How to make a woman invest in you: Donovan's Den Vol. 14

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"Hey Donovan! How can I make sure my woman doesn't leave?!" One of the easy answers is to MAKE HER INVEST IN YOU. Women are far less likely to leave a relationship they've invested in. That includes emotionally, physically, and yes FINANCIALLY.



There are a few simple ways to make a woman invest in you as a man as well as into the relationship you have with her. The more she invests, the better a woman she is.



what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to volume 14 AB

Donovan is dead it is Sunday January 14

2018 I'm gonna record this today but I'm

not gonna release it on patreon until

Wednesday evening I'm running a little

bit of an experiment see if I can get

more views running it that way but I

record Donovan's dens every Sunday I'm

just gonna wait for a few days to to

post this so it should be what January

18th when you guys are watching this

anyway a question that I get from a lot

of my a lot of my viewers a lot of my a

lot of my fans is how can I get a woman

to invest in me and the reason they

asked this question is because anyone

who listens to me regularly knows that I

endorse the ironclad fact that the more

a woman has invested in a relationship

the less likely it is that she'll walk

away so quickly if a woman has time

money energy and sex and will get to all

of this a little bit later on if she has

all of this time invested in you if she

has skin in the game as black mastic

speaks likes to say she is far less

likely to just up and leave the minute

another person comes along and tickles

her fancy if she doesn't have much

invested in you in the way of time and

emotion and energy it makes it very easy

for her to walk away so that begs the

question well how do I make a woman

invest in me Donovan what are the things

that I need to do well that's what I

intend to answer and address here at

volume 14 of Donovan's den so let's go

ahead and get right to it

first of all before you get in but

before we get into the nuts and bolts

you need to understand that the number

one that the number one thing that you

can invest in is yourself if you invest

in yourself everything in life tends to

work out a little bit better get a gym

membership get yourself into shape

by by good weight lifting equipment um

clothing right I do I do a I do a weekly

podcast now or a bimonthly podcast now

with Kevin Samuels invest in good

clothes you don't have to spend a shit

ton of money but investing in your

wardrobe is investing in yourself the

way you look dictates that the way

people perceive you and treat you if you

look the part if you look like a

high-value male women are going to treat

you like a high-value male learn a

second language right increase your

value learn Spanish French Ukrainian

German Italian Russian take dancing


okay take salsa merengue the samba

whatever the case may be

learn a hobby learn to paint learn to

write go camping hiking work on cars

yourself is the best investment that you

can make anything that you could do to

improve your overall value as a man will

improve anything that you can do to

improve your overall value as a man is

worth it because you are investing in

yourself and you were gonna get a very

you're gonna get a very high return on

investment and a lot of different ways

by investing in yourself so the next

thing to understand is that by investing

in yourself you are giving her a reason

to invest in you women aren't going to

invest in you if you don't if you're not

investable just because you have a big

dick and great looks doesn't mean that a

woman is going to invest in you a lot of

guys out there who look go to have big

dicks who can fuck like porn stars there

are a lot of guys out there like that

but making yourself investable giving

her a reason to invest in you as a man

will separate you from 95% of other men

out there now there are five ways that

women invest okay

it's not just money when I say invest

I'm not just talking about money money

is definitely on there but there are

other things involved too number one is

time if a woman if a woman spends time

with you

she is investing time in you time is a

time is an extremely valuable commodity

to both men and women

number two is attention a woman can

spend all the time she wants with you

but if she's not paying attention to you

if she's not attentive to your needs if

she doesn't know what kind of person you

are she's not really paying attention if

a woman wants to invest in you she will

pay attention to who you are

she'll pay attention to your likes your

dislikes idiosyncrasies does he need

time to himself what does he like what

certain thing well what are his what

what are certain things that he likes at

certain times

what are his preferences what are his

strengths what are his weaknesses when a

woman invests attention in you she is

learning who you are as a man and again

a woman will not invest attention if she

doesn't think that you're worth it

number three of course is money okay if

a woman really likes you if she can see

a potential future with you she's going

to invest money in you okay she'll buy

you clothes she'll buy you shoes she'll

take you places this isn't to say and

we'll get to this later this isn't to

say that she is going to take care of

you financially this is not what we want

