How to mark your woman as your territory (Red Pill Style)

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Women want, women NEED to be marked as a Man's territory. They yearn to be a Man's property. There are many simple, yet, effective ways to do this. Sometimes, provided you're the right man, a woman will mark herself as your territory without provocation.



Giving women what they want with regards to belong to a man makes them happy, relaxed, and content. Most men are afraid to do what's necessary to mark a woman as his territory but the ones who are not, enjoy the loyalty and submission from women we all desire as men.


3 ways to keep your woman from cheating (Return Of Kings article)

She doesn't love you for WHO you are, she loves you for WHAT you are (Negromanosphere article)





I have stated in the past gentlemen that

women cheat in the margins that is they

cheat during times in situations where

when you would never expect them to

cheat girls don't make it obvious when

they're cheating anymore because they

are professional cheaters gentlemen

they're no longer giving you the obvious

bullshit stories like I'm working late

or I'm spending the night at my friend's

house we listen we've all been there and

done that they've been using those

stories since the 80s they work for a

little while but then the 90s came and

then the internet came and then you know

guys got hit to the strip because guys

have sort of closed the gap in terms of

inter in terms of cheating and getting

cut women have graduated to far more

devious diabolical tactics like taking

pictures with her friends at a location

they want their boyfriends or husbands

to think that they are at while getting

fucked by Kevin in sales one of my

ex-girlfriends told me as a matter of

fact that she got a play she got a part

in a play as an excuse to disappear for

three hours at night and now your man

you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go through the deadlift

is hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 209 edition of

TSR live your daily dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness

it is Friday February 23rd 2018 it is

the end of the week tomorrow I am going

to be on an all-star I'm gonna be in an

all-star panel it's gonna be myself the

illimitable man Ryan stone Black Label

logic and Rollo Tomassi and we are going

to tell where we're gonna be talking

about the red pill angle in terms of the

the shooter down in Florida we all know

about Nicholas Cruz the 19 year old

suspect and listen man he shot up the

school he's guilty we all know but I was

told and I haven't read about this

because I literally just heard about

this and shout out to Shamari Henry for

shout out to shout out to Shamari henry

for for pointing this out to me I still

I still have to like I've still got to

verify this but according to Shamari


it sounds like Nicholas Cruz shot up a

school to get back at his ex get back as

his uh at his ex-girlfriend and her new

boyfriend um

and listen it absolutely would not

surprise me if that were the case and

listen I've said I I've said this before

and I will say it again guys who commit

mass murders guys guys like Elliot

Rodger seunghui Cho the Virginia Tech


Andres Lubitz the the Germanwings pilot

who flew who committed mass homicide /

suicide by flying the Germanwings Boeing

757 into the side of a mountain killing

all 150 passengers on board any man who

commits mass murder is never good with

women okay that doesn't necessarily mean

that they commit mass murder because of

a woman Elliot Rodger did the sky

Nicholas Cruz allegedly did listen you

guys can go I mean you guys can look for

various stories on mass shooters what

they all have in common is that they are

not good with women men who are even

decent with women they're not suicidal

they're not homicidal all right this is

just how we're made a man who is getting

even he doesn't even have to be getting

good pussy if he is getting pussy on the

regular from somewhere he is not

thinking about killing himself for other

people what Elliot Rodger Andres Lubitz

and now this guy Nicholas Cruz all have

in common as they hit they committed

mass murder / suicide because of a woman

or women that listen that's just how

that what listen there are exceptions to

the rule we all know this but

the bottom line that the there are

exceptions to the rule but what all of

these guys have in common is that

they're not good with women and the

obvious conclusion here is that game

saves lives that's all there is to it

man game saves lives so I just want to

go ahead and start that out shout out to

Shamari Henry for for for pointing for

pointing that out to me they're very

very interesting and I would tell you

what if this if there's any truth to

this I might just go ahead and do Monday

show about Nicolas Cruz in the

implications as sort of a piggyback off

of off of the show off of the the

roundtable discussion that I'm gonna be

having tomorrow somebody keeps hitting

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so yesterday yesterday i did a show

