How to handle getting caught cheating (Episode 340)




mom's basement you probably have a

2-inch cock you sound like a white guy

later for what you're probably a virgin

so that's a no for netflix and chill'

fuck you I talk about how women ate shit

what's up guys it's our man donovan

sharp and welcome to the 340 edition of

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last week I talked about two things that

make really smart men really really dumb

and those and those two things are

sports and beautiful women now sports

makes men dumb because unless I've

listened I'm not gonna sit here and hide

from it makes me dumb too Sports makes

men become unreasonable right we we

abandon all reason and rationale and we

don't think logically when it comes to

certain opinions especially when it's

you know with regards to our own teams

it turns us into women mentally

essentially so for example last

Thanksgiving my brother actually asked

me who I thought was a better

quarterback dak Prescott or Carson Wentz

now I should have told him look dude

I've listened I've watched every snap of

Carson Wentz's career I'm an Eagles fan

and I live in Philly there's no way I

can be objective about this but of

course instead I said dude Wentz it's

way better and then of course we had a

debate on that irregardless of whether I

was right or not my fandom and lack of

objectivity may have clouded my judgment

and for the record Wentz is absolutely

better sports makes men angry makes them

violent makes them elated and just about

every emotion in between sports causes

men to bet with their hearts instead of

their heads which is why of course you

should never bet when your own team is

involved anything that causes men to

bypass our natural instinct to think

logically should be handled with care

this includes sports

when it comes to beautiful women it's

the same thing we as men also mentally

turn into women what I mean by that is

that beautiful women stupefy the male

mind to the point of making bad

decisions again we lose all rationality

we we don't think reasonably and and

listen men if you're the guy who's gonna

say well beautiful women don't don't

don't affect me get out of here

dude you're not fooling anybody I put

pictures of beautiful women up on my

screen you know it's you know beautiful

women in bikinis I've had guys well

she's not that hot yeah come on get out

of here don't be that guy don't be the

guy who wants to act like you're

impervious to female beauty we all are

and female beauty making you weak making

you abandon all reason doesn't make you

it doesn't make you mentally weak it

makes you a man this is what this is

evolutionarily necessary anyway a man

could be in a wonderful marriage by all

accounts his wife is beautiful she's

feminine she respects him she stayed fit

after 12 years and three kids she's a

great mother takes care of him takes

care of the kids and does it all with a

smile because it's what she's always

wanted to since she was a little girl

raised in a two-parent home I want what

my parents had is what she tells you now

don't mistake me guys know what well

actually you know what let me back up

men dream of marriages like this now of

course here in 2018 we all know that

that it is next to impossible to have

that kind of relationship or marriage

listen man 30 40 and 50 or marriages

they just don't exist anymore the only

ones that exist are the ones that

started 30 40 50 years ago we now we

know and understand that traditional

marriages are literally a thing of the

past of course feminism gyno centrosome

you know the the divorce courts family

law etc etc etc but again let's not sit

here and pretend that these aren't

things we think about let's not sit here

and pretend that before you found the

red bill this is what we really wanted

men dream of marriages and relationships

relationships like this but all it takes

is a hot 21 year old with a long blonde

hair a cute smile and a tight ass

to cause him to step out on his wife

it's not as though he doesn't love his

wife but again beautiful women make

really smart men really dumb now don't

mistake me I want to make this one

distinction I'm not saying that cheating

makes a man

dumb let's go ahead and get that out of

the way cheating does not make men dumb

getting caught is what makes him dumb

when it comes to beautiful women we as

men we make the stupidest mistakes

because of her beauty we get sloppy we

get desperate and then we get caught

instead of telling your side chick you

can't make it tonight because you don't

have a cover story or a pre-planned

alibi with your wife or girlfriend she

sends you one nude picture and you lose

your mind you go see here anyway and you

think to yourself

I'll think of something or driving over

to a place I'll think of something

gentlemen I've been caught cheating many

many times and believe me when I tell

you it is never fun now

there are many reasons why getting

caught cheating is never fun but what

our women never understand is that when

we cheat we cheat for sex and sex alone

women will never understand this and

it's it's it's pointless to try to

explain this to them women always assume

that we cheat for the same reasons that

they do which is for every reason other

than sex I can't remember one girlfriend

who has ever caught me cheating who

hadn't asked me well do you love her

they always ask that they find out they

go through the they go through through

the through the emotional tirade and I

can't believe you did this to me and

this many other then they ask well do

you love her women cheat for emotional

reasons which is why when a woman cheats

the relationship is definitely over at

some point the official end of the

relationship is right around the corner

when men cheat there is there is a

chance that the relationship could be

saved if you decide you want to stay in

the relationship and she doesn't leave

you at least not in the beginning so in

today's show I'm gonna talk about what

to do and what not to do if your woman

catches you cheating and how to possibly

save your relay

if that is what you have decided to do

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includes your shipping it is Monday

