Donovan's Den Vol. 1: How to overcome your fear of talking to hot girls

In the first installment of Donovan's Den, Donovan Sharpe talks about the strategy he used himself to get over his approach anxiety. Beautiful women can be very intimidating at first glance causes the vast majority of men to do nothing more than stare at her. Learn how to destroy your fear of talking to pretty girls and thrive on the dating market

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The #1 thing that holds men back who are new to Red Pill game is being afraid to talk to beautiful women. We see a pretty girl in public and we know we want to talk to her, get her number, and eventually fuck her but the fear of rejection paralyzes you so you don't approach.

This leads to regret and more frustration. I experienced the same thing when I first started. I knew I wanted to fuck hot girls on the regular but I was afraid to even walk up and say hi. So I came up with a strategy, put it in place and stuck with it until it worked.

Funny thing is, it wasn't hard to stick with at all because of the way I allowed myself to start with "light weights" then work up to the heavier lifting. This is called "progressive load" in the weight lifting world and the same thing applies with my strategy.

This is the method that is responsible for my success with women. You can't get girls' phone numbers, go on dates with them, or fuck them if you don't approach them first. Here's how I completely overcame my approach anxiety and became absolutely fearless when it came to running game on hot girls. 

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what's up guys at remand on 'van sharp

and welcome to the first official

edition of Donovan's den this is

exclusive GSR content for Patriots who

contribute 5 bucks per month on patreon

and I sincerely thank you guys for your

support in return I'll be doing these

weekly shows that will work as an

accelerated supplement for those of you

who are looking for an advantage in your

Redhill development kind of like a

weekly jumpstart to help you guys to

chief your goals the right way and maybe

a little more quickly if I had a guy

like me when I first took the red pill

I'd be much trust me I'd be much further

along than I am even now so I'm more

than happy to help you guys out and

provide additional content to assist you

further to assist you in further

developing yourselves as the kind of men

that both men and women can come to

respect today I'm gonna talk about how I

train myself to stop being afraid to

approach beautiful women with the intent

of sleeping with them this is a

challenge that most men have at some

point in their red pill development and

the reason for this is because rejection

from girls is a mathematical

inevitability regardless how tight your

game is so I'll use myself as an example

during a 2 to 3 during maybe a two to

three day stretch I'll approach and this

was at the height of my this was at the

height of my of my red pill player damn

this is when I was fucking girls left

and right so anywhere between 2 and 3

days during that stretch I'll approach

10 girls you know give or take up the 10

girls I approach I'll get seven phone

numbers of those seven four will text

back and of the four who text back to

will agree to a meet-up at least one of

those girls is gonna flake on me and

depending on my game that night may be

where she is in her menstrual cycle I

mean or really any number of factors

that could be at play it's a 50/50

chance that I'll be able to close the

deal and fuck her that night and that's

if I'm lucky and if you're one of those

guys who thinks that luck has nothing to

do with sleeping with pretty girls you

need to think again yes obviously guys

having the ability

strike up conversation and escalate with

women escalate with women sexually is is

certainly a skill that has to be learned

and cultivated but using what I just

talked about the example that I just

talked about your closing percentage is

at 10% and that's high and it listen if

if you're fucking one out of ten girls

you're approaching you're a fucking god

all right any any higher number and any

number higher than that can be chalked

up to luck now in my book luck equals

opportunity plus preparation so when I

say luck is involved it's not saying

that you didn't have a hand in your

success with women if you are prepared

to capitalize on opportunities you'll

find yourself having a lot more luck

than you might think and if you're

creating those opportunities you'll also

be getting more lucky so by the same

token there are always gonna be factors

involved that are that are gonna be

outside of your control maybe the girl

you approached it might be on the outs

with her boyfriend and is just looking

for some validation while she works

things out with him you're probably not

gonna fuck that girl if she really loves


and that's not under your control maybe

your girl is ovulating and you happen to

approach her at the right place at the

right time and you end up fucking her

that night again I'm not suggesting you

just walk up to a girl and the stars

just align all in their own no matter

what your game level is but you also

have to understand that there are

outside factors involved that you can't

control in every situation keeping that

in mind keeping that in the back your

mind helps you to deal with rejection

and trust me when I tell you guys

rejection is part of the game so if you

approach a girl you're gay and your game

is airtight but you can't number closer

you can't fucker that night it might not

even be because she didn't want to fuck

you it could be any number of things

completely unrelated to her attraction

