How to stop female manipulation with The Red Pill approach


Why do females manipulate men? Well the reasons are vast but the main ones are money, gifts, favors, or anything that benefits them, tangible or otherwise. But the real question is, how do you stop it?




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today I'm gonna talk about how to stop

female manipulation using the red pill

approach so at this point the first the

first question here is why why do

females manipulate men well the reasons

are vast but we all know that the main

ones are money gifts famers anything

that benefits them tangibly or otherwise

so for example if she wants to go on a

weekend getaway she lets you fuck her

you know she lets you fuck her brains

out that week right

another example she wants to catch an

upgrade so she tells you that you can

have a man have a man cave then she lets

you fuck her in the ass a couple times

so that you will agree to a five-figure

refinance mortgage loan so that she can

get her overpriced kitchen the best

example however would be for her to be

on her best behavior because you she

wants you to propose to her she sucks

your cock every night she lets you go

anal she cooks you meals every night

she's kind she's agreeable she's

feminine of course we all know as soon

as you put a ring on it the behavior

stops but a woman woman will never be on

better behavior than when they think

that you're about to propose right you

think that you think that you think that

oh I got yo my girlfriend is is doing

this and that any other this is gonna be

exactly the way it is when we get

married I talked about this with alpha

male strategies this past Wednesday

it's like a player who's on a player

who's in a contract year puts up

record-breaking numbers career numbers

he signs the big deal then he lets his

foot off the gas a little bit it's human

nature anyway the point is is that women

rarely do anything for a man just to be

nice guys there's always an ulterior

motive in this is where female

manipulation comes in but here's the

thing guys just as sort of a disclaimer

females are not master manipulators yes

they're good at manipulating men but

they're not cycle there they're not

psyche as psychologically fucking anyone

using a brilliant mix of guile and

deception because of their superior

cerebral brawn no what makes their

manipulation tactics so effective is

that we want to fuck them that's it it

listen if we didn't want to fuck women

if wouldn't if women didn't have vaginas

they wouldn't be able to manipulate

anybody that's just how it is so let's

not get it twisted we got a lot of

people out here who think that women are

these are these cerebral masters of

psychological no no no no I'm not saying

that women are incapable of manipulation

but they are not as good at manipulating

men as you might think the only reason

why their manipulation tactics are so

effective is because we want to fuck

them this of course is why women can't

really manipulate each other that well

because women don't want to fuck other

women at least not as much as guys do

anyway now at this point it's very very

important to make the distinction

between a woman woman attempting to

manipulate you and a woman being good to

you a woman trying to earn favor by

being good to you now the difference

between manipulation and good behavior

is that minute and listen closely

manipulation occurs relatively close to

the time when she wants something

good behavior happens all the time okay

so and and here's the thing the reason

why good behavior happens all the time

is if a woman knows that she is good to

you and doing what she needs to do to

hold it down as your girl like regular

sex cooking cleaning looking good for

you right representing you well in

public giving you access to her phone

staying the fuck off of social media and

so forth

then she doesn't feel the need to

manipulate you into doing something for

her she knows that she's entitled to

good treatment from you because she's a

good woman to you now women who

manipulate men for gifts trips iPhones

to mine fuck'em etcetera they know

they're not doing what's necessary to be

a good woman women who use manipulation

tactics know that they haven't built up

enough equity with you to simply ask for

what they want so they let you fuck him

in the ass they dress like a slut they

cook your favorite meal or whatever it

is they think they can do to manipulate

you and once they get what they want

that behavior stops don't get it twisted

gentlemen that behavior will stop and

that's how you know it's manipulation

women who are good women all the time

know that they have earned the right to

ask you for things and in order to keep

that privilege they have to continue to

do what's necessary to feel entitled to

good treatment from you that's how that


so what I'm gonna do guys I'm gonna give

you guys real red pill techniques to

deal with female manipulation I'm gonna

give you real-world examples real

strategies we again real-world responses

I'm not gonna give you theories I'm not

gonna give you I'm not gonna give you

ideas or shit that I heard from

something from someone else or something

that I found on the web I'm giving you

guys 100% bonafide tried and true

techniques that I have used myself to

stop female manipulation in its tracks

now before we get into that we have to

understand that stopping female

manipulation has two steps step number

one you have to be proactive and set the

tone so what you're doing here is you

are letting her know both directly and

indirectly that you're not one who's

gonna be manipulated okay you're you're

letting her know hey you you're not

getting over on me in this regard so for

example okay

the first example here

but wait a minute got a head there so

the first example call her on her

bullshit right she says well my

ex-boyfriend is horrible your response

girls are all your responses oh stop it