episode 208 give me one second guys I'm

having a little bit of a technical

difficulty here there we go all right

now I can see what I'm doing here

so yesterday's show was entitled don't

be insecure don't be jealous

be territorial very very good episode I

talked about personal examples of course

you guys all know again this is the

sharp reality not the sharp theory not

the sharp but my buddy told me not to

sharp what I read on some red pill blog


I give you guys your unadulterated

accounts of my own life

that's how this goes all the stuff that

I talk about here

these are things I've gone through

myself I'm not telling you some shit

that other people have gone through if I

do I let you know hey a buddy of mine

went through XYZ so anyway yesterday I

talked about the difference between

insecurity and being territorial and a

quick review being insecure is reactive

being territorial is proactive that's

how this works quick example again take

your girl to a bar you go up to take a

piss you come back somebody's chatting

up your girl you're asking a girl what

the fuck like why you talking to that

guy that's being insecure being

territorial is never allowing your girl

to sit at the bar by herself in the

first place

Proactive so now the question is okay

Donovan we gotta be territorial well you

can't be territorial over someone who is

not your territory so how do I mark a

woman as my territory so I'm gonna give

you guys a few examples here and again

I've used all listen and just to let you

guys know this isn't complicated

there's no psychological no there's no

game playing here these are very simple

very straightforward methods procedures

next level game to mark a woman as your

territory and as I'll get into just a

little bit later very briefly women will

often mark themselves as your territory

and we'll get into the Y's and the house

a little bit later on so here are a few

examples and I've used uh listen at all

I've used all of these techniques on

more than one girl one thing I do with

my woman now is that she wears my name

on her chain okay she wears a chain with

my name on it

the name is large enough for people to

see it's no it's not ridiculously large

it's not like she's from the ghetto from

the hood or anything like that right so

when she walks around and people see my

name on her chain she know they know

that she is spoken for another example

of this and she actually came up with

this is that she wears a wedding ring to

let everyone know that she is either

married or engaged and to stay away now

a wedding ring is not the end-all be-all

I think we all know that because there

are a lot of men out there who still hit

on or talk to women whether she's

wearing a wedding ring or not back in my

Vegas vagina days right my pussy slaying

days down to Vegas dude I fucking

married women all the time okay don't

get mad at me guys don't hate me I hate

the fucking game you don't have been

folks wives listen leave your morality

at the door when it comes to game if a

wife wants to get fucked she is going to

get fucked if it's not gonna be you it's

gonna be somebody else so it may as well

be you

so like I said whether she's wearing a

ring or not that doesn't keep all men

away all right especially listen

especially if she's attractive doesn't

matter but a man's masculine hard drive

a lot of times doesn't allow her to just

pass by she has a wedding ring on guys

listen as men we are hard-wired to try

to fuck pretty women wedding ring or not

but a wedding ring does add sort of an

extra layer maybe a quasi deterrent to a

lot of men again this was something she

suggested and as far as I know it would

appear to do a pretty decent job in

warding off a lot of would-be male

attention at Donovan underscore sharp is

where I can be found on Twitter you guys

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Artie clency referring to me with my

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Jervis Horton mr. old mr. old school

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on there Jervis says if she swallows

does that seal the deal does that seal

the bond avatar let me go down there and

look at that in real time let's see

if she swallows does that seal the bond

no no it doesn't it doesn't seal the

bond but a damn sure makes you stick

around a lot longer

mmm listen if you listen if if you wait

to fuck a girl and or if a girl waits

til I don't know the third date to have

sex with you okay great

that doesn't mean that she's not a slut

but that means that you're not going to

put her the slut category right yet

right so if she sucks your dick and she

swallows and it's maybe the first couple

of times she shoves she sucked your dick

dude she's absolutely a slut you think

you you think that's the first load

you've ever you've ever swallowed or

that you think that's the first load

she's ever swallowed of course it

doesn't steal the bond

dude that chicks gut that chicks got 74

different loads swimming around in her

belly at any given time man that does

not seal the bond all it does is it

seals the deal for her maybe being

around for a little while longer good

question though good question my man

frank says the red pill therapist I like

that that's actually a pretty good

moniker love it razor-edge quadruple


in the house good to see you in here see

what else we got 83 people watching

we're just a few minutes in get the

likes of guys need to get the word out I

don't know why Alexa just why Alexa just

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oh well of course she lit up cuz I just