level to you that's where one of the

elements of luck comes into play so

let's get on the reason why you came

here why you came here and that is how

to conquer your fear of approaching

pretty girls now we all know that

rejection can be very difficult we've

all been there and men who are in the

bottom rung

of the MiG towel movement in other words

these are the men there are many

different kinds of MiG towels but I'm

talking about the very lowest level

these are men who don't associate with

females on any level platonically or

otherwise those guys they cite rejection

as the main reason they want nothing to

do with dating or fucking women or

dealing with them on any level and I

can't say I blame it man girls are a lot

of trouble with your fucking him or not

if a man gets rejected enough eventually

he'll develop what we call approach

anxiety he will have experienced so much

failure his mind will almost

involuntarily paralyze him when he sees

a girl he wants to talk to and again who

can blame them if you put your hand on a

hot stove and it gets burned you're not

gonna want to put your hand on that

stove again it's it's a natural human

response well fortunately for us the

male ego can be repaired and the way to

do it is slowly and deliberately again I

speak from personal experience in this

regard so I'll talk about how I killed

my own approach anxiety and literally

became fearless when approached in

pretty women so not long after I found

the red pill no I was an approach

machine I mean listen if a female look

good I walked right up and talked to her

now because my game was shitty all right

I experienced a lot of rejection but in

the early days I kind of shook it off

because I figured hell if I talk to

enough if I talk to enough girls I'd

eventually be able to fuck one of them

right well not necessarily at least not

the way I was approaching them what I

was doing was is what I was going for

broke with every interaction rather than

reading body language and verbal tone

and because I wasn't very good at it at

the time I feel I failed with almost

every with actually every girl I talked

to after a while of all of the failures

I started to get I started getting

gun-shy about approaching women because

I didn't want to experience more

rejection now I knew that being scared

wasn't gonna get me laid because you

can't get laid if you don't talk to

girls that's basic math you can't hit a

homerun if you don't swing the bat so I

came up with a very simple and very

effective strategy to help me conquer my

fear of talking to beautiful women and

and and getting rejected by them and and

it worked it worked extremely well so

I'm gonna share that with you guys today

this is a strategy that I'll call the

progressive load strata

this is a strategy similar to lifting

weights no nobody walks into a gym after

five years gets under the bar at squats

300 pounds nobody does that they have to

start with lighter weights and work up

to it well it's the same with with

talking to girls and and being unafraid

to approach them you have to take it in

steps you have to get good at performing

one step before moving to the next and

with each progressive step each

progressive step is a little more

difficult or in weightlifting terms a

little heavier as it were so I came up

with a four step four week approach to

getting rid of my fear of approaching

girls with the intent of sleeping with

them and it takes about a month give or

take a few days depending upon your

schedule and progression so I'm gonna go

ahead and share that with you guys right

now so week number one all right is say

hi to ten girls a day Michael on week

one was simply to say hi to ten women

per day that entire week it didn't

matter how they looked if she was pretty

fat ugly girls skinny girls okay looking

girls didn't matter if she was a female

I just said hi how you doing and just

left it at that I didn't press the

interaction I didn't ask a lady I just

took a short it was just a short quick

introduction and I was on with the rest

of my day now a lot of guys that I have

advised in the past will take this step

out a little bit longer than a week to

get themselves completely numb to the

harmless act of just talking to women

because a lot of guys are scared to even

say hi to women even even in a platonic

situation where both people know that

it's not gonna lead to sex

now this particular step it's very

important in approaching in destroying

your approach anxiety so take as much

time as you need to become comfortable

with just talking to him and just saying

hi by the same token you have to be

careful not to stay in the stage for too

much longer than a week I would say ten

days max should be all you need because

you don't want to stagnate you don't

want to be afraid to move to the next

step something else you want to consider

you also want to make this a week

straight that is seven consecutive days

that's weekend

that's weekdays and weekends not

business days or just certain days this

is seven consecutive days of just

hi to any woman of any kind any female

Ness counts holidays - if you make

excuses as to why you shouldn't go out

and say hi to ten women that day yeah

well what's gonna happen is you're gonna

start making excuses when you're further

along in the process and eventually

you'll end up right back to being scared

to talk to girls so make sure you do

this on consecutive days no days off no

excuses 7 to 10 days in a row of just

sing hi two girls and you'll be on your

way to being fearless when it comes to

talking to pretty girls just saying hi

so week number two is to make small talk

with 10 girls a day the goal in the

second week is to push the action just a

