How to stay emotionally unattached to sluts (Episode 365)




it's all works what you think she was

gonna do tell you she cheated men cannot

afford to get complacent and

relationships get your fat ass off the

couch start lifting weights and learn

game you're welcome what's up guys it's

your man Donovan sharp and welcome to

the 360 fifth edition of TSR live your

daily dose of red pill truth wisdom and

awareness it is Tuesday November 20th

2018 Thanksgiving is the day after

tomorrow which is un-fuckin'-believable

way Thanksgiving God on us quick man it

got on us quick we are presented as

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right to it whether you're a man who

wants to sleep with a lot of women for a

little while but for settling down or

you've decided you're gonna be a player

for life we all know that one of the

main components of the player lifestyle

is staying emotionally unattached to

women who do not provide value outside

of sex which is just another which is

just a fancy way of saying sluts all it

takes is spending a very short time with

a woman and it doesn't take long to

figure out whether or not whether she's

worth keeping around to train for

potentially a long term relationship or

keeping around for just sex and if

you're only using her for sex you know

it's only a matter of time before you

decide to kick her to the curb you know

you're not gonna be with her for long it

takes substantially longer to figure out

whether or not she's potential long-term

relationship material but it never takes

long to rule her out and place her into

the friends-with-benefits category the

fuck-buddy category a lot of women are

very good at hiding the fact that they

don't really offer a man of value

anything outside of sex but if a man is

Redhill aware he eventually figures out

who she really is

now any man who has experience with

women will tell you that this is much

easier said than done right now listen

I'm not gonna lie to you I'm not gonna

lie to you and tell you that I've never

I haven't gotten emotionally attached to

girls I had no business getting

emotionally attached to I've ignored

huge red flags and started relationships

with women I knew would make terrible

girlfriends I've fallen into this trap

plenty of times but the fact of the

matter is that the longer you have sex

with a woman the greater the odds become

that you will eventually catch feelings

for her she doesn't even have to be an 8

and 9 or a 10 I've got feelings for

sixes and sevens guys not gonna lie to

you it's a mathematical emotional

biological certainty the longer you have

sex with a female the greater the

chances you'll start to feel something

for her other than lust that's just how

it is now fortunately for us fortunately

for men there are quite a few ways for

us to keep those feelings at bay however

as a cautionary warning most of these

techniques are things that we should

refrain from doing it's tough to start

and maintain good habits but the

advantage there is that it is a

proactive behavior something that you

start something that you cultivate this

is something men are very good at by

nature but stopping behaviors stopping

bad habits that's extremely difficult

gentlemen this is why alcoholics and

drug addicts have such a hard time

kicking the habit because it's far more

difficult to drop a bad habit than it is

to pick up a good one so just keep in

mind guys that a lot of these behaviors

I'm gonna scut I'm gonna discuss here

today are things we do with women that

we don't even think about they're normal

to our brains they're normal to our

emotions which isn't wrong but we're all

because we're all hardwired to seek out

meaningful relationships with women

always have been always will be

but because feminism has made women

toxic to men we've been forced to adjust

and quite literally go against our basic

instincts in order to keep from

committing emotional suicide that's what

I'm gonna discuss here today my opening

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you're on live a thought of a go ahead