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good stuff Motor City kids an alpha male

strategy big ups Donovan during his

dreams yeah I heard about that Oh looks

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still good to go yeah I actually heard

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that would be very very good

that'd be that'd be great anti-gravity

74 says the red pill saves lives I said

that in my Instagram pre-show Q&A; hey

listen man game saves lives that's how

it works that's how it works

gravity 74 says elliot rodger is the

reason I didn't end up going to UC Santa

Barbara I have a personal grudge against

that guy listen man the beta males guys

they're the most dangerous men in

society man those guys could pop at any

moment like like an in cell involuntary

Sullivan's guys are pissed off that they

can't get laid man and you got a lot of

guys with mental illnesses running

around who can't get laid

well guess what if they get access to

firearms it's only a matter of time

before they go shoot up a shopping mall

or shoot up a school over some pussy

that he thinks that he's entitled to

all right who else we got in the house


not 22 262 yep definitely get the lights



anti-gravity 74 says when I wear wedding

rings when I wear wedding ring chicks

always hit on me out of the blue these

hoes ain't loyal yeah this is and this

is funny

the reason why chicks hit on men that

are married is because you are

pre-selected right like if you're

married if you are a listen if you're a

decent looking guy if you're a guy with

game if you if you come off as a

high-value guy and you have a wedding

ring on dude dude girls are going to

flock to you I remember I was watching

Seinfeld a while back

Jason Alexander's character George used

to wear wedding ring because women hit

on him when you have a wedding ring on

guys that is pre-selection

a woman a woman has decided to take her

to take your last name she has decided

to become your property via marriage so

that must mean that you are attractive

enough for a woman to want to be your

property that's how this works

sharp assistant I mean immediately

verifies that pre-selection absolutely

Banks audio group says depending on the

size of the Ring the bigger the diamond

equals bigger age difference more likely

to cheat that's an interesting theory

I've never thought of it that way never

thought of it that way retro fans has

checked out return of Kings yesterday

first thing that pops up if you google

red pill truth yeah Roush is a solid

businessman in that regard he is branded

he has branded return of Kings very very

well I mean listen ROK is the fort

listen it's the leader it's the leader

it strut is trusted by millions of men

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Velazquez says happy hippo herbals

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it will says if she swallows you will

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King Mick says hey Donovan do you have

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the 1821 man-made wash it doesn't do

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I mean it's it's a good smell too good