little bit further and make short

innocuous small talk with 10 girls a day

what I would do is I'd walk up I'd say

hi then I tell her my name talk about my

purpose for being wherever I was and

then I ended it short and sweet I didn't

try to push anything any further so for

example when you see a girl in the

produce section of the grocery store you

walk up and introduce yourself so the

example is I walk up and I say hi how

you doing she says hi I'm good and you I

say good I'm Donovan and you are and

then she responds well my name is Ciara

then I say it nice to meet you Ciara I

just bought a juicer I'm trying to wrap

my head around spending ten dollars a

day on fruits and vegetables so then she

responds well I kind of know what you

mean then I say to her well I'm off to

find more kale nice to meet you Ciara

and that's that again guys no

expectations no pressure just a quick 15

to 20 seconds small talk to break the

ice and move on with your day again this

is an important step that can and might

need to be extended out to 8 9 or 10

days remember not to stagnate and stay

in the stage out of comfort and fear

okay you listen you must push the action

further but don't do it until you are

completely comfortable with making small

talk with women now if if Ciara for

example wanted to push the action

forward and starts asking you questions

by all means continue the conversation

but only if she pushes the conversation

forward guys if she does this it might

mean she might be attracted to you or

she might just be looking to have a

conversation there's no need

you're small there's no eatin there's no

need to injure a little talk and say

something like well I'm in week number

two out of four of my process and

killing approaching anxiety so I have to

end this now otherwise you're gonna look

stupid she's later what the fuck did

that guy just do he just walked up and

said I I thought it was kind of cute and

he told me you didn't want to talk to me

Eric no no don't do that

but again by the same token there's no

need to press the action your objective

is to introduce yourself make small talk

and move on and move on with the rest of

your day that's it no more no less so

week three have conversations with ten

girls per day now that you're

comfortable introducing yourself and

making small talk you're ready to push

things a little further and start a

conversation which is one step above

making small talk now the way you do

this is to ask her something about

herself and take it from there

so I'll use the same example I say hi

how you doing she says hi I'm good and

you I say good I'm Donovan and you are

she says I'm Victoria

nice to meet you Victoria I just bought

a juicer and I'm trying to wrap my head

around spending ten bucks a day on

fruits and vegetables she says I know

what you mean

then I asked her well do you juice she

says yeah I've done it for a few months

and then I asked her well how's that

working for you she says it pretty good

I feel a lot better since I've started

and then I press a little further I said

really how so she's as well I have more

energy and I sleep better I say cool

I've read all about the benefits and

I've decided to give it a try myself so

here I am so then she says well good for

you I hope it works out for you I say

same here have a good one and leave it

at that

at this point guys you've mastered

starting an interaction and introducing

yourself so pushing the conversation

further a little further is is it's the

natural progression of things all right

like the first two steps your intention

is to cut things off after you've

accomplished your goal this takes the

pressure completely off of you because

you're not trying to get her a number

yet again if she wants to push the

action a little further there's no need

to shut it down but only as long as she

wants to push the interaction forward

but again so long as you accomplish your

goal you're good to go you can get out

of there you're keeping things simple

you're keeping things short you're

keeping things light you're keeping the

your you're keeping the pressure

completely off of the both of you so now

it's time to move to the last stage

which is actually going

for the number clothes so week four

you're gonna go for it and try to get

ten numbers a day now we're turning up

now we're turning the pressure up a

little bit you've spent the better part

of the last few weeks just making

conversation and getting comfortable

with interacting with women with no

intentions or expectations this is very

key but now it's time to take it to the

next level and push for the phone number

now keep in mind you'll be ready for

this step because I know a lot of you

guys are thinking at this moment shit I

gotta ask her for her phone number now

which is perfectly natural because you

haven't started the process yet you

haven't gotten completely numb to saying

hi to girls you you haven't had you you

haven't had at least 70 short

conversations with a woman in a week yet

it you haven't mastered the art of

simply breaking the ice so it's natural

to feel a little bit apprehensive and

maybe even a little bit overwhelmed

hearing this now before you've actually

gone out and done these things but when

week 4 comes around guys trust me when I

tell you you'll be more than ready you

will have introduced think about this

you will have introduced yourself to at

least 70 women you will have had made

small talk with at least 70 more and you

will have had conversations with at

least 70 girls so at this point you all

have had interactions at varying level

of varying levels with over 200 females

think about that 200 females so going