October 1st 2018 tough week into

football here at TSR towers the Eagles

lost a heartbreaker to the Tennessee

Titans yesterday 26 23 in overtime they

were three for three on converting

fourth downs of course we had the pass

interference call that extended one

drive and of course Marcus Mariota ended

up throwing a touchdown pass to to win

that to win that football game the

Eagles are 2 and 2 and listen we're not

in trouble but we're really not looking

that good carson wentz I think has been

sacked like nine or nine or ten times

since he came back and the Eagles have

not looked good we haven't looked bad

but we haven't really looked that good

our offenses are listen our offense

leaves a lot to be desired the offensive

line and listen the Eagles

talent wise we have we have one of the

best rosters in football but the

Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee

Titans have shredded our offensive line

I mean we're getting guys getting free

runs right at Carson land so listen when

says a mobile guy he's a big guy he can

certainly take the hits but it's not

about taking hits it's about having time

to throw in the pocket and I'm like I

said we have work to do we've got work

to do listen we're good at stopping the

run we're certainly I mean we can put up

we can put up the points but if wence

doesn't have if once doesn't have time

we're I mean we're not gonna have the

same we're not gonna have the same thing

it's not gonna be it's not gonna be the

same as last year

so the Eagles definitely have some work

to do on that offensive line we can

listen we got back al Sean Jeffery to

get eight catches hundred and five yards

had a touchdown catch so he looks good

obviously you can see protected that

shoulder but but yeah we don't we we got

some work to do listen - and - isn't


but it's not bad either we'll see what

we'll see what happens from here I was

defeated by a Rollo Tomassi shoutout to

ed Lattimore on the Facebook side and by

the way guys we are multi casting once

again to Facebook Twitter and YouTube so

shout out to Ed Lattimore on Facebook

says he all right Pittsburgh over here

about the riot and shit yeah who the

Steelers the Steelers are one two and

one man roy dl checking in from South

Bend inia Indiana on the Facebook side

shout out to you

yeah do the Steelers man ie well the

Steelers are 1 2 & 1 of course they are

actively shopping lay beyond bill

they're actively listening to trades for

lay beyond bell

that's a listen man the Steelers might

miss the playoffs man I know it's early

and anybody can go on a run but I don't

know dude the Ravens look like they

could be the best team in that division

1 2 & 1 of course there was controversy

yesterday the Indianapolis Colts lost to

the Houston Texans in overtime and the

controversial play call I guess was the

fact that Frank Reich former offensive

coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles

and now the head coach for the

Indianapolis Colts elected elected to go

to go for it on fourth down on their own

43 with 23 seconds left they did not

convert and the Houston Texans ended up

when in that game Frank Reich said

listen I'd rather go for the tie than

lose and I mean listen I call me old

school but I agree I was actually hoping

and you know it's funny Mike Vrabel made

the same call and it ended up working

out for the Titans but no one is no

one's talking shit about my Crabill and

I was watching get up this morning with

mike Greenberg and he's you know he's

red in the face Oh a tie is better than

a loss and this and that the other

listen man mike Greenberg is a talented

on-air personality but mike Greenberg is

a pussy like he is like he is a he is so

close a fight of course mike Greenberg

would rather tuckus tail between him leg

between his legs and go for the tie of

course he

of course he wants to do that and he

made all these arguments well there are

no ties in the Super Bowl that have not

listened man it's easy to play the

result if the Colts had gone for it on

fourth down and had converted and gone

down to score the touchdown to win the

game then what would my greenberg be

saying today

oh what a ballsy gutsy call by Frank

Reich this is so obvious this is like a

guy showing up after the house is burned

down well you know you shouldn't let the

stove on don't do that don't play the

result fortune favors the bold gentlemen

there is no there is no in-between

I like head coaches that go for it with

the game on the line I like the fact you

know it's funny I was watching the game

the Eagles and Titans game with Devon

yesterday and my Crabill elected not to

kick the field goal and possibly end

this thing and it's I I said you know

what I hope he goes for the win I don't

want to be two one and one I want to be

two and two or three and one that's what

I want to be that's what I want to be so

listen that's a good call by Frank Reich

he's gonna get beat up today of course

because the media likes to play the

result if it's successful he's a genius

if it doesn't he's an idiot who was it

it was Nebraska oh my god it was it was

Tom Osborne Nebraska versus pence I

don't really I don't remember exactly I

think he went for the win instead of the

tie somebody refresh me I think was a

bowl game maybe the Orange Bowl of my

memory my memory serves me my memory

serves me the Cowboys won yesterday

Jason Garrett finally figured out that

Ezekiel Elliott is on the tee me at 240

yards from scrimmage that is

unbelievable listen listen Zeke Elliott

is probably one of the best backs in the

league to be sure he is he is as

talented he is as talented as anyone he

listen he's as talented as anyone in the

league straight up that this is this is

just how it is men and it's it's good

that it's good that they finally finally

got him going feed Zeke the ball man

listen this is what he does he says feed

me feed me feed me that's how it goes

so the Cowboys won they're now two and

two mitts true Biscay the three and one

bears I am alpha says I didn't see

Chicago as three and one no neither did

I but Mitch true Biscay through six

touchdown passes and of course Khalil

Mac is tearing it up shutouts a red Jedi

here rented store ball says go bears yet

listen the mares look good man the Bears

look good dude Khalil Mac now listen

here's the thing men let's not lose our

minds on Mitchell Travis kee mental for

Biscay is he's a decent quarterback but

when you're when you're evaluating

players what you have to do take out

their best game their best year and

their worst year and that's who they are

mr. whiskey is not a six touchdown per

game type of quarterback and bears fans

listen manager expectations temperate

listen hey celebrate hey they kid

through six touchdown passes right he's

not gonna do that every week this is not

who Mitchell Travis he is good for him

but if you expect him to be you know a

gunslinger like that you're gonna be

you're gonna be sorely mistaken we know

we know who much true Biscay is at this

point well the Eagles lost so did the

Giants they lost to the Saints yesterday

Alvin Kamara or Alvin Kamara absolutely

just went went crazy scored the last

touchdown and scored his last touchdown

I kept running into the tunnel like Bo

Jackson did when he what he ran I think

it was against Seattle on Monday Night

Football bojack's I kept running into

the tunnel which was great

beta male says I can't I still can't

believe that he got drafted second

overall yeah dude the Bears the Bears

had just signed Mike Glennon who and

Mike Glennon was not a franchise

quarterback they got who they could get

but yeah I was surprised when the Bears

moved up in the in in the first round to

select mr. Biscay number two overall and

mental travesty only started 13 college

football games and for those of you who

are wondering why he's not as good as

maybe advertised

well this is why I've had that

experience he had stayed in school one

more year he probably would have been a

little bit better

Miami Jays Miami Dolphins got blown out

by New England that listen that wasn't

surprising New England was one and two

coming in

the Dolphins were undefeated listen

nobody expected the Dolphins to win that

game the Dolphins didn't expect to win

that game Brady went off we listened we

know the Patriots are probably gonna be


the Patriots are not really the Patriots

right now but listen man they got Julian

Edelman coming back

if Gronk can stay healthy they can get

Josh Gordon gone who knows who knows

maybe the Patriots can make another run

then maybe they can make another run

we'll see Miami Jay says this is a weird

season other than the Chiefs and rams

the team's seem very even and every week

seems booked or bust for anyone I agree

shut up to Nikolas Agha red Jedi beta

males says he's going to the Hall of

Fame my handi Jason that was worse than

a Landry trade yes our mundo marino

talks about the fact that the raiders

got their first win

man what a game that was that was dude

that was unbelievable they're throwing

it all over the yard of course the

Raiders won on a controversial call look

like Carlos Hyde had the first down Jon

Gruden well I don't even know that Jon

Gordon challenged spot it was it was I

think the last two minutes of the game

and so plays are reviewable the last two

minutes of the game they reviewed it and

and discovered that the spot was

inaccurate the Browns had it on fourth

down they ended up punting and then of

course the Raiders go down and they

scored the touchdown and then kick and

then get the two-point conversion to

send it to overtime then of course Baker

Mayfield toss and I'll listen Baker

Mayfield the guy a lot of guys are gonna

talk about his interceptions and listen

listen I like my quarterback throwing

their assumptions down the field

I like that gunslinger mentality I don't

listen listen Alex Smith has a dink and

dunk kind of quarterback Alex Smith will

not beat Alex Smith is not going to beat

himself but he's not gonna beat you

either you want a guy who's gonna go for

it Baker Mayfield is that guy he's got

the arm for it he's accurate you listen

you want that gunslinger mentality in

your quarterback you want him to say hey

look you know what I think I think I can

squeeze this in there I'm just gonna go

I'm just gonna go for it now I love it

you have to be smart about it

let's not be let's not go all

willy-nilly let's let's not let's not uh

let's not be careless but by the same

token listen I listen I want I want my

quarterback to I want my quarterback to

you a gunslinger go for it I don't care

about interceptions man and if you throw

an interception if you throw an

interception fifty yards down the field

on their 15 that's just like a punt that

is a punt where you had a chance to

score touchdown big deal I like it Earl

Thomas gentleman broke his leg yesterday

I think it was against the I think was

against the Cardinals he broke his leg

and you know the interesting thing is is

that Earl Thomas had held out Earl

Thomas held out he wanted to he wanted a

better contract and so he did the right

thing by coming into camp and doing it

for the team oh he gotta be there for

your teammates well guess what Earl

Thomas broke his leg so he did he did

the right he did the right thing the

right thing he came into camp broke his

leg and now guess what now guess what

not only is his trade value gone he is

going to be he's probably not gonna get

as much money but listen again this he

held out for money and the worst case

scenario happened he got hurt

Le'Veon Bell predictably retweeted I'll

continue to be that bad guy listen guys

this is gonna change the game dudes are

gonna hold out and dudes are gonna hold

out and they're gonna miss games to get

their money and I listen I can't say I

blame them I can't say I've listened man

lay me on Bell deserves a new contract

Miami Jay says Le'Veon Bell is looking

real smart today yes the hell he is yes

the hell he is and RL Thomas of course

flipped off the Seattle sideline yeah

you see this I did this for you guys I

sacrificed millions of dollars trying to

do the right thing and be a good dude

fuck being a good teammate get yours and

listen man shame on the Pittsburgh

Steelers for talking shit about Le'Veon

Bell you got guys in luck room says well

you make 14 million dollars a year

and you know a lot of guys in here don't

make as much nah man dude no no no you

understand the market you get it never

ever ever talk about another man's money


that is dude that is rule numero uno in

the locker room listen you can be

opinionated you can say hey look man

Le'Veon needs to step up and he's a step

up his game you know work ethic is down

now that's fine don't talk about another

man's money man you're not him and he's

not you lay beyond bail and I said

listen I was on record I said listen

lady on bail is absolutely doing the

right date especially as a running back

at her old Thomas has broken his leg

before to roll Thomas he's not injury

prone but he's had injuries over the

years it is no young spring chicken I

think he's 30 31 years old he's 30 31

years old he wanted to get that last

contract well guess what guess what he's

not getting that contract now at least

not until next year now listen he's

gonna he's gonna be one of the most

sought-after free agents next season but

this is why he held out this is why

Le'Veon Bell held out and of course fans

are always I am Alpha says he broke the

same like Jesus Christ and fans are

always like you need to be there for

your team you need to be there for the

team new new new new new new it nah man

nope nope fans are just jealous fans

know damn well that they would fans know

damn well this is the theme n fans a lot

of time they think that professional

profess in the world the professional

sports being a professional athlete yes

there are many differences involved but

a lot of the premises a lot of the a lot

of the premises are the same get the

most money you can that this is how this

works you get what the listen you're

worth whatever the market pays you the

LA Rams gave Todd Gurley 60 million

dollars guaranteed now Todd Gurley is

younger than levy on bail but not that


Le'Veon Bell is still in his prime he

deserves a new contract and he looks

like a genius today I agree with them I

agree with I am alpha and Miami J lay

beyond Bell is definitely looking good

today I'm telling you what man I'm

telling you what guys are gonna start

missing games they said you know what

lay beyond Bell missed games he missed

the season he he he

was not afraid of it he was not afraid

to miss games he's taking all the arrows

and listen he stood his ground it's like

nah man I'm not coming I'm not coming I

need my money then he's got teammates

talking shit because James Connors doing

well and they say well lay beyond put up

all these numbers because of our

offensive line lady Ahn said to really

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r.i.p Earl Thomas the Earl Thomas is

listen he was but he was the best safety

in football for a while actually the

best safety in football right now is

probably Harrison Smith for the

Minnesota Vikings Earl Thomas was

probably three or four on that list but

yeah he is going to command and I think

he's probably gonna end up in Dallas

which would really which would really

fuckin suck freelancer Otis says man dem

chicks on the brother pill are like a

case of athletes foot irritating I agree

Jose s says I love how Donovan calls

these punks

yeah the guy came in here and says you

have a you have a voice and excuse me

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right Adam Archuleta those guys I can't

really think of another white cornerback

I don't know Courtland Finnegan I don't

know if he was mulatto Israel says if he

ends up in Dallas Earl Thomas that would

be great we need to improve our defense

yeah I agree

Roger Macallan 3 since my girlfriend

cheated on me multiple times during our

four-year long term relationship I was

so blue pill Dan forgave her I'm so

happy I made the decision to break up

with her in the end absolutely


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one that's how this works let's get to a