aura it's definitely a good aura so it's

very its let's listen I swear by it I've

got I've got two bottles myself true

from Troy rightfully states that game

helps you avoid so many pitfalls could

not agree more

Grand Admiral games haven't seen you in

here in a while

says yep that was one of the most

effective tacit tactics to getting

attention from Chinese girls talk about

and be seen with my Chinese girlfriend

at the time

shoutout to Howard Cooper says what's up

Gervais Horton says real talk the Son of

Sam in the 70s shot 70 couples that was

1977 if I'm not mistaken

shut up to chase LeBeau with the $5

super chet he asks do you have any

advice for turning off beta emotions for

women that comes with experience chase

it is very and you have to understand

when a man takes the red pill and starts

applying red pill truth what the red

pill and feminism essentially do does

they essentially do the same thing in

that they are they are programming men

and women to do what men and women's who

forego their natural instincts a man's

natural instincts is to have real

feelings for women a man's natural

instinct is to protect women to help

women to want to be with women at cetera

the red pill teaches men to condition

themselves not to have these feelings so

they have to understand that turning off

your baby emotions that's just gonna

take time that and it takes practice

because listen early on in my red pill

development ya was fuckin hose this and

that any other I guess what I was in

love every other week right like I'm

fuckin eights nines and tens like

they're going out of style but every

eight nine or 10 I was fuckin oh my god

this is the one like oh my god red pill

truth works no no like no she was not

the one she was just another pussy dude

when when you're fuckin an 8 a 9 or a 10

especially when you have never fucked

them before like I had when I was in

Vegas it is very very easy to fall into

those baby emotions and only actually

only after about 2 or 3 years of

consistently getting burned by them

and again I've told you guys this before

I have the on floor I have the I have

the the misfortune of having dated way

too many strippers that I'm willing to

admit and a lot of guys think oh my god

you could to date strippers nah brah it

is dude it is not all it's cracked up to

me the only thing good about strippers

is that they are hot ok

strippers flirt all the time they get

flirt they get hit on they're always on

their phones they have dude strippers

cheat on you all the time dude one

stripper cheated on me with the bouncer

like this is how it goes every stripper

that I have dated or dated exclusively

cheated on me and a lot of times they

cheat on you within the first month so

fuckin strippers okay that's great

dating them dating 88

and 10 to the world they come with a

whole different set of rules and a whole

different set of problems including not

being able to turn off beta emotions

only only when I had had enough

experience with them that I practiced

enough okay I'm not gonna get close to

this girl and I did an episode a while

back how to how did I do this up how do

I think it had something to do with how

to not get involved with your friends

with benefits or something like that

chase I'll send it to you and I'll send

it to you and how to stay unattached

from your from women from friends with

benefits I forget what episode number

that is but I think it's how to stay

unattached to the women that you're

fucking or something to that effect I've

got 209 episodes now almost 300 videos

so you know I can't you know I've got a

good I've got a good I've got a good

memory my memories not that good but

yeah the only advice that I can give you

for turning off beta emotions for women

his experience you got to go through the

fight and listen the first time you

start catching feelings you're gonna

tell yourself you're gonna catch

yourself because your red pill where now

you're gonna tell yourself okay I can't

catch feelings for this woman guess what

dude if you're new to the game you're

gonna catch feelings this is how it

works I do that caught do that caught

feelings I caught feelings with every

bitch I was fucking for the first 18

months man like that's exactly how it is

and yet you have to understand that it

takes practice it takes practice to turn

the stuff off Wow shout out to my man Oh

Shane do Jackson with the $10 super chat

I don't know what pln 50 is but it looks

good looks like it's a lot of money Oh

DJ in the motherfuckin house my brother

from another mother

no ill wills and okay OSHA and ill wills

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was on with O'Shea last Sunday when I

was down in Fort Lauderdale so shout out

to O'Shea with the hold on what's a PLN

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to give him proper credit here so oh

