How to handle the "White girls do it too" argument

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Ever heard this before? "Yeah but white girls do it too!" It's the same, tired ass argument black women make in an attempt to besmirch the women who are replacing them.


Well I'm gonna break down this ridiculous rhetoric and tell you guys how to respond when black women come at you with this bullshit.

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to this edition of

sharp shorts let's get to it white women

are at the bottom of the sexual totem

pole guy is point blank period that's

not a secret of not breaking news here

black women are almost nobody's type and

everyone knows it

including black men and women regardless

of what they say now black women

wouldn't be as pissed off about being

the least preferred females in the world

if black men hadn't started jumping ship

and dating white girls and this is this

is high-quality high-caliber black men

they could deal with it if high-caliber

black men were checking for him but

we're not anymore and the reasons the

reasons are obvious like I've written

and talked about the reasons at nauseam

not only are guys like us staying away

from black women we're getting with

white girls at an increasing rate the

more successful we get the less

attractive black women become basic math

but something that black women have

started saying to simultaneously shame

us for dating white girls and of course

white girls themselves is well white

girls do it too in other words all the


that black women get up to the Lying the

cheating the bad behavior multiple baby

daddies and all the rest of that white

girls do the exact same shit you want to

know something guys they're right

white girls do lie white girls do cheat

white girls do engage in bad behavior

white girls do have multiple baby

daddies white girls are every bit as

bitchy they're every bit as deceitful

they're every bit as dishonest they're

every bit as out-of-pocket as black

women and to be honest with you in a lot

of cases they do it at a high they do it

to a higher degree because white girls

have a lot more options than black women

do it as a side note it is beyond me why

black women continue to treat black men

like absolute dogshit

knowing full well that we're their only

option they know damn well that men of

other races are not trying to get with

them unless it's maybe for a one-night

stand or a slump-buster or

to say that they did it at least once

and even then the quality of non black

men who do give them attention is

marginal at best we're talking about

bottom-of-the-barrel white guys right

black women are always saying well you

get with fat fat ugly white girls they

know damn well that's not the case men

anyway yes

white girls do do it too but here is

what black women ain't telling y'all

white girls are submissive white girls

cook white girls clean white girls suck

dick white girls treat you like a

fucking god

white girls quite literally quite

literally do everything black women

don't white women know how to treat them

in they understand how to keep a man

around the understand the importance of

femininity they understand what men

really need now on the other side of

that coin the white girls do it to is a

hundred percent correct but at least we

get something out of the deal for the

bullshit we deal with yes gentlemen we

have to deal with the lies and the bad

behavior and the disrespect and

everything else but at least we get our

dick sucked at least we get to

experience a woman who knows how to act

this is where the cost-benefit analysis

comes into play for men as far as

relationships or relationships with

women are concerned as men we are

willing to put up with a certain amount

of bullshit we're willing to put up with

you know certain things if the benefits

make it worth it women of all races are

gonna be bitchy they're gonna misbehave

they're gonna act like adolescents

that's the cullism that's the cost of

being with women you're gonna have to

deal with that stuff we know and

understand this you can't listen you

can't benefit all the good women have

you can't benefit from all of the good

that women have to offer without having

to deal with their bullshit you got to

take the good with the bad as the saying

goes we get it we're willing to pay the

price but with black women

there's no benefit and that's the

difference black women bring all their

bullshit to the table just like women

look women of all races but they don't

give men enough incentive to want to

deal with the bullshit

so when they say white

due to their what they're leaving out is

that black girls don't do it too as in

black women don't suck black women don't

fuck they don't cook they don't clean

they don't treat a man like a man or act

like she's got some goddamn sense now

one might say well Donovan if a man

isn't red pillow air and doesn't really

know how to handle women with a strong

masculine frame isn't every woman gonna

withhold their benefits and the answer

is yes it doesn't matter the color of

the skin if you don't act like a man

women will walk all over you that is a

fact but herein lies another fallacy the

more masculine you are with black women

the more you impose your will the more

you take charge to try to lead the

relationship the more she pushes back

black women literally punish you for

being a man it's like they have an

involuntary response that causes them to

push back when a man shows dominant

masculinity and a rock-solid frame it is

as though they don't want to relinquish

what they feel is the power position

they feel as their birthright to have

they don't want to be submissive guys

that's a dirty word as far as black

women are concerned the more dominant

you are the more masculine and dominant

they act and ain't nobody trying to deal

with that nonsense guys white girls on

the other hand do not white girls

completely and wholly submit to

dominance the more masculine dominance

you show the more feminine and

submissive they are that funny how that

works right act like a man white girls

act like women act like a man

black girls act like a man now of course

we always have the typical lying

naysayers who who like to make

themselves outliers right they like to

tell us things knowing damn well that

it's not true and that there's no way

for us to prove it guilty till proven

innocent as if they're telling us

they're not the typical black woman to

defeat the argument so for example well

I suck dick

yeah when it serves a purpose like

manipulation or angling for some sort of

financial benefit not to serve your man

I couldn't clean yes you do cook and

clean you clean when you're tired of

looking at all this shit all over the

floor and you only cook when you're

broke a dress sexy yeah when you and

your ratchet ass girlfriends go to the

club looking for looking for Dre Kwan

and Tyrell

I suck dick no you don't if black women

really did all these things they

wouldn't be where they are now I think

it's something like 80% of black women

over the age of 35 aren't married and

these are the reasons why it's no wonder

black men are going to white girls

because dude black women don't know how

to act white girls do it too so the next

time somebody says to you white girls do

it to hit him with this well maybe but

at least you get something for dealing

with their bullshit and leave it at that

because at the end of the day guys

dealing with black women is like paying

your rent but not being allowed to live

there thanks for watching

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