right girls are always telling everyone

how horrible their exes are but somehow

you stayed with them for three years

look we both know that you weren't the

perfect girlfriend either so let's stop

it with trashing your ex and by the way

don't talk about him when you're around

me you see how effective that's that you

see how effective that is what that does

it's actually that does two things the

first thing it does is it is it lets her

know that you're not here you're not

here to believe everything it is that

she says about her boyfriend every other

man that she has dated believes

everything she says about her boyfriend

all the time right he hit me he was

abusive he did this he did that every

one of her boyfriend said there was a

furrow brought oh my god I can't believe

he did that to you

did he really really do that oh my god I

can't believe I can't believe you

survived that I give you I give you so

much credit for surviving that right

they always do this my boy my boy form

is horrible he was an abusive alcoholic

who gambled away our money while he

fucked hookers and snorted cocaine while

he's simultaneously beat and raped me

every night

so why were you with him for three years

right you ask her you quiz her doesn't

matter what her answer is what you're

doing is you are showing her that you

are not gonna buy the bullshit stories

about her ex like all of her other

boyfriends did which means that she she

won't she won't try to bad-mouth him

around you again and of course the

second thing like I said is that it

stops her from talking about her ex

around you the second step the second

part of step one is don't take

everything at face value okay so for

example when she makes a statement that

you find questionable quiz her on it

guys ask her questions okay don't don't

just take her don't just take her word

for it ask her ask her for the details

this what this does is it tells her in

no uncertain terms that you're not just

gonna believe everything she says

girls assume that just because they say

it guys are gonna believe it and

rightfully so because every guy

especially if they're attractive every

guy believes everything a woman says

right I have a PhD oh good for you you

know but you know um you know I don't

know but I was you know I dated a

married man oh good for you

doesn't matter what it is girls always

assume that we're gonna believe

everything they say show her that you're

not ask her questions now

at this point if you don't take

everything at face value she knows that

if she tells you something it has to be

true and she has to be able to back it


lest you lest you ask her questions or

question her on the details guys I'm

telling you right now if you don't ask

questions about shit you have questions

about this will come back to bite you in

the ass because you didn't start because

because if you didn't start okay and you

didn't do it in the beginning she's not

gonna answer your questions when you

actually try to you have to do it in the

beginning right if you let this go on

and on if you let her take you continue

to try to bullshit you and then all of a

sudden you start you and don't get it

twisted guys you're not I'm not saying

that while all of a sudden now you get

suspicious you're always suspicious dude

we're not stupid right we don't really

believe everything women tell us we're

just afraid to call her out on her

bullshit we're afraid to quiz her on it

be skeptical of everything she tells you

that doesn't make sense or sounds

straight or strange or sound suspicious

don't let her get away with just saying

anything to you the third part of being

proactive and setting the tone is tell

her about your exes unsuccessful

manipulation to manipulation attempts it

is inevitable gentlemen that your girl

is gonna ask you so why did you and your

girlfriend breakup so rather going into

some long diatribe about what really

happened okay and listen of course I

mean listen we're dishonest we're just

honest with women all the time

if whatever the reason it is that you

broke up with your woman if she asks you

what happened with you and your woman

why did you break up simply say this

guy's we broke up because she wanted to

manipulate me and she couldn't and leave

it at that now if she asks how did she

try you dismissively sake you know how

women are this tells her that you know a

woman's nature and that you know that

she knows what women do to manipulate

men guys this makes it far less likely

to try any bullshit with you later on

because she knows you're wise to how

women really are and what they do okay

nothing gains a woman's respect like a

man who shows

that you know how men operate if listen

if you show a woman that you are

completely fucking clueless about women

they're not gonna respect you they're

not pull all sorts of bullshit and

shenanigans on you all the time this is

how it works the fourth and final

step two step one the fourth and final

way the fourth and final step to being

proactive and setting the tone is

pointing out examples when you're

together in public stay with me I'll

give you an example so for example if

you see a woman being overly

affectionate to her boyfriend or husband

and in public just say it out loud she

must want something here's another

example if you see a man buying

something expensive for a woman say man

she must have let him go back door

yesterday another example if you see a

marriage proposal in public and I've

seen plenty of these say out loud again

make sure your girl can hear this say

well I guess he's not having sex anymore

another example if you see a woman

crying in public roll your eyes and say

help please once you just don't buy it

and for the record a woman's tears are

only genuine when she is crying by

herself if she has if she has any

audience whether it's one or 21

they are crocodile tears women only

genuinely cry when they are alone if