it's not what she wants

but a woman who really loves you and

finds you to be a worthy candidate of

investing she doesn't mind spending

money on you

she doesn't mind telling you hey Donovan

you know what let's go out to dinner on

me tonight hey Donovan you know what I

see her blue shirt is kind of tattered

how about we go to Men's Warehouse and

get you a brand new shirt for that and

while we're at it let me buy you a manly

let me buy you some new slacks and some

dress shoes for when we hit for when we

hit the town for a night out if a woman

finds you investable if she loves you

she will spend money on you listen women

don't spend money on men they do not

find worthy to spend money on they'll

buy you gifts they'll buy you food no

buy if you're a smoker and you shouldn't

be smoking listen I had a when I back

when I was smoking I was fucking this

one girl dude she's to buy me cigarettes

all the time she was investing in me

because she really really liked me like

me a woman will invest money in you if

she deems you worthy of investment if

she thinks that there is a chance for a

long-term relationship women don't have

much money these days compared to men

that's just all India and even if they

did money's a valuable commodity if a

woman really likes you she will spend

money on you and the way she sees that

as she is investing that in you number

four is energy okay when a woman invests

time attention and money she is also

investing energy it takes energy to

spend time with someone it takes a lot

of energy to pay attention to a man it

takes a lot of energy to pay attention

to what he wants to what he needs to

what he likes to what he dislikes it

takes a lot of energy to invest money

women have to work for their money that

it takes this and it takes energy to

take you out and buy you things it takes

energy to think of things that you might

like it takes energy to think of things

that you might need back to the money

part if a woman wants to spend money on

you tonight she's I'm not just buying

you gifts

she'll restock your pantry if you're

short on cooking oil if he needs sugar

if she sees you're out of coffee out of

toilet paper toothpaste if she sees that

you need new socks women will invest

this stuff in you all of that takes

energy the fifth way that women invest

is through sex sexual intercourse women

know and understand very well at least

high value women know and understand

that sex is an investment okay that's

not to say that women don't enjoy sex

women listen women enjoy sex every bit

as much as men do and at certain times

of the month when they're ovulating they

enjoy sex better than we do more than we

do but sex is an investment isn't an it

is an invent it is a physical investment

it is an emotional investment a woman

knows that every time a man sticks his

dick in her a little piece of her soul

belongs to him now the more woman fucks

you the more of her soul that you own

women know this very very well listen a

woman can be fucking eight different

dudes at once they only want one of them

women don't really want to be fucking

eight dudes but part of the reason they

are is because the feminist culture

tells them that they need to be

empowered the other part of that reason

is that she really wants to be fucking

that one guy okay when a woman the the

man who is having the most sex with a

woman entity at any given time that is

the man that she wants to invest in a

woman who has sex with you often is

investing in you her body's taking a

physical toll her vagina is taking a

beating okay if she's on birth control

er you have a vasectomy you are shooting

your DNA into her sex is an investment

and women know and understand that sex

willing sex careese favor with men now

that now now again you have to make sure

that she's not using sex to manipulate

you or to use you the reason the the the

reason why a woman should have sex with

you is to make you happy but by the same

token she knows that because she's

making you happy you are going to stick

around longer that is an investment

women invest sex time attention money

energy and sex those are the five ways

that women invest and all listen all of

those commodities time attention money

energy and sex those are all extremely

important commodities to women don't get

it twisted guys those are very important

you may think that okay women who sleep

around don't value their bodies yes they

actually kind of do the eights nines and

tens of the world they know that they

can get more for their looks and their

sexual loyalty than sixes and sevens sex

is extremely valuable to them they only

fuck guys okay at least the the

the the not hyper slutty women but but

8's 9s intense pacifically 9s and 10s

they don't sleep with as many guys as

sixes and sevens because they can they

can lock down they can consolidate on

higher value men sex is absolutely an

investment for them they know that what

they have absolute raw Beauty is a

commodity on the market there are not

many women out here that are 9s intent

so the nines and tens of the world when

they open your legs and allow you to

enter them that is an investment nines

and tens out are here aren't out here

fucking dudes just to be fucking them oh

no no no no no that is an investment so

with the woman invest sex in you if she

fucks you a lot if she lets you fuck her

a lot that is a big-time investment