for her phone number at this point isn't

going to be nearly as tough as you think

you'll you'll actually find it much

easier than you might think it is as

opposed to what you're thinking now the

first time you go in for is a number

close after having progressed steadily

you'll find that your nerves and your

fear of rejection two things that

paralyze you in the past are almost

non-existent and trust me when I tell

you guys that is a liberating feeling

guys there's nothing like going broke

with a girl and being completely

fearless about about the outcome listen

I'm here to tell you there's nothing

like it

so using the example of using the

example that I've that I've just talked

about it and all of the examples from

the from the three previous weeks here's

how this is gonna happen you walk up to

her say hey how you doing

she says hi I'm good and you good I'm

Donovan she says and you are I say you

are she says I'm Mikayla I say nice to

meet you Mikayla

I just bought a juicer and I'm trying to

wrap my

spend 10 bucks a day on fruits and

vegetables you know what I mean she says

yeah I know what you mean

well then I asked her out we'll do you

juice she says well yeah I've done it

for a few months then I asked her well

how's it working so far well pretty good

I feel a lot better since I started

really how so well I have more energy

and I sleep much better then I say cool

I've read about the benefits and I've

decided to give it a try myself so here

I am she says good for you I hope it

works for you I say thanks then I pull

out my phone and say hey you know I know

of a new juice bar in town I've been

wanting to try you then hand her your

phone and say you seem pretty cool here

put your number in and we'll hit it up

sometimes now when you do this guys one

of two things is gonna happen she will

either put her phone number in your

phone or she will not in either case

you're not gonna die

you're not gonna spontaneously combust

thus listen you'll live to fight another

day the sun's gonna come up tomorrow and

you'll still be you ok so she wasn't

interested in you big fucking deal

you've talked listen now you've talked

to over 201 girls at this point you know

it's only a matter of time before you

start getting phone number so you're not

gonna sweat one girl not taking the bait

it's part of the game so here's what you

do in both scenarios if she gives you

her number your response is cool I'll

shoot you a text when I'm headed out

there she'll say ok cool you say alright

well I'm gonna go grab some kale see you

later if she doesn't give you her number

you just kind of shrug your shoulders

put your phone back in your pocket cool

well I'm gonna go grab some kale have a

good one in either case fit gentlemen do

not hang around let me repeat that

whether she puts her number in your

phone or not do not hang around if she

does give you her phone number hang

around and continuing to talk to her

will open you up to doing or saying

something stupid plus you need to come

off as a man on the go all right you

need to come off as a man who has other

shit going on in his life standing

around at a grocery store talking to

this girl for longer than necessary can

skin can really signal thirst and

neediness both of which are unattractive

to women and if you stand there and talk

to her for a half an hour this will

increase the odds of her flaking on you

which you do not want get the digits and

get the fuck out of there if you've

gotten her number guys obviously she's

aroused enough by you at that point no

need to kill a fly with a sledgehammer

escalate later on during the meet-up


you have to understand once you get our

number if there is nothing more you can

do at that point you got a number she's

interested now get out of there now guys

this is the exact this this strategy is

exactly what I did to the letter to make

myself unafraid to talk to pretty girls

when they crossed my path each step took

different amounts of time but with each

progression I made I made sure that I

mastered the previous step before moving

on to the next and as a result I come a

dude I completely mastered the art of

introducing myself I mastered the art of

make up small talk I mastered half of

conversations with and then number

closing good-looking girls guys this

isn't rocket science okay this isn't

brain surgery this is it's not some

cheesy pick-up technique it's a simple

effective strategy that helps you to

become progressively better at talking

to women that's all this is

now obviously the conversations will be

a little bit in terms of context and

situation where you are where she is etc

but sticking to this strategy will

drastically improve your conversational

skills with women and before you know it

guys you're gonna have more numbers than

you know what to do with next week on

Donovan's den I'm gonna talk about some

of the most common shit tests women

deploy and how to overcome them when you

are approaching women

well actually out of when you're

approaching women overcome and shit test

on a first date in a relationship etc so

you'll definitely want to tune in for

that one because this is where men this

were a lot of men falls short at times

some guys are great at meeting women

talking to him getting phone numbers and

setting up dates but a lot of times they

get tripped up when girls when girls

throw out shit tests which they are does

and those shit tests are designed to

test your mettle as a man be sure to

catch TSR live weekday afternoons at

5:30 Eastern to 35 30 Eastern 2:30

Pacific on YouTube thanks for tuning

into this week this week's edition of

Donovan's den I'll see you guys next


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