they're crying in front of other people

guys it's a fucking show it's a farce

they're fucking crocodile tears cry me a

bit cry me a river' bitch here's another

example if you see a woman throwing a

fit or bitching about something say out

loud so your girl can hear you that

chick need a stiff drink a stiff dick

and a nap now at some point your woman

will inevitably challenge or pithy red

pill arrows with what she will

rationalize as the voice of common sense

so she'll say something like well how do

you know she wants something she might

be she might just be in love with him

you say to her you don't believe that

say it just like that because she

doesn't really believe that why because

she knows how women are here's another

example well that's not what it looks

like to me you look at her left of

course you don't

letting her know that women all flock

together right all the time they always

take each other's side it's fucking

hilarious now when she certain of these

eventually she'll say gods are so jaded

you simply respond with you call it

jaded I call it experienced taking these

steps gentlemen

at the beginning of the relationship

don't wait this you must be proactive

again be proactive and set the tone

setting the tone at the relation at the

beginning of the race of relationship

will drastically reduce the odds of her

attempting to manipulate you guys I'm

here to tell you but I want you to keep

in mind that nothing will completely

eliminate this because this is just how

females operate they're gonna try to

manipulate you she's gonna do it at some

point you can count on that

but taking these measures lets her know

that you're not the typical guy who

gives in to her emotional shenanigans or

believes everything she says or unless

you just wax poetic about her terrible

ex-boyfriend that she's spent that she

somehow magically spent three years with

even though he was the worst man in the

world and when you make it clear to her

both directly and indirectly she will

have much more respect for you than

she's had for any man in quite a while

let's move on to step number two and

these are gonna be actual examples these

are the three most common ways that

women manipulate men that women

manipulate men so step number two here

is you're gonna respond with the red

pill approach so this is red pill game

this isn't blue pill game this is a

politically correct game this is how to

stop female manipulation using red pill

techniques here we go the first way

women manipulate men is with compliments

and praise this is funny now why do

women manipulate men with compliments

and praise well to reinforce behavior

that she wants you to repeat now

sometimes it is manipulation sometimes

it is just a genuine compliment right

but they both have the same objective

and that objective is to positively

reinforce the behavior so for example oh

you look great in red just means she

wants you to wear red your woman wants

you to look attractive so that's a good

thing here's an example of manipulation

oh my god you're such a great dishwasher

or you have a sexy mouth I bet you grant

I'll give you I'll bet you give great

oral sex or oh my god you're such a

great cook No

maybe you are a good dishwasher maybe

you do have a sexy mouth and maybe you

are a great cook but that ain't shit

you're gonna do on the regular and she

needs to understand that so here are the

pure of the proper responses to these

OMG you're such a great dishwasher your

response don't get used to it let that

bitch know let's go to the second one

your mouth is so sexy Alba I'll bet you

good great give great oral sex you'll

never find out guys don't be afraid to

be blunt guys let her know that you

ain't eatin pussy if that's what you

ain't gonna do and if she raises a big

stink about it you ignore it guys she'll

calm down and she'll go back to sucking

your cock like the good little slut she

is because she wants it that way here's

the other one

you're such a great cook your response

so are you that's why you're gonna do

all the cooking now here's the thing

here's real genuine praise you look

great in red so if it's if it's genuine

praise you say thank you or you can take

the red pill route and smirk at her and

say I look good in red huh prove it

alright right listen so know exactly

what you're getting at and she'll love

that you tease her with these innuendos

guys girls love it when they compliments

you and you don't jump at it and shrink

in all the praise and say OMG thank you

so much I really wanted to impress you

with this outfit and I'm so glad you

like it

do not allow women to manipulate you

with compliments and praise it's

important to know the difference if

she's compliment if she's complimenting

something that is going to benefit her

that is manipulation if she's

complimenting something that benefits

that that benefits the both of you

that's probably praised you never not

listen if a girl wants to manipulate you

into wearing black all the time mine

right oh my god oh my god you're such a

great vacuumer no bitch you don't really

think that you're trying to get me to

vacuum the fucking floor so I can break

out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum it

let's see if she want lit let's see if

she complements me on my vacuuming

skills again dude she ain't paying no

attention to you man she played you

she plays you here's the second way the

second most common way that women

manipulate men crying and emotional

outbursts now

why do women use crying and emotional

outbursts to manipulate men well it is

to either lessen the blow of you

reprimanding her for bad behavior if

you're doing it right or manipulating

you into something you into sin into

doing something she knows you won't do

understand this gentleman and listen

good and I said this before the only

time a woman's tears are genuine or when

they are by themselves I will say it for

