How to properly vet a woman for a potential relationship - Part One (Episode 392)

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1800 SAT score eat under 1,500 calories

a day and in dental requests if you

treat her better than she treats you

she'll get bored don't just give her

your attention made her earner

she's not your co-pilot she's your

flight attendant fly from Philadelphia

pure man

Donovan sure what's up guys it's your

man Donovan sharp and welcome to the 390

second edition of TSR live your daily

dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Monday January 14th 2019

it is good to be back gentlemen

I took a much-needed vacation last week

got caught up on a few things I was a

little behind on worked on my mobile app

as well as my book got a lot of sleep a

lot of rest sort of allowed myself to

kind of decompress recharge my batteries

now admittedly I'll actually tell you

this admittedly it didn't start off that

way I actually put in six hours of work

on both Saturday and Sunday and then

another eight on Monday and Tuesday so I

was having a hard time turning turning

my mind off and going into vacation mode

and as a result I actually started

getting headaches and Devens of course

you know Devon's in my ear talking about

Donovan you're supposed to be taking the

week off and you need rest and this and

that and so I woke up with a headache on

Tuesday morning and for the life of me I

could not get rid of it I had it all day

long but I was still trying to put in

work but when I woke up on Wednesday

morning again with a headache my

headache still had not gone away and oh

by the way I didn't really sleep that

well that night that's when I finally

said okay I need to step back and really

take some time off and not do anything

and that made all the difference in the

world had a very restful rest of the

week and I topped it off with a weekend

trip to Atlantic City to do some

gambling some fine dining had wild crazy

hotel sex and all that

fun stuff and by the way by the way I

gambled a total of fifteen dollars in

Atlantic City listen I lived in Vegas

for almost nine years I was never much

of a gambler you know play the pity

sluts every once in a while just to pass

the time or Falls running game on a girl

whatever the case may be but I'm not

really much of a gambler I know a lot of

guys that might come as a surprise to a

lot of guys because I'm a big sports fan

lived in Vegas for almost a decade not

really into gambling but I gambled a

total of $15 in Atlantic City and I won

a hundred and fifty now I lost 50 of

that 150 in about five minutes so I just

decided to walk away and quit while I

was ahead and incidentally enough my my

winnings ended up paying for dinner that

night so now I'm back I am recharged I'm

re-energized and I'm ready to crank out

this content for you guys

we are multi casting live two three

YouTube channels three Facebook pages

and Twitter via periscope it is

long-term relationship week here at TSR

towers we are focusing on the main

aspects of long-term relationships red

pill style so this week we are going to

discuss the vetting process we're gonna

discuss setting boundaries training your

woman and why it's necessary we're gonna

talk about how to punish and reward your

woman in order to discourage bad

behavior while encouraging good behavior

so it's gonna be a great week of shows

guys gonna be very informative hopefully

you guys will get something out of it so

let's go ahead and get started here and

take it from the top

which is the vetting process now most

women make great short-term girlfriends

which is another name for a fuck buddy

or a friend with benefits most most

women within a two-week fuckfest with

you they are on their best behavior they

answer all your calls they answer all

your texts immediately get sex on

command you get treated well and all

that fun stuff now the reason why women

treat you the best when you first start

fucking them is

cuz you're new you're a new toy you're a

new toy she doesn't really know much

about you but what she does know but

what she does know is that she likes

fucking you and she enjoys your company

outside of sex now not knowing much

about you actually works to your

advantage because her perception of you

is dictated by her imagination if a

woman likes you enough she will start to

imagine the things that she doesn't know

about you as favorable traits that's why

men who have sort of an air of mystery

or mystique about them are always

treated much better than men who are an

open book right here guys all the time

oh I'm an open book yeah this is why

women shit on you all the time Darcy as

a matter of fact my ex-wife Darcy told

me that when we first started dating she

actually said this to me she says you

have a mystique about you I was in this

podunk country town working in this

warehouse just a bunch of red that it

was a bunch of trailer park a trailer

park white trash and hood niggas all up

in this little podunk country town and

here I come walk-in the walk and talk in

the talk like I do and all of a sudden I

was different I was the new shiny thing

anyway the longer we were together the

longer Darcy and I were together the

more of that mystique wore off and

eventually I was just like every other

guy that she had been with this is just

part of the process that this this is

what happens this is what time does to

everyone in this regard anyway

we as men we don't really require much

from short term girlfriends right if she

looks good if she sucks good if she

fucks good then it's all good we're not

really worried about much of anything

else because we know that whatever ship

she has with her whatever bag if she has

it's not really gonna matter because

we're not gonna be around long enough to

discover it or be affected by it but

long-term relationships are different

very different obviously and where most

men fuck things up is the vetting

process most men these days use short

term girlfriend vetting they use the

short term girlfriend vetting standard

as a long term girlfriend vetting

standard but then they wonder why all of

them cheated on him with Billy the

cocaine dealer why

she fucking Dave the unemployed

GarageBand player well because you use

the short term girlfriend standard and

setup she looks good she sucks good she

fucks good she answers my calls

wife in material you moved her in she

started fucking the guy that supplied

you with cocaine and oh by the way

there's a guy who works at her company

by the name of Kevin who's gonna be

training her personally here within the

next few weeks now before we get into

the vetting process first and foremost a

woman has to meet a number of

prerequisites a number of minimum

requirements if she wants to be

considered for a long term relationship

now there are many many I don't want to

say many many but there are more than a

few prerequisites for red pill aware men

in order to consider a woman for a long

term relationship material but I'm gonna

give you guys the eight most important

according to your uncle Donovan number

one I think this goes without saying

she's got to be attractive if I don't

want to fuck you I'm not interested

period I don't care about your education

I don't care how much money you make I

don't care what you do for a living I

don't care what kind of car you drive I

don't care what kind of house you live


I don't care about any of that stuff if

you if I don't want to fuck you I will

never be in a relationship with you you

could be the most feminine woman on

earth you could have the kindest

disposition you could be as selfless as

selfless as you want to be you could

make me your mental point of origin all

that stuff if I don't get a boner at the

thought of you naked not happening so

that's number one number two no kids

listen man I am NOT trying to take care

of another niggas kids fuck that noise

don't listen

fuck single mothers don't date them

number three she cannot be a broke-ass

bitch now I don't mind spending a little

coin on my woman if she earns that if

she earns that privilege and the

situation warrants it but I'm not gonna

and again that comes way down the line

just took Devin to Atlantic City dude

she's my long-term girlfriend we live

together she has put in the work

she's paid her dues she deserves stuff

like that but I'm not about to pay a

woman's electric bill or a phone bill if

I've been fucking you for six months not

gonna happen

a woman doesn't have to be rich she

doesn't have to have a career but she

has got to be able to pay her bills

because again if you are entertaining

thoughts of a long-term relationship

with this woman

then she at the very least has to have

some sort of financial stability she

doesn't have to have a plus credit we

all know that women are notoriously bad

with money we get all that just pay your


don't be asking me to borrow money and

no I'm not gonna pay your fucking

electric bill

no broke-ass bitches number four the

fourth prerequisite no feminists listen

man there's no need to elaborate here

guys the feminists make bad feminists

make bad wives and girlfriends as a

natural byproduct of their very ideology

I don't think I have to really go into

that listen fuck feminists you can fuck

them all you want make fuck buddies out

of them make them friends with benefits

one-night stands use them for threesomes

right don't make feminists your

girlfriends or wives don't do that

number five no feminist beliefs

well now while most women don't identify

as feminists most of them have feminist

beliefs such as the ridiculous notion of

gender equality egalitarian

relationships and of course the wage gap

these women can sometimes even be worse

than feminists at least feminists are

upfront about their fucked up mindsets a

lot of these girls say well I'm not a

feminist but they have feminist beliefs

and a lot of them are more vehement than

the very feminists themselves number six

honesty listen guys a woman who cannot

be trusted is a woman who will make a

bad wife and mother and again I think

that goes without saying but there are

so many guys out here who say well my

girlfriend or wife lied to me this one

time about this one about this one small

which may have been a big thing I'm

gonna keep her out no no

if you can't listen you don't have to

trust a woman to love a woman you can

trust a woman and when I say trust I

mean you don't have to trust that she's

never going to go off and fuck someone

these are two different kinds of trust

listen man if your value goes down and

she start in if your value goes down as

a man if you forget out of keep her in

line if you're not fucking her as much

if you lost your job if your value goes

down she's going to find someone to

replace you with who has equal or

greater value than she does that's how

that goes that's not the honesty I'm

talking about what I'm talking about is

can you believe what a woman says to you

when she talks to you can you

straight-up believe her when she tells

you things about her day there are some

guys who have wives and girlfriends who

lie about shit they have no need to lie

about look I went to Applebee's for

lunch you find out she went to

chick-fil-a what the fuck are you lying

about where you went to lunch for right

the very tool that women use to cheat

and engage of course in nefarious

behavior is lying more women lie than

women who do not this is an immutable

fact I don't give a fuck dude you you as

a woman oh my god that's not even close

to true sweetheart you just told

yourself a lie right there case closed

