How to stay out of the friend zone (Episode 318)

One of the most difficult things for men to do as far as women are concerned is getting out of the dreaded friend zone. We hear it all the time “how do I get outta the friend zone” “I’m in the friend zone, help!” Well let me save you guys a shitload of time and effort and let you know right up front that once you’re in the friend zone, there’s no way out…..not if you wanna fuck her right now while she’s still hot and childless.



Getting out of the friend zone in this regard is impossible. It’s not damn near impossible, it’s not almost impossible, IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. Once you’re in the friend zone she doesn’t want to fuck you and that doesn’t change even when she starts fucking you 10 years later. Dudes assume that because a woman’s fucking him that she actually wants to be fucking him. She wants to be fucking other people but she can’t anymore so you’re it until she can find someone else

So what you need to do is to avoid getting put IN the friend zone in the first place and I’m going to give you guys 8, sure fire guaranteed, yes I said GUARANTEED ways to stay the fuck out of the friend zone.

Now keep in mind you may not fuck her. She may end up ghosting on you, she may end up hating you. But you will NOT end up in the friend zone. You implement these strategies, she’s either going to fuck you, or she’s going to tell you directly or indirectly to fuck off….which is EXACTLY what we want.


Getting out of the friend zone (The red Pill reddit)

My escape from the friend zone (The red pill reddit)




