Episode #254: How to turn her into the best woman she can be




The manosphere is full of guys talking about the negatives when it comes to American women and rightfully so. We don’t need anyone to tell us what to look for in a woman because we inherently know as men. 



Anyway, what men also need to know is how to bring out the best in a woman once you’ve identified her as a potential long term partner, groomed her properly, trained her, and made her your main chick. When a man’s taken all the necessary steps to make her his woman, it’s as important if not more important to know how to cultivate the good qualities, mitigate the bad qualities, and bring out the best in her.

Yes, women leave a lot to be desired. Yes, women cheat, they’re only good for sex, they have habits conducive to infidelity, they can’t cook, etc. etc. But part of the reason women have devolved into what they are today is us. We can talk about how feminism has corrupted women and how it’s bad for them and that’s 100% true. But we as men need to take responsibility for the deplorable state of women in 2018. That doesn’t absolve them from their bad decisions but pretending that we don’t shoulder some of the blame for the state of the sexual market is disingenuous and dishonest.

If you decide to take a woman as your possession, if you decide to commit to her long term she becomes YOUR responsibility. A man will complain that his woman got fat, he’ll complain she’s not having sex with him, he’ll complain she doesn’t or can’t cook, he’ll complain about everything but what he leaves out is that he’s not taking the lead in the relationship, demanding her best, and helping her to be the best woman she can be.

You can’t complain your woman’s getting fat if you don’t keep in shape. You can’t complain your woman’s not fucking you if you’re not sexually pursuing her. You can’t complain about your woman disrespecting you if you don’t address and eliminate disrespectful behavior. That’s like saying “My kid’s such a bad kid” when you’ve never disciplined the kid. It doesn’t work that way.

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you don't put your foot down because