hey sharp is me Cobie Anthony Toby

what's up brother I'm pretty good it

seems very hard to be a mostly talk to

women so you gotta be nice a lot pretty

months right yeah and I'm gonna go over

some of those ways there are ways of


emotionally unattached to women without

being nonchalant you don't want to be

too aloof you don't want to don't get me

wrong like you're out there in LA you

don't want to be to California cool you

know you want her to know and understand

that hey I want to fuck you I enjoy your

company but by the same token I'm not

gonna become emotionally attached to you

so being calm cool and nonchalant that

works in a general rule of thumb Kobe

and a lot of guys tend to over game

women by doing this is when you're not

with her okay that's when you're

nonchalant that's when you're responding

to her text messages

30 to 45 minutes afterwards but when

you're with her

yeah shower shower her with all sorts of

physical affection don't mean don't

don't do anything romantic but do just

fuck her brains out right be

affectionate towards her then when you

kick her out okay

yeah then when you kick her out at 10

o'clock at night that is when that's

when you be that's when you're

nonchalant so you want her to be

thinking about you when she's not with

you she's like man like what's going on

he's like when I'm with him he is this

unbelievable but when I'm not with him

he's just kind of kind of acts like he

doesn't care that's going to make her

want to be with you more go ahead yeah

another thing is hard is that it's not

enough to get a test cuz we're around

you like or so much like when you like a

person hard not to get a task you don't

like you don't have no issues you don't

hate them you know is that the hard

fucking attacks over time you really

like someone ain't no really the issue

that's the hard part

yeah it's not easy but I would recommend

that you go back and watch episode 361

why do we fall in why are sluts

so easy to fall in love with and I think

that you as a man that particular

episode I literally go line by line and

let you know this is why we fall in love

with sluts this is why you followed the

sauce before I could have find it well

of course not because they're on patreon

so go to donovan sharp calm okay calm

ford slash donovan sharp and you'll be

okay one more question I have to ask you

so do you think you might do this

podcast or so on different types of

relationships like open relationship or

arrangement erasing scripts

open relationships describe and open a

relationship like what does Cobie

Anthony theater know relationship is

oh Malaysia should me like a side dude

or like you're right

not together but it's weird muscle

people yeah this is the thing Kobe um

when you start fucking a girl when you

are fuck buddies with a girl you are

essentially in an open relationship

right you're fucking other girls she's

fucking other guys the difference is is

that you don't know about it every and

it's funny every time when I was in

Vegas and I started fucking a particular

female they're always the first ones to

say this they say okay Donovan this was

great and we know we're not boyfriend

and girlfriend but if listen we know

we're probably seeing other people let's

just not throw it in each other's faces

right that is an open relationship but

what you're talking about

is as a man and a woman who are together

and they are seeing other people and

both people know that both people are

seeing other people here's the problem

with that Cobie open relationships favor

females okay any time you look up yeah

my girlfriend recommended an open

relationship what if she is doing is

she's saying listen I want all of the

non-sexual attention from you while I go

out and get all the sexual attention

from guys so I'm gonna go out fuck a

bunch of guys and you're gonna take care

of all of my emotional leads and

eventually she's gonna stop fucking you

so I'm gonna go and give you my opinion

I'm a quote unquote

open relationship open relationships

don't work for men they work great for

women but they don't work for men

because women can get dick a lot easier

than men can get pussy so that's what I

think about relationships thanks for the

call Coby I appreciate you calling let's

go back to the phone lines haricots to

400 you're on live with Donovan go ahead

yeah you know what's going on Randy man

let love weak man you've been coming

through you've been coming today hey

listen man has been a plastid listen I'm

trying I'm trying to brand myself as the

slut whisperer man actually actually

somebody well somebody already did the

guy is the guy's name is krill was here

yeah he's the slut whisperer he's always

yeah you can probably google a man he's

got all the videos and all the pictures

where he goes to clubs and he like what

he does is he'll shake a bottle of

champagne and he'll pour it all over the

girl like he's giving her a facial and

they're always writing on their tits

grill was here so yeah he's the SLO

whisperer but

because I can't trade market doesn't

mean I can't call myself this lot

whisper so yeah yeah I'm gonna decide

really Donovan so yeah we we represented

flat whispering you got that right as a

betaine has retained for the topic man

was so funny is that there's good at I

dealt with back in high school man nice

little nice little piece of game it was

a white jump you know and for whatever

reason you know and I learned so many

lessons from dealing with her number one

that I wasn't the man who who who I

thought it was number two you should

always go with you instantly and dinner

with females now Adelbert back in high

school got burnt I ran back into or ten

years later and you know she was coming

through and we were just fucking like

Radin's see something like rabbits like

rabbits but I was doing my own thing

obviously so focusable what I had going

on was so funny about it when you were

talking about being on a being a most

being mostly unattached and that so she

was coming around more I started to get

comfortable we were laying around we

were standing each other's oh no rain no

tell me oh no what do you listen once

you start stare at each other's eyes and

finishing each other's sentences and

spending the night more than one night

in a row it's a wrap I've been there we

went we went to a we went to was it's

like a retreat they had like a little

time shift I dare they try to say that

time shit we went out there and we had

this conversation and I remember her

saying I remember her looking at me and

was like where's this coming from

you know you haven't you haven't talked

like this before that's because I was

trying to like strengthen the

relationship and then I knew that many

that she turned around and asked me

where's it coming from that it was over

that was it yes two weeks after that

yeah that was that you collapsed ah

there it is you can start that countdown

listen what a girl listen when a girl

asks you where is this coming from

it's a wrap for you but if she asks you

hey where is this headed advantage male

that's how that works

yeah yeah yeah yeah I know but it's I

believe Donovan man can't wait for that

car though I got you brother

I think we're talking this Friday right

this Friday 3 o'clock I'm going I'm

going I'm gonna move you know I can't

wait Black Friday

yeah yeah

No all right right we'll talk to you on

Freddie call a call into the show

anytime brother I'm gonna talk to you on

Friday men no hey ray in PG making an

appearance in the towers as usual let me

go to the chat here before we get this

party started

Chris Redfield the first to Chris

Redfield pop the cherry today Ryan

Sullivan in the house sharp assist says

he did not get a notification that's

kind of weird

Ryan Sullivan cosines on that brain PG