now before I get into this I'm gonna go

ahead and let you guys know fuck your

feelings black guys and white guys fuck

your feelings guys listen man I'm gonna

tell you some raw honest truths about

the both of us black men and white men

and if you don't like it you can go

somewhere else

I don't need niggas talkin about your

devaluing black men dude fuck that

that's not even close to what I'm doing

here and if that's what you think you're

a wannabe red pill guy who's a dumbass

and values feelings over facts and white

boys on that means all telling me well

white white guys have more game than

black guys or black guys don't have the

genetic advantage over us fuck that and

fuck you we have more game than y'all

because we have necessity is the mother

of invention black women are

insufferable and impossible to deal with

and most white girls don't fuck with

niggas and as a result we have to have

airtight game do not get bucked over by

black women and they get any play from

white girls so I'm not trying to hear

that a woman never belongs to you it's

just your turn of course her parents

don't have a problem with me being black

she's past the wall get your fat ass off

the couch start lifting weights and

learn game you're welcome so you got

drunk at a frat party even fuck the

football team they're not a rape victim

sweetheart you're a slut what's up guys

it's our man donovan sharp and welcome

to the 318 edition of TSR primetime your

nightly dose of red pill truth wisdom

and awareness let's get right to it

we're all familiar with the saying or

the concept that tattoos are forever

right you sit in the chair the artist

takes his needle and he punctures your

skin hundreds of times a minute to put

permanent ink under your skin to give

you a tattoo so once it's there

theoretically it's there forever but

Donavan tattoos can be removed

yeah that's true tattoos can be removed

but the process of getting them removed

is arduous it's painful it's expensive

and it's damn near impossible and most

of the time getting a laser tattoo

removal doesn't get rid of a hundred

percent of the tattoo there's always

gonna be remnants of that tattoo an

outline or maybe a few colors that the

laser wasn't able to get out of your


sure you've been covering up but unless

it's a bigger bolder darker tattoo

you'll always be able to see the

remnants of the old tattoo lurking just

beneath the surface so it never really

goes away the friendzone gentleman is

just like a tattoo

you start texting a girl you hang out

you chat on the phone she tells you

about her feelings she tells you about

her problems she talks about other guys

she's fucking and before you know it

you're in the friend zone and once

you're in the friend zone you are there

forever but Donovan we're about guys

getting out of the friend zone all the

time yes that is also true men who have

been friend zone they have ended up with

the women who have friendzone them ten

years three children 25 pounds and 374

Cox later when a man gets out of the

friendzone the girl is far from the hot

young girl they wanted to fuck 10 15

years ago and here's another thing guys

just because you're finally out of the

friendzone doesn't mean you actually got

out of the friendzone

she took you out of the friendzone

because she ran out of options

not because she's aroused by you you see

she still wants to be fucking other guys

right she still wants to be fucking the

guys that she was crying to you about 10

15 years ago but she can't anymore

so she decided to target a former beta

male of hers a former orbiter of hers a

formal oh my god I love you to death

tight best friend of hers to rescue her

from a life of certain single motherhood

so yeah you're out of the friend zone

and that tattoo is gone but not

one of the most difficult things for men

to do as far as women are concerned is

getting out of the dreaded friend zone

we hear it all the time how do I get out

of the friend zone I'm in the friend

zone help well let me save you guys a

shitload of time and effort and let you

know right up front that once you are in

the friend zone once you are friend zone

there's no way out not if you want to

fuck her right now while she's still hot

and childless getting out of the friend

zone in this regard is impossible it's

not damn near impossible it's not almost

impossible it's impossible it cannot be

done once you're in the friend zone she

does not want to fuck you and that

doesn't change even when she starts

fucking you ten years later dudes out

here assume that when a dude's out here

assume that just because a woman is

fucking him that she actually wants to

be fucking him she still wants to be

fucking other dudes but she can't

anymore so you're it unless of course

she finds someone else so what you need

to do is to avoid getting put in the

friendzone in the first place and I'm

gonna give you guys eight sure-fire

guaranteed yes I said guaranteed ways to

stay the fuck out of the friendzone now

I want you guys to keep in mind that you

may not fuck her she may end up ghosting

on you she may even end up hating you

but you will not end up in the friend

zone you implement these strategies that

I'm gonna talk about tonight she's

either gonna fuck you or she's going to

tell you directly or indirectly to fuck

off which is exactly what we want my

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August 23rd 2018

of course Urban Meyer today was

suspended three games without pay I said

on the show yesterday that Urban Meyer

was absolutely not going to be fired or

I told you that Ohio State was gonna do

whatever it took to keep her and Meyer

they have so they absolutely did and

here's the thing

word on the street I don't know if I'm

getting there we are I gotta put the mic

a little further away cuz I'm getting

this a reverb here

word on the street is that the reason it

took so long to make the decision they

had to meet for like 12 13 hours and

according to I guess an ombudsman for

Ohio State University the reason it took

so long to come to this decision is

because Urban Meyer didn't accept it he

didn't accept the suspension he didn't

want to accept that the suspension

because he didn't think he did anything

wrong and he didn't and the interesting

thing is is that all of the social

justice wires they wanted an apology at

the news conference I think it was today

what would you say to Courtney Smith

today he said well what I would say to

everyone is I'm sorry were in this

situation Urban Meyer's not sorry about

what he did or didn't do and he

shouldn't be he didn't handle the dude

he didn't handle the situation

inappropriate listen I was talking to my

brother about this today you guys have

to understand Zack Smith is the

grandfather of the met he is the

grandson of the man who mentored Urban

Meyer you don't you're not going to

expect a man to just cut all family ties