you're afraid of your woman and she

knows it a high car payment is the

quickest way to go broke the deadlift is

hard that's why it works

so you're on birth control you don't

have a boyfriend but you're not a slut


what's up guys it's your man Donovan

sharp and welcome to the 254th edition

of TSR live your daily dose of red pill

truth wisdom and awareness it is Friday

May eleventh 2018 good to have you guys

in on a Friday I know a lot of you guys

are glad that it's Friday what do you

guys work 9:00 to 5:00 I'm very

fortunate that I do not have to work

well I'll put it to you this way I'm

fortunate that I don't have to punch a

time clock I feel very fortunate that I

could work for myself and you know the

fact that I'm able to work for myself is

all because of you guys so of course I

greatly greatly thank you guys for your

support in in this 254th edition of TSR

live Dwayne Casey of the Toronto Raptors

was fired I think today and The

Associated Press just released that

Dwane Casey is also going to be the AP

the the AP Press coach of the year right

so he's go to the air but he gets fired

I think was the right decision he can't

figure out LeBron James and and listen I

don't I mean listen no team in the East

has been able to figure out LeBron but

Dwayne Casey has now had three cracks at

it they were the number one seed in the

East I think they won almost 60 games or

somewhere around 60 games they dominated

the East and it wasn't that they lost to

LeBron LeBron went in there and swept

him like they swept the series

LeBron put dude LeBron they couldn't

stop him he put the dagger in their

heart and just about all the games at

two game-winning shots Dwane Casey

cannot solve LeBron that that's that's

what it comes down to and listen I'm not

be fired the coach guy if he doesn't

want a playoff series even though he's a

number one seed but I think in this case

it was certainly warranted Matt Patricia


the Detroit Lions head coach for now is

of course embroiled and controversy

there was a sexual assault

claim against him back in 1996 which is

absolute fucking bullshit it's it's so

it's so funny how the guy knock recei

the gynocentric media and the

gynocentric powers-that-be never really

they they never want to throw this they

never want to throw a guy under the bus

until he achieves until he's at the

pinnacle of his career right now Matt

Patricia is a former player played for

the New England Patriots I think for

like nine or ten years and he was an

assistant coach for the Houston Texans

forever right you know he you know I

think he was a I think he was an

assistant coach I think he was a

linebackers coach defensive mind then he

was the defensive coordinator for the

Houston Texans no one ever said anything

about Matt Patricia in these letlet

let's just call it what it is

whoever's accusing whoever's accusing

him of this is full of fucking shit I

don't believe he did I don't believe he

did it people can be political well I

wasn't there so I don't know yeah I do

fucking know and if he really did

sexually assault you you would have

reported this 22 years ago the only

reason why people are coming for this

girl whoever the fuck it is is coming

forward to forward with us now is to get

her name in the news and to try to take

down another man in power that's what

the that's what this comes down to if he

really did sexually assault Ruth and you

would have reported this back when he

was a nobody but now that he is a

somebody now you want to say something

about it

so well listen stay tuned we'll we'll

see what happens there probably do a

show on that but again this is this is

just the way it is like none of this

none of this stuff surprises me anymore

I am on again tonight for at four

o'clock or early I'm on hour early again

for the third straight night next week

I'm gonna go back to being on it 4:30

Eastern 1:30 Pacific of course I've got

a spin class at 5:30 this evening gonna

run the street to 7:00

I've now spun for I've now spun for six

straight days six straight days tonight

will be day number seven so I've spun

every day for six straight days this

will be day number seven tomorrow will

be day eight my dude my girl is actually

she is talking about going on Sunday

morning with me so I might run it to

nine in a row and if I run it to nine in

a row I may

we'll run it to ten you know we'll see I

don't know if I'm gonna keep the streak

going but if I do keep the streak going

it's not gonna be at the expense of the

show you know I think I think the 4:30

time for the time being is a good time

slot for me to be in I think it's the

perfect time slot for me to be in

anytime I'm on at half an hour early you

know I kind of run into a time crunch I

mean I was even a little bit late to to

to this to this particular broadcast so

I so we'll see what happens we'll see

what happens there but yet tonight I've

got a spin class at 5:30 to run the

street to 7:00 on that note let's get to

what we all came here for and that is

how to how to turn how to turn your

woman how to turn her into the best

woman she can be now what I'm gonna do

is I'm gonna talk about I'm gonna

discuss the necessary steps to make your

woman the best woman she can be how to

turn your girlfriend or your wife into

into the into the girlfriend your life

or into the girlfriend or wife that you

have always wanted now the manosphere of

course is full of guys talking about the

negatives when it comes to American

women and rightfully so we don't need

anyone to tell us what to look for in a

woman because we inherently know as men

okay we know what we want in women most

men are afraid to actually tell the

truth about what they wanted women but

we know we know what we want we don't

have we don't need anyone to tell us

what we need is to be told what not to

look for and the best source for that

information of course are volumes 5 6 &

7 AB Donovan's den where I talk about 15

undercover slut tells that most men are

grossly unaware of and you can find all

three of those episodes all three of

those editions all three of those

volumes on Donovan's den of course on

Donovan sharp comm anyway what men also

need to know is is is how to bring out

the best in a woman once you've