now oh wait I'm jumping the gun here now

in terms of the way that with the in

terms of the ways that women invest

remember you have to give them reason to

invest if you want a woman to invest

time into you guess what you have to

show her a good time

okay you have to be an experienced

alright you have to you have to spend

time with her you have to show her that

you want to be around her if you spent

now again this was provided that she's

earned it okay and and a lot of people

are thinking okay this is sort of a

chicken and egg thing which comes first

no no no no no what happens here what

happens here is that women women get

time all the time for they get how can I

put this a lot of men want to give women

their time right most of these men don't

require them to work for it if a woman

has worked for your time

give her time okay if she deserves it

give it to her

turn off my

and to turn off that heater there's get

a little hot in here okay if you want a

woman to invest more time into you after

she has earned your time you have to

give her time if your listen if you're

spending what if you're spending one

night a week with a girl she's not gonna

invest time with you because you're not

investing time in her to get a woman to

invest attention and attention to you

you have to pay attention to her again

provided she deserves it you pay

attention to what she likes you pay

attention to what she needs okay

make sure and again we'll get to this

later with protection you have to

protect her from herself you have to

make sure she's the best version of

herself and to do that you have to pay

her attention if you pay your woman

attention she's going to notice and she

is going to reciprocate in kind invest

attention and women and women will

invest their attention in you

energy this is easy if you make an

effort to make her happy she will make

an effort to make you happy okay if you

invest energy and a woman she will

invest energy in you as far as sex is

concerned this is actually quite easy

the sex is the easiest part to get women

to invest good sex fuck her good now in

episode 17 of TS are alive I talked

about four reasons why you should never

care about a woman's needs in bed but if

you want her to keep coming back for sex

there are only three things that you

need to do to be the best sex of a

woman's life you need to fuck her

extremely hard you need to pull her hair

and smack her ass guys that's it you

don't need the liquor pussy for a half

an hour you don't need to do all this

Kama Sutra moves

you don't need whips and chains you

don't need any sort of strategy as long

as you fuck a woman good and hard like

fuck her like you're trying to hurt her

you pull her hair you smack her ass

leave red marks on her ass guys I

promise you whether you have a two inch

cock a 10 inch cock or a 4 inch cock

doesn't matter that and a woman's eyes

is good sex being physically dominated

being fucked hard getting her aspect

getting her hair pulled that is good sex

to all women if you fuck her hard you

pull her hair you smack her ass guess

what she's going to fuck you more which

means she's investing more so those are

the five ways that women invest and

remember you have to I don't want to say

rich you have to reciprocate it if you

see she's investing time you got to

invest time to guys okay this isn't a

one-way street women are not going to

invest in men that that women will not

invest in men that that hello boy I'm

getting mixed up here

a woman will not invest in a man who is

not investing in her okay now women know

women know no matter what they say they

know that it is on them to impress us

okay they know that it no matter what

they say well a man has to impress me

know women know that they it is on them

to impress us we're the ones in demand

all right there are far more what there

are far more quality women out there

than there are quality men they know

that men like us are scarce guys like us

we are few and far between

it is on them to prove to us that they

are worth investing in so they're going

to have to be the ones to make the first


be feminine be kind be different right

give us the sex don't get out of pocket

represent me well in public then and

only then will men like us invest in her

but you have to invest a woman if she is

worth investing in you have to invest a

woman if she is investing in you you

have to do that it can't be a one-way

street because a woman wants to see an

ROI a return on investment if she is if

she's investing time attention money

energy and sex into you and you're not

investing in her guess what she's gonna

move on to someone else who was willing

to invest in her who was worth it in her


so now the next question is is how do I

encourage women to invest me I touched

on it I touched on it a little bit here

with the with the five ways that that

women invest to encourage women to

invest in you you must offer these six

may there are many there are many other

minor ways but these are the six major

ways to encourage women to invest in you

you have to offer social value you have

to offer excitement you have to offer

protection you have to offer talent you

have to offer provisioning and you have

to and number six is appearances in

other words you have to make her look

good represent her well in public okay

so what I'm gonna do now and this is the

most important part of getting a woman

