Donovan's Den Vol. 1: How to overcome your fear of talking to hot girls

In the first installment of Donovan's Den, Donovan Sharpe talks about the strategy he used himself to get over his approach anxiety. Beautiful women can be very intimidating at first glance causes the vast majority of men to do nothing more than stare at her. Learn how to destroy your fear of talking to pretty girls and thrive on the dating market

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The #1 thing that holds men back who are new to Red Pill game is being afraid to talk to beautiful women. We see a pretty girl in public and we know we want to talk to her, get her number, and eventually fuck her but the fear of rejection paralyzes you so you don't approach.

This leads to regret and more frustration. I experienced the same thing when I first started. I knew I wanted to fuck hot girls on the regular but I was afraid to even walk up and say hi. So I came up with a strategy, put it in place and stuck with it until it worked.

Funny thing is, it wasn't hard to stick with at all because of the way I allowed myself to start with "light weights" then work up to the heavier lifting. This is called "progressive load" in the weight lifting world and the same thing applies with my strategy.

This is the method that is responsible for my success with women. You can't get girls' phone numbers, go on dates with them, or fuck them if you don't approach them first. Here's how I completely overcame my approach anxiety and became absolutely fearless when it came to running game on hot girls. 

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