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Facebook feed and my Twitter feeds off

now we can get into the good stuff come

on dammit there we go alright so now I

have shrunk I've shrink the audience to

youtube now we can open up the throttle

how to handle getting caught cheating

let's let's go ahead and get right into

it and like I said guys if you have any

suggestions if you have any stories if

there's something you think I may have

missed give me a call 942 oh five five

three five six let's get one thing

straight here guys we're talking about

getting caught cheating on your main

chick or your wife don't come at me with

Donovan I cheated on her and I don't

know what to do okay well how long have

you guys been how long have you guys

been dating how long have you guys been

boyfriend and girlfriend well we've been

dating for three months are you

boyfriend a girlfriend well no it's not

cheating don't come at me with I cheated

on my fuck buddy I cheated up no no no

no no we're talking about a committed

relationship your wife or your

girlfriend your main chick and let's get

another thing straight gentlemen what

was I just a black stone says deny deny

deny listen we are talking about getting

caught as in red-handed she catches you

with your dick and another chick she


messages she catches you with their hand

in the cookie jar pictures she knows for

100% that you cheated but guess what if

she doesn't know for a hundred percent

then do not admit it she can tell you

that oh I have evidence and this and

that and the other really let's see it

if she can't produce the evidence

sweetheart I don't know what to tell you

like I don't know who I don't know who

you I don't know who you've been I don't

know what you heard I don't know what

you think you saw but no I haven't


you've did it you did it no I didn't

deny deny deny

unless she shows you a video of you

fucking another chick then you have to

deny it we're talking about if you get a

hundred percent confirmation that she

knows that you're cheating so let's get

let's get let's get that straight so we

need to understand a few things about a

man getting caught cheating there are

six things that you need to understand

right off the bat before we get into

this number one and I see you there in

the queue looks like a very long number

looks like you're calling from outside

the country just give me a give me a

moment and I'll get to that I'll get to

that phone call number one your

relationship will never be the same guys

now here's the thing it might get better

if you have red pill awareness it might

get worse but it will change doesn't

matter how the cheating happened doesn't

matter the frequency when your woman

finds out that you cheated or have been

cheating on her it will never ever be

the same number two your relationship

might be over listen it might not end

right now she might not leave you now

she might not leave you in a week she

might not leave you in a month she might

not leave you for six months but getting

caught cheating ends a lot of

relationship there's no exact percentage

I don't have numbers for you and yes of

course this is obvious right well of

course cheating ends a lot of

relationships but men always try to hold

on they always try to make up for it

wrap your mind around it let it sting

when she catches you cheating start

making plans dude you're about to you'd

listen you could be single again very

very quickly

number three she is going to tell her

friends and family its what girls do man

she's gonna tell her friends her family

and their friends and family are all

gonna hate you

all her friends might not hate you the

who he cheats on I don't want to fuck

him for a while be ready for the bad

treatment from her family and friends be

ready for the sideways glances be ready

for all of that stuff because it is

absolutely coming be ready for her

friends to tell her I told you so her

family members I told you so bla bla bla

bla bla number four there is a good

chance that she's gonna cheat down the

line to get revenge this is what we call

revenge sex okay now there's two there

are two main elements to a girl cheating

on a man who's cheated on them number

one you stay in the relationship and you

go beta and of course I'm gonna talk

about that later on

now you could stay and hold the frame

which will also talk about later but

that merely reduces the odds women what

listen a woman will never forget or

forgive when you cheat on her that's

part of the tortured of course we know

women love this torture the second

element is if she already wants to fuck

somebody just because she caught you

cheating doesn't mean that she hasn't

cheated either she's gonna give herself

for a while if he cheated I'm gonna

cheat number 5 the fifth thing we need

to go ahead and get straight is that if

you stay with her she will shit test you

relentlessly and mark my words that it

will not take her long it will not take

long for those shit tests to turn into

blatant disrespect she's not shit

testing you to test your manhood like

most women do no no she's doing this to

punish you it can be but listen again it

can be borderline disrespectful and it

will be disrespectful you need to shut

that shit the fuck down and we're gonna

talk about that later just be ready guys

if she catches you cheating the shit

tests are gonna come at you with rapid

fire she's gonna want to go out with her


she'll tell you she got an text from her

ex she'll tell you she's going to lunch

with Kevin and sales will talk a little

talk about how to handle that later on

but understand this shit tests are

definitely coming you can count on it

sixth and most the sixth and final thing

that you need to understand before we

get into this and this is very important

there is nothing you can do proactively

to make this right I'm gonna say it one

more time

there is nothing you can do proactively

to make this right you can buy her

forgiveness and don't try to do it


yeah but Darvin Kobe Bryant did it yeah

he's fucking Kobe Bryant remember when

Kobe that that old rape thing back in

2003 an Eagle Colorado I have a sit on

the inside of my nostril and it is

fucking painful Jesus Christ I forgot to

take my exam a stain three days ago I'm

on testosterone replacement therapy you

forget to take your exam a stain one day

and a guy like me dude I'm getting

fucking breakouts all of it but you

probably see my noses I got it

anyway anyway you can't buy her

forgiveness Kobe Bryant listen Vanessa

Bryant was always going to serve he was

always gonna forgive Kobe right like she

wasn't going anywhere

Vanessa Bryant like during the press

down when she's looking I know now she

wouldn't go under where Kobe Bryant is

the highest value male she will ever

have ever Jim I'd know it anywhere

but for the rest of us that work that

way you will never be able to make it up

to her guys again there is nothing you

can proactively do to make her feel


or to make her forgive you she will only

forgive you she will only forgive you

and she she can she can't forgive you

and she will forgive you but the chances

are slim but she will only forgive you

if you remained that rock solid red pill

five percenter that she fell in love

with that's the only way if you go from

alpha behavior to beta behavior you are

finished and we're gonna talk about that

as well but you need to understand that

there is nothing you can do to make her

forgive you so if you're looking for it

listen if you came here for a magic

bullet or the cheat code or Donovan's

gonna tell me the one thing that's all

of a sudden gonna make things right

you're listening to the wrong show tune

out right now that's not happenin

that magic bullet does not exist guys

this is about maintaining frame

maintaining who you are and not allowing

yourself to be turned into a sim on

account of a mistake you made that

mistake wasn't cheating that mistake was

getting caught let's get that right you

made a mistake you cheated on me no no

no I got caught that was the mistake she

will only forgive you gentlemen if you

maintain who you are and do not turn it

to the sniffling crying simp who say me

sorry every day she didn't want that

before she doesn't want it now stay who

you are and she will forgive you

listen women don't forgive men who seek

forgiveness with gifts and apologies

they forgive men who stay who they are

stay red pill 911 for 205 by 356 is the

number to call if you want to get it on

the show if you were outside of the US

at a zero zero one nine one four two oh

five five three five six let's go to the

phone lines and caller you are on the

air you are live with Donovan go ahead I

want to thank you for all the guys that

you posted and I was the guy that asked

you about that long this is relationship

that was gonna get ya emcee to college

yeah yeah so yeah I just moved into my

new place parents last girlfriends at

home and I'm kind of stuck I don't know

what supposed to do I mean first of all

the city's new I mean there's girls all

the fuck around but being you know in

the back biggest city of my country I'm

seeing all the fucking feminism that's

going on and all the fucking bullshit

right and all the women think shit like

utter shit and that's kind of fucked up

right right and furthermore it's like I

don't know it's like this feeling of

being away from the nest you know right

being away from family and that does

comfort so I want to know what would

your take be on

being alone and in this big of a city

and with my LGR like LDR I don't know

what the fuck it is

yeah long-distance relationship yeah

yeah what jerks in listen you're young

you're 19

well what you're experiencing is

homesickness you know this is this this

is the first time this is the first time

you've been away from the nest and you

know it can be daunting and you know it

can it can be scarier in a new city or

in a new environment you know your you

know your girlfriend is at home and this

and that and the other the only thing

there there is no magic bullet but I can

