your wife in that way anymore

guys like I told you guys yesterday by

the end of this progress by the end of

this process you will be over your wife

if you follow the process and now you

can see why so we've reached the end and

now it's time to make a decision you're

either going to file for divorce without

your wife's knowledge at which point you

need to be prepared for what's to come

and what you need to do before during

and after the divorce process to keep

from getting bent over by the court

system and we'll talk about that and we

will talk about those things at length

on Friday night or you can sit down with

your wife and give her two options you

can actually be at school

one last gesture of goodwill toward your

wife you can give her two options you

can tell her look if you don't file for


I will now that's a courtesy because

you're not blind citing her you're

giving her a heads-up so that she can

get her Affairs in order at which at

this point you absolutely do not owe her

you're doing her a favor here or here's

another option you guys can agree to

remain legally married right live in the

same house and just divorce after the

kids are gone you guys can mate and I'm

just spitballing here maybe you guys can

live in separate rooms

remain civil with one another right

raise your children together in a

two-parent home which gives them a

better chance not to be fuck-ups in life

you can establish ground rules like hey

don't bring anyone home right or you

guys can take turns going out or

spending the night somewhere you guys

can take turns babysitting while the

other one goes off and below steams with

her friends your friends are her side

guy are your side bitch like you really

can't make this work now she might agree

to it then file for divorce anyway to

try to blindside you but that doesn't

matter because guess what guys you

now RIT you have now rid yourself of a

soul-sucking vapid useless woman who let

herself go and prove to you that she

never really gave a damn about you in

the first place

so if Blaine sighting you with divorce

papers is her victory dude

tip your cap give her the win fortify

your defenses for your impending divorce

then go back over to Vicky's place get

your belly film and your balls empty

that's listen that's all there is to it

no show tomorrow night guys of course

this time tomorrow night I will be at

Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles

final preseason game against the New

York Jets were basically the only the

only action that we're gonna see of

notice Carson Wentz may be walking

around on the sidelines it's gonna be

the third string in the 4th string guys

making their final cuts of nobody in

consequence is gonna play but I've never

been to the link before looking forward

to that Devin got me the tickets for my

birthday she wanted to get me a

regular-season game tickets but they're

sold out until like the year 3000 or

something like that you know it's funny

even when the Eagles even when the

Eagles were bad like it was still hard

to get tickets like I've been to the vet

dozens of times and even when they eat

do it even when the Eagles were terrible

like we still like it's still hard to

get tickets man it really really is so

but I'll be back on Friday night to talk

about how to prepare yourself for a


so as to mitigate as much damage as you

possibly can and maybe possibly even win

your divorce all right let's hit the

chat one last time here yeah Rolla says

he says when he says when you're banging

a new chick you were sub Communications

will be evident to your wife yeah

and it's funny man women call this

intuition well we know when you guys are

fucking around - right whit woman's

intuition is just men's sloppiness like

we just were just not at goodness we're

not as good at cheating as women are yep


Rollo continues this is the factory of a

new chicken your life will manifest

itself and you won't even realize it but

your wife will pick up on the behavioral

shift yeah yeah and listen the guy who

actually wrote the article said that his

marriage didn't turn around until he got

to step 10

basically what he told his wife fuck me

or fuck you that's when things

apparently turn around in that regard

I'm not gonna be an ultimatum guy if you

don't get the message by now then you

never will you never will you never will

that's gonna do it for this edition of

TSR prime time again no show tomorrow

night I will be at the link but I will

be back on Friday night to discuss what

a man needs to do in case of an

impending divorce here comes my dog have

a good day guys we'll see you Friday




you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it


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