How to increase attraction with girls BEFORE LEARNING RED PILL GAME

First off, let me be clear. GAME IS NECESSARY TO SLEEP WITH HOT GIRLS ON THE REGULAR. There's no substitute for game and understanding women. There are, however, a few things men can put into practice TODAY to increase attraction with girls before learning Red Pill game.

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Putting these strategies into action today will jumpstart your new found persona. These things will help build momentum, and even get you a few girls in the process when implemented consistently.

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what's up guys it's your man Donovan

Sharpe and welcome to volume 4 of

Donovan's den as you guys can see I've

changed some things up obviously added a

few more bells and whistles giving you

guys some eye candy among other things

and I wanted my Donovan's den

subscribers to be the first to see it so

here you guys go

last week I talked about a few legalish

substances and by legalish I meant

substances that are not available over

the counter but last week I talked about

a few of those substances that that

absolutely can and will change your life

and I got a lot of good feedback from

you guys so I'm glad I'm always glad

when I'm able to share things with you

guys that you may not have been aware of

before and the feedback you guys gave to

me was was definitely positive so I

certainly appreciate that I'm glad to

bring that to you well today I'm gonna

talk about the things that you can do

within the next 24 hours that will make

you more attractive to girls before you

even learn game now I want you guys to

keep in mind that this isn't a

substitute for red pill awareness nor

does it act as a crutch for a man who

isn't at least halfway decent at talking

girls or maybe getting numbers and for

those of you who are still a little bit

deficient in that area I would certainly

refer you to volume 1 where I talked

about it I detailed my exact strategy

the strategy that I used to get past the

severe approach anxiety that I

experienced early on in my own red pill

I own red pill development anyway there

are quite a few changes that you can

make overnight that can make a huge

difference in the way that females

perceive you again you will have to

learn how to handle them when they talk

to you or at what or when you talk to

them but these changes will get you in

the door and get you more opportunities

with women that you wouldn't otherwise

have so I'll start this out with a with

a quick story so one morning shortly

after I moved out to Vegas when I lived

in a really small apartment

phlex you know I got up and I went

through my typical routine of getting

ready for my workout you know I stretch

out you know I down a bottle of water

and a cup of black coffee and I hit the

road for my five minute Trek to my

complexes weight room it's right in the

middle of the complex I live you know

probably right there on the outskirts

anyway the weight room attended is the

typical trihard blue pill beta the guys

got listen the guys got a clean-shaven

face shoulder length hair pulled back in

a greasy ponytail to show his badassness

and his ever-present protein shake made

me chuckle every time I saw the guy was

a fucking joke anyway the first thing I

noticed about this dude when I met him

was his horrific breath now morning

breath is one thing but this guy this

guy had a chronic case of halitosis and

it was of the worst variety and it was a

telltale sign that he hadn't brushed his

teeth in a while if ever so anyway he's

got lip biscuit blaring over the sound

system obviously this was his choice so

I put in my ear buds to sort of drown

out the noise and start warming up for

my squats when a rock solid ate whom I'd

never seen before walks in to sign her


so Billy badass immediately springs into

action and starts to run a terrible

fucking game I didn't hear that yeah I

didn't hear the interaction because I

had my earbuds in but it was obvious

just by her body language that she was

not interested he tried to talk to her

and this is a mistake that a lot of guys

make in the gym he tried to talk to her

while she was on the elliptical machine

and after about 10 minutes she finally

got sick of it and just finally left so

a little while later I got another guy

walks in and gives the attendant some

sort of you know cheesy ass secret

handshake and starts a conversation so

they're obviously friends well on my way

out the door I hear one of them ask well

why are bitches so fucking rude probably

talking about you know dawn ones

crash-and-burn what the honey a little

bit earlier I had seen this many times

before in different circumstances since

then and the more I saw it the clear

that it became that the vast majority of

men these days they neglect the very

basics in terms of what it takes to

resemble and act like

man the very prerequisite in attracting

the opposite sex

these aren't that good listen these are

the men who are always asking shit like