tell you this I think this will probably

help what you need to understand is that

you are a man you are designed you are

designed to I don't want to say

withstand solitude withstand being

isolated or at least isolation in your

own head but being alone and being

isolated this is where a lot of men

thrive don't get me wrong I'm not gonna

sit here and say that you don't need

human interaction

when you go to prison and they throw you

in the hole that's the worst place you

could listen that's the worst place they

can put you in prison as solitary

confinement because you don't know what

time it is it's dark you're shitting in

a bucket you know you have no human

interaction except for the guarding you

know slides the slop under the slot

every day so it's not to say that you

don't need human interaction but this is

a time this is that time in your life

where you're really gonna start true to

to really grow up mentally and you're

gonna figure out very quickly now it's

gonna sting for a little while it's

gonna suck you're gonna have the

isolation you're gonna have the

depression or maybe maybe the slight

depression but you need to how can I put

this you need to embrace it you know you

finally think fine things to do that are

alone maybe take up a hobby read books

and again I'm just I'm just making just

off-the-wall suggestions here but after

you get used to it after you get over

the initial the initial shock of being

in a new city being by yourself etc etc

you'll you'll start to realize that

isolation at Red Jedi just put it in

here isolation is good if you can build

on it right like I'm the kind of guy I

don't like I don't like to go to the gym

with a bunch of people I'm not there to

talk them there to lift I like an empty

gym men do their best work a lot of

times when they're isolated women are

social creatures and men are social

creatures too but we thrived when we are

isolated so I'm not gonna sit here and

say become a hobbit or a hermit and just

close yourself off but learn to embrace

it and understand this understand this

this ain't the first time you're ever

going to be in a new city this isn't the

first time you're ever going to feel

like you're isolated or alone so you

need to figure out how to grow from it

how to build from it because again this

is something that you are going to

experience many many times over the over

the course of the rest of your life

listen tattooed African says isolation

adds character to a man absolutely

absolutely again don't get me wrong I'm

not saying that you don't need that

social interaction but by the same token

as a man a lot of men like to get off

the grid and isolate themselves to sort

of recharge so this may be listen this

might be what what you need to sort of

mentally grow and then of course you

know you'll go out you'll socially

interact but and a lot of PUA is a lot

of pickup artists guys don't like to be


so they're always out talking to women

well when they hit a slump and they will

they get depressed because they're alone

there's no money to fuck there's nobody

around men we like social interaction

and we can thrive in social interaction

we don't need it we're not women so it's

gonna be a little bit hard at first but

I'm telling you right now you're a man

and you're gonna you're going to adjust

you're going to adjust very very quick

you're gonna just a lot quicker than you

think Jonathan from modern life dating

who did fs owed 312 of me talk talked a

lot about the transition from going from

moving from America and and becoming an

expatriate in Tokyo

Kyle trouble who was the next Patriot I

think he lives in he lives in Eastern

Europe he talked about that first month

being isolated feeling alone I don't

speak the language I look different

everybody's different I'm in a whole new

world that during that month that's

where you grow this is where you learn

to thrive by yourself listen man you're

out of the nest for reason you know

don't don't create another nest for

yourself because when you get isolated

again as a man it's gonna happening and

you're not gonna know what to do you

need to learn to thrive from it uh yeah

you're totally right we can add one more

thing yeah go ahead

and what about this I mean I feel like

I'm dragging out a fucking relationship

that'll go to share the venturi because

I mean reading read fill and listening

to your show then the Redman group and

all of that I mean apart from the fact

that it's a nine months relationship

which I built actually on your advice I

mean at 19 is like actually the first

relationship where a bitch would listen

to every fucking yes I say all right

whatever the fuck I want that's right I

mean yeah that kind of that kind of get

like well fuck will I get another big to

do that here like will I will I will I

get to that point with another girl

besides she's really hot oh yes yeah

well let me let me answer your first

question of course you will

dude listen man girls aren't going

anywhere and guess what you're 19 now 19

years from now when you're 38 you'll

find another 19 year old girl who is

willing to listen there listen there is

never ever ever going to be a shortage

of women don't and again don't allow

yourself to get sucked into that

scarcity mentality okay my girl is young

and she's hot and a lot of guys sort of

mentally they mentally tell themselves

this is the youngest hottest girl I'm

never gonna get have to hold on to her

dude they're young hot girls all in dude

I mean I'm picking up an axe and I have

no idea where you live it's probably

somewhere in Europe dude there's young

hot girls everywhere trust me there's

there's going to be no short supply I

can guarantee you that yet another


yep you said you said you had something

to add on yeah you're the other topic

that you're talking about quickly add

that I mean it's so regular that I see

it is that when guys cheat and I've been

in this position when I I just met

briefly mentioned in the comments that

I've had a relationship like one and a

half fucking your relation with a

depressed fucking bitch

yeah I guess you did on that girl for

fucking time and I didn't know any

better like then but like I just kept

holding frame unknowingly and just not

giving a fuck about it like and she just

kept coming back and I said you go with

my friends and I see this with everyone

like bitches will all

we come the fuck always your high-value

let me correct you let me correct

something you said you said oh I cheated

on this girl four times and I didn't

know any better no no cheating is not

wrong okay at least not for men getting

caught cheating that's where we do the

stupid thing and and again for any guys

watching again spare me the moral

imperative you shouldn't cheat on your

woman dude check this out man your woman

is gonna cheat and if somebody listen

somebody's gonna fuck her it may is

worried me that's the way it goes like

dude you can't you can't listen listen

all's fair in love and war it's the same

thing with cheating I'm like I'm not

trying to hear it it sucks that it's

like this but this is how it is so I'm

not here to talk about what you should

be doing oh you shouldn't shoot listen

man listen I did a I did a an episode

called the ten side check Commandments

the number one rule is do not get caught

cheating when you get caught cheating it

changes everything so yeah I just want

to make sure that you understand that it

wasn't stupid to cheat it was stupid to

get caught and you were young right of

course you're gonna get caught cheating

at some yeah but yeah but listen it's

just like you said and we're gonna talk

about that women will women or women if

you go begging for forgiveness you're

done it's over with but if you hold

frame and act like you don't give a fuck

if you hold frame and don't buy into her

emotional shenanigans then you dude

you're good to go

she's going to she is going to stay with

you we're gonna get into those reasons

why did you have any other any uh any

closing comments Air Force closing

comments yeah just I mean thank you for

the advice given and for also guys

listening just don't fucking give in to

women like they'll use anything and

everything to make you submit to their

frame and that where it should go down

night it happened to me it happens my

friend just be a bit egoistic good good

stuff man thanks for the call empty -

very very good call sounds like empty -

sounds like he's got a little bit of

game with him you know I mean the kid is

only 19 years old but he's again a guy

he sounds like he sounds like he gets it

he sounds like he gets it

chase LeBeau says hey Donovan do you

have space to build a home gym if so

what equipment do you have no I do not

have space to build a home gym it would

be nice if I did but if I did I

I'd probably just get a pal Iraq a squat

rack though that's that's really all I


tattooed African says brothers cheat

allow yourself to be a man Vico says

women want men to cheat but not know or

get caught Devon do Devon has told me

this plenty of times she says look

Donovan I don't want you to cheat she

says but if you do don't I don't want to

know about it I don't want to see it

smell it don't get anybody pregnant

don't give me a disease don't fuck her


I just just keep it away from me out of

sight out of mind out of sight out of

mind ok so let's get in to the

nitty-gritty let's talk about how to

handle when your girl finds out that you

have been cheating or that you have

cheated now we're into the nitty-gritty

she's confirmed it she showed you a

video whatever she knows it you know her

friends showed you pictures of you and

edit or whatever the case may be number

one number one do not say I'm sorry

you're not sorry you're sorry you got

caught but you are not sorry are you

sorry that you fucked the fucking big

titty brunette with the fat ass no

you're not sorry of course you're not

sorry and she'll say that you're sorry

so if you say well I'm sorry yeah you

are sorry don't give her that power

don't say what you don't mean gentlemen