all friend ties because some woman says

her husband's beating at me listen

here's the thing let's not make any

mistake let's not let's not make any

bones about this it is far more likely

than not that Zack Smith is a domestic

abuser absolutely

but again family ties this is urban this

is the this is the grandson of Urban

Meyer's mentor so you mean to tell me

that be social justice where he's

expected Urban Meyer as soon as he heard

about these allegations and by the way

no charges were pressed and Zack Smith

still hasn't been convicted so they

expect Urban

- just forego all family ties and friend

ties and run to the cops about an

allegation someone else made about his

assistant coach this didn't even involve

Urban Meyer the social justice warriors

wanted an apology they didn't get it

they wanted Urban Meyer fired they

didn't get it you lose social justice

Wars you lose feminists and of course

Michelle Beadle is all over ESP and

running her mouth guess what you can run

your mouth all you want - all day ESP

and I haven't even list I've listened to

maybe ten minutes of ESPN radio and it's

just all the same thing oh they should

have fired and blub all right fine you

can say what they could have would have

should have yes what parents are still

gonna send their boys to play for Urban

Meyer because he gets guys to the league

Ohio State kept Urban Meyer because it's

a three-time national fucking champion

he is 73 and eight in six years at OSU

he wasn't going anywhere

area code six seven eight I see you in

the ICU in the cumin it get to you in

just a minute I also want to talk a

little bit about this tinder

experiment that this chick did I don't

even know what her name is I've read

several articles about it return of

kings put something up yesterday until I

actually talked to my brother about this

a little bit earlier today and you guys

were in the chat saying hey Donovan did

you hear about this whole tinder

experiment thing so I did some reading

did some research watch some videos this

tinder experiment put true female nature

on display for all the world to see and

there were so many red pill moments and

so many red pill truths it is ridiculous

so here's what happened guys so this

this this I don't know I guess she's an

Instagram model basically an Instagram

oh she tricks a hundred guys and -

showing up to Union Square in New York

City so she gets on stage like these

guys show up they think that there are

the only ones who are going to be seeing

this girl and they show up and you know

they figure out at some point okay I'm

not the only guy that's here obviously

this is some sort of thing because

there's a stage as cameras everywhere

right there's a bunch of people there so


chick gets up on stage and she says well

give me a second okay wait I did up

sorry about that

so she says dating acts are hard so I

figured how about I have them all come

and meet me here in person right so what

that says to me is that I want I want

all of these guys to convert in other

way this is a detention whore thing she

wants all these guys to show up just to

try to date her this is an attention

whore like this is she did this all for

attention and listen she pulled it off

she got it so then she says some guys

may be disappointed but this is a great

story right guys

she knows guys are pissed off and she

knew this beforehand because she showed

up with two body arms guys listen

nothing is more dangerous than a beta

male who has been humiliated and she and

other women they know this which is why

she beefed up her security she knew that

there was a chance that an in Cell might

try to hurt her or worse for tricking

them and by the way let's go ahead and

get this out of the way someone in the

crowd called her a liar and she said now

I didn't lie I was not dishonest and

this is where girls trade on what they

characterize as truth and I'm using air

quotes for those of you listening

this chick indirectly contends that

because she did not directly or

proactively say or text anything that

was untrue that she didn't lie or that

she was not dishonest and nothing could

be further from the truth guys women get

away with lying like this all the time

they lie by omission they tell you the

truth but they don't tell you the whole

truth and nothing but the truth that is

the that is the very definition of

dishonesty if a bunch of girls showed up

let's switch the genders here if a bunch

of girls showed up to a bar expecting to

meet one guy and they found out that he

had invited 20 of them to compete for

his love and affection they would all

feel trick they would all feel lied to


they should and if the girls got upset

and said you lied to us and he responded

I did not lie

I was never dishonest with any of you

they wouldn't sit back and say to

themselves you know what he's got a

point he didn't tell us everything

involved but he never uttered a

falsehood so I guess we'll let him off

the hook I am not upset anymore of

course not so for a woman to expect men

to do something that they clearly would

be unwilling and incapable of doing is

yet another case of the many gross

exploitation of extreme female privilege

in this country if anyone confronted

this girl face-to-face about the fact

that she lied she would say well

technically nothing I said was untrue

and if someone uses the word technically

in their defense of an accusation then

they are automatically guilty especially

women anyway so she gets up there and

she announces that you know I'm here all

you guys are gonna come compete for my

attention that there's all kinds of

videos about the Sun on YouTube then she

starts eliminating people and this is

where the red pill truth really really

starts to come out so her first

elimination she says half of you are in

relationships you should leave now so

that was the first wave then she says if

you're uncomfortable with filming them

I'm getting this all on camera then you

should leave now then she says if you

support Trump then you should leave now

because you can't date a Puerto Rican

and support Donald Trump then she says

if you're a tourist for you don't live

in the United States you should leave

now then she says anyone named Jimmy you

should leave now I just don't like the

name Jimmy then she did this this is

unbelievable this is this is where she

really really puts female major on full


she says she asked the crowd she says I

got I want you guys to put up your left

hand if any of you got broken up with by

your last girlfriend if any one of you

got broken up by our last girlfriend I

want you to raise your left hand right

bunch of guys raise my left hand she

says okay I want you to raise your right



were the one that broke up with your

girlfriend right so after this was done

she says okay every man who raised their

left hand I want you to leave now

and she says please leave because I

trust her judgment

