How to handle shit tests: Donovan's Den Vol. 2, Part One

Talking to girls is one thing. Overcoming the way they test your manhood and congruency is quite another. Handling shit tests takes practice and the right mindset. But it starts with knowing what they are, why women deploy them, and how to handle them.

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So you've overcome approach anxiety and you're walking up and talking girls without fear. But once you introduce yourself and strike up conversation, the shit tests are sure to follow. 

Learn what the most common types of shit tests are and how to overcome them in Part One of Vol. 2

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to Donovan's den

volume 2 last week I talked about

overcoming approach anxiety and how to

conquer your fear of talking to pretty

girls well tonight I'm gonna talk about

the most common shit tests females

deploy and the way the most common ways

to deal with them so first off let's

define what a shit test is and as a side

note there are also called congruence

tests or fitness tests there are few

more names out there for shit tests but

they all basically mean the same thing

now the simple definition of a shit test

is a woman's way of testing your

masculinity that's it now when women

shit test a woman will shit test when

you're trying to chat them up to

exposure insecurities and maybe test

your frame and they'll also shit tests

by throwing a fit in an attempt to

emotionally manipulate you into doing

whatever it is she wants you to do

you'll find a lot of other definitions

out there but they all mean the same

thing which is a test of your frame and

your masculinity and and and for those

of you who aren't familiar with the term

frame and the manosphere as we defined


Freyja frame is stuff is defined as your

ability to keep your cool and to keep

their wits about you in difficult or

uncomfortable situations now the way

women view your masculinity encompasses

a few different elements and we'll go

over that here shortly but women should

test mainly for that they should test

for many different reasons and they do

it in different situations all girls

will shit test you at some point because

it's who they are they don't and a lot

of times they don't even think about

they don't even think about it they just

do it because this is on autopilot

in in going on in the background there

they're female they're feminine

operating systems this is what they do

so there's no need to get frustrated

there's no need to lose your cool

because again it is in a female's nature

to test men in this way it's a survival

mechanism on a biological level a female

doesn't want to mate with a male that

she does

and perceive as masculine or having

masculine traits on a sexual level a

woman isn't going to become attracted to

you if she thinks you're weak

relationship-wise your woman won't stay

attracted to you if she feels you're

losing your edge and a lot of times your

woman will test you periodically just to

make sure that you're the same person

you were when you first got together now

women also know that men like ourselves

men who have red pill awareness we don't

go trying to show off our masculinity by

peacocking or looking for reasons to

show it off so they feel compelled to to

test us to make sure that we're still

the strong attractive masculine men that

they want and need so what we'll do

tonight is we'll take a look at the most

common types of shit tests women deploy

why they deploy them and what kinds of

relationships of varying degrees they're

most used in then we'll talk about how

to respond to shit test and the

different kinds of responses you can use

that are the most effective and part two

on Wednesday night I'll also tell you

guys what not to do and what not to say

one girl shit test you and then we'll

tie all that together with a few

real-world examples to give you guys an

idea as to handle them best and then of

course I'll give you guys a few of my

personal experiences with overcoming

shit tests deployed by the women that I

have hit on so let's start let's start

things off by taking a look at the most

common reasons women shit test men the

first reason is congruence and

confirmation now a lot of guys out there

as you all well know they know all the

pickup lines

they know how to escalate they know all

the body posture they know all that

stuff they know the PUA manuals they

know how to keno and escalate and all

that stuff well girls know this stuff

too girls are well aware of the

strategies and techniques that men use

to try to pick them up to try to make

themselves more attractive whether or

not they know about these techniques

when they see a guy is charming her

panties off and she feels herself

becoming attracted to him she'll shit

test him to make sure that he's the man

that he's presenting himself to be she

wants to make sure he's congruent she

wants to make sure that he's not just

feeding her lines

now confirmation shit testing is very

similar to congruence testing but

these instances a woman will shit test a

man because she's fairly certain that he

is who he presents himself to be in the

past I've talked about how black men a

lot of times get shit tested as a matter

of conformation as a pro as opposed to

congruence because non black women often

assume that black men are natural alphas

were bigger faster stronger than the

average male which are of course

masculine traits and that creates a

natural confidence in us when we're out

and about so when a woman sees us so

when a woman sees this when she's

approached by a black man she's not