what's wrong with women or why are girls

so hard to approach or why are they so


well obviously the answers to those

questions are vast and solving that you

know solving the the pussy puzzle as it

were it takes time and it takes a little

bit of work even though it's fairly

simple and straightforward it does take

time and work but if a man doesn't

master the basics he's never gonna be

good with women it's just not gonna


now let me reiterate here guys that game

is absolutely necessary to consistently

fuck pretty girls with it's it's to

consistently fuck pretty girls without

getting taken to the cleaners in some

way shape or form now granted there are

plenty of men out there who have zero

game who enjoy the company of beautiful

girls rich men have harems high status

men have romp rosters and good-looking

men have good-looking girls at their

beck and call this is just how it is but

the trick is to fuck them on the regular

without allowing them to take their

pound of flesh before during or after

the fuckfest is over that's the

definition of game but there are a few

ways for men out there who are new to

game to get a head start while he works

on his game right now I'm not gonna

promise you guys that making these

changes will instantly cause women to

start throwing their panties at you and

you'll be up to your eyeballs on pussy

overnight but you will certainly start

to notice a few more glimpses from women

now most of these changes that I'm gonna

go over here may seem blatantly obvious

at first and the reason for this is

because we've been told most of this

stuff since we were kids

granted most of us exercise I don't know

two or three of these routines every so

often but precious few men fall precious

few men use all of them

persistency persistently and this is

where most men fall short the fact of

the matter is guys is that the all of

these changes can easily be made within

24 hours but it's important to

understand that most of these

modifications are habits okay for these

strategies to work they must be executed

faithfully and maintained regularly

which again it's a small price to pay to

increase your attractiveness to women

so let's get to it here

the first thing I'm gonna point out is

you have to dress better all the time

the older I get the more I notice that a

lot of men just don't put enough time

into their wardrobes on a consistent

basis it it frustrates me to no end when

I see dudes at 7-eleven looking like

vagabonds because they threw on anything

they can get their hands on to to just

run down to the 7-eleven for a short

trip to get a pack of cigarettes well

these guys don't realize guys is that

their bad choice and threads even for a

short time is costing them opportunities

with women your choice in dress conveys

a lot about who you are as a person it

it gives me it gives people a pretty

good idea about how to treat and address

you and more importantly what your value

might be homeless people are generally

treated with pity because their dress

pitifully men in suits are treated

better because their wardrobe commands

more respect simple concept the

importance of what you wear is magnified

tenfold when dealing with women because

they instantly assign value to most

everyone they see based on their

clothing much like men assign value to

women based on based mainly on their

physical beauty it works the same way


everyone's style is a little different

every everyone styles a little a little

different but there are a few universal

rules when it does come to your daily

attire on that note I would highly

recommend Kevin Samuels forehead for an

for an in-depth perspective on all

things related to the male wardrobe it's

go to his website by Kevin Samuels calm

just like it's felt guys listen to me

when I tell you I had him on my show of

this past Monday this dude knows his

shit as far as style is concerned and I

know this because again I recently had

him on my show and he dropped some

serious fucking knowledge and for those

of you listening who think that Kevin

might be the typical homosexual last you

know fashionista I can assure you guys

he is far he is far from that guys Kevin

is the foremost expert on picking the

right threads to make you look like a

man and will point you in the right

direction in every aspect of dress from

head to toe I'm here to tell you Samuels

will also advise you to make sure you're

looking good all the time and I can

100% guys nobody said nobody is

suggesting that you put on a three-piece

suit for a quick trip around the corner

to pick up a bottle of water but a

wrinkled t-shirt and dirty Jean and

dirty jeans will most assuredly repel

maybe the ample asked yoga yoga pants

stretching brunette and ahead of you in

the checkout line taking a little extra

time guys to wear clothing that

accentuates your masculinity and

confidence just might cause that girl to

turn around and ask you if you've ever

tried the organic spinach that she's

buying as an excuse to as an excuse to

strike up conversation with you my next