identified her as a potential long-term

partner okay once you've groomed for

properly trained her and major you made

her your main chick when a man's taken

all of the necessary steps to make her

his woman it is as important if not more

important to know how to cultivate the

good qualities that she has mitigate the

bad qualities and bring the best out in

her all of those things are important

yes guys women leave a lot to be desired

yes they

cheat yes most women are only good for

sex yes most women have habits that are

conducive to infidelity yes most women

can't cook etc etc but part of the

reason women have devolved into what

they are today is us okay men we can

talk all we want about how feminism has

corrupted women and how bad it is for

them and it's a hundred percent true but

we as men we need to take responsibility

for the deplorable state of women here

in 2018 listen that doesn't absolve them

for their bad decision-making because

listen as human beings we are all born

with the inherent understanding of the

difference between right and wrong when

we're kids nobody has to tell us that

Allah no one has to teach us how to

steal we and like it's called original

sin we all know the difference between

right and wrong okay but pretending that

we as men don't shoulder some of the

blame for the state of the sexual market

is disingenuous at best and dishonest at

worst so if you decide to take a woman

as your position if you decide to commit

to her long term okay she becomes your

responsibility all right now a man will

complain that his woman got gets got fat

he'll complain that she's not having sex

with him he'll complain that that she

can't cook okay he'll complain about

every he'll complain about everything

but what he leaves out is not is that

he's not taking the lead in the

relationship he's not demanding her best

he's not helping her to be the best

woman that she can be and listen most

men probably don't know exactly how to

do that remember when a woman says oh

you know my boyfriend was the worst

boyfriend ever oh he cheated on me he

beat me he did this and that

okay listen that may or may not be true

probably not true but what they don't

tell us is that she cheated first she

treated him like shit

she was insufferable well listen it's

the same thing with men we talk about

whole you know women are bitches and

women are this and that okay fair enough

but if you don't know how to handle your

woman this is what's gonna happen so

what I'm gonna do I'm gonna tell you

guys how to cultivate good habits in

your woman while mitigating the bad

habits so that she can be the best woman

she can be to you now doing this isn't

that difficult if your red pill aware

but it's not easy either okay but at the

end of the day if you're not aware of

what if you're not actually aware of

what's necessary to keep your woman

aligned you're already behind

the 8-ball okay the Rayleigh's the

relationship has ended before it starts

so let's go ahead and get started

number one get involved with her

physical fitness okay now it goes

without saying that fat chicks

automatically take themselves out of the

running four main main chick material

okay and four five percenters it takes

them out of the running for everything

main chick side chick one-night stand

fuck buddy spank bank what-have-you okay

we're dude fat chicks are invisible to


sexually now by the same token not every

woman is going to be a physical eight

nine or ten it's just not gonna happen

and for that reason there's always room

for improvement just like we as men

there's always room for physical

improvement and when I say be involved I

mean be hands-on involved as in make

sure she's up every morning to work out

work out with her and make sure she

works out at least five days a week all

right now listen obviously there are

some challenges here the first of which

is the actual gym right you guys know

that I am diametrically opposed to

bringing your woman to the gym for many

many obvious reasons now there are a few

solutions out there but I'll tell you

guys what I do okay me and my woman were

fortunate enough to live in a really

nice building that has a really nice gym

and because literally nobody uses it

ever I'll take her down there for a

workout sometimes when I get back from

the gym okay and again and I used to

wake up at 4 o'clock every morning

nowadays sleep is it's much more

important to me but I work out every day

you guys know that I work out every day

I do some form of workout I'm either I

either do spin class I lift weights or I

do jiu-jitsu it's one of those three

sometimes it's 2 out of 3 kicks my ass

okay something else that I've done okay

is that the gym that we're at the gym

that me and my woman are part of it has

a woman's only area which means no men

allowed so I could actually

hypothetically I could bring her to the

gym I could get my workout in while

she's doing hers and not have to worry

about breaking some fuckers face for

hitting on my girl so apartment complex

gyms which are almost always empty

because nobody works out consistently

and female-only gyms or a gym with a

female only area those are two great

solutions to be involved with your

woman's physical physical fitness with

minimal risk now listen if she's a

good-looking woman guys are gonna look

okay whatever we get that but again we

want to minimize we want to minimize the

now listen obviously you got to be a gym

rat yourself okay like your woman's not

gonna follow your lead if you don't set

an example for her right for example my

woman listen my woman knows I've spun

out six straight days

tonight is spin number seven she is

going with me to spin class tonight

she's going with me to spin class on

Sunday listen and listen I was gonna

stop the streak at eight and take sunday

off she says no I send it for spin class

on Sunday all right I'm in this is what

you have to do you have to inspire your

woman to want to follow you if listen if

you're a couch potato if you if if if

you don't workout if you're a fat slob

playing video games all day even how can

you expect her to get her ass up and go

to the gym doesn't work that way okay

she's not gonna get up at 5:00 a.m.