now spotting a lying female is always

difficult at first simply because you

don't really know her that well but

women have a way of telling on

themselves through a concept in the

Matis fear that we like to call trickle

truth and I'll give you guys a quick

example here let's say that a girl tells

you that she and her boyfriend broke up

because he was physically abusive and

cheated on her okay you give her the

benefit of doubt because hey you weren't

there so you don't really know B you're

giving her the benefit of the doubt

which of course is a huge mistake in and

of itself now if what she says is true

about the abuse and the cheating she'll

never talk about it but if it's not she

will let the truth slip out about parts

of their relationship that contradicts

what she told you she might slip up and

tell you that he was sweet or that he

would never lie

and honor or something to that effect

right well if he's sweet I would never

lay a hand on you word at all this

infidelity and abuse come from you get

the picture if you catch her in even one

lie guys one lie she is a liar and

cannot be trusted honest women are

honest honest women about to do this way

honest women are women who are honest

even when they don't want to be right

unfortunately most women take the easy

road and just lie but if you can find a

woman who is honest to a fault you might

have yourself a candidate not a keeper

but a candidate number seven the number

seven prerequisite for a red pill

relationship is willing transparency now

this is a big one

I have often discussed that Devin has a

GPS monitor on her phone and all of our


she has a key logger on all of her

phones and devices all of that allows me

to see every single keystroke as well as

software that notifies me when she

leaves or arrives at any location in our

city depending you know you know

including where we live right tells me

when she gets to work tells me when she

gets to certain stores now it goes

without it should also go you know go

without saying that she doesn't have a

lock on her phone and she allows me to

go through her phone whenever I damn

well please

I also made her delete all social media

accounts and she happily obliged now the

reason she does this is because she

wants to be completely transparent

she note listen she knows who I am she

knows that I she knows that she knows

about my experiences she knew I was

donovan sharp right she knows that I can

see things that most men cannot or at

least I acknowledge that I see things

that most men cannot okay she wants to

be a hundred she wants me to be one

hundred percent certain that she is not

up to anything suspicious shut up the

freelance ronin with the five dollar

contribution says welcome back

TSR and full effect you guys can also

contribute via the stream labs link

stream labs comm ford slash donovan

sharpen the number one

post that in the link and the chat here

in a second I can't call it but the Bob

and Sacramento contribution link because

he doesn't want me to continue to blow

sunshine up his ass anyway 99.9% of

cheating happens on a woman's phone

Facebook tinder whatsapp you name it

girls use it to fuck other dudes my

girlfriend has forfeit she has forfeited

all of her autonomy to become completely

transparent meaning she has no issue

with me knowing exactly what she does on

her phone this is one of the reasons I

made Devin my girlfriend now requiring a

key logger and GPS tracking on your

woman's device is next level game I

require it of Devin because I'm Donovan

sharp and I've been in the game for

almost a decade but for men out there

who aren't quite as experienced it would

be unwise to attempt something that

you're not really ready to attempt there


there's a lot that goes in to something

like this requiring this particular

thing of your woman and most guys just

aren't ready for this and that's okay

not requiring your woman to put a key

logger and/or a GPS tracker on her phone

doesn't mean you can't keep her in line

but what you do need to require at the

very least is for her to hand you her

phone at any and all times you ask her

to if you are unable to make this

requirement of a woman who wants to be

in a long-term relationship with you

then you are not ready to be the man she

wants and needs which is a man who keeps

her in line and protects her from

herself even if she doesn't like the way

that you do it women want good

relationships but they don't want to pay

the good relationship price well guess

what men are guilty of this too if you

tell me well done it but there's no need

for me to look at her film so I don't

make her show it to me that just means

you're afraid of your woman period women

now women watching this they might say

things like well if you're sick if

you're secure in your masculinity in

relationship you wouldn't have to look

at her phone to which I would respond

well that's exactly what cheating women

tell their boyfriends and husbands when

they suspect your weekend workshops with

Kevin and sales have nothing to do with

work speaking of which

speaking of which and staying in the

same lane here while going a little bit

off-topic a lot of guys lately have

asked me Donovan I told my girl that she

needs to stop talking to her exes or

that Girls Night Out is not allowed or

whatever requirement they tell their

women and she tells me okay fine but you

have to do the same what should I do in

this situation

well first off if she requires you to do

what you've required of her there's

nothing you can do because it's already

too late

if a woman believes if she thinks that

she can make the same requirements of

you that you have made of her you either

a didn't set boundaries properly which

by the way we're gonna talk about

Wednesday B you didn't set the tone for

the relationship by establishing

dominance and leadership from the start

C she doesn't think it's worth it which

means your value isn't high enough for

her to want to be in a committed

relationship with you or worst of all D

she didn't vocalize her desire for a

relationship with you gentlemen you

cannot make requirements of a woman who

has not verbalized the desire to be in

an exclusive relationship with you it

can't be done and a lot of guys make

this mistake thinking the woman will

just fall in because she fucks him all

the time and she says she really likes

him nah bruh it takes a little more than

blowjobs and lip service pun intended on

both ends to assume a woman wants to be

with you exclusively she's got to say it

Donovan I want to be in an exclusive

relationship with you too many dudes out

here trying to use next-level game they

have know that too many dudes are out

here trying to use next-level game they

have no experience with on women who

have not expressed the desire to be in a

relationship so if she hits you with

well if I have to do it then so so do


this means you fucked up somewhere along

the way and more often than not it's

because she doesn't want to be your girl

which means you ain't doing it right and

as a side note girls will also pull this

if I have to do it then so do you

argument if you made her your girlfriend

too soon she does

value your commitment because you didn't

make her work for it so of course she's

gonna push back when he try to lay down

certain meanings that's just basic math

number eight the eighth prerequisite to

be a candidate for a long term

relationship with a man with red pill

awareness accountability nothing pisses

me off more than a woman who makes

excuses yes when men make excuses that

pisses me off too but when women do it

it makes me it gets me really pissed off

well that's sexist yes it is

moving right along I'm fat because I

have a thyroid condition

no you're fat because you eat crappy you

don't exercise I got fired because my

boss is an asshole no you got fired

because you sucked at your job and

you're always late it's always something

with these bitches and worse yet women

who are are the women who make excuses

for their bad behavior I cheated because

he was neglecting my needs no you

cheated because you're a slut and you

needed to you needed a reason to be a

slut I don't cook for him because I

don't have ingredients for a meal no you

don't cook for him because you're lazy

and you can't cook I don't dress up for

him because I'm too tired no you don't

dress up for him because again you are

lazy a woman who isn't accountable for

her bad behavior is a woman who will

never change for the better

we don't expect women to be perfect but

we expect women to be better and in

order to be better one has to be

accountable for their actions so that

they can course correct and make the

proper adjustments

when you call a woman out on her bad

behavior she should acknowledge her


own it to take her lumps and tell you

she'll be better end of stories yes

she's gonna defend herself at times

which is a natural human response okay

fine but more often than not a woman who

has the potential to be in a long-term

relationship of consequence with a man

with red pill awareness is gonna say hey

you know what I fucked up

I'll try to be I can't make promises but

I'm gonna try to be better but if you're

dealing with a woman who always trips

back when you get on her about shit she

shouldn't be doing she's simply not

going to make the changes necessary to

increase her value to you as your woman

so when and if you do find a woman who

meets all of these prerequisites and

trust me when I tell you this is not

going to be easy but if you do she might

have the potential to be considered for

a possible relationship outside of sex

but keep this in monkey piss in mind

guys just because a woman meets you're a

pretty spree requisites doesn't mean

she's long-term relationship material

your work isn't close to being finished

here because now you have to vet her and

I want to be perfectly clear when I say

this this is gonna take some time

it's gonna take a long time as in at

least six months oh my god don't have

been six months is a long time yeah yes

it is but you want to know what else is

a long time eighteen years as an 18

years of child support you'll be paying

for a kid who may or may not be yours

because you foolishly believed that Dave

the GarageBand player who may or may not

be sleeping in a car that may or may not

be his was friend's own did buy your

girl because you didn't take the time to

vet her properly gentleman this ain't

fast food advice man this ain't McDonald

this ain't Burger King this is an advice

for fucking sluts

this ain't slut week if you're looking

for that go back and find the slut week

archive it was the week of Thanksgiving

nah brah this is three-course meal

advice this is about taking the time to

vet a woman so she doesn't turn your

life upside down and if you're too lazy

to take the time then maybe a long-term

relationship isn't for you and if that's

the case cool

man listen fuck sluts until you die fuck

sluts until your dick falls off you're

getting no hate from me I understand

but telling me that six months or more

is too long to vet a woman is like

telling me that spending at least five

days a week in the gym and eating clean

has too much trouble to get into the

best shape of your life

no you're lazy you want all the benefits

without any of the cost and that is a

female mindset so if you don't think

that vetting a woman is worth the

trouble you are either lazy or not ready

for a long-term relationship either way

this week is definitely not for you my

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let's go to the phone lines let's go to