gentlemen this rooves beyond the shadow

of a doubt that women are high-minded

creatures guys we'll get into this later

on tonight but this just goes to show

that girls don't want that they don't

want guys that get dumped by other girls

they think to themselves well she dumped

him so she must have had a good reason

why the girls said to herself the girl

said to everyone I trust her judgment

and she does

girls are hive minded what does that

mean it means that they are essentially

one brain if one girl thinks a certain

way then they all do this is why the

concept of pre selection is absolutely

paramount in dating if you have pretty

girls with you then and girls see that

you have pretty girls with you they

assume that they're with you for good

reason doesn't matter what that reason

is if pretty girls are indirectly

signing off on you then that's all they

need to see conversely if you dumped her

she likes that that shows you have

options that shows that you don't have

one itis that shows you're not thirsty

it shows you're not gonna stay with a

girl that you don't like anymore and

women respect men who walk away from

other women next elimination anyone

looking to just hook up or if there's no

dating potential you can leave - she

said this is virtue signaling guys all

girls do this why did she do this so she

doesn't look like a slut she wants

everyone there to think that she's never

had a one-night stand or a fling with a

tinder date so she's doing in front of

hundreds of people what millions of

girls do all the time every day knowing

full well that they get on tinder to do

nothing but hook up girls want to be

sluts without actually being called

sluts just like they want all the

rewards of masculinity without having to

pay the masculine cause this is the same

concept next elimination anyone under


you can leave now she said now here's

the thing guys we can hit on that if we

want to but we eliminate girls based on

the way they look if we have nothing

listen this is how it is right and

here's the thing if a girl has nothing

to go on she's gonna default to the

genetic markers of arousal tall

square-jawed good-looking dudes there

due to her five-foot-four who have more

game than dudes who are 6 4 but because

girls on tinder have literally nothing

to go on but the way a man looks of

course she's gonna do this hate on this

all you got all you want to guys that's

how it is now at this point she says

Brittany I think we need more energy

this game is fun this is fun what that

said to me was that these dudes are

starting to understand that this chick

is just a basic ass bitch

there's nothing special about her

they're standing around thinking to

themselves this bitch got us all out

here and now she's sending dudes home

she's doing it on camera making a game

out of it making a game out of putting

her pussy on the auction block to the

highest bidder this is some fucked up

shit but I wanna fuck her so I'll stick

around but I ain't gonna act thirsty not

gonna jump for joy that's what that

meant she wants dudes to be happy to

compete for a slut she wants dudes to be

excited at the chance to compete for her

and she saw that they weren't which

makes her look bad if if if the crowd

sees the dudes are not excited to be

with her that makes her look bad it's

funny that she expected these dudes to

be happy about this shit it's just

unbelievable then she then she then she

went a little bit deeper

she said no beer bellies no one no long

beards no khakis then she says no

alcoholics then she says haha no

alcoholics that's not fun then she says

also no cigarettes my health is

important then she says and no everyday

weed smokers so now we have an accurate

profile of the guy this chick has been

alpha widowed by the guy she goes over

and futz whenever he decides he wants to

fuck her the guy who won't commit to her

even though she throws herself at him

the guy she can't stop thinking about is

a guy named Jimmy who's 6 1 has a long

beard smokes two packs a day drinks a

lot wakes in

and wakes and makes seven days a week

and doesn't have much enthusiasm about

having her as a fuck buddy this is what

this this is what this chick told us

guys this is simply another case of the

female did run amuck other than the fact

that she invited a bunch of dudes to

compete for her and that she recorded

the whole thing and broadcasted it live

there's nothing shocking or surprising

about what she did at least not as far

as this community's concerned the

interesting thing is that most people

most of the people who seem shocked

about this entire ordeal are men if you

ask the average woman about this they

probably wouldn't even give it a second

thought because females know how females

are but 95% of men have no idea what

females are really like that's why

they're shocked by this oh my god

women really like this the only reason

why it caused us and the red pill

community to raise our eyebrows is

because we've never seen a woman so

brazenly act like this we've never seen

a woman do something like this on this

level record it and broadcast it but

let's be real guys what this bitch did

didn't surprise anyone didn't surprise

anyone in here we know women do this all

the time every day and a lot of times

they'll tweet about it put it on

Facebook put it on Instagram all the

shock in the outrage that we are seeing

from people online and in that video is

indicative of how clueless men are about

women what this chick did is what girls

do on a daily basis girls swipe right on

a bunch of guys and they eliminate them

one by one based on the way they look

then they claim to not want to hook up

not want alcoholics or drug dealers or

players or criminals or any of the

traits that the bad boy alphas they

can't stop fucking to save their lives

possess but at the end of the day no

matter how much they say they don't want

these no matter how much they say they

don't want these bad boys or assholes or

fuck boys these are the guys they end up

going home with this little stunt that

she pulled yeah I'll admit it raised my

eyebrows a little bit there's no doubt

about it but I wasn't the least bit

shocked or surprised by what she did or

how she did it

because this is the way women operate

day in day out guys the only difference

is they do it behind closed doors this

chick this didn't front of get in front

of cameras in New York City right Oh

than those two differences she is the

same as every other basic ass bitch out

there no matter how much she wants to

think she's not having a hundred guys

show up to compete to go on a date with

you doesn't prove that you're special or

unique or worthy of men competing over

you it simply proves mail thirst and the

ease with which it is manipulated and

20:18 by females that's it if you have a

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man go ahead what's up Donovan what's up