a third time the only time a woman's

tears are genuine is in is when they are

by themselves if a woman has an audience

or tears or crocodile tears guys every

fucking time listen there was always a

means to an end maybe she's trying to

sway public opinion like they always do

maybe she's trying to make you look bad

maybe she's trying to convince a crowd

that she's right and you're wrong maybe

she's trying to get something from you

whatever the case may be when a woman

has an audience like I said whether it's

one or 21

there is always an ulterior motive

always so for example when you tell her

that she was overly talkative at the

waiter at the restaurant when she knows

damn well she's not to talk to men in

public unless she has explicit

permission from you she'll start to tear

up because she wants you to back off of

your red pill principles and she wants

you not to reprimand her for something

she deems as innocuous and normal so for

example okay she asked you to do

something you tell her no and she starts

crying because she wants you to believe

it's so important that she's willing to

cry about it she's also doing this to

emotionally manipulate you guys and if

you give in and you take your foot off

the gas with regards to reprimanding her

behavior in public or giving in to

whatever it is she asked you to do guess

what she's gonna be doing a lot more

crime because she knows that's the way

to get you to do what she wants you see

how simple this is guys this isn't

rocket science and I'm telling you it's

not I don't have to tell you guys this

you already know you're being handled

you just have the balls you don't have

the balls to call her out on it or to

ignore it like I'm gonna get to here in

a second so let's get to the examples

here so here's the proper it's here's

the proper response to example number

one okay and this is her talking too

much to the waiter whatever talk about

it sir

you stop talking okay you hand her a

tissue and say let me know when you're

finished so that we can continue and do

so in a stone-faced stoic manner no

emotion zero sympathy you let her know

that you are bulletproof to those

crocodile tears let her know that you

are impervious to emotional manipulation

example number two I'm sorry I got my I

got my I got my I got my examples mixed


oh I'm example number two if she asks

you for something and you say no and she

cries here's a response you can cry all

you want the answer is still no just

like just like a child guys we all know

women are overgrown children cry oh you

want the answers still no you say them

to your kids all the time I'd probably

bet you do I don't have any kids but you

can cry all you want the answers still

no sometimes you have to handle kids

listen you have to hand to women like

children that's a lot of times the best

way to defeat female manipulation is

treating like kids do not let women

believe that they can manipulate you

through tears guys they do it to

everyone else they do it to their

parents they do it to their siblings

they do to their friends their bosses

their boyfriends everyone you are gonna

be the one who doesn't fall for this

bullshit and when you show her that you

aren't she's gonna respect you and love

you for it women want men they cannot

manipulate and crying is a go to

manipulation tactic for women don't

respond emotionally respond with

frankness respond with so it stoicism

and it dude respond with borderline

cold-bloodedness show her that her tears

mean positively nothing to you do not

let her get away with that nonsense the

third most common way women manipulate

men and a lot of people would think this

is number one but I'm go ahead and say

it it's sex right sex is probably number

three number four but it's it's it's

it's the most commonly complained about

because we like sex the most make my

mistake women cry listen women cry all

the time right

as far as a Moute as far as manipulation

tactics dude women use their tears and

they use compliments and praise sex is

one that they don't sex is one that they

they use less frequently listen they use

it a lot just not as much as the first

two gentlemen I'm telling you right now

sex is one of the it's one of the most

frequent things that women use to

manipulate men and guys get this it

doesn't necessarily have to be sexual

intercourse women can manipulate you

through sexual allure women can

manipulate you through the false a sex

of promise right they can manipulate you

they can or actually the false promise

of a sexual relationship which is the

friendzone when a woman puts you in the

friendzone she is manipulating you she

is manipulating you into thinking that

you are well on your way to a sexual

relationship you were not

girls use their sexuality for everything

from free drinks at the club to

promotions at work

avoiding responsibility in any and all

situations but the time they use it the

most is with their men with their

boyfriends sex is transactional for

women gentlemen don't get me wrong they

fucked for pleasure but there's always

another purpose for them opening their

legs for you listen even if they're at

peak ovulation and they can't wait to

get home and let you pound the life out

of her she still knows in the back of

her mind what her end game is okay it's

like walking into it's like walking onto

a car lot with 20 large in your pocket

and knowing exactly what kind of car you

want but you're still gonna negotiate

right you know you're there to buy a car

you've got twenty thousand dollars in

your pocket you know you want the black

Audi a5 you know you can buy that car in

cash doesn't necessarily mean you want

to pay sticker for it right that's

exactly what sex is for women now we as

men we fucked the fuck we fucked for

pleasure we fucked because we want to

fuck it feels great

sex is great women never fuck only for

pleasure I'm gonna say it again women

never fuck only for pleasure even when