suggestion this is another big time

change that's gonna help you guys

big-time bind your personal hygiene

gentlemen personal hygiene is paramount

when it comes to women it it can and

will be the difference between getting

an opportunity to spit game better and

getting dismissed altogether now the

three most important aspects of your

daily hygiene regimen are oral care

which is obviously your teeth the hair

on your head and face and the way you

smell so let's go ahead and get to it

bad breath is a deal-breaker guys you

can have everything going for you but if

you approach a woman and your breath

smells like hot garbage you're finished

man you're out period now nobody should

have to tell nobody should have to tell

you guys at this point in your lives to

brush and floss twice a day and maybe

tongue scrape but again this is

something that I find a lot of men and

women for that matter neglecting minty

fresh breath is your goal here so start

paying attention to or start paying more

attention to your oral care and you'll

notice that you're more confident with

women especially in close quarters like

the checkout line that's where it counts

now me personally I would highly

recommend TheraBreath like you see on

your screen this is the mouthwash that I

use what I do is I put a few drops of

peppermint oil into a capful I swish it

around for 15 seconds 15 20 seconds then

I gargle it for anywhere between 30

seconds to a minute and then I spin it

out gentlemen

my breath and mouth isn't isn't only

extremely minty fresh and clean it stays

that way and depending on how depending

upon how late in the night I do it

sometimes I don't even wake up with

terrible morning breath

the next thing that is going to increase

your attractiveness to women guys change

your hair and grow beard changing your

hairstyle these days it's as easy as

walking into a salon or a barbershop


look online look through magazines and

and and try to find a style that you're

comfortable that you are comfortable

with that fits your facial profile and

change it up

any changes to anything you've been

wearing on your on your head the last

few years hell maybe even take a razor

and go with the bald look you can listen

anybody who watches my show I every two

to three weeks I'll completely clean it

up chrome domes start all over again it

keeps it fresh you know my girl likes it

because there's all it's always

something new

whatever your choice guys make sure that

it is masculine and appealing to the eye

trust me when I tell you that that the

women you see on a daily basis will

definitely notice and respond hey

Donovan you know I like that I like the

chrome dome look or hey Donovan I like

that part you put into your hair I

remember one time I did what's called

the the daggers and sickle and you guys

can go to my facebook page to see with

that to see what that facial hair looks

like I normally do that during the

summertime but every once in a while

I'll break it out during the wintertime

or the fall and every time I do it I get

compliments from men and women alike hey

that's a pretty wicked fucking beard you

got there change it up man I mean you

know experiment a little bit hair grows

back now speaking of facial hair it

facial hair is extremely crucial

gentlemen and probably it's probably the

mitt is probably the most important

change you can make to entice the

opposite sex and I speak from personal

experience and I'll give you an example

I was clean-shaven when I first moved to

Vegas and a dude that I worked with at a

call center said something about

no-shave November so I grew a beard that

month and chicks started talking to be

more proactively than ever before I also

notice more women looking in my

direction to it ever since listen I

haven't shaved my beard said I haven't

shaved my beard since since 2010 I've

had a beard for now almost Wow almost

eight years I can't believe it's been

that long but Dad listen I grew it out I

started getting better responses from

women and it's been there ever since

if if I was clean-shaven I'd probably

have like a beard tan line anyway guys

the reason that women

love beards is because facial hair

represents raw masculinity women

overwhelmingly respond much more

favorably to to a man with facial hair

than a man who is clean-shaven because

the man with a beard looks more like a

man all right

listen guys I can go on and on about the

studies that prove this you guys can

google that but I'm basing this purely

on anecdotal evan act all experience so

listen grow beard grow a goatee grow an

anchor anything to avoid having a bin

anything to avoid having a baby face

like every other a millennial fucktard

out there do not forget to maintain your

look guys it takes work but trust me

when I tell you nothing looks worse than

an unkempt and unkempt go to your beard

I never come on I never come on my show

looking raggedy right now on between

trim ups but I would say every set every

every other day or every third day I'm

trimming it up I'm cleaning it up to