brother how you doing man I'm fine about

you doing good all right so I got one

got one way to stay out of the

friendzone I do a little example widget

that friends on guys and so on let's

hear all right so all right so

understand it she's looking for a dick

don't be a pussy okay that's a good

Murray - loser don't be afraid to call

her on a bullshit example um I knew this

bitch back in my early 20s back when I

was like 19 going on 20 old friend of

mine I was afraid to lose the loans

plenty of folks before allagash because

of plenty of family members I thought

they were dying and I had very right

right this bitch called and I was still

trying to be a nice guy now call her out

on the shit she's in college so I don't

think I need to tell you see this word

automatically of course talk about my


behind my third but yeah and here's the

thing she said later on like around

Christmas but I've been hauling around

but it's only old it may be an assent

that I was um - oh Jesus Christ

she was like I look I'm still a virgin

because all doesn't count but that

herpes simplex type - yoga man thought

you called the right demo ha

don't be afraid to call her on a shit

like that I think you know that it's

always the basic one better friendzone

yes example um Donovan let me ask you

don't man if you had a bitch right if

you saw one and she had three kids by

two different day and a permanent in a

CD and she feels like she's entitled to

a top-tier guy she also has no job it

look you can't even get that far y'all

after that it was a this chick bet and

that's not even going on all the

abortion that shit I know she'd ask

talking about my dick is I got some good

dick now bitch everything is good if you

just afforded another two kids you know

trying to well like your shit don't


don't be afraid don't be afraid to say

it just know your limit because this

also connects back to the Co tendencies

right always in some drama with truth

and when you tell them the truth

because I know my ex mi now

ex-girlfriend she told me not to tell

the truth it was almost a knee-jerk

reaction every time she said it's

unbeliev they're no good man bitch what

fuckin wrong with you you want crash on

top of that you have nothing to offer

but the human body well thanks for the

call area code six seven eight listen he

makes a very good point is you cannot be

afraid to call them out right if you

want to stay out of the friend zone

don't be afraid to call a bitch out and

we're at he actually touched on

something that I'm gonna get into just a

little bit later if you are watching on

Facebook YouTube or Twitter and you want

to learn how to stay out of the friend

zone come on over to donovan sharp calm

to find out again my Facebook YouTube

and Twitter audience come on over to

donovan sharp calm to watch the rest of

TS are prime time and learn how to stay

the fuck out of the friend zone thank

you guys for tuning in and i will see

you guys over here in just one minute

before we do that let us head to the

chat me give a shout out to the Mod


we got Captain Crunch 4/20 Yosef

Israel's Sherm cane swayed senator roll

out some a C's in the house mister make

heathen deluxe legend P I am Legend

Darcy mill Hashim 305 but we got agree

or agree redfield oh seven I think

that's Chris Redfield John linka John

link I don't think I've seen you in here

before dead shot Kevin 603 and DST that

might be Kevin in sales in the house and

Kevin and sales is definitely gonna get

a lot of run on tonight's episode good

to see you guys in here

so tonight's episode is about the

friendzone let's go here and see we got

somebody that said that she's looking

for Chad absolutely angry says he is up

to watch this episode very good

excellent very very good Deadshot says

never hide your dick that's that's a

good wait button things you know with

OPP says it's important to acknowledge

once a girl you're gaming is not

reciprocating leave and

nor her immediately that makes sense I

agree says Donovan what about a girl who

friends owns you and comes back a few

months later when you've learned game

can you turn things around yeah that's

possible but you have to understand that

if she friend zoned you before and you

ignored her and she came back

that means she's been she's been fucked

by about a hundred guys since then like

you have to understand once a girl if a

girlfriend zones you she's not coming

back right so the the scenario that

you're talking about that is that's a

fantasy right like he's okay well I'm

gonna ignore her and then she's no no no

no no no dude she's not coming back man

listen unless unless you're on social

media and she sees that you're lifting

you're increasing your value she's not

coming back dude she's not coming if if

she does she's not gonna be long-term

relationship material dude you fucking

here's the thing man and I think Rollo

Tomassi actually said this on the red

man group the other day the friendzone

for men is equivalent to a man making a

woman a fuck buddy okay women can get

dick all they want to men we as men we

can get female friends all we want to

it's the sex we're after women are after

the commitment so you can give a woman

Bacall shoe all you want to and it's

funny I'll see I'll see things online

how to get out of the friendzone with a

guy know what you mean is how to get out

of the fuck friend zone with the guy

that's how that works

so yeah it is highly unlikely that a

girl who has friends on you comes back

just a few months later no boy looks

like my feed has gone down again but

that is quite all right

all right looks like we're good all

right never mind don't we have some that

were you having some issues 9 1 4 2 o 5

5 3 5 6 is a number to call let's go

back to the phone lines

area code 2 2 9 you were on live at

Donovan Sean Sean example what's going

on brother hey you do him in nothing

much man dude I just listened to your

whole opening rant on on that chick and

I saw some YouTube videos come up on

some retro forums about that really and

but you really do you yell yeah it's

spreading you broke it down really well

doing I like the way you came back and

dissected with so let's put it this way

basically what alpha widowed this chick

was a guy named Jimmy six-foot-one

smoker businessman she's trying to rid

those things of her I guess you could

call it a neurological synapse right he

doesn't have to see his face again at

the same time it's exactly what she

wants this is what gets her wet it's

what gets are turned on so I was

thinking about something man I just want

to share this chicks like this in 2018

that are so hyperstimulated

neurologically speaking we have so much

at their fingertips so much validation

so much just the touch of a button on

their phone the misery that is going to

come their way in a very short time

right this is I think that's going to

take a decade when her SMV which

actually recipes not that great to begin

with of course she's not anything to

really shake a stick at

but in her narcissistic mind when it

when she cannot help him look in the

mirror and see that her SMV has declined

and she cannot help but accept that

she'll know in that moment that pulling

off stunts like this are impossible

she'll never be able to income close

knowing it so what I find that women do

and these cases when a woman has highest

envy and she's fucking all the

alpha-male bad boys and she could pull

off these stunts when she's no longer

able to do it anymore

she will construct a narrative to

placate her own ego and it usually goes

something like this

oh you know I'm tired of all this bad I

don't want that stuff anymore and I I

would want it if I could have it right

no sweetheart right you still want the

party but now the party doesn't want you

that's where that's where they're headed

dude girls like this because you gotta

think about the neurological dopamine

response she got from what she did right

right it just flew through the roof

because that's something that doesn't

happen often so now in order for her to

get back to that level of stimulus she's

got to do this again again and again

Wow nope no beta ever no beta

no not even ten men hitting ordinary bar

20 women

you're up - what she pulled off my women

set themselves up for failure and by

doing these types of things these types

of stunts and going for this heightened

stimulus she will logically dude listen

super she will remember listen man she

will never ever ever have a hundred guys

show up in one place at one time to see

her that will never ever happen again

ever did she get tried this tomorrow

they had her name is out there her name

it faces out there she can never do this

again no it'll never happen again so

this is a one-time stunt and now it once

it's on the internet it's there yeah now

when she does finally want quote-unquote

someone when she goes after a nice

little beta male stand to settle down

with the happiness we'll never be truly

genuine and good ruin it will be forced

it will be what remember what Rolo

talked about it'll be negotiated at

trashed right and overworked out and she

will end up miserable cat lady thanks

for the call son I appreciate it yeah

son listen Sean always calls in and

drops knowledge and what if he touched

on is I will actually equate this to mig

towels may afford not make towels

low-level make towels now low-level make

towels aren't Mick towels they are there

in cells masquerading as mig towels

these low-level in cells who call

themselves big towels they would have

the world believe that they could get

pussy if they wanted but they don't want

to that's why they don't like I listen I

could get girls if I wanted to I just

don't be like if the juice the juice

isn't worth a Huey so I decide to fuck

my sex doll and I'm better than you no

no no no you want pussy but the pussy

doesn't want you just like Sean said

bitches like this chick that pulled off

this tinder experiment she wants at some

point listen women never stop wanting to

fuck alphas even when they're 74 years

old you think old grandmas aren't

looking at alpha males of course they

are that shit doesn't go away but at

some point the party's gonna be done

with you and they will construct a

narrative just like MIG tiles construct

their narrative she'll say you know what

I don't want that life anymore I don't

want the Alpha bad boys anymore I'm

ready to settle down

I don't want that

no yes you do but you can't have it so

you would have the world believe that

you don't want it but only because you

kid not it out nobody's buying that

nobody's buying that 9 1 4 2 O 5 5 3 5 6

is the number to call Rollo Tomassi said

she needs a catharsis

but her solipsistic is so pronounced

that she needs hundreds of thirsty guys

to validate her mandrill is a fucking

genius dude Kevin says don't get her

pregnant yes yes

sharp assist says she ruined all of her

future dating options with this shallow

ass bullshit stunt I'm telling you dude

listen nobody's gonna go near this chick

anymore yes yeah listen

rent fee although 7 says especially

Puerto Rican girls they love being

alphas and bad boys listen I've dated

plenty of Puerto Rican girls and if you

want to tighten up your game date dude

holler at Porto Rican girls Porto Rican

girls have absolutely zero tolerance for

beta males zero

dude they dude your game will be razor

fucking sharp dude you can dude you can

pick up a bitch surrounded by three guys

if you hit on if you hit on Puerto

Ricans long enough all right let us get

to how to stay out of the friendzone

number one don't be available all the

time guys don't answer every call don't

respond to every text don't respond to

every text right away make her wait for

example if she texts you eight twice as

long as it took for her to text you so

for example if you text her at 7 p.m.

and she texts you back at 7:30 p.m.