no man is ever sorry that he cheated no

man is ever sorry that he fucked another

woman he might regret it because maybe

he caught an STD he might regret it

because he got the girl pregnant he

might regret it because he got caught

but he's never sorry girls are listen

when girls cheat girls are never sorry

even though they say they are a girl say

I'm so sorry she's not sorry so you're

not gonna be sorry and even if they were

really sorry you're still not gonna be

sorry you're a fucking man instead of

saying I'm sorry use different verbage

say I apologize now a lot of people say

well that's the same thing no no saying

I apologize as opposed

I'm sorry that is very very different

apologizing is acknowledging that you

made a mistake

being sorry is disingenuous say I made a

mistake and I apologize or say I hurt

you and I apologize now she might try to

force it she might say you still haven't

said you're sorry tell me you're sorry

that's a shit test just continued and

listen just continue to repeat I made a

mistake I apologize but you're not sorry

I said I apologize I can't believe

you're not sorry that's what he stopped

talking do not do not let her to draw

you into her frame stick to that script

and do not crack telling a girl you were

sorry is failing a shit test that she

did not deploy and if she says well you

said you learned you didn't say you were

sorry that is another shit test fail it

and you're fucking done I'm here to tell

you I've made this mistake before guys

number two do not make excuses don't

tell her well I was drunk or she seduced

me or you weren't sucking my dick

gentlemen you're a man

we don't make excuses man fucking own it

act like it own your mistake and

acknowledge it look sweetheart I fucked

up I had a moment of weakness and I

fucked up it's nobody's fault with mine

I made a mistake and I'm gonna own it

no excuses guys I promise you no man has

ever said that to her every man tries to

make excuses now she'll hate to hear it

but she will respect you for it beta

males and simps make excuses and excuses

only piss her off more it's it literally


whatever attraction she had left for you

out of her out of her here's another

part do not blame it on her guys you

weren't there for me you denied me sex

or you got fat even if that were all

true guys don't blame her again that

makes you look bad men who make excuses

look weak

here's another reason why you don't

blame her

or make excuses she's gonna blame

herself anyway guys women inherently

feel responsible for everything anyway

they're a nursery they internalize and

find fault within themselves even when

they blame shifts they do it because

they find fault with themselves and are

trying to D and are trying to deflect

that fault why why would a woman blame

shift if she really felt like something

wasn't her fault right no the reason she

blamed shifts is because she finds fault

with her work let me get this out here

she knows it's her fault that's why she

blamed shifts she's not gonna get she's

gonna blame herself she's gonna start to

question herself did it not fuck him

enough am I not good enough what's wrong

with me what's wrong with me then he had

to go fuck somebody else it's a mine job

she's gonna be in her own head enough

blaming her gentlemen we'll keep her

from finding blame within herself which

is natural and good for you

don't blame her she's gonna blame

herself allow that natural female hard

drive to spin allow that hamster to spin

do not blame her she's gonna blame

herself even if she calls you all kinds

of names oh you're an asshole fuck you I

can't believe this blah blah blah blah

blah doesn't matter she's still blaming

herself blaming her causes an automatic

defense well it's your fault no it's not

a woman's never gonna say yeah you're

right it's my fault you cheated on me

cycling girls tried to do this to us

right look oh my god I can't believe you

cheated on me well you were never there

for me it's your fault wait a minute

you cheated on me it's my fault the fuck

out of here sounds equally ridiculous to

girls girls are going to blame

themselves you will be the first man she

has ever met who was just straight up

about fucking up guys I'm here to tell

you this will make an impression on her

even in her whirlwind of feelings and


Winston wolf says oh let me go to bed

silver-sweet first he says I think this

knowledge is useful without cheating as

well when she wants to make you a puppy

with shit test I agree good comment

Winston wolf says this this episode is

gonna have a lot of girl voice always

welcomed freelance Ronan says sorry

sorry's definition is in poor or pitiful

state or condition right I'm sorry I'm

poor I'm pitiful you're not fucking

pitiful you stuck your dick in another

chick there's at least one other girl

out there who knows you're not sorry red

Jedi says I asked my girl all the time

if I will cheat I always reply with I

will do my best

right in other words he's saying he said

my girl asked me all the time if I will

not cheat I'll do my best

love it love it passive dread love it

freelance apologize definition express

regret for something that one has done

there you go there you go listen I

apologize but I'm not sorry you're not

gonna say that well listen I'm not sorry

but I apologize no girls are listen

girls are stupid when it comes to

vernacular linguistics if you say you

apologize more times than not that's

going to be okay with her but when she

starts to force you to tell you I'm


nope don't fucking say it I can't

believe you're not sorry listen I told

you I apologize I don't know what more

you want from me Armando says it is

actually insulting for women for women

men are sorry uh yeah put that in there

again if you wouldn't put that in there

again can you guys hear me okay are my

sound levels or my sound levels where

they need to be I just need to know that

my sound levels are sounded good here

if you have any questions concerns or if

you have any suggestions on getting

caught handling getting caught cheating

give me a call 911 for two oh five five

three five six if you were outside of

the US 0:01 911 for two oh five five

three five six okay perfect everything


very good very good alright so everybody

can hear me just fine excellent number

three and by the way these first these

first few this isn't the initial this is

the first 24 hours she just caught you

it's still fresh on her mind you're

there at her place she's at your place

she just caught you so this is the short

term that these are the short term do's

and dont's right so number one don't say

I'm sorry number two do not make excuses

number three do not try to calm her down


guys let her cry let her scream let her

yell at you let her call you names this

is part of the process guys she's hurt

she's angry she's confused her ego is

badly bruised now by the same token you

can let her cry and scream and call you

all kinds of names but don't let her

disrespect you don't let her assault you

this is this is a mistake that I've made

in the past myself I've had girls slap

me scratch me trying to punch me all

kinds of stuff David a girl named


dude she scratched my neck slap the shit

out of me now she's a woman she didn't

really do any damage but I didn't get

mad you know yeah she you know she

smacked me I mean she was like crying

and screaming she couldn't believe it

and I knew I knew what was going on in

her mind now looking back you know I

should have just you know grabbed her

and restrained her right or maybe he

just got the fuck out of there

but I didn't get mad because she was

hurt I cheated on her and you know this

is how this is all women let it out

especially if they love you

now I didn't let her continue like I

said you know grab her hands you know

hold him there

let her feel her let her flail herself

out here's another thing don't let her

destroy your property okay don't let her

throw things at you and again I've had

shit happen like this to me before as

well like

had girls throw shit at me I've had

girls try to slash my tires one bitch

tried to fucking put sugar in my gas

tank no don't allow that nonsense let

her to let her to allow her to

emotionally you know vomit

but don't let her disrespect you don't

let her don't let her destroy your

property do not let her assault you

blame Kyoto one says is there an episode

on red pill knowledge if we caught them

cheating no there isn't

but let's go ahead and do 3:41 what to

do if you catch your woman cheating hold

on actually hang on a second

I'm actually just just just hear me out

here guys what's up guys it's your man

Donovan Sharpe and welcome to the 340

first edition of GSR live your morning

cup of Red Bull truth wisdom and

awareness we are brought to you as

always by 1821 man-made calm home of I'm

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beard grooming needs go to 1821 man-made

calm let's get right to it

you know a lot of guys write into me and

they say Donovan my girl cheated on me

Donovan my wife cheated on me I'm heart

broke and I have no idea what to do

listen man what a man gets cheated on by

a woman it is literally the it's the

worst feeling that a man could feel in

the world nothing hurts a man more than

cheating more than a woman who cheats on

him the worst paint the worst emotional

pain I've ever felt in my life

is when is when my woman

cheated on me Amy okay the the the very

worst heartbreak of my life I'll never

forget I asked her Amy I need you to be

honest with me did you cheat on me have

you cheated on me she said honestly yes

that was the most that was the most

horrible emotional pain I have ever felt

in my life so now he asked the question

of well what's a man to do if he catches

his woman cheating

how do you move forward how do you move

on how do you repair the relationship

well I'm gonna go ahead and cover that

today and the answer is don't you

fucking leave that's gonna do it for

this edition of TS are alive your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom okay right