she's not asking herself well I wonder

if this guy is the real deal because

most of the times she assumes that black

men are masculine because of our

physical stature and our confidence as

well as of course the cultural

stereotypes about us now conformation

shit testing doesn't just happen to

black men it also happens to tall

good-looking guys who are confident guys

that you can see are confident so this

kind of shit testing happens mostly when

you first approach a woman the next kind

of shit testing type and reason are is

what I've called slut shields now

regardless of what women post on their

feminist social media feeds about going

on slut walks and not being ashamed of

guys they don't want to be labeled as

sluts especially by the guys they like

especially the guys they wanna fuck the

guys they want to have relationships

with so when a guy gives her what we

call vagina tingles which is another way

of seeing she's sexually attracted to

him when this happens she doesn't want

to give him the impression that she's a

slut that she's a slut

because females inherently know that

guys don't respect girls they think are


she knows guys like us we fuck sluts all

day long but we won't want anything more

we won't any we won't want anything more

than that but she also knows we won't

commit to her long term so in these

situations girls will use slut shield

style shit tests say that three times


slut shield style shit test and make

sure that men like us think favorably of

her so that she'll say things like I'm

not looking to hook up with anyone right

now if you're if you're in a pickup set

or she'll say I'm not sleeping with you

tonight if you're out on a first date

with her and she feels herself becoming

attracted to you and both cases she

wants she

probably want you to keep pursuing but

the stylist shit testing virtue signals

and allows her to see if you're

persistent and confident both of which

are masculine traits this brand of shit

testing happens mainly on first dates

and meetups as again especially if she's

attracted to you and she thinks you're

gonna go for the lay that night and

again we'll get into this we'll get more

into this later on the next kind of shit

testing is shit testing for thirst or

desperation girls also shit tests to

gauge a man's thirst which is another

word for a man who's desperate for women

now understand this guy's females can

detect this a mile away but they also

know that sometimes they can be wrong so

they'll shit test a man in a way that

reveals whether or not he's desperate or

thirsty testing a man's testing a man's

thirst can happen during meetups and

first dates but they also happen after

you hook up and a lot of times it

happens in semi serious - serious

relationships so so you can get these

kinds of shit tests pretty much all the

time the next kind of shit testing that

women deploy is what I call compliment

and validation shit testing compliment

validation shit testing is when a girl

gives you a compliment to see how you'll

respond what she's fishing for here guys

is whether or not you need validation

and an approval from her and if you do

she now knows that she can use that to

manipulate you later on by withholding

compliments or do the opposite by

invalidating you now the reason that

this is a shit test in the first place

is because women don't respect men they

can manipulate especially with

validation sure they'll stick around for

a while they'll fuck you for a while

they may even get into a relationship

with you but if she knows she can

control the way you feel with what she

says or what she doesn't say about you

she knows that you're not a man who is

self-assured which is a man who needs

female validation to feel like a man or

to feel good about himself

so if a woman says something like you

know you dress really well just say

thanks don't say well thank you why you

try really hard I'll take you shopping

if you want me to to pick out your

clothes now if you say all that she'll

know that you feed

on female validation just say thanks and

keep it moving and this applies with any

complement she gives you because women a

lot of times will sort of fish they'll

fish for that compliment what they'll do

is they'll they'll they'll almost like

throw out they'll almost throw out that

beta bait let me compliment him and see

how he responds to see if if if he hangs

on my every word in this way then

there's one I this shit testing this

kind of shit testing normally happens

when a girl has known you for a little

while you may have been out on a couple

of dates with her and you're trying to

you're working on trying to fuck her you

may already be fucking her casually or

you guys might be in a relationship

whatever the case may be you two are

familiar with each other now one itis is

defined as having romantic feelings for

one woman and one woman only if a man

has one itis for a particular woman he's

not thinking about any other woman

because in his mind she is perfect in

any way she's perfect in every way and

no other woman compares to her dudes and

due to her stuck in the friendzone often

have one itis for the girl he is stuck

in the friend zone with so when a girl

senses that a man could have one itis

she'll shit test him in a way that

reveals whether or not he has one itis

again usually usually a woman's

instincts are correct but they want to

make sure that they're right they don't

want to girls will assume things but

they always test just to make sure that

their instincts are telling them the

right thing another kind of shit testing

is what some people call comfort testing