text her back at 8:30 p.m. she waited 30

minutes so you're gonna wait an hour she

responds in 10 minutes you respond in 20

she responds in 3 minutes

you wait six before you text her again

guess what guess who doesn't text her

back right away that's right Kevin and

sales why because he's fucking other

bitches he's too busy texting all his

hoes to be texting her back immediately

all the time every time Kevin never

answers the phone the first time she

calls he's either on a sales call or

he's getting his dicks

up in the parking lot by the girl who is

friends own you if she calls at 3:00

p.m. don't pick up you wait and you text

her at 3:45 with a simple text that says

you called now girls don't normally call

but they sometimes do if they want to

see you bad enough they will call you

don't ever pick up the phone the first

time she calls the guy she's fucking

never answers the phone he's too busy

with other shit do the same thing and

she will value your time and attention

more if you're in the friendzone

gentlemen this woman does not value your

time and attention this is why it's

important not to text or call back

immediately so that when you do finally

get back with back to her she's much

more likely to answer and text back

immediately because she values your time

if you're always texting back

immediately and she she takes you for

granted she doesn't value your time and

subconsciously she thinks man he texts

he texts back immediately all the time

he must not have much else going on

number 2 don't listen to her problems or

her drama

don't let these bitches verbally vomit

on you listen man girls like the gossip

they like to talk about their problems

don't get into don't get involved with

that okay listen

girls talk about their problems and

their personal dramas with each other

don't get involved in that either

guys listen talking about problems and

drama is what her girlfriends are for

and if you act like her girlfriend she's

going to treat you like one which means

you're not getting laid girls don't fuck

their guy friends who do girlfriend

things like listening to her problems

and getting involved in her personal

dramas so for example if she calls him

since OMG you won't believe the day I

had today or Daniel was such a bitch

today she said blah blah blah blah blah

you can handle this one of two ways you

can straight a teller look I don't wanna

hear about this stuff or you can just

change the subject either way she'll get

the message you know who doesn't listen

to her personal dramas Kevin and sales

you want to know why he doesn't listen

to this shit

he's got sales calls to make he's trying

to set up a lunch date with Jenny from a

counting he's trying to hit his bonus

this month while keeping his girlfriend

from finding out about the girl he just

started fucking who works at the coffee

shop just two blocks down from his place

Kevin doesn't have time for that

nonsense and he lets these bitches know

straight up he's not trying to hear it

and you know what they respect him for

it she might not like it but she

respects him for it and respect is one

of the key elements of attraction I'll

go back to something that Sean said on

my show just a couple days ago if it

pisses off her conscience it placates

her subconscious meaning that if you

piss her off on her face oh my god I

can't believe you told me even want to

hear about my shit

subconsciously she's thinking you know

what I kind of like this guy he told me

listen girls know that guys don't want

to hear about their bullshit and acting

like you do is supplicating behavior and

girls don't respect that and it isn't

not attractive number three always hang

up on her first talking to any girl on

the phone for hours is a waste of time

even if you're fucking her it's a time

suck you'll be you'll be unproductive

guys you've got better shit to do the

more you talk to her the less attractive

you become to her talking to a dude

talking to a girl on the phone is a

female activity do you talk to your

homeboys on the phone for hours fuck no

you meet up you shoot the shit now there

are exceptions but for the most do for

the most part dudes don't talk on the

phone that often girls do here's the

thing guys hanging up on her first does

two things number one it shows you it

shows her that you have other shit going

on in her life guys listen men you got

to understand this women are utterly

disgusted with men who eat sleep and

breathe them women cheat on men who are

all about you baby they cheat on these

men with impunity and they feel not one

ounce of guilt about it I wrote a column

on Negro manosphere dot-com a while back

called can you identify the sim it was

about two men Aaron and Kevin Aaron who

is trying to fuck Michelle blew up her

phone with text messages whenever he

could Kevin ignored her most of the day

and ended up blowing her off despite her

throwing the pussy at him all day long

Aaron told Michelle about his night

which consisted of eating pizza bins

watching a TV show while Kevin briefly

told her that he was restoring a vintage

car with his buddies and later on

lifting weights ah listen Michelle was

obviously more attracted to Kevin the

difference between the two men aside

from the obvious is that Kevin has other

shit going on in his life and Aaron only

has Michelle to look forward to when you

make your life all about her a woman

feels responsible for your happiness as

a man once this happens guys it's game

over females don't want nor can they

handle the the burden of being the sole

reason a man is content with his life

this is why they're infinitely more

aroused by men who have other things

going on in his life she knows she takes

a backseat to his goals and though it

may rub her the wrong way at times like

Sean says if it pisses off her

subconscious she'll respect it and

remain attracted to him

in her subconscious so the next time

you're on the phone with a girl and

you're trying to a girl you're trying to

fuck and the conversation quickly and

tell you need to work on your book or

that your buddies are coming over to

talk about your mountain biking trip

this weekend she may not like it at the

time okay

but she'll know you have other shit

going on in her in your life which means

you don't have time to sit around and

listen to her Yammer on about her

bullshit all night long girls don't fuck

guys who talk to them on the phone all

the time it's that simple

the second thing hanging up on her first

does is it shows her that you don't need

her now here's the thing guys contrary

to popular belief women don't want men

who need them yes romantic comedies

often show women pledging allegiance to

a man who truly confessed to her in the

rain I can't live without you I need you

but men here no that's not how it

happens in real life a man who needs a

woman is a man who is incomplete

gentlemen listen man girls

looking for a train to get on they're

looking for someone to hitch their

collective wagons to they're not looking

for a man who needs a female to complete

him and make him whole a quality woman

doesn't necessarily need a man who's

rich ripped and has a diversified

portfolio she's more than happy to

assist him in whatever endeavors and

goals he may have from the short to the

midterm but by the same token she needs

a man with a plan she needs a man who

has his shit together who is going

places he doesn't have to be all the way

there yet but he's got to be on his way

she needs a plan to follow and assist

with if she gets the idea that she's the

missing piece she'll be that piece as in

peace out ten minutes into the

conversation tell her that you're

getting off the phone this says to her

in no uncertain terms that you could do

without her staying on the phone with

her all night tells her that you need

her and if she thinks you need her

she'll put you in the friend zone

forever number four this is a big one

let her see you with other girls on

social media listen men too many dudes

are afraid that if a girl they're

interested in sees him on social media

with other girls that she won't like him


right this is called inverse projection

and the example that I use is that girls

oftentimes they inversely project the

qualities they want in a man right if

they want to man who's strong who's

strong willed you know has a plan and is

discipline she'll say well I'm strong I

have a plan and I'm disciplined right

women talk about themselves like the men

they are attracted to well men do this

to beta males do the same thing here's

the thing if you see a girl that you

like with other guys that's a turn-off

you're not really as attracted to her

anymore because there ain't no she's

fucking other guys but if she sees you

with other girls it's a turn-on and guys

she's gonna ask well who is selling sell

just say here's how you handle this this

is how you stay out of the friendzone

but what's so excel don't say oh no

she's just a friend there there's

nothing going on no say that

check I hooked up with a while back we

hang out from time to time and you act

like it's no big deal

this is pre-selection guys this is

verification that girls are fucking you

and they want to fuck you

this is also a shit test that girls used

to decide if they want a friendzone men

or not here's another thing if a girl

asks you about three or four girls she

sees you she sees you with on social

media and you say they're all just

friends guess what guys she's gonna

think all four those girls have

friendzone you and because females are

hive minded creatures just like we

talked about at the top of the show

meaning that they are a slave to what

the group thinks she's gonna friendzone

you because that's what she thinks she

should do based on based on the earlier

other girls friends owning you that's

like you like a bunch of girls and

they're all from why are they all

friends owning me because they know that

their friends owning you why would she

hook up with you when all these other

girls have put you in the friend zone

think about that four other chicks have

friendzone you there is no way she's not

going to put you in the friend zone

because she doesn't want her friends to

think what the fuck's wrong with her for

hooking up with that guy he's in the

friend zone with all these bitches wait

a minute there we go don't be afraid to

let her know that you were interested in

other chicks don't be afraid to

indirectly imply that your fucking other

chicks if she asks don't tell her

unsolicited a by the way I'm fucking

Breanna listen guys girls see right

through this shit but if she asks you

hey I saw you were with Christina on

Instagram the other day are you guys a

thing be completely didn't dismissive

and non Solange nonchalant and say yeah

she wants to be but I'm not sure she's

got issues and leave it at that you

think Kevin and sales tells her that

every woman she sees and with our

platonic friends

fuck no and guess what he's not in the

friend zone

he's fucking these bitches don't be

afraid don't be afraid to let her see

you with other girls on social media if

you are if you're always explaining away

she's just a friend or we're not fucking

her no no no you do that enough time

she's gonna say okay well you hang out

with a lot of girls they're not fucking

any of these girls or it doesn't seem

like you're fucking these girls there's

got to be a reason for that

and she friend-zoned you if you want to

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five five three five six if you have a