says the same thing so I don't know um

you know I mean every once in a while

you know you're not gonna get a

notification but you guys know weekdays

at five o'clock p.m. Eastern um this

this is where I'm gonna be so and you

have to understand man YouTube I mean

dude YouTube Google it is huge you have

probably millions of live streams going

live all at the same time all the time

every once in a while there's gonna be a

hiccup in the in the system there's

gonna be a glitch in the matrix it is

what it is so wait senator in the house

good to see you in here

Miami J says how about that game last

night sadly I lost too well Rollo or

Elroy oh but watching was worth it

yeah I lost my I lost my fantasy game -

yeah dude last night's Monday Night

Football game was at dude it was crazy

and I'm usually in bed between 9:30 and

10:00 o'clock I kept telling Devin okay

we're gonna stay for 15 minutes longer

15 minutes longer I could not turn it

off um that dude that was a Nutty dude

it was listen it lived up to the height

and I think it was the first time in NFL

history that a team scored 50 points and

lost was also the third highest scoring

game in NFL history and it's the first

game in NFL history where both teams

scored 50 points so that was a shootout

well my prediction was 52 to 48 I didn't

know who was gonna win but that was my

score I came within five men I came

within five and so the LA Rams beat the

beat the Kansas City Chiefs 54 to 51

that was a wild shootout man that was a

wild shit listen if that's Super Bowl 53

that's gonna be one of the highest-rated

Super Bowls ever and I'll tell you this

too if it's the Saints and the Chiefs

same thing same thing

Nazeem w good to see you in here Brian

Sullivan says to avoid getting attached

think of her taking a shit haha Chris

Redfield keepin it 100 to be honest it's

very easy to fall for a slut I've been

guilty of this many times hey listen

yours truly included dude listen I told

you guys at episode 350 361 this past

Friday man um

listen even the great donovan sharp

three four five years into the into my

red pill renaissance I was falling for

sluts left and right I'm gonna talk

about a few that i falled in that i fell

forward today this is just how it goes

man this is how it goes freelance

running in the house good to see you in

here freelance run of the original TSR

OG the original TS are bouncer Wow

suede senator says the over-under was 63

goddamn did they obliterated that by

damn near 50 by damn near 40 points

goddamn armando Moreno says so

understanding that women can go feral at

any time is the key yes never ever ever

take your woman's loyalty for granted

your woman can go feral at any time for

any reason that is all there is to it

listen Devon's a good woman she really

is I made her into a good woman because

when I met her she was not a good woman

she had she had certain she had certain

traits and characteristics that could

potentially make her a good woman but

when I met her she was not a good woman

she was do cheap listen man she was

fucking everything that moved straight

up including me this is just how it was

but I shaped and molded her into what

she needed to be and into what I wanted

her to me and we've been together now

just over a year I've known her for two

and a half almost three years now it'll

be three years that I've known her in

March dude

she can come up tomorrow be like yo

Donovan I'm fuckin somebody at work or

yo Donovan you know there there's a you

know got the guy who pumps my gas you

know I want to fuck him now it's it's


Devon works in New Jersey and so when

when when she stops for gas in New

Jersey for whatever reason it's the

weirdest fucking thing it is you it is

illegal to pump your own gas in the

state of New Jersey I don't know

it is over there but but that's how it

is but but again listen I care very much

for Devin Devin loves me but again she

could go feral at any time for any

reason for no reason for no reason maybe

my dicks not big enough for anymore

maybe it's too big for right maybe she

decides that she didn't want to fuck a

black guy anymore maybe she decides she

wants white guys maybe she wants I don't

know I don't care I don't care if she

wants to leave she can leave but I never

take it for granted I'm not gonna sit

here and say I wouldn't be bummed out if

she were to come in here right now and

be like hey Donovan it's kind of over

all right you know you know you lick

your wounds but life goes on you know it

nothing surprises me for I don't anymore

I do not take I do not take anything for


Oh young lo says I'm from New Jersey

yeah you can you can do it but they'd

rather you not I wonder why it's weird

dude like will dude we'll cross the

bridge every once in a while and we'll

stop for gas if we have to and I'm like

um you know getting out the car oh yeah

that's right can't put my own yes okay

very good

all right let me quit runnin off at the

mouth here and get into what we came for

I'm gonna give you guys quite a few ways

to stay emotionally unattached to women

I've got em t2 on the line I'm gonna get

to you in just a second mc2 you'll hold

on the line number one the number one

way to stay emotionally unattached to

sluts share very little information with

her one of the main things that a woman

does to lock a man down is pretending to

be the woman she thinks he wants her to

be now red pill awareness forces men to

realize that most women within the

context of a sexual relationship are

actresses and to some degree we as men

are but the red pill teaches congruence

we talk about pickup lines and shit test

it shit test efficiency and this not in

the other but if your red pill for long

enough eventually this becomes second

nature which means it becomes who you

are there's no acting here I'm not I

will never endorse hey you got to be a

clown to get women that do that in the

beginning but keep it all the way real

once you get to where you want to be

women are always actresses I don't

really use them as an example I would

like to think that she is who

I think she is who knows maybe she's a

superior actor right

I mean it's far more likely than not

that she is who she is now but who knows

you never know anyway female will quite

literally mold herself into the woman

she believes her man wants her to be in

every way and the way she accomplishes

this is finding out what makes him tick

in the way she finds that stuff out is

if you run off about if you run off at

the mouth about yourself too much now to

steer clear of this particular pitfall

it is imperative that you share very

little personal information with her

this is when you start fucking okay this

doesn't mean you're not this is this

doesn't mean you're not going to share

anything with her it's it's perfectly

natural for nuggets of personal

information about yourself to slip out

every once in a while during a

conversation but long talks about your

hopes and dreams and past relationships

and things like that are absolutely not

a good idea if you want if you want her

to keep from fine-tuning her personality

to trap you into committing to her into

the person that you think she is the

person she is not now a lot of girls out

there will pick up on this at some point

they say that they say to themselves hmm

Donovan's not really sharing too much

personal information with me and they

know why you're doing it so some of them

will straight up ask you and this is a

shit test make no question about it

Ella straight-up asked you so what are

you looking for in a woman the only way

to answer this the only way to pass this

shit test is to say this you know I'm

not really sure but I'll know it when I

see it again this is something you have

to keep yourself from doing as opposed

to proactively putting something into