to invest in you social value excitement

protection talent provision provisioning

and appearances and so what I'm gonna do

now is I'm going to explain how each one

of these highly encourages women

incentivizes women to invest in you

social value

nice pretty girls are extremely

selective why because they're pretty

girls right they're very very vain

they're always checking themselves in

the mirror changing their outfits if

they don't feel like they look

absolutely perfect and so forth guys it

never ends this is just and again we all

say we want hot girls hot girls come

with a price and checking and treating

themselves to make sure they look hot

all the time that's part of the gig get

used to it don't ever complain if you're

god why are you looking in the mirror

all the time nigga to make sure I look

good for you that's eventually that's

what they're gonna say you want your

girl to look good you have to understand

she's gonna make that effort looking in

the mirror checking preening anything

with a reflective surface she's gonna be

looking at now the guys she seen with is

equally important to her

the hive minded creatures that women are

requires their significant others to be

directly and indirectly signed off on by

their peers if a girl is attracted to a

great-looking guy she'll make a play to

get with him we know this but if one of

her friends but if none of her friends

rather tells her that she that that he's

attractive or she doesn't see other

women looking at him in public or openly

trying to flirt with him she starts to

question her judgment as far as

attraction goes like do I really know

how to do I really know how to find an

attractive guy one of the many ironclad

doctrines of the female species as far

as red pill awareness and knowledge and

wisdom are concerned is that no woman

wants to be with a man that no women

women don't want to be with a man that

other women don't want okay this is this

this is pre this is pre selection in

action they want to be able to say look

at me I am an attractive woman with an

attractive man and if she pulls it off

her friends will see her in a positive

light the most important thing to a

woman is when her friends her family her

loved ones people important to her say

yeah you got you a good guy there they

love that stuff they're not just worried

about their opinion women don't women

know that they can women inherently know

that they cannot be trusted to their own

devices they don't really trust their

own judgement this is why they require

outside forces to verify and validate

their decisions their men are a part of

that validation

every pretty girl wants a guy that she

can bring her bring around her friends

to show off they want to be able to

again they want to be able to say I'm

with an attractive guy yes there are

other things that are important to them

but if they don't think the men that

they're interested in interested in can

offer them social value guess what guys

she's not interested if she doesn't

think that a guy is going to get

directly or indirectly signed off on by

her peers her friend her friends or

family or loved ones she's not gonna be

interested now in order to build your

social value with women and get them to

invest in you this is simple get in

shape and dress well okay I think that's

pretty simple there are other things

involved with building social value but

those two things are the foundation as

far as as far as young pretty girls go

easier said than done and there's I mean

you know there's a whole series out

there for this stuff but it still has to

be done get in shape and dress well it

also helps if you have an outgoing

personality a good-looking guy who

dresses well and charms her friends will

be highly enticing to young pretty

females that will that will encourage

her and incentivize her to invest in you


as important as social value is to

pretty girls excitement maybe a little

bit higher on the totem pole as far as

getting them to invest and guys if

you're boring she's not going to invest

in you period that's this is just how it


now these kinds of girls like

spontaneous men who keep them on their

toes all right young pretty girls

they crave unpredictability and an

extemporaneous existence within any

relationship been there done that is the

prevailing attitude with young pretty

girls they've seen everything and

they've done everything they're tired of

the same cookie cutter men who always

seem to use this to that always seem to

use the same strategies to keep them

attractive well this is where you come

in be unpredictable guys keep her

guessing a go-to strategy that I like to

do is when I say it is when I see I pick

her up I've got a surprise for you or

where are we going don't worry you'll

see she'll be dying to know where it is

that you're taking her and that's the

excitement she craves and listen it

doesn't even have to be elaborate you

could be taking her to the pond to feed

the fucking ducks or taking her to the

mall for the grand opening of a coffee

shop the fact is that the anticipation

itself is what excites her and keeps her

attracted to you and makes you a more

investable commodity this is how this


girls don't always want to know what

you're doing before you do it you gotta

use your creativity here guys but make

sure you keep her guessing and keep her

on her toes it is exactly what these