it's a bull it's a Polish zloty never

heard of that so shout out to O'Shea do

Jackson with the $14 and 73 cents super

Chad appreciate that appreciate that

moving right along

now another minor example of marking a

woman as your territory and this is

important but this is minor but but it

has impact would be your woman wearing

your clothes when you have people over

like your friends right if you're

hosting a dinner party like nobody does

she's not gonna wear your clothes but if

you have her friends over to watch the

game or to do whatever you guys know

what I'm talking about now you guys know

that I am a strong opponent not

proponent I am a strong opponent of the

bullshit notion that your friends have

to like your woman and that your woman

has to like your friends that's bullshit

keep your friends and your woman

separated when you can especially if

she's attractive

all right

but there will be times guys that you're

gonna have to have them over and she's

gonna be there wearing something like

wearing you're doing something like

wearing your shirt around the house

while they're there or wearing a

baseball cap that's you own or anything

that you wear anything that's your

that's your possession this lets your

homeboys know that she belongs to you

it is also signaling to them that she

doesn't want their attention nor is she

interested in entertaining said

attention this is how this works another


is when I was in high school my high

school my high school sweetheart her

name was Jill she wore my leather jacket

that had it actually had my name

embroidered in it okay the high school

that I went to the the first the the

first letter of the first name was R and

it had might been boy it had my name

embroidered on it she loved wearing it

loved wearing it

nobody hit on her because IM directly

mark her as my territory she marked her

this girl loved me

of course she ended up she ended up

going off to college and she became a

whore was how it works oh I'm so in love

I can't believe this happened yeah

looking back it was inevitable guys

women love this kind of shit because

these things are these things are status

symbols they show the world that she is

attractive enough to be taken off the

market by someone she respects and loves

right they can say whatever they want

this is why this is how women mark

themselves as your territory one of the

main reasons women freaked out

when all of their friends are getting

married is because she sees that her

friends are good enough to be possessed

by a man and the physical manifestation

of that possession is the ring okay a

ring is not just a symbol guys as the

world would lead you to believe it is

the mark of a woman who is owned this is

why women take the last name of the man

and are glad to do it right

it's they tell the world my last name

has changed to sharp because I belong to

Donovan Donovan chose me because I am

worthy I am attractive and proof that my

end proof of my worthiness is this ring

and my new last name of Sharpe

people think it's simple okay so she has

your name in your ring no that's

possession my friends that's your


if a girl is the only one in her group

who isn't married

shoutout to sharp assist with the $30.00

donation via the via the the TSR

donation link

shut up to sharp assist with the $30.00


if a girl is the only one in her group

who isn't married she feels inadequate

okay even if she has a boyfriend that

boyfriend is not a husband it's not what

everybody else has which in her mind

means she isn't good enough to be a wife

this is how she feels and if we want to

take it with listen if we want to take

it one level lower it's the same thing

with boyfriends if all of her friends

have boyfriends and she and she does not

she feels inadequate even if she's

fucking eight different dudes doesn't

matter none of those eight dudes

none of those eight dude she's ass

fucking or getting fucked in the ass by

they're not committing to her right so

she has eight guys who all want to fuck

her her friends all have one guy who

commits to her

she doesn't feel like she's good enough

because she doesn't have what her

friends have which is a boyfriend or

husband women who have been marked as a

high-value males property guys it is the

envy of all women around her without


they all want what she has because it

verifies that she has the qualities that

make her worthy to be locked down and

taken possession of and this is the

reason why women love it when you mark

them as your territory your property

this is what they truly desire no matter

what they tell you guys and if she likes

you enough if you loves you enough dude

she'll mark herself she'll mark herself

as your territory

she'll suggest hey I'm gonna wear

wedding ring she will put on she will

put on your clothes without you telling

her too

she'll do this herself unsolicited

uncommanded she will proactively mark

herself as taken shout-out to ill wills

with the $5 super teddy says my ex has

loved to wear my damn business shirts or

my hoods I'm like what the hell you are

going to put those shirts in the Tri

cleaners right right that's actually

it's actually a pretty good pretty good

comment now a few examples I'll give you

guys in terms of how to keep trouble

away okay

how to nip these problems in the bud and

again nipping nipping nipping would be

nipping would be trouble a troubling

ominous bad behavior nipping them in the

bud is absolutely necessary and it is

another way it is another form of

marking your territory again women and

beta males would characterize the stuff

as controlling or possessive yes they're

right oh my god you're controlling and

possessive you're just now figuring that

out you're so possessive guilty now what

are you gonna do I can't be with the

possessive guy there's the door sweetie

but if you're gonna be with me I'm gonna

be controlling and possessive that's

just out of this are you jealous and

insecure nope territorial and

territorial men are possessive and

controlling if you are my property I am

going to be possessive of you if I own a

Lamborghini I'm gonna be possessive of

that Lamborghini that's gonna toss the