action there's a big difference between

the two so keep that in mind number two

limit your time with her I touched on

this a minute ago and again this is

easier said than done and this is

probably the most important step when it

comes to staying unattached to your fuck

friends um listen

Rhea and PG talked about the fact that

they were spending all this time

together and staring into each other's

eyes he caught feelings this is how it

goes your time gentlemen being your most

valuable commodity is also her most

valuable commodity she knows the more

she occupies your time the more attached

you will become this is why they want to

spend all their time with you now the

two rules that I employ to keep this

from happening to me with girls that I

don't see as long-term contenders are

number one do not spend consecutive

nights with her this one is difficult

especially when the sex is good and

number two do not take her out now it's

not always gonna work this way guys okay

when the sex is great and you just don't

feel like going through the grind of

lining up a chick for the next night you

may decide to fuck her again em every

once in a while you may want her to tag

along when you go out and grab a bite to

eat every once in a while right listen

it's no big deal

to bend these rules every now and again

but so long as you are exercising

discipline and not making it a habit

you'll be able to maintain frame number

one and number two you'll be able to

keep her scarcity mentality intact and

by scarcity mentality guys I mean that

she'll value what little time she has

with you which means she'll do whatever

you want in bed because she knows her

time is limited with you this of course

comes in handy when you are super horny

also here's another tip do not guys

don't be texting her every fucking day

texting her all day every day will

subconsciously cause her to take your

attention for granted because it's

readily available to her at all times

this is why we tell men to text

infrequently or to text only for

logistical reasons I'm here to tell you

guys the worst feeling in the world is

when you text a girl and you know she

has seen your text but she doesn't

respond for like three hours

make her sweat it out for a change text

in frequently 911 for two oh five five

three five six let's go to the phone

lines my man mt2 is in the house what's

going on brother I had an amazing week

excellent I want to tell you actually

share a story because it hit me and I

really fucked up one of my acquaintances

is so this week I'm supposed to go home

on Friday my my girl my parents and I'm

supposed to take my girl home with me

for another week here where I am but I'm

going with my cousin which I told you

he's gonna get married next year and he

tells me um if we were talking like boy

and I hear a voice like a boy he's your

boy I mean where's my luggage back Oh

God and he's like oh no and I asked what

we're going on

oh well and he does I should go into

London and in my mind I'm like what no

no and I'm like I'm going to see her

like ant or something and he's like no

no no okay when I heard girlfriend has

her birthday and they're all going and

I'm like oh no I don't my boy oh my god

cool by the way I sent this article and

I sent him girls night out by Rolo and

I'm like hoping to fucking die I'm

hoping that he picks it up but yeah

that's the Hat

I don't know what hurts a guy because

it's really clear to me that she's

fucking have you said anything to him

well because doesn't do it he never does

any good really easily I mean I mean but

first because he's like I mean I can't

really say anything because I'm the

little cousin but I've got I'm speaking

on it I'm I'm gonna shoot talking to him

I'm like

you really can't you put your granny

place or something like that and listen

be careful dude because if you ever if

you ever have a conversation with him

with an earshot or in front of her she's

not gonna like you like girls hate

listen girls hate got it hate it when

their boyfriends have friends like you

and me

because and I've lost plenty of friends

doing this like I'm like yo you know my

best friend's name is Shawn I'm like

Shawn like you got a new XY and Z and

his wife dude his wife Becky hated me

and do haven't spoken or seen him in

almost two years and now part of that

was my fault but the point is is that

when we when in wives no wives and

girlfriends know when you've got it

figured out but their husbands or

boyfriends don't so when they know that

you're in their ear they're like yo you

can't you can't hang around with Donovan

anymore because he's a bad influence on

you no he's a good influence on you but

if you figure out what he's figured out

then my easter egg is gone my gravy

train is gone gotta be careful right and

actually no I don't she hates me and I'm

gonna lie to one of my kids today Anna

sighs okay we had a family gathering

like four months ago and I brought my

girlfriend which I trained by your books

that's awesome

and we're in the kitchen my mom my

grandmother and my girlfriend are

cooking food because I told her before

make sure you make a good impression

otherwise you're fucked with me and she

was like no problem I'm gonna do it

daddy and cook with my mom and my

grandmother she was washing dishes her

boyfriend a hard girlfriend didn't owe

catting my mom Alba my girlfriend up and

in my mind I was like yeah I know where

this is heading right and she my

governor was washing the dishes and she

was by herself and I'm not talking oh

wait don't don't don't bother so Mike

always done so much not like yeah she's

the one who should bother horn and I

point to her boy her girlfriend and she

got up dad 20 at that point she tried to

fake a smile and tell my girlfriend and

I cook he let you wash the dishes

that point Don hated dude you're in the

doghouse brother you're in the doghouse

there man you get what's actually after

the yeah three go ahead

no I was gonna say thanks for the call

MT - we got it we got other college to

get to 911 for two oh five five three

five six real quick before I get to area

code 802 shout-out to Al with the five

dollar donation via the stream labs link

left a message says these hoes ain't

loyal these hoes ain't loyal so shout

out to Al area code 802 I'd appreciate

it if you give me a call back I did see

you in the queue so if I hung up on you

or if you hung up I'd appreciate it if

you'd give me a call back all right

let's move on number actually we've got

a couple more

Ryan Sullivan says have a threesome

that's how you avoid that's how you

avoid attachment yeah you know what's

interesting I actually thought about

that briefly when talking about trade

bait when you're trading when you're

using sluts to fuck other guys for your


yeah in order to become unattached to

hurt yeah fucking have a threesome with

them right

watching her lick somebody else's lately

you know look another lick another

girl's pussy that that yeah I mean dude

you can't be a tat you can't be

emotionally attached to somebody like

that right and once she goes off and

fucks one of your homeboys you

definitely can't be emotionally


Chris Redfield says avoid looking at her

social media eventually you start to

care for her more than you should

that's a good one I had not thought

about that one that is a very good one I

have been I have been guilty of that one

looking at her social media very good

good suggestion there Chris Redfield

number three the number three way to

avoid becoming emotionally attached to

sluts do not spend money on her now this

should go without saying but even the

most experienced players will spend

money on their side chicks and this is

never a good idea guys girls are keenly

aware that a man's investment of any