now comfort testing there are there two

kinds of comfort testing there the first

kind of comfort testing is when a woman

simply wants to reaffirm to herself that

you're still the man that she respects

and love and that she respects it loves

they're about 95 percent certain that

you're still strong and confident and

self-assured but because she may not

have seen it in a while or that she may

like to see it or feel it every so often

she'll she'll test you in a way that

gives her comfort in her decision to

have chosen you as a mate kind of like

comfort testing only this usually

happens in long-term relationships in

marriage now the other kind of comfort

testing is when is when is when they do

it to gauge how solid the relationship

is and alert in other words she want

to know if you've got one foot out the

door or if you're all in how comfortable

is she in the relationship women are

never comfortable in a relationship if

they feel like their men are about to

leave or or and and when they feel this

way they'll shit test their men to

decide how comfortable they are in that

relationship again we'll get into this a

little bit later on but listen I'll go

ahead and let you guys know right now

that the more comfortable a woman is in

a relationship the more self-assured she

is that you're not going anywhere the

more likely she is to get out of pocket

and not keep her shit together and the

more the more likely that she'll cheat

that's just how it is then we have

behavioral shit tests this kind of shit

testing happens in all relationships

guys fuck buddies girlfriends wives

casual hookups all of them what women do

in these instances is they engage in bad

behavior to see if you have the balls to

put them in to put them in their place

now some girls are just badly behaved

and if you're the one guy who steps up

and corrects that behavior they'll have

even more respect for you but the ones

who act up the ones who act up on

purpose are doing it to see if you're

man enough to correct her bad behavior

examples of behavioral shit tests are

being rude to you in public or in

private disrespecting you being loud

acting like a child throwing a fit

making a big deal at a dumb shit and so

on and so forth

basically getting out of pocket now

again whether they're doing this

consciously or subconsciously they do it

to see how far they can go and how badly

they can behave around you they want to

see what they can get away with and if

you let her get away with bad behavior

too many times yet guys it's only a

matter of time before your relationship

with or comes to an end Burt garlis of

how serious it is the last kind of shit

testing that I want to point out that's

that's fairly common if she wants out

now when I say she wants out that means

she wants to cheat because when a woman

wants out a woman never just comes to

you and says to you hey I want out I'm

no longer attracted to you the

relationship is over

sold sheep first and make sure she has

another guy firmly in her grasp and then

she'll tell you I think we need to take

a break again this this guy's is red

pool 101 anytime a woman is the first

approached the topic or the subject of

actually breaking up or taking a break

she's already fucking somebody else

anyway this kind of shit testing happens

close to the end of a relationship or

when she's cheating or about to cheat

she knows she's not attracted to you

anymore but again rather than coming

right out and saying it and breaking up

with you she'll deploy unpassable shit

tests to give her a reason to cheat

alright this is that plausible

deniability this is when women puts you

in no-win situations or they ask you

loaded questions and each time you fail

these unpassable labyrinth style shit

tests all she's doing is building up the

rhetoric that she'll tell her family and

her friends when the relationship ends

or if you find out she's cheating

recognizing these kinds of shit tests

are pretty easy and again we'll talk

about that in part two but once you once

you identify them your only option is to

get out of that relationship because

it's only a matter of time before she

starts fucking around on you now you

also have to recognize when a woman just

isn't interested in you and it's fairly

easy to recognize if you know how to

read body language and vocal and verbal

cues sometimes if a girl tells you she

has a boyfriend she she wants you to

continue to pursue and is just testing

your consider your persistent

persistency but sometimes she really

does have a boyfriend or she really

isn't interested this is just what

happens sometimes

a lot of times girls will sort of play

the push-pull game with you and keep

shit testing you because she needs

validation even though she has no

interest in you either way guys if you

get the idea that she's just wasting

your time just walk away

there's no needs trying to fit a square

peg into a round hole and I listen I may

do a short video on how to recognize

when a woman is wasting your time in the

not-too-distant - distant future so now

let's talk about the most common ways to

respond to shit tests now there are

there are a few there are quite a few

ways to respond I'm how to respond to

shit test you guys can do a quick search

on Google on ways to respond and how to

pass them and there's a lot of good

ideas out there there's a lot of good

advice out there but I'm gonna go over

the most common and effective ways to

pass shit tests so the first the first

way is what we call a green amplifier

this is the most common way to handle

shit tests as far as PU ways pickup

artists are concerned and again it's