see in Vegas man AC listen man it's been

a while since we thought brother do you

know it's crazy you know this might be a

little long wait first of all let me

just say this I'm pissed off for you

about the Eagles and the Saints because

I want to fuck the same I didn't I was

not happy about that okay and I saw you

know you say one thing about sports talk

also I thought there was some coxswain

the guys around me they're thinking

Andrew Worth was gonna pick was going to

take down the arm but geez I said that's

not happening so no I don't know where

they thought God was coming from I think

because look angel book was hot and he

defeated detection I still believe the

tickets were a better team by the way

but he had the momentum so I'm not

taking a from him yeah I don't know what

I thought of the Chiefs and the Colts I

guess maybe I thought the Chiefs would

win I didn't expect them to win that

convincingly I definitely thought Andrew

Luck had a chance to go in there and

beat Kansas City because he's you know

the hot quarterback but and listen this

is just in Kansas City's defense is not

as bad as we've all been saying it is so

watch out and Saudi and on the opening

rant whatever let me let me put this all

into context because I have been

listening to you since no forget

listening I remember our original return

of kings I didn't really like return the

king there it's me other guys you were

the only one that I read and I remember

you go into the podcast I remember the

YouTube channel just had to have the

target indicator remember that yeah I do

I got across there yeah yeah yeah yeah

and this reminded me of the og episode

Oh for real the price you gotta pay

there you go that's all right I think I

think only people with technical I still

remember those may be like freelance

Ronan maybe to make it pepper someone

something better oh shit oh god yeah Lil

B for belly and all those guys man

how old guys your ETS 42 yep but yep be

to your point I remember I think I want

to kiss and tell but I remember

listening to you now say damn I'm in a

fucked up situation my status up swear

to God

cut the cut to 2019 now you're back on

the air you know saying you go Quietus

let me tell you guys something it's a

full-time job you've gotta be in the gym

you got to be talking to these women to

do is not this there's no nope you

always got to be on point there's always

the trapdoor there's always the hatch

you got to be in again say there's no

halfway or there's no well three months

and there's nothing to do you know in

what you spoke to it's so powerful too

many guys just can't wait to meet girls

their girlfriend right I made this

mistake my site if they don't value

listen you did not build enough value

that's why you can push that there you

go you did not build everything you know

they don't trust you not that's why

you're getting pushback they don't

respect you no that's why you're getting

pushed back right you're saying so like

the basics to your point what you're

saying is actually 100% correct there's

no bullshit there's no games nothing do

your deal right now I can I can squat

215 pounds yes sir there we go three

plates do that before yeah dude it's

fucking tough yeah I definitely went

yeah yeah yeah what dude

just to support your point man Donovan

it never starts guys I think think I

think guys things like you know you

reach this level and you made it

no no that would be in the pen you

always thought you always got to look

good and you always always got to be in

the right frame that's it is there's no

excuses and they'll cut corners and

nothing dude and keep bottling for

graduations bring back on their

appreciation man appreciate it thanks

for the call see in Vegas yes see in

Vegas calls on the show quite often yeah

oh and by the way shout-out to HS Lee

169 with the $5 contribution he says

appreciate your hard work keep dropping

that red pill knowledge appreciate that

um yeah so yeah so the Eagles are out of

the playoffs and listen it was a good

game for a split second and I listened I

said this to Devin

I said listen the Saints are gonna be

rusty for about a quarter and a half

they haven't played serious football in

three weeks

resting guys guys you know take him to

taking the day off so we need to pounce

on him early we need to build we need to

build like a 17 to maybe 20 21 point


we almost got there man if we had scored

one more touchdown that that that could

have made a little bit of a difference

so foals magic is over and listen the

Eagles have until five days after the

Super Bowl I think to exercise the

option to keep Nick Foles

but we're gonna trade Nick Foles and a

lot of guys would say well Carson

Wentz's injury-prone yes

Carson Wentz is injury prone he has you

know he has never played an entire I

think his the only time he played the

entire season was his rookie year and I

don't even know that he I don't even

know that he played every game then

probably just because he was rookie but

here's the thing guys yes he is injury

prone but with great talent comes great

risk take a guy like Brett Favre one of

the best storms we've ever seen what was

the risk there but he was healthy

because what he threw a lot of

interceptions as a matter of fact Brett

Favre has the most interceptions in NFL

history 336 right this is what talent

does Michael Vick probably the most

electric player who has ever played the


he was also injury prone tío one of the

dude one of the one of the top three

greatest receivers ever he was a diva's

a bad teammate locker room cancer the

same could even be said about Randy Moss

at times Lawrence Phillips could have

been one of the greats but he was a

train wreck upstairs he couldn't stay

out of trouble with the law ended up

killing an inmate and then killed

himself sometimes guys the risk is

injury sometimes the risk is bad

decision making because of talent think

Jeff George think Brett Favre Patrick

mahomes he's gonna throw a lot of pics

because he's got a holitzer for an arm

that's his risk ok listen dude sometimes

the guy has baggage maybe he

as a chaotic childhood maybe no father

the list goes on think Josh Guertin

whatever the case may be you can't

listen you can't have all the costs you

can't have all the benefits without any

of the costs

listen Nick Foles is a good quarterback

Carson Wentz is gifted and we can see

that he's gifted

never forget guys Carson Wentz he was

your MVP last year before he got hurt he

was the runaway MVP guy MVP favorite

maybe he gets hurt again maybe he

doesn't but he's worth the risk and

Howie Roseman will make the right

decision by picking up foals picking up

the option for Nick Foles next season

and then trading him for assets the week

so that we can continue to build around

Carson Wentz and our football team all

right so that is enough of the chat area

codes 502 and 954 I see you guys on the

lines let me get to the chat here and

then we will get into the meat of things

169 people watching good to see you guys

in here hel fighter pops the cherry Ryan

Sullivan gets sloppy seconds JC gets to

fuck her in the ass BK from the Rockies

gets the finish on her face that he

Scott gets it all on video infinite

Peaks mister infinitive good to see you

in here Latino Menace here aka Miami J

good to see you in the house I have a

feeling that might be you on the line

Nigel Diggs chase LeBeau chase rubadoux

so we have chase Lobo and chase rubadoux

Eddie Kruger says this is the first time

catching a live show welcome mr. Kruger

sir a the great Luigi Conte Luigi County

wants to know how was the vacation it

was very very restful I enjoyed it very

very much Minear Sanchez single moms'