make sure that doesn't look sloppy the

bottom line here guys is that facial

hair quite literally makes the man

another thing that will make a huge

difference in the way women perceive Ian

will increase your attractiveness to

women guys listen girls notice when a

man smells good you men understand the

importance of the way they smell with

regards to attracting other women the

opposite sex now the bulk of us either

don't pay attention to it or worse that

we go completely off the reservation and

just bathe ourselves in Cologne the

solution to this is simple guys find a

body spray or cologne with a clean light

scent that doesn't overpower give

yourself a few spritzes on your neck

your arms and your chest before heading

out if a woman thinks you smell if a

woman thinks you smell good

she will tell you and you can also hit

Kevin Samuels website by 7 cameo by

Kevin Samuels calm for a free 30-minute

consultation where he where he can give

you advice on what he feel are the best

are the best sense out there I would

personally also recommend cologne oils

cologne oils you rub it on your finger

you know you get to dab some on your

finger rub some on your neck you know

maybe on your arms or whatever cologne

oils that smell it's not overpowering

but it sticks around for an hour so if

you're about to go out to the club or go

out to the bar go out with you go out

with your homeboys to grab a beer and a

steak or something like that put on some

Cologne oil just dab it on I always put

it on the front the back of my neck and

then like the sides of my neck then I

put it on my wrists you know I don't

know that's generally where I put it

then maybe I'll put a couple of dots on

my chest and maybe some down low in case

a girl is sucking my dick ooh your dicks

you know your dick smells good you know

what of course I say that

tongue-in-cheek but again you know

cologne oils work wonders guys and again

I speak from personal experience in

close attention to your hygiene on a on

a daily basis guys I cannot exaggerate

this this will swing the odds in your

favor when it comes to attracting women

I can listen I guarantee it I'm not

listen I'm not suggesting that you

become some pretty boy who checks

himself out in mirrors all the time but

waiting until your teeth feel furry

before brushing it before brushing your

teeth or breaking out a razor when your

beard starts to look sloppy that's not

going to cut it either making damn sure

your hygiene game is rock solid all the

time is key

listen girls are listen girls are much

more likely to converse with a man who

has you know who has carefully manicured

facial hair no you know good clean fresh

breath and a clean masculine scent

emanating from his person then the

average baby face schlub with a greasy

cookie cutter hair BER hairstyle bad

breath and no discernable scent because

he's too lazy to implement good habits

don't be that guy guys pay attention to

your hygiene

something else that will definitely

change the way women look at and see you

be genuinely unique and let me explain

myself when I say this year a lot of

people these days tend to do the same

things to stand out or or to be

different so so so avoiding what what

everybody else does to attract attention

will automatically set yourself from

most of those people unapologetically

doing the things you like to do will

separate you from most people but

finding unique ways to express yourself

during everyday tasks without the

appearance of trying too hard is what

will capture the imagination of women

and then listen that's what intrigues

them to the point of talking to you or

giving you indicators of interest to go

and talk to them for example I used to

be a smoker so are a lot of other people

well to stand out from the typical you

know smoking crowd I used to roll my own

cigarettes and black cigarette papers

then I also invested in a carbon filter

butane lighter and bought up and bought

a cool a cigarette case with a black

matte finish with my initials engraved

on it so when girls used to see me light

my black cigarette okay with a blue

Fritton with a blue flame with a blue

flame coming from a slick looking

lighter it piques their interest in they

come over and start talking to me the

funny thing is is somehow call center

hose always managed to find themselves

near me asking what kind of cigarettes

they kind of cigarettes I'm smoking

telling me they're cool looking or

asking or asking for one asking for a

cigarette what obviously gives gives me

an excuse to flash my cigarette case and

sometimes sometimes they ask me you know

hey what are your initials stand for and

then I make them guess of course I never

tell them but that kind of thing that

that used to give me the crack in the

door that I needed to strike up

conversation and at that can and at that

point you know running game is child's

play and I'm here to tell you I've

gotten more than my fair share of leis

from conversations just started in the

smoking area and all I did was spend a

little extra coin a little extra coin on