sort is necessary to secure a commitment

from him no emotional investment is what

she's after but she knows that financial

investment goes hand in

and with emotional event investment if

she's got your heart she's also got your

wallet she does the math now she's a

low-level girl like maybe a six or a

seven or if she smokes or if she's just

completely useless outside of fucking do

not let her get her foot in the door in

the slightest if you happen to take her

out if you she happens to tag along and

you're at the movie say hey listen you

buy the tickets I'll get the popcorn of

the snacks if you're out getting food

make her pay her own way if you're

ordering in she pays half not only will

this increase her respect for you while

simultaneously decreasing any sort of

perceived thirst that she may think you

have this lets her know that your

arrangement is strictly sexual and

nothing else meaning the only thing

you're giving her are facials not money

protein shakes now don't mistake me here

guys this doesn't mean you shouldn't

spend you know four bucks for a cup of

coffee on her write it listen if if you

guys happen to spend the night and

listen and you want a cup of coffee

listen men pay three four bucks for a

small latte right or yeah or maybe grab

a bottle you know listen there's nothing

wrong with grabbing a bottle of whiskey

on the you know on the way to her place

but you definitely need to be you

definitely need to avoid being viewed as

an ATM but by the same token being a

cheapskate is a huge turnoff whether

you're just fucking her or dating her

just remember guys at the end of the day

this is the ironclad rule you must

adhere to to keep her from getting a

foothold on your finances or your

emotions do not spend money on these

hoes don't spend money on sluts guys

they got plenty of guys to spend money

on them number four and this is one that

you probably wouldn't think about don't

name her contact on your phone now this

may seem inconsequential and unnecessary

but I can assure you guys that this will

have a profound effect on your mentality

when dealing with sluts assigning a name

for any given slut or fuck buddy friend

with benefit what have you automatically

creates an emotional attached

to her it's almost it's almost like if

you live on a farm and you know you're

you're you you guys race chickens for

Tyson chicken or Perdue or something

like that and you're a little kid and

you go outside and you name you know one

of your chickens Betsy now there's an

emotional attached attachment to that

chicken so Betsy is gone you ask any old

dad where's Betsy well that we had to

slaughter Betsy and send her to Tyson we

had to send her to Purdue oh it's the

same thing the commitment may be small

but it is still very very significant

when you replace her number with Erica

it's psychological aaja cailli elevates

her status which is not what you want to

do with sluts by not assigning her name

to a phone number to her number you're

keeping her status exactly what it

should be just a number listen sluts are

not sluts aren't human there they are

females who allow you to fuck them

that's it don't get emotionally attached

the sluts they are there are pieces of

meat think of them as just pieces of

meat that you stick your dick in and get

them the fuck out of there oh my god

don't even that's cool yep the game is

fucking cruel and if you don't want to

get taken by sluts this is what you need

to do a man with airtight game knows

that they know that a woman that they

fucked is no more important than any of

the others so there's really no need to

give her the privilege of being given a

name in your phone now what I used to do

when I was at the height of my day in my

day game in my night game life out in

Vegas was to assign verbs or sex acts to

certain girls like anal on the first

date or a blowjob addict or swallow

number one two or three great asset

cetera now this strategy actually did a

couple of things for me first

it objectified the girls that I were I

was fucking which helps to detach you

emotionally if you get a text from huge

tits or likes it rough her face and

personality don't come to your head her

body part or a sexual act that you did

with her that pops

to your head and because sex is far less

emotional for us it helps to keep our

emotions at bay now the second thing

this technique did was it kept the girls

hopes from getting up so if you get a

text from anal addict and you respond

with well who is this well the reason

you did that is because you don't

remember if you don't remember a name

right or you're not sure if it's Molly

Melissa or Maria one strategy that I

used to do is I'll say who is this well

this is Molly right and I'll say you

know Molly Sanders or Molly Fernandez

and they're like oh my God he's fucking

more than one Molly like this is going

through their minds this this is rock

solid game who is this this is Sara okay

uh Sara Callahan Sara McNally or you

know Sara Ramos like which Sara are you

there God

god damn this motherfucker knows three

Sara's now a lot of guys have the balls

to do this a lot of guys are afraid to

piss off cars oh my God he's fucking

more than one girl he's gonna leave no

no fuck it let her know you're fucking

more than one girl let her know that you

are talking to more than one her not

only am I fucking not only am I talking

to more than one girl I'm talking to

more than one girl who has your name

bitch like you ain't shit now show text

back and tell you who she is or she'll

play like she's giving you a hard time

but whatever her response is gentlemen

it tells her in no uncertain terms that

she is not special it tells her that

she's not the only girl you're fucking

right now and that keeps her from

getting any ideas that your fuck buddy

arrangement is anything more than what

it is which is just fucking you can put

your own personal spin on it but

whatever you do do not use her name

because if you do it won't be long

before Molly turns into my everything or

soul mate or my love oh my fucking god

dude some of my friends in Vegas like

the phone ring I look over at his phone

it's like my love I'm like oh my fucking

god dude like you want to handle your

fucking balls

now that shit made me throw up in my


all right let's go back to the chat here

so wait senator says one of my friends

girlfriends is like that one time she

had the balls to say to me that I hate

women because of what I put on social

media I laughed at her he looked super

uncomfortable listen you're home listen

your homeboys they hate it when you

start dropping red pill truth around him

on him when when he's around his girl oh

they hate that shit man you're gonna get

me in trouble yeah you know what I'm

doing you a favor

she's not gonna give me any fucking head

dude if you act like you don't give a

shit she'll swallow JC says I have a

buddy who married a chick he ski first

screwed him and threesome oh my god

fucking hell dude man it's smelling good

in there I know Devon's making chicken

something cuz I had to sell out some

chicken for her before she came home

from work so it's gonna be chicken

something see you else we got here just

a quick says the DJ's at the club's be

getting the most one-night stands on

yeah of course of course Sean in Tampa

you know he plays in a band he gets all

kinds of ass just the Josh de quick says

Vegas ain't the same as it used to be

well I guess I'm less I guess I'm glad I

got the fuck up out of there then cuz

when I left Vegas dude Vegas was popping

like it was I mean don't get me wrong I

was ready to change my life but it

wasn't easy to leave that place man like

I remember when I took off from Vegas I

took a video of me taking off because I

knew I would never live there again our

mondo Moreno says like in a sales job