while your lazy ass sleeps till noon so

you need to make sure that you're at the

gym five to six days per week and she

will fall in line get involved with your

woman's physical physical fitness

number two cultivate good eating habits

this is so she doesn't get fat guys a

woman who doesn't get fat is part of

being the best woman she can be now

along with regular training comes diet

in other words you and your woman need

to not eat crap

all right listen enforce good eating

habits and again be the example let her

know what the agenda is and lay out a

plan dictate what food is in the

refrigerator take control of what she

eats and what she doesn't I can listen

you can go with a paleo diet you can go

keto you can go low-carb there are a lot

of different diets out there and they

all work so long as they're employed

with consistency okay you can't go paleo

one week then eat fried chicken a pizza

the next night okay

the next night of the week and then

expect to get results doesn't happen

that way you need to be consistent and I

use the word diet to denote lifestyle to

connote lifestyle the way you eat all

the time consistently every day because

when someone says I'm on a diet it's

assumed it has a temporary connotation

okay because they say that they're on

something which indirectly implies that

they're eventually going to come off of


so when I say when I say diet I mean

your eating habits and buy habits that

means permanent okay as in something

static that doesn't change as opposed to

something dynamic like a diet

now the best diet in terms of universal

success for everybody is to eat clean

okay unless there are many definitions

of of eating clean but the way I define

it is that all of the foods most if not

all of the foods that you eat should be

as close to their natural state as

possible okay bacon is not eating clean

that's processed meat so a sausage now

those are both on keto they're both on

the keto list because they don't have

any carbs but that's not clean chicken

breasts steaks pork chops potatoes raw

fruits vegetables nuts seeds etc those

are all examples of eating clean okay

eating Delmonte canned peaches is not

eating clean eating a peach that you got

from the produce aisle that is eating

clean okay

eating and listen eating diet foods low

fat low this no this no that that's not

clean either

okay neither and neither is low fat

dressing diet foods and I use those in

air quotes those foods are packed with

preservatives that are bad for you and

your woman and you'll notice listen next

time in the grocery store pick up a pick

up a jar or a bottle of regular salad

dressing and then pick up a jar that

says fat-free or diet salad dressing the

fat-free or diet is loaded with far more

carbs than the regular kind 95% fat-free

right but it's loaded with carbs you

really have to look at the labels know

you don't have to eat clean 100% of the

time but try to stay as close to that

goal as humanly possible no it's not

gonna kill you to have a burger or a

pizza every once in a while just don't

make a habit of it okay if you're eating

clean eighty-five to ninety percent of

the time okay or I put it to you this

way eat clean between 85 and 90 percent

of the time you'll both get fit and

you'll both stay that way so long as

you're training 5 to 6 days per week a

fit woman is a hot woman and a hot woman

as part of being the best woman she can

be physically number three help her

exercise financial discipline now this

one's gonna be a little tough because

girls are terrible with money okay and

listen I'm fortunate that my girlfriend

is extremely intelligent guess what

she's a woman she's still bad with money

right like we've all been there women

just aren't good with money this

just how it is even women who make great

money are still bad with money now they

have great credit because they make a

lot of money but you can rest assured

that female executives don't have nearly

as much money socked away for a trip for

retirement as the average male

executives simply because of the lack of

financial discipline caused by her

natural inability to resist temptation

and her natural proclivity towards

impulsiveness this is how women are

gentlemen it is your job to help her

with her finances

make a spreadsheet with her make a

spreadsheet for her explain to her how

it works

talk to her about the importance of

financial shrewdness and help her help

her set financial goals for herself and

listen paint the picture for her listen

in 20 years you want to have X Y Z

amount of money by the time you retire

you'll have a B C amount of money you

can do this you can't do that you have

to paint a picture for they have to say

they have to see they have to visualize

the picture and you're the guy that has

to do that a book a broke woman is a

shitty woman trust me I've been there


broke bitches fucking suck guys they

really do and nothing is more

frustrating than a woman who never has

any money okay nothing is more

frustrating than a woman who never has

any money they are very very tough to be

around listen I'm not saying that you

have to turn into Suze Orman or Dave

Ramsey but just make sure she has some

sort of direction financially and take

the lead in this guide her help her get

her money right guys we do a quick check

of the debt

yep Miami Jay talked about the talked

about the Matt Patricia sexual assault