they're doing it for the right reasons

listen guys your girl may love having

sex with you but that doesn't mean that

that's the only reason she lets you fuck

her in her mind she knows that if she

lets you fuck her on the regular you're

much more likely to stick around yes

that's transactional if I let him fuck

me he stays with me

sequence consequence cost-benefit this

is a transaction this is how it is but

most of the time gentlemen the

transaction outweighs the pleasure for

women and there are four main ways that

women use sex to manipulate and

subsequently control you wait number one

frequent sex in the beginning now in the

beginning of a ratio in relationship sex

is always great right you're fucking her

three four times a day she's sucking

your cock all the time she's swallowing

your load you're going backdoor she does

it all right now girls do this in the

beginning because they actually want to

write a shiny new cock is something

girls love it's like a new toy

they want to play with it all the time

but eventually they will attempt to

parlay that great sex into what they

think is equity they think well I sucked

his cock 30 times when we first got

together so he'll still treat me well

even when I stop and most of the time

they're absolutely right but not because

of the equity it's because dudes are

symfon and they're thirsty that's why

the frequent sex stops and now the dude

thinks that he has to take her together

and take her to dinner to get any pussy

he's to fuck her all the time okay which

is which is exactly what she wanted

at that point she knows that she doesn't

really have to do much of anything to

keep him around

not even fuck him she'll flip the script

and start withholding sex from him until

he does shit for her until he bites shit

for her she's no longer on her best

behavior unless he does what she wants

then if he's Lexie then if he's lucky he

gets unenthusiastic starfish sex once a

week and they'll think is lucky fucking

stars that he even gets that

the second way women use sex to

manipulate men is blowjobs and anal sex

now blowjobs and anal sex is where women

really turn up the heat okay

she gave me a taste in the beginning but

then she cuts it off almost immediately

to give you that scarcity mentality

meaning that you're willing to do

whatever it takes to get it back

anal and blowjobs used to come freely

and easily for you right she's to get on

her knees pull down your pants as soon

as you walked in the door but if you

want that treatment now now you got to

take her to that expensive restaurant

drop 200 bucks okay back in the day she

used to beg you to butt fucker but

because you haven't gone back dooring

months she know she can use anal to get

anal to get something out of you like

the new iPhone or making a car payment

for her the third way that women like to

use sex to manipulate men is withholding

sex women withhold sex to teach you a

lesson or to gain control of the

relationship guys girls do this all the

time especially when she is trying to

change your rules or your fundamentals

so for example if you catch her texting

your ex you tell her stop it or you're

gone or you're gone she'll stop but then

she'll she'll stop the texting right

okay fine stop it and I'm gone cool

I'll stop texting my ex but then guess

what happens she stops fucking you right

she'll act pissed off because she

doesn't want to stop texting her ex and

she thinks that by withholding sex you

will cave and allow her to text her ex

on the assumption that she'll start

fucking you again

girls withhold sex when you make a

decision that she doesn't agree with and

stops giving you the pussy until you

change her mind yes women do this they

withhold sex they withhold sex when you

do something she doesn't like to teach

you a lesson

not to do it again so for example if you

work on a project for two hours longer

than you told her you would so stop

having sex with you to teach you never

to do that again the fourth way girls

use sex

is to reward you now girls do this

subconsciously and here's how here's how

it works I want you guys to stay with me

here they do it subconsciously okay so

fuck you all day and all night in the

beginning then she'll throttle the

frequency and then she'll suddenly stop

it's very pretty it's it's it's an

extremely precipitous precipitous time


most men would never call their women

out if she doesn't want to fuck

if you walk behind her grab her tips and

start kissing her neck and she pulls

away guys

99.9% of men won't say anything about it

he'll just stand there shrug your

shoulders and saying okay babe I

understand you're not as a bode rather

than doing the red pill thing and saying

what the fuck you're pulling this shit

now right you're one of those you're one

of these bitches if you do what most men

do and not call her on this she'll keep

withholding sex from you until you crack

and buy her something or do something

for her then she's got you where she

wants you you're a you're a trained

fucking monkey now she can extract

things out of you by taking away your

bananas and only give him back only

giving them back to you when you buy her

shit at this point the man is trained to

pay for the pussy with his own money his

own time and his resources and guys it

is all downhill from there so what are

the proper responses to sexual

manipulation by women well guys you can

find out when I release volume 18 of

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behaviors conducive to infidelity to

give herself permission to do the same

I'll also talk about giving you the cold

shoulder how to handle that I'll also

talk about handling how to how to deal

with her flirting with other men in

front of you me and alpha male

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volume 18 along with the companion

module which I will be releasing later


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