you don't give your customers nicknames

you called it by their professional name

very good excellent you guys are

starting to you guys are starting to uh

you guys are starting to get it

Miami Jay says my main chick is saved to

my phone is a little slut yes yes

because 7:58 says what's good what'd I

miss um you've missed the first four and

I think I've got 11 or 12 so you haven't

yeah and you've missed a few but not too


Julian says I went to Vegas for Memorial

Day weekend and whoo some nice women

dude I listen I've said it before I've

been I've been to cities all around the

world and gonna get my balls in place

here in Las Vegas in Nevada is the of

any city I've been to Las Vegas Nevada

has the highest density of highly

attractive women anywhere I mean listen

I'm sure there are more attractive women

in other places like by volume but as

far as the density is concerned oh no

you're not gonna find a place like Vegas

number five number five

never introduce her to family or friends

now this is another obvious one that I

talk about but I see and hear about

dudes doing this all the time and it

always causes problems man once you

introduce her to family or friends it

does three things okay number one it

elevates her status in everyone's eyes

your friends and family will assume that

if you bring her around that she is

important enough to bring around which

elevates her status to them they don't

see her as a fuck buddy they don't see

her as a fuck friend they see her as a

potential girlfriend which means you're

gonna be fielding questions about a

bitch that you're just fucking that you

have no intention of keeping around and

that shit gets very annoying

number two it gives her a backdoor

entrance to learn more about you which

she can then use to mold herself to make

her into the fake woman she thinks she

want her to be number three it allows

her to infiltrate your inner circle

which makes it very difficult to get rid

of her if you stop fucking her

she might start to start fucking one of

your buddies because they became friends

on Facebook after you introduced him she

might become friends with your sister

your mom which keeps that umbilical cord

attached whether you whether you're

fucking her or not all women gentlemen

and I repeat all women are

of what's at stake in terms of being

introduced to the people that you love

and trust the most which is why they're

always pushing to meet your family or

friends or they hang out with your

family and friends keep your fuck

buddies away from your friends and

families Armando

says hey Donovan what if a slut wants

you to introduce wants to introduce you

to her parents oh no no no no no nope

nope yeah there you go

swayed senator says it's not happening

wizard praying says nope uh-uh no sir

fuck that I want to introduce you to my

mom now I don't want to meet her mom why

not I just don't want to meet your mom

and then change the subject yeah fuck

that fuck that because then your status

is elevated in her eyes well if he come

if he came to meet my mom then that must

mean that I mean no fuck that no no

don't meet any don't meet any parents

listen you get listen there's nothing

wrong with meeting her hot friends right

cuz you can end up you can end up

putting a couple of them in the rotation

if you play your cards right but don't

meet her parents fuck that noise number

six the number sixth way to remain

unemotionally emotionally unattached to


only text for logistical reasons again I

talked I touched on this a little

earlier but women are very good at

creating a crevice of conversation out

of nothing to draw you into long

conversations in order to get

information out of you I used to fall

for this trap all the time guys the

solution to this one is quite simple

when she tries to strike up a

conversation with open-ended questions

like so what are you up to or do you

have any brothers and sisters

you can either ignore them or just give

short one-word of the answers so what

are you up to stuff you have any

brothers and sisters yep and if she asks

how many of each one just ignore it

the only extended text conversations

that you have with sluts should be

setting up a day time and place of your

meet-up and even then your text messages

should be sort short and sweet I'm

coming over at 9 tomorrow night be ready

it's about as long as it needs to be

Dwayne says what if she wants to invite

you to a party with her friends yes

friends are fine family's a no-go guys

come on

use common sense here use common sense

nothing wrong with meeting the friends

of a slide I think you already know that

number seven number seven assume always

assume she has fucking someone else if

you have a fuck buddy arrangement with

even a decent-looking girl guys you can

bet your ass she is fucking at least one

other dude now as men we are territorial

by nature and other than extremely

thirsty beta males

we rarely commit to sluts now as a man

with a good understanding of a woman's

true nature resolving your mind to the

fact that she's probably fucking someone

else will automatically disconnect your

emotions your logic tells you that why a

low investment bargain-basement pussy is

good in the short term for getting your

dick wet and keeping your abundance

mentality intact

it's bet it's a bad bet for commitment

now as a result of assuming she's taking

somebody else's cock when she's not with

you it'll be damn near impossible to

catch feelings for I not listen I'll

actually tell you a quick story I was

fucking a girl when I was out in Vegas

for like a month month and a half right

or something like that

it was a clockwork arrangement she'd

come over every Friday night we'd fucked

she'd spend the night she'd make me

breakfast in the morning she'd leave my

place at 7:30 8 o'clock in the morning

it was the perfect arrangement we'd

always have a great time we really liked

each other it was a cool arrangement

because we never talked or texted until

Friday afternoon we'd say my place at

night or grab me some cigarettes on your

way over was awesome was great

well we started texting throughout the

week and eventually we started seeing

each other

on Friday and Saturday so I broke rule

number 6 and it ended up causing me to

get it to become a little bit more

emotionally invested well anyway I

remember one Saturday afternoon she was

acting bitchy I think I'd left her

police a few hours before

um few hours before I spent Friday night

with her and normally we're texting back

and forth making plans for Saturday

night but she was agitated so I finally

texted her and something inside me was

telling me something was going on and so

I finally texted her and I told her

something to this effect I said look

you're acting bitchy you're acting

bitchy and I'm not one to be asked I'm

not one to be asking you what's wrong so

let's just take a break tonight and see

what happens next week she immediately

texts back and she says no no it's not

you I promise I'm just dealing with

nonsense now I'm not stupid right I took

that to mean that she was fighting with

maybe her boyfriend or if she had won or

or if she had one to begin with or that

someone else

she was fucking around you know that she

was fucking maybe found out about us and

didn't know but I listened I assumed

that it had to do with something with it

had something to do with another guy but

I didn't really want to know and I

didn't I did not want to know I wanted

to stay England so I texted it back I

said look I'm not trying to share you

with anybody else so let's just end

things here and things amicably and

chalking up to a good time I knew I was

starting to catch feelings for this girl

and I didn't want any part of that so I

just chose to just stay ignorant and let

her go so when she texts back again she