what we call a green amplified this

means agreeing with whatever they ask or

say and taking it one step further and

amplifying it with sarcasm or joking

about it so for an example if a girl

asks you know if you're gay you can say

something no but my boyfriend is or you

know jokingly say guilty as charged

dude dude sarcastically what you're

doing here guys is you're making her

stupid question sounds stupid you're

letting her know that you're not afraid

to mix it up with her and joke around

with her about it in this way guys girls

love guys who don't take themselves too

seriously and the agreein amplify

strategy is a good way for you to show

that the next technique that is

effective is what I call the brush off

and ignore technique that this this is

this is the best technique to use if

you're in a caught off guard girls these

days guys are our expert shit testers

and they are very very good at catching

you off guard so rather than trying to

think of a response or decide the best

way to handle it just don't say anything

and now a great way to pull this off for

example is if you're riding in the car

and out of nowhere she just says

something like you're acting weird today

just got a furrow your brow like this

you know and then kind of stare at it

for three seconds and then look back and

then and then look back with a confused

look on your face this does all sorts of

things to females because they're

overthinking things all the time you're

kind of throwing her for a loop hold

there's no response from like what the

fuck is he thinking maybe you are acting

weird but there's no reason to apologize

to her for it or explain why just throw

the ball back in her court another

effective way to overcome shit test is

making fun of her all right make it fun

of a woman when she tests you you may

piss her off which of course is another

shit test but by making fun of her

you're letting her know that a you don't

take everything she says seriously and B

you're not afraid to piss her off so for

example if your girl has a really nice

body and she asks you how a certain

outfit looks on her you can say it makes

you look like a whale now at this point

she'll either laugh because she knows

she asked a stupid question and you made

fun of her for it meaning you pass the


test horse will get pissed off and throw

a pit and throw a fit at which point

you'll just laugh at her now I have a

response to this particular shit test

myself so much so if my girl asks me

well how does this look on me or does

this look good on me I'll just say

listen if my cocks in you at the end of

the night you'll have your answer she

always gets she always gets a kick out

of that one another way to overcome shit

tests is called reframing now reframing

a shit test is turning a negative

comment from a girl and turning it into

a perceived advantage this strategy is

mostly used during the during the pickup

phase when you've approached a girl and

she's in and she's testing you out of

the gate like right off the bat to see

if you've got the presence of mind to

swat you know to sort of swat away her

attempt at rattling you now a lot of hot

girls will say I don't date bald guys or

I don't date short guys just to sort of

dismiss them or throw them away

well obviously guys I'm not short or

bald but I've gotten a lot of girls who

say well I don't date black guys and

I'll just say something like well not

yet you don't

and I'll kind of smirk at her that's a

good way that's a good way to reframe

and pass that shit test another way to

overcome and deal with shit tests is

with insecurity the insecurity technique

is exactly what it says making her feel

insecure now guys this this particular

response strategy is golden because

outside of marriage it can be used to

respond to just about any shit test a

girl throws out there an example of this

is if a girl says to you you're not

gonna buy me a drink you can look at her

with sort of a disapproving look and say

oh you're one of those okay right off

the bat that puts her on the defensive

and makes her star qualifying ourselves

to you she'll say things like well I'm

not a gold digger I can pay my own way

in other words her insecurity works in

your favor another example is if she

throws a fit about whatever no no

whatever the hell she's throwing a fit

about and when she's done bitchin and

moanin just kind of look at her and

sarcastically say that's attractive

all right listen in the past I've taken

a one step further by looking at her

with that same disapproving look and

saying not feminine guys girls hate that

shit because there's no response to that

one so you've essentially checkmated her

this strategy is excellent is an

excellent strategy for nipping

bad behavior in the bud girls will

behave and we've got--we've we just

talked about this girls will boy will

behave poorly on first dates or early on

in relationships to push your limits and

figure out what they can and can't get

away with which again is a shit test so

you can mix and match every response

with whatever she does or says so for

example if you're on a date with her and

she's being loud or uji say oh you're

one of those or you can say that's

attractive or you can say not feminine

any of those responses stops the

behavior its shames her attitude and

lets her know that you're not afraid to

call her out Wednesday we're going to go

over the do's and don'ts of shit tests

and then I'll give a few examples

including a couple of my personal

experiences with shit tests and then tie

it all together thanks for watching

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