load you Donovan that's a shame because

I love single moms especially fucking


Falcon black is in the house orlando

garcia john lennon we got one of the

beatles in here talking about he loves

my channel get your boys Ringo and Paul

in here we'll have a party

is a bad beatles joke insidious feminism

yes mr. Mike Chenery is working out

while listening Guillermo Garcia that

toxic Crusades in the house says stop

moving back the goalposts for these

women set standards totally agree

brandon webster checking in from the six

one five nashville tennessee good to see

you in here h DJ redline good stuff

ah trinity supreme power says can she

expect the same opens open phone policy

from a good man hahaha see that trinity

literally stood at trinity literally

said exactly what i just did the fact

that trinity has to ask that question

what this means is that as far as she's

concerned i'm not worth being in a

long-term relationship with which is

fine but the minute trinity runs into a

dude who has options could do it could

do with or without her right makes her

work for his affection trinity will fall

in she's not requiring shit in because

she knows that she's not worth as much

as he is i love it it's so funny i love

women are always like what can she

expect the same from him no well then

he's not gonna be in a relationship cool

whatever my way or the highway

luigi consciousness they will call you

insecure jealous man listen you say

insecure and jealous i say fuck you know

give a shit Hashim Abdullah says that

eliminates over eighty percent of

American women Armando Moreno says

Donovan when you when should you call a

girl out on her shit without coming off

needy dude call her out on her bullshit

immediately straight up yeah call it a

woman out on her bullshit is not it's

not needy it's you calling her out on

her bullshit maybe I misunderstood the

the question but hopefully I answered

her for you

DK no says damn I had six of the eight

on the list but I couldn't deal with the

disrespectful and immature mindset yeah

kind of a deal breaker got a video


plant-based well well says direct

is a condom okay I was aware of that

appreciate that

Remy says yo Donovan do you prefer

tactical soap or 18:21 man-made not the

same product not the same product

well well also wants to know beard or

goatee definitely beard definitely beard

goatees tend to make a man's face look

fat Lisi is like a like a strong jawline

loner baller says I'm sad the Eagles

lost it is what it is I didn't expect us

to go to the Superbowl there's all this

stuff oh my god if Nick Foles wins the

Superbowl again that was never gonna


Thaddeus Scott said Eagles did not much

should have lost in Chicago but we

didn't well well if if Cody parky

doesn't do the double doink the double

Clank two eagles wouldn't one yeah well

guess what the New York Giants would not

have won Super Bowl 25 that's Scott

Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal why

to the right wide to the right but guess


the Giants got the w DK nose says I'm

curious why respect wasn't on the list

well because that should go without

saying like these are things that I

think a woman being respectful to you as

a man as a red pillow where a man I

don't think I should have to tell you

hey as a prerequisite you know she has

to respect you now keep in mind she's

got to earn that you have to earn that

respect a woman doesn't have to respect

you because you have a dick and balls

right just like princess whatever her

face says what can she expect the same

treatment from a man well the reason

she's asking that is because at this

point she doesn't feel like it's worth

it okay

you don't deserve a woman's respect any

more than a woman deserves yours you've

got to earn her respect if you listen if

you want her to be attracted to you you

have to earn a woman's respect you do

this by being true to yourself being a

red pillow where a male staying on your

purpose as alpha male strategies like

Stu likes to call it don't be thirsty

keep her in line call her out on her

bullshit and live your life for you be

your own mental point of origin

aka being selfish Kyle Mitchell says

that's what the Eagles get for beating

the Falcons last hear listen man like


a lot of listen Nick Foles I think we

should retire his number City's first

Super Bowl but if Julio Jones remembers

how to catch the football then the

Eagles are eliminated last year in the

first round

Wilner volver pointing out that Antonio

Brown is a diva himself absolutely


triple-s XXX says Foles is better than

is greater than wince come on Donovan

you don't know anything you don't know

anything anybody who says that Foles is

better than once is just like I mean

you're not you know you don't watch the


you think you figure it you think of it

like this if Nick Foles and Carson Wentz

were both made available they were both

free agents right now who would who

would get more money it would be Carson

Wentz yeah but he's injury prone so he's

still the better quarterback still the

better quarterback that hole Falls is so

much better than Wentz that's female

logic that's that's you being a woman

and thinking with your emotions don't

think with your emotions think

pragmatically yeah yeah but he won a

Super Bowl last year yes he did and he

will give another team a chance to win a

Super Bowl but Carson Wentz is a

generational generationally gifted

talent you don't just okay so he tore up

his knee and had a back injury you don't

ship him off for a guy who's a

journeyman and pushing 30 who caught

lightning in a bottle one time and and

when the Eagles are Super Bowl irony

says not their beard product their body

wash um which do I prefer well I'll put

it to you like this one thing that tact

out one thing that I have noticed about

tactical soap the bond and the Durden

when I use bond and Durden the mic alone

tends to last longer in my skin like you

can smell a longer not so much now the

Maverick to me smells the best but the

the Durden and the bond when you use it

when you take a cold shower with Durden

or bond your Cologne stays on your skin

lager you don't have to use as much of

it I've tried it with Maverick doesn't

doesn't really last as long but maverick

smells the best so Guillermo Garcia says

feminists are fun never knew that yeah

yeah of course there are a lot of fun

ah xxx says he was kiddin but fools is

good yeah absolutely

listen I think Foles is gonna make

anywhere between 17 and 20 million

dollars for the next three or four

seasons 911 for two oh five five three

five six is the number to call if you

want to get in on the show let's go back

to the phone lines

area code 502 you're on live Adana good

greetings mortals

this is wizard prang what's up brother

how you doing man doing very well thanks

and you doing good man doing good listen

um well for those of you that know long

time listener and I do mean listener

because I started following you before

we knew what you look like a ballute lee

I'm not your typical viewer listener um

in fact I am in my fifties didn't

married happily for a very long time

okay so I'd like to pick up a few things

along the way so I'm basically good

greetings from the other side of a

mountain okay right just past our 32nd

anniversary and I wanted you to share a

couple of quick little bits of infant

bits of information that may help your

viewership let's do it first up the road

to girlfriend and the road to wife lead

in opposite directions ooh I like it the

qualities that you look for in a

long-term partner you know reliability

someone who's always going to be there

for you are often the the opposite and

ascetical to the ones that you look for

in a short term relationships you know

um in my experience and you've probably

guessed by now that I'm not from around


no in a not marriage material

right yes most women are not wife

material now you've been married for 32


yep okay so what about your wife

clearly stands out to you and and I've

talked about this before there is a big

difference between sexual market value

which is where your one-night stands

fuck-buddies fallen and relationship

market value the same that the same

qualities of a woman who has high sexual

market value are not necessarily the

same as high relationship market value

so your wife of 32 years what about her

told you hey maybe maybe I can maybe I

can be married to this one for an

extended period of time

well there's a whole bunch of things

there and bear in mind that I met her in

1981 we were both a whole lot younger

and I would say she came from a very

conservative background very stable

family background very religious in

nature okay but I think what what really

impressed me was the fact that she was

willing to follow my lead there we go

yeah III cannot pretend to be an alpha

and in fact I would say that and I'd

like to thank you because your your and

presence here has helped me to become a

better husband and a better man good

good thank you but I would say if she is

she if you want you would call over here

a ride-or-die girl is she in with you no

matter what right there and women we'll

see we failed test when I when I said to

her I got a job working in the state she

was like great okay

you know it's not any one thing

obviously being being young being very

conservative being very traditional okay

in nature is a huge class and I can

honestly say in the 23 years I've lived

in the United States I am not met her

equal huh how about that all right well

I think it's worse I think I think it's

also worth noting and thanks for the

call was it praying I think it's also

worth noting he's been married to his

wife for 32 years women were very

different 32 years ago 32 years ago

feminism was half of its full steam we

in the manosphere when we talk about the

the time art that feminism has destroyed

America we look at the last six decades

well wizard praying met his wife right

in the middle of what I guess what could

be called the line of demarcation so

women were women were very different

back then obviously they are they're

they're very they're very very different

today but listen and again wizard

praying just told us listen I'm not an

alpha male but she's a woman she

followed my lead and this told me that

hey you know what maybe I could be

married to her now my guess is that he

probably didn't have red pill awareness

32 years ago so he's one of the

fortunate ones rollo tomasi who by the

way is in the chat Nell he's one of the

fortunate ones he'll tell you himself

hey listen man mrs. Tomasi could go

feral at any point at any time I'm very

fortunate to be in the position that I'm

in and this is just how it is do as I

say not as I do

that's kind of how that works I feel the

same way alright let's go back to the

phone lines area code nine five four is

this Miami Jane that's right there we go

alright so now I know what your phone

number is alright good stuff you you

sound good you sound well rested you

sound like you're ready oh my god dude

it's dude this was this was the last

week was the first week that I went like

four straight days without waking up to

an alarm I just slept until I woke up it

was just like oh my this is this foreign

the way I know you really took time off

is because with me and

monologue data were talking shit about

football and the Cowboys and shit you

were not answering dude listen I had my

phone turned off dude the whole dude my

phone was either turned off or it was

just somewhere I just I just let it all

go man hey sometimes you got to do that

man I understand the hell goes by the

way well you will talk about whence this

is Instagram account I follow its like

crazy NFL rumors something underscore

whatever and they throw out a pretty

cool idea that's not gonna happen

obviously but okay they put something up

last night that would that said

something like would the Eagles take two

first-round picks from the Dolphins for

wet no we would not I thought that was

kind of interesting no they would but

you know went in the Dolphins uniform

might be alright with that yeah yeah

listen you know how that goes the reason

I'm calling it and I apologize it's a

little off-topic not go ahead man yes I

heard the the Redman group episode from

yesterday okay

from sorry from Saturday and the whole

APA guideline on masculinity God dude

and maybe something that wasn't

mentioned and this is what really scares

the living crap out of me this is going

to lead to a shitload of suicide in the

military oh wow I'm going to tell you

why the military military medicine man

you know because I was a medic in the

army military medicine is they are

fucking sticklers for policy and medical

guidelines I mean if anybody watches

their assets the military right and if

anybody's putting a fucking premium on

mental health with all these soldiers

coming back from deployment it's the

military Jesus and the wives are an

integral part of the soldiers

reintegration process before a soldier

comes back a lot of the times like

psychologists and all these people will

talk to the wives telling them what to

expect so if this becomes a guide like

dude you're gonna see a lot of fucking