keys to the next dicking on the street

I'm gonna be possessive of that

Lamborghini women are your property

treat them as such the only difference

is that you stick your dick in her and

you spend money on her you even spend

money on cars that's how this goes

anyway the first thing I like to do to

mark a woman as my territory

tomorrow a woman has my territory

there's the girl I finally got my girl

boys back the first thing I like to do

and a lot of guys are gonna bristle at

this a lot of women and beta males are

gonna bristle at this and I'm not gonna

parse my words here limit her

interactions with men no this doesn't

mean command her never talk to Ben guy

she's gonna talk to men she's gonna talk

to men when she's at work she's gonna

talk to men when she's ordering your

coffee listen dude your woman is going

to talk to men when she is not with you

whether you like it or not it's

inevitable your woman is going to

interact with men that is a mathematical

inevitability that's life but she needs

to understand that as your territory

shoutout to beef rebellion

that she will not disrespect you by

speaking to other men when she's with

you unless she has your permission no

I'm not saying that your girl has to say

hey Donovan is alright if I talk to this


that's ridiculous but here are a few

examples with my girl that I use to

properly illustrate this point when I'm

with my girl at restaurants I do all of

the ordering she doesn't speak

I'll have the steak she'll have the

lobster I'll have a whiskey sour she'll

have a vodka coke that's how that works

if there's anything she wants she

addresses me and I address the waiter or

waitress now if it's a waitress I give

her a little bit more leeway in the way

of speaking out of turn so to speak but

if it's a waiter oh no bitch you're

looking at me you were talking to me

you're not addressing him and again the

reason why is because I've been the

glisten I've hit on waitresses before

like I've been on both side never been a

waiter but I've hit on waitresses before

like this is how it works

retro fan says women are sneaky as fuck

this is exactly right this is why you

have to limit her interactions with men

I do all of the ordering she doesn't

speak at the grocery store when we're at

the grocery store pan I do all the

talking I do all the talking at the

register unless I say otherwise now

fortunately most cashiers at grocery

stores are women so I let her run off at

the mouth you need to train your woman

not to entertain conversations with

other men and again guys there are men

out there they're gonna that are gonna

try to hit on your woman whether she

wants them to or not like it's

unsolicited if your woman subtract if

she is going to get attention like deal

with that that's just you can't say oh I

want a hot girl then expect no guys to

look at her trying to talk to her guys

this this was part of the gig it's part

of the bargain but what a lot of them

will do like the non-secular approach

like hey can you give me directions to

XYZ store or do you know what time it is

and the guy's got a fucking watch on now

my girl actually gave me an example

which impressed me because I had even

thought about this and she says yeah if

you and I are ever together at a party

or get-together and a guy comes up and

asks me well how long have you guys been

together she understood that the reason

he is asking her that is to gauge her

happiness to start to try to start a

conversation to find out if there is in

in right in other words he's trying to

fuck her and he's looking for crack in

the foundation

that's why all guys talk to women is

because we want to fuck them now she

told me that if any man comes up and

asks here's what she's gonna say

that's something you're gonna have to

ask my boyfriend about that completely

shuts down the conversation it

let's this guy knowing no uncertain

terms dude I got a boyfriend right

or-or-or dude like I'm not trying to

fuck you I'm not interested in

conversation I'm not interested in

innocuous conversations if you want to

know about my relationship with my

boyfriend go ask the boyfriend that's

how that works

my woman understands very clearly that

accepted male attention lowers her value

to me not to mention the fact that she

knows that she will catch holy fucking


if I walk up our talk into some dude

right TSR alive will not be on the air

if that TSR live will not be on the air

that night if that happens the point is

guys is that a woman's operating system

is always running in the background and

one of its main objectives is to bring

attention to herself in order to get the

attention of men on the off-chance and

that one of them might be a high-value

male worth trying to consolidate on


this isn't wrong this is how it works

shout out to Guardi Dennis with the $5

super chat

now women would disagree with this

because they have no idea how their own

minds work anyway like a woman will hook

up with ten dudes in ten days and wonder

how it happened they wonder how it

happened when she hasn't been on I've

been on tinder all week how am I fucked

ten dudes in ten days

she doesn't remember flirting with Kevin

and sales she doesn't remember striking

up conversation with a guy on the subway

she doesn't remember striking up

conversation with the guy on the

elevator in her apartment building

so how did she hook up with ten guys in

ten days while the ends were simple guys

her operating system is always running

and the feminine imperative is to get as

much male attention as possible to cast

as wide a net as possible to attract the

highest value males simple mathematics

this is why women get dressed up and

show their tits and put on makeup they

want to show as many men out there that

they are attractive in hopes that one of

them has the value in the game enough to

attract her so that she can gauge

whether or not he's worthy to be locked

down worthy to lock him down she

couldn't explain

look guys listen women couldn't explain

they couldn't explain to you how on

God's green earth she hooked up with ten

days hookup with ten guys in ten days

because it's all running in the

background this is all done on a