right dude what kind of question is that

is there an episode on handling if you

catch your girl cheating are you out of

your mind like seriously freelance Rona

just said it charger to the game I say

it and might listen listen I'm gonna be

hard on you here a woman never belongs

to you it's just your turn

is there an episode on red pill

knowledgeably caught them cheating no

you leave her now leaving a woman that

you love if she cheats on you is never

easy but it's necessary if you take back

a cheating female it doesn't matter once

she cheats on you it's over it is over

charge it to the game it's not gonna be

easy but you got to do it staying with

the cheating woman is the worst thing a

man can do in his life

listen man I I didn't mean to make such

a big thing out of it right but come on

blanket blanket oh ho one mr. Jackson

says not sure but just leave yes yes you

never take back a cheating woman dude

easier said than done but it still has

to be done anyway

in the initial stages of her cheating on

you never say calm down it's no big deal

listen it might not be a big deal to you

but it's a big deal to her man like

listen yeah we sit here and say women

ain't shit and this and that in the

other okay fine and listen for for every

one time a woman has been cheated on by

a man she's cheated on 50 guys right so

the ratios are all out of whack

maybe you don't give a shit but you can

and listen you can act like you don't

give a shit which is the right thing to

do but trying to calm her down it only

makes things worse it only makes things

worse never ever ever try to calm down a

woman who has just found out that you

cheated on her number four this one is

this one is hyper critical do not give

her details guys listen man

after the initial you know oh I can't

believe it I fucking hate you I love you

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

now she's gonna start now she's gonna

calm down she's gonna start asking

questions she's one one out who it was

where did you fuck her

when did you fuck her how many times did

you fuck her do not answer any of it

guys the reason you don't want to answer

these questions it's because she always

wants to know more it always escalates

what answer is never enough if you'd

listen the more it listen the more you

answer questions the more questions

that's going to spawn then should want

to know what positions you fucked her in

did you use a condom and if she asked

you to use a condom tell her that you

did did she suck your dick did you fuck

her in the ass was she better than me

did you pull her hair what was her pubic

hair like I've heard all of these things

and of course the universal question do

you love her

nothing will sting a woman's heart when

you listen if you want to if you really

want to get back at a woman right there

isn't really much men can do to women

too emotionally

really pierce their hearts right you can

cheat on women but women really don't

give a shit if you cheat on them or

women don't give a shit if you cheat on

them they'll be up under somebody in 24

hours unless Matt Forney famously wrote

an article all women cheat within 24

hours of breaking up it's a hundred

percent true and yeah listen some

cheating hurts women more than others

but dude it doesn't hurt women nearly as

much as it hurts men but the only way

you might be able to exercise a little

bit of a little bit of revenge do you

love her yeah I actually do oh my god

she's gonna go fucking berserk at that

point you need to be ready for the

assault she is going to she is going to

assault you every answer you give her

it's gonna bring up five more questions

guys just say look it happened I used a

condom that's all I'm gonna tell you if

she continues to question you do not

answer the questions this is a mistake

guys I've made this mistake plenty of

times and it burns me every time the

more details you give her the worse you

make the situation she might listen she

might ask later on down the line if you

decided to stay with her if you guys

decided to stay together she's gonna ask

you details and she'll make little snide

remarks right like after you fuck her

you'd be like ooh that was good what was

it good as good as what's-her-name

if she does that just completely ignore

it don't even buy into that nonsense so

you've got past the first storm and

you've now at this point gentlemen you

have a decision to make you have a very

you have a decision to make are you

gonna stay with her or are you going to

leave now

here's the thing you might not have a

choice she might leave or at least

that's what she might tell you but I'm

telling you right now if she breaks up

with you there is only one way to handle

this let her go

and go completely dark I'm done we're

broken up cool turn off your phone go to

the beach completely

ignore her guys she will be back

she's a pain she's crying we're through

if you go radio silent guys dude it

drives her fucking crazy and she'll want

more answers because if you go dark and

she's calling a texting you after she

broke up with you she's thinking you're

off fucking the girl that you cheated on

her with that she just found out about

that's gonna drive her fucking crazy now

what this means is that she still loves

you and that she's looking for an excuse

to stay with you when she and I'm

telling you guys right now every single

time if your girl finds out you cheated

if she dumps you and you go completely

dark for 24 hours it is powerful guys

I'm here to tell you it wets her panties

she loves you and she hates you listen

man any man who has experience with

women we have all had the rainbow

coalition of phone calls after a girl

finds out you've cheated the first

messages oh my god it's fucking hu I'm

gonna fucking kill you blah blah blah

ten minutes later it's oh my god I love

you I can't believe you cheated on me

let's work this out then ten minutes

later fuck you're gonna pluck your eyes

your fucking carpet a fucking touch your

dick off then ten minutes eventhough you

want to marry I can't believe you did

this let's work past this there's a thin

line between love and hate

if a woman loves you if a woman says she

hates you she absolutely loves you I

remember this one girl god I forgot her

name God who the hell was it I remember

she was my girlfriend I don't know for

like three months or something like that

back in Vegas and I remember she found

oh my god this was this was sloppy on my

part I remember she found out I was

cheating on her because the girl that I

was cheating on her with and she

probably did this on purpose the girl I

was cheating on her with took a picture

of me and put it on I fell asleep on her

couch and she took a picture of me put

it on Facebook and tagged me in it oh my

dude I woke up my phone was blowing the

fuck up

fucking hell man and you know of course

I yell don't like what the fuck like my

girl out gotta forget her fucking him I

was like dude she fucking found out I

just like I didn't I was like you

fucking knew oh ah so fucking matters

like you fucking knew this shit you

fuckin did this shit on purpose I was so

fucking pissed listen this is my fault

right listen I can't blame a girl for

sabotaging a relationship like I said in

the 10th side-chick of Mamet's dude a

side chick does not want to be a side

chick forever the side chick wants to be

the main chick and the side chick will

do whatever it takes to get the main

chick out of the way up to and including

sabotaging relationship with said main

chick this is why I tell you never ever

ever ever let your side chick ride in

your car she'll leave an earring if she

has long hair there's gonna be hairs

listen if your listen if you let your

side chick ride in the car let's hope

you have she has the same color hair if

your main chick cuz if your main

chicken's brunette your side chick is

blonde how you gonna explain that oh my


we had a German Shepherd in the air

can't explain that side chicks will

leave earrings lipstick they'll spray

perfume on you listen I've had all of

this happen to me so this side chick of

mine knew I had a girlfriend and she

literally sabotage the relationship

so anyway anyway so like I said going

completely dark after she breaks up with

you is solid gold guys I'm here to tell

you women love this torture they love

this drama they love this dread give it

to her she just got new she just got

through a rush of emotions you cheated

on her

oh my god I fucking hate you but I love

you I love that I I hate that I love you

and I love that I hate you they don't

know what to think

fuck it we're done all right cool you

turn off your phone

you go to your homeboys house I do get a

room at a casino I've done that before

dude like I got caught cheating abducted

Chrissie I've cheated on her a whole

bunch of times

now we're fucking done all right cool I

turned my phone off works every fuckin

dude I'll go to the Aria Caesars Palace

a room turn off my fucking phone I'll

text my homeboys yo I'm at the Aria or

I'm at Caesars let's head down to

sapphire get an Eightball let the good

times roll I cheated on her some more

we're actually now that she's but now

that I've broken up with her it is what

it is so of course they always end up

coming back right well did you sleep

with anybody well no we were broken up

sweetheart oh my god listen you asked

the question they gave you the answer

she didn't leave she didn't leave women

love this torture now if you want to

leave the relationship then leave leave

the relationship regardless of what she

saw regardless of what she does or says

if you don't want a relationship with it

with her anymore

get the fuck up out of there now if you

want to stay and she doesn't dump you

keep listening keep listening we're

about to get into the good stuff the

good good B wheeze says me and my ex had

sex after she caught me cheating oh dude

I love sex with the ex ex sex is awesome


i'ma tell you what man there is there is

absolutely do nothing brightens my day

or my night like you've been out you've

been even hollering at girls for four

and a half hours you're hot and sweaty

because it's 174 degrees in Vegas you're

taking a shower you like fuck I didn't

get any goddamn phone numbers this is

the second day in a row you know what

I'm saying like fuck it's Tuesday so I

can't get it I don't want to I don't

want to do any blow yeah looks like I'm

just gonna stay in and watch TV it

happens sometimes right like that's the

game you go home empty-handed you're

making dinner whatever you got your

burger on the stove and boom you get a

text message and it's from your

ex-girlfriend talking about hey what's

you up to oh yeah oh yeah you bring your

ass over you beat the brakes off her

tell her to leave boo and dude your

ex-girl dude your ex-girlfriend will

fuck you like it's tart like she's

trying to like like it'll set her free

your ex-girlfriend will fucking suck the

black up yo dick nigga I'm here to tell

you xxxx is the fucking

best man D wheeze you ain't never told a

lie bruh James Martinez says do not

bring your sidekick to your house of

course not I think that was commandment

number four never tell your sidekick

where you work or where you live no no

no don't do it

this is out dudes get caught cheating

they let their side chick know where

they work or where they live don't think

that's light you could come your girl

answers the door and your foot good

comment there yep yep James alrighty

that says don't let her know where you

work yeah yeah James Martinez says go to

Google and get a Google number give that

to give that to your site - man listen

j-mart is on point let me go back and

listen to the ten site check amendments

either get a Google number a Google

Voice number or get a burner phone don't

never tell dude don't ever ever ever

give your side chick your main phone

number dude fuck that are you out of