suicide in the military because they're

so insane this is like when studies and

standards like this come out and Kevin

pee one of my patrons sent me an article

by I forgot where it was from five

reasons why you know masks

is hurting you and the people around you

this is where we're headed man right and

I think at some point masculinity might

be illegal I think that there's listen

in in a 100 percent dystopic you know

alternate you know alternate universe

which might not be so alternate anymore

is that if you - if your testosterone is

more than 200 nanograms per deciliter

you're going to jail and listen we laugh

and we chuckle right we say hahaha

listen man that's that's kind of what

that sounds like now right what'll

happens first is they'll come up with

some fucking Prozac for men yes that

they won't tell you but it'll be really

high on fucking estrogen yeah and

they're gonna I'm telling you they're

gonna feed these things to men

everywhere yeah it's gonna be fucking

crazy unbelievable dude well listen

listen the more that stuff goes around

the more necessary we are absolutely man

and business will go way up hopefully

but hopefully in the way that we can

wake up as many men as possible and I

don't know right the ship you know it

ends with the decline thanks for the

call Miami Jay appreciate any time

brother all right man Miami Jay in the

house Eriko 2 1 4 I see you in the queue

but I gotta go I gotta go ahead and get

this party started here before the

natives get restless rook Lake Denison

Denver says Donovan I hope you watch The

Bachelor lots of good lessons learn from

beta Colton I want to hear your opinion

he has 30 women to vet you know was

interesting I was actually gonna start

doing the bachelor a live play by

playing of The Bachelor and I think I'm

gonna wait until about halfway through

the season when about half of the girls

have been eliminated to start doing that

but one thing I can't tell you this was

one immediate observation is that when

Colton Underwood was announced as the

bachelor he was met with all sorts of

resistance all these bitches out here

talking hashtag not my bachelor this and

that any other that very response is a

microcosm of American women Colton

Underwood is a litter

really what American women Anglo sluts

describe as the perfect man Colton is

devilishly handsome Lou I'm a dude and I

know the guy is a good-looking dude

sometimes I'm like he's a good-looking

guy and Devin's like dude he is not not

at all

Colton is a good-looking guy he's tall

he's like 6-3 6-4 played

semi-professional football likes

children has a foundation for animals

he's a nice guy

right and he's a virgin all of these

things that women say they want in a man

yet the minute the very Unicorn the

snowflake that is Colton under what the

minute he is announced as The Bachelor

hashtag not my bachelor my guess is that

a lot of those women probably say they

hated Juan Pablo too for being the


but then again bitches never really know

what they want alright so let us get to

the main event here I've got a list of

about 15 traits characteristics

circumstances give or take one or two in

either direction that men need to be

aware of and used to vet women in 2019

now tonight I'm gonna give you guys the

first seven but what I'm also gonna do

as I am also going to give you the

example of a woman who doesn't pass the

smell test in terms of these vetting

procedures so not only will you know

what to look for you'll learn what not

to look for you'll know if a woman is

bad news it's one thing to know what to

look for but the game-changer is to

understand the other side of the

spectrum in terms of the women that you

should steer clear of in terms of

long-term relationships we know what to

look for I'm gonna tell you what to look

for and what not to look for it so the

first trait of a woman you could

possibly consider for a long-term

relationship is she understands the

value of a dollar

women of quality women of potential

quality spend money frugally I'll use

Devon and eggs as an example Devon is

the dude she is the coupon queen any

time we order in she always finds

coupons or some kind of a discount code

I remember six seven months ago we got a

storage unit and you know I called him

up and said hey this is Donovan sharp I

want a storage unit they gave me a price

Devon went online and found a better

deal online she always does this a woman

who could be a candidate for long-term

relationship material

she's cognizant of Restaurant prices

right Devon does this too she actually

asked the waiter how much a margarita is

before ordering it and if it's too much

she'll try to order something a little

less expensive or shalls' they add that

looks expensive

a woman of quality a potential candidate

looks at the price tag she doesn't want

to spend all your money she looks for

ways to save you money she always looks

for the best value this woman takes

tremendous pride in getting good

products on the cheap and she brags

about it Hey look I got this I got these

$300 you know shoes for 50 bucks she

pays for shit about as much as you do

she tries to ease your financial burden

and by the way guys don't be the guy who

always has to pay for shit because

you're a man dude listen man women work

to let her pay when a woman pays it's

not an insult she's paying and buying

you things because it's not she's not

doing it because she doesn't think you

can't she's doing it to show her

appreciation for you and to let her and

to let you know that she doesn't look at

you as an ATM or a meal ticket she wants

you to know that she is willing to share

the financial burden with you women who

invest financially really really like

you Fillmore one of the recent used to

be a frequent caller he talks a lot

about that when a woman invests in you

financially she really likes you now

girls who are bad for long-term

relationships girls who fail the smell

test these are girls who spend money

without thinking she

- spent she wants to save her money and

spend yours coupons don't make me laugh

girls who spend money like it's going

out of style never heard of a coupon in

her life she pays sticker for everything

Oh only one hundred and fifty nine

dollars for these heels that I have

three other pairs up they look all

pretty much the same at restaurants she

just orders without thinking I'll have a

Cosmo and keep him coming she has no

idea there's seventeen bucks a pop and

guess what she doesn't care

women like this thinks that money grows

on trees and her behavior reflects it

women like this shot brands rather than

value she'll brag about the fact that

she paid a thousand dollars for a coach

bang number two she is willing to submit

for the right reasons

a woman who has potential to be your

significant other will submit to you for

the right reason girls only submit if

they want to gentlemen don't get it

twisted guys no dominant man ever puts a

gun to a woman's head never does that

Devin does everything in bed and wears

whatever I want

period but if she didn't want to she

wouldn't I don't force her I don't I

don't hold a gun to her head I don't do

any of that stuff she does this of her

own free will and volition now she

understands that with choices come with

consequences if she wants the

consequence of my sexual loyalty and my

continued commitment she will continue

to do the things that I like and want in

bed if she decides not to she will

suffer the consequence of me bouncing

the fuck up out of here that's how this

goes there's no threatening involved

there's no gun involved there is no no I

don't have her locked up in a cage

somewhere at least not most of the time

gentlemen women like this want to please

you women like this wanna suck your dick

she wants to give you anal even if it

sucks even if it hurts she wants to let

you make all of the decisions without

nagging you about your judgment she

wants you to be the captain she's not

about this quote 5050 bullshit

he doesn't care about percentages so

long as she's with you and submitting to

you because that's what she likes now

girls who are on the opposite side of

the spectrum girls who do not pass the

smell test in terms of submission terms

of submission these girls are not

interested in submitting at least not to

normal healthy red pill aware bill no

damaged women these kinds of women that

are not good for long term relationships

they only submit to men who are sick

deranged extreme assholes dark triad

guys like our Kelly and yeah I'm gonna

have to talk about that at some point

too that was a big time story that

happened during the week that I didn't

get a chance to talk about on air and at

some point probably this week definitely

gonna talk about the are Kelly thing

anyway I've talked about this girl

Juliet who just wanted unbelievably just

sadistic rough degrading painful sex she

wanted me to bite her tits she wanted me

to spit in her face while pulling her

hair she wanted me to call her a war

slut she was sexually damaged she

actually told me a story about how she

almost got turned out long story short

she said she was like 15 years old ran

away from home right

ended up with ended up with a bunch of

these black guys next thing you know

she's out on the corner and she had to

suck some guy's dick but but she said he

wore a condom but that's how I almost

got turned out I said well how did you

get back home he's like I and my dad

came he got me yeah obviously not all

there was to the story so at 15 years

old this girl was made a prostitute this

is why she liked rough degrading sex

damaged women like this who are not good

for long term relationships they only

submit to psychotic sadists that is

unhealthy women like this don't want to

submit for the right reasons which is

why a long term which is why a long term

relationship okay a good male-female

dynamic we know this they see that as a


number three the number three trait the

number three way that you can use to vet

a woman to be to potentially be a

long-term relationship candidate if she

wants to give up behaviors conducive to

infidelity this is the woman that limits

her social media exposure now I know

that I endorsed the stay off social

media and that's me and I'm extreme call

it what you want listen you can require

your woman to stay off social media or

not because what there are consequences

to each action if you want the good

consequences or the bad ones well I

don't want to do that

well then dude she doesn't like you

enough and you're afraid this is the

girl that also proactively checks in

without you asking her to hey I'm going

to I'm going to lunch with Susie here is

but here's a picture of us we are at XYZ

restaurant if she catches you looking on

looking looking at her on her phone

she'll show you what she's up to if he

kind of glimpse over at what she's doing

her out yep I'm just doing this she

consistently lets you know where she is

who she's with and what she's doing she

wants to stop talking and texting her

exes she doesn't want to go to lunch

with Kevin and sales or her boss I

posted something on social media a few

months back where Devin's boss wanted to

have some sort of a weekly or like a

bi-weekly or a monthly one-on-one

meeting to talk about career goals and

leadership he says yeah maybe we can go

out and grab a bite to eat once a week

you know once I forgot what the what the

what the frequency was Devin responded

immediately with hey I'm not comfortable

at this this is what a woman who has the

potential to be a want to be in a

long-term relationship with you will do

without even thinking these women know

that high-value men do not commit to

women that they have questions about as

far as Trust is concerned guys she has

to want to give up behaviors conducive

to infidelity all of them

now on the other side of that girls who

are bad for long-term relationships they

want to post selfies on social media

which is literally advertising any woman

who posts selfies with cleavage on

social media the for sale sign is still

in the yard even though the house is

currently occupied they want the

security of a relationship without

having to wholly commit then they'll sit

there in the laughs when a girl who is

in a long-term relationship checks in ha

ha ha what the fuck are you doing and

when she tells her what she's doing

they're gonna laugh right then gets mad

when the girl claps back in jokes well

guess what sweetheart that's why you're

still seeing well I would never check in

with my man well this is why you're

still single these women this this girl

keeps up she keeps she keeps in touch

with her exes

happy birthday texts on social media hey

how you doing just check it in she keeps

the lines of communication open then

when they get a guy they actually like

and he doesn't commit she never knows

why newsflash it's because he doesn't

trust you that's why the last four

traits that you should look for in a


during the vetting process as well as

more of your calls and comments on the

other side we'll be right back TSR live

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you're on live with Donovan go ahead