masculine says went on a date with a

chick she talked about how her ex hit

her and I thought quote oh fuck I'm

gonna end up wanting to hit her still

that's funny I said yeah my ex-boyfriend

used to beat me and you thought goddamn

I'm probably gonna want to beat I

probably gonna want to beat this bitch's

ass too let me get the fuck out of here


Miami Jay says he is in the car fat

bitch next to me overheard the show and

called me a sexist pig just now told her

to hit the gym then come yell at me

Miami Jade down there the 305 spreading

that red pill truth to these fat bitches

alright let's move along number four

number four Madonna whore

I am confident and assuming that

everyone in here endorses the endorses

the lady in the streets freaking the

sheets axiom okay well here's a Donovan

Sharpe axiom if you if you endorse it

enforce it don't talk about wanting a

lady in the end and the streets and a

freak in the sheets if you let your

woman dress sexually when she's in the

seats but it in the streets but don't

suck your dick don't talk about it being

about that listen that's one of the very

that's one of the very few things that

black women say that I actually agree

with don't talk about it be about it if

your woman is trained properly and all

of the necessary elements are in place

and you can guys again you can refer to

episodes 53 and 54 as well as volume 9

AB Donovan's den then laying down the

law in this regard will be relatively

easy okay listen I'll use my woman as an

example when she goes to work she looks

professional okay she never shows any

cleavage she never wears heels and all

of the dresses she wears are down to her

ankles okay she does this because I told

her to she understands the reasons I

require her to wear certain things and

she's well aware of the reasons I don't

let her wear certain things you can

maybe see 5% her body her face in her

hands that's it now when she's at home

and it's time to drain my balls only 5%

of her body is then covered up I

actually talked about this in a previous

episode take a look and take a listen

I'll use my own woman as an example when

she goes to work she looks professional

she never ever ever shows any cleavage

she never wears high heels and all of

the dresses she wears to work are down

to her ankles she does this because I

told her to she understands the reasons

I require her to wear certain things and

she's well aware of the reasons why I

don't let her wear certain things even

though she didn't under

static guess what because I said so

that's why you can see maybe 5% of her

body her face in her hands that's it and

maybe her ankle thinning on the shoes

she's wearing now when she's at home and

it's time to drain my balls only 5% of

her body is then covered up and I talked

about this in episode 85 take a listen

and watch the next thing she did is I

made her my slutty clothes guys listen

no exaggeration guys my girl owns an

entire since we met since since I met

her she's bought I don't know something

like 15 to 20 pairs of thongs

she's got all kinds of seafood lingerie

she's got a few pair heels she'll never

win she'll never wear them outside I

mean she can barely walk in them in the

first place one of those heels is a pair

of clear stripper heels that strippers

wear on stage yes those kinds of heels

guys okay she's got all kinds of slutty

clothing she but listen guys she bought

so much we had to make a spreadsheet to

keep track of it all to keep them in

rotation to make sure she didn't wear

the same thing twice her were the same

things more than once to keep it fresh

okay she's bought certain kinds of

jewelry you know wrist and ankle

restraints anything and everything I

told her to buy sheep on when I fuck my

girl I want her to look like a porn star

that's the look I want guys she's and by

the way when we go out together

she says she shows plenty of skin to

listen she's got huge tits right let her

show cleavage okay listen I let her show

cleavage I let her wear skirts all the

way above the knees and you know she'll

wear heels you know she'll wear that to

dinner what a dude and she'll wear all

that stuff while I'm fucking her okay

that's when she's with me but when she's

not with me oh no no no it's completely

the opposite make sure your woman

dresses modestly in public when she's

not with you and like your personal

stripper when you're alone or when you

go out for a night on the town when you

do this it gives for both sides of

validation and respect okay she'll get

respect from others when they see that

she's not the typical office slut who

dresses like she's in like she's for

sale in public and she'll get all the

sexual validation she needs when she

wears those stripper heels for you later


guys this is very very important to

implement all right this is a very this

is this is a very good thing for the

female mind it's good for her to see and

feel that you both respect her as the

woman as the woman you created and

desire her the mental benefits are


number five hold her accountable not

only do women need to be held

accountable they want to be they need to

know that the man they've chosen okay

they need to know that the man they've

chosen to be with won't tolerate

foolishness won't tolerate nonsense she

needs to know that her man will call her

on her bullshit punish her bad behavior

demand her best and hold her accountable

for her actions handling a woman