your fucking mind

the fuck out of here don't even give her

your real name listen you guys need to

go back and watch that episode the 10

side chick Commandments you follow those

side chick Commandments and you're gonna

drastically reduce the odds of you

getting caught trying to tell you James

Martinez j-mart says don't let her know

where you work straight up Miguel

Santiago says you're the best I know I

appreciate it Jose says I don't get it

he's absolutely right they love it when

we don't care the reason why women love

it when we don't care that they're

feeling some type of way about us

cheating is because that's what

separates us you're being drawn into oh

I'm so sorry

act like you don't give a fuck I can't

believe you don't care I mean I never

said that I didn't care but you're

acting like it what say you're a

mind-reader now fuck you oh my God we're

so done turn off the phone freelance

Ornan said turning off that phone is

magic brah listen man I've had girls dub

and dump so many fucking times men girl

dude girls will dump you and this is

guys I'm trying to tell you whether

there's cheating or not let's just say

that your girl and of course if your

girl dumps you you know she's been

right fight the urge to fight back fight

the urge to fight for her look um we're


fight the emotion it sucks you're gonna

feel this you're gonna feel that shit in

the pit of your stomach all right cool

or if you really want to go next level

game hey you know what I think we should

start seeing other people next little

game here guys your girl come see well

you know Donovan things really haven't

been the same and it's not really

working out I think we should start

seeing other people oh thank god

Stephanie thank God thank God for what

you know what to be honest with you I

was you know I've been feeling the same

way and I didn't really know what I was

gonna tell you I was trying to wait for

the right time but I mean hey look if

you want to see other people listen I'm

totally good with that I think we're

both at a place where we need to maybe

start exploring other options listen I

had fun with you no hard feelings

it's all good wait huh what girls want

you to just be a complete wreck when

they dumped you or when they break up

with you

if you are not all of a sudden they

don't want to break up with you wait a

minute we need to start seeing other

people oh thank god I feel the same way

I feel the same way dude Newsome every

time then you turn off your phone guess

what she's not going and fucking the guy

that she was cheating on you with oh no

no no no no no no she's checking her

phone every five minutes to see if

you'll respond to her text every five

minutes to see if she'll respond you'll

respond enter text it is absolutely

powerful guys I'm here to tell you it's

gonna be hard it's gonna be hard but if

a girl dumps you under any circumstances

let it go turn off your phone for 24

hours you turn your phone back on your

shits gonna be nude your phone's gonna

get hot she's left you 16 she's with you

16 voice messages telling you she loves

you and hates you and then she's gonna

send you another hundred text messages

and she might even include a couple of

news no joke no joke j-mart says I

should stop the episode now and play the

10 side chick Commandments I might

actually put this in the same blog post

because this is why men get this is why

men get caught cheating because they

don't because they're sloppy

like dude you can't be sloppy don't tell

your sidekick where you work don't give

her your real fucking phone number don't

tell you where you live don't fuck her

without a condom you fucking idiot

like are you out of your mind you're

fucking your side chick in your bed

without a condom are you it are you an

idiot unbelievable man dee dee we says

silence is a lot more powerful than

words yeah I agree I agree then silber's

weed says I saved the life of a woman

she had a minimum of 200 sex partners in

her dating life I did not even get thank

you sex this was way back in my blue

pill years before 2011 yep this is how

they are okay so you have survived the

first part of this initial thing so the

first day is over right she's emptied

the clip the cheating is out there

you've weathered the storm you have

decided that you want to stay with her

and she hasn't left

she hasn't broken up with you it's

almost like you want her to break up

with you so you can solidify the

relationship even more but assuming that

she doesn't and you want to stay these

are the things that you need to do from

here forward to prevent your woman from

cheating on you do not allow her to

disrespect you gentlemen guys listen

this includes bad behavior disrespectful

tones I cannot wait to go lift weights

today guys I can't I mean I know this is

random but man I've been itching - I've

been itching again anyway bad behavior

disrespectful tones unnecessary shit

tests doing shit to piss you off on

purpose etc here's the thing men when

your woman catches you cheating she

feels entitled she is not guys you don't

owe her a goddamn thing you know her

shit you made a mistake

you didn't kill anybody you didn't steal

anything from anybody

you fucked another girl on her watch you

don't owe her shit she's gonna want to

do girls night out

she's gonna wanna text her ex she's

gonna want to go to bars and clubs if

she tries to handle it exactly the same

way I'm going to girls night out with my

friends you do whatever you want but if

you want but if you go out with your

friends we're done and mean that shit oh

my god you cheated on me and no I can't

go out look sweetheart listen I'm not

holding a gun to your head

I'm not giving an ultimatum I'm letting

you know that if you go out there

friends you can do whatever it is you

want to do but if you do that you're

ending the relationship so make your


it is what it is you have to mean that

shit gentlemen and if she goes out with

her friends and guess what that's it

you're done that's it for good she

probably won't because you've held frame

like I said earlier guys the shit tests

are coming but they will escalate to

disrespect very very quickly if she

talks to you with an attitude you look

at her say watch her fucking tone it

she's being a bitch or being

passive-aggressive you told her get the

fuck out of my house or I'm leaving if

you're at her place I went to lunch with

Kevin in sales 24-hour dread game go

radio silent for at least 24 hours fuck

that noise honestly if she goes to lunch

with Kevin and sales

dude dumper fuck that cuz you know Kevin

and sales is trying to fuck her and if

she's gonna put herself in positions if

she's gonna start engaging and relate in

behaviors that are conducive to

infidelity when otherwise she would not

know she's got to go she's got to go she

absolutely she absolutely positively

cannot bend you to her to your blue pill

ways if you see her texting and she'll

do this on purpose if you catch her

cheating and everything if she if she

catches you cheating and everything

blows over she's gonna try to get you to

catch her - let me see your phone if she

says no get the fuck out or you leave

and go dark and go dark for 48 hours if

you allow bad behavior if you

allow this dicks disrespectful havior

jump behavior gentlemen

she will cheat she's looking for a

reason understand this gentlemen women

only cheat on men who have cheated on

them if that man allows her to

disrespect him I'm gonna say it again

women only cheat on the men who've

cheated on them if that man allows her

to disrespect him

women don't cheat on men they respect

she may hate his fucking guts he may

cheat on her all the time so long as she

respects him she is not gonna cheat

until she has had enough and at which

point she's not gonna cheat she'll just

leave she might be hurt she might want

to kill him she was she might want to

cut his fucking balls off but cheating

on a woman does not cause her to lose

respect for you unless you allow her to

engage in disrespectful behavior after

she learns of your cheating

straight up gentlemen this is about

maintaining her respect what do I do if

my woman catches me cheating this is

about maintaining your respect this is

the most important thing guys if you

allow her to walk all over you you're

finished and remember a lot of guys say

well what if I do this and she leaves

guys listen you cheat listen you got

caught man there is a price to be paid

and that price to be paid is

understanding that there's a chance of

your relationship could end dude your

relationship is not gonna be the same

man it's just not she's gonna ask you

more questions she's gonna ask you where

you are who you're with you got to

maintain frame when you got caught you

do the crime you got to do the time

cheating is not a crime for men getting

caught that's the crime women don't want

you to cheat they'd like to know that

you can women respect and adore you

enough to know and understand okay if he

is sticking his dick in another chick as

long as I don't know I don't care

deep down inside that makes them feel a

little bit better okay so I'm not the

only woman who finds him attractive or

okay I know he could fuck other chicks

it hurts but as long as it's out of

sight it's out of mind allow her to live

in blissful ignorance no my professional

athlete of a husband isn't cheating of

course not

no just don't get caught then Silver's

week says the only problem is if you are

married with three kids and you can be

divorce raped this is more a bachelor

advice if you're married and you get

caught cheating let me think

because I've never enlisted I've never

I've never been married with care but

been married I've never had kids if you

get married and you have kids and your

wife catches you cheating yeah listen

maintain that frame man under and again

this is one of those things you have to

wrap your mind or listen if you're a

married man and you have kids guess what

understand that you know what this

relationship might be over and she might

get half my shit maybe even more

sharpest assess call an attorney better

believe it better believe it

so no this is not just bachelor advice

this is about maintaining respect just

because just because she just because

she might divorce rape you doesn't mean

that you can't maintain your

self-respect good comment there by ben

silvers league yeah listen you can

listen you can be divorce rate but that

doesn't still mean that you can't lay

down the law well fuck you motherfucker

I'm gonna divorce you cool do what you

got to do you call your attorney I'll

call mine that's how that is but if you

allow this woman to walk all over you

after your woman finds out you've

cheated if you allow her to walk all

over you guys you're finished this is

why most men who cheat on their women

end up getting cheated on because he

allows her to civilize him

you owe me make it up to me oh I'm so

sorry I'll take you out to dinner I'll

do whatever it takes to make it up to


nah you don't know her shit if she wants

to stay with you after she cheated

that's on her after you cheated that's

on her

I'm good fun but if you stand your

ground and keep the same boundaries and

standards she won't listen you'll

maintain that respect

if and here's the thing if she comes

right out and says well you cheat if you

check her on disrespectful behavior

right like nah no no no put down the


well you cheated on me so I have the

right to stop her in her tracks and say

if you want to fucking leave them leave

I made a mistake and I owned it you

decided not to leave you're welcome to

change your mind anytime you want but

you're not hanging this shit over my

head and if you keep on I may I might

make the decision for you stop her in

her tracks don't let her - don't let her

continue to hang it on - hang it over

your head dude fuck that fuck that cuz