close Eric Donovan this is JC calling JC

what's up brother how you doing man I'm

doing good love your show but it's under

kind of a cloud that I'm calling you

okay let's do it

I've been married 20 years and I've been

listening to your show oh it's only been

for the last six months that I really

became red pillow where I was totally

blue pill so I consider myself more blue

pill transitioning I'll say it that was

enough my wife served me divorce papers

two weeks ago we've been married 20

years and I failed all of the vetting I

mean I was listening to you I'm in my

car right but as I'm listening I'm

listening to listen to the one vetting

that I got right and unfortunately I

have failed each one of the ones the

chief names now will say this I'm a

little older than you and so I'm a baby

boomer okay and we are you're a

generation Xer I'm a Dennis

I grew up good yeah I grew up to the

time and this is no

this is true Chad I'm not making this up

I only dated ten because I'm a handsome

guy I made a lot of money working in

sales with some large corporations okay

and I only dated ten I had sex with ten

and I never ever asked him to pay I

can't think of a time that I ever asked

a woman to pay so when I met my wife

who's divorcing me now she is pure as

the snow is white beautiful but all

those things that you listed she fails

didn't know the value of a dollar

doesn't like coupons right not a ride

and die so does my money got left and

I'll say this to everyone here listen to

my story this is real truth go ahead

your woman loses respect for a man a

woman loses respect for a man that

always says yes I said yes for 20 years

and I only hold myself a hundred percent

accountable because when the money ran


understandably she's saying wait a

minute you aren't saying yes anymore

where is the money right so I'm 100%

responsible daughter but let me give you

a backhanded compliment I love your show

I love your attitude I like the way you

approach it because I'm a bleep chill

guy that's transitioning to the red pill

listen to you makes me envious because I

want to do what you did but it's not in

my nature yet so it's going to take me

some time to be as harsh and I know you

don't think it's ours if I was this

harsh with women I wouldn't be in this

position right now

I am NOT red pill so I'm not going to

pretend that I'm strictly blue pill

transitioning into the red pill a

lifestyle but I don't think I'll get to

red pill it's gonna take me some time

because I I can get women and have sex

with them and too easily sir but I'm

more cooperative I don't use profanity I

thought would you care what I'm saying

no I'm with him I'm with you and and and

by virtue and thanks for the call area

code - what - one for haricots - one for

or JC and I know that's not the JC in

the chat I guess he said it's not him or

what it is it doesn't really matter that

caller is the quintessential example of

a man who is

lest by the genetic gods but because he

didn't understand a woman's true nature

he ended up getting gut listen man rich

guys and good-looking guys they get

cheated on like everybody else like

their a listen there are a lot of alpha

there are a lot of alpha males out there

who are blue pill just because you're an

alpha male doesn't mean you're

automatically red pill and just because

you have red pill awareness does not

automatically make you an alpha male

like they are mutually exclusive from

one another lates it's it's it's almost

like it's two different entities and

what a lot of guys especially

good-looking guys they come to this rude

awakening like wait a minute like it's

really like this like dude I've got a

friend of mine by the name of Paul he

lives in Atlanta great looking guy he

dude he was blue pilled all the way up

and and this guy this guy slayed pussy

like it was going out of style

had no idea how to handle women why

because women just threw themselves at

him he had no game whatsoever they got

dude failed all kinds of shit test but

because he was dazed six-four six-five

devilishly good-looking blonde hair blue

eyes like unless it elicits literally

every Anglo sluts dream but that doesn't


game Trump's all a lot of guys like to

say well all you have to do is look good

and be rich no no no no no no no looking

good and looking good and being rich

certainly helps with the opportunities

but good looks and and money does not

keep a woman in line I don't care who

you who or what you are so a very very

good call from haricots to one for I

liked that he was very open and honest

about the fact he's like hey you know

what I'm not a I'm not a red pill guy

said I'm still blue pill I'm still

transitioning something else that is

worth noting is that he says listen I'm

gonna have to train myself to to be

harsh let's listen that's he's right we

have to the red pill you literally have

to train yourself out of what you have

been told to be your entire life that's

not easy to do and depending upon who

you are that takes quite a while takes

quite a while let's go back to the phone

lines I think this is pine on the line

pine you with me

yeah I'm here buddy what's up man how

you doing then

welcome back by the way but I'd like you

spit in the fire today

yeah I'm trying man I had a it was it

was a much-needed vacation I'm rested

refreshed and ready to go man

so anyway I've got a funny little story

to tell you and your listeners okay

about betting girls right so I picked up

a girl off gender you know we mend up

meeting up for breakfast she bought me

breakfast I mean dude she was - waiting

on me hand and foot this girl was

awesome right okay well I got back got

her back to her place by using our ice

cream trick where I went took her to

Walmart I stole two spoons from the

restaurant first okay I know and I said

hey why don't we go grab some ice cream

ice cream was frozen solid and I'm like

well that kind of sucks and then I said

hey you got a microwave at your place

she's like yeah I said little goes down

very nice very nice needless to say

needless to say I'm burying myself

between her legs a while later and the

whole time she kept asking me what my

name was I kept telling her pine and

she's like oh you sound like a spy and

I'm like yeah I'm a Russian spy so my

way through that she stops and she says

if she starts telling me she's a

feminist and shit I'm like why the fuck

do I need to know this but whatever

so midway through sex she she she's

riding me xm-10 she says oh my god I

never thought I'd fuck a Russian fly and

then I said I'm not a Russian spy I'm

something worse she's like what I said

I'm a spy for the patriarchy of course

you didn't even fucking stop

and then she she looked at me and she

said well I'm gonna have to get my witch

friends together and we're gonna have to

sacrifice you right then and there I

realize this probably isn't wise

material right listen I'm gonna go out

on a limb and say probably not yeah but

yeah I'm out there doing I'm out there

doing the good work you know what I mean


absolutely man for you and all your

listeners tear it up man you the man

dude pine in the house with another

tinder story finds actually been slated

on tinder here as of late 183 people

watching let's try to crack d200 viewer

haricots 209 I see you in the chat I'm

sorry I see you on the in the in the

phone queue I'm gonna get to you in just

a minute let us continue with the fourth

trait that you should look for when

vetting a woman for possible long-term

relationship she wants to cook or she

actively tries to get better for you I'm

gonna just call this like this is guys

most women can't cook that's just all

there is to it but even if they can

women don't want to they just don't want

to cook I wanna make sure am I too loud

guys cuz I'm am I too am I too loud guys

am I am I good on the sound

cuz I'm sitting far back away from the

mic and I'm still in the red on the

decibels you guys will let me know

anyway most women who can cook feel like

they shouldn't want to cook rollo

tomassi always and I like how he puts

this women never want to admit they

never want to do something specifically

for a man I'm wearing these heels for me

not a man I'm cooking for myself not a

man they never want to do something

specifically for the pleasure of a men

down in Vegas I dated this smokin hot

mexican girl I've mentioned her many

times on the show her name's Chrissy she

was and still probably is a hard ten now

I fuck girls hotter than Chrissy

I've never dated one quasi as long as I

had her she was never really my

girlfriend she kind of was but I digress

anyway Chrissy was hot dude

everyone looked at us men and women

looked at Chrissy this is how hot she

was she obviously increased my sexual

market value but guess what guys I never

even one time never even one time

considered her for long-term

relationship material maybe kind of a

quasi half boyfriend right dude I knew I

knew beyond the shadow of a doubt I was


I was never ever ever gonna date this

girl exclusively for an extended period

of time not because she couldn't cook

she was fucking terrible but it was

because she wasn't interested in a

one-week period I wasn't even thinking

sir he's like you know what this girl

really likes he told me she loved me

after like three months and I'm thinking

yeah you know what hottest girl I've