texts back immediately no I don't want

to end things I really like you and I

promise you won't have to share me with

anybody anymore now part of me was happy

because she told me she liked me and was

presumably not gonna be fucking anyone

else anymore but I'm not gonna lie to

you guys another part of me felt a

twinge of pain because she had just told

me she just literally told me that she's

been fucking other nudes

we agreed to keep that stuff away from

each other just like I told Coby Anthony

on the phone a little while back the

more but but but again the more time you

spend with a woman the more you're at

risk of catching feelings so I broke

number rules number six number two and I

ended up catching feelings for a woman

who absolutely did not deserve anything

but my dick I actually might do a

podcast about her specifically because

this chick was an epic ho but because I

spent more time with her than I should I

ended up liking her a lot more than I

should have this again this is a human

read this

a normal human reaction to spending time

with someone red pillow we're not number

eight this is an important one ignore

what she says last week I talked about a

woman finding your password again that's

that episode 361 why is it so easy to

fall in love with sluts I talked about a

woman finding your password

quote-unquote to bypass her common sense

and logic in order to cause you to

become emotionally attached and I talked

about a Ukrainian girl who may or may

have been I don't know she might have

been a Russian anyway her name was 10

Tiana and she roped me in with my

password take a list her name was 10

Tiana it was a beautiful girl long

blonde hair was almost white like her

hair was it was so blonde dude gorgeous

light blue eyes like dude she had a

really small tits but she was fucking

gorgeous like just raw beauty anyway I

remember we were walking down Flamingo

Road I'll never forget this and we go

across that we go to cross the street

and I pulled her back to the sidewalk

because there was a motorcycle speeding

along the side of the road

now Tatiana was I don't know she was she

was small she's like maybe 105 106 after

she a shrimp salad which was her

favorite food in the world so I was able

just the anchor back and she looked at

me and said

heavy Ukrainian or Russian and I

remember thinking no it was dude it was

like when Achilles caught that arrow in

his Achilles heel I knew I knew she had

disarmed me I knew that she had just

bypassed all of my retinal conditioning

but there's nothing I can do about it

listen we've all heard girls say shit

like I've never felt this way about

anyone before I feel so safe and

protected with you like remember that

that was my password or I know we're

just fuck buddies but I swear to god

you're the only one I'm fucking right

now we're the big one I think I'm

falling in love with you or something to

that effect I have bought into these

statements before and nine and a half

times out of 10 it's bullshit guys every

once in a while if you're fucking a girl

senseless she thinks she's falling in

love with you and she might actually

think that she's falling in love with

you right and she might think that she

means it when she says it

but even then all it takes is the next

shiny cock who pays her attention to

make her forget about you completely the

best defense against this beta bait this

is shit testing is ignore it all of it

girls throw out this particular brand of

bullshit to you to try to rope you in

and to elevate themselves out of the

bargain-basement pussy status out of

fuck-buddy status she's tired of you

thinking that she is just you know three

holes that you stick your dick in and

she's decided she's gonna try to become

your girlfriend her play head games with

you or whatever her fucked-up reasons

are it is also a subconscious shit test

she doesn't think of it this way but it

is she's doing this to see if you are as

gullible as the last dude who started

off as a fuck buddy who made the mistake

of making of making her his girlfriend

and she cheated on him the very next day

never forget these two things gentlemen

number one what women say and what women

do are two very different things

even if you truly believe what they are

telling you even if they truly believe

what they're telling you at the time


in mine that it can and likely will

change in a heartbeat the minute you

lose frame or a better option comes

along or for no reason at all and number

two and this is very important any woman

who allows you to use her strictly for

sex is a woman who is damaged beyond

repair never ever make a fuck-buddy

anything more than a fuck buddy they

will burn you every time and again I

speak from personal experience guys

doyon says her eyes get all watery and

she still and she'll still be lying yes

listen the only time a woman's tears are

genuine is she is if she is crying by

herself if she has an audience of even

one person

those are crocodile tears I don't give a

fuck the only time a woman is really the

only time a woman's tears are real as if

she is by herself if she has if she has

an audience she's fucking crying

crocodile tears guys every fucking time

number 9 this is a sneaky one never talk

about plans past 24 hours girls love to

comfort test in relationships to feel

more secure now the difference between a

shit test in a comfort test is that a

shit test is to make sure that she's

still attracted to you and a comfort

test is to make sure that you're still

attracted to her so for example here's a

shit test in a long-term relationship

you and your girl are shopping and she

says here hold my bag while I try this

on now there are two answers there are

two answers to this number one you laugh

and say you just laugh at her and say

I'll be at footlocker and then leave the

store or number two don't go into the

clothing store with her in the first

place she might act annoyed but she will

respect that you have the backbone to

tell her no this is a common shit test

that most men fail and listen girls use

that as an opening to a two to shit test

you more which eventually leads to

cheating if you fail him here's an

example of a comfort test you and your

girl are watching TV and a vacation

commercial comes on and she says hey we

should go there next year she may want

to go she may not want to go

but she's looking for that quasi

confirmation that you'll be together

next year which gives her comfort and

security and by the way your answer

should always meet yeah that'll be fun

if we're still together again she might

get annoyed she might get upset but just

tell her hey I don't have a crystal ball

you never know what might happen

that'll keep her on her toes as far as

fuck buddies and sluts are concerned

never talk about future plans ever don't

say hey when you come over next Friday

you should bring whiskey

don't mention whiskey until that Friday

afternoon less than 24 hours and don't

let her do it either she'll also come

for tests hey should I bring that

whiskey you like mix Friday your answer

depends on what I've got going on but

I'll let you know if you give her the

impression if you give her the

impression rather that this may have a

chance to turn into something other than

a fuck buddy arrangement things will

change she'll become more attached

she'll want more of your time and the

next thing you know you're arguing me

because she's frustrated because she's


which obviously turns to run talking

about plans more than 24 hours away

we'll give her false hope 24 hours or

less guys number 10 I think I've got

I've got three more number ten the

number ten way to remain emotionally

unattached to sluts avoid intimate

contact maybe a year or so after I found

the right pill I started dating this