truthfully in an honest moment women

know and understand that unless unless

you got her pregnant

or unless you got an STD and you're

still with her

there's really no collateral damage to

the cheating women listen women listen

cheating it hurts women but not as much

as they would lead you to believe they

would like you to believe that oh my god

it's his cardinal sin only to civilize

you oh he cheated on me he owes me no

bitch no fuck that fuck you no you shit

you are still privileged to be with me

I'm still higher value than you are

would you want to proof i fucked another

chick on your watch bitch you're not a

dude you're not about to start no you

are not I don't owe you anything if you

want to leave the fucking leave that's

cool whatever but you're not hanging

this shit all over my head the fuck out

of here with that nonsense

the only reason why you're still

bringing this up is because you're

feeling some type of way of feeling

insecure freelance wrote and said

self-respect is a masculine quality and

principle protect yours at all times

totally agree totally agree James

someone bit my tongue James Martinez

said side-chick you should not work with

yet dude don't I say this all the time

don't fuck your coworkers guys don't

fuck your coworkers man it's it's it's

it's never worth it

our mando says Donovan out of curiosity

how many times have you cheated on a

female not honestly I don't know I don't

know a lot that's all I can tell you

that's all I can tell you Matt I don't

really know that the number of times I

dude honestly just about just about

every girlfriend I had in Las Vegas I

cheat on cheated on just about all of

them she done just about all of them Ben

Zobrist we guy says I know unnatural he

has five smart phones one for the job

one for family and committed girlfriend

and three phones for sidekicks that's

what's up man

that's what's up god damn he's got five

fucking phones that's one of the veteran

players yeah I used to have two phones

when I lived in Vegas I had two phones

I had the bro phone and the ho phone

right that's what I call them man that's

what I call them the bro phone in the

home phone I called it the bro phone or

the booty phone try to fuck this shit

this is funny as shit I actually gave

her her name her name was Erica and

we're at this little get-together and

and we had exchanged numbers a while

back and we were at this party or

whatever wasn't moved was really a

party's just to get together we're all

just standing around having a couple of

drinks and I knew she wanted to hook up

with me but like she was she was on and

off with her boyfriend or whatever and

as a matter of fact shortly after I

moved to Philly her boyfriend called up

and he was like man I wish I could curse

refinishing this man the other I'm like

anyway anyway so I remember her I

remember she shot me a text message but

there was music playing I was drinking I

was talking other people and she looks

at me and I'm like what is it and she

sort of had this half smile having she's

like I swear to God a pom and that if

I'm in your fucking booty phone I'm

gonna fucking kick your ass I'm like

what she's like I sent you a text

message I was like oh shit yeah yeah

let's go out and get drinks later on

everybody knew about the bro phone in

the home phone Mike

that's my cock you binds I had all kinds

of names for it oh my god those are the

fucking days man oh my god

had two phones man I loved it I loved it

free maintenance has five phones it's

drug dealer shit can't see staff five

beepers back in the day hell yeah hell

yeah been super sweet code sizes listen

might be a dealer to hell yeah

here's another ironclad rule after the

smoke clears do not make promises don't

tell her I promise I'll never do it

again number one she won't believe you

because deep down she doesn't want to

believe me because part of her

attraction to you and the challenge to

keep you is that you can cheat at any

time number two you don't mean it and

you both know it listen again

women don't respect men who say shit

they don't mean it's cowardly in

disingenuous and women hate that shit I

promise I'll never do it again no you

don't promise don't say things to ass

way sure don't say things to you no no

no fuck that now she might even tell you

she might even challenge you promise me

you won't do it again do not promise her

instead say the only thing I can promise

is that from now on I will be completely

honest with you about where you stand

with me I'm gonna repeat that promise me

you'll never do it again listen the only

thing I can promise is that from now on

I will be completely honest with you

about where you stand with me she will

know exactly what you were saying girls

are good at reading between the lines

she will know exactly what you were

saying which means the next time I have

the urge to fuck someone else I'm just

gonna dump you do not here's another

thing do not try to make it up to her

this is part of that beta bitch boy

trying to do right by her there is

nothing that you can proactively do to


forgiveness it's not gonna happen man

don't buy her gifts don't send her I'm

sorry cards don't send her flowers don't

take her out on dates don't rent a sky

playing a skywriter mariachi band dude

fuck that save your money

guys like I said man there's nothing you

can do to get her to forgive you the

only way she will forgive you is if you

maintain frame that's it now you guys

have to understand too that not all

cheating is created equal and I listen

cheating a lot of times really just kind

of depends upon your value like this is

what happens to the higher your value

the quicker she'll forgive you listen

men millionaires listen we got a lot of

millionaire millionaires that cheat all

the time and their wives are quick to

forgive why because I like the Maserati

she's driving

she likes the Lamborghini Diablo he

bought her for her 23rd birthday

she likes the she likes the the eight

bedroom house she likes the bathroom she

loves the closet

she loves the trips to Milan she loves

all this stuff okay so he fucked other

woman hey guess what I have his kids I

have the lifestyle whatever other

bitches are gonna fuck him he's mine I

got his ring I got his last name you

guys remember that song from the mid-90s

that is the female rationalization

hamster they're not talking about low

about low-class niggas right a lot of

guys like yeah that's right tell the

students you might have had me once but

she's got me all the time no nigga she

ain't talking about you like you

ladarius with the fucking tuna dollar

chain of 500 Jordans nah bro she talking

about you nigga she's talking she's

talking about high value guys guys who

have their shit together

athletes cheat wives forgive them high

value guys cheat their women forgive

them the lower your value the slower

she'll forgive you if at all somebody

with Japanese writing says no super chat

button um not yet I'm thinking about

activating it but I'm not

sure we'll see stay tuned now here's

another thing just like then silver

sleek pointed out the chemistry changes

a little bit when the circumstances are

different if you're married with kids

gotta maintain the frame but the

chemistry changes a little bit now you

gotta call a lawyer well guess what if

you get the girl pregnant or if you get

an STD and pass it to your girlfriend

yeah the chemistry changes a little bit

that does not mean that you apologize

this does not mean you try to make it up

to her

this doesn't mean any of that stuff no

no no it changes a little bit cuz listen

you gotta go get checked out you got to

get the antibiotics whatever but again

this is about maintaining your respect

maintaining frame again the general rule

of thumb to sort of wrap this up if you

want to know what to do and what not to

do if your woman catches you cheating

verified cheating if you didn't do it

before she found out that don't do it

after she found out don't change who you

are if you make a mistake if you fucked

around and forgot to pick something up

from the grocery store are you all of a

sudden begun gonna become a sniveling

baby yeah but Donavan cheating on your

woman is different forget to pick up

cheese from the grocery store no it's


they're both minor mistakes cooking you

see that you cheated on your woman I'm a

Stilson cheating was not the mistake

getting caught was the mistake if you're

a high enough value guy if you have your

shit together I'm not gonna say she

doesn't care she just doesn't want to

know and really when when your woman

finds out you cheated on her she'll ask

you all the questions and she'll call

you names but really an and all of the

emotional tirade and all of the names

she's calling you in everything you know

what she's really saying

how could you be so fucking stupid to

get caught how could you get caught how

could you let me find out when you

approached meet you at airtight game you

had your shit together you were larger

than life you fucking left your phone

out your side chick called you you gave

me chlamydia how could you be so stupid

this is what she's saying to you in the

back of her mind I know you can fuck

other chicks I don't want to know about

it how could you be so stupid as to let

me catch you now I gotta be a fucking

bitch and I don't want to be that way

how could you be so sloppy a lot of guys

out here running around thinking that

their alpha males right they think their

alphas because they're fucking a bunch

of chicks nah man no no no no no fucking

a bunch of chicks is not alpha fucking a

bunch of chicks is it game anybody can

fuck a bunch of chicks a man with game

can fuck three women and none of them

know about each other that's game a man

can fuck three chicks and they all take

their pound of flesh you get hurt by

every one of my game is when you're

fucking three chicks what'm gets out of

pocket you replace her with two chicks a

man with game does not get caught


just like j-mart said James Martinez the

ten side chick Commandments rule numero

uno do not get caught guys don't get

caught do whatever it is you have to do

to not get caught if you're that horny

fuck your girlfriend fuck your wife

don't take unnecessary risks don't do it

like I said before if you guys haven't

heard anything I've said here in the

last hour and forty-five minutes to two

hours I'm gonna say this again I'm gonna

say this again there is nothing and I

mean nothing that you can proactively do

to make your woman forgive you this is

all about your reaction maintaining

frame and maintaining her respect if you

maintain her respect she will stick

around it's just like the caller said

just like Jose said it is a powerful

thing when you show a woman you could

not give a less of a fuck that she

caught you cheating don't go all the

pieces to oh my god I can't believe it

I'm so sorry I'll make it up to you no

that's not what she wants from you that

makes her hate you more now she's a

really good often fuck Kevin in sales

she's gonna be sucking him off in his

Jaguar nah man become be completely

stoic listen I made a mistake I'm not

gonna make it I'm not I'm not gonna make

excuses and I apologize please promise

me you won't do this again I'm not

making any promises but but I will give

you this promise I promise I will

communicate with you and let you know

where we stand the only promise I can

make to you is that you will always know

where you stand with me and leave it at

that all right let's go back to the chat

one last time I didn't go back to the

again I'm using re-stream software so

that I can I'm using re-stream software

so I can so I can stream to multiple

channels here let me go back in modern

life dating earlier said the Eagles MVP

quarterback is gone Tony Romo I don't

know maybe maybe maybe all right let's

see what else we got here

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