ever dated at this point right maybe she

could be long-term relationship material

again this is halfway through my red

pill awareness I've got you know I've

got I've got the red pill awareness but

listen I'm you know I'm still thinking

thoughts like this so I said you know

what she can't cook I'm going to sign

her up for cooking classes

I paid 350 dollars for for cooking

classes right there's a class of four

people taught by this old Italian woman

she didn't improve not one bit guys not

one bit if you go to a cooking class you

at least pick something up nope

she didn't improve not one bit not

because she couldn't but because she

didn't want to and at the end of the day

maybe she doesn't like me as much as I

thought she did I don't know

now Devyn can cook and she cooks very

very well very well but what separates

Devin from other girls who have cooked

from me is her willingness to cook Devin

the likes to cook you guys see it on my

screen she loves to cook she likes to

take pictures of her food she likes

trying new recipes just because a girl

can cook doesn't mean she wants to cook

for you so you ask a girl well can you

cook well all girls say yes but you'll

have to wait and see no instead ask her

well what do you cook most girls think

that if they can make hot dogs and tater

tots and a mean PB&J; peanut butter and

jelly than her fucking Michelin star

chef now on the other side of that coin

girls who are bad for long-term

relationships in this regard they either

can't cook or won't cook number one

number two they want to eat out all the

time which mean which goes back to the

first one she doesn't understand the

value of a dollar let's eat out again

what for the fourth time this week no

fuck that they don't want to put in the

work they don't want to put in the time

for a man women like this that think

that being in the kitchen for a man is a

weakness then they wonder why won't guys

commit to me

why won't Donovan commit to me Chrissie

always wondered she always wondered

probably to this day why did Donovan

never fully commit to me because you are

neither interested in because you

couldn't nor were you interested in

trying to improve your culinary faculty

that's just how it is boiled nappies

evacuate says with Salma Hayek at dusk

till dawn body was the Selma yes Selma

Hayek was dude summa Hayek was hot as I

don't know what and from dusk till dawn

absolutely number five the number five

trait circumstance quality you should

look for

and a woman when vetting her for long

term relationship potential she is

unselfish and doesn't keep score this is

very important this is the girl who

likes doing things to make you happy she

puts you first in any and all situations

she puts your knee she puts your knees

before her own Devon listen now Devon

does this to a fault and sometimes I got

a stopper sometimes I got a stopper and

speaking of witching on a second she

actually okay she's definitely listening

to the show she says tell them I

surprised you with a killer outfit she

saved 25 okay

all right yes let me tell the quick

story so an Atlantic City

Devon bought a dress and a new pair of

heels and she wanted to surprise me with

it and she dude she fucking nailed it

like oh my god it was a dude she she did

a very very good job I fucked her

fucking senseless but she wanted me to

let you guys know that she saved 25% on

it that's the kind of woman you want hey

I look hot for you and by the way I

didn't have to spend an arm and a leg

that's a woman who understands the value

of a dollar

anyway a woman who is unselfish dresses

and slutty heels and micro thongs and

lipstick and heels because she loves

watching you drool when she walks out to

suck your dick guess what guys that kind

of stuff is uncomfortable for a woman to

wear to strut around the house and heels

it dude one false move and you gotta

fucking break your head you were in

these big-ass hoop earrings or faces

cake with lipstick but if that's what

she wants if that's what he wants that's

what he gets that's the attitude of a

woman who has the potential to be in a

long-term relationship of consequence

with a man that possesses red pill


she's unselfish in bed she sucks her

cock she swallows her loads

she doesn't bitch and moan about not

getting orgasms she doesn't care about

her needs in bed I said this before I'll

say it again a woman's satisfaction is

tied to your satisfaction I once had a

woman who dumped me she was a fuck buddy

and she says listen we can't see each

other anymore why well because you take

too long to come dude real talk my hand

to the men dude go to go to go to pod


on my on my website don't have a sharp

tack on Sheila's she literally dumped me

because she didn't think I was as hot

for her as she was for me now you making

me come two and three times before you

bustard before you blow your first load

it makes me think that you're not hot

for me or something this happened

unselfish women take it in the ass for

you anal sex is uncomfortable at best

painful at worst swallowing cum isn't a

turn-on for most women women don't like

to swallow come dude it's warm it's

sticky it's slimy it's salty doesn't

taste very good and depending on a man's

diet it can taste bad but she does

because she wants to please you

she is selfless she is putting your

needs before her own now women like this

aren't gonna do this for just anybody

okay she won't do this because you have

a dick and you're fucking her no no no

you have to be what she wants and needs

she has to want to be unselfish and

women only want to be unselfish too

masculine dominant men not beta bitch

boys doesn't work that way if you're the

right kind of man if you're high value

if you know how to keep her in line if

you understand women if you if you hold

her accountable

she'll be unselfish and unselfish women

make the best mate Plus as an added

bonus she doesn't keep score she doesn't

do this she doesn't do this stuff to

tell you I did this she doesn't bring it

up later while I did this for you now

you owe me now women who are not good

for long-term relationships in this

regard selfish is fuck the only reason

these women suck your dick is because

they want you to lick their pussy for an

hour and by the way the blowjob is

usually lackluster all right let me suck

his dick for a little while so he eats

me out no no no no

and if you don't bitches that suck your

dick okay my turn your turn what the

fuck are you talking about bend your ass

over no no no women like this her

mindset is what's in it for me women

like this keep score if I do this then

he'll do that women like this are

selfish with money

she's selfish with her time the only

time she is unselfish is when she thinks

she's getting something in return

number six she has a good relationship

with her father and her family now let

me make this distinction I want to make

that I want to go ahead and let you guys

know this upfront just because a woman

comes from a two-parent home does not

mean she's not a slut right listen we

got a lot of girls run around here

racking up notch counts into the triple

and quadruple digits had two parent

homes grew up in suburbia had a great

life so just because she just because

she wasn't raised by a single mother

doesn't mean she's automatically not

gonna be a slut she could had a weak

father she could had a father in and out

of her life you never know but women who

generally had a good relationship with

their families and their fathers have

the potential along with the other

prerequisites and circumstances to be in

the running for a potential long term

relationship and you have to be close to

the family she has to be close to the

family right listen

Devin loves her family they're not

perfect no family is they have family

dramas there's some shit that happened

with their family just like there's some

shit that happened with my family right

but by the same token again just because

she wasn't just because she's raised by

single mother doesn't mean she'll be bad

for a long-term relationship right so

you have two girls one from a two-parent

home one raised by single mother okay

it's more likely than not that the girl

raised by single mother is not gonna be

good for a long-term relationship and

the girl raised in a two-parent home is

gonna be a little bit better doesn't

necessarily mean doesn't it's not a 100

100 percent indicator one way or the

other right so if she's red white raised

by single mother okay you've got some

work to do now she'll be harder to Train

but if she's willing to do it if she's

willing to undergo the training might be

able to make chicken out of chicken

salad at a chicken shit anyway this is

the woman who talks to her family on the

regular she gets updates right she Stolz

she tells stories about her family devon

has a very good relationship with her

family I listen I visited them down in

Florida right around this time last year

and they're good people men now here's

the thing Devon's story Devon's family

is kind of an atypical family I don't

know how a typical it is but Devon's

father was killed when she was eight

months old so Devon doesn't know her

biological father so her mom was a

single mother of two but mom never felt

sorry for herself her mom worked her ass

off state feminine found a strong