handling a woman in this regard is

similar to handling a child and the

reason for this is that women are

overgrown children and let me explain

what I mean here girls mature much

faster than boys but as soon as they

realize that men want to fuck them okay

from you know from from their maturation

okay as soon as they realize men want to

fuck them their maturation comes to a

screeching halt right the hot twenty

three-year-old still acts talks and

thinks like she was when she was 16 when

she was on the cheerleading squad and

fucking and fucking the football team in

high school that 28 year old date that

28 year old that you're dating is

trapped in her 18 year old mind right

now as soon as their attractiveness

starts to dwindle and by the way a woman

approaching the wall is always the last

to know I've talked about this before

but eventually she will come to the

harsh realization that all women do and

as soon as this happens that's when she

starts to mature again okay but that

doesn't mean that a 36 year old woman is

gonna act like a 36 year old woman

should not even close she's gonna pick

up right where she left off when she

lost her virginity at 17 so if she hit

the wall at 30 she'll think act and

behave probably like maybe a 23 year old

any woman you date over a certain age is

going to be far less mature than you are

and for this reason you need to have a

firm hand and discipline her when

necessary okay they're still adolescents

at heart and adolescents want and need

guidance and discipline

number six this one's important guys

never leave her in the dark about where

she stands with you this is another way

of saying don't be passive-aggressive

okay don't be the guy who has a problem

with this woman keeps it all inside

you know mentions things related to the

problem in passing and then when you

can't take it anymore you exploding you

go into a 30 minute tirade and guess

what your girl is gonna say guys well

you didn't tell me okay listen and she's


you can't expect your woman to correct

bad behavior if you didn't let her know

she fucked up she can't horse correct if

she doesn't know there's a problem

women aren't mind reader's guys if she

doesn't know you've got one foot out the

door because she is or isn't doing X Y

or Z you can't expect her to make the

change to the changes necessary to keep

you if you don't tell her she won't know

and if she doesn't know she's not gonna

change guys that's that that's basic

math but here's the real issue guys

passive aggressiveness is the calling

card of a coward it's easy to tell a

woman where she stands when everything

is all rainbows and puppies right anyone

can do that but cowards don't like to

ruffle a woman's feathers they don't

like to tell a woman hey you need to

stop doing such and such because they're

afraid of the reaction and at the heart

of that issue at the heart of that issue

what they're really afraid of is

confrontation guys cowards are afraid of

confrontations with men because they're

afraid to get in a fight okay and

they're afraid of confrontation with

women because they're afraid they're

going to lose her newsflash guys your

cowardice causes bad behavior to get

worse and it's all downhill from there

no on the other side of the coin you

have to let her know when she's doing it

right if she looks good let her know and

you don't always have to do it with

words smack her in the s snap her bra

flirt with her grab her ass if she

represents you well at maybe you get

together or a party or something or

doesn't behave in a specific situation

or exhibits ladylike characteristics in

public let her know hey you really

impressed me today I appreciate that you

made me look good girls love hear on

that stuff hey you know what you made me

look good

I appreciate that they really like that

stuff you have to know you have to let

her know when she's doing the right

thing you have to you have to directly

or indirectly reassure her no I'm not

saying you need to tell her every hour

of every day

baby I love you so much I'm not killing

anywhere we're gonna be together forever

but if you don't give her any indication

that you're serious about her and that

you're happy with her she's gonna think

that something's up and that could lead

to self-preservation which will manifest

itself into bad behavior don't be afraid

to have hard conversations with your

woman and make sure you let her know

that you were happy with her don't do it

too much okay but she has to know she's

doing it right that incentivizes her to

continue the good behavior number seven

this sort of goes with number six don't

complementor too much now before you

guys flap the hinge nobody's nobody here

suggesting that you never compliment

your woman what women need validation

they need approval they need to know

when they're doing it right and if he

withhold your praise when she clearly

deserves it she's like she's only gonna

tolerate that for so long guys girls

need to know that their man is pleased

with them okay they need to know when

their plant when their man is pleased

with what they do and if they deserve it

okay and you're the judge of that not

her she wants your approval not her own

but if you compliment her too much

eventually she's gonna stop trying

because you're giving her validation

without her earning it again you're

giving her attention she doesn't deserve

it at some point