things to help to separate myself from

their heard something else I have is the

air these handcuff is this handcuff

necklace this handcuff neck chain for

you guys that are watching that listen

that listen girl men and women alike

babe they also like the way that looks

hey that's a cool looking that's a cool

looking necklace I've never seen that

before where did you get that that also

opens the door that also opens the door

to strike up conversation guys

girls are drawn to a man who marches to

the beat of a different drummer not some

chuckle-headed drone who just goes with

the flow now it's important by the same

token it is important not to come off as

a peacock okay like some pea waste sites

would advise you to do guys listen women

see right through this shit and they

will flat out ignore you and then have a

good laugh about it with her friends

later on but by the same token guys

listen don't be afraid to put your but

don't be afraid to push the boundaries

either okay put your balls on the line

and see what happens

taking some time to explore your

interest interests rather and devising

different ways to carry out monotonous

daily activities in an uncommon manner

is a great way to get a female's mind

spinning an overdrive wondering just

what the hell it is about you that has

our panties poisoning

now the last way that and I actually I

went over this in I forget I think it

was Friday's episode I can't I can't I

can't remember exactly but I talked

about this guys get a forearm tattoo

while twit listen we know that tattoos

on chicks are generally trashy and a

pretty good sign that she's a slut as a

matter of fact if she does have a if a

woman has a tattoo she's obviously a


that said they have a great effect on

the way a woman perceives a man in a

sexual context guys listen tattoo let's

call it what it is

tattoos are edgy and masculine because

they convey excitement and rebellion

that's chick crack and also uploaded

scene like this two more 9s and 10s guys

and I'm seen this before you take a look

at your average nine or ten more nines

and tens our fucking guys with tattoos

than ones that aren't and the ones that

aren't definitely want to now again I'm

not suggesting that you run out to the

tattoo parlor and get you know sleeve

tattoos all up and down your arms just

just get a well-placed tattoo just

getting a well-placed tattoo that

instantaneously puts you into another

class of male as far as the sexual

hierarchy goes getting a forearm tattoo

allows you to increase your sexual

market value without much effort just

wear a short sleeve shirt or short

sleeve shirt or or a collared shirt with

the sleeves rolled up and you will

immediately project that I don't give a

fuck attitude that girls eat the fuck up

also being able to easily cover it up

when it's necessary is what makes the

forearm the best place for your new

tattoo whatever you choose to ink into

your skin stay away from mainstream

tattoos like tribal armband like every

fucking meet it that every fucking

meathead out there has be original but

remember this tattoo is for you so make

sure it means and projects something

significant to you female attention and

female attention is merely a side effect

of this of this of this decision so the

Aral the the the the air of subtle

rebellion is key here women guys women

love asking about tattoos as an excuse

to strike up conversation under the

guise of curiosity and as soon as she

does game on

I said before guys you know most of

these are pretty obvious most of these

changes are pretty obvious and putting

them into into practice will certainly

up your sexual market value in the blink

of an eye all right

yes you'll have to learn game to

supplement these things but you'll you

have to crawl before you can walk and

making these changes will will helped

will help you the ease into getting used

to getting attention from attractive

females on a regular basis that's where

a lot of guys fall short a lot of listen

a lot of guys who don't have gamer

good-looking guys and they get females

try to talk to them all the time but

they don't have the game to strike them

they don't have the game to strike up

the conversation get the number and

close the deal this is why you have to

learn game now

I lost my place

so as I was saying nobody goes from simp

to player in a day but these things will

definitely help you to take a gigantic

step a gigantic first step in the right

direction next week I am starting a

three-part series on slut tells and how

to recognize them we're all well we are

all well aware of the obvious markers of

slutty females like tattoos body

piercings and green hair but there are

quite a few slut tells that women have

these days that we just pass off as

normal female behavior normal female

behavior characteristics and habits and

the men who are aware of these things

are the men who will avoid getting got

by women they would otherwise see as

harmless typical women so you'll

definitely want to tune in for that

thanks for watching