girl I met she worked at Five Guys

Burgers and Fries I think her name was

like Victoria Veronica I don't remember

exactly anyway she had decent sized tits

maybe B B pluses maybe low C's but she

had a she had a beautiful face and an

unbelievable ass oh my god her ass was

out of this world and it was weird

seeing an eight work at a fast-food

joint but whatever you know anyway she

had a bit of an attitude when she took

my order and I used that as an

opportunity I smiled and I said goddamn

she's a white girl I said goddamn you

either hate black people or you hate

your job which

it and she gave me a little bit of a

laugh and that gave me the opening that

I need that I needed to run game got her


fucked her that nice fucked her that

night which of course meant that I put

her directly into the fuck-buddy

category so we're fucking two three

times a week which in hindsight was a

big mistake another mistake I made was

all of the intimate contact I made with

her guys we kissed a lot like oh dude we

kissed all the time like we kissed in

public I just pull her I just pull her

in and just lay one on her no matter no

matter who was around no matter where we

were and she loved it was all romantic

and sappy then we started holding hands

that eventually escalated into cuddling

after sex and before I knew it I started

to catch feelings I knew this girl

wasn't good relationship material

number one she worked at a fast-food

joint number two I fucked her the same

day I met her number three she had a

tattoo of a Phoenix which according to

her represented a new beginning which is

a huge red flag right but the fact that

we were kissing all the time that's all

we used to do is kiss him fuck was crazy

holding hands and cuddling all of that

made me susceptible to catching feelings

and I did and she did too and dude


she felt harder at least that's what it

looked like to me right like we're

around each other all the time

so what does my dumb ass do your red

pill advisor the great Donovan sharp the

guy who's got all this red pill

awareness I asked a woman who worked in

fast food who had a tit tattoo whom I

fucked on the same day that I met her

asked her to be my girlfriend and of

course she said yes if you want to stay

unattached to sluts avoid these

behaviors guys these things give you

dopamine and serotonin hits which are

addictive meaning you want to do it more

so you do it more kissing her was great

that's why we did it all the time was

nutty kiss listen and listen guys

kissing is the most intimate thing you

could do

with a woman lips are I mean they're

loaded with nerve endings you're closer

holding each other right kissing a lot

will make you listen I'll tell you this

kissing a lot will make you fall for a

woman that you have no business falling

for I'm how long I'm dude I was fucked I

wasn't even bugging over that long

holding hand signals to the world that

you are together girls love the feeling

of belonging to someone and men love the

feeling of having a woman belong to her

it keeps physical contact and in public

that is very intimate cuddling after sex

is definitely a no-no that's like

kissing combined with holding hands you

smell each other you're close you're

kissing her neck

you guys are whispering sweet nothings

it was crazy we're looking at each other

it's like ray APG said he's look at each

other all the time the girls beautiful I

thought she loved me

I said to my friend norm I think Veron I

think that was her name Veronica I think

Veronica really loves me he says well

how do you feel I said I think I don't

know like I don't know I couldn't admit

it right so must be Donovan sharp yeah I

might be things feel great even with

sluts but sluts are also women just

because a woman has a notch count of 263

doesn't mean that you are completely

impervious to her touch her femininity

her pheromones if you want to stay

unattached to sluts avoid these

behaviors at all costs so what happened

with Veronica surprise surprise

she ended up cheating me with her

ex-boyfriend and some dude she met at

the club and those are the ones that I

know about there were probably more okay

and she'd probably been cheating for a

lot longer than I was aware of now a big

reason for that is because I caught

feelings I lost frame I lost my edge

I started exhibiting beta traits she got

turned off and ended up cheating yes

cheating is wrong and we can say bitches

ain't shit and all the rest of that but

as men with red pill awareness we know

what to expect from women which is

branch swinging by way of infidelity it

sucked when it happened and ya was

pissed but that's the game I should have

known better

yeah dude

Veronica was hot Oh like what what the

fuck is she doing working at five guys

number eleven don't allow her to leave

anything at your place and vice-versa

listen women do this on purpose for two


number one to mark our territory so that

other girls will see it and number two

to keep you on her mind when you see the

object you think of her when you smell

me you know you leave something at her

place and she'll be under the impression

that you're marking your territory and

women love this if they want to be in a

relationship with you don't let her

leave anything in your car either guys

bitches do this all the time dude I've

had the gratitude I've had girls leave

lipstick lotion earrings shoes all kinds

of stuff and it's never an accident oh

I'm sorry did I leave I left my lipstick

my earrings and my shoes oh I'll come

pick it up tomorrow

wait what get the fuck out here you guys

are giving me a hard time it's late

senator says PDA with sluts no dude yeah

men oh god that's all we used to do oh

my god that's always to do is kiss it

was nutty it was crazy Baz Eve says that

was an L yeah yeah yep suede senator

says facepalm yep yep goofy zig zag says

whoa you broke all the rules yeah men

but just like sweet Senator said you're

gonna charge it to the game number 12

the 12th and final thing that you need

to do to keep your emotions for sluts at


do not allow her to rely or depend upon

you sexually or emotionally ignore your

provider instinct if she asks you to

give her a ride somewhere say no if she

asks you to help her move or help a

friend move say no she asks you for

anything outside of sex say no women

respect dependability and reliable

as far as sex goes keeper on a random

schedule do not allow her to count on


sexually I know a rule is hey listen if

you got girls in your rotation make sure

it's the same day every time okay fine

but the smaller the smaller the number

of women in your rotation the more

random you need to make it don't fuck

her on the same day every single week if

you do that's a routine she'll depend on

that you don't want her depending on you

because if she does she'll catch

feelings and if she catches feeling

she'll do things to make you catch

feelings and they're very good at doing

this trust me I fallen victim to this

many many times now you guys might ask

okay Donovan this all sound that this

all sounds good but this does this apply

to all sluts you bet your ass it does

like I said guys women

any woman who agrees to to be nothing

but a hole for you to stick your dick in

and nothing more needs to be kept away

from your emotions needs to be kept away

from me resources need to be kept away

from your friends your family and

anything else important to you if she

gets access to even one of these things

guys you're fucked that's gonna do it

for this episode of TS are alive be sure

to tune into the brother pill on O'Shea

Duke Jackson's channel I don't know

we're gonna talk about but just be sure

to tune in should be in just under an

hour thanks for listening guys see you

next time


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