masculine male to take charge had two

more sons with them and today they're a

really cool family Devon her sister and

her two brothers cool people and her to

do her two brothers are awesome one gets

paid to go to school you know he's a

he's a bug expert he's like a plant

expert he's a fucking brilliant dude the

other one is six foot four it spends

half the year on Alaskan fishing boats I

don't know that he does it anymore

because he has a lot of back injuries

right but they're both very good very

cool people good family-oriented people

her stepdad as a world-class artist no

exaggeration and her mother is a lady

who was kind who can definitely cook

holy moley she made what we make she

made what what she called dolphin

fingers when I was down there oh my god

anyway matter of fact I remember eating

the dolphin fingers during last year's

Daytona 500 so yeah it was right around

this time last year so about that on the

other side of that spectrum girls who

don't pass the smell test in terms of

their relationships with their fathers

and families these are the girls who

don't talk talk to or about their

families much they don't mention him

much she's raised by single mother a

week or absentee father haricots 209 I

see in the cumin it gets you in just a

second I'll use personal examples Amy

her dad in and out of prison Darcie dad

cheated on mom and had a problem with

crack Carla raised in a foster home and

was raped starting I think at like age

six these are girls who have to move to

a new location every few years because

they burn their bridges they fuck their

friends boyfriends they fuck over they

they fuck people over with money via sex

etc when you get with a girl and you see

that she's only got a two

your history on Facebook and she says

long story when you ask her about it

that means she's burned bridges which

means some slutty sexual shit went down

and she can't show her face these women

never go home for Thanksgiving your

Christmas now sometimes it's not their

fault right you don't choose your family

but by the same token that is not your


as a man listen her family issues are

not your problem it is what it is if she

came from a chaotic family she's a dude

it is far more likely than not that she

is not going to make for a very good

long-term relationship partner nine one

four two oh five five three five six is

the number to call do you want to get in

on the show area code 209 thanks for

holding you go ahead what's up with how

you doing in doing good man doing good

so I just want to call in and just give

my two cents of this on as far as

relationships go the previous calls talk

about tinder and all and I want to just

to say when it comes to relationships I

should be looking for real one of course

online dating goes anything like tinder

or plenty of fish or any of those dating


you got a pretty much at this point

really avoid those because those things

have really become they've become their

brilliant pretty much been taken over by

the / the feminist and right what I mean

by that is uh I did a little experiment

a while back because I have a brother

who's very beta and he actually goes to

one of the big universities here in

California he's a sociologist major and

he's always talking about household you

know and his classes are talking about

gender being a social contract contrast

and right talking this way masculinity

all that crap so one day I was like you

know what if you think you know the red

pill and stuff I'm telling you're fake

and the stuff that they're teaching you

at school is true let's go on tinder and

see who has better results right now

let's take this off I know converge to

the stuff you learn and let's see you

know who gets the better results out of

it and I made a very kind of Elsa and

red cell type of account and he made

this you know his version of it and

within the hour I already had like 25

matches I you know I made a goal they

call it tinder gold

which means I can get unlimited swipes

yes I can boost my account and all that

but so that kind of many other helped

and but he was the same and I ended up

matching with this one girl and I didn't

really read her profile but I she was

you know she was hot so I matched with

her and she hit me she says hello and at

that point I look at her profile I read

and it says near long lines of okay me

five dollars for my venmo and I'll send

you something nice she's like a like

online prostitute basically so I was

like I had her back now that what the

fuck is that like you're out here

fucking asking people for money and shit

and she was like uh basically she was

like wall then she got really upset she

was like you don't know me you don't

know my situation

oh here we go here we go you don't know

you don't know how difficult it is to be

me to you sounds like that's what we're

doing now so we heard yeah kids telling

me like I think she pay me like four

paragraphs before I reply just tell him

you shouldn't want to validate herself

to me but still sending me paragraphs of

course she is right I said back to her

yeah I said back here I said listen I'm

just saying this for your own good

because if you go hole yourself out here

you're going to fuck up your any chance

of a future relationship with the man

because you haven't respect any man if

people are paying you fucking five

dollars for whatever you're sending them

via venmo

and she goes on she goes on and on she

still like mad and then and I said

listen you need to calm down you know

you act like you're trying to beat my

ass or something she says no I wouldn't

hurt a fly a long conversation short we

go on it turns out at some point she

tells me she actually has a boyfriend

her boyfriend is okay with what she's


oh and I think a screenshot of this

conversation and I'm like I think it

screenshot the conversation and I put it

on my tinder pictures I say ladies if

this describes you in any way

do not swipe one minute after that my

count was bad

Oh see that isn't it amazing and thanks

the call haricots 209 do you see how

that works man

it's like anytime a man calls a woman

out for shitty behavior or a slutty

behavior or shit like that anytime a man

trolls a woman your account gets banned

bitches do this shit all the time they

get to keep their shit fucking hilarious

man that's a funny story man all right I

got two more two more traits that you

should look for in a woman when you are

vetting her for a long-term relationship

potential number seven she did not go to

a four-year college

this one's easy guys four-year

apologists turned girls into sluts girls

get on campus and they just fuck a bunch

of guys dude literally ruins girls for a

long-term relationship material frat

parties right they fucked the football

team the basketball team bitches getting

trains run on him and this was back when

I was in college this was back it this

was back in 95 like the mid-90s I can't

even imagine what's going on now dude

drugs drinking clique being on meth you

can't go back like a girl especially a

good-looking girl gets on campus and

there's dick literally everywhere when

she gets out of the real world it's not

really that exciting don't get me wrong

she's still getting dick from every

direction I say this all the time as

soon as a woman walks out the door she's

getting hit in the face with dicks

I get that but it's never gonna be the

same as college girls who go to

four-year schools fuck everybody

guys they fuck anything with a dick man

they run their notch counts up to triple

digits Devon fortunately for her did not

go to a four-year school okay she worked

her way through Community College by

working in kitchens give me one second

give me one second cuz somebody

there we go looks like I'm having some

connection issues here yep yep all right

just stay with me guys stay with me guys

all right there we go looks like all

right no nope happily all right all

right looks like I'm having some

internet issues here anyway

it's like these tag the sponsor chicks

right and so like I said Devon didn't go

to a four-year school she worked her way

through Community College by working in

kitchens now listen let's not get it

twisted she's got a high not count for

sure let's just not make any bones about

that but imagine where it would be if

she actually went to Florida she's from


imagine if she went to Florida State how

much higher it would be all right yeah I

know I'm buffering definitely coming

from my end here but it's still really

bad yeah yeah yeah yep yep yeah

something's going on with my with my

internet I can see I can see it going in

and out yeah I hate it when this happens

okay no it keeps yeah Jesus fuck come on

god damn it

alright alright looks like no no I don't

think this is on well god damn it

see this is pissing me off man this is

starting to piss me the fuck off because

I pay a shitload of money to have this

fucking fast ass goddamn internet and

for whatever reason my internet is

betraying me and it is really not

sitting well with me

bear with me guys yeah I don't this is

this is a problem that I haven't

experienced in quite a while and alright

so it looks like alright so it looks

like the connection is that good again

yeah this is my this is my this is on my

end guy

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