story about being put in the friend zone

let's go to the chat here before we

continue see we got here white Mike says

how do you keep a chick in the friend

zone sometimes a fan is handy but if

your hand is prettier well maybe you're

right legend P and just bring yeah yeah

that's that's a little convoluted you

got to be a little bit more yes Chris oh

my god Chris Redfield

droppin the knowledge he says hang up or

end the text on a high note while it's

just getting good

don't let it sizzle out it will leave

her wanting more oh god I forgot think

it was it was either Troy Francis or Tom

torero who talked about that yes when

you're getting when you're in a text

conversation with a girl and things are

getting hot and bothered you guys are

liking each other and I'm guilty this I

know it's a temptation to keep on going

it's like a dopamine rush but at the

height at the height of things just

getting hot and heavy just go stunner

just say alright I gotta go or you know

I got a friend coming over or you just

or you just stop texting oh my god

should be like what is he doing who is

he doing it with it will leave her

wanting more Wow rock-solid advice there

by C Redfield good shit man very good I

had thought about that in a while

Miami Jay says white Mike if you're

fucking the girl right and a proper game

shall bring you food every time she

comes over to fuck yeah yep yep yep yep

that is for sure

I agree says damn this brings back

memories I still place to sit for hours

on the phone with my ex yeah dude don't

do that Lorenzo says Professor Donovan

I'm back online how is the jujitsu yeah

I've stopped you Jitsu because I do my

show now at 7:00 jujitsu classes were at

7 o'clock and I actually talked with a

with a good friend of mine keith ocean

pine and we had a good talk about Krav

Maga so when I get some time when I get

some time freed up I'm gonna do I'm

gonna do Krav Maga decided to go ahead

and forego Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I'm

gonna do Krav Maga and I'm spending a

lot more time in the weight room so it's

just really when you got listen there's

nothing wrong with having too many irons

in the fire but at some point you just

need time to just sit down and breathe

so let's see machine 305 says a female

friend is someone who just wants to fuck

you but you're either it but you're

either not interested your rotation is

full you're too busy handling your

business either that or you're fucking

but she wants a relationship and you're

not giving it to her yeah good comment

yes by mej we want we have one spot left

in the TSR fantasy league our draft i

think is coming up um ticket September

2nd Chris Redfield again says let your

girl catch you oh wait a minute wait a

minute hold on anyone give me a second

ok he says let your girl catch you

looking at other chicks and don't

apologize for apologize to her if she

calls you out on it listen that's good

advice to stay out of the friend zone

and that's also good advice for your

girlfriend or wife oh you're

disrespectful asshole don't say a

goddamn thing

don't say a goddamn thing good shit

legend pieces Krav Maga is brutal good

on you man yeah yeah yeah I think Krav

Maga is right it's definitely right up

my alley it allows me to end a fight

quickly I haven't been in a physical

altercation in a while the last flight I

got into well I guess full disclosure

the last fight the last physical

altercation I got into it I beat the

shit out of a guy in a parking lot in

Las Vegas I beat the fucking holy hell

out of this guy and it was not a good

situation man it was not a good look

got into some legal got into some legal

issues which in turn forced me to it

didn't force me it really kind of kind

of forced me to kind of take a look at

my life and again listen I guess while

I'm on it I'll never forget right so I

was god I'm not gonna give details but

the charges were serious and I remember

I was sitting in the for those of you

who have never been arrested they take

you in through the back the police

station they sit you down while they're

doing all the paperwork processing

you're getting ready to take your

picture here and here and all that well

you're sitting down and they've got you

handcuffed to the wall and I remember it

was me and another guy and so and so I

remember him and I remember him asking

so you know what you know what are you

in here for like you know what did they

get you on his like I beat the shit out

of the guy he's like Oh for real he's

like yeah that's a felony right it's

like yeah he's like you got priors I

said yeah he says oh shit maybe you've

been to be up there with OJ and as funny

as that is like at that very moment I

thought to myself this dude is right if

things don't break right for me legally

then I really could end up at Lovelock

Correctional Facility the place where AJ

Simpson was currently being held that's

some serious shit um so so listen thank

God listen my lawyers name was Paul


if you're ever in Las Vegas and you're

facing serious charges Paul Powell is

your guy I owe this guy my life this guy

has gotten me out of the stickiest

fucking situation you can ever imagine

anyway to make a very long story very

short that was the very that that was

the last physical altercation that I got

into and

and and that's what forced me to get an

anger management counselor I calmed down

I ended up moving to Reno a few months

later and then of course now I'm out

here in Philly so anyway anyway yes yeah

the Eagles are playing tonight against

the Browns tonight is the dress

rehearsal game Game three I am going to

I'm going to the Eagles and Jets

preseason game next Thursday so there's

not gonna be a TSR prime time next

Thursday I think I might just do a TS R

prime time on Friday instead of Thursday

but next Thursday there will not be a


Devin got me tickets to the to the to

the to the Eagles versus the Jets but

listen obviously none of the starters

are gonna be in there but you know I'm

going for the experience you know just

go down to the link listen I'm sure

Devin would have gotten me regular

season tickets but the waiting list it's

like 10 years right like you can't get

tickets to Eagles games it's just it's

just ridiculous but in any case football

is a better product when you watch it on

TV when when you actually go to the

stadium but I would still I would still

much rather be at the stadium so I'm

gonna get to do that thanks to Devin

giving me that birthday present okay let

us continue on the fifth way to stay out

of the friendzone

give me a second here

all right very good

excellent yeah sharp assist yeah keep me

apprised if you're watching the game

sharp is let's keep me apprised

yeah Nick Bowles is gonna be the

starting quarterback and I think they'll

probably play into the second half so

you know he's got the shoulder okay

anyway let's continue ought to fucking

talk Eagles all day long alright number


tease her to stay out of the friendzone

tease her dudes are afraid to tease

women because he's afraid he's gonna

piss her off

fuck debt piss her off

make fun of her guys tease her about her

hair make fun of her outfit for example

if you guys are hanging out you can say

something like well listen I can't be I

can't be seen in public with a girl who

wears pink flip-flops or your hair is

frizzy let's go inside sue can fix that

show her you're not afraid to tease her

dudes who are in the friendzone are

afraid of are afraid of girls who put a

wait a minute are afraid of the girls

who put them there which is why they're

put in the friendzone in the first place

they're just girls don't be afraid of

him tease the fuck out of her teaser

make fun of her playfully flirt with her

be a charming asshole she could dude if

you do that she couldn't put you in the

friend zone if she tried number six

don't be afraid to talk about girls you

are interested in this is similar to

number four so the reason you do this is