subconscious level meaning they don't

even know what's going on until they

find themselves putting their number

into yet another guy's phone they don't

know what's happening until they have

yet another cock in their ass oh my god

how is this guy's cock in my ass you're

trying to get attention sweetie this is

what you do now if a woman doesn't allow

herself to be it to be possessed it is

for one of two reasons guys and this is

very simple number one she doesn't want

to be your property and the reason for

that is number two your value isn't high


gentlemen women don't want to belong to

a man who's perceived value is lower

than hers

guys they're not goods listen if you're

a hundred pounds overweight if you're a

broke-ass nigga if you are financially

irresponsible if you are disciplined if

you live with your parents if you don't

have any goals your girl's gonna laugh

at you when you try to mark her as your

territory guys you try any of this shit

that I talked about and you're a bum-ass

but a fat bum ass nigga living with his

mom without a car she's gonna laugh at

you but Donovan I'm sleeping with her ah

you might be fucking her you might be

spending time with her

she may even be your girlfriend but that

doesn't mean she's off the market

and women allow themselves to be taken

off the market by men of value if you're

not a man of value they're not gonna

fall in line so a quick story I actually

told you guys the story about a year ago

and so long to my to my Instagram


so me and my girl took a trip to Hawaii

way back in October of 16 about a year

and a half ago and we went on we went on

this tour of Mount Monica it's called

the Mount Mauna Kea up to the Keck


long story short we get on the tour bus

and our tour our tour guide is a big

strapping bearded guy looks like a

mountain man you know kind of got a

surfer very attractive guy beard tour

guide very gregarious very talkative

blah blah blah blah blah okay so we all

get on the bus right and so he starts

driving all hey my name is Jon or

whatever the fuck his name was welcome

to the mountain so and so blah blah blah

blah blah over here there's lava over

there there's more lava Hawaiian

warriors blah blah blah I mean just

giving us all the history so right at

the end he says so is everyone having a

great trip on the Big Island nobody said

a thing except for my girl she said whoo

I looked at her dead in the eye dead in

the eye and I said rain that shit in you

know what she said to me she said yes


and uttered not the only other time she

addressed that guy is when we were

looking through the telescope to the

planet Saturn now the reason why she

heeded me is because she loves and

respects me again guys women listen if

you don't if your perceived value is not

higher than a woman you tell a woman

rain that shit she's gonna be like rain

watch it and nigga like you don't own me

I don't belong to you

women are not gonna fall in line for a

man that they don't love and respect

okay they don't fall in line and allow

themselves to be taken off the market by

a low-value

men doesn't happen

so to reiterate territorial men are

protect our proactive insecure men our

reactant being territorial means nipping

potential issues in the bud before they

become a problem

jealousy and insecurity those kind of

men they try to stop the bleeding after

something's happened there is a huge

difference between the two and women are

well aware of this difference and

remember if your value is high enough if

your game is tight enough your woman

won't get out of pocket very often if at

all again she may lightly poke and prod

every now and again just to make sure

you're still the man she's attracted to

which is perfectly normal girls do this

all the time it is called shit testing

and it's necessary but if you allow her

to disrespect you flirt with other men

in front of you entertain conversations

with men in front of you draw attention

to herself in front of you like my girl

did on that tour bus if you allow her to

get away with things like this or

anything else that you have trained her

not to do even one time she will

subconsciously put herself back on the

market to find a man who will not

tolerate that bad behavior you can

that's guaranteed so if you want to

avoid trouble and stay away from coming

off as being jealous or insecure or mate

guarding mark your woman as your

territory believe me when I tell you

guys it is what every woman wants

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all right let's go to the towers one

last time here bill will says facts be

real says these hoes ain't loyal

sharpest assess quote male friends

absolutely absolutely Grand Admiral game

says I wouldn't even go to parties with

girls party it parties exists only to

score in my book then again I'm not a

people person dude don't take your girl

to a fuckin party like don't do that man

he'll we'll set see two ex-boyfriends

and game best friends doesn't play that

say there dude fuck that noise



shoot from Troy says that's why women

for the most part can not teach game to

men only men who have game can help

other totally agree

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cage a stink meter says that's not your

girl you're a placeholder fam yet yeah I

would agree the will says Donovan keep

that game cold goddamn right

Jamie Morales calls it like it is an

ounce of prevention is worth a pound of

cure that is a slogan for a reason it's

because it's true

ah v4 billion I should have included

this beef rebellion right on the mark

says another way to mark her as your

territory fuck her in the ass I could

not agree more you fuck a girl in the

ass she belongs to you

mics straight up I talked about that in

anal sex 101 which is now only available

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Barry listen very good that dude I

totally left that out totally do not

listen I'm the ass Avenger man I'm the

ass player it's all about fucking girls

in the ass all this I don't know how I

left that one out

beef rebellion coming strong with the


that's great guys tomorrow

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