girls want especially the young pretty

ones you don't even have to be young the

pretty girls want to be excited and if a

woman is excited she will invest time

energy and sex into you


third thing on the list now the way that

American laws are written and enforced

today women don't women don't really

have the same physical respect for men

that they once that they once used to

write I mean quite put simply they're

just not afraid of us anymore

right listen we see it in our everyday

lives and how brazen and and

confrontational women are with men

because they know with near 100%

certainty that if we put our hands on

them or that if that if that if then if

they put their hands on a man he is

likely not gonna hit back worst-case

scenario as far as the woman goes is

that he pushes her away or restraints or

tries to defend himself and even then

she knows that all she has to do is call

the cops and he has locked up for at

least 72 hours they know this stuff

it's for that reason women are not

physically afraid of men this is why

this is one of the many reasons why

women no longer respect men that said

there's something to be said about a man

who can fight okay

although most women know that they can

get away with almost anything these days

knowing that her man can throw hands if

and when the situation calls for it

that's a huge turn-on

it really is think of all the MMA guys

the MMA guys you know all the big MMA

guys guys who know how to fight they

have hot girlfriends

this is how it is women love men who can

throw hands and also assure sir that she

is physically protected with you sure

when most women are completely insulated

from physical danger right well listen

women are completely separated from

physical danger okay and listen they're

there they're safer than they've ever

been in human history but knowing that

you are not a stranger to physical

confrontation with men that will that

will relax her around you which is

extremely important to attraction

respect and relaxation are two extremely

extremely important elements to

attraction relaxation respect

if you don't know how to fight learn to

do in a boxing gym learn jiu-jitsu or

any other kind of martial art or

fighting discipline not only does it

increase your confidence it increases

your attraction if your woman knows do

you go to jiu-jitsu every Tuesday and

Thursday it doesn't matter if she never

sees you fight she knows that you take

jiu-jitsu twice a week that's gonna make

her more physically attracted to you

again personally I've been in a lot of

fights I've won a lot more than I've

lost and I've been in Brazilian

jiu-jitsu now for almost a year my girl

knows that I am capable of defending

myself which again makes me a much more

investable commodity

talent this is also something that makes

you extremely investable women are drawn

to talent guys listen young pretty women

especially because at that point in

their not in their lives they're not

really thinking of settling down nor are

they concerned with a man's ability to

provide her to provide her with a good

life just yet okay if you possess a

skill or a talent girls will invest time

sex and a lot of attention I've said

this before and I'll say it again a man

who is an a-plus at one thing will fuck

better-looking women than a man who is a

b-minus at everything I'll say it again

a man who is an a-plus at one thing will

fuck better-looking women than a man who

is a b-minus at everything guys you

could have a dad bod you could drive a

shitty car have below average looks and

work at a telemarketing job but if you

can do something like make ice

sculptures if you can build an engine

engine from scratch if you can strum the

guitar like like like slash or the late

great Dimebag Darrell guys young pretty

girls will throw their panties at you

and listen if you're if there's anyone

out there who doubts this look at the

rising culture of eSports dudes who play

video games all day every day are the

best at what they do that's Talent and

because of it they're now making

millions of dollars traveling the world

and showing off and showing off their

video game playing acumen we used to

laugh at these guys now you may think

that basement-dwelling video game geeks

don't have a chance with women but don't

get it twisted guys the girls they're

fucking are hot gamers don't have as

much social spill skill or experience

with women but what went when they first

start but make no mistake about the fact

that when they reached the top of their

craft beautiful girls are soon to follow

yeah he's a geeky fucking guy yeah he's

a fat kid you know what that that son of

a bitch made six million dollars last

year playing video games

whatever talent you have cultivated

it gives you something to occupy

yourself with with with when you're not

with your girl which works well as an

attraction mechanism so that's a sort of

a double-edged sword

it also shows her that you as a man have

some dimension in the way of your

personality she knows that you're not

all about her all the time

hold on sweetie I gotta go work on my

show I gotta go write an article it

shows her that you can live without her

to cultivate your talent if you don't

have a talent find a hobby you enjoy and

cultivate that

the point is to never stagnate and be

just another guy to err do not be that

talent makes you an investable commodity

provisioning finances now