so that she knows she's not the only one

you're talking to you this is pre

selection and remember guys this is

passive this is reactive not proactive

don't proactively start talking about

girls you like because that comes off as

try hard no you wait for the opportunity

if you get a text and she asks who it

was just don't add this girl I'm trying

to hook up with or tell me I this chick

I hooked up with last week and leave it

at that or you could do it this way I've

done this before

you can ask her opinion on multiple

girls you sure a few pictures and say

well you kind of joke with her listen

what's one of these chicks do you think

looks the least crazy this one or this

one she'll laugh about it and she'll

make her choice again this lets her know

you have op

since you are considering options means

pre-selection guys again don't say don't

say this so by the way I'm hanging out

with you but I've got three other girls

and I'm interested in so you're not the

only one do girls were fret dude girls

will friendzone you for that for that

nonsense because they know you're full

of shit just do it in a funny way short

picture of a girl and say does this

chick look like a stalker to you she'll

laugh and say well yeah why just say

yeah she's been blowing me up the last

couple days I ain't trying to deal with

any more stalkers dude her hamster will

be spinning she'll think okay who's this

girl hitting him up all the time and

stalkers as in plural like why did this

girl stalk him and when she starts to

think of the reasons why okay she'll

think it's because you're the kind of

guy women can't get enough of she'll

think you're a heartbreaker and

newsflash gentlemen

women love Heartbreakers men with

options are never friendzone number

seven and this is a big one do not do

her any favors especially if you're not

fucking her dude don't give her rides

don't pick her up if she's drunk at a

bar don't rescue her from anything don't

help her move don't let her borrow money

the minute you do any of this stuff and

you haven't fucked her yet

you're out you've become a resource that

she hasn't paid yet she hasn't paid for

yet yes

I mean pussy listen cash gas or ass guys

that's the rule if she doesn't pay she

doesn't play you do any of this stuff

without payment and you put yourself in

the friendzone because she now sees you

as a resource a31 at that strippers are

the same way a lot of guys asked me well

how do you how do you fuck strippers

Donovan it's very careful but the first

thing that you don't want to be is a

customer right the minute you pay for a

lap dance the minute you tip a stripper

you're never gonna fuck her she

automatically puts you in the resource

category you are now a customer so look

if you guys want to fuck Vegas strippers

I mean we could talk about that all day

long but the first thing you don't do is

give her money don't pay her for the lap

dance if you pay him for a lap dance you

she's gonna give you the sex for free of

course not it's the same thing with the

friendzone the dude who's fucking her

does not give her rides he does not

rescue her he will not help her move he

will never let her borrow money you

think Kevin in sales was giving her

money and rides fuck no if she texts him

and says hey can you come get me tonight

he doesn't respond he could he'll call

the next bitch in line who has a ride

the eighth and final way to stay out of

the friendzone run dread game on her Oh

congratulations to Miami Jay just got

hissed he art he in the mail he said

shits about to get real listen ladies

and gentlemen Miami oh my god dude

Wow dude I'm excited for you man Miami

Jay just got his fucking TRT goddamn

yeah she's about to get real man your

life's about to change homie for real


number eight run dread game on her this

is something that most dudes are afraid

to do with girls that they're actually

fucking so guys so guys trying to fuck a

girl wouldn't dare think about going

completely dark on her for 12 to 24

hours but that's exactly why they get

friendzone just like I talked about

earlier guys you're too available but if

you disappear for a day or two it shows

that you have a life outside of her it

okay if she texts her calls you don't

text or call back until the next day

okay and this ensures that she does not

take your time for granted my friend

this makes sure that she values your

time as much as you do because you're

not in a hurry to just give it to her

for nothing and you know and here's the

thing guys you don't need a reason to

read Dredd game on a girl you're trying

to well what if she's being good listen

you don't need a reason dude sometimes

you just need to put her on ice to

reinforce her that you are a man and

demand women need to be reminded of this

as often as possible because they're

talking to so many dudes that can't even

keep them all straight but if you're the

guy who

radio silent for an entire day you'll be

the one she picks up for on the first

ring you'll be the one she responds to

immediately you'll be the one she

doesn't friendzone Kevin and sales runs

natural dread game he's so busy with all

the clients and all the girls he's

fucking a few of them are gonna be

neglected from time to time is a natural

byproduct of his busy life listen man

Kevin's got 15 clients he's got to take

care of three more he's trying to get to

get to come aboard so he can get his

bonus he's talking to four other girls

he's got a sidechick girlfriend and he's

working on making jinnia in accounting

sidechick number two guess what guys a

few of these girls are gonna be left

hanging every so often and that's

perfectly okay when he gets to rat when

he gets around to them again they will

be more than happy to they'll be more

than happy with what little attention he

finally decides to give them after not

hearing from him from it for a day and a

half don't be afraid to run dread game

on a girl you're trying to fuck if she's

acting like a bitch go dark on her if

she doesn't text you all day don't text

her don't text her back for two days and

like I said you don't have to have a

reason to put a girl on ice especially

if you've got other shit going on in

your life which you should before

talking to her in the first place

gentlemen you put these things into

practice and you will never be put into

the friendzone by a woman ever you'll

either be fucking her or you won't have

anything to do with her the in between

fucking her and not having to do

anything with her that's the fret that's

her that's being her friend which is not

where you want to be this isn't about

getting her to like you guys this is

about getting her to fuck you and girls

don't fuck men who act like their

friends they fuck men who act like men

what worrying about girls telling you to

fuck off you're not trying to be your

friend so who gives a shit if she ends

up hating you anyway your interactions

with girls should be binary guys

you're either fucking her or you have

nothing to do with here there's no

in-between because that's the fucking

friendzone your mindset with dealing

when dealing with girls is fuck me or

fuck you


in between and if you compromise because

she's got a nice ass of great tits

you're gonna end up in the friend zone

every time this Saturday at 10 a.m.

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that I discussed earlier in the show

Rollo Tomassi Ryan stone Richard Cooper

Anthony Johnson of course Karl from

black Karl from Black Label logic and of

course yours truly now I'm very

interested to hear what these guys have

to say about this listen I'm on the

Redman group because I know my shit but

I learned from these I learned from

those guys every time I'm on so to be

honest with you it's just as much a

learning experience for me as it is for

you guys so be sure to tune in it should

be a great time it really really should

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