human nature is gonna kick in and you

know listen she's if she eventually

she's gonna start putting in less and

less effort for something she knows she

can get for free which is why she

doesn't make an effort to look good

anymore okay and laughs when you ask her

what you're cooking her for dinner it's

what she's cooking for dinner tonight

neither of which is a good thing meaning

that she isn't the best woman she could

be women value the most what they are

required to work the hardest floor and

at the top of that list is male

attention a woman wants to know that

your time and attention and praise are

worth something and if you compliment

her too much when she when she clearly

doesn't deserve it you're basically

giving a to her for free

and if she gets it for free she's not

gonna value it and if she doesn't value

or approval guys she's not gonna work

for it which means she's definitely not

going to be the best woman she can be

don't be afraid to make your woman work

for your approval guys no I'm not saying

tell your woman you need to work for my

approval and affection because that's

just silly right she's gonna laugh at

you because you're telling her what she

has to do what I mean by making her work

for it is not being impressed by the

shit she should be doing anyway if she

cooks you a good meal tell her thank you

but there's no need to act like she's

the queen of the fucking universe if she

if she heats up last night's leftovers

withhold your praise for when she goes

above and beyond and really truly

impresses you okay that will encourage

your woman to continue to raise the bar

and guys trust me when I tell you that a

woman who's always looking to improve is

going to be the best woman she can be

let's check the chat here before we

round third and head for home shout out

to Lorenzo Davis in the house good to

see you in here all right so number

eight brag about her women love when you

brag about them to your friends and your

family guys this is another thing that

encourages them to be the best they can


yes they like to get a yes they like it

when they get approval for me they like

when you validate your attract when you

validate their attractiveness they like

it when you ask for seconds of whatever

she's cooked for you they like all that

stuff but when you tell your buddies

yeah Cindy always looks hot when we go

out together okay

or when you tell your friends yeah Cindy

made me the best steak dinner last night

trust me when I tell you guys that your

woman is glowing on the inside she might

not show it but she is giddy with

excitement when you brag on her to other

people this again will manifest itself

into more good behavior she wants to get

she wants to continue getting those

public endorsements she wants to

continue to get those pop that that

public recognition a woman who knows her

man is proud of her a woman who knows

her man is proud enough of her to tell

the people he

cares about the most will be the best

woman she can be she wants you to

continue to brag about how great she is

especially when she knows that you're

not one to compliment her too much or

give her praise behind closed doors when

she doesn't deserve it remember guys she

values your praise because you have made

her work for it she knows that when you

verbalize to other people with how

pleased you are with her she's doing it

right got dude listen I brag about my

woman all the time on the show you guys

know it right dude I put pictures up I

put pictures of her up on my Facebook

Twitter Instagram pages so yeah listen

you guys all know how attractive she is

I put pictures up of the meal she cooks

for me and you guys know I put him you

know listen I put up way more food

pictures than I do her because listen

any woman can look good right but a

woman who looks good and cooks good she

deserves some credit and women know that

you can tell them whatever you want to

but a woman but a man who tells other

people about how great his woman does

this or that is certifiably genuine in a

woman's eyes she knows that's real

bragging about your woman is one of the

most effective ways for a woman to be

and stay the best woman she can be hands

down got 19 people watching obviously

that number will creep up had a shitload

of viewers for for yesterday for

yesterday's show yesterday's show was a

good one like I said I'll be cutting

this one a little bit short because it

is Friday night I do have a spin class

nykeya 31 making it in here I see that

nykeya is a is a new patron of mine

appreciate you supporting the show says

don't be that guy who gets left because

quote he was too nice to me yeah this is

what happens man right oh he was too

nice to me what she means is that and

it's interesting when they say that well

why did you leave well he was just too

nice to me this is when they're being

honest but what they mean by that is he

didn't make me work for his attention

and affection he gave it to me for just

showing up and because of that I didn't

value it I don't like things that I

don't value I like things that I valued

this is why I left him good comment

there by Nike at 31

well that's gonna do it for this Friday

night edition of TSR live the replay

will be available to patrons only

so if you are not a patron and you are

watching live if you want live if you

want access to all of the all of the

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