the better off you are financially the

more the more likely a woman is to

invest in you hey now I'm not saying

that you have to be a CEO of a fortune

500 company or on a six or a seven

figure income or net worth but if you're

looking to get high-quality girls to

invest in you can't be a bum ass nigga

either guys doesn't work that way

now some of you might be thinking well

the females don't require you to be rich

to invest in you as a man then why try

in the first place I hear a bum-ass

niggas all the time out here sleeping

with a bunch of hot-ass white girls I

get it but the reason for this is simple

because she doesn't want to support your

broke-ass guys she wants a man not a boy

who lives off her like a child yes like

I said there are females who are datin

broke-ass dudes they don't have two

nickels to rub together but these women

are either low value desperate or both

in other words most of the women who do

this are fat ugly or much older meaning

they're in their 40s if you think young

pretty girls

keep a broke-ass man like you around

when they could be around someone who's

not think again now they might use that

guy as a booty call or a fuck buddy

arrangement but that's the extent of it

at some point she's gonna start fucking

someone else who has a better financial

outlook not that he has to be rich but

girls invest in men who are more

financially shrewd than men who were

broke guys that's just basic mathematics

that's just how it is girls look at the

total package

these women have to know that you are

financially responsible and that you are

going places guys tell her about your

short-term goals your midterm goals your

long-term goals show her that you

understand the value of a dollar

make it clear to her through your

actions and not your words that you're

not to be used than his 8 as an ATM but

that you don't mind picking up the tab

if she keeps her shit in line again you

don't have to be rich guys far from it

but your financial house must be in

order because a man who's good with

money is a man she can respect and

invest in and as we all know respect is

the single most important quality the

single most important element in a

woman's attraction to a man

appearances this is similar to social

value that you can offer to good-looking

girls but at some point your social

value has to extend to her her her

friends or coworkers and possibly even

her family at some point down the road

again she's not looking for anything

long-term yet but if you're more

attractive if you were financially

stable if you're in better shape if you

have a better handle on her as a female

then then most men she knows she'll

start to entertained thoughts of a

long-term relationship with you Mitch

which means guess what guys

she'll start investing she'll have a

reason to start investing in you when a

woman sees you as a viable long-term

partner that's when she starts to invest

in you

not to say that you have to lock her

down long-term but if she makes the play

to get exclusive with you okay

that's fine if that's the direction you

want to go at some point but it's

important to it's important to make sure

that that's a viable option if a woman

if a woman thinks that she may want to

be with you for this foreseeable future

maybe even longer than that you need to

make sure that you appear to be the best

option for her you need to make sure you

are the best option for her understand

this guys understand that attractive

women get offers constantly for men so

if your game isn't on point and you

don't look the part guess what guys

she's gonna jump ship the minute she

sees a man who does look the part

meaning she will want to invest in him

and not you

make sure you dress well consistently

and stay in good shape doing these

things well and this is important guys

you do these things well this will

represent you this will represent both

of you when you were in public together

women want died and I said this earlier

women want direct and indirect approval

from their friends and relatives that

they have chosen a man of value and if

they sign off on you they will start to

invest in you

at the end of the day guys if you are

investable women will invest in you

you can't just you can't just be a plain

ass dude out here looking for a high

quality woman we got a lot of guys who

say well I want my woman to be able to

cook I want her to be hot I wanted to

stay thin etc etc but they themselves

are not in shape you have to understand

your own sexual market value before you

start making demands of women I can make

demands of women because I am an

excellent physical condition I have a

great financial outlook I know what the

fuck I'm talking about

I can handle women and I can and I

demand their best I don't compromise and

the reason I don't compromise is because

I know I deserve to be uncompromising if

I were the Donovan Sharpe that I was I

don't know 10 12 years ago I can't make

those demands

and if you're not the highest value that

you can be you can't make those demands

either you cannot require a woman to

invest in you if you are not investable

invest in yourself make her earn your

time attention and respect and if you

see her as a possible long-term partner

invest back into her show her that she's

doing something right and she will

absolutely invest in you thanks for


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